Jun 30, 2007

From BBC News: UK terror threat now 'critical' so after taking some time studying charts of Friday's London almost-bombs (or false flag ops, if you prefer to entertain the idea), the situation has updated itself by Glasgow Airport being attacked by a fast-driven, flame-bellied SUV--a jeep cherokee, in fact. Were war whoops included?

Don't Tell Me It's Too Late

Now the hour grows dim and I have little fire in my belly to post on any of the charts and there are other things calling for my attention--like being whumped out for instance.

Yet there are a few things to mention about the current Foiled Attacks charts...

About 1:30 am BST: the first car rigged as bomb...green metallic Mercedes parked in front of a nightclub they call Tiger Tiger (now Yall check to see if the club has been dealing with any financial problems lately, ok? and check for bankruptcies in particular)...ambulance drivers were called to the scene (someone is said to have been "falling"...does this check out?), they see smoke coming out from the parked vehicle, call police who defuse the gaseous (Neptune) mess around 2 am.

Mars' only applying aspect (how things will proceed for Mars) during this episode is a semi-square to Uranus and although the Mars/Uranus combo perfectly describes explosions and revolution and such, a semi-square seems to me to imply imperfect attention to detail--assuming that the intent was to actually carry through explosive attacks (and not just to cower the population--an Orwellian tactic which doesn't seem to work esp well in the UK, does it? Yet with a brand-spankin' new PM you have to ask if it's false flag ops for controlling purposes.)

Note: the NWO degree "18Cap" crossed the MC at 1:53 am BST...see NWO hatches if you fancy. The Sabian Symbol for this degree relates directly to Britain.

The NWO's natal Sun degree is conjunct DESC (setting) at 1:30 am...that makes two Angular connections.

Anyway, the chart for 1:30 am BST, London, 29 June, has god-of-war and violent instigator Mars 2Tau59, ASC = 1Tau54--and here's a list of countries and cities associated with the bullish, determined, possessive, greedy, intolerant sign of *Taurus the Bull (in no particular order):

Countries are Switzerland, Cyprus, Iran, Capri, the Greek Islands, Parma, Ischia, and Ireland.

Cities are Lucerne, Dublin, St. Louis, Mantua, Leipzig, and Palermo. That's FYI, but if you know of any more Taurean cities/countries, please let me know, okay?

George, George Bush and his Aspirations

Action-lovin' Mars, the god of war, rules the natal Midheaven (the Aspiration or WHY? Point) of George Bush.

With cruel Saturn/Pluto's transiting midpoint currently upon Mr. Bush's n IC (HOW? Point, opposite Midheaven, aka MC), he is under tremendous pressure to complete his mission by any means necessary. But that was always the strategery.

Yes, Bush's mojo really has gone limp, as 'they' say (ex: Arianna Huffington has written about it in her blog at HuffPost) and I would add that charm only takes you so far in life. Esp since 'riding on the camel's back' eventually starts looking like what it is...sorriness...a moocher!)

With 'two men placed under arrest' in Glasgow, we see that the US secondary progressed Mars, now RX since July 2006, is at the "Two men placed under arrest" degree of "18Libra"...CONSEQUENCE...

pos: a heightened challenge to every special talent;

neg: total inappropriateness of impulse and act ('impulse' and 'act' = Mars.)

And tr Jupiter/Saturn, the Societal duo, has been and now is conj US sec Mars' degree so we have...

Jupiter/Saturn = US's sec Mars (the military; police; firefighters, men, suffragette-type women, etc): discontent; inconstant will; the desire to enforce change of circumstances and conditions; feeling unrewarded and making a change; not wanting to toe the line.

And Rx Jupiter is just before returning to 11Sag+, the degree of Chiron-Pluto's conjunction of Dec 30, 1999...when many manipulative plans were laid to usher in the 'New Millenium.'

So tr Jupiter is in process of expanding, increasing, and promoting those plans. Airports in the US and elsewhere have increased their security alert status.

Now at 12Sag+, 'moneybags-guru-the judge-the general-the professor-the priest' Jupiter is conj US natal ASC...representing the USA. And in the London chart for 1:53 am, 8th house contains Jupiter, Moon (18Sag49), and manipulative Pluto (using Placidus house system) so we have this picture:

Jupiter/Pluto = Moon: desire to bring about social aspirations and improvements; influencing the masses or the public through emotional appeal; emotional conviction guides a new start; establishing one's new position with a gut feeling (Gordon? Is that YOU, Gordon? And Moon = publicity.) (Midpoint pics are from Tyl and from Ebertin as usual.)

Significator for the Middle East?

Our current Full Moon 8Capr25 (opposite Sun 8Cancer25) is out-of-bounds and may signify in part the Eastern influence in events ('Moon' as symbol for the region)--as does Neptune--still dancing in opposition to authoritative Saturn.) We know that Neptune was at 6-7 Aquarius when Mohammed entered Medina, thus we have the offical beginning of Islam...and the origin of the Medina degree.

Then with the attacks of 9/11/01 being part of Islam's Neptune Return--to 6-7 AQ--Neptune's mysticism, spirituality, vortex to the divine, and poppies-of-the-field qualities seem to describe the East accurately in my book. For chart studies it's Neptune for our brothers and sisters of the Islamic persuasion even while acknowledging that all planetary energies manifest on many levels at once in our complex world...if they manifest at all.

Yet Islam shares something in similar fashion with Protestantism and with Christianity in general besides their professed belief in One God: religions have factions. Nothing manmade is perfect, is it? Religion is a splinteredly thing.

For We Know

All beliefs and all denials of all men are but sequinned mirrors on His robes (I-Ching.)

But What of London and Glasgow?

Perhaps it was crooks--or some in-league covens of desperate politicians. Like I said, crooks.

*Profuse apologies to my Taurean friends who are dear and dependable and open to all...creature comforts! BTW--don't you luv that new TV program, Creature Comforts ? It's my new fave!

A Cat Limerick Heads-Up for you: Lim has written his own rhyme about Congress at Lim's Limericks if you're wondering.

Bush, Bush, and Putin: Lobster Partay!

Bush, Putin to Share Break from Tensions says HuffPost...or are they rehearsing their next big scene with Poppy-B holding the cue cards?

Lobsters of Kennebunkport watch out!!! For two of the most ruthless critters crawling the globe are in your neighborhood this weekend--and Putin is a frighteningly devilish cuss too!

UPDATE Monday: the result? Putin catches fish, pancakes on the griddle but disagreements as their sauce.

Jun 29, 2007

Venus and Saturn: get your 'scopes!

Space Weather News for June 29, 2007:

VENUS & SATURN: Saturn and Venus are converging in the sunset sky for a beautiful close encounter this weekend. At closest approach on Saturday, June 30th, the two planets will be a mere 2/3rds of a degree apart. It's a pretty sight for the unaided eye, and a great target for backyard telescopes. Even small 'scopes will reveal the rings of Saturn and the crescent shape of Venus.

Check SpaceWeather.com for sky maps and more information.

FIRST LIGHT FOR AIM: NASA's AIM spacecraft is sending back its first pictures of noctilucent clouds from Earth orbit. The clouds photographed by AIM have the same intricate structure and electric-blue glow familiar to sky watchers on Earth, but the panoramic view afforded by the spacecraft's 600 km high orbit is unlike anything we've seen before.

Check today's edition of SpaceWeather.com for one of AIM's first light images plus an updated gallery of ground-based sightings.#


on Gordon Brown

AstroDataBank has a great feature on Gordon Brown's natal chart
(born Feb 20, 1951, 8:40 am GMT, Giffnock, Scotland.)

