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Jun 30, 2010

Homeless Vets Bill? Republicans are against that, too (video)

Just when I thought there was nothing else supportive of the American people that the Republican Party could fight against, a Homeless Veterans Bill isn't passing muster with the GOP who'd rather spend the money we don't have (after 8 years of Bush-Cheney) on war rather than on the needs of those they sent to fight it for them.

It seems astounding to me that any American of any stripe or tea flavor could possibly consider voting for Republican Party candidates in November, when Rs were and are the primary promoters of endless war for which the dire needs of our homeless vets and the unemployed are to be sacrificed so that war hawks of both parties can continue to profit from US imperialism.

Guess America's natal Saturn in 10th house with the 'fall from grace if Saturn's lessons and principles of responsibility and accountability are not followed' Saturn-in-10th-house caution is having its results now with perfect timing: transit Saturn is about to cross US natal Midheaven again (00Lib53, Sibly chart) where the Task Master will return to his natal position in 10th house three times (while opposing Jupiter at natal Ic.)

Our nation's Saturn Return 14Libra48 this time is a three-fer which draws out the lessons and any solutions, if indeed they can be found without self-serving Politics taking over the presentation:

1. December 3, 2010
2. March 22, 2011 Rx
3. August 28, 2011.

So to paraphrase film star Betty Davis, Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Lew Rockwell on The State's 'Kill Switch'

Lew Rockwell writes on the current police state and shades of things to come as The State prepares to use a 'Kill Switch' against our free expression, and he recommends a re-reading of H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds, a disguised attack on British imperialism written during the Victorian era of NWO plotter Albert Pike.

Nowadays we may think that the British version of imperialism ended long ago until we consider the poster child of the New World Order in modern times, the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune, the duo of enlightenment and illumination. The planets conjoined 3 times all through 1993, the last on October 24, 1993 which provides a modern-day birth chart for the NWO, as you know.

Bill Clinton was the 'Uranus/Neptune president' of the hour and he did much on the world stage to progress the NWO agenda along its merry way.

If you click to view the NWO natal chart you'll notice its Ascendant degree '13Cap' which is where transiting North Node has so recently pointed..."A Fire Woshiper" which ties in with the eternal flame of the Illuminati, is the symbol of the Olympics, and is modeled by eternal flames burning at gravesites of assassinated leaders who didn't kowtow enough to The Plan, apparently.

(Remember Jackie Kennedy's words after her husband's assassination when she refused to change out of her bloodstained clothing before flying back to DC? "Let them see what they've done." Not that 'they' cared. JFK intended, some say, to end the Vietnam War, retract the power of the CIA, and was about to mess around with the world banking system of the overlords.)

Well, perhaps the most interesting thing about the illuminating Uranus/Neptune conjunction of October 24 (birthday of the United Nation so they share Sun positions, 1Sco+) is its Sabian Symbol which I shall repeat here in light such things as: the viciousness of police actions during last weekend's G20 Summit in Toronto, ramped up oppression in the US including the the SCOTUS decision in favor of corporations, 'austerity measures' against the poor and getting-poorer peoples of every nation, and in some small support of Mr. Rockwell's article linked above.

Quoting from Dane Rudhyar's An Astrological Mandala:

'18 Capricorn' = "The Union Jack Flag Flies from a British Warship"

Keynote: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order.

This symbol reflects conditions prevailing in the past when Great Britain's fleet was policing the seas under the international principle of the freedom of the seas. Times have changed, but the concept remains valid. Power is required to maintain social order and relatively peaceful interpersonal as well as international relationships. Alas, this power can easily be misused under the pretext of preserving "law and order." Justice and compassion must balance social power, and especially the power of privileged groups. Where this symbol appears, the need for protection may be in evidence-or it may be a warning against using power for selfish advantage.

{This symbol} brings us to a realization of the ambivalence of POLITICAL POWER, its value and its dangers.

And in his book The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones explains:

'18Cap' = "SUPERVISION...

positive expression; the self's ever-widening spread of interest in its insatiable desire to leave some permanent imprint of itself on everything it touches;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: smug or strong-armed paternalism."

(The addition of 'unconscious/shadow side' is, as always, my own. Yet the measures and actions we see perpetrated now is the NWO coming out of the shadows. jc)

Jun 28, 2010

Who will carry the US Constitution now that Senator Byrd is gone?

As you heard, the longest serving senator in US history, Senator Robert Byrd (D-WVA), passed away during the night at age 92.

After his 50+ years of service, had he lived down an unfortunate membership in the Klan in his youth? Opponents would say nay, yet I forgave him long ago based on his exemplary record serving in the US Senate, and most especially for delivering the speech Today, I Weep for My Country which was heard on the senate floor on behalf of common decency, Constitutional law, the American people, and the people of Iraq who at the time were only hours from being bombed by the Bush-Cheney administration in March 2003, a conflict still grinding on these 7 years later with no end in sight, and much to what should be America's eternal shame.

I well remember the months-long campaign with war drums beating on the afternoon of March 19, 2003, for I was weeping, too.

For even this *Saturnian astrologer knows that karma is what we reap from what we've sown, and Hades and chaos in the Middle East are what America has sown. No one welcomes foreign occupation of their country and that goes for Afghanistan as well. Would you?

So here is what I blogged on the 5th anniversary of the Iraq invasion with a link to Senator Byrd's heartfelt speech included. As soon as Senator Byrd finished speaking, (VP Cheney directed) the Theodore-Roosevelt-worshiping Senator John McCain to stand up and defend the war hawks' 'decision' to wage their war of choice with its visions of world domination and obscene profits.

You'll find McCain's speech included and I find it fascinating to compare the two senators' sentiments now in light of how things have turned out so far in Iraq.

Or you may wish to skip my ramblings and go directly to the text of both speeches, compliments of Information Clearing House

Now the war-promoting senator that day is the same John McCain who tossed out a "maybe more troops in Afghanistan" on Meet the Press yesterday, a statement which almost made me lose my brunch. For if Afghanistan isn't a perfect historical example of bashing one's head against a brick wall, I don't know what is, though 'stone' wall would be more to the point.

And so the tattered copy of the US Constitution which Senator Byrd carried in his pocket through the years must now be sadly laid aside with his passing. Without Senator Byrd's spirit of vigilance, let us hope that this laying aside is not indicative of a further and deeper loss of constitutional principles.


*Saturnian astrologer as opposed to Uranian astrologer is my understanding of one who sees heredity and DNA in cell-like horoscopes where others see past lives and reincarnation.

Jun 26, 2010

Secret law brings arrest @ G20 Summit Toronto - video

Well, this is a fine how-do-you-do though not a surprise:


On a lighter note, you may wish to read my sunny little post on Sun to US natal Jupiter which gives President Obama an optimistic boost today as he attends the G20 Summit in Toronto.

Locke's advice to US on strong-arming the Middle East

The Second Treatise of Civil Government 1690

"That the aggressor, who puts himself into the state of war with another, and unjustly invades another man's right, can, by such an unjust war, never come to have a right over the conquered, will be easily agreed by all men, who will not think that robbers and pirates have a right of empire over whomsoever they have force enough to master, or that men are bound by promises which unlawful force extorts from them.

Should a robber break into my house, and, with a dagger at my throat, make me seal deeds to convey my estate to him, would this give him any title? Just such a title by his sword has an unjust conqueror who forces me into submission. The injury and the crime is equal, whether committed by the wearer of a crown or some petty villain. The title of the offender and the number of his followers make no difference in the offence, unless it be to aggravate it.

The only difference is, great robbers punish little ones to keep them in their obedience; but the great ones are rewarded with laurels and triumphs, because they are too big for the weak hands of justice in this world, and have the power in their own possession which should punish offenders."

John Locke (1632-1704) from The Second Treatise of Civil Government 1690


The above text has been broken into paragraphs for easier reading online by this blogger.

And its fair and balanced concepts have been broken into a million pieces by America's Military Industrial Complex with the aiding and abetting of the three branches of the US government and the criminal collusion of NWO promoters.

Jun 25, 2010

Financial overhaul approved as US Venus rises 6.25.10

In Time for June 25, 2010's Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto

As you've heard by now, the proposal for the largest financial overhaul in the US since the Great Depression was approved this morning at "5:40 am edt" (time noted by C-SPAN's call-in moderator) as committee members reached a compromise on the bill's details.

C-SPAN's session this morning concerning financial overhaul has refused any discussion from callers on how the legislation will affect the floating of the 'amero' said to be on tap later this year, and another caller's question about the Illuminati's role in the legislation.

Such questions are always shut out from all discussion on C-SPAN even though at 5:58 am edt today, the Illuminati signature of Uranus and Neptune, the Uranus/Neptune midpoint, crossed DC's Midheaven 14Pis56 (The Goal), along with the midpoint of the Big Bankers and Large Scale Operators, Jupiter/Pluto. US natal Jupiter 5Can56 was precisely rising at that precise moment...'6Can' = "Game birds Feathering Their Nests"...

Uranus/Neptune = Mc: guidance is sought from other realms or never-before-tapped sources; supernatural concerns come into play; inner vision; dissolution; a lack of stamina; restraint placed on half-baked ideas; proficiency in using the right side of the brain.

In his book on midpoints, Michael Munkasey gives the Uran/Nep midpoint as: changes in political and social structures due to new ideals and dreams of the future.

Yeah, that's what worries me!

Jupiter/Pluto = Mc: hard-working attainment of power position; great accomplishments in society; industriousness; advancement and promotion; ambition.

(Midpoints: Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey; 'any, all, or none' may apply and are subject to future transits and directions.)

