Dec 31, 2008

MarketPlace features Astrology 12.31.08

Today MarketPlace turned to Astrology for answers about what's going on with the economy.

Pluto in Capricorn and what it means to society and the transformation of markets and banking - never thought I'd hear such analysis on PRI's MarketPlace!

But it's New Year's Eve so if this is a sign of a leaf turning over or a resolution surfacing for the new year, I like what they're doing with the place...MarketPlace.


Note: above link is to a brief article I wrote which contains a link to today's MarketPlace feature on Astrology - text or audio is available.

Note2 to Jilly: have seen coal sludge spill chart for Dec 22, 2008, 1 am, Kingston, TN. Forgot earlier today when I replied to you that it's New Year's Eve so I'll post on this interesting chart asap. Thanks for the spur, Jilly! jude

Obama's first test: Gaza?

Obama's first test seems to be Gaza and Israeli aggression, one president at a time though we be.

How do you think the Hawaiian vacationer did especially since he didn't mind speaking out about Russia's incursion into South Ossetia but is hiding behind the 'one president at a time" smokescreen when it comes to Israeli war plans which were laid months ago?

As the Capitol Steps jesters said just now, Screople can poo up anything.

Iraq and the Knights of Malta

The Knights of Malta seem to be a very busy, meddling bunch.

Dec 30, 2008

Obama's senate seat to Roland Burris?

Who? Roland Burris. That'll be Senator Burris to you if Blago has his way.

Well, they tried to stop him and plan to ignore him, but Gov Rod Blagojevich is said to be appointing Roland Burris to Barack Obama's vacated senate seat.

Guess if this were a B horror flick we could say, It came from Illinois...

Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2009

Boondoggle for trillions and front for spy satellites though it may be, NASA can be useful to society such as providing details on 2009's Eclipses - like their paths of totality and visibility.

History of 2009's Eclipses and future dates are also given.

Here's the Solar-Lunar Eclipse list of occurrence from Brady's Predictive Astrology:

1. Solar 6AQ30: Jan 26, 11 North: people suddenly change groups with which they are mixing, through travel or ideas; the separation produces positive benefits;

2. Lunar 21Leo: Feb 9;

3. Lunar 15Cap: July 7 (NASA says it's so minor it's invisible);

4. Solar 29Can: July 22, 11 South: old methods and ideas fail and new systems are required to deal with events; sudden reforms are
necessary and any blocks could be violently or tragically removed.

5. Lunar 14AQ: Aug 6;

6. Lunar 10Can: Dec 31, 2009.

Dec 29, 2008

New Years Eve '08 and Venus casting shadows

Space Weather News for Dec 29, 2008

NEW YEAR'S EVE: What a way to end the year. On Dec 31, Venus and the slender Crescent Moon will gather together high in the southwestern sky for a beautiful conjunction visible for hours after sunset. The two brightest objects in the night sky can be seen through city lights and even fireworks--so everyone can enjoy the show.

Meanwhile, closer to the horizon, Mercury and Jupiter are converging for their own Dec 31 conjunction. This one is not so easy to see, but rewarding for those who make the effort to find the two planets shining through the rosy glow of sunset.

Visit for sky maps and photos of the converging planets.

BONUS: Is Venus really bright enough to cast shadows? The answer is yes, and the proof may be found on today's edition of

A French photographer has captured rare images of Venus casting a shadow and he has even made a movie of the shadow in motion.

New subscribers: To sign up for free space weather alerts, click here.


Dec 31, 2008 astrologically: Moon and Venus conjoin near the end of Aquarius (conjunct US natal Moon creating happy feelings - in fact, America's Lunar Return is at 1:53 pm est, Washington, Dec 31, 2008) while Mercury and Jupiter will hook up in the last two degrees of Capricorn, tropically speaking, with quick Mercury hurrying on its way to 00AQ47 Rx in time for Inauguration 2009 and its meeting with the Sun.

Some Mercury Notes for Jan-Feb 2009:

Mercury will perform a Retrograde Station 7AQ45 on Jan 11, and a Direct Station 21Cap45 on Feb 1, leaving its shadow - the planet's previously traveled degrees during this go-round or yearly orbit - on Feb 21, 2009. Plans may move forward more slickly after Feb 21 or so.

The archetypal Mercury in myth is male or female...the eternal youth - boy or girl...hence the 'its' for Mr. Quicksilver.

New Report on US Police State: r u ready?

Well, I'm fairly certain that being able to remember seeing the government-ordered Kent State University Student Massacre on my TV screen in 'real time' has something to do with my resulting sensitivity to stories about US military forces being used on US soil against we-the-people.

Natural disasters, terrorist attacks (or false flag ops), even complete and sudden economic collapse could be triggers for government-directed fingers on triggers in order to quell American citizens and protect political incumbents - Brethren - who would only quake under their cots in an emergency, even while they're socked safely away in cushy state-of-the-art bunkers.

Hide from the Big Bad Populace! It's understandable how they'd fret about it, especially since it is well-known that politicians had So Much to Do with America's loss and despair. What else do they have up their magicians' sleeves?

Note to Capitol Hill politicians and their minions:

You wrote the laws that enabled the heisting and ignored laws that couldn've prevented Bush-Cheney's illegal, obscene invasion, you sniveling cot-quakers!

And yet the article linked here is another 'run it up the flagpole and see who salutes' moment to get our noggins wrapped more snuggly around the idea of being shot at by your neighbor's youngest son - you know - the one you took to the local mall arcade along with your kids in the early 90s.

The rare secret meeting on Capitol Hill in March was supposedly about Congress' emergency plans - for their safety, our danger.

Because it's not enough to wrest power and ruthlessly take control.

Your biggest job then is holding on to power against all comers, whether citizen or not. And that can be rilly hard werk.

Jefferson's 1st Inauguration 1801

"Bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will, to be rightful, must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal laws must protect, and to violate would be oppression."

Words spoken by Thomas Jefferson on the occasion of his 1st Inauguration, March 4, 1801, back in the day when the significator of a US president, the Sun, was at 13Pis+ on March 4, with 1801's Moon in early Scorpio (3:23.)

The Water-Water combo of Sun Pisces-Moon Scorpio may give us some information about what was in the air on the day of Jefferson's first inauguration between the leader/Sun and the people/Moon which reflects the leader's traits.

With Water being the element of feelings, imagination, and intuition, a double Water emphasis gives a mainstream-go-with-the-flow flavor to the day. The experiences of life are to be quaffed and one may gush with feelings, go misty with emotions, and easily dissolve into tears.

Nostalgia and sentimentality are usual with Water-Water blends which long for times gone by and may be considered a 'wet blanket' by fiery types. This is the caring and compassionate 'wet' combination when it comes to Politics rather than the doctrinally pure 'dry' type; plus, it's a poetic and imaginative blend that wants emotional security and comfort food every chance it gets.

Its shadow side is to remain emotionally clingy in relationships and to suffer from a lack of objectivity. In men, this combo may result in an overly detached, unemotional, and ultra-rational approach - Jefferson and his friend Voltaire knew a lot about reason and rational approaches.

The Sun Pis-Moon Sco blend adds an ability for psychological insights, along with stubbornness and complexity. This is the appreciator of the tragedy and comedy of life which has the will to expose exploitation and hardship; it is strong and courageous in adversity.

Emotions are difficult to voice although sympathy is there in abundance; criticism can be scathing, and a cantankerous streak may become evident when heels are dug in on certain issues. There is quiet strength and intensity to this combination with an instinctive understanding of others through its 'psychic sponge' capability.

Intellectual ability is deep and stable once prejudices are by-passed, and there are many areas of interest including mysticism and miracles. One's own company is preferred which gives the acute perceptions time to form and enlighten as great mysteries are delved into.

Weaknesses are a tendency to over-rely on personal opinions, irrational suspicions, unawareness of persistent prejudices, negative self-absorption, a love of sensationalism, and a tendency toward use of manipulation in order to gain power. (In Washington?!)

