Dec 31, 2009

Obama Presidency's 2010 Solar Return sparks new analysis

Chart shown: 2010 Solar Return to the Inauguration 2009 chart, Washington, DC.

On Jan 20, 2010, the second year of Barack Obama's toddler presidency begins thus marking its first 'birthday' as noted in Astrology as a Solar Return for which I shall assume are obvious reasons.

A few days ago I posted an article here with the same horoscope displayed of the 2010 Solar Return to the 2009 Inauguration chart of Jan 20, 2009 (12:00 pm est Capitol Building, DC) so we could see how Year 2 might go along. Blogging time was brief and so it was a meager analysis on my end.

Jan 20, 2009 was, you may remember, an extremely frigid day in our nation's capital so Aretha Franklin wore a vervy new hat. Additionally, Hope sprang eternal in people's hearts if they had them.

Well, I'm pleased as can be to start off the New Year here on SO'W with a Guest Post by Jonathan W who modestly describes himself an Astrology beginner (we are all novices!), an author, screenwriter, and actor. His talents abound and Astrology is, I believe, one of them, for Jonathan has written an analysis of the 2010 Solar Return of the presidency of Barack Obama which I recommend to you, Mars Rx rising and all!

My original post is linked below. I now happily turn you over to Jonathan whose insights into the 2010 Solar Return chart may spark thoughts and provoke comments which are outcomes most welcome on this blog:

The 2010 Solar Return of the Obama Presidency by Jonathan W

What's interesting is how many retrograde planets are on the cusp of a House! One can expect the dismantling of goals Obama had assumed were a done deal -- Sixth House cusp obviously indicating Health Care Reform -- as well as the discovery that his ambitious plans are balancing on a slippery slope.

To have the ruler of the Midheaven, Mars -- in my view, Obama's attempt to appear less thoughtful and more of a tough Commander in Chief -- retrograde on the Ascendant suggests his efforts will either backfire or be stymied or frustrated.

Whatever the case, he'll find it very difficult to sell this "tough" version of himself due to the Public's reluctance to buy it -- illustrated in the Moon/Saturn opposition, that Aries Moon's square to Pluto/Mercury, and Saturn in Libra's overall insistence on authenticity and sincerity.

Add both Mars and then Mercury (important in the selling of the message) retrograde, the Cardinal t-square energies challenging Saturn's authority and Pluto/Mercury's hunger to mold the message with the Public Moon not buying any of it, and the chart just SCREAMS frustration! We could even end up with another version of his infamous Primary-era "Can I just eat my waffles in peace?" quote.

This Mars retrograde square Pluto/Mercury also suggests his efforts militarily (in Afghanistan?) will not pan out and will instead severely challenge his ability to spin this version of a War Leader Obama successfully.

But that Mars on the Ascendant and ruling the Midheaven is determined to be Commander in Chief even if that Moon feels more comfortable with -- or at least buys more readily -- the more thoughtful, feminine aspects of this Administration (Moon sextile Venus). Or maybe even the actual women in this Administration!

Perhaps importantly, Uranus on the cusp of the 9th may also indicate unexpected surprises from those overseas who are emotionally (Moon) and angrily/energetically (Moon in Aries) at odds with our Government (Saturn) and will challenge authority (Cardinal t-square) in ways that tap into and use power and perhaps even martyrdom (Pluto). And Mercury in the mix clearly suggests travel, Pluto hints at things done in the dark under the radar and the Cardinal energies allude to action, not planning. Action. This, too, can make it frustrating for Obama as that Retrograde Mars may make it difficult to respond effectively or the response will backfire and make things worse.

It is interesting that we find ourselves "revisiting" terrorism during Mercury's retrograde, though. Is this a foreshadowing of that Pluto/Mercury attempt to tap into our Fears via their relationship with the 6th/12th axis, the 12th in Cancer ruled by the Moon? Will the Government (Saturn) in this New Year attempt to more stringently control (Pluto) our movement or how we move (Mercury) in response to whatever Uranus on the 9th cusp might throw at us? Will Obama's response be more Draconian rules and regulations (Saturn square Pluto/Mercury) which we'll fight against (Cardinal t-square)?

(I'm trying not to notice the supportive sextile between Uranus and the North Node in Capricorn. If Obama and his handlers believe a "terrorist attack" will earn him support much like Bush got post-2001, they don't know much about Retrograde Mars, Saturn in Libra's abhorrence of anything inauthentic and insincere, and Uranus' tendency to be both unpredictable as well as impossible to control. Add to that the stutter-step of an inconjunct between the North Node and Neptune/Chiron -- and the Moon inconjunct Neptune/Chiron as well -- and the reaction from the People may be more a visceral anger (Moon in Aries square Pluto/Mercury) at Government (Saturn) than overwhelming support and gratitude that Obama "protected" us. Remember, this Moon has a relationship with caring Venus, not hyper-macho Mars.)

It'll be an uphill battle for Obama, though, as Mars Retrograde on the Ascendant can also strongly suggest a sapping of energy and drive.

Just recently, Obama revealed that this first year in office has left him "exhausted". Retrograde Mars on the Ascendant can suggest as well a tendency toward accidents, clumsiness, possibly even something involving surgery. And with the 8th spotlighted by Jupiter/Neptune, that's certainly possible.

The main thing in this chart is that Retrograde Mars. Being on the most important angle of the chart, the frustration, the inability to succeed quickly, the draining and sapping of energy ... all of those will be hallmarks of this year in Office for The One. In today's world of 24-hour media and a Public which is finally seeing beneath the Neptunian Allure of the Primary-era Obama, a struggling President unable to act effectively is exactly what we don't want or need to see.

"This thing we call "failure" is not the falling down, but the staying down." ~ Mary Pickford


Thanks, Jonathan! And Happy New Year, New York!

2010 Solar Return to the 2009 Inauguration chart.

As 2010 nears: a global agenda uncovered - videos

On notice from Stars Over Washington: gloves are off for 2010

Dec 31, 2009 is upon us and here I sit @ keyboard composing as the sentence stretches along. With what delights might SO'W end the year, and with what scrumptious fare may SO'W readers enter 2010 through the portal of this blog, one of so many now poised on this, the second decade, of the New Millennium?

That both the mainstream and other media are owned and operated by the Bilderbergers and their masters, the reputed Council of 7?

That my own home state of Georgia, Thirteenth Colony, is host to the Georgia Guidestones, aka the American Stonehenge? Mystery man R. C. Christian 'showed up' one day in Elberton, Ga to contract a local granite company to build to his minute specifications a stone memorial with messages for the future of mankind?

Just down Highway 77 from Elberton, Ga (Hwy 77 is a main route to the Guidestones from where I sit typing) there's a wide place in the road, a community called, Vesta, which brings us a vision of eternal flame and its tenders - which suggests to my suspicious mind...

which is said to have as member one Barack Obama.

Click this post's title to view the monster's May 1, 1776 natal chart founded under the direction of satanist Adam Weishaupt who (it is my belief) is partially represented in the US natal chart by our nation's Mercury Rx at '25 Cancer': "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power." These things relate to the symbolisms of the Great Seal of the United States such as the all-surveilling Eye of Horus on the back of your last dollar bill.

And of course, everyone knows who thinks of such things that Freemasonry formed or was promoted/infiltrated originally as stone mason guilds in ancient days with Sacred Geometry of the East the study of a select few early members near the top of their hierarchy, a stealthy pyramid of power where underlings know little but may be called upon one day to fulfill a special mission. The granite company manager and the local banker of Elberton who assisted Mr. Christian in the construction of the Guidestones are good examples of such a 'calling'.

Yes, there are things engraved on Elberton's standing stones by Mr. Christian's instructions which might curl your 2010 hair for they are literally 'carved in stone' as the videos below reveal and the Guidestones are mentioned more than once in this Tru TV presentation hosted by Jesse Ventura. (Don't decide not to watch one or any of them because of him! David Icke, Alex Jones, a certain knowledgeable doctor, and others are interviewed and it's worthwhile time spent with 2010 at the very door; takes about 42 mins to finish the 6 videos.)

And if you think these subjects are merely jolly entertainments I beg you to ask yourself a question: can government be trusted to control supplies of food, water, medicines, and other essentials when the messages on the Georgia Guidestones, written by a mystery group in 8 languages, establish 'under 500,000,000' as the optimum population for the planet - going forward - so that the power elite with their particular bloodlines can keep the planet's population under thumb at a "manageable level" and protect the Earth's "unrenewable resources" which they'd like for themselves and their progeny?

Don't Funk with Your 2010, It's Just Getting Started, you say?

Well then, if you prefer more lighthearted fare such as a little Art, go here, here, here, or even there if you wish diversions from the subject matter at hand. Otherwise, please read on...

Wonder how implementation of the Codex Alimentarius has gone for tonight, Dec 31, 2009, at midnight? A draconian bell will toll then, if so.

A horoscope when set for Washington DC at 11:59:59 pm est, Dec 31, 2009, shows an Hour of an out-of-bounds Venus 8Cap07 conjunct Ic, with Venus as chart-ruler, ASC 7Lib01, and Saturn rising @ 4Lib31 (Venus and Saturn in mutual reception - in aid of one another), and asteroid of Health, Hygeia 24Leo04 Rx, still opposing deceptive infecting agent Neptune, planet of The Masses, and Wounded Healer, Chiron in Aquarius, and all are ganged up on the little US natal Moon of 1776. Venus' position is conjunct Fixed Star, Facies: ruthlessness or the victim; rising is star Vindemiatrix, the widow-maker. Too descriptive for comfort?

Note: I have tagged this post with '2008 Bilderberg meeting Chantilly VA' because then-candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are known to have attended the annual meeting during the 2008 presidential campaign (Obama spirited away from his campaign plane leaving reporters supposedly wondering what was going on and leaving Robert Gibbs to make excuses for the secrecy - thus, Gibbs is in on it) when Obama was selected to serve as Commander-in-Chief for this go-round of propaganda and manipulation. Let's face 2010 by calling a criminal global syndicate of puppet masters what it is: evil.)