At 5:40 am edt, Capitol Building, ASC 1Can43 - '2Can' = "A Man on a Magic Carpet Observes Vast Vistas Below Him"...perhaps this will result in actual congressional oversight!!

Hour of the Sun, with Venus 12Leo49 in 2nd house of Money and Values conjunct President Obama's natal Sun - perfect timing for his taking this victory to the G20 Summit in Toronto this weekend.

However: chart-ruler Moon 21Sag13 in 6th house makes only one applying aspect in the chart to tell us how things will proceed: an opposition to Mercury (8A42) which sounds like the people (Moon) won't be too impressed. And perhaps there's someone else who won't be impressed with the clue embedded within the Moon's Sabian Symbol...

'22Sag' = "A Chinese Laundry"! Well, I'm an American people and am wondering how the government of China, America's biggest creditor, will react to the bill's ultimate provisions. Hey, maybe China's approval was sought beforehand, hmm?

But enough of my typing out loud...

Activist Mars 9Vir52 conjuncts Ic, the Foundation of the Matter; '10Virgo' = "Two Heads Looking Out and Beyond the Shadows" as Senator Blanche Lincoln's compromise on regulating derivatives and other risky instruments was gained thus allowing the vote to be taken successfully to the crowing of the Democrats and the President, though only the riskiest derivatives will be included in the bill.

And Mercury, planet of negotiations, agreements, votes, and legislation, rises at a critical or crisis 29th degree: 29Gem55, with Sun 3Can45 conjunct US natal Venus, our nation's chart-ruler in the Sibly chart.

Sun/Mercury = ASC: fondness for negotiations; a pleasant mental state. (Yes, they must have had that Quelle Relief! feeling after the 20-hour session and their months of wrangling cats. Rraowwww!)

The pile-up at ASC this morning points my attention toward Spring Equinox in March (Sun 00Can00), the month that the President signed his Health Insurance Reform Bill into law, the results of which we hear good things so far although personally I'm not certain the 'goodness' of the bill has been confirmed...too soon to tell.

So as with all congressional legislation, it remains to be seen the real-life effects and potential collateral damage which may be created by the financial overhaul bill which Mr. Obama intends to sign by the July 4th recess.

And I imagine that his one-world-government collaborators attending the G20 Summit this weekend in Toronto will be quite impressed, a possibility which makes me doubt the bill's sincerity on behalf of the American people's best interests.

For one thing, a Consumer Protection Bureau has been left in the bill but will be housed within the bowels of the secretive Fed. And if that doesn't illustrate perfectly the old saw about (the Fed) fox guarding the hen house, I don't know what ever has.

Jun 24, 2010

G20 Summit opens w/ Lunar Eclipse: YOD in Toronto

Update June 25: the 'disagreements' mentioned in my post below are being noted in the CNN Political Ticker today and the G20 jawboning has yet to officially begin!

Original post begins here:

"To deal with the global economy," is the reason for this weekend's global summit, says Canada's PM Harper, and all week long I've been antsy (due to busy-ness) to find confirmation that the G20 Summit in Toronto will begin on Friday, June 26, 2010 in tandem with the June 26 Lunar Eclipse 4Cap46 conjunct Pluto 4Cap06 Rx @ 7:30 am edt in Washington, DC, with US natal Mercury Rx rising opposite US natal Pluto conjunct Descendant (7th house of Partnerships.)

Well, here it is.

And apparently it's going to take a small army of security forces to protect their hallowed brows and expanded brains and ideologies from anti-G20 protesters who are not impressed with their style of meddling in people's lives.

If you click the Eclipse link above you'll see the horoscope set for the White House which is almost identical to one set for Toronto - both @ 7:30:18 am edt. And both charts have '27 Cancer' rising, an apt degree considering current events because the Sabian Symbol for '27Can' = "A Furious Storm Rages Through a Residential Canyon."

Therefore, America's natal Mercury/Pluto opposition remains on the ASC/DESC axis for Toronto on June 26, 2010. Yet Mc/Ic axis differs, for at the White House, Mc '11Ari' = "The President of the Country," and as you know, ASC = the WHAT? Point of any chart. In our current case, that would be President Obama.

But in Toronto, Mc = '9Ari' = "A Crystal Gazer" which makes me wonder if it's a "McCrystal" gazer at the top of the summit's agenda. We do know that fury and rage lurk just outside the summit's hotel doors, don't we?

Besides the fact that evaluating Venus in 1st house in Toronto (in 2nd house in DC), another difference between the two locations has to do with 2/8 axis issues such as money, shared resources, and transformation (a la PM Harper's justification noted above.)

Interestingly, in Toronto (not in DC), the ASC degree is just late enough to clock into a *YOD pattern, a Finger of God configuration indicating a special task, crisis, or a turning point - a critical situation which must be attended to by current actors and which was left incomplete by past actors (or generations.)

There is also a potential for health conditions or illness to interfere with proceedings, or to appear within the collective due to a YOD's 1st/6th/8th house connotations.

The YOD in Toronto involves...

Saturn/ASC = Neptune (in 8th house, both charts): depressing and introverted life situations; arguments about strange dimensions or obscure things; over making a point; a depressing environment; disagreements cause separations; dreaming of what the world should be like as opposed to what it is.

(Midpoint picture: Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply, yet I suspect that these days, they all do.)

With General McCrystal and President Obama, the separation has already occurred though more may be at hand, and with transiting South Node hanging about US natal Sun (the leader) since April.

Now if we can just get the Pentagon and White House to admit that the Afghanistan jig is up. Our now-retrograde US Secondary Progressed Mars (military forces) is showing and withdrawal must be accepted! Paying Taliban warlords doesn't fit into anyone's budget that I know of, how about you?

Talk about neurotic, South Node behavior!

Meanwhile, the good people or public (Moon) will be 'eclipsed' as the summit begins on Friday with overpowering Pluto's extreme wealth, surveillance, and manipulation standing by in 6th house of Police and Military Forces. (Protesters are already being arrested, and it's being reported that the hotel's workers have gone on strike today. And here's a btw reminder - another title Pluto carries is: the pope.)

So given America's natal Pluto on DESC, plutonian strength girds the power elite and their minions-in-attendance as they make high handed plans for - or, I should say, against - the world's future.


*A YOD, which resembles a squished triangle, is formed by a base of two or more planets sextile (60 degr) one another which 'point' to a third planet (or more) known as the apex planet/s; both the sextiled planets are quincunx, or inconjunct, the apex planet/s (165 degr.) In a YOD, apex Neptune signifies those who prefer their comfortable ivory towers to harsh, mundane realities - this way their high idealism can be successfully sustained against all common sense and dealing with the ultimate consequences of their actions doesn't interfere with their lives.

Greater structure and definition are needed by nebulous, often deceptive Neptune and this need may be supplying a basis for the 2010 summit's agenda. Neptune is a very creative apex planet in a YOD pattern, for the desired 'universal unity' (in their case, one-world-government) makes a potent, entrancing inspiration point for their totalitarian dreams and visions of Utopia which first requires chaos in order to rebuild a 'better' world.

Now some astrologers would not consider the above pattern as a YOD because one of the points is, well...a point (rather than a third planet.) Yet the midpoint picture detailed here is still of influence in Toronto symbolically, at least, since the ASC degree changes within minutes causing the YOD to dissipate. My point is that the precise timing which creates the YOD in Toronto is gleaned from the perfection of the June 26 Lunar Eclipse, Sun precisely opposing Moon...and world conditions are depressing and introverted indeed.

For as author, journalist, and social activist Upton Sinclair so fairly asked not so very long ago:

"Is it altogether a Utopian dream, that once in history a ruling class might be willing to make the great surrender, and permit social change to come about without hatred, turmoil, and waste of human life?"


Altogether, it is too much to ask. Pluto does not share.

Well, I'll be keeping an eye on Toronto this weekend...June 26 and's growing late in the game so I hope you will, too. jc

A WikiLeaks article round-up w video: June 24, 2010

No time today to remark upon the ongoing WikiLeaks embroilment but here is an article round-up for you in case you want to check out some viewpoints on the matter:

Echelon? WikiLeaks Founder Drops 'Mass Spying' Hint

By Andrew Fowler

WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange has given his strongest indication yet about the next big leak from his whistleblower organisation.

Hail To The Whistleblowers

By James Denselow

Whistleblowers like those at WikiLeaks make huge sacrifices and are a vital last resort to check the powers of government.

Wikileaks: A Publisher Of Last Resort "privatized censorship" Video

Wikileaks editor interview on censorship.

Articles provided by the excellent Information Clearing House Newsletter. Sign up and contribute to keep the service going, if you can.

Jun 22, 2010

Austerity Cuts a Huge Mistake: Pluto in Capricorn

This morning I awoke to BBC's reporting of a morning announcement in London of 'austerity cuts' against the good people of the UK and if some had their way in the US we'd be - and probably will be - on the same make-things-worse road as FDR set us on in 1937.

Why, it's almost as if governments want things worse for the people and aren't trying to 'recover' financial systems at all!

Well, they do if all the sky-falling voices are correct (like mine) and the entire 'collapse' is an orchestrated charade that's intended to collapse the global economy so that totalitarianism can have its way with us and a long-planned one-world-government can be instituted.

Such is transformative Pluto traversing governmental Capricorn as in 1776 when America was founded as the 'new world government' on the block - and now Mr. Hades is destructuring governments again. That nationalist governments must fail is a priority for the power elite's New World Order movers and shakers and if individuals fail in the process, too bad - you're merely collateral damage in the class warfare now being waged.

