Feb 24, 2010

Mr Toyota to Congress - asteroid Toyota in Taurus

UPDATE Feb 24, 2010 7:25 pm est: Okay, here's an article that purports to tell what's really going on behind the scenes concerning today's Toyota-to-Congress mummery on Capitol Hill and wouldn't you know? It's Machiavellian politics between the government of Japan and the voodoo-economics-loving power elite!

Original post begins here:

Knowing that there exists a personal name asteroid Toyota (3533), I became curious this morning to discover its degree for 2.24.10 as Mr. Toyota, grandson of the original auto-maker, Mr. Toyota, testifies to the US Congress concerning his company's shoddy workmanship which has amounted to run away cars, injuries, and deaths for several years now.

The Heliocentric North Node of Toyota is in the 17 - 19 Libra range, conjunct US Progressed Mars Rx with Sabian Symbols for '18Lib' being "Two Men Placed Under Arrest" and '19Lib' = "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding." Take your pick.

Today asteroid Toyota traverses 5Tau39. '6Tau' = "A Bridge Being Built Across a Gorge," so with the public's good faith in your brand shaken, I wish you luck with your bridge-building, Mr. Toyota, for surviving loved ones of your cars' victims will be testifying to Congress as well.

But can people trump a huge international corporation on any level at all? Especially after funneling mega-millions into congressional campaign coffers these many years!

That would be an unsual sight to see in America these days, wouldn't it? The sign of Taurus has some shadowy traits such as greed and intolerance and can be very, very stubborn, so we'll see how it goes on the Hill.

A shout-out of thanks goes to the excellent serennu website for offering such diverse information as Toyota's position today.

Feb 22, 2010

Congress gavels in with Castor rising 2.22.10 + George Washington's natal chart

This afternoon at 2:00 pm est, the US Congress gaveled in after its almost-two-week recess in honor of Presidents Day. If you're like me, no sigh of relief escaped your lips because the pocket-liners were back under the Masonic dome of the Capitol Building but it had to happen, I know, yet what never seems to happen anymore is legislation passed on behalf of the American people.

At 2:00 pm, Capitol Building, the Ascendant degree 18Can15 'brought up' a difficult Fixed Star, Castor 20Can14 (keywords: sudden fame; loss; murder; mental illness; crippling of limbs. - A. Louis.) Brady's Book of Fixed Stars gives Castor's keyphrase as: the intellectual writer, and of course, Castor's twin star, Pollux 23Can13, is soon-to-rise, keywords: danger of disgrace; murder; rape; cruelty; danger from poisons, women, or large animals; good for the occult or for Astrology.

Castor rising may be significant as well because of the upcoming Solar Eclipse @ 19Can24 on July 11, 2010 in the 12 South Series which is the Pre-Natal Series of the USA (@ 00Pis33); this timing greatly personalizes the July 2010 Eclipse for America.

12S's flavor is one of 'successful outcomes to long term worries' (B. Brady) - yet there's Saturn's 'long term' influence mentioned, as below. Well, perhaps the Obama stimulus plan will pay off more obviously for our economy during the second half of 2010 as predicted by this administration. I sincerely hope so since my personal list of friends and family experiencing job loss has recently grown longer.

The first US natal planet to rise in today's gaveling-in chart is our Mercury Rx '25Cancer': "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power." I believe this is a reference to the T-Square of the chart between Saturn Rx 3Lib17 at Ic (the Foundation or Basis of the chart and of the congressional session now underway) and the gaveling-in's Mc which implicates the ongoing transit of Saturn to US natal Mc 00Lib53...and more specifically to the T-SQ's apex Pluto.

Normally a Saturn-to-Mc transit should be a time of great accomplishment and recognition for long term efforts (and perhaps it will be before the transit ends - then it's on to America's Saturn Return)...unless Saturnian responsibilities have not been properly addressed. As I stated previously: they have not as of yet.

However, this trasit could be considered part of NWO implementations since the global elite agenda has been a long time coming. The pay-off for the power elite is Saturnian control, but for the rest of us it's Saturnian loss...loss in reputation (10th house = the world stage; public standing/status; and loss of career with massive unemployment. Old Man Saturn likes cutbacks and conservative measures.)

The T-SQ forms a midpoint picture...

Saturn/Mc = Pluto: great demands; a grand struggle ordained by destiny; fear of loss; the need to be in control at all times; great changes in life's conditions; strong repression of your work by others; added willpower to accomplish your goals.

Now any, all, or none of the above may apply and may refer to congressional members, but I suspect that Pluto 5Cap56 in 6th house, apex planet of the T-SQ, is described as well: plutonian string-pulling. I have previously posted on the upcoming Cardinal T-Square which will bedevil the world from Spring 2010 into 2014 but I will repeat some of it now - even though today's T-SQ is a bit different and includes the gaveling-in's Mc: apex Pluto in a Cardinal T-SQ = a private loner who must be in control at all times and willfuly fulfils his (their) ambitions through force, manipulation, or subversive activities; hidden strengths allow ruthless overwhelming of opponents for this high-powered executive position that demands penetrating insights into all crucial operations (of the US Senate and House, it seems.) (Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney.)

2:00 pm est today was a Moon Hour (fluctuations; changes; removals; travel) and the Moon 13Gem33 (just barely entered into the 11th house) makes two applying aspects:

1. Moon square Venus 14Pis07 in 9th house (0A34); indicates overindulgences, trouble with women, and/or a lack of self-control;

2. Moon trine Mercury 18AQ45 in 8th house (5A11); indicates restlessness, purposeful travel, and/or charming verbal abilities which may mask deceptions.

Then at 6:30 pm this evening, congressional members are meant to show up for the start of voting on what was discussed earlier today, so I'll check out the chart for 6:30 pm est, and if I find anything of particular interest, it will be reported here.

Until then, you may be interested in a fresh post just published on one of my other blogs Jude's Threshold which concerns Greece's financial crisis and the possibility of its spreading to other EU nations:

Can EU Cope with a National Bankruptcy?

Oh! And Happy 278th Birthday to George Washington, our archetypal first president. I seriously doubt that Freemason George would much care for what the US Congress, its Wall Street buds, and other corporate special interests have done with the place, don't you?

Here you may view George Washington's natal chart from 1732 along with a few notes, if you wish. And be sure to Click chart to enlarge.

Feb 19, 2010

CPAC descends, Obama attacked as drug user

Sayin' What They Want to Hear

Well, it didn't take conservatives at CPAC long to bring up an old subject concerning President Obama as being a cocaine snorter but I wonder where the same conservatives were during 8 years of George Bush whose liberal drug use is well known?

Plus, it's been said that Laura Bush was the dime bag go-to girl in college yet that was hushed up during the 2000 campaign. She also ran over and killed someone at some point in her young life, an act which could be misconstrued as an initiation rite of passage into a society of some sort where murder is required for membership.

Or as simply a young driver running a STOP sign with highly unfortunate results that demonstrate why we have STOP signs to obey.

Okay, let's see: if you're a GOPer you can be forgiven anything in your past (even if it's only yesterday's amour or last night's alcohol binge) but if you're a Democrat (an opponent) it's different. Has Mr. Obama ever used cocaine in his life? Probably. Don't know, don't especially care. But I do know he'd look pretty silly at press conferences with a snowy nose and would make a fool of himself in such a condition.

Scratching the Underbelly of Washington, DC

Where there's big money and massive amounts of power, drugs (and prostitutes) always come along for the ride...even for the holier-than-thou types who like to pretend they're white as 'snow' - but the other guy!


Blog Note: This is my last post until Sunday - Georgia Aquarium here we come! ;p

Feb 18, 2010

Election Day 2010: Sun Scorpio-Moon Virgo

On Tuesday November 2, 2010 Americans will go to voting booths across the nation in hopes that each ballot will be counted honestly. But that's a post with a different theme than this one. This one is a result of taking a brief look at the chart (charts, actually, for all through the day) of Nov 2, 2010.

Blogging time is brief since I'm getting ready to go out of town for a couple of days (Saturday is Bloggers Day at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta!) so I want to make note here of one of the Images for Integration for the Sun Scorpio-Moon Virgo blend which is in effect for the entire 24-hour period. This is a Water-Earth combo that can be described as 'glorious mud' and I suspect the whole nation will be mired in it as the 2010 campaign proceeds.

The 'Image'? 'Billy Budd', Herman Melville's unfinished novella. 'Powerful war' is involved with Melville's
story and America's neocon masters are all about that, aren't they?

More Neoconism for You?

