May 28, 2010

9/11/01: Bldg 7 imploded @ 5:21 pm edt; '9AQ" rising

Yes, you've probably seen the video or the TV coverage of the obviously imploded demolition of Building 7 on 9/11/01 which you see here falling straight down into its own footprint as if by professional, controlled demolition.

At 5:21 pm edt in NYC on 9/11/01: ASC 8AQ23 - '9AQ' = "A Flag Turned into an Eagle" which is similar to the Sabian Symbol for America's natal ASC (Sibly)...'12Sag' = "A Flag Turned into an Eagle That Crows."

'9AQ' speaks of "The dynamic incorporation of new social values" and an ACTING OUT of the vision" (uh-huh, a NWO); '12Sag' indicates "The spiritualization and promotion of great symbols of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestations. (Rudhyar.) Ah yes, the sensitive mind of Dick Cheney and his comrades.

Oh, and the Midheaven (Goal Point) at 5:21 pm edt? 29Sco25 (the position of US Inaugural Moon 29:45 on Jan 20, 2009); '30Sco' = "A Halloween Jester" which points on 9/11/01 to the Priory of Sion and Templars, imho.

Well, I haven't time now or during this holiday weekend to post fully on the day or the chart for Building 7's implosion, but I will add one pertinent midpoint picture in effect the entire day for it points to US natal Neptune 22Vir25. As you know, Neptune is a weak spot in anyone's chart where deception, confusion, and illusion may be found; mystical inclinations and inspirations are some of the positive expressions of Neptunian energies with its 'urge to merge' with The Infinite.

And yes, there are factors indicating mysticism on that day (we should ask the Illuminati Society, the Vatican, and the Kabbalists about it), but I shall confine myself to typing out the word picture for the one midpoint in case any of it rings true...especially since it involves powerful secret hand Pluto, the assassin and saboteur, which was famously opposing Saturn across America's ASC/DESC axis on 9/11/01 (after lumbering through US n 12th house of Karma and Self-Undoing for preparation for Mr. Hades' break-out role on 9/11/01.)

(Also, I've never actually published the Horoscope of the attacks of 9/11 which began @ 8:46 am edt, but have certainly mentioned it within some of the almost-2,200 posts on this blog); perhaps I should remedy the omission asap.)

Well, here see what you think. As usual with mdpt pics, any, all, or none may apply, and you know that NN relates to contacts with the public or to group encounters:

9/11/01's Pluto/NN = US n Neptune: deception; confusion; seeing that people are not what they seem; attaining success within the community by use of fraud and lies; losses; the power of the half-truth; deception as a tool; win at any cost.

Yet one thing I have blogged about concerning 9/11 is Dick Cheney's astro-links to the attacks and we know that he was very active on that day though hidden away as usual.

So if you're interested in viewing an incriminating astro-picture of Cheney's possible culpability on 9/11 - and you appreciate the meaning of Pluto/Chiron's plutocracy-oppression-corporatism-class warfare-primal violence flavors within governmental actions, please see the Horoscope of Cheney's secondary progressions for 9/11/01 and let me know what you think.

Bilderberg Cabal Agenda: June 4 - 7, 2010, Spain

Perhaps you've heard of journalist Jim Tucker who has worked for 25 years to shine a light on the worms of the World Shadow Government by tracking the secret meetings and finaglings of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group who meet in secret cabal on June 4 - 7, 2010, in Sitges, Spain, 12 miles from Barcelona.

The meeting's agenda, according to Mr. Tucker, has two primary goals: a US attack on Iran, and a financial bail out of Greece and other EU nations in financial straits.

BP is a Bilderberg member and its oil 'spill' in the Gulf of Mexico plays in financially (see previous post with a petition to sign against US taxpayers Bailing Out BP for damages to the Gulf Coast!) which could be the missing link in the story of the oil fiasco.

On May 20 just past, the Bilderberg-controlled Washington Post called for making the IMF a "global overseer" so that modern challenges can be more efficiently met, and, attributing the view to Liliana Rojas-Suarez (senior fellow @ the Center for Global Development) WaPo states that, "It may take a global agency like the IMF to address the problem."

Translation: US taxpayers (bwo the IMF) are pegged for bailing out failing financial systems and governments in the EU including Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and who-know-where-else.

This is how creating a 'New World Order' is being framed for public consumption with the IMF and the UN Bank ruling the global financial roost, US borders dissolved into a North American Union (with Mexico and Canada, a major goal of the Bilderberg Cabal), and world totalitarianism on the rise.

That these are the same players who helped set up global markets and financial systems into a global network so that they can all be crashed simultaneously is what's behind the Ozian Curtain which we're supposed to ignore.

In his article, Mr. Tucker goes on to quote President Obama from a few days ago when he gave a shout-out to the NWO but I was too busy dealing with power outages here to make note of it on this blog as I would have preferred.

In his West Point commencement address to cadets, Mr. Obama said, in part, "The international order we seek is one that can resolve the challenges of our times."

Well, my pointy ears perked up when I heard him say that! For it was spoken like a true NWO shill by a Bilderberg-owned President of the United States...and probably an Illuminatist at that...or at least, he's their 'cat's paw' as other US Presidents have been!

So the Bilderbergers meet in Spain June 4 - 7, 2010?

Why, the Illuminati is said to have its earliest roots in Spain! Plus, today it is being reported by BBC News that Spain's credit rating has now been downgraded by a second agency. Hmm...


Blog Note: am studying the charts now so that early next week a post can be published here on the Astrology of the Bilderberg Cabal in Spain, June 4 - 7, 2010, so return if you can, study ahead if you will, and we can discuss. If you check the charts for June 4, 5, 6, and 7, I think you'll see which chart I'll be using for its precise triggering of the Aries Point of World Manifestation!

(The global puppeteers who run such cabals to discuss and disseminate their NWO 'futuristic' info and plans to their political and other operatives and hacks think they're 'gods on earth' if you know what I mean. You know - like the Illuminati-Jesuit demons of the Vatican. There. I said it.)

US Taxpayers to Bailout BP? Sign the petition!

A chance to sign a petition directed to the US Senate has arrived in my Inbox this morning from Fire Dog Lake - to hold BP completely accountable for the damage done to the Gulf Coast.

Please sign the petition before Congress gets its chance to lay the financial burden for oil damages on the backs of over-strapped US taxpayers.

You know, it seems to me that Washington and its corporate bosses are having to work awfully hard to totally destroy this nation. Does it ever seem that way to you?

Eisenhower's Sun Libra-Moon Libra prescient again?

"We will bankrupt ourselves in the vain search for absolute security."

Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th president of the United States, 1890-1969

Now it's 2010 and "the vain search" is ongoing and bankrupting America as predicted - or promised (see comment under this post about Eisenhower's controversial US citizenship!) - and there's still no such thing as "absolute security", is there?

Dwight Eisenhower was US President from 1953 - 1961 which makes him my earliest memory of an American President doing his presidential thing. Born in Denison, Texas on October 14, 1890 @ 3:00 am CST; ASC 5Vir52; Mc 3Gem21 with Neptune 6Gem30 conjunct Pluto 7Gem39; Sun 20Lib58 and Moon 25Lib49 make him an Air-Air Sun Lib/Moon Lib.

This is an idealistic combination of Sun/Moon energies which produces a fine intellect, a diplomatic nature, and a zeal for justice. Plenty of discussion is needed in order to arrive at balanced conclusions, and courtesy and fine manners are considered all important. That others can be rude and crude can throw Sun Lib/Moon Lib off balance.

Obviously, relationships play a pivotal role in the life of one born with Sun and Moon in Libra, sign of Relationships, Partnerships, and Romance. A need for feedback from others and for meeting others halfway is evident; when forced to take command, the normally cool and detached Lib/Lib really comes alive (General Eisenhower); romance acts as a bulwark for when life gets tough or becomes unseemly.

(Mamie and Ike were lifelong partners and I was okay with that until I realized at a certain age that my Mother had developed a habit of having my hair cut with what became the famous 'Mamie Eisenhower bangs'...see example below: my 2nd grade portrait, goofy grin and all, with bangs somewhat grown out, thank goodness!)

So with Lib/Lib in Politics, controversy becomes a catalyst toward decision-making and finding one's own power; a capacity to see an opponent's point of view makes for an astute politician, along with an innate desire to uplift and encourage others to do their level bests.

Sun Lib/Moon Lib's Image for Integration: 'A prince and princess of warring tribes fall in love and marry, and 1,000 years of peace ensue.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign Charles and Suzy Harvey.)

So here I am sportin' Mamie's Bangs and lookin' pretty happy about it! (Both front teeth not necessarily included.)


Eisenhower birth data from astrodatabank now Wiki'fied.

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May 27, 2010

May 27, 2010: Full Moon w/ Uranus to Aries Point @ 3:04 pm edt

UPDATE 5.27.10 11:25 am edt:

NPR BREAKING NEWS: Minerals Management Service Director Fired Elizabeth Birnbaum, the director of the Minerals Management Service agency that oversees drilling operations, has been fired. More details @ NPR. #

Heads are rolling! I only hope they're the right heads.

My original post from a few minutes ago begins here:

The evening of May 27, 2010 a Full Moon 6Sag33 perfects at 7:07:15 pm edt over the White House which is a mere 4 hours and 3 minutes after Uranus reaches Aries Point 00Ari00 at 3:04 pm edt.

The chart of the Full Moon shows an applying inconjunct to Venus (2A54; inconjunct = adjustments needed; Venus = evaluations; relationships) with Venus 9Can27 in 8th house of High Finance and Debt, and just past a recent US Venus Return. It's an Hour of Mercury 11Tau44 in 6th house, and the Gulf oil 'spill' is at the chart's base (Neptune/Chiron.)

