Jan 31, 2010

Some advice from Howard Zinn

"To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic, it is based on the fact that human history is a history not only of cruelty, but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness -- and if we do act, in however small a way, we don't have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now, as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself, a marvelous victory." - Howard Zinn

Here is a link to a previous SO'W post with more words from Mr. Zinn on the American empire and a video of him expressing his views on class in America and our delusion of the 'one big happy family' that Washington and Madison Avenue have sold us for so long.

We're going to miss Howard Zinn now he's gone.

Jan 30, 2010

US arms sales to Taiwan a Presidential misstep?

China will impose sanctions on the US and that's just for starters. Is President Obama 'misstepping' as they love to term their mistakes in Washington?

If so, he's really stepped in it this time.

Will such a large amount of weapons even fit on the island of Taiwan? Is the US-China relationship on thin ice already? Or is sparking Armageddon on all world leaders' to-do lists? ("I want to start it - no, me!") They seem psychotically insane, imho, and highly delusional about who will end what they arrogantly start.

Now I definitely don't wish to ignore the plight of the good Taiwanese people, but does anyone else think that Mr. Obama's arms sale to Taiwan is pure madness?

Yet with timing being everything, maybe the weapons sales are meant to make a point or provide a bargaining chip. Yeah, that must be it - diplomacy. Otherwise it seems that a serious psychological evaluation is needed pronto at the White House.

But never mind about the Pentagon - they went nuts when they went nuclear decades ago.

Jan 29, 2010

Perigee Full Moon in Leo Jan 30, 2010 est

FULL MOON AND MARS: Friday night's full Moon is the biggest and brightest full Moon of the year. It's a "perigee Moon," as much as 14% wider and 30% brighter than other full Moons you'll see later in 2010. But that's not all.

Mars is having a close encounter with Earth, and on Friday night, Jan 29, it will join the Moon for an all-night-long conjunction. Don't miss it!

You'll find sky maps and images at SpaceWeather.com.


There are too may storm clouds here this evening to view 2010's perigee Moon. And I know you've never heard this before, but it's a rainy night in Georgia. jc

Horoscopes of the Tea Party Convention Feb 4 - 6, 2010

Here is a dual-wheel display of 2 charts for the Tea Party Convention set for Feb 4 and 6, 2010, Nashville, Tennessee - symbolically, the Convention's start and its end.

Quite a few details are written on the charts so I hope my notes are readable if you click the image to enlarge.

Chart data:

Upper right: Feb 4, 2010, sunrise 6:49:58 am CST, Sun/ASC 15AQ36 (bringing up Sarah Palin's natal Sun-Mars-Saturn conjunction (22 - 26AQ); Hour of Saturn; Disseminating Sun/Moon phase = gettin' out the info, or propaganda, depending on how you perceive Politics.

Moon begins in late Libra (27:41 @ sunrise) and asteroid Hidalgo (one of the 'power' asteroids/myths) is at Mc (the WHY? Point) of the sunrise chart (or 'solar chart' which I use here to describe the purpose of the day and the Convention itself, Feb 4); at left you see Mrs. Palin's natal planets listed.

The interesting thing about Hidalgo is that by the time Feb 6, 2010, 11:59 pm comes (2nd chart), Moon ('a woman'; popular woman; the public) is @ 3Sag06 and Hidalgo? 3Sag06! I think we may surmise that Mrs. Palin is represented here by Moon/Hidalgo, with a 'powerful woman' vibe going on (and which very much includes her considerable sex appeal - but she's taken, fellas, ladies.)

Key concepts for Hidalgo:

self-assertion; a rebel with a cause; expects to be in charge; a revolutionary patriot (such as its namesake, Miguel Hidalgo y Costillas, a Mexican priest who is known as a 'champion of liberty'.) Perhaps a few words along these lines may be noticed before, during, and after Palin's keynote speech. In fact, these charts indicate to me that the event itself, a money-making endeavor that has caused two other speakers to bow out, is in part a showcase for Mrs. Palin's future political dreams of grandeur and social improvement.

And with the ongoing Mars Rx period affecting Mrs. Palin's natal Moon (5AQ) by opposition, there is much energy crackling around her now (including her FOX News contract.) Yet with her hectic schedule, Palin may be late in arriving or beginning her speech. (I believe this is par for her course, however, for whatever reasons.) Mars opposing natal Moon can bring anger or quarrels into one's environment, equipment breakdowns, intense emotions, or...debates.

But perhaps that's only if she can call you, Joe.

And if Mrs. Palin's efforts toward success do pay off, a large payback will probably be required. Will she be - or remain - willing to pay the price? Is her Tea Party performance an audition for a higher position? Hidalgo's myth carries a 'lower nobility' flavor ('don') of one who desires to move up in society to a 'higher nobility.' And in Celtic myth, 'don' is associated with the mother archtype. Mrs. Palin certainly is that, yet 'glamorous woman' Lilith is one of her 'faces' as well.

(We all have them though - 'faces' or 'masks' - so don't get your Sarah knickers in a twist over my comments concerning this political lightweight who has, imo, a 'priestly' vibe that concerns me, for when anyone presumes to dictate to others how to read the Bible, I get all up in it. Plus, once The Original came, sacrificed, and was sacrificed, all other 'priests' became unnecessary to my salvation. Nice, sometimes. Useful even. But wholly unnecesssary.)

Sarah Pied Piper Palin?

Well, now I must advise you that Art is upon my drafting table at the moment with an Art collaboration scheduled for Spring Equinox 2010, so I must soon mosey along since graphic work must be finalized pre-March 19. Also, in Georgia, an ice, sleet, or snow storm is said to be at my very door as I type so we'll see how that goes in the electricity department.

So if you want to say anything about the charts you see here, the Tea Party event or movement, or the politicians hoping to rouse the masses from its stupor on Feb 4 - 6, please leave a comment here.

Btw: I'm happy as a puppy with two tails to report that a few readers who have been silent until now, have spoken up to let me know they're reading - yay! Thanks, Guys.

Interlaced YODs, you say?

A YOD pattern = turning point = special task = Finger of God:

Why, those two interlaced YODs in the Feb 6 chart are enough to stir up a heap of trouble...they're listed lower left and show a 'special task' for Mars and for Jupiter, as Moon conjoins Hidalgo, and along the way, conjoins a few midpoint combos in Mrs. Palin's natal chart from '1Sag' to '4Sag'; I must note that '1Sag' is the "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" degree, which emphasizes revolutionary Hidalgo's 'patriot' flavor. The Tea Partiers will love and adore her on this score.

Here are her natal midpoint combos in order of the Moon's fleeting stimulation, then I must vamoose:

N Sun/Uranus = tr Moon: rashness; nervous, excited, or agitated women; impulsiveness; a demand for need fulfilment; an intense woman.

N Mars/Uranus = tr Moon: special effort expended by a woman; desire for recognition. (Easy, just go where they're enthralled and chanting your name!)

N Saturn/Uranus = tr Moon: emotional courage emerges under duress; changes for freedom; strong emotional strains; a sudden desire to liberate oneself from emotional stress (uh-oh! she's a maverick, y'know!); separation from females.

N Sun/Pluto = tr Moon: irritability, esp of women; illness; brutal suppression of feelings; attempts to project power and persuasion; feelings possibly trampled in relationship.

N Mars/Pluto = tr Moon: publicity; self-belief; daring; taking a chance; playing a powerful hunch (that Sarah!)

After the 'Embassy Ball' is over (see Sabian Symbol of the ASC degree in the Feb 6 chart), and the confetti is being swept up, transit Moon, a 'popular woman' in our mystery play, conjoins Sarah Palin's Saturn/Pluto midpoint...

N Saturn/Pluto = tr Moon: emotional coldness or rigidity of feeling; nunciation; giving up giving.

Can this refer to her giving up tea, Tea Parties, or her association with the founder of the organization? Alternately, she may simply be exhausted and feel all used up by the time the Convention balloons are popped. Plus, the amount of profits in ticket receipts will color everyone's attitude when the party ends, the lights go down, and Hidalgo-as-Pied-Piper has sung her siren's song of power, patrons, and patriotism.


Update Jan 29, 2010 8:48 pm est: here's a post concerning the 2010 Tea Party Convention's Sun/Moon blends from Feb 4 to Feb 6, as the Moon traverses Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius while the Sun remains in Aquarius; a bonus blend is included to cover the atmosphere of the immediate hours after the Convention ends on Feb 6...Sun AQ/Moon Capricorn.

Jan 28, 2010

Like Day from Night: Poverty vs Politics in Washington DC

Sadly, the following Day/Night conditions affect nearly every city and town in America now that the fascist state is better established and ensconced in the US than ever before:

Twice years ago I resided a while in the midst of a beautiful city that has a large bit of history dogging its steps -- Washington, the jewel of the District of Columbia. Or more like the bellybutton that holds the jewel, that fount of enrichment that our 'Game birds Feathering Their Nests" politicians *constantly repair to for sustenance and succor. (And silken trappings.)

These days I suspect that there remain more than two levels of lifestyles in DC but only two are portrayed in an article about Washington's sociological unmasking when the sun sets in a Day vs Night theme. The premise of the article works because it is uncomfortably true.

In Georgetown of the 1970s, I saw my first bag lady and had not thought there could be such a woman in that condition in the US. Being a 19-year old and from a more southern region of the country where ladies were still often called 'm'am', it never occurred to me that women - or children - would be left to fend for themselves on the cold streets. Yet there she was, all her belongings fitted somehow into two enormously stuffed shopping bags, a kerchief snugged over her wild hair, a forlorn yet defiant expression on her face.

Greedy vs Needy goes on and on...

