Aug 31, 2008

Sunday TV: Palin, Palin, and Palin

Idiot Box Morning:

Lindsey Graham just said to George Stephanopoulos that experience and judgment have to come together for the presidency and he seems to believe that they do in Sara Palin!

Candidates meeting a national security threshold? We still have one?

Joe Biden vs Sara Palin has an almost otherworldly flavor and should make an interesting show - but please, do not adjust your sets. You're now in the Twilight Zone so don't bother to squirm.

Wonder if Biden chuckled when he heard of his vice presidential peer? Will he wear kid gloves with Sara Palin? Does he own any?

Has jingo John McCain been wrong about Iraq and re-inventing the Middle East, a region which now has al - Qaeda in 60 countries after years of stimulation and vexation by Bush-Cheney policies and aggression?

Saturn calling: Palin is "back there with the flat-earth caucus," says John Kerry to Stephanopoulos. Kerry seems pretty hot under the white collar this morning much as he did when delivering his (for him) fiery speech at the DNC last week.

Now I know that the Dems can do no less than 'see an opening' with Palin's VP nom, yet it's all rhetoric, folks...just political theater, dahlink! Are you diverted?

Still, kudos must go to the McCain campaign which has garnered a lot of people's attention that was sorely lacking before last Friday's announcement of Sara Palin as VP pick while stepping on the DNC's shadow big time!

Just watch what they're up to elsewhere while the Sara Show is happily diverting most eyes toward her sparkling and fascinating direction.

News at Noon: Gustav is forcing Bush AND Cheney to 'skip' the Republican Convention 2008. Not quite the same as skipping out when Katrina came to call with responsibilities, but the best the neocons can do at the moment.

Should I insert: sigh of relief coming from the McCain campaign?

~:~ Update Sept 3: there's been a Palin limerick published at Lim's Limericks - I'm just warning you!

Aug 29, 2008

Palin ready to be demi-leader of the free world?

Yes I know the 'free world' is on the endangered species list but does Sara Heath Palin look ready to be in line for the US presidency to you?

Celebrity status vs Obama's celebrity status...are they trying to make us crazy?

I blame Reagan...he started it.

photo courtesy of AP, wonkette, and The NY Daily News.

Here's my post on Sara Palin's natal chart with some very interesting insights to be found in the post's comment thread.

First Follower: Clymela!

Hurrah! Stars Over Washington now has its first Follower, or Favored Visitor as I've termed it!

Welcome aboard to Clymela of Clymela's Place, where I hope soon to find posts and whatever content my First Favored Visitor publishes!

Clymela, I guess that makes you SO'W's FFV!

Obama acceptance speech: text + video link

NPR has full text and video of 2008 presidential Dem nom Barack Obama's Aug 28, 2008 acceptance speech in Denver in case you've been in a cave and have managed to miss it thus far!

The page also has DNC speeches of Al Gore, John Lewis, and others.

McCain VP pick revealed on 72nd birthday

This morning the VP cat was let out of John McCain's political strategy bag with the announcement of Alaska Gov Sara Palin as his running mate.

Today we remember Hurricane Katrina with New Orleans now under threat of another storm, perhaps by Monday. I want to send out best wishes to the people of this great American city for their safety and protection in the coming days.

That we're in stormy times no one would deny, yet McCain's VP choice seems to indicate harmony as this morning's Leo Moon triggered asteroid Cupido whose keywords include:

corporations and corporatism.

Since the Moon is often used to time events in Astrology, please click above link to check out today's Moon/Cupido significance.

So it's Happy 72nd Birthday to venerable Senator John McCain! Sara Palin may turn out to be quite a gift for the GOP ticket.

Here are some notes with natal chart image on John McCain, born Aug 29, 1936 which you'll find over at Jude's Threshold.

~:~ all apologies are due! my posts on Obama's acceptance speech at last evening's DNC have had to be put into Draft mode due to Astrology software glitches plus the loss of my most recent Draft (thanks to Blogger.) Time zones switched back and forth, my animated chart feature crashed twice, and the uncorrected Draft is what I mistakenly published. Mea culpa! Seems 3 naughty monkeys were after me. Hope they stay away today...

Video Tour of Washington: Thomas Frank

Here you see Thomas Frank in his car readying to motor about and show us something of Washington DC, kind of a then and now overview.

No, it isn't often I mention books for sale on my blogs. Perhaps if I had one for sale myself, I'd get into it more.

Well, there is my children's book with Pattillo Armadillo but his ultimate destiny is on hold at the moment, he's totally unaware of America's precarious precipice, and frankly I haven't the heart to bring it up since, like most critters, he has plenty of troubles of his own these days.

Anyway, Mr. Frank, author of The Wrecking Crew, has done me some good showing my old DC stomping grounds even though viewing the video has had quite the expected effect upon my populist sensibilities because...

look what they've done to my favorite city.

Aug 28, 2008

Stars Over Washington's Favored Visitors, come!

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Jude, your reluctant astrologer with a lamentable and totally unjustified interest in Politics (and I love to draw, too, so there's that)

Biden video from Bill Maher's Real Time

Okay so VP candidate and senator Joe Biden is great on more issues than not. Should I forget about the other stuff?

As a feminine personage I can't ignore his work with Barbara Boxer on the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) of 1994, can I?

Nope. I can't. So consider me consoled even if the rewritten bankruptcy law aided the credit card, credit counseling, and banking industries while adding to the burdens of financially strapped consumers, many of whom wouldn't have been in such dire straits at all if America had a decent system for healthcare - for paying for medical care, that is.

Biden's acceptance speech Wednesday evening in Denver was good-to-excellent, I thought, and his attack dog role seems just right for biting Bush-Cheney-McCain's bony ankles.

Synchronicitous that during this week of Biden's VP nom acceptance, wounding Chiron remains at '17AQ' which has this Sabian Symbol:

"A Watchdog Standing Guard"...Keyword: PROBITY.

pos: unswerving faithfulness to ideals and a real determination to achieve them;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: unfriendly instincts and groundless suspicion.

The unconscious Illumination Point directly across the zodiac '17 Leo' where the Moon traversed later in the evening on her way to August 30's New Moon (7Vir48) is:

"A Non-Vested Church Choir"...Keyword: COMMUNION...

pos: the effective quickening of man's heart through interests which have been expanded to a point of real concern for his fellows;

neg/shadow side: unimaginative striving for undeserved popularity. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)#

In Washington? Unimaginative? No, but Undeserved in many cases, to be sure! The Dems sound mighty concerned, but actions will be roaring if they win the White House.

What craws me is that if the Dems are sincere about real change (Saturn 'real' oppo Uranus 'change') then the ones who purposefully engineered the messes we're in will interfere in any way they can and it'll be the usual cry of stalemate on Capitol Hill.

And as Bush43 has adored saying many times, "Congress needs to pass a bill I can sign."

Funny from a man whose bill signing can be undermined by the very same pen - by using his fancy made-up 'signing statements'!!

I'd say he needs to sign a bill or two on behalf of the American people instead of flourishing his signature upon a mile-high stack of them that only boost his pals and their companions to further heights of wealth and power.

And one note about the current campaign line on McCain's being 'unaware' of the problems of the American people:

it's just like McCain's cutting birthday cake with Bush while New Orleans drowned...they ARE aware but they simply do ~ not ~ care.

'Barack in Black' film poster link

So I must be the last American to see the Barack in Black 'film' poster from Dood Pictures, which is rather odd since only last weekend we watched Men in Black I and II back to back...or black...or Barack...or Amy Winehouse in, I wear black myself upon occasion...

Thanks for the link, Alex, it's way cool!

Aug 27, 2008

Ambien America? Wake Up! says Kucinich

Rep Dennis Kucinich: "Wake Up America!"

by Rep Dennis Kucinich

Former presidential candidate Rep Dennis Kucinich delivered one of the most passionate addresses Tuesday night. "Wake up, America. We went into Iraq for oil. The oil companies want more," Kucinich said. "War against Iran will mean $10-a-gallon gasoline. The oil administration wants to drill more, into your wallet.

Wake up, America. Weapons contractors want more. An Iran war will cost 5 to 10 trillion dollars.

Read more of Kucinich's Tuesday night passion at ICH. #

Wonder if it's true that John McCain is an Ambien user? Because sleepwalking to the ringing phone at 3:00 am in the White House he's sure to be befuzzled, if so. Yet oft have I wondered the same about Bush these last crazy years. And mixing the drug with that other drug, alcohol, is a very irresponsible way to run a country.

Obama to Denver - Moon back in bounds 8.27.08

This morning at appr 8:46 am MDT, the Moon returns within the earthly plane and at some point Barack Obama's plane lands in Denver, Colorado for DNC 2008.