The Sun 6Gem33 highlights Pan 6:37, a trickster element indicating such things as 'panels', 'panics', and possible mystical doings. Yes, the President has set up yet another panel (committee), this time to study the BP-Gulf oil disaster - meanwhile, the people of the Gulf Coast panic from threat to their livelihoods and homes.

But as you know, Jupiter, left behind in late Pisces by quirky Uranus, will catch up for their Great Conjunction on June 8, 2010 (00Ari18) but until then, it's Uranus = AP, an historical marker for 'scientific breakthrough', a term which has already been in the news in recent weeks with synthetic cell creation and other Frankensteinian happenings and explorations (Mt. Everest topping.)

BP's amazing plume cam seems part of Uranus = AP to me for it's as if we're watching the First Moon Landing all over again but 5 miles down on the seabed! As in: on the Moon, ocean = Cancer, ruled by the Moon, etc.

What we need is for Uranus to inspire a brilliant solution for the BP-Gulf oil disaster but perhaps it will take Jupiter's presence on June 8 or later for that to occur especially since both charts (Full Moon and Uranus = AP) show creative genius Uranus separating from aspects with two exceptions: its application to conjoin lucky Jupiter, and secret controller Pluto 4Cap49 Rx and Uranus apply to their titanic square (4A49.)

Yet perhaps the Uranus/Pluto square's energetic and 'revolutionary' content may be used for staunching the leak in the Gulf - if interfering, bossy Pluto will stand out of creative Uranus' way.

And when Jupiter's principle of expansion joins the Uranus/Pluto SQ on June 8, we may wish to consider this midpoint picture for clues:

Jupiter/Uranus = Pluto: tremendous drive to success; publicity; gains; sudden changes in financial conditions; an unusual striving for knowledge and undertanding; a far-seeing creative activity. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Plus, the transiting Chiron/Neptune conjunction, with Neptune (oceans, oil, gas, water, ideals and dreams, deception, confusion, fraud, loss) still in late Aquarius and pull-ahead Chiron @ 00Pis58, reps for the Deepwater Horizon 'blowout' (explosions) - Chiron's wounding under the Neptunian sea - yet Chiron conjoins America's Pre-natal Eclipse degree 00Pis33 (12 South Series) with keywords:

A worrying or draining issue will at first seem worse then clear, with successful outcomes. (Brady's Predictive Astrology)

A "draining" issue will clear! And we have so many draining issues that need clearing.

So with BP beginning the 'top kill' method yesterday to try to staunch the Gash in the Gulf, and with the attempt's outcome becoming apparent today or tomorrow, this is where I'm directing my psychic energy and attention: on America's PE which, in 1776, amounted to freedom and independence by way of a successfully fought revolution.

But as for timing of solutions, 12S manifests again on July 11, 2010 @ 19Can24 conjunct difficult Fixed Star Castor. This gives BP and the American people a 6-month time frame for the 'successful outcomes' picture...too long to ponder just now, particularly since '20Cancer' is a critical or crisis degree.

Solar Eclipse effects can influence events up to two weeks post- or prior to the date of the Eclipse which points to a time frame as early as the last week in June.

Well, we know that through the years many rats and termites have taken up residence in the US woodpile (see this blog's description in its header, above), so if you're interested in further reading, try a link-rich article on America, fascism, and financial solutions ignored.

And if you missed it, here's my Dreamyfish Art inspired Film short concerning the BP-Gulf oil spill featuring 'a fish's plea'.

May 26, 2010

US Post Offices with Secret Rooms for Detainment?

It's being reported that US Post Offices across the country are being re-fitted with 'secret rooms' to be used as investigation rooms along with detainment facilities if (when) martial law is declared in America.

The Rx condition of America's Secondary Progressed Mars (as of 2006) would indicate that this is a possibility: when a natal Direct Mars turns Rx by progression, the 'god of war' becomes reactionary and shows the potential for US police and military forces being used on US soil against the people who may - or may not - be enemies of The State.

Is the US government preparing for a national emergency? Or is it creating one where all detractors will be rounded up, interrogated, and held indefinitely?

Click to read the disturbing article and view a blueprint of a Post Office facility in Macon, Georgia, about 2 hours down the road from where I now type. Which means that if I should ever 'disappear' without a trace, my family won't have far to go to look for me. Goody.

May 25, 2010

Horoscope of the 'Roaring 20s' Solar Eclipse: why it $till matters

Chart shown: 'Roaring 20s' Solar Eclipse Sept 10, 1923; White House; Sun/Moon 17Vir06 conjunct Venus 17:13; Hour of Jupiter 14Sco512 conj Mc 17Sco24; 24Cap47 rising; chart-ruler Saturn 18Lib44 conj 9th cusp; Water Grand Trine: Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto; tr Pluto conj US natal Sun: urge for increased power and influence (said spider Pluto to the US fly), aggression strengthens, and ego (Pluto) drives a new start; isolation increases.

Chart-ruler Saturn makes a few applying aspects in the chart:

1. sextile Neptune (0A15; an opportunity for putting inspired Neptunian creativity into Saturnian form);

2. opposite Chiron (Sept 10, 1923 happens to be #2 of 5 conjunctions of America's Chiron Return which stretched into 1925: June 8, 1923, Sept 20, 1923, Apr 4, 1924, Dec 23, 1924, and Jan 8, 1925; Chiron returned to its natal degree-minute a mere 39 minutes prior to this Eclipse: '21Ari' = "A Pugilist Entering the Ring" and America's 'fatal wound' (Chiron) certainly may be described as wars of aggression (Aries, ruled by Mars.)

3. Mercury 12Lib23 in 8th house applies to their conjunction (6A22.)

This Solar Eclipse's Pluto 12Can10 is in process of being opposed by transiting Pluto now in 2010 and beyond as modern-day Pluto readies to oppose US natal Sun in Cancer. Apparently Mr. Hades was 'with' our leadership in the 1920s but is now opposing it and our financial health (natal Jupiter 5Can56 will be precisely opposed by tr Pluto three times: Jan 17, 2011, Nov 16, 2011, and Jan 2, 2012. And that's not counting Pluto opposite n Sun! Yes, you're right, these are extremely perilous years for our nation.

So today, Republicans have been yelling out for the Obama administration's current budget which seems to be hiding in the shadows. No wonder, with all of Capitol Hill's years of fraud, corruption, and New World Order machinations which have tied us together and caused a near- or soon- collapse of the US and world economies. As if the GOP didn't know the NWO score! They just want to be on top when the fluff hits the fan rather than taking orders from the Dems. That is, if the R v D two-party illusion is retained as a way to divide and conquer we-the-people. The political tactic may not be necessary much longer.

But look at the Horoscope of the Roaring Twenties' Solar Eclipse of September 10, 1923 with musical, confused Neptune dancing a sexy Charleston in showy, dramatic, entertaining Leo! Flappers showing their stuff! Here's one now:

So I have sub-titled the 'Roaring 20s Eclipse' as the Illumination-Inspiration-Inflation Solar Eclipse because it is highly influenced by vibes from the Uranus/Neptune pair of energies which were active in its Initial Eclipse in the Series (16 North) which began manifesting on Feb 15, 1599 (OS) @ 6Pis02 with Uranus 24Ari24 trine Neptune 24Leo05 Rx, a creative Fire trine between Inspiration and Illumination.

This awake-asleep pair of outer, transpersonal planets has to do with inner vision, ESP, spirituality, and/or mysticism, and together are capable of eliminating the waking consciousness (I've seen murder charts with Uran/Nep active or angular, including their midpoint. Have you?)

Brady's Predictive Astrology says 16N contains the flavor of inspiration and the illumination of ideas from Uranus/Neptune which indicates a 'sudden release of material from the unconscious' (and from the Collective Unconscious as in writing, painting, etc); a great deal of insight is available to those who know how to tap it, whenever 16N holds sway.

(Creativity of 1923 includes: Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet, Picasso's The Pipes of Pan, Joan Miro's The Tilled Field, and the dance, The Charleston, was introduced in NYC...hidden away 'speak-easies' abounded and were awash with 'bathtub gin' - eeeuuww!)

16N next occurs on Nov 3, 2013 @ '11Sco' and last manifested on Oct 24, 1995 @ '00Sco' - 'Nov 24' is the birth date of the New World Order in modern times as marked by the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune, 3 times in 1993. Therefore, Uranus/Neptune = NWO's n Sun: vaunted self-regard; great creativity; ultra-sensitivity; motivations received through insightful, inspired dreams or meditations; experience directing confused people; unconsciousness; impassivity; heightened receptivity...'awake' v 'asleep'.)

Michael Munkasey (who doesn't like to be precisely quoted but sometimes it's necessary), in his Midpoints book, gives the 'futuristic' and 'enlightening' combo of Uranus/Neptune in Politics and Business as (and any bold or italics are mine):

changes in social or political structures due to new ideas or dreams of the future; strikes or revolutions focused on new ways of thinking; groups formed to exploit oil or chemical resources: sudden upsurges in availability of illegal drugs, including alcohol; subversion that uses new methods of gathering information; movements that diminish the power or authority of a nation's leadership or police systems.

Fast forward to Sept 10, 1923, and the Roaring 20s Eclipse is, as you see, graced by a Water Grand Trine between Jupiter in in mid-Scorpio, Uranus in mid-Pisces, and Pluto 12Can10 - tr Pluto conjunct US natal Sun (and SIRIUS in 1776) - the inflation of emotions and financials carried the decade...until the Crash of October 1929.

The protective quality of the trine (120 degrees) is emphasized by Water along with the tendency toward passivity and a search for anything soothing and nurturing (alcohol and other drugs are the negative manifestation of this search; merging with the Divine Source is its positive.)