Charles & Suzy Harvey give these Images for Integration for the Sun Pis-Moon Scorpio blend:

"Longfellow's poem, The Secret of the Sea...Steinbeck's novel, The Grapes of Wrath." #

Well, I thought a stroll down 1801 Inauguration Lane might be interesting since America is preparing to do it all over again 208 years later.

So just to recap from previous posts, this January 20, 2009 at noon, the Sun-Moon blend is Aquarius-Scorpio...

Images for Integration:

"A researcher presents his findings to colleagues at a 'Science For Humanity' Conference...A scientist dissects a scorpion with great tenderness and absolute precision...Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."

So! it seems the sea still keeps her secrets 20,000 leagues down...

Dec 27, 2008

Article Round-Up: Lusitania and Iraq to Ahmadinejad and Jesus

Today there's quite a smorgasbord of news articles and opinions from herding human/s (beings - 'human' is an adjective but who cares when you're being herded like sheeple and cattle?) to an Ahmadinejad video where he waxes forth on what Jesus Christ would do if He were here:

Herding Humans For Profit

By: Peter Chamberlin

The duplicitous leaders in those countries then carry-out America's will, to
set them upon a path to war, in effect, driving their own people into a
"kill trap" where unwanted war is forced upon them. This pattern prevails
all over the earth, wherever the US has imperial designs. We are all being
herded into a global war trap, some call it world war III.


Secret of the Lusitania

Arms find challenges Allied claims it was solely a passenger ship

By Sam Greenhill

Her sinking with the loss of almost 1,200 lives caused such outrage that it
propelled the US into the First World War. But now divers have revealed a
dark secret about the cargo carried by the Lusitania on its final journey in May 1915.


Top Ten Myths About Iraq, 2008

By Juan Cole

1. Iraqis are safer because of Bush's War. In fact, conditions of insecurity
have helped created both an internal and external refugee problem.


Seasonal Forgiveness Has a Limit

Bush and his cronies must face a reckoning

By Jonathan Freedland

Heinous crimes are now synonymous with this US administration. If it isn't
held to account, what does it say about us?


The Noose Tightens

Rumsfeld, Ashcroft and other top Bush officials could soon face
legal jeopardy.

By Jonathan Tepperman

The United States, like many countries, has a bad habit of committing
wartime excesses and an even worse record of accounting for them afterward.
But a remarkable string of recent events suggests that may finally be changing.


Alternative Christmas Message

Video and full text of a Christmas message from Iran's president

By Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

If Christ were on earth today, undoubtedly He would fight against the
tyrannical policies of prevailing global economic and political systems, as He did in His lifetime. #


So...the Lusitania catastrophe was a set up? A false flag, as we've come to call terroist operations stage-managed by governments against their own citizens and blamed on someone else for manipulative political purposes?

Do you suppose there's any American of age who doesn't know we've been duped into war every single time?

Dec 26, 2008

US as democracy a delusion

With transiting Saturn approaching America's natal Neptune in Virgo, planet of delusion, deception - including self-deception - confusion, veils, the masses, oceans, the collective unconscious (Uranus and Pluto - all three outer planets - are linked to the great unconscious of mankind as symbolized in the constellations by Cetus the Whale) we must wonder what the old man will bring to our ideals - a tampering squelch or wishes coming true?

Neptune's province includes the basic urge to merge, as well as ideals and dreams, so considering Saturn's function of splashing cold water upon what won't be manifesting (no matter how one wishes upon a star), the US may have a very basic and fated realization coming by way of Saturn's realistic rays to nebulous natal Neptune 22Vir25 in natal 9th house of Philosophy, Higher Education, and Religion.

Down to Earth with a Bump?

Today is 12.26.08, and my radio is broadcasting, PRI's 'Changing World' with a program called, Desperate Dreams...descriptive of my blab here on Saturn (desperation; loss) and Neptune (dreams.)

There is a place where I attempt to blend these Saturn (form)+ Neptune (mists) energies into an image at Dreamyfish Art if you're interested in botanical fish portraits placed in fantastical undersea scenes - ensnared within their favorite dream surroundings, as the script goes.

Yet this crisis in consciousness has been a long time least 28 years with Saturn's orbit. Something of a mosey, 28 years, which could actually vary from 26.5 and 30 years, depending on retrogradation, etc. Old men often hobble along as slow as turtles, but some have a hitch in their get-along when they choose to.

And then there's Saturn's timekeeping function - Time, the one thing Astrology brings to any picture because, like it or not, we are all subject to the Great Equalizer, Time, another of Saturn's realms peeking from behind his Chronos face which we view in the symbol for January, the face of Janus.

Saturn's last tango with US natal Neptune was a three-fer transit: Oct 23, 1979; March 29, 1980; and July 13, 1980. Events from this time period, or situations where things were happening then may come back to haunt, or need further attention in some way.

And if the pertinent Solar Eclipses of the time (1979 - 1980) extend their influences to the present year 2009, we have:

18 North '29Leo' = high stress level; taxing of strength possibly including accident or injury; physical concerns and obsessive thinking or worrying.

18 South '27AQ' conj US n Moon = endings, partings, separations through travel or endings of relationships, but new situations have positive outcomes. (Brady's 'Predictive Astrology.')

Now if Saturn's lessons have been heeded in the past (Saturn's realm, the past, along with tradition; Saturn is the old man, the senex) if lessons have been heeded and responsibilities have been honored and taken seriously, Saturn may bring long-term rewards to long-term efforts.

That would be one above-average positive result of Saturn to US natal Neptune. The other is Saturnian form being brought to - offered to - Neptunian dreams!

My negative interpretation would be something related to secret (Neptune) government (Saturn) being put into a more concrete form through the 'dreams' of the social tinkerers who are determined to implement their plans for a one-world-government.

Their schedule is moving right along, and Barack Obama's presidency is, sad to say, no exception.

Now this, from Information Clearing House:

"The two greatest obstacles to democracy in the United States are, first, the widespread delusion among the poor that we have a democracy, and second, the chronic terror among the rich, lest we get it." - Edward Dowling



This post prepared using America's symbolic 'Sibly' natal chart, July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia, PA. The actual date or hour of Saturn to Neptune may be affected a little by which natal chart is used, but the transit's influence remains the same.

Dec 24, 2008

An alternate Christmas tradition from Austria

If Krampus is a goat-headed holiday spirit that's after all the naughty folks of the world, George and Dick better run from Washington DC's Goat of Mendes head that's laid out in DC architecture.

The devilish goat is on to their bad selves (or inspiring them, take your pick.)

Maybe it really is time for the war twins
to be hoppin' down the rabbit hole trail before Krampus gets 'em.

GOP IT guru's plane crash

Raw Story has an update of Mike Connell's plane crash and subsequent death along with the crash event window: between 5:35 pm and approximately 6:00 pm EST, Akron Airport, Friday Dec 19, 2008.

See post just below for more details.

At 6 pm EST in Akro, Ohio on Dec 19, 2008, 12Can48 was rising with Bush's and America's natal Suns in tow; the Uranus-Saturn opposition was at Mc-Ic, and Mars 24Sag31 and Pluto 00Cap49 were snugged around the Sun 28Sag26...

Mars-Pluto = Sun: accident; violent measures; injury; an upset or shock caused through intervention of a Higher Power. (Ebertin.) 'Twas the Hour of an out-of-bounds Mars, and Mercury, planet of air travel, was out-of-bounds, too, at 11Cap46.

The zealous Mars-Pluto duo likes to blow things up, y'know...a very pushy, if enthusiastic, pair of energies when working together.

And 6 pm's transiting Vertex, a point of fated encounters, was at 29Sco46, the degree of America's Inaugural Moon on Jan 20, 2009...Sabian Symbol for '30Sco': "A Halloween Jester."

Dec 23, 2008

Karl Rove and the pile of lifeless bodies

Mark Crispin-Miller has written an article on all the 'suicides' and mishaps that have surrounded Karl Rove. It's titled, Bloody Karl so you see where Mark is going with this.

