Nov 30, 2007

if Bush attacks Iran

Now this is what I've suggested before: if Washington won't carry out the will of the people--stop paying them come April.

If Bush Attacks Iran, He Won't Get My Taxes

By Chris Hedges

I will not pay my income tax if we go to war with Iran. I realize this is a desperate and perhaps futile gesture. But an attack on Iran--which appears increasingly likely before the coming presidential election--will unleash a
regional conflict of catastrophic proportions. This war, and especially Iranian retaliatory strikes on American targets, will be used to silence domestic dissent and abolish what is left of our civil liberties. It will solidify the slow-motion coup d'état that has been under way since the 9/11 attacks. It could mean the
death of the Republic.

Article from Information Clearing House.

Nov 29, 2007

dry Venus and the Comet's tail grows back

Space Weather News for Nov. 29, 2007

SOLAR WIND DRIES VENUS: The European Space Agency's Venus Express spacecraft has made an important discovery: the solar wind dries out Venus.

Unlike Earth, Venus has no global magnetic field to deflect particles from the sun; when solar wind hits Venus it actually strips away some of Venus' upper atmosphere. Hydrogen and oxygen atoms fly into space, removing from Venus the chemical building blocks of water. This process makes an already hellish planet even worse.

Link to more information may be found below.

COMET 17P/HOLMES UPDATE: Now that the full Moon has left the evening sky, Comet Holmes is visible again. The comet is not as bright as it was when it first exploded in late October.

Most people now have trouble finding it with the naked eye. A quick sweep through Perseus with a pair of binoculars, however, will pinpoint the comet while the smallest of telescopes reveals it to be a truly impressive object.

Comet Holmes now occupies about 10 times the volume of the Sun and it is developing a hint of a blue-green tail. A similar tail was observed in early November, but it broke off during an apparent magnetic storm.

Now the tail is growing back.

Visit for sky maps and the latest images.

thoughts of and on Samuel Adams

"The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence.

It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men." #

Samuel Adams (1722-1803), aka the "Father of the American Revolution."

Oops! the cheating and artifices began years ago, sad to say.

Here's the WIKI article on Samuel Adams if you're interested, and I took a peep at his natal placements for day of birth...his Mercury/Mars conjunction in Libra sextile n Saturn 12Sag57 (Saturn conj US natal ASC in the 'Sibly' chart indicating a long-term and strong relationship.)

Sep 27, 1722, Boston, MA: Moon was in Taurus the entire day so we have a personality blend of Sun Lib/Moon Tau which is a diplomatic combo with a desire for justice.

An Air-Fire blend is a "live wire" type of personality, no matter the signs, and may be blustering and long-winded. Full of ideas and persuasive ability, Air-Fire type tends to be a utopian idealist...just what America needed at the time, bluster and all.

Sun Lib/Moon Tau has a very good business sense (for beer brewing, one assumes, and otherwise!) and is interested in abstract ideas which are put across with impartial passion.

With both Libra and Taurus ruled by Venus, art and music are well-loved, and people and relationships are of primary importance. Adams believed that everyone should be heard as this blend supports.

This is an idealist + hedonist blend, a lover of nature with a healthy helping of generosity and friendliness; plus, this blend gave Adams a patient and balanced commitment to justice which served his nation well.

Image for Integration: A lecture on ancient Greek architecture and town planning. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Nov 28, 2007

with garbage as collateral

Charles Schumer, Countrywide, and garbage for collateral?

The world's fanciest financiers have been up to no good and trying to keep things hidden from view. Collapse is the game, domination and enslavement the goals.

Seems odd to me that a certain few people who just Had To Have a world economy (and considering all the billions and trillions they've piled up inside
their lairs and nestled within secret offshore accounts)--seems odd that they can't do any better than common corruption, ponzi schemes, and crookery.

But beggaring 99% of the world's population is very hard werk and must be quite time consuming. Guess that's how they sleep at night--they're just big ole pooped puppies gnawing on all their hoarded Milkbones and plotting their next overthrow of government while wondering which massacre of the defenceless to back next for the greatest 'return' for their overflowing coffers.

Follow the above article link to LeftRightUnite! and join, if you like. And let me know if you do because I'll be happy as a puppy with two tails to see you there!

Just BYOM (Bring Your Own Milkbone, if you still have one.)

Winter Solstice Dec 22, 2007

December 22, 2007, 1:07 am est, White House:

Sun and Jupiter fuse together at World Point 00Cap00, in 3rd house of Communications, Pluto nearby--and just after the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto on Dec 11.

Click to enlarge the image and you'll see the 2006 Solstice chart as well (in green) with my chicken scratch notes squooshed in. It's Jupiter Hours for 2006 and for 2007 which are suitable for expansive, possibly over-inflated Jupiterian things.

Dec 22, 2007:

Chart-ruler Venus 19Sco46 is in 2nd house of Money, Earning Ability, and Values but at what some call the "accursed degree of the accursed sign"...19Sco, a degree which is the neighborhood of two Fixed Stars of mixed-at-best influence:

Serpentis 19Sco: tragedy and misfortune (if your home is foreclosed on, this one's for you.)

North Scale 19Sco22: honor; wealth; distinction; intelligence; good organizer; tragedy; violence; hasty words cause problems; success in sports, religion, war, law, or writing.

Venus also rules the 8th house of Shared Resources, Credit, Insurance, Debt, etc., and is involved by her square with nebulous, undermining Neptune in a FIST of GOD, similar to a strong T-square but with more punch.

And did you know there's lightening on Venus?

Mars 3Can38 Rx is the focal point of this FIST, in 9th house of legalities, foreign travel (and enemies), higher education, philosophy, religion, and such.

This Rx out-of-bounds Mars is conjunct US natal Venus 3Can06--a Venus which is out-of-bounds in the US natal chart as well (July 4, 1776, 'Sibly' chart 5:10 pm lmt, Philadlephia, PA.) Mars to Venus can bring new alliances, joint ventures, and invigorated interactions.

A midpoint picture is formed:

Venus/Neptune = Mars: easy self-delusion; misdirected energy. (Those we've seen lots of in recent years.)

2007 and USA natal chart:

Rising in the Winter Solstice 2007 chart is US natal Saturn and US 10th house which also brings up the US n Sun/Saturn square. Timing can be off with this configuration, and planning must be realistic to succeed. America has had a spotty record on that score, hasn't she?

In fact, the Bush-Cheney regime's lack of realism may be said to be a major part of our current troubles. I would go back to 1999 and the fake presidential campaign of George W. Bush but that's just me.