Anyway, I recommend the article to you for it captures the underbelly conditions that can result from a perfect storm of bad legislation, purposefully bad legislation, programs that do the opposite of what their cynical titles assert, "unintended consequences" of bad decisions, city resources pilfered and diverted from the people...the list of infamy goes on.

Politics by Day - Poverty by Night shows a snapshot of a suffering city whose Day's veneer at sunrise swallows the starkness of its disenfranchised Night with a cruel smirk of righteousness that chills to the bone.


*My reference is to the Sabian Symbol for America's natal Jupiter from wa-a-y back in 1776: '6 Cancer' = "Game birds Feathering Their Nests"; now we say that Jupiter = the Republican Party and its members in Mundane charts yet party platforms and players change through the years. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar but a liberal isn't a flip-flopper. Nor is a GOPer a not-my-brother's-keeper type but a...oh wait. They are that type. These days. Sorry. The 'magic Christian' dust had me fooled for a second there.

Anyway, America's natal Jupiter @ '6Can' represents Jupiterians during the 1770s and later, but certainly signifies those who were on the scene and in the mix on July 4, 1776. Jupiter represents the banking class, too, as you know, plus religious leaders, professors, and gurus and sages of all persuasions.

Yes, the usual factors that 'come along with' our nation's natal Jupiter's condition (sign, house, rulerships, aspects, etc) are of influence still (because a natal chart = the character) yet, it's difficult to ignore how Capitol Hill, its environs of law firms and lobbyists, and the national and international banking institutions and other corporate entities (in which I include monarchies) who 'donate to' US politicians have wrested most of the control of the US government away from the American people. Not that the 1776 ideal has ever been perfectly realized but these crooks and wastrels have taken America far far away from her ideals, her basic self-esteem, and ability to protect national sovereignty.

And that's one of the more basic things I have against the recent 'Dred Scott Moment' that the US SCOTUS whacked us with last week, an activist move which will open the front door to foreign interests to meddle in our election processes more freely even than we have long meddled in theirs.

Rob Our Treasury, Buy Our Senators (but we must give a No Money Back Guarantee on the politicians - keep 'em, they're yours..."Them's your pigs" - Rip Torn; just take them with you, No Refunds, don't say we didn't warn you of their turdiness)...

Now here in the South we have a tradition, a saying, really: "Y'all Come!" meaning we'll miss you when you're gone, so please come back when you may. Yes, we are polite down here (and I was surprised to find the DC of my day to be much more of a southern city than I had previously suspected; yet a swamp with a fancy city built upon it will always remain a swamp underneath...and Scorpio holds sway in DC.)

So with the recent SCOTUS invitation extended to more fatcat internationals than we can shake a stick at, will it be part of President Obama's duties to stand at the White House front door, issuing "Y'all Come" homilies to meddlers and foreign agents who have long tired of sneaking in and out of the White House back door?

If so, then it's going to be up to the collective 'we' ~ not 'wii' ~ to take back the mike from Kanye and tell them how things are gonna be, for we have the right to determine our own futures without their chaos-creating events designed and implemented to keep us off-keel and weakened.

Might this much-needed mike-snatch be an imperative of the current Cardinal T-Square (2010 - 2014) with its Saturn/Uranus opposition at the pattern's base, and both Saturn and Uranus squaring Pluto as they did in 1875...but in different signs?

(1875 - Saturn AQ/Uranus Leo = Pluto Taurus; now it will be Saturn Libra/Uranus Aries = Pluto Capricorn, sign of government, business, and law; authority, control, and cold-hearted ambition.)

Now there's another way I've been considering the Cardinal T-SQ and perhaps you have been, too. It requires speaking of the planets as 'actors' in a mystery play (life) so the script is determined in large degree by the planetary aspects involved since aspects describe the relationships and energy circuits between them.

Saturn and Uranus (old vs new, tradition vs progress, rules vs freedom) are now 'applying' to Pluto, the puppet master/s of the Universe, and somehow he feels blocked by obstacles caused by adherents in both the 'tradition' and 'progress' camps. The tension within the relationships between the three actors is, of course, more complex than if it were only one actor applying to Pluto at one time.

As it is, a pattern is formed, a T-Square, which awaits a trigger or stimulus to reach the empty point - in Cancer opposite Pluto. Plus, a natal or progressed planet may fill this requirement in a longer-term manner; then the T-SQ 'occurs; to the natal or progressed planet as a transiting configuration.

Ex: The Cardinal T-SQ falls hard on American noggins with our natal Venus (values; money; relationships, etc) filling that empty spot - Pluto opposes our national Venus...and a Grand Cross is thus created with inequalities keenly felt.

Pluto-opposite-Venus is a time when present circumstances adversely affect material conditions, joint ventures, and relationships, so if you have a mo, see what pops out at you from the Events of 1875 list, facets of events or issues which might possibly re-run or re-surface in 2010 and beyond in the Sat-Ura-Plu departments of life. This comparison may supply a hint of shades to come while the Universe is giving us another chance to manage these difficult yet dynamic energies more consciously and maturely - a feat which precludes allowing ourselves to be duped by cynical 'leaders' who manipulate the masses based on a plutonian, draconian ideal of utopian one-world control.

Jan 27, 2010

An opinion of SOTU 2010 - Mars rising 1/27/10

All in all, it is my opinion that President Obama's delivery of this evening's SOTU Address 2010 was a great expression of a Virgoan Mars used intelligently.

Update 10:35 pm est: now listening to the Republican rebuttal to a Democratic President, and it seems to me that in Washington (or 'DC' as we called it when I lived there many moons ago), Republicans always call for limited government when Democrats hold the reins of power. Then when Republicans hold the reins it's we-the-people who call for limited government.

You've noticed it, right?

Am I the only one?

You know, echoes are only amusing for a little while then their charms soon fade.

SOTU 2010 -- Sun Aquarius--Moon Cancer

January 27, 2010

With tonight's SOTU Address from President Obama I wonder if you've by chance peeked at the just-published details for the Sun AQ-Moon Cancer blend of energies and the flavors it will lend to the evening's events and presidential message?

Here's the SOTU 2010 Horoscope for Jan 27, 2010 @ 9:00 pm est, Capitol Building, DC, along with a few notes, in case you'd like a view.

List of DC street closings for SOTU Address 1.27.10

If you're in DC this evening before or during the president's SOTU Address, be advised of street closings that begin at 6:00 pm around the Capitol Building until the presidential event ends.

Jan 26, 2010

David Kelly's post mortem to be kept secret for 70 years

David Kelly Post Mortem to be Kept Secret for 70 Years - Doctors accuse Lord Hutton of concealing vital information

By Miles Goslett

The body of former United Nations weapons inspector Dr Kelly was found in July 2003 in woods close to his Oxfordshire home, shortly after he was exposed as the source of a BBC news report questioning the Government's claims that Saddam Hussein had an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, which could be deployed within 45 minutes. #

US' secret blueprint for global domination/Spring EQ 2010

Pre-presidency (Jan 20, 2001 when Bush was installed in the Oval Office), chicken hawk draft dodgers Bush and Cheney and friends were making plans for world governance (PNAC) to be run by America (not by the UN as others have preferred) whether or not Saddam Hussein was in power in Iraq. As we know, they soon decided to take care of that thorny 'Butcher of Baghdad' issue.

This implicates the Rhenquist SCOTUS in the PNAC regime-changing plans and gives the oft-hurled charge 'activist court' a new level of meaning. A lower one, that is, since the actions of the SCOTUS of the United States of America revealed itself to be an operative in the neocon-Zionists' New World Order plans.

We know that Bush Sr has been a mover/shaker promoting this agenda since he famously and openly called for the NWO years ago saying that if they are successful "--and we will be," he marked himself as a co-conspirator. See the freak on video, if you will, in a previous post which links to Bush Sr's 1988 RNC speech containing his "thousand points of light" code words.

The identities of "will" types like these fellows may also be uncovered by noting such verbal habits as, "if you will" which Cheney liked to mumble when playing VP, and which has been copied by talking heads such as George Will on political TV shows, and by others who intentionally, or perhaps unintentionally, mimic world government planners from the olden days (when the word was, "wilt") - as made up by Aleister Crowley and his pals and fashioned into a 'religion' called Thelema.

Perhaps there is something to the rumor that W's mother Barbara Bush has an unusual paternity in Crowley, born Oct 12, 1875, during the same forceful T-Square pattern now concerning everyone in 2010 into 2014...Saturn opposing Uranus at the base, pointing to powerful Pluto. Yes, the signs have changed since 1875, but the effects are as difficult as ever...perhaps more so, since the game - the agenda - is in much later stages of development in this, the New Millennium.

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: tremendous fear of loss; upheaval to protect assets; rebellion against one's lot in life; brutality; concealing changes to activities; drastic changes in a previously liberal atmosphere; rigid inflexibility replaces adaption; harm through force majeure; the desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary effort (mind over matter? "What thou wilt"? - jc) (midpoint pics: Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

And of course, the tensely dynamic energies of the *Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-Square pattern relate to earth changes and natural disasters as well, such as in Haiti. On this blog and elsewhere, Pluto is shorthand for secret hand, or the puppet masters of the world. Plus, apex Pluto in a T-Square signifies one (or a group of ones) being relentlessly one-tracked in aims (NWO) and has a willful determination to abuse power and gain control over others. (Like Crowley himself.)

If you click the link to my post on Crowley's natal chart, you can enlarge it and see the T-Square of 1875 before your very eyes. Around his chart is the natal chart of his reputed daughter, Barbara Bush. The comparison shows some very interesting links between them.

And yes, the Bush-Cheney regime change plan pre-Jan 20, 2001 is old news for many of us but it bears repeating - and remembering, as President Obama continues shoving through the PNAC program. He just does it with a more elegant style of rhetoric and by use of complete sentences. In closing:

"Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe."