Paul Wellstone, the 'DC Madam', Don McCoy (plane crash Feb 19, 1988 - had just agreed to testify), and now Mike Connell (Rove's IT guy - his plane mysteriously crashed last Friday, Dec 19 - he was about to testify)...but they can't testify and cause trouble for Rove, Bush, and the GOP now...or can they?


August 31, 2007 was Rove's last official day as a White House worker bee and I wrote a little something about it including the day's planetary pictures and some details on Rove's progressed chart. There was a good bit of Fixed Star involvement that day so you may wish to check it out!

Dec 22, 2008

High Point of the Bush-Cheney years: the video

Here's the highlight of the entire 8-year Bush-Cheney presidency, the one Dick Cheney couldn't think of when asked what the highest moment was - His Darkness said the attacks of 9/11.

Figures, with his Progressed Pluto-Chiron midpoint on 9/11/01 exactly at Progressed Midheaven, the Goal Point of the chart.

Dec 21, 2008

Top news video: Goldman-Sachs to pay 1% tax rate

Video: Recent Top Stories from Go Left TV on YouTube, read by Farron Cousins.

Cheney admits to authorizing torture, Condi sort of takes 'responsibility' for the attacks of 9/11, another provision of the 'Patriot Act' has been struck down, and Goldman-Sachs, an investment bank which just received $10 billion of taxpayer money, will pay a 1% tax rate this year. Last year the poor little billionaires paid a rate of 34.1%.

See? it's stuffing off-shore bank accounts with Midas' hoard that protects much of the elite class' obscene wealth from the US government's old IRS goons. See how it's done?

You know, I hope Bernie Madoff sings and sings and sings.

~:~Also visit Raw Story for more news.

Or maybe the corporate raiders of the US Treasury consider the billions in welfare/tax money to be a refund of the taxes they paid before!

Now here's a tale of dark warnings and threats direct from one of the goons of the International Monetary Fund kind:

It's the head of the IMF, Dominique STRAUSS-Kahn, prophesying against 2009, when Jupiter and Neptune shall tango again as they did on Jan 9, 1997. The 1997 cycle is what we're still mired in as we suffer under the Speculators and Grand Organizers of the Jupiter-Neptune ilk along with the Preachers, Priests, and Gurus who inhabit the order.

2009 marks the end of the 1997 cycle and the new beginning of another 13-year dance.

And since I've repeatedly barked here and elsewhere about the year 2009's triple conjunctions of Jupiter-Neptune (May, July, Dec) which relate to the NYSE and other Ponzi schemes and dreams, I'll hush about it for now - unless you want to check below for 1997's midpoint pics which totally describe the mess they've plunked us into so's to have their one-world-government way with us.

Anyway, please read Strauss-Khan's dire predictions which sound strangely like extortionary threats'n'promises to me - but perhaps you'll disagree as IMF chief warns 2009 may be 'even darker' so hold on to your republic.

If you can do so.


Current Jupiter-Neptune cycle began Jan 9, 1007; 6:21 am est, White House, Washington DC, at 27Cap09...conj US natal Pluto...the three planets are so close they may be read as three midpoint pictures...see if these pictures sound familiar a la 2008:

Jup-Nep = Pluto: plans unreasonable beyond measure; self-projection out of hand; major adjustment of life circumstances.

Jup-Plu = Neptune: adjusting the data; omitting key facts; an inclination to be deceptive; working a situation into one's own format; cheating and seducing others; suffering loss through others without being aware of it; a general disappointment.

Nep-Plu = Jupiter: a high degree of cognition and perception; religiousness; success in metaphysical work; sectarians; the "Thank God" position; at one with the way things should be.

Well, it took a few years for this current Jupiter-Neptune cycle to show its frilly undergarments but now that we see more of them every day on Wall Street and in corporate boardrooms across America, it's a wonder the frill has lasted this long.

And one more thing about their 1997 conjunction...Uranus then was at 3AQ45, conjunct 1997's Saturn-Pluto midpoint, a combo of loss and toilsome hard work - and where Jupiter will be visiting on Jan 20, 2009...

Saturn-Pluto = Uranus: brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack, regardless of potential losses; the ability to make sudden decisions in the most difficult circumstances; an act of violence.

Saturn-Pluto = Jupiter (2009): religious and social fanaticism; trouble with authority; staying out of trouble; trying to save what's left; adoption of the austere.

Solstice Meteor Shower Dec 22, 2008

~Image: drawing Snowy Path, jc 2008~ because many folks are walking snowy paths right now.


And now I turn you over to the:

Space Weather News for Dec 21, 2008

URSID METEORS: Earth is passing through a stream of debris from comet 8P/Tuttle and this is causing the annual Ursid meteor shower. Forecasters expect the Ursids to peak on Dec 22 with 8 to 10 meteors per hour flying out of the constellation Ursa Minor (the Little Dipper) not far from the *North Star.

The display is usually mild, but outbursts of Ursids occasionally surprise observers with rates many times normal. The last time this happened was in 2006. Standing outdoors to watch Ursids in December can be a chilling experience. So why not stay inside and listen? is broadcasting live audio from the Air Force Space Surveillance Radar in Texas. When a meteor passes over the facility--"ping"--there is an echo. Because the Ursid radiant is circumpolar (always up) over the radar, the echoes may be heard at any hour, night or day.

Tune in to SpaceWeather to try the audio feed, which can support 1000 simultaneous listeners.

UNIQUE CHRISTMAS GIFT: For less than the cost of a night at the movies, you can give someone the heavens for Christmas. Send them a gift subscription to Spaceweather PHONE: SpaceWeatherPhone.


* The North Star is now Polaris; keywords: an emotional or nurturing mission; pathfinder potential.

Dec 20, 2008

Astrology details of US automakers

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers await you along with very interesting astrological details of the US automakers who, in similar fashion to other industries and corporations in the US and elsewhere, are in process of diving out of their contractual agreements by breaking faith with past social responsibilities toward workers such as pensions and health care benefits. Suckas!

Add massive numbers of short-sighted lay-offs by the droves and you get the sense they're trying to fail so that a one-world global economic system may be pleaded for by us, the devastated pigeons: please sir, institute whatever reforms you think are necessary - but please protect my security.

Power elite notwithstanding, of course; class warfare not optional; security? an illusion.

Dec 18, 2008

financial collapse: they're doing it on purpose

London Banker: "The market has failed, and officialdom is perpetuating that failure."

By Mike Whitney

It is now clear to me that policy makers in the West are determined to apply every available resource to underpinning failure, misallocation and executive excess. As
this discourages the honest saver from parting with cash, policy makers are ensuring
that deflation will wreak its havoc on the financial and real economies of the world.


And I keep thinking that somehow, Bernie Madoff is part of the script. "Are there other Bernie Madoffs out there?" asked an NPR reporter, money-in-mattress jokes are in the air, and soon it will be, "please sir, whatever system you want to impose is okay by me."

The "arrows in the quiver" of the Fed are sparse as they work 'so hard' to put a bottom to the catastrophe. The foxes guard the hen house they raided themselves and corporations do their part by laying off thousands of workers at a pop.

Makes me want to send Bush a pair of musty shoes as they pry his knarly fingers from the White House doorjamb - his mission accomplished, the agenda followed to a T...the undermining and bankrupting of America.

Here's the very first post here at Stars Over Washington from Oct 16, 2005, titled, 'George W. Bush July 6, 1946' with Adriano Carelli's description of Bush's Ascendant degree '8Leo' added: the burning bush, which may make more sense now that the Bush jig is almost up.

Dec 17, 2008

IE flawed, switched to Firefox

Guess you've heard the news - there's danger in Internet Explorer, Will Robinson, switch to any other other browser. Just don't throw me in the IE brier patch.

Therefore, I'm using Mozilla Firefox even though Stars Over Washington displays rather crazily with it - all the side column links, feeds, info, ads, features, are schmooshed down below.

