Feb 28, 2007

Dick Bomb-Magnet Cheney?

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28 February 2007

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'The basic rule is this: when Bush and Cheney move around in space, especially Middle Eastern space, other people die. A bomb magnet is going to attract bombs.' Cheney, The Bomb Magnet --The Rec Report -- By Michael Rectenwald Wednesday, 28 Feb 2007

Military chiefs give US six months to win Iraq war --Violence expected to rise after UK withdrawal --'Coalition' is 'disintegrating' 28 Feb 2007 An elite team of officers advising US commander General David Petraeus in Baghdad has concluded the US has six months to win the war in Iraq - or face a Vietnam-style collapse in political and public support that could force the military into a hasty retreat.

Democrats Back Away From War Fund Plan 28 Feb 2007 House DemocRATic leaders are backing away from a plan to scale back US involvement in the Iraq war by using Congress' most powerful tool - withholding money in the budget. #

This makes a lot more sense when you consider the neocon-Israeli bigger picture described in Craig Unger's insightful Vanity Fair article From the Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Iraq...another thanks to Alex for the link!

Netanyahu's hoofprints are showing up behind every sand dune and I remember his address to the joint session of Congress, July 10, 1996. That speech is when he called for the democratization of terroist states in the Middle East and stated that, "War might be unavoidable." Uh huh.

Perhaps someone should've smelled sulphur after that one because it sounds to me like one of those seeing-the-mote-in-your-neighbor's-eye-but-you-can't-see-the-beam-in-your-own moments...actually the whole "war on terror" comes across as part of this very basic problem...a human tendency we've all been warned against yet our learless feaders continue to demonize everybody but themselves.

(A "beam" for the whippersnapper reading this is like a two-by-four...a large plank, you might say.)

It's where we criticize in others what we refuse to acknowledge in ourselves--for if we didn't have the same trait, we wouldn't know how to recognize it, now would we?

So we think the bad stuff is "out there"...not within us. The devil made me do it--IF I did it at all. Or did I?

Ah-h-h...1996...Bill Clinton was playing prez then...I remember it well. They kept us mollified with good returns on stocks'n'bonds, and created a bottomless pit for the millions spent on supposedly "going after" Clinton.

I still say Kenneth Starr and those behind him then owe the US taxpayers a huge pile of dough...and that's not counting their Middle Eastern misadventures now--an agenda which they have No Intention of ever giving up, sad to say.

This is part of why I had reservations about the Nov 2006 elections--Dems are on the payroll as well. Do you doubt it given the "stalemates" prevalent upon The Hill now?

Jack Murtha's part in it all I have yet to understand. Is it possible there's one honest man in Washington? Pshaw. Well, Bernie Sanders perhaps.

So as evil-doers of all stripes force their holier-than-thou attitudes upon anyone handy, the Saturn-Neptune opposition continues bedeviling the entire world and the burning question remains unanswered after all these years: is it real (Saturn)--or is it PhotoShopped (Neptune)?!!

And Netanyahu, Bush, Cheney, Perle, and the rest think they can Secure the Realm--the Realm! no matter the cost to the unwashed masses who could use merely a bath, clean drinking water, and good meal or two.

Oh. And World Peace.

meet and greet: Washington's $8 Billion Shadow

My excellent friend, Alex, has sent me a heads-up on a Vanity Fair article concerning SAIC which employs 44,000 people and sells "brainpower" which includes much of the "expertise" that brought the world the Iraq War.

A collective Gee Thanks could be in order about now.

Although a mega-contractor based in San Diego, CA, SAIC (don't say saic, say S-A-I-C or else) is a shady--sorry, shadowy--organization that has other digs near the CIA building in VA--and oddly enough, the letters stand for Science (!) Applications International Corporation.

What's science got to do got to do with it?

Expertizing Iran is in process now, so let's turn on the light and watch the cockroaches scatter. Sadly, there are more infestations in Washington than the average American would believe.

So thanks for the heads-up, Alex!

Watergate deja vu?

Over the weekend the Democratic Headquarters in New Hampshire had a mysterious break-in, shades of June 17, 1972 at the Watergate.

HuffPo has a small bit on it and more will be coming out, for sure. Items were taken, but they're being mum about just what.

I took a quick look back at June 17, 1972, when Saturn was conjunct the US natal ASC (Sibly), and tr Pluto, the saboteur and spy, was at 29Vir20--the exact spot of our last difficult Solar Eclipse of Sept 22, 2006, 8 South:

separation; loss; sad endings; overstraining one's strength may lead to physical injury.

The intial Eclipse of this series began April 1, 1718 with Sun-Moon at "11Aries": "The president of the country."


Feb 26, 2007

words from Thomas Paine

"The greatest tyrannies are always perpetrated in the name of the noblest causes." -Thomas Paine

Common sense, prescience...or both?

Here's a republish of the chart from my May 2006 post on an interesting synchronicity which occurred Saturday, May 13, 2006 when the transiting Sun conjuncted Tom Paine's natal Chiron (which, of course, he never realized he had--Chiron was discovered in 1977), and simultaneously transiting Chiron conjoined his natal Sun.

The inside chart is his natal chart, btw, labeled 'NS' which should read Old Style (OS, Julian).

You may wish to read my comments on this double transit of May 13, 2006 (the year America's natal Mars in Gemini turned retrograde--inward--by progression in Libra) here.

plain words not soft

" It is extremely dangerous to exercise the constitutional right of free speech in a country fighting to make democracy safe in the world.....

These are the gentry who are today wrapped up in the American flag, who shout their claim from the housetops that they are the only patriots, and who have their magnifying glasses in hand, scanning the country for evidence of disloyalty, eager to apply the brand of treason to the men who dare to even whisper their opposition to Junker rule in the United Sates. No wonder Sam Johnson declared that “patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” He must have had this Wall Street gentry in mind, or at least their prototypes, for in every age it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both to deceive and overawe the people.....

Every solitary one of these aristocratic conspirators and would-be murderers claims to be an arch-patriot; every one of them insists that the war is being waged to make the world safe for democracy. What humbug! What rot! What false pretense! These autocrats, these tyrants, these red- handed robbers and murderers, the “patriots,” while the men who have the courage to stand face to face with them, speak the truth, and fight for their exploited victims—they are the disloyalists and traitors. If this be true, I want to take my place side by side with the traitors in this fight.

Eugene V. Debs - The Canton, Ohio, Anti-War Speech. June 16, 1918

Many people today don't want honest answers insofar as honest means unpleasant or disturbing, They want a soft answer that turneth away anxiety." Louis Kronenberger - (1904-1980)

"For the great majority of mankind are satisfied with appearances, as though they were realities, and are often more influenced by the things that seem than by those that are.": Niccolo Machiavelli - (1469-1527) Italian Statesman and Political Philosopher - Source: Discourses, 1513-1517 #

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Feb 25, 2007

Condi said Micro-Manage

Here's my note to Condi Rice after her spin performance on Meet the Press this morning:

It's not that Congress is attempting to "micro-manage" our troops in Iraq--it's the overdue need for Congress' to stop backing off their responsibilities and micro-manage the psychopaths on the warpath in the White House--that's what Congress has needed to do from the start.