Yes, escapism is a potential with a Water Grand Trine which certainly sums up the 1920s decade of parties, drinking, lovely creativity, and new directions in political and social movements as the era's shorter skirts for women vexed our puritanical attitudes. Unconscious forces may take over such light weights who skim the surface of life and wish to avoid the harsher realities...Demon Alcohol held sway with the Charleston crowd!

Perhaps if harsher realities had been faced earlier in the decade, the dire effects of the Market Crash of Oct 1929 might have been softened or alleviated. Of course, we may say the same of the current decade's excesses leading up to the Financial Collapse of 2008...but this time, the NWO types have tied nations into an interlaced financial knot or network ("too big to fail"), and debt-by-credit and credit cards have done their extensive damage.

The Grand Trine forms 3 notable midpoint pictures:

Jup/Uranus = Pluto: strong awareness of objectives; a far-seeing creative activity; unusual strivings for knowledge and understanding; a tremendous drive toward success; publicity; gains.

Jup/Pluto = Uranus: a quick exploitation of every situation; sudden reforms or developments; fanatical striving for improvements.

Uran/Pluto = Jupiter: enormous success potential; strivings for social improvement or reforms; the pursuit of religious or philosophical aims; attainment of immense success.

In the creative and social realms, we may say that F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby (1925) speaks brilliantly for the jittery age of prohibition, gin, and loose romantic alliances, and his natal Uranus/Neptune midpoint 6Vir04 (conjunct his Pre-Natal Ecl 6Vir07) is here triggered by transiting Mars in Sept 1923, so we can say that for Fitzgerald:

Uranus/Neptune = Mars: increased tolerance for unusual activities which become sources of ideas and inspiration; upsets cause quick exits; applied creativity can be very strong (it was when he bestirred himself - jc); impatience; a nervous sense of foreboding; lack of stamina; instability; misdirected energy or paralysis.

And we may wish 'for fun' to consider President Obama's natal Pluto 6Vir59...

Uranus/Neptune = BHO's n Pluto: remaining at the mercy of external circumstances and conditions without trying to make a firm stand; abandoning resistance; the necessity to give in; great losses, calamities, disasters; the Big Picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise.

(All midpoints pictures from: Ebertin, Tyl, and Munkasey; as always, any, all, or none of their potentials may apply.)

As for 1923 itself, it was quite a busy year in history:

British metallurgist John B. Tytus invents continuous hot-strip rolling of steel and the process becomes a key factor affecting the world economy.

Riots and strikes follow the collapse of the German currency and Germany fails to meet its war reparation payments; Hitler attempts a coup in Munich; in Bulgaria a coup ensues and the prime minister is assassinated; Spain becomes a dictatorship; an earthquake wipes out most of Tokyo killing half a million people - 9 days prior to the Eclipse you see pictured here, so the quake is within its influence, the same Eclipse Series as in 1941 and the bombing of Pearl Harbor); US President Warren G. Harding dies suddenly; US coal miners strike; in San Francisco, CA the first supermarket opens for business.

Well, if you hadn't seen it, I thought you might wish to view the horoscope of the 1920s roaring through the lens of a Solar Eclipse which links, bwo Uranus and Neptune, to the NWO chart of 1993, the 2008 Financial Collapse, and on into 16N's next manifestation of Nov 3, 2013 which will take the unsettling yet illuminating Uranus-Neptune vibes well into 2014.


Much of the info on 1923 comes from Marjorie Orr's excellent book, The Astrological History of the World; you may notice that the Wiki page for 1923 has an odd entry for Sept 3, 1923...I don't think Elton John was performing anywhere in 1923 but probably was on 'Sept 3' of a more recent year!

And on the subject of decades of greed, you may wish to read or review a post on Ronald Reagan's natal Jupiter which appears above in the Sept 20, 1923 Solar Eclipse chart @ '15Scorpio'...the 1923 Eclipse is basically a Jupiter Return for Mr. Reagan; a link to my post concerning the 'Reaganomics Eclipse' is included.

US Air Force space plane X-37B sighted

Space Weather News for May 25, 2010

X-37B SIGHTINGS: Amateur satellite watchers have spotted a US Air Force space plane similar in appearance to NASA's space shuttle circling Earth in a heretofore secret orbit. Known as the "X-37B," it can be seen in the night sky shining about as brightly as the stars of the Big Dipper.

Flyby predictions and more information may be found @ SpaceWeather News.

Would you like to turn your iPhone into an X-37B tracker? There's an app for that: simpleflybys.

AURORA WATCH: A magnetic filament on the sun erupted yesterday (May 24), and the blast hurled a coronal mass ejection in the general direction of Earth. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras around May 27 when the advancing cloud is likely to deal a glancing blow to our planet's magnetic field.

Visit for more details.

May 24, 2010

Ron Paul on Big Bank Bailouts video 5.20.10

Here's a video from May 20, 2010 of Rep. Ron Paul making points about bailing out big banks at the people's expense, points that you and I might have wanted to make if we'd had the golden opportunity.

May 23, 2010

BP-Gulf oil spill Art Film Short: a fish's plea

Yes, this is a quite different sort of post for Stars Over Washington but not if you consider that I've blogged here previously on the Deepwater Horizon 'blowout' (or whatever you prefer to call it) - so now the 'characters' from my Dreamyfish Art collection of botanical fish drawings of Southern Australia are airing their deepest feelings about the Gulf Coast inhabitants being directly in the line of fire of sticky Neptunian oil glops and damaging detergents.

After slathering the globe with chem-laden plastics in all forms, shapes, and colors for decades, the industrial sector of the US has now gashed Earth's belly (if you look at the Gulf of Mexico as a bowl) and they did it where the Sun never shines and no one can get to it, even our best submarines.

Turns out, Science's brilliant young robots can be pretty clumsy when working on their own in a hostile environment so far beneath the sea. Who knew?

Well, please do check out my '8mm film' if you dare. And since BP is going to toss a bit of everything at the problem including golf balls and old tires (and maybe Donald Trump's hair) I daresay throwing in a smidgen of Art can't hurt.

And my wish is that it might make you feel a little better.



Fish Art For Accountability!

Rand Paul refuses to Meet The Press after all

After agreeing to be interviewed on the May 23, 2010 broadcast of Meet the Press, a rather coy Rand Paul has cancelled his appearance because the 'splainin' he had to do about his awkwardly expressed views on the Civil Rights Act has already been 'splained.

Quelle disappointment! My Sunday morning political show viewing won't be the same without Rand Paul running full throttle into the Verbal Tarpits of Politics, with only himself to blame for the blowback, and even David Gregory asking the uncomfortable questions.

Well, if 'open mouth insert foot' is young Dr. Paul's way of committing Politics, then I say let's have more trainwrecks of politically incorrect utterances from him. They're entertaining if wince-worthy.

Yet who knows where such brou-ha-has may ultimately lead?

They could even lead to a bumper sticker! And I can see it now stuck strategically on your Volt's rear window, taunting the neighborhood during your every errand:

'Sarah Palin For President 2012' with Rand Paul playing her VP sidekick...they lead that straight-talkin' gang of varmints who misspeak at every turn, but By Gum, they mean well.

And they 'know what's wrong with America'.


So now, just because I can (and because you've sort of earned it if you've managed to read thus far), here's a politically inspired image republished just for you...

His American Majesty, paper collage by Jude Cowell 2010

Solar Transit Photo and Sun Gemini-Moon Libra May 23, 2010

First, some Astronomy:

Space Weather News for May 23, 2010

SOLAR TRANSIT: Yesterday in Switzerland, Thierry Legault photographed the International Space Station and space shuttle Atlantis passing directly in front of the sun, not far from new sunspot 1072. The veteran astrophotographer calls the image his "best ever of a solar transit," and indeed the silhouette of the docked spaceships backlit by "solar fire" is a must see.

It is featured on today's edition of SpaceWeather News.

DOUBLE FLYBY ALERT: Atlantis is scheduled to undock from the ISS on Sunday, May 23, at 11:22 am EDT, setting the stage for double flybys over many towns and cities around the world.

Need a flyby prediction? There's an app for that called simpleflybys. #


Now for a smidgen of Astrology:

Checking Sunday May 23, 2010 at 11:22 am edt I see that the Sun is in very early Gemini (air flight) while the Moon is in the first decan of Libra, a sociable and light placement for La Luna.

Here are the 'Images for Integration' for Sun Gem-Moon Lib with its 'wandering spirit' vibe:

A shuttle diplomat brings together warring factions...An elegant hostess puts on a party and exhibition to help a worthy cause...Elgar's Enigma Variations - 'to my friends depicted within'. ('Sun Sign-Moon Sign', Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Additionally, the double Air blend of Sun Gem-Moon Lib is shared natally by at least three people for whom I shall type a quote from each of them but I'll mix up their names with a red herring tossed in so you have to hazard brilliant guesses as to who said what:

1. "I wasn't really naked. I simply didn't have any clothes on."

2. "Henceforth, the adequacy of any military establishment will be judged by its ability to keep the peace."

3. "Read. My. Lips. No. New. Taxes."

All are gibberish on some level as Airiness abounds! Want clues? Then read on...

Possible spouters are: Henry Kissinger, Josephine Baker, George H. W. Bush, and Daffy Duck. (I'm just kidding about one of them.)

For of course I jest! Because there's really no comparison between Poppy Bush and Daffy Duck. One walks with a waddle, kind of wobbly, quacks out of the side of his mouth, and has been around for what seems like forever...and the other one is Daffy Duck.

(All credit goes to Mr. Craig Ferguson of CBS's The Late Late Show for the basic form of this jibe but not its precise content.)

May 22, 2010

Horoscopes of Mexico and the BP-Gulf Oil Spill w/ Hidalgo rising

The Deepwater (Neptune) Horizon (Jupiter) oil-spill-blowout-explosion-sabotage - whatever you wish to call the environmental and deadly disaster at this juncture, may result in criminal liability charges for the corporations involved: British Petroleum, Transocean, and Halliburton.