Considering the Moon's astrological influences of fame and publicity, Luna's coming back in bounds seems to be an obvious pointer toward the popular Dem candidate now making the scene in the biggest way as he enters the realm of the convention being held in honor of his annointing!

Well see a 'famous Moon' deliver a Mercurial speech on Thursday night.

Small Caution: if you visit the post linked above, you'll find astrologese therein but not to fret - it's translated into English as best this reluctant astrologer can manage.

The very apt Sabian Symbol (word picture) involved with today's timing of the Moon's return to the earthly plane is '25 Cancer' - conjunct US natal Mercury from 1776!

Moon-Mercury contacts give great perceptual ability, receptivity, and often relate to the family in some way. In Obama's case this may be his own family (a shout-out? and/or to the family of mankind); and the audience (Moon) will be very receptive to his speech (Mercury.)

Yes, Obama, the big tent revivalist, is about to do his work Thursday evening while the transiting Mars/Saturn midpoint ('hard work; directed energy; actions restricted') sits upon his natal Mars degree.

This is part of my previously mentioned concerns this week about Obama's safety...that it's piled upon US natal Neptune if you'd like to fret with me here's the midpoint picture created with poison-flavored Neptune of deception and veiling fame - Mars/Saturn may also have a 'threat to health' influence...

Mars/Saturn = Neptune: feeling threatened (he has been and so have we - as he has been saying, the American people are 'fearful'); waning powers of resistance and weakening efforts; undermining of vitality through poison, gas, or epidemic; a grievous loss; a mysterious death. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

This is an ugly portent which one hopes will be avoided if need be especially since it affects America's Neptune in Virgo, sign of tummy troubles and health. Hope no one catches the flu! And Virgo's work association is on the table too, or under the table with so many American jobs already lost.

So you can read all about it at Jude's Threshold plus, I'm certain you can find other astrological analyses online of the DNC shendig by tossing your browser a very short distance toward all the wonderful Astrology bloggers waiting for you in cyberspace!

Here's one of my many Moon Art images, Moon Trail, from Secret Moon Art!

Aug 26, 2008

GOP's Orwellian tactics against Obama

TPM has it, Orwell calls it, and the GOP is uses it - the Ministry of Truth against Barack Obama.

But sometimes doublespeak doubles round on ya and takes a gulp of your own hide because using the collective unconscious against the collective can be a dicey game.

Orwell Diaries, in blog form is now available online, did you know?

It began with entries from August 8 (1938 = August 8, 2008) with gardening and weather notations prominent (he was big on journaling as you may imagine - can't you see him blogging now?) but a few days into September, the entries will switch to political items.

And synchronistically enough, Hierophant Jupiter will make a Direct Station on Sept 8 (12:17 am edt, Washington DC) in *Capricorn, sign of politics, law, and business at just about the time Orwell's Diary turns political, and wise Jupiter is nothing if not an idealist...hmmm... . .

Take a walk on the 70-years-ago side and make Orwell Diaries your blog du jour!


Jupiter's Direct Station degree is 12Cap32 opposite America's natal Sun so financial restrictions continue as more devilishness comes to light. Of course, moneybags Jupiter could let go of some moola then or soon after Sept 8!

Sun and Moon of Michelle Obama

A quick glance at the natal chart of Michelle Obama shows her Sun in the last decan of Capricorn with Moon in the last degrees of Aquarius.

This places Moon conjunct US natal Moon, giving her star quality especially as a mom (Moon) with the American public. Her attributes have been generously discussed in all forms of media as well as her fashion sense praised, but in politics, her husband's opponents have been practically forced to delve for things to take exception to as well.

In consideration of Mrs. Obama's Sun Cap-Moon AQ, we may glean a smidge of detail concerning the lady's personality with Sun (purpose) and Moon (reigning needs) blended into a Cap-AQ mix - and without being overly intrusive into her natal chart's dynamics.

As you know, Cap and AQ can 'get along' by way of shared Saturnian influence with tradition vs progress issues, an intrinsic part of the nature, finding resolution with time and patience.

Sun Cap-Moon AQ gives a lucid and practical way of viewing life, a mixture of outgoing friendliness with self-contained reserve. Self-sufficiency, organizational talents, and a sceptical intelligence make this Sun Capricorn well suited for the law profession esp when there's a humanitarian flavor (AQ.)

For someone who is 'up front' Michelle Obama is a remarkably private person who wants to reform the world, yet be accepted by it.

Is she a conventional 'square' masquerading in wild clothing? Well, we see she is not, so the other applies here: a world-shaking reformer who loves the elegant world of fashion and likes to dress the high society part.

If you know Capricorn you know there is always a respect for tradition wherever the mer-goat turns up and logic, objectivity, and ambition are not far behind. Mysticism may an interest as well for the mer-goat is one of mankind's most ancient symbols from the collective unconscious. If so, it would tend to be practical mysticism, however!

This blend gives a contradictoriness to her nature in the realm of re-writing rules vs historical precedence, and with today's politics, she may have found a perfect niche in Washington which could do with her style and her intelligence.

Having an independent mind set this lady does not suffer fools gladly and she's sure to have found many such inside the game of politics. But her ability to combine ambition with modesty along Jackie Kennedy lines (plus a new wardrobe in a smashing colors) should help her with all but the most determined of her husband's opponents, sour lot as they be.

"The working mother" archetype was on display last evening as Michelle Obama offered the keynote address at the DNC 2008 concordance in Denver, and she rose to the task at hand as all good Cappies would.

(Having Mercury in Cap gives structure to her thinking which can impress if you can get a Mercury Cap to open up their thinking long enough to talk....

...And n Mercury is Oriental, meaning 'last to rise before the Sun' so she's a 'crossing the Ts/dotting the Is' kind of person with a need to get all details right and do things how they should be done...good for attorneys.) (Noel Tyl.)

In relationships, the Sun Cap-Moon AQ blend can make one something of a tantalizing mystery to others, one who is choosy about whom she spends real time. Her interest in a wide range of people is there, but AQ prefers some detachment and distance from the throng.

The White House has a few very private spaces if she should turn out to need them in January.

Still waters run deep is a good way to sum up this blend, if you must, for this woman with the typical Capricornian fear of rejection and need to be in control, is paradox personified. Cap Sun women often find themselves doing the majority of the child raising in a family since Cap's Saturn IS the father, and she seems to do this very well - capability is also a Cap trait.

Her co-parental unit works in politics, a time-consuming master, and under Capricorn's purview along with business and law. The senator's regular trips home on the weekend are their attempts at blending these contradictions as well as an honoring of family values for the sake of their daughters.

With this blend we see that Michelle's ambition never loses sight of the rights and well-being of others for AQ is the humanitarian sign. Yet she has a faculty for ignoring people and matters that do not especially interest her or further her ends (and in today's fractured world, this may be a +!)

Cap has a poetic streak and she may be creatively talented (I'm writing this without delving into what's known about her) such as in music, dance, or painting. Encapsulating the essence of things whether in poetry or life is one of her many talents, and elegant words come easily to Sun Cap-Mon AQ.

Images for Integration: "Having struggled unaided to the peak, a mountaineer hitches a ride on a passing helicopter...A prophetic poet is awarded high honors...An historian points the way to future." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzy Harvey.)

These Images were on display in Denver's Mile high City last evening as her husband's career is in process of passing normal bounds of all expectation as was mentioned a few times in last evening's script. Who woulda thunk? Barry would rise so high as Mile High City?

Sun Cap-Moon AQ is natally shared by American poet Carl Sandburg and world class athlete Mohamed Ali, so I'll close with some quotes from them and which may describe Michelle Obama's life philosophy quite well...see what you think:

'I am an idealist. I don't know where I'm going but I'm on my way.'

-Carl Sandburg

'Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.'

-Muhammad Ali

Aug 25, 2008

Biden video: I'm a Zionist

In Case You Missed It Joe Biden: I am a Zionist

2 Minute Video

US Senator Joe Biden, candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination,speaks with Shalom TV CEO Mark S. Golub on Israel and Jewish-related issues in this exclusive interview... you see, Biden is not only a credit card company shill against the American people's best interests, he holds the Zionist card's chaotic societal tinkering and highminded idealism in his globalist hand. Gravitas for Obama indeed.

Yes, Pluto/Chiron is on the march with -ISMs by the score! By Inauguration Day 2009, transiting Pluto/Chiron = Inaugural Midheaven (the goal) at noon in Washington, along with US natal Pluto on display as it's been since Inaugurations were switched to Jan 20 in 1937 (on FDR's watch) so we've been seen (MC) as the world's policeman, oppression complimentary.

Prior to 1937, Inaugural MC fell at 8Pisces+ which showed the world the US natal Ceres (the mother - the Statue of Liberty's nurturance of the weary; security issues) as did America's NATAL Pluto/Chiron there a theme here?

Foreigners are no longer as welcome to our shores, are they? We're full-up, amigos.