Frederick Douglass


If you're concerned about the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-Square's influence in your personal life, take heart, for upon the weekend of Spring Equinox in March 2010 help will arrive. Keep alert to Donna Cunningham's blog SkyWriter for complete details as Spring Equinox 2010 draws near...

Jan 25, 2010

PBS' NOW poll: is Palin qualified for office of VP?

PBS' NOW program has a poll asking if you think Sarah Palin is qualified to be Vice President of the United States...a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

So far, her supporters and political operatives are flocking to the poll with 'yes' votes. Can you weigh in to give 'fair and balanced' a chance? Takes about 2 seconds.

Jan 23, 2010

Horoscope of the SOTU Address Jan 27, 2010

Update Jan 27, 2010 2:15 am est: in the first SOTU Address of his presidency, Pres. Obama will hold himself accountable for how things have gone in his first year in office, but will add that he is not solely to blame. Must be that Saturn Rx in diplomatic Libra, in 1st house and rising.

He takes responsibility, Y'all - sort of. For the most part.

And @ 9 pm, Mr. Obama's natal Mars is rising, you know, but it's America's Neptune, representing our ability to be hynotized and idealistic to our own detriment, that rises at the moment of mass media Neptune's stage entrance under the rosy glow of the TV cameras and spotlights.

Enjoy the performance.

Original post starts here with a SOTU chart image set for 9:00 pm est, Capitol Building, DC, the scheduled time, thus SOTU's 'birth time' (and symbolic chart, even if he begins a minute or so later):

Horoscope of the President's State of the Union Address, Jan 27, 2010, scheduled for 9:00 pm est, Capitol Building, Washington DC; Ascendant 22Vir06 with US natal Neptune rising along with President Obama's natal Mars; at Mc (The Goal Point) is US natal Mars in Gemini; Hour of the Moon; Moon 7Can21 out-of-bounds (OOBs) indicating the extreme emotional insecurity of the public (Moon.)

A Cancerian Moon (the people; the public) opposing Mercury (the speech; the orator) in Capricorn indicates that using the cold logic of a Cap Mercury to deliver his message (Mercury) will be offensive to the sensitive, home-and-security-minded public (Moon.) Our self-protective emotions may make it impossible to agree with what he says (Cancer is also a sign of business which I believe relates to massive job losses for the people thus bringing insecurity); reasoning goes against emotions and thinking/feeling are unbalanced with a Moon/Mercury opposition.

This opposition is significant since Mercury is chart-ruler (and Midheaven-ruler) and makes only two applying aspects in the chart: opposite Moon (5A58) and conjunct NN (7A46.)

America's natal Mars/Neptune square (with its confused, unconscious motivations and deceptive actions) is at ASC (What? Point = Neptune) and Mc (Why? Point = Mars); a Mars/Neptune square makes it difficult to accept reality and in the case of a self-protective society (and presidency) open actions are often lacking which makes it easy for subversive forces to take over (imo, they have); lowered standards attract negative or underworld types (imo, they definitely have. We and the rest of the world are in the clutches of a world crime syndicate.)

Mars/Neptune contacts often indicate associations with disease, infections, and medicine so mentions may be made of health insurance reform, flu vaccines, and/or the worsening health conditions in besmited Haiti, the latest pet project of Washington. (Send money to Haiti, yes, but please remember that local needs continue on along and worsen if neglected.)

Our nation's natal Sun/Saturn square (with n Saturn in 1st house/US n Sun in 10th house along with our Venus and Jupiter in Cancer) is highlighted as well and may bring mentions of defense, fear, and conservation. (Click the chart to enlarge - US natal planets are highlighted in pink.)

US natal Mercury Rx 24Can+ conjuncts SOTU's 11th cusp at 9:00 pm and n Mercury is being visited by SOTU 2010's Moon/Mars midpoint (all midpoint pictures from Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey); any, all, or none may apply:

SOTU Moon/Mars = n Mercury: nervousness; irritability; worrisome preoccupations; uncertainties about the use of force; premature criticism.

US n Pluto opposes n Mercury so we may infer that:

SOTU Moon/Mars = n Pluto (or soon will): eliminating the anger that accompanies complaints; intensified defiance in periods of uncertainty; powerful opinionation; a demanding nature; one-sided outlook; fanaticism; moodiness.

The 'powerful connections'/'common destiny of large masses of people' midpoint, Pluto/NN, is influencing orating Mercury:

Pluto/NN = Mercury: taking advantage of shifts in power (is one example earthquakes?; conversing fluently with influential people; exercising a compelling and magnetically powerful influence upon the public; a desire to dominate others intellectually; thinking big; hearing the grass grow; reading others and judging their needs.

Sun 8AQ02 (the leader) and Moon 7Can21 (the people) are inconjunct (149 degr 19 mins) and in need of adjustment; Sun is trying to win approval from the Moon which we-the-people may feel is undeserved (so far - it's only been a year); fund-raising projects and welfare programs come to mind with Sun inconj Moon; appeals for working together may be mentioned. Ties to the good old days and to the emotional security we once enjoyed are misaligned with the way in which our leader (Sun) is expressing his will. We continue to feel we are not being listened to. (We're not.)

Tiresomely, Jupiter and Neptune, the speculator pair of grand schemers, are in 6th house of Work, Health, and Police/Military Forces -- and are now snugged around US natal Moon in Aquarius. This means that the Jupiter/Neptune = n Moon picture is still influencing the collective with its 'involved in speculations; little sense of reality (plus, they're always lying to us); losing oneself in plans; instability; wastefulness' vibes. As I said, tiresome.

Restrictive, controlling Saturn 4Lib28 Rx (delays) in 1st house is focal planet of a midpoint combo, too - Moon/Pluto, which relates to propaganda, broadcasting and public relations on a grand scale, drastic moods, people's opinions about crime, war, and internal secrecy, attempts to 'psyche out' the public...and popular promises to end war, waste, etc, in appeals to the public.

Guess we'll hear about those 2008 campaign promises, and perhaps they'll be updated for our current consumption, realism added with a thud to earth.

Moon/Pluto = Saturn: realism about handling gloomy events; depression; emotional suffering; constraint and loss; pressure to regroup forces and plan anew.

With Saturn signifying the Democratic Party, this seems in part a reference to Scott Brown's recent senatorial win in Massachusetts and to the Dems' possibly unstable prospects for the Nov 2010 elections.

Interestingly, US natal Saturn opposes SOTU's Sun/Mc midpoint 14Ari13 (7th house; The Hero's Goal; molding and shaping global politics; leaders who have lost popularity; a lessening of authority through losing contact with the people) which happens to conjoin SOTU's Moon/NN midpoint.

Moon/NN is, of course, the midpoint between the Moon's position and Luna's own Nodal position, certainly a 'contact with the public' indicator; in politics and business this mdpt indicates: measurements of productivity; foreign trade and channels or means for conducting trade; ports of entry; roadways, canals, or transit systems; agricultural blockages, or failures at ports of entry or exit ('underwear bomber' on Christmas Day 2009? Uninvited Salahis at the White House State Dinner? Food shortages on the way? Breakdowns in trade agreements? Bottlenecks?)

Moon/NN = n Saturn: older, wiser people giving advice about direction; working hard with others, sometimes having to go it alone; disadvantages or loss through associations; separations.

Sun/Mc = n Saturn: reserve; inhibitions; withdrawal or retirement (several politicians have announced their retirements; plus, we should withdraw from the Middle East, imo); the necessity to make sobering decisions; refinement of ambition; learning through apparent mistakes; addressing problems; restricted aims.

Well, President Obama has gracious plenty problems to address on the evening of January 27, 2010 in his first official SOTU Address, and much more info is contained in this chart than I'm typing here. A Moon Hour is a good time to address the public, too, so what I may do is forestall updating this post until the President completes his Address and I hear the political pundits and corporate shills tell us what we should think and what nuggets we should glean from it.

Pres. Obama's ending time will give us a significant chart, too. Then we can see which planets changed houses and if any new planetary patterns form. And if he speaks long enough, traditional Saturn will surely rise and progressive Uranus will certainly set.

Note: Upper right, I have made note that if you use the Dobbyns version of the US natal chart (July 4, 1776 @ 10:36 am LMT) the SOTU cusps at 9:00 pm est are the same cusps as the Dobbyns chart which puts US natal Mars (god of war) at natal Mc, and US n Neptune rising; the other planets in the SOTU 2010 chart are precisely where they now transit in the Dobbyns chart which gives this particular SOTU more gravitas than it might wield otherwise.

Therefore, Mars the warrior is at the Why? Point, mass media's Neptune, planet of deception and propaganda (and oil, perhaps to be found in Haiti along with uranium) are always rising and culminating in the US' Dobbyns chart.

In business and politics, Neptune/ASC = responding to the ideals of the people; deluding others about the current state of the economy, affairs, or scandals which are in the news; distortions of the facts; a need for additional glamor or glory; subversion by those who are trusted; internal decay or neglect of hospitals or health care systems (!! the Dobbyns chart sounds eerily accurate to me esp with military Mars at Mc, too); misleading news concerning intentions; overlooking the reality of what is happening and relying on what is believed the situation should be.

All are key weaknesses of this country, imo. Facing reality is not our strong suit. Making it up is more the tendency.

But let's not leave out Mars/Mc while we're discussing America's natal chart and the 2010 SOTU Address's chart which dovetail so perfectly:

Mars/Mc = developing military capability for both safety and defense; using created enemies of the state as targeted examples or focus objects for hate; fostering paranoia for political control of the people (sound familiar yet?); fear of foreign domination and preparation for same; legislative bodies that order arming as a means of protecting borders or rights.

Though I despise admitting it, the Dobbyns version of America's natal chart (10:36 am LMT) describes this nation better than any other version I've used so far. And Jan 27, 2010's transit of Mars-to-Mc shows our military aggression and promotion of our goals to the world as President Obama launches a campaign on behalf of what is perhaps a new and pioneering cause.