That Republicans expect the November elections to be a major route of the Democrats knocks me out considering the 8 years of the Bush-Cheney regime that brought us illegal war, out-of-control deficits (to hobble the government from being able to spend our tax money on behalf of American citizens), a weakened justice system, Wall Street thieving in hyper-drive, special interest corporate rule more than ever before, torture as a way of life, shooting lawyers in the face and lying about it, unitary executive power of a despot kind, and more anti-American reforms than we realize (yet.)

Of course, I tend to see our illusory two-party system as working together - class warfare fought against us and against US sovereignty, so it's 6 of one half dozen of another when it comes to Rs vs Ds...for me. Perhaps you still believe there's a difference but I see their supposed differences as ideology driven ego games with important consequences. The November elections are interesting on another level as Capitol Hill politicians strive to save their careers so they can jockey for position in the NWO - so their propaganda will prove even more vicious, diverting, and subtle than usual.

At the moment, C-SPAN is covering Florida Republican US Senate candidate Marco Rubio's speech and it seems he's their rising star who's expecting big things in November. He says the elections will be a "referendum on the very identity of our nation" and that conservatives must "stand up to this big government agenda and not be co-opted by it. The US Senate has one Arlen Specter too many."

Now I know he means the Obama presidency when he says, "big government agenda" but that's not what I hear. I hear, let us helm the one-world-government, not the Democrats. Either way, the people are screwed and the co-opting has been achieved - Congress has been co-opted by corporatism.

And I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to put anymore Bush-esque or Cheney-esque politicians in any seat on Capitol Hill unless it's a seat on the tar-and-feathers express out of town. And they can take the Dems with them with precious few exceptions. And I suppose Rep Ron Paul should stay, if he will.

It's proving a bit amusing to hear Republican rhetoric which shows an alarming lack of memory of how they handled those last 8 years of debt, lies, and the undermining of our freedoms while "exporting Democracy" to foreign lands at the point of a gun.

So it remains to be seen what 'Billy Budd' can have to do with November elections 2010 and I will be publishing the horoscope and writing more on it soon. Till then, it's swim-with-the-fishies time which will be blogged on (hopefully with photos) at my botanical fish drawing blog Dreamyfish Art in a feature on the wonderful Georgia Aquarium.

Oh, and I agree with Rubio about America's over-abundant supply of Arlen Specters.


Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Feb 17, 2010

Economic Crisis and the Cardinal Cross 2010

Astrologer Theodore White has written a very informative article on the economic crisis which touches on the Cardinal Cross, a summer of turmoil, and how to manage what's coming down the pike.

Funny how I never until this moment related the worn-out phrase "coming down the pike" to Illuminati chieftain Albert Pike, an early planner of what we're now experiencing with financial collapse as preparation for the New World Order.

Feb 16, 2010

More analysis of Spring Equinox 2010's horoscope

Chart shown: Spring Equinox (Aries Ingress) March 20, 2010 12:32 pm est Capitol Building, Washington, DC; Moon Hour.

Once again I'm impressed to publish a chart analysis by reader Jonathan W concerning the Spring EQ 2010 horoscope and I'm re-publishing the chart here so you won't have to refer back to my previous post unless you really want to.

And now I happily and productively turn you over to Jonathan who thinks we learn a lot about Things To Come from this chart of March 20, 2010:

How could I, an Aries Ingress Baby (Sun at 00Aries) NOT comment on this chart? :^)

The Cardinal Angles indicate action. The situation has moved from discussion and thought and into a "let's DO something about it!" phase. But the very powerful Grand Cross energy associated with the Angles (Mars, Sun/Mercury/Uranus, Pluto AND Saturn? Yikes!) indicate it'll have more power behind it than we first realize.

It's a bit like barely tapping the gas pedal and going from 0 to 100 in 2 seconds flat! But, if wiser heads prevail, this can be a good thing.

What's wonderful about this is that the "change" desired by the People, indicated by the Taurus Moon in the 11th House, is being given both support and opportunity via the sextile to Uranus. And they can take the energy of the square the Moon makes to Neptune/Chiron and create an Event to express their disappointment, hurt and disillusionment.

Of course, the identity of the Event, the Sun, although conjunct Mercury and Uranus and posited in the most public place in the chart on the Midheaven -- no Media Blackout this time! --, is also one of the focal points of the aforementioned Grand Cross. So, will there be "change"?


Cardinal Energy is all about Beginnings. Finding our feet. Expressing ourselves. Getting the ball rolling. But that South Node on the Ascendant drains the chart. We'll yell and shout, but I doubt we'll we move forward with our "goals". Especially those involving the sense of security we feel for our families (Cancer Ascendant).

The Revolution is being conceived with this chart, not born.

With Mars rising and both ruler of as well as trine the Sun, Mercury and the Midheaven and sextile Saturn, there will be a surprising amount of anger, though. And it'll be loud and insistent, determined and pissed off. And, because of the trine and Mars' Direct Station, there will be a bottomless pit of energy to draw from. And trust me when I say that that Mars in Leo is going to LOVE over-dramatizing after all that time spent spinning his wheels in retrograde.

Furthermore, this Mars is in a Yod with Saturn and Neptune/Chiron, so a conscious, dedicated, determined (Saturn) output of energy (Mars) to express our frustration, hurt and disillusionment (Chiron/Neptune) is Fated. Mars' sextile with Saturn also indicates the opportunity to build a movement which forces those in Power to sit up and take notice.

But it's an opportunity. Sextiles guarantee nothing. You gotta pick up the shovel and get to work.

Still, if the WH assumes it'll be a day or two of noise -- something The One can easily ignore from his leafy perch at Camp David or calm with yet another professorial, slightly condescending speech --, they're in for a bit of a surprise.

Not that I would call this an "angry chart". This is a step toward those events we'll see later in this decade. Besides, we can learn a lot with this Ingress Event.

With that Moon in the 11th, we'll feel at home in the Group and come to realize there really is power in numbers. With the North Node in the 6th and on the Descendant, we'll recognize the need to work (6th House) together (Descendant). And with the 11th and 6th/Descendant in the spotlight, there's also the need to work (6th) to create an organization (11th) with common goals. With the Sun/Mercury/Uranus on the Midheaven, we'll hopefully take advantage of our very Public Power (Sun on the Midheaven) and attention from the Media -- New (Uranus) and Old (Mercury) -- to help others understand they're not alone in their frustration.

With Venus ruling us (via the Moon in Taurus) and in the Public 10th House, I doubt those who take part will be seen as rowdy hippies making trouble. In fact, I think many watching from around the country and the world will find their energy, passion and goals attractive!


Thanks, Jonathan, my generation's rowdy hippies appreciate your thoughtful analysis! jc ;p

Spring EQ 2010 brings Anti-War Marches to Washington

Anti-War Marches on Washington DC are on President Obama's menu for Spring Equinox 2010, on Friday March 19 and Saturday March 20 (aka, Aries Ingress) whether he stays at Home on Pennsylvania Avenue or not.

American imperialism and aggression overseas will be protested against in the streets of what's supposed to be 'our' nation's capital so we'll see where that energy goes. Perhaps testy instigator Mars in Leo rising is what's being manifested bwo protest marches in the Spring Equinox chart along with the Moon (the people; the public) conjunct Fixed Star Algol, a star of enraged passion and anger.

Of course, I've stated my belief here before that violence isn't the best way to effect the changes we want - plus, the US government has well-prepared for our aggression with more of their own through plans to use US military and police forces against us when we're finally fed up with their sorriness and can't take anymore. Seems to me that they continue to aggravate us in the direction of rioting so that martial law can be imposed as a step on the trail to their totalitarian new world order.

But as Gandhi said, "There is no path to peace. Peace is the path."

And we Americans must never forget what founder Benjamin Franklin said, too:

"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."

Then how many dissenting American patriots will be required to take back our country from global neocons, syndicate bosses, and thieves? Let's see how many fill the Washington Mall and streets for Spring Equinox 2010, then multiply their number by a thousand or more.

Now a few words form Upton Sinclair which I've quoted here before but which deserve repeating:

"Is it altogether a Utopian dream, that once in history a ruling class might be willing to make the great surrender, and permit social change to come about without hatred, turmoil, and waste of human life?"

So far, it looks as if it altogether is, especially now when the one-world-government types are thisclose to implementing what they consider to be a 'Utopia' of chaos and regression.

Well, it looks like my heart will be evenly divided over the weekend of Spring EQ 2010: split between news of and good wishes for the safety and effectiveness of the Anti-War Protests against US imperialism and the 1st International Astrology Blogathon with its practical solutions for dealing with the Cardinal Cross energies which have now begun to plague the world.

The Astrology Blogathon is an online event set for...you guessed it...March 19 - 21, 2010. See you there if not here!

Feb 15, 2010

Canada's first-ever home-soil Gold for her Jupiter Return!