Nice try framing the argument though...but very very tiresome of you, little parrot mimicking your masters.

Iraqi President Falls Ill

Click title to read AP article...Talabani was "on his feet" as he headed to a meeting Sunday with his top aides, then unconscious as he was flown to a hospital in Amman, Jordan.

An anonymous source says he fell ill "...because of continuing hard work over the past few days."

Hard work leads to swooning fit? Puh. Yet another hmm-m-m-m...

Feb 24, 2007

Run Cheney Run

News Updates from Citizens for Legitimate Government
24 February 2007:


Breaking: Cheney's plane diverted 25 Feb 2007 The plane of US Vice-President [sic] Dick Cheney has reportedly been diverted to Singapore because of mechanical problems. Mr Cheney flew out of Sydney en route to the United States on board Air Force 2, a Boeing 757, about 9am today after a four-day visit marred by violent protests, arrests and traffic chaos.

Plane carrying Vice President Cheney diverted for unspecified reason --Reason for course change on flight from Australia to U.S. unknown 24 Feb 2007 The plane carrying U.S. Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney from Australia to the United States was diverted to Singapore on Sunday because of unspecified problems, Australian Prime Minister John Howard said. "I am not aware of the full circumstances and I have not been told except that it has been diverted," Howard told reporters in Sydney.#

Hmmm...flying in circles, are we? Shades of 9/11. Are we supposed to worry now?

you should be reading The August Review


Just posted to The August Review, a must-read article by Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy In Media.


An important member of the Stop SPP Coalition, Kincaid is editor of the Accuracy In Media Report, published by the venerable truth-in-media organization, Accuracy In Media. The above-mentioned essay is his eye-witness account of a February 16th (2007) meeting he attended that featured Dr. Robert A. Pastor, known increasingly as the "Father of the North American Union." Kincaid's pointed conclusion: "So the 'conspiracy' is now very much out in the open, if only the media would pay some attention to it." #

The writing is excellent and the insider insights are invaluable at The August Review--register asap! Encourage Patrick Wood in his work to expose the globalist agenda...which cares nought for you or me, m'peops.

Click on post title to visit The August Review and have you a snoop.

scandal: the love nest of J. Steven Griles

This photo is from the WaPo article of Feb 14, 2007 linked above concerning the now-brewing scandal which may--should--impact the Bush administration all the way to Cheney and his nibs himself.

It concerns Sue Ellen Woodridge, former top "environmental prosecutor" in the US Justice Dept--who resigned in January, and J.Steven Griles, a man who has been mysteriously protected from harm even as the questions mounted about his conflict of interests in "regulating" the industry he had worked for.

As David Hirsch, director of Friends of the Earth, says of Griles, "he spent four years working for his former clients at the Dept. of Interior. It didn't seem to matter how many problems came out, he just kept going. He's the Energizer Bunny of conflict of interest."

So who knew of the purchase of this vacation home on Kiowah Island, SC? Who facilitated and protected Griles through the years?

And who thought he and his girlfriend Sue Ellen Wooldridge could purchase a $980,000 home in partnership with Donald Duncan, VP of Conoco-Phillips--America's 3rd largest oil company--and that no one would notice the champaign bottles in the morning trash?

Was it a love nest meant for three? Eeeu-u-uwwww.

You may remember that Griles resigned from the Bush administration in Jan 2005 and is supposedly still under investigation for his part in casino shenanigans in the Jack Abramoff affair.

Yes, he's being investigated by the same Justice Dept in which Sue Ellen, his lady love, worked as mentioned above...until Jan 2007. And she's the culprit who signed off on Conoco-Phillips' we'd-rather-not desires concerning the SUPERFUND fines levied against them for cleaning up 9 of their spewing oil refineries...she signed just before she resigned!

Conoco's reluctance is odd, and may I say, anti-social, given that oil companies have been enjoying such obscene profits of late, isn't it?

J. Steven Griles:

Two of the more interesting midpoints in Steven Griles' natal chart (Dec 13, 1947, Clover, VA) have to be these (birth time not needed to appreciate, nor the correct Clover, for there are two):

Jupiter/Pluto = Neptune (of oil and deception fame!): omitting key facts; tendency toward deception; adjusting the data; working a situation into one's own format; cheating.

Mercury/Pluto = Nep: cunning; falsehood; slander; defamation; libel; calumny; the pursuit of peculiar plans; overdoing issues drains energy and wears out one's welcome.

The italics are mine for Mr. Oil Lobbyist.

And anyone who knew anything knew from the time Griles was brought into this administration that it'd be naive to suggest that this man's sway over his Washington turf could have turned out otherwise than scandal and thievery a la Dick Cheney.

Plus, you'd think Sue Ellen could've done better in her search for romance and perhaps the soup she's now swimming in may lead her to the same conclusion.

We'll see if Bush and Cheney , the oil twins, can continue protecting these--pardon my French--criminals...just two more examples of the illusory Bush administration's "integrity."

For more info, check out Steve Curwood's interview with Prof Jonathan Turley...you'll find the transcript at:

Living On Earth and you may also listen to the interview if you missed it on NPR today. Got iPod? Then you're good to go.

Feb 23, 2007

Vilsack Ends '08 Bid

Former Iowa governor and Democrat, Tom Vilsack, the first offical candidate to announce his 2008 run back in November, will be announcing his un-run today.

A proponent of alternate energy sources such as biodiesel, ethanol, and wind power, Vilsack's as-if plan was to end US dependence on foreign oil but now the wind is out of his sails. He also called for Congress to cut funding to bring our troops home.

John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, and Barak Obama were too much for his longshot campaign to weather and who couldn't have told him so last November?

Click title to read the AP article if you wish.

And read Granny Miller's interesting Comments at end of my post on George Washington's natal chart concerning an alternate birth time and chart details for him. (Tried the link I cite to his family Bible page last evening but it seems to be dead not alive. It's got to be online somewhere...anyone?)

Feb 22, 2007

Rice limerick...but you'll be hungry later

Word: over at Lim's Limericks I've just typed up some new verses from Mr.A.Cat, agent formerly in service to our nation, and which concerns the diplomatic Condi Rice, if you're so inclined.

This lim is on the sassy side, so if you wear your political indoctrinations on your sleeve, avoid this limerick at all costs...really! In fact, avoid the entire blog for your own protection...

George Washington Feb 22, 1732

Happy Birthday, Mr. President--we're exceedingly sorry about what we've done with the place.

George Washington (GW), Father of our Country, could not possibly be happy today if he had a say, could he?