My 'SOTU hope' is that threats are not issued with Mars being Rx in Leo, fearful Saturn Rx rising, and America pretending not to be bankrupt when everyone knows she is - by way of too much warring and internal looting by those we should be able to trust.

Your comments and analyses are as always cordially invited; however, please be advised that discourteous remarks will not be published.

Terror, American Tyranny, and Divide-and-Conquer

American Gulag: Obama to Indefinitely Imprison Detainees Without Charges

By Glenn Greenwald

The administration is claiming the power to imprison whomever it wants without charges whenever it believes that -- even in the face of the horrendously broad "material support for terrorism" laws the Congress has enacted -- it cannot prove in any tribunal that the individual has actually done anything wrong. #

Now a few words from two of America's past experts on the subject:

"...freedom of person under the protection of the habeas corpus; and trial by juries impartially selected. These principles form the bright constellation which has gone before us, and guided our steps through an age of revolution and reformation." Thomas Jefferson

"The establishment of the writ of habeas corpus...are perhaps greater securities to liberty and republicanism than any it [the Constitution] contains....The practices of arbitrary imprisonments have been, in all ages, the favorite and most formidable instruments of tyranny. Alexander Hamilton

Article link and quotes compliments of Information Clearing House.

Given the turn of direction that America has taken in recent years - ramped up since the attacks of 9/11/01 - I fail to see how anyone can fail to see that we've been coup'd by those who will use tyranny against anyone they please. 'Protections' of American citizenship mean next to nothing under such imperialism.

And the tyrannist's baton was passed from Bush-Cheney to Obama-Biden on January 20, 2009, a baton stolen with help from SCOTUS (who shafted the American electorate once again last week) by Bush-Cheney in December 2000 mere months after after the August 11, 1999 King of Terror Eclipse predicted by Nostradamus.

Before 9/11, the Bush-Cheney administration was being spoken of as "illegitimate" but a bullhorn on rubble put a (supposed) end to the grousing and rumors and "brought us together" -- under Bush, along with the goose-steppers of Congress.

Historically, false flag ops have been shown to be highly effective for mobilizing whole populations, you know.

November 2010 Cometh...

"Democrats vs Republicans" - "libs vs cons" - "blue states vs red" -- all mindsets to keep we-the-people divided against ourselves and thus less potent than we really are. Toss off the shackles of these invented labels...please!

Not that the deck isn't stacked against us for there are few, if any, honest politicians to vote for in any state, and the day grows late...

Jan 22, 2010

Are Haiti quakes HAARP's 'weather warfare'?

Guess What? It Isn't Science Fiction Anymore

The US Air Force and Navy have been messing with Earth's ionosphere for some time now thanks to HAARP and its inventor Bernard Eastlund whose patent was kept sealed under a government secrecy order for one year. It's now public, and details about Eastlund's weather-altering transmitter of powerful radiation beams can do many amazing things which include interfering with Earth's magnetic fields thereby confusing migratory birds, marine animals, and other creatures.

The military-controlled apparatus is based in Alaska, so Sarah Palin's thought processes may have been scrambled 'ere this (which would explain a lot.)

And did I hear you say, beached whales and dolphins? The transmitter sits on the path of the Pacific Flyway, a bad decision which goes along with the rest, one supposes.

Upper Atmospheric Wind Patterns Can Be Altered

Use of this 'virtual mirror' of excessive, focused power can result in massive electrical outages and weather manipulations, while pilot communications and electronic instrumentation interferences are other possibilities, as well as possibly triggering health conditions and diseases such as cancer.

This sounds a lot like one of the myths of Atlantis' demise, you know the one: massive out-of-control power abuses blow everything to kingdom come and a large land mass sinks into the sea.

This part of the Atlantean myth must be why the asteroid Atlantis has for its key phrases: abuse of power; where we feel doomed. 'Atlantis' may also refer to the Atlantic Ocean, the shuttle Atlantis, and to America as the supposed "New Atlantis," a reference to Francis Bacon's utopian novel (published 1624 in Latin; 1627 in English) of "an ideal land" and "mythical island."

HAARP can raise internal body temperatures of "people nearby," admits the Navy and Air Force about this devilish program which may have been created for positive uses, yet as always with mankind's dualistic nature, it's the motivation behind the facade that tells the truer tale and brings the ultimate results.

But why would the US military want to destroy and depopulate Haiti and move several thousand troops in to "distribute aid and provide relief"? (Notice our military planes had dibs on landing there - and how little relief has actually been delivered to the Haitian people even a week+ after the initial event.)

Why? The rumor is that there may be oil and uranium there and we're said to be running out of both. And since when did imperial America fail to coup d'etat countries and take charge of their natural resources wherever our plutocratic Robber Baron oligarchs found them?


Update 1.23.10: perhaps HAARP is woven into science fiction, too, in the novel Dante's Equation.

Thanks for the heads-up, Alex!

Asteroid archetypes and the financial criminals they describe

Many astrologers combine asteroids and their mythological archetypes within their planetary work for delving more deeply into events and personalities, and the study of criminal personalities can be an intriguing branch of the ancient art.

One such master in this department is Mark Andrew Holmes whose Financial Criminals: Asteroid Analysis is now published at Modern Astrology. Chart details of financial culprits and crooks are provided and include asteroid analyses on Bernard Madoff, Jeffrey Skilling, and several others.

Asteroid meanings are a fine-tuned way of delineating a subject or event so check out Mark's article for further - and deeper - information on asteroid archtypes.

You may even discover that an asteroid archetype previously unknown to you can describe a facet of your own personality...on an up-and-up level, of course!

Jan 19, 2010 brought no 'Poe Toaster' to poet's grave

Well, how disappointing. Jan 19, 2010 came and went but no Poe Toaster turned up to honor the macabre poet and literary critic with cognac and roses as 'he' has done these decades long.

The mysterious visitor has been wafting to Poe's Baltimore graveside in the dead of night for 60 years - since Jan 19, 1949, in fact, but was a no-show this time, reports the Baltimore Sun. There was an apparent passing of the cognac glass a while back but the hoary Poe Toasting tradition now broken bodes ill for Mr. Poe still in repose.

However, no protest of a turning-over-in-his-grave nature has occurred, last I heard, and we may count this as a good thing in spite of our grave disappointment.

Previous posts concerning the life and death of Mr. Edgar Allan Poe are here and here and a big hearty Thank You goes to my friend Jilly Dybka, poet and poetry-news-gatherer, for tweeting this story from off her excellent and highly recommended Poetry Hut blog.

Good catch, Jilly! And hey, maybe there's been so much publicity directed at the Poe Toaster in recent years that a mysterious someone feared being unmasked, hmm?

Jan 21, 2010

For Americans nation-building begins elsewhere

Richard C. Cook has written an excellent if sobering article concerning the US economy and our nation's present condition, Nation-building should begin at home.

Unfortunately, at home we have nation-underminers with today's SCOTUS decision leading the wolf pack for the moment. And if we could just stop the Pentagon from breaking other nations perhaps we could concentrate on our own business.

Oh how simplistic am I!

Well, if you read Mr. Cook's article (or have read it already) I ask that you think longingly of America's Secondary Progressed Full Moon of December 24, 2008, a time when an entity or an individual has expanded as far as can be reasonably expected and it's time to reap rewards, not begin new projects. A culmination has been reached in a 28 - 30 year cycle and we see outcomes from the new starts and plans of 14 years earlier when seeds were planted.

(2008 minus 14 = 1994 which furrowed the Republican Party's 'Contract with America''s seeds, or as I think of it, Contract on America, which used some text from a Reagan speech to burnish it's hoped-for effect on we-the-people.

Now we see the Treasury-emptying financial results, and with Scott Brown's rout in Massachusetts, the GOP's hopes and plans for a replay of their congressional coup of 1994 is staring us brazenly in the face. Yet who can forget the interminable 8 years of fraud and torture under Bush-Cheney? Who?

Plus, you may wish to consider Ronald Reagan's signing of the Garn-St Germain Act: "I think we hit the jackpot," he beamed proudly - or as I tend to think of it: I knew it was you, Reagan. Fastfoward to Jan 2009 and it seems to me that Bush and crew 'hit the jackpot' as they skulked from the White House, our coffers decimated, financial system wrecked, bags of moola under their thieving arms.

Yes, a Secondary Full Moon is a time of harvest and can be a positive or negative period depending on what was planted - a peak has been achieved, the light is at its very brightest and must now soften slowly until the next New Moon begins the cycle again. Recognizing that this phase has arrived may be difficult at first to accept and the American personality ordinarily has much trouble in this department - we do like our new endeavors, don't we? Expansion, baby! We think we were born to expand, never contract. Now that would be an unnatural state of karma-avoidance.

Of course, Bush and his fellow thieves of Wall Street and Capitol Hill did enjoy the harvest planted in 1994, didn't they?

So I've been blogging (aka, fussing) at government for not seeming to recognize that our nation's peak has been reached - or at least, the plutocrats-in-charge have tried very hard not to clue us in on the true condition of things by pretending we can afford to escalate wars (even start new ones!) and by refusing to give up their practice of "capitalism as usual" in spite of all indications to the contrary. Lots of funny money has been printed by the Federal Reserve which is neither federal nor reserved.

However, the financial collapse of 2008 and the tsunami-like ripples it created have made the culminating peak of our Secondary Progressed Full Moon more difficult to hide even for our master propagandists. Even citizens who prefer to pretend that 'Politics' doesn't exist because they'd rather think of other things, have been forced to pay attention to the self-destructive road we tread when common sense says we should be 'regrouping to plan anew' (to paraphrase the venerable I Ching) rather than expanding against the 28/30-year natural cycle of our Secondary Full Moon. Stubborn will or irrational will? A bunch of both, I think.