Halliburton's paw prints were left in concrete just minutes before the 'blowout' occurred around 10:00 pm on the evening of April 20, 2010, with asteroid Hidalgo rising Rx @ 1Sag23.

And in case you missed it, please don't:

Living On Earth did an informative interview this morning with law professor Jonathan Turley on the prospects of holding company executives accountable in criminal court if any of them knew that the blowout preventer device had been previously damaged and gave orders to keep working, or lied about key points. Read the interview text or listen to the broadcast by clicking LOE's link. You're welcome. ;p

As you know, the low cap for damage payments were set as part of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 - absurdly low for 2010 when going low - miles under the sea - is what the oil industry says it must do to find the resources we need. That they then hire lobbyists to fight against legislation which would lessen our extreme dependency on fossil fuels (cafe standards, alternative energy sources, etc) is what causes their arguments to be undermined and disbelieved by the the majority of the public. They lie.

Yet those of us who are shareholders play along with industry scripts in order to increase earnings and swell bottom lines. The rest of us naturally have more objectivity about what these sorts of for-profit fiends and Midasses tell us - things that secretly undermine our positions and rob our pocketbooks.

Astrologically, it seems telling to me that '1Sag' is the "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" degree in the Sabian Symbols but it's too soon to go there (sabotage) so I won't except to say that the Ascendant of any chart is the WHAT? of the matter. (Desc = WHERE or WHERETO? Mc = WHY? Ic = HOW?)

Well, if the BP-Gulf oil blowout masks an act of revolution between Mexico and the US, it was a spectacular one and it will be difficult to trace its source/s. The names of the true culprits, if any, may never be told so I guess for the purposes of this post, 'Hidalgo' will have to suffice as our scapegoat. (However, back up the time of the blowout's chart to 9:44 pm CDT and you get a crisis degree: 29Sco58 - '30Sco' = "A Halloween Jester", which is the degree of Inaugural 2009 Moon = we-the-people. Was this a trick against the people and government of the US?

And since the disaster's crescendo of explosions and fire ("around 10 pm," one survivor stated in a 60 Minutes interview last Sunday) didn't occur in a vacuum but as part of a process of events and actions or their lack, "A Halloween Jester" is relevant to the situation, 9:44 pm, give or take a minute, which led to "1Sag" which led to "2Sag," etc. Life is process and Astrology describes it.

Now Hidalgo has interesting connections: named after the priest who rang the church bell that started Mexico's revolution for independence from Spain - at *11:00 pm on Sept 15, 1810, Priest Miguel Hidalgo gave the signal, and each year on September 15 at 11:00 pm, church bells ring across Mexico to commemorate independence.

It may be a stretch, but I'll ask you anyway: did a modern day Hidalgo give a signal or otherwise instigate the blowout of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that night?

Horoscope Shown below: Mexico's national chart of Independence; the country's 12th house Jupiter 1Gem23 is precisely opposite Gulf oil spill's Hidalgo 1Sag23!

Click image to enlarge and read my notes added to the chart with the usual profusion (generosity! Jupiterian me had to train myself years ago not to draw to the edge of every piece of paper. It still tempts.)

Displayed just below is the Horoscope of the BP-Gulf Oil Spill, April 20, 2010, set for the moment that Hidalgo 1Sag23 Rx rises @ 9:50:37 pm CDT; Hour of Mars, no out-of-bounds planets (was incendiary Mars part of the platform's crew?); Mars in Leo (a Fire sign) in 9th house of Foreign Enemies; Mars is parallel (similar to a strong conjunction) Fixed Star Zosma (Delta Leo), keywords: the victim or the savior.

The only aspect Mars makes in the chart is a waxing (applying) square to Mercury 12Tau13 Rx in 6th house (3A29) - '13Tau' = "A Man Handling Baggage."

And of course, if you prefer '30Sco' rising, Mars would be chart-ruler with oil-drilling Pluto 5Cap22 Rx (2nd house) as co-ruler. Yet as you see here, Hidalgo rising gives Jupiter as chart-ruler: the applying aspects of Jupiter are: conjunct Uranus (6A45) and opposite Saturn (7A22.)

'Manager' Saturn is at a crisis degree 29Vir06 Rx and exalted in his 10th house of Public Status and Career, an indicator that someone in charge will suffer a fall from grace from this incident especially if they don't play fair and accept responsibility for their actions or the lack thereof (Saturn in 10th h.) This may be delayed (Rx) but it will come as long as the US justice system and Congress are not again bought out by culpable corporations. We'll see.

And Saturn's '30Vir'? "Having an Urgent Task to Complete, a Man Doesn't Look to Any Distractions." (Of course, you know that both Sun and Saturn in Mundane charts signify on one level our national leaders and lawmakers. Peep-eye, Congress and White House!)

Now here is the chart of the BP-Gulf oil spill with Hidalgo rising (@ 9:50:17 pm CDT) as a timer; New Orleans is used for the chart's location and the blowout's Neptune 28AQ16 conjoins New Orleans' natal Sun which puts the city further in the shade!

There are many chart factors of note, of course, and I eagerly await your comments and insights. Click to read my notations on the chart and you'll see listed two YOD patterns which indicate crises, turning points, or special tasks which must be fulfilled (often from one generation to the next.)

Yet testy Mars, whom I attempted above to implicate in this mystery play (because Mars is usually the one who takes action including blowing up things) is not tied in with either YOD, at apex or at the configuration's sextile base....but controlling Saturn and the 5th house Sun 00Tau55 are tied in (00/1Tau are degrees of violence, aka, 'Hitler's trigger degree', Adolf's natal Sun position.)

Nebulous Neptune, ruler of oceans, oil, gas, deception, confusion, and fraud, is in the YOD mix, too, as is Hidalgo bwo its conjunction with the Ascendant.

Here are the midpoint pictures formed by the YODs, aka, Finger/s of God with any, all, or none applying to the catastrophe; YODs may also have health or death connotations:

Sun/Neptune = Saturn: the discipline to shape reality through dreams and visions; persistence in working toward ideals and dreams; impeded blood flow, bad or unhealthy blood; afflictions through physical debility; emotional struggles or pain; bereavement about separation.

Saturn/ASC = Sun: taking responsibility squarely into one's life plan; strategizing personal freedom; making something happen through hard work; overtaxing the body-health system; effective business practices (actually, not so much - jc); increased need for approval; appearing friendly but reserved; hiding the real you; a need to dominate others. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

So let's get back to Don Hidalgo, si?

The asteroid (#944) was discovered October 31, 1920 (ah...Halloween as in Scorpio's 'Jester'!) in Bergedorf, Germany, near Hamburg, by astronomer Walter Baade.

In the Random House College Dictionary, Hidalgo is defined as: 1. a man of the lower nobility in Spain; 2. a man of landed property or special prestige in Spanish America; a state in central Mexico; Hidalgo y Castilla, 1753 - 1811, a Mexican priest, patriot, and revolutionist.

Yes, the asteroid was named for the priest who championed liberty for the Mexican people. Wonder what President Obama and Mexico's President Calderon really discussed at the White House last week? The highway corridor? The long-planned NAU (North American Union) meant to blend the US with Mexico and Canada? The oil spill?

The state of Hidalgo in central Mexico has been known for its mining industry: gold, silver, copper, lead, iron, mercury, and sulphur have been produced there though I don't know its current production rates, if any. Hidalgo was orginally occupied by the Toltecs, then the Chichimec, and finally the Aztec Indians.

The region was conquered by Spain in 1530 and became a separate state in 1869. Priest Miguel Hidalgo was a Creole using only his father's last name; as a priest in the town of Dolores, he introduced several things to aid the people's livelihoods such as olive groves, vineyards, a porcelain factory, and a silk industry.

But when Napoleon invaded Spain in 1808, Miguel Hidalgo became involved with a group supporting the independence of Mexico from Spain. He was quite successful initially but was captured on March 21, 1811, and excuted on July 30, 1811.

There is one more reference for Hidalgo which could possibly describe someone on the platform, under the sea, or in the corporate chain of command but perhaps I should term it merely a 'clue'...

Since Hidalgo is the lowest rank of nobility entitled to be addressed as 'Don', the asteroid's presence in charts can signify a person named 'Don'! So if you hear of anyone by that name involved in the investigations of this incident, give them a closer look and please let me know about them, if possible.

Of course, the word 'don' brings teachers, professors, and college heads into the mix as well, and I don't forget Dick Halliburton Cheney's pal, Don Rumsfeld, who has oil dealings in his past. Both men are world class speculators.

Hidalgo's keywords: self-assertion; a rebel; someone wanting higher status due to feelings of disenfranchisement, illegitimacy, being in a minority, or in some other way feeling distinct from others.

Well, it's understandable that a definite Spanish-American flavor is rising in the BP-Gulf oil spill horoscope and one culprit's name just could be Don. As I said above, this is a horoscope of a mystery play of planetary actors, and with saboteur Pluto's ongoing opposition to America's natal Venus and Jupiter (3 - 6 Cancer) we know there are dark forces lined up against our prosperity and success, transformative forces which threaten unpromising outcomes for joint ventures and titanic power struggles which are being fought for Pluto's obsessive need for total and permanent control.


*Mexico's natal data from Celeste Teal's book Eclipses where she cites Maggie Hyde's "Tomorrow News" in the June 2002 issue of American Astrology; I assume the data is from both historical records and the memories of the Mexican people.

You may wish to consult the natal chart of New Orleans, LA: Feb 17, 1805 (NS) 12:00 pm LMT, New Orleans; natal Neptune 28Sco06 and Jupiter 4Sag38 are rising in the above oil spill chart...the Jupiter/Neptune combo relates to lots of oil and gas, and to grand schemes and speculation.

