Apr 29, 2010

Astrology of Laura Bush's fatal car crash of 1963

Raw Story has an interesting article concerning Laura Bush's "small STOP sign" car accident which killed a classmate - some say, boyfriend - on the evening of November 6, 1963.

This is my first discovery of the exact date of the accident which occurred on that evening as Laura then-Welch and a girlfriend were motoring to a drive-in theater, ran what she details in her upcoming book as a "small" STOP sign, and crashed into a fellow student's Corvair. Mrs. Bush's memory of the night's weather and road conditions do not match police records, btw...what few remain in existence.

View Mrs. Bush's natal chart if you wish with its chart-ruler Venus retrograde in Sagittarius and out-of-bounds. And if you missed it, check out my Wedding Day Astrology Report on George and Laura's 1977 nuptials.


Was the fatal accident part of a lovers' break-up scenario? Hmm. Well, I have speculated rather unkindly before that membership in certain secret societies may include murder as initiation, but this particular post isn't about that. Or is it?

Checking the horoscope for Nov 6, 1963 Midland, TX, precise hour unknown but in the 'evening' (drive-in movies weren't visible until after dark!), I'm setting the chart for 8:50:40 pm cst because this places Mrs. Bush's natal Moon 15Pis00 at Midheaven, along with Fixed Star Achernar, keywords: crisis; risk of rapid endings...certainly not conclusive but a good way to time the chart is to use the Moon or another planet in angular position.

She definitely caused a crisis for the young man and his family, that we know.

Plus, the transiting Moon that night was at a crisis or critical degree @ '29Cancer'..."Daughter of the American Revolution" in the Sabian Symbols which may relate to the car accident itself or to a very upset young lady (perhaps before if spurned, and certainly after the crash which left a very mangled Corvair and a dead young man who may or may not have been her boyfriend.)

Also, the 29Can Moon of Nov 6, 1963 conjoined Laura Bush's natal Ic, the point of Endings in a horoscope...now there's an important bit of angularity!

Curiously, on the morning of Nov 6, 1963, a Venus Return occurred for Laura Welch Bush which to suspicious-of-all-Bushes me indicates that love or love-lost was part of the picture for the mayhem caused by Laura Bush on that fateful night, for Love Spurned makes for a very vengeful Lady Venus. And certainly relationship issues are on any one's menu during a Venus Return.

And with 1963's transiting South Node of the Moon (a point of separation where we fall back on previous, possibly neurotic, behaviors) conjunct Mrs. Bush's natal Sun/Moon midpoint 13Cap29 (male-female relationships; marriage) and the cruel Saturn/Pluto midpoint crossing her natal Venus during that time, we see hints of upsetting losses involving relationships. Of course, the accident itself falls into that category as well.

However, there is a natal midpoint picture involving Neptune that I shall mention as well (in effect no matter her hour of birth)...Neptune's connotations include deceptions and cover-ups, as well as negative escapisms such as alcohol and other drugs...

Mercury/Pluto = Neptune: using deception and concealing information; falsification of data; cunning strategies. (Ebertin.)

And since in 1963, tr Uranus and Pluto were in process of lining up for their Great Conjunction/s of 1965/66, I've checked for her natal midpoints in the range of their degrees in Virgo in the accident chart: 9 - 13.

Mercury/NN (meeting with a young person), Saturn/Neptune (loss; suffering; renunciation), Mars/Uranus (a sudden application of effort; bodily intervention), Venus/Uranus (splitsville?; the arousing of love; eccentricity), Neptune/Pluto (other realms, unseen forces, mysticism, the supernatural), and Mercury/Uranus (intuition; astuteness; unexpected or sudden events while traveling.)

I shall leave you to look up the pictures formed by tr Uranus and Pluto triggering her midpoints that night and simply add the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse influence in effect the night of Nov 6, 1963. It's the 1 North Series which includes the JFK assassination a couple of weeks later, the first atomic bomb attack of August 6, 1945, and the Mother of All Eclipses, the King of Terror Eclipse, of August 11, 1999...

1N: unexpected events involving friends or groups put tremendous pressure on relationships; hasty decisions are ill-advised because information is distorted and possibly false; an element of health problems (or death?) and fatigue may be evident. (Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Short of a confession, we'll probably never know the full truth behind Laura Bush's bad driving and its subsequent fatal consequence, but 'looking under the hood' of mysterious happenings by using Astrology does have its merits for shining light into dark and hidden corners.

Apr 28, 2010

CNN Political News Ticker and a bit of Astrology

This CNN Political News Ticker doesn't fit in the sidebar of this blog yet I felt like seeing it here on SO'W anyway, for some unknown reason.

Probably it's because there's So Much in the News of late which is precisely what happens when the Cardinal Points of the zodiac (00degr00 of Aries/Libra and Cancer/Capricorn) are being triggered, visited, or stimulated by planets traversing the heavens, while held in orbit by the tension between Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction), aka the flywheel of the universe, and which describes the yin-yang of our earthly lives.

Jupiter and Saturn are moving into opposition, the 'Full Moon' phase of their cycle which began @ conjunction on May 28, 2000 @ '23Taurus' = "A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Jewels". This dance of the two societal planets began the New Millennium - brilliantly for the haves, not so good for the have-nots - and their cycle is intimately related to stock market ebbs and flows, so investors beware.

For it's Expansion vs Restriction from May 2000 to June 2010, and something begun then is at a culmination-fulfillment point now. The recent puniness of the DOW has been blamed primarily on Greece's debt load and the downgrading of the nation's credit rating. Yet public and private lack of trust in Wall Street will never improve until and unless the bankster crooks are brought to justice...assuming there's any justice to be found in America.

The Jupiter-Saturn duo is related to 'a justice system at its breaking point' according to Michael Munkasey in his Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, so we must see how things go on that accounting question, mustn't we?

Plus, the President's almost-passed Financial Reform Bill is described by the current Jupiter-Saturn opposition, and economist Simon Johnson makes a case for waking up the President concerning the game-changing overnight events in the eurozone's financial system.

This phase of the Jup-Sat cycle means that from now until their next Great Conjunction in 2020 @ 00AQ29, the degree of our Presidential Sun position, Jupiter will proceed Saturn, the 'downside' of their dance. In this condition, Jupiter first rewards, then Saturn eventually comes along to insist that undeserved gains be given back or restricted in some way.

However, those who worked hard and honestly for Jupiterian gains fare better when Saturn insists on a balancing of accounts. So usually it's better for all concerned when Saturn's serious efforts are eventually rewarded by Jupiter's magic wand following, not preceding Saturn...but that 10-year phase is now ending and Saturn will be having his due from the areas where Jupiter overreached within the last 10 years.

It's a prudent time for the US to scale back on war funding!

2010 - 2011: Yet Jupiter Dances with Uranus, Too

Right now, you know that transiting Uranus, that rebel and Awakener, is about to reach Aries Point (AP) with Jupiter on the AP track, too. Their first of three hook-ups of exactitude occurs @ AP on June 8, 2010, as previously mentioned on this blog and @ Jude's Threshold.

Uranus to AP: Good for Art, Science, Technology, Explorations, Discoveries, and New Ideas

In addition, as both readers of SO'W know, I happen to be a lifelong artist of the pencil persuasion (with a Gemini Midheaven - Art and Astrology?)

And anyone who uses asteroids and myths in Astrology knows that asteroid Sappho relates to Art and Poetry of a feminine nature. Therefore, my natal Sappho @ AP will be visited on June 8, 2010 by two callers: jolly enthusiast Jupiter and quirky, inventive Uranus.

So Why Am I Telling You This Now?

Because there's a pretty good chance that my current Art project will be published by or around June 8, if I can complete the 12 drawings in time for it: a 2011 Calendar of pin-up gals from my Boudoir Blossoms Collection of cosmic-esque Chiffonery Art portraits!

For a preview, you may wish to view a a freshly-published Boudoir Blossoms spinning Art Cube now linked in the SO'W sidebar...to click and view, simply scroll to my drawing 'Purple Pansies' and you will find the SlideShow listed nearby - if you're at least 17 years of age, that is.

(But don't cheat now...Sappho does get fussy when you cheat. jc)

Apr 27, 2010

Blackmail runs Washington DC

Since 2005 on this blog, my own years of living in Washington DC have inspired me to occasionally assert that if Washington didn't have blackmail as a control tactic, the city would have to shut the doors of the White House and Capitol Building and fuggedaboudit.

Now I know I'm not the only one with the opinion that blackmail runs Washington by holding embarrassing secrets over the heads of our "representatives" and presidents so they'll stick with the power elite's chaos-brings-one-world-government script, thereby keeping them employed while making acting against the best interests of we-the-people part of their job description.