You know actually I neglected to mention in earlier posts today about this week's Moon passing the Dem Party's natal Saturn/Uranus midpoint which indicates a meeting with those who are described by Saturn/Uranus - Israelis (and Palestinians, too) and relating particularly to the D-Party politics (natal chart.)

I figured this was significant in an Israeli-American sense, but had such a list of midpoints to give you, I started the Convention's 'Moon clock' with 22Gem56 at sunrise Monday - and the Dem Party's natal Saturn/Uranus midpoint is 20Gem30.

Is this Biden and his much-touted foreign policy experience reflected in the light of an out of bounds Moon?

Anyway, here's the midpoint picture created which may or not apply:

Saturn/Uranus = Moon: a sudden desire to liberate oneself from emotional stress; emotional courage emerges under duress; changes for freedom; possible separation from females.

Well, I'm a female about to separate from these issues for today, because this is the most time I will have to blurb on the Dem Convention at one sitting until later in the week.

This grumps me up because they're delivering to us such grand political theater, dahlink!

Moon over the Dem Convention 2008

Moon Signs of Dem Convention 2008 is now published in two posts at Jude's Threshold.

The posts are my attempt to track this week's Moon (from 22Gem to 16Leo) and her effects upon the Democratic Party's natal chart through its midpoints.

As you know, the Moon changes signs about every 2 1/2 days and shows the emotional tone of things and events. Luna is excellent for describing collective issues as well.

For in a national chart the Moon signifies the people, the public, public relations and publicity, organizations, including the family...and with Monday's keynote speaker being Michelle Obama and Obama's brother-in-law Craig Robinson slated to speak as well, we see Geminian communication doubled...two family members speaking.

At Mile High City excitement is high, of course, along with feminine influences and strong emotions, so check it out 'by moonlight' if you get the urge.

Now let's see the Sun-Moon blend's Images for Integration for Monday, Aug 25, 2008 (Sun Vir-Moon Gem), then we'll peek at Wednesday's Sun Vir-Moon Cancer, and Thursday night's Sun Vir-Moon Leo blend:

Sun Vir-Moon Gem: "A precision engineer develops new methods of communication...A raconteur potters in his garden."

Sun Vir-Moon Can: "The working mother...A nutritionist serves his family organically grown *chicken soup...Two old Chinese women gossip about family problems as they work rhythmically in the rice paddies."

Sun Vir-Moon Leo: "A medieval monk crowns his cathedral with a 300-foot spire...A senior doctor cheerfully changes an old lady's bedpan...Cinderella works diligently to produce her wedding gown." (Sun Sign-Moon Sun, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

And that's this week in Denver summed up in the shorthand of Sun-Moon word pictures! I will be expecting such themes to pop up as the Dem Convention chugs on with Cinderella's *chicken soup for the soul steaming on the political stove.

Hillary Clinton touts Biden, points delegates

Hillary Clinton, in a pre-Convention flurry to boost the Dem ticket, is apparently about to chuck over her delegates to Obama at a special reception she's throwing in Denver for the chosen few.

She's also admitted knowing Joe Bidden very well and credits him with a years-long fight for social justice (perhaps accurately.)

Yet somehow Biden's sacred-warrior fight appears to be more shadow boxing around social issues without getting much done in the way of progress on behalf of the American people - especially considering that Washington is giving more billions to Pakistan (July 15) in a bill supported by Senator Joseph.

This evening the film Kill Bill was showing on TV.

But it seems as if the only kind of bill Capitol Hill kills are the ones which might actually do some common good for the people whose tax monies are needed at home.

Yes, they'll be speaking lilting words to rouse the masses in Denver this week including VP speaker Joseph Biden. Let's hope that something useful actually comes from it before all is said and done.

Because even the lamest accountant would know that if you send more billions to other countries than are being retained for the upkeep of your own litter box you'll soon have let the put-upon cat out the cash-strapped American bag.

Aug 23, 2008

Kabul beseiged by inner wolves

Rockets, guile and the lessons of history: The Taleban Besiege Kabul

By Jeremy Page in Kabul

This looks increasingly like a city under siege as the Taleban start to disrupt supply routes, mimicking tactics used against the British in 1841 and the Soviets two decades ago. #

"If it were proved to me that in making war, my ideal had a chance of being realized, I would still say "no" to war. For one does not create a human society on mounds of corpses." Louis Lecoin

How I agree with Monsieur Lecoin!

It's a natural condition for one who prefers life to death, thanks.

And it causes me to wonder: is there anyone who needs more evidence in order to recognize these psychopathic gangsters for what they are? Why follow the doomed?

They are practicing population control as they've done through the centuries using mass hynosis as part of the delivery method, genocide when it suits, war and other underminings of the social fabric.

Assassinations are part of their strategy, too, and you might think the flower power generation had fully internalized the lessons of the 60s with its jolting series of political murders done for power-grasping ideologies and hidden goals, and the Vietnam war with its culture-splitting allegiances.

Then as now, orators who are able to sway the masses through speech and writing are big assets, of course, as they disseminate the messages of the day.

Meanwhile it's Aug 24, 2008 in America and the microphone seems to be in process of passing from R to D Party (baton passing! one symbol of which may be seen for our collective instruction by the 2008 Olympics still on display.)

(+)Vesta, keeper of the eternal flame is one of the significators I use when the Olympic Games rear up, and I saw reference to the archetype's sacred devotion Saturday as Obama and Biden practically annointed one another for dedicated service of the flame-keeper variety.

You see, in my earlier posts concerning the Obama-Biden speeches in Springfield, I mentioned that during the event, Sun 00Vir56 conjoined Biden's natal North Node (contact with the public; associations; path, destiny, quest) but what I didn't mention is that in the Composite/Davison chart between Obama and Biden (their relationship), C/Dav Vesta is Rx 00Vir56 (conj to the minute of Aug 23's Sun 00Vir56 and conj Biden's n NN) and they all pile upon the C/Dav Uranus/Neptune midpoint.

Uranus/Neptune represents, among other things, secret radical societies which may act positively or negatively toward the collective from which they sprang. They think they didn't but they did - floated to the top.

So this pile up at 00Vir+ gives two midpoint pictures I shall give you in a bit, while remembering that the Great Conjunction of Uranus/Neptune (occurring 3x all through 1993) marks an important 171-year cycle for society, and times what some astrologers use for the New World Order natal chart at its symbolic New Moon stage.

This relates to the NWO as being publicly and more directly unveiled by Bush41 and others through speeches to the UN and Congress in 1990/91.

August 23, 2008, Springfield, IL:

Ura/Neptune = Aug 23's Sun: vaunted self-regard; impressionability (on their side or the public's); great creativity; impassivity.

Uran/Neptune = NN: meeting with people who care about one's future (I'll say!); having the same sensitive nature as someone else (sensitive and impressionable can be code words for mystical experiences, interests, and guidance.)

And then there's devoted Vesta and the flame from Olympus.

So are the presumed '2 parties' of Washington actually playing for the same team and just batting different averages with individual styles which the US public embraces for a while, but then the fussin' begins and we grow joyful in our pure dissatisfaction? We have enemies for that! Must we be our own worst?

(And we as a people are fickle cusses, you know - US natal Uranus and Mars in Gemini which means that we are prone toward behaving (Uranus) with fickleness (Gem) and may act (Mars) the same way - and with Gemini's duplicity, too.)

Of course, Astrology describes other levels of these Geminian traits such as a wide-spread ability to multi-task, and to tell the news, Gemini's primary quest but preferably, the Good News: 'For unto you is born this day...'

Very little good news has come from the Bush administration these many years especially with the way it began with SCOTUS and a collective learning experience extraordinaire: The Tower from a Tarot care, number 16. Our current watershed moment flows from that watershed moment of 2001...all is process, is it not?

You know, even if I tried, I couldn't by my lonesome separate the gangsterish tentacles from the world's throat unless...the power of the collective is brought to heel long enough to say, Non! to bloodlusty thieves and wolves of the inner kind.

1841, Kabul is repeating, friends, and our troops must be succored as best they can as they are allowed to retreat. If America can't manage it better than the Soviet State did for their guys back in 1841, then we will have Washington and its devotees to thank for denying life itself with its clumsy criminal misadventures and speculative risk-taking.

But you know that the pirates, brigands, jokers and jingos who took us there won't help us. It would unmask them even more glaringly than they've been to date yet they must step out of the way. It is no shame to regroup forces to plan and fight anew.

So I say to you now with as much feeling as these keys can tap atcha:

if there were ever a time and need for the oft-lamented 'what if they threw a war and no one showed up' wisdom, this threshold would be that time and need.

Biden's 1st speech as VP nom

Having just published a few notes on today's Springfield, IL speeches of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, you may wish to check it out as Biden idealizes Obama's best traits - and don't be surprised at the synchronicity and a few mystical references!