Things sure look better with IE, but their 'patches' don't fix IE's weaknesses until further MS the brier patch must win the day and display the blog.


Dec 16, 2008

Strobe Talbott interview on Obama administration

Der Speigel has published an interesting interview with Strobe Talbott concerning a cautious Obama administration and its 'global citizen' intentions.

You know the 'cautious globalist' description falls snuggly between Barack Obama's Saturn, happily placed in traditional, cautious Capricorn, sign of politics, law, and business, and Saturn's out-of-sign conjunction with Jupiter, placed within the first degree of the sign of the progressive citizen of the world, Aquarius.

I believe Obama's out-of-sign conjunction of the two societal planets, Saturn and Jupiter, works well for him because Cap and AQ share rulers unlike any other side-by-side signs.

Saturn rules Cap and is the 'ancient' ruler of Aquarius. Some astrologers (present company included) use Saturn as ruler of AQ with Uranus, discovered in 1781, as co-ruler or higher octave...influential, but too far away and unpredictable to be 'ruler' of any sign.

Having an emphasis on Cap-Saturn energy in my natal chart, I guess that's just the way I roll - it's traditional rulers for this Saturnian astrologer who 'sees' heredity, DNA, and family myths rather than 'past lives' in Astrology charts.

But don't leave out the mystical realm!

Dec 15, 2008

Bush loopholes executive pay in Bailout Bill

Funny Story...turns out that corporate CEOs' Golden Parachutes and outrageous paychecks are protected with an executive pay loophole inserted at the eleventh hour by the Bush administration which probably knew all along that Bailout Bill monies would not be gifted in this massive heist by way of 'auctions.'

Scoundrels and thieves! Makes me want to take off my shoes and lob away.

Muntather Al Zaidi praised

In Praise Of Muntather Al Zaidi

By Layla Anwar

Whilst Bush waspontificating from his ass, Muntather Al-Zaidi, a 28 years old journalist, a leftist, from the independent anti-occupation, anti-sectarian TV, Al-Baghdadia, stood up and threw not one shoe but TWO pair of shoes at Bush, calling him at the top of his voice YA KALB - YOU DOG.


And so many of the US mainstream media have opined over Bush's 'leg-acy' - they just didn't know it would have a shoe on it and be barking.

Dec 14, 2008

Video of shoes thrown at Bush's head 12.14.08

Couldn't resist! Here's the YouTube video of Bush in Iraq Sunday as an Iraqi journalist throws both his shoes at Bush's thick head.

Winter Solstice 2008 chart now posted

Almost belatedly (with only a week to spare), my article on Winter Solstice 2008 has been published with chart at Jude's Threshold, fyi.

Asteroid Astraea's 'law and justice' rises and there's a T-Square involving the still-in-orb opposition of traditional Saturn and progressive Uranus.

Mercury and Mars are both out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and working without interference from other planetary energies, except that Mercury in Capricorn is in mutual reception with Saturn in Virgo, so perhaps their collaboration is hidden from view.

Set for the White House, Dec 21, 2008, the Libran Moon is in 10th house, US natal Saturn in Libra is at Midheaven, and Sun 00Cap00:00 conjuncts powerful Pluto and asteroid, Atlantis, so check it out, if you'd care to have a go - and please feel free to leave comments if you'd like.

Dec 13, 2008

Planets overhead: Week of Dec 15, 2008

She's done it again.

Astrologer Julie Demboski has written a clear-eyed assessment of our coming week - Dec 15 - 22 - for us to navigate by and benefit from.

You know that Julie's columns are always Recommended Reading around here, so catch up with her asap!

Chertoff Chronicles 12.13.08

This just in from SO'W's So I'm Told Department:

Michael Chertoff employs illegal workers in his home! Quite a guffaw for the head of the Department of Homeland Security, ya think? Such a big glaring Oops! Or maybe it's more of a law breaking situation.

They give citations for that, don't they? Perhaps Bush will pardon him under the blanket.

Well, here are a few notes on Chertoff's natal chart if you're game.

It's written in English so you don't have to speak Astrologese to find out about the guy. And it's all quite legal. Really.

Dec 12, 2008

Screen shot of the missing: Obama met with Blagojevich (Sun Sag-Moon Pis)

Bloggers can be tres cool!

From Google's cache, someone had the foresight to snag a screen shot of the disappearing news article from KHQA Chicago concerning a meeting between president-elect Barack Obama and Gov. Rod Blagojevich during the afternoon of Nov 5, 2008 when they met to discuss who would fill Obama's vacated senate seat.

This records the opposite of what the president-elect said about it, doesn't it? So I wanted to get the screen shot's link onto this blog for future reference, if necessary.

Now here's a mini-peek at Blagojevich's natal chart - born Dec 10, 1956, Chicago, IL, birth hour unknown.

Through the 24 hours, Moon was in Pisces (15:29 to 27:38), Sun in Sagittarius (18Sag10 to 19Sag11.) Sun conjunct asteroids Hebe and Hidalgo.

His father's heritage is Serbian, says Wikipedia, and his name is pronounced, near as I can tell: Blog oy' a vich.

There is a revealing midpoint picture which applies no matter his birth time:

Mercury-Pluto = Neptune: overdoing issues drains energy and wears out one's welcome; pursuit of peculiar plans; cunning, falsehood, libel, slander, calumny, and defamation.

Sun Sag-Moon Pis is a steamy Fire/Water combo. Steam can sterilize or scald and has a reputation for being volatile, passionately emotional, and moody.

The shadow side of this blend lacks the ability to take an impersonal view. "What's in it for me?" may often be heard as it clearly was on the tapes of his phone calls (if you listen between the bleeps) demanding big bucks for the senate seat appointment. Or he may have grabbed the seat himself and joined the other big time pocket-liners of Congress.

Instability and impracticality can wreak havoc in the life as this slave to moods expresses an urgent fanaticism. This combo has a proud and independent streak mixed with vulnerability; conforming to convention is not the usual with a Fire-Water blend.

Sun Sag-Moon Pis: irrational logic, deep convictions, and open receptivity describe this blend, yet there can also be gullibility, lack of concentration or discrimination, and vacillation. It's an 'optimism vs pessimism' combination with a lack of the necessary patience to ground ideas in the real world.

Image for Integration: 'A jolly, shabbily dressed vicar tells raucous jokes to down-and-outs, children, and high society at the Church garden party.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

So what about the planets on Nov 5, 2008?

One midpoint picture is worth a thousand's the one that has most to do with meetings that day:

Sun-NN = Pluto: being persuasive; ordering and controlling others; exerting influence; public prominence.

Thing is, it's Pluto who's the operative or trigger in this picture of energies, and powerful 'secret hand' Pluto is at '30Sag'...Sabian Symbol?

"The Pope Blessing the Faithful."


For a tiptoe on the lighter side, a fresh rhyme is now available at Lim's Limericks: A Kitten Named Blago if you'd care to check out a political meow from Chicago.

Geminid shower from extinct comet Phaethon

Space Weather News for Dec 12, 2008

WEEKEND METEORS: Earth is entering a stream of debris from extinct comet 3200 Phaethon, and this is causing the annual Geminid meteor shower. The shower is expected to peak on Dec 13 and 14.

Normally, as many as 100 meteors per hour shoot out of the constellation Gemini, but this year a bright Moon will interfere with the display, reducing hourly counts to only 20 or so. That's could still be a nice show. For best results, watch the sky from 10 pm local time on Saturday night (Dec 13) until dawn on Sunday morning (Dec 14.)

BIGGEST FULL MOON OF THE YEAR: The Moon that's causing trouble for the Geminid display happens to be biggest full Moon of 2008, as much as 14% wider and 30% brighter than lesser Moons we've seen earlier this year. An astronomer would say this is a "perigee Moon" because it occurs at perigee, the side of the Moon's elliptical orbit closest to Earth.

Go outside tonight and take a look. The meteor rate may be low, but the lunar beauty index is off the charts.