Hearing that Canada won her first-ever Gold Medal on home soil yesterday at the Vancouver Olympics spurred me to pull out Canada's natal chart (July 1, 1867 12:05 pm LMT Ottawa; source: astrologer Rab Wilkie) to see what's happening overhead and there it was: Thursday Feb 18, 2010 marks the nations's *Jupiter Return to 7Pis30!

Canada's natal Jupiter is posited in 5th house of Creative Pursuits, Risk-Taking, Gambling, and Children, and with ongoing transits like the lovely Venus-to-Jupiter, Jupiter-to-Jupiter, and, in about 6 days, Sun-to-Jupiter, the 2010 Winter Olympics have some happy times in store for Canadians after the Games got off to such a rocky start.

Also affecting Canada's natal placements now: transit Uranus (surprises!) conjoining her Chiron 26Pis38 in 6th house, a sudden, disruptive transit which may describe on one level the wound (Chiron) of the unfortunate competitor who lost his life just prior to the opening of the 2010 Winter Games.

A happy time overshadowed, yes, yet who can deny that Gold Medals are nice to have for displaying upon a nations' mantle, eh?

Looking ahead at Saturn's future course, a transit to natal Ascendant 7Lib58 is on the way when responsibility and accountability issues come to the fore along with some sort of loss if Saturn's lessons are not heeded (ex: Hurricane Katrina occurred during the time of George Bush's Saturn-to-ASC transit; he didn't handle that responsibility well and refused to admit accountability for that or for much else.) For Canada, Saturn-to-ASC will occur only once on or about Oct 2, 2010 (perhaps indicating the reality of what a financial boondoggle having the Olympics can be and its restrictive results on taxpayers' wallets? Canada's natal Saturn 17Sco46 is posited in n 2nd house opposing n Pluto 15Tau46 in 8th house - both Money houses.)

And in early October 2010, Saturn will square Canada's natal planets in early Cancer: Moon 6Can32, Uranus (OOBs in 9th house), and Sun 9Can20, then will square Midheaven 9Can41 - all difficult energies full of obstacles (Saturn); but there's more...

After Saturn lumbers into Canada's natal 1st house, the old taskmaster will eventually oppose natal Neptune 15Ari00 (7th house) and will do so three times - on or about: Dec 5, 2010, Mar 20, 2011 (Rx), and August 30, 2011. Similar in nature to America's recent transit of Saturn-conjunct-n-Neptune, this is another signature of a deluge of cold water drenching false illusions and yet obstacles are put in the way of learning the truth. Financial speculation under this transit is a very bad idea, and hidden agendas full of fear-mongering can confuse everything.

Well, don't they always?

Circumstances feel paralyzed under such a depressive Saturnian transit to Neptune so do take your good times while ye may, Oh Canada! And prepare ahead for soon-to-come leaner times than you've known in quite a while.

Oh listen to me! Advising Canada to do something that nary a soul in America listened to in 2001 when I first started grousing online about America's coming **bankruptcy and my then-fellow Fraysters on Slate poo-pooed my 'daftness' with things like, "America is too big and too rich to ever go bankrupt!"

And yet 'ever' did come, didn't it? Funny how multi-national corporations are deemed by 'experts' to be 'too big to fail'...but as we see, America is not.


*A 'Jupiter Return' is aka a 'Jupiter Reward Cycle' and comes round about every 12 years.

**One factor that caused me then to think of America's bankruptcy: 9/11/01's Moon at '28 Gemini' = "BANKRUPTCY", and Moon in a mundane chart = the people; therefore, I continue to believe that the attacks of 9/11 on the commercial World Trade Center are part of someone's plan to bring America to her knees and bankrupt the people (which was put in motion years ago by corporations and their enablers, Congress, as our jobs were first being outsourced overseas. Who couldn't see where that would eventually lead? And tax cuts for corporations are never passed on to the people in the form of jobs creation so I wish the GOP would stop pretending that they are.)

Another factor is Nostradamus' King of Terror (or 'Alarm') Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 which capped off the old century and which has a financial flavor to it. The Eclipse chart contains a rigid Fixed Grand Cross that bedevils us still as transits to the 1999 Eclipse chart mark time on the Great Cosmic Clock, so naturally the prophetic Book of Revelation comes to mind for its vision of Oxen (Tau), Lion (Leo), Eagle (Sco), and Angel (AQ) so elegantly pinpointed by August 11, 1999's Grand Cross planets in mid-degrees of these Fixed signs.

Feb 14, 2010

Yes, Love is the Foundation of the Universe

Since I'm working in Art mode today (yet I did watch TV's weekly parade of political circuses this morning and am watching *Bill Moyers' Journal now as they're Reimagining Lincoln), this post is merely a heads-up to a Shadow Party, one of my Art images you're cordially invited to view if not attend on this, Valentine's Day 2010.


*Next week Moyers' Journal will feature the effects of the recent SCOTUS decision against we-the-people in favor of corporations and their expanded meddling ability in US election processes even more than they did before.

Feb 13, 2010

America, SCOTUS, corporations, and the Saturn/Pluto square

Waking up in a snowy wonderland this morning I was relieved to find that our power was still on unlike millions of Americans still suffering under Snowpocalypse 2010. The sun's rays are now melting the pile-up but Georgia may have another winter storm system on the way soon, say TV's weather-alert pundits.

Electricity! This means that surfing about the cybersphere is possible, searching out excellent articles for you, lone reader. And look what I found: a Saturn/Pluto Square analysis by master mundane astrologer Jessica Murray in which she synthesizes the difficult energy of the Cardinal Square with the recent Supreme Court decision that has institutionalized the illusion that 'corporations are people too'. Ms. Murray also notes Pluto's current opposition to America's natal Jupiter (morals) as a sign of an amoral corporate plutocracy that has no reason whatsoever to identify with "America's proud First Amendment trip."

As Jessica Murray's article asserts, Monsters have been created, and The Creature from Jekyll Island lives and thrives at our expense while perfectly fulfilling one of the astrological descriptions of Pluto's identity as creature, monster, and non-humanoid.

Now you know G. Edward Griffin's 1994 book, The Creature from Jekyll Island but did you know that a second edition was published in 2009 which takes "A Second Look at the Federal Reserve"?

In 1910, this native Georgian is ashamed to say that (just miles from where I type) the lovely island of Jekyll (where we vacationed for years when I was growing up - little did I know, right?) was the scene for the Rockefeller-Morgan conclave of devils from which issued the formation of the so-called 'Federal' Reserve Bank made 'real' by Congress in Dec 1913. That their plutonic claw is behind the current financial crash, I have no doubt, even if you do.

That money is an illusion is something which the media's often-touted 'lack of confidence' mantra reveals, for if you believe in Tinkerbell, you'll clap your hands and pretend that our capitalist financial system is on the mend and worth saving.

Of course, total global financial collapse is what's supposed to induce us to accept whatever new system they enforce - their heart's desire is the limit and yet they have no hearts!

So do men and women have hearts, consciences, and allegiances? Most of us do, yes.

Do Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Chem, and Big Banks have these things? SCOTUS institutionalized the pretence that they do a mere few weeks ago. And Congress is playing along in collusion with the illusion just as they always do, and as the NWO monsters have planned for many years. Yes, these players wear various hats but all have 'NWO' stamped upon them with Dissolve America on the label.

But the Saturn/Pluto Cardinal Square is not playing at all. Corporations having the 'same status as individuals' is another brick stolen from the foundation of democracy. 'You know it, I know it, and the American people know it', to quote one of their formerly active shills, Bob Dole.

Yet if we indulge in depression over these things, the monster has an even more potent tool to use against us in this, the class warfare I've been grousing and blogging about since 2005. And at the risk of ruffling a feather or two, I think that the haves vs have-nots battle was pretty much okay with most Americans as long as their finances weren't on Pluto's chopping block.

Things do look a little different now, don't they?

Feb 12, 2010

The Olympic Games, 9/11, and the Illuminati Flame

Everyone knows without researching that 'eternal flames' burn on JFK's and Princess Diana's graves, and on others. Their obvious connection to the Olympic torch may not be as well known to many but they should be if we ever hope to see things as they really are.

So when transiting Saturn conjoined America's natal Neptune 22Vir25 (and President Obama's natal Mars simultaneously) in late August 2009, the 'grim face of reality' transit (Saturn = realism and a drench of cold water, Neptune = illusion, deceptions, and dreams) made this an imperative for the American people to deal with, and for some it seems to have aided in tossing off the rose-colored glasses that most folk tend to wear so happily.

Yet others still can't or won't 'see' what the Illuminati has been illuminating for centuries...their control and manipulation from behind the curtain of illusion as they take action when a sudden change of direction is thought to be necessary for furthering their agenda of domination.

