Jul 31, 2009

Aug 5, 2009 Lunar Eclipse: 14 Aquarius

The Lunar Eclipse @ 14AQ on August 5 in the US, August 6 for much of the world, is an interesting one for individual and group concerns (Leo/AQ) and all 6th/12th house matters such as Health, Work, Service, Military/Police, etc; plus, 12th house Karmic and Undermining Issues and places such as Large Institutions (exs: hospitals, sanitariums, zoos), as well as Self-Undoing tendencies and Unconscious Motivations.

In her article, Cathy Lynn Pagano has good advice for those inspired by the creative axis of Leo/AQ: that we need 'citizen artists' again to widen our awareness and stir the societal mix such as catalysts Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and The Beatles did in the 60s. It was the end of the 60s that I entered Art School so that sounds good to me.

This sentiment times perfectly with 2010's Cardinal T-Square of planets which is similar to the pattern that occurred in the 60s, although with influential tweeks due to the Universe's never repeating itself precisely. There are always new flavors added to the brew! Our Creator, the Great Mathematician, has the know-how to see to it especially since boredom is only an earth-based illusion and doesn't exist except on our dualistic planet. He who says he's bored is only boring, after all, and History repeats in similar form, but not in totality.

Now Lunar Eclipses, as partners with the Solar Ecl seasons in which they occur, tend to uncover hidden issues so that they may be dealt with. Yet in this Lunar Eclipse chart set for the White House, DC, the eclipsed Moon, Jupiter Rx, Chiron Rx, and Neptune Rx are posited in the Watery 12th house - Neptune's realm, along with the Destiny Point of North Node. (NN is the horseshoe-shaped glyph near the 12th cusp, a karmic or fated position in any horoscope chart. Dealing with unconscious factors is difficult even when one is trying awfully hard.)

(A few midpt pics are written on the chart if you care to enlarge for reading.)

Also conjunct the 12th cusp are 3 heavyweight midpoints of planetary energies, all of which link to the concept and usage of power: Jupiter/Pluto (world bankers and religious leaders), Pluto/Chiron (plutocrats and others who oppress and disenfranchise), and Neptune/Pluto (signature of the Robber Baron class and others who plunder natural resources; also propagandists and publishers.) You may think of other examples for these pairings for I know I've left out plenty; NN is within orb of all three points...big meetings are being held behind the 12th house door.

Image: Lunar Eclipse of August 5, 2009, White House, DC, '14AQ' with Mystic Rectangle pattern of Moon, Mars, Mc, and Sun; Mystic Rectangle is highlighted in dark blue dots; US natal planets, ASC, and Mc 00Lib53, are notated but not highlighted: click chart to enlarge. Eclipse Mc = US natal ASC in the 'Sibly' chart 12Sag+:

At the White House on August 5 (the day after President Obama's birthday - see his Solar Return chart - his 47th birthday is August 4), the Lunar Eclipse perfects at 8:54:42 pm edt (an Hour of the Sun), with Sun in 6th house of Work, Service, and HEALTH; Moon opposes from the 12th house of Karma and the Unconscious. In Mundane Astrology the 12th house relates to (backroom) Politics and its accustomed arrogance.

(A Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon, as you know, so Sun and Moon would be opposing one another; thus, Full Moons always relate to relationships on some level...of the male-female variety in particular, but not exclusively.)

A critical 29th degree is rising: 29AQ44; and Mc 12Sag47 is the sign and degree of America's natal Ascendant in our 'Sibly' chart (July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia.) This personalizes the Eclipse for the US and gives an angular place for things to manifest in Washington - the Midheaven of Goals, Aspirations, and Public Status.

Asteroid Pandora, lady of the unintended consequences and the ray of hope, is rising; Aesculapia, health archetype of the doctor, is setting at 00VIRGO56.

Another personalizing factor for the US is that the 29AQ44 ASC brings America's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (12 South) up for review at 00Pis33..."1Pisc"..."A Public Market" - the implications for our financial system and the economy are too numerous to mention.

12S's influence: successful outcomes to longterm worries or illness (a health reform bill passed?); a draining issue will at first seem worse, then clear with positive outcomes. (Paraphrasing from Brady's Predictive Astrology. Sounds okay, right?)

A Solar Ecl in the 12S Series occurs on July 11, 2010 at '19Can', near Pluto's Heliocentric NN; the last 12S Ecl was on June 30, 1992 at '9Can' in the midst of US natal planets in Cancer. The Aug 5 eclipsed Moon 13AQ43 conjuncts Pluto in the 12S Series' Initial Eclipse (IE) of Sep 19, 1541 (OS) which occurred at '7Libra.' This, according to astrologer Celeste Teal, filters the current influence of July 21's Solar Ecl sign of Cancer through a Libran lens, and the Moon here acts as a timing device.

More Notes on the August 5, 2009 Lunar Eclipse...

A 7th house Mercury 4Vir57 conjuncts US Secondary Progressed Sun, still on the 4+ degree from our Sec Full Moon chart of Dec 2008 (when based on our Sibly chart; the Franklin chart times our Progressed Full Moon for August 6, 2009, with our Sec Saturn/Pluto 16Sag51 rising...a melancholy influence for our nation. But it will pass. Rebuilding, if we're allowed chances to do it, will take years, as the president says. I say this astrologically because Sec Full Moons signify the limit of expansion, as you know.)

The Lunar Ecl's 7th house Mercury opposes the Moon/Uranus midpoint in 1st house...

Moon/Uran = Mercury: excited mental activity; expecting a surprise; innovative ideas (Tyl); suggestive thought power; intuition; sudden cognitions and perceptions; sudden news; a thinking woman (Ebertin.) Are you feelin' psychic?

Well, revolutionary rebel and Awakener, Uranus 26Pis08 Rx, is rising in 1st house which indicates that whatever we may think is coming along, it will turn out to be something else: aka, the unexpected. But Uranian 'shocks' cannot be ruled out. Hopefully the power grid isn't indicated (US' PE is the same PE as that of Enrico Fermi), and with Cancer a Water sign, natural disasters are possibilities - predictable even without an Astrology chart under our squinty eyes. Perhaps creative Uranus will surprise us pleasantly, who knows? And yet...

Who's in 1st is a 'Where'

You may be able to read my scribble of a Star, Dorsum, in 1st house with Uranus, a planet which represents the sky and the heavens. Dorsum is an unfortunate influence; another fretting of mine is that the Mars/Pluto midpoint is nearby as well and can have a calamitous or brutal flavor to it.

Nemesis, the unbeatable foe of divine retribution, is at Ic and too close to Mars for me to be happy about it particularly when I think of the Solar Eclipse flavor of the moment - 'systems fail; blocks are tragically or violently removed; new methods are needed.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Chart-ruler and Co-Chart-Ruler, Saturn and Uranus (AQ) are about to perfect their last stand-off in Sep 2009 during the time of Pluto's Direct Station; here they oppose one another with a 6 degr orb - past vs future - across the 1/7 Self/Others axis of Partnerships and Legal Affairs.

Saturn, planet of delays and restrictions, is Direct. It's progressive Uranus that's delayed somewhat by its Rx condition - if indeed Uranus can ever be delayed. I mean: can you 'delay' a bolt of lightening or a creative spark? Hardly! 'Out of the Blue' is one of Uranus' favorite themes.

Saturn as chart-ruler also applies to an aspect of obstacles and blockages, a square to Mars (2A46.) Perhaps Saturn, the Old Man of Authority, can tamp down Martian unruliness and contentiousness long enough for hard work to profit more than the wealthy, for nothing would ever get done without dynamic squares (90 degrees) of energy and action. Squares lend oomph to a situation and require much work.

Announcing: Lady Venus

Now Venus 5Can45 is pausing in 5th house of Risk-Taking, Gambling, Creative Pursuits, Romance, and Children and has just returned to her natal degree in America's chart (Sibly: 3Can06), therefore, a Venus Return for the US has just occurred which brings up for review our relationships, values, aesthetics, and money issues. Fairness in business is in need of adjustment for better balance.

There is more than one implication of mysticism in this chart and my sincerest hope is that more people will turn to faith in this critical time of development, including the spiritual teaching responsibilities that parents naturally have in regard to their children.

If you take solace in the Bible, I recommend the Protestant version, but that's my slant on spiritual matters. Just please avoid satanism, okay? Sadly the world is experiencing more than enough of it as satan takes as many with him as he goes down for he knows the jig is up, the Sacrifice made, you see, so why not?

The South Node, a karmic Saturnian point from the unconscious past, is conjunct the 29Can25 Solar Eclipse in whose Series we now squirm since July 21/22, 2009, and it's in 6th house here with its 'systems break down; new methods needed' influence. Opposite is NN conj the 'power midpoints' already mentioned on the 12th cusp.

The August 5 Lunar Ecl triggers the current 11 South Solar Eclipse

Moon 13AQ43 has asteroid Psyche 13AQ44 (a one minute orb!) ramping up her usual psychic abilities; Sun 13Leo43 (conj Pres. Obama's natal Sun) has asteroid Kassandra, the archetype of the prophetess (or prophet: the feminine refers to receptive realms of prophecy in general)...the prophetess who tells the truth but no one believes her. Perhaps Psyche and the Moon can help with that. The president's intention for August to speak over the heads of Congress and directly to The People would seem an expression of this to me.

Lunar Ecl Pluto 00Cap59 Rx is quite visible in the 10th house; Mars 17Gem08 in 4th house is nearing the degree of US natal Mars 21Gem+, our Mars Return. And Mars approaches the transiting Saturn/Uranus midpoint (which always deserves a close eye upon it, and relates to the Middle East, esp Israel and Palestine), so we have this picture upcoming...