North Node (the path) is at a critical 29th degree in the 5th house of Speculation and Risk-Taking, a degree associated with destroying ancient lands and monuments (Lynda Hill) and with projecting negative things upon foreigners instead of owning up to your own shadow.

Every Winter Solstice takes the Sun just beyond "30Sag": " The pope blessing the faithful" (the ASC degree in the Jefferson chart for the America, 6:30 pm--MC = "23Lib", conj Spica and Arcurtus) but we'll look again at the Sabian Symbol for "1Cap" using Lynda Hills' 360 Degrees of Wisdom:

"An Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe"...assuming authority and the need for it; accepting the consequences for what that "Claim" could lead to; charismatic leadership; consolidating power.

Caution: power tripping and struggles; overinflated views of one's self (in Washington? !); the continued need to quieten power battles; being challenged by those left and right; demanding attention and that others follow orders; taking over; selfishness and ego-drive; too many chiefs.

As Lao-Tzu said, To lead the people, walk behind them.

Nov 26, 2007

Dear Technorati: how about a PING in my stocking?

As I got out my quill to pen a plea to Santa Claus for a new pair of legwarmers, it seemed that Technorati was really where my plea should be sent--SO'W has racked up 28 days without a PING:

If I could ask for just one thing
it'd be a Technorati PING
to let folks know my blog's updated
overblown yet underrated.

Technorati Pings away
Stars Over Washington? not today
says it's 28 days since pinging
for some service I am singing.

Technorati isn't hearing
lots of blogs won't Ping I'm fearing
if a poem of plea will do it
Ping my blog and get right to it.

by jude cowell (I know many bloggers are having the same PING issues and that Technorati's auto-ping service has had some outtages of late and was offline for awhile. But this is ridiculous! And manual Pinging doesn't work either--plus, my other blogs are Pinging, just not SO'W. Anyone have ideas? Santa?)

Chomsky on US and Iran

Noam Chomsky On U.S. Policy Towards Iran

Must watch - Video and Transcript

"Suppose it was true that Iran is helping insurgents in Iraq. I mean, wasn't the United States helping insurgents when the Russians invaded Afghanistan? Did we think there was anything wrong with that? I mean, Iraq's a country that was invaded and is under military occupation. You can't have a serious discussion about whether someone else is interfering in it. The basic assumption underlying the discussion is that we own the world."

Read or view at: Information Clearing House.

Here's a previous post with some good advice from Chomsky and a few details concerning his natal chart.

Nov 24, 2007

Stars Over Washington: Solar Return 2007

Dual charts here--the chart on the left, lower, is the current Solar Return 2007 horoscope of this blog, with the natal chart Oct 16, 2005, 3:30 am edt, upper, right, as per Anne's request.

SO'W is into its 3rd year now and although I've written some midpoints onto both charts, I'll not be spoon feeding you this evening. ;p

Peeking Out! apparently the Redacting Monster has shown up to sex up these charts...chomp chomp. He and his mentors are the best at redaction--or ordering drones to do it. Bonus! self-destructing emails have seemingly been invented by this White House (which is not to excuse any White Houses gone before...)

Now back in October 2005, I did not elect the time for the first post, and was surprised to see how time had flown (to 3:30 am) when I got #1 finally published.
I'm still dumbleheaded about composing while typing, usually with a few notes, so
it takes a while to get anything blogged what with charts to study and all.

Way Back in 2005:

One rather obvious feature in the 2005 natal chart is a YOD (Finger of God; special task or purpose; crisis) pattern between the Sun/Pluto sextile pointing accusingly at Mars 21Tau50 Rx at MC.

Click chart to enlarge and you'll see the Sun/Pluto/Mars midpoint picture spelled out.

There's also a T-square between Saturn/Neptune and Mercury listed.

The SR 2007 chart has a Mutable Kite pattern--see how I've drawn the kite's tail onto the North Node for you? The opposite end of the dragon is of concern with its conj upcoming...separation, older person, father, leader, Democrat...perhaps a certain Senator of the chirping variety? He is pretty ancient, you must agree, and South Node has a separative, Saturnian quality--a double emphasis on Saturn's loss, restriction, separation. Perhaps law and order will go MIA, a la police state.

Nahhh! not in America!

SR 2007 has Mercury, Venus, and Mars all at 7 degrees, perhaps a significator of something fated. (Think back to October because this 7 degree resonation between the three planets lasted quite a while in the Collective...we were steeping in it.)

Then finally tonight, we may want to share together a tidbit which for me sums up the entire why-blog controversy, at least as far as 'Political Astrology' (Mundane Astrology)'s p.o.v. is concerned...'s the shared and inspirational Sun-Moon personality blend of SO'W 's 2005 natal chart which has Sun Libra/Moon does e.e.cummings--and his perfect definition and p.o.v., in my estimation, describes my thinking when birthing this blog:

A politician is an arse upon which everyone has sat except a man.

An arse. We've got an infestation of arses.

Nov 21, 2007

Nov 24: Full Moon, Snow Moon

Crystal Pomeroy says that the upcoming Gemini Full Moon of Nov 24 is a chance to consolidate goals established 11 months ago!

Her article on this Snow Moon (the last Full Moon in this solar year) is a must-read with its instructions for 'entering the portal to the Snow Moon.'

I, however, don't actually do rituals myself, I just pass them on for others to do, if they like. Because if you were going to do one, this would be a good one to do, especially with its poetic imagery...makes me want to draw a new snow scene for Nov-Dec 2008.

"Snow Moon" is the loveliest named Moon of all, imho, yet this Full Moon chart is discordant in several ways (including financially, politically, and other -llys as well) esp when the US and Bush natal placements are added in.

If you click to enlarge, you may find some readable notes on midpoints, etc.

Too bad this administration only listens to its own echoes. That's Bush's natal MC (Aspirations; the Goal) at the IC, the lowest point in the chart. Asteroid, Cupido, corporations; The Family, is nearing it at 22Ari09, now Rx.

Transit Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy; oppression; class warfare; racism) is now hovering at 19Cap29 and so in this chart, the problematic midpoint rises just after Vesta. You see that Chiron 11AQ10 is conj 2nd cusp ($$) with restrictive, controlling Saturn in 8th house ($$), so there's that. Someone's making money, but it's not you and me.

If you do enlarge this chart, see rising asteroid, Icarus, and one of his keywords written there. Then you may notice the Sun 1Sag55 conjunct asteroid, Tisiphone, retaliation.

