Sep 30, 2009

Sibel Edmonds' deposition video - part 1 of 5

Sibel Edmonds Deposition, 8/8/09: PART 1 of 5 from Velvet Revolution on Vimeo.

It's been many moons since I lived in Washington, DC (during Watergate) so when I hear whistleblower Sibel Edmonds discussing bribery, blackmail, and infiltration in the halls of Congress, it sounds like the DC I once knew - a beautiful, deeply flawed city!

The video is part 1 of 5, and is time-stamped "Aug 8, 2009 10:38:53" with 8Lib01 Ascending - so today the Sun 7Lib+ is conjunct and shining a spotlight on her deposition (ASC) - Moon 25AQ51 (a woman; the public) conjs deposition's Neptune as she reflects deception including in the media (Neptune) - and today's Mercury 21Vir43 (which turned Direct yesterday) conjs deposition's Saturn 20Vir10...'serious meetings and discussions.'

On August 8, 2009, deposition's Sun 16Leo11 was conjoined with asteroid Kassandra, keywords:a prophetess telling the truth no one believes; well perhaps not believed by the mainstream, but some of us have believed Ms. Edmonds all along.

The chart of the deposition contains a Mutable T-Square between a Moon/Saturn opposition pointing to apex Mars 18Gem51 (Mars nearing a US Mars Return) in 9th house of Foreign Lands; paraphrasing Bil Tierney in his excellent book, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, apex Mars in a Mutable T-Square indicates a Mars-type person who must focus to direct diffuse energies; if well-managed, apex Mars (in Mutable T-SQ) is a pioneer who can assemble dynamic energies with practical versatility; good planning assures effective, contructive outcomes, and acting straightforwardly either invigorates others or repels them.

Properly managed, Mars' impulse to act is balanced with an awareness of the consequences of (his/her) actions, and new beginnings are possible.

Moon/Saturn indicates the restricted and/or lonely woman, but also ambition and strategy for seeking recognition; with Mars: self-control to the point of torment, and the desire (Mars) to overcome difficulties the restriction causes.

Well, after being gagged in 2002 by a US government trying to cover its warmongering New World Order promoting patootie, Ms. Edmonds deserves a new beginning, imo.

Yet America may be too far gone and brazenly sold out to have more than sad regrets suffered by a scammed populace whose apathy is one of its few justifications for allowing Congress to become the scandalous cesspool it's become.

But please don't let my grousings about my favorite city I've ever lived in stop you from watching the deposition video - pass it on where and to whom you can, for if you're anything like me, America is, as always, your only nag in the race.

Thank you, Sibel Edmonds.

Sep 29, 2009

Baucus vs Rockefeller - Sun Lib/Moon AQ 9.29.09

Now locked in a matinee performance (allegedly!): Max Baucus and Jay Rockefeller, with blogging gnat me (and you?) waiting to see if Congress will do anything at all for our ailing health insurance system and the public option in process of being undermined by the big fat insurance industry and its Washington payrollees.

Well, Max Baucus made his statement just a while ago (see article above) so I took a quick peek at a horoscope for 2:55 pm EDT (Washington, DC) for a few planetary positions, and to find the Sabian Symbols for them - see if you think any of the symbols apply to our Health Insurance Reform situation for today:

Sun "7Lib": "A Woman Feeding Chickens and Protecting Them from the Hawks";

Moon "16AQ": "A Big Businessman at His Desk";

Mercury "22Vir" (Station Direct TODAY with NASA's Messenger spacecraft snapping photos of planet Mercury today for the third and final time; Messenger will go into orbit around the speedy planet in March 2011): "A Royal Coat of Arms";

Mars "22Can": "A Woman Awaiting a Sailboat" (maybe that describes me awaiting Congress to actually do something good for cash-strapped Americans. Interesting that Baucus cites 'pragmatism' as his reason for not supporting a public option, the only provision that may make the system of practical use to all Americans.)

The Mercury/Mars sextile is the base of a YOD pattern of 'adjustment, crisis, and/or special tasks' and is pointing at health-concerned Chiron @ '22AQ': "A Rug Placed on the Floor for Children to Play" (the House floor? Is this to be a basic overhaul that doesn't go too far that it riles the insurance industry? Obviously, we-the-people are considered to be the 'children'.)

One more astrological factor to mention in the collective is the soon-perfecting square (90 degrees) between Saturn and Pluto.

Expert astrologer Alan Oken describes the square aspect between authoritarian, controlling Saturn and coping, powerful, transforming Pluto (associated with surgeries and recuperative powers after illness) as:

'Consolidation vs Regeneration' and he adds: harshness, cruelty, destruction to the established order, dissatisfaction and a deep desire to annihilate existing forms.'

Well, yes, it sounds harsh all right, but it seems to this particular populist that the 'destruction' turns out to be on the part of the middle and lower classes with the wealthy super-rich in the catbird seat of plutocratic oligarchy. Forces fight above our heads, while we-the-people (and the rest of the world) suffer the 'trickle down' on our own, and now that the banking and political classes have dive-bombed the US financial system, we have fewer than ever resources with which to bounce back.

Planet of the Democrats, Saturn, is today @ 26Vir29, with Pluto 00Cap45; both heavyweights are in Direct motion, so the full effects of their square-off will be stronger as Saturn reaches 00Libra and beyond, and thus forms his partile (exact) square with power-behind-the-throne Pluto. Falling upon 00 Cardinal degrees - World Points - indicates events that affect the masses.

My feeling is that Mercury's "A Royal Coat of Arms" (of today's announcement by Baucus) is more intimately involved in the current health care stand-off than meets the common man's eye. Is the US government making decisions on its own? Hmm.

Or does the symbol merely refer to the ruling class' sense of 'nobility' and entitlement? Mercury turns direct today and pronouncements are made in Washington! We'll see if Max Baucus' sentiments 'turn' out to be the icingless cake of reform when it all shakes down.

Plus, today's rational, laissez faire *Sun Lib/Moon AQ blend with its prominent social conscience has these Images for Integration:

'A group of literary radicals stage a love-in to protest against military policy...In an elegant opera house, a trendy jazz musician performs rag time with a symphony orchestra.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

What do you think? Do you have feelings about a public option and the 'job' Congress is 'doing' toward 'improving' our health care problems?


*The Sun Lib/Moon AQ combo of energies is shared natally by John Lennon, George Gershwin, John Le Carre, Timothy Leary, and psychiatrist R. D. Laing...and perhaps by someone you know, lone reader!

Sep 27, 2009

Aldous Huxley's letter to George Orwell - Oct 21, 1949

"...Within the next generation I believe that the world's leaders will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging them and kicking them into obedience. In other words, I feel that the nightmare of Nineteen Eighty-Four is destined to modulate into the nightmare of a world having more resemblance to that which I imagined in Brave New World."

From a letter to George Orwell, dated 21 October 1949; from Letters of Aldous Huxley, ed. Grover Smith; Harper & Row, 1969. (My italics. jc)


Makes me want all the more to avoid the H1N1 vaccine, amongst all the popular narcotic and other drugs the FDA makes readily available to an unwary public. Do you trust your government to inoculate and medicate you? Have they safeguarded things so well that you feel the US government is trustworthy? If so, might I interest you in a deal on some lovely swampland in Florida?

On an Astrology note: on Oct 21, 1949 at 10:22:47 pm UT in London, England there occurred a New Moon 28Lib09; the Sabian Symbol for '29Lib' is "Humanity Seeking to Bridge the Span of Knowledge."

And back in 1949, that bridge was often crossed by sending a letter. Psychological discoveries and new methods may also be indicated by this symbol, and I feel that perhaps the 'collection' of knowledge (information; 'truth' serums?) and/or scientific trials and experiments may be indicated on other levels as well.

Of course, Huxley's letter could have been written earlier that day during the Balsamic phase of the Moon prior to the evening's New Moon, which would put in within the prophetic phase, the dark of the Moon.

Plus, the Pre-Natal Eclipse of this letter's date is the 5 North Series which manifested @ '8Taurus' on Apr 28, 1949...paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology: an unusual Saros Series involving sudden flashes of ideas that have a psychic or unconscious flavor; hunches, visions, and propehtic dreams as its essence; a very creative Series.

Yes. Indeed.

Above quote is complimentary of the Information Clearing House Newsletter.


Update 9.28.09: a watchful reader has thoughtfully sent along a link to the Assassination Archives and Research Center where a variety of links lead to many discoveries about the America we think we know, including CIA covert missions and use of tactics that sound suspiciously similar to what Aldous Huxley envisioned as written above.

Among many other subjects in the Archives, you'll find Bush Sr's critique of "conspiracy theorists" concerning the JFK assassination (when Poppy Bush himself was 'on protection duty' as CIA director) while he spoke at the funeral services of Gerald Ford. Yuh, that's what you would say, NWO man.

For as they say in Washington, You lie. They just don't say it to each other often enough because then they'd for once be telling the truth.

NPR BREAKING NEWS: William Safire Dead At 79

The New York Times is reporting that William Safire, political columnist and speechwriter for President Nixon, has died.

Read more at NPR.

Sep 26, 2009

Does Iran have a Saturnian destiny?

Starry kudos to Nick Dagan Best whose article on Iran's Saturn in Libra Destiny covers the high points of Iranian history through the lens of Saturn in Libra transits.

As you know, Saturn rules Capricorn, sign of politics, law, and business, and is the planet of authority and control through its restriction principle. Saturn is exalted in the sign of the Scales of Justice, Libra.

Nick says that Saturn transits through Virgo into Libra have "coincided with some curious turning points in Iranian political history," and, "the nation's political pulse seems to be tied closely to (Saturn's) cycle," so I hope you'll check out his informative astro-analysis before President Ahmadinejad speaks on the world stage again.