A political assassination tends to have that effect and I doubt anyone can deny it.

Tonight with the Vancouver Olympic Games underway (and right off the bat - the death of a luger - perhaps a tragic accident), the Olympic Eternal Flame
(so often protested by the people including in Vancouver) burns brightly several miles north of here and I want to shine a light on these 'movers and shakers' who deserve to be more than outed, they deserve to be prosecuted. Difficult, yes, since all institutions are now infiltrated by them including justice systems of every nation.

In Dallas, after JFK's assassination in Masonic Dealey Plaza, the Scottish Rite of Freemasons erected an obelisk (another favorite, an Egyptian-esque symbol similar to that in Mecca, now that I think about it) and placed a brazen 'eternal flame' at the site which marked their mayhem and his sacrifice.

And I'm reading that an 'eternal flame' was lighted soon after the attacks of 9/11 at Ground Zero which, if true, shouts out the perpetrators or their backers, at least. Now I haven't been to NYC since pre-9/11, so if you've seen the flame or some rep (such as a statue) of it there, please advise. Think of Rockefeller Center with its golden statue of Prometheus with a torch, the torch of illumination, knowledge, and the Sun.

As you know, mythical Uranian Prometheus stole fire (Mars) from the gods for mankind's use and was punitively chained to a rock (Saturn, ruler of Capricorn) with a great eagle (Scorpionic symbol) arriving each day to eat his liver (Sag = the liver) which regenerated (Pluto) itself each day.

Perhaps obvious 'fire' references to the US' atomic bombing (Pluto) of Japan might be inserted here. And I tend to think of Illuminati in Mundane Astrology work when I consider the Sabian Symbol (Babylonian symbols intuited by a psychic named Elsie Wheeler in 1925 after 10 years' worth of study of Charubel's work from 1898; his interpretations were primarily for Ascendants' degrees) for '13 Capricorn' = "A Fire Worshiper" as relating to the subject of Illuminati and their arrogant interference in the natural course of events and the 'eternal flame' which ordinary folk unknowingly 'worship' at these gravesites - and in the Statue of Liberty's hand, among other places.

And of course, if we use the degree of a symbol without rounding up, we get an Illumination Point (the opposite degree which holds unconscious information) that illuminates America's natal Sun degree of '13 Cancer'. (When rounded up the US Sun = '14Cancer' of course.)

There's less than one degree difference there. Columba and her dive-bombing doves would be proud of modern-day fire worshipers who balk at absolutely nothing to achieve their ends! (See site link below for more details on Columba.)

Well, if you can take more of the subject I ask you to check out a site with a plethora of info on this and related subjects such as Atlantis, other secret societies, and conspiracies.

Guess I should close with the rest of the '13Cap' info from Marc Edmund Jones, no slouch in the Babylonian department himself...

Keyword: MAGIC...here is ideality brought to the point of miracle...

positive expression: extraordinary skill in enlisting every resource of the world for the exaltation of self and the consummation of its ambitions;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: consistent overestimation of personal capacity.

Note the emphasis on the 'exaltation of the self' and 'its ambitions'...and on 'every resource of the world' which they apparently are hoarding in a dark cave somewhere after the financial collapse of 2008/09/10+ - which makes this sort of info of intimate concern to everyone on the planet, now and in future.

Here's a related post with links to follow and interesting videos to watch about the global agenda uncovered.

And perhaps I can add one more apt symbol for '11 Pisces' where transiting Jupiter is headed in early March 20-10...

"Men Seeking Illumination"...Keyword: DEDICATION...the immortality of man as dramatized in some form of apostalic succession, or a living tradition of spiritual achievement. The divine spirit is fundamentally a matrix of itself...", he goes on, and one may wish to consider the 'apostalic' succession of Illuminati bloodlines that undergird the exaltations of their will to dominate us now. The DaVinci Code was based on the ridiculous idea (propaganda) that Christ had children with Mary Magdalene - an absurdity that would completely undermine His ministry and sacrifice if you allowed the fantasies of these 'illuminated' Luciferians to take hold of your imagination.

To continue with '11 Pisces'...

pos: high accomplishment in an effective alignment with ultimate reality;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: obvious hypocrisy.

And a massive web of lies and deceit...a matrix of tentacles, I would add.

AARP video of Hope from the Lost Generation

If you haven't experienced this wonderful video, give yourself a well-deserved treat!

As I watched, it struck me as being a Valentine to the World in spite of the secret and not-so-secret manipulations of the political class and their global banking masters.

Makes me want to wish a Happy Valentine's Day to All!


ps: the video isn't actually by AARP, but by a young lady won 2nd place in an AARP contest - do check it out.

Aspartame under any other name

Rather than removing the devilish food additive and fake sweetener from the world's food supply, its maker has renamed aspartame under a new moniker meant to deceive with 'naturalness'!

Aspartame under any other name is still seriously injurious to human health. Please click the link if you wish to read a brief history of the chemical aspartame along with a heads-up on its sneaky name change.


Well, it's our turn in Georgia for a snowstorm today - flakes are headed this way as I type so this may be my last post for a while if our white-out turns into a black-out...hope everyone is keeping safe, warm, and dry!

Feb 11, 2010

Make mine 'Constant Comment' with lemon

Confused by who's inviting whom to tea and why?

at-Largely has the clearest explanation of the Tea Party phenomenon that I've run across to date.

Seems the old 'Boston Tea Party' of Freemasons dressed in Indian costumes and dumping the East India Company's tea in the harbor has reached across the centuries, doesn't it? But someone's confused because there's more to the corporate angle than the GOP would have us believe now that they've appropriated what was originally a (well-deserved) grass roots reaction to bad governing.

It's a pity that America's long-standing wound of racism has taken a seat at their tea table, imo.

Yes, it was while living in Washington DC that I first tasted Constant Comment tea and fell in love with its orange and clove flavors. And if I were snowed in there this week as I once was then, I'd be having a steaming cup with my scramblies, toast, and jam. Actually, they allow cups of Constant Comment to steam in Georgia, too, and perhaps I shall indulge this morning...in solidarity.

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Little did I know in the 70s that 'constant comment' would one day be a theme in my life bwo blogging. So if you have a comment to leave here, feel free! But do note that vexing or bully-ragging the host/author is not appreciated...pretend you're at a tea party and be courteous, please.

Feb 10, 2010

Paul Krugman says Obama "clueless"

This article by economist Paul Krugman will have to be re-read for I'm not certain the grain of salt I'm taking it with is large enough. Perhaps I'll mosey over to my neighbor's pasture - a serious salt lick may be needed.

So Mr. Krugman says that President Obama is "clueless" but I'll let him explain himself on that point.

My question: were the outrageous bonuses now being paid based on earlier contracts (during Bush's term) or where they not? If so, this too may have been part of a long-range plan - but the practice should now be shoved off the corporate table for those companies the American people have kept afloat with our tax dollars, at the least.

One thing that would explain all of the financial heisting, thefts, and deceptions under George Bush and continuing under Pres. Obama is just what FDR said: that nothing in politics is an accident - if it happens, you can be sure it was planned that way. Therefore, all is going reasonably close to how it was planned - the crashing of the world economy so that a new economic order can be set up.

If Paul Krugman or Joseph Stiglitz opened up on what they know about the power elite's world-domination agenda I could put away the salt shaker that goes into service each time I read something they've written. It isn't that what they write seems incorrect, it's that it doesn't go deeply enough into what's really going on, therefore conclusions are lamer than they should be. They punt rather than kick.

And it's difficult to believe that both of these world class economists are totally unaware of more than what they write about - or that Mr. Obama isn't part of the NWO agenda.

Well, that's my 2 cents' worth on a 'clueless' Obama who came into office and immediately studded his cabinet with many of the financial culprits who now pretend to care whether you lose your job or not! With that kind of behavior, how "clueless" could he really be? (Appointments as payback for getting him elected? That's no better, and still doesn't mean the President is "clueless"...more the opposite.)

So if Mr. Krugman's article is an attempt to plant propaganda that the President isn't part of the Really Big Picture, it isn't working here.

Is it working for you? Got salt?

Inauguration 2009's Mercury Return Feb 10, 2010

When President took his (first) Oath of Office on Jan 20, 2009 at noon est, Capitol Building, Mercury was Rx (resulting in his second oath-taking and plans gone awry as we've seen) and @ 00AQ41, a degree Mercury revisits today at 3:39 pm est.