Saturn/Uranus = Mars: wrong use of extraordinary energy; violence; great efforts and toil; a forced release from tensions and strains (H1N1 flu - virus or vaccine?); challenging others to a decisive contest; injury; accident; deprivation of freedom (Ebertin.)

(The above picture is only temporary, of course, because Mars moves rather quickly when not retrograding and retracing his steps. Tr Sat/Uran has been playing around with US n Mars already, however, due to their Rxs and forward movements back and forth over a static natal point, 21Gem+; therefore, tr Mars to Sat/Uran is something of an echo and may strengthen the above picture. At the least, their reciprocity lengthens the time period these possibilities have for manifestation.)

Then tr Mars opposes this Pluto across the 4/10 axis on or about Oct 26, and all bets may be called off. Actually, I'm a Capricorn, not a not a bettor, so let's just say that even while we're mired within a taxing learning process, hostile forces will be locked in battle (Mars oppo Pluto) over the next few weeks, and the practical mysticism of this Lunar Eclipse, as it aids us through our higher natures, will be the key to stemming an unwelcomed tide.

Jul 30, 2009

Time to liquidate the American Empire?

As an appreciative reader of Chalmers Johnson's encompassing book on America's global militarism, The Sorrows of Empire, it is always instructive to find Mr. Johnson writing on similar subjects out of what I believe to be a true patriotism - a patriotism of dissent born from a deep wish for America the Experiment to succeed along the lines of the principles our nation was founded upon, and the glowing and honorable mythologies we once proudly espoused but now have trouble hiding behind.

Obama's Empire: An Unprecedented Network of Military Bases That is Still Expanding

By Catherine Lutz

Asked why the US has a vast network of military bases around the world, Pentagon officials give both utilitarian and humanitarian arguments. Utilitarian arguments include the claim that bases provide security for the US by deterring attack from hostile countries and preventing or remedying unrest or military challenges; that bases serve the national economic interests of the US, ensuring access to markets and commodities needed to maintain US standards of living.

(It isn't working. Cash-strapped Americans pay for war while doing without timely dental care. Is this a fair trade when your jaw swells?)

Good Reasons To Liquidate Our Empire And Ten Steps to Take to Do So

By Chalmers Johnson

According to the 2008 official Pentagon inventory of our military bases around the world, our empire consists of 865 facilities in more than 40 countries and overseas US territories. We deploy over 190,000 troops in 46 countries and territories.


Undermining America has been a goal of the select few all along.

And as an astrologer (however reluctant with a tyrant 10th-house Uranus in Gemini), it was quite predictable in 1999, 2000, and beyond that I and yo mama would be called everything under the sun when I posted in Slate's The Fray concerning the neocon tendencies to rob our Treasury by fraudulent nation-building and other public-till raids, stiff US taxpayers with private costs made public, and undermine our nation's sovereignty until the ship slowly sinks into an ocean of oblivion.

Now swearing in type is not my specialty, but the Fraysters in Slate's forum at that time were great at it, so brashly puffed up almost as big as Bush the Eagle-Faced and Cheney the Balded-Pate ever were as they strutted about the coup'd White House - the pretzel-lovin' prez sharing cigars with Prince Bandar on the White House balcony as the Pentagon's embers sizzled and smoke arose in the distance, circa 9/11/01.

"To bankrupt America" was my answer for the oft-heard, 'Whys'? and the 'Why Do they Hate Us'? mantras, and for the rest of the soul-searching zeitgeist of the times.

But What Did We Do to Harm Anyone? We're fabulous! they'd assure themselves...'twas the arrogant America Can Do No Wrong attitude.

Meanwhile, back on the balcony, it was as if Bush and Bandar were celebrating something worth savoring, remember? And you know there had to be a heady wisp of compassionate conservatism wafting through the air along with the smell of what Cheney was cooking in the cellar.

Well, now it's 2009 so I ask you: what is wrong with Americans that we can't direct our attention, much less our energies, into the focused endeavor for which this nation now wimpers?

Guess I'll just mosey and read more of today's newsworthy Beer Summit reports that have captured many of my fellow citizens' imaginations when they're not busy playing with their phone apps or texting their honeypies.

Because you see: a president, a cop, and a professor walk into a bar...

Rush Limbaugh combats Joan Walsh

If you keep up with the propaganda level of Media and its jealous bedfellow, Politics, you may wish to read about Rush Limbaugh's favorite "magic honky" Joan Walsh of Salon.com, and do peruse there to your delight the photographic portrait (translation: a haughty pose snapped in an undisclosed professional studio, necktie colors a-poppin') of Mr. Limbaugh doing his best imitation of a fire-breathing Dragon.

Warning: It ain't pretty. And it ain't recent.

Codex Alimentarius in US: by Dec 31, 2009?

Update 7.31.09: House Bill 2749 has passed the House on the second try which greases the slope for the following draconian changes to the US food supply.

Original post begins here:

Between the UN and the Monsanto Corporation lies the nutricide of natural health products and vitamins as forced upon us globally by New World Order operatives.

Codex Alimentarius is a trade commission of standards that chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, bio-technical, and big agri-business industries have been planning to impose on the US and the world community through the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN, and which fronts as 'consumer protection' but which may act as a vehicle for genocide and ill health.

Genetically modified foods (GM), toxin-laced consumables, and pesticides are not my cuppa tea, how about you? And 'terminator seeds' have to be one of the devil's favorite new scientific developments issuing from corporations like Monsanto which stands to profit wildly from the implementation of the Codex "by December 31, 2009" in the US.

US compliance will mark the end of any consumer protections we ever thought we had, or have benefited from in the past.

On Dec 31, 2009, Mars will trigger the 'King of Terror' Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 (18Leo+), a degree stimulated by Venus on the morning of 9/11/01. Somehow I doubt that doctor, seer, and astrologer Nostradamus, when warning of this 'Mother of All Eclipses' would much appreciate a field sown with genetically engineered terminator seeds that cannot reproduce themselves but must be purchased anew from Monsanto each year...at their preferred price, of course.

Will pay if you want to eat equal population control?

Now where the EU (with its current restrictions on such chemical additives as America has yet to enjoy) falls within this scenario is not explained in the above article. There are, however, links included there for further reading on the Codex.

Tellingly, Dec 31, 2009 is a day of a Lunar Eclipse, with Moon relating to food, eating, and nurturance concerns, and to the physical body.

In Washington, DC, the Lunar Eclipse of Dec 31, 2009 occurs at 2:12:42 pm est, with Sun 10Cap15 in 8th house; Moon 10Can15 in 2nd house. Mega-doses of money will be made from the establishment of the Codex Alimentarius (Latin for: food code) by the above-mentioned industries, with poorer health in store for everyone - vitamins, nutrients, and other natural products are disallowed while toxins are ramped up and promoted as 'safe.'

ASC 1Gem03 gives a *Sabian Symbol for '2Gem': "Santa Claus Filling Stockings Furtively"...perhaps should that should be 'Mon-santa-claus'? Mc 9AQ03 with the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron trio in 10th house, all moving Direct. This planetary trio may have links to the Codex - Jupiter expands and can provide a 'slippery slope', Neptune diffuses and infects (like terminator seeds drifting to the next field of crops by pollination?), and Chiron has a well-known connection to health issues.

Chart-ruler Mercury (namesake of one of our most harmful toxins) is retrograde at 19Cap12 in 9th house near NN 21Cap05. The Lunar Eclipse manifests during a Mars Hour: Mercury Rx is inconjunct Mars 18Leo51 Rx in 4th house of Domestic Concerns. This is a contentious Lunar Eclipse chart, and inconjuncts can have health implications!

And, of course, Mercury's position stimulates the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune in 1993: Feb 2 19Cap34, Aug 20 18:48, and Oct 24 18Cap33. Oct 24 marks the birth of the NWO in modern times even though it's an agenda on the power elite's burner for decades, if not centuries.

Uranus/Neptune = Mercury: investigating the metaphysical/the unconscious; longing for distant places; plans without prospect of realization.

As a pairing of energies, Uranus/Neptune has a flavor of 'illumination and enlightenment' to it (Ebertin) and of possible 'speculation' and 'underhandedness to do the job' (Tyl.)

In the Lunar Eclipse chart, Uran/Nep is about to contact the Mc...

Uran/Nep = Mc: the growth and development of subconscious forces; lack of stamina; unconsciousness; dissolution; supernatural concerns come into play; guidance is sought from other realms or never-before-tapped sources. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

The Codex Alimentarius was initially developed and promoted after WWII by chem titan and Nazi, Hermann Schmitz (whose company manufactured the gas for Nazi death camps.) On Dec 31, 2009, a deadline set in 1962, the Sun will conjunct the UK's natal degree from her 1801 chart...UK's natal Moon 19Can26. (Jan 1, 1801, 00:00 am LMT, London.)

So basically, there will be a Lunar Eclipse in the UK's 2010 Solar Return chart which may not be good for the populace (Moon) unless hidden things are uncovered and dealt with. Perhaps Prince Harry will wear his swastika armband for the occasion as he did a few years ago - for a Halloween party, wasn't it?

This Lunar Eclipse will be triggering the US natal planets in Cancer - Venus, Jupiter, and Sun - plus, our natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx a few hours after the Eclipse perfects.

That the Codex has been further developed and repackaged for implementation in 2009 doesn't change its original moniker: Codex of the Nazis. 2009's Mercury Rx indicates 're-packaged plans' or past plans that are brought up again, for re-view and/or for implementation.

Sun Capricorn-Moon Cancer

The Sun Cap-Moon Can blend is shared natally by blues singer Janis Joplin who famously said precisely what I'm feeling right now about this tiresomely grousing post with its heavy Codex concerns...

"I want you to let me know when I'm ahead so I can quit."


*The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones (see sidebar for Astrology Books Slideshow.)