Sibel Edmonds interview: those who played roles in 9/11

Being busy of late with various art projects, this Sept 21 interview with whistleblower Sibel Edmonds almost escaped my radar but thanks to a watchful reader, I've now caught up with her astonishing revelations concerning the attacks of 9/11 and the roles of Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, and Paul Wolfowitz among other actors of treasonous proportions.

You'll note the reference to '4 months before 9/11' which implicates the Solar Eclipse Series prior to that of the attacks themselves which fell into the 3 North Series: 'over-excessive, news that involves young people or that transforms a situation; info causes obsessive worry; large plans are wanted to be undertaken, but don't get carried away.' (Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The American military did get carried away by warmongers and liars - to Iraq to break the country in two, with the UK taking the south, the US the north. Turkey's role is detailed in the article above as well, so please check it out since the 2002 gag order issued against Ms. Edmonds by then-Attorney General John Ashcroft is now lifted. You won't like what you read, but I recommend you read it anyway.

As you know, the 3N Series occurred @ 00Cancer, a World Point where big events transpire, but '4 months before 9/11' falls earlier into the 2 South Series @ 4Cap14 where Pluto will be visiting before we know it. Pluto 00Cap+ now opposes 9/11's PE as the Edmonds interview is uncovered and spread.

2S is the PE Series of Bush's first illegal, ill-fated, misguided, fraudulent term. (Just so you know where I stand on the varmints of 2000 and 2001 and always remembering SCOTUS and Justice Renquist's intimate roles in our election scam. And still, the US nervily pontificates on elections' legitimacy abroad!)

Actually Pluto's orb when transiting may be considered to be 5 degrees on each side of a particular degree, so perhaps plutonic delving is already occurring as he is now in orb of 4Cap14...

Paraphrasing Ms. Brady again on 2S which manifested on Dec 25, 2000: 'unusual groups and one's involvement in them and the feeling that one may gain a great deal with such involvement.'

Interestingly, 2S is the *PE Series of: Ronald Reagan, Woodrow Wilson, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Noam Chomsky, the New Millennium, and my favorite artist, Paul Cezanne.


*PE = Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, the eclipse season during which a person, entity, or event are born. Every 18.6 years a repeat of a Solar Eclipse in a Series manifests bringing with it the same issues and casting similar shadows upon current events; some Series have a more negative flavor than others and a South Series Eclipse may carry more of an unconscious quality with them. 'Old behaviors' may be relied upon.

So every 18.6 years, one is provided with a chance to deal more effectively with these issues through more mature consideration, developed talents, and initiative which one could not have possessed in infancy. But the chance also exists to deal in a negative, unconscious way - one more reason to be aware of one's natal chart!

Aspects from natal planets to an Eclipse degree show where one might receive aid through positive aspects such as sextiles (60 degr), trines (120 degr), and sometimes conjunctions (0 degr); more challenging aspects such as squares, semisquares, sesquisquares, oppositions, inconjuncts, or quindecuiles, indicate where blockages may exist either from the environment or from within, mentally and/or emotionally.

My observances with eclipses seem to indicate, however, that oppositions, as aspects of awareness, may actually be one of the most helpful of all aspects since opposite degrees can operate as Illumination Points where unconscious motivations lurk. But then, of course, one must be willing to take the awareness ball and run with it.

As for governments, they aren't known for admitting or honestly dealing with much of anything, for honesty could interfere with 'winning' the next election.


Read more on Eclipses and their effects by ace astrologer Donna Cunningham on her SkyWriter blog.

Obama to UN General Assembly 9.23.09 - full text

Update 9.27.09: here's an interesting article (in relation to my grousy NWO posts) which Reuters published on Sept 25, but which I just located concerning the G20 Summit coordinating the
New World Economic Order, in case you missed the 'happy' news.

Original post begins here:

Here is a snippet of what I posted using Mundane Astrology in honor of the president's address to the UN General Assembly on the morning of Sept 23, 2009:

'At 9 am edt, NYC, Sun 2Lib36 was on the verge of leaving the behind-the-scenes 12th house and entering 11th house of Groups and Associations. I don't know the exact minute that President Obama began speaking this morning, but it may well have been just after 9 am. If so, the ASC 23Lib24 brought Fixed Stars Arcturus (a different approach ) and Spica (potential for brilliance)...' onto the stage, I could have written.

By my own count from the president's address we have: "new direction" - "new era" - "new era of engagement with the world" - "we must build new coalitions" - "A new day can begin" - "new rules of the road" (economy) - "transformative change" - the US "stands ready to begin a new chapter of international cooperation"...and those are from a quick once-over read. Perhaps you've spied more references to the new or 'different approach' that Arcturus favors.

Do you think that a New World Order - aka, a 'New World Economic Order' was being once again foisted upon the world through this address from atop the UN pulpit?

Is the ongoing 'financial collapse' part of a plutocratic long-range plan to make their futuristic agenda seem more palatable and inevitable to the masses worldwide? Mr. Obama promotes a future of new directions here, one cannot deny, a future with 'new rules of the road' so better buckle up, buttercup, there's more chaos on the path as Naomi Klein's "Shock Doctrine" theory is implemented.

Here is a link to a video of Mr. Obama's address which the New York Times is promoting.

And mega-thanks go to my friend Alex D'Atria for sending along the text of President Obama's remarks asking that the United Nations become "an indispensable factor in the advancing the interests of the 'people we serve'"...I'd like the names of those people to be revealed please. Because so far, NAFTA, CAFTA, and rapists UN 'peacekeepers' don't seem to be a boon for the common man - or I miss my grouse.

Pres. Obama address the UN 9/24/2009

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Mr. President, Mr. Secretary General, fellow delegates, ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to address you for the first time as the 44th President of the United States. (Applause.) I come before you humbled by the responsibility that the American people have placed upon me, mindful of the enormous challenges of our moment in history, and determined to act boldly and collectively on behalf of justice and prosperity at home and abroad.

I have been in office for just nine months -- though some days it seems a lot longer. I am well aware of the expectations that accompany my presidency around the world. These expectations are not about me. Rather, they are rooted, I believe, in a discontent with a status quo that has allowed us to be increasingly defined by our differences, and outpaced by our problems. But they are also rooted in hope -- the hope that real change is possible, and the hope that America will be a leader in bringing about such change.

I took office at a time when many around the world had come to view America with skepticism and distrust. Part of this was due to misperceptions and misinformation about my country. Part of this was due to opposition to specific policies, and a belief that on certain critical issues, America has acted unilaterally, without regard for the interests of others. And this has fed an almost reflexive anti-Americanism, which too often has served as an excuse for collective inaction.

Now, like all of you, my responsibility is to act in the interest of my nation and my people, and I will never apologize for defending those interests. But it is my deeply held belief that in the year 2009 -- more than at any point in human history -- the interests of nations and peoples are shared. The religious convictions that we hold in our hearts can forge new bonds among people, or they can tear us apart. The technology we harness can light the path to peace, or forever darken it. The energy we use can sustain our planet, or destroy it. What happens to the hope of a single child -- anywhere -- can enrich our world, or impoverish it.

In this hall, we come from many places, but we share a common future. No longer do we have the luxury of indulging our differences to the exclusion of the work that we must do together. I have carried this message from London to Ankara; from Port of Spain to Moscow; from Accra to Cairo; and it is what I will speak about today -- because the time has come for the world to move in a new direction. We must embrace a new era of engagement based on mutual interest and mutual respect, and our work must begin now.

We know the future will be forged by deeds and not simply words. Speeches alone will not solve our problems -- it will take persistent action. For those who question the character and cause of my nation, I ask you to look at the concrete actions we have taken in just nine months.

On my first day in office, I prohibited -- without exception or equivocation -- the use of torture by the United States of America. (Applause.) I ordered the prison at Guantanamo Bay closed, and we are doing the hard work of forging a framework to combat extremism within the rule of law. Every nation must know: America will live its values, and we will lead by example.

We have set a clear and focused goal: to work with all members of this body to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al Qaeda and its extremist allies -- a network that has killed thousands of people of many faiths and nations, and that plotted to blow up this very building. In Afghanistan and Pakistan, we and many nations here are helping these governments develop the capacity to take the lead in this effort, while working to advance opportunity and security for their people.

In Iraq, we are responsibly ending a war. We have removed American combat brigades from Iraqi cities, and set a deadline of next August to remove all our combat brigades from Iraqi territory. And I have made clear that we will help Iraqis transition to full responsibility for their future, and keep our commitment to remove all American troops by the end of 2011.

I have outlined a comprehensive agenda to seek the goal of a world without nuclear weapons. In Moscow, the United States and Russia announced that we would pursue substantial reductions in our strategic warheads and launchers. At the Conference on Disarmament, we agreed on a work plan to negotiate an end to the production of fissile materials for nuclear weapons. And this week, my Secretary of State will become the first senior American representative to the annual Members Conference of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

Upon taking office, I appointed a Special Envoy for Middle East Peace, and America has worked steadily and aggressively to advance the cause of two states -- Israel and Palestine -- in which peace and security take root, and the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians are respected.

To confront climate change, we have invested $80 billion in clean energy. We have substantially increased our fuel-efficiency standards. We have provided new incentives for conservation, launched an energy partnership across the Americas, and moved from a bystander to a leader in international climate negotiations.

To overcome an economic crisis that touches every corner of the world, we worked with the G20 nations to forge a coordinated international response of over $2 trillion in stimulus to bring the global economy back from the brink. We mobilized resources that helped prevent the crisis from spreading further to developing countries. And we joined with others to launch a $20 billion global food security initiative that will lend a hand to those who need it most, and help them build their own capacity.

We've also re-engaged the United Nations. We have paid our bills. We have joined the Human Rights Council. (Applause.) We have signed the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. We have fully embraced the Millennium Development Goals. And we address our priorities here, in this institution -- for instance, through the Security Council meeting that I will chair tomorrow on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, and through the issues that I will discuss today.