6 Disturbing Videos for New Year's Eve:

This program in video form concerns conspiracies, Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Council of 7, the UN's role, the media, the NWO, the WHO, pandemics and forced vaccines infused with
squalene which attacks our immune *systems, foods poisoned with chemicals like aspartame, and much more. (July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse: 'systems fail' may include bodily systems along with FDA, railways, roadways, communications, Medicare+, hospitals, banking, security at White House gatherings, etc.)

Here's an article on the dangers of aspartame which include weight gain, diabetes, rashes, depression, insomnia, hearing loss, headaches, Parkinson's, and heart palpitations. So put down that packet of NutraSweet or other fake sugar and back away fast. Aspartame was discovered 'accidentally' in 1974 and the disruptive chemical probably lurks somewhere within your diet is interfering with your immune system if you've haplessly partaken.

Saturn/Neptune considerations - the Sat/Nep combo is related to Health as well through chronic illnesess, weakening of bones, calcifications, etc:

As you know, within the US collective now is the ongoing real vs unreal dynamic which has been catalyzed by transiting Saturn to America's natal Neptune along with the constant aspectual dance which the two planets perform amongst themselves. These Saturn (control)/Neptune (the masses; media) vibes of 'secret government' have pushed 'lies vs truth' and 'realism vs fantasy' into an even more momentous concern now that the NWO agenda is poised for ultimate implementation. Incremental changes, that's their centuries' long way of insinuation.

Is the NWO agenda the 'change' we can believe in? I say, No.

For we mustn't depair except as the majority continue quivering with heads-in-sand attitudes and a deeply stubborn refusal to make use of the fact that the people's great numbers always cause the manipulating culprits to step back each time we roar at the top of our voices!

Therefore, I ask you to pass these videos around as much as you may on behalf of all humankind...against the arrogant, heartless, self-interested monsters who bedevil and oppress the whole world. And if you, lone reader, are a minion of the power elite or a cog in their wheel, I plead with you now to step out and speak up - after you conceal your family in as safe a location as you can find...these people ain't playin':

Part 1 of 6:

Part 2 of 6:

Part 3 of 6:

Part 4 of 6:

Part 5 of 6:

Part 6 of 6:

America, my only nag in the race: let's forget imposed, false divisions such as "Republicans vs Democrats," "red vs blue," "lib vs con" and demand that our learless feaders name out loud their true affiliations, however secret and unnameable - starting with their Bilderberg connections and allegiances.

Now that's the sort of information that could lend a good start to 2010, the second decade of the New Millennium, and would hopefully aid the taking back of America on behalf of we-the-people for the sake of the entire world.

Ours and our children's very futures depend wholly upon it.

Update Feb 13, 2015: how curious that these videos "no longer exist".

Dec 30, 2009

Dec 31, 2009's Blue Moon Eclipse excites worldwide interest

SpaceWeather News for Dec 31, 2009

SUNSPOT SURGE: 2009 is ending with a flurry of sunspots. The month of December has had more "spotted days" than any previous month of the year by a significant margin, and all of the month's sunspot groups have been members of new Solar Cycle 24.

Could this herald an end to the deepest solar minimum in nearly a century? That remains to be seen. Sunspot counts and trends are shown on today's edition of SpaceWeather News.

SOMETHING NEW: Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a field-tested satellite tracker! presents the Satellite Flybys app.

BLUE MOON ECLIPSE: For the first time in almost 20 years, there's going to be a "Blue Moon" on New Year's Eve. In Europe, sky watchers will witness an even rarer event--an eclipse of a Blue Moon on New Year's Eve. What are the odds?

Probabilities and observing tips may be found at


View the Astrology chart of 2009's Blue Moon Eclipse with details; chart set for Washington, DC, natch. This is Stars Over Washington, after all.

Did Orwell's World sneak up on us?

Welcome to Orwell's World 2010

By John Pilger

In Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell described a superstate called Oceania, whose language of war inverted lies that "passed into history and became truth. 'Who controls the past', ran the Party slogan, 'controls the future: who controls the present controls the past'.


'Oceania' seems a thinly veiled reference to America as 'Atlantis', don't you think?

Is anyone there? Back from holidays? I'm about to leave again for the weekend for festivities continue here (even Sun Caps must have birthdays sometimes) so slam a door to let me know you're echoing around in here...hmm? Wouldja?

Astrology of the 'underwear bomber' of Dec 25, 2009

Some of the most interesting writing and reporting I've found about the Christmas Day 2009 'underwear bomber' incident is at which includes speculations about the case's oddities and inconsistencies, along with eye witness accounts.

And from CNN's site is a Timeline of key dates of Mr. Mutallab's activities and helpfully includes the approximate time of his bomb attempt about 20 minutes prior to Flight 253's final approach over Detroit as being "shortly before 12:00 pm ET."

Being out of town for the holiday, this situation was not snooped into by yours truly bwo Astrology's lens until today so I'm just now catching up on my reading of this 'full body scan justification' of terrorism ham-fistedly attempted by a young man from Nigeria, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who seemed to observers to be "in a trance" as negotiations for his boarding of Northwest Flight 253, Amsterdam, were being held.

In this mystery play, a "well-dressed man" of possible Indian descent aided Mutallab by implying to the airport desk agent that he was a 'Sudan refugee', a refugee who would still, if law were followed, need embassy clearance in order to board an international flight as a refugee. Wheels were apparently greased for Mutallab and perhaps the well-dressed man was an embassy agent.

Today I am not at liberty to study fully the chart/s of Christmas Day, Amsterdam or Detroit, but an interesting Sabian Symbol applies here because of its word picture and the symbolism of 'traveling' of the astrological Moon which on December 25, 2009 was at '13 Aries' "shortly before 12:00 pm ET" over Detroit, the Moon had reached 15Ari14, however, yet I shall mention the symbol of Luna's earlier degree because it so aptly applies to the suspect's aborted actions:

"A Bomb Which Failed to Explode Is Now Safely Concealed"...IMPETUOUSNESS...

positive manifestation: a dramatic rejection of any accomplishment falling at all short of very deep or hallowed purpose;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: a waste of opportunity and a futile expenditure of self through vanity or petulance. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

And perhaps you'll be interested in Christmas Day 2009's bulldozing, 'riding roughshod' Sun Cap/Moon Aries blend and its Images for Integration while noting that imperial America is often associated with the ancient Roman Empire.

This Earth-Fire combo of energies is known for its wilful and intensely ambitious character that insists on taking command - in similar fashion to the manipulative saboteur Pluto oriental (planet rising just before the Sun) in controlling Capricorn, on Dec 25, 2009. (Sun conjunct Pluto is often a time of such subversive activities each year and shines a spotlight on power-mad inclinations most usually.)

"A Roman city-state is attacked by barbarians but its solid walls keep the marauding bandits at bay...An impetuous entrepreneur persuades a conservative banker to back an ambitious project."

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey; my bold on 'impetuous' because it echoes the Sabian Symbol Key Word for '13 Aries.')

Well, full body scans, here we come. How handy that the technology and equipment for them are so readily available for immediate implementation. Hmm?

Dec 29, 2009

Jefferson, Benet, Emerson, and a Mad Scientist

Famous Quotes complimentary and brought to you by Information Clearing House:

"We thought, because we had power, we had wisdom." Stephen Vincent Benet

"I hope our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us, that the less we use our power the greater it will be." Thomas Jefferson

"A person will worship something, have no doubt about that. We may think our tribute is paid in secret in the dark recesses of our hearts, but it will out. That which dominates our imaginations and our thoughts will determineour lives, and our character. Therefore, it behooves us to be careful what we worship, for what we are worshipping we are becoming." Ralph Waldo Emerson.


And I believe it was John Lithgow playing Mad Scientist in the 1984 cult film Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension who intoned so very wisely:

"Character is what we are when we are in the dark."

Dec 31 2009's Blue Moon Eclipse sparks articles!

Expert astrologer Julie Demboski has written an elucidating analysis of the Blue Moon Eclipse of Dec 31, 2009 with which we end the year and begin the next decade of the New Millennium.

Plus, Julie's article contains a link to a different astrological perspective on 2009's Blue Moon Eclipse with its lovely sounding name!

If you missed it, my own Blue Moon Eclipse post with chart image may be found here.

The Lunar Eclipse of Dec 31 perfects in Washington DC @ 2:12:34 pm est and the first US natal planet to rise in the eclipse chart is Uranus in Gemini which will bring along the unexpected. No predictions from me about this rising for as they say about freedom and independence loving Uranus, whatever you isn't that.

And if you click to enlarge the eclipse chart you'll see that Dec 31 2009's Uranus/Neptune midpoint @ 8Pis50 (Uran/Nep is a signature of the New World Order from their Great Conj/s of 1993) has 'caught up' with America's natal Ceres (security issues) and our natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint, a duo of plutocracy, oppression, corporatism, fascism, racism, primal violence, class warfare, etc.

(Dick Cheney's Secondary Progressed Pluto and Chiron - they are conjunct in Leo in his natal chart - were precisely upon his Progr'd Midheaven, The Goal Point...on 9/11/01.)

This 'new world order' agenda is culminating before our eyes, m'peops...see sidebar to your right of Quotes - the first one from Henry Kissinger concerning President Obama's current opportunity to further the power elite's (sucky) New World Order.

And you may wish to take all "Age of Aquarius" stuff with a grain of salt because they're using it against us! If the power elite triumphs over us, their view of our global future has nothing at all to do with the beautiful, peaceful Aquarian principles that New Age types and World Servers have been dreaming of...

Dec 28, 2009

Solar Return 2010 of the Inauguration 2009 Horoscope

Time for Inauguration 2009 to have its Solar Return 2010 and here you see the SR 2010 chart set for Capitol Building, DC, Jan 20, 2010 @ 5:47:26 pm est, the moment the Sun's position equals its Jan 20, 2009 12:00 pm est DC position of the official Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama. With a SR to the Inauguration chart we may assess the president's success with goals during the second year of his presidency.