And the fact that our Sec Full Moon occurred on the Virgo/Pisces victim/savior axis has only better described the current haves vs have-nots stand-off of obscenely huge executive pay bonuses, corporate welfare bailouts, big banks tossing people out on the streets to do what with yet another empty house, millions of people unemployed, and the general inequalities and ills within our society.


Tonight my heart was wrenched by a report on NPR about the US bail bond system and how most people in jail now are there because they can't make bond - even $50 or $100 bails. Some areas of the country are worse than others, but the system supports the incomes of bail bondsmen while taxpayers foot the bill for those who must sit inside for months or up to a year. And we're not talking violent criminals here...we may be talking about your or my neighbor whose life may now be ruined and whose job is now lost because he couldn't scare up $100. The toll on families is immeasurable: even the lowest wage earner is needed in the home!

So here's our formerly great America. Land of the spree, home of the grave?

Then an activist-court SCOTUS decides to supply more 'evidence' that corporations are people, too, and after hearing of their decision upturning the campaign finance law (inadequate though it was), I fret today even more than yesterday for the future of our handicapped-from-within America that was, is, and will continue to be, my only nag in the race.

Are some earthquakes man-made?

Here is an article I'm just now reading and am not certain you'd be interested in the subject but if you are, it concerns the possibility that earthquakes are not only natural disasters but can be manipulated man-made events.

Remember a few decades ago when 'cloud seeding' to bring rain was all the rage?

Baby steps.

Jan 20, 2010

America's 'Free Fall' economy - Stiglitz on video

Here's economist Joseph Stiglitz speaking about the economy on CNBC and I always appreciate his views. Yet his theories on the 2008 financial collapse and actions taken since only seem to graze the surface and merely explain mechanics - unless and until Stiglitz and others begin to spill what beans they know about the Illuminati's plans to dominate the world and set up a one-world-government 'prison planet' as Hitler attempted to do.

J. Edgar Hoover, ex-FBI director on the New World Order conspiracy: "The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists."

George H.W. Bush's comment: "If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts."

Well, I'll donate the string if y'all provide enough lamp posts. These brazen conspirators have infiltrated every branch of government, church, business, and education so we'll need a lot of lamp posts - sparked by a major confrontation between the American people - with the truth.

Our nation did have the Saturn-to-Neptune transit in Aug-Sept 2009, the 'grim reality' transit for our idealistic Neptune in Virgo, sign of work and service. And US corporations have been shedding our jobs before and since. The economy fails, jobs disappear, yet corporations are making more profits than ever! Something is 'wrong' with this picture, yes?

So are you not convinced there's a major plot afoot?

Then please open your mind and check out the website ThreeWorldWars which has a timeline of significant dates in the creation of the New World Order along with other informaton you might wish to consider while you still can.

No. These usurpers don't mean holding hands round the globe while teaching the world to sing Kumbaya.

And I suspect that Professor Stiglitz and his colleagues must know this very well.

Jan 19, 2010

View Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse photos

Space Weather News for Jan 19, 2010

FARSIDE SOLAR ACTIVITY: Over the past two days, NASA's STEREO-B spacecraft has detected two eruptions from an active region just behind the sun's eastern limb. The source of the blasts appears to be old sunspot 1039. The sun's rotation will begin turning the spot toward Earth this week, so there could be some Earth-directed solar activity in the offing.

Check SpaceWeather News for movies and updates.

ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE: On Jan 15th, the Moon passed directly in front of the sun, producing a "ring of fire" solar eclipse over the Indian Ocean and surrounding lands. The eclipse gallery contains many must-see images.

Start browsing here.

Naomi Klein warns on Haiti disaster capitalism

Update Jan 19: just published is the horoscope of Haiti's Declaration of Independence, Jan 1, 1804, with a few details. Powerful, manipulative Pluto is now conjunct Haiti's natal Mars/Chiron conjunction and tr Mars Rx is conjunct n SN!

Original post begins here:

Democracy Now has the Jan 13, 2010 interview text and video of author Naomi Klein concerning the Jan 12 earthquake disaster in Haiti and the threat of shock doctrine capitalism to this impoverished and on-its-knees nation.

In a comment on this blog yesterday I mentioned my lack of trust that the US government (and others) are being honest relief-bringers to the people of Haiti. Well, I wasn't searching for the above info but it turned up during a cyber-ramble for Haiti's date of independence.

Slave Uprising Leads to Independence

Haiti's revolutionaries declared independence from France on January 1, 1804, hour unknown, at Gonaives. Our slave owners President George Washington and Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson erred on the side of supporting France and Napoleon in the uprising.

'Erred' is only my modern word, but their historic mistake.

For as we see demonstrated before our eyes each day, rich plutocrats do like to stick together and they'll support or install any dictator who dances to their capitalist tune in order to make everything a one-sided win-win - but only for them.

Jan 18, 2010

Inauguration 2009's Solar Return 2010: Obama's 2nd year begins

Soon a year will have passed in the Presidency of Barack Obama which means it's time for the Solar Return 2010 to the Jan 20, 2009 Inauguration chart.

A Solar Return chart is 'good for' a year so the 2010 Return chart covers his presidency's 2nd year going forward. Click the link to view the 2010 Solar Return chart and read a few details. Leave polite comments to discuss the chart and our national propects for 2010, if you wish.

Jan 17, 2010

Martin Luther King Day 2010

In honor of Martin Luther King Day on Monday, I'm passing on to you a link to a personal remembrance written by my friend of several years, reporter and writer Terry Burger. Terry relocated to Pennsylvania years ago but still visits the South once in a while.

His article King Was an Ordinary Man Who Accomplished Extraordinary Things wisps me back to the 1960s and reminds me of the atmosphere of the times including a heinous KKK murder that occurred in summer 1964 in Terry's and my hometown of Athens, Georgia.

Now I don't remember details of the brutal murder as well as Terry does but I do remember driving past a certain house in the county where my family lived and being horrified and upset by seeing a burning cross on the front lawn - my first such sighting and the last. I must have been quite young - perhaps 9 or so - and found that my parents were quite speechless to explain to a child why a cross was put in such a condition. The graphic image didn't square at all with the Bible studies I enjoyed at church each week and it seemed senseless that anyone would do such a thing to the very symbol of Christ's sacrifice to save us - All.

Or at least that's what my Bible said and says. It seemed pretty clear to me as a child that 'all' meant everyone. Duh. That's you and me and the whole kit and caboodle who ever lived, lives, or will live on planet earth. Even then, if I rated, I tended to rate individuals on how they behaved toward others, not on how they looked. Another duh!

Like Terry, I say it's now 50 years hence. And though I can't claim not to 'understand' it, I still abhor it and what it symbolizes. Disclosure: actually, some of us here in Georgia are not racist (except on an unconscious level as are we all) though it may be difficult to convince most people of it. Certainly there have been through the years plenty of racist crimes committed in the North as well, which makes it an American problem, a dark stain or blind spot we're still 'working' on. Or are supposed to be.

Yet murderous psychopaths would probably disagree for their own skewed reasons. My feeling is that if such people didn't kill for racist 'justifications' they'd probably kill anyway.

Yes, like most Americans, I was thrilled when Barack Obama was elected (or selected, if you will, by the power elite) as President of the United States because of his talents, abilities, and intelligence, and I hoped his term would be a vast improvement over the previous skuldugging numbskullery and obscene pocket-lining.

1960s to 2010: Whether Mr. Obama's election to the Oval Office indicates any true evolutionary progress taking place here in America remains a question with an answer that's still up in the air. Perhaps it will all depend on whether people can really change.

If you wish to view the horoscope for April 4, 1968 @ 6:01 pm CST, Memphis, TN, you may do so (click chart to enlarge; details are included.)

Jan 15, 2010's Solar Eclipse @ 25Cap01 conjuncts his natal Sun 25Cap08 by 7 minutes which shows a tendency for him to be noticed in the collective; it's a time when previous obstacles to his efforts may clear! Those who feel negatively toward him and his work may muddy his identity now as some have tramped upon it even while he lived, preached, and led. They had their sordid reasons.


Around the outside of the April 4, 1968 chart you'll see Dr. King's natal planets listed with one 'biggie' in the asteroid department: his natal Nemesis (an unbeatable foe; divine retribution) @ 11Lib17 is rising in the assassination chart. No, Nemesis rising is not a lone indicator of the opposition Dr. King faced (Icarus is active, too - keywords: risk-taker; assassination), but its rising is a descriptive picture of the violent and sad event that stole Dr. King's life and immediately stopped in its tracks the melding of America's anti-war protests with the Civil Rights Movement.

We might say that that was what they opposed and why they decided to stop the man with the powerful, inspiring voice who was on the verge of effecting the melding of two massively popular social movements. Then our 'secret government' would have been seriously challenged by we-the-people for we are strong in numbers (the primary reason why I say that such tactics as 'Ds vs Rs' and 'libs vs cons' keeps us divided - on purpose.)

Now if human beings of the arrogant, overweening persuasion would cease assuming the role of the jackal delivering 'divine retribution' to their fellow men and leave such judgments to our Creator (where it belongs), the entire planet could sleep better at night.

Judge not, lest ye be also judged.

"I have a dream..."

Jan 16, 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award for Stars Over Washington! Who's next?

On this rainy Saturday in Georgia, a big and hearty Thank You goes out to my cyber friend, author, and cat lover Layla Morgan Wilde, maven of the Boomer Muse blog who has kindly put SO'W on her Kreativ Blogger Award list of 7!

Layla and I became friends on Gather years ago and have shared a mutual love of kitty cats ever since - her cats Merlin and Coco are simply fabulous felines! (And my kitties are quite jealous of them and their online fame.)