This is what we have already done. But this is just a beginning. Some of our actions have yielded progress. Some have laid the groundwork for progress in the future. But make no mistake: This cannot solely be America's endeavor. Those who used to chastise America for acting alone in the world cannot now stand by and wait for America to solve the world's problems alone. We have sought -- in word and deed -- a new era of engagement with the world. And now is the time for all of us to take our share of responsibility for a global response to global challenges.

Now, if we are honest with ourselves, we need to admit that we are not living up to that responsibility. Consider the course that we're on if we fail to confront the status quo: Extremists sowing terror in pockets of the world; protracted conflicts that grind on and on; genocide; mass atrocities; more nations with nuclear weapons; melting ice caps and ravaged populations; persistent poverty and pandemic disease. I say this not to sow fear, but to state a fact: The magnitude of our challenges has yet to be met by the measure of our actions.

This body was founded on the belief that the nations of the world could solve their problems together. Franklin Roosevelt, who died before he could see his vision for this institution become a reality, put it this way -- and I quote: "The structure of world peace cannot be the work of one man, or one party, or one nation…. It cannot be a peace of large nations -- or of small nations. It must be a peace which rests on the cooperative effort of the whole world."

The cooperative effort of the whole world. Those words ring even more true today, when it is not simply peace, but our very health and prosperity that we hold in common. Yet we also know that this body is made up of sovereign states. And sadly, but not surprisingly, this body has often become a forum for sowing discord instead of forging common ground; a venue for playing politics and exploiting grievances rather than solving problems. After all, it is easy to walk up to this podium and point figures -- point fingers and stoke divisions. Nothing is easier than blaming others for our troubles, and absolving ourselves of responsibility for our choices and our actions. Anybody can do that. Responsibility and leadership in the 21st century demand more.

In an era when our destiny is shared, power is no longer a zero-sum game. No one nation can or should try to dominate another nation. No world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed. No balance of power among nations will hold. The traditional divisions between nations of the South and the North make no sense in an interconnected world; nor do alignments of nations rooted in the cleavages of a long-gone Cold War.

The time has come to realize that the old habits, the old arguments, are irrelevant to the challenges faced by our people. They lead nations to act in opposition to the very goals that they claim to pursue -- and to vote, often in this body, against the interests of their own people. They build up walls between us and the future that our people seek, and the time has come for those walls to come down. Together, we must build new coalitions that bridge old divides -- coalitions of different faiths and creeds; of north and south, east, west, black, white, and brown.

The choice is ours. We can be remembered as a generation that chose to drag the arguments of the 20th century into the 21st; that put off hard choices, refused to look ahead, failed to keep pace because we defined ourselves by what we were against instead of what we were for. Or we can be a generation that chooses to see the shoreline beyond the rough waters ahead; that comes together to serve the common interests of human beings, and finally gives meaning to the promise embedded in the name given to this institution: the United Nations.

That is the future America wants -- a future of peace and prosperity that we can only reach if we recognize that all nations have rights, but all nations have responsibilities as well. That is the bargain that makes this work. That must be the guiding principle of international cooperation.

Today, let me put forward four pillars that I believe are fundamental to the future that we want for our children: non-proliferation and disarmament; the promotion of peace and security; the preservation of our planet; and a global economy that advances opportunity for all people.

First, we must stop the spread of nuclear weapons, and seek the goal of a world without them.

This institution was founded at the dawn of the atomic age, in part because man's capacity to kill had to be contained. For decades, we averted disaster, even under the shadow of a superpower stand-off. But today, the threat of proliferation is growing in scope and complexity. If we fail to act, we will invite nuclear arms races in every region, and the prospect of wars and acts of terror on a scale that we can hardly imagine.

A fragile consensus stands in the way of this frightening outcome, and that is the basic bargain that shapes the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. It says that all nations have the right to peaceful nuclear energy; that nations with nuclear weapons have a responsibility to move toward disarmament; and those without them have the responsibility to forsake them. The next 12 months could be pivotal in determining whether this compact will be strengthened or will slowly dissolve.

America intends to keep our end of the bargain. We will pursue a new agreement with Russia to substantially reduce our strategic warheads and launchers. We will move forward with ratification of the Test Ban Treaty, and work with others to bring the treaty into force so that nuclear testing is permanently prohibited. We will complete a Nuclear Posture Review that opens the door to deeper cuts and reduces the role of nuclear weapons. And we will call upon countries to begin negotiations in January on a treaty to end the production of fissile material for weapons.

I will also host a summit next April that reaffirms each nation's responsibility to secure nuclear material on its territory, and to help those who can't -- because we must never allow a single nuclear device to fall into the hands of a violent extremist. And we will work to strengthen the institutions and initiatives that combat nuclear smuggling and theft.

All of this must support efforts to strengthen the NPT. Those nations that refuse to live up to their obligations must face consequences. Let me be clear, this is not about singling out individual nations -- it is about standing up for the rights of all nations that do live up to their responsibilities. Because a world in which IAEA inspections are avoided and the United Nation's demands are ignored will leave all people less safe, and all nations less secure.

In their actions to date, the governments of North Korea and Iran threaten to take us down this dangerous slope. We respect their rights as members of the community of nations. I've said before and I will repeat, I am committed to diplomacy that opens a path to greater prosperity and more secure peace for both nations if they live up to their obligations.

But if the governments of Iran and North Korea choose to ignore international standards; if they put the pursuit of nuclear weapons ahead of regional stability and the security and opportunity of their own people; if they are oblivious to the dangers of escalating nuclear arms races in both East Asia and the Middle East -- then they must be held accountable. The world must stand together to demonstrate that international law is not an empty promise, and that treaties will be enforced. We must insist that the future does not belong to fear.

That brings me to the second pillar for our future: the pursuit of peace.

The United Nations was born of the belief that the people of the world can live their lives, raise their families, and resolve their differences peacefully. And yet we know that in too many parts of the world, this ideal remains an abstraction -- a distant dream. We can either accept that outcome as inevitable, and tolerate constant and crippling conflict, or we can recognize that the yearning for peace is universal, and reassert our resolve to end conflicts around the world.

That effort must begin with an unshakable determination that the murder of innocent men, women and children will never be tolerated. On this, no one can be -- there can be no dispute. The violent extremists who promote conflict by distorting faith have discredited and isolated themselves. They offer nothing but hatred and destruction. In confronting them, America will forge lasting partnerships to target terrorists, share intelligence, and coordinate law enforcement and protect our people. We will permit no safe haven for al Qaeda to launch attacks from Afghanistan or any other nation. We will stand by our friends on the front lines, as we and many nations will do in pledging support for the Pakistani people tomorrow. And we will pursue positive engagement that builds bridges among faiths, and new partnerships for opportunity.

Our efforts to promote peace, however, cannot be limited to defeating violent extremists. For the most powerful weapon in our arsenal is the hope of human beings -- the belief that the future belongs to those who would build and not destroy; the confidence that conflicts can end and a new day can begin.

And that is why we will support -- we will strengthen our support for effective peacekeeping, while energizing our efforts to prevent conflicts before they take hold. We will pursue a lasting peace in Sudan through support for the people of Darfur and the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, so that we secure the peace that the Sudanese people deserve. (Applause.) And in countries ravaged by violence -- from Haiti to Congo to East Timor -- we will work with the U.N. and other partners to support an enduring peace.

I will also continue to seek a just and lasting peace between Israel, Palestine, and the Arab world. (Applause.) We will continue to work on that issue. Yesterday, I had a constructive meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas. We have made some progress. Palestinians have strengthened their efforts on security. Israelis have facilitated greater freedom of movement for the Palestinians. As a result of these efforts on both sides, the economy in the West Bank has begun to grow. But more progress is needed. We continue to call on Palestinians to end incitement against Israel, and we continue to emphasize that America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements. (Applause.)

The time has come -- the time has come to re-launch negotiations without preconditions that address the permanent status issues: security for Israelis and Palestinians, borders, refugees, and Jerusalem. And the goal is clear: Two states living side by side in peace and security -- a Jewish state of Israel, with true security for all Israelis; and a viable, independent Palestinian state with contiguous territory that ends the occupation that began in 1967, and realizes the potential of the Palestinian people. (Applause.)

As we pursue this goal, we will also pursue peace between Israel and Lebanon, Israel and Syria, and a broader peace between Israel and its many neighbors. In pursuit of that goal, we will develop regional initiatives with multilateral participation, alongside bilateral negotiations.

Now, I am not naïve. I know this will be difficult. But all of us -- not just the Israelis and the Palestinians, but all of us -- must decide whether we are serious about peace, or whether we will only lend it lip service. To break the old patterns, to break the cycle of insecurity and despair, all of us must say publicly what we would acknowledge in private. The United States does Israel no favors when we fail to couple an unwavering commitment to its security with an insistence that Israel respect the legitimate claims and rights of the Palestinians. (Applause.) And -- and nations within this body do the Palestinians no favors when they choose vitriolic attacks against Israel over constructive willingness to recognize Israel's legitimacy and its right to exist in peace and security. (Applause.)

We must remember that the greatest price of this conflict is not paid by us. It's not paid by politicians. It's paid by the Israeli girl in Sderot who closes her eyes in fear that a rocket will take her life in the middle of the night. It's paid for by the Palestinian boy in Gaza who has no clean water and no country to call his own. These are all God's children. And after all the politics and all the posturing, this is about the right of every human being to live with dignity and security. That is a lesson embedded in the three great faiths that call one small slice of Earth the Holy Land. And that is why, even though there will be setbacks and false starts and tough days, I will not waver in my pursuit of peace. (Applause.)

Third, we must recognize that in the 21st century, there will be no peace unless we take responsibility for the preservation of our planet. And I thank the Secretary General for hosting the subject of climate change yesterday.