Machiavelli would be so proud that the needs of we-the-people are even more cut out of Capitol Hill's political deliberations than we ever believed and that the cruel win at any cost ploy keeps the political world of Washington DC 'secure' in its orbit.

If you like, read some of Machiavelli's natal chart details and you'll find that a new cycle of activity began for Nicolo Machiavelli in October 2008 with his Secondary New Moon 9Sco47 - during the high drama of Financial Collapse 2008 Theater.

Did illegal drug money save big banks in financial crisis?

An official at the UN says there's evidence that illegal drug money saved the big banks' bacon during the financial collapse of 2008.

But you may as well take off your Sherlock Holmes chapeau because the money has all been laundered fresh and clean now so it's impossible to track. Neat hat trick huh?

Does this mean the CIA facilitated the banks' rescue?

So after Capitol Hill's 'rush back to Washington to save the system' Political Theater we were supposed to be impressed with (John McCain sacrificially suspending his 2008 presidential campaign and all), I ask you: if American tax money didn't 'save' the poor hapless corporations and financial 'experts' of Wall Street, then where did our money go?

Apr 26, 2010

US Sec Progressions April 2010: Moon to Neptune

April 26, 2010: America's Secondary Progressions are displayed below with the chart upper right set for Philadelphia, PA, our nation's natal location; lower left is our Sec chart re-located to the White House.

Some differences appear between the two locations as far as the houses go, as you see. Click to enlarge the image and you'll find a few of my notes scribbled there but for today I'm focusing on Sec Moon (our daily rounds, domestic and security issues) nearing conjunction with Sec Neptune, exact in October 2010.

These Sec Moon-Neptune implications for the US are emphasized by the fact that transit Neptune (nearing the end of Aquarius) has been affecting our natal Moon for a while now - US n Moon ranges from 18 to 28 AQ, depending on which US natal chart you prefer from July 4, 1776.

As mentioned in previous posts, tr Neptune to natal Moon (we-the-people) is an unstable time of feeling a sense of rootlessness and loss, even despair, as home foreclosures continue to decimate families, increase the US homeless population, necessitate movings-in with Mama, put refugee and immigration issues on the table, make commitments hard to keep, and bring thousands of US soldiers home to face overwhelming difficulties as they return to the country they and their families sacrificed so much for.

An atmosphere of dissatisfaction with dwindling options and weakened financial conditions are shown in part by home owners walking away from their mortgages in droves which this transit well describes, especially with such conditions now being undergirded, or ramped up, by the Sec Moon-Neptune conjunction you see here. The peak of this Sec conjunction will be in October, and there will be a lessening of its effects by the end of 2010.

Tr Neptune to n Moon also indicates thievery and fraud. We-the-people could use some protection from Capitol Hill and the White House more than ever before yet recent and ongoing legislations fail to protect us to any appreciable degree as special interests of Big Industry hold corporate sway over the Capitol Hill plutocrats when it comes to the lowly US consumer...weakened and deceived (Nep) consumers (Moon), politicians bought and paid for.

April 26, 2010 Sec Progressions, Philadelphia and White House: Hour of a Rx Saturn in Scorpio, sign of Big Business, Betrayals, and Surveillance:

As you see in the Philadelphia chart, our Sec Moon 20Vir21 is poised to enter Sec 2nd house (Earning Ability; Values; Self Worth) with Sec Neptune already posited underminingly in 2nd h and causing confusion and deceit in financial matters and loss of workers' incomes. (US natal Neptune 22Vir25 is even closer to being joined by Sec Moon 20Vir21 than the later-degreed Sec Neptune 26:17 Rx; Sec Moon exactly conjs Sec Neptune in about two months = June 2010, just prior to the financially stressful July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse @ 19Can24, in 8th house for Washington DC, and conjunct difficult Fixed Star Castor.)

Opposite this 'watery' Moon-Neptune action, the 8th house (Shared Resources, Credit, Debt, Insurance, Legacies, Transformations, Death, the Occult, etc - with deceptive, confused Pisces on the 8th cusp) has the Venus/Chiron conjunction snugged around the 9th cusp in the White House version - this is a very sensitive point at the end of the 8th house (in both charts.) Venus-Chiron has to do with sacrifices on the altar of relationship and with money issues but perhaps you, lone reader, already know more about Venus/Chiron than this reluctant astrologer!

Sec Venus opposing Sec Mars Rx indicates our warring activities and their bankruptcy of (what used to be) our Treasury; Sec Mars Rx shows military weakness through overstretching, plus, military police actions of a police state used against the people; Sec Mars in a national chart usually indicates terrorism on home soil, including false flag ops used against the people.

Sec Moon 20Vir21 conjuncts Fixed Star Denebola, keywords: to go against society, or, against the mainstream...perfect for swimming in or against the Lunar-Neptunian tides of dissolution and fraud, I suppose. This seems to relate in part to homeowners walking away from upside down mortgages especially since Neptune can so often bring a kind of loss due to dissolving conditions - and Virgo is the sign of The Worker and Server which relates to high unemployment.

We might also expect natural and other disasters involving water and oceans (the recent 'explosion' on the Gulf of Mexico oil rig platform, with Neptune = oil, and the sea being a good example.) Food supply issues may be in the news, along with toxins ('additives') that are put into our foods by Big Chem as noted in such films as Food, Inc and TV's Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution - these and related issues will be emphasized more strongly going forward. They must be addressed more honestly.

And I should mention that Neptune relates as well to mass media, the entertainment industry, and to propagandizing; the Moon links to the public and public relations campaigns, as does the Moon's North Node (NN)...'contacts with the public'.

Now let's consider the Neptune/North Node midpoint sitting upon the ASC in the Sec chart set for the White House...'Nep/NN' = anti-social elements; a lack of community spirit (Ebertin); as you see, Moon will be in Nodal Degree when 'she' reaches Neptune 26Vir17 (Oct) and the White House version of our Sec chart shows Neptune and Sec Moon @ Nodal Degree (26) for October, showing karmic conditions in play.

(Being a Saturnian rather than a Uranian astrologer, 'in Nodal Degree' gives America a 'reaping what was sown' flavor to Moon-Neptune-NN, which is what I mean by karmic or fated conditions. Of course, Wall Street fraudsters and banking gangsters are giving us a lot to reap and plenty to weep about.)

From Ebertin, Tyl, and Munkasey - as always with midpoint pictures, any, all, or none may apply...some factors are noted on the chart image, but here I'll type out all of the possibilities for you...

Nep/NN = ASC: suffering from inhibitions; feeling uncomfortable in the presence of others; experiencing deceit and untruthfulness from others; being duped or disregarded (Hello, Capitol Hill? your constituents are calling - jc); disappointments; appearing strange to others; ignoring the reactions and attitudes of other people; mentally repressing outside influences while concentrating more fully on one's own needs.

Well, there's a brief snapshot of America and her evolutionary condition as of April 26, 2010. Yes, we're in a dire state, and we don't need Astrology to tell us that for we can simply look about the place.

Yet the one thing Astrology brings to the table which no other system can is the element of Time with its cyclic timing ability making it possible to see that by the end of 2010, at least some of the undermining influences of Moon-Neptune will lessen for we-the-people.

Now send the Wall Street fraudsters to jail, SEC - you paper tiger, you!

Note: @ bottom right you see "Sec Jupiter turned Rx by progression in 1905 - conjunct Pentagon's natal ASC" but our Jupiter's Rx Station of 1905 was in early Gemini; here you see Sec Jupiter 15Can34 - still Rx - and now conjunct the Pentagon's n ASC = bottomless money pit for war profiteering generals, ideologues, politicians, contractors, and for the secret society types who foment wars the world over and funnel US resources into plutonian coffers and imperial projects.

Apr 23, 2010

Dick Morris on Clinton, Reno, and Waco (video)

Yes, I know that former Clinton adviser Dick Morris is appearing here with Sean Hannity to promote his new book, 2010. But to me, little has ever seemed or been right about the Siege at Waco or the Oklahoma City Bombing which Timothy McVeigh said was his answer to the take-over of the Waco Compound by President Bill NAFTA Clinton.

Mr. Morris says in the video above that he doesn't know what Attorney General Janet Reno held over President Clinton's head concerning Waco which prompted him to reappoint her for a second term as US AG.

Yet some of us suspect that the 'what' related to the Inslaw Corporation's PROMIS software which the US government had stolen from Inslaw in the 1980s (Reagan!)