Sun Hour: good for ego recognition, aims, and 'hero's journey' activities; unaspected North Node (NN) 21Cap02 in 6th house with Sun 00AQ47, the transiting midpoints of Chiron/Pluto 29Cap11, Neptune/Pluto 29:37 @ critical or crisis degrees, and Venus 2AQ57 (conjunct the tr Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and Inauguration 2009's Jupiter in 10th house.)

Well, there are zillions of notable factors in this Solar Return chart for President Obama, his leadership, and our 'followship' and/or discords with leadership. Yes, a Solar Return is 'good for' one year until the person or entity's next birthday but holidays are a busy time so I shall mainly confine myself here to the T-Square pattern between a Moon/Saturn opposition squaring Pluto 4Cap00 conj Mercury 7Cap15, with Mercury conj 6th cusp (medical connotation; daily transportation issues); of course we associate Mercury/Pluto signatures with propaganda, the power of persuasion, and subtle salesmanship and such. Cruel (Pluto) speech, thinking, and plans (Mercury) may also be indicated and you know I would mention it on a blog dedicated to Washington DC and the politicians who infest the lovely Masonic city.

No, I don't like what the 'octopus' - the global crime syndicate now in progress of coup'ing the world in all departments (including the religious world whose activities show in this chart as Jup/Nep and Nep/Chiron) - has done to and with the place. They've made the headquaters of the US government hated and feared in the world, all the while mouthing sentiments on behalf of the needy while misdirecting US taxpayers' funds into game birds' pockets and into war chests to promote their destructive, cruel imperialism.

Consider me miffed and in a permanent snit with DC and with the national and local politicians who carry Pluto's and Saturn/Neptune's subversive waters in order to please the occult-using financial wizards, the Masters of the Universe, or some clawlike entity very like them.

The Cardinal T-Square pattern splays its stalemate energies (Moon/Saturn opposition) across the 3/9 polarity of houses (lower mind/higher mind; thinking; believing; education; near and far travel, etc) and points to an apex of two planets which are conjunct: Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn, in the 5th house of Risk-Taking, Gambling, Children, and Creativity.

The 6th house of 'Health, Work, Service, Military and Police Forces, and Our Daily Rounds' is affected as well with Mercury conj 6th cusp in Cap, as noted; Fixed Star Facies 8Cap18 glimmers near Mercury and has a 'ruthlessness or the victim' choice attached. Join and prosper...or else?

Astrologer Anthony Louis gives Facies as having a Sun-Mars nature with possible manifestations being: leadership ability; war; cold detachment; perfectionism; earthquakes; blindness; violent death. (Horary Astrology, Louis.) Pardon me for typing that last one, but you may as well know. We are supposedly adults here, right?

Now as you very well know, Mercury in Cap is a rational and clear-headed thinker unless otherwise interfered with, and Pluto in Cap means it's time for 'permanent transformation in world government' as old structures are turned into new...such as the New World that America's founding ushered in back in the 1700s (US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx) and beyond. But ask Sir Francis Bacon about that. In fact, Bacon natally shares the Sun AQ-Moon Aries blend of the SR 2010 of Inauguration 2009 for which I may as well give you the Images for Integration now...

Sun AQ-Moon Aries: 'A court jester mocks the social injustices of the realm...Robin Hood and his band of merry men outwit the evil King John once again.'

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

So what does Sir Francis Bacon have to say?

"There is in human nature generally more of the fool than of the wise."

And Bacon knew how to use human gullibility against anyone he chose to manipulate once he took note of how easy it is to 'fool' most people in order to secure his desires and needs at the expense of others' properties and their well-being.

Sir Francis, that corporate pioneer who helped lay the foundation of the Great American Experiment of 'Manifest Destiny', with US natal $Jupiter$ at '6 Cancer' = "Game birds Feathering Their Nests."

So I say: Say no more, Sir Francis, you've done more than enough already...and some now would call your ideology 'enough damage' and subversion of a nation from its people who think their government was set to run on the lofty principles of: for, of, and by the people...suckers!

Our Cash Cow Nation status never actually ended although it's taken some knocks in recent years, knocks which culminated in Sept 2008's $550 billion electronic run on US banks and the subsequent losses that attended and will attend its perpetration by mystery actors. But how can the US gov not know - or still not know - who was responsible? Were they themselves? Massive bank bailouts followed, as planned.

The 2008 bank run would have collapsed the global economy, probably in about 24 hours. But the collective has had a 2009 chocked full of Jupiter/Neptune's false hopes, speculations, grand schemes, imaginary dollars, and religious pufferies in vain attempts to soften or obfuscate our capitalist system's bumpy landing if not alter it altogether into one of win-win for world bankers and their colleagues, yet perhaps only a lose-lose situation for anyone not of the power elite's (imagined) exalted ilk and uppercrust social stratosphere.

You weren't using that job, were you?

SR 2010 of Inauguration 2009; Jan 20, 2010 Sun 00AQ47 applying to a supportive trine with Saturn 4Lib36 Rx in 3rd house (3A50); a Cardinal T-Square pattern stands out strongly in the chart:

The 'Cardinal' designation of this T-Square refers to the signs of the planets involved as being in Cardinal signs (Moon Aries, Saturn Libra, Merc/Plu Cap) which are initiating, self-generating energies that like to get going toward major here-and-now objectives. (You see Mc, The Goal, is in Aries ruled by pioneering Mars but the Martial One is Rx (delays) in 1st house @ 13Leo17 having just conjoined Pres. Obama's natal Sun which is rising in this SR 2010 chart; therefore, he is a prime actor for 2010 as one would expect.)

Cardinal T-SQs can describe circumstantial crises and we know the world has a-plenty of 'em already with more to come. We all 'feel' it (with a little help from government, media, and Hollywood propagandists) so I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. Who can miss it? Got HD yet?

The established way of doing things is often bucked with a Cardinal T-SQ; poor planning is a caution and looking before one leaps is the antidote.

Apex Mercury in a Cardinal T-SQ shows one who makes rash judgments from being too impatient to wait for more facts; obviously Mercury's presence here signals agitated communicators (reporters?), those with specialized knowledge, also: travel, trade and commerce. Scholarly matters, ideologies, philosophies, and religious matters are areas of outspokenness and energy expenditure; being constantly preoccupied with analyses or research which concerns challenging or controversial subjects is indicated; one's subtle motivations may not be discerned or fully appreciated by self or by others; others' opinions are seldom listened to...the inner voice is too loud.

With young people (Mercury) perhaps it's an iPod or cell phone drowning out other people's voices!

(Note: before taking office, US presidents are required by their elite masters to agree to make decisions based on little or no evidence - in other words, to follow directions when told and 'make' the decisions that are expected in order to promote the over-arching agenda. - jc)

Apex Pluto in Cardinal T-SQ may be one/s who is/are possessed by a deep desire to control others through subversive and forceful measures; intensity and strength of focus are hallmarks of this particular apex Pluto who never shares power.

Karmic Pluto may be the most difficult to 'operate' or direct when apex for Mr. Underworld forces a complete psychological metamorphosis (as horror, changes, and restrictions are intro'd incrementally into society's collective awareness) before Pluto, the secret hand of ultimate control, may successfully reach his goal (of complete totalitarian control in my book - you may disagree, yet astrologer Sybil Leek said that totalitarianism increases in the world as Earth heats up; it's a natural cycle that I believe humankind has sped up in the last two centuries, in part by poorly managing and dealing with our masses of chemical refuse and toxic garbage - including Pluto's and Uranus' spent fuels of death and destruction.

And stupidly 'they' want to build more nuclear reactors on top of the ruins!

Yes, this is a bad-a*s Pluto here, a saboteur, assassin, and spy - wealthy beyond belief and the Invisible One intends to stay that way; he's an 'All-Powerful Oz' for certain and many astrologers have written online and in books and articles (try Mountain Astrologer for excellent article possibilities if you need them) that the Cardinal T-Cross of 2010 will be a doozy with momentous implications for the planet; who wouldn't concur?

Here are the midpoint pictures created by the SR 2010 T-SQ/s - remember that besides 'depression' Moon/Saturn can also be an indicator of 'strategy, direction, and ambition'; Mercury/Pluto = intelligence activities, high security communications; political talk that offers abrupt, disruptive changes to some functions; news of space exploration; orbital weapons or toxic gases; secrets that concern business activities or transportation; intell gathering; self-destructive impulses in business; breakdowns in road networks.

(The above info on Mercury/Pluto paraphrases Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.)

The T-SQs' mdpt pics are noted in blue in the upper right of the SR 2010 chart displayed here but I'll type them for you, too:

Moon/Saturn = Mercury: depression, esp among women; a sense of duty; prudence, maturity, wisdom; promoting ideas on how to offer better financial or material protection for your family; education on practical business matters or routines; psychological analysis undertaken to benefit one's emotional life.

Moon/Saturn = Pluto: frustrating delays and barriers encountered upon the road to progress; the elimination of support for families; tremendous emotional control; self-reliance is a must; inclination or necessity to rise in life at the expense of others by use of force, and to go one's way alone; strong feelings of depression cause organic suffering; separation from wife or mother; the threat of loss; needs repressed; feeling isolated.

(Mdpt pics; Munkasey, Tyl, and Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply.)

Whew! That's a lot of crud to type during an in-between-holiday week and it took me all day, so my incomplete analysis can only hope to thoroughly annoy the feathers out of both of you. So let's proceed for as long as my typing finger holds out, and you may also wish to click-to-enlarge the chart for further details I neglect to cover in this text.