The danger posed by climate change cannot be denied. Our responsibility to meet it must not be deferred. If we continue down our current course, every member of this Assembly will see irreversible changes within their borders. Our efforts to end conflicts will be eclipsed by wars over refugees and resources. Development will be devastated by drought and famine. Land that human beings have lived on for millennia will disappear. Future generations will look back and wonder why we refused to act; why we failed to pass on -- why we failed to pass on an environment that was worthy of our inheritance.

And that is why the days when America dragged its feet on this issue are over. We will move forward with investments to transform our energy economy, while providing incentives to make clean energy the profitable kind of energy. We will press ahead with deep cuts in emissions to reach the goals that we set for 2020, and eventually 2050. We will continue to promote renewable energy and efficiency, and share new technologies with countries around the world. And we will seize every opportunity for progress to address this threat in a cooperative effort with the entire world.

And those wealthy nations that did so much damage to the environment in the 20th century must accept our obligation to lead. But responsibility does not end there. While we must acknowledge the need for differentiated responses, any effort to curb carbon emissions must include the fast-growing carbon emitters who can do more to reduce their air pollution without inhibiting growth. And any effort that fails to help the poorest nations both adapt to the problems that climate change have already wrought and help them travel a path of clean development simply will not work.

It's hard to change something as fundamental as how we use energy. I know that. It's even harder to do so in the midst of a global recession. Certainly, it will be tempting to sit back and wait for others to move first. But we cannot make this journey unless we all move forward together. As we head into Copenhagen, let us resolve to focus on what each of us can do for the sake of our common future.

And this leads me to the final pillar that must fortify our future: a global economy that advances opportunity for all people.

The world is still recovering from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. In America, we see the engine of growth beginning to churn, and yet many still struggle to find a job or pay their bills. Across the globe, we find promising signs, but little certainty about what lies ahead. And far too many people in far too many places live through the daily crises that challenge our humanity -- the despair of an empty stomach; the thirst brought on by dwindling water supplies; the injustice of a child dying from a treatable disease; or a mother losing her life as she gives birth.

In Pittsburgh, we will work with the world's largest economies to chart a course for growth that is balanced and sustained. That means vigilance to ensure that we do not let up until our people are back to work. That means taking steps to rekindle demand so that global recovery can be sustained. And that means setting new rules of the road and strengthening regulation for all financial centers, so that we put an end to the greed and the excess and the abuse that led us into this disaster, and prevent a crisis like this from ever happening again.

At a time of such interdependence, we have a moral and pragmatic interest, however, in broader questions of development -- the questions of development that existed even before this crisis happened. And so America will continue our historic effort to help people feed themselves. We have set aside $63 billion to carry forward the fight against HIV/AIDS, to end deaths from tuberculosis and malaria, to eradicate polio, and to strengthen public health systems. We are joining with other countries to contribute H1N1 vaccines to the World Health Organization. We will integrate more economies into a system of global trade. We will support the Millennium Development Goals, and approach next year's summit with a global plan to make them a reality. And we will set our sights on the eradication of extreme poverty in our time.

Now is the time for all of us to do our part. Growth will not be sustained or shared unless all nations embrace their responsibilities. And that means that wealthy nations must open their markets to more goods and extend a hand to those with less, while reforming international institutions to give more nations a greater voice. And developing nations must root out the corruption that is an obstacle to progress -- for opportunity cannot thrive where individuals are oppressed and business have to pay bribes. That is why we support honest police and independent judges; civil society and a vibrant private sector. Our goal is simple: a global economy in which growth is sustained, and opportunity is available to all.

Now, the changes that I've spoken about today will not be easy to make. And they will not be realized simply by leaders like us coming together in forums like this, as useful as that may be. For as in any assembly of members, real change can only come through the people we represent. That is why we must do the hard work to lay the groundwork for progress in our own capitals. That's where we will build the consensus to end conflicts and to harness technology for peaceful purposes, to change the way we use energy, and to promote growth that can be sustained and shared.

I believe that the people of the world want this future for their children. And that is why we must champion those principles which ensure that governments reflect the will of the people. These principles cannot be afterthoughts -- democracy and human rights are essential to achieving each of the goals that I've discussed today, because governments of the people and by the people are more likely to act in the broader interests of their own people, rather than narrow interests of those in power.

The test of our leadership will not be the degree to which we feed the fears and old hatreds of our people. True leadership will not be measured by the ability to muzzle dissent, or to intimidate and harass political opponents at home. The people of the world want change. They will not long tolerate those who are on the wrong side of history.

This Assembly's Charter commits each of us -- and I quote -- "to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women." Among those rights is the freedom to speak your mind and worship as you please; the promise of equality of the races, and the opportunity for women and girls to pursue their own potential; the ability of citizens to have a say in how you are governed, and to have confidence in the administration of justice. For just as no nation should be forced to accept the tyranny of another nation, no individual should be forced to accept the tyranny of their own people. (Applause.)

As an African American, I will never forget that I would not be here today without the steady pursuit of a more perfect union in my country. And that guides my belief that no matter how dark the day may seem, transformative change can be forged by those who choose to side with justice. And I pledge that America will always stand with those who stand up for their dignity and their rights -- for the student who seeks to learn; the voter who demands to be heard; the innocent who longs to be free; the oppressed who yearns to be equal.

Democracy cannot be imposed on any nation from the outside. Each society must search for its own path, and no path is perfect. Each country will pursue a path rooted in the culture of its people and in its past traditions. And I admit that America has too often been selective in its promotion of democracy. But that does not weaken our commitment; it only reinforces it. There are basic principles that are universal; there are certain truths which are self-evident -- and the United States of America will never waver in our efforts to stand up for the right of people everywhere to determine their own destiny. (Applause.)

Sixty-five years ago, a weary Franklin Roosevelt spoke to the American people in his fourth and final inaugural address. After years of war, he sought to sum up the lessons that could be drawn from the terrible suffering, the enormous sacrifice that had taken place. "We have learned," he said, "to be citizens of the world, members of the human community."

The United Nations was built by men and women like Roosevelt from every corner of the world -- from Africa and Asia, from Europe to the Americas. These architects of international cooperation had an idealism that was anything but naïve -- it was rooted in the hard-earned lessons of war; rooted in the wisdom that nations could advance their interests by acting together instead of splitting apart.

Now it falls to us -- for this institution will be what we make of it. The United Nations does extraordinary good around the world -- feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, mending places that have been broken. But it also struggles to enforce its will, and to live up to the ideals of its founding.

I believe that those imperfections are not a reason to walk away from this institution -- they are a calling to redouble our efforts. The United Nations can either be a place where we bicker about outdated grievances, or forge common ground; a place where we focus on what drives us apart, or what brings us together; a place where we indulge tyranny, or a source of moral authority. In short, the United Nations can be an institution that is disconnected from what matters in the lives of our citizens, or it can be an indispensable factor in advancing the interests of the people we serve.

We have reached a pivotal moment. The United States stands ready to begin a new chapter of international cooperation -- one that recognizes the rights and responsibilities of all nations. And so, with confidence in our cause, and with a commitment to our values, we call on all nations to join us in building the future that our people so richly deserve.

Thank you very much, everybody. #

In addition: FDR was a Freemason and you'll note Mr. Obama's citing of FDR's integral involvement in the UN's beginnings. Now many Masons have performed many good community works over the decades, yes. But their guiding principles of doing good cannot be assumed to be in charge at the UN today. Nations, institutions, and other entities can be taken over - coup'd - by hostile forces which often masquerade as the opposite of what they secretly are, that we know. Black is white, white is black, and the devil take the hindmost. Still, the pretty words must pave the path!

Plus, you may wish to see this blog's sidebar of Quotes to Note for shuttle diplomat and war criminal Henry Kissinger's insight into the presidency of Barack Obama and what its goal should be. Apparently there are some who see "the future that our people so richly deserve" and this "pivotal moment" as things quite apart from the lack of totalitarian control that I personally prefer.

Now how about you?

Jude 9.26.09 2:17 pm edt

Sep 25, 2009

Naomi Klein interviews Michael Moore - text link

On Sept 25, 2009 Naomi Klein interviewed by phone Michael Moore whose new film Capitalism: A Love Story is garnering excellent reviews.

Click the link to read the text of their interview.

Plus, you'll find a video of the film's trailer embedded a few posts below this on Sept 21. It's worth your effort, if you haven't seen it. Actually, don't scroll - here's the link for you.

For as Mr. Moore says so ably on our behalf: we want our money back.

And I must pass on what David Letterman just said on TV about Dick Cheney's back surgery...he needed it from carrying Bush for 8 years.

Then, today as I waited in line, whose frowning snoot do I spy on the cover of a supermarket tabloid but that of ex-prez George Bush along with the news that Bush is depressed and suicidal. Hmm. With his ego?

G-20 Pittsburgh: Sun Lib-Moon Sag 9.25.09

Here are a few details on today's astrological weather by way of the Sun-Moon blends.

Moon is out-of-bounds which tallies with G-8 or G-20 Summits' tendency to cordon off the people so world 'leaders' don't have to see or experience protesters' rage, and for the participants' safety. These summits are where Pluto and Chiron meet with their combined energies signifying class warfare, oppression, corporatism, and the other nasty, often violent, -isms of Pluto/Chiron.

And the Pluto/Chiron midpoint, now @ 26Cap17, is on the Nodal axis on the end called the Head of the Dragon (North Node), along with America's natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx and out-of-bounds.

At 9 am edt, NYC, Sun 2Lib36 was on the verge of leaving the behind-the-scenes 12th house and entering 11th house of Groups and Associations. I don't know the exact minute that President Obama began speaking this morning, but it may well have been just after 9 am. If so, the ASC 23Lib24 brought Fixed Stars Arcturus (a different approach ) and Spica (potential for brilliance) with it.

At Mc 27Can25 was SN, with Mars 18Can39 in 9th house.