What's also too bad is that so few citizens of the US and elsewhere have taken seriously the warnings about class warfare putting targets on their backs which have been given to anyone who would listen since (at least) the 90s. Successful propaganda campaigns against such heralds of doom have been used to make 'conspiracy theorists' appear to be wacky and off the mark.

Yet in most cases, we, dear reader, are not. Plus, even wacky folk can be right part of the time. I proudly count myself among their number.

Well, perhaps you caught Paul Krugman's June 19 article That 30s Feeling which agrees that austerity cuts will do more harm than good so here's its link for you, just in case.

And though it's true that Mr. Krugman won't mention anything to you about Pluto, Capricorn, or the tearing down of current forms and institutions to make way for a much-promoted yet already-lamented-by-the-people NWO, it's okay because I just did.

We must remember that that's why the power elite has worked for decades to knit all financial systems into a world network in the first place - so that the financial collapse with its subsequent governmental failures would be global when they get ready to pull the final plug.

Jun 21, 2010

Horoscope of US Solar Return 2010

Here is the horoscope of the moment the Sun returns to its natal position in America's Sibly chart (5:10 pm LMT July 4, 1776) with our nation's natal Mercury Rx rising, as you see. The first natal planet to rise in a Return chart sets the precedence for events to follow; natal house rising here is US n 8th house of Shared Resources and Transformation.

It's an Hour of the Moon (fluctuations; changes), with Sun (the leader) in secretive 12th house where most political deals are made but which may indicate some loss of strength for the President especially with the interlaced square (135 degr) from Neptune to Sun; Moon (the people) is in feisty Aries, 10th house (see Moon trine Venus, below)...Moon in Aries = we are the people; a 10th house SR Moon shows publicity with any errors tending to be noticed by all.

SR Moon in Aries is a marker for new directions yet these days, aggression against the people cannot be ruled out; SR Moon's trine to Venus in 2nd house indicates aid in finding that new direction and may show on one level pay-outs in the Gulf region due to the BP-Gulf Oil fiasco as Gulf Coast families and workers reorganize their lives.

In fact, the BP-Gulf Oil disaster, shown by Neptune conj Piscean Chiron in 8th house of Big Money and Transformation, has a SR midpoint upon Neptune, ruler of oil, gas, water, spiritualty, the urge to merge, illusions, deception, and fraud...

Moon/Pluto = Neptune: a feeling of fate; fear of the unknown; feeling somehow weakened; ESP; sensitivity; lack of willpower; depression; miracles are sought as a solution to immediate problems.

(Note: all midpoint pictures represent any, all, or none potentials and are subject to transits and progressions through the SR year; all are from Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey.)

Click chart to enlarge, for as usual, my scribbly notes are added - Outer, highlighted in green are US natal placements, and in pink are some of President Obama's natal placements. Marked in red are three T-square patterns, one of which is particular to SR 2010 @ Mc, the Goal Point of the chart:

Sun/NN = Mc: meetings that include recognition for past work; becoming prominent through associations; fighting other people's battles.

In this post I won't list Cardinal apex Pluto details in its T-Squares because I've done so previously such as in my post on the upcoming Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010 which shows the same Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Pluto involvements but with Pluto in 2nd house.

ASC 24Can46 indicates that 'watery' Cancerian matters are first-up which include nurturing, security, domestic and food supply concerns, business interests, and wet conditions such as flooding (and the outrageous BP mess in the Gulf.)

Chart-ruler Moon 22Ari53 makes only one applying aspect in the chart (well, two if you count a square to ASC 1A53 = emotional bias, a victim of habit, shared anxieties; therefore, SR Moon squares US n Mercury = emotions confuse judgment, fact vs fiction, oversensitivity to criticism.)

Moon's only applying aspect is a trine to Venus (1A26) from 10th house to Venus in 2nd house of Values, Earning Ability, and Relationships, with Venus ruling 4th house of Domestic Scene which has an unfortunate midpoint picture formed that points to an apex Saturn - US natal Saturn in Libra.

SR Pluto/ASC = n Saturn: oppressive dealings with others; remaining aloof, detached, or uninvolved. This picture and chart will affect us all year since a Solar Return (SR) is in effect until the next birthday.

Even so, a positive Moon/Venus trine indicates good intentions and optimism, something we could all profit from and which would keep us from collectively envisioning a worst-case scenario that then comes true. However, honesty and sincerity are needed for this aspect to work its magic - instilling these values in our children and encouraging them in others will be the best way forward.

Voluptuous, sensuous Venus also rules a Taurean-based 11th house of Groups, Associations, Hopes & Wishes which is where trickster Pan of panic fame and gold-hoarding Midas are placed; Sun/Moon midpoint 3Gem06 is there as well and shows where balance between conscious and unconscious minds may be found.

As you see, SR Mercury 21Can32 is rising, ruled by the Moon, and just 2 days before our US Mercury Return of July 6; Moon/Mercury contacts have political implications such as: speeches geared to the masses; enhanced communications between leaders and the common people; propaganda efforts (this supports my assertion about the US Merc/Plu opposition rising, below); excitement about popular causes; restlessness among workers over business or commerce; compiling/analyzing attitudes of the people (pollsters, reporters, bloggers, etc); agricultural statistics. (Munkasey); criticism, gossip, calumny; authors, mentally active women, and young girls. (Ebertin.)

And as mentioned, America's natal Mercury/Pluto opposition is immediately on the horizon of the SR 2010 year with its 'propaganda, intelligence activities, secrets and subversions, breakdowns in road networks' (and other networks, perhaps), and 'self-destructive tendencies in business' influences. Plus, control and subversion of the media is a long standing problem since Day One in the US and is an important issue - tactic - here.

Yes, internet access may be a big part of the Mercury/Pluto picture with Congress now threatening new regulations to control knowledge and information. With ASC, Merc/Plu intensifies the need for control over info, its sources, and its dissemination.

The ASC contact here gives our n Merc/Plu opposition an outlet for its intense energies.

There's a closed circuit of energies between chart-ruler Moon (ruled by Mars), Mars (ruled by Mercury), and Mercury (ruled by Moon.) Worrisome preoccupations, criticism, nervous irritations, and clarifying of objectives may ensue as emotions, thoughts, and actions circle round and round.

A 6th house (Police; Military; Preparedness) Pluto 3Cap52 Rx continues his onslaught against US n Venus like a cat arguing with a mouse (n Venus = '4Can' = "A Cat Arguing with a Mouse"; Plu opposing Venus = jealousy, manipulation, and challenges to our values, priorities, legalities, and possessions.

The transiting Saturn/Neptune midpoint keeps up its pressure on US n ASC ('13Sag')...

SR Sat/Nep = n ASC: oppressive family circumstances; emotional suffering caused by others; noticing the pretenses or false intentions of others; correction of long standing areas of disappoint is inhibited; feeling confined; sense of being out of the group.

In 3rd house of Communications, Neighborhoods, and Elementary Schools is a pretty pickle: Mars 15Vir28 and Saturn 28Vir53 form a midpoint upon US natal Neptune 22Vir25...

SR Mars/Saturn = n Neptune: feeling threatened; self-torment about identity; insufficient power to overcome all obstacles; waning powers and weakening efforts; undermining of vitality through gas, oil, or epidemic (BP-Gulf Oil gusher? jc); a grievous loss; a mysterious death.

As you know, Saturn will again conjunct US n Mc soon (@ World Point 00Lib53 in Sibly chart) which will perfect the Cardinal T-Squares you see here with apex Pluto thus strengthening them. And transiting Saturn to n Mc brings a time of major changes to one's standing in the world with Saturn's accountability factor on display.

One of the most karmic spots in any horoscope, the 12th cusp, has our aggressive n Mars upon it which doesn't bode well for troop withdrawal said to be scheduled for July 2011 - just at or after the end of SR 2010's influence. Not that it won't happen, but as we all know, withdrawal will be a dangerous operation whenever it occurs, from Iraq or Afghanistan.

On that topic, transits to US n Mars from July 2010 and beyond July 2011 will be watched by this astrologer especially since anything affecting our nation's n Mars affects our n Mars/Neptune square with its 'deceptive actions; confused motivations' vibes. Please do let me know if you notice anything.

And the same may be said for anything affecting US n Sun since we sport a Sun/Saturn square natally from way back in 1776: this ties in with the oppressive midpoint pic mentioned with Pluto/ASC = n Saturn and may show tremendous pressures being put on the President (Sun) for he is experiencing and/or using 'oppressive dealings with others' as well.

Now you see the adventurous, exploring, 'scientific breakthrough' pairing of Uranus at Aries Point with expansive Jupiter nearby, both in 9th house of Long Distance Travel, Philosophy, Higher Education, and Foreign Enemies, and both conjunct US n Ic.

Uranus ruled by Mars is quite the activist and possibly a disruptive hothead, and Jupiter ruled by Mars is ready for action but has a potential to over expand or take too many risks. As noted in a previous post, Jupiter/Uranus opposite US n Mc = optimisim and a fortunate turn in life (all righty then!)

But there's still the ongoing Neptune to US n Moon, we-the-people

With 8th house SR 2010 Neptune @ 28AQ24 Rx (in karmic degree with karmic Saturn 28Vir53 (inconjunct = deception within societal leadership), we find that our Moon is conjoined to nebulous Neptune indicating dissolving circumstances, homelessness, refugeeism, and fraud against the people (and by the people); our sense of rootlessness continues apace until US SR 2011 when Neptune will be @ 00Pis39 Rx, Chiron 5Pis09 Rx, and President Obama's Chiron Return will be underway. Neptune will remain within orb of US natal Moon but weaker and the BP-Gulf Oil disaster will still be 'with' us.