Here you see his natal chart, accuracy rating AA (the highest) from AstroDataBank.com so we can be certain that his Solar Return Chart for today is accurate as well. Click to enlarge for my usual chicken scratch notes around the outside along with his SR for 2007 (the inside chart is his natal chart.)

One thing we always notice off-the-bat with Solar Return Charts--which are in effect for one's personal year--is which natal house is rising--in GW's case for 2007 that would be his 8th house of: the occult; debt; legacies; insurance; credit; other people's money; dreams; transformation; and death, to name a few. America will obviously be dealing with these things for 2007 and beyond--thanks to the drunken sailors of Capitol Hill and the Bush-Cheney bottomless pit that is their war.

GW's n North Node, a point of destiny and encounters is conj the SR Ascendant, and there we see Pluto rising, planet of transformation and such. Jolly moneybags Jupiter, guru, professor, and General, has just entered GW's 8th house, an often tricky transit relating to money matters which may increase assets or deplete them through overextension, overestimation, and extravagance.

If we use GW's chart to represent the country, this describes our present difficulties quite well--plus, we have the added misfortune to recognize that tr Jupiter has recently opposed GW's natal Neptune, planet of loss, confusion, illusion, and deception. (Tr Saturn in his n 4th house may indicate more loss of miners and other industrial workers.)

Although GW didn't know he had a Neptune (or a Pluto, Uranus, or Chiron, for that matter) it is often instructive and fascinating to include the outer planets in an historical figure's chart, don't you think?

When Jupiter opposes n Neptune there are many dangers and illusions in one's environment, and keeping track of reality may be all but impossible.

Those who propose fantastic schemes should be avoided (too late--they've been throttling the White House for years) and guilt is often used as an excuse for overindulgence and extravagance (quick! send more billions to Iraq)...there are sure to be serious consequences to this out-of-bounds spending which is yet to be fully appreciated. Confidential matters are revealed (lookin' at you Cheney and "Scooter") or are completely distorted and thereby misunderstood.

Does any of this sound familiar to ya?

His Natal Chart:

GW's natal Sun-Moon phase is 3rd quarter, and it may be interesting to consider the 3rd quarter personality since he's 275 years old today...will modern astrological interpretation hold up for this fellow?

The 3rd quarter personality:

Here is the philosopher who questions everything. There are many tensions between personal ideolgies and beliefs and the realities of systems and facts. As a spokesman for the Collective, this personality may bite off more than it can chew (by his 1st presidential swearing-in, Washington had one tooth left in his head.)

This is the traditional values vs futuristic trends phase which can see the value in both and which results in a dilemma of conscience. Ideals are achieved through group associations, and groups may be improved to fit the ideals.

This personality can fit into the business world by day and an esoteric world by night, and is actually more comfortable in the esoteric world (GW was a Freemason who gained his Master Apprentice rank Nov 4, 1752, age 20.)

Negatively, this phase has a tendency toward pessimism when thwarted and there is an inflexibility to the character. The career is often crisis-ridden yet is born with a deep sense of vocation. The outer appearance is calm but there is much inner conflict (supported by an irritating semi-square between n Sun and Moon, in GW's case) which results in reactionary and revolutionary behavior.#

(Credit for this Moon phase personality info goes to PanPlanet.com, but I can't get the link to work here, so you may want to type it in yourself. Hopefully the site is still live.)

There's much more that can be said for the Father of our Country, but I'll close now with an Image for Integration for his charitable, cautious, and discreetly ambitious Sun Pisces/Moon Capricorn blend:

An old freighter chugs towards the port, bringing in the goods (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzy Harvey.)

And here's a bon mot from the great man himself which modern politicians would do well to take to heart--which I assume most of them still have:

"Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for 'tis better to be alone than in bad company."

Feb 21, 2007

Debris Cloud over Australia

Space Weather News for Feb. 21, 2007
from SpaceWeather.com:

On February 19th, late-night sky watchers across Australia witnessed a bright explosion followed by a debris cloud that hung in the sky for nearly an hour. At first a mystery, the source of the blast is now understood. It was a Russian Briz-M rocket booster misplaced in orbit last year by the failed launch of an Arabsat communications satellite. The fuel tanks of the Briz-M ruptured on Feb. 19th, producing a vivid naked-eye display and more than 1000 pieces of debris. Experts are calling this a "major breakup event," comparable to or even worse than last month's Chinese anti-sat test.

Visit SpaceWeather.com for more information and pictures of the Briz-M breakup.

Feb 20, 2007

BBC: Bush's Iran Attack Plans Revealed

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government
20 February 2007

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US 'Iran attack plans' revealed 20 Feb 2007 US contingency plans for air strikes on Iran extend beyond nuclear sites and include most of the country's military infrastructure, the BBC has learned. It is understood that any such attack - if ordered - would target Iranian air bases, naval bases, missile facilities and command-and-control centres.

Feb 19, 2007

Bush to override local law enforcement

From the SO'W Be-Very-Afraid Dept:

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government19 February 2007

All links to articles as summarized below are available here:


Making Martial Law Easier (The New York Times) 19 Feb 2007 ...[I]t was with a provision quietly tucked into the enormous defense budget bill at the Bush administration’s behest that makes it easier for a president to override local control of law enforcement and declare martial law... Beyond cases of actual insurrection, the president may now use military troops as a domestic police force in response to a natural disaster, a disease outbreak, terrorist attack or to any "other condition." #

Dick-tator Cheney must've been in on this.

Art Note: I've just posted a new drawing entitled, Crying to the Hills
at Secret Moon Art which you may wish to view. Let me know what you think, okay?

Feb 15, 2007

New Moon 2.17.07

You'll find many interpretations online of the New Moon of Feb 17, 2007, so I want to type out for you from Adriano Carelli's, The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, with its antiquated and colorful ways of expression.

There's a real traffic jam at the top o'the chart, the Mc/Aspiration Point, the WHY of the chart, where you see tr Chiron nestled. Several planetary midpoints add to the picture, and as you see, the chart is specific to the White House, or to Capitol Hill not so very far away.

But first let's consider the midpoint which is rising, Saturn/North Node, a duo which together indicate isolation and inhibitions in unions or associations (Ebertin.)

Sat/NN = ASC: a inhibited person with a desire for seclusion; separation; suffering under difficulties with others. Sounds like Bush and his Iraq ball'n'chain...and he forged it himself.

Midpoints at Mc include:

Sun/Mars = Mc: efficiency; ready to fight for one's principles; accepting responsibility gladly; the character of a fighter; attaining success; marriage or union (the Part of Marriage is at Mc also);

Moon/Mars = Mc: a woman with strong principles; upright behavior; a forceful and purposeful nature; getting married (who's getting married? Anyone?)

Venus/Pluto = Mc: love; karmic union.