Now here are the 'Images for Integration' for today's Sun Lib-Moon Sag combo which morphs into Sun Lib-Moon Cap at 7:44 pm edt this evening.

Sun Lib-Moon Sag: Bob Geldof spins Band Aid out of the air to help famine-stricken Africa...An educationalist creates a Palace of Discovery to feed and stimulate young minds.

The workaholic Sun Lib-Moon Sag blend can tend to over-stretch and over-estimate its capacities, and may appear proud and aloof from others. Yet it does have a flair for persuasion and publicity, and for seeing the larger vision with new ways of doing things. (Well, it's their 'larger vision' and 'new ways' that always concern me for it's responsible for shoving the world onto the sorry NWO path we're now on, imho. jc.)

This blend is shared natally by Art Buchwald who wrote, "I explained to him that I had simple tastes and didn't want anything ostentatious, no matter what it cost me."

Sun Lib-Moon Cap: At the annual Christmas party, the chairman dresses up as Father Christmas and hands out new gold-engraved stationary for everybody...The Statue of Liberty. This is a blend of blatant self-interest vs cooperative spirit, and has a subtle talent for manipulation and an overly sensitive ego that takes offence very easily.

It is shared natally by Bobby Seale who asserted that, "We must start coming forth with our energies...our intellects, and our abilities to see what is right and what must be done, so the suffering will stop, and the phrase 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' begins to make some human sense."

At this tipping point I'd be quite prepared for the people's suffering to stop the world over. Wonder what the G-20 Summiters will be doing about that?

Sep 24, 2009

Mercury out of Shadow 6Lib13 Oct 14, 2009

This image is the horoscope of the minute that Mercury reaches original retrograde degree 6Lib13 and begins moving forward beyond Shadow area of the zodiac - Oct 14, 2009, 2:39 am edt in DC.

Mercury's rulership of thinking processes, communications, oration, debate, negotiations and contracts, writing, travel, and the neutral planet's Trickster, Messenger, Teacher, Trader guises make it the most significant planet in any chart.

And considering that the opening session of the United Nations this week has yielded some globally significant speeches, plus the many other mercurial things that are going on in the collective, gives me a good reason to publish this chart of the minute the Messenger leaves the Shadow.

During Rx periods, mercurial issues and events don't just come to a halt, as we know, though travel glitches may occur, and plans may have to be rethought, revised, or redone. Putting newly developed or revised plans into effect, however, may go smoother if one waits until Mercury turns Direct, which occurs on at Direct Station on Sept 29, 2009.

Yet with Very Important Issues, one may wish to wait further until Mercury leaves the Shadow, which in the case of this Rx period, is @ 6Lib13, Oct 14, 2009. One thing about Mercury Rx periods is that what seemed such a good idea or plan during Mercury Rx turns out to be riddled with holes when Mercury subsequently turns Direct. And waiting to implement ideas until Mercury leaves the Shadow range of degrees only increases their chances for successful implementation.

As you see, the greater benefic, Jupiter 17AQ10, is moving forward on Oct 14 from his recent Direct Station. Neptune Rx @ 23AQ49 is conj Desc from 6th house with Chiron's health influence there, too. The possibility for Health Insurance Reform is not in a strong position in this chart but a cadent house (6th) indicates preparations continuing.

Another reason I want to publish this 'out of Shadow' chart is that it contains two interlaced YOD patterns (YOD = Finger of God; highlighted in pink) and a Mystic Rectangle formed between Venus, Saturn (conj with Venus at critical or crisis 29th degr), North Node (NN), Mars, and Uranus. This is the 'practical mysticism' configuration as described by Bil Tierney in his Dynamics of Aspect Analysis. One must be willing to accept a point that is not a planet (NN) to call this a Mystic Rectangle...some astrologers are willing, some aren't. I am.

Rebel and Awakener Uranus 23Pis37 Rx is important because it is involved in both YOD patterns. In 8th house, Money, Transformation, and Death issues may be on his radical change agenda; in Pisces, scientific reforms or inventions may become more prominent; Uranus conj Juno (in Mundane charts, the abuser or the abused) indicates new and sudden 8th house concerns.

Will more financial abuses be uncovered? With our rotten-to-the-core economic and financial systems and the high and low level abuses so far, you don't need Astrology to tell you that that's a distinct possibility.

YODs indicate: special tasks, turning points, and/or crisis situations, so keep an eye on these Uranian infused YOD patterns as October nears and leads to November. An 'October Surprise' may be on political activist Uranus' menu as well.

Click chart image to enlarge, if you may, for I've written upper right the midpoint pictures which are formed by the two YODs. Mercury's 'out of Shadow' moment occurs during a Saturn Hour with Saturn conj Venus, planet of relationship, values, aesthetics, and smaller amounts of money. Saturn rules 6th house of Health, Work, and Service, and co-rules (AQ) 7th house of Partnerships and Others.

As you see, a rising Moon is also at a critical 29th degree: 29Leo21 which conjoins, and rises with, one of the Royal Stars of Persia, Regulus...keywords: success if revenge is avoided. If one indulges in revenge, what has been previously gained may be lost. (Brady's Book of Fixed Stars.)

A 3rd house Sun 21Lib03, the chart's ruler, approaches lovely Fixed Stars Spica and Arcturus but isn't quite there yet. Asteroid Cupido is in 3rd house of Communications as well, with keywords: The Family, The Syndicate, Corporations, and oddly enough, Art. 'Cupidity' is also a possibility with Cupido along with a piercing quality (Cupid = Eros and the arrow.)

Instigator Mars, of quarreling and warring inclinations, is tucked inside the behind-the-scenes 12th house where many political deals are made; Mars sextiles the Venus/Saturn conj as one of the bases of the Mystic Rectangle pattern, and rules 4th and 9th houses.

Things may be said to 'begin' in this chart in the 9th house of Foreign Lands, Long Distance Travel, Higher Education, and Religion and Philosophy (Aries.) The Higher Mind is also the province of the 9th house, so will a mercurial 'higher plan' be revealed?

Mars is less than one degree from conjoining the July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse degree ('systems fail; new methods and ideas are needed; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed', Brady's Predictive Astrology ); Mars conjunct South Node (SN) is an indicator of violence and war.

With this particular mercurial chart set for Washington, DC, it's clear that America's (mis) adventures in the Middle East are on Mercury's mind, and I think that plans for escalation or de-escalation of US troops may be revealed more fully in October 2009 - and with a few political dirty tricks gumming up the works and the process.

Sep 23, 2009

UN natal chart + 9.23.09 transits

Here is the natal chart of the United Nations, Oct 24, 1945 4:45 pm est, Washington DC; from historical record as cited in Marjorie Orr's The Astrological History of the World; click chart to enlarge.

With the acitivities at the UN today, I'm publishing the UN's natal (founding) chart - inner marked in green - with the transits for 10 am edt this morning, Sept 23, 2009.

Born during an Hour of Mars with Mars, the chart-ruler, conjunct controlling Saturn in 4th house, we see the military action principle of the UN and the chance for homeland control with the conj in Cancer, 4th house.

Tr Mars 17Can32 shows a new 2-year cycle of activity beginning soon as the UN experiences its Mars Return in early Oct 2009. And today's Mars may well represent President Obama (male between 35 - 45 years old, give or take) especially with 17Can32 in the center of US natal Cancerian planets (3 - 25 Cancer, with 25Can being the position of our n Mercury Rx.)

Today's Mars is also stimulating the UN Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, 1 North, whose keywords are: unexpected events involvig groups place tremendous pressure on relationships; issues loom large; hasty decisions are ill-advised as information is distorted or possibly false; (paraphrasing Braday's Predictve Astrology.)

As noted on the chart, 1N is the same Series as the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse of Nostradamus fame, the 'Mother of All Eclipses' or the 'King of Alarm (or 'Terror')' Eclipse which ushered in the New Millennium with fraud, grief, terror plots, and false flag ops, and its rigid Fixed Grand Cross that included a Mars/Saturn opposition.

My posting time is once again brief, so I'll close by typing for you the green highlighted scribbles I've put on the left of the chart, a midpoint picture from the UN's natal chart that involves Uranus/Neptune, the combo of the New World Order (see video posted below for their 1993 dates of conjunction)...

Uran/Nept = Pluto @ 11Leo43: the Big Picture demands a certain course of actio which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise (says Pluto): easily influenced or impressed by others; at the mercy of others. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Today's Sun conjuncts US natal Midheaven 00Lib54 (Pres. Obama to the pentacle); tr Pluto 00Cap42 conjuncts UN's n South Node - Pluto/SN is an indicator of violence and war. Add that to Mars approaching n Mars/Saturn and this may indicate UN activities that include discussions of military actions already occurring, or perhaps military planning sessions as part of their current agenda.

And transiting SN continues stimulating the July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse @ critical 29Can27, the 'systems fail; new ideas and methods are needed to deal' eclipse.

NPR at noon is reporting that the Mr. Obama is calling for a new era of cooperation in the world...which may also be known as...a NWO. See this blog's sidebar for an apt quote from Henry Kissinger concerning Mr. Obama's presidency.

Any thoughts?


Very sad to hear of the terrible dust storm in Australia and I do hope my Australian friends are okay. -jc.

AT&Ts prophetic vision 1993 - video

Tom Seleck's voice + AT&T technology = prophetic view of the future from way back in 1993, year of the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus (new technology; progress; science) and Neptune (mass communications; propaganda; dreams) 3x: Feb 2, Aug 20, and the birthday of the modern phase of the New World Order, Oct 24, 1993 @ '18Cap' - Sabian Symbol: "The Union Jack Flag Flies From a British Warship"...Keynote: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order. POLITICAL POWER. (Rudhyar.)

Ah, yes, the early 90s, when promises were made to build fibers optics networks across the US for the increased fees added to our bills and yet, they didn't build Jack. What did you do with our money, AT&T? Surveilled much lately?