The dotted line added to this chart as a YOD pattern indicates the serious nature and crisis condition which continue in the financial realm: Sun sextile Mars = SR 2010 8th cusp. A Sun/Mars sextile indicates a tendency to micro-manage with a need to maintain integrity without resorting to conflict or aggression. Provocation should be avoided but with today's Washington, I ask you: what are the chances of that? However, if efficient financial reform is the outcome, I'm all for it.

Well, I must be typing your head off by now if you've managed to read this far - kudos! So I shall close with this: the Venus/Neptune opposition across the Money/Values axis (2/8.) The pairing of Venus/Neptune energies indicates an inflated treasury, using inflation to control or manipulate the economy, and wealth derived from oil, gas, or chemicals. (btw: Venus/Neptune is one of the signatures of the Vatican.)

This opposition may bring exaggerations or misstatements concerning internal resources, scandals over deceptive practices within the treasury, subversive people who desire access to financial systems (including hackers), spies in the financial branches, monetary fraud, and art deceptions.

How totally par for Washington's course!

Jun 20, 2010

Naomi Klein on the Gulf Oil spill: A Hole in the World

Gulf oil spill: A Hole in the World

By Naomi Klein

This Gulf coast crisis is about many things - corruption, deregulation, the addiction to fossil fuels. But underneath it all, it's about this: our culture's excruciatingly dangerous claim to have such complete understanding and command over nature that we can radically manipulate and re-engineer it with minimal risk to the natural systems that sustain us.


One of the signatures Astrology uses to describe the April 20, 2010 BP-Gulf Oil disaster is wounded Chiron in oceanic Pisces conjunct Neptune, nebulous ruler of the sea, in Aquarius. Wounded America, wounded world, as Ms. Klein details, with wounding ripples spreading out as I type.

Quite certain to affect Britain and its investments in BP is the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse @ 19Can24 *eclipsing the population of the UK - its natal Moon 19Can26 in natal 10th house. Plus, echoing the ongoing Jupiter/Saturn opposition squaring tr Pluto in Cap, the UK natal chart shows a YOD between Jupiter Rx in early Leo sextiling Uranus 1Lib54 and pointing to natal Pluto 2Pis42 in 5th house of Gambling.

Jupiter and Saturn, the societal planets

The 'echo' resounds by replacing UK natal Uranus in the equation with transiting Saturn (soon to reach 1Lib54 and tamp down progressive, rebellious n Uranus) for then we have the same picture as the Cardinal SQ between Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto now affecting the collective, but in YOD (crisis; turning point) formation.

Jup/Sat = Pluto: violent changes; restrictions; separation; being unafraid of any hard work to achieve goals slowly but surely; tremendous perseverance; major change of circumstances; dramatic thrust of self. (Ebertin; Tyl.)

Then there's the transiting Pluto/NN conjunction which is of concern (along with the well-blogged-upon Cardinal Square and Grand Cross patterns) because the 'Pluto/NN' combination = common destiny of a large mass of people; violent or criminal persons who enter a country secretly at any given opportunity; people who may not have the country's or business's best interests at heart; sewage or waste products. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Now the North Node of the Moon (NN), the head of the dragon, twists and wiggles its way through the zodiac, direct one minute, retrograde the next. So using my Solar Fire software to find an exact conjunction between Pluto (the dragon) and NN (the head of the dragon), I located November 9, 2010 @ 3:13:40 pm est, White House, because the transiting Moon 'catches up' with them both @ 3Cap36, in 9th house...

ASC 8Ari49; Mc 4Cap50, with '5Cap' a warlike degree - AGGRESSIVENESS; Hour of Venus 29Lib19 Rx in 7th house of Open Enemies and Partnerships; Sun 17Sco19 conjunct Vesta 17:23 and 8th cusp 17Sco15; Pluto/Moon/NN make no applying aspects to planets in this chart; Mars 9Sag05 is posited in 8th house, conjunct and rising with Fixed Star Antares, and as chart-ruler makes an applying sextile to Saturn 12Lib28, 7th house conjunct Desc...

A Mars/Saturn sextile indicates a potential for efficient planning, management, and crisis-handling, and the aspect takes work very seriously; setting priorities is a talent if its energies can figure out what's worth fighting for and how to keep others from taking advantage; police and military forces are also indicated along with mastery of traditional methods. (Epstein, The Sextile.)

On Nov 9, 2010, the publicly crusading Sun Scorpio-Moon Capricorn blend tells of brooding, purposeful, and tenacious energies that insist on protection from sudden twists of fate. Good luck with that but of course, Pluto has the keys to the world's wealth so his deck is always stacked in his favor. However, The Public (NN) may not be as fortunate as the power elite.

Sun Sco-Moon Cap's Images for Integration are interesting:

'A general leads his troops to victory...A film director plans each shot to maximize its emotional impact'. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Harvey.)

Unfortunately, this reminds me of war and of the old 'the revolution will be televised' slogan which is precisely one of the things I thought of on the morning of 9/11/01. If you were of an age, you did, too, didn't you?

And thanks to the 2010 - 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross and other As above, So Below factors, I'm feeling forced to think of it again.


*As you know, a natal planet or luminary (Sun and Moon) being 'eclipsed' can be either a negative or a positive time but given recent events, I'm naturally thinking of UK pension investments in BP as a negative. Perhaps things will turn out better than they now appear - I sincerely hope so for all parties involved! jc

Jun 18, 2010

Sun Gem-Moon Vir 6.18.10: JFK and Paul Gaugin

Arearea by Paul Gaugin is one of the Images for Integration given by Charles and Suzy Harvey in their book Sun Sign-Moon Sign for the combo of Sun Gemini-Moon Virgo.

The other Images (word pictures) for Sun Gem-Moon Vir are:

A specialist in nervous diseases gives a lecture in aid of local charities...An art critic gives a brilliant master class.

Today, June 18, 2010, the Sun is in Gemini, while Luna traverses Virgo, an Air-Earth blend with both luminaries ruled by Mercury. This is the natal Sun-Moon blend of John F. Kennedy whose vision inspired him to say, "If we cannot now end our differences, at least we help make the world safe for diversity."

'Helping' sounded rather good at the time yet how many Washington politicians took it seriously then or take it seriously now? In Washington DC, differences are played up for political purposes while the fallacy of making the world 'safe' (for diversity or for democracy) by waging war naturally rankles pacifists such as myself, and I suspect that even hardened warmongers might have a different view of things such as the devilishly named 'collateral damage' if it were their families being bombed to smithereens.

Or would have a different view if they had to suffer the kind of treatment they imperialistically level at other nations which are made up of families.

So! Click the Gaugin link above to see more of his wonderful paintings, read a bit of his bio, and remember today's Sun Gem-Moon Virgo blend, which is shared natally by a politician and a painter: JFK and Paul Gaugin.

Interesting that they both are famous for 'hanging out' in the South Pacific - one created a book and a political career from his experiences, the other created gorgeous paintings of lasting beauty and value!


John F. Kennedy May 29, 1917 3:00 pm est, Brookline, MA; Paul Gaugin June 7, 1848 hour unknown, Paris France; Arearea image from

Jun 17, 2010

Code Pink in the House - Hayward the target 6.17.10

Well, I'm not certain about you, but I, for one, am interested in the most recent article published on May 28, 2010 on the poisoning of the Gulf Coast as written by the Code Pink lady heckler of BP CEO Tony Hayward on Capitol Hill today, who should, she shouted, be 'arrested.'

BP is a known serial abuser of people, its own workers, and the Environment, and Diane Wilson is a serial activist from the Gulf Coast who isn't taking any guff about this victimizing disaster against nature!

My hope is that she sleeps well in her jail cell tonight for I suspect her conscience is clear. How well Hayward and his upper crust oil buddies can possibly sleep is beyond any of my small people imaginings.

'Distraught' Hayward to Capitol Hill June 17, 2010

Now you know I generally if sacastically appreciate the mummery that passes for Congress 'doing the people's business' which is the M.O. of our Capitol Hill Theater Productions of Washington, DC.

But today's performance by BP CEO Tony Hayward, his congressional enablers, and false opponents should perhaps be nominated for the Brave New World Award, if there is one, in the Best New Shakedown category.

That's why I've sassily placed a freshly penned limerick A Cat So Distraught on my political cat limerick blog and added a few astro-details on this morning's proceedings which interestingly included a woman standing up in back, her hands blackened, and shouting loudly at the 'distraught' Mr. Hayward who still, it is assumed, wishes he had his life back.

Jun 16, 2010

BP Oil spill: is a huge Gas Bubble about to explode?

It's being reported that sources inside BP and the US government are aware of a huge Gas Bubble 15 - 20 miles across and over 10 feet high which is now expanding near the oil well head.

An 'apocalyptic' explosion with tsunami following could result within weeks or months which would force hazardous materials inland.

If the nightmarish Gas Bubble threat is real, it sounds to me like an evacuation order is on the agenda for our Gulf Coast population especially with the Summer Solstice 2010 Moon (the people) at a 29th degree of crisis in 4th house (Home; Domestic Scene; Security) in the Solstice chart set for DC (because DC reps for the entire nation.)

Here's a handy image of the Summer Solstice 2010 horoscope with details and you can see a Grand Trine between the besieged Moon, Sun in 12th house (Sun = Obama, with Mercury conjunct US natal Mars, hence his recent feisty rhetoric about BP), and oily Neptune in 8th house of Transformations where the gaseous giant sporting his Trident still knocks hearts with wounded Chiron in oceanic Pisces. Also, we-the-people's Moon inconjuncts the usually fortunate Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in 9th house of Foreigners.