Mr. Brown is a 12th house kind of guy--aka a politician--whose tenure has begun with a car packed with explosives and nails...defused.

No time this morning to post on him but his Image for Integration (Sun Pisces-Moon Leo) sounds about right after so many years in waiting for his moment to arrive:

Cinderella sits by the fire mending her ballgown and daydreaming about her romantic evening of dance, glamour, and high drama.

Jun 28, 2007

Teddy Roosevelt and the invisible government

"Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day."

Theodore Roosevelt, April 19, 1906

Born in New York, Oct 27, 1858, this Roosevelt has the "mailed fist in a velvet glove" combo of Sun Scorpio-Moon Cancer. Very intuitive with a strong sense of duty, the weakness is letting subjective hunches replace objective reasoning (sounds like Bush and Cheney.)

This blend's Images for Integration are:

A mother eagle defends her babies with immense courage...A surgeon develops life-saving methods...A mother passionately defends her delinquent child and pleads for a compassionate verdict (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzy Harvey.)

This personality blend is shared natally with Dan Rather, humorist Will Rogers, and Tatum O'Neill.

Here's another Teddy quote--perhaps the one he's most remembered for:

"There is a homely adage which runs, 'Speak softly and carry a big stick, you will go far'."

Guess Cheney speaks softly enough--it's where and how to use the big stick that he's confused about. But most people know where he should put it.

green cards from fake job ads

How Fake Job Ads Defraud Americans To Secure Green Cards For Immigrants:

5 Minute Video

See what Bush and Congress really mean by a "shortage of skilled U.S. workers." Microsoft, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, and thousands of other companies are running fake ads in Sunday newspapers across the country each week,

Jun 27, 2007

Capricorn Full Moon June 30

Friday's Full Moon 8Cap25 isn't a barrel of monkeys and I wonder if Apple used Astrology to choose the time for their iPhone launch (Electional Astrology.)

If so, it's because anything that you want publicity for should be unveiled a few hours before a Full Moon for maximum exposure. A lot is riding on the new $500--$600 iPhone.

There is a Hard Rectangle configuration involving the Full Moon which may be positive or negative but certainly indicates some adjustments are necessary to whatever occurs under its influence. Perhaps Apple choosing AT&T as the internet provider for the--perhaps many--times when your iPhone isn't in a hot zone may need adjusting as well as other features (there's the tiny little touch-screen keyboard for your phat phingers.)

This Full Moon is out-of-bounds (doing her own thing) which may bring astounding amounts of publicity (Moon...the public) so it'll be interesting to see if the iPhone fulfills its creators' hopes and dreams.

(However, the chart is set for the White House so as not to let Cheney or Bush off the Full-Moon hook. The Sun/Pluto midpoint is conjunct Cheney's n NN 2Lib 55, so we have Sun/Pluto = NN: meeting the powerful; fateful associations; separations; lack of adaptability. Check back in a day or two for some interesing tidbits on Cheney--he's got planetary stuff coming up.)

In Dynamics of Aspect Analysis Bil Tierney gives credit for naming the Hard Rectangle to Charles Jayne, and if you click to enlarge the chart you'll see the pattern highlighted and connecting Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, and Venus.

Venus and Neptune are now closely opposing one another (both 21 degrees) which describes a condition of illusion and idealism in relationship (and other Venus-ruled things such as money and values and ladies) and Sun and Moon are in Nodal Degree (fated.)

But there's that pesky Hard Rectangle which involves two sets of oppositions the ends of which are both semi-square (45 degr) and sesqui-square (135 degr) each other.

This pattern suggests that the oppostions are under more pressure to activate reconciliation because of the subtle indirect tensions from the minor aspects.

Harmony and balance will require a great application of will--or more antagonism could be sparked if this pattern is not well-managed. Tensions may give an extra dose of strength and purpose if all goes well.

(Gordon Brown is taking over the Labour Party in the UK under this influence--hope that works out well for the British people.)

The Full Moon's Sabian Symbol: "9Cap" is "An angel carrying a harp"...ATTUNEMENT (sounds like iTunes!)...

pos: a special gift for inspiring others to accomplishment and for realizing the ultimate dreams of self as a consequence;

neg/shadow side: simple fantasy and uncritical self-superiority.

Rx Mercury is conj US natal Jupiter indicating political activities and promotion of ideas so we'll have plenty of that as usual--and a Full Moon brings to light issues from the time of the New Moon (June 15.)

Jupiter has Rx'd back to 11Sag59, the degree of the Pluto/Chiron conjunction of Dec 30, 1999--an oppressive, plutocratic pairing which ushered in the New Millenium, and gave globalism a massive boost.

So Washington barrels along--with monkeys in tow, iPhones at ear, and wiggly red herrings in the media's net meant for our naive consumption. At least it'll be Friday.

Jun 25, 2007

Atlanta's Impeach 07 workshop

Impeach 07

Impeachment Workshop at US Social Forum in Atlanta
Thursday, June 28, 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Inman Park United Methodist Church
DOT-ADA Community Room
Marta Stop- Inman Park
1 block from the station on Edgewood Dr.

This workshop will focus on Bush’s impeachable offenses and bring out the full array of crimes committed by the Bush administration. Speakers will also address the need to build a movement across the country on the grounds of impeachment as the vehicle to force the Bush administration from office.

Dennis Loo, co-editor of the book “Impeach the President: A Case Against Bush and Cheney”, an Associate Professor of Sociology at Cal Poly Pomona, and member of the World Can’t Wait Steering Committee.
Prachi Noor, member of the World Can’t Wait Steering Committee and involved since its launch in July 2005. She has been at the forefront of the movement to stop the repression of immigrant communities.
David Swanson, co-founder of the AfterDowningStreet.org coalition, a writer and activist, and the Washington Director of Democrats.com.
Mathew Cardinale, editor of Atlanta Progressive News

plea from the Vatican

With abuse victims now speaking out in Italy, you've heard by now of the Vatican's silly diversion, the wacky ten commandments of driving or some such nonsense. This issuance is "flippant" and "not sacriligious", the Vatican assures us.

But what would cause this sad plea for attention, this pathetic attempt to become more relevant to people's daily lives, this diversion from the woes of reaping what one has pedophilically sown? Vatican Issues Commandments for the Road and astrologers issue comments on the June 19, 2007 chart (using Sun at MC, 1:11:28 pm CEDT, Vatican City) and what appears?

The mighty Sun-Pluto opposition is in effect with Sun and MC = "28Gemini":

"A man declared bankrupt"...DELIVERANCE...

pos: an effective and over-all resourcefulness in even the worst of situations;

neg/shadow side: a willingness to dodge every responsibility and betray the very core of self.

Sun/MC is The Goal of any chart or undertaking.

Pluto (and IC = HOW Point or Foundation of the chart) = "28Sag":

"An old bridge over a beautiful stream" (of tithes and donations now drying up from scandal?)...CONSERVATION...

pos: an individual genius for fitting all needs and ideals into universal patterns (God's version of The Ten is much better than your measley one, guys, sorry to tell ya);

neg/shadow side: total lack of initiative.

At Descendant (28Pis08) is our last Solar Eclipse (28Pis 07!!) of March 19 this year which is in the 9 New North Series, a very physically expressive series involving injury, great physical effort, or violence. So the ASC has the Solar Eclipse before that--Sep 22, 2006...8South: sad losses and separations; endings; partings; possible physical injury.

Then what do you think I did?