Well, as you see, there are several Big Money indicators in the SR 2010 chart which will be in effect until Jan 20, 2011 when a new yearly cycle begins for the presidential office and, by extention, for Pres. Obama and we-the-people...the speculating Jupiter/Neptune duo of inflation, false hopes, bubbly schemes, and/or inspiring religious leaders (positively or negatively inspiring) is snugged around the 8th cusp of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, Insurance, etc, along with US natal Moon (Sibly chart; a mundane chart's Moon = the people; the public.)

Will the Fed continue printing mega-bucks the US can't back up because someone stole the gold? Midas 8Gem56 is @ Station Rx degree; gold-hoarder Midas will be Direct in the Inauguration 2009's Venus Return chart of Feb 25, 2010 (Venus = Jup/Uranus; T-SQ Saturn/Uranus = ASC), but still Rx in Inauguration 2009's Mercury Return chart of Feb 10, 2010 with its YOD: Jupiter/Pluto = Mars @ 5Leo14 Rx conjunct US natal NN.

Plus, Sun/Moon = Jupiter: success; enthusiasm for life; desire for joint endeavors, expansion, possessions and wealth; marriage; birth (the last two may echo the Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse @ 25Cap01...'Ceremony Fit for a King' with a 'focus on national affairs' - Celeste Teal, Eclipses. Perhaps England's Prince William will marry or - gasp! - become King. Nah. Marry, more like.)

Well, that's all I care to say at this juncture. You see that there are many factors left unmentioned, yet as previously noted, a SR chart is of a year's duration. If you have anything to add to this post, please do so by Comment and we'll discuss.


Stars Over Washington 2009:

All comments left on this blog (and my other blogs, for that matter) through 2009 have been much appreciated though some have been missed in the Reply department - pardon please? For time has squooshed together a good bit more around here since the recession and more hours have been devoted to 'work' in the 'real world' and I know others are having the same experience if they have a job/career to depend on at all.

Shame on our 'leaders' - the ones I once termed on this blog as being "sucky" (as in, world leaders suck) because the small ones exploit their own people grievously and continually and are set up to 'rule' in puppet fashion by the large ones who give arrogant lessons in How to Exploit People and Resources, Knock Heads, and Count Gold Coins While Smelling Like a Rose.

Keeping Americans insulated is an integral part of the scheme (recent airport security uppings are good examples. Too bad so many folks are dismissive of Astrology's usefulness for under more experienced brain cells, the horoscopes published here can yield very interesting information on the people's behalf. We could use the leg up in this rigged game, couldn't we?)

Imho, the 'large ones' are members of, associated with, or manipulated by, the global crime syndicate of which I gripe so often. This web of control has crept into every social institution and on one level is represented in Astrology by asteroid, Cupido (Corporatism, aka Fascism; The Family; The Syndicate) - in this chart: Cupido 24Sag35 in 5th house.)

And as you see, there are several Big Money indicators in the SR 2010 chart which will be in effect until Jan 20, 2011 when a new yearly cycle begins for the Office of the Presidency and, by extension, for Pres. Obama and the people we sincerely hope he honestly represents.

Dec 23, 2009

Senate's final vote 7 am 12.24.09: Venus rising and the Serpent Holder

Okay, we're tryin' to pack in here and I said I was off the blogging clock earlier today but I can't resist mentioning the horoscope for tomorrow morning's final vote in the Senate on a health insurance reform bill or some such: Dec 24, 2009 @ 7:00 am est Capitol Building, DC; Hour Saturn, ASC 26Sag05, Venus rising 28Sag25 conjunct Fixed Star Aculeus (attacks which strengthen)

Vision-related Aculeus and Acumen are stars of the most southern constellation, Scorpio, with Acumen's keywords, enduring attacks which weaken. Scorpio's brightest star is Antares, well known for its link to being obsessed with success.

But it's the mythology of this area of the celestial sphere that interests me the most: Scorpius, the Scorpion, keeps the Sun in its degrees for only 9 days; the remaining 21 days the Sun is actually in Ophiuchus, The Serpent Holder. Thus, from the Bible comes a reference to health care, doctors, and healing.

Plus, Ophiuchus is anciently connected with Osiris and his son, Horus, and contains Graffias, another star in Scorpio, which is intimately linked with America's natal chart, and in Sacred Geometry of Freemasons and other secretive groups. This health insurance overhaul bill is a big deal. That they don't tell us just what it means is the scary part.

Ex: is Codex Alimentarius secretly embedded within for Dec 31, 2009 implementation? We'd better hope not. Besides. I knew it was you, Monsanto. (Dec 31 is the Blue Moon Eclipse which is noted in the post.)

As you know, God of the Underworld, powerful surgery-related Pluto transforms as a snake sheds its skin. His is life-death power and @ 3Cap02, he's quite snug with the Sun 2Cap49; power simply shines from the chart as well as a love of valuable things.

And with Venus oriental in the 'final vote 7:00 am' chart, we know that dealing with valuable things is coming up for the Senate this morning. But the rest of 'Venus oriental' (last planet to rise before the Sun rises) are people who need personalized work functions, putting their stamps on things, as it were.

In fact, evaluation of their work is often substituted for any direct evaluation of them personally. You see, if they knew how they are really viewed or thought of, they would have difficulty accepting or believing it.

With Venus oriental, we often witness people whose public relations images take the place of their private persona as is often done with public figures such as politicians, actors, musicians, artists, etc...provinces of beauty-loving primp, Venus, the Lady of the Hour in the US natal chart (5:10 pm LMT; Venus' metal is copper = Statue of Liberty.) (Tyl.)

So in the health insurance reform brouhaha I only wish someone had asked - or did they? - about Codex Alimentarius hiding stealthily in the bill and its draconian-sounding Dec 31 'benchmark'--or is it a deadline? Seems to me the Codex of genetically modified materials and who-knows-what additives would be just such a secret bomb to lay within a gargantuan piece of legislation that, if made into law, will slip past the American public much more than meets their gullets in a perfect world.

What are they doing to us?

Ron Paul video: US foreign policy ignored

Here's six minutes+ of Rep. Ron Paul discussing how important it is for Americans not to ignore foreign policy matters within all the diversions such as the current health insurance reform brouhaha.

As I like to type: whatever politicians direct our attention toward, always look in an opposite direction at what they're up to behind the door and under the table. (That's how little their 'ethics' impress me anymore. And Washington's 'divide and conquer' tactics have grown weary around here - we-the-people should stick together to fully express our power priciple--precisely what politicians don't want us to do. Can it be more obvious?)

Then there's Campaign for Liberty.


Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! This is probably my last entry before our family holiday spree of a few days...time to forget about annoying Politics awhile! Hope you can forget it, too.

It's that 'grandly scheming' Jupiter/Neptune conjunction of Dec 21 atop US natal Moon that we mustn't forget about as we edge into 2010, so I leave you with its midpoint picture (one more time) and as usual, it's any-all-or-none may apply:

Tr Jup/Nep = n Moon (the people): little sense of reality; real vs unreal; losing oneself in plans; a desire to dream; becoming involved in speculation, instability, wastefulness; an emotional swoon; going with the wind.

(Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.) jc

Dec 22, 2009

TIME interview with coverboy Bernanke

Here is a link to Time Magazine's extended interview with Ben Bernanke who says he doesn't think the monetary policy of the Fed merits any blame in the 2008 financial collapse.

Whaa-a-a? Then Bernanke and Greenspin apparently drink from the same heady brew in the secret chambers of hallowed financial wizards.

Financial effects from the attacks of 9/11 ripple still with subsequent low interest rates to plump up our economy looking like a ploy, a wizard's trick to impress Osama bin Laden...see, that didn't hurt one bit!

Dec 21, 2009

Email from Pres.Obama on Health Insurance Reform

Here is the email I received from President Obama concerning the 60-vote success for Dems in the Senate this morning at 1:01 am est with Sirius about to culminate over Washington, DC along with US natal Sun.

Perhaps I should reply to the president that I had absolutely nothing to do with their theatrical vote and don't trust the motives of the majority of them as far as I can see them with my eyes closed:

Dear Jude,

Early this morning, the Senate made history and health reform cleared its most important hurdle yet -- garnering the 60 votes needed to move toward a final vote in that chamber later this week.

This marks the first time in our nation's history that comprehensive health reform has come to this point. And it appears that the American people will soon realize the genuine reform that offers security to those who have health insurance and affordable options to those who do not.

I'm grateful to Senator Harry Reid and every senator who's been working around the clock to make this happen. And I'm grateful to you, and every member of the Organizing for America community, for all the work you have done to make this progress possible.

After a nearly century-long struggle, we are now on the cusp of making health insurance reform a reality in the United States of America.

As with any legislation, compromise is part of the process. But I'm pleased that recently added provisions have made this landmark bill even stronger. Between the time when the bill passes and the time when the insurance exchanges get up and running, insurance companies that try to jack up their rates do so at their own peril. Those who hike their prices may be barred from selling plans on the exchanges.

And while insurance companies will be prevented from denying coverage on the basis of pre-existing conditions once the exchanges are open, in the meantime there will be a high-risk pool where people with pre-existing conditions can purchase affordable coverage.

A recent amendment has made these protections even stronger. Insurance companies will now be prohibited from denying coverage to children immediately after this bill passes. There's also explicit language in this bill that will protect a patient's choice of doctor. And small businesses will get additional assistance as well.

These protections are in addition to the ones we've been talking about for some time. No longer will insurance companies be able to drop your coverage if you become sick and no longer will you have to pay unlimited amounts out of your own pocket for treatments that you need.

Under this bill families will save on their premiums; businesses that would see their costs rise if we don't act will save money now and in the future. This bill will strengthen Medicare and extend the life of the program. Because it's paid for and gets rid of waste and inefficiency in our health care system, this will be the largest deficit reduction plan in over a decade.

Finally, this reform will extend coverage to more than 30 million Americans who don't have it.

These are not small changes. These are big changes. They're fundamental reforms. They will save money. They will save lives.

And your passion, your work, your organizing helped make all of this possible. Now it's time to finish the job.

Thank you,

President Barack Obama


Well, at least he didn't begin the email with "Hey, Jude." I just hope the fine promises he mentions amount to something positive for the American people - and thus for the rest of the world.