But for the residents of the region, evacuation won't be easy for multiple reasons.

In the chart you'll also see the Cardinal Grand Cross which is the clincher in this difficult situation as stalemates abound, yet solutions must be found; involved are Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto...and Midheaven, where the drama is playing out for the all the world to see, appreciate, and for some, to gloat over.

Well, since the tragic blowout of April 20, 2010 occurred with its subsequent awfulness, I have a better idea what melancholy Orpheus conjunct Pluto in the Summer Solstice 2010 horoscope means as the season begins with its concurrent hurricane potential.

Time (and Astrology) do bring new perspectives, don't they?

BP's cost-cutting = Jupiter/Pluto square?

Today, while looking again at the horoscope of last evening's Presidential address from the (Venusian) Oval Office concerning the BP-Gulf Oil fiasco and US 'energy options', I made a few interesting notes on the Jupiter/Pluto square, an aspect that was not within orb on the evening of the catastrophe, April 20, 2010, but was last evening.

And given the fact that Jupiter and Pluto are mythological 'brothers' and together their energies indicate people who organize large-scale projects, plutocrats, squanderers, speculators, and economics professors (Ebertin), I took a closer peek at the Jupiter/Pluto square and was intrigued by how much the aspect's details sound like BP's way of doing business by dangerous cost-cutting.

Without getting into the multi-national corporation's record of bad decisions that have caused accidents, blowouts, and explosions, let's consider one good example which we and the inhabitants of the Gulf Coast are suffering from now:

On the Deepwater Horizon oil rig platform the morning of April 20, 2010, @ 7:00 am cdt, BP canceled a recommended cement bond test which would have taken 9 - 12 hours to complete and $128,000. By canceling the test, they would pay $10,000 and then move on since they were antsy to do so. See Wiki's Timeline of Events.

Now as you know, Jupiter and Pluto shared a Great Conjunction on December 11, 2007 @ 28Sag24 when the Great Cosmic Clock reset and once again began to time their collaboration in their approximately 13-year cycle. We are now experiencing their first square in that very cycle which is the stage of 'crisis in action' (which the after-effects and clean-up of the Deepwater Horizon blowout certainly are.)

I might also remind myself that their plutocratic meeting on Dec 11, 2007 was the day of a meeting of the Fed when interest rates were lowered, and we know from later financial analysis that Dec 2007 marks the official beginning of the current recession in the US. That big bankers (Jup) and secret manipulators in control (Plu) are culpable for the economic downturn now bedeviling the globe is well-accepted by me; disagree if you must though I can't imagine why you would.

So what is it about a Jupiter/Pluto square that echoes BP's cost-cutting business tactics in pursuit of overflowing coffers of gold?

For one thing, a square (90 degrees) between the two titans indicates rebellion against existing codes of ethics which challenges authority in its efforts to find easier ways to realize goals! At some point it becomes a great problem to continue to expect huge returns from little or no investment; burdens are exaggerated in order to justify an unwillingness to accept responsibility.

There is a tendency to be misguided when approaching questionable enterprises and the assistance of others cannot be relied upon too heavily when trouble knocks; there is also a tendency to over-extend in the realm of credit due to the assumption that money will somehow be found when the piper presents his bill.

Large-scale enterprises which affect many people are favored because substantial returns are likely; wheeling and dealing is the name of the game as a fate-tempting tight rope is walked, and risky schemes bring legal difficulties. Other interests of entities (or people: Dick Cheney and Zbigniew Brzezenski have Jup/Plu squares in their natal charts) with this aspect are money-lending, political maneuvering, and professional gambling; actually, any big-payday activity that unscrupulously exploits others may be of interest to the greedy brothers, Jupiter and Pluto.

However, sometimes the exploitation boot turns up on the other foot for a certain amount of short-changing of oneself comes into the rule-breaking picture as one's frailties and shortcomings are not recognized and dealt with in the mad rush to gather additional wealth through fevered attempts to satisfy an unquenchable thirst for more more more.

Plus, Jupiter/Pluto square folk have difficulty learning from their mistakes so we may only hope that that isn't the case for BP with this, the largest environmental disaster in US history.

After President Obama met with BP reps this morning, it is being reported that BP agreed to set up an escrow account or fund to guarantee pay-outs to Gulf Coast victims. But hey, BP 'saved' $118,000 by canceling the cement bond test on April 20.

Now I'm no gambler but I'll wager they wish they hadn't. Applying these expensive lessons to their next oil drilling enterprise will be a test of BP's intelligence.

Fannie and Freddie to delist shares from NYSE

NPR BREAKING NEWS: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac To Delist Shares From NYSE

Fannie shares have been below the $1 average price level for 30 trading days. NYSE rules require a company to take action to boost its shares or delist.

Read more at NPR.

Jun 15, 2010

Debtors' Prison revival in US states - Pluto/Chiron thrilled

In-debt Americans who live in Minnesota, Washington, Arkansas, and Arizona are being imprisoned for non-payment until someone comes up with the money.

Draconian debtors' prisons were largely abolished in the US in the 19th century but a weak economy (brought to us by risk-taking, greedy Oilcan Harry types) has put them back on the map as a 'solution' to a dire situation!!

Guess that makes debtors prisons nonabolished - not very 'progressive' for the New Millennium, is it?

Feel you can't go to jail over a few hundred dollars because you have minor kids at home? Too bad, say the states where mustache-twirling Oilcan Harry rules the day and, apparently, the court.

The Pluto/Chiron duo, one of the primary markers in Astrology for oppressive plutocracies everywhere, now approaches 3 Aquarius in transit. '3AQ' is the position of rich man Jupiter in the Inauguration 2009 chart, 10th house. Old Oilcan is really outdoing himself these days playing one of his favorite board games: class warfare.

And the ongoing Cardinal T-Squares of various planets and the difficult Cardinal Cross energies are the sugar in his tea.

I mention sugar in tea because I finally watched the excellent film Amazing Grace last evening and recommend it highly to anyone who likes historical drama and wants to know about the fight against the slave trade led in the English Parliament by William Wilberforce.

Since 'slave trade' is a huge hoofprint for Pluto/Chiron, I looked up MP Wilberforce who was born August 24, 1759 in Kingston Upon Hull, England. And you know what surprised me about his chart? Radical, disruptive Uranus @ 00Ari16 Rx! While he sleeps at Westminster Abbey these many years, he is in process of having a Uranus Return made exceptional by the June 8, 2010 Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus @ 00Ari18!

Well, perhaps this planetary event should awaken him as Uranus contacts tend to do, for it seems the world again needs his dedicated work fighting for moral principles - yet depressive Saturn in late degrees of Virgo now tamps down William Wilberforce's natal Mercury 28Vir09 (noon chart; birth time unknown.)

Yes, the Pluto/Chiron-esque topic of this post depresses me, too, on behalf of my fellow Americans in financial trouble - meanwhile, the US Senate dilly dallies over extending unemployment benefits (as homes and autos are lost) and whispers behind closed doors about how to cut Social Security benefits while keeping their individual pawprints off the measure.

No report yet on whether senators' mustaches are twirling like pinwheels.

Perhaps I'll quit typing now and go look for other topics of interest...such as President Obama's televised speech from the Oval Office tonight concerning the BP Oil disaster, a catastrophe which has a loud Pluto/Chiron ring to it for disenfranchised Gulf Coast residents, don't you think?

Jun 14, 2010

Obama to speak as Disturbed Pelicans rise 6.15.10

Perhaps you may want to read a brief article before you hear President Obama speak tomorrow night on TV (6.15.10 8 pm edt) concerning the BP-Gulf Oil Disaster of April 20 because it's worse than you think - now BP admits there's damage below the ocean floor.

Neptune/Chiron, you outdo yourselves with your 'wounded ocean' archetype - enough is too much already!

On the evening of June 15, 2010, @ 8:00 pm edt at the White House, 18Sag12 rises on the WHAT? Point of the chart, a degree with an interesting Sabian Symbol given the topic of the President's address...

'19Sag' = "Pelicans, Disturbed by People, Move Their Habitats"'s that for a sad synchronicity?

Dane Rudhyar expands a little on this symbol's word picture:

"Pelicans Menaced by the Behavior and Refuse of Men Seek Safer Areas for Bringing Up Their Young"...'keynote: The need for people concerned with the future to discover a new way of living and more wholesome surroundings...SURVIVAL has become a matter of extreme importance. Whole animal species may be destroyed by our civilization, mankind itself is in danger. Going to distant planets is hardly the answer. A generation may have to sacrifice itself for the sake of its descendants.'

(An Astrological Mandala, Rudhyar.)

Chart-ruler Jupiter 1Ari13, still engaged in his happy tango at World Point 00Ari00 with Uranus 00:26, makes applying squares:

1. Jupiter SQ Pluto (3A09; Pluto is also a ruler of oil, pipes, and tunnels in dark recesses; Neptune rules oil, gas, and water, and the Great Conjunction of the two marks the symbolic natal chart of the Generation of Materialism from the 1890s - the Robber Barons of resource-plundering fame whose progeny (biological or ideological) now drill our ocean floors in search of huge profits with little or no concern for pelicans or their spoiled feathers.)

2. Sun SQ Jupiter (6A26), an 'over-promising' aspect indicating manipulation; Sun 24Gem46 is in 7th house of Partnerships and Public Enemies (see the next paragraph.) Is the President being manipulated by over-promises of money from BP? And/or is Mr. Obama manipulating the public with his 'escrow account' idea?