Now delusional, if idealistic, Neptune is being highlighted by a few midpoints as well, and they are:

Sun/Mc (the goal) = Nep: pursuit of the wrong objectives (how tiresome); apathy; indifference; confusion or a lack of clarity (Washington likes it that way for the most part--you weren't doing anything with that understanding, were you?); disappointments (they've been disappointing me for years); insecurity (they promote that--Homeland Insecurity); something threatens ego definition (a lack of ego in Washington? Impossible!)

Mars/NN = Nep: demonstration of anti-social conduct in associations; falsehood; undermining of associations; disappointments (again); self-absorption within the group--charismatic or off-putting (consider me off-put.)

There are two midpoints pointing at the New Moon itself...

Mercury/Neptune = Sun: possibly allowing oneself to be deceived; intellectual creativity; impressionability;

Merc/Nep = Moon: a misguided imagination; pictures from the subconscious; a deceived or deceptive woman.

NN/Mc = Sun: maintaining associations through shared interests; unions based on the physical; easy social ascendancy; the importance of friends and contacts for success;

NN/Mc = Moon: sharing emotions with others presents a challenge; a cozy atmosphere; an emotional character.

Neptune/Pluto, the Robber Baron duo, is conj Mars: being used a tool for other people's interests (there are many tools in Washington, as you know); a lack of resisitance, stamina, or energy.

Now quoting from Carelli's interpretation of the MC/Chiron traffic jam (Carelli recommends using the degree without rounding up)..."11AQ": Symbol: "A headless man, whose body is in full battle harness":

Warlike, rushing and forcible, outwardly splendid and innerly noble (there seems to be) no bearings and no aim. Reckless--nay, altogether blind--(he) will be destitute of any authority; his victories and his possible popularity will be short-lived. If a winner, he will not know how to exploit his victories and will leave his shoulders undefended for his opponents to hit back; if a loser, he will wander about as luck would have it. In a material sense, there is a real danger of wounds, mutilations, or death sentence.

Want Carelli's Symbol for the New Moon? Perhaps you don't, but here it is anyway:

"28AQ": "A man guzzling from a flask":

The assets will be merriness, an absolute naturalness of manner, a direct insight into reality. This degree's besetting sin is a tendency to ply the rummer. There will not be bad manners; there will be no manners at all.

Possible vices are alcoholism, idleness, fondness of gambling, dissoluteness, a tendency to loathe both poverty and the means to keep it at arm's length. Any reflection upon the consequences is superfluous.

With the New Moon the beginning of a cycle, and the Full Moon in two weeks being the culmination of something begun now, Washington sounds like its usual big honkin' barrel of monkeys, doesn't it? Guess it's what we've come to expect...aimlessness and recklessly warring, drunkeness (with power and greed along with the rum), idle, and gambling...as long as it's other people's money, that is.

Now what are the chances the flask is in Bush's back pocket?

White House Oct 13, 1792

After Bush mentioned the beautiful White House yesterday, it seemed time to get off my duff and post the natal chart for the White House.

Put on your peepers and click to enlarge chart for the Feb 16, 2007 transits, sunrise, scribbled around the outside.

You'll find controlling, restricting Saturn stomping upon natal Uranus, the reformer and rebel, tr Venus conj n South Node--a separation point, tr Mars, the testy instigator, nearing Ic, the Foundation of the chart (although this is only the sunrise chart, 'tis true.)

There's a full 5th house of Speculation and Risky Ventures including tr Sun conj the 5th cusp, plus you'll notice that natal Mars 11Sag17 is in the same degree as the plutocratic Chiron/Pluto conj of Dec 30, 1999. Chiron/Pluto were parallel in mid-August, 2004...so tr Pluto/Chiron = n Mars (Mars = energy, action, initiative, and in a national chart, the military. US imperialism shines forth.)

Astrologically speaking, it seems there is much to what some people said and wrote early on in the Bush regime--that plans for war were pre-laid from the start...with which SO'W must concur.

The natal chart of the White House has 3, count'em, 3 planets at the crisis-ridden 29th degree--and two of them are Saturn opposite Neptune under which the world suffers now by transit...true or false, reality vs illusion, accountability vs slackness, traditional religion vs mystical pursuits and esoterism.

There's also an explosive opposition between Uranus and Pluto, and tr Saturn is now opposing n Pluto, the generational transit which was in effect on 9/11/01. The White House probably was a target on 9/11.

There's a lot of karmic stuff is goin' on, m'peops, but there's no time today to type out more notes. Please refer to your own noggin for more details, if you speak astrolgese.

Feb 14, 2007

Bush hearts Press Conference 2.14.07

Yes, I was watching Bush's press Conference this morning and didn't have time to post.

It ended at noon and there was a certain planet conjunct Mc, the Aspiration Point--the WHY Point of the chart--and the planet was....illusive, deceptive, self-deluded Neptune, the thespian, prevaricator, and confuser.

The degree of Neptune/Mc is same as the USA's sec progressed New Moon of Oct 14, 1994 (Sibley chart 7.4.1776). A New Moon is the beginning of a 28-year cycle. The degree is:

"20AQ": "A big white dove, a message-bearer"...*CONVICTION:

pos: a facility for ordering all personal desires in a cosmic framework and a gift for knowing when to act and what to do;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: sanctimonious self-deception.

We can also use the progr'd New Moon (Sun conjunct Moon) with Neptune for this midpoint picture:

Sun/Moon = Neptune: inner discontent; easily upset; illusions or deceptions; the undermining of associations; misunderstandings; shared suffering.

So which was Bush exhibiting today? Or perhaps a better question would be: which has the US been exhibiting for last 12+ years? All of them?

You be the decider this time. Just don't gaze into Putin's eyes while deciding.

*Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones

Feb 13, 2007

when Ireland ain't Iran

Iraq bombs from 'Iran' were created by UK security services --Terror devices used by the IRA in a vicious murder campaign in Ulster blew up British servicemen as the world blamed Iran 16 Oct 2005 Eight British soldiers killed during ambushes in Iraq were the victims of a highly sophisticated bomb first used by the IRA, The Independent on Sunday can reveal. The soldiers, who were targeted by 'insurgents' as they travelled through the country, died after being attacked with bombs triggered by infra-red beams. The bombs were developed by the IRA using technology passed on by the security services in a botched "sting" operation more than a decade ago. This contradicts the British government's claims that Iran's Revolutionary Guard is helping Shia insurgents to make the devices. The Independent on Sunday can also reveal that the bombs and the firing devices used to kill the soldiers, as well as two private security guards, were initially created by the UK security services as part of a counter-terrorism strategy at the height of the troubles in the early 1990s.

Congress 2.13.07 1:00 pm

Seems the big debate on the Bush-Cheney war escalation is 'in the House' as of appr 1:00 pm est today...and what Sabian Symbol is rising? you ask.