Queen Victoria born 1819 with Sun and Moon in Gemini

Here are a bunch of her quotes and some notes on the life and reign of Queen Victoria born May 24, 1819 (NS) in London @ 4:15 am LMT; ASC 6Gem58 with Sun 2Gem07 and Moon 3Gem42 in 12th house; royal Jupiter 16AQ55 in 10th house (a monarch's placement); MC 2AQ24.

NPR has a feature on the latest film portrayal of a young Victoria
by actress Emily Blount if you're as curious as a Sun Gem/Moon Gem personage might be.

On Sept 22, 1896, Queen Victoria surpassed George III as longest-reigning British monarch in history, and altogether she reigned for 63 years, 7 months, 2 days. Whew!

Then to the throne came her eldest son who reigned as Edward VII and who, like his father, was a member of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha thus making Queen Victoria the last monarch of the House of Hanover. During WWI, George V, son of Edward VII, changed the Royal House name to Windsor to soften their German roots with the public (but some of us don't forget.)

Of course, as genetics will have it, the House of Hanover has Germanic origins, too.

Queen Victoria May 24, 1819 (NS):

Sun Gem/Moon Gem (Air-Air) is a high-strung blend of mental energies which tally well with her demeanor prior to Prince Albert's death, a time when she was more carefree and sassy as detailed in Emily Blount's performance (one assumes.)

Adventurous Air-Air combos are the most reasonable, civilized, and clear-headed of people, very cultured and elegant. Double Air types assume independence as their birthrights within the cerebral, witty ways of a natural communicator. A humorous childlike quality may be evident in the personality which thinks that complete objectivity is possible in this dualistic world.

Sun Gem/Moon Gem is a vivacious, flirtatious talker, always self-analyzing and often moody; a critical, fidgety social creature open to experience and able to bring together ideas and people in fruitful ways.

Yet so much nervousness can deplete energy, and living a double standard is a possibility with this live wire combo and its outrageous sense of fun.

Images for Integration: 'A butterfly in a garden tires of the bright blue delphinium and suddenly discovers the most exquisite red rose...A young child entertains his friends by standing on his head whilst eating an ice cream cone and playing marbles...A circus trapeze artist writes his biography.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

This combo is shared natally by astrologer John Addey, Kylie Minogue, Brooke Shields, Dorothy Sayers, Salman Rushdie, John Marnard Keynes, and John Barrymore.

Here are 5 quotes from some of them, 2 from the great Queen Victoria herself:

"One of my chief regrets during my years in the theater is that I couldn't sit in the audience and watch me." - John Barrymore

"Ideas shape the course of history." - J. M. Keynes

"As I grow older and older
And totter toward the tomb,
I find that I care less and less
Who goes to bed with whom." - Dorothy Sayers

And now, from the Queen:

"His purity was too great, his aspiration too high for this poor miserable world! His great soul is now only enjoying that for which it was worthy!" (letter dated Dec 10, 1861 to King Leopold I of Belgium, concerning Prince Albert);

"Great events make me quiet and calm; it's only trifles that irritate my nerves."

An 81-year-old Queen Victoria passed away at Osbourne House (designed by Prince Albert and the place she spent every Christmas of her widowhood) on Jan 22, 1901. After her Feb 2 funeral she was interred beside her Prince in the Frogmore Mausoleum.


Queen Victoria's birth data from historical record; Astrology of monarchs was a very common practice back then, and a shadowy practice now. jc

Dec 20, 2009

Noel Tyl: predictions for 2010

One of the most erudite astrologers, and one who has read my natal chart for me, is Dr. Noel Tyl, world class astrologer, author, lecturer, and Jungian psychologist. During consultation Noel summed up many of my haunting childhood issues in such an objective way that I had to marvel - why, it wasn't all my imagination! Thanks, Noel.

Now one of my handful of readers, Jed, has recommended a realistic article by Noel Tyl on the world's prospects for 2010, mainly focusing on what he sees as a critical time beginning at or around Spring Equinox 2010 and running dangerously through the end of 2010 (which includes our 2010 elections, oh joy.)

Yes, 2010 seems destined to be a 'bumpy ride' for humanity at the least, war retaliations at worst, and Noel gives measurements using Solar Arcs and factors from each March Ingress chart set for the *US, Iran, Israel, and for President Obama's natal chart.

The President is in considerable danger in 2010, says Tyl, and I (for one) have written upon a similar theme last year either here or at Jude's Threshold where one of my more popular posts concerns a Russian astrologer predicting 'the end' for Pres. Obama. There are, of course, different sorts of 'ends' yet it's worrisome to me particularly since Spring EQ 2010 falls within the 12 North family of Solar Eclipses which manifests @ 25Cap01 on Jan 15, 2010, conj Pres. Obama's natal Saturn 25Cap20 Rx in his n 12th house (where secretive political meetings are held and deals are made.)

Will his authority be eclipsed with his Saturn? Or will something about his out-of-sign Jupiter/Saturn conj be revealed, something previously kept secret?

12N has a flavor of 'accepting greater responsibilities due to another's being unable to carry on' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology) so we have that to contend with as well as the measurements and factors which Noel's article addresses.

Plus, the 12N (Jan 15, 2010) Solar Eclipse is right up there at Midheaven in the Inauguration 2009 chart indicating more eclipse emphasis on the office of the presidency. These represent too many echoes for something big not to manifest, I fret, for America is not expendable in my book.

That Mercury was Rx at Pres. Obama's 2009 Inauguration may be significant within these 2010 considerations since a US president is a (mercurial) mouthpiece for announcements issuing from the White House. And you remember that 2009 Inaugural Mercury was scorched by Inaugural Sun (the leader in a national chart.) The Sun/Mercury conj of Jan 20, 2009 sat directly upon Pres. Obama's natal Jupiter 00AQ52 Rx in his n 12th house. Will his natal Jupiter's guardian angel function continue to protect him through 2010 and beyond? Hope so.

Yet others have been plotting for a while now (Noel says so, too) and they may be poised for a main chance. And perhaps they can read Astrology charts - or pay those who do - and thus appreciate the timing advantage only brought to the strategy table by Astrology.

The current Mars transit through Leo (for 33 weeks altogether) is triggering Pres. Obama's natal DESC 18Leo (thus his ASC, physical body) so that Partnerships will continue having a martian flavor of quarrels and attacks. Yes, partners can be inspired to action, too. His n Mercury 2Leo20, Sun 12Leo33, and 7th house Uranus will all be affected by this long slog of Mars through the royal sign of Leo and the presence of Uranus with Mars can be explosive.

Plus, tr Mars turns Direct on or about March 10, 2010 @ 00Leo18 and will move again over the president's natal Mercury 2Leo20 (6th house) as it stimulates his n Mercury/Jupiter opposition. Transit Mars always acts as one of the primary triggers in charts and we're talking about world class quarrels in which Mr. Obama is involved bwo his office as head-of-state. ('head' = Mars; 'state' = Saturn.)

Meanwhile, The Rites of Spring: US, Iran, and Israel awaits your attention if you want truth not fluff about what's lurking around the New Year's corner unless people rise above party loyalties and ego games, calm down, and first think of the ultimate consequences of - and blow back from - their hot-headed, retaliatory actions and their misdirected zeal on behalf of a draconian global domination agenda.

As Noel Tyl says in one of his midpoint picture analyses, "Blind zeal can only be detrimental."


Moderation in all things!


Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology, by Noel Tyl has a Solar Arc Directory of midpoint pictures which I recommend to you.

*Tyl uses the '2:13 am LMT' chart for America, July 4, 1776 Philadelphia, PA; ASC 7Gem 03, Uranus 8Gem53; MC 13AQ28; 10th h Moon 18AQ09; this chart is close to the 'Frankin chart' of 2:21/22 am LMT; if memory serves me '2:13 am LMT' is the birth chart for the US that was used by the great Evangeline Adams, member of that Adams family.

The August 5, 2009 Lunar Ecl @ 13AQ43 conjoined the MC of America's '2:13 am' chart with tr NN 00AQ15 (US Inaugural 2009's Sun/Mercury Rx) indicating on one level the president's receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize (NN.) More controversy about his Prize and the peace work it implies may be uncovered by the Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse or even by the last Lunar Eclipse of 2009 on Dec 31 since it affects US natal Sun/Jupiter conj in Cancer and our financial woes continue, perhaps with more Ponzi schemes, or worse, revealed.

This will be a Blue Moon Eclipse, y'know. Wrap up well, my pretties.


Blog Note: as this week proceeds my blogging schedule will become lighter and lighter as I prepare for a family holiday spree and take off for a few days. I'll miss you but will be happily watching the new Sherlock Holmes film on Christmas Day with loved ones. How about you?

So if I forget to say it in time: Happy Holidays to All! And a huge sloppy Thanks to the regular and occasional readers whose attentions make this blog even remotely possible. jc

Nandina with Berries, a cosmic drawing by Jude Cowell.

Dec 19, 2009

Blue Moon Eclipse Dec 31, 2009: chart w/ details

Chart shown: Blue Moon Eclipse Dec 31, 2009 @ 2:12:34 pm est, White House, Washington DC, USA.

Moon 10Can15 in 2nd house opposite Sun 10Cap15 in 8th house; emphasized: 2/8 (values; money; resources; financial system) and 4/10 (security; domestic scene; public status; career) polarity; Hour of Mars suitable for aggression, daring, boldness, and initiation of strong-willed actions, yet being overly impulsive is counter-productive.

Ending 2009 with a Lunar Eclipse that is considered a 'blue' Full Moon is on our immediate menu of celestial events reflecting activities upon the Earth.

And Sky and Telescope has an informative article on the facts and myths of Blue Moons, if you wish some background on this phenomenon which concerns the fairly rare occurrence of a second Full Moon within a particular month, so 'December 31' just squeaks this one under the Blue Moon wire and the lunation happens to be a Moon (Lunar) Eclipse, too.