So Jupiter and Uranus are apex planets in a double T-Square involving coping Pluto (in 1st house of the speech chart) and the Sun (the leader - here in 7th house which may indicate Mr. Obama's subordinating himself to others - Gemini is associated with London, Versailles, Belgium, and Egypt, among others; any or all of these places may apply considering US corporate governance.)

The T-SQ will be exact in about one week once the Sun gets to early degrees of Cancer. (Speaking of Sun to 00Can00, you may wish to check out the Horoscope of Summer Solstice 2010 with starry Gemini Twins Castor and Pollux, and the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse, rising.)

Here are the pictures involving Jupiter and Uranus...

Sun/Pluto = Jupiter: successful striving for power; expansion of power base; international opportunities; urge to expand and acquire wealth.

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: sudden obsession to acquire more power and control; use of scientific methods to achieve progress or gain power; a surprising suspicion of basic power; new individual perspectives; rebellion; reform; sudden changes; carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself; a need for better morals and ethics; sudden adjustments to new circumstances (arrest); laughter lightens perspectives.

The Jupiter/Uranus conj is ruled by Mars which is here posited in 9th house @ 4Vir38; Mars is focal planet in a repressive midpoint picture...

Moon/Saturn - Mars: having a sense of real problems; difficulty getting off the ground (or sea bed) except by careful, strategically planned exertion of energy; soul conflicts; the desire to overcome difficulties; illness of or separation from women.

So we have 'depressed people (Moon/Saturn) performing (Mars) dedicated work (Virgo)' in very frustrating, inhibiting circumstances.

Mercury 10Gem24, planet of speeches, announcements, negotiations, plans, trade, and commerce, is in Cadent 6th house of service (such as police, military, and the National Guard) - the only applying aspect Mercury makes here is an inconjunct (150 degr) with the North Node so Mr. Obama's speech may not succeed very well with most of the public (NN), or at the least, there will be adjustments to be made with this aspect appearing in the President's 'speech chart'.

But then Mercury also relates to reporters, journalists, and bloggers, so the input by some of them may not please the public concerning the issues the President mentions and the ongoing crisis being dealt with on the Gulf Coast.

And yes, the chart shows the Jupiter/Uranus/AP conj loosely opposed by Saturn with the old man still tarrying in Mutable Virgo, and obstacle-placing T-Squares are on display with the BP Oil situation, and with other difficulties affecting the collective (not just here in the US, of course, but my primary focus on this blog must usually be America, my favorite 'nag in the race'.)

Since Saturn is exalted in Libra and will soon reconnect with US natal MC 00Lib53; plus, Saturnian accountability is on the way with a US Saturn Return on our astro-menu) so perhaps the Cardinal quality of the transiting T-Squares will give impetus for finding successful solutions in the next few weeks when Saturn enters, and stays in, the Cardinal sign of Libra.

As you know, square configurations (90 degr) contain tremendous dynamic energies which can be well-employed, if one knows how.

For after all, you remember that the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse @ '19Can' (12 South Series which is America's PE from 1776) is soon upon us with its 'things at first seem worse, then improve with good outcomes' vibe.

Plus, the Sun/Moon midpoint of Mr. Obama's speech Tuesday night is 18Can27, Moon 12Leo08 conjoins the President's natal Sun, Venus conjoins his natal Mercury, and BP may just come up with new ideas or discover (Jupiter conj Uranus - discovery of new technology and exploring new realms of opportunity!) to figure out a workable, efficient solution to this harrowing puzzle of an environmental disaster.

If I had to guess from this chart whether BP will do what the Democrats say concerning the setting up of an escrow fund of $20 billion, I'd say that it's more probable than not with both Venus 1Leo54 and Moon in Leo in 8th house of Shared Resources, Big Money, and Corporations. (As long as the escrow amount is not a long-range cap on damage payments!)

Yet a caveat must be added that may turn out to be a mere trifle yet it's angular and a mixed bag, so see what you think....

Neptune/Mc = ASC (8:00 pm edt): acting and pretending; pursuit of the wrong objectives; uncertainty; living in a world of illusion; a foggy realm; defenses against insecurity.

The *Neptune/Mc midpoint indicates a potential for 'scandals of a very large scope' so I hope America's tendency to settle for scandals rather than actual improvements won't interfere with finding solutions to the Gulf Coast fiasco. At this juncture, muddying political waters must be considered a self-serving, cynical blow against the pelicans and other species which are in danger of completely wiped out along with the livelihoods of their stewards, the good people of the Gulf Coast, who are doing such a great job cleaning oil off pelican feathers.

For America's sake, the political hackery and histrionics of the "anything to make Obama fail" campaign of top GOPers like Rush Limbaugh is precisely what our nation needs most to fail.


Timeline of Deepwater Horizon oil 'spill' @ Wiki.

*Neptune/Mc details: Michael Munkasey's book Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets; all midpoint pictures from Munkasey, Tyl, and Ebertin, and as always, 'any, all, or none' may apply.

Jun 13, 2010

Video report from Bilderberg Meeting in Spain June 2010

The Guardian's Charlie Skelton is interviewed from Sitges, Spain where the Bilderberg Cabal 2010 wrapped up a few days ago. Skelton is one of few journalists who have attempted to attend these affairs previously and seems to me to use words such as 'silly' quite a lot when he reports on this secretive organization of movers and shakers.

Question is, what are they preparing to shake? And can we move out of the way in time?

Actually, the euro is said to have been their main topic of discussion this year but for me it's the same as with all Politics: no matter what is being strongly promoted - or how diversionary it is - we can be fairly certain that it isn't the real deal we should be keeping a close eye upon.

And when things the power elite have rushed to 'save' or 'rescue' fail anyway, we can be fairly certain it was meant to fail. Yes, they are only human but you can't expect such bloodlines to admit to embarrassing infallibility when lesser mortals come a-knockin' for answers.

Can you even imagine that the April 20 BP Oil Catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico - the blowout, the spill, the sabotage, whatever - was not a topic of discussion amongst the elite throng gathered in luxury at the swanky Dolce Hotel?

After all, the entire world was talking about it! With our collective attention diverted from ____?____.

Image: Path to Blue Tree Castle.

Jun 11, 2010

Horoscope of the Carter Inauguration 1977 - Trilaterals take the White House

Looking back on the Carter administration as a sea change in government when the Trilateral Commission basically took over the running of this nation with the willing collusion of Mr. Carter, we find the horoscope of his Jan 20, 1977 Inauguration to have an earlier Ascendant degree than recent Oaths of Office - @ '14Taurus' rather than '15Tau', and the Midheaven degree, which informs us concerning The Goal of the US presidency, is one degree earlier as well: '26Cap' rather than the current '27Cap'...are these differences significant?

On an evolutionary level, we may compare the different word pictures in the Sabian Symbols for ASC and MC, but I shall generously allow you to look them up, if you like. After all, either MC puts US natal Pluto at The Goal Point with our natal Mercury Rx at IC, the Foundation or Basis of the Matter. Mercury/Pluto contacts, as you know, relate to propaganda, mind control, and a lot of subversive plutonian energy directed at our young people, the thought processes of the populace, educators, commerce, and the press (Mercury.)

Chart shown below is set for January 20, 1977, 12:00 pm est, Capitol Building, Washington DC. I have found no source indicating an exact minute so I shall use a noon chart indicating that the 'old king' is 'dead' since a previous president's term ends at noon on the accustomed date whether the ceremony begins a minute or two past the hour, or not; the Oath of Office is a token performance put on for the re-public's appreciation and homage...a Cult of Personality in currentspeak.

Now here are some thoughts from Mr. Chomsky on the make-up of the Carter administration (1977 - 1981); it's from his book Radical Priorities:


“Perhaps the most striking feature of the new Administration is the role played in it by the Trilateral Commission. The mass media had little to say about this matter during the Presidential campaign -- in fact, the connection of the Carter group to the Commission was recently selected as "the best censored news story of 1976" -- and it has not received the attention that it might have since the Administration took office. All of the top positions in the government -- the office of President, Vice-President, Secretary of State, Defense and Treasury -- are held by members of the Trilateral Commission, and the National Security Advisor was its director. Many lesser officials also came from this group. It is rare for such an easily identified private group to play such a prominent role in an American Administration.”

The Carter Administration: Myth and Reality, Excerpted from Radical Priorities, 1981 Noam Chomsky [4] (my bold - jc)

Nowadays, it's rare that a private group doesn't play a prominent role! The steady drip-drip of incremental changes through the decades has taken its toll on White House and US government autonomy from "special interests," or what I'd call secret string-pullers of the power elite.

Next you see the Inauguration 1977 chart and you'll notice that the elephant in the room is a Fixed Grand Cross including ASC with Moon/Saturn midpoint rising: a reserved self-presentation; inhibited development; meeting with old, serious, or ill people; noticing the role of a parent (Carter's mother, Miss Lillian? - jc) MC is Moon/Mercury: independent thinking; forming one's own opinions and judgments; seeking soul contacts; gaining expertise by studying the feelings of others.

(All midpoints: Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply.)