The Moon is conj Mirfak, the star most recently emphasized when Comet Holmes seemed to engulf Mirfak as the Comet exploded in Perseus.

You may see that the Sun is just beyond the "1Sag" degree: "Grand Army of the Republic campfire" which is a degree we must naturally associate with US military services...or perhaps the military industrial complex which is ruining much of the world. (I just finished watching--finally--No End in Sight.)

Yet I love a Full Moon as much as the next traveler on the path, so I like it when Crystal says that Snow Moon colors are dark blue and purple--my favorites.

Guess being brought home as a mere squalling bundle in snowfall stays with you a long time! The snowflakes, not the squalling. Okay the squalling.

The Book of Coincidences

Nov 20, 2007

Dear Santa: Toys for Christmas?

This heads-up just received in my PIRG Newsletter:

For the last 22 years we've released our report about unsafe toys: "Trouble In Toyland." Every November, we catalogue unsafe toys that we find on store shelves. It seems even more important this year, after so many recalls of toys, food and other products. And it's even more critical as we get closer to the busiest shopping day of the year.

But even after all the recalls and all the media attention, we still found a Curious George doll with lead at five times the current limit, a toy cow with lead paint at nearly 50 percent more than legal limits, and lead-laced play jewelry -- one piece was actually 65 percent lead, which is more than 1,000 times the legal limit!

Click the links below to read our report, as well as the list of unsafe toys and tips for parents.

Report: USPIRG: Trouble in Toyland

Tips for toy safety.

With so many unsafe toys, we can't rely on the news coverage to inform shoppers. Please forward a link to this post to all of your friends and family who might be buying toys in the coming weeks.

Noam Chomsky: sustain the pressure

"If you go to one demonstration and then go home, that's something, but the people in power can live with that. What they can't live with is sustained pressure that keeps building, organisations that keep doing things, people that keep learning lessons from the last time and doing it better the next time." --Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky was born Dec 7, 1928 in Philadelphia, PA (Rodden rating: A) with Sun 15Sag09 and Moon 24Lib06. His ASC/DESC and MC/IC cusps are same as the US ('Sibly') cusps...ASC 12Sag16, with Mercury Oriental (last to rise just before the Sun, concerns the career), and MC 00Lib55.

Mercury Oriental = dotting the i's and crossing the t's; respect for detail; getting things right with perhaps a need to conform to clearly defined procedures and expectations. (Tyl, Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology.)

Mars 4Can48 is Rx and out-of-bounds, plus his Sun-Moon personality blend can be quite iconoclastic.

Chomsky is now involved in a Mars Return (new cycle of activity) with three conjunctions to natal Mars:

1. Oct 10, 2007; 2. Dec 19 Rx; 3. Mar 17, 2008.

"5Can" = "At a railroad crossing, an automobile is wrecked by a train." (Lynda Hill, 360 Degrees of Wisdom.)

This car in this Symbol speaks of an individual with the ability to go in a chosen direction and the train represents the collective. The train can only go on the tracks and has no ability to maneuver tricky situations or to change directions quickly. There is a recklessness in this Symbol, of not considering consequences well enough to avoid catastrophe...of going "off the tracks."

With transit Pluto poised to enter Capricorn, Chomsky's n Mars will be opposed by Pluto beginning in late 2010 which is the 'powerful forces paralyze actions' transit.

And since Chomsky will be 82 by that time, a health crisis and/or surgery may apply--actually once Pluto enters Capricorn (Feb 2008), Pluto is within orb of opposition to natal Mars.

Born within the 2South Solar Eclipse Series, Noam Chomsky shares this PE Series with Woodrow Wilson and Ronald Reagan; its key theme is:

involvement in unusal groups through which it is felt that a great deal can be gained.

The 2S Series last occurred Dec 25, 2000--and you remember what was going on then! It next manifests Jan 6, 2019 at "15Cap."

Here are his Sun Sag/Moon Lib Images for Integration:

Amidst a whirl of gaiety, a writer sits in a coffee house taking notes, and a painter paints...The Dead Poets' Society. (Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Wonder if he prefers Starbucks coffee...I don't!

"... the 20th century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: The growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy."

--Alex Carey: Australian social scientist, quoted by Noam Chomsky in World Orders Old and New

Nov 19, 2007

Comet Holmes 'swallows' Mirfak

Space Weather News for Nov. 19, 2007

Comet 17P/Holmes is swallowing a star! Not really, but it looks that way. Tonight, the exploding comet is passing directly in front of Mirfak, the brightest star of the constellation Perseus.

Astronomers liken the view through a backyard telescope to a giant space-faring jellyfish gobbling a phosphorescent treat. Although Comet Holmes is now fading to the limits of naked-eye visibility, the star-comet duo is still easy to find in the northern sky after sunset.

Visit for a sky map and photos.#

Here's some info on Mirfak and Perseus archetypes and myths.

Nov 18, 2007

Pentagon veils true casualty numbers

Pentagon Cover Up: 15,000 or more US casualties in Iraq War

By Mike Whitney

The Pentagon has been concealing the true number of American casualties in the Iraq War. The real number exceeds 15,000 and CBS News can prove it.

Read Whitney's article here thanks to Information Clearing House.

Freemasons of Washington DC

In Washington sits the southern home of Freemasonry, the House of the Temple of the Scottish Rite where you can walk a curving mahogany corridor and view the likes of their I-didn't-know-he-was-a-Freemason portrait collection of members including:

Arnold Palmer, Sam Ervin, John Glenn, Will Rogers, John Wayne, J. Edgar Hoover, and Harry Truman--are only some of the enlightened bunch.

Well, everyone knows Truman was a Mason, but the identities of some of the others might shock even your Aunt Granny Fanny, if you dare inform her (in her day she had such a huge crush on John Wayne, you know.)

And the hairs may stand up on the back of your neck as you gaze at the beautiful stained glass window with its familiar Eye of Providence staring splendidly back atcha. (My recommendation is to have a barber take care of those wayward hairs before you get to the Temple.)

Here's a related post on Founding Fathers/Freemasonry from 2005 about the naming of this blog: Why 'Stars Over Washington'?

Nov 17, 2007

Astrology of a gaseous odor in Newark

Perhaps you've read of the strange gaseous odor at the Newark Airport today.

Here's the chart of the time a natural gas odor was noticed by people in Terminal B, Newark, N.J. today, Saturday, at "around 11:00 am."

With all apologies to the goddess of pristine charts, the image you see here (which may be clicked to enlarge) has a bunch of my chickenscratch notes upon it. Quite a big bunch, perhaps readable, perhaps not.