PROMIS (or its upgraded progeny) was originally created for legal firms to use but was soon seen as much more than that: a way to track anybody's financial dealings and whereabouts worldwide - in any language. The software was subsequently sold to the governments of many nations and, some say, to Osama bin Laden as well - but with a backdoor for eavesdropping which the US could use in whatever secretive, damaging ways it thought to devise.

One of My Sources for This Post

In Michael C. Ruppert's book Crossing the Rubicon, he titles Chapter 10 as, 'PROMIS: Controlling the Data' and says the software was 'rigged' when it was sold to the Canadian government, and that it is "peering into Americans' private lives," among other uses.

He also says that PROMIS "crossed a threshold in the evolution of computer programming." And it was first developed in the 1970s! Mr. Ruppert also asserts that PROMIS was part of and connected to "insider trading on 9/11."

This is one of the many things that makes me wonder how the attacks of 9/11 could have been such a 'big surprise' to the US government, or to those who profited from the crime by way of insider trading (one culprit I'm looking at is you, Cheney.)

Yes, the whole Inslaw-PROMIS factor was part of what investigative journalist Danny Casolaro was researching back in *August 1991 (think 'Bush, Sr', too - don't forget Operation Desert Storm which Bush hailed then as "a triumph of the New World Order") when Casolaro was brutally murdered/assassinated in a West Virginia motel after going there to meet with a mysterious foreign man in order to nab more evidence on the worldwide crime syndicate he dubbed The Octopus.

When Is a Mystery Not So Mysterious?

Taking the bait, Mr. Casolaro expected the new evidence to tie up loose ends for his book's publication, and needless to say, the murder scene contained nary a scrap of the painstaking notes that he was known to have had with him that weekend.

(New Moon the afternoon of Casolaro's murder @ '18Leo' which would turn out to be the degree of the August 11, 1999 'King of Terror' or 'Alarm' Solar Eclipse which continues to have a 'financial terrorism' flavor to it. His murder occurred under the rays of the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune, the New World Order planets, @ '18Cap' = strong-armed paternalism...POLITICAL POWER.)

Slick Willy On the Scene

Now don't assume for a moment that I don't think Bill Clinton was protecting a boatload of shady dealings by the US government, politicians, and others when he ordered the destruction of David Koresh's Waco Compound, for you would be wrong.

But do Clinton, Koresh, and the Siege at Waco tie in with Inslaw and PROMIS? They do if what I've read is true: Koresh's compound had PROMIS (or its illegal progeny) on-site in what was quite a communication hub, or hive, of activity. Was Koresh using a version of PROMIS software to spy on the US government's, CIA's, and Clinton's shady dealings? Was 'CIA asset' Osama bin Laden being protected for future use?

Does any of this relate to what Janet Reno blackmailed President Bill Clinton over?


*Casolaro's brutal murder occurred during the 11 South Series of the Solar Eclipse of July 11, 1991 @ '19Cancer', the same degree of our next Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010 which is in the 12 South Series. The two Eclipses are linked by degree so both conjunct Fixed Star Castor, the writer, with keywords: murder, crippling of limbs, sudden loss or fame (A. Louis, Horary Astrology Plain and Simple.)

With his global criminal syndicate expose, Danny Casolaro was reaching for fame but got loss instead.

(Plus, '19Can' is one degree from Pluto's Discovery degree of 1930 adding plutonian spy, death, nukes, and 'secret hand' connotations to these Eclipse pictures; nuclear topics are turning up often in the news already and in this realm, the ongoing Saturn/Pluto square and Uranus/Pluto square are of no comfort whatsoever, are they?)

Therefore, we may soon expect similar events or more mentions of early 1990s events to come up for re-examination this summer, with 11 South's (1991) flavor: a need for sudden reforms to deal with events; old ideas, methods, and/or systems will fail; any blocks (Casolaro, US consumers, and bankers' debts?) may be violently or tragically removed (parphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

As you see, 11S is the Series that repeated in Summer 2009 (Eclipse of July 22, 2009) when the systemic financial collapse reached its current fulfillment - or the first stage of it, sorry to say; July 2009's Ecl @ 29Can27, a crisis 29th degree, with '30Can' having a "A Daughter of the American Revolution" influence - when the world financial system was said to be on the brink of complete failure 2009. Crime-syndicates-are-us?

Well, since you may have noticed that the MSM never reports on the $550 billion electronic run on US banks for about two hours in September 2009, I shall ask you...PROMIS, anyone?


Update: in a similar financial vein of interest, I've just found a fresh article on Wall Street's and Goldman Sachs' market rigging.

And for further reading try David Rothscum's Crash course on why 9/11 was an inside job.

Apr 22, 2010

The Whole World's Real Time Stats!

Happy Earth Day!

A friend just clued me in to a site with all sorts of stats: total world population, births, deaths, illnesses, environmentals, war costs, and more are updated in real time...it even includes how many blog posts are being published today, and it surprised me to see how low the number was on that one!

Guess Twitter and FaceBook have really taken their toll, my fellow bloggers, so I'm doing my part: here's one more. Leave a comment with a link to your post for today, if you may.

The site is quite amazing and may be useful to bloggers and those who read blogs, so you may wish to check out WorldoMeters, if you haven't.

Apr 21, 2010

A History of False Flag Ops: Bullhorns Over Rubble

The video When False Flags Don't Fly gives us an interesting view concerning the brutal actions taken by governments in order to persuade and propagandize their own populations while they are still in shock over the violence perpetrated against them.

Click to read one of the most comprehensive and link-rich lists of false flag ops you may wish to find anywhere and watch the video, if you will.

And yes, the Oklahoma City Bombing and both World Trade Center bombings are on the list.


"The Party seeks power entirely for its for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness; only power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from all oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and just round the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that, We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes a revolution in order to establish a dictatorship..."

1984 - George Orwell.

Apr 20, 2010

4:20 pm on 4.20.10: it's smoke-in time!

Well, I missed it again! But yes, it's been years since my college days so I shouldn't be surprised that today's Great Smoke-in, in honor of marijuana's nickname '420', has come and gone without me.

At 4:20 pm pdt on 4.20.10, Fixed Star Denebola will rise in San Francisco, scene of one of today's smoke-ins. Denebola's keywords seem quite applicable to this event: to go against society, or, against the mainstream!

The chart does have health connotations, however, such as the still-within-orb YOD between Sun (in sensual Taurus) sextile Neptune (planet of negative escapism, drugs, and dreams) pointing to authoritarian Saturn 29Vir07 Rx in 1st house. (YODs can be health indicators as well as 'special task' or 'crisis' indicators.) I suspect that California authorities (Saturn) are not as happy as the participants today and may consider the smoke-in to be a critical (29th degree) situation they must deal with. We'll see how it goes. (I'm in the edt zone and it's now nearing 8:30 pm here.)

Plus, 19Vir00 is rising making Mercury the chart-ruler, yet Mercury is Rx in Taurus and is squared by Mars. Will something or someone interfere with all the hi-jinks?

And I shouldn't neglect to add a midpoint picture affecting Mars at 4:20 pm... Saturn/MC = Mars: a lack of initiative and enterprise. (This effect is one of the drawbacks of regular pot smoking, yes? Wait a minute - how would you know? ;p )

So with the YOD's health connection, I'm thinking of California's lead in allowing medical marijuana to be used, something I must agree with for calming serious or fatal conditions. If herbal smoking eases someone's severe pain or gives them an appetite when they wouldn't have one otherwise, it's not my place or the nosy government's business to keep weed from helping people, imho. For who am I to pontificate to those near death, especially a painful one? Sheesh!

Another interesting factor in the chart is Mars @ 8Leo40 in 11th house of Friends, Groups, and Associations...as you know, Leo loves entertainment and fun times...

'9Leo' = "Glass Blowers Shape with Their Breath Glowing Forms"...ha ha! Sounds suspiciously bong-like to me, how about you?

Plus, Mars rises these days with SIRIUS, keywords: the mundane becoming sacred . Now I've never researched cannabis to any extent but it must be a sacred herb in some culture or another, right? And didn't some of our nation's Founding Fathers grow it? Oh yeah, for the hemp. Right.

As far as asteroids, there's imbibing Bacchus who never met a party or a feel-good substance he didn't like...he's very suitably traversing the sign of Neptunian Pisces just now @ 18Pis42, conjunct the chart's Descendant!

Socializing Venus 24Tau50 has what may be an apt Sabian Symbol to add to the picture, hazy though the smoke-in's location may become...

'25Tau' = "A Large, Well-Kept Public Park."

And in the end, you know what they always love to say so I'll say it as well:

smoke 'em if ya got 'em!

And if you don't, just blog about it.