Check for updates and more information.

BONUS: The Dec 1 Great Conjunction Photo Gallery continues to grow with daily additions from around the world. Browse the gallery here.

Dec 11, 2008

Rahm Emanuel former investment banker

Now this could be an interesting article...not that men and women in power reach the heights without mega-millions...

How Rahm Emanuel Made Mega-Millions and Bought His Way to Power

By Ben Protess

New details emerge of Emanuel's days as an investment banker.

Stiglitz on our 5 keys mistakes (Saturn to US Neptune)

Capitalist Fools

By Joseph E. Stiglitz

Behind the debate over remaking US financial policy will be a debate over who's to blame. It's crucial to get the history right, writes a Nobel-laureate economist, identifying five key mistakes-under Reagan, Clinton, and Bush II - and one national delusion.


Warning: the following astrological comments are serious - do not read if you're looking for pie in Neptune's sky!

Ah, yes, one 'national delusion.' In Astrology that would be, as you know, America's Neptune in Virgo, sign of the dedicated worker. Our collective Neptune is being visited heavily by transiting Saturn, planet of realism, within orb now but exact at the end of August into early September 2009.

This is the 'grim reality' transit so our national delusion is being made painfully clear with laser focus, or perhaps with a significant disillusioning event in Aug-Sept of 2009.

Saturn can bring loss along with regret for past mistakes (if there have been any - and there have), and Neptune has to do with living on credit - pretend money, money we don't actually have - and isn't that our illusory finances in an astrological nutshell?

The US 'Sibly' or Rudhyar charts have Neptune in 9th house which in Horary Astrology is the department (House) of foreigners, our world view, wisdom, and abstract thought. Saturn prefers the practical to the abstract, so Saturn is useful for talking Neptune down from the heights.

And foreigners are running from the US dollar in droves, plus they're part of the total buy-up of gold which has caused gold backwardation - as of Dec 2, 2008. See jude's threshold for a recent article on gold backwardation.

With Saturn-to-Neptune, there can also be confusion as to what or who is responsible for what, especially with money matters, and we are experiencing that now as well...see article above! We could say that Joseph Stiglitz (Saturn, a man of authority) is bringing Saturnian realism to our national delusion (Neptune), couldn't we?

Even the title, Capitalist (Saturn) Fools (Neptune) applies as Saturn 'descends' Neptune, but I have no drawing of that, only this one, 'Neptune Ascends' which could be seen as descending instead....

More realism on the way:

Saturn then goes on to US natal Midheaven (which we will have to consider later - it should mean being at the top of one's game professionally, but with all that's going wrong in America, it indicates to me more loss of standing in the world and restriction of our Libran ideals with possible legal system implications.)

Then it's the US Saturn Return to 10th house, which this time will be a three-fer due to Saturn's retrogradation...using the US 'Sibly' chart, here are the dates when Saturn returns to natal degree:

1. Dec 3, 2010
2. Mar 22, 2011
3. Aug 28, 2011

US n Saturn 14Lib48:20 is in 10th house, so our national return to realism stretches out into the next 2 to 3 years with the ongoing social dislocation of home and income loss attending.

Obviously, I will be posting more on our Saturn Return later on, and I wish could be more cheery about all this but that would only be more of the same rose-colored Neptunian glasses - and would vex Saturn who doesn't appreciate his lessons being dissed!

Dec 10, 2008

Declaration of Human Rights 60 years old today

Today is the 60th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights which was passed on Dec 10, 1948 at the United Nations, and sponsored by former first lady and UN ambassador, Eleanor Roosevelt.

Considering that the Declaration was meant to protect the world's rights to freedom from oppression of all kinds - including torture, Mrs. Roosevelt would be none too happy to see how world leaders trample upon it whenever it suits them. She would definitely take it amiss.

Dec 10, 1948 had Sun in Sagittarius (18:04 to 19:05), and Moon in Aries for the 24 hours, from 5Ari42 to 17Ari42...

Sun Sag-Moon Aries Images for Integration:

"He who would be king postpones the coronation for a trek through the Himalayas...A mature student discovers her political convictions and debating talents through confronting the corruption of academia." ('Sun Sign-Moon Sign' by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Academia, eh? I like for corruption to be confronted wherever it festers, but once again: Mrs. Roosevelt would be scandalized by the crooked sidewinders and kingly robbers we suffer from now.

But who will take America's place?

Der Spiegel has an article by Wolfgang Nowak which is either a clear-eyed assessment of the coming new order, financial and otherwise, or a fascinating bit of propaganda designed to place certain ideas into the collective unconsciousness for future activation when the time is right.

(There's been a lot of that going on already, and the February 2009 Digital TV 'Divide' will make their messages even more subliminal.)

The article contains a photograph of an American flag with the caption: 'Who will take America's place?' which is where I snagged the gist of a title for this post.

Who will be the decisive powers in this new world order?, Nowak asks.

What new world order?, ask I.

Among other things, Nowak is promoting the idea that the world must pull together (my words) to solve global problems...problems which were, I might add, created by many of the same people and groups that have worked in a long process to tear down social fabrics the world over and create the chaos they think is needed so that structures can be rebuilt to their liking.

You and I are only collateral damage.

Nowak's article cites journalist Charles Krauthammer as speaking of "the dawning of a new era, (in) which for decades to come, the United States would serve as epicenter of the world order."

And this pronouncement from Krauthammer-on-high (aka the Trilateral Commission membership list, a group which has been cornering the market on gold of late, says Patrick Wood at The August Review) was uttered "just 17 years ago" - which puts it at 1991, the era of Bush Senior's public calling for the New World Order - at the United Nations.

Well, Nowak is spokesman of the executive board of the Alfred Herrhausen Society, the international forum of Deutsche Bank, so we may be assured that he has no corporate fish to fry, right?

But perhaps I'm being too harsh. Sure, that's it. It's little gnattish blogger, me. I'm the problem.

So okay. You may wish to check out the Society's new Foresight project
ostensibly created to "analyze and compare the future visions of emerging and existing world powers" in this 'multipolar world' now bereft of American leadership.

And we have US neocons and their enablers both here and abroad to thank for that.

Dec 9, 2008

Strengthen the unions

Card Check

"You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Chains"

By Mike Whitney

Forget about the fake differences between the two political parties. There aren't any. The only hope for deep structural change is to strengthen the unions and give workers a place at the policy table. That's the only peaceful way to dismantle this parasitic financial regime and bring about a more equitable distribution of wealth.

US economy takeover: 1939 vs 2008

The parallels between what Bush has done taking over US banks and loan institutions such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are said by some to echo too closely Hitler's tactics in Germany in the 1930s. As you know, Adolf wanted to rule the world, and the misery and chaos of war was the price he was willing for others to pay.

If you're aware of these parallels between the time periods and tactics, never mind; but if not, please read the article concerning the US dictatorship which is now being enlarged, by Michael S. Rozeff, a retired Professor of Finance.

Apparently the Nazi memorabilia room at Yale's Skull and Bones, where Bush once played, is having a renaissance of sorts. Granddaddy B helped with Adolph's piggybank and now grandson is following a similar script.

But who's playing Hitler now?

Dec 8, 2008

Crooks take over, America the pariah

"We Let The Crooks Take Over": The plot to shift taxes from wealthy and on the wage earners

Guns and Butter Interview with Dr. Michael Hudson

The United States Has become a pariah in the world financial economy.


Yes, it's definite - the crooks have taken over. And I always appreciate Dr. Hudson's writings.

But the 'pariah' part doesn't work quite as well for me, esp considering annual G-8 summits, the annual Biderberg Group meetings, and other entities which meet in secret sessions (such as the WTO) to discuss what's coming up economically.

To say the US is a financial pariah indicates the possibility that the current financial meltdown isn't part of a script which many governments are following with world bankers and the Fed leading the bankrupt-America charge over the insolvency cliff as the power elite cheer them on.