A lack of time (my usual complaint of late since I relocated my real world business and became...busier) prevents much keyboarding on the issue, yet I confess to having a difficult time not viewing this calamity in Newark as connected in some way to Bush's recent announcement of air lane openings for the holidays.

Thanks, Army! But if this airy holiday boost should turn similar to 9/11's pretend drills and charades which were allowed to infere with the nation's defense systems when we needed them most, no thanks.

Back to Newark Airport, Nov 17, 2007, 11:00 am est:

All in all, it looks as if a message has been sent...the Moon (a lady? tribal-based individual/s? someone from a 'network' or Family of some kind?) "met" Neptune, planet of gases and mysterious odors, poisonings,and veiled subterfuge, at 6:47:34 am est--near sunrise, in Newark, at 19AQ20, where Neptune still hovers at 11:00 am.

Odorless natural gas has scent added so that it can be smelled, so I'm assuming this is what may have been snooted out, if it was gas at all. It could have been un-natural gas--something concocted in (gov?) lab or garage. Who knows?

With the Mars/Pluto duo (violence; zeal; fanaticism) currently locked in an obsessive-compulsive Quindecile aspect of 165 degrees, there's a 'ruthless forcing of one's will upon others' everywhere we look--in Pakistan, Russia, and, no less, in America. (Quindecile, Ricki Reeves.)

Rebellious, disruptive, original, and innovative Uranus (science; progressive or radical movements; politicians) in Pisces the last few years, has sparked new research (incl genetics and cells--Pisces, etc), experiments and flu shenanigans are underhoof...under someone's hooves where the buck will eventually stop.

Mars/Pluto energy is the environmental background of late, so honk! if you can feel it.

Especially when you consider Mars' recent RX Station 12Can27 (on Nov 15--the day Musharraf was supposedly changing directions...but he's still bumbling along, clinging by hairy claw, using Pakistan's nuclear arms as his collateral for staying in power--as a threat against the dire thought of losing control.

Naked Power Grab covers it well, just as with Putin, Chavez, Bush, and their ilk. Funny how they imagine themselves as being very special, but they act like bums to me. Bums and worse.

Musharraf is mad like the rest of 'em, plus: Pervez has Very Bad Hair Days each and every day. Please! someone, remove all bottles of Nice'n'Easy from his grasp. His hair frightens little children. And reluctant astrologers. It is pretty hilarious looking though.)

Asteroid Atlantis and its abuse of power/sense of doom is conjunct Venus, both significators of America herself. Venus-Atlantis, a powerful partnership and one that is perhaps linked to archaeology and/or to ancient cultures and myths, 'the legend of Atlantis' being the more obvious connection. After illegally invading Iraq, Bush-Cheney looted their museum of all its treasures, you'll remember.

Chart-ruler Saturn is everyone's favorite planet of delays, control, restriction, oppression, and lessons that need learning, and is posited in Virgo, sign of health and health issues; Virgo is also the sign of book writers, scientists, researchers, authorities, conservatives (esp judges, lawyers, and business managers)--and Democrats-in-America (such as they are--who can really tell the diff anymore? Is there a diff to be told? Corporations rule...fascism.)

Some midpoints arose as gas permeated Terminal B which created 'midpoint pictures' with the ASC:

Pluto/Chiron (plutocrats); Jupiter/Neptune (speculators); and Sun/Uranus (revolutionary spirits; upsets.) Quite a pile-up, si?

With Jupiter's expansion of Neptunian substances, such as poisons, gases, liquids, we see:

Jup/Neptune = ASC: speculating; living in an unreal world which is lighted by an emotionally rationalized agenda; sharing great hopes with others.

Sun/Uranus = ASC: sudden events; high excitability; new associations.

And Pluto/Chiron = oppression, class warfare, racism, and corporatism...ascending--the WHAT? Point of this event chart.

At MC (The Goal; WHY? Point at 11:00 am est), there's a certain Saturnian midpoint presenting this picture:

Saturn/ASC = MC: suffering from other people's actions; oppression; inhibition; hindered in the fulfillment of one's objectives. Hmmmm. Could this refer to HoSec's on-the-spot foiling of the plans of vicious mystery culprits? Or to passengers being tampered with...or to one passenger in particular being diverted from a task? Perhaps someone didn't want his luggage to be checked too closely, to become "The x-ray"...Sabian Symbol of the Sun's degree, "25Sco."

(Note: at sunrise, Saturn 7Vir38 was conj MC 7Vir10, with South Node, a Saturnian point of separation, had just passed over Midheaven (the objective), so basically, the day began with: Saturn/SN = MC...a target?)

Security-minded Ceres is at the HOW? Point, the IC, of the chart and the matter. The "14Tau" degree area = the US Inaugural Ascendant (Jan 20, noon, Wash DC) so it equals the president or the president's office.

Seems Mars, the instigator, is still busy causing trouble in Cancer, Retrograde and making himself felt in all quarters--and conj USA's and Bush's natal Suns.

~And the last Solar Eclipse of Sept 11 (18Vir24) is being triggered by the Sun/Mars midpoint now--Sun/Mars is a very dynamic point of action and energy manifestation. Is today's HoSec story and event a diversion from email problems, or is it among false flag ops which we must expect yet not wish for?~

Mercury, planet of air travel, is in sometimes treacherous Scorpio in the 9th house of foreign enemies. Think what you will.

Well, I shall leave you to your own calculations and am sending well wishes for anyone victimized by this 'accident' (as it may be billed by the media, which is also Neptune-flavored.)

Yes, there's undoubtedly more current info online about it now, yet there's no time for me to check it this evening. But if called for, an attempt will be made to add to this post as things unfold.

Not that we'll ever necessarily know the truth about this mysterious matter.

Stay safe, Y'all.

NPR reporting 5 pm: World Leaders will meet in December to discuss climate change...ahh, December, when Jupiter conjuncts Pluto...Dec 11, one of the Great Conjunctions last seen in Scorpio, Dec 2, 1994.

Issues of that time recycle and bedevil society beginning Dec 11, 2007 and onward for this appr 13-year-cycle of Jupiter-Pluto's love of power and strong-armed plutocratic rule.

Nov 15, 2007

Comet now bigger than the Sun

Space Weather News for Nov. 15, 2007

GIANT COMET: University of Hawaii astronomers have measured the diameter of Comet 17P/Holmes: 1.4 million kilometers. This makes the exploding comet bigger than the sun and now the largest object in the solar system. Not surprisingly, the comet is visible to the naked eye; with only a backyard telescope you can watch its gigantic debris cloud expand from night to night. Nov. 19th is an especially good night to look: Comet Holmes will glide by *Mirfak, the brightest star in the constellation Perseus, and appear to swallow it.