President Obama's progressed midpoints 4.20.10

Keeping a squinty eye on the President bwo of Astrology! The following is a brief fyi post:

Sometimes astrologers relocate an individual's natal chart and then 'progress' it to a specific date to see how the person is evolving. They then compare the chart with the natal chart, Solar Returns, or other relevant charts, to see what's linking up by aspect.

(Ex: Sec Venus to Sec or natal Sun may often show 'it's time for' marriage.)

And sometimes we use Secondary Progressions (a-day-for-a-year principle) to represent the physical plane, with Minor Progressions showing the mental-causal plane, and Tertiary Progressions indicating the emotional-intuitional-spiritual plane.

Together these three methods of progressing charts are the 1:13:27 ratio as taught by expert astrologer Robert Blaschke so let's see if little me can paraphrase the concept: 27 = Minors: a thought drifts up from the unconscious into consciousness; 13 = Tertiaries: we feel an emotion about the thought; 1 = Secondaries: we either act or don't act on the thought-emotion; we think 27 times faster than we act and feel an emotion 13 times faster than we act.

Many Astrology software programs have the Minor and Tertiary features in their programs. But enough of that. ;p

Today I've taken a peek at the April 20, 2010 Secondary Progressions of President Obama and want to share the midpoint pictures found in his Sec chart set for Honolulu, Hawaii, and in a relocated chart set for the White House.

(To do the latter I have relocated his natal chart prior to progressing it. The Sec chart based on his natal place of birth may indicate his inner dynamics with the White House chart bringing in his current environment's effects upon him. You may disagree, if you wish!)

Turns out there are three midpoint pictures from Mr. Obama's Sec chart based on his place of birth (assuming it to be Hawaii!) which do not appear in the Sec chart set for the White House. As always with midpoint pictures, all, any, or none may apply, and they are:

Mercury/ASC = Saturn: adopting a strategic reserve in expression; withdrawing from a social circle; protecting one's position; inability to discuss vital matters within the family circle.

Mars/ASC = Saturn: anxiety from feeling controlled somehow (from the NWO big bankers? jc); frustration and rebellion; others don't cooperate as they should; a defeat; quarrels; sharing worries with others.

Saturn/ASC = Moon: difficulty being accepted (esp at Tea Parties? jc); depression due to the environment; ill humor.

In both locations there are two midpoint pictures, one of a serious nature given the huge stakes for America that Mr. Obama deals with: financial reforms, health insurance reforms, nuclear agreements and disagreements, etc:

Venus/NN = Uranus: making friends with people out of the ordinary; making contacts easily.

And here's the doozy...

Saturn/NN = Neptune: fraud; lies; deception; confusion in one's environment or, confusing others about one's personal stand; friends who deceive or confuse you; having to pay a price for help which is more than you expected.

With Astrology's AC-DC principle always in force, the fraud-lies-deception energies can flow in both directions: coming from and going toward the President, either alternating or occurring simultaneously.

Now if I had more time to blog this morning, I'd post the Sec charts themselves, but alas! Therefore, the progressed midpoint pictures of President Barack Obama represent a simple photograph in time for April 20, 2010, and give us a small peek under the hood of our nation's current Oval Office occupant.

Is the 2012 Doomsday--Mayan Prophecy a hoax?

Just thought I'd link to a site with a different point of view on the Mayan calendar, the December 21, 2010 Solstice, the '11:11 Phenomenon', and other topics and theories that people are promoting now, topics which are making some folks a lot of money in the marketplace.

So if you find yourself fretting overmuch about 2012 and what may or may not happen, you may wish to check out some alternate views on these fascinating subjects at 2012hoax.org.

Not having had time to read all the site's articles (I just found the website a few minutes ago and am passing it on to you at 2:03 am - must get some shut-eye soon) I can say that the part about the '11:11 Phenomenon' makes sense to me, it's just that back in the 1980s I too began seeing 11:11 each time, day or night, that I glanced at a clock, and elsewhere, too...and I was nowhere close to being interested in Astrology or esoteric subjects then since I'd given up my early interest in such things when I began studying to join my church in 1977 (year of Chiron's discovery - I know!)

But actually, end-of-time themes were brought to me then by a church that teaches quite a lot about them, but mostly teaches how to be ready to account for yourself and your past actions when the grand day cometh! I suspect that that requirement for survival is what is underneath so much of the current interest in and fears about the 2012 predictions going around the Internet...therefore, imho, the focus is off the mark.

Because as they say, it's not what you or anyone else thinks of you that matters, it's your true condition before God that really counts 'in the end'.

And that qualifies as a word to the wise!

Apr 19, 2010

Remembering the Oklahoma City Bombing

Update April 20, 2010: Here's an article citing one of the survivors who was working at the HUD office that day and saw several questionable things implicating the US government in the weeks leading up to bombing of the Murrah Federal Building.

Original post begins here:

At the moment I am watching C-SPAN's live coverage of the memorial service being held for the Oklahoma City Bombing of April 19, 1995, The service began at 10:00 am (edt) and has included the president of the American Association of Museums, Ford Bell, who mentioned memorials in Dealey Plaza (JFK) and Memphis (MLK), both of which have 'eternal flames' which are marks of the Illuminati's culpability.

Well, I confess that I half expected an 'eternal flame' to be part of the memorial site but according to the Oklahoma City Memorial and Museum website, that isn't the case.

Here's my post with chart and details of the bombing which I posted to Jude's Threshold some time ago in remembrance of April 19, 1995, 9:02 am cdt, Murrah Federal Building. You'll see a recent Update at the beginning which links to an article containing some, shall we say...non-governmental...views of that awful day.

SUDDEN BLOG INTERRUPTION: Blogger has let me type for about two hours and has now crashed this post as I 'published' it. Therefore, I cannot recontruct it in full so it's much shorter that originally intended.

Blogger did this by giving me their log-in window (I already was, otherwise I could not have been in the Dashboard to write the post) when I clicked Publish. My Drafts list included only this early-saved version with not much in it and I have no time now to retype it with links, etc. Thanks, Blogger.

However, I will retype details of the Solar Eclipse Series of the Oklahoma City Bombing and try again to publish:

15 South: main theme is 'release of tension'; a lingering situation will suddenly clear and contain a sense of grief and loss which is not only personal but belongs to a group or collective (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Apr 18, 2010

Reaching for Chiron in Pisces

Reaching and actually grasping anything in Pisces is a tall order, if not an impossibility, and all through last week I made notes on Chiron in Pisces and related subjects in the political realm only to face this weekend's Mercury Rx (conjunct my natal 9th cusp - ouch!) which seems to undergird a freeze on actually writing or posting anything from my notes about Chiron traversing the deepest, most compassionate zodiac sign around.

Then today I find that astrologer Mandi Lockley has had much the same experience recently (one of Chiron's words, experiential) yet she has come through with flying colors and helpfully published Chiron in Pisces: Water Over Rocks, an article I highly recommend to you.

Mandi includes Chiron's schedule of retrogrades as The Centaur returns to Aquarius, then zooms back into Pisces in a few months, so do check out the shamanic Wounded Healer's whereabouts and what Mandi has to say about Chiron in Pisces, a placement that gives those who have it natally a crisis over connecting with the God force, the universal oneness, as noted in Barbara Hand Clow's invaluable book Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets (revised edition 2002.)

Seems to me that the collective is experiencing just such a crisis due to the harrowing events of the New Millennium: 9/11, a pre-emptive, illegal invasion based on lies and its resultant nation-bankrupting occupation (our bankruptcy as the US plays 'global cop'), and the power-elite-planned Financial Collapse of 2008.

Plus, since Chiron's orbit lies between Saturn and Uranus, the planets associated with the Middle East (particularly with Israel-Palestine), we may hopefully expect the Rainbow Bridge effect to lead us somewhere pragmatic yet compassionate while Chiron travels through Pisces. Hopefully (and prayerfully), the much-discussed World War III is not on Chiron's Piscean agenda for our era.

And while on the subject of Chiron, it would be remiss of me not to add a link to Julie Demboski's excellent book Chiron in the Natal Chart, also highly recommended reading for understanding more about one of Astrology's most interesting catalysts in our natal charts and psyches.

As for my own Chironic blogging schedule, the Politics of the thing must willingly wait until I get around to blogging about it because, in spite of Washington DC's gross mismanagement of our nation in recent decades, Politics isn't going away any time soon. Pity.

At least, that's been my experience of it.