The oppressive and transiting Pluto/Chiron midpoint now stomps upon Inaugural 2009 Mercury along with the Neptune/Pluto midpoint, all at 00AQ+. Any, all, or none may apply:

Nep/Plu = Mercury thinking and acting while under strange influences; the inability to think independently (yet pretend that, as President, you are in control!); many plans incapable of realization; sensitive nerves; learning how to gain control or power; gathering info about transformation; communications are other than they appear; deception as a strategy; loss of centering. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

In the Mercury Return chart set for DC today, Mercury is setting on the Descendant 28Cap52 which places US natal Pluto setting as well. But perhaps more to the point, Mars 5Leo14R opposes Mercury, becoming exact in March. After mid-April this influence will dissipate.

Since astrological Mars represents males between the ages of 25 to 36 (give or take a year or so), one wonders if Presidential security should be upped. Certainly the President's announcements and plans are being argued against by martian-minded opponents and his communications may be particularly under attack (I'm listening to Fresh Air now about cyber-security and all the hacking the US government has undergone for years now - it's gotten much worse and Mr. Obama was clued in on how crucial the problem is for America when he took office. His May 29 speech last year mentioned cyber-security importance.)

Mars is also apex planet in a YOD (Finger of God pattern; special task; crisis) between Jupiter and Pluto, a pattern I've mentioned in a previous post. In short, this indicates misdirected hostility from Mars, a crisis may permit a new start and the use of mobilized forces (sounds like something many people are concerned about in the US: imposition of martial law as the US gov's police state mask is removed for real. Forces are gathering.)

Asteroid Icarus 29Cap24, the risk-taker with a possible connection to assassination, is at a critical 29th degree, and conjs Mercury and US natal Pluto, a picture I do not care for. Asteroid Cupido (corporatism; The Family; The Syndicate) still rides along with Pluto, the ultimate villain of the piece.

ASC 28Can52 gives Moon as chart-ruler yet Luna makes no applying aspects to planets, only a conjunction with North Node 20Cap56 ('20Cap' a critical degree) (4A06) and Moon is involved in a propaganda-esque midpoint picture - Snowpocalyse? Or...

Mercury/Pluto = Moon: obsessive needs for privacy or power; speaking from the heart convinces people; a woman with emotional communication power.

Well, there are several other factors of note in Inauguration 2009's Mercury Return chart for 2010 but the real world is calling my name and I must reply by motoring into the city.

Therefore, I highly recommend to you an article by Julie Demboski on the Empowerment of the New Moon during this Balsamic Moon phase, aka, the dark of the Moon. (New Moon Feb 13, 2010 @ 25AQ18 9:51 pm est.)

Adios, amigos!

Blizzard Warning for Washington, DC Feb 10, 2010


Blizzard Warning in effect for D.C. region until 7 p.m. Wednesday. Winds will increase to 20-30 mph with 45 mph gusts, reducing visibility and creating blizzard conditions. #

Years ago when I lived in DC there was a snowy winter or two but nothing like this!

Well, I'm glad to say that Bread for the City is a much-needed go-to for DC folks in need during the 2010 Snowpocalyse and beyond.

Feb 8, 2010

Horoscope of Spring Equinox 2010

Also known as Aries Ingress 2010, here is the horoscope for Spring Equinox 2010 when the Sun clocks in at 00Aries00, the Aries Point (AP), in the Tropical zodiac.

This chart is set for DC's Capitol Building, March 20, 2010 @ 12:32 pm est; Hour of the fluctuating Moon (see below: Moon conj Algol) but it should be set for 1:32 pm EDT. Mea culpa, but same chart even so.

For starters, 21Can12 rises which makes the Moon chart-ruler of Spring Equinox 2010's chart. Applying aspects of a chart-ruler tell the story of how things may proceed and here we see the Moon makes only applying aspects; in order they are:

1. sextile Uranus (0A33): opportunity; exciting possibilities;
2. square Neptune (1A10): blockage; separating fact from fiction nearly impossible;
3. sextile Sun (3A47): opportunity; the public relates easily with leadership;
4. square Chiron (2A09): blockage; high level of emotional awareness but too intense to learn from others;
5. trine Saturn (5A10): opportunity; respects tradition yet productive changes are seen as valuable; cautious, conservative, and creative.

Spring 2010 seems a bit of a roller coaster ride for the American people (Moon) and with Neptune visiting US natal Moon 27AQ10, we feel a sense of rootlessness continuing with foreclosures, loss of "our America" to unseen forces, refugee concerns, and homeland security - above all, security - appearing on the gigantic tab that Washington politicians are running up in our name -- and ultimately payable to who-knows-whom of foreign entities.

As usual, a large array of notes are scrunched onto the chart, but click to enlarge if you're daring or hapless.

There's the Sun 00Ari00 at Mc but on the less manifesting 9th house side of planning and preparation; Mercury 6Ari07 is conj MC and Uranus 26Pis46 is oriental (last planet to rise before the Sun; 'eastward') which brings elements of risk and danger to our picture - diversity appeals, innovation and adventure are on the menu for Spring 2010 (Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology, Noel Tyl.)

Yes, rebellious Awakener Uranus is still in Pisces for the moment but will soon conjunct AP and this Sun; Uranus is posited in 9th house as is jolly guru, Jupiter, significator of the Republican Party. With 9th house Philosophy, Religion, and Higher Education connotations, the Republicans are busy retooling their platform and hoping that religion and ideology will grease the wheels of power for them once again in November elections. I refer to the propagandistic, knee jerk, religious chain-yanking the GOP has been politically successful with in the past.

(Here's my usual clue for such things: true ministers and pastors of God don't frequent Earth's worldly halls of power - duh.)

Be all that as it may, my main point today is about the opposition between Saturn 1Lib23 Rx and the Spring EQ Sun, an aspect in which both actors (planets) may feel threatened by the other. With Sun in a mundane chart signifying 'the leader' we may expect President Obama's travails to go on as he learns Saturn's lessons, mostly in his personal dealings (yet he acts as the people's 'rep' as we've been taught.)

Lack of confidence in himself and ours in him are at the base of the problem as the opposition phase of the most recent Sun/Saturn cycle culminates for Spring Equinox 2010 and carries it's cyclic energy forward into the season (and until their next conjunction.)

Often with a Sun/Saturn opposition, others won't allow the Sun room to expand so space must simply be taken anyway. Expanded debt ceiling? Done!

Now this particular Sun/Saturn cycle began on Sept 24, 2009 with their conj @ 24Vir59, then on to 25Vir00 because Saturn reached that degree while the Sun shone upon the old taskmaster; soon Sun joined Saturn again. Thing is, on 9.24.09, Uranus 24Pis38 Rx opposed their conj so any, all, or none of these midpoint pictures may apply:

Sun/Saturn = Uranus: the unexpected becomes commonplace; the need for people who bring excitement (Sarah Palin? jc); unexpected barriers or turns of events; computers or astrologers playing important roles (!! Astrologer in the White House again? jc); clashes between the old ways of doing things and the long-established ways; crises in relationships; separations; nervous or emotional tensions; a fluctuating attitude toward life; a fight for individuality. (All midpt pics on this blog are from Munkasey, Tyl, and Ebertin.)

The theme of Sun/Saturn itself is one of discipline and determination lending purpose to one's goals. Obviously the blend has an air of authority, persistence, and respectability to it, yet inflexibility is an issue, as well as having to work very hard to overcome restrictions and criticisms coming from others. (Hey, wait a minute: did I just sum up most of Mr. Obama's presidential experiences so far?)

So for Spring EQ 2010 we find that the Sun has now moved from his previous conj with Saturn in Sept 2009 to a conj with progressive Uranus about 3 days prior to Aries Ingress 2010.

And with South Node already risen and Mars 00Leo53 (now moving Direct) in 1st house and rising, we have a Mars/SN = ASC picture I'd prefer to ignore other than to say that war and violence are the usual results with the Mars/SN blend. And NN 17Cap56 rounded up to '18Cap' points toward the degree that marks the modern beginning of the NWO: the Great Conjunction of Uranus and Neptune on Oct 24, 1993 (3rd conj of three, 1993.)

Also rising in the 2010 EQ chart is Castor 20Can14 (Alpha Gemini), a Fixed Star whose twin, Pollux 23Can13(Beta Gemini), is always nearby. *Castor can indicate such things as: sudden fame or loss, crippling of limbs, or murder. Pollux indicates the possibility of disgrace, cruelty, rape, murder, poisons, thievery, danger from large animals or women (or large women? jc); astrology and the occult are also provinces of Pollux, the 'dark twin.' And with twins always representing polarities, Castor and Pollux are the most famous starry reps for the concepts of light/dark, black/white, positive/negative, etc. Both stars are linked to creativity, especially writing.