In blue you see marked a massive Cardinal 'triple' T-Square with apex Saturn as its energy outlet in 5th house of Risk-Taking and Gambling; Children, Romance, and Creative Projects reside in 5th house as well, but perhaps 'Romance' may be safely disregarded in this Eclipse chart set for a White House with imperialist aims.

Chart-ruler Mercury is Rx (delays, setbacks, frustrations; legislative gridlocks) @ 19Cap12 in 9th house but soon will be in 8th house; Mercury's applying aspects give details about this Moon Ecl chart as it relates to Washington, DC...

1. Mercury inconjunct Mars (0A21) = adjustments needed; distorted info; bitter complaints when those served are unappreciative;
2. Mercury opposes Moon (8A57); and conjs Sun (8:57)...

Mercury oppo Moon = distortion between feelings and thinking; emotional responses make compromises difficult. (Washington politicians like to keep we-the-people emotional, irrational, and divided for it serves their purposes well.)

Mercury conj Sun = extremely subjective opinions may be forced upon others; opinions of others are dismissed or irritatingly ignored; haste to be first in everything; ego-centered; quick decisions may be premature; opinions may have to be retracted later due to not getting all the facts; easy communications.

Transit Mercury and tr NN will be meeting several times in the next few weeks (due to Mercury's Rx period) for negotiations and signing of agreements and contracts. That agreements will be honored is another matter with a Rx Mercury on the case.

On the chart is a notation that this Mercury is conj the Great Conjunction degree of Uranus/Neptune, a signature for the New World Order (1993.) Uran/Nept = tr Mercury: the mind plays tricks; needing a more practical orientation; metaphysical research; artificial intelligence processes, ideas, and thoughts; sudden inspirations concerning plans in development; application of insight into new information or engineering techniques.

Don't Funk with My Moon Eclipse

Dec 31's Full Moon is involved in a midpoint picture with 'fighting spirit' Mars/ASC:

Mars/ASC = Moon: anger; provocative behavior; quarrels; temper tantrums; indecision; consoling others who have inner conflicts; an energetic or argumentative female (or, in a national chart, Moon - the people or the public.)

Sun 10Cap15 is featured in a midpoint picture, too:

Mercury/Pluto = Sun: persuasion, suggestion, propaganda; championing an idea or attitude that prevails; a keen observer; vision or circumspection; a desire to gain recognition; determination to use force to obtain information; enhanced authority or prestige among people who control important info or news; communication skill. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Sounds like on one level the president and the media are propagandizing an angered populace, doesn't it? (Sun = the leader in a national or mundane chart.) But that can't be news, right? This Lunar Ecl will affect his handling of power and responsibility as revealed by the light of the last Full Moon of 2009.

At the top of the chart, I've written Celeste Teal's title for this Moon Eclipse: 'Burdens and Sorrows' from her book, Eclipses. She lists *countries that will be affected by each eclipse, and prime on the list for Dec 31, 2009 is the **UK (n Sun 10Cap11 conjunct n IC 9Cap20. Plus, UK n Moon 19Can26 will be eclipsed by the July 11, 2010 Solar Ecl @ 19Can24 in the 12S Series: 'successful outcomes to long-term illnesses or worries; issues at first seem worse, then suddenly clear.' Brady's Predictive Astrology.) And the NWO proceeds?

But at the end of 2009, we remain under the difficult rays of the July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse 29Can27, with its 'systems fail'; new ideas and methods are needed; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed' flavor...the Dec 31 Moon Eclipse is a yearly 'bookend' to the last Solar Eclipse of July although August 5, 2009 saw another Lunar Ecl @ 13AQ43; Teal's title for it: 'Humanitarian Deeds'...Pres. Obama's Nobel Peace Prize?. The August Lunar Ecl occurred opposite his natal Sun 13Leo so he received the honor but under much carping as to why.

Now the chart's Cardinal T-Squares which you see marked in blue all depend upon the opposing/squaring Blue Moon for their dynamic tension and all midpoints formed have controlling Saturn as apex. This is an executive and organizational Saturn ready to act in Cardinal mode yet frustrated when things don't proceed quickly enough. He has major here-and-now objectives which echo what we've been hearing out of Washington - especially since Jan 20, 2009.

Ambition is the overwhelming motivation of an apex Saturn in a Cardinal T-SQ; he protects himself from vulnerability by controlling others and likes to micro-manage the plans he has initiated; he works in a regulator capacity and is always on-guard and reserved (as in, Federal Reserve? Or a court/judging position = Libra's Scales of Justice. US natal Saturn is in Libra where it is Exalted; this position of tr Saturn is part of the ongoing Saturn-to-n-MC transit we're experiencing in our 'Sibly' chart with US n MC 00Lib53...Rxs give us a chance to get things 'right.')

Actually this Saturn's 'frustration' has already reminded me of Pres. Obama's remarks in Copenhagen on Dec 18 when his frustration at a lack of progress (toward world domination dressed up as 'climate change') ruffled his usually calm waters ever so slightly as he spoke. (Text link to his Dec 18 address in provided in my previous post on the Copenhagen Summit.) We may be seeing more of such behavior from the president and others in the news for the power elite has been patient for decades but now their 2011/2012 target dates are looming large.

Figuring that you, lone reader, can look up the ***midpoint pictures with Saturn as apex (focal) planet (see below), I shall focus instead on the meaning of an apex Saturn in Cardinal T-SQ from Bil Tierney's excellent book, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis.

Outer restrictions frustrate and make anxious this apex Saturn whenever he pushes too hard for immediate achievement of his goals; the T-SQ enables him to directly confront challenges until he successfully defeats the opposition (in Congress? we-the-masses?); his executive talents demand total supervision of his plans and he resents anyone who dares stand in his way; use of resources to achieve his concrete goals can be abusive.

This apex Saturn rules and commands with an iron fist.

And this reluctant Saturnian astrologer assumes that his velvet glove is fast becoming optional.


Update: Adriano Carelli's degree symbol for '5Lib' is now posted.

*Some natal charts of countries and entities affected by the Dec 31, 2009 Blue Moon Ecl as given by Celeste Teal: Australia, Canada, Egypt, France, UK, Japan, Palestine, Russia, NYC, and the UN.

**UK natal chart: Jan 1, 1801 12:00 am LMT London, England, source: The Circle Book of Charts (AFA 1991); ASC 7Lib10; MC 9Can20; UK's Sun and MC emphasized by the Dec 31, 2009 Blue Moon Eclipse.

***Midpoint pics: Sun/Moon = Saturn; Moon/Venus = Saturn; Moon/Pluto = Saturn.

Text of Obama's script in Copenhagen Dec 18, 2009

In case you missed the New World Order marching orders issued to us by Pres. Obama Dec 18 in Copenhagen, here's a link to the text of his address which doesn't show his frustration, of course, only a NWO script being delivered by a 'Democratic' president.

And if you wonder what I think about Barack Obama's taking up the NWO baton from George Bush, see this blog's sidebar of Quotes - the remark murmured by war criminal extraordinaire, Henry Kissinger. It's top o'my list of Quotes.

Dec 18, 2009

Another post on Tiger Woods? Yes, Wedding Day Astrology

While I was updating my last post on Copenhagen with an article link, I decided to give both of you a heads-up on a just-published article concerning the Wedding Day Astrology of Tiger Woods, if you're curious about their very romantic ceremony at sunset on the isle of Barbados, Oct 5, 2004.

Some current (Dec 2009) and Solar Return transits (Oct 5, 2009) to the Wedding Day chart (and thus, to their union) are included, and the wedding horoscope's image is shown.

Dec 17, 2009

Copenhagen Summit to establish global governance?

Update Dec 18, 2009: the UN/Copenhagen Summit's goal of establishment of global governance and its further funding has been met (insert: shudder.)

2nd Update from NPR and AP:

BREAKING NEWS: U.S., China, India, South Africa Reach Climate Deal A senior Obama administration official says a "meaningful agreement" has been reached on climate change, the Associated Press reports. Read more...

Original post begins here:

Don't be surprised but this article leaves me about as speechless as can be. Tell me what you think, for Copenhagen is waiting for Barack Obama's magic wand on Friday:

One of the Rothschild offspring laments the difficulty of establishing global governance. The December 2009 Summit in Copenhagen is meant to be a goosestep in the direction of fascist world domination bwo 'climate change' which was established years ago in a directive from the UN.

You know, it isn't new for environmentalism to be used for taking over governments such as when Hitler used it to help establish the Third Reich.

All of this reminds me of a dream I had after first hearing a few years ago that polar ice caps and glaciers are quickly melting - that a satellite with lasers was melting them from space! Crazy, huh? Looked pretty amazing as dream images go.

Even crazier: that the ancient manuscripts of Atlantis holding the secret to longevity are thought by some to be under said ice. Thing is, the 'longevity' part apparently didn't work well for the Atlanteans, as far as we know. So...perhaps a space station in the sky will serve as a life boat for the power elite, an escape hatch for the (self) selected!

If any of this is remotely true, my consolation is that then the ravenously greedy power elite will have only each other for company so it will be claws, hooves, and pointy teeth all around.


Personally I'd much rather have polar bears over for tea and scones, if it were up to me. Or a nice sea lion with wiggly whiskers for a rousing round of backgammon.

Dec 16, 2009

New Dems against Financial Reform + Blackwater

Naming Names

Here is a list of the New Democrat Coalition whose members are against financial reform legislation as if 2008 never happened!

Well, they'd better know something about the reform bill that you and I don't know because I'm in a huge snit over this - the one my friends and I sent to Washington, John Barrow, is on the freakin' list. Funny, but he's voted with Republicans since he got there but continues to call himself a Democrat.

Maybe in DC he contracted a bad case of Leibermanitis with the attending identity crisis.

On the Radio Now:

Fresh Air
with Terry Gross is coming on as I type with a revealing interview with journalist Jeremy Scahill who's investigated and written on Blackwater for years.