Jul 29, 2009

Planet Venus has a new Bright Spot: July 29, 2009

Did you hear that a new 'bright spot' has been found recently on the planet Venus?

And I thought 'she' was beautiful and shiny enough already! Lovely Venus is natal chart-ruler of Los Angeles, California...see previous post for details on how the current July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse season is spotlighting California's budget crisis and domestic difficulties.

California economics and the July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse

"The Angels": Los Angeles, California; Sep 4, 1781; 9:11 am LMT; from Horoscopes of the Western Hemisphere by Marc Penfield, as rectified by Penfield; pueblo founded at present site of city of L.A. by orders of King Carlo of Spain to grow food for the King's soldiers.

This chart is being published to show in black and white the July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse in the 11 South Series highlighting LA's Midheaven. This is the 'systems fail; new methods are needed to deal with events brought by the Eclipse; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed' (Brady's Predictive Astrology) Series, the difficult rays under which the world now groans and labors.

The Eclipse's 29th crisis/critical degree in Cancer, with all the sign's security-needs baggage, domestic-scene upheavals, and career disappointments which the current California budget crisis now occasions, makes me certain that Mr. Penfield, who brilliantly rectified the precise time of LA's founding (and I'm using it here as a stand-in for a California-founding natal chart, just as Washington DC represents all of America) -- Mr. Penfield was correct with '9:11 am LMT.'

Unless I am mistaken, 'Sept 4, 1781' is from historical record.

So, the fact that July 21's Solar Ecl is at Mc, the Goal/Aspiration Point of any horoscope, tells me that the financial crisis was an aspiration of the CA government. Yet if need be, I am able to accept the idea that you don't agree.

On purpose or haplessly, Californians find themselves in 2009 fending off ravenous wolves from their doors as secretly organized deals are reached and/or talking points on behalf of the New World Order are practiced for the cameras. Take your pick. The damage is being done either way, and it's been a long time coming, so if officials didn't know, they should have known.

Click to enlarge chart and read few scribbly notes such as 'Mars quindecile Uranus' which Ricki Reeves gives as: driven toward stimulation and excitement; sexual expression may be erratic, irresponsible, or unpredictable; may be driven to shock others. This is the 'living on the edge' aspect (165 degr) of obsession-compulsion. (The Quindecile by Ricki Reeves.)

Why, it sounds like Hollywood, doesn't it?

As you see highlighted in green, LA's very creative, yet possibly drunken, Moon/Neptune opposition is intensely involved with an ongoing transit from puppetmaster Pluto in early Capricorn - you see that Uranus 2Can25 in 9th house is being opposed by tr Pluto which triggers LA's natal T-Square and forms with it a Grand Cross with Pluto the fourth point, the actor as transformative catalyst.

Is mighty Pluto showing his secret hand...or as I tend to think of them: secret claws...of the Dragon?

Here are a few *midpoint pictures of note from and affecting LA's birth chart:

Moon/Neptune = n Uranus: shock; change; upheaval; temperamental impulse.

Moon/Nep = tr Pluto: emotional upheaval; high sensitivity and an inclination to be easily influenced by others.

Therefore, another combo is formed...

Uranus/Pluto = Moon: bringing about changes by force; daring and audaciousness; determination; ambition; restlessness.

Uran/Plu = Neptune: insecurity and uncertainty; unfulfilled wishes; sympathy; a knowledge of human nature; fatigue; neuroses; deep study of a specialized subject.

Well, if I had more umph I'd check out the governor's natla chart along with the recent time period that transiting North Node (NN = an associative point of encounter which has the quality of guru Jupiter) was in contact with LA's Pluto 4AQ48 Rx.

But I do not, so I'll only mention that the tail of the Dragon, the South Node, swiped and is swiping LA's natal Midheaven of Public Standing and Career while its head (NN) contacted and points to the city's Ic (End of the Matter; Basis or Foundation.) Loss (SN) of career and public status (Mc.) 'Outstanding in one's field' can be another interpretation on a different level of manifestation.

The Basis of this Eclipse season for CA?

Pluto/NN contacts conjure the 'meetings with the powerful' smoke and mirrors that Politics thrives in...or should I say, 'lurks behind and beneath'?

This pattern gives a few pictures which seem to me to be of significance in the budget crisis...

Plu/NN = Eclipse Sun: the urge to impose one's will on others.

Plu/NN = Eclipse Moon: reaching for the big picture; making the scene emotionally; magnified ambition, or there is too much fear for any action.

The two mdpt pics above show the flavorings of the July 21 Solar Eclipse's Sun and Moon as transits to the previously exact Pluto/NN hook-up of April and early May, 2009 (tr NN 4AQ+.)

So if you, too, intuit that massive amounts of wealth are being transferred hence and piled up for high-handed reasons that we-the-people won't like when they're sprung upon us and our children, you're on my page, Sparkie.

California budget deal punishes the poor say recent headlines, and the anaretic-degreed July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse may be one of many culprits in bringing to public attention (Mc) California's dire financial conditions along with the waywardness of CA government officials.


*any, all, or none may apply; sources: Tyl; Ebertin.

Jul 28, 2009

Sotomayor resigns from ladies' version of Bohemian Grove - oh! and her nom was voted up today

Since the Senate Judiciary Committee just voted Yes today (13 to 6) on Sonia Sotomayor's Supreme Court nomination with the full vote probably sceduled for next week, I googled 'Sonia Sotomayor + Bohemian Grove' to see if her name popped up and whaddaya know?

The judge is said to have resigned recently from her membership in the ladies' version of this group which met in California last week for their annual shindig of satanic rituals so it wouldn't disgruntle anyone voting for her - with their constituents, I imagine.

Some of them may be members of the Grove themselves! Perhaps a fully revealed membership list is in order, si?

Scroll below to my July Archives for a previous post on the Bohemian Grove or click here - their meeting was held during last week's Solar Eclipse.

Of the GOP, only Republican Senator Lindsey Graham voted for Sotomayor's SCOTUS benching - such Capitol Hill Theater, dahlink, in our Masonic Capitol Building on The Hill!

Avoiding mandatory 'swine flu' vaccine like the plague

Dprogram's Where Is The Rage? details House Bill 8791 which makes the 'pandemic' flu vaccine mandatory in the US.

The 'debate' was broadcast on C-SPAN but I missed it so it was with trepidation that I read the above-linked article only to find very little info on the bill - its contents are nearly completely Classified - redacted from all citizens upon whom it is to be perpetrated.

The gist of the Pandemic Tale is that the 'criminal timeline' began in 1997 when Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger and a team of geneticists and microbiologists analyzed its genome structure and reverse-engineered the deadly 1918 flu virus. Voila!

They used super-computers to map the RNA and DNA of the virus along with human plasmids to re-create the viral killer. Dr. Taubenberger left the employ of the US Army after completing his work in early 2005 and took a lucrative position at the National Institute of Health. Apparently he still carries the Pentagon's water, for I've heard to dissent from him against the mandatory vaccinations against the monster he helped reconstitute into our world.

Turning to Astrology, we know that the 14-year cycle of Jupiter and Uranus restarted with their Great Conjunction on Feb 16, 1997, and the pair has connections to:

scientific breakthroughs, zealous representations of one-sided views, boundless optimism, sudden changes in destiny, adventurous and pioneering endeavors, and inner tensions or strains which are suddenly released. (Ebertin.)

Jupiter Meets Uranus by Scottish astrologer Anne Whitaker is an excellent book on the subject, and you may read my review of it on Amazon, if you wish.

The degree of their 1997 conjunction? 5AQ56, conjunct US natal South Node, a separative point having the influence of Saturn, planet of Science and Research, and indicating past behaviors and talents that one falls back on. 1918 brought to 1997! And we're just now seeing what the scientific community mixed with the Pentagon can do 'for' us.

We may stretch the midpoint pictures to include:

Jupiter/Uranus = "Saturn": patience and practicality introduced to boundless optimism; temperance over excess; having sudden inhibitions before attainment of an objective; sudden disadvantages, losses; one-sided principles; obstinacy.

Jup/Uran = NN: striving together with others for a common purpose; a fortunate new aquaintanceship. (Ebertin; Tyl.)

And their next Great Conjunction? Well, it occurs within the zone of the upcoming Cardinal T-Square all astrologers are concerned about...Jupiter conj Uranus on June 8, 2010, at Aries Point (00Ari18), so perhaps this manmade Frankensteinian strain will be fully released by then, or we will at least know more of what's in store.


US natal Pluto '28Cap': "A Large Aviary"...COMMUNITY...

positive manifestation: exceptional success in making all personal concerns a matter of common welfare;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: loss of all character in sheer officiousness. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

The current Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009 at '29Cancer' has triggered America's natal and progressed Pluto. "A Large Aviary" tends to remind me of 'bird flu' which is another Frankensteinian concoction, and of the retired US generals who flock together and call themselves AVIARY.

You can read more about AVIARY in Leuren Moret's disturbing article Planet Earth as Weapon and Targer from Winter 2005. The article is an overview of New World Order subjects, if you're up for it. It's a keeper.

Jul 27, 2009

Health care reform getting wimpier by minute 7.27.09

If you were planning to visit or send flowers, you'd better get a move on, Honey, because what's being left out of President Obama's health care reform bill is leaving the dregs too skeletal for signing, too wimpy to boast about, and too cheap to buy a soda on a Saturday night.

As I've typed here previously, the proof of R's and D's good faith on this (and any other) matter is what the American people end up with in the Real World that exists outside the artificial reality that Capitol Hillers help promote to keep the natives quiet - if you accept its fairytale sparklies.

Yes, Jupiter/Neptune's misty bubble still floating...floating...no signs of popping if Washington and Wall Street spinners can prevent it...cotton candy spun just for you, properly impressed circus audience.