Visit for a sky map and images.

(Note: The sun remains by far the most massive object in the solar system. Comet 17P/Holmes' diaphanous atmosphere of dust and gas, which is what the astronomers measured, contains less mass than a typical asteroid. In spite of its great size, Comet Holmes is a lightweight that won't be deflecting the orbits of planets or causing any other such catastrophes.)

ROSETTA FLYBY: On Nov. 13th, the European Space Agency's comet-chasing Rosetta spacecraft buzzed Earth, passing only 5300 km above the southern hemisphere. During the high-speed gravity assist maneuver, Rosetta snapped some fantastic pictures including close-up shots of Antarctic icescapes and glittering views of city lights at night.

See Rosetta's amazing photos at

*Mirfak (Alpha Perseus): young male energy; a young warrior proud of his strength.

Nov 14, 2007

the jewel of public liberty

"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined....O sir, we should have fine times, indeed, if to punish tyrants, it were only sufficient to assemble the people!"

--Patrick Henry (1736-1799) US Founding Father (and now one of The Disappointed)

Born May 29, 1736 (NS) in Studley, VA, Patrick Henry has Sun Gem/Moon AQ--he was an Airy (mental) guy, a Disseminating type who believed that human beings are born free.

This is a light yet serious blend, full of energy and curiosity. A reformer with prophetic gifts, it gives a determination to follow a vision of larger Truth wherever it may lead.

One of life's great spectators, this humanitarian, ultra-reasonable personality blend is shared with several people of interest: Richard Wagner, Pat Boone (I know!), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Marilyn Monroe (yep!), Sally Ride, Jean-Paul Sartre, Edvard Grieg, Anton Mesmer (you are getting slee-py), and W.B. Yeats.

Images for Integration:

Sherlock Holmes...Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen...A scientist suddenly sees the caterpillar, chrysallis, and butterfly as one single being.
(Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Chas. & Suzi Harvey.)

It's 2007, election's coming up--wouldn't it be great to find such a clear-headed man like Patrick Henry now?

Nov 13, 2007

Sept 11 Eclipse: calling all chickens!

Breaking News

White House ordered to keep backup copies of e-mail 12 Nov 2007:

A federal judge on Monday issued a temporary restraining order blocking the White House from destroying back-up copies of deleted e-mails. The order by U.S. District Judge Henry Kennedy came in a lawsuit by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a private watchdog group, which claims the White House has failed to preserve millions of deleted e-mails it was supposed to keep. #

The Sep 11 Solar Eclipse is insisting that the paperwork/communications chickens come home to roost...but the fox is in the henhouse.

Nov 11, 2007

Condi and Pervez: caught on tape?

Everyone knows that bugged hotel rooms are a constant vexation to music-lovin' politicians everywhere--how and where to have a private...conversation?

Watching Condi Rice's mash note to Pervez Musharraf this morning on This Week with George Stephanopoulos has caused the muse of romance to light upon my left shoulder, sparking a scene in my imagination--a scene which Condi and Pervez probably don't want revealed, so let's reveal it...

Scene: a quiet, cozy hotel suite, somewhere on the chaotic planet:

Come on over and sit by me, General...(turns down light)...

Take off your uniform and relax a about a little...piano music?

(tinkly piano...The Way You Look Tonight...)

You know, the only thing more gorgeous than a man in uniform is a man out of uniform...(piano suggestively segues into My Funny Valentine...)

You can be yourself with me, General...let down

Gosh, that head rug looks...stiff...why not take it off, too?...(pause, as wig is flung onto room service cart...)

Never mind...put it back, you look handsome tonight...yes, our time is brief, but I'm yours until the sunrise...

Why, I'd love to pillow or two? Those aren't pillows?

Oh, General!

Musharraf Sets No End to Emergency Rule yet trysts must end all too soon...

Nov 9, 2007

shake your Comet Tail feathers

Space Weather News for Nov. 9, 2007

COMET TAIL: Exploding Comet 17P/Holmes continues to amaze onlookers. On Nov. 8th and 9th part of the comet's blue tail broke away in view of many backyard telescopes.

Visit to see photos of the "disconnection event" and speculation about what might have caused it.

TAURID METEOR SHOWER: The annual Northern Taurid meteor shower caused by Comet Encke peaks on Nov. 12th. Although Taurid rates are normally low, only about five meteors per hour, those five can be doozies. The shower is a well-known producer of slow, bright fireballs visible at all hours of the night. If you're outside after dark this weekend, be alert for Taurids.

Would you like to subscribe to Spaceweather Alerts? Click here.#

Original alert: Comet exploding in Perseus!

Moon in My Room: cool!

Have you seen the Moon in My Room?

And have you been thinking about that NWO and wondering how it's coming along?

So have I, and here's my New World Order Lament for the world, and for the formerly known America.

Nov 7, 2007

About-Face! US' 'Nuclear Posture Review'

In April 2002, expert astrologer Maya del Mar wrote Where Is the U.S. Headed? concerning the US' natal Mars/Neptune square = fantasies of aggression; media glamorizing violence (and Hollywood, too--jc); and the Jan 8, 2002 about-face in nuclear policy titled, the Nuclear Posture Review which was signed by Donald Rumsfeld and surreptitiously delivered to a rubber-stamping, anthrax-threatened Congress.

As Maya points out, this was the very day of the first of tr Mercury's conjunctions to Neptune in Aquarius (first of three.) Then on March 10, the LA Times broke the story, the day that tr Mercury conjoined Uranus in Aquarius--and Pallas Athena (strategy) took Mercury's old place conjunct Neptune.

These Mercury conjunctions in AQ occurred at the time the US' secondary progressed (sec) Sun conj'd US n Moon (27-28 AQ) which began a 360-year cycle of US Aquarian thinking. Mercury describes what's on our minds and with AQ it can be anything from humanitarian and brotherhood issues to weird science and the iciness of space.

Our n Mars/Neptune square has always indicated a tendency toward denial regarding national aggression and it's timely to re-read Maya's thoughts from 2002. The article includes a link to her brilliant Saturn/Pluto articles as well.

America's world domination desires are driving toward the US Pluto Return of 2022 with devouring, nuclear-minded Pluto's power-behind-the-throne reputation--the dragon roars--even from space, so they plan.