Highlighted (in red) is the T-Square pattern between the Sun/Saturn opposition as it squares apex Pluto 5Cap20 which has been blurbed upon here before. Its Cardinal energy shows a here-and-now imperative toward goals. That the goals belong to secret hand Pluto is what grumps me up the most. You?

Sun/Saturn = Pluto: illness causes developmental inhibitions; pressure to change one's entire value system (guess that's considered by some to be a broken 'system', too, a la the 'systems fail; reforms needed' Solar Eclipse of July 21, 2009 @ 29Can27; immune system breakdowns are indicated); threat of loss in relationships or to health ('health' or health insurance reform? jc); a disciplined person who wants and attracts power; increased will toward retaliating against others due to slights - 'paybacks'; overwhelming rigidity or inflexibility; elimination of pessimism or despair (ok, that last would be good. jc)

Plus, US natal Jupiter supplies the missing actor, energy, or point in the Cardinal T-Square which turns the T-SQ configuration into a Cardinal Grand Cross, and adds financial and ideological issues through Jupiter's influence and particpation.

Noel Tyl gives Sun/Saturn = Jupiter as: breakup of a value system or relationship for eventual recovery; a cloud with a silver lining.

Considering manipulative Pluto's tiresome intention to interfere in everything, we might then stretch a bit to include a second plutonian midpoint picture using Mercury 6Ari07...

Mercury/Saturn = Pluto: compulsive to ensure that information is indeed correct; serious incidents provoke the questioning of official communications; total communications breakdowns bring an end to doing business with others; brooding over one's destiny; toiling or grappling with unusual, special circumstances or problems.

Perhaps a bright spot in the Sun/Saturn T-Square with Pluto and the Sun/Saturn opposition itself is Mars acting as Thales Planet or Point: Mars sextiles Saturn and trines the Sun thus acting as a conduit for some of the pressure and tension of the opposition.

Another less heavy T-SQ is highlighted by dots:

NN/ASC = Venus: tactful treatment of or from others; focusing on values received from mutual participation (Rs cooperating with Ds? Personally I'm fatigued beyond all get-out with 'Rs vs Ds' dirty tricks against one another, tricks meant to ruin opponents, stop the people's business from being done, and divert our attention from implementation of their actual goals - yet they don't divert as much as play a part in veiling the class warfare being fought - against we-the-people. So far, we're losing for you can't fight what you refuse to recognize - jc.)

Well, you see the sensual Taurus Moon 26Tau13 in 11th house conjoining a nasty Fixed Star, Algol (Beta Perseus; aka, Caput Algol) 26Tau10. Chinese Astrology calls Algol Tseih She, meaning 'piled up corpses' and in Arabia the star is called, Ras al-Ghul, 'Head of the Demon' or 'wife of the devil.' Obviously, the concepts of feminine anger, rage, and passion are indicated here along with a connection to Lilith in the Talmud as a 'demon of the wind.'

Yes, the intense power of Mother Nature is also spotlighted by a reflection of Algol from the Spring Equinox 2010 Moon, and as always, Algol's deeply unconscious compulsion to take revenge will be better for all concerned if left unexpressed because when rage is that deep, there'll always be an inconvenient amount of blowback to unduly affect the innocent in harm's way.

If you dare click the chart to enlarge, you may read the questions I've posed concerning Saturn conj Ic. Restrictive Saturn will return to his degree in the 2010 Spring Equinox chart (1Lib23) on or about August 6, 2010 as he continues working over US natal Mc in our nation's Sibly chart (00Lib53.) But hopefully it's a good thing for our Real Estate issues for Spring 2010 that Saturn is actually out of 4th house and into 3rd even though he's close enough to affect 4th house with its Libra cusp. Perhaps the worst of US foreclosures and evictions are over - or at least will be ending soon.

Now if this sour post gives you a yen for more uplifting energies this Spring, you may wish to look again to the Divine Source of inspiration and life still available to us (this chart, in 8th house): Chiron conjunct Neptune, a spiritual pair now lighted affectionately upon the hearts and minds of the American people and available to all who wish to follow a higher path than the power brokers of Washington can ever offer to a living soul.

Yet tragically for the whole planet, US leaders continue to ignore we-the-people's deepest wishes for world peace as they arrogantly proceed with their determined, over-arching Sun/Saturn activities toward greater and encompassing control.

Well, I for one hopey-changey that they fail in forcing their one-world-government restrictions upon us...and with Sarah Palin's careless bomb-Iran threat most definitely included.

Update 2.11.10:

But who are we kidding? The US war machine doesn't need a Sarah Palin to promote it because with Mr. Obama at the helm, war has been ratched up, not slowed down - and certainly not ended as he pledged on Oct 27, 2007 when the Democratic candidate said (I suspect you remember this doozy):

"I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am President, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank."

(But first check to be certain your bank wasn't closed by auditors overnight.)

Yes, I suspect you may also remember the elated applause from the audience when he mouthed what I thought then was an empty promise, typical during a political campaign. Having read Chalmers Johnson's book The Sorrows of Empire I knew the list of occupied countries was long. So as we know, Obama's bring-home-the-troops promise, above all others, is why the people thought they were voting for him. Saps.

Now, out of madness or for propaganda purposes, President Obama says he wants to increase the US nuclear arsenal, in spite of his recent SOTU Address when he said he "seeks a world without them." Yeah? If this is what he calls 'seeking' then finding will be a real b*tch.

Well, enough of my grumping (and pardon me for wanting a decent world to pass on to our children)...please read Laurence M. Vance's article Same Empire, Different Emperor where you'll find a disturbingly long list of the countries and territories now occupied by the United States of America.

After all, we bought it all and pay dearly for keeping the imperial illusion going, so we should at least know where all our real estate is located while our own neighborhoods are being decimated by foreclosures and evictions. Right?

And just think - America's imperialist career started with mild, lovely, non-belligerent Hawaii.


*Castor and Pollux details from Horary Astrology Plain and Simple, Anthony Louis, and from Brady's Book of Fixed Stars.

Strong Sunspot activity Feb 8, 2010

Space Weather News for Feb 8, 2010

BIG SUNSPOT: The sudden emergence of big sunspot 1045 over the weekend has caused a sharp uptick in solar activity. The active region has produced three M-class and almost a dozen C-class solar flares since it appeared on Saturday. The strongest blast, an M6-class eruption on Feb 7, may have hurled a coronal mass ejection toward Earth.

High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras in the nights ahead as a result of this activity. Also, ham radio operators are picking up strong solar radio bursts using shortwave receivers.

Sample sounds and images may be found at SpaceWeather.com.

SPACE WEATHER ALERTS: Would you like a call when the next geomagnetic storm erupts? Sign up for SpaceWeather PHONE.

Feb 7, 2010

Federal Government takes Snow Day Monday Feb 8, 2010

The Federal Government will be closed on Monday due to this weekend's snowstorm.

Wonder if the American people will feel a day's worth of reprieve from the breedy gastards' efforts as Mother Nature tamps them down and prevents them exercising their elite privileges for about 24 hours.


Feb 6, 2010

David Icke video: 'deliberate economic collapse' + Uranus to Aries Point

This is a video of David Icke speaking on the deliberate economic collapse (what I have called an 'engineered' one here and elsewhere so it's clarifying to hear Mr. Icke explaining the goals of the new world order agenda as he discusses the few people who manipulate global strings; they even had Pluto tossed out of our solar system's pantheon of planets - with Science's willing assistance) yet pesky astrologers insist on using Pluto's archetypes for saboteurs, assassins, the obscenely wealthy class, and the kind of secret hand the power elite like to use. Then, if we look closely enough, we see them wearing Pluto's glove of guilt.)

Anyway, Mr. Icke speaks of how narrowing our focus has been part of their machinations as education is dumbed down, more drugs are prescribed every year, and the general population is kept in ignorance of anything that might ruffle feathers and cause we-the-people (and the rest of the world) to plant our scornful eyes upon the villains of the piece...them.

Watch the video, if you please, and do pass it on.

For only by awakening the sleeping giant that is the American populace can a different direction be consciously taken by this nation. And it will take consciousness which is normally not one of the talents of the 'unwashed' masses especially since our ability for critical thinking has been so grievously under attack and weakened for decades by every means at their command: entertainment, drugs, corporate media, subliminal ads and symbols, charade 'debates' and faux 'elections' with 'Rs vs Ds' propaganda to keep us divided, etc, etc. It's a wonder that a majority of the American people can still stand upright at all especially since...

Our immune systems have been under attack for a long time. Ex: the 26 vaccines given to a child by the age of TWO (a massive, prolonged attack in itself with still-forming bodily systems forced to fight invaders, and before they're done, another set of invaders arrives suddenly - a booster shot - this won't hurt a bit! See video.