Now here are the 6 rules for the Kreativ Blogger Award which you will need to follow if you are chosen:

1. Copy/paste the Kreativ Blogger Award picture onto your blog
2. Thank the person who awarded it to you and post a link to her/his blog
3. Write 7 things about yourself we do not know
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5. Link to them
6. Notify your 7 bloggers of their award

Hmmm...7 things about me you do not know...not sure if you know them or not, so...Did You Know?

1. I am all about using alcohol-based liquid soap several times per day and don't care who knows it
2. A favorite guilty pleasure is watching TV's Castle each week, even re-runs
3. In a Dark Chocolate vs White Chocolate war, both would lose miserably to Milk Chocolate
4. For over 20 years I ran away from an early interest in Astrology due to what my church teaches about it; I subsequently got over it
5. Childhood was spent running wildly upon woodsy paths and ensconced in the topmost branches of tall trees from whence I did not answer my mother when she called
6. I seldom, if ever, get to use the word whence and am not certain why
7. In spite of the heavy subjects I write about on Stars Over Washington, a natal Jupiter/Saturn trine gives me a silly, oft-expressed sense of humor - much needed in today's wacky world.

And now (enough about me), here are my Kreativ Blogger Award recipients - hope I get to award them first! This will be an alphabetized-by-blog-name listing and you may notice that one of them is my creative photographing, yarn-spinning daughter Maya (there's no rule against nepotism, I assume) so away we go:

1. Delwyn, writing from Queensland, Australia on her A Hazy Moon blog for its lovely and calming combination of Japanese prints and poetry, Egyptian Art, and veggie photos, along with an image of Thoth, 'god of blogging' as he's 'recording his observations'! (As astrologers and mythologists know, scribe Thoth is one of Mercury's faces, the other being Hermes, the alchemist, trickster, and shaman.)

2. Marina and Funkstar at Funk Astrology Blog for their insightful, in-depth analyses and dedication to 'Cutting Edge Astrology for Uranian Times'. Both offer Astrology consultations, and Marina practices Tarot and dream interpretation as well.

3. Julie at Julie Demboski's Astrology for her brilliant analyses of planetary aspects and trends which she deftly combines with asteroids for a more complete picture given in her clearly-written style that keeps many of us on the road to understanding events, ourselves, and others better.

4. Diane Lang, aka Neith, whose specialities included relationships (synastry) and Nodal information at her Neithnet blog, which is in process of being transported (along with Neith on Synastry) to a new webhome on WordPress, Neith on Astrology. Now we have a one-stop place for all of Neith's excellent work!

5. Donna Cunningham, expert world class astrologer, lecturer, and author of 19 books (by last count!) who has entered the cyber world of Astrology blogs and now astounds us with her brilliant output at her SkyWriter blog. And Donna also offers excellent online writing seminars at Moon Maven Publications, along with her books in e-book form or hard copy.

6. Maya Henderson, author of Springtree Road where she writes as a stay-at-home mom who knows her way around a camera while spinning, dyeing, and hand painting yarns of all colors for your special knitting projects. Maya is now launching a new Etsy Shop of her photography prints called a moss garden.

7. Astrologer Anne Whitaker, an astro-veteran who studied Psychological Astrology with the great Dr. Liz Greene, and who is now Writing from the twelfth house from her snug location in Glasgow, Scotland. Plus, Anne has recently launched a sister site called Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness concerning paranormal experiences which she's being very open about...share, if you wish!

These are all very creative - I mean, Kreativ - ladies who deserve much credit for making the worldwide web a better place to read, view, and hang out! Many other great blogs are not listed here, whose authors deserve notice, too, yet I suspect that others will soon ensnare their blogs within their Award nets.

Now for the hard part: if I can only figure out how to contact them all...and will they fume at me if I can't? ;p

Thanks again, Layla!



Jan 15, 2010

1st International Astrology Day Blog Carnival: Cardinal T-Square 2010

In March 2010, master astrologers Donna Cunningham and C. J. Wright will be co-hosting the 1st International Astrology Blog Carnival in honor of the Aries Ingress 2010 and with the goal of providing practical solutions for those who wish to better deal with the Cardinal T-Square of Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, a planetary pattern which affects us personally and collectively from 2010 to 2014.

As you know, these 3 heavyweights form a T-Square pattern with Saturn and Uranus in opposition, pointing to powerful manipulator Pluto in Capricorn at apex, and many folk are expecting difficult events from these planetary energies (which the world is already experiencing.)

Periods of Saturn/Pluto squares can bring harshness and cruelty when social responsibilities are seen as burdens, while Uranus/Pluto squares are a revolutionary combo due to curtailments of liberty and freedom (Uran/Plu were squared in the years 1931 to 1934 when Hitler and Roosevelt rose to power. There be great dangers if we remain apathetic to the political developments of 2010 to 2014.)

Now I don't know where these transiting planets stomp in your natal chart - hopefully you do, for it'd be good info to have - but I do know that few if any of us will go completely unscathed by the difficulties this pattern creates.

The 2010 Astrology Blog Carnival will inform readers bwo a variety of articles authored by astrologers and including advice for meeting personal challenges in these harrowing days. This project is not intended for those of us who deal with global issues and problems, aka Mundane Astrology, so please take note of the 'personal challenges' theme if you wish to submit an article or two for consideration in the Astrology Carnival of March 2010.

Yes, both Saturn (tradition; status quo; old) opposing Uranus (progress; disruption; new) are planets associated in part with Science and Politics, and the November 2008 election of President Obama occurred on one of the very days of their exact opposition. Speculation was rife across the internet asking if Barack Obama was signified by change-promoting Uranus. Did he really want to bring us "Change We Can Believe In"?

Well, this reluctant astrologer had to fall into the 'natal Saturn Rx in Capricorn = status quo' camp concerning his presidency and in recent days I've heard commentators and pundits mentioning again just how 'establishment' (Saturnian) he's turned out to be. Quelle surprise? Mais non!

Yet sadly for America and for those who thought they were voting for a 'peace candidate' with a populist persuasion (suckas!) Mr. Obama is not (as I expected) removing the US from war in the Middle East. In fact, he has escalated war, as you know.

Do I digress a bit from the 2010 International Astrology Blog Carnival's 'meeting personal challenges' theme?

Perhaps. But only so that I may insert again the interpretation of the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto Cardinal T-Square's midpoint picture which describes the unfortunate flavor of our times, bringing difficulties for which we can all use advice in order to manage their possibilities - any, all, or none may apply:

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: tremendous fear of loss; upheaval to protect assets; rebellion; brutality; a desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary efforts; concealing changes to activities; drastic changes in a previously liberal atmosphere. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey; my bold.)

Changes? Yes, but not the kind most of us wanted or expected under Pres. Obama's watch.

In The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin gives the blend of 'Saturn/Uranus' as representing obstinate, self-willed, or violent people and it can manifest as 'kicking against tutelage and against the limitation of freedom'...but also with a determined ability to cope!

And as Celeste Teal observes in her excellent book Eclipses, Uranus = Aries Point is 'a historical marker for science' and this indicator plays into most descriptions of the Cardinal T-Square's Uranus at AP, conjunct the Foundation (Ic) of America's natal chart (Sibly version); therefore my plan is to post the Aries Ingress 2010 chart asap.

Plus, we note that the series of 3 Great Conjunctions of the 'scientific breakthroughs' and 'new explorations' planets, Jupiter and Uranus, will begin at Aries Point on June 8, 2010. You may wish to read more about them in Anne Whitaker's excellent book Jupiter Meets Uranus.

We may even wish to substitute Jupiter in place of Uranus in our T-Square formula especially since Jupiter and Saturn are the two societal planets - same sources as noted above:

Jup/Sat = Pluto: tremendous perseverance; dramatic thrust of self; control of the situation; major change of situation; fearless; restrictions; separations; being unafraid of any work or trouble in order to attain desired aims slowly but surely; immense effort; violent changes; a total reversal of plans; transforming personal ideas about the future into today's reality; intense business activity.

Well, I don't like saying so but the Solar Eclipse @ 19Can24 on July 11, 2010 may mark a world financial collapse, the one that has supposedly been warded off. (You'll see a chart image there and a more complete interpretation of the Cardinal T-Square's midpoint picture within the post. Who's behind all this misery? Follow the money and the power grabs...and ask that detached, ivory-towered apex Pluto. If you can find the booger.)

To counter the real possibility of a worldwide financial collapse on the horizon, economist Joseph Stiglitz is calling more loudly this very today for a second stimulus package, in fact, and his book Free Fall is very descriptive: Free (Uranus) Fall (Saturn)!

So even though the world is haplessly goose-stepping itself on down the trail toward totalitarianism, perhaps the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction/s of 2010/2011 will be a bright spot along the way and will herald one of the combo's much-needed 'fortunate turns' of direction!


Be sure to keep up with Donna Cunningham at her SkyWriter blog, and with C. J. Wright at Auntie Moon. Don't you adore that name, Auntie Moon?

And for a more uplifting analysis of the Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, check out Crystal Pomeroy's article at Daykeeper Journal. jc

FBI's Most Wanted billboard in Times Square and 1984

Will this be a helpful innovation for society? Or a sign of 1984-esque control and manipulation by the police state?

How odd if the snoots of criminal suspects being splayed across NYC's Times Square provides crooks with a feeling of having 'made it' in popular culture.

Perhaps this tech innovation indicates that Andy Warhol's '15 minutes of fame' is finally being writ large enough for all to see...and fear.

And interestingly, the year 1984 saw two Solar Eclipses, one from the 4 North Series @ 9Gemini, one from 4 South @ 1 Sag:

4N's flavor: a difficult series bringing restrictions, restraints, separations, and illusions; events block, and strength and situations are misjudged.