You'll also find there a link to the audio of Biden's remarks today in case you've yet to hear them or want a recap.

Obama's VP Biden intro speech 8.23.08

Get the text's link to Obama's Biden intro speech in Springfield, IL today here bwo Talking Points Memo as the campaign trail stretches yawingly before them...

Sun-Moon phases and presidential electability

Using Progressed Moon Phases to determine a candidate's electability describes some background influences just as our own Secondary Progressed Moon Phase tells us where we are in life.

If you're familiar with the book, Passages, from some years ago, that word perfectly describes the astrological Moon's influence on, and description of, the stages of our lives.

Ex: it's most easy to see with New Moon personalities, (Sun/Moon conjunct), which 'start the clock' on the Moon's monthly progress through the zodiac in Progressions, and represent the beginning of a cycle - similar to Tarot's The Fool card of new possibilities not yet fully realized, but eager and enthusiastic to get started down the path of life.

Time and experience must bring enlightment and knowledge to New Moon types, and that's where Secondary Progressions chime in astrologically...kind of a "you are here" heads-up for whatever period of time you wish to consider...evolutionary progress on the march!

And so the Secondary Progressed Moon moves forward about one degree per month of life; the Sec Sun moves appr one degree per year based on the Bible's a-day-for-a-year concept, a natural law.

The above-linked article considers the time frame of 2009 - especially January 2009 - for obvious reasons. Obama and McCain are, of course, included.

When combined with the natal phase - the degrees between Sun and Moon at birth - a method develops which may elucidate a candidate's chances for success in office and what issues determine his/her opponents' basic strategies against him/ keep the candidate from winning or, if necessary, to undermine his days in office.

We saw this effect in action with Bill Clinton's presidency which amounted to an endless parade of character attacks the entire 8 years. This shows up in the Sun-Moon phasal relationship for Clinton and is included in the article...remember Slick Willy ?

My own thoughts lean toward the "they're all culpable" model as we watched 1990s Beltway ego games and power-tripping-as-usual in Washington DC, my former and still-missed abode.

And what about The People's Business? You know that fell by Washington's wayside years ago!

Aug 22, 2008

America's War Economy of Waste

'America's Outrageous War Economy! 'Pentagon can't find $2.3 trillion, wasting trillions on 'national defense'

By Paul B. Farrell

Yes, America's economy is a war economy. Not a "manufacturing" economy. Not an "agricultural" economy. Nor a "service" economy. Not even a "consumer" economy.

ICH has the rest of Paul Farrell's article for you.

That last 'brick' - the much-promoted shop-till-you-drop has dropped off many American's to-do lists. Is this where I place a reminder of whose watch this has been these last 8 years?

See a real-time previous post typed during Bush's Let's Blame Congress press conference of April 29, 2008 (which was his second press gaggle of the year) where he offers his deepest condolences to the American people for high fuel and food prices and comes up with an oil man's perfect if-only solution to our economic miseries.

Then and now it's: testy testosterone! John McCain wants to blast a man to Mars as does Bush - and TV's Craig Ferguson says that the astro-man McCain has chosen is: Barack Obama!

Aug 21, 2008

Are the NWO and Dec 22, 2012 linked?

What follows is a linky-rich and rambling post typed just for you:

For your consideration here's a video presentation of Bush Sr (or Poppy Bush, as I like to call him) calling for that NWO along with some voodoo-esque math that turns the 11-year cycle of the Solar Maximum Years of 9.11.1990, 9.11.1991, and 9/11/2001 into the march toward the New World Order, with the end date of the Mayan Calendar - Dec 22, 2012 - as its completion time for NWO implementation out of chaos.

~ Here's an in-progress article concerning the Winter Solstice Dec 21, 2012 with chart image but you notice, that's Dec 21, not Dec 22.

In the Dec 21, 2012 chart we can see that in a day or so, the transiting Sun will conjunct Pluto, subversive planet of riches and power. Another chart posting is needed for this yearly conjunction, for in 2012, the conj is significant for its occurrence in Capricorn (an anciently mystical sign of politics, business, and law...the mer-goat.)

I quite firmly believe the correlation between Capricorn ('Cap' pitol Hill, the head, the bent knee - in this case, to satan) and Washington DC's freaky Goat of Mendes in DC's city Ed Kohout's site links to Bush's reading of My Pet Goat on 9/11/01 - a private joke if there ever was one...a fine example of sick humor.

A digitally remastered world, brought to you by digitally controlled TV, in a newly-under-control world society - under, as politicians like to say, 'the rule of law.'

Can't we all just live together in peace ...brought to us by "a credible United Nations using its peacekeepers..."???

Sad to say, no new president in the White House (of the current crop) will make any difference to this agenda. Ron Paul seems to want to fight them, but how elusive is his presidency when media control is in the bag, and politicians are primed for their secret security locations for cowering in state-of-the-art bunkers when uprisings target the bums from Capitol Hill?

Kinda makes you wonder still what the mysterious Capitol Building power outage on April 3, 2006 was really for? Well, I'm still wondering...

And you did know about the oh-so-secret meeting held in the Capitol Building for House members to hear of the special contingency plans for protecting their bums? it was on March 13, 2008 - boy, wish I knew the meeting's exact time (sometimes a chart will give a good hint!)

This was only the fourth time in US history that this sort of meeting was held behind closed doors during which (as leaked to independent media by so-called members with consciences) it was spelled out that their lives were expected to be in danger by telling the House and Senate NWO enablers about the uprisings which the collapse of the US economy and food supply system will trigger - attacks against the bums of December, 2008 which seemingly links it to the US Secondary Full Moon of Dec 24, 2008 coming into play - the Culmination of America's outreach and expansion in the world. We've been had, m'peops.

And now that I think about it, the Feb 2008 Eclipse - the one I and others have called, the Unmasking Eclipse, occurred at the End of Progress degree, but I didn't want to type it out loud before...still don't, but I just did.

This 2008 Solar Eclipse at '18AQ' is the one where "a man's secret motives are being revealed," and it explains that no one can keep their true motives hidden forever.

From 1990 to 2012 is 22 years, which in Astrology is termed, the number of Mastery.

Two sunspot cycles 11 years x 2 = 22...

This may relate to world communications being broadcast bwo satellites and to, one might assume, mass mind control.

The Sun is most important to 'them' and we may remember that Bush the Shrub's natal Sun is synchronistically said to be conjunct US n Sun...and this '13th degree of Cancer' arose as the Capitol Building power outage of 2006 was taking place...the Cap Bldg went eerily dark, y'know. Read the linked post above for text and comments of that day...esp My Strange Mind's comments.

more 22:

Then there's Jupiter and Saturn, operating as the flywheel of the universe - last met in a Great Conjunction on May 28, 2000 at 22 Taurus, sign of money and greed.

Jupiter = expansive principle, Saturn = restrictive principle, and the tension between these two societal planets is what keeps the solar system's planetary orbits in their courses. This is one of the astronomical events which helped usher in the New Millennium, another is the big hook-up of Pluto with Chiron on Dec 30, 1999 in Sagittarius - conj US natal Ascendant in the Sibly '11Sag+' = '12Sag'..."A Flag That Turns in to an Eagle That Crows."

Yes, numbers, rituals, symbols, and cycles are very important to the NWO types as you'll see in the YouTube video linked at the start of this rampage.

Oh! and let us not forget that JFK was assassinated in (Masonic) Dealey Plaza, with Poppy Bush of the CIA all aboard for the NWO. The 'eternal flame' marking his gravesite - and that of others - is a bald-faced symbol of the Illuminati Society to keep all control in their own tentacles while showing their power to get things done in a commanding way...mission accomplished. Sound familiar?

The birty dastards of chaos...

Aug 20, 2008

McCain's hard-hearted cake gone stale

It's not easy to sum up my loathing for the idea of a John McCain White House residency (not a typo.)

But if there were one thing to call attention to, it would have to be the TV pics of McCain feeding birthday cake to George Bush on
the day New Orleans flooded - and McCain's birthday celebrations apparently continued for days before well-studied and purposefully inept responses to the disaster showed the world just how little neocon freaks care for the American people in general and for New Orleanians in particular.

(Click link to speed thee over to YouTube for a view of the party. Were they grinning like cheeky monkeys because they were secretly celebrating the future McCain White House?!?)

Can any voter have faith in McCain's future responses to any kind of disaster, natural or otherwise, which life will surely bring the unwary and wary alike? Failed levees had been expected there for years - are McCain and Bush stoopid beyond belief?

Would you float on a housetop with the neocon hothead now asking for your vote?

Are you friggin' crazy?

Now you may think hubristically that you'll never need such assistance, that time and money are on your side.

That's only because McCain hasn't got all his claws into you or yours as of yet. Why, John McSame may be on the Bilderberg Group's board for all I know, but the next globalist shill mouthing for the power elite has more 'ineptitude' in store - Bush policies will continue in their "the power position is clear: very little option to do otherwise" vein.