On TV in the background now is Fed head Ben Bernanke on C-SPAN answering questions (taped) on the financial collapse in his newly assumed PR role of Warm and Fuzzy Banker Man who Understands Our Pain. He doesn't feel it - he just understands it on an intellectual level.

"We tried to save Lehman Brothers," he says. It was a 'big hole' the Fed couldn't fill, in case you were wondering what happened.

May I suggest that the most glaring 'big hole' is in the head of the American people for allowing crooks to rule our roost.

Is 'Peace in the Middle East' a goal of the West?

Somehow I doubt that 'Peace in the Middle East' is a goal of western governments.

What a gaggle of fakers on our payroll!

Saving the bankers with a make-believe war seems much closer to their usual modus operandi and dovetails perfectly with recent presidential follies of belligerence and propaganda.

Midas: the asteroid, the myth, the gold

Today Midas has been added to the 'Mythology of Astrology's smaller bodies' list on my Two Hours tapestry blog, if you'd like a peek.

Included are a few notes on today's location of the asteroid Midas, so very happy counting all his gold coins in multiplicitous, yet sometimes duplicitous, Gemini, while triggering the Robber Baron class' descendants to new depths of greed and corruption.

How so? Simply click and find out!

A link to the natal horoscope of the original Robber Barons is there as well.

Jul 26, 2009

JFK assassination: Sun Scorpio--Moon Aquarius

Recently I've reviewed the charts of President Kennedy's death by assassination in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, a Masonic Plaza built with the mathematical principles of Sacred Geometry in mind.

(Nov 22, 1963; president shot: 12:30 or 12:32 pm CST, depending on the source you consult; died or was pronounced dead - I confess I can't find which one - at 1:00 pm CST, as reported by Walter Cronkite; I suspect 1:00 pm was the doctor's pronouncement made when the staff gave up on their efforts, and no one could have thought from Mr. Kennedy's wounds that there was much hope for life, after all.)

'Masonic Plaza' means that all the angles of the place were pre-known by certain folks - had to be. Freemasonry keeps accurate records and the geometry is built in.

Well, at the moment I'm looking at two charts - one for The Shot 12:32 pm CST, the other for 1:00 pm.

12:32 pm: Sun 29Sco44, Moon 11AQ16; ASC 20AQ01; Mc 4Sag13; Mars 20Sag31 conj Venus 21:27 in 10th house; Jupiter 9Ari49 Rx in 2nd house, jumps to 1st house before 1:00 pm; Neptune 15Sco55 in 9th house.

I mention Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune primarily because they are the Marseillaise planets, a trio which indicates violence when working together. No, they are not in a pattern here, but that's why I noted their positions for you, in case you wondered.

Nodal axis: NN 11Can56 in 5th house; SN conjunct asteroid, Hopi: prejudice; ambush. This mystery play had been acted out before (SN.)

Mercury, planet of planning and of our senses, crosses Mc just prior to 1:00 pm - 9Sag45/47 and you know this degree conjuncts a Royal Star of Persia, Antares (Alpha Scorpius), keywords: ruthlessness, obsession, and drama. This may show a sharp-shooter leaving the scene quickly. Oswald? Perhaps. If his vision and skills were sharp enough.

(An example of Antares linked to natal Mercury is murder mystery writer Agatha Christie. How many times through the decades since 1963 has the world heard, Who Killed JFK?, as if it's the ultimate murder mystery.)

Revolutionary, incendiary Uranus and saboteur Pluto are loosely tangoing together in Virgo, 7th house, and getting ready to meet in a Great Conjunction three times: Oct 9, 1965 17Vir10; Apr 4, 1966 16Vir28; and June 30, 1966. The Uranus/Pluto pair also signifies 'Rock'n'Roll' and it was 'under the influence' of this conj that I witnessed The Beatles concert in Atlanta - but I digress.

My point is that it was an intensely electric and original time as well as being politically highly charged and transformative.

By 1:00 pm CST, Sun 29Sco45 (exactly conjunct - partile - the 2009 Inaugural Moon 29:45, as a matter of fact. Hmm.)

Moon had reached 11AQ30 in that half hour from Hades, realm of Pluto - sabotage brought to the American people and the world by ______ (fill in the blank. My guess: the select few leaders of a group who imagine themselves illuminated and who wallow at the top of a pyramid-of-power letting underlings know only what they must know in order to do their jobs...a 'need to know' basis. On 11.22.63, a sharp-shooter had a particular job or mission, as directed from above.)

Depressive Saturn is in 12th house at 17AQ19 ('17AQ' is the 'end of progress' degree); the Moon (the public; the people; publicity) caught up with Saturn later as more and more of the public discovered what had been done to the president and thus to them; Moon/Saturn is the epitome of emotional depression and heaviness. (Plus, the US natal Moon is in AQ although in later degrees - hence a Lunar Return soon brought home our grief.)

Imho, the course of history was forcefully re-directed by those with the power to make it happen. And the 'eternal flame' of Horus burns at yet another grave site as a constant testimony to their culpability in the crime...but they're proud of it!

Now the reason I mention this today is so that the Kennedy Assassination Day's Sun-Moon blend may be posted here because I think it's a telling bit of information on the power elite's criminal tendencies, the flavor of the day, and on its participants. But since Astrology is an 'AC-DC' kind of system, we may wish to consider the following as, in part, relating to JFK, and on another level representing the sniper/s and his/their bosses.

See what you think. Many of the details are credited to Charles and Suzi Harvey's excellent book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign, and to Dr. Noel Tyl in his, Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology. My own observations may creep in and are sometimes difficult to distinguish from others' so you're on your own there!

Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Nov 22, 1963:

Sun Sco-Moon AQ is a Water-Air blend of energies that is ethereal and misty; tremendous effort is needed to deal with the real world. The shadow or unconscious side of Water-Air is a tendency toward confusing one's thinking with feelings; an apparently detached viewpoint is actually tinged with personal bias. Well-planned schemes can be carried out, and there can be an ability to separate thoughts from feelings which makes this a formidable combination for a politician or for an assassin and/or assassin-dispatcher.

Sco-AQ narrows down the picture and supports the ability to separate one's feelings from one's plans. There is intense determination, an unwillingness to accept easy answers, and a lack of faith in one's fellow human beings which doesn't allow them a fair chance (the words, 'sitting duck' come to mind. But there's more...)

This is the 'law unto oneself' combo with an ability to plunge into experience, then dispassionately observe the consequences; the visionary goal is "held with full strength,' says Dr. Tyl.

(Obviously, JFK as President was the trouble, along with his capacity to rally the public in directions the power elite didn't want America to go. So they acted. Jack Kennedy is said to have been planning changes to the international banking system, as had President Lincoln before him.)

The Harveys' 'Images for Integration' for this combo seem to apply; see if you agree that at least one of the two is uncannily accurate:

A hovering hawk surveys the world, at one with nature...An exotic moth emerges from its chrysalis in perfect form, a specimen of the sublimity of nature's intelligence.

Yes, I agree that the 'hovering hawk' applies and 'at one with nature' reminds me of 'the zone' one would have to lock into in order to perform such a feat.

But the second image could refer to several things as well: was JFK the 'exotic moth' who was giving his bosses trouble by way of his intelligent maneuverings? Or had he not followed the papacy's wishes as instructed? Was the 'moth' Oswald? Just a few thoughts, and please have some of your own and leave a comment, if you wish, because it gets echo-y and lonely in here with no discussion!

Next up is a brief list of those who share the Sun Sco-Moon AQ blend in their natal charts; then I'll leave you with quotes from three of them, and a few details on the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of this sad, history-diverting event...

Albert Camus, Dylan Thomas, Charles Manson, Jean Monnet (economist and architect of the European Community), and Voltaire, whose philosophic notions have lurked within many a radical revolutionist's diary next to Rousseau's lofty theories.

(These Utopian ideals require the meltdown of society and the economic chaos we are now mired in. The killing of JFK - the re-directing of the White House - was a watershed moment for our nation on several levels (as was the bogus election of 2000.) Many Americans have expressed the view through the years that things 'haven't been the same since' in our nation. That's because it was yet another coup for control, part of an ongoing agenda now quite revealed to everyone. (See previous post with David Icke's astounding video presentation.)

Three Quotes from Sun Sco-Moon AQ personalities:

"Integrity is in no need of rules." Albert Camus

(The so-called "Utopia" where you're on your own, citizen. The 'elites' consider themselves above the rules...laws unto themselves.)

"Oh may my heart's truth still be sung on this high hill in a year's time." Dylan Thomas

('High hill' or grassy knoll? Is this the "heart's truth" about the perpetrator? Or perhaps a sharp-shooter lurked farther away than the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza; either way, we see the reference.)

"How much more cruel the pen is than the sword." Robert Burton

(Pen 'more cruel' only if you're not the victim of the assassin's 'sword'.)

The Pre-Natal Eclipse Series during which the assassination was carried out is the 1 North which manifested on July 20, 1963, at '27Can' - precisely opposite America's natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx. Our national Pluto is unaspected and thus works alone from its ivory tower, though the plutonic puppetmaster can be affected by transits and progressions.

This astrological circumstance of 1963 provides a midpoint picture for your consideration...

1963's Sun/Moon = US natal Pluto: critical time of development; separation to start anew; potential new perspectives in relationship; a biased attitude or changed conditions lead to important developments; a soul torn by inner conflict. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

(There's the word biased again.)

1N: an essence of tiredness or health problems; unexpected events concerning friends or groups place tremendous pressure on personal relationships; issues loom large and hasty decisions should be avoided since information is distorted and possibly false. (Brady's Predictive Astrology; my caps and paraphrasing.)

This is the PE of: the United Nations, and of Truman's atomic bombs on Japan (Horoshima: Aug 6, 1945 - personally I'd apologize profusely if I could. But one thing I've discovered during my studies on secret hand Pluto and invisible government Saturn/Neptune: these exalted Grand Masters and their minions don't work on behalf of the American people as they propagandize - they only pretend to. Duh.)