The donkey in th room must be the restrictive, depressive Moon/Saturn opposition, with Saturn moving on to oppose US natal Moon 27AQ10 (we-the-people) three times:

1. Oct 9, 1977
2. Feb 15, 1978
3. June 30, 1978

The repressive Pluto-to-US-natal-Saturn transit mentioned above was exact on:

1. Oct 25, 1977
2. Apr 24, 1978
3. Aug 21, 1978

But just as the life on earth it describes, Astrology allows some light to peek through the gloom...ex: our Jupiter Return (5Can56) of the era which was a three-fer:

1. Oct 13, 1977
2. Nov 3, 1977 (two days after Chiron's Discovery!)
3. June 30, 1978


Rising in 1st house is Jupiter 21Tau13, a preacher (Jup) who appreciates the creature comforts (Taurus) of life; Sun 00AQ32 (the leader) is in 10th house, as usual, with Moon 15AQ01 (the people) in 10th house after having sailed past their New Moon @ 7AQ47.

Yes, this was a 'New Moon administration' which Carter touts in his Address (text link provided below) as a 'new start' for America.

Chart-ruler Venus 17Pis30 in 11th house re-creates Venus' position in the Obama Inauguration 2009 chart (but without 2009's Uranus conjunct), emphasizing the same degree and house: '18Pis' = "In a Huge Tent a Famous Revivalist Conducts His Meeting" - and if you read Carter's Inaugural Address you'll find him promoting America's 'bold and brilliant dream' (US n Neptune 22Vir25) 'which excited the founders of this Nation' and which 'still awaits its consummation.' Having no applying aspects emphasizes the house, sign, and degree of Venus.

To quote President Carter in his Jan 20, 1977 Address:

"I have no new dream to set forth today, but rather urge a fresh faith in the old dream."

Well said by a New World Order/Trilateralist kind of fellow expressing that old Francis Bacon/Batholomew Gosnold/Utopian mindset of US exceptionalism and 'New Age' leadership which all US presidents begin promoting each time the baton is passed on January 20. Fresh faith (Jupiter) in the old (Saturn) dream (Neptune) may indicate ideologues (Jupiter) bringing a new order (Uranus) to replace the old (Saturn) through use of secret (Neptune) government (Saturn) - or, Communism or Socialism, two other faces of Saturn/Neptune - based on what are allegedly religious principles (Jupiter.)

Using the Sibly version of the US natal chart (5:10 pm LMT July 4, 1776 Philadelphia, PA) gives '13Sag' rising and Jupiter as chart-ruler which tallies well with our nation's traditional idealism to push our beliefs and way of governing (aka, democracy) on the entire world (Sag/Jup) whether they want it or not.

As noted, Venus makes no applying aspects in the chart but is within orb (2S13) of a separating square to nebulous Neptune 15Sag17 in 8th house - big money, fraud, evaluations, and oil issues. Mr. Obama's Inaugural 8th house 2009 contains secret hand Pluto 1Cap57 representing global banking interests which control Mr. Obama, imho, with 'tranforming the US money supply' as a goal carried over from the Bush administration.

Handily with US Inaugural charts, we have only to look at the 8th house to see which planets currently transit US natal 1st house of Self (Sibly chart) so in 1977, it was tr Neptune to n ASC: gradual erosion of self-image; confusion, mystery, and deception may accompany a sense of being abandoned; impracticality, sensitivity, intuition, and/or spirituality may increase.

And of course, the 1970s were times of Neptunian oil and gas crises in the US as Pres. Carter attempted to put us on an alternative energy diet (which Reagan subsequently said we didn't need in the least - how wrong the Gipper was!)

Yes, Neptune-to-ASC can be a difficult transit to navigate for persons or for countries and may be part of Carter's tendency to be misunderstood - or, to veil his true objectives. And for him, Neptune in mid-Sag was a transit, too...Neptune-to-natal-Jupiter: idealism is enhanced yet spiritual, economic, and intellectual growth must be balanced with more prudent factors in one's nature; facts may be hard to separate from fiction; avoid get-rich-quick schemes.

And 1977's Pluto 14Lib11 Rx (6th house) is in process of transiting our nation's natal Saturn by conjunction: the past (1776) becomes important to the present (1977 - 1981) as structures and traditions are completely altered by current circumstances; past refusals to accept responsibilities come back to haunt; issues of self-discipline, attitudinal adjustments, and abuse of authority must be addressed and corrected; ambition must be tempered with patience and control.

I remember Carter's 1976 election as a push-back against Nixon's abuses of power followed by the lackluster presidency of (secret Grand Orient Mason), Gerald Ford, whose integrity suffered rather badly from Chevy Chase's portrayal of him on SNL.

1977's Pluto is also squaring US natal Sun, the leader: difficult but not insurmountable conditions involve overcoming those with more power and influence; loss of one's own power is threatened; past power structures and resources may no longer be available; setbacks test strength and frustrations challenge determination to achieve; best advice: egotistical attitudes and ambitions should be reined in lest integrity suffer (good advice for 2010, too. jc)

Plus, as you see, Pluto had recently transited Carter's natal Sun, a time of intense self-awareness when one's power and influence must be recognized, personal courage and aggression increase, and a 'new start' is indicated as one's lifestyle is transformed; ego needs are the driving force and focus.

Now the rigid Fixed Grand Cross contains other midpoint pictures as well:

Moon/Saturn = Uranus: unusual ways of showing concern; nervous tension; separation; exploding out of frustration.

Uranus/ASC = Moon: emotionalism spills into view; needing support and approval; a highly emotional disposition; quick mood changes caused by others.

Uranus/ASC = Saturn: a clash of controls and the avant garde; indecision; airing dilemmas; feeling hindered or oppressed by others; a joint overcoming of obstacles; separation.

At DESC is the midpoint of Neptune/Pluto (Robber Barons; Generation of Materialism 1890s = resource plunderers; propagandists) so it opposes Inaugural ASC 1977 (ASC = the Office of President)...

Neptune/Pluto = ASC: being placed in an peculiar environment; surrounding oneself with an air of mysticism; deep, penetrating study of what reality can be and how it can be altered to fit whatever context is desired.

Authoritative Saturn 14Leo28 Rx in 4th house is quincunx Neptune in 8th house showing a time in society when options are limited due to past irrseponsibility and binding restraints are felt; over time people become bitter and resentful against those they serve, and objectivity is difficult to gain; being a 'patsy' for incompetent people is a potential during this transit.

There are several other midpoint pictures yet I will only bore you with a few of them; first, two influencing the Sun (Carter):

Moon/Mars = Sun: consciousness of an objective; the importance of placing energy into imaginative enterprises (like solar panels on the White House roof? jc); determination to end conflicts about intentions; violent influences may lead to rioting; prosperity through relationship; striving for independence; the power to establish oneself in the world; strong solidarity between husband and wife.

Venus/Neptune = Sun: a small sense of reality (ex: living within the White House 'bubble'); secretiveness; a confused situation for many; increased influence in occult, mystical, or magical situations.

Sun/Neptune = Mercury: only a small measure of objectivity; false logic; speech defect; deceptions or illusions; bringing dreams into reality; ritual ceremonies, magical practices, or occult ideas.

Sun/NN = Neptune: deception from allies; finding important secret societies; feeling let down by others; difficulty adapting.

Moon/Pluto = Neptune: sentimentality; lack of willpower; depression; seeking miracles as rescue from immediate problems; fear of the unknown; feeling weakened somehow; the supernatural; ESP.

Mars/Jupiter = Venus (chart-ruler): conflict between using guile or force in competition; creative activity; rich feelings.

Now, two more doozies in the midpoint picture department:

Saturn/Neptune = Pluto: feeling downtrodden; difficult growth or development; tremendous awareness of the potential for loss; fear; rejection of responsibility and denial of guilt by the culprits; punishment for those who allow decay and decadence to persist; new ideas on evolution which upset long held but weaker historical theories.

Uranus/Pluto = NN: drawn to others who have similar ideas about how to change the world through new approaches (old wine in new bottles, circa 1776? - jc); new paths enhanced by associations with others who share the same objectives; an untiring colleague or partner; a desire to accomplish immense tasks in teamwork with others; sharing upsets or excitement; teamwork pays off but one's own ego is put first in line.

As you know, 'Uranus/Pluto' is the 'revolutionary' duo of energies.

North Node (NN = the path) 28Lib38 in 6th house indicates lots of loose ends left behind and chores which others must take up. One's mind goes to the famous GOP ploy of holding up the release of US hostages in Iran until Reagan could take the Oath of Office even though it was the Carter administration that negotiated their release.

Yes, I did see through the ploy at the time (whippersnapper Georgian that I was) and still marvel now that some Americans cussedly continue to credit Ronald Reagan for the diplomatic efforts of one Jimmy Carter, the idealistic peanut farmer and nuclear physicist from the 13th Colony of Georgia...and in 1977, quite obviously not all that he seemed.

Well, here is President Carter's Inaugural Address of January 20, 1977; plus, ABC News has the video of his speech if you'd like to watch young Mr. Carter orate from the east portico of the Masonic Temple we call the Capitol Building on a very cold, clear day in January.

Jun 10, 2010

House bill to protect US power grid - Jupiter conjunct Uranus

In a flurry of perfected synchronicity, the House passed a bill yesterday (June 9) to protect America's power grid - hours after June 8, 2010's Great Conjunction of idealistic, expansive Jupiter and electrical, disruptive Uranus @ 00Ari18, the Aries Point of World Manifestation, Fame, Prominence, and Recognition.

The American people are meant to appreciate that congress members suddenly recognize how awful it would be for the nation if a terrorist attack took us off the electrical grid we depend upon so completely.

So far, I've found no comments online detailing what we're to appreciate if the foreseen terrorism should turn out to be a false flag op engineered by the US government.

How to tell a CFR from a Trilateral Commission - video

Here is Patrick Wood, editor of the excellent August Review, detailing the difference between the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and the Trilateral Commmission.