I had to howl recently when Senator McCain pointed out Senator Obama's preference for success when he, McCain, joined the success-at-all-costs club so many moons ago! A pot calls kettle moment and politics is full of 'em.

So after Katrina wrought her devastation, McCain proceeded to vote against every aid bill he could find for the very refugees, survivors, and elderly victims whose demise and despair his birthday had marked on Aug 29, 2005! Happy Birthday indeed.

But would a Barack Obama tenure make a diff?

I have no idea, but America's chances could be better with Obama who has, at least, a more measured approach than an emotionally unstable Moon-opposite-Pluto McCain could ever imagine within his wildest dreams of world domination and retaliation at all costs...and as with Bush-Cheney, the direst costs will be all ours to shoulder on Bush-weakened backs. And yet...

Please Vote in November - don't let them keep you home from the polls. Or they've won without firing a shot.

Autumn Equinox Sept 22, 2008

The process of posting on the Autumn Equinox 2008 chart has begun over at Jude's Threshold.

The image of the chart, set for the White House, Washington, DC (Sept 22, 2008; 11:44:18 am edt) has an unsettling Sabian Symbol rising...

Dane Rudhyar gives "27Sco" as: "A Military Band Marches Noisily On Through City Streets"...Keynote: The aggressive glorification of cultural values. Keyword: POMP.

This could refer, of course, to aggressions overseas which Washington is dealing with (Russia, Georgia, South Ossetia, Kabul, Baghdad, Tehran, for George and Dick have an endless list - belligerence attracts belligerence), and/or martial actions in US streets, and/or to US military issues that continue to need attention such as the G.I. Bill, vets' healthcare, and more.

WordPress' column of Pages makes updating easier so that's where the chart is now with a smidgen of details, although if you click to enlarge the image, hopefully you can make out my notes which are perhaps too liberally sprinkled round the chart - my bad habit.

On a similar level, you'll notice feisty George Bush's natal Mars at Midheaven, the Goal/Aspiration Point of the chart, which places Bush's activities 'out there' for all the world to see...or perhaps his frustrations since his Mars is in Virgo.

The Page will be added to as time allows including the Sun/Moon square which is involved in a FIST of GOD pattern, oh joy, so hold on to your own Mars, trouble's on the way for the end of Bush's residency.

Yet knowing his nibs, it's hard to be surprised, isn't it?

The Fed's expanded reach

Bernanke Tries to Define What Institutions Fed Could Let Fail" is an elucidating article written by Craig Torres at Bloomberg News (article's last update August 19.)

What is one thing I learned from this article?

That on August 10, 2005, with Greenspan as chairman, 94% of the Fed's $24 billion in outstanding repurchase agreements with Wall Street were in US Treasury notes, according to Wrightson ICAP LLC in New Jersey.

On August 10, 2008, only 14% were in Treasuries with the rest in mortgage bonds and agency securities (80%!) That's possibly misnamed, securities.

As something resembling an explanation, the NY Fed says that agency and mortgage-backed securities "--became more attractive."

Yes, they must have looked financially lovely - in the dark or by the flickering candlelight of a one-world-government glow.

But in the light of day, they look disingenuous at best, or downright fraudulent coming from much-touted 'experts' who shoulda woulda coulda known better but played the graft upon society anyway.


August 10, 2005: Sun within one degree of value-loving Venus' position of 9/11/01 when vengeful Venus triggered the Mother of All Eclipses degree from Aug 11, 1999, mentioned in astrologer Nostradamus' predictions of so many moons ago.

The imperious Sun Leo/Moon Scorpio combo has tendencies toward arrogance and overextension, with a fanatical desire for personal success and survival. There's stubborn resentment when things don't go as planned, and a cynical attitude toward life along with a double standard when it comes to relationships.

However, with this blend there is also a deep loyalty to principle which may be positive or negative depending on whether Ben lets YOUR bank be one-of-the-failed or not.

With August 10, 2008's Sun Leo/Moon Sag influence, we see hero-worship coming into play, with outspokeness, impatience, and impracticality.

Still with the Lion's flavor, this blend retains the imperiousness and loyalty as in 2005, but with more of an independent streak.

Here's a quote from an author who shares this blend natally:

Two antagonistic to mount direct to heaven, the other to drive yawingly to some horizontal goal.

--Herman Melville

It totally grumps me up to say it, but the yawing drive to some horizontal goal began decades ago in America. Our real or imagined 'exceptionalism' has been spent through bad-intentioned political capital which was stolen in the first place and nowhere near the "mandate from the people" as was proudly advertised.

One of the more basic concepts which Astrology demonstrates is: that how something or someone begins is how it/he or she will end. This won't guarantee a positive or negative outcome, of course, because the expression of the energy being offered remains up to its owner to use bwo willpower (hopefully, mind control is resisted.)

Thing is, the American people have not owned this nation in many a year, if ever. Yet we once could put some bit of trust in her continuance and sovereignty.

But you see where decades of our apathy and inattention got us...driving into a yawing horizon with a Secondary Progressed Full Moon on its way, the culmination point of our American experience for years to come, and that, in late 2008 (based on the Sibly chart) or early 2009 (from the US' Scorpio rising chart.)

The Fed, led by Greenspin, as I insist on calling him, or Bernanke the Brave, has its credibility in tattered shreds over in Europe. The damage on that score has already been done.

Aug 18, 2008

The West: wrong about Georgia?

Why The West Has Got It So Wrong Over Georgia


It's a sobering thought that, if George W. Bush had had his way and Georgia had been a member of Nato, we would now be at war with Russia.

Read more at ICH.


Or would Russia have thought twice?

Aug 17, 2008

Giving the Pentagon a reason to exist since 1942

"If we let people see that kind of thing, there would never again be any war."

(Actual quote from a Pentagon official explaining why the US military censored graphic footage from the Gulf War.)

That kind of thing?

So...then Pentagon officials would be out of their death-dealing jobs? Some would call that an improvement for the entire world! See image of my drawing below, Niobe's Plea.


Here's a link to a previous post concerning the Pentagon's natal chart but sans image of the monster's horoscope (image's link provided): The Pentagon, Apr 29, 1942, 10:30 am est, Washington DC.

Niobe, an asteroid whose keywords are: the grieving mother.

And Niobe eternally pleads, "Please don't bomb my baby."

Astrologer calls Bush-McCain 'poopy puppies' in blog post

Blogosphere soon recovers, however, and balance is restored!

In an effort to find astrological evidence of the reputed sameness between George Bush and John McCain, this reluctant astrologer has crossed the line of decency and called them 'poopy puppies' out loud in a blog post.

Why resort to such vicious name-calling - don't we have politicians for that? Why, yes, we do!

And they do it very well, but sometimes the stars have a little something to say about planetary pups and old dogs who use the same tired tricks to bamboozle us unawares.

See what the secretive Neptunes of Bush-McCain are up to by clicking above link...

Aug 16, 2008

Indecision 2008's Virtual Podium Contest

Enter Indecision 2008's Virtual Podium Contest, sponsored by Comcast, for your chance to win a trip to rustic, out of the way New York City and two passes to Comedy Central's exclusive, star-studded election night party! Simply make a video where you lay out your presidential platform in two minutes or less.

Or, if video isn't your bag, simply vote as many times as you want for your favorite entries.

Because this is a democracy, entries will be judged by you the voter and our secret cabal of judges. Winners will be announced this fall.

Enter or Vote here!

~:~ my thanks to Laurie C. for sending this link! jc

Russia has a natal chart, too

There's a freshly published smorgasbord of Astrology bits relating to Russia's 1990 natal chart, 9/11, Islam's Neptune Return, and current Eclipse info waiting patiently for you at Jude's Threshold where I attempt to weave a bloggish tapestry of Art, Astrology, Politics, and the occasional political rhyme around the fringes.

But not to fret for no mention of the Beijing Olympics appears and there are no political rhymes lurking there at the moment - and for these lacks you may be most thankful!

Stars Over Washington has a new look!

Please pardon our progress but the Stars are morphing colors, fonts, and who-knows-what to update and give you something new to experience here at Stars Over Washington.

So far the changes have been easy to make for this non-techie (thanks, Blogger!) yet old buttons, ads, and links will need retaining as soon as I can figure out how to pollinate them from the classic template to the new one.

Sheesh! I almost like the old 'code creakiness' better - this drop'n'draginess will take some getting used to (although I use it without much effort at Jude's Threshold already.)

An Oddity: in Preview mode this post isn't displaying in there a problem afoot? Guess I'll Publish and see what happens.

Anyway let me know what you think of the new colors and design because things are still in the baby stage - and I hope today's Lunar Eclipse is good to ya!