Jup/Nep = ASC: speculating; sharing great hopes with others; living in an illusory bubble world; interpersonal roles which add to a sense of the unreal; living in a world lighted by an emotionally rationalized agenda.

The Jupiter/Neptune combo was involved during a few similar historical events: the sinking of the Titanic, the USS Maine Explosion (a false flag op meant to to start a war - it worked); the East Coast Power Blackout; the big Alaskan Earthquake, and curiously, since New Orleans and the Gulf coast are so direly affected by this disaster, the application of the first-ever Medicare patient. (Munkasey, Midpoints.)

Marjorie Orr's book The Astrological History of the World gives the founding data for Spain, if you're interested: Jan 19, 1479 noon, Madrid, Spain.

Checking Spain's natal horoscope for the degree area of 29 Sco - 3 Sag we find: Neptune 00Sag55 and Uranus 1Sag55 (the Illuminati planets which were active during the Attack on Pearl Harbor - another war-starting event for the US, and FDR was one of our several Freemason presidents who may have had Illuminati leanings.)

Progressing Spain's chart to April 20, 2010, we find Sec Neptune Rx 00Sag52, Sec Mars 1Sag30, and Uranus 3Sag09 Rx. Further study is indicated.

May 21, 2010

Rodent in Rose Garden, President at Podium, Financial Reform passage touted

Update May 21: one of the fallouts from the new Financial Reform legislation is that the Fed ends up wielding more power, not less. That's a mistake.

Original post begins here:

Here is the text of President Obama's remarks in the Rose Garden Thursday, May 20, 2010, as he understandably preened over the Senate's passing of Financial Reform - and a rodent of some kind ran across the ground in front of his podium just after he began speaking.

The rodent, which has a tail too short to be a 'rat' as some are calling it, has been sighted in the White House Rose Garden before and reports of which staffer or cabinet member it represents in that higher-realm sort of way has not been confirmed as of this writing.

Yet we know that where there's one rodent there must be a gaggle of them so the best thing I can say is that at least the furry fellow ran in front of the president rather than behind his back.

Astrologically I'm sorry to say that not only were there two distressed asteroid archetypes at Midheaven, the Goal Point of the chart (and of his remarks) @ 18Can06, but the Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010 @ 19Can24 is emphasized by this Mc, along with a difficult Fixed Star, Castor. You and I have discussed the July 11 Eclipse conjunct Castor previously so I won't bore you again by harping on it needlessly, especially since you're already bored.

The two asteroids at Mc are sad Niobe and Atlantis. Hope that doesn't refer to the Atlantis oil platform now at risk in the Gulf. But why should it? We can have feelings of doom (Atlantis) even without another creatively labeled "blow-out" on our calendars.

So if the reform legislation is signed by July 4, 2010 as President Obama intends, it will tie in Financial Reform with the July 11, 2010 Eclipse in the 12 South Series, same as America's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series...keywords: successful outcomes to long-term worries. Well, that would be a great way for the 12S Eclipse to manifest!

But here's a big however - Jupiter 27Pis29 in 6th house is lining up opposite Saturn 27Vir55 Rx in 12th house and this is the culmination stage of their 20-year cycle of Expansion vs Restriction, and the NYSE told the tale of the societal planets' stalemate by plummeting 397.36 points on Thursday. Perhaps the DOW's drop is what had the president touting financial things at a 29th degree.

At 4:33 pm edt, Moon @ 28Leo59 opposed US natal Moon, and had just moved beyond Mars. The Sun (the leader) was @ a critical or crisis 29th degree, 29Tau43, in 8th house of Big Money, Debt, Credit, and such, with its Sabian Symbol for '30Tau' being fairly apt for the occasion:

"A Peacock Parading on an Ancient Lawn," and although the Rose Garden lawn isn't ancient, it will have to serve for our Peacock-in-Chief and his friend, the pesky rodent making a run for it while he can. Maybe he was in a hurry to file for unemployment.

And since the Sun was anxious about finances at its 29th degree, Mr. Obama apparently really needed this boost from the Senate. However, a caution is that the Sun was conjoined with Fixed Star, Alcyone, keywords: something to cry about and sorrow, which relates to the ancient myth of the Seven Sisters.

Or, it's quite possible that our financial system is in a much more critical condition than we've been told by this administration in its supposed attempt to 'instill confidence' in markets by lying about stuff. Or, maybe the gentry of Wall Street will actually come back to planet Earth and join the rest of us as we window shop along Main Street.

And this lack of confidence (which passing Financial Reform is supposed to fix) may partially explain the Sabian Symbol for the Ascendant degree which represents the president's remarks which began at 4:33 pm edt during a Mars Hour...

'16 Libra" = "A Boat Landing Washed Away."

Wonder if that could be for Wall Street, Main Street, or both?

Additionally, the Sun was at the Moon/Neptune midpoint at 4:33 pm so we have a midpoint picture which may or may not apply...

Moon/Neptune = Sun: illusions and deceptions; illuminated aesthetics; impressive insights into people or events.

To be cont'd...


Midpoint info: Ebertin, Tyl, and Munkasey.

May 20, 2010

Senate passes Financial Reform 5.20.10

Can America's Main Street finally be catching a break ahead of Wall Street?

Will stock markets crash or plummet as a consequence?

Are Oil Can Harry's days numbered now that our erstwhile Capitol Hillers have ridden into town to sheriff the joint and untie all the Pearl Purehearts from the financial tracks?

Just when we thought congressional oversight was the most apt and laughable oxymoron in our lexicon, the United States Senate actually passed something besides the buck.

Now, it may take the GOP an hour or two to get their sea legs back but they'll come out wildly swinging on behalf of corporate greed and malfeasance, and somehow...somehow there will be regular folk who will swallow the politically motivated poison and ask for a second and third helping of anti-Dem swill. (They're all of a piece, y'know - we'll never take back America by playing into their Ds v Rs game of diversion like the chuckleheads they think we are.)

And so, as Summer 2010 nears, the Cardinal T-Square of planets acts early while June 8's Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus awaits dramatically in the wings of the Universe approaching their cue at the Aries Point of World Manifestation.

Are you ready?

Uranus to Aries Point: artificial cell announced today!

No astrologer in the world is surprised at today's announcement of the creation of an artificial cell.

What are some possible applications for this lab-born Frankensteinian DNA which owes allegiance to no papa or mama? New vaccines, a weening from oil as an energy source, and a 'new industrial revolution' as well are some of the bright potentials mentioned today. (Hint: the world doesn't trust Science's cobbled together, GM vaccines as it is!)

Serious questions about the unintended consequences of creating new life forms remain, of course, unanswered at this exciting juncture.

Yes, Uranus to Aries Point (of World Prominence) now = scientific breakthroughs, and in 2010, the scene is greatly expanded by the presence of Jupiter at AP, too...therefore, much wealth is to be expected from such inventions!

Kissinger touts for the NWO - video

In line with my last SO'W post earlier this morning, here is a video of Patrick Wood, editor of the excellent August Review. Patrick is a decades-long watchdog on our behalves concerning the Trilateral Commission, CFR, Bilderberg Group, and other NWO movers and shakers.

To meld within your noggin the long-term New World Order plans and planners with the current administration in the White House, please view the video, even if you never watch another on that heinous topic, a totalitarian one-world-government, aka the NWO.

And while we're considering such topics we must remain clear-eyed about the identities of the players President Obama has surrounded himself with even though I suspect that they were on board for White House duty already and BHO was selected to grace the middle of the NWO cabal that acts as his "cabinet" or "team."

Among other things, it reveals the Jan 5, 2009 interview done on the floor of the NYSE between C-NBC and Henry Kissinger concerning what Kissinger thought Mr. Obama's 'first actions as president-elect' should be, and it tells in his own words the 'Quotes to Note' inclusion in the sidebar of this blog - it's not as if I could make this up, but here's the man himself speaking on record.

Mr. Wood also mentions Kissinger's chum, Richard Nixon, who sent Henry on a secret mission to Communist China in July 1971 to 'open up trade' which subsequently has resulted in the loss of millions of US jobs and wealth through the years. His trip to China was a NWO planning session, as are all summits and conclaves, imho.

Personally I began years ago to consider Tricky Dick Nixon to have been an out-and-out Chinese agent. How about you? However, my personal opinion of 'shuttle diplomatist' Hank Kissinger is not suitable for publishing in polite company.

So do I think that Mr. Obama is 'the chosen one' for inaugurating the NWO?

Yes. I agree with Mr. Wood and with others. The Mayan calendar's 'end date' of Dec 21, 2012 is being used or has been foreseen by a global elite who use Astrology as a matter of course to cloud the waters of what they're up to: a physical and political take-over that has little to do with Mayan visions or with New Age higher consciousness and Awakenings.

Unless The Awakening involves the realization that the world's population has been royally bamboozled into accepting a new form of feudalism.

For One Thing...

Their ramping up of the chorus as mentioned by Patrick Wood in the video above is a clue to timing: they really want an important corner turned during this 4-year presidential term.

Before Barack appeared on the public stage, Hillary Clinton, whose 'seeding' of the New Millennium with Bill on its celebratory Eve, showed her integral involvement in NWO plans and proceedings: she really really expected that the NWO would be hers to inaugurate (or, launch) as our 'President Clinton' #2.

But along came a spider, and it turned out that Barack Obama, with his natal Neptune in hypnotic Scorpio, could sway the masses like no one else could, he melded the Chicago crime syndicate deeper into the mix, and was selected as the Dem nom and certain 'winner' - perhaps being annointed at the secretive Bilderberg Group meeting which both he and Hillary slipped away to attend in Chantilly, VA, during the 2008 campaign. She must have been livid.