Combining the Vatican II's natal chart (Oct 13, 1962, 9:00 am CET) with the June 19th chart (as above; Davison = karmic results) there appeared a YOD pattern (YOD = Finger of God = special task or purpose; crisis situation) between the mystical duo, Neptune-Pluto pointing directly to Chiron (the Christ archetype; the Wounded Healer; the Wound; the blindspot) at "4Gem" which has a pertinent emphasis on the "Christ's Mass" of the Catholic Church:

"Holly and mistletoe bring christmas spirit to a home"...RITUALIZATION...

pos: a gift for fellow participation in every rewarding expression of individuality on all levels of human relationship;

neg/shadow side: complete obsession with superficialities.

The ten commandments for the road ploy-for-publicity isn't an initiative...it's a plea for mo' money for their coffers which are more and more sieve-like!

And what is The Goal of the Vatican--what degree tops the natal chart (MC)?


"A large white cross upraised" (sounds good so far, but wait)...GLORIFICATION...

pos: an utterly selfless enlistment in some dramatic service for the ultimate welfare of mankind (they'd have you believe);

neg/shadow side: witless dogmatism and misdirected efforts for causes of great pretension but little real worth. Hmm.

So Here's a Question:

Does the abuse of children "show" in Vatican II's natal chart? Again there's wounded, meek Chiron (6Pis43 Rx) as focal point of a YOD between Mercury and North Node (the public; encounters; meetings; contacts.)

Mercury/NN = contacts with young people (Mercury); Chiron = the disenfranchised, the humble, the weak.

And liquidy Pisces is the sign of the mystic, the savior, the victim, the alcoholic. Plying children with wine has been a typical tactic through the centuries by abusers of any stripe or obsession.

Then there's natal Mercury (thinking; communications) conjunct a midpoint...

Neptune/MC = Mercury: tendency to think along the wrong lines; wrong perceptions, objectives, and judgements; losing orientation to the mainstream.

All apologies to my friends of the Catholic persuasion--as I've written before, some of the kindest, put-faith-in-action people I've known all through my life have been of the papal persuasion...this post is about a group of out-of-touch egoists inhabiting Roman halls of power who are afraid their revenue stream will continue drying up because their naughty secrets got out--and then their cushy life of velvet may have to be moved to Polyesterville south of Peoria...perhaps a timeshare?

Jun 23, 2007

James Madison on tyranny

"The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home."

-James Madison, 4th US president and Architect of the Constitution (1751-1836)

Here is Madison's natal chart with the last message he penned to America.

And here are a few of his words about war which continue to be instructive. Will they ever learn?

Jun 22, 2007

that flicko, SiCKO

Did you read in Mother Jones about the premiere of Michael Moore's film, SiCKO on Capitol Hill of all places?

Note to A.V.--yes, I agree and do think the CIA's release of their past secret and semi-secret ploys and mayhems is at least in part for diversion purposes. It'll be interesting to see if the mainstream media--and/or alternate media--spend lots of time on the revelations some of which have been common knowledge for years.

Mea gulpa.

Bush pick for Justice says uh...no thanks

It's all about packing the Bench! More Federalist Follies:

The White (Frat) House doesn't want Mercer answering questions under oath about the US Attys General firings so his nomination has been withdrawn with a no oath-taking for me, thanks and a fare-thee-well, my family comes first.

Mercer would've been testifying Tuesday, June 26, but he's outta here with his big ole interim self and his name much-mentioned in the emails concerning whom-to-fire-and-why-we're-so-rad.

May a bouquet of water balloons drop out the White House window and onto their draconian heads, the lot of 'em. Now who's making the keg run?

Ashcroft soars like he's never soared before

Ashcroft: officials fought over Snoopy ...oh wait a minute--that's Snooping--officials fought over snooping...my bad as usual.

John Ashcroft has a Sun Taurus-Moon Pisces personality which recommends him as a practical dreamer, a creative poet, and a nature mystic.

At its best, this combo has a social conscience--which may help identify why he (supposedly) wouldn't "sign off" on Bush's illegal wiretapping end-run around the court and the existing law.

Still how could mystical Ashcroft not know how Bush intended to undermine what once passed for a constitutional government? Quelle surprise? Puh!

Yet this is a naive fellow who hides a deep stubbornness with an apparent flexibility and this may be the very stubbornness which aided him in rebuffing the outlaw bullies come for a compassionate hospital visit! He seemed more flexible (malleable) back at the office...suffering in a hospital bed--not so much.

Ashcroft's Images for Integration (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzy Harvey):

The Mona Lisa...Through the power of imagination a man is healed...A poet prepares his accounts in verse (oh please--no! that eagle has soared quite enough, thank you, let him rest.)

Sun Tau-Moon Pisces is a combo shared natally by Frederic Prokosch who remarked:

I pity those poor critics who might try to disentangle the Gordian Knot of my obsessive symbols and images.

Hmmm...is that kinda like when Ashcroft draped buzzoms on statues (for the cameras) when everyone knew it was Justice he and Bush intended to blindfold?

Jun 21, 2007

la Mansion Blanche

Tient Le Premier Role Washington Fini is a page from a French translation of the English (of SO'W)--and it's for sure that my sprinkling of French is rusty enough to limit me to understanding only parts of it--so have at it if you wish!

Yet the Summer Soltice poem that begins the post sounds amusing en la Francais (to its author, moi--well at least I'm claiming it as my own.)

So...is Washington all fini?

Is The Swamp washed up?

Would several coats of whitewash improve la Mansion Blanche? it IS all about image after all.

These and other questions probably won't be answered here but some others might as I shamelessly use Astrology as a language in which to fuss about what the thespians of Washington are doing with (and in) their current roles, their sparkling talking points techniques, and wig appropriateness, plugs notwithstanding.

Congress enables Bush's further law-breaking

Corrupt Congress Helps Bush from Chris Lloyd's Empire Burlesque tells the tale--America is toast and the Constitution is trashed while Congress is content to let the clock run out on Bush's above-the-law policies which they enabled in the first place.

Guess the extreme pocket-lining possibilities in Washington keep Capitol Hill's outrage in check...short-term gain trumps long-term consequences, and the usual Washington blackmail ploys keep the lid on.

Have you any wonder or indignation left?

Further reading on Bush's style of governing:

the burning bush of Bush

Chiron-Uranus Types in Government

Saturn-Neptune: Mideast Peace Summit

Egypt is wrangling up a Mideast Peace Summit on Monday--the day the Saturn/Neptune opposition is exact for the last time.

Interesting sense of timing they've got there.

Jun 20, 2007

Bush saves our morals

Feeling over the moral line? Don't fund that research, says George the paragon of virtue currently haunting the Oval Office. Bush vetos our moral line but I can't forget that when mere mortal girds himself in righteousness, check closely for crossed fingers while you're watching the other hand.

In this masquerade a clown is making grimaces and the dunce cap is being passed around...hope is indeed on the horizon while storm clouds gather and the earth trembles.

The previously-mentioned Saturn/Neptune opposition, exact this Friday, won't be the end of confusions, propagandas, quakes, storms...we'll be in the Full Moon or Culmination stage of the Sat/Nep Cycle with the light decreasing slowly.

Good googly moogly, but much has been written online and in books concerning the energies of these two antithethical 'actors'...Neptune of the underwater realm and Saturn (Cronos), Father Time, the Taskmaster and Lessonbringer, earth and soil, realism, authority, control--the restriction principle which balances Jupiter's billowing expansion principle.

In our Solar System, Jupiter and Saturn are called the Fly-Wheel of the Universe because of the tension between them which is perfectly described by the yin-yang principle, if you like.

But along comes Neptune:

Nebulous, gaseous, watery, veiling, illusory, and possibly deceptive planet of idealism, inspiration, and spirituality...Neptune is the vortex to the Divine.