"28Gem": "A man declared bankrupt" = DELIVERANCE...

pos: an effective and overall resourcefulness in even the worst of situations;

neg/shadow side: a willingness to dodge every responsibility and betray the very core of self.

And Bush continues to bankrupt the nation with the enabling of Congress who yap non-bindingly.

Images for today's Sun AQ-Moon Capricorn blend seem particularly enlightening yet familiar:

A revolutionary is elected president...An alien civilization comes to Earth to rescue man from imminent destruction. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas. and Suzy Harvey.)

I'm not a UFO kinda gal, but I'll flag them in myself if they'll show up for the task.

And yes, the YOD from Monday is still in effect...still pointing at lonely Saturn, our learless feader--and with Mars at critical degree, "20Cap": "A hidden choir singing" (celestial or global puppeteers?)...WORSHIP:

pos: a unique gift for establishing a common interest and making it a power for the good of all (my ideal of America);

neg: personal aloofness and lukewarm loyalties.

Ha ha....lukewarm loyalties...does this describe any politicians YOU know? Lukewarm about the American people's interests, that's for sure.

Personally I appreciate the aptly-named Bill Press' take on the recent shutting down of war debate by Senate Republicans (the Senate--our "deliberative" body!): http://pundits.thehill.com/2007/02/08/mcconnell-and-lott-should-be-sued-for-malpractice/ from the punditry section of The Hill..."The newspaper for and about the U.S. Congress."

Let's sue them ALL, Mr. Press. Okay, I always except 1% of the varmints in case there might be one or two newbies who haven't been spoiled or scarred yet. Call me a 1%-er of the other kind.

So would al-Qaeda think ill of the US is she left Iraq? Yes, say some...al-Q would say we didn't have the stomach for the fight.

Or...would they be disappointed that we'd wised up to their long-range plan to bankrupt America in every way--a plan which is succeeding perfectly, thanks to Bush and the war profiteers?

In Jan 2006, I posted http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2006/01/fdr-test-of-our-progress-1937-vs-2006.html on FDR and Bush's...attitudes.

So whether you like corn chowder, tomato, or sole-of-shoe, you may wish to read it concerning our nation's fiscal situation and the office-of-the-president's relationship to it.

And be sure to sign up with www.augustreview.com (if you haven't) where Patrick Wood has his finger on the pulse of the fiscal beast and his knee on the Trilateral Commission's throat.

Great work, Patrick, keep it up!

Feb 12, 2007

Howard K. Stern 11.29.68

This evening I have two reasons to be miffed--Congress begins debating the escalation of Bush/Cheney's war Tuesday, not today as reported and posted upon below--and there've been too many requests for Stern's natal chart to ignore.

This is Stars Over Washington, not Stars Over Hollywood...Howard's not a politician, and he isn't Starr Jones--but he is a lawyer.

Please click chart to enlarge where you'll see some notes on this Jupiterian fellow...Jupiter relating to the Law, of course, and also to the guru...and to the extent that he could be with such a "my way" kinda gal as Anna Nicole, one might call him a guru if not a svengali of sorts.

Scribbled on his chart (solar/sunrise--no birth time known) you'll see a very strong midpoint picture which remains the same no matter his birth time...Mars/Pluto = Uranus:

chip on one's shoulder; fight first, talk later; dangerous sense of attack; tremendous energy--that's from Noel Tyl's Solar Arc Directory. Ebertin gives the combo a nasty twist: cruelty; violence; brutality; sudden disasters or calamities of great consequence.

Stern's Pre-natal Eclipse Series (PE) is listed on the chart as well: 6South: forceful, taking power; manic force esp in relationships. Degree? 29Vir30, the Moon's degree at their motel check-in, Feb 5, 8:00 pm, Hollywood, FL...Moon 29Vir23, with "29" being a critical or crisis degree.

Now I'm not saying he did anything against her--other than that someone should've gotten her better help for her debilitating depression over loss of her son, Daniel--but Stern has other indications of violence in his natal chart (ex: Mars conj Uranus--plus Mars/Uranus = South Node), yet it's possible that Mr. Stern was attempting to take control of that very thing--and get her to rein herself in.

But with Anna, that was seldom if ever possible, and the brutality of the Mars/Uranus duo is known as the most violent pair around--conj South Node he may have tended to fall back on Mars/Uranus when under stress. And Mars-Uranus is often quirky sexual tendencies as well.

The 'check-in' chart of Feb 5, 8:00 pm, Hollywood, FL, shows a seeking of new contacts or stimuli, and a possible love union of short duration. One inconvenient thing about astrology charts though is that they rarely tell you on whose part, but describe the atmosphere or environment...leaving the people in that environment to act as their free will allows.

The check-in chart also has a telling asteroid rising to the degree...Persephone 12Vir29Rx...keywords: separation anxiety; attitudes toward transitions which take one away from familiar people or circumstances. Persephone may also be where one is an innocent yet willing victim. Poor Anna.

After taking a second look at Anna's natal chart (scroll below) there may have been--or eventually would have been--health factors showing liver or gall bladder problems. Her rapid and excessive weight loss may have improved her health--or not, as it seems. If she was on Phen-Phen to keep her weight down, a heart attack (with vomiting) could have been on the miserable agenda as well.

Anna's well-known speech-slurring--which she had put down to her Texas accent--is another reminder of Marilyn Monroe, who was being prescribed a certain Rx which was actually for epilepsy--and gave her that sleeplessness, and the soft speech she was known for. Was she epileptic? Hmm.m.m...

Did Anna check-in with plans to check herself on out? Possibly.

But Back to Mr. Stern:

Howard's fiery, big-talking *Sun Sag-Moon Aries personality blend gives a kinder picture of him than the above comments might indicate...a plain-speaking, independent, warm-hearted extrovert with a childlike faith in himself which may make him seem more competitive than he really is. But even in competition, he has respect for his opponent.

As a natural egotist, he doesn't like to acknowledge things that are unflattering, and he walks a fine line between altruism and blatant self-interest. People trust him yet his own interests are never far from his mind. But intimate liasons are not his forte...he's romantic enough but isn't patient or willing to listen fully to other people's needs...details are not his strong suit.

He likes the freedom to 'do his own thing' as well, and can lapse into black moods when things go wrong...and life with Anna had been going very wrong, hadn't it? It couldn't have been easy for any of them.

Images for Integration:

He who would be king postpones the coronation for a trek through the Himalayas...A mature student discovers her political convictions and debating talents through confronting the corruption of academia (maybe he is a politician!)

Well, that's all I'd like to say about Howard K. Stern at this time--and hopefully there'll be no more to say as this sad investigation goes on.

*Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas and Suzy Harvey

Cheney Pushing for Iran Attack, they say

Cheney Pushing for Iran Attack, Report Says 11 Feb 2007 Several senior members of the Bush administration are pushing for the United States to attack Iran, the British Guardian newspaper reported over the weekend. The report said that Bush had not yet decided on whether to move forward with the attack, but that Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney, among others, was strongly advocating such an attack in order to halt Iran's nuclear weapons development program.#

Here's my headline: Psycho-Freak Inspires Silly Limerick:

Beware of a cat name of Cheney
who wanted to bomb in Iraney
promoter of dread
he's lacking in cred
could anyone be more insaney?

Iraq-War-Debate Theater opens Monday

Why use 9:56 am, you ask? None of the House members--Rs or Ds--want to speak too early esp the West Coasters whose constituents may be snug abed without C-SPAN turned on, and the East Coasters don't want to fight with Letterman who will undoubtedly be justifiably spoofing them by 11:30 pm.

9:56 am seemed appropriate with two significators of the New World Order angular--the WHY or Aspiration Point (Mc) "18Cap" is actually the NWO's Great Conjunction of Uranus and Neptune of the early 90s, and natal Sun of the NWO is conj this Descendant and therefore setting in this chart.

Another tidbit of interest is that tr Chiron/Pluto midpoint is now at the same spot in the zodiac--synchronicity? Or global agenda proceeding?

As you know, the Chiron/Pluto is the oppression/exploitation of the masses pair...in a word, plutocracy.

There's a big, honkin' YOD, or Finger of God, formation pointing to lonely Saturn--a planet which on one level is the isolated leader--but on another level represents the Democratic Party.
With Jupiter (Rs) in 8th house of high finance--and residing at "16Sag": "Sea gulls watching a ship"...it reminds me of Finding Nemo--"mine mine" of the sea gulls...looking for any opportunity to get theirs (back, in this case. The Rs are running this as a "mini-political campaign.")

Given how things are meant to proceed this week in this "debate" with its "non-binding resolution" and the members "jockeying for primetime" and the Rs said to be "girding for broad defections" from their side, it's the same old PR crap, m'peops...same old thespianisms.

But there is an air of renunciation stinkin' up the place, and a YOD can indicate a Special Task--and if you read it as Saturn = Ds, the Special Task may be all theirs with Mars (males) and Venus (females) uniting to sock it to Saturn, the apex planet of the YOD--and Dem Party leaders.

Or are the Rs wearing the socks? We'll know more as the week's performances play out. But let's remember--there's always naughtiness (like trumped up intell on Iran) they're diverting attention from when they study their belly buttons so profoundly and dramatically! Innies and outies report to stage door in 5 minutes.

And what does Bil Tierney say in his Dynamics of Aspect Analysis about an apex Saturn in a YOD pattern?

Karmically fated--with "proper timing" (juniors get 5 mins to speak in between the Big Dogs' monologues) and "inner maturity" being crucial regarding their approach to this turning point, this fork-in-the-road--for a YOD is a turning point, and Saturn has fate written all over him.

Yet the task will fail miserably if unwise attempts are made to force this new direction before all necessary qualities have ripened.

Well I hope they ripen by Friday when the vote is expected--people continue to die while these jokers debate and auto-deposit fat paychecks into their accounts as they're yappin'.

More on the Iraq-War-Debate Theater as the week drags its ball and chain on by us...

(Click on chart to read my chicken scratch notes. You'll see that the *Sun-Moon blend for Monday (and so for the week) has a perfect Image for Integration:

Alice in Wonderland. Guess the jihadists aren't the only ones popping down the rabbithole.)

*Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Chas. and Suzy Harvey, available at www.amazon.com

Feb 10, 2007

what Daniel Ellsburg said in 1970

"When the President starts lying he begins to need evidence to back up his lies because in this democracy he is questioned on his statements. It then percolates down through the bureaucracy that you are helping the Boss if you come up with evidence that is supportive of our public position and you are distinctly unhelpful if you commit to paper statements that might leak to the wrong people.

The effect of that is to poison the flow of information to the President himself and to create a situation where a President can be almost, to use a metaphor, psychotically divorced from the realities in which he is acting...." : Daniel Ellsburg to the US Senate on Foreign Relations, May 13, 1970

And he certainly knew what he was talkin' about...esp the psychotically divorced part.

Obama's hat in ring 2.10.07

At approximately 11 am this morning, at the Illinois State Capitol Building, Barak Obama gave a stirring address to announce his candidacy for President of the United States.

If your noggin's been under the sand today you may click on the title above for the AP story which was published at 11:33 am. NPR reported his announcement at about 11:02 am as being imminent, so I decided to look at a symbolic chart for 11:00 am, Springfield, Illinois, to see what was afoot.

His natal chart:

Without Obama's birth time, his Solar/Sunrise chart has Moon 26Tau19 in 10th house of Career/Public Standing, and as you know, Moon = publicity and fame.

The earliest position for his Moon at 12:00 am (Aug 4, 1961, Honolulu, Hawaii) would be 23Tau00...the latest, 11:59 pm would give him a Gemini Moon...5Gem46. See my previous post of Nov 1, 2006: Meet More Dems: Obama, Harmon, Conyers for his Sun-Moon personality blend/s--both of them, unless I can eventually find an accurate birth time for him.

Today's Announcement:

At 11:00 am CST, Springfiled, IL, the Sun 21AQ34 is opposing Saturn 21Leo39Rx, which you know has been describing our lonely, isolated leader, George Bush. In the final throes of presidency, such as it is, Bush is 'out there' in this chart as well. This opposition to Saturn is the only applying aspect the Sun makes (0A05) so it became exact as Obama spoke.

Rising we see 24Tau44, making Venus the chart-ruler (in Pisces and conj NN16Pis25), and as we know, Obama attracts money (Venus) from many sources. Is he any different than the rest?

And Venus conj NN indicates the love of the encounter with the crowd who braved severe weather to hear him speak. He gets that a lot.

A good orator for certain, Obama states that the ways of Washington must be changed.

But they all say that when campaigning, including George Bush who was initially styled as the outsider. Well, it turned out he considered himself outside--and above--the law. Reminds me of the Sabian Symbol for Bush's MC/Aspiration Point..."25Aries": "a double promise reveals its inner and outer meanings."

The negative/shadow side? compromising insincerity and a lean to chicanery in all human relationships. Chicanery has been Bush's aspiration all along.

Don't know about you, but I'm still waiting for the "integrity" Bush promised to bring back to the White House...he must've left it in Crawford...and it sure isn't tucked away under an attic in New Orleans, is it?

But what of Obama's announcement today? There is much self-aggrandizement in the chart and so I was not surprised to find him saying, "I recognize there is a certain presumptuousness, a certain audacity, to this announcement." He seems to be self-aware and not afraid to admit it.

With American history dripping all over his address along with the name of Abraham Lincoln (a Shout-Out to the black vote which lags behind?), Sen. Obama gave his recent best-seller some not-so-subtle publicity as he ended with Lincoln's life telling us that there is power in hope.