And illuminatingly, 1N the same Series as the Mother of All Eclipses, Nostradamus' King of Terror (or of Alarm) Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 (18Leo+), and it's all part of their 'higher agenda' of terror promotion with which the New Millennium has been poisoned and drenched. You see how America has changed.

Even the late 90s press on the August 1999 Eclipse promoted a certain 'reality' for the sheeple to appreciate, including the "Y2K" madness where mega-bucks disappeared into a hidden funnel somewhere, along with personal information as PROMIS software's progeny was enlisted to track people's private business and spy on other nations. Thieving a few cents from millions of bank accounts can really add up, too, not to mention 'disappearing' people who become inconvenient to the Big Picture.

(I believe Sandra Bullock's film, The Net, came out in the late 90s and you know what her character had to go through to get her identity back.)

So when is the next Solar manifestation in the 1N Series?

August 21, 2017 at a critical 29th degree: '29Leo' conjunct one of the Royal Stars of Persia: Regulus, keyphrase: success if revenge is avoided.

What are the chances?


Here's a previous post from 2007 on the JFK assassination with chart image and a link to details on the 12:32 pm chart.

Jul 25, 2009

At last: Gonzo finds a job

As unemployment numbers continue to dismay our country, there's news on the job hunting front for one small man.

After finally finding a job (teaching!), it turns out that the staff of his new employer, Texas Tech, doesn't want Alberto Gonzales, our former unqualified, Bush-Cheney but*-kisser of an Attorney General whose undistinguished career is preceeding and following him simultaneously.

His connection with the Bush-Cheney regime got him the post, but will it manage to shove Gonzo onto Texas Tech's teaching staff and keep him there?

Okay okay - let's give him a chance - maybe he'll do a superb job. And I suspect his former 'service' to the neocon/perpetual war cause during the Bush years has left him quite well rewarded.

Besides, they stick together, these old goats.

Cho Seung-Hui's med files found

An update has been performed upn my original post on Cho Seung-Hui - his natal chart shown - because a miraculous thing has now occurred.

The docter who 'accidentally' took home Cho's medical files (allegedly) 14 months before the vicious Virginia Tech massacre has found them again and turned them over to authorities.

Whether the files have been tampered with, no one is yet saying. But if forgery is involved, we may assume it is very well done.

Click link for post update with article link concerning Dr. Miller's Miracle Find.

Of course, perhaps it all happened just the way he says!

David Icke video on the Illuminati, Babylon, US, and more

You may wish to watch David Icke's discussion on the Illuminati, the Vatican, America's founding fathers, bloodlines from Babylon into Europe, Africa, America, the Masonic layout of Washington DC, the all-seeing eye and the eternal flame of Horus's symbolisms and other symbolisms, Iraq = Babylon, the NWO, mind control, Mormons, satanism, Jacques Demolay, Albert Pike, sacrificial rites, the Scottish Rite - Knights Templar, other 'knightly' organizations, and more.

Even The Rolling Stones show up. Remember their 'Bridges to Babylon' album? Well then, "Please allow me to introduce myself..."

Mr. Icke is well-known for his research into secret societies, the power elite, and such, so check out his presentation, if you haven't already. His work is, we may say, an eye-opener for the sheep who still sleep, so pass the info on!

Now I don't know much about these 'occult'/hidden subjects myself, but one thing I do know from Scriptural Prophecy: the mighty Babylon is fallen. And in the Final tally, the wh*re will never rise again.

Ron Paul on Global Banking and the NWO: video

This video is a hodge podge of various speakers, mainly Rep. Ron Paul (one statement from his younger days) on the emerging New World Order and the roles of international bankers and the United Nations; UK PM Gordon Brown appears as well, as do Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, and others.

My hope is that all 7 readers of this blog are already aware of these things and will pass on the info to those who prefer keeping their heads in the sand...which makes them ostriches, so if you have any ostriches in your life, please wake them up!

Also I'd like to call attention to a comment on my recent post about President Obama's Solar Return 2009 where Duse has left some excellent analysis of the president's Solar Return chart as it concerns our nation.

The transit of Saturn to US natal Neptune will also be a transit of Saturn to Mr. Obama's natal Mars (since his Mars conjuncts US n Neptune), and you'll find Duse's observations elucidating concerning the president's prospects.

Saturn to Mars is a seriously frustrating time and indicates that Mr. Obama's action principle (Mars) will be tamped down (Saturn) in some way. This meshes with Duse's remarks that the president may not be able to use his personal popularity to win the day as he has so far. But that's my paraphrase - scroll down a short way and check it out for yourself.

Plus, the US/Obama Mars/Neptune conjunction forms a not-very-pretty midpoint picture with transiting Saturn...

Mars/Neptune = Saturn: instability; feelings of inferiority; misdirected energy (and trillions?); unfortunate consequences as a result of a weak will; an epidemic; being taken advantage of; reticence; a sense of futility; persevering in spite of fear. (As always, any, all, or none may apply; from Tyl; Ebertin.)

And of course: as goes our president, so goes our nation, which is why I marvel at those who wish President Obama would 'fail'...definitely a nose-cut-to-spite-face attitude which I cannot coordinate with sanity.

But who said self-serving Politics as practiced in Washington, DC, is sane, right?

So the only possible and underlying explanation I can think of for their 'fail' attitude and their zealotry is found in part in the above video discussing the power elite's New World Order plans which depend upon the weakening of our Constitution, our borders, our financial institutions, and the US judicial system - the failing of America - so that a one-world-government envisioned centuries ago can rear its ugly head and show itself as the devouring monster it really is.

Have you a better explanation? Because I'd dearly love to hear it.

Jul 24, 2009

Last tiff between Bush and Cheney?

The last tiff between titans Bush and Cheney, just hours before they left office, is said to be the question of a pardon for Cheney's favorite yet discredited operative, Scooter Libby.

Methinks perhaps they were substituting the question of a presidential pardon for Mr. Libby for disagreements over their ill-conceived invasion of Iraq, the elephant they should have been arguing over.

Update July 27, 2009: here's a column citing Bush-Cheney crimes as posted on At-Largely yesterday, July 26.

President Obama's Solar Return 2009: chart + details

President Barack Obama's Solar Return on August 4, 2009 will perform as something of a natal chart for him until his 2010 birthday since any Return chart is 'good for' the length of time the planet in question takes for its orbit - thus, a Solar Return = one year (even though it's the Earth orbiting the Sun. This is Astrology, not Astronomy, and yes, astrologers know the difference!)

The president's SR chart is set for the White House (although Mr. Obama could very well be out of town on his birthday) - since he's the current denizen of the Oval Office, it seemed a fair idea to set this world traveler's Solar Return chart for the White House as its primary representative.

If you click to enlarge, you'll see that President Obama's natal placements are highlighted around the outside of the chart in pink; a few US natal positions are notated as well. US natal Moon in Aquarius continues to be affected by Jupiter/Neptune and by Chiron, although I neglected to enter the Moon's position on this chart.

Solar Return 2009 for President Obama:

Hour: Sun; chart-ruler Jupiter, retrograde in 3rd house, indicating delays (Rx) in Jupiterian things such as money, ideals, and expansion, especially in the realm of 3rd house Communications issues. 3rd house is also The Neighborhood, so our nation is obviously affected by the president's Solar Return.

Hemispheric emphases are balanced: 5 in the North, South, East, and West: You/Me and Public/Private in balance. The chart is weighted on the Mutable/Earth side, an indicator of Virgoan concerns.

Chart-ruler Jupiter's ongoing conjunctions with Chiron and Neptune are the only aspects the jolly giant makes in the SR 2009, applying or separating. (Separating aspects are given equal weight in Return charts, as per Mary Shea and Erin Sullivan to me.) So the expansive, inflationary, speculative pair, Jupiter and Neptune, rules Mr. Obama's year along with Chiron, the wounded healer, who can't seem to pass a healthcare reform bill until further notice. Perhaps a Direct Chiron in a couple of months will help circumstances.

There are many spiritual dimensions to the Jup-Chir-Nep trio, of course, but this blog is more for Politics, that organized system of hatreds (as explained by Henry B. Adams, John's grandson.) And this is Washington we're talking about, so spiritual concerns are shunted aside in most cases.

The natal house brought to the SR Ascendant is of primary importance, and for Mr. Obama's 2009 SR, this would be his 10th house of Public Status and Career. SR Mercury/Neptune midpoint is on his natal Mc, so we have...

SR Mercury/Neptune = n Mc: far-reaching plans and ideas; sympathetic understanding of others; intuitive thinking; to go the wrong way; lies; self-deception; living among the clouds, or without practical orientation.

(I've noticed the above midpoint picture operative when lots of air travel 'among the clouds' is indicated. As usual with mdpt pics, it's an any, all, or none may apply proposition; pics from Tyl and Ebertin.)

The Sun is in a critical point in the 8th house, just before the 9th cusp.

The house of the SR Sun is very important as its affairs are a focus for the year - the will to achieve (Sun) is associated with people and issues governed by that house and is a year's worth of opportunity to gain mastery over the house's concerns. (I only hope it's all for the best interests of a sovereign America, don't you?)

Plus, the 8th is a succedent house so resources and personal values are in the spotlight; succedent houses represent conclusions, finalities, and opportunities for stabilization. However, with Sun conjunct 9th cusp, there is a Solar ego/will/purpose blend with the Cadent 9th house.

A Cadent house indicates phases of transition, fluctuation, and preparations for long-range achievements. (Hope this isn't a picture of more US taxpayer monies being sent across the seas to we know not where.)

A Cadent SR Sun hides steps being taken behind the scenes which may flower and become apparent near or at the next SR (August 2010.)