Yet opposing is Saturn which represents the disciplinarian side of our Creator, while Jupiter is the generous side--the rod and the staff of the Lord's Prayer.

So expansion vs restriction = planets stay in their courses instead of spinning out all over the place...gives the perfect amount of balm and comfort to know Who's in Charge (and it ain't dubya.)

Neptune isn't the codified or organized religion you love to avoid, it's the spiritual church, the brotherhood of humankind who loves Life over death.

Yet from within our delusions we tend to pervert Neptune's gentle persuasions with negative escapisms, confusions, and sometimes with lies. Sacrifice is her game, loss may have to be her name as Neptune washes away the temporary to make way for the permanent--a typical Saturnian word!

This little ball of Earth is now locked between Saturn and Neptune which relates to 9/11/01 when Earth was ambushed by the Saturn/Pluto opposition with its hardship, cruelty, and war connotations.

And perhaps you've read my crumb about the off-and-on-forming aspect in effect for years to come Karma: Neptune septile Pluto or perhaps you haven't.

Either way, those Transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) are bringing in and ushering out generations which overlap in a complex tapestry of time and experience...whether we want them to or not.

Michael Bloomberg

Well here's the coy financier's natal chart: Feb 14, 1942; 3:40 pm EWT; Brighton, MA; Rodden's astrodatabank rating: accurate.)

A natal chart of an egoist, good with technology, and having occult leanings, but let's talk amongst ourselves while Bloomberg's Sun AQ-Moon AQ personality blend says he is friendly but detached; independent and gregarious (Jupiter in Gemini loves to converse and has helped him with his early understanding and expansion of technological advancements in his businesses); highly observant; clear-headed; and well-meaning. (Seems to be reasonably well-meaning for an egoist--we'll see.-jc)

Bloomberg is a law-unto-himself who wants to do things his way. (A perfect job description for you-know-what in the Oval Office. Law under to himself?-- not another one.-jc)

This pair's dark side is a tendency toward making blunt, insensitive remarks due to comparing people to closely-held ideals. Disliking restraints of any kind, this blend tends to "live in the head"--this is a highly inspirational combo and is supported by Bloomberg's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (PE) which for him is 16North, a gentle series having to do with unconscious material rising and bringing along with it great insights and good ideas which may be profitably acted upon. Um-hmm.

A Solar Eclipse last occurred in this series in 1995...and up next: 2013.

Bloomberg's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series:

For Bloomberg it occurred prior to birth (PE) at "28Vir": "A bald-headed man dominates a gathering of national figures"...Keyword: DOMINANCE...

pos: accomplishment through a completeness of self-mastery and a rigid control of others;

neg/shadow side: a sadistic sophistication.

You'll remember that there was a Solar Eclipse conjunct the same degree (29Vir) on Sept 22, 2006, in the 8South Series: separation, loss; to be finished; sad partings.

Well there's a peek at Bloomberg with more to come--he doesn't have to declare his presidential aspirations until May 2008 so the twists and turns of fate and his own nature--and the chaos principle--will intervene in unforeseen ways.

Here's an AP article on Bloomberg's come-hither shenanigans about campaigning when everyone knows they all simply try out for the role of US Prez in front of several, shall we say, organisations? Bloomberg plays coy and I don't feel so well myself...

UPDATE 4:44 pm edt: neglected to give Bloomberg's Sun-Moon Image for Integration:

"The Jolly Green Giant."

Ya don't say!

Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzy Harvey

Jun 19, 2007

Bush's mojo haunts Philadelphia mint

mint releases more "godless" dollars so you know he's had a thumb in the pie.

May 17...just after the New Moon of May 16 = double Taurus (money) flavor.

Art is still prevailing, sorry to all my excellent starry friends. Back to SO'W before you know it but for now I'm hangin' out at Cosmic Persona Designs, Secret Moon Art, and my Lulu Storefront with Downloadable Art Goodness just oozin' from layer to layer...

June 25...Saturn opposes Neptune...exactly (partile) so smoosh your hats down around your ears, m'peops...the reality vs illusion game is really in the air now and all summer--with new art in the wings, propaganda flying thick, and more leaders and authority figures being undermined everywhere you turn.

Jun 18, 2007

Europe in the Skies with Venus

Space Weather News for June 17, 2007

European sky watchers should be alert on Monday, June 18th, for a mid-afternoon eclipse of Venus by the crescent Moon. Hanging high in the sky, Venus will appear as a pinprick of light beside the Moon, visible to the naked eye in broad daylight until the edge of the Moon covers the planet. (Technically, this is called a "lunar occultation.") Binoculars will improve visibility, but be careful not to point them at the sun.

Elsewhere, in the Middle East, India and Pakistan, the eclipse can be seen around sunset and after dark. From those places, a clear view of the western horizon is essential because the Moon and Venus will be setting, but the sight should be spectacular. Except for a small region around the Canadian maritime provinces, this event will be completely invisible from North America.

Visit SpaceWeather.com for more details.

Jun 17, 2007

Summer Solstice 2007

Sometimes the bad poetry muse lands upon my shoulder before taking off for parts unknown--and there are folk who assert that she leaves more than verse as she goes.

Be that as it may, in studying the 2007 chart for the moment that the Sun 'reaches' 00Cancer00, this political Solstice rhyme appeared uninvited:

It's Summer Solstice on the way
George Bush will fight another day
we hear Dick Cheney often say
it's Summer Solstice on the way.

With plans proceeding nicely now
they gain the world but lose the plough
their fates in stone for habits tell
of power-grabs we know so well

no conscience forming larger views
it's theirs to win and ours to lose.

jude cowell (c) June 17, 2007

Please click Chart to enlarge where you'll find that Rx Mercury in Cancer crosses the MC while the Sun remains at 00Can00, a World Point.

Mercury-ruled things such as re-viewing, re-turning, re-doing concerning safety or nurturing issues are prominent in the chart as are the *Images for Integration for this Solstice's Sun Can/Moon Virgo blend.

This Mercury jumping over the MC into 9th house could re-fer to young soldiers returning home although Mars has something to say about it--a Mercury/Mars combo.

Mars actors (appr 25-35 or 36 years old) in a chart are somewhat older than Mercury-types who are "the youth." But thanks to being overextended by this administration, the US armed forces now contain old man Saturnians as well--all ages (or criminal records) need apply--please apply.

Years ago I wrote somewhere--probably in The Fray on Slate Magazine--that the GOP wants illegals to enter the US so they'll have future soldiers. Well, what did I know?

I also said that al-Qaeda's long-range plan was to bait us into the Middle East then use up all our resources--financially, militarily, and emotionally; and to ruin our shaky standing in the world. What did I know and when did I know it?

Back to the Summer Solstice of June 21, 2007, 1:54 to 2:18 pm edt over the White House:

This Sun-Moon personality combo is natally shared by Emmeline Pankhurst who revealed:

"It was becoming clear to my mind that men regarded women as a servant class in the community, and that women were going to remain in the servant class until they lifted themselves out of it."

Pluto/Chiron's disenfranchised speak out! It's going to be a hot summer, isn't it?

*Images for Integration from Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzy Harvey.

Jun 14, 2007

New Moon in Gemini June 14

With art-related projects taking over around here this week, my astro-politicking time has been limited but I want to mention the New Moon 23Gem41 occurring tonight at 11:13:06 pm edt (Capitol Hill.)

New Moons are new beginnings, Gemini is the sign of Communications, and this New Moon perfects in the 5th house for Washington DC. 5th house: risk-taking, creative pursuits, new ventures...and the 5/11 house polarity is aka The Will Axis.

And with Mercury's Rx station Friday--in possessive, self-protective, side-windin' Cancer--emails may not be revealed until after Mercury goes Direct on July 9.

Pluto's power opposes this New Moon yet so does the midpoint between Rx Jupiter and Pluto...

Jup/Pluto = Sun: keeping things within one's own grip; successful use of strong personality power; the creation of magical effects;

Jup/Pluto = Moon: desire to bring about social improvements; establishing one's position with gut feelings; emotional conviction guides a new start (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are in a highly idealistic, visionary Fire Grand Trine pattern of closed energies which may become stagnant and inert as all such patterns may do without a kick in the patootie.

With a Grand Trine in Fire, there is emphasis on egotism, personal power, and heightened self-pride. The right to do as one pleases tends to be overused which suggests a sense of special privilege so common in governmetal types.

Washington's stalemating stand-off continues with more info (Gemini) to be revealed in the light of June 30's ambitious Capricorn Full Moon.

Tonight's New Moon degree, "23Gem":

"Three fledglings high in a tree"...keyword: ELEVATION...

pos: an unconditioned creativity exalted to the point of complete freedom from any immediate involvement;

neg/shadow side: psychological witlessness and a false sense of release from responsibility (MEJ.)

This degree concerns issues of immaturity which passes the buck on down the food chain and the New Moon chart has 6AQ01 rising which is the US natal South Node (SN conj ASC: separation, seriousness, strong individualism, but no popularity.)

6AQ+ is also the Medina degree--Neptune's position when Mohammed entered Medina (the foundation of Islam)--and you know that the attacks of 9/11 on America were a Neptune Return to this degree, don't you?

Cross-Pollination Heads-Up: Lim's Limericks has just published new verses on the kitten from Miers and a feline named Taylor...so get your meow-meow up and have a peek!

Or...check out how Bush prefers Enron thieves over its victims as if you could be surprised that thieves stick together.

Jun 11, 2007

one more time with feeling: The Chaos Blues

Unpack your favorite music hall refrain Maude so you can sing along to the Chaos Blues because it may do us good to sing it one more time before
the man rides the ass on Tuesday (Bush to Capitol Hill, Moon's degree: "16Tau" according to Adriano Carelli's book, The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac.)

Master Carelli says this degree describes someone who is "groundlessly cocksure" (which may be an oxymoron about a moron of mayhem, imho.)

He further adds that "foolish self-assurance" will result in misfortunes later in life. "Neither exile nor forceful segregation can be ruled out. Marriage may be lucky."

Tuesday June 12 Bush has lunch with his enablers (guess all of them employ Royal Taste-Testers):

At apex point in a Fixed T-Square, the Moon acts as catalyst (and on a level may so obviously represent a lady on the Hill) and so we find a stalemate situation--and stalemates seem to follow the irrationally and stubbornly-willed George Bush everywhere he goes--on Tuesday to speak to the Hill politicians ostensibly about the recent non-passage of the oft-trumpeted Immigration Bill so hastily and sloppily cobbled together.

Pluto/Chiron issues continue: racism, class warfare, oppression, women's issues, plutocracy...the pilagers and hoodlums with gangsterism rotting their hearts--against society.

Didn't Tony Soprano teach them anything? Seems not.

On Tuesday: over the Capitol Building, there is formed a Fixed T-Square indicating a rigid situation in which there will be explosive venting of emotions that rise from a habitual determination to re-energize conditions which no longer exist.

There's a deep urge to retain what is possessed (the Rich Man's back-monkey?)

Adaptability and detachment are lacking and past methodical planning may no longer hold sway as it once did. An aversion to change is petulantly on display.

Yes, it's a Battle of Wills on Tuesday and the chamber walls may shake--even with violence. Bush's demanding and obsessive needs completely block the needs of others and this may tell the tale of the Republican Party's inner conflicts at the very thought of hangin' with Bush as the 2008 Election nears.

{The alternate script: a surprise will make Bush's continuance in the role of "president" supposedly necessary--while Putin does what must be done to keep his throttling grasp on power's throat in Russia.}

Not that our votes count for anything in the US...our "inauguration" is a coronation from on-high--the ruling 'elite' lavishes the spoils to the "victor" who will do their bidding with few known facts on hand before making decisions (as one is directed. The big piture must be followed: very little option to do otherwise.)

With Bush's strong-arm visit to Congress this week, his grand irrationality will be in evidence as the brickwall is shaken with the ferocity of a bull who keeps bashing his horns until they're bloodied and he's comatose. He is the bull and he is the matador ole!

This creature has a low character (Saturn/Neptune = Moon: low character; emotional immaturity; pessimism; emotional drain.) This relates to the animal nature--and Taurus the Bull is an able carrier of the archetype, isn't he?

And wouldn't you know? Asteroid, Sisyphus is rising in the chart for 9:30 am edt!

Plus, we remember that these days the tr Saturn/Pluto midpoint is triggering Bush's natal IC, the Endings/Partings Point, the HOW? of the chart, the Basis or Foundation/one's Roots. Gangsterism!

In Bush's chart, n IC's degree (HOW?) is:

"23Libra"..."Chanticleer": keyword: FERVOR...

pos: a fearless self-affirmation which gains a sympathetic attention and wins immediate allegiance from the hearts and minds of everybody (sound familiar, Sparkie?);

neg/unconscious or shadow side: ill-starred conceit and ineffectual bombast.

It's quite possible that quacker George Bush has only bombast left in his bag of tricks although he thinks to engage in power plays for personal advancement.

Yet if Congress bows again to the belittled and belittling dictator, we'll know they really are as in-cahoots with the Bush regime as many people were afraid they were.

Now we have to rid ourselves of that pile of termites, too.

June 12's Sun "21Gem+" may be found in May's post on Lincoln's Minor chart...look for info on George Bush's n Uranus/NN conjunction ('reformist political groups') and there you'll find this Tuesday's degree of the Sun as well.

And Bush's Uranus/NN conjunction being highlighted by the Sun? high tension; a group taking action; excitement; violence at the slightest provocation (Ebertin; Tyl.)

Lunar Planner

Lunar Planner has a great article on Venus Transits or Passages. Hers is an 8-year cycle relating to Venusian things...in Greek she's Aphrodite.

But there's a lot more to the lady...the G-8 Summit occurred at the time of her June 2004 Passage as "the goddess" returned to dance with the Sun bringing her cycles of the heart (to some people--to me she's archetypal anima and rising from the Collective Unconscious. Say Hi to Cetus the Whale while you're at it.)

Do check out Lunar Planner...it's starrily smashing!

Jun 10, 2007

A gang of robbers in hiding

"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that numbers of people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running and robbing the country. That's our problem."

Howard Zinn, from his collection of historical and political essays Failure to Quit.

And this from SO'W's Are You Really Surprised? Dept.:

Critics Say U.S. Focus On Al-Qaida in Iraq Is Overblown.

And from the U.S. secondary progressed chart:

"A gang of robbers in hiding" is the Sabian Symbol for "19Libra", the position of the US sec progressed Mars ("19Lib" is rounded up--I often round down because it's Rx and thus headed "backward" or to the lower degree of "18Lib")--in either case I lay it at the Pentagon's door:

Emphasis is on every person's disturbing capacity for antisocial or even self-perverted practices, or for self-involvement in potentials which may have imaginative but hardly intelligent sustainment in his consciousness.

(There is) a need for initiative, and for a more challenging perspective.

Keyword: DIVERGENCE...

pos: alertness to every threat against a true individuality;

neg/shadow side: abnormal mistrust of everything worthwhile.

Al-Qaeda will "follow us home" Bush and Cheney say? The true robbers are already here.

Jun 8, 2007

Paris back to jail, Bush still free

News Update from Citizens for Legitimate Government 08 Jun 2007

from LegitGov.org

Breaking: Paris Hilton ordered back to jail; Bush still free 08 Jun 2007:

Screaming and crying, Paris Hilton was escorted out of a courtroom and back to jail Friday after a judge ruled that she must serve out her entire [discriminatory] 45-day sentence behind bars rather than in her Hollywood Hills home. [*Why* are Bush, Cheney Halliburton, Rice, Rumsfeld, Rove, Gonzales and 'Scooter' Libby free --while Paris Hilton is imprisoned 45 days for a traffic violation?!?]#

Good question (but driving drunk is more than a traffic violation.) Hilton isn't, however, a politician. But as we know, they drive drunk, too.

His Royal Puniness at the G-8

Since I heard of George Bush's puniness in Germany this morning I've spent some time looking at charts of today's G-8 Summit (sunrise, noon--Bush took ill after he was already dressed suggesting a breakfast of suspicious tea and crumpets, or...?)--and I was led to the chart of Benjamin Disraeli (don't ask how...long story; born Dec 21, 1804; 5:30 am LMT, London) who so knowledgeably said:

"The governments of the present day have to deal not merely with other governments, with emperors, kings and ministers, but also with secret societies which have everywhere their unscrupulous agents, and can at the last moment upset all the governments' plans." -Disraeli, speech in Aylesbury, Sep 10, 1876

Ah yes--today's unaspected Pluto, agent, saboteur and provocateur, would agree as he skulks about on his own these days!

So what of today's Sun-Moon personality blend?

Sun Gem/Moon Pisces:

A sentimental and versatile chameleon, this blend can be moody and vacillating, talkative, dreamy, and can blow with the wind. Its greatest weaknesses include emotional superficiality, a lack of boundaries, and a tendency to withdraw in self-pity when feeling misunderstood.

That bossy Bush boy! He went to the Summit to lay down the law as he sees it--but did he withdraw and spend the morning abed in a snit of self-pity--or was it (with Moon in overindulgent Pisces) simply a case of suffering from a raging hang-over?

Today's charts also describe some attempt at manipulation (esp concerning a female--Merkel?) in Bush's case bwo his puniness causing him to miss the morning's meetings where things may not be totally under his control, yet with today's unaspected Pluto--and Pluto's assassinating and spying tendencies--one still must wonder what really befell the bully.

And today's Image for Integration for Sun Gem-Moon Pisces is quite lovely:

A weathervane on a church spire sparkles in the sunshine as the wind twirls it around, turning it into a mysterious sky gem. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzy Harvey.)

Ahh! Puts me in mind of wind power and global warming issues--subjects Angela Merkel has on her front burner at the 2007 Summit!

Heads-Up: If you'd like to read Mr.A.Cat's latest limericks on the G-8 Summit and on Bush's new "war czar" head over to Lim's Limericks where kittens play Lutes on Capitol Hill and other kitties rudely make their critiques known. Rrraowrr-r-r-r-r!!!

Jun 7, 2007

those mysterious noctilucents!

Space Weather News for June 7, 2007

NIGHT-SHINING CLOUDS: Last night a vivid display of electric-blue noctilucent clouds (NLCs) appeared over parts of northern Europe, signaling the start of the 2007 NLC season. Noctilucent or "night-shining" clouds were first reported in the 19th century after the eruption of super-volcano Krakatoa.

In those days, NLCs were confined mainly to high latitudes, but they have intensified and spread with sightings in recent years as far south as Utah and Colorado. The origin of these clouds is a mystery; they may be a side-effect of global warming. A NASA spacecraft named AIM is in orbit now to investigate.

The peak observing season for NLCs is late spring and early summer. For the next two months, northern sky watchers should be alert for silvery tendrils spreading across the western sky after sunset. High-latitudes (Canada, northern Europe, Alaska) are favored, but NLCs are capable of descending unknown distances south, so it pays to be alert no matter where you live. Visit SpaceWeather for pictures and observing tips.

BONUS BANG: Sunspot 960 remains big and active this week. Today's edition of SpaceWeather.com features a movie of the sunspot erupting. It's a must-see.

JFK plot a set-up from the GOP?

News Update from Citizens for Legitimate Government 07 Jun 2007

JFK 'plot'

JFK airport plot 'a US setup' 06 Jun 2007: The four suspects in an alleged terror plot to bomb a New York airport were set up in an elaborate plan by the US Republican party to retain hold of the White House, the daughter of an arrested suspect claimed on Tuesday. Huda Ibrahiim, daughter of Amir Kareem Ibrahiim, one of four men accused of plotting acts of terrorism against the United States, said US justice officials had engaged in entrapment in breaking up the alleged plot... She also said her father was afraid to fly, was not computer literate and does not use the internet.#

This is why I basically ignored this whole 'terror' flap--didn't ring true to me, how about you? It must be difficult to mount elaborate false flag wannabe plots for imaginary slapping downs when no one believes or trusts you anymore.

And we know how crying wolf turns out--that will be added to the US government's list of sins when the piper comes for his paypacket.

end the occupation!

Iraq Idea: Better Than Calling Congress

We've got to keep the pressure up on Congress to end the occupation of Iraq, but right now it is only Iraq's Parliament that has begun taking steps to legally require that the occupation end. A note from you, as an American, to the Iraqi Embassy in Washington, D.C., might help move the Iraqi government where Congress dares not go. There are always ways to find hope if we look outside the box and reach out to our brothers and sisters across barriers.

Read about an heroic Iraqi woman who inspired this idea: afterdowningstreet.org

Jun 6, 2007

Putin's stare

Putin's days of "catering to America, the winner of the 'Cold War' are over," says Daniel Schorr this evening on NPR.

And The Scotsman has Putin: A living riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma with more on the dead-eyed varmint than anyone cares to know.

Taking over the presidency of Russia in 2000, Putin was actually made prime minister and heir-apparent of Boris Yeltsin on Dec 31, 1999...a few hours after the Great Pluto/Chiron Conjunction of Dec 30, 1999.

Now it's true that Nostradamus didn't know there was a Pluto or a Chiron, but the pair's conj has helped issue in the New Millenium along with his predicted King of Alarm Solar Eclipse of Aug 11, 1999, aka "The Mother of All Eclipses."

Pluto/Chiron = plutocracy, oppression, racism, class warfare, the disenfranchised--issues of deep wounding--and is associated with mass currents of consciousness according to Richard Nolle's book on Chiron.

Their conjunction, the beginning of the cycle, is found in the natal charts of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, and Joan Baez, to name a few. This indicates that their Quests for self-expression are the manifestations of mass need, and they may or may not be consciously aware of this.

The accuracy of Vladimir Putin's natal chart is in question but we know that slow-moving Pluto is at 22Leo43 (conj MC in the Rodden version) with Chiron 7Cap05 conj 3rd cusp (3rd house = siblings--his two brothers died young.)

And as you know, 7Cap36 is the position of Fixed Star Facies, keywords: ruthlessness or the victim. Facies is associated with blindness (the archer's stare--they say Putin has a really nasty stare, you'll want to stay away from it) and as one of the most difficult Stars in the sky, relates to evil, war, violent death, and/or penetration of action that has no regard for others.

The positive side of Facies (what little there may be) is having an extremely focused ambition.

A few people with Facies linked to planets in their natal charts:

Margaret Thatcher, Adolf Hitler, and John Lennon who was "cut down by the archer's stare" (Brady's Book of Fixed Stars) so it's virtually nostalgic to remember the heady days of the lovey-dovey Bush-Putin mutual eye-gazing, isn't it? Why, I get weepy just thinkin' about it and now G-8 time has rolled around once again, and...oh there I go...where's my box of Puffs?


Lewis 'Scooter' Libby 8.22.50

This chart may have the correct birth time for Scooter Libby thanks to the Forums at astrodatabank.com and to a heads-up I received from Alex D'Atria of Modern Astrology.

No blogging time now (gotta motor) but you will notice today's planets scratched around the outside of the chart with contentious Mars conjunct Mr. Libby's Mc, the Career/Public Status Point which is the most visible point of any chart.

Opposite at Ic is tr Saturn/Pluto midpoint (which is also conj Bush's n IC these days -- the Foundation of his chart) so the hardness, cruelty, and loss of the Saturn/Pluto combination is affecting Libby's Career and Public Standing as well.

As you know, Saturn and Pluto were opposite one another on 9/11/01 and the Libby prosecution relates directly to those attacks as the rationale for invading Iraq.

We may consider a midpoint picture, too...

Saturn/Pluto = Mars: assault or violence; the necessity to fight for one's existence; maltreatment; enormous undercurrent of frustration; a gun with a cork in its barrel.


Saturn/Pluto = Mc: hard, hard work to rise again from difficulty; major separation as a last resort; severity; self-sacrifice.

And it's all for Bush and Cheney! Hope Mr. Libby considers his prison problems and loss of reputation well worth it.

Also if you haven't please read Marty Kaplan's Pardon Me at HuffPost for some excellent perspective on the Libby sentencing and his possible pardon from his commander-in-thief.

With the current helpful Grand Trine overhead for his sentencing this week, Libby's pardon may not be a shoe-in, but eventually he should come out all right.

Jun 5, 2007

America and Astrology's Big Picture

Astrology may be used as a microscope to zero in on the details of a chart--or as a telescope for much wider views.

From Bush's use of the childish "bad guys" just after 9/11 to "Jupiter Gone Wrong" and "Partisanship as Red Herring" astrologer Jessica Murray presents an intriguing article in Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal about politics and social issues in America.

Jessica's article Holding the Big Picture is a do not miss if you haven't read it for she explains politicians' cynical use of the us vs them mentality and why it resonates so strongly in this country based on her interpretaion of America's natal chart (Sibly.)

Plus, her latest book Soul-Sick Nation: An Astrologer's View of America presents an indepth look at our nation's psyche, motivations, and direction--and is on my list of got to gets!

Jun 4, 2007

surrounded by enemies?

Lynn Hayes at the excellent Astro-Dynamics has posted a perfect quote for our times from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow which makes a point that anyone with a conscience easily undertands.

That's a great Thought for the Day (the year and for the Millenium) Lynn, thanks!

Yet it's the conscience-free psychopaths who plague the world. And they don't give a hoot about emotional intelligence which they also lack.

And did you know that Mr.A. Cat wrote a fresh political limerick this morning? It's called Bossy Kitten's Lament and he penned it before he heard of Georgia's George W. Bush Avenue!

lookin' for luv: Bush leaves for Europe

He can't get enough luv in America these days but who's minding the regime while Bush is in Europe for the pontificating, hydra-headed G-8-We're-Great Summit?

The AP has what the Bushies want you to know about it as Bush Heads to Europe for G-8 Summit while modestly admitting that he's pining for some adulation, a semblance of which may be found in the impoverished democracy of Georgia...on a thoroughfare they now call George W. Bush Avenue of all things.

Highway to H*ll would be more descriptive. Wonder what it's called by the good people of Georgia? World Leaders Su*k Street?

But of course the Summit supposedly centers around the Bush and the Putin being in a (staged) "spat" about the US's nebulous missile defense system which Putin says will turn Europe in to a "powder keg" and it's simply forcing Russia to muscle up militarily for "a new arms race"! Bush is "forcing" him to power up--seemingly against his (iron) will, poor thing!!

They craftily keep reminding each other that the "Cold War" is over--but they act more like, long live the "Cold War." Oh, the complexities of leadership, we're to think philosophically (insert yawn.)

And let us not forget the Vatican's wishes--and that the pope's ring does need a reach-around shining by George while he's in the neighborhood (as previously posted):

Pope calls for New World Order.

Seems more likely to little me that Bush, Putin, and friends are in cahoots in the militarization of space for world domination...but it's their acting techniques that really need beefing up. Such drama queens!

Jun 3, 2007

Kissinger's Dirty Secrets

What good can be said for Henry Kissinger and his use of America's power?

Depleted Uranium: Dirty Bombs, Dirty Missiles, Dirty Bullets by Leuren Moret doesn't do it.

How about a post-Vietnam quote from the horse's mouth?

"Henceforth the adequacy of any military establishment will be judged by its ability to keep the peace."

A military "establishment"? Ah, the beginning of much of the world's problems bwo the Pentagon. "Peace"? what a hoot from Mr. DU himself.

Kissinger's natal chart (May 27, 1923) shows his Sun 4Gem52 in 12th house--mark of the unconsciously arrogant politician, along with a versatile Geminian Mercury.

There's quick-witted, sometimes two-faced Gemini rising making his 12th house Mercury the chart-ruler...he's a behind-the-scenes kinda guy: Mr. Shuttle Diplomacy at your service.

Moon 22Lib32 is in 5th house of risk-taking...he has an emotional need for it, and with Moon conj Fixed Stars Spica and Arcturus, he's had much success with his gambles--war profiteering is a lucrative profession, as you know.

Plus, n Jupiter Rx @ 11Sco28 is conj Part of Fortuna--at the "An embassy ball" degree...embassy schmoozing in Washington for the big bucks. Don't they all if they can?

Saturn, planet of responsibility and control, is conj n US Saturn--which was triggered by Mercury (air travel) on 9/11/01.

Now you know that Kissinger has always been described as a lover of the ladies--he has a 12th house Venus in lusty, earthy Taurus--Venus in 12th = secret love affairs. But let's fuggedabowdit, shall we? Even though he has a first-house Mars in Gemini rising with Pluto in Cancer following.

Mars-Pluto together is the ruthless zealot with superhuman force, not above using brutality whenever necessary. While this primal, volcanic energy can be cruel, it bestows great ambitions, vigour, and self-confidence.

His Sun Gem-Moon Libra personality blend indicates a wandering spirit who needs ever-new vistas, plus this is supported by an emphasis on Sagittarian energy in his natal chart...the Quest, a quiver filled with arrows--he's on a grand mission as he flies high above the clouds--a man on a magic carpet.

If the grand mission includes helping to spread cancer-causing depleted uranium over the planet, he's been succeeding for years.

Sun Gem-Moon Lib Images for Integration:

An elegant hostess puts on a party and exhibition to help a worthy cause...A shuttle diplomat brings together warring factions...Elgar's Enigma Variations--"to my friends depicted within" (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas. & Suzi Harvey.)

This Sun-Moon blend is shared natally by George Bush Sr. and by dancer Josephine Baker who presciently said:

"I wasn't really naked. I simply didn't have any clothes on."

That's a great description for the imperial 'presidency' of Bush43 and for the rest of the Vulcans who pretend to do what's best for America while they're actually busy feathering their nests at the whole world's expense.

Mystic Rectangle and a Beatles concert

Here you see the chart for the August 18, 1965 Beatles concert I attended in Atlanta, GA. so many moons ago.

Just what is a Mystic Rectangle pattern? Is there a Magical Mystery Tour involved?

Chart details have been published at Jude's Threshold where I'm having difficulty with image optimizing programs (guess I haven't found the right one yet) so I'm linking to the chart here on SO'W.

With the current 40th anniversary of the release of the ground-breaking and mind-blowing Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, I decided to blurb about the night the Beatles and I were "together" at Fulton County Stadium...and you don't have to be a former 'Flower Child' to join in, y'know...All You Need Is Love!

Jun 2, 2007

Venus, Castor, and Pollux tonight

Thanks to the Spaceweather.com Newsletter we find that Venus is lining up with the Twins of Gemini, Castor and Pollux..as she did on June 2, 1999. You'll find Tunc Tezel's photo of 1999's alignment as seen from Ankara, Turkey here for Venus' cycle is 8 years..so it's time.

With the WTC being so obviously symbolic of the Twins (Twin Towers), the previous date of Venus' line-up with the dark'n'light *Twins of Gemini isn't particularly comforting to this reluctant astrologer, although it should be a lovely enough sight this evening once the sky goes dark (look West--which may be what some other folk are doing.)

Venus's position in the tropical zodiac for this hook-up is 27Can19 and I'm posting a chunk of the chart for 9:00 pm edt along with George Bush's natal chart on the outside since Venus is conjuncting his Saturn 26Can30.

The transit of Venus to Saturn indicates a desire for solitude or, if in company, it must be that which serves some practical purpose (he doesn't have to worry--I won't be knockin'!) It may also indicate "grace brought to ambition" (Dr. Noel Tyl's Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology.)

Also tonight Mercury will conj US n Jupiter, so we may expect lots of international communications ("chatter"? hope not) and information will be pinging all about...perhaps more than is usual over a weekend...some 'new' news may surface esp within Jupiter's realms of philosophy, money, and expansion issues.

You also see here the ongoing triggering of Bush's n Venus/Pluto midpoint by tr Saturn which I have mentioned before...

Venus/Pluto = Saturn: immorality; a sense of tragedy; the fear of losing love (Ebertin; Tyl.)

This image shows a gaggle of Bush's natal planets (plus his n ASC) in the 8th house of transformation; debt; death; sex; other people's money; the occult, and more...a busy place, the 8th house, one of the Psychological houses. The crazy, greedy, secretive perver_...oops! did I just type that out loud? My bad.

Okay, here are some Symbols for tonight's Venus degree "28Can" using both The Sabian Symbols in Astrology and the formal yet interesting The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac by Adriano Carelli (used copies may be available, pub'd 1982 by the AFA), to get a fuller picture of Venus' doings:

"28Can": "A modern Pocohantas"...COMPATIBILITY.

With Jamestown still in the news and its 400th anniversary just passed in May, this is an interesting degree for lady Venus which speaks of, "...cooperation between various phases of human culture, such as those which have become crystallized in a faithfulness to the special values they have held intact and those which provide the new potentials of a genuine frontier spirit.

pos: high skill in bringing older or neglected reality to the service of fresher and more vital self-fulfillment;

neg/shadow or unconscious side: an inability to make personal adjustments and a stupid exaltation of conservatism."

Now we know that a"city on a hill" makes a well-lighted target as one did in 2001, for conservatism exists within al-Qaeda and its hydra-headed offspring, doesn't it? And since Venus' visit to Castor and Pollux of 1999 was prior to 9/11, I must say, "conservatism"? please--not again.

And the politizing and partisanship-above-all-win-at-any-cost attitude continue in Washington. You were expecting stewardship maybe? It's Pluto/Chiron's class warfare and oppression...'elite' rulers vs the sheeple, and we're losing in part because of our habit of identifying with the 'upper classes' which so many of us dream of joining one day (puh!)

Can a decent person with a conscience be that grasping and cold-hearted?

See the G-8 Protest article link just below, if you haven't...there are some people in the world who are not fooled by US or EU propaganda on these issues.

Back to Venus: Carelli's "28Can" degree has no word picture, but quoting in part for our purposes:

(The native) can display a remarkable political skill and a more remarkable administrative ability...the native is sure to get money galore as soon as he is of age...unfortunately, the gift for earning money might be warped into greed, and his foresight into stinginess...(there may be) loafing, political tact (giving) way to scheming, servilism, or even worse.

Also on tap tonight:

Setting at 9 pm is "18Gem", which is the Venus Transit degree of June 2004--which occurred at the G-8 Summit on Sea Island, GA..."18Gem": "Two Chinese men talking Chinese in a western crowd" (MEJ.)

A rare Venus Transit indicates new, unsuspected, and unusual alliances being entered into. (Remember the ridiculous open-shirted photo-op the big cheeses indulged themselves with upon the beach in 2004? Guffaw! Wonder who snapped that one with a straight face?) Bush and Putin were still in their fabled "eye gazing" phase of partnership, if I'm not mistaken.

Crowd, Police Clash at Protest of G-8 because it's G-8 Summit time again which links the 2007 Summit with the Summit of 2004 bwo Venus in particular.

This year, protest organizers are handing out leaflets saying:

The world shaped by the dominance of the G-8 is a world of hunger, social divisions, environmental destruction, and barriers against migrants and refugees."

And who can disagree? Imho, their global policies of war profiteering, pillaging of natural resources, and their cynical manipulations of governments are helping to create refugees, hunger, environmental degradations, and death.

Venus is, after all, a vengeful lady when scorned and was the trigger on 9/11 of the King of Alarm Solar Eclipse degree of Aug 11, 1999 when strife was let loose upon the earth. "19Leo" is also al-Qaeda's natal Sun's degree, btw, and Carelli's "19Leo" gives in part:

"...a senseless and stubborn arrogance sets him against those worthier, mightier, and better than himself...(he has a) grudge against mankind and unjustified rebellion against public opinion."

(There's more to this degree, but I shall save such joy for another post.)

Further Note on "28Can": the opposite or Illumination Point degree "28Cap" = "A large aviary." An interesting degree considering the recent drug-resistant strain of TB that's now been jetted around the globe...and his father-in-law just happened to be a TB expert at the CDC? Get OUT!

Question: have you read Congress' 2006 Solar Return? It's still in effect until November and contains Dane Rudhyar's version of the Sabian Symbol for "18Libra" which is the important US Mars' secondary station degree when our Mars function turned Rx for the first time in US history (July 2006.)

Mars = military, police, young men, pioneers, inside (Rx) instigators and could describe a leader of the feminine persuasion since Mars Rx natally was shared by many of the women suffragettes of the past.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi came into more power under this influence, but there could be more ladies to come with the 2008 election--and US Mars will be Rx by progression for 80 years hence.

Well, this post turned out to be more of a hodge-podge than initially intended and I still want to post on the Beatles concert of 1965 asap and the Great Uranus/Pluto conjunction of those rebellious times...perhaps later or on Sunday for my knarly typing finger is now officialy wumped out!

*Fixed Stars Castor and Pollux relate to creativity--one in the dark or hidden way and one in the light, and Castor esp relates to creative writing and communications.

M-class sunspot flares unleashed

Space Weather News for June 2, 2007

A big sunspot is emerging over the sun's eastern limb, posing a threat for significant solar activity. Already it has unleashed several M-class solar flares. One of the eruptions, an M3-flare on June 1st, caused a shortwave radio fadeout over Europe. Amateur astronomers with solar telescopes should keep an eye on this photogenic sunspot, while shortwave radio listeners should be alert for flare-triggered fadeouts and other propagation effects. Visit Spaceweather.com for photos and more information.#

Can this be why my satellite service is MIA today?