Then there are prescription drugs, illegal drugs ("War on Drugs" my patootie), food and drink additives - the rotten list is endless and Orwellian to the core.

But Don't Expect Help from the Vatican

Some of the kindest people I've known all through my life have been of the Catholic persuasion, people who did their faith rather than only professing it. But I am staunchly Protestant, if I must choose, so it is always with a feeling of dread that I ever mention the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, the Vatican. You know the ones - those whose predecessors 'dropped' a very inconvenient one of the Ten Commandments (no worship of graven images) and, needing a substitute for the hole thus created in God's Top Ten List, split the Commandment against 'coveting' into two. Nifty, if you can purport to do it. And if people follow you on it, well...you're in business.

Therefore, when it comes to the subject matter of this post, I'd be remiss not to mention (one more time) the enlightening message from John Paul II on New Year's Day 2004 when he openly called for a new world order (or a 'new economic order' since they're both fat off the same hog; loss of money - or fear of its loss - manipulates the masses into zombiehood along with drugs to keep us hazy. Wake up! A new film version of 'Alice in Wonderland' is coming to entice you into the 'fun' of it even more! She's hard to resist, that Alice.)

So? So the Vatican is behind the current one-world-government movement all the way and all the while...but it's a 'NWO' agenda which is not (as David Icke asserts as well) an inevitable outcome. It's a huge challenge to meet, but meeting and countering it is not impossible.

Here are some prominent Sabian Symbols (aka, word pictures - no astrologese facility required to read them in English) from the natal chart of the NWO where you'll discover a link to the modern-day birth chart of this devil's spawn (NWO = Uranus conj Neptune 1993), or you may wish to speed directly to the shriveled creature's natal chart because it's imperative that we ID our demons and face them squarely.

As I listen to David Icke speak in the video, I am reminded that rebellious Awakener Uranus about to reach *Aries Point (00Ari), a World Point of manifestation, which may, in tandem with the other planetary actors in the Cardinal T-Square (Uranus-Saturn-Pluto) in effect from Spring 2010 into 2014.

And if you use the Sibly version of the US natal chart, you know that Uranus conj AP also conjuncts US natal IC, the Foundation of the chart. We might use this Sag rising chart for America's money issues since it's Jupiter-ruled, and Uranus to IC (4th house of Domestic Scene, Homeland, Housing Market, etc) always brings surprises and upheavals. Circumstances tend to be unstable and unpredictable when Uranus enters 4th house, so I won't try.

Well, maybe just a little, though the news isn't good...

The Cardinal T-Square's Saturn is in US (Sibly) 10th house, a possible indicator of loss of worldly power, prestige, reputation, and career status - loss if Saturn's responsibilities have not been handled with care - they have not; if they had been, it could be a time of consolidation - but if it is, it's the wealthy consolidating against the rest of us. You feel it, don't you?

Pluto in early Capricorn is traversing the US (Sibly) 1st house from whence The Dragon (Pluto) lumbers in the midst of his long opposition to America's natal Venus, Jupiter, Sun line-up in Cancer (3 - 14 Can.)

Yet can it be so symbolically simple that 'The Dragon' represents China in this mystery play? Hmm. Other regions of the globe have had dragons as their symbols for centuries. The Crusaders' St. George myth can tell you all about his victory, the tale of which was brought back to the West by Crusaders who had ravaged the East. And the negative behavior pattern continues.

Well, these are pretty much the things I'm pondering today as more rain falls in Georgia and millions of my fellow Americans huddle underneath a very large snowy blanket of brrr-r-r. Hope you all have the warmth and sustenance you need to safely wait out the thaw.


*Uranus to Aries Point is historically a strong marker for scientific breakthroughs.

Feb 5, 2010

A miffed Pluto changing color

On NPR I heard that a miffed (my word) Pluto has added red to his wardrobe.

Red! How perfect for the god of Hades, he of the invisible helmet, the glove of guilt.

And thanks to master astrologer Donna Cunningham, I now have the above link to pass on to you, Pluto's photo included.

How cool is the Hubble Telescope?

Feb 4, 2010

A new use for Twitter

Did you hear the one about the company CEO who resigned with only a tweet?

This could be the start of something but hopefully no pink slip tweets are on the app drawing board.

Feb 3, 2010

Matt Frei's portrait of Barack Obama and the asteroid BAM

Matt Frei paints a masterly picture of President Barack Obama which you don't want to miss.

Mr. Frei's article leaves out the possibility of secret society memberships and other inconvenient associations and considerations but it does touch on the snake pit that is Chicago politics.

Now I wonder what it takes for a newcomer to break in there?

So how about some totally inconclusive yet mildly interesting Astrology?

Wonder where the personal name asteroids that 'sound like' the name of our current POTUS sojourn upon this very day? The Heliocentric North Node of BAM conjuncts President Obama's natal Mars in Virgo (22Vir35), yet today BAM (2031) traverses 00Tau27 which some have observed to be a degree of violence, aka Hitler's 'trigger degree' 00 - 1 Tau (Adolf's natal Sun position.)

Asteroid Barry (1703) has a Heliocentric NN of approximately 21Can50, where the transiting Dragon's Tail (SN of the Moon) now flops and smacks asteroid Hopi (keywords: ambush; prejudice) in the kisser with a not-so-velvet glove. Today Barry parties away at the ripe old zodiacal degree of 6Ari44 which seems to have little resonance with the President's natal chart, imo. (See his Progressions, if you wish. I'm only here taking a break from artwork for a few moments; not all personal name asteroids link to a particular planet in a chart - we use the ones that do link to a planet or point by zodiacal degree or name.)

Amusingly, there's also Bartok (4132) with its NN (about 22Vir40) lying curiously closer to Mr. Obama'a natal Mars than the previously mentioned NN of BAM. Today Bartok composes himself at 26Gem58 which only opposes Galactic Center 26Sag59 as near as I can tell. Yet having two personal name asteroids whose names loosely relate to yours makes a point that is somehow intrinsic to his identity: Bartok/Barack = BAM/Obama = Mars 22Vir25 which includes his natal Mars' rulerships, aspects, and house position.

This may show that bi-yearly Mars Returns are informative indicators of the President's success with or blockages encountered against his drive and determination (Mars) toward achieving his aims in life though Mars is not his natal chart-ruler (Saturn and co-ruler Uranus with Aquarius rising.) Of course, Mars Returns yeild great info for everyone, but identity, the desire nature, and the veiling of them (US natal Neptune 22Vir25 diffuses his motivations with the masses) are the issue here in the chart of what most people agree is a 'special achiever.'

If an astrologer had the sort of time it would take, she could set up a lifetime of Mr. Obama's Mars Returns (preferably set for his location on the date of each Return) and marvel at the unfolding patterns of activity as he works toward his goals.

Of course, you can do this for your own Mars Returns with similar effect and a resulting wealth of info. Except that you'll be privy to precise dates and locations assuming that your memory serves you accurately.

Well as you see, there's a bit of a pile-up of celestial bodies, mythologies intact, in the 22 - 24 degr range of Tropical Virgo in Mr. Obama's natal chart (Aug 4, 1961.) Besides the ones already mentioned, there is Lion whose name pretty much explains its roaring quality and whose legends include famous lions such as the Nemean, the lion with a thorn in its paw, the Cowardly Lion, the hungry ones in the Lion's Den with Daniel, and any other lionesque legend you wish to name. Royal associations may be implied as well, along with Leo the Lion's 'natural leader' label attached.

Speaking of royal bloodlines, here's a grand idea: President Obama could participate in DNA testing - like Oprah did - to see if he has European ancestry. Mmm-hmm. We're all much more mixed than we like to let on, even to ourselves, and of course, he must have European ancestry on at least one side of his family, and perhaps on both sides - ya never know, for we are each the unique flowering of our generations. Plus, if DNA testing has taken place, share the results with the rest of us becaue inquiring minds want the scoop.

Now for something completely desert

In a dusty desert somewhere in Iran is a beautiful yet mysteriously deserted citadel of red clay by the name of Bam. Why not have yourself a virtual visit?

Feb 2, 2010

Robert Welch: the internal destruction of America (video)

Robert Welch is an interesting character who in his day accused certain US presidents of being Communist agents or in league with them. Welch died in 1985. Wonder what he'd say about our more recent crop? Undermining and destroying America does seem to be on someone's to-do list, doesn't it?

And I have to say it's disturbing to read the above-linked Wiki article and find that Welch, founder of the John Birch Society, was saying similar things about the US government and the conspiratorial take-over that coup'd it by internal operatives of the Illuminati persuasion, as I and many others read and write about today.