(I do not want Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security gutted, thanks. But if Capitol Hill politicians want to take large pay cuts, that'd work just fine. Paying their own medical insurance premiums would be a great improvement, too. Why should we continue to do it when our own insurance and med situations are so shaky?)

There are two aspects to the president's Sun here: an opportunity aspect, a sextile (60 degr) to Mars (applying, so exact a little after his SR - 3A46), and a separating sesqui-square (interlaced squares of dynamic inter activity) with reformer Uranus 26Pis10 Rx in 4th house of Real Estate, Domestic Scene, and Security Concerns.

Mr. Obama's heritage and roots (4th house) may be continue to be under fire as well through the actions of disruptive Uranus in mysterious Pisces...in other words, his birthplace is still under suspicion in the minds of some people, though I think their chances for traction on the issue have passed -- or have they?

One must think also of flu epidemics in the US by way of the Pisces connection to contagions with disruptive Uranus Rx in 4th house of Domestic Scene.

A very prominent factor is an angular Saturn 19Vir46 at Midheaven - not just at Mc, but on it, and thus the closest planet to a SR angle (excepting natal Moon conjunct Descendant as mentioned below under 'Mercury square natal Moon.')

Mid-September 2009 will be a peak of activity for the president when the Sun contacts this SR Mc and Saturn, and healthcare reform legislation should be at a peak of some sort: marked up, voted on, or even passed already. Voted down is a possibility, too, especially considering this Return's Mars/Saturn square, an aspect of blockages and obstacles. Mars/Saturn energy is very much 'stop and go' and can be very frustrating.

The Mc is the Goal/Aspiration Point of any chart, and Saturn = government; this indicates that control and authority are his main aims and with Saturn in Virgo, sign of Health, we know the agenda for healthcare reform (or insurance reform, if you prefer, for that seems to be the main focus with this legislation) will remain on Mr. Obama's menu for the duration of the upcoming year.

The good news is that Saturn is Direct; the bad news is that the Old Man is about to catch up with US natal Neptune 22Vr25, the 'grim reality' transit, but it can also indicate dreams (Neptune) made real (Saturn.) Healthcare reform at last?!

Sun to SR ASC 3Sag55 is a busy time, too, near the end of November; Sun to Pluto 1Cap01 may tell a major part of the tale with its 'formidable power' flavor on or about Dec 23, near Winter Solstice 2009.

Mercury to natal Pluto:

SR Mercury 3Vir01 will conjunct natal Pluto 6Vir59 on or about August 7 or 8, so the president's activities center around and relate directly to gaining power (Pluto, in Virgo, sign of Health. Perhaps the Republicans are correct: if they ruin Obama's healthcare intitiative, it will be his political "Waterloo"); finance, investments, work methods, and organizational talents are highlighted as well. Important travel is indicated as might be expected with any head of state, even a merely titular one.

The Solar Return Moon:

The Solar Return Moon always gives quite a few details about the year's daily momentum and this SR Moon is at a critical/crisis 29th degree: 29Cap14, conjunct the transiting North Node (NN) - which puts them both smack dab within Mr. Obama's natal Saturn 25Cap20 Rx and Jupiter 00AQ52 Rx conjunction.

He definitely will be dealing with crises, won't he? He signed on for it, in fact!

And 29Cap is the degree of the US Secondary Progressed Pluto, planet of nuclear bombs, sabotage, and extreme wealth...the 'secret hand' of government, as I tend to call it. Permanent transformations are stealthy Pluto's stock in trade.

SR Moon and the president's natal Jupiter key a midpoint: Uranus/ASC, a combination of energies which Ebertin gives as: 'a quick response to the influence of the environment; inventive ability; tech and industrial connections; scattering one's energies; haste or restlessness; excitable people; upsets; accidents; headaches; rearranging one's environment.'

Three pictures are formed and are written on the chart, but I'll type them more in full for you...

Uran/ASC = Moon: emotionalism spills into view; needing support, approval, and sympathy; quick mood changes; sudden experiences through the female sex.

Uran/ASC = NN: getting like-minded people on board; seeking change jointly with others; bringing about change along with others; an association dictated by common interests.

Uran/ASC = n Jupiter: successful cooperation and teamwork; quick contacts are easy; a fortunate rearrangement of the environment; working feverishly to earn recognition.

SR Moon in Capricorn accents responsibilities, status, and as we might expect with Capricorn, one's reputation is on the line. Setting a good example and exhibiting emotional control are musts; interactions with others are 'all business'; issues with elderly family members may occur during the year (in this SR's timing, 2nd house = end of 2009 and first 3 months of 2010 since the clock starts ticking on August 4) and as previously mentioned, this SR Moon is at a stand-out 29th degree.

If afflicted, SR Moon in Cap indicates emotional depression or a sense of failure: this Moon's only aspect in the Return chart is a sesqui-square with Mars. Will mother-in-law have a health crisis? Will the president be in danger or have an accident? Life is complex and occurs on many levels at once - thus, Astrology is the same and only tells us trends and influences, not usually the precise events.

A SR Moon with an adverse aspect doesn't bode well for popularity so we'll see if President Obama's poll numbers continue to slide. His SR 2009 seems to hint that they will though perhaps not too much. He has improved America's standing overseas, that's for certain.

SR Moon in 2nd house: emotions are tied in with financial security; incomes increase or decrease (wherever the astrological Moon is there are fluctuations); expenditures do increase; there may be new choices about how to spend money and energy. If afflicted (yes, by Mars, andby critical degr), there may be temporary (Moon) blocks put on spending or on incoming funds. But the 'block' from Mars is considered a minor affliction (136 degr) though it could have adverse health indications.

Opposite, in 8th house of Big Money, we see transiting South Node about to precisely contact the current Solar Eclipse degree, 29Can27, of July 21, 2009. This is the 'systems fail; new methods are needed to deal with events brought by the Eclipse; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed' Series (Brady's Predictive Astrology.) Yucky, but there it is.

We'll see how operative this difficult Eclipse is for the president and the country as his SR year goes on. If it isn't, I won't fuss, I'll say, whoopee! It falls, however, in Mr. Obama's SR 8th house, so we expect our financial system to be part of the circumstances as the Fed vies for more power, and other institutions jockey for better positions within the new hierarchy the power elite envision for our nation and the world.

North Node to natal Jupiter:

This creates an interesting pile-up in one of the money areas, the 2nd house, and NN to n Jupiter is a time of profitable liasons, meetings, and 'connections', but the fruitfulness of this contact can lead to moving too fast due to possibilities for easy expansion which may then cause future collapse. (Sorry! I'm not making this up, you know, it's in the chart, more's the pity.)

Well, you've noticed the ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition lining up for another stand-off (Sept 11, 2009), here across SR 4/10 axis. Plus, this SR is one day after a Lunar Eclipse: August 5, 2009, 8:54:42 pm edt, White House, Moon 13AQ43, Sun 13AQ43 in 6th house of Health, Work, Service, and services such as military and police forces.

So basically the August 5 Lunar eclipse qualifies as a Full Moon in the president's 2009 SR chart, a good omen, actually, although slightly less fortunate than having a New Moon in a SR. A Full Moon (the Lunar Eclipse), normally indicates a culmination of activities relating to the house polarity, and may show discordant separations in relationships. As a Lunar Eclipse, hidden weaknesses may show up for the president.

And his SR Sun and Moon are 166 degrees apart (just before the Lunar Eclipse of the next evening) so there is some question of his being overly confident within relationships - Mr. Obama may find himself left at the political altar by someone he'd depended on and perhaps shouldn't have.

And since a Return chart is also a Transit chart, you see that Mercury is squaring Mr. Obama's natal Moon which is posited on the SR Descendant of Partnerships - fluctuations and changes (Moon.) Mercury is Midheaven ruler as well as Desc ruler so the partnership changes have something to do with Career and Public Status issues.

Mercury square natal Moon:

This is a time when one must grapple with conflicting opinions, annoying distractions, and too much or too little information. Projects may not get finished on time due to frustrations and interruptions, privately and in the public arena.

Travel delays and difficulties may occasion re-schedulings or cancellatons; important papers, documents, and other info are misplaced or lost. It isn't impossible to make progress when Mercury squares natal Moon, yet mechanical and other failures interfere with smooth sailing as plans must be changed at the last minute. (Instant Horoscope Reader, Julia Lupton Skalka.)

Of course, being aware of these indications always helps, doesn't it?

Well, that's the gist of what I'm noticing in President Obama's Solar Return 2009, so let me know what I left out, okay? ;p


Note: For some reason, SpellChecking stopped working halfway through this post, so please pardon any typos. They will be corrected later when Blogger's spelling ability returns. jc

Consumer protection by the Fed? Hilarious!

As you know, the Fed is concerned about losing its authority to oversee consumer protection issues to a new agency set up for that specific purpose.

Considering the financial collapse of 2008, the wonky loans and other transactions pre-2008, and how things have been playing out in financial systems in the US and all over the globe, I cannot be the only one who wonders exactly when the Fed's protective "overseeing" on behalf of consumers occurred!

Yes, the Federal Reserve protects someone, but...consumers? If the Fed's most recent performance is what they call 'protection' then sign me up for an end to it - I'll take my chances without the high-flying financial "experts."

Jul 23, 2009

Obama's healthcare presser 7.22.09: the stars don't lie

President Obama says that the "stars are aligned" now for health care reform.

Well, I wondered after peeking at last evening's horoscope of his presser on health care reform whether someone was using an astrologer to tell him when not to speak on the subject.

At 8:00 pm edt in DC last evening 23Cap33 was rising with North Node 00AQ13 in First House - pretty good to have NN in 1st house until you look at the South Node conjunct Sun 00Leo18 in 7th house. Mercury 10Leo12 and Moon 12 Leo57 (conjunct Mr. Obama's natal Sun) were also posited in 7th house.