Fresh Air programs are usually available for listening around 3:00 pm est, if you miss this one. Interview text should be available even sooner.

Now let's see....'Blackwater' astrologically....'black' = Capricorn, ruled by controlling Saturn, 'water' can be Cancer (Moon), Scorpio (Mars/Pluto violence and force), or Pisces (Jupiter/Neptune speculations and grand schemes) plus, the Can/Cap axis = security and protection; Tau/Sco = greed/intolerance/preservation and spying/sabotage/betrayal; Vir/Pisc is the victim/savior axis.

Right now Mr. Scahill is saying that then-VP Cheney helped coordinate Gen. McChrystal's testimony on Capitol Hill concerning the 'friendly fire' death of Pat Tillman.

Blackwater's founder, Eric Prince (owner of the largest private army in the US) is characterized as a 'Christian crusader' who thinks eliminating Muslims is his life mission. "Everyone at Blackwater knows that," says Mr. Scahill. And this is the reptilian brain mayhem the US government spends our tax monies on while simultaneously promoting America as a peace-promoting nation! It defies sanity, doesn't it?

Mr. Scahill's book, Blackwater, was published in 2007; he also writes for one of my personal favorites, The Nation.

Sunspot Cycle 24 and Dec 21, 2012

This alert is a day late but with the Sunspot Cycle implicated in the Venus affair and Mayan Calendar ending of Dec 21, 2012, I figured you'd want to know..."as wide as seven planet Earths" - yeow!

Space Weather News for Dec 15, 2009

BIG NEW SUNSPOT: Just yesterday (Dec 14), sunspot 1035 was nearly invisible. Today, it is as wide as seven planet Earths. The fast-growing active region burst into view on Dec 14 with a magnetic polarity that clearly identifies it as a member of new Solar Cycle 24. If the expansion continues apace, it could soon become the largest sunspot of the year.

Check for movies, photos and updates.

SOLAR ACTIVITY ALERTS: Would you like a call or text message the next time the sun unleashes a big solar flare--or when a geomagnetic storm erupts? Sign up for Spaceweather Phone and never miss another big event on the sun.

Dec 15, 2009

Insolvent Social Security and America's Saturn/Neptune

Gary North's article on the insolvency of the US Social Security *System and Medicare is an eye opener well described astrologically by the recent transit of clear-eyed Saturn to US natal Neptune in Virgo, sign of Work and The Worker.

But I mentioned the transit and more Saturn/Neptune stuff in my previous post - things like deception and corruption (Neptune) in government (Saturn) - read Mr. North's article for a laundry list of deceptions concerning SS, Medicare, and the political can-kicking they've long duped us with.

He's talking about 'Social' (Neptune) 'Security' (Saturn)!

You know the US natal chart, Sibly version with '13Sag' rising, has Neptune 22Vir25 in 9th house and Saturn 14Lib48 in 10th house and their midpoint degree is 3Lib37; Mc 00Lib53. Tr Saturn in early Libra is stimulating our Sat/Nep midpoint off and on as I type. Perhaps Gary North is one of those now acting as Saturn's agent (a man with a bucket of cold water) as he asks us to deal realistically with these social issues.

At Ic 00Ari53 is revolutionary Uranus/Pluto 3Ari14, quite a pile-up of difficult energies, I must say, since whatever affects one cusp affects its opposite polarity.

There's no time this morning to discuss details on this interesting picture (as it relates to government, my usual topic of grumpiness) but I can say that the US natal Mercury/ASC midpoint is conjunct n Sat/Nep. (Mercury/Asc on a negative level can indicate wrong or misguided judgments.)

So considering that the Goals/Aspirations point (Mc) of any chart is the most visible position, therefore what one displays to the wider world, America's Saturn/Neptune is assuredly more obvious to others than it is - or has been - to Americans as a populace (with us being all insulated and all, and busy gazing at our own **beebos.)

And of course, Saturn in 10th house, its natural abode, gets really really karmic and rather nasty when an individual - or a nation - doesn't live up to its Saturnian responsibilities in the world. Then when the piper is paid, heavy accountability causes a world class fall from grace - which comes predictably and inexorably after the arrogant pride.


*SS 'System' - July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse 29Can27: 'systems fail.'

**'beebos' are bellybuttons and everyone has one.

USA Sibly chart: July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Secret Government of Saturn/Neptune dimensions

Here's a Three Article Round-Up beginning with Sibel Edmonds on secret (Neptune) government (Saturn), then on to fascism (Saturn/Neptune and Pluto/Chiron), then it's oppression (Pluto/Chiron) and thoughts on why we're so wimpy when it comes to fighting against it.

Hmm. Didn't realize we had stopped. Of course, doing things by increments as they've done for years makes drift harder to fight than an out-and-out confrontation, doesn't it?

After the 3 articles you'll find a little Astrology concerning the Saturn/Neptune cycles of 1952/53 and 1989, and brief notes on the Solar Eclipse cycle that links them:

Secret Reports, Secret Budgets, Secret Operations, Secret Courts...A Secret Government!

By Sibel Edmonds

If these points don't sound outrageous and if they don't make the state of our liberties look dire and pathetic, then we are all in deep trouble.

American Fascism: By political definition the US is now fascist, not a constitutional republic

By Carl Herman

The definition of "fascism" has some academic variance, but is essentially collusion among corporatocracy, authoritarian government, and controlled media and education. This "leadership" is only possible with a nationalistic public accepting policies of war, empire, and limited civil and political rights.

Are Americans a Broken People? Why We've Stopped Fighting Back Against the Forces of Oppression

By Bruce E. Levine

A psychologist asks: Have consumerism, suburbanization and amalevolent corporate-government partnership so beaten us down that we no longer have the will to save ourselves?


The Last Two Great Conjunctions (3x due to retrogradations) of Saturn and Neptune whose energies together represent on one level "secret government" or a government and leaders full of secrets and deceptions, and/or a misguided or deceitful (Nep) leader (Sat):

As you know in Astrology, any conjunction of two planets signifies a start of a new cycle of activity and influence and we've recently been under the influence of their opposition (180 degrees apart.) Oppositions are culmination stages of what was begun at the conjunction - thus, has America's reputed 'secret government' always been running in the background or is it a decades-long phenomenon?

And as always with Astrology, many levels of meaning accrue to the Sat/Nep pairing but for now let's merely look at the their last conjunctions and discuss which Solar Eclipse Series manifested as the Pre-Natal Eclipse prior to the first of both sets of conjunctions.

Separately both Saturn and Neptune can bring along issues of loss or theft, and their cyclical opposition presided over 2008's financial collapse as the culmination or fulfillment of the 'new activities' cycle begun in 1989 (Reagan and Bush Sr.) And of course, 1952/53 tabs Harry Truman (in office until Jan 20, 1953) and his successor, Dwight D. Eisenhower (Jan 20, 1953 - Jan 20, 1961.) All or most of these well-connected men were Freemasons, with atom-bomber Truman the 33rd president, significant due to the importance in Freemasonry of the number 33. "Give 'em hell, Harry" indeed. You'll reap what you sowed, Mr. Truman.

Yes, one of the thinnest moral justifications (rationalizations) I've ever come across out of Washington DC is the one about how Truman dropped bombs on Japan to 'save' lives by ending the war! Now that may or may not have been true, but it was hardly a moral trade-off that justified the loss of life and suffering their atom bomb decision engendered for generations - and it was pure choice on the part of the US government. That a natural law was broken when the first atom was split didn't seem to bother them either.

Okay, that last was pure opinionl here's the way the Saturn/Neptune tango played out:

Saturn conj Neptune (appr 36-year cycle):

1. Nov 21, 1952 @ 22Lib47;
2. May 1, 1953 @ 22Lib30;
3. July 22, 1953 @ 21Lib12. (All are within the 15Lib-15Sco Via Combusta yet are conj two Fixed Stars that are bright spots in the 'Burning Way': Arcturus ('a different approach; success through patient work') and Spica ('potential for brilliance; victory; riches.')

1. Mar 3, 1989 @ 11Cap55;
2. June 24, 1989 @ 11Cap14;
3. Nov 13, @ 10Cap22.

(The next Great Conjunction of Sat/Nep will be a big deal for the world - conj the Aries Point on Feb 20, 2026 @ 00Ari45. Transiting Pluto will be in early Aquarius by then but will move into 5-degr orb of the 1989 conj beginning in 2010.)

The Solar Eclipse Series which occurred prior to the first of their conjunctions in 1953 and the first in 1989 is the same Series! Another way to state it is that both Sat/Nep conjs of 1952 and 1989 occurred under the auspices of the 8 South Series, a difficult family indicating: finishing something, being sadly parted, separation and loss; physical injury through over straining one's strength. (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology

The last manifestation of 8S was on Sept 22, 2006 @ 29Vir30.

11S is also the PE of the Lockerbie Bombing over Scotland (1988), NASDAQ (1971), Nixon's deceptive 'Checkers' speech (1952), and of George Tenet, Vladimir Putin, William Kristol, Patrick Henry, and of Bush Sr's NWO-touting presidency. You notice the spy/saboteur flavors here.

So I guess it's little wonder that so many folks are experiencing loss of all kinds under the rays of Saturn/Neptune, losses made more personal for Americans because of the recent grim-reality/cold-water transit of Saturn to our natal Neptune in Virgo, sign of Work and Workers.

Of olden days or newly established, the secret government of the US is firmly in place, m'peops. Each presidency is but a baton-passing of the ultimate plan held in store and patiently implementd by stages.

Has our will to fight gone? No. But they keep us fighting strangers in distant lands so that we can't fight our real enemy - an amoral secret government.

Dec 13, 2009

Pentagon natal chart w/ Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse chart @ 25Cap01

Here is a bi-wheel display of the natal chart of the Pentagon (center: Apr 29, 1942 @ 10:30 am edt; Hour of Jupiter 21Gem00 conjunct US natal Mars; out-of-bounds Mars 2Can02 conj US n Venus, and here flanked by the chart of the Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse @ 25Cap01 in the 12 North Series (outer chart.)