It takes much audacity to reach--or to steal the keys to--the White House. Sen. Obama has that and the charismatic sparkle, the orating ability, and the focus to glide in the door. He has massive donors in all the right places, too.

It's what others have in store for him that really concerns me. And if he ever makes a peep about changing the world banking system--as did Lincoln and JFK--American history may repeat itself bizarrely.

Being prez is a series of walking fine lines--and I cannot begin to imagine how fine the lines would be--for the first black president of the US.

Barak Obama may be up to it---but are we?

bright Saturn and Venus Pillars

Here's a to-do from Friday which I to-didn't until now:

Space Weather News for Feb. 9, 2007:

SATURN AT ITS BEST: This weekend Saturn will be at its closest to Earth for all of 2007. The planet rises in the east at sunset and soars nearly overhead at midnight. To the naked eye, Saturn resembles a bright yellow star. Through a backyard telescope, it materializes as a spectacular ring world. Even small telescopes yield pleasing views. Take a look!

VENUS PILLARS: While Saturn rises in the east, Venus sets in the west. If you watch Venus sink toward the horizon on a cold night, you might see it sprout vertical columns of light known as Venus pillars. Today's edition of Spaceweather.com features rare photos of these pillars and explains what they are.

Visit http://spaceweather.com for sky maps and more information.

Feb 9, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Nov 28, 1967

There have been a number of requests for Anna Nicole's natal chart so I publish here the version (her birth time is unknown) from www.astrodatabank.com where you may want to visit in the next few days as I'm quite sure there will be some discussion thereupon.

The world's ongoing Dance of Opposition between the grief, weakness, torment duo--Saturn-Neptune has been and is now stomping upon this 12:00 pm Asc-Desc axis. Perhaps the noon hour shown here is close to her actual birth time. The location of Mexia, Texas is more accurate than Houston as I had used with the previously-mentioned Sunrise/Solar Chart in my last post.

Obviously if this is her Asc-Desc axis (18AQ/18Leo), then the tr Sat-Nep opposition is personalized with the loss of her son, Daniel, and now of the lady herself...Neptune dissolving her physical body (Asc)...OR...poisoning in some fashion such as an overdose or bad drug combo on her part, or mayhem on the part of someone else, accidental or otherwise.

Will comment more tomorrow since it's the middle of the night at the moment...and yes, the Moon changed signs so that her Sun-Moon blend may be either Sun Sag/Moon Libra or Sag-Scorpio. She was a very intense woman when it came to need fulfilment.

UPDATE Friday: This AP article appeared--and has disappeared--from my news links: http://my.earthlink.net/article/top?guid=20070209/45cbffd0_3ca6_1552620070209-484296214">Gabor husband may be Smith's baby's dad

It has updated info on the autopsy, DNA stalling, hearing set for Feb 20, etc.

Who's not your Daddy? There's Howard K. Stern (with his name on the baby's birth certificate), Anna Nicole's former 'boyfriend' Larry Birkhead, and now Prince Frederick von Anhalt--wonder if the Prince was only daydreaming with his old copy of Playboy in hand? And who thought I'd ever be adding Zsa Zsa as a label on SO'W?

Feb 8, 2007

faith in Feith? you jest

Title links to AP article on the Pentagon's letting itself off the hook for its cherry-pickin' tempest-in-a-teapot intell interpretation prior to invading where they wanted to strong-arm into anyway.

The findings from this Defense Department (which has taken over what used to be the State Department's purview) investigation will be "presented" tomorrow, Friday, to the US Congress so you'd better have your ticket in hand--ya can't get back in after a stall-visit without your ticket, pilgrim.

Friday, 9:30 am est: tr Moon "12Sco": "An embassy ball" (perfect for DC. yes?)...DISPLAY...

pos: an absolute stability of self as a contribution to group integrity (don't get too excited--this is Washington, so consider the negative/unconscious/shadow side as well and see if it sounds more familiar);

neg: a smug demand for special privilege.

Now Friday's curtain rises at 9:30 am est but naturally there're the secret deals made behind-the-scenes and the working breakfasts to be peeked at bwo planets who don't lie--politicians do.

Halliburton's check not in mail? and Anna Nicole

Army Says It Will Withhold $19.6 Million From Halliburton, Citing Potential Contract Breach 08 Feb 2007 The Army announced during a House oversight committee hearing on Wednesday that it would withhold $19.6 million from the Halliburton Company after recently discovering that the contractor had hired the company Blackwater USA to provide armed security guards in Iraq, a potential breach of its government contract. The Army has said that its contracts with Halliburton, which has a five-year, $16 billion deal to support American military operations in Iraq, generally barred the company and its subcontractors from using private armed guards.

from www.legitgov.org

Is this another reminder of our US sec Mars (military) now Rx?

The recall of troops who have already served may be described by Mars Rx, and delaying a check could be, too.


There's been another explosion inside the Kentucky chem plant today...evacuations continuing.


Sad to hear of Anna Nicole Smith's untimely passing today.

As you know, her son Daniel died Sep 10, 2006 of an unfortunate drug mixture and after looking at Anna Nicole's natal chart (sunrise/solar because birth time unknown--Nov 28, 1967 Houston)--and the charts for her check-in at the Hollywood, FL motel Monday, 2/5/07, 8:00 pm (the only definite time I have)--and at the planets for Sept 10, 2006--it would seem obvious--and astrologically obvious---that grief played a large part in her death along with negative escapism...drugs.

Her natal Chiron 25Pis20 Rx--the Wound--was being transited at Daniel's death by the North Node (NN) 25Pis21 which is connected to mother (NN of the Moon.) Mercury (young person) was opposite and conj tr South Node (SN)--a point of separation.

When Anna Nicole checked into the motel Monday, 8 pm, the Moon 29Vir23 was in first house and rising, and was conj her sec Uranus, planet of separation , disruption, and upsets...in fact there are indications of some emotional upheaval for her which possibly involved her deceased husband's family and some news or info.

As you know, 29 is a critical/crisis degree, and the current charts show deep upset. There may have been some romance on the menu as well...a no-brainer where the former Playboy gal was concerned, I'm sure, but my suspicion is that she was trying to forget the loss of her son--or had given up trying...she had become Niobe, the grieving mother.

Anna Nicole's daughter is a wee 5 months old, and I hope her paternity suit--or situation--can work out well for a little baby girl born just a few days before Daniel's unfortunate death. It's common for deaths to visit families near the time of births but one usually thinks of older family members which is easier to understand, isn't it?

All babies deserve better family circumstances than this little mite has so far received, don't they? My deep condolences to the family.

Feb 7, 2007

Kansas City Chemical Plant Explodes

And speculator Bush sent pallets of cash to a war zone...and when the other shoe drops, it'll be the same size as Cheney's hoof. Send more, dumbleheaded Congress and Senate...are you getting kickbacks?