Therefore, yes, I think that Barack Obama's presidency is more than 'historic' for racial reasons, it's historic for what they have up their wizards' sleeves for the entire world as the power elite's mission of global domination finally comes into its own in time for 2012.

One Clue Is...

Let's review the chart of Inauguration 2009: Mars 18Cap29 in 9th house, ruler of DESC 14Sco03 conj asteroid, Hebe (possible keywords: a Herculean partner; strength or courage; a Hebrew; how and where one wants to bring something immortal to the universe; server of a ceremonial drink; goddess of youth, daughter of Zeus.)

Mars also rules 7th house of Partnerships bwo Scorpio, making Pluto 1Cap57, conjunct Morya 1Cap57, in 8th house of Debts, Shared Resources, Transformations, Death, etc...a co-ruler of the DESC; Pluto also conjs Toro (raw power; links to nuclear power), Eros (a piercing); and Morya, of course, relates to drugs and to death-as-sleep. Otherwise, Pluto is acting under his own auspices: the saboteur, spy, assassin, and secret hand is unaspected and thus free of modification from the other planetary energies in the Inauguration 2009 chart (and Obama's presidency.)

Now Mars is posited in Inauguration 2009's 9th house of Foreign Enemies and Lands, In-Laws, and Places of Higher Education, Philosophy and Religion. So the jokes about his mother-in-law's moving into the White House causing problems may have some validity here with Mars' tendency to cause quarrels in the house of In-Laws. (Well, even roses have thorns and I'm certain her help with the children - Leo - is invaluable.)

My point is that the question of Mr. Obama's role in the NWO as 'the chosen one' may be 'seen' by Inauguration 2009's Mars (therefore, Obama's presidential Mars) at the degree of the NWO's two significators, Uranus and Neptune during their Great Conjunction/s of 1993.

View the NWO natal chart which is timed by the 3rd of their 3 conjunctions, #3 occurred on Oct 24, 1993 @ '18Cap'...

'18Cap' = "The Union Jack Flies from a British Warship"...

Keynote: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order. (This symbol brings to us) the ambivalence of POLITICAL POWER, its value and its dangers. (Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala.) #

See? That's what I meant above - that we're expected to plead for a New World Order while under the illusion that we'll regain lost 'security' from (and 'order' out of) the chaos which the power elite created to sway us to their totalitarian way of doing business while living enslaved lives.

Tres diabolique!


Prison Planet keeps on the case.

Brzezinski at CFR meeting in Montreal - video; plus, Jupiter-Uranus

One-world-government promoter Zbigniew Brzezinski speaks here at a Council on Foreign Relations meeting in Montreal, Canada. The volume on this particular video isn't up to snuff here but I'm posting it anyway in case you get better results.

So the Collective Unconscious is having a Global Awakening? In 2011? 2012? Or now, timed by the June 8, 2010 meeting of Jupiter and Uranus (the 'light bulb' and 'good ideas' combo of energies) at Aries Point, a World Point of global manifestation?

Makes me sleepy just thinking about it...


You may read a bunch of NWO stuff I've collected here which includes quotes on the subject by people such as the prescient Nelson Rockefeller from way back when. You may also wish to read Henry Kissinger's advice to President Obama which is permanently located in this blog's sidebar under 'Quotes to Note' (a smidgen of scrolling is required but I have faith in your skills.)

Here's one sample of the NWO quotes linked above which explains a lot to those with ears to hear:

"The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control....Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent."

Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976, killed in the Korean Airlines 747 that was shot down by the Soviets

(You notice two -isms are mentioned that are the realm of Pluto/Chiron: supercapitalism and communism, two systems that have pretended to be at odds for decades, the better to manipulate the masses and the markets.)

May 19, 2010

Ron Paul video: the coming hyper-inflation

Rep. Ron Paul says we have the Fed to thank for the coming hyperinflation.

And the US Congress refuses to audit the Fed, even once. With so many rats in the financial woodpile, it was no surprise they declined to open a window on the Federal Reserve Bank of the USA for Congress' own complicity would blow through.

You know, President Andrew Jackson was no fan of big banks way back when and, on an astrological note, I remind you that Jackson was elected under a Saturn/Uranus opposition just as was President Obama...1828 - 2008.

With Mr. Obama's golden 'Goldman Sachs cabinet' of helpers, it's difficult to see how he can successfully fight off the excessive influence of big banks to the people's satisfaction and protection. It will be interesting to see what Congress comes up with in the realm of financial reform assuming that their political posturings come to an end long enough to pass a bill that reins in the banking gentry who bankroll their political campaigns.

And there are those making the case that the US government's response to the Gulf oil spill favors the government's response to the 2008 Financial Crisis - that they're doing more harm than good.

Also, FireDogLake has some of the better coverage on the BP oil spill and you'll find there a petition to sign if you wish telling President Obama to back off from offshore drilling for now and pursue clean energy as he's always said he would do. If he ever meant it, he now has a very very good excuse with the majority of the country behind him.

May 18, 2010

Rand Paul's Sun Capricorn-Moon Gemini

As you know, Rand Paul is the son of former Representative Ron Paul of Texas, and some have labeled the block's chip as The Obama of the Tea Party.

A lifelong Republican, this ophthalmologist announced his senate candidacy in August 2009 and election day has dawned with Paul as front runner against the retiring incumbent, Senator Jim Bunning.

Born somewhere in Pennsylvania on Jan 7, 1963, Dr. Paul has Sun in Capricorn, sign of politics, law, and business, and Moon in Gemini (for the 24-hour period of his birth date), sign of communication ability and quick thinking.

Sun Cap-Moon Gem is an Earth-Air blend which may tend to overemphasize the rational mind while ignoring the emotional aspects of life. There may be satisfaction with a pragmatic yet surface understanding of people and things in general along with a flippant pomposity in evidence when things get too deep or heavy. Young Mr. Paul may be something of a practical joker who hates being the butt of jokes himself.

However, with a Cap-Gem blend of energies there is a talkative, adaptable, and clever nature, with plenty of resourcefulness and shrewdness. Is he a gossip? A lover of irony? Perhaps. Yet he is a good teacher and is mentally acute and very observant (good for an eye doctor, self-certified though he may be.)

After today's elections, we may perhaps know the answers to many questions about Dr. Rand Paul as his ability to speak his mind charmingly and in crystal clear images would seem to be qualities of vast improvement over what the people of Kentucky have been rep'd by in the US Senate in recent years.

Now here are the Images for Integration for Rand Paul's Sun Cap-Moon Gem which put us in mind of today's political contest in Kentucky:

"An aged philosopher wins first prize in an international crossword puzzle competition...A traveling salesman wins an award...A college don reads the letters section of the paper while eating breakfast." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)


Update Hours Later: he won!

US Progressions in 2011: Sun Square Uranus

Thanks to the Mountain Astrologer Magazine we have an excellent article on transits to America's natal chart and an upcoming, difficult development in our nation's progressions which astrologer Robert Blaschke says indicates Upheaval and Rebellion on the Horizon.

It's US Secondary Progressed Sun 7Pisces00 which will square US Sec Uranus 7Gem00 in October 2011. Environmental factors are unpredictable during such times for outside forces interfere with daily lives - forces such as weather events, war, and reactionary protests.

And to complicate things such as getting at the truth, tr Neptune continues its haze over all proceedings (Neptune to US n Moon) causing our dissatisfaction to grow.

As you know, transiting Uranus, the rebel, is knocking at America's door - the IC of the US natal chart 00Ari43. Jupiter joins in the disruptive 'fun' on June 8, 2010 when Jupiter and Uranus meet there at our door and pause a moment before entering the 4th house of Domestic Scene. In Mundane Astrology, 4th house also signifies we-the-people who shall be stirred up like hornet's nests on the buzz.

Ideals and ideologies will be entwined in the melee with Jupiter, the Hierophant, Guru, Priest, and Rich Man involved (and Jupiter = the Republican Party, Saturn = the Dems. The Jupiter/Saturn opposition undergirds much of our societal ills now with their cycle beginning on May 28, 2000; their opposition is the fulfillment of that Taurean cycle which started with '23Taurus' = "A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Gems.")

Perhaps the perfection in Oct 2011 of the Secondary SQ of our Sun/Uranus will act as a timer of a crescendo of sorts, as unprincipled behavior and rule-breaking will be exhibited (yes, more than heretofore) and attitudes about authority will be re-examined or even thrown overboard. Mr. Obama's critics and opponents will likely feel emboldened against him.

Yes, Sun = the leader in national charts and in this case, I think perhaps Uranus in dualistic Gemini, sign of young folk, represents upstarts, radical reformers, and "troublemakers" which may closely involve mercurial bloggers, reporters, pundits, and speechwriters (Gem.)

Of course, when Uranus is in the mix, the unpredictable is really the only thing predictable, isn't it?

And yet we know that times are ripe for some amount of Uranian chaos to manifest in the land; plus, the Uranus/Pluto square which began to move into orb this summer marks the 'crisis in consciousness' phase of the Uranus/Pluto cycle which began at their Great Conjunction/s of the mid-60s in mid-Virgo, also a time of social upheavals.

Are Internet Freedoms and Net Neutrality on the Chopping Block in 2011?

Uranian issues of freedom and independence are on the menu in ways we cannot yet imagine which reminds me of a news tidbit I published yesterday on my WordPress blog concerning the sighting of a UN military convoy in Pennsylvania yesterday.

That's a UN convoy. Military. On the soil of PA. Going somewhere.

Is anyone disturbed by this?

Then if Elena Kagan sits on the Supreme Court bench, President Obama will have an ally in the censorship of the internet, magazines, news reports, pamphlets, and possibly books since Kagan as Solicitor General has argued in front of SCOTUS for just such censorship in the US of A.