Dates of US Pluto Return (27Cap33--Rx natally) based on the US natal 'Sibly' chart of July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm lmt are:

1. Feb 20, 2022

2. July 11, 2022 (Rx)

3. Dec 28, 2022

The Sabian Symbol for "28Cap": "A large aviary"...COMMUNITY...

pos: exceptional success in making all personal concerns a matter of common welfare;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: loss of all character in sheer officiousness.

Will we have character left to lose by 2022? It's only 15 years ahead!

"If we don't fight hard enough for the things we stand for, at some point we have to recognize that we don't really stand for them." --Paul Wellstone

Nov 6, 2007

New Moon in Scorpio, Friday, Nov 9

Here's a link to my current post on the New Moon in Scorpio this Friday, Nov 9, which gives the Sabian Symbols for both degrees, "17Sco" and "18Sco."

The New Moon occurs in Washington at 6:03:02 pm est, in 6th house of Work and Health.

Transit Pluto 27Sag19, has recently conjuncted al Qaeda's natal Saturn (when ambitions must be tempered with patience and control), but is now triggering n Uranus (tech advances; government affects freedom. Any Uranus/Pluto contacts do, of course, tend to be explosive and revolutionary.) (Al Qaeda: Aug 11, 1988; Peshawar, Pakistan.)

Mars 12Can15 (his Rx degree of Nov 15) is supportively trining this New Moon, as is Uranus 14Pis52, which gives a preceptive and sensitive Water Grand Trine to which the Moon joins in:

Sun/Moon = Mars: drive for fulfillment; energy helps or disrupts associations; serval awareness in partnerships; the realization of joint objectives.

Sun/Moon = Uranus: urge for freedom; independent actions; inner rebellion; lack of adaptability; sudden conflicts and shared upsets.

Rising in Washington in the New Moon chart is asteroid Midas, his greed for gold renowned, and Sun is parallel Pluto (similar to a strong conj, a timing device.)

Nebulous, confused, and deceptive Neptune 19AQ16 squares the Scorpio New Moon from 10th house--Neptune conj MC, in fact. And with Scorpio being the sign of intell agencies, spying, and big business (including mining), it will be interesting to see what appears as the light of the New Moon increases.

Nov 5, 2007

War and John Quincey Adams July 11, 1767

Here you see the natal chart (Rodden rating: C, data in question) of our 6th president, John Q. Adams. Outer notations in orange are positions for his last Lunar Return which occurred on his day of death, actual time unknown; place: the Capitol Building.

Lunar Return chart Feb 2, 1848, 10:21 pm, Capitol Bldg, has both Moon 18Cap40 and Jupiter 12Can10 Rx Angular, common for a death chart. Also common is Jupiter's involvement with his magnifying properties, and the Moon is an excellent timing device. (I often use the Moon to time deaths from long ago when the actual time is unknown or unrecorded.)

1848's Jupiter is at the Mrs Rx station degree of Nov 15, posted upon below.

Adams was a short, stout, bald, and not well-liked man--which sounds like a vp we know, doesn't it?

Checking his progressed charts for his death date, I found a Minor (mental/causal plane) midpoint picture which may be worth considering:

Mars/Saturn = Neptune: weak vitality; waning powers and weakening efforts; undermining of the vitality through poison, gas, or epidemic; a mysterious death; grievous loss.

Adams' Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, 3North, is the same Series as for the attacks of 9/11, for "Black Thursday" of Oct 29, 1929, and is the PE of writer Danny Casolaro, who was murdered as he investigated our political crime families and others for a book. Needless to say, Casolaro's notes mysteriously disappeared and his book was squashed along with his life in August, 1991.

You may notice that on the day of Adams' passing, tr Moon had conjuncted n Pluto (a planet unknown at the time, of course) at appr 7:57 am, so perhaps John Q. didn't make it through the day until his Moon Return that evening.

But the old work horse was in the Capitol Building slogging away apparently, with:

Mars/Saturn = Uranus: nerve disease; a quick departure.

And here a few important words still of concern to America from President Adams:

"[America] goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. She will commend the general cause by the countenance of her voice, and the benignant sympathy of her example. She well knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy, and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the standard of freedom."

- John Quincy Adams - (1767-1848) 6th US President - Source: Speech before the House of Representatives, July 4, 1821; quoted in William Bonner and Pierre Lemieux (Editors), The Idea of America (Les Belles Lettres, 2003), p. 237

Read this newsletter online here

The War in Iraq Costs $465,766,239,559

You can see the war's cost in your community

Experts: No Evidence of Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program

by Jonathan S. Landay

Despite President Bush's claims that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons that could trigger "World War III," experts in and out of government say there's no conclusive evidence that Tehran has an active nuclear-weapons program.

Landay article

Déjà Vu All Over Again

by Ian Williams

The US is smearing IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei for not finding evidence of Iranian nuclear weapons. Sound familiar?

Williams article

Nov 4, 2007

Brooklyn invitation: The Monuments! Nov 10

Join the celebration and remembrance of Kurt Vonnegut's unique vision and work on Nov 10 at the Evening of Champions, 7:00 pm, 135 Plymouth St, Suite 208, Brooklyn, NY. As you know, Vonnegut loosed his earthly bonds on April 11, 2007.

Here's a previous post on Vonnegut with link to his natal chart.

I am tres honored to be invited to the celebration by Gabriel Berezin of the musical group, The Monuments, yet must confess that I seldom mosey North these days. So I'm passing along his cordial invitation to you.

The Monuments formed just after the attacks of 9/11...

Gabriel was 10 minutes late for his day job on Sept 11, 2001, when the first plane crashed through his office window on the 97th floor of the WTC, killing his co-workers inside.

The Nov 10 celebration will include art, film, and some fine music by several groups including The Monuments, so if you do drop in, give Gabe and Friends hugs from me!

Nov 3, 2007

Nov 15: Mars Rx on US/Bush natal Suns

The Nov 15 chart for Mars' first moment of retrogradation (3:24:28 am est when set for Capitol Hill) has Mars 12Can27 at MC 12Can06 and chart-ruler Venus 7Lib01 just risen (ASC 10Lib37) squaring Mars Rx, both planets angular.

Venus rules 8th house of shared resources, insurance, debt, credit, transformation, the occult, with 7Tau44 on 8th cusp. This places Dick Cheney's natal Jupiter/Saturn conj on the 8th cusp. The Venus/Mars square is waxing (5A26) with Venus in 12th house yet ruler of the 1st.

Mars' other applying aspect is a trine to Uranus, planet of technology, progress, and revolution (2A22.)