Were you born when Chiron was in Pisces? Yes, if born within these dates, give or take a few hours:

3/20/1910 - 8/29/1910
1/16/1911 - 3/31/1918
10/23/1918 - 1/28/1919

3/27/1960 - 8/19/1960
1/21/1961 - 3/31/1968
10/19/1968 - 1/30/1969


Apr 16, 2010

SEC accuses Goldman Sachs of Civil Fraud Apr 16, 2010

NPR BREAKING NEWS: SEC Accuses Goldman Sachs Of Civil Fraud

The government is accusing Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs & Co. of defrauding investors in its disclosures about securities it sold tied to subprime mortgage securities as the housing market was faltering.

More at NPR.org.#

Is this but another meander down a garden path...lovely, but meant to distract?

Apr 15, 2010

Gold-Silver Markets manipulated by Big Banks

In a Ponzi scheme that drawfs the Madoff and Enron frauds, solid proof has emerged of gold and silver market manipulations by the Big Banks.

In a March 25 hearing of the CFTC, Bill Murphy of GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action) revealed the name of the whistleblower Andrew McGuire, who had alerted authorities that 'precious metals would be attacked' - and they were, in real time, just as he informed those 'in charge' they would be.

Included are two videos with explanation of the market manipulation scheme that threatens the global economy with collapse if everyone who thinks they own gold or silver bullion actually calls for their metallic stash at the same time only to discover that crinkled paper is all that's in the vault, even in London, home of the world's largest gold market and the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association.)

You know, in 2007, naughty Morgan Stanley paid out several million dollars to settle claims that the firm had charged 22,000 clients 'storage fees' for silver bullion that didn't exist!

Can you see him now? Old greedy hoarder, Pluto, god of the underworld, sitting round his cave with all of the world's gold and silver bullion stuck up his wrinkled patootie.

Now of course the mainstream media doesn't want the public to know anything about the manipulation situation, muchless be clued on which wrinkled patooties belong to which culprits.

Therefore 'click to read' and 'spread it around' is my best advice.


America's natal Jupiter of 1776 @ '6 Cancer' = "Gamebirds Feathering Their Nests." And the financial feathering is even more prevalent in the New Millennium than it was at our nation's founding.

Apr 14, 2010

Horoscope of Summer Solstice 2010

Chart shown: Summer Solstice June 21, 2010 @ 7:28:10 am edt, White House, Washington, DC; Hour of Saturn; 1st quarter Sun trine Moon (0A26); chart-ruler Moon 29Libra34 (critical or crisis 29th degree) in 4th house of Domestic Scene and Real Estate.

Luna is quite the busy buzzy bee in this chart and is emphasized during Summer 2010 by her usual fluctuations, changes, and publicity from being placed in her natural house, the 4th, so foreclosures, refugeeism, and other types of financial issues and dissolution (Moon trine Neptune ~0S59~ in 8th house of Credit, Debt, Insurance, Shared Resources, Transitions, etc) will continue with Libra signaling tricky legalisms. Women's, families', and domestic needs and concerns under gird much of the action for the season; mining and environmental issues are emphasized as well.

As you see, asteroid Terpsichore is rising, keyword: the orchestrator, @ '23Can'..."Meeting of a Literary Society" - an interesting degree and asteroid when you consider that early one-world-government types such as Adam Weishaupt were all about introducing Illuminati-ism into early America by way of 'literary societies' and 'reading groups'.

As the chart-ruler's path goes, so proceeds the chart/event/entity:

Moon's applying aspects in order of completion (listed on chart, lower left, except for #5 and #6 which I here add):

1. trine Sun (0A26, as noted above); 'we-the-people in harmony with the president'?; can cause apathy; persuasion employed; domestic enterprises and property ownerships are favored (good!);

2. inconjunct (150 degr) Uranus (0A56); emotional distress due to problems popping up repeatedly; low resistance, nervousness, pressured by burdens; willful;

3. trine Chiron (1A16); Art and Music thrive; a calming and healing influence;

4. inconj Jupiter (2A16); discrepancies between emotional responses and the understanding of them; great difficulties determining the true significance of events; repeated lessons make the learning process painful until full meanings are grasped; assumptions that 'experts' are competent (ain't necessarily so!); must develop interests outside of work such as volunteering and/or creative pursuits; may bite off too much to chew - see 'Sun square Jupiter' below.

Moon is also engaged in a separating septile aspect (51:57) with contentious Mars which imparts a karmic or fated flavor to their combined energies. In Politics or Business, Moon/Mars relates to such things as the military - including fluctuating effectiveness thereof - also, farming/agricultural, metal or mineral mining, commercial land uses for military or business activities, and/or leaders who show concern about the general welfare yet who do not necessarily follow through with relief. (Munkasey, Midpoints.)

The Summer Solstice 2010 chart set for the White House shows Sun and Mercury in 12th house of Karma, Self-Undoing, Large Institutions (like Congress), Behind-the-Scenes, Zoos (like Congress), Hospitals, Sanitariums, Secret Enemies, and good old secrets themselves. And let's not leave out Secret Agencies such as the FBI, CIA, and other organizations you may wish to quietly name aloud.

Now this is something of a Politics-drenched chart because 12th house planets such as Sun (the leader) and Mercury (thought processes, communications, the media, commerce, trade, meetings, speeches, young people, etc) indicate politicians (in their natal charts, too) and deals being made behind the scenes (in mundane charts.)

And that describes Politics in a nut shell (game) - secretive 12th house shenanigans.

Yes, this is the general 12th-house state of all Politics, of course, especially of the pragmatic kind, and it puts me in mind of last evening's Frontline, Obama's Deal. Check out the text or video, if you missed on April 13.

Again with the Summer Solstice 2010...

Besides the Sun/Moon trine perfecting ever so soon (0A26), the Sun applies elsewhere as well:

1. square Uranus (0A31); leadership talent but may be rebellious, unpredictable, arrogant, or unprincipled; strong desire for power, demands subservience from others;

2. trine Chiron (0A51); aware of basic power for change in all structures; a strong sense of purpose (Clow):

3. square Jupiter (1A47); bites off too much to chew, then tries to cope; experience subdues arrogance; a wheeler-dealer not afraid of a good fight;

4. opposite Pluto (4A13); extreme measures taken to assure success; striking first to defend yourself is futile with Pluto opposing; may be constantly harassed by people who refuse to support leadership;

And #5 is the Sun/Mercury conjunction (8A31), exact on June 28, 2010 @ 6Can42...'7Can' = "Two Fairies on a Moonlit Night"...click for Sabian Symbol details.

Also, you may wish to click here for the Solstice's Sun-Moon blend details.

As you see, Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct Mc (The Goal; Aspirations) but from the 9th house side; Uranus remains in contact with the Aries Point of World Manifestation and the two planets will tango twice more - but in late Pisces - before 2010 ends; 9th house retains its usual associations yet the Jupiter/Uranus duo always has long-distance travel/adventures/explorations/space or air travel connotations along with its 'scientific breakthrough' vibe. You've been hearing of amazing discoveries already, haven't you? There are certain to be more with AP triggered by expansive, ideological hierophant, Jupiter, and maverick progressive of genius fame, radical Uranus, The Awakener.

Since there is a difficult Solar Eclipse on July 11, 2010 (not marked on chart: 19Can24; 12 South) which suggests action regarding security, domestic scene, real estate, business, crops, and other Cancerian things already mentioned, I hesitate to say that the Eclipse falls in the 12th house of this chart, though it isn't notated there. Banks and markets will be subject to fluctuations, new educational programs prove costly, as will everything else. Fraud and a further draining of America's fortunes continue.

The July 11 Eclipse conjuncts a difficult Fixed Star, Castor; plus, 12S is in the same Series as America's Pre-Natal Eclipse: successful outcomes to long-term worries or illness, seeming worse, then clearing (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology); this Solar Eclipse, which last occurred on June 30, 1992 @ 8Can56, has significance for the White House, NYC, and the Vatican. (Celeste Teal's Eclipses.)

My deepest concern as Summer 2010 approaches is for the American people, here represented by the Moon at crisis degree (as in Inauguration 2009's chart @ 29Sco...now it's almost Summer Solstice 2010 and still many of us enter into, or remain in, dire circumstances with few practical options.)

And with Moon contacting an 8th house Neptune, planet of fraud, loss, deception, self-deceit, confusions, and obfuscations, I suspect the nearness of Wounded Healer Chiron, now entered into compassionate Pisces, one sign of the victim/savior axis, will be most efficacious for understanding the true nature (8th house) of what it means to lose (Neptune) one's material possessions (4th house Moon)...while managing to keep one's heart and spirit childlike and thus open to new possibilities.


Well, I've managed to type a bunch of words without one mention of the two planetary patterns in the chart, but if you click the image to enlarge, you'll see them listed and highlighted: Grand Cross in green, and a dissociate Grand Trine (Water-Air mix) in purple.