Eclipse chart has tr South Node 21Can07 rising: standing alone or separating oneself; outstanding in one's field. Or - facing more war without allies? Broken partnerships?

Some feisty factors in the Pentagon's natal chart include:

Warring Mars = Saturn/Pluto = Uranus/Pluto...

Sat/Pluto = Mars: brutality, assault, violence, ruthlessness; the necessity to fight for one's existence (ex: by recommending war escalation in 2009 after 8 years of it? - jc); activating plans for upheaval and destruction; using whatever means or power available in order to continue working.

Uran/Pluto = Mars: fanaticism; acts of violence; the mania of destruction; the stage of bending or breaking; injury or accident; headstrong and demanding when pushing ideas.

There is an important T-Square in the Pentagon's natal chart which forms an interesting view of the 5-pointed star's complex and its military industrialists...

Neptune/Mc = Mars: acting without clear understanding or purpose; desire to bring wrong ideas into realization; urge to harm others; metaphysical studies. (Ebertin.)

Michael Munkasey gives details about the combination of nebulous, idealistic dreamer Neptune when blended with Mc (Goals; Aspirations) which seem apt of late:

'Nept/Mc' = "dreams of being a leader in the "New Age"; hints about planning for the future originate within dreams and visions of the leadership; spies undermine national security; increased likelihood that leaders will allow others to deceive them about intentions and motives; official scandals of a very large scope.

Click to enlarge the chart to read my scribbly notes: a few US natal and US Inaugural 2009 positions are noted - such as the Jan 2010 Ecl conj Inaugural 2009's Mc; the Solar Ecl chart is highlighted in pink; Pentagon's natal chart in yellow; in lower right corner I have notated a telling midpoint picture involving Mercury 5Cap34 Rx (which means the Nep/Asc degree of the Jan 15, 2010 chart will be triggered by tr Mercury again - see below for pictures.)

Nep/Asc also affects Pluto 3Cap49 (Pluto here opposing US n Venus, then on to oppose US n Jupiter and Sun...'power plays' - 'no one is impressed' - 'material matters, values, principles, and priorities are in conflict with current circumstances' - 'aspirations should be reduced' - 'locked in power struggles' - 'economics unfavored.')

Following the natural cycle of US Secondary Progressed Full Moon (exact in Dec 2008 when based on the US n 'Sibly' chart) would be the sane idea than to contiune expanding in the world when a natural barrier (30-year-cycle of Sec Moon) has been reached; our power limits in the world are known, we should withdraw and regroup, oh war-loving Pentagon. There is no dishonor in 'regrouping forces to plan anew" as says the I Ching. But you must 'justify' your jobs with more imaginary - and real - threats to tilt at.

The full effects of tr Pluto opposing US natal Venus, Jupiter, and Sun in Cancer (2 - 14 Can) will not end until 2015/16 or so. Soon after, tr Pluto will move into orb of opposition with our Rx US n Mercury '25Can' -- as you see, our national Mercury will be opposed on Jan 15, 2010 by the Solar Eclipse in the 12 North Series - with all the mercurial implications that entails: communications, trade, commerce, transportations, plans, thinking processes -- and the 12N Ecl triggers our natal Mercury/Pluto opposition of propaganda and outrageous plans for power.

Btw: 'Nep/Asc' is considered a 'crooks and liars' midpoint by Reinhold Ebertin...

12N's Nep/Asc = Mercury: raising questions about others' motives and attitudes; discussions about one's visions' impact on lives; reading others in business situations; being guided by wrong impressions or perceptions; taking the wrong path; malicious scheming; deceiving oneself about other people's characters; exploiting the weakness of others.

12N's Nep/Asc = Pluto: harm or damage through deceit, libel, or malice from others; creating plans for evolving and selling schemes of power; using pressure to sell your ideas; not caring if facts presented are false as long as they properly serve your needs; underhanded transactions.

Sounds too familiar, no?

Jan 15, 2010: 12N's key concepts: opportunities to accept greater responsibilities and commitments come along suddenly due to another person's inability to carry on; events that herald these opportunities may be difficult but outcomes are good. (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

In her book, Eclipses, Celeste Teal titles this Solar Eclipse as "Ceremony fit for a king' and says it portends for the US a ceremony of some kind involving a prominent person and puts a focus on national affairs (not another 'new president'! We already have one, thanks); 'power and vigor are fused; education and science benefit'; plus, 'neighboring nations are friendly.' Teal also says there may be a death of a wealthy person from within scientific, legal, or religious realms. Will this be the one who needs replacing?

United Nations:

The 12N Solar Ecl will oppose the *UN's natal Mars/Saturn conjunction in Cancer (23:59 - 24:45; tr Pluto now conj UN's n SN 3Cap05), an opposition that may trigger into action Mars/Saturn's usual stop-go energy and emphasize it, if not point out its weakenesses; police or military (Mars) control and authority(Saturn.)


Afghanistan's natal chart of  July 17, 1973 will be affected by the 12N Eclipse: its natal Sun 24Can06 conj n Ic 24:17 will be opposed by the Jan 15, 2010 Eclipse indicating conflict and weakenings brought by the US. As noted in a previous post, the July 21/22, 2009 Solar Eclipse precisely conjuncts Afhganistan's n Mercury 29Can42 Rx in n 4th house, so as astrologer Funkstar noted in Comments recently, that's two Solar Eclipses (in a row) triggering major points - n Sun and Mercury - in Afghanistan's chart.

Plus, transiting Saturn is conjoining Afghanistan's n Pluto 2Lib00 in n 6th house, but in off-and-on fashion, which describes a period when use of power and control are big issues, and situations are simply too large to handle - thus, collapse is possible. Given Saturn's ongoing transit to US n Mc 00Lib53 (Sibly chart), it's an easy read to see that America's Saturnian controls are to be applied to Afghanistan's power principle and perhaps to its secret manipulators (Pluto) - deep resources such as gas and its pipelines (Pluto) are to be forced under US control as well.

NYSE's natal chart also influenced by the Jan 15, 2010 Solar Elipse:

One thing extra to mention concerning the NYSE's natal chart is the current ongoing transit of Mars in Leo, here @ 15Leo17 Rx  - altogether it's 33 weeks of feisty contentiousness in the showy, dramatic sign of Leo, the 'natural ruler' so we get Mars-to-n-Uranus for the NYSE, a period when others' actions may trigger one to act out of character (honestly instead of deceptively? - jc); unusal or nontraditional people may be encountered as well as dangerous situations; new techniques or methods are introduced; enthusiastic participations in unusual groups or new partnerships are undertaken.

Back to the Pentagon's Chart with Solar Ecl Jan 15, 2010

Pentagon's n Venus 23Pis03 (Pisces, sign of generals in war) is now being transited off and on by Uranus 23Pis32. Uranus-to-n-Venus is a time of partneership endings, joint venture stoppages, and new relationships forming. These new relationships, however, need other factors on which to depend for continuance. This transit brings unpredictable changes within partnerships, for better or worse; more independence is required. (See chart's SN rising, too.)

Unexpected or unusual alliances may be established (such as those the US needs for fighting more war? This sounds a lot like a Venus Transit or Occultation such as the one of June 2004 at the G-8 Summit on Sea Island, GA, near Jekyll Island where the Fed monster was frankensteined together in Dec 1913.) I mention it because Venus Transits are times when unexpected alliances are formed in secret.

Of concern come the first half of 2010 (as influenced by the Jan 15 Eclipse in Capricorn, sign of law, business, and politics) is that the Pentagon's 'dedication' Sun 24Cap42 (Sun @ Mc 1:17:45 pm EWT on Jan 15, 1943, Pentagon, Arlington, VA - chart not shown) will be eclipsed by the Jan 15, 2010 lunation.

Plus, the next Solar Eclipse of  July 11, 2010 @ 19Can24 in the 12 South Series will eclipse the Pentagon's 'dedication' Jupiter 19Can36 Rx, conj difficult Fixed Star Castor, which Anthony Louis gives as: 'crippling of limbs; murder; sudden fame or loss; mental illness.'  (Horary Astrology Plain & Simple.)

This is the same degree - 19Can - of the 11S, the current Series from July 21, 2009 @ 29Can27 (11S manifested @ '19Can' in 1991) Eclipse of July 11, 1991, when writer Danny Casolaro was murdered because his research came too close to the 'octopus' which is basically the world crime syndicate we now deal with and suffer from  - the one that participated in the crash of our financial system 2008 and the one that thrives on war-profiteering and collapsing nations that dare litter its path.

11S = 'Any blocks or obstacles may be tragically or violently removed.' (Brady.) And Danny Casolaro was an obstacle to their plans and to keepng their names and criminal activities out of mainstram awareness. (Subliminal note: Bush Sr & pals.)

You see, in 1991, Danny Casolaro was about to disclose new info on PROMIS software whose progeny now tracks financial transactions the world over including bin Laden's. Tech innovations ensued, and a  'follow the money' tactic never worked so good as it does now - if you actually want to find or interfere with someone's criminal actions. Mr. Casolaro was investigating this and other plutonian subjects relating to the establishment of the NWO; the theft of PROMIS software was in court as the Inslaw case.

So will a military leader be eclipsed in some way in early 2010? Will he be the one who needs replacing?

America has quite a few oldsters of wealth and power whose races are nearly run so besides 'fete-ing' kings or princes, we may have a slew of official funerals on our national menu. Venerable Senator Robert Byrd's name comes readily to mind.

Well, that's a fairly good start on the Pentagon's natal chart with Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse influences, though there's always more to say. So if you, dear reader, have insights to add to the picture, please do so as you wish. It would be greatly appreciated around here!


*United Nations Oct 24, 1945 4:45 pm est Wash DC; source: Stephen Erlewine's The Circle Book of Charts 1991; historical record.