The Sun/SN conjunction is 2 degrees from the president's orating Mercury 2Leo20.

America's out-of-bounds Pluto 27Cap33 Rx (in natal 2nd house of our Sibly chart) is rising, too, with its secret hand implications in tow. The White House is having secret meetings today with the top health care industry players, perhaps to adjust an attitude or two since the presser's Pluto 1Cap16 Rx (conjunct the karmic 12th cusp at 8:00 pm - same old obstacles) was inconjunct Sun/SN 00Leo13/18 in 7th house. Inconjuncts (aka quincunxes; 150 degr) are aspects of adjustment - it's the 'square peg in the round hole' aspect.

Some heavyweight midpoints were rising, too, at 8:00 pm, all conjunct in Capricorn: Big Bankers Jupiter/Pluto, Neptune/Pluto (signature of the Robber Barons), and Pluto/Chiron, duo of violence, oppression, racism, fascism, class warfare, and corporatism (among other anti-social things.)

You've noted I'm sure that NN 00AQ13 is pointing in the direction of US Inaugural Sun and, in 2009, toward Inaugural Mercury Rx. A presidential term that is signified by a retrograde Mercury bodes trouble in the plan and communication departments, and things must be reviewed constantly. Even presidential oaths must be retaken.

The 2009 Inaugural Moon 29Sco45 being void-of-course on Jan 20, noon, DC, indicates that this presidency won't work out as planned, or will bring results quite different from what was expected...if they were meant to work out at all.

In 7th house is the doctors' asteroid, Aesculapia 25Leo04, opposing the 'grand schemes and speculations' duo, the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, with health-related Chiron between them; all three are Rx in 1st house.

8:00 pm edt last evening was during a Mars Hour which is good for taking action - and as you know, Mr. Obama stressed once again that in Washington, inertia is the default position. But what a grouping around Mars 7Gem35 in the 4th house, the Foundation of the chart and of the matter!

Here's the list in order of degrees in Gemini: Pan 6:41, a trickster element associated with the ancient sign of Capricorn; Mars 7:35; Nemesis 7:54, the unbeatable foe; divine retribution ; and gold-hoarding Midas 8:35. Mars is unaspected in this chart so his sign, degree, house placement, and anything conjoined to him takes precedence as he acts on his own.

And Gemini is the sign of duplicity, as you know, or multiplicity.

The Moon began at 8 pm conjunct asteroid Siva the creator/destroyer, but at 9:00 pm the Moon reached asteroid, Panacea, with its health connection as a soothing agent. Perhaps the people (Moon) felt better at the end of the presser. Personally I'd had enough, so I avoided it studiously, preferring DVDs of the second season of Mad Men. (So actually I'm only looking at the chart of the presser.)

At Mc (The Goal) sat Hidalgo 15Sco01, one of the power asteroids, but he's retrograde; at Ic is Terpsichore 15Tau55, which I tend to use in mundane work as a significator of 'the orchestrator.' Taurus, one of the money signs, is the hoarder of the zodiac; another shadow side trait of Taurus is intolerance, a character flaw which I believe plutocrats are rotten with.

Chart-ruler Saturn 18Vir27, is in 8th house of Shared Resources, Insurance, Credit, Debt, Big Finances, etc, so money was the theme. Saturn has the happy circumstance of trining the ASC 23Cap33, and is not Rx, so that's good. Saturn = Democrats, so perhaps the Blue Dogs will get hold of their own tails long enough to vote with their party, the dunces. Saturn in 8th squares Venus 19Gem39 in 5th house of Risk-Taking and Gambling, another indicator of money difficulties with the funding of this issue.

With Sun at 00Leo18, this is the un-birthday of the president - Sun opposes the Inaugural Sun, a time when one's direction should be reviewed and changes of plan made if things aren't working out as you intended 6 months before; in this case, on Jan 20, 2009.

And with 2009 Inaugural Mercury being opposed by the Sun last evening, we see that it's also a time when frustrations befall, and movement is hampered. Sales and other business transactions go slowly and are criticized, and lack of careful planning catches up. Bad timing is an issue and I think last evening's presser on health care reform, unfortunately for the American people, is such a case.

No, Sun opposite Mercury is not a time to force issues even if it has been several decades of false promises and aborted attempts, so if an astrologer picked the presser's time and date, last night was not the best - unless things weren't supposed to work out! Perhaps it was a case of desperation on the president's part, and he did wait until after July 21's Solar Eclipse to speak out.

Yet his statement that, "The stars are aligned" makes no sense to me at this juncture and the only way I can synthesize the mess is that health care reform was a campaign promise that Mr. Obama may have had no intention (Inaugural 2009 VOC Moon; Mercury Rx) of implementing at the expense of messing with the bottom lines of his fat cat friends in the health care industry. Or perhaps they have pulled him up short!

Hope I'm totally wrong though. Still, you know what they say which applies especially to politicians: the stars never lie. But the people under them do.


Update 7.23.09 1:00 pm edt: the GOP is really on the warpath today against healthcare reform and they're sounding desperate to protect their assets as they float the propaganda that healthcare reform is unAmerican. Bwa ha ha, that old chestnut again!

Ron Paul speaks truth to the Fed's lies: video

At least one man on Capitol Hill is speaking truth to the Fed's lies and shell game: Rep. Ron Paul, but the picture he describes reveals the deliberate crashing of America. For the deliberate crashing of California, see previous post.

Highway Robbery in California

From LACity:

'Sacramento's Dangerous Shell Game

by Antonio Villaraigosa
Mayor of the City of Los Angeles

July 22, 2009


This [budget] deal -- and the system that produced it -- reflects a clear abdication of our state's responsibility to provide critical services to its taxpayers.

The City of Los Angeles alone could stand to lose nearly $275 million in revenue and services this fiscal year. That includes up to $120 million in property taxes and $60 million in gas tax funds that the state is under no obligation to repay.

These cuts are simply unacceptable. They take aim at our City's purse strings while our local families get caught in the middle. They target our efforts to stimulate the economy, and gun down new investments in infrastructure, job creation, and the green economy.

We will not stand for highway robbery, and we are currently evaluating every legal option at our disposal to ensure that Los Angeles does not suffer from the misguided priorities of this budget proposal.'


A glaring part of the big plan to gut states, create a large centralized government, and meld America into a one world government. And they use World Peace as a cover! jc

Jul 22, 2009

Missing trillions of the Fed and the last quarter of 2007

Testifying on Capitol Hill yesterday, Fed head Ben Bernanke says he doesn't know which foreign banks received trillions of dollars from the US, but says the funds were dispersed beginning in the last quarter of 2007.

Let's see now, perhaps Astrology can jar Ben's memory...ah yes, what happened on Dec 11, 2007 at 2:34 pm est in Washington, a mere 19 minutes after the Fed announced an interest rate cut?

It was something BIG to do with plutocrats and very wealthy people and well-heeled bankers and those who manage large projects...oh yeah - the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto with critical degree '20 Capricorn' at Midheaven (The WHY? Point) and the midpoint of plutocratic Pluto/Chiron ruling over all from the top vantage point.

('20 Cancer' is also a critical degree, of course, and is at Ic. If you follow the link, click chart to enlarge for better viewing.)

Funny story though - along with Pluto/Chiron and Jupiter/Chiron at Mc that day was a signature of hidden identity and/or confused purpose: Sun/Neptune.

Sun/Neptune = Mc: emotional stress in the profession; weakness; impressionability; susceptibility.

And the Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction itself? Snugged upon the 9th house of Foreign Lands, the names of which Mr. Bernanke cannot now recall.

As I and others have been saying for some time: audit the Fed!

BBC News on the July 21/22 Solar Eclipse: video link

BBC News has covered the Solar Eclipse of last evening (10:34 edt, USA) with photos, video, and commentary.

Jul 21, 2009

Solar Eclipse and Jupiter's been kerpow'd! July 21/22, 2009

Well, I was starting the think this Newsletter about this evening's Solar Eclipse would never arrive; oh, and something hit Jupiter:

Space Weather News for July 21, 2009

SOLAR ECLIPSE: The longest total eclipse of the 21st century is about to begin. It starts just hours from now at approximately 9 pm EDT on July 21 (0100 UT on July 22nd). The path of totality crosses many major cities in India and China, setting the stage for possibly the best-observed eclipse in history.

Photos from the path of totality will be posted on SpaceWeather as the event unfolds.

COSMIC COLLISION: Evidence is mounting that something did hit Jupiter no more than a few days ago.

The impact site (a dark "scar" in Jupiter's clouds) was discovered on July 19 by Australian amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley, and NASA astronomers quickly confirmed the find. Infrared photos posted on today's edition of SpaceWeather News are consistent with an asteroid or comet strike on the giant planet. The debris zone in Jupiter's clouds is itself as wide as a small planet, making it an easy target for backyard telescopes.

SPACE WEATHER ALERTS: For less than the cost of a night at the movies, you can get real time space weather alerts on your cell phone and never miss another big solar flare or geomagnetic storm.

Sign up for SpaceWeather PHONE.


Astrologically, I've written so often about tonight's Eclipse at '29 Cancer' that I'm Eclipsed out, both here and on Jude's Threshold (see sidebar of Pages for Eclipse charts.)

But as far as people who share a Sun Cancer-Moon Cancer personality blend, I shall add a quote by such a one, a quote that someone may find useful in this crazy world:

"But I want first of all to be at peace with myself...I want to live an inner harmony, essentially spiritual, which can be translated to outer harmony."

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

PBS' 'Cracking the Mayan Code': text link

In April 2008, PBS first presented Cracking the Mayan Code so click to read the transcript, if you like.