Aug 15, 2008

Lunar Eclipse weekend's Eclipse Cam!

Space Weather News for Aug 15, 2008

LUNAR ECLIPSE: This Saturday, August 16th, people on every continent *except* North America can see a lunar eclipse. At maximum, around 2110 UT (5:10 pm EDT), more than 81% of the Moon will be inside Earth's shadow, producing a vivid red orb in the night sky visible to the naked eye even from light-polluted cities. The entire eclipse lasts more than 3 hours, so there's plenty of time for gazing, drinking coffee, and taking pictures.

North Americans can watch the eclipse via live webcast beginning 3:30 pm EDT on Saturday afternoon. Eclipse-cam links may be found, along with time tables, visibility maps, and eclipse photo galleries, at

PERSEID RECAP: The Perseid meteor shower peaked on August 13th with maximum rates exceeding 130 meteors per hour. Despite interference from the bright Moon, it was arguably the best Perseid show in years. Browse the gallery starting here.

Aug 14, 2008

Some notes on Bill Gwatney

You'll find that a few notes on Wednesday's transits to the solar natal chart of Bill Gwatney have been published at Jude's Threshold.

As Dem Party chairman for Arkansas, Mr. Gwatney (born August 26, 1959) and was shot and killed Wednesday, August 13, at Dem headquarters in Little Rock by a man who had been fired from his job earlier in the day. Why Gwatney had to pay isn't known but three transits in particular to his chart indicate risky times and confrontations - plus drunken Bacchus was conjunct Mars on Wednesday.

If you have any comments or observations concerning this sad case, please leave them at the above blog or here, for more details will surely come out as the investigation goes forward.

Aug 13, 2008

American Insouciance, Nukes, and Israel

Will American Insouciance Destroy the World?

By Paul Craig Roberts

The neoconned Bush Regime and the Israeli-occupied American media are heading the innocent world toward nuclear war.


U.S. Puts Brakes on Israeli Plan for Attack on Iran Nuclear Facilities

By Aluf Benn, Haaretz Correspondent

The American administration has rejected an Israeli request for military equipment and support that would improve Israel's ability to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.


"The Neocons Are Dying to Nuke Iran"

An interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts By Kathy Sanborn

What was your wake-up call, Dr. Roberts, to the fact that the current administration was determined to take away the civil liberties of Americans?

Saturday's Lunar Eclipse over DC 8.16.08

Here's a freshly notated image of Saturday's Lunar Eclipse set for the White House, Washington DC, August 16, 2008, perfecting at 5:16:24 pm EDT.

This Moon Eclipse is a buddy of August 1's Solar Eclipse (the 'Olympics Eclipse') and both are related to the economy through linkage to the NYSE...the August 1 Eclipse is in the same Series that the NYSE was 'born' into...see both Eclipses discussed here as possible market paranoia bubbles on the front burner.

But here the Lunar Eclipse chart is set for the White House with attention toward Politics - Bush and Putin, and the current conflagration in Georgia and South Ossetia.

You see that the Jupiter/Pluto (plutocracy; men of power and wealth; striving for power) is rising so we have a midpoint picture...there are no patterns formed in this chart (T-squares, Grand Trines, etc):

Jup/Pluto = ASC: being known as an organizer and special achiever; prudence; far-sightedness; personal advancement; the desire for power. ('Prudence' is a Bush Sr word.)

Also angular at Mc (The Goal) we see...

Sun/Asc = Mc: seeking mental or intellectual contacts; attainment of esteem and respect; personal recognition esp through the profession.

That strong-arming is afoot in the Caucasus is obvious and you don't need Eclipse charts to tell you that. And since I've lost the ability to listen to the words of 'world leaders' at merely surface value, it seems to be more posturing and political theater, dahlink, with an emphasis on consolidating the old Russia (or Soviet State) as Putin continues nabbing ocontrol of natural resources - gas, oil and grain while undermining American power (what power the neocons led by Bush-Cheney haven't dispensed with already - plus, Neptune...oil, gas, at a 'Russian' degree, '23AQ"..."A Big Bear Sitting Down and Waving All Its Paws.")

That Bush is in disagreement with Putin's actions is no given in my book, but we shall see how things play out - the whole sad mess is being perpetrated while Bush is still in office which is no coincidence. McCain would be gung-ho for more war but would Obama?

Mercury 11Vir18 is quite active being the apex of two midpoints - and is conjunct Bush Sr's natal Asc...Mercury is his natal chart-ruler...Mr. New World Order himself.

Sun/Mars = Mercury: ready for action; the desire to bring plans to realization; the thinking fighter or the leader in a struggle or fight; alertness; fast talk, fast travel.

Venus/Saturn = Mercury: searcing for the ideal; thinking about ways to feel fulfilled, to improve relationships, to feel wanted; sober thinking; visualizations of stark reality; narrow-mindedness; separations in relationships.

The Jupiter/Uranus midpoint has been on the collective path (North Node) for several weeks now...

Jup/Uranus = NN: showing oneself cheerful in the presence of others; a fortunate new aquaintanceship; striving together with others for a common purpose. (The Beijing Olympic Games fits this bill! And did you see Bush and Putin chuckling together as the Russian aggression answered Georgia's aggression toward South Ossetia?)

You see critical/crisis degrees on the Mc/Ic axis, 29Ari/Libra which relates to the many crisis situations on the table at the White House and on the world stage.

Perhaps the Sabian Symbols might elucidate the evolutionary landscape. Since the axis degrees are 29:46, I'll give both 29Ari/Lib and 30Ari/Lib using Lynda Hill's more modern analysis where she includes 'Cautions' along with Keywords...

~Mc = The Goal; Ic = The Drain or Foundation of the matter~

Mc '29Libra': Mankind's Vast Enduring Effort to Reach for Knowledge Transferable from Generation to Generation...

keywords: handing down possessions or knowledge; knowledge being changed, modified, or updated; teaching by example; the wisdom of the ancestors; research into history; striving for answers; reference books, encyclopedias, and the spoken word; the gift of knowledge.

caution: believing that one knows all; information, knowledge, or riches inherited by only the select few; fundamentalism; reliance on tradition; doing what's always been done, regardless of the reason.

Mc '30Lib': Three Mounds of Knowledge on a Philosopher's Head...

keywords: looking at the signs; wisdom that transcends book knowledge; philosophy; having a knowledgeable demeanor; making wise decisions regardless of hard-line opinion; the head, skull, or cranium; predicting the future; wit and style; seeing others' potential; receding hairlines.

caution: over-analysis and reliance on intellect; being a know-it-all; having a bossy attitude; thinking that doesn't clarify issues but muddies them; taking things far too seriously; people with 'highbrow' attitudes; feeling weighed down by intellectual concerns.

Ic '29Aries': The Music of the Spheres...

keywords: voices bringing messages; attunement to the messages in Astrology; harmonies, chrods, keys, octaves, tones; the beauty of the planets; the measurement of time; circadian rhythms; days of the week, dancing to the wind, humming of bees; sending love; Numerology; sound healing; the Atomic Clock.

caution: inflating rational ideas; delusions or enlightenment?; rejecting the obvious intuition in favor of more intellectual answers; getting lost in abstractions; loving the sound of your own voice; not listening to obvious messages.


Ic '30Aries': A Duck Pond and Its Young Brood...

keywords: nurturing, contentment; realizing limitations; reliability; psychoanalysis; finding friends or family that enrich life; family patterns and analysis; feeling safe in one's environs; being the mother duck; foster and adoptive families; communes and communities; facing the music that you've composed.

caution: denying one's own needs for sake of the 'brood'; narrow-minded attitudes; feeling stuck; not wanting to leave the nest; not inviting others in; borders erected to keep others out; distrusting those who are 'alien'; smugness or exclusivity; being lost in the crowd or not wanting to stand out. ~

Occurring during an Hour of Mars, we may be certain that this Lunar Eclipse will be stirring things up as all Eclipses are want to do, and which testosterone-driven Mars does best. And warrior Mars is nearing a crisis 29th degree himself - let's consider '28Vir' first...

'28Vir': A Bald-headed Man in Uniform Has Seized Power...

keywords: male hormones running rampant; dominating others' mental space; Samson's hair; strutting one's stuff; taking positions of power; 'wearing the pants in the family'; directing and organizing many people; the government; the military; letting others express their opinions or have a say; decisions based on logic; taking action or command.

caution: pushing too hard or fast; putting on a show because one is in uniform; power-tripping; being cruel or domineering; opportunism, corruption, misuse of power; taking charge because one can; domestic violence; strict rules for living; not listening to others.