Man, I can hardly wait to see Capitalism: A Love Story.

Sep 22, 2009

Georgia congressman says Wilson outburst planned

This from the CNN Ticker explains quite fully what I intuited about Joe Wilson's well-timed "You Lie!" outburst during the president's Address to a Joint Session of Congress on Sept 9.

And quelle surprise! It comes from a Georgia congressman! Why, I didn't know it possible for this particular native Georgian (moi) not to have to be embarassed by the 'conservative' politicians who hail from this region and astound me and others here with their odd views and simply annoying southern drawls.

So consider me knocked over by a feather on this one! But Jimmy Carter in the fray?

When I was an impressionable teenager I had occasion to shake his very freckly hand and was quite horrified - it felt like a limp lobster to me.

Now, of course, I appreciate the work that he and his wife do and have done through the Carter Center, Habitat for Humanity, and other projects on behalf of Human Rights all over the globe.

Guess that's a teenager for you. But Mr. Carter still seems to be part of the New World Order agenda to me.

Autumn Equinox 2009: two new sunpots

Space Weather News for Sept 22, 2009

NEW SUNSPOTS: In a year when the sun has been utterly blank 80% of the time, the sudden emergence of two large sunspots in a single day is a noteworthy event. Today is such a day. NASA satellites and amateur astronomers are monitoring a pair of growing sunspots, both apparently members of long-overdue Solar Cycle 24.

The emergence of these active regions is not enough to end the deepest solar minimum in nearly a hundred years, but they do represent a significant uptick in solar activity. Check for images and updates.

SEPT EQUINOX: Today, Sept 22 at 2118 UT (5:18 pm EDT), the sun crosses the celestial equator. This event marks the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere and spring in the southern hemisphere. It's also the beginning of aurora season around the poles.

Happy equinox!


See previous post for astrological notes on the 2009 Autumn Equinox including its horoscope set for Washington, DC. And be sure to check out Duse's comment after my post for insightful analysis of the chart!

Autumn Equinox 2009 Washington DC

Autumn Equinox (Sun 00Libra00), September 22, 2009, 5:18:30 pm edt, Washington, DC; Hour Mercury Rx in 7th house conjunct Saturn 25Vir38 Rx; chart-ruler Saturn opposite chart co-ruler Uranus 24Pis25 Rx in 1st house.

Moon 22Sco20 in 9th house conj asteroid, Hebe (keyword: serving; deals with co-dependency and how one enables the egocentricity and emotional immaturity of others - Lang-Westcott.)

Please click chart to enlarge and read more details.

Saturn as chart-ruler makes two applying aspects, three if you count the North Node (encounters; future direction - with Saturn = serious meetings and discussions):

1. Saturn sextile Moon, a serious contact for the Moon (the people; the public), indicating common sense, modest ambitions, patience, and a need to undertand the problems of others. Hebe's conj to Moon seems to contradict this yet on another level, Hebe may signify someone or persons of the Hebrew race as well. Astrology is nothing if not as complex as the life it describes on many levels.

2. Saturn square Pluto (5A04), the sore loser aspect, which represents oncoming obstacles and blockages that relate to their opposition of 9/11/01; it shows those who are defensive about fulfilling their social responsibilities to the point of bitterness; attempts to grasp control are in evidence with this difficult square.

Of more timely interest is Pluto squaring the equinoxial Sun from 11th house to 7th.

Sun SQ Pluto (0A41) is the might makes right aspect of willfulness; a chip is on the shoulder and one fights first, talks later (if at all.) Powerful, secretive Pluto may be blocking the president's will, it seems, since the Sun in a national chart indicates the leader. One assumes his safety is being guarded successfully and will continue to be; Pluto's connection to nuclear issues coupled with the Mc/Ic axis having '6/7 Gem/Sag' upon them isn't especially comforting to this particular worrywart Capricorn.

Making decisions based on evidence rather than on personal feelings or biases is an issue with a Sun/Pluto square, so we'll see if the Pentagon and the president coordinate their wills concerning sending more US troops to the Middle East.

The chart's co-ruler Uranus applies to opposition with Mercury (0A40) showing resentment at being challenged, a lack of interest in compromising, and those who freely make accusations of error against others even when evidence shows they are wrong. (Of course, we can see that sort of political drama and diversion on Capitol Hill any old day, but there it is. And it will be ongoing since Mercury is Rx.)

A lovely contact is Uranus trine Moon (2A06) which gives a broad perspective, a willingness to listen to others, and much coping ability - and that's for the Moon, the people!

At Midheaven (the goal) are two midpoints which form pictures...

Mercury/Jupiter = Mc: a desire to build up; optimism; fondness for talking; a wealth of ideas; a good speaker, scientist, or businessman; professional success; successful planning; looking for the upside to come about.

Jupiter/Saturn = Mc: thinking with grandeur; a philosopher; fluctuating success; changes; losses; inhibitions.

Jupiter and Saturn are the societal planets, they are intimately involved in financial markets, Jupiter = Republicans--Saturn = Democrats, and their Great Conjunction of May 28, 2000 occurred @ '23Taurus'..."A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Gems." (I suspect it was, but as most people now realize, the jewelry shop has been looted and the heisters ain't sharing.)

So it's nine years later and what have we got for Autumn EQ 2009? Sun to Libra, Moon in Scorpio, as it was on Inauguration Day 2009 though then at critical or crisis degree: 29Sco45.

Sun Lib-Moon Sco is an Air-Water blend with an exacting sense of justice, a clever manner when delivering clear-headed judgments, and a talent for impartiality. There can be a tendency to manipulate others, but who doesn't?

This combo indicates a crusader for social harmony, so with Jupiter/Saturn's blended energies at Mc, and progressive Uranus Rx opposing Saturn (their last exact stand-off was on Sept 15), the atmosphere continues to be drenched with further debate on Health Care/Insurance Reform, and tradition vs progress. Plus, the Nodal axis falls across the 6/12 polarity of health and hospitals; NN = Neptune/Pluto midpoint: 'group study projects; metaphysical research' but apparently they are occurring behind the scenes of the 12th house. This may relate to oil, gas, and coal industry types in secret meetings, too.

Sept 22, 2009 marks the opening of the UN with President Obama addressing the General Assembly today, and unrest at home (Mars still in Cancer) continuing. Will some sore loser shout out rudely? Will el diablo be back in the house?

Well, Venus 2Vir50 looks a little lonely in 7th house, doesn't she? Her only applying aspect is a square to this Mc, although she was recently trining Pluto (2S09.) Vengeful Venus was conj the Solar Eclipse degree of Nostradamus' 'Mother of All Eclipse' of August 11, 1999...Venus triggered the eclipse on the morning of 9/11/01.

(Yes, I firmly believe the Aug 1999 eclipse is foreshown in the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation as noted in particular by the Ox, the Lion, the Eagle, and the Angel - mid-degrees of the Fixed signs.)

In the 2009 EQ chart, you see that Jupiter Rx is rising @ 17AQ50 (17AQ = the end of progress degree, and Ronald Reagan's natal Sun degree); yet Jupiter at ASC usually indicates some sort of protection in the proceedings.

But Jupiter/Neptune's froth conjuncts the ASC as well...

Jup/Nep = ASC: speculating; living in an unreal world; sharing great hopes with others; having an emotionally rationalized agenda.

Chiron is at ASC, too, but you'll want to ask Julie Demboski about that - she wrote the book on Chiron.

Pluto 00Cap41 (one minute off his Direct Station degr 00:40 on Sept 11, 2009) conjuncts the US Constitution's natal NN 1Cap09 (Sept 17, 1787, Philadelphia, PA) = powerful contacts and encounters.

Plus, 2009 EQ's conjunction of Mercury Rx and Saturn @ 26Virgo conjoins the US Constitution's natal Sun, so there's a transiting midpoint picture relating to one of our important founding documents...

Mercury/Saturn = Sun: getting down to work; discipline pays off; knowing what's got to be done; changes; separations.

Well, I know what's got to be done - it's almost 2 am and the sandman is calling my name, so if there's something that simply must added to this EQ post (including repair of typos so prevalent when I'm fatigued), it must be added tomorrow afternoon.

Your further analysis or comments will be much appreciated.

Sep 21, 2009

Capitalism: A Love Story - the trailer

If you've one of nine people who have read this blog before then you know it was only a matter of time before the trailer for Michael Moore's new film, Capitalism: A Love Story was embedded for your convenience.

The other evening I saw this trailer on The Jay Leno Show so I hope you'll get something out of watching it, if you haven't seen it. This is one film that may have be seen in a movie theater (drat! theaters are always too loud for me even with earplugs. But I'll make the sacrifice for this one.)

Jupiter/Neptune, Bernanke, and the Alt-A resets: 2009 - 2013

Update 9.21.09 6:10 pm edt: found an article which relates to my earlier entry below:

The Economy Is A Lie, Too

By Paul Craig Roberts

Americans cannot get any truth out of their government about anything, the economy included. Americans are being driven into the ground economically,with one million school children now homeless, while Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke announces the recession is over.

My original post begins here:

Economic Duplicity: Recession and Record Profits notes an interview on CBS' 60 Minutes broadcast on December 14, 2008, with investment fund manager, Whitney Tilson, which I viewed myself, and you may have seen it, too.

In the interview, Mr. Tilson predicted that the 2007/08 subprime collapse was the halfway mark of the real estate bubble. This is the sort of collapse you get when Jupiter's expansion and money connections combine with watery Neptune's merging and deceptive tendencies for a Great Conjunction of bubble-esque proportions. For when financial experts use the term 'liquidity in markets' they are primarily describing the Jupiter/Neptune pair. When the Fed prints excessive amounts of dollars to 'flood the market,' think Jupiter/Neptune.