Moon (fluctuations; changes; publicity; the public) rules 10th house of Career and Public Status, but is posited in 4th house of Domestic Scene and Endings. A Capricorn Moon (22Cap09) is very ambitious and business-oriented and the flavor of the chart for Washington seem to be financial and security-minded.

Wounded Healer Chiron (10AQ51) continues his visit with Cheney's n Sun (vitality; true purpose) as mentioned previously.

Plus, the chart's strongest energy is Cancerian, a sign intimately connected to the US natal chart, so things are happening here.

An angular Mars gives the testy, impetuous fellow an outlet for his warring and quarreling energies--not an easy picture for the US or for George Bush.

Mars rules the 7th house of Partnerships, Legal Affairs, and Open Enemies, and there are indications of separations, especially those due to disagreements and discord.

Is a separation from Cheney in the offing? Kucinich is attempting to impeach Cheney in the next few days, they, the Sun rules the heart.

Nebulous and obfuscating Neptune, North Node (associations; encounters) conj Fixed Star, Fomalhaut (one of the Royal Stars of Persia), and rebellious Uranus are in 5th house of Speculations and Risk-taking. Where the outer planets appear, things may occur which are out of anyone's control.

Tech-minded Uranus may relate to the web (Net Neutrality again an issue) and/or to the NYSE and other market systems and programs as well; while Neptune refers to hidden shenanigans and fraud. Their Great Conjunction/s of 1993 remind me of super-software Promis which can track and manipulate financial accounts and markets worldwide (among other Orwellian things.)

For info on Fomalhaut including Dane Rudhyar's interpretation of "4Pis" (Nov 15's Nodal degree) see previous post, Sunrise in Baghdad Feb 22, 2006.

Sun 22Sco35 is in 2nd house, another of the Money/Values houses (opposite 8th house.) Asteroids Lilith and Vesta are conj IC, so these ladies may have some say in matters for the next few months as Mars Rxs (moves seemingly backwards) through degrees he has already traversed...the Mars Rx Sun is shining on Earning Ability of the 2nd house.

And where is moneybags, R-Party-ruling Jupiter? At 22Sag33 in 3rd house and nearing his Great Conjunction with Pluto on Dec 11. This pairing could be riches-and-treasure-related--and hopefully is not nuclear-related. Their hook-up describes and times a power-behind-the-throne (Pluto) meeting (conj) with Jupiterian figures (gurus, professors, rich men, Rs, priests, preachers, monarchs, etc.)

But More on Mars Rx:

Then there are our recent fires, chem plant explosions, and other mayhems which will continue to be in the news unfortunately as Cancer (the Home) is host to quite a few instigators of the Martian variety.

Considering Mars' connection to infections, is the worldwide honey bee 'colony collapse disorder' being worsened by this transit? Are mites, chems, viruses (Australian or otherwise), or cell phone interference part of the picture?

The magnitude of this loss has not been seen before and our food sources are under threat (Mars.) 3/4 of all plants need pollination--they can't reproduce on their own. This crisis is bigger and perhaps more immediate than global warming, m'peops.

My own thoughts on the mystery of the lost bees is that there is a combination of several elements with chem exposure (esp pesticides) a definite factor weakening their resistance to infections. The bees have been examined and seen to have scar tissue and 'white packets' in their digestive systems. Fungi found are similar to those in human beings with weakened immune systems.

No matter the causes, our environment has made the honey bees ill, and we'll be missing 1/3 of our food without them.

Transit Mars will be moseying back into Gemini again, of course, sign of Communications, Messages, The Twins...and sign of The Two Towers.

Issues pop up concerning 9/11 and certain persons' past actions (Mars)--I'm thinking mainly of Geminian Rudy Guiliani and of Bush's radically reforming natal Uranus/NN in Gemini, although candidate John Edwards and the UK's Tony Blair have healthy doses of natal Gemini as well. And last I heard, the faulty communications systems on 9/11 are not what they should be as yet--scandalously so.

And tr Mars has already affected three of Bush's natal midpoints and will do so again, giving a time period of are the pictures:

Uranus/ASC = Mars: a vigorous or active intervention in one's environment; becoming physically violent; pratical tech cooperation; suffering threats, injuries, or wounds;

NN/ASC = Mars: desire for joint achievements; a working association of people for the pursuit of the same objectives;

At 14Can+: Mercury/Uranus = Mars: determination; courage; summing things up and acting accordingly; a sudden realization of ideas; assaults; nervousness;

Uranus/Pluto = Mars: a mania of destruction; fanaticism; an act of violence; the 'bending or breaking' stage; accident.

Mercury in Scorpio (5:16) is in 1st house so will be the first planet to rise in the Mars Rx chart--deep-thinking, investigative Mercury in Scorpio loves the propaganda and the spying. Mercury sextiles Saturn 7Vir30, in 11th house of Groups and Associations, is semi-square Jupiter 22Sag33 in 3rd house of Communications. Jupiter is closing in on his Dec 11 Great Conjunction with Pluto 27Sag29.

Yet prior to that, the tr Saturn/Pluto midpoint will rise. As you know, the cruelty and war of the Saturn/Pluto opposition was very much in effect on 9/11/01, so I tend to keep a squinty eye on the tr midpoint of these heavy-weights.

Recently their midpoint conj'd Bush's natal IC, and thus was opposite his n MC (Aspirations; the Goal; Career; Public Status) so he expressed:

Sat/Pluto = MC: tenacity and endurance overcomes difficult circumstances; severity; one-sidedness; separation (flight); an ascetic, magician, or an adept. (The Combination of Stellar Influences, Ebertin)

Often linked to America, asteroid, Atlantis (sense of doom; abuse of power) is worrisomely rising (9Lib43) and is conj Fixed Star, Vindemiatrix...keywords: loss of partner. This asteroid is obviously connected to NASA's space program...whatever that's really for (?)

The Mars Rx chart's Sun Sco/Moon Cap blend has two Images for Integration:

A general leads his troops to victory...A film director plans each shot to maximize its emotional impact. (Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Testy Mars is bringing the US more testing times and I hope we may all stand strong--together. This backbiting prez campaign is not doing The People an iota of good and serves to divert attention from the real issues--and touts our pretend two-party system--an illusion if there ever was one.

As I moseyed round the 'net this morning I happily found an article on November planets which you may want to read including info on Mars Rx by Astrology Chick so check out her post at your leisure with its November influences for all twelve signs. Good job!