Mr. Wood has the goods on Henry Kissinger, too, but you'll want to click on more videos in this series to watch and listen.

Can you hear?

Jun 9, 2010

Depopulating America and US natal Ceres

Whew! The following article covers a lot from GM seeds and hemp to the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s and 30s, a program which Standard Oil (Rockefeller) and Gulf Oil (Mellon) had financial reasons to push.

What rises to the top of the Depopulation of America heap are the Rockefellers, Monsanto, and...Bill Gates!

You know food sources such as grains in particular fall under the province of Ceres in a mundane chart (along with security issues - if you don't have decent food, you're not 'secure' as much as dead.)

And where is America's natal Ceres from 1776? 8Pisces41 Rx (in 3rd house of the Sibly chart.)

And where is our nation's natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint, the combo of Plutocracy, oppression, primal violence, statism, fascism, totalitarianism, and other -isms of greed, cruelty, and oppression...kind of the Oilcan Harry of midpoints?

Pluto/Chiron 8Pis50 conjunct US natal Ceres....

"9Pis" = "A Jockey Spurs His Horse"...PRACTICE...

positive expression: a spectacular gift for rising to any occasion;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: witless gambling of every resource and potentiality.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

Now a few years ago, most Americans would tell me I'd lost my bippy if I asserted that the negative expression of our Ceres-Pluto/Chiron's Symbol was uppermost in our society.

But now it's late days with the BP-Gulf Oil blowout decimating our Gulf Coast, GM seeds ruining natural fields and crops the world over, Wall Street hustles and bailouts are forced as private debt is socialized and the rich get richer and more powerful, carcenogenic food additives cause illnesses galore, imperialist wars bankrupting our Treasury, and other outrageous acts and events we hear of and suffer from each day.

Feeling targeted yet? Americans are an endangered species!

Even the entertainment industry does its part against us as the NWO plan to 'feed the senses' at the expense of reasoned thought and attention to what they're up to behind closed doors has taken over the minds of many citizens, especially our young folk. You'll even hear the word 'senses' a bunch in commercial ads from 'Madison Avenue' with messages such as, "Relax, feed a sense or two" and you, too, may find 'happiness' in mood-altering room deodorizers of your choice.

In 2010, "witless gambling of every resource and potentiality" is one sorry description of how this country has been run for decades, and how our resources have been abused for massive profits by those who think they're better than we-the-people and don't mind oppressing us until those left standing agree with them.

And yet I do not agree. Do you?

Does BP really own the oil they're siphoning off from the Gulf Oil fiasco their witless gambling caused? Why, next thing we know, Monsanto will declare itself to be the owner of the cattle upon a thousand hills!


On a lighter note, the artist in me is celebrating Comet McNaught's approach to earth in mid-June, 2010 in my Secret Moon Art gallery, if you'd like a peek! Comet-watching details are linked there for you as well.


Update 7:45 pm edt: a new post has been published detailing Senator Blanche Lincoln's Sun/Moon personality blend, if you're interested in reading a smidgen of what makes her tick.

Jun 8, 2010

There shall be signs: new Comet McNaught on the way

This SpaceWeather Alert may be a day late but comes not a comet too soon...expect the unexpected. Especially with quirky Uranus and generous Jupiter at Aries Point these days!

Space Weather News for June 8, 2010

NEW COMET McNAUGHT: A fresh comet is swinging through the inner solar system, and it is brightening rapidly as it approaches Earth for a 100 million mile close encounter in mid-June.

Comet McNaught (C/2009 R1) has a vivid green head and a long wispy tail that look great through small telescopes. By the end of the month it could be visible to the naked eye perhaps as bright as the stars of the Big Dipper.

Because this is the comet's first visit to the inner solar system, predictions of future brightness are necessarily uncertain; amateur astronomers should be alert for the unexpected.

Visit for sky maps, photos and more information.

Bilderbergs, Obama, and the creating of kings

Here's a round-up of Bilderberg info with lots of links to follow, a video to watch, and the final list of this years' attendees in Sitges, Spain June 3 - 6, 2010.

There's mention of the secret meeting between then-candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama with the Bilderbergers in Chantilly, Virginia (not "in DC" as stated in the round-up - I mention so you'll know for certain which meeting is meant) which is when and where I think Mr. Obama was given the go-ahead as Democratic nominee (and winner of the White House shilling job; McCain and Palin were ridiculous fakes!)

This was the one where Robert Gibbs attempted to keep reporters on the Obama campaign plane happy with being locked inside the airplane while Mr. Obama had been whisked away to meet with some of his bosses who were cabaling in Chantilly.

Now if you're still uncertain that the Bilderberg Group creates 'kings' and determines global policies for the year ahead, please read the article, watch the video, and follow some or all of the links. For when a former Nato Secretary General confirms Bilderberg involvement in directing the world, perhaps it's worth considering as plausible.

As for the Astrology of it, I'm quite okay with using the midpoint Pluto/Chiron to represent plutocrats such as the Bilderberg Group. And on Jan 20, 2009, at noon, Capitol Building, the Pluto/Chiron midpoint was at Midheaven, the Goal Point of the chart and it was in good company - President Obama's Saturn (authority) in Capricorn (government, law, politics) was there as well with the Sun and Mercury Rx 00AQ+ conjunct Mr. Obama's natal's a mixed bag of potentials...

Jupiter/Saturn = Mc: thinking with grandeur; new outlooks for personal refinement and growth; the philosopher; fluctuating success; changes; losses.


Midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin: Munkasey.

Jun 7, 2010

Gemini New Moon conj US natal Mars June 12, 2010

Yes, I'd like to compose an article on the June 12, 2010 New Moon 21Gem which conjoins America's natal Mars, planet of war, strife, quarrels, and action but tomorrow's Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus at Aries Point has fortunately rescued you from the trial!

How can this be through time and space, from me not to you? What beneficial interference could occasion such welcomed relief for a hapless, innocent blog reader such as yourself?

Well, you may wish to thank my friend Depali Desai whose 'New Moon in Gemini' article on her excellent Celestial Space Astrology blog is just in time for June 12 and for nurturing the new seeds of intention you'll hope take root then!

Dipali also writes of the writer's planet, Mercury, and the wing'd messenger's traversal of its own sign, Gemini, so check in with Celestial Space Astrology for more details.

Yet this is a Mundane Astrology blog of sorts attempting to take quick peeks under the hood of Politics so perhaps it would be remiss not to type the transiting midpoint picture potentials for you of June 12's New Moon conjunct the testy, contentious, testosterone-pumped Mars of the USA...

New Moon = n Mars: an urge to bring ideals and wishes to fruition; the realization of joint ventures; energy helping or upsetting relationships; anger; addressing problems; servile awareness in partnership; the drive for fulfillment; becoming more self-reliant; pushing others toward quicker progress (BP? jc); imposing one's will on others; a focus on strength; marriage. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

A note on that last one which relates to the US (Mars) yet dovetails with the Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse 25Cap01 which suggests an important *ceremony or wedding occurring, perhaps a royal one - Princess Victoria of Sweden will be enjoying her royal wedding bash before the end of June - just before the end of the current Eclipse season (with the next Solar Eclipse occurring July 11, 2010 @ 19Can24.)

Thankfully, Sweden's royal wedding will not be held on June 26 when a marriage would have to begin under the rays of a Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto which doesn't sound auspicious for beginning new lives together to me.

Fortunately, the royal ceremony is set for June 19, the day when, for about 6 hours, Jupiter and Uranus will make a lovely parallel to one another, a kind of 'sealing the deal' of their Great Conjunction of June 8, 2010 at a World Point 00Ari18!

Plus, maybe the Lunar Eclipse chart set for their wedding's location makes beneficial aspects to the horoscopes of the bride and groom. And yet, as with all Lunar Eclipses, dark secrets are yet to be revealed!


* The Solar Eclipse of Jan 15, 2010 in Capricorn is titled Ceremony Fit for a King by Celeste Teal in her book, Eclipses; Princess Victoria's royal wedding makes Teal's prediction spot-on. jc

US-Israeli spy-ties, 9/11, and our Mercury/Pluto

Since the events of 9/11/01, an aroma of betrayal has wafted here and there, off and on, through alternative news venues and smelling stinkily like Israel spies on, and in, the US of A. "Not true," say Israeli spokespersons.

There have been questions about how Israel could possibly have avoided knowing ahead about the WTC attacks (they have a habit of spying on Arabs) so why not spill the life-saving beans to your bestest, gosh-golly-darn'dest, bosomest of buddies, America (Once) the Beautiful.

Now surfacing - on FOX News, of all places! - Israel spends most of its spying time and money on industrial and militarial thefts bwo surveillance in and from the US. Guess the fat checks America sends the Israeli government pays for something fun after all.

Anyway, my online time has been interfered with by thunderstorm systems of late so I'm just now glomming on to this story. Read, if you will, and tell me what you think of the matter.


btw: doh! it strikes me that nothing emphasized on FOX News is there by accident. If it's aired, you can be sure there's a political reason. And that goes just as much for major network 'newscasts'. This describes America's natal Mercury/Pluto opposition, y'know...'control of the media' and 'the press used as propaganda dissimulators' (see my previous post from this morning for more details!)

Of course, the above situation with US-Israeli spy-ties may indicate that the US did know ahead of time about the attacks of 9/11 because of spywork - whether courtesy of Israel, another source, and/or from within US government spying agencies themselves.

At least, we know that someone knew ahead of time...because someone made mega-million$ on the NYSE. Now was that Goldman Sachs? ~:~