They must be covered at another sitting (including their midpoint pictures) for there is much more to say about this chart as Summer 2010 nears. However, I shall close for now and await your valuable comments about the Summer Solstice 2010 horoscope, comments which can be written by no one but you, lone reader.


When we come to a Fork'ed Way, which path dare we take?

A quote of note on Special Interests, from VP Joe Biden

"Special interests know that all their lies about reform will be proven false. But that won't stop them from inventing new ones and spreading attack ads."

Vice President Joe Biden 4.11.10

Sunshine upon Cass Sunstein

President Obama's staffer Cass Sunstein wants conspiracy theory groups, forums, chat rooms, and real-world groups, to be infiltrated and undermined.

Apparently those darned pesky doubters who refuse to take government propaganda at face value are spoiling all the NWO fun!

Well, if there are any dreamers left in America who hoped that the presidential baton-passing on January 20, 2009 would include bringing Bush and Cheney up on charges for 9/11, illegal invasions, or anything else, I guess your rose-colored glasses have been sat upon by now.

But if not, the above linked article, which includes links to other sources, should break them in half on the holding-accountable front.

Apr 13, 2010

On Resisting the Plutonian New World Order (video)

Is a New (Economic and Political) World Order inevitable? The power elite who monkey with the course of history want us to think so and knuckle under accordingly to their *Bacon-inspired Utopian vision.

Some time ago, I ask both this blog's readers if they think that 'insurgents' in the Middle East and elswhere are actually fighting against the NWO (our guys!) and that we, the majority of the American people, are on the wrong side of the issue though few realize it.

Well, the theory would certainly explain a lot of things while emphasizing the futility of the US government's and world leaders' so-called, propagandistically named, "War On Terror," that rabbithole of endless money funneling and weaponry building in order for global string-pullers, the Illuminati, to wage perpetual war.

UPDATE Oct 29, 2011: Plus, everyone with a noggin on their shoulders knows the truth that War IS Terror. Warmongers and warpath followers never tout the horrors of war at its beginning, do they? For at that early stage, horror would be a dumb note in their exalted jingoism tune that must promote aggression as 'honorable', 'just', and 'democracy spreading'...puh! Arch deceivers take men to war!! And most folk are aware that there is a devouring force motivating warmongers and other violence doers in this world.

After all, when the attacks of 9/11 occurred, transiting Pluto, lord of death and doom, was on the 'we' side of the chart, crossing the US Ascendant, with Saturn in Gemini on the Partnership axis. In America, it is we who are Pluto.

Well, if this theory is even remotely accurate, the American people have been placed in an impossible position by our government and so I must wonder:

Which side of the NWO are you on?

So here's my favorite new slogan concerning the elite's centuries-long agenda for totalitarianism and chaos...'New World Order: Not Too Big to Fail'.


*'Bacon' refers to Sir Francis Bacon upon whose doorstep much of the current Utopianism may be laid; another major rat in the original NWO woodpile: Bartholomew Gosnold.

Apr 11, 2010

Sun eats Comet and Solar Winds blow April 2010

The following April 20, 2010 SpaceWeather Alert may be a day late and it's definitely a comet short:

Space Weather News for April 10, 2010

SUNGRAZING COMET: This morning, the sun had a comet for breakfast. The icy visitor from the outer solar system appeared with little warning on April 9th and plunged into the sun during the early hours of April 10th. One comet went in, none came out.

Visit SpaceWeather.com to see a death plunge movie from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.

SOLAR WIND STORM: The first major solar wind storm of the new solar cycle has come to an end. The event, which stretched from April 4 to April 8, ignited auroras over both poles and many points in between. Highlights include Northern Lights over an active volcano in Iceland, green skies in Minnesota, and a kaleidoscopic display of Southern Lights over Antarctica.

Start browsing the updated aurora gallery.

Apr 10, 2010

Jupiter/Uranus and the Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

You know how the combination of Jupiter with Uranus represents, on one level, light bulbs, both electrically and new-idea-wise, and how the two 'light bulb planets' of inventions and discoveries meet three times this year beginning with a first Great Conjunction on June 8, 2010 @ 00Ari18?

So can Jupiter/Uranus bring bad things to light?

Well, I think it's interesting that reports now surface saying that using those swirly Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL) may not be such a 'bright idea' after all. And since Uranus-to-Aries-Point is a significator for 'scientific breakthroughs', their combined spotlight of energies may also relate to new discoveries concerning older 'new' inventions such as the CFL.

Peep-eye, further testing! Upon second thought, General Electric! You certainly pushed the use of CFL upon the public forcefully as if they were environmentally an improvement over regular light bulbs, US government! Yet CFL are full of toxic mercury, too!

Actually, Jupiter and Uranus remain @ 00Ari18 (conj Aries Point, a World Point of manifestation and prominence) in Washington DC for 3 hours 3 minutes on June 8, 2010, from 6:57 am edt until 10:00 am edt. Here's the schedule:

6:57 am edt: ASC 3Can59 with US natal Venus rising and our natal Jupiter in tow; MC 12Pis34 with the Great Conjunction of Jup/Uran beginning in 10th house and ending in 9th house (conjunct 9th cusp 29Pis49). They will, in tandem, cross Midheaven during their celestial tango which results in a temporary midpoint picture...

Jupiter/Uranus = MC: optimism; a fortunate turn in life. (Ebertin.) This picture echoes their June 8, 2010 Great Conjunction which opposes US natal MC 00Lib53 in America's 'Sibly' chart.

So while Jupiter and Uranus are docked together in June @ AP, the Moon ranges from 27Ari29 (11th house) to 29Ari06 (29 being a 'crisis' or 'impatient' degree) in 9th house, yet conjunct MC 1Tau59. Transit Venus 23Can13 (beginning in 1st house, ending in 12th) conjoins US natal Mercury, a time of good news, cordial business and community activities, and successful public relations.

And for those 3 hrs 3 mins, the Sun begins @ 17Gem33 in 12th house, ends @ 17:41 in 11th house with ASC 11Leo51, conj President Obama's natal Sun. This is the Venus Transit degree (17Gem53) of June 8, 2004 which occurred during the G-8 Summit on Sea Island, GA...that very weekend.

Curiously back then, Jupiter 10Vir37 and Uranus 6Pis48 were in opposition and forming a T-Square with apex Mercury in Mercury-ruled Gemini @ 5Gem30...

Jupiter/Uranus = Mercury: gathering ample knowledge; a fortunate occupational change; planning on success; a series of fortunate breaks; thinking about the need for changes and how you can affect them.

And affect them the behind-the-scenes power elite and their public faces (aka 'world leaders') have.

Or, perhaps someone simply changed a newly invented, if over-touted, light bulb.


Midpoints: Ebertin and Tyl; T-Square info from Dynamics of Aspect Analysis by Bil Tierney; to read much more on the amazing Jupiter/Uranus cycle, check out Anne Whitaker's excellent book Jupiter Meets Uranus which I have personally reviewed on Amazon.

Apr 9, 2010

Will Republicans stop using straw polls because of Ron Paul? video

Poor GOP: Congressman Ron Paul keeps winning straw polls! This video is from April 8, 2010 but it amuses me so I'm publishing it here in case you missed it...and the GOP apparently needs all the hints it can get.

Another 'in case you missed it': the Secondary Progressions of both the Democratic and Republican Parties set for Halloween 2009, with dual charts displayed (click image to enlarge.)

As you know, the R Party had its Secondary Full Moon (a time of winding down and reeling in one's sights for you've extended as far as you can go - hint to the Rs!) on Feb 18, 2005.

Right now, April 9, 2010, the R Party is in its Disseminating phase of the Sun and Moon relationship, a phase of putting out the info. This period was entered on May 19, 2009 with Sec Moon 1Leo17; next phase (3rd quarter: the crisis in consciousness stage) arrives April 29, 2013 with Sec Moon 20Vir28...approaching conjunction with US natal Neptune 22Vir25 about two months later.

The Rs' Sec New Moon 27Sag44 doesn't occur until June 23, 2020...assuming that the GOP still exists in some form by then.

Now here's the scoop on the Secondary Progressions of the D Party:

Sec New Moon Aug 3, 2006 @ 22Sag44;
Crescent stage: Oct 20, 2009 (current phase indicating crisis) with Sec Moon 11AQ00;
next phase: 1st quarter (crisis in action stage) begins on March 25, 2013 with Sec Moon 29Pis30 (conjunct Aries Point of Prominence.)

Therefore, if the Republican Party makes great strides in taking control of Congress in the November 2010 elections, this reluctant astrologer will be quite surprised because the Rs are on the downside of their progressed cycle with the Dems upper in theirs.