4S: very strong emotions concerning money or relationships; anger or lust; relationship issues go beyond one's control; can bring a sudden desire to end unions; emotions are blocked or checked in some way resulting in tremendous frustration; avoid rash actions until things settle down (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology .)

Also in 1984 was a Great Conjunction of grand schemers and speculators, Jupiter and Neptune, @ 00Cap01, a World Point where big events tend to manifest. That's why I keep referencing the recent transit of Pluto (god of the Underworld and crime syndicates) as Mr. Invisible, the secret hand, triggered this degree off and on (and is still within orb of influence), and resulted in the following midpoint picture, one astrological factor which unites the much-touted 'Big Brother 1984' with our current times:

Jupiter/Neptune = Pluto: major adjustment of life circumstances; unreasonable plans; self-projection out of hand. (Tyl.)

Hmmm...'self-projection out of hand'?? Sounds a bit like a techno-billboard of sought suspects hovering over Times Square like a Big Brother-induced method of societal control and fearmongering to me with "high security messages" included.

What do you think?

Jan 14, 2010

Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse: SpaceWeather News

Space Weather News for Jan 14, 2010

ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE: The Moon is about to pass directly in front of the sun, producing an annular solar eclipse on Jan. 15th between 0500 and 0900 GMT. The zone of visibility stretches from Africa across the Indian Ocean to eastern Asia. Onlookers in those places should be alert for crescent-shaped shadows on the ground and "ring of fire" suns in the sky.

Visit SpaceWeather.com today for an animated preview and again tomorrow for photos and movies of the actual event.


For Astrology of the Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse (25Cap01) scroll down to the next two and three posts where you'll find mention of Mercury's Direct Station, also on Jan 15, Friday, @ 11:52 am est and a horoscope of the Eclipse set for Washington, DC.

Making donations to Haiti

The earthquake in Haiti has created tremendous opportunities to aid a people who need all the help they can get. But if you're like me you want to avoid the sham charities that tend to spring up after natural disasters with the express purpose of rooking those whose hearts lead them to aid others in their time of need.

In recent years I've found that Charity Navigator is a very good (non-profit) source for decisions on where to safely make donations to worthy causes and you'll find links for Haiti donations on their site.

If you've never used Charity Navigator, please give them a look and do what you can for the people of Haiti.

Jan 13, 2010

3-Quote Round-Up, one from Ayn Rand

"Formerly no one was allowed to think freely; now it is permitted, but no one is capable of it any more. Now people want to think only what they are supposed to think, and this they consider freedom."

Oswald Spengler (born May 29, 1880 - died 1936) from The Decline of the West, 1926; Herr Spengler was critical of Nazi 'racial superiority' theories

"We allow the most atrocious lies uttered by political and moral prostitutes to go unchallenged. These lies are endlessly recycled in the commercial media until they become ingrained in the public conscience as truth. Worse than burying our heads in the sand, we bury them up our collective ass. How do you like the view?"

Charles Sullivan (This brief Wiki bio is for the 'Charles Sullivan' who ran for president in 1960 - there are at least two of them, maybe more...who knows?)

"Ask yourself why totalitarian dictatorships find it necessary to pour money and effort into propaganda for their own helpless, chained, gagged slaves, who have no means of protest or defense. The answer is that even the humblest peasant or the lowest savage would rise in blind rebellion were he to realize that he is being immolated, not to some incomprehensible 'noble purpose', but to plain, naked, human evil."

Ayn Rand (the one and only)


Above 3-Quote Round-Up courtesy of Information Clearing House. jc

Solar Ecl Jan 15, 2010 and Mercury's Station Direct

The Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse on Friday naturally has a Sun Cap/Moon Cap blend of energies which has this 'Image for Integration':

'A hoary old grandfather sits in his chair with his grandson on his knee. He gives him a gift for his seventh birthday -- a first edition of Pilgrim's Progress.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Now there are several Capricorn/Saturn references within the Image: old, Grandfather (old man, senex), knee, and an appreciation of lasting values such as we find in Pilgrim's Progress, first published in 1678, and written, they say, while John Bunyan was imprisoned by Saturnian walls. The establishment (Saturn) church was none too pleased with Mr. Bunyan in his day.

Also, the mention of 'seventh birthday' alerts us to a persona's first Saturn square to natal position which occurs on or around age 7, when our permanent teeth (Saturn) are usually in place. This undergirds the partnership '7 year itch' as well if relationship responsibilities are not honored or are avoided.

But I'm actually signed on here to mention the Sabian Symbol for Mercury's Direct Station 5Cap33 which occurs (first minute) on Jan 15, 2010 @ 11:52 am est. I'm looking at its chart set for Washington, DC, and Mercury (which won't revisit Pluto 3Cap50 again this go-round) sits in 9th house.

Moon, past her Solar Eclipse degree 25Cap01 of Jan 15, 2010, is at a critical 29th degree: 29Cap48 ('30Cap' = "A Secret Business Conference" - but Washington has so many of them, who can keep count?); this marks the last of the above Sun/Moon combo of energies, for soon Luna will move into AQ and I imagine she's quite anxious (29 degr) to do so, don't you? A Cappy Moon can be an ambitious, though perhaps cold-hearted, placement!

Therefore, America will soon experience another Lunar Return (AQ), its time depending on which US natal chart you use. Lately I've been experimenting again using the Barry Lynes version @ 4:47 LMT with 7Sag37 Rising in 'nuclear degree' and you know the date and location of America's Declaration of Independence. Important events for the US have happened with planets at this ASC degree. (To be discussed when time permits.)

Also at critical or crisis 29th degree is moneybags Jupiter 29AQ28, guru, professor, and banker, and significator of the Republican Party, here poised to move into his own sign of Pisces. Lovely, as noted astrologer Julie Demboski mentions in her post
Thoughts on the Verge of Mercury Direct. Please check out Julie's article for she has a clear way of explaining astrological principles, a fact which you've probably glommed on to by now!

Direct Station Mercury's '6Cap' = "A Dark Archway and Ten Logs at the Bottom" -- keyword: THOROUGHNESS...

positive expression: high competence in the interpretation of life's purposes or unusual persistence in employing its ramifying potentials effectively;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: fear of experience and bondage to mystery. (MEJ.)

Now you may know that the symbol's 'Dark Archway' reference reminds me of Masonic arches and Sacred Geometry, but I'll not digress into that subject just now.

In Mercury's (negotiations, announcements, treaties, speeches, thinking processes, commerce, trade, young people, etc) Station Direct chart, the Messenger rules three houses: two with Gemini cusps: 2nd and 3rd, and 6th house cusp 17Vir15, with Saturn exalted in Libra in 6th house of Health, Work, Service, and Military and Police Forces.

Saturn and Moon are applying (4A51) to a helpful trine so perhaps with Mercury now turning to direct motion (though being squared by Saturn here which may also indicate hard work to overcome blockages), things will soon proceed legislatively in the health insurance reform process - at least once Mercury leaves its shadow degree (21Cap45 Rx Station on Dec 25, 2009) on or about Feb 4, 2010.

Now Dec 25, 2009 is a date to remember - for the Senate vote the previous day and for the 'underwear bomber' incident which will continue to be in the news as reporting Mercury moves along his/her merry, quicksilver way.

At Ic (Foundation of the Matter) is 19Can24, the degree of the
July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse that I'm feeling quite wary over for America's sake.

And surely the Direct Station of Mars (on or about March 10, 00Leo17) will rev things up in the legislative process as well, while hopefully not bringing us oppressive police or military actions in the homeland.

Jan 12, 2010

And Why do they hate America, Mr. President?

More than once in the last year or so I've tried to relocate online Osama bin Laden's 'letter to America' with its list of things he and his fellow jihadists hold against my nation. Each time my ISP refused to allow me to follow the few links I uncovered.

Now Information Clearing House's Newsletter arrives with a link to the full text of it and as most of the world is aware, America's blind support of Israel with its military actions against Lebanon and Palestine are at the top of the list, if I'm reading it correctly, along with US invasions of the Middle East.

That, and the fight for total control of Jerusalem, of course.

So when veteran journalist Helen Thomas recently asked, Why? at the press conference for the 'Christmas Day/underwear bomber' incident and received no intelligent answer from President Obama (or his team), it sparked my interest again to re-read bin Laden's list of grievances. How rehearsed the administration's replies which don't actually 'answer' the question...Why?

Now you may take exception to my linking above to the 'letter' and that's okay for you. Yes, America being referred to as 'the great satan' or 'satanic' may be unsettling (unless you know our leaders show deference to such devilish gurus as Sun Myung Moon see them 'crowning' him on video! or share my view that the US Capitol Building is a Masonic Temple with who-knows-what sort of altar in the cellar (and if one is there, it is never for public viewing, of course.)

Be that as it may or may not be, I am frankly over-expired with Washington's terrorist mumbo jumbo as to why world religions are locked in a death struggle (spiral) - and yet oddly enough, the modern jihadist has no interest in their own immams whom they consider to be out of touch. Still, it seems to me that what bin Laden and his robots believe about us should matter to our leadership, and should be taken into account by Washington rather than delivering doublespeak non-answers that makes little, if any, sense, and only serve to continue the carnage.

The much-touted 'war on terror' is indeed one of the primary reasons our nation has been run into bankruptcy, or is teetering on the brink of it, depending on which propaganda you listen to. Yet if our leadership took into account that long-time US policies abroad (betrayals, bombs, assassinations, puppet despots, frauds, people-starving sanctions, etc) are what set off violence against America and her allies, you might reasonably think that our top dogs would want to stop the retaliation and endless cycle of brutality by tamping down their tendency toward...violence. Not so!

Why, it's almost as if an endless cycle of violence is just what the US (and Israel) want in order to 'justify' their own aggressions, wouldn't you? Psychopaths all, imo.