Is anyone disturbed by this?

May 15, 2010

Uranus to AP = the White House's current midlife crisis!

The Horoscope of Summer Solstice 2010 has been published @ SO'W since April so with the start of summer drawing nearer by the minute I took another look at the chart, and you know what?

Transiting Uranus to AP, along with tr Jupiter to AP, form oppositions to the White House's natal Uranus 00Lib01 which means that Summer Solstice 2010 occurs during the White House's midlife crisis as marked by tr Uranus opposite natal Uranus!

(Yes, Uranus has opposed n Uranus in the past, and would be worth checking out for historic dates and corresponding events to be compared with the current transit affecting the World Point axis.)

November 1, 1800 everything packed?

Ahh, the White House! So young and impressionable at birth, the chart for which is dated by President James and wife Dolly Madison moving in to inhabit the joint on Nov 1, 1800 (NS.) 'Noon' is the time I use though one assumes that the Madisons' official moving day began hours or days earlier. With the Sun repping for the nation's 'ruler' in a mundane chart, the noon hour gives Sun 9Sco04 near Midheaven 13Sco12 (which places US Inaugural ASCs on Jan 20 @ noon in DC - since 1933 - conjunct the W-H's noon IC 13Tau12, the Foundation or Basis of the Matter - in a word, the President's Oath for entering the Oval Office (Venus) in the White Lodge we've been taught to call the White House.

(The words horoscope and chart are used interchangeably here for variety's sake, while some folk use map for the same purpose. And of course, the words natal, radix, and radical all refer to birth charts of persons, events, or entities.)

Moon 10Tau39 in 4th house, showing fluctuations or changes in residence...moving day.

So...I suppose props could be given to SCOTUS for ruling against the everyday voter and making the concept that 'corporations are people, too' a viable excuse for my interpreting the White House's midlife crisis, the precise point in the zodiac when Uranus comes along to exactly oppose its position at birth. Any aspects to the W-H's natal Uranus are naturally subject to review by opposition 2010 as well, so please consider the following:

In the case of the White House, natal Uranus on Nov 1, 1800 clocks in @ 00Lib01 (in 8th house of the noon chart, and conjunct US n Midheaven in the Sibly chart = Mc 00Lib43 to 1Lib+; I use 00:43); the Aquarian-vibed planet with its quirky independent spirit and flashes of ideas is tied in with other W-H energies by 3 applying aspects and one separating sextile:

1. Uranus semi-square Neptune (generational; describes mild irritations between Uranian intuitions and creative genius vs Neptunian inspirations and ideals; mild confusion is in the air concerning social movements, and political and occult associations.

(Perhaps by 1800, a small scuffle had broken out or simmered between the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and the Illuminati, hmmm? America was interlaced with Masonic lodges and temples in olden days and lodge membership was, and is, one of the ways to get ahead in life. Then as now, status-holders or the spectacularly intelligent were boosted into prominence, usually by recruitment during their school days with entering politics being a typical reward for service; lucrative pocket-lining to follow.)

2. Uranus inconjunct Pluto 2Pis18 Rx: also generational, and showing that the W-H's group relationships and plans for progress were and are subject to deep adjustments bwo of catalyst, Pluto, planet of secret hand fame, publishing empires, extremely wealthy treasure troves, saboteurs and assassins, and/or psychologists-psychiatrists (or, in 1800, their soon-to-be forerunners, the Mesmers, and other mind manipulators.)

Doubtlessly, you may easily think of several other connotations for Pluto, god of the Underworld, including crime organizations and spying factions. Uranus can signify political operatives, political, scientific, or philosophical inspirers, or radicals who desire strong reforms at any cost to themselves or to others.

3. Uranus sextile Chiron 26Sco36 (3A25); Chiron is in the noon chart's 10th h = being on a 'sacred quest', with reputation, authority, status, and achievement the main focuses (Nolle.) This describes people who are obsessed with transformation (see Pluto, above - Mr. Hades is obsessed, too), and they tend to be very energetic and opinionated (Clow.)

In fact, 'transformation' is the challenge for wounded healer Chiron when in Scorpio, and I once heard the placement described at a UAC seminar as a challenge to 'forgive the unforgivable'. Wish I could recall who said it...Demetra George, perhaps?

Richard Nolle says a Chiron/Uranus sextile indicates people with 'personal crusades for self-assertion and transcendence' that "meet with opportunities in the social environment, giving rise to the potential for great influence over other Seekers." Sounds a mite mystical, yes?

The waning aspect Uranus makes in the White House natal chart is a sextile (60 degr) with Venus 2Sag11 in 10th house (2S10); Venus (which deposits n Uranus in Libra and rules the noon chart's 4th house along with all US Inaugural ASCs since 1933) trines Jupiter 3Leo51 in 7th h (1A39.)

Venus/Jupiter contacts show the sense of good fortune that accompanies a residency in the White House...or should, if one's perfidies can remain veiled well enough to bluff through a term or two. Yet one does receive a lot of help and protection from powerful forces unless one becomes completely unhinged like Richard Nixon, or threatens to monkey with the way world banks do business as JFK and Lincoln did. And the Utopians' Manifest Destiny leanings are guided by occult perceptions which are never discussed or admitted to, of course. But don't you love it when Astrology says, peep-eye!?

Now we know that separating/waning aspects may be said to represent unconscious energies and interactions within the psyche; or, when seeing planets as actors in a mystery play, waning aspects signify contacts met or made in the past with the degree and minute cluing us in to how long ago...1S30 can indicate 1 1/2 seconds-minutes-hours-days-weeks-or-months, etc...but you know such Horary principles better than I do so why am I typing this at you? ;p

At any rate, the White House's Venus/Uranus waning sextile works on on unconscious level and thus is ripe for self-undoing purposes, when karma comes back around to take a big bite out of one's garbanza and we - yes, even the White House - must invariably reap what was sown. And since the W-H has always tended to rep itself as upstanding, do-gooding, and deserving of the world's admiration and/or fealty, I fret that America's downfall in the karma department will be all the more crashing with a super-sized helping of eat-crow on the side.

So in what departments (chart houses) of life may this Venusian/Uranian karma return most demonstrably to the White House and to our long-misruled nation?

In the W-H natal chart set for noon, as noted, Venus in in 10th and rules 4th and 9th houses; Uranus is in 8th house and, in a Placidus house system, is somewhat stypmied with Aquarius intercepted in 1st house; critical or crisis degree 20Cap07 rises and is ruled by Saturn; US n Saturn '14Lib' sits upon 9th cusp.

In politics and business, Venus/Uranus = a treasury which shows unexpected rises and falls in its valuation; rulers using unusual means to develop plant or tree resources available (Teddy comes to mind!); a strange appreciation for financial assets or planning; ruling bodies that are unable to cope with sudden infusions or lacks of financial resources; distinctive settings that are suddenly exploited for development; indiscetions; unpredictable vanity shown by leaders or executives.

(Munkasey, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.)

Meanwhile, Reinhold Ebertin gives the Venus/Uranus combination of energies as: a self-willed, obstinate disposition (heard this one? yes, he's stubborn but at least we know where he stands); strange urges and inclinations; an uncompromising nature; moody, nervous, sensitive, ruled by feelings, inconstancy in relationships, and/or extravagant people, or those who are erratic with money.

(Any, all, or none may apply, as with midpoint pictures.)

And btw: the W-H chart contains a Mars/Neptune opposition (2A23) which echoes the Mars/Neptune square in the US natal it's inspired, confused, or deceptive motivations and actions all around, I'd say. Wouldn't you?

Another factor worth mentioning in the White House's natal chart...and it was in effect that day no matter the hour...involves authoritative Saturn as focal (apex) planet in a Fixed T-Square; as noted, Saturn is chart-ruler at noon, is in 'natural leader' Leo, and makes no applying aspects in the chart at all. Thus his position by sign, degree, and house are strengthened due to lack of modification from any major Ptolemaic aspects from other planetary energies; the US presidency's reputed 'sense of isolation' is partly described by this Saturn's lonely condition.

However, Saturn does form 3 separating aspects: squares to Mercury, Mars, and Chiron. The Fixed squares/blockages were met on Saturn's path prior to noon so in the 'real world' of Nov 1, 1800, may I hazard a guess: difficult, restricted, or delayed (Saturn) transport (Mercury/Mars) - perhaps the Madisons or their belongings encountered a bit o'mud on their way to the White House?

(Controversies, debates, and lawsuits are also provinces of Mercury/Mars.)

Now here's the T-SQ's midpoint picture

Mercury/Mars = Saturn 23Leo00 (in noon chart's 8th h): deep thinking; a powerful concentration; inhibited powers of decision; slow or sluggish thinking; the desire to harm others, or to bring harm to oneself by exaggerating; quarrels cause separations; the tendency to say bad things about others; avoiding discussion of force or might; old arguments are debated; loud, long term negotiations.

So with Saturn as apex planet in a Fixed T-SQ, what sort of manager are we cyclically and typically 'stuck with' as he bully-pulpits, bull-horns, or YouTubes at us from the exalted environs of the White House?

Well, you know how inflexible and rigid Fixed energy is, so there's that. Plus, old man Saturn prefers Cardinal energy through which he can work best (Cap), but here our Old Man senex has to settle for being 'the point man' in a Fixed T-SQ.

This Saturn indicates a person (or people, or entity) acting wilfully unyielding to the nth degree; rigidly organized, disciplined, and intensely purposeful and driven, apex Saturn here suggests a compulsion to establish long term security and safety by exercising tight control over people, events, and situations. Ruthless and dogged in securing power, apex Saturn does not share authority easily, if at all, and deeply resents any challenges to his indomitable will.