(Got abundant (Jup) rainfall (Nep) as we have now in Georgia? Jupiter/Neptune, with wounding Chiron adding problems to the deluge.)

So, as Mr. Tilson said, the second half is yet to come with loan resets in the Alt-A mortgage category, "around 2010 and will continue until about the year 2013." The above-linked article marvels at Ben Bernanke's recent optimism (Jup) of Sept 15, 2009: the recession is "very likely over"!!!

Does he know something we don't know? A new, contrived war to stimulate our military-based economy? After all, the current out-of-this-world corporate profits in a 'jobless recovery' defies his optimism, imho. But one supposes he felt a need (or received a directive memo) to say it on TV for the benefit (profits) of Wall Street.

Well, as I've groused repeatedly here and elsewhere, the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction has marked the year 2009 with its inflationary, grand-scheme flights of fancy and a bubble of speculation and liquidity issues extraordinaire.

And the 3rd/final of their 3 conjunctions will occur on Dec 21, 2009 @ 24AQ18...just prior to 2010.

All three Jup/Nep conjs manifest upon the US natal Moon in the Sibly chart (5:10 pm LMT - US Moon 27AQ10) with the Moon representing the American people. We are being zoomed, folks, by speculators on all sides. Spendthrifts and squanderers are under every rock and propagandizing from corporate board rooms and political offices nationwide - from across the globe, actually.

Mr. Tilson's Alt-A reset prediction into 2010+ parallels the Dec 21, 2009 conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune since their combined influence will do the same...affect the economy into 2010 and beyond, because any conj marks only the beginning of a cycle, with major 'crises in action' coming near the first square (90 degrees), the stand-off or awareness phase at their opposition, with the closing square as the 'crisis in consciousness' stage. A cycle, whose effects don't stop with the conjunction. So what else is bubbling on the financial hob?

2010 is the year of another Great Conjunction - Jupiter/Uranus, the 'breakthroughs, lucky chances, new inventions, adventures' combo which you may read much more about in astrologer Anne Whitaker's excellent book, Jupiter Meets Uranus.

For this cycle, Jupiter and Uranus first meet on June 8, 2010 @ World Point, 00Ari18, with global implications; their next conj is on Sept 19, 2012 @ 28Pis43; 3rd and final hook-up Jan 4, 2011 @ 27Pis02. Anne's book gives a broad view of their possibilities and I highly recommend it to you for its broad historical overview.

So when we look back at the last few years of market bubbles, monopoly take-overs of oil and other industries, and deceptive speculations of all kinds (including Ponzi schemes), we note that Jupiter and Neptune's last Great Conjunction occurred only one time, on January 9, 1997. Think of the market bubbles of the years 1997 to 2000, the Y2K scam, and Bill Clinton taking his second oath of office on January 20, 1997, and we have a picture of greed, fraud, and bubbly thinking that won't quit.

"Free" trade, my patootie!

And it hasn't quit, it's just manifesting at a new degree. The 'old degree' in Jan 1997 was 27Cap09, conjunct US natal Pluto, planet of the secret hand and power plays. And thus we may consider a midpoint picture with natal Pluto for 1997 and remember that 2009's conj on US Moon, and 1997's conj on US Pluto, have propaganda factors built right in: Moon/Pluto - control of, and propagandizing of, The People or the public. (Pluto is sometimes referred to as The Publisher.)

Jupiter/Neptune = US n Pluto: plans unreasonable beyond measure; self-projection out of hand; major adjustment of life circumstances; far-reaching speculations; a major loss.

As you know, US natal Pluto always turns up at Midheaven (the goal point in any chart) on January 20 of each US presidential inauguration (including the one of 2009 for Barack Obama, I hasten to add.)

Jup/Nep = US Inaugural Mc: a speculator; fortune-hunter; a spendthrift or squanderer; harm or damage through thoughtlessness; a visionary; potential for all kinds of self-indulgence. (Tyl; Ebertin.) (As with all mdpt pics, any, all, or none may apply.)

Harm through 'thoughtlessness' is seldom if ever the case with politicians, however: "Things do not happen. Things are made to happen." - John F. Kennedy.

So with Jupiter's expansion tendencies affecting the two outer planets which are closely associated with the New World Order (Uranus and Neptune - sometimes referred to by its promoters as the 'new world economic order') - in 2009, 2010, and 2011+, I am starting to see why these years have been written of as being critical to secret string-puller Pluto's plans for global domination.

Why, 'he' even had 'himself' removed from our solar system's official pantheon of planets, in part so that astrologers would quit harping on, and paying attention to, his secret plans in their mundane charts!

Bwa ha ha, it didn't work. Those pesky astrologers!


More reading: Saturn/Uranus opposition exact again Sept 15, 2009.

Sep 19, 2009

Mercury, Halloween, and the Mysterious 12th House

Soon it will be All Hallows Eve, or as we call it around these parts, Halloween.

And thus the Unruly Tricksters of the Twelfth House may be on every one's menu as the dark festivities draw near, so I hope you'll check out a mercurial article I was privileged to write for Scotland's master astrologer Anne Whitaker's excellent blog, Writing from the twelfth house.

True confession: yes, Mercury is my natal chart-ruler and ruler of my Midheaven, too. Do you know which signs that relationship pertains to? Actually, I can tell you from experience that it's rather nice to be born with the WHAT? (ASC) of your chart being influenced by the same planetary ruler as the WHY? (MC)! The polarity for both axes - ASC/DESC and MC/IC - is the Mercury/Jupiter combo, as long as you, like me, don't use outer planets as sign rulers.

But if you favor using Neptune as sign ruler, then go right ahead. Personally I tend to think of the 3 transpersonal planets as higher vibrations or octaves aiding and informing their inner cousins:

The desire nature of Scorpio's Mars is deepened by distant yet obsessive Pluto, Aquarius' staid Saturn leans forward with progressive Uranus, while Pisces' Jupiter is awash with Neptune's inspirational, irresistible urge to merge with the Divine Source.

So if your natal chart (or any chart) has Mercury posited in, or associated with, the Unconscious house of Karma and Self-Undoing, you may tend to have experiences with the tricks, mistakes, or 'mispeakings' that can issue from underneath your normal consciousness, as scampish Mercury gleefully erupts in the most awkward ways at precisely the most inopportune times. You may even see goblins that are only tricks of light and sound, especially if you're interested in and unconsciously inviting such phenomena.

So get thee ready for Halloween, costume or not, and check out how Anne has illustrated my article with a brilliant (if sexy) pose from god Mercury itself - just keep your roving eyes upon the wing'ed helmet and pass me my jester's cap please, for there are treats to be collected at the crossroads and I must begin my journey without further delay...


Note: the blog linked above, All Hallows Eve, has an interesting post concerning the 159th anniversary of the death of poet and critic, Edgar Allan Poe. But that was in 2008 - Oct 7, 2009 is the 160th anniversary of Poe's mysterious death, and if time permits, I am determined to complete and publish before Halloween my rather lengthy astrological analysis of Poe's natal and death charts which is saved in Draft form.

E. A. Poe remains a fascinating man who is credited with being the Father of the Modern Detective Novel, so check back in the next couple of weeks to see if I met my own expectations. And one may assume that Baltimore's infamous 'Poe Toaster' will be visiting the poet's graveside in the middle of the gloomy night once again. jc

What's an EGF? And when is the US Saturn Return?

The EU's international police force, EGF can squash public disobedience, so don't get any ideas and don't be milling about or you'll interfere with authoritarian Saturn's status quo.

And in America, I must wonder how Saturn to US Midheaven @ 00Lib53 will be in the government's approach to the expected civil unrest, not to mention our nation's Saturn Return on the astrological menu. In the last several years, it seems to me that the US government has done everything annoying, stupid, and foul that it can to stir up we-the-people.

Their plans to suspend the US Constitution are in place. Are we ready to pay dearly for the majority of the US public's apathy?

Actually, US Saturn in Libra returns to its natal degree 3 times because of Saturn's retrogradation. Charts are set for US natal location of Philadelphia, PA; their Solar Eclipse Series are included:

1. Dec 3, 2010, Mercury Hour w/ Mercury 2Cap41 in 9th house conj NN 2Cap49; Saturn 14Libra48 in 6th house conjunct Desc 18Lib03 (Desc conjs US Secondary Progressed Mars Rx); 7th house Moon 16Sco35 trine 12th house Jupiter 23Pis53 w/Uranus 26Pis40 Rx; ASC 18Ari03; MC 9Cap49 conj Pluto 4Cap20 in 9th house; no planetary patterns; 9th house Mars OOBs @ 26Sag50; PE = 12 South @ '19 Cancer' in Return's 4th house = US natal PE 00Pis33 = successful outcomes to long term worries;

2. March 22, 2011, Moon Hour w/ Moon 16Sco54 in 2nd house/ Sun 1Ari58 in 7th house conj Uranus 00Ari37; 1st house Saturn opposed by Jupiter (1A53) @ 12Ari55 in 7th house; Saturn sesquisquare Neptune @ critical degree 29AQ36 in 5th house; ASC 27Vir02 w/ Nemesis rising 27:30 Rx; MC 26Gem35 conj South Node 27:19; Grand Cross of Sun, Mars, Uranus, NN, MC, and ASC; PE = 13 North = large ambitious group projects and breaking of previous bonds; PE = 13 North = '14 Cap' opposing US natal Sun;

3. Aug 28, 2011, Jupiter Hour; 3rd house Saturn SQ Mars 16Can24 in 11th house (1S35); Moon 24Leo30 rising - Sun 4Vir44; Grand Earth Trine between Mercury 18Leo50/ASC 20Leo02, Jupiter 10Tau21 conj MC 12Tau06, and Pluto 4Cap59 Rx in 5th house; TWO interlaced Fists of God patterns - first Fist with Uranus SQ Pluto (1S19) at its base sesquisquare Mercury/ASC, 2nd Fist has Mars SQ Saturn (1S35) as its base pointing to Neptune 29AQ22 Rx (Chiron nearby @ 2Pis56 Rx); PE = 13 New South '9Can' = constitutional crisis.

