Oct 31, 2011

Anonymous explains Illuminati Protocols (video), then Midas and Pan show up

Video: Anonymous Explains the Illuminati Protocols

The following presentation contains what may be a few controversial statements and as one blogger I cannot vouch for all that is asserted. Yet much of the information tallies with my research last year for an article in the November 2010 edition of Julie Demboski's Eclipse E-Zine (now an excellent Newsletter) titled, American Empire: When Jupiter Bowed to the Sun.

In my attempt to meld Astrology with American History for a bit of insight into how, why, and when America's ship of state changed course so drastically (as it seems to many of us), the gist is that in November 1905, America's progressed Jupiter symbolically performed a Station Retrograde, seeming to stand still on its Secondary Progressed degree, and the periods of actual time on either side of the date of this change of ideological and financial direction to a more inwardly focused level, marks a significant time frame of important events that I highlight here for further study. Have at it, if you may! You'll find the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank of the US and more.

Neocons, Intriguers...and My, How Time Doth Flee

Yes, we Americans do tend to forget the recent past very easily (traits of butterfly Gemini--natal sign of US Mars and Uranus--and foggy Neptune, in Mercury-ruled Virgo on July 4, 1776.)

Perhaps this post may spur someone to follow up on the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, a long-standing, mysterious, and notorious piece of propaganda and--well, see what you think. Some sources say it's a vicious forgery (pdf of text.) And I've read that The Protocols first turned up in France in the late 1890s so you know what Great Conjunction that identifies as a mover-and-shaker in this matter--the two that together make up what astrologer E. Alan Meece has presented as the Horoscope of Modern Humanity which is timed by the beginning of the current Neptune/Pluto cycle on the dates listed here:

Neptune conjunct Pluto:

1. August 2, 1891 @ 8Gem38
2. November 5, 1891 @ 8Gem19
3. April 20, 1892 @ 7Gem42

In the 1890s, the Robber Baron Era (aka, the Gilded Age), three titanic Great Conjunctions occurred upon US natal Uranus 8Gem55, planet of Technology and Progress, so we're looking at a series of formations of a Historical Midpoint Picture between planetary titans. In Mundane Astrology, I usually look at planets in horoscopes as archetypal (and sometimes particular) actors, plus, quirky genius Uranus operates as America's 'totem' planet of Freedom, Independence, and Equality:

1891/92's Neptune/Pluto = US n Uranus: rebellion against artificial pursuits; impersonal attitudes toward antisocial activities; unusual means for changing reality; unusual, mystical, or supernatural experiences; peculiar discoveries; adventurous ego-thrust; making waves to reach the shore; possibly aberrant behavior. (Munkasey; Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply.)

And you know which objects now travel within the 8-10 degree range of Gemini, right?

Midas and Pan--the gold-hoarders of the world hanging around with the satanic goat of mendes folk. Symbolically speaking, of course.

The following video contains an explanation of the Illuminati Protocols which were first published for public consumption in 1905, the year that America's Progressed Jupiter performed its Station Retrograde and stopped moving in Direct motion. Was there a synchronicity at work between the US government and Illuminati agents? Perhaps so.

And the position of US Progressed Jupiter in 2011?

Still Rx and in mid-Cancer which conjoins the natal Ascendant degree in the Horoscope of the *Pentagon, America's 5-pointed Death Star now serving as the military-enforcement arm for the Illuminati's New World Order agenda.

Midas, Pan, Jupiter (Jove or Zeus!), the three outer, transpersonal planets of The Sky, The Sea, The Underworld--Astrology provides us with powerful archetypes for describing powerful arch deceivers as they play their roles on the World Stage!

As promised, I turn you over to...Anonymous:


*The Pentagon: April 29, 1942 10:30 am ewt Washington DC, historical record; a dual midpoint picture involves the Pentagon's feisty Mars @ 2Can02, the testosterone-driven planet of war and conflict which goes badly awry when he's ill-used and his energy misdirected and mismanaged:

1. Saturn/Pluto = Mars: brutal efforts to start a new order (Tyl); ruthlessness; brutality; activating plans for much destruction or upheaval; continuing restraint on activities that adulterate, contaminate, or poison (nuclear, uranium, anthrax, bird flu, etc--'restraint'? oh dear); a need to use power in order to continue activities.

2. Uranus/Pluto = Mars: fanaticism; coercion; the mania of destruction; the stage of bending or breaking; purposefully loud, disruptive activities that make others uncomfortable (torture? bombing?); headstrong and demanding when forcing ideas or plans.

Both pictures contain indications of torture, among other psychotic behaviors which, considering the natural law of karma--reaping what is sown (as mentioned by Anonymous in the video)--portends ill for those who ruthlessly visit brutality and upheaval upon others.

And the US government pretends to do it all in the name of We The People!