That's why these entities meet - it isn't to discuss how wonderful America is.

The recent and popular video of Bush hanging his head when no world leader would shake his hand at the G-20 was a set-up, imho. It was too obvious by half, and very badly acted - plus, they knew they were being recorded, after all. Can presidents be impeached for bad thespianism?

"America is too rich to go bankrupt," a brag which some of my fellow Fraysters once taunted (silly) me with at Slate Magazine in their forum, The Fray, so I wonder what they're saying about America's financial propects now that 8 years of the Bush-Cheney cabal has had its way with US coffers.

Perhaps I shall pay a sentimental visit to The Fray, a readers' forum which helped me realize that I wanted to blog about Washington, DC and Politics through the lens of Astrology...but not to gloat, oh no.

Because this is one of those times you'd dearly love love love to be completely wrong.

As Orwell wrote...

"They could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality, because they never fully grasped the enormity of what was demanded of them, and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening." George Orwell

Well, are you sufficiently interested to notice?

Read about Orwell's natal chart details here, if you wish, where you'll find an Orwell-style description of mass media deception.

And here's an idea for the overseer which that other George, Bush by name, will be placing over the $15 million loan for GM and Chrysler: I hear Brownie may be available for doing heckuva jobs.

Sun Myung Moon revered on Capitol Hill

For some time I've meant to post this video which concerns *Sun Myung Moon's 'crowning' as the 'prince of peace' the US Capitol Building, which is a Masonic temple, if you look at it from the right angle.

Do we pay them for this? Is it really in God they trust?

The video is almost 23 minutes long so you may wish to skip ahead - and you may not believe your eyes, if they are American eyes.

Makes me wonder what craziness our elected 'representatives' get up to in their private sessions with their after-hours secret handshakes and oaths not to reveal - to the American people - what goes on.


*Alternate spellings of Moon's name appear here and there, if 'Moon' is his name at all. He's had alternate IDs over the years from what I can find.

Moon's huge Paraguay compound is said to be next door to the Bush family compound so apparently they'll be neighbors when a retired George kicks back on the porch. Pass the doobie!

I'll never forget living in DC years ago when thousands of Moon posters were suddenly plastered all over the city with his grinning mugshot staring out, the freak. And as you see above, our freaks honor him--or pretend to.

Little did I know then what I wish I didn't have to know now.

Dec 7, 2008

Colorado Fireball and Inauguration 2009

Space Weather News for Dec 6, 2008

COLORADO FIREBALL: Last night, a fireball one hundred times brighter than the full Moon lit up the sky near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Astronomer Chris Peterson photographed the event using an all-sky video camera dedicated to meteor studies. "In seven years of operation, this is the brightest fireball I've ever recorded. I estimate the terminal explosion at magnitude -18."

Meteors this bright are called superbolides; they are caused by small (meter-class) asteroids and are likely to pepper the ground with meteorites when they explode.

Visit to watch the fireball video and contribute sighting reports that could help pinpoint any meteoritic debris.

TUMBLING TOOLBAG: The space station's famous sidekick, the ISS Toolbag, is circling Earth and reportedly producing flashes of light bright enough to record using off-the-shelf digital cameras.

The flashes, shown in a photo on today's edition of, could be a sign that the bag is tumbling. Both the Toolbag and the ISS will be making a series of evening passes over North America and Europe in the evenings ahead, so now is a good time to look.

Check the Simple Satellite Tracker for viewing times.

BONUS: The Dec 1st Great Conjunction Photo Gallery continues to grow with daily additions from around the world. Start browsing the gallery here.

Visit for photos, webcasts and more information.


Notice the number lately of reports of 'fireball' sightings?

Chunky visitors from orbits unknown?

Or perhaps 'Star Wars' remnants + satellites of surveillance + mind control + electromagnetic experiments + Pentagon beams + digital tv as of Feb 17, 2009...any or all are peeking through the veil of consciousness from the shadows of the collective unconscious.

You know the joke about 'drinking the Kool-Aid'? Don't scoff too quickly.

Actually, a "wholly epochal transition" has already occurred - Dec 2, 1942, 3:01 pm LMT, Chicago, Illinois, when the atom was "harnessed"...Saturn Rx conj Uranus Rx in early Gemini, in 1st house. Saturn (boundaries, form) harnessed Uranian energy...and enriched uranium has been sought ever since.

And yet astrologers know that Prometheus unbound has much deeper meaning to humankind than a difficult science problem successfully solved and brought from abstraction to fulfillment in the physical realm, invented for presidents to exercise America's 'awesome and ultimate power' - as if by God Himself.

That 2008 has been a year of Saturn's opposition to Uranus (Prometheus) is significant in the nuclear 'race' (Saturn conj Uranus = start of a cycle) or as some people say, the biggest stick with which to control the masses...nuke fear.

Rising at 3:01 pm in the Atomic Energy chart (as given by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones) is 13Tau30, an Ascendant degree that is less than 1 degree from the 'US Presidency' Ascendant on Jan 20 at noon in Washington, DC. The ASC is the WHAT? Point of any chart.

At the WHY? Point, or Midheaven (MC) is 25Capricorn, appr 1 degr from the Inaugural MC degree and this time (Jan 20, 2009) the highest point of the chart, the MC/Goal Point, will be the transiting midpoint of Pluto/Chiron, the isms duo of fascism, totalitarianism, racism, corporatism, disenfranchisement, primal violence, and other words, plutocracy.

And to pile on at MC on Jan 20, 2009, noon, is US natal Pluto, planet of plutonium and atomic power.

Now I'm tender hearted and don't appreciate typing this cr*p out for you to read; plus, you might be happier if you didn't read it. But if you've gotten this far, you may as well allow me to finish...

Man will not finish this Earth. God will decide when that's to be, and how. So we can forget the usual Hollywood movie scenarios, or classic or modern sci-fi stories or books. The idea that other worlds have creatures that arrive in Earth's vicinity bwo cigar-shaped hovercraft is ridiculous.

That there are other worlds and beings is a given, however.

"In My Father's house are many mansions. If it were not so, I would've told you," Jesus answered his Disciples when asked if this were the only created world.

My studies indicate that if knowing there are other worlds (unfallen worlds) were necessary to our salvation, we would've been clued in about it big time. It's comforting to know, but it's not the key to Eternal Life.

So...please don't let the fireballs spook ya! They're either asteroid/meteor displays, space junk burning up in the atmosphere, or...the Pentagon or other groups playin' around with their hi-tech toys to the world's detriment. They're the ones we should all keep our eyes on.

And on a lighter note...

John Malkovich was funny on SNL earlier, and it was great to see Amy Poehler back at the salt mine and giving out da nooze. Amy's impersonation of Hillary tickles me. And she really laughs like that - rather creepily.

Dec 6, 2008

Astrology looks at the Week of Dec 8 - 15, 2008

For an excellent planetary synopsis of the upcoming week of Dec 8th - 15th read Julie Demboski's revealing article.

For years I've been a fan of Julie's astrology writings in Dell Horoscope Magazine, among others, and am happy to provide a link here to her comprehensive insights which you'll find include asteroids such as Pallas (the daughter), Ceres (the mother), Juno (the wife), and Vesta (the virgin, or, the dedicated worker), along with planetary transits and aspects which underpin the world's astrological and cultural weather.

Meanwhile, here at Stars Over Washington I tend to blog about dire subjects such as political thespians, the White House, Capitol Hill denizens, and the mayhem and miseries they create.

There's seldom an uplifting varmint in the class warfare bunch, so my posts can be heavier than we-the-people desire or deserve.

Therefore, I hereby recommend to you Julie's articles for an uplifting look at what's going on above in the cosmos while our noses are pointed toward the perplexing problems of our nation and in our personal lives.

Let Ms. Demboski advise you on the week concerning astrological symbols and energies, for:

As Above, So Below!


Image of paper collage, His American Majesty, by jude cowell 2008...for entertainment purposes only.