My hope is to post more details on these difficult Saturn Return charts in the coming months including their chart images and worrisome midpoint pictures because if I must know about them, you may as well, too. But if you have Astrology software, set them up to view and marvel. Locating them for Washington DC may change house placements, of course, but the planets' degrees remain the same.

And now it's back to my Art projects!

Sep 18, 2009

North Korea's natal chart data: Sept 8, 1948

As I pick up master astrologer Celeste Teal's book, Eclipses: Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation, it occurs to me to publish here the natal data for North Korea with current contacts from Solar and Lunar Eclipses:

Sep 9, 1948
12:00 pm '9 hours east'
39N01 125E45
P'yongyang, NK

ASC 24Sco58/DESC 24Tau58
MC 7Vir06/IC 7Pis06

Sun 16Vir20 10th h
Moon 2Sag17 1st h
Mercury 8Lib10 10th h> conj 11th cusp 8:36
Venus 00Leo33 8th h> conj 9th cusp 00:54
Mars 3Sco40 11th h> conj 12th cusp 3:58
Jupiter 19Sag59 1st h
Saturn 28Leo47 9th h
Uranus 00Can15 8th h (Cancer interc'd)
Neptune 11Lib45 11th h
Pluto 15Leo32 9th h
Chiron 20Sco41 12th h

NN 7Tau28 Rx 6th h

As you see, the current Solar Eclipse of July 21, 2009 @ 29Can27 is affecting North Korea's natal Venus 00Leo33 posited in 8th house but sitting atop n 9th cusp of Foreign Lands (a very karmic point in any horoscope.)

The current Lunar Eclipse of August 5/6, 2009 @ 14AQ opposes natal Pluto 15Leo32 across the 3/9 axis...might this relate to plutonium activities behind the scenes?

Fretsome may be the contact of the Lunar Eclipse @ 29 Gemini on Dec 21, 2010 which will emphasize the country's natal Uranus at World Point 00Can15 (uranium?)

On November 25, 2011, a Solar Eclipse occurs @ '2 Sag' which 'eclipses' a natal 1st house Moon (the people.)

This eclipse is in the 14 North Series whose influence is one of peculiarity. It heralds a time of many confusions within personal relationships, unexpected financial happenings, unrequited affections, despair, energies being drained, and strange turns of events. No important decisions should be made under the rays of this eclipse for delusions may abound making clear judgments difficult, if not impossible. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Last manifestation of 14 North was on Nov 13, 1993 @ '22 Sco' between NK's natal Chiron (12th house) and natal Ascendant. Some of the issues from the 1993 eclipse season may resurface in Nov 2011 and on into 2012.

Yes, any person's or entity's natal chart (lives) may suffer from these 'peculiar turns' but more personally if planets are aspected by the '2 Sag' degree, so we'll be keeping a squinty eye upon the lunation situation as 14N eclipse time draws near.

Chart data source: US Department of State under the Korean War subheading.

New Moon chart 25Vir59 on 9.18.09

Horoscope of the New Moon @ 25Vir59, Sept 18, 2009, 2:44 pm edt, White House; New Moon conjunct Saturn 25Vir07, in 9th house; Hour of Venus @ 27Leo50 in 8th house; chart-ruler is karmic Saturn, direct and in control of Sun and Moon with nearby Mercury's aid in its own sign of Virgo - and a new cycle begins.

ASC 1Cap16>> Pluto 00Cap40 rising (@ the god of the Underworld's Direct Station degree/minute 00:40 on Sept 11, 2009), opposing asteroid, Atlantis 1Can06, a significator for America, and reminder of those reputed and mysterious ancient teachings that every one's so crazy about. Are the melting polar ice caps uncovering an Atlantean trove of precious manuscripts? Are they too soggy to read?

Midpoint pictures (from Noel Tyl) include:

Sun/Moon = Saturn: weakened system; addressing problems; Sun/Saturn = Moon: feeling inferior, hurt; personal needs under wraps; separation; Moon/Saturn = Sun: sobering times; feelings of enforced controls; separation in relationship.

Neptune/Pluto = NN: sharing other worldliness and curiosity; group study projects; Neptune/ASC = NN: hurt through others; deception; rumor.

As always, the pictures may operate in an any~all~none fashion.

Sabian Symbol for the New Moon '26Virgo' = "A Boy with a Censer Serves Near the Priest," the negative/unconscious/shadow side of which Marc Edmund Jones gives as:

'A resort to empty motions in order to avoid any appreciable self-expenditure.'

Mercury has retrograded back into Virgo, as you see here @ a crisis-riddled 29th degree, Mars is conjunct Fixed Star SIRIUS in 7th house (also associated with ancient Egyptian rites and beliefs), and there's a rather nasty quindecile aspect between heavyweights Mars and Pluto indicating ruthlessness, being driven toward power, domination, and possessiveness. This 165 degr aspect of obsession and compulsion dominates the New Moon and its chart, and I'm not very happy about it.

Yet time is short recently and going into next week for my blogging duties due to several Art activities; that's why I wanted to upload an image of the New Moon chart of Sept 18, 2009 - please click to enlarge if you wish to read a few more of my notes concerning this cuss'ed propaganda-infused horoscope with the midpoint of the international banking pair, Jupiter/Pluto, in 1st house and opposing America's natal Mercury...

Jupiter/Pluto = Mercury: promotion of a cause; persuasion (Tyl); the desire to influence many people; the gift of oration; a propaganda campaign (Ebertin.)

Be alert to the underlying meanings of what you hear in the next two weeks - I think it may be the start of a new cycle of subject or theme introduced, and/or different perspectives to enthrall the masses over the cliff.

Not that being alert to double meanings isn't always a great idea considering Washington's high-handed, fraudulent, self-serving oligarchs of propaganda.

And lay low Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as much as you can, for it's the dark of the Moon when sneaky things happen by slimy culprits who appreciate the veiling cover of darkness.

Myself, I'll be necessarily laying low from my blogs a while for I must return to Art projects now...

Sep 16, 2009

Hitler on the psychology of the Big Lie

Paul Craig Roberts writes on why people believe the Big Lie of propaganda even after the truth is known, and adds Adolf Hitler's advice on the psychology of it and why it works.

Speaking of propaganda, I'm waiting patiently for the wide release of Michael Moore's new film, Capitalism: A Love Story, set for October 3rd. I expect much of the current economic propaganda to be outed!

Did you miss Moore singing on The Jay Leno Show last night? His performance must be on YouTube by now, but I'll have to search for it later. Right now, gotta motor...

Alex Jones TV: more power for the Fed + flu vaccine ingredients

Since there are three new videos of Alex Jones speaking on President Obama's being set to give the Fed more power and control over the financial system (us), I'm providing a link to all three rather than embedding them here.

The third video concerns the ingredients in the new flu vaccines you're poised to receive - apparently it's quite some brew they have bubbling on the hob.

Seems everyone is poised on the verge today...

Sep 15, 2009

Saturn-Uranus opposition perfects Sept 15, 2009

As you know, the Saturn-Uranus opposition perfected this very day, Sept 15, 2009 in Virgo-Pisces.

Or I should say, the opposition perfected 'once again'...follow the link for a few notes from yours truly, but mainly the post contains a link to an excellent article on the Sabian Symbols involved in the opposition by Lynda Hill, as published by expert astrologer and author, Donna Cunningham.

You'll find info on their next tangos, too, into 2010.

So you consider yourself a dancer? We're not talkin' foxtrots here!

Glenn Beck Feb 10, 1964: Sun AQ-Moon Cap

Glenn Beck, moderator of The Glenn Beck Show on talk radio, and Fox News TV's guru of political discourse, was born on February 10, 1964 in Mount Vernon, Washington.

As his Wiki bio linked above tells, Beck is a 'self-described recovering alcoholic and drug addict' who credits Alcoholics Anonymous for his sobriety. And as a Roman Catholic who converted to the Latter Day Saints faith, Mr. Beck is under notice not to drink by way of the LDS' health message.

He calls himself a libertarian, too, but since I never listen to him or watch him perform his schtick on radio or TV, I can't say precisely what he means by it.

Feb 10, 1964

Since the Moon remained in ambitious Capricorn for the entire 24-hour period of his day of birth, we may consider Sun Aquarius-Moon Capricorn for his Sun-Moon blend, an Air-Earth combo of energies which has an 'up in the air, down to earth' flavor simultaneously.

The Earth-Air combo is good at making plans and taking action without delay, and it's a master of the practical mundane world. Yet it may easily become stuck in a cost-efficient approach, and may seem rather dry and scientific for it discounts indulging in the world of feelings as if it's a sign of weakness.

Sun AQ-Moon Cap: shrewd honesty; understands human nature; emotionally detached to avoid dependence on others; intimacy not a strong point; enjoys a challenge and a calculated risk; is a practical reformer who possesses firmness of purpose. Independent and full of common sense, this blend is a dedicated searcher for truth with inventive abilities and organizational talent.

'Images for Integration: A revolutionary is elected president...An alien civilization comes to Earth to rescue man from imminent destruction.' (Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

The Sun AQ-Moon Cap blend is shared natally by a cast of interesting characters:

Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Mia Farrow, Betty Friedan, Rosa Parks, Mary Quant, Franco Zefferelli, Jeb Bush, and John Barrymore, who intoned:

"In Genesis it says that it is not good for a man to be alone, but sometimes it's a great relief."

And with Mr. Beck's propensity and flair for controversy and the political shenanigans which have caused him to lose a large share of his advertising sponsorships, perhaps it's more helpful to remember this quote from President Lincoln:

"With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God give us to see the right."

With malice toward none?