(So much for Eisenhower's warning of a government take-over by the 'military industrial complex' - since US Mars turned Rx by progresssion in n 10th house, 'the military moves into the White House' is indicated. At least since our Mars changed directions in 2006 @ '19Libra' = "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding"...GROUP PROTEST...keynote: Protest against disharmonic social privilege. (One might) think of Robin Hood and his band, or early Bolsheviks in Russia robbing banks to finance the revolution...Individuals alone are impotent in producing actual changes in social consciousness. A "group" must be formed. (Rudhyar.)

Back to apex Saturn...

Saturn here is one-pointedly determined to preserve the structure (Mars Rx in Taurus, 4th house = false flag ops on US soil and other methods of subversive action that divert improvements of any real merit on behalf of we-the-people? jc) and the order that the establishment values (no matter how murky and hidden their true motives are as true faces are kept from public view.)

However, if well-managed and fairly motivated, this apex Saturn can come to represent a 'reliable fortress' for others during crises (which is an easier role to play if you're forewarned, well-prepared, and read your script) and will seldom back down from what he sees as his duty. Building permanent foundations (as would our Freemason presidents) is one of his primary duties; working long and hard toward an ultimate goal brings tangible results for long term efforts.

Yet defensive inhibitions draw him into unrewarding, stifling, or ill-conceived alliances which create karmic conditions. Saturn is considered a karmic planet since he naturally reminds us of our pasts and former actions - and the way we did or did not maturely handle responsibilities - when he comes a-knockin' on the do' in his role as Mr. Grim Reality.

Uranus' trail of quirks, bumps, and shocks: circa 1800 fast-forwarded to 2010

Aka, the White House's midlife crisis...

Uranus-opposite-Uranus is a period of time when generations clash and no one wants to give up their unique ways of behaving. Little meeting of the minds (or of tastes) occurs with one generation behaving (Uranus) in Libran fashion and those just 'passed by' in Uranus' 84-year cycle toddling around acting like a bunch of critical, science-minded Virgoans, the dedicated workers among us.

Plus, a 'new wave' of whippersnappers and upstarts suddenly comes along behaving like those of a pioneering Aries persuasion, all activistic and riled up and all. With the W-H's natal Mars Rx there's been a reactionary vibe in the White House from Day One; plus, Mars is in Taurus, one of the money signs...the Taurean shadow side: intolerance, selfishness, and greed. (And a Mercury/Mars opposition is always restless to show its competence in all things, isn't it? Illusions of infallibility show a certain weakness in the W-H's character, not strength, imho.)

And you know, Jupiter opposing natal Uranus is no picnic either since business matters, financial and fund-raising efforts, and groups projects may come to a screeching halt under its influence; everyone seems to go off in different directions or come to alternate conclusions with too much conflict with one's network makes group activities hard to manage, if not impossible.

Well, Blogger just 'ate' the most recent draft of this post, so a bunch of it is now MIA so I shall close for now after spending all day typing it. Hope this post is not too much of a mish mash for you to get something out of. Wordpress gremlin'd away an entire post the other day about Elena Kagan's natal chart, and frankly, I'm too put out to think about politics anymore this evening. I shall retire to my cave of inspiration.

Yet I do wonder if the White House can ignore a strong urge to have itself painted red, the color of the fast sports car so indicative of a midlife crisis. Suckily, the probable equivalent to rocking a shiny new car would be instigating a new war. But that's not the White House behaving differently at midlife crisis, is it?

No, it's only the same tiresome and costly, jingoism of Uranian world revolution and chaos in order to gain more power and control (Pluto) for the imperialist victimizers in their ivory towers and bank vaults who use innocent people as 'human shields' and chattel in their game of win-at-any-cost one-world-government.

May 14, 2010

View a 3D movie of the ISS! (no special glasses needed)

May 14 - 16, 2010 will be a good weekend to look up!

Space Weather News for May 14, 2010

Today's edition of SpaceWeather News features a remarkable 3D movie of the International Space Station (ISS) recorded by French astrophotographer Thierry Legault. No special glasses are required to see the ISS pop out of your screen in amazing detail.

The movie will whet your appetite for a weekend of bright spaceships and planets.

On Friday, May 14 at 2:20 pm EDT, space shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to launch from Kennedy Space Center on its final voyage to the ISS. An on-time liftoff would set the stage for an incredible sky show. On Saturday and Sunday, May 15 and 16, many observers will be able to see Atlantis and the ISS flying past Venus and the crescent Moon in the evening sky.

Visit for sky maps and more information. Seeing the ISS is easy if you know when to look.

Sign up for SpaceWeather PHONE and we will call you when the space station is about to fly over your hometown.

May 13, 2010

Housing is a Human Right! Neptune to US Moon

Taking Back Homes from the Banks

By Bill Quigley

Organizations across the US are engaging in "housing liberation" and "housing defense" to exercise their human rights to housing.

Here are a few examples.#


Mr. Quigley's article concerning various US cities moving people into bank-foreclosed housing reminded me of the upcoming July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse in Cancer, sign of home, housing, real estate, domestic scene, business, and security.

In DC, the July 11 Eclipse occurs in the 8th house of Credit, Debt, Banking, and large amounts of money, and the Eclipse is in the same Series as America's Pre-Natal Eclipse @ 00Pis33 (12S, Feb 19, 1776), the position of transiting Chiron now.

Click the Eclipse link to view the July 11, 2010 chart with details.

The idea of making use of empty houses for those who need shelter is something I had not considered when I wrote of the dissolving effects of the current Neptune-to-US Moon transit, with mundane Moon representing The People; Neptune = dissolving, deceptive, and fraudulent forces (including the media; on other levels: oil, gas, water, ideals, the Divine Source, etc.)

And the Deepwater Horizon oil platform?

Neptune as deepwater also relates to the April 20, 2010 'blowout' in the Gulf of Mexico as a water catastrophe in the homeland (Moon), and Jupiter in Pisces (sign of the sea) describes the expansive 'blowout' since Jupiter broadens 'horizens'.

So depending on which US natal chart you use (n Moon 18 - 28 AQ), Neptune-to-US-Moon has been affecting us for some time with its sense of rootlessness and of being robbed. What I've written previously concerned the phenomenon of people leaving the keys in the mailbox and walking away from their upside down mortgages, and foreclosures (loss of home.)

Adding to the picture of despair and loss has been the recent transit of restrictive Saturn's grim reality to US natal Neptune 22Vi25 (hopes, dreams, illusions) with both planets bringing their own sort of loss and sadness.

My point today is that the movements across the country (as mentioned in Mr. Quigley's article) to set up the unsheltered among us in sitting-empty houses sounds to me like a great way to 'use' these difficult transits and make lemon out of lemonade. Empty houses do no good in any neighborhood, do they?

For after all, Housing is a Human Right!

And if besting our greedy, deceitful banks should occur simultaneously, then 'housing liberation' is an excellent and useful solution on behalf of we-the-people as it positively expresses that housing (Moon) is a basic human right which is a noble Neptunian ideal!

May 12, 2010

Kagan supports media censorship

President Obama's Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan supports media censorship including the internet but which may or may not include books!

A Blog Note: last evening I wrote a post on Kagan's natal chart but when I published it to my Wordpress blog, the post was eaten alive by web gremlins. No censorship involved, just auto-save-draft issues. There's no time to re-do it now (a real world job awaits) but I hope to reconstitute it asap and will link to it here when it's published.

You know, the more I read about former Harvard Law School Dean Elena Kagan the more she sounds like a NWO shill like the rest of them. No surprise, really. Just thought I'd share that disappointment with you.

May 11, 2010

When does Pres. Obama's Progressed Sun reach 00Lib00?

Having been asked to find the date that President Obama's Secondary Progressed Sun will reach 00Lib00:00, I searched out August 24, 2010. Sec Ic = 2Lib29; Sec Moon 13Pis11 in 9th house; Hour of Jupiter 27Cap19 Rx in 7th house conjunct Saturn 23Cap15 Rx. Sec Chiron 3Pis02 Rx has just crossed 9th cusp 3Pis10, into Sec 8th house.

Relocating the president's progressions for the White House, his chart shows 19Can41 rising with Fixed Star Castor. This is the degree of the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse from the 12 South Series: successful outcomes to long term worries. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

However, by progression, Mr. Obama can't seem to rid himself of a worrisome midpoint picture which has been mentioned here before:

Saturn/NN = Neptune: confusing others about one's personal stand; deception, fraud, and lies; having to pay a price for help given that is more than expected. (As in, "One day you'll be called on to return a favor"??)

Well, as you know, 00Lib00 will put Mr. Obama's Sec Sun at US natal Midheaven 00Lib43 (Sibly chart) and it's in line to conjunct his own Sec Mars/Pluto midpoint in 2012:

Mars/Pluto = Sun: upset of plans that is irredeemable; a passionate attack to achieve one's objectives; hard, hard work; working until collapse; taking violent measures; shock caused through the intervention from a Higher Power.

(Any, all, or none may apply.)

The 'Image for Integration' for the Air-Water Sun Libra-Moon Pisces blend is:

"The curtain comes down, the actor takes off his mask and, in privacy, looks into his mirror to find himself as a child of six with his imaginary friend." (Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

How perfect for a Washington politician and this one has said he knows of the admonition: if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog. And he did.

This blend is shared natally by Eugene O'Neill, who aptly informs us that,

"None of us can help the things life has done to last everything comes between you and what you'd like to be, and you have lost your true self forever."

Well, I haven't time this evening to add more verbage, but I recommend that you conjure up the chart yourself for there are more factors in which you may have an interest concerning Barack Obama and thus, our nation. The transits for August 24, 2010 are important as well (try 9:00 pm edt at the White House) and perhaps I may add them later on, if you like.

My hearty thanks go to to LJ for inspiring this post!


The president's progressions are based on his natal chart for Aug 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii.