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Sep 6, 2018

Astrologers Warned America about Trump's Unfitness

Based on His Natal Chart, Astrologers Warned Against Trump 'All Along'

by Jude Cowell

Yesterday September 5, 2018 was a red-letter day for Donald Trump and the White House as the news cycle was replete with a certain Anonymous NYT op-ed from inside the White House citing a quiet resistance to the worst impulses of the rash, unstable Mr. Trump. Bob Woodward's soon-to-be-released book Fear: Trump In the White House also permeates our air waves with its multiple quotes and observations concerning the quirky, whimsical fellow and the thwarting of his chaotic style of what some call 'leadership' (his natal Uranus in 10th house of Career is oriental, i.e. the inner voice that guides him). And you know how disruptive and shocking astrological Uranus can be so as we see, Mr. Trump embodies Uranus in duplicitous Gemini as he assaults America's traditions, principles, and institutions domestically and abroad.

And as yours truly commented on Facebook yesterday, Donald Trump has no Revolutionary War ancestors which seems significant to me considering his anti-democratic attitude toward our nation, for by comparison his immigrant ancestors were late comers harvesting rewards from our country without sowing the seeds of America's Spirit of 1776. Yes, many American citizens without Revolutionary War heritage are true patriots but I assert that 'reality star' Trump is not one of them. So is he merely posing as "an American" while his heart belongs to his family's fatherland, Germany?

So now, after the release of the NYT op-ed and the coming release of Mr. Woodward's book, use of the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office is cited as it was from Trump's early days in office and an inquisition is said to be in play by Trump in an attempt to unmask the Anonymous op-ed writer. And of course, those who have been saying all along that Trump is 'unfit for the presidency' (ex: political pundits) are part of the current discourse yet with absolutely no mention of the many astrologers who warned about Trump--all along--such as his lack of character and low morals, his mob ties, his obsession with dictators, his lack of knowledge and unsurpassed unfitness to serve as POTUS of the United States, and more. Why, Trump's unaspected Pluto in 12th house of Politics, Secret Deals (and Enemies), Karma, and Self-Undoing alone is enough to suspect the rise of the very problems we now suffer. And his rising Mars in proud Leo is in the 12th house, too!

Concerning Trump's 12th house unaspected Pluto, here's an excerpt from a previous post:

"Unaspected Pluto @10Leo02 in 12th house of the Unconscious suggests one who is 'overshadowed by shadows' (Tierney) with Pluto, the isolationist, being the planet of Psychology, Psychiatry, and persuasion. There are subterranean forces within his psyche that are totally fragmented from the rest of his personality and because they are buried, he is unaware of them which gives them even greater primal power. This, I believe, suggests the "he can't help himself" remarks that perhaps you've heard from commentators and reporters..." Plus, 'Pluto of the (Criminal) Underworld' is obviously a description embedded within his psyche--and then there's Trump's natal midpoint picture of Mars-Saturn = Pluto which this year has been the case overhead by transit with its potentials for brutality, violence, death, and the fury of destruction (Ebertin); this difficult picture is a natal echo for Mr. Trump and is coming to fruition now as promised in his natal horoscope.

Now another prominent chart factor is Trump's Regulus rising which has been noted here multiple times as a marker for the royal star's bestowing of success but with the caution that 'if revenge is taken, all that has been gained will be taken away'. For more info see the recent post Will Regulus Assure the Destiny of Donald Trump? That's the very vengeful Donald Trump who makes enemies of allies but adores America's adversaries--just like Putin would (prefer he) do!

Also of note is the fact that today, Saturn @2Capricorn32 is at Direct Station--'old man' Saturn, the planet of accountability, responsibility, authority, legality, and maturity, something the impulsive, emotional, rage-prone Mr. Trump does not possess. Then once transit Saturn passes 9Cap08, his Rx degree from mid-April 2018, the legal and governmental planet can move ahead more directly with his cosmic imperatives of a karmic nature (as in, reaping what was sown). This will be on or about December 12, 2018. Significant is that Saturn's Rx Station @9Cap08 in April opposed the natal Mercury of Mr. Trump (8Can51; 11th house) and will last oppose his Mercury (thinking, planning, communicating, trading) on December 12, 2018 when tr Saturn reaches shadow degree then heads further into Capricorn on a course for his Great Conjunction on January 12, 2020 with karmic Pluto @22Cap46--the degree of the natal Vertex of Donald Trump. Fated encounters.

Curiously, there's another cosmic circumstance on October 27, 2018 when the Tail of the Dragon Smacks the POTUS Sun (@00AQ48 on January 20, 2017) with the Tail being the South Node of the Moon, a Saturnian point of separation and karma, and the Inaugural Sun representing the Office of the Presidency and its figurehead, Donald Trump--unless and until theocrat Pence is installed in Trump's vacated place. Of course, a Pence presidency was probably someone's intention from the start for Pence could never have won the office otherwise.

Then last, but not least, is the recent SO'W post citing the cosmic fact that yesterday September 5, 2018, Mr. Trump's Secondary Progressed ('SP') Moon precisely reached 18Leo41, the precise degree, minute, and second of the current Solar Eclipse--'The Tower' Eclipse--which manifested on August 11, 2018 just after Trump's own Prenatal Solar Eclipse repeated in July @21Cancer with its themes of separation and bad news.

But please don't think I post any of this with glee for as POTUS goes, so goes America, my only nag in the race! PRevious posts have included the wish that Trump would do well in the Oval Office so that our nation would do well yet tragically this is not the case.

So now the world watches and listens as voices rise from inside the White House to speak out against the flawed, compromised, unstable Donald Trump and an administration that could implode and collapse any day--just as The Tower Solar Eclipse theme of 'collapse' informs us. Yet if this must be Mr. Trump's karma, my prayer is that our America will remain standing.


A Related Post with DC Horoscope: Trump Inauguration 2017's Solar Return 2018. And for a general look ahead see The Lunar and Solar Eclipses of 2019 with Themes.

Jan 7, 2018

An Updated Horoscope of the US Presidency

Jan 8, 2018 Update: thanks to Kate Plumb it has come to my attention that the updated horoscope set for 1:00 pm, below, does not reflect an accurate time that George Washington took the Oath of Office so here I post yet another updated horoscope set for the hour the Mount Vernon website Timeline gives for our first presidential Oath--2:00 pm LMT, which gives a natal Horoscope of the US Presidency. Hopefully this will be the final updated chart!

As we would expect, an hour's change results in a few differences between the horoscopes. Exs: the Hour belongs to Jupiter now instead of crusty old Saturn. South Node of the Moon (the tail of the dragon) no longer swipes the MC from the 10th house side for it has crossed the MC into the 9th house. Mercury and Venus are posited now in the 8th house rather than the 9th and the MC is now in Gemini instead of later Taurus and so is ruled by Mercury, chart-ruler of the Ascendant (now 13Vir27, not 1Vir37). This removes the interception of Gemini and Sagittarius across the 4/10 axis. The 3/9 cusps are in Taurus-Scorpio rather than Aries-Libra.

I leave the 1:00 pm chart, below, for comparison's sake, and simply add the updated 2:00 pm chart to the post. Naturally, the festivities in NYC began earlier that morning for it was basically an all-day event which makes the 1:00 pm chart viable. (Follow the link, above to check out the full Timeline). Most of the 1:00 pm chart's details remain the same such as chart-ruler Mercury applying only once, a conjunction with Venus, powerful Pluto in Aquarius leading a Locomotive shape, and the 7 North Prenatal Solar Eclipse of the event (and the Presidency) is in the 3rd house of Communications rather than the roots-oriented 4th. You may spot other changes as well.

Now here's the 2:00 pm LMT Oath of Office horoscope of the US Presidency which is titled, Inauguration 1789 to distinguish it in my files from the 1:00 pm chart:

Original post begins here:

April 30, 1789 1:00 pm LMT NYC:

A number of years ago I had found '12:45 pm LMT' as the timing of the first inauguration of George Washington (April 30, 1789 Wall Street, NYC) and 'went with it' for setting up a horoscope of the US Presidency. This was the time George Washington and his escorts arrived for the ceremony and the source I had used is no longer with me for it was stored on a pc that crashed years ago.

So today I'm finally getting around to publishing an updated version set for 1:00 pm LMT which is closer to the time the Father of Our Country took the very first Oath of Office on a Masonic Lodge Bible and (nervously) began delivering his Inaugural Address.

Note that in the '12:45 pm' chart, 29Leo arose which received the cosmic blink of The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 and which conjoined precisely the natal Ascendant of Mr. Trump. Please enlarge to read chart notes for little text concerning the Inauguration Horoscope of 1789 (the Natal Chart of the US Presidency) will be added here today. Yet we should note that President Washington's first natal planet to rise in this chart is Jupiter Rx @8Lib37 followed by his natal Pluto Rx @17Lib41, the natal degree of Donald Trump's 2nd house Jupiter Stationary Direct. (Jupiter-Pluto = plutocrats and large-scale projects.)

Additionally, for those who find value in Secondary Progressions for 'updating' a horoscope concerning its natal promise, the US Presidency is currently laboring within a Balsamic Lunar Phase (the 'dark of the moon' = endings, partings, separations) which, based on the horoscope you see here, began on October 7, 2015 with SP Moon @6Sco41. The US Presidency will experience the symbolic 'new beginnings' of an SP New Moon @25Sag16 on April 11, 2019 which was perhaps cosmically foreshadowed by the December 18, 2017 New Moon @26Sag31, a time of seeding, that was fulfilled by the New Year's Day Full Moon of January 1, 2018 @11Can37--falling as it did between US natal Jupiter (5:56) and Sun (13:19).

And although the natal horoscope of 1789, as you see, shows a Locomotive shape of the 'high-powered executive' demanding success (POTUS!) with out-of-bounds ('OOBs') Pluto as the engine (see chart notes on the 6th house Pluto in Aquarius), the SP New Moon horoscope of April 2019 shows Uranus Rx @9Leo06--conjunct Mr. Trump's natal Pluto 10:02--in SP 5th house of Speculation and Gambling--the maverick who now quirkily leads our national Locomotive to and fro for his own and his family's personal gain. And of course, Donald Trump's natal 10th house Uranus in Gemini is his oriental planet which guides his odd behavior via chaos and eccentricity as he disrupts America's traditional leadership roles domestically and across the globe.

Thus the rebellious blend of Uranus with Pluto suggests reforms and a subsequent 'new order' so apparently it is time for one to supplant the 'new world order' which began in 1776 with the rise of America as the New Atlantis. And as you see, the midpoint of the old order vs new order pair of Saturn and Uranus sits atop the Goal Point (MC) of the US Presidency's natal horoscope and forms a midpoint picture that Noel Tyl gives as: break away from the old, and/or, loss of self to the grip of controls - in 1776. Yet nowadays, Mr. Trump continues in his attempts to unravel the US Presidency, the US Constitution, our traditional checks and balances, the typical roles of the three branches of government, the US Justice System, our rights and freedoms, the National Treasury, our foreign alliances, and more. Yes, with Trump, US reliability is tossed out the White House window! And like abusers everywhere, his tactic is an attempt to separate our nation from all who could aid us against his overbearing authority! For the proposed border wall, a money pit, would shut us in more than shut others out.

But as I've noted in a previous post, perhaps we'll know more of what's in store for Mr. Trump and his chaotic leadership style around the time (or up to two weeks prior) that his Prenatal Solar Eclipse Series repeats on July 13, 2018 @21Cancer in the 2 Old North Series with its difficult themes of 'unfortunate news' and 'endings and partings' (Brady). For with a majority of Americans and others heartily unimpressed by Trump's 'styling' of the US Presidency, perhaps his 2 Old North PE be the trumpet call of a sad good-bye.

On the cuss'ed topic of Mr. Trump's 2 Old North PE, let's close with this from a previous post:

'{Manifesting} on July 13, 2018 {is} a Solar Eclipse @21Cancer in the 2 Old North series which is the Prenatal Eclipse (PE) series of quixotic Donald J. Trump, swamp-drainer extraordinaire (not!) His 2 Old North PE occurred on June May 30, 1946 @8Gemini conjunct US natal Uranus which suggest potentials for revolution, resistance, protests, unrest of the people due to his actions and rhetoric, upsets in the nation, a break for freedom, and/or violence.' Will the break for freedom be his own escape from the White House? A gal can dream, can't she?

Related Posts include: In Tribute to Master Mason George Washington and Coming Soon! In February 2018 is what I'm calling the 'We The People' Solar Eclipse hitting by degree the US natal Moon.

Sep 10, 2017

DC Horoscopes 2017: Autumn EQ and Winter Solstice

For the sake of comparison and because someone asked me nicely here are two 'DC Horoscopes', both 'coming soon' to Washington DC and thus to the rest of America:

Autumn Equinox Sept 22, 2017 (aka, Libra Ingress) 4:02 pm edt:

There are various reasons why this date in September is significant to Washington DC, some going back to its founding and before via certain founders' Freemasonry practices and rituals, Sacred Geometry, Venus worship, and other secret societies and 'higher' oaths taken. One obvious one for astrologers who use a natal horoscope of America set for July 4, 1776 at 5:09 pm is that this timing places the Aries Point on the IC and 00Libra00 at Midheaven (MC) where the Sun shines at Autumn Equinox each year. That the Venus-ruled sign of Libra is half of the Aries-Libra axis of war, diplomacy, partnership, and luxury has bearing as well. And as you see, 25Cap15 rises which brings along US natal Pluto Rx (27Cap33) with transit Pluto already risen and the transiting South Node of the Moon in 1st house, a difficult indicator of separation, unpopularity, and potential loss.

For chart details see my original post on Autumn Equinox 2017.

Winter Solstice Dec 21, 2017 11:28 pm est:

Before or around Winter Solstice each year the varmints and culprits of Congress have cleared out of the City on a Hill and left the place to its actual residents. Having been such a resident twice in my life, I can attest to the magical quality of a District of Columbia blanketed with snow and to the fact that even in the headquarters of worldly power in the US, the spiritual vibrations prevalent at this time of year cannot be completely squelched by DC's political corruption, cynicism, and downright unkindness. But politicians do sometimes seem to sport Grinch frowns on their mugs, don't they?

So let's forget all that! How about a higher view of Winter Solstice, one of the four times of the year that some say represent a spiritual path to awakening? Especially since, imho, America and the American people would definitely benefit from a major spiritual awakening right now! Oh but let's remember to hang on to the very important part where the country is founded on Religious Freedom, shall we?

Jun 19, 2017

DC Horoscope: America's Solar Return 2017

July 4, 2017 America Turns 241 Years Old Just as Neptune Ascends

On July 4, 2017 at 11:35:33 pm edt, when the Sun returns to its position (13Can19) on July 4, 1776 (using 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA; 2017 chart set for Washington DC) as it does annually on or about July 4th (Independence Day), nebulous Neptune @14Pisces Rx will rise and serious Saturn Rx @23Sag will culminate at Midheaven (MC), the Public Status point of the horoscope. The recent Saturn-Neptune square will have waned but the trappings of this societal pairing remains as austere forces continue their long dreamed of attempt to undo FDR's New Deal programs and demolish LBJ's Great Society agenda.

Now it's a mystery how far along the current Trump-Russia investigation will be by July 4th but we can find a major part of it on the US Solar Return 2017 horoscope. Mr. Trump's natal Moon-South Node conjunction is there at MC for all to see along with restrictive Saturn while his natal Sun-North Node conjunction (electrified by his oriental Uranus in Gemini and making a formidable trio) conjoins the IC of this Solar Return chart--along with US natal Mars in Gemini.

Please enlarge image since not all chart factors penned on may appear in the following text.

Neptune rising (with Achernar, a star of crisis) suggests more of such things as scandals, propaganda, lies, 'fake news', paranoia, fanaticism, glamour, and a potential for large water-related events (or gas, oil, and/or fumes or toxins) and/or other difficult weather disasters--any of which may be too vast to handle and cause loss. Of course, karmic Saturn can bring loss as well and Saturn at MC (in Sagittarius, sign of immigrants, refugees, other foreign concerns, plus, travel) hints at a year when accountability, limitations, and taking responsibility in career-related matters are demanded--and the public (MC) must see this as reality (Saturn)--enough of the veils and cover-ups that astrological Neptune loves to supply. And of course, Saturn relates to the law and lawmakers so we may be seeing a cosmic picture here of the Trump administration's ongoing Russia problems, inflated as they may or may not be.

So naturally, invisible/secret (Neptune) government (Saturn) peeks from behind the curtain of power whether identified as 'Deep State' (more of a Pluto-Saturn signature), CFR/Illuminati, international bankers, or otherwise. Plus, we find transit Pluto Rx @18Capricorn in 11th house of Alliances sitting atop the NWO degree of the Great Uranus-Neptune conjunction/s of 1993: "A British Destroyer"...POLITICAL POWER = smug or strong-armed paternalism (Jones). I'll have to symbolically paint Mr. Trump with that particular daddy brush although others of the wealthy neoliberal class suit the paternalism picture just as well.

Well, perhaps Republican austerity measures (and weakened health care provisions in their Trumpcare bill) require veiling Neptune rising in order to get the corporate monster passed in the Senate. See Sun-Pluto = US Saturn, below.

A Jupiterian Story Told via Cardinal T-Square

Now if you look upper right on the chart, you'll see the dynamic Cardinal T-Square listed between Sun-Pluto (craving power; plutocracy) pointing toward apex Jupiter @14Lib10 (7th house and conjunct US natal Saturn, a transit we've previously discussed as partial burdens lifted). This energetic Cardinal pattern spotlights someone (Jupiter) with a deep urge to acquire wealth and though this may describe most politicians as a class, it seems to relate closely to Donald Trump who is in the midst of his latest Jupiter Return, with the third of three conjunctions perfecting on August 4, 2017 (17Lib27).

As you know, astrological Jupiter is a corporate planet ('CEO') of expansion and abundant resources, of course, and he freely crosses any boundary he meets, chafes against limitations, and tends to grab whatever attracts him. In Venus-ruled Libra, Mr. Trump's Jupiter accounts for his many cries of "that's not fair!" which is a huge part of how he relates to other people (shown by one's Jupiter sign). Fairness is his aim though the over-sensitivity of his rising Mars in proud Leo often interferes with an impatient 'me first' attitude and the quarreling nature of a street fighter. Here, the Sun rules the 6th house of service which includes Civil Servants, Police and Military Forces and with the North Node posited there, we may expect future actiona related to those branches of government.

For solar outcomes--however ego-driven they may be--we look to aspects to the Return Sun which include the square from Jupiter (0A50), a trine from mysterious Neptune (also 0A50!), the opposition by Pluto (4A55), and an applying conjunction by the Sun to warrior Mars at critical degree (20Cancer). Simultaneously, speedy Mercury @28Cancer opposes US natal Pluto (Rx @27Cap) which denotes that info or intell is purposefully withheld or distorted and opposing forces challenge opinions.

A Sun-Pluto opposition across the 5/11 self-will axis suggests extreme defensiveness when challenged, a quality naturally possessed by Mr. Trump, and hints at issues of an insecure ego. As POTUS (US Sun in Cancer), we find a man in a role quite large for him which has increased his tendency toward defiance. However, if logic is used and good advice taken, he may yet come out ahead of his many critics, or at least, may remain in office. Yes, there are massive forces set against him for during his 2016 presidential campaign, he promised to vanquish such forces long in control of the US government. Can he be surprised at how desperately they fight against him? So why did 'they' allow him to enter the Oval Office at all?

To me it seems part of a long-range strategy to weaken America and the office of the presidency, and to undermine our accustomed global leadership, something that is occurring as I type! Whether Mr. Trump is conscious of being used as such a tool for other people's interests is anyone's guess at this early date but there is powerful Pluto @18Cap and demanding that The Big Picture be followed, or else. And with secretive, confused Pisces rising, Jupiter and Neptune rule and co-rule the chart and our national Solar Return--but they are inconjunct one another! This describes a Jupiterian who misunderstands his responsibilities and struggles with problems of his own making--sound familiar, tweeters? It isn't that he doesn't want to fulfill his role, it's that the work is harder than he had imagined it would be and there is some measure of guilt attached to societal concerns such as aid for the needy. One thing to watch is how Neptune rising with potential weather or other natural disasters play out in the context of adequate FEMA funding.

Hopefully, the two Grand Trines (Saturn-Uranus-NN and Moon-Mercury-Chiron) will provide protection for the innocent!

Planets as Actors

So with the next year's solar conditions for and in America and the office of the president spotlighted in the 5th house of Risk-Taking, we find Jupiter in Libra as apex (focal point) of a Cardinal T-Square...what of it? Apex Jupiter in this configuration is primarily concerned with personal enrichment yet feels an urge to broadcast his views to the masses. How things could be is a typical topic as he looks toward an elusive future while grasping benefits for himself in the here-and-now. Since the Cardinal mode is initiating, pioneering is part of the picture, especially with adventurous Jupiter involved who, in spite of personal shortcomings which include superficiality, loudly promotes his causes to great effect. As we all do, this Jupiterian needs to practice what he preaches yet political concerns (and advisers) may often interfere since muddled ethics and changing standards offer him little direction or constancy.

Rashness and a tendency to over-extend may be evident via this opinionated apex Jupiter and dogmatism may be part of his promotional efforts (Tierney). Bigotry and prejudice may continue to peek through his actions and rhetoric which suits some of his audience while deeply offending others. Yes, the Jupiterian Mr. Trump's optimism toward America is apparent, even uplifting, yet an inability to consider long-range consequences created by the short-term benefits he desires (emoluments? conflicts of interest? loved by all?) can trip him up in the long run as Saturn at MC demands accountability, authenticity, maturity, realism, and truth from America's chief executive.

So what if we replace the Cardinal T-Square's apex Jupiter with US natal Saturn? Then we have a description of a society that allows or permits social injustices to continue, imprisons millions of its population, and supports domineering Saturnian actors who purport to 'bring order to chaos' but have unclear goals and a hidden agenda. It is, in Hegelian form, a chaos they themselves have intentionally created.


A Related Horoscope: Donald Trump's Mars Return August 31, 2017.

A Note to Readers: no, I am not wishing for the negatives here since any person who plays the presidential role well means that America does well. I'm simply reading our national Solar Return chart 2017 in relation to current events and conditions, a Solar Return which is good until Independence Day 2018--and I'm hoping for the best for our people and our nation. Of course you're welcome to disagree and I know you'll find other chart factors of note than the ones discussed here. If so, don't hesitate to share your interpretation here or elsewhere so that we may all become much the wiser! jc

Image: Neptune Ascending

Mar 18, 2017

America, Pluto, Ceres, Chiron, and Two Eclipses

Pluto, Ceres, Chiron, America, and the 2017 Solar Eclipses in Pisces and Leo

by Jude Cowell

Since the early days of Stars Over Washington (2005) my attention has sometimes been drawn to a certain trio: power planet of domination, Pluto (27Cap Rx), security-minded nurturer Ceres, and wounder/wounded healer, mentor, and blind spot, Chiron (20Aries) in America's July 4, 1776 natal horoscope. As you know, the midpoint of the Pluto-Chiron duo in society can be associated with plutocrats, Plutocracy, and the consequences they engender such as exploitation, oppression, various -isms, and primal violence, among others.

Need any plutocrats? America's got plenty to share!

Now it seems to me that Election 2016 preceded by the 2016 Campaign of Insults brought us to the ill-attended Inauguration 2017 oath-taking and presidential theater, dahlink which heralded the February 26, 2017 Solar Eclipse @8Pis12, the degree of America's Pluto-Chiron midpoint and her natal Ceres so that they are activated or triggered to express. The natal midpoint and asteroid were simultaneously eclipsed.


Now I'm no numerologist so these triple digits hold no particular place in my thinking about such matters other than astrologically--8th house, 8th sign, 6th house (8 + 8 + 8 = 24 = 6), 6th sign so naturally health concerns are involved through Virgo and Scorpio. Note that the mid-degree of Scorpio is the Point of Regeneration (15Sco), aka, the Eagle Point. Therefore, Mercury, Mars, and Pluto influence the proceedings via their sign rulerships, and of course, Pluto, Mars, and sign Scorpio relate to such medical issues as surgeries, surgical tools, scientific research, medical personnel, and more. Mental planet Mercury represents the knowledge to treat, operate, and cure, and adds health insurance into the mix.

These health topics and issues shown by Pluto, Chiron, and Ceres make timely descriptors of the current 'debate' in the news concerning the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (aka, ACA or 'Obamacare' turned 'Trumpcare') with something wonderful!. Puh! Recklessly, the GOP's knife points toward Medicare as well which I consider to come under the oppressive primal violence tendencies of Pluto-Chiron while our caring Ceres in compassionate Pisces takes a break with the Republicans at the helm.

Another potential is that food and food contamination, false product information, 'Frankenstein' GM foods, adulteration, etc, come under the banner of Pluto-Ceres, and Pluto-Chiron, too. The EPA's poison control and other departments are in process of being severely restricted or closed down by the GOP to one degree or another. Ask me in about a year when Congress and the Trump administration will have done as much damage as their cold, perfidious hearts can manage. The congressional enablers in Congress follow a be-shadowed 'austerity agenda' for the 99% and produce legal-sounding documents and the papers for Trump to blindly sign with a flourish.

Trump Land is a blighted land and the EPA and the protection of clean water are now under threat (not that there aren't waste, fraud, and abuse issues in this and other government agencies).

Actually, The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 at a critical-crisis 29th degree is a cosmic repeat performance of the Prenatal Eclipse of the Clean Air Act of 1963 so environmental topics and problems will continue to pop up everywhere and will not be denied under the Act's own revealing solar eclipse in the egocentric sign of leadership, royal Leo, part of the 1 North Saros Series which last manifested on August 11, 1999. The August 2017 Solar Eclipse across America will be personalized for Donald Trump since his natal Ascendant and Regulus rising (and by association if not degree, his aggressive, litigious Mars Rising) are 'hit' or somehow stimulated or activated by the eclipse.

And so this August, the great eclipse's cosmic blink winks at Don Don. He is, in the role of US president, quite unbelievable, isn't he? But not in a good way. "People come to him," said Kellyanne Conway recently and it sounded more than a little mafia 'donnish' as if "for favors" should have been the end of her sentence. Maybe Conway's remark sounded that way because this is a pay-to-play White House under Trump's extensive ballast and gold-hoarding hands.

However, this is also a non-mandated administration of a nude emperor, folks! Highly unpopular legislation awaits enforcement, let the blighting increase! But will the governed remind the compromised 'governors' of their true responsibilities to The People, whether said 'leaders' are acting from within a state of blackmail, bribery, and intimidation...or not?

On a happier if similar note, I'll hush and embed a link to an article I discovered just today written by Shirley Soffer. It's a revealing look at the deeper levels of Pluto and Ceres and I suspect you'll want to check it out if you haven't already!


Further Reading: Monday March 20, 2017 - Spring hits! even in our compromised, infiltrated, infested, toxic capital of Washington DC (horoscope shown) with its weather-damaged cherry blossoms this year...clearly a Thanks Trump situation.

Above photo of the Jefferson Memorial and (previous) Cherry Blossoms: By Staff Sgt. Christopher Reese, USMC [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Mar 5, 2017

Acrux of the Southern Cross and the Eclipse of Donald Trump

Starry Acrux! The Great American Eclipse Ruffles Mr. Trump and His Warring Mars

by Jude Cowell

Once upon a time the constellation of the Southern Cross was visible in Jerusalem. Was it followed by the Maji as the Star of Bethlehem? Doesn't seem probable to me but then there are several theories as to what that cosmic Star may have been. However, we do know that the three Maji of gold-frankencense-and-myrrh fame were Eastern astrologers and seers who knew what they were looking at and what they were compelled to do: follow its guidance to honor the new king.

The Southern Cross constellation's brightest star is Acrux (Alpha Crux), a triple star that can be used in astrology though my own use of fixed stars tends toward the symbolic side with star positions (sign and degree) aligning in horoscopes with various planets (if they do--conjunctions and the occasional opposition only). Parans between stars and planets (whether rising, culminating, setting, and/or lower-ing together) are often noted by yours truly but are not always mentioned in texts (for then posts would soon become books) and for Acrux this is moot anyway since the star is not visible in most northern hemisphere charts and may not be used at all unless symbolically.

And of course, in Astrology the archetypal symbol of The Cross in essence denotes The Cross of Matter upon which the human body manifests on the earthly plane and when prominent in a horoscope suggests the ability to bring things to fruition, to give them substance (as when Jesus Christ was physically born and died--on The Cross of Matter, the first death). Actualizing one's potential (ex: materialism that leads to financial wealth, success), moving and taking action, and getting things done are keynotes of Acrux.

And we know that, "Fixed stars work through eclipses." (The Book of the Eclipse, Ovason.)

So if we add to a study using fixed stars an intriguing and highly flawed individual like Donald Trump we have a sensational story fit for novelists whom no one would believe if they read them. His natal Uranus in Gemini (he behaves like a Gemini and in fact, is one with natal Sun there) leads all his natal planets from his 10th house of Career. Meanwhile, America's natal 'totem planet' of revolution, Uranus @8Gem55, was activated in 1946 by Mr. Trump's Prenatal Solar Eclipse when it occurred May 30, 1946 @9Gemini in the 2 Old North Saros Series.

2 Old North's difficult themes include: unfortunate news concerning friendships and/or other relationships, endings of unions, separation issues, and action regarding personal relationships (Predictive Astrology, Brady).

2 Old North last manifested on July 1, 2000 @10Can15 and will repeat on July 13, 2018 @21Cancer during the second year of the presidency of Donald Trump. We may expect 2 Old North themes of separation and endings to express for and through him around that time (whether he still acts as president or not).

Uranian Donald Trump's Prenatal Solar Eclipse = US Natal Uranus: Sudden Conflicts

It's always instructive to look at the initial eclipse of a series--for Mr. Trump (born June 14, 1946) his 2 Old North series began manifesting @5Can49 (conjunct the future degree of US natal Jupiter!) on June 24, 0792 (OS) giving all subsequent interpretations a lunar cast. 2 Old North ends with a last solar hurrah on July 23, 2036 @29Leo, the same degree as The Great American Eclipse which will be visible from Oregon to South Carolina on August 21, 2017 @29Leo (horoscope linked, below).

The August 21, 2017 eclipse is personally significant for Mr. Trump (and thus for America) for it conjoins (or activates or eclipses) his natal Ascendant and is squished between his rising Mars (26Leo) and Ascendant (29Leo), with royal star Regulus in the mix. Curiously, Trump's Secondary Progressed (and Solar Arc) Sun, originally in Gemini, has recently and symbolically left Leo and entered Virgo--and the precessed position of Regulus is now @00Virgo+ which hints that Regulus is his 'essence' and 'objective' at age 70--if we were to use fixed stars in Progressions! Personally, I think timing issues may be seen through them but use of stars in Progressions is your choice and is frowned upon by astrological tradition.

America Affected

Yet how tragic for America if our nation in need of a competent president and civilian Commander-in-Chief partakes too freely of the archetypal theater in Mr. Trump's life at age 70, that of Regulus reflecting upon him the fatal flaw inherent in this most royal of stars: success if revenge is avoided. For coupled with his aggressive warrior Mars (in proud Leo, the lion), Regulus, star of power and success, gives an ability to lead, yes, but if one takes revenge any greatness will suffer an "eclipse" and consequently bring a "fall from grace."

Such is the potential of Mr. Donald J. Trump. If he manages to avoid the negative caution that attaches to Regulus he may be the first yet considering his petty, perverse, retaliatory, tweeting and insinuating nature, it isn't likely that he can avoid the ultimate consequences of failure though it may seem so for a while. After all, while playing the presidential role, there are many people both hidden and otherwise who continually 'prop him up' in spite of what could, should, or by all rights will, bring him down from high office and plunk him into the shadows.

And America with him.


Related Posts: August 21, 2017 The Great American Eclipse, its shadow up to 70+ miles wide--talk about being followed by a moon shadow!

And with June on the way, here's the Summer Solstice 2017 Horoscope set for Washington DC and showing Mr. Trump's natal planets around the outside. See his first natal planet to rise...

And check this out from writer and astrologer Neil Spencer:

"The most high profile celestial event of 2017 is the total solar eclipse of August 21, whose path cuts across 14 states of the USA, from Oregon to South Carolina; surely a heaven-sent boon to the end-of-the-world brigades (who come in many guises), and the manufacturers of fake news. That almost all the states in the eclipse’s shadow voted for Donald Trump should add to speculation about its meaning; perhaps the Commander in Chief will tweet that he personally arranged it."

Yes, (Uranian-in-Chief) Mr. Trump just may tweet something along those lines if White House staffers fail to keep a phone out of his Geminian hands.

Dec 15, 2016

Is This the Most Important Date in US History? video (w/ Astrology)

Way before 1776, history was happening which related to the future establishment of America (aka, Plato's Ideal, the 'New Atlantis', etc) - events of great consequence such as this:

A Few Brief Astro-Notes concerning July 28, 1588 (NS) 'noon' off the coast of England

Often what 'pops out' in a horoscope when looking at it for the first time are conjunctions of planets, how close are their positions by sign and degree, houses occupied (especially if a specific time is known for calculating the chart), and any other pertinent information. On the day Britain bested the Spanish Armada, the Sun @5Leo was separating from oceanic Neptune (1Leo21), traveler Mercury @22Leo22 was almost partile conjunct boundary breaker Jupiter (22Leo56), and warrior Mars @14Cancer trined rebellious Uranus in mid-Pisces and squared powerful Pluto at critical degree (12Aries).

Significantly, a Jupiter-Saturn square applied (5A32; from Leo to Saturn in late Taurus) and Saturn and Neptune were sextile (2A53) denoting a time of idealism vs pragmatism. It seems the naval battle for both countries took large amounts of planning but for someone, the follow through was lacking and certain rules may have been bypassed. Obviously, this sextile's opportunity for violating the space of others was operative and may also be one area where Mercury-Jupiter's planning came in.

Curiously enough, the Lunar Eclipse of February 10, 2017 @22Leo falls directly upon 1588's Mercury-Jupiter conjunction and may uncover, as all 'wild card' eclipses are wont to do, previously unknown plans for expansion and/or conquest especially in relation to Britain, America, Spain, or another realm currently under a monarchic system. (That America groans under such a system is hardly debatable these days, though you're welcome to disagree).

Unfortunately for my own understanding of this long ago event (if not for yours), there are discrepancies in the listing of Solar Eclipses in Brady's Predictive Astrology so that the famous 1588 naval conflict's Prenatal Eclipse Series' themes are unknown because its particular Saros Series ended years ago. As for the Fire-Air Sun Leo-Moon Libra combination of energies that day (which seem more applicable to the event than if an earlier Moon in Virgo is used), one of the Harveys' Images for Integration may be relevant to this important historic event and the era in which it occurred. See if you agree:

Sun Leo-Moon Libra: "A monarch discusses poetry with a visiting diplomat." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign). Of course, one of the monarchs involved in this event was Queen Elizabeth I, a pragmatic, reliable double-Earth Sun Virgo-Moon Taurus personality born during the time of a Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Cancer, a planetary duo perfect for one involved with sociopolitical enterprises and for serving the needs of the masses via far-reaching, lofty ideals. And as you know, old orders can lead to new orders under the combined energies of Saturn and Uranus (past vs future).

Now another chart factor stands out for it conjoins the Aries Point of World Manifestation (00Aries00:00) and that's the July 28, 1588 position of the Uranus-Pluto midpoint @29Pis21, the revolutionary pairing of planets so often active during events whenever freedom, power, war, and explosions are involved. The Armada's defeat and the motivations behind the conflict relate to the establishment of the British Empire, eventually to the founding of the American Empire, and to the obsessive expansion of both. I mention Uranus-Pluto because Queen Elizabeth I's natal Neptune, planet of The Seas, was transited during the battle by that midpoint which gives an enlightening picture of potentials we may read as: transit Uranus-Pluto = natal Neptune: knowledge of human nature; delving deeply into supernatural realms (she did!); a peculiar nervous state when excited; the occult. (Ebertin, Tyl, Munkasey). Did Astrology guide the Queen's choices concerning this event? Surely she consulted her favored court astrologer John Dee! (His natal chart is linked, below).

Yet on another level, we may wish to read the midpoint picture more simply as 'war and powerful revolutionary events' (Uranus-Pluto) on the high seas (Neptune). Works for me.

Ultimately, Britain's defeat of the 'invincible' Spanish Armada inspired a wave of nationalism and bolstered increased interest in the colonization of the North American continent and the settlement and subsequent founding of America. Which is why some people call July 28, 1588 The Most Important Date in US History.

A related post: The Natal Horoscope of John Dee.

Above NASA photo: Neptune.

Dec 12, 2016

Decade of Change: the Outer Planet Conjunctions of the 1950s

If you're reading this article you may not have been alive in the 1950s and 'missed' the Great Conjunctions of the decade. It was a decade of change and new conditions across the globe and in America so I've put together a list of the four planetary conjunctions of the 1950s, when their energies combined and the Great Cosmic Clock started over for each pair. (Update 12.12.16: recently news appears that the mystery of the Killer London Fog of December 1952 has been solved as per the first Saturn conjunction with foggy Neptune in airy Libra as noted, below.

As Above So Below! for there were descriptive historical events during the 1950s which resonate with the planetary pairs on the list:

Societal planet Saturn conjoined Neptune of the masses and the media three times in the 21 to 23 degrees of airy Libra: 1. November 21, 1952; 2. May 1, 1953; 3. July 22, 1953; when combined, Saturn-Neptune denotes such sociological correspondences as: poor, sick, or depressed persons, chronic diseases, undermining conditions, suffering, renunciation, asceticism, invisible or secret government, government scandals, capitulating leaders, and/or idealism vs materialism; (appr 36-year cycle).

Next were expansive money and ideology planet Jupiter and progressive, disruptive Uranus, the 'fortunate breakthrough' pair of energies when working harmoniously together. They conjoined three times on: 1. October 7, 1954; 2. January 7, 1955; 3. May 10, 1955 in the 24 to 28 degrees of Cancer--conjunct US natal Mercury Rx and opposite US natal Pluto @27Cap32; this planetary pair indicates potentials for: extreme efforts to produce new or original changes, creation of devices that can transform the world, and/or a sudden change in financial conditions. Adventurers, fortune hunters, explorers, scientists, zealots with one-sided views, and political conflicts are also suggested by Jupiter-Uranus; (appr 14-year cycle).

Moneybags Jupiter conjoined wealthy power planet Pluto three times during the 1950s: 1. November 2, 1955; 2. February 8, 1956; 3. June 16, 1956 in the 26 to 29 degree range of Leo--conjunct the Mars and Ascendant of a then-young fellow by the name of *Donald Trump. Jupiter-Pluto is one of the Plutocrat pairs of energies with a craving for power; organizers of large-scale projects, professors and teachers of law and economics are described by Jupiter-Pluto along with speculators, squanderers, and wastrels. Pursuit of fanatical aims, religious leadership, and a desire to exploit the masses can also be constellated by Jupiter-Pluto; (appr 13-year cycle)

And last but not least in the 1950s decade is the one Great Conjunction of giants Jupiter and Neptune, the pair under which the Obama administration has operated since their last conjunction/s of 2009--conjunct US natal Moon in Aquarius. On September 24, 1958, the inflationary pair met @3Sco18, the current degree of America's progressed Saturn (Rx since 1996). Yes, reality is often elusive under a Jupiter-Neptune influence with its potentials for: dreaminess, seduction, idealism when reality is needed, mysticism, speculation, gain without effort, self-created scandals, political conflicts, idolatry (exs: 'rock star' Barack a la 2009 and the bloated, confusing, over promising ACA), a degraded legal system based on favors and pay-offs, hypocrisy as a form of internal policy, elaborate visions of how to effect a change of direction, making excuses for failures, and/or compassion and a love of humanity; (appr 13-year cycle).

Of course, there were other transits and progressions during the 1950s (and eclipses) which also influenced the events on the list, above, but these are the major Outer Planet Conjunctions of the decade. And it isn't long before year 2020 opens with the January 12th hook-up of one Saturn-Pluto conjunction (ouch!) @22Cap46, then it's on to April 2020 when the three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn begin. The weighty year ends with the 20-year encounter between societal planets Jupiter and Saturn @00AQ29--conjunct US Inaugural Sun (POTUS).

What this karmic conjunction suggests for the US presidency must be a post for another day--especially since now we must be patient and observe what Mr. Trump does with the power and advantages of the Oval Office during his tenure in the White House--if there's anything left for Jupiter and Saturn to conjunct in 2020.

*Jupiter-Pluto conjunct Mr. Trump's natal Mars may have inspired within him a deep desire to achieve great things which, as it turned out, supports an uncommonly massive ego.


For more planetary pair info consult Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences and Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.

Nov 22, 2016

A Question about American Utopianism

Of Rosy Glows, Dragons Fought, and Thomas Jefferson

by Jude Cowell

St george

St. George and the red cross are emblems used by many countries, regions, organizations, and entities through the centuries, including medieval times. Today the modern 'Red Cross' organization is a well known example of its use as a symbol or logo and the 'rosy cross' of 'Rosicrucianism' represents a secret organization that favors a mythical beast that is seldom if ever glimpsed by non-members. More details here.

Yes, the Banner of St. George was notable (and one supposes inspiring) at the Battle of Agincourt and yet my current fuss is this: precisely why is a flag or banner with a red cross on a white field prominently displayed in the following painting of a tableaux of Thomas Jefferson's presentation to Congress of the completed Declaration of Independence? You see the red cross floating over Jefferson's head so is this a wordless message revealed via symbol? For one thing, Jefferson's effects after his death (on July 4, 1826) included a Rosicrucian decoder intended to read and write secret messages. And yet it was Great Britain where Rosicrucianism became uppermost, with Templar Freemasonry sprouting and growing wildly in the New World of America (though some say the two brotherhoods united at some point).

Here are details on John Trumbull's famous painting, above, of the moment Thomas Jefferson presented the first draft of the Declaration of Independence to John Hancock, president of the Second Continental Congress, on June 28, 1776. Last I heard, the 12' x 18' masterpiece hangs in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building. Standing with Mr. Jefferson are John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, and Benjamin Franklin.

Now as you know, Mr. Jefferson was a quiet man who whispered and stuttered when he spoke, and keeping secrets was a natural inclination for such a man particularly when involvement in certain activities could forfeit you your fortune and your life. Perhaps wisely, Jefferson never admitted actual membership in any secret society that I know of but we can surmise his knowledge of principles, plus, Monticello sported paintings of the three men whose intellect he admired most: Bacon, Newton, and Locke.

So I confess that there are times when the idea of an alleged "Book of Secrets" that's said to be for very few eyes suggests to me that whatever American secrets there be are totally different from what we've been propagandized through the centuries to believe about our Platonian, Utopian nation, the only country ever founded upon an ideal. From capstones, hollowed out crevices in cornerstones, and whatever is secreted under DC's Ellipse, to that infamous "Book", We the People surely must have stunning revelations ahead of us if Bacon's Vision is ever fully revealed. We may not like it but there it is.

Now with the recently denied potential of electing the first woman president, I had speculated that if such a thing happened, it could be symbolized by flipping over America's Great Seal in order to bring the more esoteric, unconscious symbols on the reverse more fully into our conscious minds. You know--the 13-step 'pyramid of power' which relates symbolically to the Midheaven degree and sign (on or about 26 Capricorn these days) in America's inaugural horoscopes (January 20th noon Capitol Building) -- the area of the Zodiac where Pluto in Capricorn now creeps. Plus, a late Capricorn MC places US natal Pluto Rx there as well along with America's progressed Pluto at 29 Capricorn, a critical or crisis 29th degree (as is 26 Cap). On Inauguration Day/s, our opposing Mercury Rx at IC echoes, along with sneaky Pluto at MC, the whisper of a nation of secrets, spies, hidden rulers, and a veiled mission.

And since Pluto was discovered in 1930, let's go ahead and say that when Freemason President Franklin Roosevelt had Inauguration Day changed from early March to January 20th (March 1933 to January 1937), he knew exactly what he was doing and what would eventually happen: transit Pluto in Capricorn ('the dictator') would hit the highest, most visible spot in US inaugural horoscopes, the Midheaven, the point of Goals and Aspirations...the pinnacle of worldly power, we might call it...and this would symbolically signify a display (MC) of might and Empire (Pluto in Cap) meant to be seen worldwide across the globe and denote Saturnian control (Capricorn) of the Earth itself.

How quirky that someone has selected a braggart nationalist like Mr. Trump to implement the final stages of Global Government when that's just the kind of thing he campaigned against! Perhaps he's only intended to corral Americans into place while continuing the destruction of the US Constitution that stands in the way of open borders and worldwide corporatism...they've already dispensed with the Constitution in the realms of habeas corpus, preemptive war, and brutal suppression of peaceful protest.

So here is another question: wonder if the Utopian society the Founding Fathers envisioned bares any resemblance at all to the crap government that anarchists have been busy downgrading America to? Because with Trump losing the popular vote on November 8th, consent of the governed is totally missing as is 'a mandate' for president-elect Trump and his austere sidekick, the boo-worthy Mr. Pence of Indiana.

Wikimedia page of the top image {Public domain} of St. George on his steed surrounded by 'rosy crosses'.

Jun 22, 2016

Independence Day 2016 brings America a New Moon

US Solar Return 2016 Emphasizes Money, Ethics, and an Inflow of New Energies

by Jude Cowell

On July 4, 2016 at 5:49:52 pm EDT (Washington DC), the Sun returns to America's July 4, 1776 Sun position of 13Cancer19 (in the 5:09 pm LMT chart, Philadelphia, PA). 'The Old Girl' will be all of 240 years old and she seems these days to be codgering about in her dotage--her reputation tarnished, her population divided in regard to the haves and have-nots, and yoked to a brutal militarism that drains our coffers dry and abuses We the People, among millions of others.

In our Solar Return 2016 horoscope set for DC, the Sun @13Cancer falls in the 8th house of Credit, Debt, Big Finance, Transformation, Death, and the Occult. Keeping our Sun (leadership; POTUS) company in 8th house are Mercury @9Can36, Moon @19Can14 and just past the morning's New Moon @12Can53 (7:01 am EDT), the starry Twins, Castor and Pollux, and Venus @21Can00. Opposite in the 2nd house is wealthy string-puller and spy chief Pluto @16Cap16. Can our 4 little personal planets succeed against power-grabber Pluto, god of the criminal Underworld and purveyor of the transnational banking system?

Well, you know how financial matters have been going both here and abroad since transit Pluto began lining up against America's Cancer trio of Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun--I would time it for late 2007 with tr Pluto in late Sagittarius and within 5 degrees of US natal Venus (3Cancer), though you may disagree.

Why, even during the era of the Great Depression, transit Pluto conjoined our Cancer trio of planets but now things are quite different in the global sphere since the New Millennium came knocking on humanity's door.

And with 7Sag04 rising along with restrictive Saturn Rx @10Dag57, delays and limitations are obviously indicated in relation to the 2nd house of Money, Earnings, and Valuations. That chart-ruler Jupiter (critical degree 17Virgo and still traveling near the North Node) makes no applying Ptolemaic aspects in the Return chart emphasizes Jupiter's sign, degree, and house position--strong in its own 9th house, and conjunct MC (23Vir12 which places US natal Neptune @22Virgo at The Goal Point of the year). Money, money, money. Yet Jupiter does apply to an opposition with wounded healer Chiron which implies a goal of establishing "a radical redirection of the socio-cultural environment--anarchy and occultism play a central role in {} the transformative vision." (Nolle). One political minded culprit who was born under a Jupiter-Chiron opposition is Adolf Hitler.

One thing I want to mention before I forget is that Mercury @10Can36 in the US Solar Return chart (and in the New Moon chart, same day, @9Can37) will have recently returned to its position in the natal chart of Donald Trump. This aside is included because I assume that Mr. Trump will not have been jettisoned from the presidential race by July 4th! Perhaps we should check out his Mercury Return chart soon.

So can we attach significance to the cosmic fact that America's Solar Return 2016 horoscope involves a New Moon which perfects approximately 10 hours 49 minutes prior to the Sun reaching 13Can19? We can and we shall for a New Moon in a Return chart within one degree of the Return planet is indicative of fresh energies flowing in and a new cycle of activity relating to the Return and natal house position of the New Moon.

In our nation's natal and Solar Return charts, the New Moon perfects in the 8th hou$e (cusp = 9Can30); in the New Moon chart it's in the 12th house of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, Large Institutions, and Back Room Deals but with 25Gem07 on the 12th cusp. This is the degree of the New Moon on the morning that Donald Trump announced his bid for the presidency. That all these factors relate in various ways to the candidacy and broke campaign of Mr. Trump seems quite certain though of course other conditions, events, and actors are not ruled out. And I have asked you before if you think Mr. Trump's New Moon in the sign of The Messenger (which he has called himself upon occasion) will culminate in the Full Moon @27Capricorn during the RNC in July. You didn't answer but I shall assume that this possibility horrifies you as much as it does me--especially since the RNC Full Moon precisely conjoins US natal Pluto.

In addition, a New Moon in our Solar Return 2016 chart has consequences which may be seen by planetary aspects to it. Here we have Mercury and Venus conjunct Sun and Moon which is quite positive along with a trine from Neptune (11Pis55 Rx in 9th house of the New Moon chart, 3rd house otherwise). Although Neptunian involvement can be inspirational it can also be deceptive, fraudulent, undermining, or confusing (to name a few!)

Plus, this is a time of culmination seen via the Jupiter-Neptune opposition, a cycle which began with their Great Conjunction/s in Aquarius (conjunct US natal Moon) three times in 2009, and their inflated conjunctions are imprinted upon the presidency of Barack Obama. Jupiter-Neptune makes truth difficult to ascertain, events unpredictable, fantastic get-rich schemes tempting, and guilt and self-pity the favorite go-to excuses. Political conflicts are also suggested by Jupiter-Neptune, something Washington seems to be tragically addicted to for it divides and keeps the American people out of the way.

Of course, the real culprit in the chart is the opposing Pluto we discussed, above, as Mr. Invisible continues his creepy plod through the sign of Government, Law, and Business, on his way to America's first-ever Pluto Return/s in 2022. As you know, Ebertin asserts that one of the roles played by Pluto in Capricorn is, The Dictator, but that would be a moment no sane person is waiting for.

Now we won't get to them all in this post but there are many other chart factors worth discussing in the Return horoscope--fire-starter Mars in his sign of Scorpio, sub-ruled by Pluto, for one--but today my blogging time is brief. Perhaps the North Node (contacts with the public; future direction) sextiles to the New Moon and sextile to our Solar Return Sun--all three aspects applying--will provide benefits and we'll weather whatever storms our below-board politicians have planned for us (to please their global masters) for they act as infestations and infiltrators of what should still be a decent US government.

Now you know that our Solar Return 2016 horoscope is 'good for' one year until the next Independence Day and this will naturally include the beginning of a new presidential administration. Is this what is signified by our SR 2016 New Moon, which incidentally, conjoins Egyptian goddess star, Sirius?

Well, Sun-Moon-Sirius implies a large cosmic can of squirmy things we cannot open today so let's close with a note or two on Sun sextile North Node (trine South Node, of course) and Moon sextile North Node. With the Sun, opportunities are suggested for working in harmony with prevailing social trends and conditions. Moral and ethical standards may be made constructive use of along with upholding acceptable traditions. This indicates a type of social leadership that can win public support, while the Lunar-NN sextile adds an element of good, effective timing to events and societal conditions.

Wishing a Happy 240th Birthday to my fellow Americans! And may a dictator disguised as a president never enter the Oval Office.

Mar 23, 2016

March 23, 2016: The Folly of Foreign Aid - Rand Paul

Yes, why does America borrow money from China in order to give it to Pakistan? This is precisely what (at least most of) the Founding Fathers warned against and what certain presidents attempted to avoid because it puts our nation in debt to and under the thumb of foreign entities such as the Rothschild banking system. And it's why the traitors who planned the 'federal reserve system' in the US had to do so in complete secrecy on Jekyll Island--if the American people had been aware of their Aldrich Plan, we would have tarred and feathered 'Senator' Aldrich and the rest of the crooks including Paul Warburg and the JP Morgan operatives who secretly attended.

Okay, I must quit fussing. This, from Rand Paul:

Here's a link to the video in case it disappears from Stars Over Washington.

Dec 27, 2015

Sep 11, 2015

Horoscope: August 2017 Solar Eclipse Across America

The following information is a blend of three SO'W articles concerning upcoming Solar Eclipses and The Great American Eclipse of 2017 in particular:

Perhaps the best website for information on the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 is so scurry there if you haven't as of yet, or bookmark the site for future reference. You'll find maps of Totality including Towns, Cities, and States, plus viewing details, eclipse safety glasses for ordering, and more information available on the site concerning this America-splitting cosmic event.

From the website linked above, here is a list of the states experiencing Totality and naturally, viewing will most spectacular in certain towns and cities situated in these states:

Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Please check the website for specific cities--some are directly in the Path of Totality, some are on the edge of it.

From Oregon to South Carolina: Astrology of the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse

This will be the first Total Solar Eclipse to fall across the United States in 99 years and will occur @28Leo52 which opposes US natal Moon in our 1776 natal horoscopes set for around 5:00 pm LMT. Is this significant? Possibly so since the eclipse lands on the doorstep of the American people. And additiional consideration is a 29th degree is considered a critical degree condition for a planet straining in some way and may relate to the potential for natural disasters and/or disruption of energy (ex: power grid.) Plus, 29 Leo is near royal star Regulus (00Vir) with its caution: success if revenge is avoided.

In the symbolic Astrology used on this site, the first thing to know is that this eclipse falls in the 1 North Saros Series, the same Series as the August 11, 1999 'Nostradamus' or 'King of Terror' Solar Eclipse. Because of this, I close this post with the horoscope of 1 North's Initial Solar Eclipse which manifested on January 4, 1639 @13Cap48, a degree you recognize as transiting Pluto's recent playground. This adds to the transformative picture of the eclipse which has the usual Uranian 'wild card of the Universe' vibe that all eclipses carry. So when we think '1 North' we think The Mother of All Eclipses so naturally the sign of the initial eclipse of the Series is the filter through which we view subsequent 1N eclipses--now it's Leo (Sun) seen through a Saturnian Capricorn lens. Note that America's natal horoscope (July 4, 1776) contains a Sun-Saturn square.

The first landfall location is the Oregon Coast and the last place of Totality is in South Carolina before the eclipse shadow sweeps across the Atlantic Ocean after beginning in the Pacific Ocean. Below is the horoscope set for South Carolina which is quite near the degrees of one set for Washington DC so I'll not display a chart for our nation's capital since DC does not lie in the Path of Totality but some of the placements will be mentioned.

Also from the site linked above, here's a map of the Oregon Coast showing the Path of Totality where the 2017 Solar Eclipse first hits land. For the landfall horoscope I am using Lincoln Beach because of its proximity though smaller beaches are useful locations, too, as well as Newport, Oregon if you're so inclined to set up a chart or two.

Horoscope: August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse South Carolina

For the last place of Totality of the August 2017 Solar Eclipse, the fishing village of McClellanville, South Carolina in Charleston County is the spot I'm using to set up the horoscope you see below. Please enlarge the image to read some basic chart details penned upon the image in my usual messy style:

Now for a bit of context, here is a link to a recent post in which I list the August 2017 eclipse with details and the Solar Eclipses that lead up to it:

Solar Eclipses 2015 - 2017.

And here is a republish of a previous post concerning the Great American Eclipse of 2017:

August 21, 2017's 1N Solar Eclipse @29Leo is being called The Great American Eclipse and is highlighted (#6) because it is the first Total Solar Eclipse that will be visible in all the 48 states with a Path of Totality from Oregon to South Carolina. It is also significant because it manifests on a critical-crisis 29th degree and is near a Royal Star of Persia, Regulus, now precessed into very early Virgo with the keywords, 'success if revenge is avoided'.

A Solar Eclipse in proud Leo, ruled by the Sun (ego, hero's journey, natural leadership, royalty, creativity, vitality) denotes that karmic progress depends upon use of the positive Leonine qualities rather than pride, arrogance, egocentricity, vanity, pomposity, and other negative traits of Leo which retard or block karmic progress.

In 2017, the manifestation of 1N is the first time the 'Nostradamus' 'King of Terror' (or, 'Alarm')--the 'Mother of All Eclipses'--has repeated since its much-touted manifestation @18Leo on August 11, 1999. The Fixed Grand Cross of that eclipse is notable for its appearance in the Book of Revelation of the Oxen Point, the Lion Point, the Eagle Point, and the Angel Point of the mid-degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.)

Perhaps you prefer to think this link by eclipse between 1999 and 2017 is of no matter. Well, as always, dear reader, that is up to you. Yet the Fixed Cross degrees and the degree and sign of the 1999 eclipse are sensitized and I expect some repetition of such themes. And yes, I do believe it is late days in earthly history--though not the latest.

Themes of 1N: unexpected events concerning groups or friends occur and place great pressure on personal relationships; issues loom large yet hasty decisions are unwise since information is distorted and possibly false; health matters and fatigue are associated with 1N. (paraphrasing Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady.)

The initial eclipse in the 1N Series occurred @13Cap48 (opposite US natal Sun = leadership) on January 4, 1639 OS with a money/power-related Jupiter-Pluto opposition across the Taurus-Scorpio axis. The Jupiter-Pluto pair denotes bankers, politicians, power brokers, and big wheeler-dealers who mount large projects (ed: like global government.)

That's The Great American Eclipse for now, folks!

Aug 23, 2015

The Real Reason Why Princess Diana Was Assassinated. Ex MI Agent Testifies - video

Pictured below is a previously published horoscope of the death crash of Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed with details at Jude's Threshold (sans any recent updates.)

Princess Diana's land mines work has always seemed to me enough reason for certain entities to assassinate her and as the lady says in the video, above, Diana was about to begin humanitarian work concerning the plight of the Palestinian people.

However, recently I have come across another theory: that the real target was Dodi al Fayed--having to do with arms deals and Saudi Arabia which wouldn't surprise me in the least. Apparently both Diana and Dodi had multiple enemies willing to 'take them out' by whatever means necessary. At the time of their tragic deaths, a major transit of Neptune @27Cap was threatening an erosion or dissolution of power in the US as the nebulous, fraudulent planet insinuated itself via conjunction with America's natal Pluto Rx @27Cap33.

This erosion (which probably included monetary power with wealthy Pluto affected) was not being achieved by anarchy but by more subtle methods such as treachery, poison, contagion, or even religious and/or psychic and occult powers. (The suspicious alcohol blood level of the car's driver could be indicated here.) I remember how tears flowed in this country and across the globe over the untimely death of the Princess of Hearts just when she had finally found 'true' love! Or the illusion of it. And with Neptune to US Pluto, the melancholy tragedy was a perfect opportunity for religious leaders to appear all over TV multiple times over the next year or so.

Even now, I wonder: can any American deny that the United States of America is an 'assassination nation'? And this is Not how the Founders designed our Republic to be!

Aug 15, 2015

August 15, 2015: What's New at Stars Over Washington!

Yes, that's a new logo and image you see at the top of the page. You can hardly miss it, can you? The night sky is cloudy so the stars are hidden and so far, the image has yet to display on my phone so I'm reserving my opinion for now and may remove the image eventually. Plus, if I had the tech skills, I probably would have created an image with the three stars that are reflected by the Federal Triangle (as originally planned by Pierre L'Enfant): Spica for the Washington Monument as it points toward earth in the Reflecting Pool below--the Hermetic As above, So Below model that our Founding secret society members were completely aware of; royal Regulus for the Masonic temple we call the Capitol Building (and thus, the US Congress), and Arcturus representing the White House.