And if America (July 4, 1776) was founded on Illuminati (May 1, 1776) or other secret principles, you don't have to gaze far from the Capitol Building's rotunda and the crypt beneath it to see why bin Laden associates America with satan. Especially when we bomb the Holy Land that our leaders, religious and otherwise, say they revere so deeply. (Yuh. Right. Pass the ammo?)

Karma is a bi*ch

Even mighty America and hallowed Israel must come under the "by their fruits ye shall know them" axiom in spite of the constant, flimsy excuses spouted by Washington and Tel Aviv. What we send out we get back, in some form or another, and often worse when we've been bad.

To me, it seems that the CIA's 'blowback' principle is karma in disguise. They just don't like to admit it to the American public in their arrogant fashion plus, telling the truth might lose them an election or something.

But we know. We see the karmic principle working within our own lives.

So tell me now, if you wish: do you disagree very very much?

Jan 11, 2010

Solar Eclipse July 11, 2010: Cardinal T-SQ

Solar Eclipse 19Can24 July 11, 2010 @ 3:40:24 pm edt, White House, Washington, DC; Hour of Venus; ASC 16Soc09 = Saturn/Pluto = Mars/NN; Mc 25Leo24; out-of-sign Cardinal T-SQs (critical degree Saturn 29Vir17): Jupiter/Saturn = Pluto 3Cap42 Rx in 2nd house, and Saturn/Uranus = Pluto; Eclipse in 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, and Insurance.

Right off the bat you see that this is a difficult Solar Eclipse, don't you? So if you prefer a pie-in-the-sky type of Astrology, you may wish to skip reading this post which concerns politics, business, and financial systems.

Sun/Moon 19Can24 conjoins both the Heliocentric North Node of Pluto, and Fixed Star Castor (sudden fame or loss, murder, mental illness, crippling of limbs - A. Louis.) Celeste Teal adds for Castor the possibilities of decapitation, fevers, and rape.

Midpoints of Sat/Plu and Mars/NN are rising...all, any, or none may apply; details from Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey:

Sat/Plu = ASC: cumbersome or difficult circumstances; sadness; bereavement; separation; silent power or continuing influences; concentration upon important matters; assessment of how to work with powerful people.

Michael Munkasey gives the 'Saturn/Pluto' combo in relation to politics and business as: use of secret police or military agencies; restraints on destructive weapons; upsets in existing checks and balances; turmoils in rigid or older structures; earth blocks sewage systems.

That's the Thesis; here's the Antithesis of 'Sat/Plu': secret preparations for future restrictions; keeping affairs private and not open to scrutiny; hoarding resources for potential future disasters; lengthy considerations of removal methods or methods of destruction.

Employing stealth, replacing past rigid habit patterns, correcting the effects of past excesses, and an ability or failure to adequately provide for conditions of future reversals may also be represented by the Sat/Plu blend of harsh energies.

'Mars/NN' = ability to attract or sell military might from others; the use of mercenaries; allies who send military help in times of need; energy or military hardware provided for by treaty. Antithesis: aggressive actions against a nation by hostile countries; warlike acts break treaties; dispersal of weapons or resources without safeguards or without intentions of others that they will pay for them.

Listed on the chart are the two midpoint pictures formed by the T-SQs:

Jup/Sat = Plu: tremendous perseverance; dramatic thrust of ego; fearless; control of the situation; major or violent changes; people unafraid of hard work to attain aims slowly but surely; immense efforts; separation; restriction (see the last paragraph of this post); a total reversal of plans; intense business activities.

Sat/Uran = Plu: concealing changes in one's activities; ending extreme practices that hinder progress; drastic reforms in a previously liberal atmosphere; rigid inflexibility replaces adaptation; violence or brutality; rebellion against one's lot in life; harm through force majeure; upheaval to protect assets. (You have assets?)

An Eclipse in Cancer personalizes its effects for any nation having strong Cancer placements (US) and indicates a highlighting of issues such as homeland, domestic scene, security issues; consumerism, food crops, milk; business and real estate.

Its 8th house position for the US shows a link to the financial system and economy and may indicate delays of new opportunities for expansion and growth, stress in educational systems (reforms will be costly), long distance travel, publishing and religion; markets fluctuate (perhaps wildly.)

Scandals are always possible when an Eclipse lifts the rock and this Eclipse's 8th house position may bring more revelations concerning frauds, thefts, and deceits.

The July 2010 Solar Eclipse, which Celeste Teal titles 'Victory Over Obstacles', is in the 12 South (12S) Series: 'successful outcomes to long-term worries or illness; a draining issue will at first seem worse, then clear with positive outcomes.' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Well, that sounds fairly decent, right? Wish it were that simple!

12S is America's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (PE) which occurred @ 00Pis33 on Feb 19, 1776. And here wounding/wounded Chiron @ 00Pis19 Rx is, as you see (click chart to enlarge) triggering our nation's PE. (Chiron is 'experiential'.) And now that Chiron has entered nebulous, obfuscating Pisces, oceanic sign of compassion and creativity, can President Obama's Chiron Return be far behind?

Actually, while we're on the subject, let me give the doozy of a Chiron Return for Mr. Obama - it's quite unsual for any return chart because it's a '5-er'...

Barack Obama's Chiron 5Pis19 Rx (born Aug 4, 1961) returns to natal degree:

1. May 21, 2011;
2. June 27, 2011 Rx;
3. Feb 26, 2012;
4. Oct 19, 2012 Rx;
5. Dec 10, 2012.

Yowch! Since this leaves me quite speechless (unusual, I know), yet this list must be left for another time except to say that Mr. Obama's lessons relating to Chiron are massive indeed, and yes, this will affect the country he leads, assuming he completes his term, and that Earth's poles don't shift us to kingdom come by Dec 2012.

Back to July 11, 2010

There are many factors worth discussing in the chart you see pictured here and I trust my able Astrology colleagues online to analyze them in various ways as they emphasize the chart's multi-facets. Therefore, I shall veer a little to a synchronicitous consideration since I deal primarily on this blog with Washington DC and the politicians who infest our nation's capital.

And you, dear reader, have certainly been paying close attention to the corporate bailouts and other shady dealings which Capitol Hill and Wall Street have been perpetrating upon our nation - those which have become impossible for even the most problem-avoiding ostrich to ignore as they culminated in Financial Collapse 2008.

Transiting Pluto, that secret hand and spying saboteur (and Dragon Guarding the Riches) now opposing US natal Venus, Jupiter, and Sun in Cancer tells a tale of outer forces allied against the US financial system; these transits has been covered here before. And tr Saturn and Pluto have been affecting the Fed's natal chart, too.

So there are two things I want to mention now about the Solar Eclipse @ 19Can24: it triggers a Great Conjunction from the past of two planets that together related directly to financial and industrial titans (global bankers), the Fed, and to religious leaders as well: Jupiter/Pluto, with its 'great desire for power over others' flavor.

Their Great Conjunction of Dec 11, 2007 marks what has been officially touted as the beginning of the current recession. And the brittle, make-or-break, old vs new energies of Saturn/Uranus came into play in Dec 2007 because Jupiter and Pluto met @ 28Sag23 which is precisely where Saturn/Uranus last conjoined at the start of their current cycle: 3x in 1988.

Actually, it would be helpful if you'd read a previous post concerning the Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction of Dec 11, 2007, a day when the Fed gave a pronouncement on interest rates after their meeting - perfectly described by Jupiter meeting Pluto.

The post mentions the Saturn/Uranus connection, opposing one another during the 2008 presidential campaign, and the tr *Saturn/Neptune midpoint @ 29Sco07 which, as you know, was the position of our Inauguration 2009 Moon, the people. (Pres. Obama's natal Mc is indicated in late Scorpio as well, though when I wrote the post in Dec 2007, I didn't know he'd become President.)

I'll not update or change the chart but you'll read that I said that, "money is all over the chart," so please check it out and get back to me.

Plus, if you click to enlarge the Jup/Plu chart, you will see the Ic (Foundation of the Matter) and Mc (Aspirations) at critical degrees: 20Can/Cap11...so the Ic of Dec 11, 2007 will be triggered/transited on July 11, 2010 by the 12S Solar Eclipse 19Can24.

And the second thing?

The Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010 conjuncts the degree of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter/Pluto during the Great Depression: May 26, 1931 @ 19Can16, exact at 10:06 pm, White House. Peep-eye, Fedsters!

Yes, the connection between 1929 and 2008 'collapses' and the Fed's machinations behind the scenes have been mentioned zillions of times in the news media since 2008, so what are the chances that the Fed is intimately involved in both the Crash of 1929 AND the Collapse of 2008? I thought you'd agree.


*Sat/Nep may operate on many levels such as: secret government; deceptive government; delusions among the real leadership; policies that restrict spies; long-lasting programs which have no real purpose; misusing law officers; inefficient use of expert advice; communism; socialism; a dual character; caution; pessimism; loss and grief; illnesses that are difficult to diagnose; deceptions and going to great lengths to keep them hidden; continuing detrimental practices.

Sat/Nep = Moon: hesitation about replacing that which no longer functions as intended (health insurance reforms?); activities which serve no real purpose; increased use of drugs to escape harsh realities; inhibited development; depression; a low character; emotional drain. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)


Something I've been intending to mention: the ongoing Sat/Pluo square and the tunnel conditions that seemingly merit 'underground' (Plu) 'barriers' (Sat) being built by Israel in Palestine and by the US in Mexico. Harsh and cruel. Absolute disaster. Worse for Palestine now, for US and Mexico later, and both relate to crime waves, but they're wasting their time and our money, imho. #


Jan 12, 2010: may I refer you to an excellent analysis left as a Comment under this post by Duse (Jonathan W) concerning the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse chart above? He has previously added great insights to my SO'W offerings and has come through again! jc