Nov 2, 2007

limming Turkey

Though on a secret mission far away, former agent to our nation, Mr.A.Cat has sent us a dispatch containing a new political limerick, Kittens from Turkey to which I have added a smidge of art, Cat in a Very Green Chair.

Back later--this will be a blogging weekend and I can't wait to catch up on reading my favorite blogs!

Nov 1, 2007

Sen. Whitehouse and the Spanish Inquisition

In the news: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse's statement on Mukasey's nomination.

Read Whitehouse's official bio here.

Born Oct 20, 1955 into a diplomatic family in NYC, Junior Senator from Rhode Island, Sheldon Whitehouse (D) may have the perfect Washingtonian can hear it, I know...Pres. Whitehouse of the Whitehouse. Too pat bordering on freaky, isn't it?

Whitehouse's natal Sun Libra/Moon Sagittarius blend has two Images for Integration:

An educationalist creates a Palace of Discovery to feed and stimulate young minds...Bob Geldof spins Band Aid out of thin air to help famine-stricken Africa.

Obviously, he shares this Sun-Moon blend with Geldof and also with: historian Bruce Catton, Sean Lennon, Dory Previn, Betty Boothroyd, and Art Buchwald who said, "I explained to him that I had simple tastes and didn't want anything ostentatious, no matter what it cost me."

This is an idealistic combo, generous, adventurous, witty, and enthusiastic with missionary zeal...there are persuasive powers with philosophical interests and a desire to help others. (Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Chas. & Suzi Harvey.)

A flair for public speaking is demonstrated as well as an ability to see the larger picture (Sag.) Negatively there can be a tendency to overstretch and over-estimate one's capacities and to hide personal problems with workaholism (who doesn't?)

A lack of introspection may cause blindness to one's true motives and an inability to "see" oneself realistically, and a certain detachment and aloofness may be noticed. Perhaps this results from hearing a celestial choir (note: my mom had a Sun/Neptune conj, so I'm quite familiar with its positives and negatives, thanks.)

Yes, having a sensitive Sun/Neptune conjunction, it's not always easy to make one's mark although humanitarian work would be perfect for nebulous, idealistic Neptune's melding with one's essence and leadership qualities (Sun.)

This creative combo usually results in a lack of confidence when expressing oneself, and there's a veiled outlook on life which may lead to disappointments and unpleasantness--plus, personal responsibilities may be difficult to manage.

Yet a career based on the public's benefit would be fine as long as a trusted advisor is around to help face the tougher issues, for realities can be abrasive to a Sun/Neptune individual.

Whitehouse's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series is problematic--the 11 South Series which last manifested July 11, 1991. This is the Series in which a few things have occurred through history such as:

1. the murder of writer Danny Casolaro which took place the weekend of Aug 9/10, 1991 as he closed in on the PROMIS gang and its octopus tendencies;

2. the assassination of Marat (July 13, 1793);

3. George Washington takes command of the army (July 3, 1775);

4. PE of Enrico Fermi.

Brady's Predictive Astrology lists this Series as:

old ideas or methods will suddenly fail and new systems are required to deal with events brought on by the Eclipse; there is a need for sudden reforms and new ways of handling issues; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed.

The 11S Series next occurs: July 22, 2009 (29Can27--"30Can" = the "Daughter of the American Revolution" degree.)

Well, there's a small cameo of the Senator from Rhode Island who seems to have been inspired this week to speak up on America's behalf.

I only wish more of the varmints of Washington would do it--and mean it.

NYSE plunge, Bernanke, and Eclipses

Stocks are plunging on oil, credit worries while the transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint (cruelty; hard work; loss) is still within orb of Fed head Ben Bernanke's natal Mars/Neptune conjunction.

Saturn/Pluto = Mars: assault; ruthlessness; violence; fighting battles to keep things going; a gun with a cork in its barrel; enormous undercurrents of frustration. (midpoints: Tyl; Ebertin.)

Saturn/Pluto = Neptune: being doubted; not being seen for who one really is; unstable life situation because of the inexplicable, because of fear. (PROMIS software scares me, too.)

Another thing that's fearful is that our now-in-effect Solar Eclipse--the one on Sept 11, 2007--falls into Bernanke's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, personalizing it for him within its 18.6 year cycle.

And of course having a natal Mars-Neptune conj indicates one who has conflicts between the impulse to act (Mars) and the willingness to accept responsibility for actions taken (Neptune's undermining effect.)

Yes, there's a lot of that going around Washington, isn't there? Bernanke can't clearly see the burden of guilt and there's a tendency to ignore reality! Bubbles everywhere. Except for one thing--'the elite' know full well what they're doing to America. Others don't always cooperate as they wish, but the rich have "options" the rest of us don't have, so to them it's all good.

Here are some previous Fed-Bernanke-NYSE posts:

Hylan, Bernanke, and the Fed in which US presidential candidates, cat's paws, and the octopus are well explained by a voice from the past.

NYSE's 2008 Eclipse

Bernanke's first Fed head shout-out

And be sure to visit, if you haven't, Patrick Wood's excellent The August Review where the good fight for America's sake is being fought.

With Bernanke's natal Sun/Jupiter ($) opposition, the Fed head is prone to taking risks and is afraid of competition--he tends to takes great chances when he should be more careful. There's self-deception with Sun oppo Jupiter and others sense it...

...not that the Bush administration couldn't use such a tool.

The undermining of America rolls along and the failure of the US dollar is part of the game, m'peops! "Performer of a mystery play" ("6AQ") is the US natal South Node--aka the 'Medina degree' (Neptune's position when Mohammed entered Medina--the beginning of Islam. Old connections came to call on 9/11/01.)

So read as much as you can about PROMIS software, backdoors, and the selling of the PROMIS software to bin Laden.

In fact, From the Wilderness is a good resource for that sort of info.

It isn't pretty (and connects the Bush-Clinton juggernaut as previously mentioned with the underworld, BCCI, the worldwide terroist network, etc) but we must face reality if any improvements are to be expected and if We-the-American-People have any hope of taking back our government from the radical fascists who now plague and control it.

Their dismantling of the Constitution was/is a must meant to neutralize the people's power--with terror-fighting the excuse, and fear as propaganda's ploy.

And please please forget the R vs D crap (pardon my French)--the divide-and-conquer ploy of selfish war-profiteers who have lied us into war once again and brought the world such misery and woe.

So--is PROMIS' ability to manipulate financial markets in play within today's volatility? How could it not be? I believe that the Y2K smokescreen was part of the game as well.

1999: ahhh, I remember it well:

You don't want an oilman in the White House, said I...but others had different ideas.