And perhaps it would be even more descriptive to include starry Porrima above our national phallic symbol, the Washington Monument, since Porrima is the 'star of prophecy' and the 'goddess' the ladies prayed to in olden days to assure fertility and safe childbirth. Curious how Freemason George, The Father of Our Country to whom the monumental obelisk is dedicated, never fathered natural children of his own (that we know of--there is some controversy there.)

As a curiosity, let us add here the Sabian Symbol for '19 Taurus', George Washington's natal Ascendant (the Self point, the physical body, etc): "A New Continent Rising Out of the Ocean" which speaks of the mind being emptied and light purifying the consciousness freed from its attachment and contaminations...a new release of life can emerge out of the infinite Ocean of potentiality, "the Virgin SPACE." (Rudhyar.) "Keynote: The surge of new potentiality after the crisis"...SPONTANEITY" which means "to have reached a state in which the conscious, rational ego is no longer a controlling factor." Well, the Founders and subsequent Masons did deify George Washington as a purified solar god which the Egyptian obelisk represents as a symbol of Ra. As you know, constellation VIRGO the Virgin (Isis-Mary-Columbia, etc) and its stars are found all over the Venusian city of Washington DC!

And what of Porrima? If the Washington Monument pointing toward this star-goddess was intended by the Founders to vouchsafe the birth and establishment of America, the Utopian, Baconian 'New Atlantis' on a new continent, the Founders and designers of the Federal City of Washington, District of Columbia have been successful these 239 years and counting though their far-sighted 'experiment' based on an ancient ideal of perfection (via Plato and before) seems in 2015 to be under more threat than ever by Utopian usurpers and fanatics (Uranus in Aries--Ebertin) who are determined to crash America as the 'old order' of 1776 and establish a 'new world order' that no population in the world could prefer nearly as much as a nation based on independence, freedom, and equality--imperfect as it has been and ever a work in progress.

Yet to my mind, that's what we get whenever and wherever mankind is involved...imperfection, and it's tragic how this natural fact runs completely counter to the Utopian 'Illuminati' scheme of a 'new world order' which upholds tenets of the Age of Reason--the Enlightenment--in which man allegedly needs no laws (chaos) and can evolve toward a perfect condition all by himself...with Science leading the way!

To which yours truly can only sputter, puh! to the misguided knaves and death-worshiping fools.


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Jul 15, 2015

President Obama Commuting the Sentences of 46 prisoners - video

Only 46, but here is President Obama taking a step in the right direction for our privatized prison society:

#WarOnDrugs #PrisonPlanet #PrisonSociety of #America

Jul 4, 2015

What Does the Constitution Say? - Organic Laws of the USA - video

Now here's a very interesting interview to publish here on Independence Day 2015 concerning America's founding, its government, and laws:

#FederalGovernment #USConstitution #DeclarationofIndependence #StatesRights #UShistory #OrganicLaws

Jul 3, 2015

July 4, 2015: America's 1776 Sun Cancer-Moon Aquarius repeats!

Although there is 'no credible terrorist threat', for the US Independence Day 2015 weekend, headlines are appearing everywhere such as America on high alert this July 4th holiday due to Isis-inspired terror threats suggested particularly during the period of Ramadan which began June 18, 2015 and ends July 17th (some sources say June 17th).

On July 1st the cosmos provided the world with a lovely Venus-Jupiter conjunction @22Leo which descriptively had an asteroid lurking behind the happy duo in the form of Isis (22Leo). The Venus-Jupiter encounter became exact at 3:51 am edt on July 1, 2015, an interesting event since transiting Jupiter passes his shadow degree (where he turned Rx December 8, 2014) on late July 6 to early July 7, 2015 which denotes forward motion in Jupiterian areas of investment, growth, expansion, exploration, and development with Politics, Business, Education, Religion, and other realms of Jupiter will be affected and possibly benefited.

In the US, a Jupiterian plethora of 2016 candidates have been lining up in varied array as America prepares for our nation's 239th birthday which actually arrives this year on July 5th at 11:57:18 am edt when the Sun reaches natal degree (13Can19) and the Moon (We the People) floats past her natal sign (July 4, 1776) of freedom-loving Aquarius and enters Pisces (00:56).

But on the day we traditionally celebrate, July 4th, our national Sun Cancer-Moon Aquarius is again in effect and extends into the next day with a US Moon Return occurring at 5:39 am edt on July 5th (@27AQ09 Washington DC, based on the horoscope of July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA: Independence declared).

Considering our July 2015 Lunar and Solar Returns, both manifesting on July 5th, we see natal Moon (the public) opposed by the Venus-Jupiter conjunction (including asteroid Isis) but separating, and static coming from the direction of Saturn square to our Moon (1A43). The position of Saturn @28Sco53 is interesting since it now has a sobering effect upon We the People's Inauguration 2009 Moon (29Sco45) with '30Sco' being the degree of "A Halloween Jester" in Sabian Symbols. Also of note is that during the current retrograde period of transiting Saturn, the natal Midheaven of President Obama is being crossed and re-crossed and times his recent achievements during what's been called the Best Week Ever of his presidency (see video below). And though Saturn can bring loss due to past errors, unreliability, or neglect of duties, the old man of authority can also gift long-term efforts with long-lasting rewards as in the case of President Obama as Saturn (natural ruler of the 10th house) expresses at natal MC, the Career and Public Standing point of any horoscope.

The dampening effect of inhibiting Saturn squaring the public's Moon while it conjoins the Inauguration 2009 Moon (a double whammy) describes our ongoing difficulties in the US economy but also the terror threats that are restricting or limiting our July 4th celebrations. Note that Saturn is the planet ruling Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business--Isis and its recruits in the US may not have to do anything against us on US soil for we have the US government to harsh our celebratory buzz with terror alerts! Of course, Saturnian authorities must warn us to be cautious or we'd been extremely accusatory if they should have but didn't.

Meanwhile, natal Sun (leadership) in the Solar Return 2015 chart remains opposed by manipulative Pluto (14Cap17 Rx) indicating ongoing titanic challenges to US power and control though the disruptive Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Square energy has somewhat waned with Uranus, the zealous fanatic when in Mars-ruled Aries, @20Ari19 and no longer squaring US natal Sun, a period when leadership and control are tested and are difficult to maintain due to unpredictable conditions and events.

As for natal Sun and transiting Saturn, a complex sesquisquare (135 degrees) is in effect denoting the complexity of conditions the president is dealing with this Independence Day 2015 (a square within a square! rock and a hard place?) and since a Solar Return horoscope lasts for one year, these complex issues and obstacles are in effect until July 2016. However, the nearness to the Sun of Mars, planet of police and military troops, aids leadership in the enforcement of control and protection with the July 1, 2015 Full Moon @9Cap55 having powerful Pluto nearby. Cautiously we feel the Full Moon's Mars-Pluto opposition alerting the public (Moon) to dangers and hostile forces within the environment as Isis attempts to inspire young Americans and other discontents to act--especially during Ramadan 2015.

In closing, let's consider America's natal and Independence Day Sun Cancer-Moon Aquarius blend, an ethereal and insightful Water-Air combo that supplies America with potentials for humanitarianism, concern for the public welfare, sociability, and a generous spirit. Our fondness and talent for poetry, music, and literature are evident as well along with a romanticized view of the past--which we liberally indulge during every July 4th celebration!

The 'Images for Integration' for Sun Can-Moon AQ include "A mother and child skip down the street, arm in arm, to attend the Vision for World Peace charity fete at the park...The world as family."

(Unfortunately for the American people and the world population, these charming, hopeful humanitarian pictures have been darkened through the years by the threat of Global Government though you are welcome to disagree that a usurpation has occurred).

Our actual Sun Can-Moon Pisces Solar Return blend of July 5th, a double Water concoction of sentiment and nostalgia, denotes the caginess of Cancer mixed with the secretive tendencies of Pisces. This blend gives insight, compassion, and a sense of whimsy to the proceedings along with shrewdness, adaptability, diplomacy, suspicion of other peoples' motives, and a fear of being hurt or fooled.

The blend's "Images for Integration" include "A lone sailboat offshore at sunset...Ol' man river, he keeps rollin' along" (and other Rogers and Hammerstein musicals) which naturally brings up an image of the Mississippi River in particular.

And so, my fellow Americans, please stay safe and have fun this Fourth of July holiday and with this post, this American sends out fervent hopes and wishes for safety to all the world!


Barack Obama natal data as seen on a Birth Certificate online: August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii.

For more Sun-Moon blend info see Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey. You'll be glad you did.