Got an opinion on the GOP's political prospects?

Apr 8, 2010

China's natal chart and why Geithner is there: April 2010

Here you see the *national horoscope of China from Nick Campion's World Horoscopes software as cited by Celeste Teal in her book Eclipses: Oct 1, 1949 3:15 pm CCT Beijing; Hour of Mars (**conjunct Pluto) - ruler and co-ruler of MC; ASC 5AQ57, Moon rising (chart-ruler Saturn and co-ruler Uranus are mentioned below); MC 27Sco09 conjunct asteroid Cupido (corporatism; fascism; The Family; underworld crime syndicate) with Scorpio ruled by Mars, co-ruled by Pluto.

Mike Whitney has written this explaining the real reason behind Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's current trip to China, a nation with a credit bubble about to burst!

Around the chart and highlighted in red are the planetary positions for early this morning (April 8, 2010), a Lunar Return for the country which emphasizes a midpoint picture from the natal chart, and along with Sun conjunct natal North Node, describes Geithner's visit. Plus, US natal Neptune 22Vir25 - and President Obama's n Mars - sit upon China's 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, etc...

Venus/NN = Moon: seeking a cordial and complete understanding with others.

Natally there is a telling midpoint picture with n Sun ('Hero's Journey')...

Pluto/MC = Sun: a desire for power and authority; seeking leadership and notoriety for power; tremendous pride in accomplishments; a rise from obscurity.

But perhaps above all, I must mention China's lonely, unaspected Saturn in Virgo (7th house) representing an isolated, ivory-towered government yet with three midpoints keeping Saturn company and allowing the energies of Saturn to operate through these influences...

Sun/Pluto = Saturn: waiting patiently for results of achievements; exercising restraint when showing destructive tendencies or potential for fanatical ventures; ruthless overcoming of obstacles; restrictions; separation by a Higher Power; imprisonment.

Venus/Uranus = Saturn: estrangements and separations; perpetuating new forms of finance, art, or music.

Mercury/Mars = Saturn: avoiding discussions about might or force; long-term, loud negotiations; an old argument is debated.

And last, but not least, the April 6, 2010 Pluto Station Rx opposes China's natal Uranus 4Can59 in 5th house (with 6Can04 on 6th cusp, so Uranus affects both houses.) Pluto opposes US natal Jupiter as well, a pessimistic influence which does not favor US finances or politics.

When tr Pluto opposes n Uranus, circumstances involve tremendous conflicts with those with power and resources which are pitted against established financial and political institutions.

In April of 1948, China's PE occurred @ 7Tau41 in this chart's 3rd house with 00Tau15 on the cusp, the so-called 'Hitler's trigger degree' (Hitler's natal Sun), a degree of violence.

China's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series is 5 North: prophetic dreams and hunches; flashes of ideas from the unconscious which may be acted upon (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology), and since the last manifestation of 5N occurred on May 31, 2003 @ 9Gem19, I suppose that China could have 'seen' or envisioned their current credit bubble coming!

But perhaps that's the point - global financial collapse to pave the way, not just for the New World Order, but for peoples of the world to plead for its quick and thorough implementation.


*The People's Republic of China was formed on November 7, 1931; a later change in government manifested a 'new birth' on Oct 1, 1949. You'll notice that the chart of 1949 has a Midheaven conjunct the natal MC of President Obama; the chart for US Inauguration 2009 shows Jupiter 3AQ32 conjunct China's natal Moon in the US presidency's 10th house; China's natal Uranus conjoins the 3rd cusp in the US Inauguration 2009's chart.

**Mars conjunct Pluto: a police state with rigid military controls; use of suppression and torture for enforcing policy; exporting upheaval and political theory to others as an objective; wars, chaos, mayhem, rape. (Munkasey.)

Midpoint pictures gleaned from Ebertin and Munkasey.

Apr 7, 2010

April is Confederate History Month, I do declare!

It's 7 days into April and I just found out what the month signifies in this region of the country.

Yes, southern states tend to declare April as Confederate History Month and the one I type in, Georgia, took up this particular Confederate gauntlet in 2009.

The goal of this controversial declaration is to put a spotlight on history and now the state of Virginia (where a gaggle of my ancestors hailed from before they migrated to Georgia, some of them pre-Revolutionary War due in part to tobacco growing ruining Virginia's soil - the rest may have been pioneering wanderlust or perhaps simple contrariness) is in the spotlight for choosing to remember our warring history...ad infinitum, it would seem.

So please, let us remember our ancestors who fought so bravely, but let's not fight the war all over again!

Turner Simmons
died April 1862
Goldsboro, NC

and other family members who here shall not be named.


Apr 6, 2010

Does the US need a 3rd political party?

Some people think our political butterfly would benefit from an additional third wing. Yes, it's been tried before but with little, if any, success. Is it time to add to the melee of political pollination? After all, this blog continually asserts that America has only One Party - and it's Them vs Us, Power Elite vs the Little Gal and Guy - the Class Warfare of Pluto/Chiron with dire consequences and disenfranchisement for all but the 'well connected'.

It's resource-hoarding Population Control writ large!

With the dissolution of America now underway so 'big time' that even your Aunt Granny Fanny can't deny it, creation of a third party seems ill-timed to me and more than a little late - unless we-the-people throw out the R and D bums and start over with a Common Good Party! (Where do I sign?)

Of course, (so suspicious an astrologer am I) it's possible that the drive to promote a third political party is merely one of the steps to further undermine our political system and thus collapse the US government in preparation for the chaos that one-world-government types insist upon for ushering in a 'New World Order'!


From Marc Edmund Jones:

'24 Libra' = "A Third Wing on the Left Side of a Butterfly"...


pos: an idealistic originality and a high facility in quick analysis;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: an interest in the worthless or an obsession with the improbable and ridiculous.

Dane Rudhyar gives the Keynote for '24Lib' as: "The ability to develop, for inner strengthening, new modes of response to basic life situations."

That last sounds good yet some might say we already have the improbable and ridiculous, no more, thanks. Or that creating a third political party is an improbable and ridiculous idea especially on 'the left'.

So how about 'the right'?

'25 Aquarius' = "A Butterfly with the Right Wing More Perfectly Formed"...


pos: a genius for turning deficiency into a real asset;

neg/unconc/shadow side: unhappy and rebellious conceit.

Rudhyar's Keynote for '25AQ' (near the degree where the speculator pair, Jupiter and Neptune, met three times in 2009 @26AQ+ conjunct US natal Moon, and precisely on Dec 21, 2009 @ 24AQ18):

"The capacity to develop the rational and fully conscious aspect of the mind ahead of normal evolution."

Apr 5, 2010

Pluto Rx Station @ 5Cap25 April 6, 2010

Update April 7, 2010: Funk Astrology has an informative article on the Pluto Rx Station which contains links to various astrologers' views on the subject (including this post, but skip it because you're already here.)

Original SO'W post starts now:

The first minute that Pluto enters retrograde condition is on the evening of April 6, 2010 @ 10:34 pm edt, 5 Cap25. Of course, Mr. Underworld, the saboteur with the invisible helmet, is actually stationing on that degree/minute already, with its rather mysterious Sabian Symbol...

'6Cap' = "A Dark Archway and Ten Logs at the Bottom"...THOROUGHNESS...

positive expression: high competence in the interpretation of life's purposes or unusual persistence in employing its ramifying potentials effectively;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: fear of experience and bondage to mystery.

That's from Marc Edmund Jones yet perhaps Dane Rudhyar's analysis fits Washington politics and the new-economic-order type of plutonian puppetmaster even better...

'6Cap' = "Ten Logs Lie under an Archway Leading to Darker Woods"...

'Keynote: the need to complete any undertaking before seeking entrance to whatever is to be found beyond'. Rudyar goes on...

"Number 10 is a symbol of completion; it symbolizes even more the revelation of a new series of activities just ahead. Yet unless the concluded series is brought to some degree of fulfillment, nothing truly significant is likely to be accomplished by a restless reaching out toward the as-yet unknown. Number 10 is a symbol of germination, but the seed (Number 9) must have matured well. No natural process can be accelerated safely beyond certain limits."

(That last has me looking askance at You, Large Hadron Collider. jc)

(This symbol) "establishes a foundation for what will follow. Here man reaches a THRESHOLD on which he may have to pause in order to safeguard his further advance."

Well, Pluto now pauses in what astrologers call a 'station' which occurs when a planet changes to Direct or Rx motion. And the symbol for the degree Pluto will next return to in his backward motion ('5Cap') speaks of warpaths and the 'spirit of conquest'.