Scahill on Obama's foreign policy

Hopefully, you've already read Jeremy Scahill's article about Obama's foreign policy team and their hawkish leanings - most have Clintonite status.

Remember what Bill Clinton did almost as soon as he first took office? He bombed Baghdad. The Scahill article gives BHO's advisers and cabinet names with detials on their...associations, and the current and former positions each hold or held.

It is not comforting.

Why, it was only earlier this year that a campaigning Barack Obama said, "I don't just want to end the war, I want to end the mindset that got us into war."

That's a tall order to change people's minds, Barry.

And made quite impossible by appointing advisers who are part of the brigade that created the mindset in the first place under Clinton and Bush administrations, as Scahill more fully explains.

That an Obama presidency will bring real change to America and improvement to our imperialist foreign policy looks more sour each day as we near January 20, 2009.

Does the crisis 29th degree of the 2009 Inaugural Moon (Moon = the people; the public) indicate serious disillusionment with Barack Obama as he takes the (public) Oath of Office?

That it represents the many crises we are experiencing and which are being made worse by the engineered financial meltdown (Scorpio) seems a given to me, but a 29 degree Moon in a US Inaugural chart reflects what are, for now, unknown factors which may become apparent in January, if not in December 2008.

Things may not turn out as expected, but whatever the case by Jan 20, 2009, it will be imperative to deal with it.

Financial krisis hits Russian people hard

The world financial meltdown is now hitting the Russian people hard and fast and it's not just the lower oil prices to blame.

Only a few weeks ago, the Kremlin was downplaying the crisis as if it were only a Western problem.

And you know how I feel about it - the global elite just had to have worldwide markets and a global economy - the better to crash you with, m'dear. And the sooner the world would be forced to say: please, sir - whatever system you have in mind - we'll take it.

They not only want to impose a New World Order - they want us to beg for it!

Dec 4, 2008

The Daily Show: Will MSNBC become Fox News? video link

The Daily Show is asking the pertinent question: will MSNBC be the network to take over the role of Fox News and do the honors for the Obama administration?

Here's a video link to Jon Stewart's report on this pressing issue.

Mysteries of the Mumbai attacks

There are many questions about the attacks on Mumbai and the Pak Alert Press has an extensive list of articles concerning the terroist siege of Mumbai, India, with article excerpts which include eye witness accounts and alternate reports on who, what, and when.

The articles come from a variety of sources, including local papers and Britain's The Guardian.

Did all the terroists arrive by boat? Were they already staying at Nariman House? Were they fair-skinned? Some are reported killed, one in custody, but where are they rest of the '14' terroists?

'Mumbai attacks like 9/11' rhetoric aside, the aftermath is being treated or subjected to the same type of alternate-story clouding as the attacks of 9/11/01 were with resulting confusion over whether Mumbai was an inside job - a false flag op - or somehow state-sponsored or enabled.

Hank Paulson in China

US-China relations are on the boil over economic issues. Yuans and dollars are dropping all around us.

Treasury secretary and bailout czar Hank Paulson is there now to take meetings with America's main creditor, the Chinese government.

Is Paulson being called on the Chinese carpet?

Now either someone on Capitol Hill and Wall Street thought selling out America to China was a grand idea when it began years ago and the screws are now inconveniently being applied, or the one-world-government scheme's script is being followed word for word with much success for the fatcats of the world.

You may wish to visit Patrick Wood's The August Review which covers this topic and more.

Sun and Mars cazimi Dec 4 2008

Having just discovered an excellent Horary Astrology blog, Ask Christine, here's a post concerning this week's Mars cazimi the Sun an overly cozy condition which is in effect from Thursday (Dec 4) until Saturday.

Horary Astrology ('horary' meaning, 'hour') is where you ask a question you're bursting to know the answer to and the time of your question gives the answer by way of a chart set up for that exact hour and minute, and is then read by traditional astrological principles.

As you might expect, emailed questions work excellently for this purpose with their time stamps in plain sight.

Your query does need to be properly framed, however, so that the astrologer fully understands your meaning, and that's the actual time of your question...hence your answer lies within.

Dec 3, 2008

US soldier seeks asylum from Iraq War

Since mainstream media in the US may chose to studiously avoid this story, I'm providing a link here to an article in Der Spiegel concerning a US soldier seeking political asylum in Germany to escape further service in Iraq (even as I'm aware that the article may be strategically placed political propaganda.)

So this one may be 'just for the record' - or it may warrant a wider dissemination.

Either way, the Bush-Cheney war remains illegal and an abomination toward humankind not worthy of my America.

Their America tends to bomb indiscriminately, as they willed.

Commerce Secretary Bill Richardson 11.15.47

Today New Mexico governor Bill Richardson was named Commerce Secretary by president-elect Barack Obama.

Governor Richardson, whose 2008 prez campaign didn't fly, switched his allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Obama and is now ensconced within the new administration by backing Obama, who was okayed by those high and mighty string-pullers, the Bilderberg Group. For Richardson it was a smartly timed, if orchestrated, choice.

With personal name asteroid, 'Wil' conjunct Richardson's natal Ascendant, it appears that Inauguration 2009's Jupiter 3AQ32 signifies Bill Richardson. His natal Astraea (law and justice) is at 3AQ26, too. I had previously wondered in typery about who this 'Wil'-'Bill' could be - now, it seems, you and I both know.

Now Mercury is the planet associated closely with commerce, but Jupiter (money; expansion) certainly plays a role as well, plus, Richardson's figure tends toward the Jupiterian side of some rotundity.

Here you see the natal chart of Bill Richardson (BR), born Nov 15, 1947, 11:35 am PST, Pasadena, CA, as given by AstroDataBank.

Mercury 5Sco32 in 9th house of Philosophy, is unaspected yet conjunct a problematic asteroid, Nemesis (divine retribution; an unbeatable foe.) Unaspected Mercury, ruler of his 5th house of Risk-Taking, and of his 8th house of Shared Resources and the Occult, has apparently operated on a high level - an 'outstanding in his field' way for BR has held many posts.

Dane Rudhyar gives '6Sco' as:

"The Gold Rush Tears Men Away from Their Native Soil"...AVIDITY...Keynote: The passionate search for new values which, at any level, promise a more abundant life.

(This symbol) dramatizes the capacity in man to tear himself away from the known and the familiar, gambling everything on a vision or dream.

Might that be the dream of a one-world-government? Yeeks - we're infested - they're everywhere!

And yet one thing I've always noticed about Bill Richardson's public persona is the mildness of it. But through contact with public figures through the years, I know how studied an image can be - it can fool us all when necessary. They take classes, y'know.

Although not the closest applying aspect to his natal Sun (that honor is held by Mars square Sun 1A08 - see below), the tendency to seem a bit of a floor mat may come from his Sun inconjunct Uranus (2A47) which gives him a yielding-toward-others quality which can be easily imposed upon.

Sun/Uranus inconjunct folks may then feel bitter and vindictive if they find they've been deceived. Inner guilt causes feelings of being severely challenged by the authoritative attitudes of others.

Closer, and thus an integral part of BR's personality, is the Sun/Mars square (with Mars ruling 10th house of Career (I use traditional rulers with outer planets as 'higher octaves', which with Scorpio would be Pluto), and 3rd house of Communications with 23Ari29 on the cusp.

Sun SQ Mars gives Richardson lots of energy and enthusiasm with the drive to fulfill his ambitions. Under prolonged pressure, however, he needs periodic breaks (who doesn't?); experience has taught him to carefully and patiently plan his actions in order to achieve his goals.

Conservation of energy is needed as well and is probably a talent with him because of his Mars/Saturn conjunction (similar to the directed and efficient use of energy as with Mars in Capricorn where Mars is Exalted.)

His Sun/Mars square gives him the tendency to want what he doesn't have, then to become disinterested once he gets it. But the square does give a fairly good nature which enjoys the company of friends whose accomplishments are much admired.