Makes the US natal Sibly chart more...interesting...when you see our nation's 10th house Saturn in Libra and 9th house Neptune in Virgo in a loose snuggle around the Sibly Midheaven degree 00Lib53, knowing that secret (Neptune) government (Saturn) is but one of the meanings of the Saturn/Neptune combo, with 'Communism' being one of the others.

The last Great Conjunction/s of Saturn and Neptune was 3 times in 1989 in the range of 10 - 12 Capricorn. When transiting Pluto comes in range of those degrees we will have:

1989 Saturn/Neptune = tr Pluto: difficult growth; strong depression; feeling downtrodden; punishment for those who allowed decay and decadence to persist; new ideas on evolution which upset long-held but weaker historical theories; rejection of responsibility and denial of guilt from responsible people.
(Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Hmm. Pluto must be in range of 1989's Saturn/Neptune already (a 5-degree orb is the usual, I think. The god of Hades draws near.)

However, during America's Communist-denying Truman-to-Eisenhower days there occurred a Great Conjunction of the Communism pair, also 3 times:

1. Nov 21, 1952 @ 22Lib47;
2. May 1, 1953 @ 22Lib39;
3. July 22, 1953 @ 21Lib12

Once transit Saturn moves on to late degrees of Libra, a trine will form between Saturn and Neptune just before Neptune enters Pisces in early Feb 2012. This will be a trine from within the 1989 Saturn/Neptune cycle (10 - 13 Cap which opposes US natal Sun), yet actually, tr Saturn will return to its 1952/53 degrees (as listed above) beginning in Oct 2011.

We may expect more such 1950s themes to resurface as the "red menace' (according to Welch its handmaidens have worked under the surface and behind the scenes for decades), continued Iranian-American issues - the US government propped up the Shah in Tehran under Saturn/Neptune's rays. Also in 1952, Eisenhower became president (by a reputed 'landslide'), the US bombed North Korea and exploded the first hydrogen bomb in the Pacific.

Some events of 1953: Egypt became a dictatorship, Stalin died, and in the US the Rosenbergs were executed for spying; huge floods hit England and the Netherlands, Hillary and Norgay scaled the heights of Mt. Everest a mere 3 days before the *coronation of Elizabeth II; in the US the first open heart surgery was performed, and a woman was impregnated with frozen sperm.

Born in 1953: Tony Blair, Benazir Bhutto, and Jean-Bertrand Aristide (former Haitian president.) My candidate for the 'frozen sperm' affair would be Mr. Blair.

In 1954: what was reputedly the first meeting of the Bilderberg Group was held May 29 - 31, 1954; racial segregation in US schools was ruled unconstitutional; the French government surrenders in Vietnam and falls as a result; the US Senate censures Joseph McCarthy (congressional mummery); the US drops a hydrogen bomb on Hiroshima (with Truman's finger on The Button); the first nuclear submarine is launched to do its dirty work.

Born in 1954: Oprah Winfrey, Reba McIntyre, Elvis Costello, and John Travolta.

Well, thanks for taking a nostalgic stroll down Saturn/Neptune Lane with me. They say 'you can't go home again' but that's moot because somehow, I think America never left the neighborhood and has been living there for many years under an assumed alias: "Democracy."


Many thanks to dProgram.net for supplying the video of Robert Welch.

*the current Solar Eclipse Series (Jan 15, 2010 @ 25Cap01) indicates a ceremony of some kind, perhaps a royal wedding or coronation - and Queen Elizabeth is getting rather long in the tooth. Of course, Nobel Prize ceremonies for US Presidents fulfill the eclipse imperative, too. jc


"There is almost no kind of outrage -- torture, imprisonment without trial, assassination, the bombing of civilians -- which does not change its moral color when it is committed by 'our' side. The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them." George Orwell

Feb 1, 2010

Ron Paul on US 'spendng freeze', Pluto's Discovery, and Obama to the GOP Retreat

Listen to Rep. Ron Paul's remarks on the White House's proposed 'spending freeze' which misses the mark by miles in my estimation, too. But you know Washington: political expediencies tend to lead to bad decisions with 'unintended consequences' that harm we-the-people and which people like me tend to consider intended all along.

Being the Cop of the World (and plutonic spies of the world) is a very expensive undertaking but it does give a big boost to the undertakers of the world while the gun and weapons industries gorge themselves at the public trough - and sell weapons to our enemies to keep the fightin' alive, if not the (expendable) combatants.

And if I had to astrologically date the beginning of the madness for America (and thus for the world), it would probably be the splitting of the atom and the abomination of desolation that my native country brought the world.

Naturally, this implicates plutonic Pluto's discovery in 1930 which was to usher in the Atom Age as it ushered in Hitler and Freemason President Roosevelt. The chart I have for Pluto's discovery (though there are possibly two discoverers, Tombaugh and Lowell, and various charts to use, one supposes) is for Feb 18, 1930 4:00 pm Flagstaff, AZ, with Pluto 17Can46 Rx in 12th house, ASC 3Leo34 conjunct Vesta 3:53 Rx; Pluto applies to a trine with the Moon 13Sco15 (4A31) and a sesquisquare (135 degr) with Venus 2Pis33 conj Sun 29AQ35; (0A13.) Mars 9AQ28 in now being transited in opposition by Mars' lengthy Leo Rx period; Mercury 3AQ37; Uranus 9Ari05, Neptune 2Vir17 Rx.

Here's a good resource on the Discovery of Pluto which includes info on Uranus and Neptune, too. And here is the post I wrote on the Lowell Observatory's recent celebration of Pluto's Discovery.

And Pluto Discovery's Jupiter? Jupiter is conjunct Ceres (security issues) @ 6Gem56 where trickster asteroid Pan ('panic'; connected to Washington's Goat of Mendes, and to alchemy) now traverses. As you know, Jupiter increases whatever he touches.

The Atom Split chart that I use: Dec 2, 1942 4:22 pm CWT Chicago, IL with Pluto Rx 7Leo08. The Sabian Symbol for '8AQ': "A Bolshevik Propagandist" which interest me because when President Obama began speaking to the Republicans at their Retreat in Baltimore on Jan 29, 2010, and said that his plans were not some 'Bolshevik plot' (to paraphrase POTUS), the IC, the Base or Foundation of the Matter - his remarks - was @ 7Leo19...'8AQ": "A Bolshevik Propagandist." This degree is, as you remember, the ASC degree of George W. Bush, our former Bolshevik-in-Chief. And the coup d'etat of America continues unabated.

Jan 29's ASC 29Tau15 brings up the Republican Party's natal North Node 00Gem34, along with their n Venus 5Gem43 (conj R Party's PE 5Gem12), and n Desc and Saturn 10Gem22.

Check this blog's sidebar for a link to the full text of President's chat with the Retreated Republicans on Jan 29 and a video, too. (See 'Obama to GOP Retreat' in the 'On America' links list after Google News.) The full text is time stamped '12:10 pm' which gives an ASC @ 29Tau15 with tr Pan 5Gem14 rising.

"30 Tau" = "A Peacock Parading on an Ancient Lawn"....interestingly, the degree of the Great Conjunction of Pluto and Chiron on March 21, 1884 during the Robber Baron Era, aka the Generation of Materialism. Plus, E. Alan Meece gives the 'Horoscope of Modern Humanity' for our era as timed during the Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto @ '8Gem' the position of America's natal Uranus, by the Solar Sclipse of April 26, 1892 @ 7Tau05...

1892 Neptune/Pluto Conj = US n Uranus: peculiar discoveries; mystical, adventurous, or supernatural experiences; hypersensitivity; disruption to gain recognition; adventurous ego thrusts; making waves to get to shore; courageous; aberrant behavior.

And so Pluto/Chiron's class warfare, disenfranchisements, primal violence, fascism, corporatism, racism, and other oppressive -isms continue unabated (and never underfunded, even if it must be done secretly or off the books) and oppressions have actually been ramped up in the New Millennium as they will continue to be "going forward."


Deficit projected by the White House: $1.6 trillion for this year.

Republican Party: July 6, 1854 (NS) 5:00 pm LMT Jackson, MI ('5:00 pm' is the time of their platform adoption - thanks, John!); Democratic Party: May 13, 1792 (NS) 12:00 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA; historical records.

An incidental note on the Democratic Party: its natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint is now being transited by Uranus '25Pis' so we have:

Natal Saturn/Pluto = tr Uranus 2010:brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack, regardless of potential losses; acts of violence; making sudden decisions under the most difficult of circumstances.

And the most recent Great Conjunction of Pluto and Chiron: Dec 30, 1999 conjunct US natal ASC (Sibly chart) @ '12Sag'..."A Flag Turned into an Eagle That Crows"...as good a description of World Cop America as any other, I suppose, so one more time I must say, we've been coup'd. #