~notice under 28Vir's keywords, mention of the family - Cupido 15Leo23 is conjunct 8th cusp of High Finance; Cupido is used by this astrologer as a significator for The Family, the Zionist Christian organization behind many of the world's war woes - you'll recognize them by their annual congressional "National Prayer Breakfasts"...Cupido also stands for the world crime syndicate, fascism, and corporatism, and shares the duty with plutocratic Pluto/Chiron two bodies which conjoined to help usher in the New Millennium (Dec 30, 1999) upon the US (Sibly) Asc...'12Sag': "A Flag Turns into an Eagle That Crows." And it has.)~

Mars '29Vir': A Man Is Gaining Secret Knowledge From an Ancient Scroll He Is Reading...

keywords: learning from ancient mysteries; study and its rewards; reading between the lines; finding clues from the past and applying them to the present; being privileged to look into something special; The Bible, the Torah, and the Koran; alchemy; manuscripts; secret papers; classified documents; scribes.

Hmmm...Mars is busy these days, isn't he?

And with chart-ruler Saturn 9Vir39 sitting upon the natal Mars of George Bush, his focus and determination are being tested - Saturn is applying to a helpful trine with Jupiter rising, yet Rx, and Saturn rules Jupiter here and is opposite US natal Sun (not good for US monetary funds which Bush has tapped into several times too often.)

That Putin is remaining in control of Russia beyond the normal 8 years may be a pattern for Bush to follow in the US - in other words, I'll see Bush is out of American politics when I believe it.

Unaspected Uranus 21Pis42 and Rx is on-the-loose and working on its rebellious own - and also in 2nd house of Resources and Money, causing more financial upsets.

Neptune and Moon rise on August 16 with Fixed Star Mirfak in the constellation Perseus (young male energy; challenge-oriented) and, of course, we've just had the Perseid meteor shower peaking on August 12 & 13.

With asteroid Tisiphone (retaliation) being at 00Cap and between the Asc degree and powerful Pluto, the chances for retaliation of some sort are increased along with Mars still within orb of opposition with radical Uranus. Pluto/Asc = power over one's environment; willpower; ambition; dictatorship; the desire to being others under one's rule. (Ebertin.)

One could say a 'bumpy ride' is indicated by this Eclipse - financially, politically, and militarily - and one would be in aggreement with this, your reluctant astrologer.


~see the August 2008 Eclipses discussed in relation to George Bush's natal chart here if you wish.~

midpoint pictures from Tyl and Ebertin.

Aug 12, 2008

Dick Clouded Cuckoo Cheney says

Another neocon war set-up?

From his office in clouded cuckoo land: Cheney: "Russian Aggression Must Not Go Unanswered"

"The vice president expressed the United States' solidarity with the Georgian people and their democratically elected government in the face of this threat to Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity," Cheney's office said in a statement.

ICH has the article.


Propaganda And Presstitute Alert: McCain Accuses Russia of Bidding to Wipe Out Georgia


Republican White House hopeful John McCain said Monday Russia appears bent on extinguishing Georgia's independence as he demanded a united Western front to protect the former Soviet republic.

"In the face of Russian aggression, the very existence of independent Georgia and the survival of its democratically elected government are at stake," the Arizona senator said.

ICH has the sorry tale. #


There they go again.

You've noticed those who shout loudest the "sovereignty" argument seem to be those who disregard it quickest when it suits their purposes. Guess the fact that the Bush administration must have given Georgia the go-ahead to attack South Ossetia is supposed to be overlooked while Cheney's war drums beat louder.

It's certainly not that I'm a Putin fan, I just think terror-promoters and warmongers (aka "world leaders") are happily gazing into each others' NWO eyes - and a set-up is underway. If there is dissent among them, it's more of an ego-gratification game - 'my ego's bigger than yours' - and collateral damage (aka world populations) be da*ned.

This is about Putin's bid for control of oil, gas pipelines, and grain.

~see: Georgia vs South Ossetia: 100-year-old conflict for Ceres and grain info.~

And McCain? I said this would be used to 'boost' his pathetic prez bid. I wish all those who'd vote for him because he'd respond in a warring way lickedy-split would remember that first they come for others - then they come for you.

And Cheney knows where you live.

Aug 11, 2008

Georgia vs South Ossetia: old is new

Today there's been a post published with some background on the Georgia-South Ossetia region and their re-ignited 100-year conflict along with some regional details I discovered in The Century Cyclopdia, circa 1898, which you may find of interest.

Guess re-igniting flames of contention is easy when things smolder for so long - and you have cynical politicians around who don't mind using you to promote their own agendas for state control.

Aug 10, 2008

August 1 Solar Eclipse: video

Considering the Beijing Olympic Games, with heinous murder to their credit within the first 24 hours, and the aggressions going on between Russia and Georgia (which may involve the US and NATO and be the start of WWIII, some fret), the recent Solar Eclipse of August 1 deserves a second or third viewing - its effects may be with us way longer than we wish them to be.

Now you may see a brief *Saturn ad first, but that will soon pass. Actually I drive a Saturn and it's a great car as cars go!

*I just checked the video and got a Brita ad but can't say I've used Brita in years...guess it's an ad smorgasbord...take your chances!

Bush's term: credit crisis and loss for America

Credit Crisis Triggers Unprecedented Response

Worst debt turmoil since Depression sparks government action

By David Cho and Neil Irwin

Since the credit crisis erupted a year ago, the Bush administration has presided over one of the broadest expansions of the government into private lending in US history, risking public money to prop up financial firms both large and small.

Read article at ICH #


Currently George Bush's natal Mars 9Vir18 is being squelched by transiting Saturn...well, for most of us this transit would be a squelching by old man Saturn, planet of grim reality, of our action and energy. That Bush's cushy life will feel the effects of Saturn's authority and his tendency to bring things to account is debateable.

Ordinarily this would be a transit of head colds, loss, and other restrictions yet Bush is livin' large in Beijing and schmoozin' with Vladdie and the boys - while elsewhere on the planet aggression causes loss to others.

If anything, perhaps the outbreak of aggression (authority) between Georgia and Russia may be considered somehow part of the Saturn-to-Mars transit of Bush whose Mars has certainly made itself apparent on the world stage and who now plays a part due to US backing of Georgia.

Firm determination to succeed no matter what is right up Dubya's alley and may be enough to use this transit to accomplish goals, along with more focus (uh oh - the raptor's gaze) and better organization is needed now as well.

Saturn to n Mars may indicate difficulties within male relationships which may be broken off at this time. Seriousness permeates the air around Bush, but that's nothing new for a man accustomed to sending people to their deaths and following along with NWO plans to dominate the world.

And with Bush's elite connections, who always pull his bacon out of the fire when he messes up, perhaps a tooth ache (quite common with Saturn's visit to Mars) may be too much to expect for a man who loves to authoritate all over the place.

This is a good example of Astrology's ability to describe life on many levels - and that Bush obviously has other transits and chart factors softening the effects of what would be a difficult transit of loss and restriction for anyone else.

Come to think of it, this transit of our learless feader seems to manifest more as restrictions on cash and credit-strapped Americans than for him and is a fairly good example of the Bush/US natal Suns being conjunct...where he goes, we as a nation go. For eight long years.

Hopefully the situation with Russia and Georgia will not tempt Bush and the hawks into another war now that "Georgia's territorial integrity" is said to be on the table.

But for this crowd, it all returns to Politics, doesn't it? So if they can, the unfortunate conflagration abroad will be used by neocons to bolster the flacid, lackluster candidacy of John McBush.

Let's wait and see if it does.

Aug 8, 2008

To know is to loathe: John McCain in Arizona

The Phoenix New Times has an enlightening article by Amy Silverman, who has covered John McCain for years, which brings the man into clear focus as something of a mountebank, opportunist extraordinaire, and a liar to boot.

Sounds like qualifications for political office (I know!) but read Silverman's insights if you haven't already.

What McCain did to sabotage Arizona's Rose Mofford during her testimony before the Senate Energy and Water Development Subcommittee on Appropriations on the topic of the Central Arizona Project on April 12, 1988 should be known by anyone considering voting for one of the most manipulative Moon/Pluto individuals you'd ever want to avoid.

And descriptively enough, on that April day, 1988, guess which asteroid was conjunct McCain's natal Sun 6Vir+ and thus triggering his considerable ego needs for recognition?

Nemesis, whose keyphrases are: the unbeatable foe; divine retribution.

When afterwards a friend asked the Senator why he sabotaged Mofford's testimony, McCain replied: "I'll embarrass a Democrat any time I get a chance."

To know him is to loathe him. How well do you know John McCain?


See my article on the natal chart of John geezer McCain at Jude's Threshold if you're interested in his particulars.

And here's a linky trail to a few details on the progressed chart, April 2008 of John McCain, the leading neocon of the moment and apparently the best the GOP can offer for continuing and promoting plans for the New World Order chaos now ruining the other words: the third term of George W. Bush.

Cat limericks Beijing Olympics!