At the White House, April 6, 2010, 10:34 pm edt, the rising degree 23Sco21 is ruled by warrior and instigator Mars, and co-ruled, if you will, by Mr. Underworld himself. So when we look for applying aspects of either planet in the Rx Station chart, we find only one: Mars inconjunct Pluto (1A07) with Mars 4Leo18 in 9th house of Philosophy, Religion, Higher Education, Higher Mind, Long-Distance Travel, and Jurisprudence, and Pluto 5Cap25 Rx in 2nd house of Money, Resources, Earning Ability, and Values.

By itself, Mars-in-9th-house signifies conflicts in spiritual matters and/or severe educational disruptions; here Mars is having trouble 'adjusting' to Pluto in 2nd house of Money - Pluto's Rx Station represents a 'pause'.

For America, this may relate to the Obama administration's overhauling of student loan programs, the continuation of campus riots and protests, and could very well emphasize wars (Mars) in Foreign Lands (9th house) - where, imho, the wealth of the American people is being funneled toward bankruptcy. (We are bankrupt, actually.)

The aspect Mars inconjunct Pluto, (150 degr, aka a quincunx) has a workhorse mentality with a compulsion to take on more responsibilities than it should - depleted energy is the result. This is an aspect of self-persecution! It's the 'so much to do, so little time' aspect. A bad-tempered arrogance is evident (but when is it not in Washington?) and efficient management of time is difficult under the rays of a crisis-promoting Mars/Pluto inconjunct. (paraphrasing Rob Pelletier.)

Well, hopefully by the end of this week my scanner will be repaired for I've not been able to scan and publish new charts (or new drawings!) for over a week now due to mischievous scanner gremlins.

Looking ahead, there are many more things to blog about including the proposed dates of Nov 8 - 11, 2010 as a period when a possible false flag op may occur on American shores and which some assert will put the attacks of 9/11 'in the shade'. (Thanks again for the heads-up, Mr. Smith!)

So if you, lone reader, have studied the horoscopes for this time period and have an interest in Mundane Astrology, please share, if you will. A big factor then will be Pluto Rx @ 3Cap+ conjunct the transiting North Node, the Head of the Dragon.

Therefore, the Dragon's Tail (SN) will be pointing to America's natal Venus in Cancer, our nation's chart-ruler if you use the Sibly version with '13Sag' rising (or the slightly earlier Rudhyar version.) This emphasizes the ongoing transit of Pluto opposing US natal Venus as our financial problems persist through the disastrous transformations of sabotaging forces. In fact, the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse may bring again the specter of total global financial collapse before the Eclipse's 6-month influence has faded.

Yes, the July 11 Solar Eclipse is in the same Series as America's Pre-Natal Eclipse (12 South), as we've discussed previously, so it's a 'biggie' for America: similar issues from the time of our nation's founding will resurface in order to be rehashed - and hopefully will be better dealt with on various levels. Plus, the Eclipse's crisis-ridden degree 19Can24 conjoins the UK's natal Moon.

The Pluto/NN Combination:

Besides 'powerful connections', Pluto/NN = sewage or waste disposal (including nuclear); agreements or treaties about reciprocal rights for data obtained through clandestine methods; violent criminals who enter the country secretly at any given opportunity; people who do not have the nation's or business community's best interests at heart; security or treaty breakdowns due to the actions of others.

Plus, November 2010's transiting conjunction of Pluto to NN is actually a Nodal Half Return to the chart of 9/11/01 - not comforting at all, is it?

That said, I leave you with the Fire-Earth blend of Sun Aries/Moon Capricorn energies in effect at the Rx Station of Pluto on the evening of April 6, 2010. If this happens to be your natal blend, here ya go, with my compliments...

This is the aggressive combo of a good organizer who is domineering, tough-minded, unstoppable, enthusiastic and forceful. It describes a pragmatic intellect...the boss and the winner with a too-blunt, businesslike manner, and an overpowering need to be recognized as 'tops'.

This blend's 'Images for Integration' are quite telling considering our topic of a Saturn-ruled Pluto now strengthened by Station Rx...and if you've ever read this blog before, you'll notice the 2nd Image in particular:

'A young soldier is rewarded by the King for exceptional bravery in the cause of freedom and individual human rights...Columbus discovers America, and a new world order is born.'

Under the rays of Pluto's Station Rx perhaps we all are feeling poised or 'paused' at the Edge of Petrified Forest and wondering what lies beyond...


Books used, but not harmed, in the writing of this post: Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey; Planets in Aspect, Rob Pelletier; An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, and Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, by Michael Munkasey.

Apr 3, 2010

View Sunset Planets Mercury and Venus: Apr 3 and 4, 2010

SUNSET PLANETS: This is for everyone. Venus and Mercury are having a close encounter on April 3rd and 4th. Look west at sunset to see the two bright planets beaming through the twilight only 3 degrees apart.

Sky maps, pictures and more information may be found at SpaceWeather.com.


And to all my readers who take to heart His Rising: Happy Easter 2010!


Apr 2, 2010

A Shadow Government free from the law itself

“There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”

Senator Daniel K. Inouye, during the Iran Contra Hearings and former chair of US Senate MKULTRA-era hearings in 1977

(Above quote courtesy of dProgram.net - click on the tab, upper right for Shadow Government.)

This is the kind of thing that makes me want to keep using America's 'Sibly' version natal chart with its Saturn in 10th house, Neptune in 9th...Saturn/Neptune, among other things, is 'secret' or 'shadow' (Neptune) government (Saturn.) Michael Munkasey gives the political implications of Saturn/Neptune as:

Thesis: Delusions among the real leadership; long lived programs that have no real purpose; policies that restrict spies; misuse of law officers; inefficient use of capable expert advice; mistaken religious leaders.

Antithesis: Leaders deceive about the exercise of control; deficient practices exposed; respected persons involved in questionable practices (most of the US Congress and White House? jc); a leader capitulates; reliable equipment failures.

Now I know Mr. Munkasey doesn't prefer to be quoted yet I did it anyway! That America has a Saturn/Neptune flavor to our Midheaven (Goals; Aspirations; Public Standing), the most visible point in any chart, is no surprise to the larger world.

It's the citizenry of America going blithely on their ways while ignoring these important issues that alarms me.

Then this morning I received a forwarded email from a friend concerning the immigration legislation that Washington is cobbling together under the auspices of Senators Graham and Schumer - and their stealth move to insert a provision making private-info-embedded chips in National ID Cards a must for every citizen of the US and without which no one - no one - will be able to get a job or buy even the most basic items.

Does this sound like Revelation's mark of the beast without which 'no one will be able to buy or sell'? Does to me.

Apr 1, 2010

Determining when we-the-people lost America

Astrologically I have tried for some time to date the primary sea-change in America, when our democracy - or 'republic', if you prefer - turned into a Frankenstein-esque creature unrecognizable to most Americans.

But it isn't that easy because a time-dependent discipline such as Astrology magnifies and illumines best when a precise date is known. Knowing an hour and minute of an event focuses its study even better and it is in this spirit that I have previously titled a post on the assassination of JFK as "The Day America Died" - this was a televised, time-stamped murder!

But even that heinous, disillusioning event was only one marker on the usurping path to total oligarchic one-world-government control and there have been other events with obvious coup d'etat signatures.

Well, Len Hart presents here interesting political insights into our loss of America along with informative quotes and video from E. L. Doctorow who dates important 'sea-changes' to the 1970s, particularly 1974 and the SUN-PAC decision of 1975, which is said to be similar in its impact to the recent SCOTUS decision that 'corporations are people' too - a brazen sell-out of American democracy if there ever was one.

In addition, you may wish to listen to a YouTube audio of President John F. Kennedy concerning his opposition to "secret societies," a sentiment which may have contributed to his cruel assassination in 1963 - as perpetrated and televised from Masonic Dealey Plaza, Dallas. And just like the attacks of 9/11/01, TV networks and stations played the tape over and over and over...

(A Dealey Plaza Note: I personally find the making of a nude music video in that particular place to be a crass exploitation, if not an honoring, of an illegal act which grabbed the helm and changed the course of America. And where America goes, so goes the world. Even for desperate-for-attention singers, talented as they may be.)

Mother Jones vs Sarah Palin?

So here I sit awaiting the arrival of out-of-town company, no time to blog though I'd like to, and I run across a fabulous article comparing Sarah Palin with a radical figure from US history.

She's Another US Radical: Mother Jones with two versions of natal charts shown in this informative article.

Is it possible that Sarah Palin, who's taken to the Tea Party movement as if it were her idea, is on some level a modern day embodiment of the famous Mother Jones?