Astrology of Health Care Reform: 1994 vs 2009

Following my own thread of interest from my previous post on surveillance of the eye of Horus and Health Care Reform, I was lead to a page in Alan Meece's book, Horoscope For the New Millennium, which states that, "On Jan 11, 1994, virtually all of the planets aligned with a New Moon in conservative Capricorn. It fell in the 6th house (Health; Work; Service) in Washington, representing Clinton's massive effort to reform health care that year."(paperback, p. 245.)

Meece continues, "It failed due to pressure by the health care insurance industry, and served only to rally the 'opposition to big government' led by talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, whose birthday is January 11. In November 1994 (right after a Solar Eclipse), Republicans took control of Congress in a surprise victory, and genuine reform was over--at least for the moment.

The New Moon of January 11, 1994 seemed to shake up the world in other ways: six days later a huge earthquake struck Los Angeles, leading to the largest relief effort in US history (6h house.)" Largest up to that time, of course.

The 1994 stellium in Capricorn included: Mars, Venus, Neptune, Moon, Sun, Uranus, and Mercury...woo! Missing are the societal planets, Jupiter (Sco) and Saturn (AQ), and transpersonal Pluto (Scorpio.) If you'd like to set up this chart, the New Moon 21Cap30:51 was exact over the Capitol Building at 6:10:20 pm est with asteroid, Hygeia (health), conjunct the transiting midpoint of the plutocratic pair of oppression and corporatism, Pluto/Chiron.

Apparently, Hygeia was hidden away in Pluto/Chiron's back pocket!

Pluto relates to surgery, of course, and Chiron, associated with health through its 'wounded healer' fame, is in 2nd house of Values, Self-Worth, Money and Earning Ability, and is Rx at 8Vir56. The Sabian Symbol for '9Vir' is: "A Man Making a Futuristic Drawing" and one supposes that he did, for it's 2009 and America still have no health plan that makes treatment affordable and available to all her citizens.

Then when I Googled 'January 11, 1994' this turned up on the Superhighway Summit of Jan 11, 1994, held at UCLA, presided over by then-VP Al Gore, and shown live on C-SPAN.

Lily Tomlin's Ernestine character made a surprise cameo at the summit and was assured by Mr. Gore of the coming ease and availability of the 'information superhighway' for all Americans. That America's web and internet development falls far behind many countries of the world in these matters is now well-known, but in 1994, all seemed possible and was easily promised.

Except, as it turned out, health care reform for Americans, who are forced by an imperialist government to spend all our tax monies, not for our own needs or care, but on policing the world through perpetual wars that have bankrupted our nation.

Now lest you think I'm deluded by the 'R vs D' nonsense on the health care reform issue (or on any other), I assure you I am sufficiently suspicious of DC politicians to envision Clinton and the Dems of 1994 as only pretending to work for massive improvements while protecting the insurance and med industries, and using the GOP take-over of Congress as a shield to hide its own lack of support for health care reform.

Then, as now, Democrats take money from health industries, too, and who knows which stocks are held in whose portfolios?

But that's Pluto/Chiron for you: class warfare of the power elite vs the common man and woman.

As for the elite, we'll see if 2009 and President Obama's current health care initiatives turn out to be more of same as in 1994 - and the proof will be in the ultimate results for the health care of the American people.

The real reason behind the Digital TV switch

Was there an ulterior motive for the big push to Digital TV from the old analog frequencies?

Why, shore there was! And here's an article with a few things to think about as you use your credit and debit cards, your medical or grocery store-scanned discount cards, passports, and many other personal belongings where 'ere you roam.

Ex-IBM Employee Reveals TV Abandoned Analog Band to Make Room for RFID Chips the better to scan and track you with, m'dear, even down to the Gillette Fusion blades scraping against your 5 o'clock shadow.

'RFID' is shorthand for Radio Frequency Identification Devices, but whether you call them 'Spychips' or 'transponder chips', tracking you with them is the reason the analog frequencies were made available for government spying and for, one assumes, control of goods, services, and people.

Most consumers have no idea why it was done other than to sell new TVs. But do you know anyone who's gone ga-ga over the so much better quality picture and sound that were promoted as the 'big benefit' of the much-touted Digital switch?

As long as I'm wearing my government-conspiracy foil hat, I may as well say that perhaps the big push toward Health Care Reform has something to do with collecting everyone's DNA! Do you trust them not to use our personal medical info in some manipulative way - no matter who's in office? Really? Never known the gov to lie and cover up? Oh dear. Is there room under that rock? I may want to join you.

Well, it all puts me in mind of the all-seeing eye of Horus pictured above, a symbol of the Illuminati (known for its many spies) which America adopted as an emblem for the Great Seal of the US (reverse side) and later used to decorate our paper money - which indicates that if the RFID-Digital TV switch tale is true, it isn't just about finding lost Fido and Fluffy anymore.

Jul 20, 2009

Annual Bohemian Grove meeting: Week of 7.20.09

That time has rolled around again for the annual satanic-ritual-infested Bohemian Grove meeting of the Illuminati, 80 miles north of San Francisco, California.

Click and you'll find that Richard Nixon's opinion of the celebration is noted as well...sassy stuff.

And just added to this blog's sidebar is a link to the '1001 Club' membership list (see 'On America') which names quite a few secretive movers and shakers - some departed, some still with us - and most entries have bios included while their high-handedness keeps on giving the world troubles and chaos galore.

But go ahead and check out the above-linked article if you wonder how the (political) sex addicts of the Bohemian Grove satanist crowd are enjoying their week's revelries.

Look about: you may notice a politician of your own realm who is mysteriously missing-in-action over the next few days, the cheeky monkey.

Perhaps you should give him a ringy-dingy in the Grove just to see how things are shakin'.

Horoscope of the 1st Moon Landing: Jup/Uran/Moon

Here is the chart for the First Moon Landing by Apollo 11 commandeered by Neil Armstrong, co-piloted by Buzz Aldrin, and presumably photographed from an orbit above by Michael Collins.

The chart is set for the White House, DC, primarily because of the political nature of the landing - or pseudo-landing, as some still insist - with the Moon's position in the zodiac used as a timer - Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus conjoined at 00Lib40 at 2:36 am edt, Washington, DC.

The Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus mark the start of new cycles of breakthroughs including scientific ones, adventurous explorations, inventions, and lucky opportunities. Inventions have certainly come out of NASA's space program.

You'll find this interesting planetary combination masterfully covered in Anne Whitaker's book, Jupiter Meets Uranus which I like so well I've reviewed the book on Amazon and highly recommend it to you.

Well, I'm at my drafting table today, but took a break to post the chart that to me symbolizes the 1st Moon Landing of July 20, 1969 - today is its 40th anniversary. I was in front of the TV 40 years ago and among the scammed if anyone was. That Neil Armstrong has retained his silence all these years seems a little disturbing, but more disturbing is the midpoint picture formed on that day and in effect no matter which hour you use for the actual landing...

...see lower left corner for a partial listing of its meanings, but here's all of it...the apex planet is secretive yet wealthy Pluto, with his ultimate coping abilities, but Pluto is conjunct US natal Neptune, a time when power can become an illusion or can be slowly eroded and undermined; there are political, economic, and physical power struggles with Pluto having the upper hand; the Soviet Union had bested the US by launching Sputnik I on Oct 4, 1957, the actual beginning of the Space Age...so the US government had many reasons to fake this Moon Landing if it seemed politically necessary. It did.

You see that Pluto 23Vir00 is also conjunct the transiting South Node of the Moon, a separative point that with transformative Pluto indicates war, primal violence, and old grievances about control issues...

Sun/Neptune = tr Pluto: use of the spiritual, psychic, or illusory as a force for persuasion; a fateful deception or illusion; extremely high sensitivity.

One chart factor isn't enough to toss out the baby, I agree, but this major midpoint picture is included to illustrate a main theme of July 20, 1969.

And if we look at the US natal chart (Sibly) with its 00Lib53 Midheaven (Goal/Aspiration Point - '00Libra' is a World Point of Prominence) we have a crop of pictures to consider...

Moon/Jupiter = n Mc: social-minded or religious person; confidence; popularity; the joy of expectation.

Moon/Jup = tr Uranus: love of enterprise; confidence; hilarity; sudden good fortune.

Moon/Uranus = n Mc: great energy and excitement; the pursuit of ambitious aims; ready for action; tending to interfere suddenly.

Moon/Uranus = tr Jupiter: aims on a grand scale; a lucky hand in enterprises; satisfied ambitions.

Jupiter/Uranus = n Mc: optimism; fortunate powers of adaptability; attaining good knowledge and understanding; a fortunate turn in life; comfortably becoming known for who one is (a cheat? hope not. -jc)

Jup/Uran = Moon: opportunity for major change; looking ahead to success; far-sightedness; good intuition. (All midpt pics by Tyl and Ebertin, and may operate in an any, all, or none fashion. The US natal Mc gave the Jupiter/Uranus energy an outlet for manifestation; Moon came along and triggered the publicity and keyed the public's attention.)

Hopefully a simple click will enlarge the chart image for you and my chicken-scratch notations will appear with more details, such a Water Grand Trine between Sun, Mercury, Neptune, and NN. A Kite pattern was formed between NN (the Kite's tail, which puts Pluto/SN/US natal Neptune as the lead directors), Mercury (the evening of July 19 was an annual US Mercury Return; Hour of Mercury), Neptune, and Pluto.

Neptune and Pluto together are the signature of the industrial Robber Barons (1890s) who were hoping that metals, gems, and/or water would be discovered on the Moon. With NASA's and Washington's newly stirred interest in going back, perhaps they're hoping still.

Well, this Kite was definitely flyin' high, wasn't it? But did it really land on the surface of the Moon? What do you think?


Wikipedia has more info on Moon landings than you can shake a film producer's wand at, if you're interested.