Heads-up, cat limerick lovers - Cat from Beijing has been typed up and published by yours truly on behalf of Mr. A. Cat, an agent formerly in service to our nation, who phoned in a verse today concerning the Olympics in Beijing, China.

You'll find a photo of a Turkish Van, too - ever seen one of these marvelous water-loving kitties? Good thing there's no Turkish Van in the swim competition or Michael Phelps might be in for some real trouble!


And on a serious note, you'll find a fresh post at Jude's Threshold concerning Bruce Ivins' natal (solar) chart and the FBI's attempt to close the anthrax letters case.

Post is titled, Bruce Ivins and the Quindecile Effect.

Aug 7, 2008

Winter Solstice of Dec 21, 2012

New for you! Winter Solstice Dec 21, 2012 has now been published as a Page at my *Jude's Threshold blog if you should be interested in seeing the chart of this Mayan Calendar-ending period.

Notes have been added, although I reserve the right to update if so inspired, or if new info should come to light.

You'll find Fixed Stars, an apex Jupiter Rx in a YOD pattern, and more, so check out this well-publicized Winter Solstice if you get a mo.

And here's a previous post with a more mystical flavor concerning the Mayan Calendar and the significance of 2012 in my Secret Moon Art collection of drawings.


*My use of the word threshold refers to the Saturnian nature of my natal chart and life experience for Saturn is called the Guardian of the Threshold astrologically...kind of like a password to get into a natal chart contains four planets in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn), along with a 12th house Saturn which is quite happy researching and working behind-the-scenes, thanks! Oh! and Saturn is the ancient ruler of Astrology.

jc 8.7.08 8:55 pm edt

Pentagon's Unmanned Spokesdrone: video

Pentagon's Unmanned Spokesdrone Completes First Press Conference Mission

Aug 6, 2008

ASTROTABLETALK: Taking Obama's Astrology Seriously

ASTROTABLETALK: Taking Obama's Astrology Seriously.

Check it out!

Is Obama a hawk in sheep's clothing?

In a persuasive article John Pilger asserts that Barack Obama is a hawk and an expansionist in the Democratic Party tradition - and Pilger gives examples with dates and expansionist statements from the Democratic candidate.

As I've blabbed previously, Obama wouldn't be in the prez race at all or have a much-hyped 'candidacy' if he weren't playing the game by Washington's rules.

But just whose tune Washington dances to is anyone's guess.

Even so, I'll be voting for him because I'd barf if I had to pull a lever for any Republican, yet we may as well know what we're about to be disappointed by...a hawk in sheep's clothing, as I term it.

And if the Obama campaign's recent surfacing of his birth certificate with its "7:24 pm" birth time is correct (and some say it's a forgery - I presume to hide his true birth place, as the argument goes) then his natal Ascendant (which represents his nibs himself - his rising sign and degree) is 18AQ03 which is the February Solar Eclipse degree just past, the "A Man Unmasked" degree.

Well, his opponents keep trying to unmask him but so far not much has stuck, esp with mainstream media's collusion, of course!

And perhaps the candidate or one of his handlers knew enough about Astrology's uses to keep his birth data veiled for privacy or other reasons.

Ronald Reagan did much the same, yet all the while keeping an astrologer on the payroll.

Then there's our current Solar Eclipse of August 1 at 9Leo32 which affects his natal chart (or supposed natal chart) as well with its "finding a space to more options - the cosmos shows a solution" flavor.

Actually, Eclipse degrees may in the end be a small part of confirming his birth date and time as more chart rectification takes place using event-timing and so forth. Use of appropriate Sabian Symbols is very helpful with rectification work, too.

Whatever the truth about Barack Obama, he certainly seems to be the man of the hour with John McCain looking pale and tired by comparison. Plus, the recent biopsy Band-aid on McCain's face was untimely and didn't help the old white-haired dude in the least.

Sheesh! maybe I'll just write-in for Paris Hilton after all, now that McCain has given her candidacy a grand boost.

Our 'elections' are all about image anyway - and Paris does assure us she's ready to lead!

Obama - McCain: two peas in a global pod

Here's what I've been trying to say for years concerning the course America is on: no matter who inhabits the White House come January 20, 2009, it's all of a Trilateral Commission piece.

Let The August Review connect the global elitist dots better than my blog-as-blog-can approach ever could:

Obama and McCain: pawns of the global elite

As stated previously using astrologese, America's natal Neptune 22Vir+ conjunct *Barack Obama's natal Mars (rockstar illusions) will have old man Saturn for a visit whether Obama is ensconced within the Oval Office or not. And McCain's natal planets aren't doing much better these days, so the fix is in for whoever the global elite select to do their bidding.

Do I like being so negative about the campaign and our "hopes" for America? Nope. Actually I'm not sure it should be called a 'campaign' at all unless it's a campaign to see which shill can make the one-word-government medicine go down our gobs with the least amount of gagging and fuss.

Our strength in numbers is the only thing they fear, you know...part of the reason they've engineered us into such dire straits financially with loss of homes, scrounging for supper, and so forth - because you see...

A hungry man is not a free man...I've forgotten who said it but he told the truth at least once in his life, didn't he?

Back on New Years Day 2006, I posted a blurb with a telling excerpt from FDR's Jan 20, 1937 Inauguration speech on the test of our progress which contrasted with what I perceived to be the class warfare stance of George W. Bush.

In 2006, some readers thought I was overstating this issue, but they can't and don't say that now - their tunes have changed key.

Ans when the elite Rockefellers and their ilk put FDR in the White House they were fooled in thinking he was 'one of them.'

Quelle surprise! The New Deal aided America out of the dumps, with its programs only now being handidly and finally dismantled 2008. FDR's presidency was not what they bargained for at all!

Still, as a class, they've done okay for themselves through the years, haven't they? Much of their success through fraud is due to Congress' collusion, of course, and Senator McCain has been in the game for 26 years...he has much more "experience" than Senator Obama (at pocket-lining.)

And the McCain campaign wants us to think that that's 'a positive!'

So why not stay home on election day, you ask, if you feel this grumpy about it all?

Because that's one of the few days of the year politicians actually notice that I - that WE - exist. No matter how long and drawn out the vote tallying may be, I'll be in the booth with bells on, they just won't be ringing a decent tune for America as I'd prefer.

So as Walter Cronkite used to say, m'peops: and that's the way it is.

Not how it should be in "democracy spreading" America but sadly, the way it really is and we, in our apathy, have many elitists to thank for it - along with our uninvolved selves.

Now where's that soup line Washington politicians are stirring up for our din din? Because I think I smell what they're cookin'. Do you?

Aug 5, 2008

Perseids + Aug 1 Solar Eclipse photos

Space Weather News for August 5, 2008

COUNTDOWN TO THE PERSEIDS: The annual Perseid meteor shower peaks one week from today, on Tuesday, August 12th. The best time to look is during the dark hours before dawn on Tuesday morning when forecasters expect 50 to 100 meteors per hour. Get away from city lights if you can; plan a camping trip! The darker the sky, the more meteors you will see.

The source of the Perseids is Comet Swift-Tuttle, which has littered the August portion of Earth's orbit with space dust. The dusty zone is broad and Earth is already in its outskirts. As a result, even before the peak on August 12th, you may see some "early Perseids" streaking across the night sky.

Photos of these early arrivals will be featured in the days ahead on as part of our full coverage of the Perseid meteor shower.

BONUS: Last Friday's total solar eclipse is history, but new pictures continue to appear in our photo gallery. Start browsing our Eclipse photo gallery!

Aug 2, 2008

Abe Lincoln: corruption in high places

"As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of war. God grant that my suspicions may prove groundless."

President Abraham Lincoln, Nov 21, 1864, in a letter to Col. William F. Elkins - Ref: The Lincoln Encyclopedia, Archer H. Shaw (Macmillan, 1950, NY)


Dear President Lincoln,

Your suspicions were prophetically on the mark.

It's taken a while, but destruction of the Republic by the wealthy class is well under way circa 2008, and the common good means absolutely nothing to the majority of them.

Prejudices are played upon shamelessly on every side and no one is immune from character assassination in what passes for presidential campaigning - with election outcomes decided by rich puppetmasters, not by the people.

Mr. Lincoln, you've never heard of the place, but Dubai's siren call is in their ears - and hubris, and lust for power and gold are deeply embedded within their hearts.

Can't tell you how sorry I am that we let the rot get this far in spite of your best hopes for our nation, a nation for which you and many others have sacrificed so dearly.



image credit goes to Currier & Ives

Bugliosi video on limits of executive power

"The Terrible Reality"

Bush Guilty Of Murder

A Must-Watch 6 Minute Video of Vincent Bugliosi's opening statements during the House Judiciary Committee hearing on the constitutional limits of executive power.

To view go to: Information Clearing House.


But of course George Bush would may wish to read McCain's rocker on the subject of the Bush presidency and the continuation of its policies and tactics.