But when efforts don't yield the expected results, Richardson may tend to fly off the handle in disgust; he can be perceived as overbearing at times as he demands attention and focus on subjects which he's knowledgeable about. Quite human traits, I'd say!

There is also a tendency to yield oneself to others (often to personal detriment, and echoing his Sun/Uranus inconj) by way of having three planets in the 7th house of Others...Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. That's a lot of energy to give away.

At Midheaven we see Sun conjunct South Node which can
can be problematic if not well-handled. It confers conditions where its 'owner' is denied opportunities and resources for self-expression, especially in the realm of leadership potential.

He may even be denied the fruits of his labor or be prevented from achieving his fondest desires (the presidency?)

Sun conj SN is a karmic or fated condition by which I refer to past heritage or behaviors from his own past (I don't 'do' past life Astrology - I prefer the Saturnian model where SN and other indications from the past are - from the past, including DNA and ancestry.)

So 'past behavior' may refer to selfishness on Richardson's or an ancestor's part when ambitions were promoted at the expense of the self-expression of others. (I don't know enough of his past history to remark, I'm just reading his chart.)

But, as we see, with natal Sun is conjunct Midheaven,
a public profession of recognition was practically assured him, especially with benefic Jupiter 4Sag53 (strong and expansive in his natural sign of the Seeker) and Venus in Sagittarius, showing his attractiveness and attraction to foreigners, in 10th house of Career and Public Status.

Fortunate in career! Richardson has been, as you know, a senator, ambassador to the UN, Bill Clinton's Energy Secretary, and now serves as governor of New Mexico, as noted. That'd be a 10th house full of benefics for ya.

If you click to enlarge the image, you'll see a few more of my notes on Gov. Richardson's natal chart - including a stand-out in the Pluto-Chiron 'plutocracy-corporatism-oppression-racism' department. Much has been made in the media today that it took days for a Latino to be appointed to Obama's cabinet - and BR's natal Pluto-Chiron midpoint 00Lib01 happens to fall upon America's natal Midheaven (Sibly.)

You see the dynamic T-squares formed between Sun/NN and NN/MC, both focused on his Mars/Saturn conjunction in 7th house of Partnerships.

Thus, four midpoint pictures are formed (Tyl):

Sun/NN = Mars: vigorous drives with others to gain personal importance. (Often called: Politics.)

Sun/NN = Saturn: patience with others; reserve; maturation.

NN/MC= Mars: getting things done in partnership work.

NN/MC = Saturn: conservatism; being the serious person in the group; being comfortable in the loner's position.

Also highlighted on the chart in yellow is Richardson's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, 3 South, 19Sco36.

Brady's Predictive Astrology gives the 3S Series as one of sudden ending of associations and relationships, possibly with a younger person; a sense of traumatic transformation by way of news received or short journeys undertaken.

The initial Eclipse in this Series occurred on Aug 13, 1208 (OS), 27Leo10, with Venus conj Mars 19Can+, which is, as we now know, the degree of Pluto's heliocentric North Node. Pluto's heavy transformative power in the initial Eclipse is the primary reason for the difficulties of this Series, for it was Pluto = NN = Venus/Uranus = Mars/Uranus in 1208.

Richardson has an obsessive-compulsive quindecile aspect between Venus (values; relationships; money; cooperation and collaboration) and Uranus (innovations disrupt the status quo) so there's an erratic, unpredictable quality to money handling (uh-oh) along with a drive toward constant stimulation and excitement. He's a risk-taker, and may be a flirt who has trouble with monogamy and intimacy (echoed by his Sun/Mars square), but can benefit through this quindecile by focusing on self-worth issues.(Quindecile, Ricki Reeves.)

Well, this post has become wordy, so I'll be adding Richardson's Sun Sco/Moon Sag info asap at Jude's Threshold if you get a chance to visit.

And be sure to check out *AstroDataBank concerning Bill
Richardson's natal chart
if you'd like more details on our soon-to-be Commerce Secretary, Bill Richardson.


*The AstroDataBank chart details have not been read by your reluctant astrologer (me) because I prefer not to be influenced by other interpretations before I begin looking at a chart. Sometimes a chart has been studied previously but in this case, this is the closest look I've taken at Bill Richardson's natal chart.

Apparently Richardson will be around a while (although I'm seeing some disillusionment about partnerships on his part from putting too much trust in others), so this won't be the first time his chart will merit a peek. jc

Dec 2, 2008

Did Brit-born Pakistanis carry out Mumbai Attacks?

Apparently Britain simmered another cauldron of terroists:

Mumbai Massacre Carried Out By Brits

By By Jerry Lawton, Emma Wall and Gemma Wheatley

Indian security forces said at least two of the captured terrorists were British-born Pakistanis, while the total number could be as many as seven.

Dec 1, 2008

Does US have a two-party system? poll

There are 24 days left to vote in my SO'W poll where you can weigh in on the political question: Does America have a two-party system?

So far the 'class warfare vs we-the-people' selection is ahead, but you may affect the results, if you like.

To vote, please scroll to the end of this page and cast away!

Will Jim Jones' energy policy ties derail Obama's train?

Brad Johnson's Jim Jones' Chamber of Commerce Organization Promotes Energy Future tells a tale of Barack Obama's choice today for National Security Adviser, Jim Jones, and a few inconvenient ties that apparently bind.

Hmmm...the quote from Bill Moyers which I posted in Sept 2007 mentions the US Chamber of Commerce as one of the entities which seem to be running the US government by remote control.

Makes me wonder who did the picking? Did Obama chose Jones...or did Jones choose Obama?

Moon-Venus-Jupiter photos from Pakistan

Thanks to, I have found my two favorite images of the Dec 1's triple conjunction of the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter.

Ramiz Qureshi took these photos in Karachi, Pakistan, and said it was "like a great face in the sky."

Check out Ramiz's photos: it is, and it's smiling at the stressed out planet Earth!

Inauguration 2009: YODs form with US natal Venus

Using the animated chart feature of Solar Fire software to 'look ahead' in the ceremony, an interesting pattern forms around 12:30 pm on Jan 20, 2009, Capitol Building, just as the Moon leaves its crisis 29th degree of Scorpio and enters the happier sign of Sagittarius, ruled by jolly Jupiter.

As you know, US Inaugurations are scheduled for noon on Jan 20, and the ceremonies tend to begin at noon, or a minute or so thereafter.

YOD, a Finger of God: a special purpose, task, or a crisis in need of attention NOW

A YOD pattern consists of two (or more) planets in sextile (60 degrees) at its base, pointing to an apex planet/s. 12:30 pm is when the 29Sco45 Moon reaches 00Sag00 (Sabian Symbol: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire") and begins an afternoon of sextiling and 'YODing' with Inaugural Mercury Rx, Sun, Jupiter, and Mc. (Jupiter 3AQ32 is conjunct Midheaven then.) All the planets sextiling one another are quincunx (inconjunct - 150 degr) US natal Venus, planet of money, relationships, and values, thus the YOD.

Checking Bil Tierney's book, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis for apex Venus in a YOD pattern, we find that a negative expression of apex Venus results in anti-social behavior and alienation. This refers to America's loss of standing and reputation in the world these last 8 years, imo.

Barack Obama's natal Jupiter 00AQ is also involved in the YOD pattern as well as his natal Venus 1Can47 - which is in closer orb with the YOD than US natal Venus 3Can06!

If activated in positive fashion, apex Venus in a YOD configuration represents a fated turning point - a new direction of fulfilled purpose and advanced development of refined talents or attributes which have a marked influence upon the value structures of others.

This influence affects the sensibilities of people in ways that enable them to improve their own welfare. Constant efforts at inner adjustments and reorganization bring lasting security; the new direction stimulated by the YOD/s pointing to apex Venus results in individual participation in social enterprises, legal affairs, or counseling fields. ~

With Barack Obama's natal Venus so near US natal Venus in Cancer, we may say that the Inaugural YOD pattern points to America and to Obama as leader.

Well, yay. Sounds way better than the Bush model, doesn't it?