Between mystery explosions in Kansas City with its toxic, sticky substance spewing out upon school and dale and residents warned not to touch (duh)--and the untold amounts of extortion in Bush/Cheney's war--I'm mighty grumpy tonight. Just overlook me...

Click title for AP article on the explosion.

Al Gore March 31, 1948

Al Gore's natal chart which is given the highest rating for accuracy at www.astrodatbank.com has what some have called a very interesting Sun degree: "11 Aries": "President of the country."

Not amusing, is it?

I will be posting on Al Gore and his upcoming testimony to Congress on Mar 21--the day Gore's Solar Arc Directed Mercury (communications) conjuncts natal NN (encounters; meetings.) The "15Tau" degree of this hook-up is same as the Ascendant degree each time the US inaugurates a president at noon on January 20s every four years rotten eggs or no.

That's the oath-taking to protect, uphold, defend the Constitution of the United States...you know...the one Bush was holding crossed fingers behind his back to take.

Must mosey for now but I want to add Gore's ambitious Sun Aries/Moon Capricorn personality blend which makes him:

a maverick traditionalist, persistent, good organizer, pragmatic intellect, the winner.

Images: A young soldier is rewarded by the King for exceptional bravery in the cause of freedom and individual human rights...Columbus discovers America, and a new world order is born.

The italics are mine, the info is from Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Gore shares this natal blend with: Sarah Vaughn, Eric Idle, David Lean, John Major, Stephen Sonheim, Rod Steiger, politician Kenneth lark, and Otto von Bismarck.

Will update on Al Gore asap....

Feb 3, 2007

plutocratic Bush puts the ic back

Now that I've read more of Bush's comments to the Democrats today during their Williamsburg retreat--to the Democrat-ic Party, as he now says with charm and mojo turned up High-- it's difficult to pass up the thought that Bush has been ic-ky all along and is one of the sleeziest pard'ners of the sidewindin' variety that any decent person has ever had misfortune to meet.

He and Cheney have left me feelin' like Pearl Pureheart tied to the tracks with train oncoming--and with false flag ops as my--and your-- fate...a common fate involving masses of people.

They are truly Greedy Desperados cornering the market in water, metals, energy resources, and more--these skullduggers follow a Machiavellian agenda, plan, and philosophy which was embraced by the direct ancestors of the current hombres in the time of the Great Neptune-Pluto conjunction of the early 1890s by the monied classes who had an understandable urge to hang on to what they'd got. King Midas, his Daughter, and his Son rule the world.

We've got the noblesse oblige--who rarely if ever follow that model anymore--such as the Rothschilds and their ilk, and the Rockefellers in America, the Adamses, the Astors, etc...but some made it by the skin of their will + brain powers.

You will find a link (in the above title) to a previous SO'W post on The Generation of Materialism--it was the rise of the robber barons, the energy/industry mavens--brazen in their actions, self-interested to the nth degree--dynasty-builders. And it required the pillaging of nature in order to make a buck or two and employed the usual exploitation of the masses--in a word, plutocracy.

It had been done before.

An Astrological Planetary Question: are plutocrats funding science's recent Pluto-spurning?

Well, this reluctant astrologer didn't fall for it...Pluto is welcome here at SO'W--but, no, I never use outer planets (Uran, Nep, Plu) as rulers. Epochrophal, yes; generational, of course. Giving special purpose or imperative when attached to one's personal planets? Okay. They think they've made Pluto's Cloak of Invisibility pretend-operative!

Sadly this may hint at the hiding of nuclear weapons and plans, m'peops, among other things.

Remember the olden days at SO'W when I ranted about Ds and Rs being in bed together and that the deal was sealed (the last time) on or around May 28, 2000?

Squabbles broke out last year when Jupiter and Saturn squared (obstacles; blockages) one another. A square aspect has a blindsided quality to it--someone didn't see something coming and there was trouble on Capitol Hill.

It fits into today's badly-played charade of making-nice and it turns my tum-tum. I don't mean that they pretended to make-nice...I mean that there was no un-nice to remake. In bed. Together. The Capitol Hill Theater's Winter Tour to Williamsburg. Personalities clash, of course, but they all want the same thing--to keep their cushy jobs.

Cast Your Mind Back to May-June, 2000

May 28, 2000 was the time of the last Great Jupiter (Jup = Rs) and Saturn (Sat = Ds) Conjunction (22Tau+) a cycle which repeats about every 20 years, and is the background transit in the so-called US presidential-death-cycle...you can find reams of writings on that topic if you ixquick or google so I'll not go into it at this time...except to remind myself that Reagan "beat" it when the bulle's timing was off enough that Reagan could be saved in surgery...barely.

And you know whom he and Nancy relied on for timing questions, don't you?!

(This post's title links to my previous 'Generation of Materialism' Chart's comments (only) so my next post upcoming will contain the Chart which uses the New Moon to mark the occasion bwo astrologer and author, Ed Meece.)

Bush Offers Dems Conciliatory Words

Looking at the chart for Bush's words with the Democrats who are huddled in Williamsburg VA today, are Bush's words all they seem?

Mercury = communications; thinking...in what condition is Mercury today? In fuzzy, dissembling Pisces...Mercury 1Pis50 is applying to opposition with the Moon 00Vir44 at 11:00 am, the approximate time he addressed his Dem critics.

It's an hour of Venus (positioned at 8Pis07) and Mercury will conjunct chart-ruler Venus.

This may describe the warm fuzzy agreement Speaker Pelosi expressed after their snuggle. I hope she was being just as fake as he was!

Rising is Taurus, sign of money, possesssions, stubbornness, and sometimes of intolerance.

Mercury opposite Moon is similar to their square--rationalizations of actions and sentiments.
Their opposition is given by astrologer Alan Oken as Communications vs Feelings and brings challenges to be true to oneself regarding personal relationships.

It indicates one who tends to alter facts to suit the mood and talks too much while saying too little...Bush said that he welcomes debate in a time of war--really? Tell Joe Wilson that.

In private Bush told the Dems that the war is "sapping our soul"...but we know Bush's soul was sapped long ago, so he must be talking about the rest of us.

His worry is, as you know, the financial windfall for the war which the Dems may now control and limit--and which is the American people's only hope that sanity may be regained in bankrupted Washington.

(post's title is link to AP article for ya.)

Feb 1, 2007

none dare call it treason

Nothing doth more hurt in a state than that cunning men pass for wise.
-Sir Francis Bacon

Treason doth never prosper, what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.
-Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

When the same man, or set of men, holds the sword and the purse, there is an end of liberty.
-George Mason #

Well, you must admit: those 3 dudes lived a long time ago but they knew more than the average bear of today who hunts like a wolf and lies in wait for the innocent.

note: Lim is having me put up a new limerick at http://limslimericks.blogspot.com called, A sleek cat by name of Obama...fyi.