A World In Crisis - a Max Igan video in 4 parts

Jan 14, 2018: Here's a previous post that was saved but never published until tonight because its title seems even more appropriate now under the Uranian auspices of one Donald Trump who could careen off track at any moment and take the world with him right into the abyss:

A World In Crisis ~ Max Igan

Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

Visit Max for more presentations, podcasts, interviews, etc, at The Crowhouse.

Oct 29, 2011

Uranus-Neptune! Eustace Mullins discusses the New World Order (video)

Mullins, Roosevelt, Warburg, Zionism, and that old New Deal

by Jude Cowell

For years the name 'Eustace Mullins' was familiar to me but I didn't know much about the man or his books. Turns out there's been a concentrated effort by those who rule from behind-the-scenes to make certain that Mr. Mullins remains unknown for his work tended to rip off the mask from their hideous faces and reveal the NWO agenda.

How inconvenient for the global elite who like all vermin prefer to work in secret until it's no longer deemed necessary.

Is this inconvenience why Mullins seems to be described everywhere online as antisemitic? Was he? Or was he simply speaking out against some form of the strong-arming Zionist Nationalism movement? How endlessly exhausting and self-defeating to send out negative energy to an entire race or religion of people--such bad karma! I suspect he was fighting against the conspiratorial perpetrators of his day who by definition are a select few, not an entire race or religion.

Yet perhaps Mullins was antisemitic when it came to the House of Rothschild and other big banking concerns and agents such as the *Warburgs (see NWO quote below.) If you, dear reader, know differently, please inform in a Comment.

So for the curious and/or concerned, the following series of 6 videos with Eustace Mullins presents a discussion on the 'New World Order' (aka, the one-world-government), a controlling entity--a network--that the US military machine and its 'allies' are busy establishing across the Middle East and anywhere else with natural resources ripe for plundering. (They like to rob populations of their archaeological treasures, too.)

(The views and opinions expressed are those of Mr. Mullins, not my own. I can't police everything people say in every video or article but am presenting his discussion here for the sake of...discussion. jc)

Now it saddens me greatly to say it but America is long rotten with them, a group which we may wish to sum up as 'The Illuminati'. This is where the two primary planets of The Enlightenment (aka, The Age of Reason) slip in the hidden door behind the curtain: Uranus and Neptune. And we'll hear no one On Air daring to whisper their names or their real goals--the title of the Big Enterprise for world conquest isn't important--call it the "NWO", "The Octopus", "The Global Underworld", whatever. These may even represent branches or tentacles working in tandem for the same purpose: subjugation of a well-gleaned, de-populated human race.

The info provided here by Mr. Mullins may qualify as History yet we see in the news every day circa 2011 how close to full implementation are the plans of this reptilian-brained cabal of global gangsters who used the American people as their private cash cow for decades and now have moved on to fatter payoffs abroad as US workers are left in the dust of the reptilians' ancient global domination dream.

Can't you feel it?

Part 1 of 6

Part 2 of 6

Part 3 of 6

Part 4 of 6

Part 5 of 6

Part 6 of 6

For some background on the history of 'new world order' thinking and the 'vision' it's based upon so arrogantly, you may wish to try:

Francis Bacon, Uranus/Neptune, and Pluto (that's Sir Francis, to We Are The 99%);

On Resisting the Plutonian New World Order (w video.)

Also, why not scroll down this blog's sidebar and type a topic of curiosity into the Search field? You might get lucky...


Here's a well-known on-topic quote--a promise or a threat?--from James Paul Warburg (1896--1969) who from 1932 to 1934 acted as economic adviser to FDR until they parted ways over certain New Deal policies:

"We shall have world government whether or not we like it. The question is only whether it will be achieved by consent or by conquest."

--CFR member Paul Warburg on February 17, 1950 to the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations; and the US Senate apparently agreed with him wholeheartedly for we see where we stew now.

Ah yes, our Freemason President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a New World Order-er, too. Was America's role as cash cow set back on-track by the 'New Deal'?

Why, there are those who believe that FDR's New Deal Built the New World Order. Imagine that!

Looking at a noon horoscope for Warburg's statement delivered at the Capitol Building, February 17, 1950, an interesting picture appears due to several astro-factors, one of which is the Mercury-Venus conjunction @ 3AQ+ which conjoins US Inauguration 2009's Jupiter in Inaugural 10th house. Is this a time link between Warburg's sentiments and the presidency of Barack Obama? Well, Jupiter does rule large amounts of money, banking and bankers, corporations, broadcasting, and ideologies.

Update 10.30.11: Perhaps more intriguing is that today's Neptune 28AQ+ (when I thought to peek at the horoscope) precisely conjoins the Sun of the Warburg NWO Statement which counts as as Neptune-to-natal-Sun transit and indicates a time of confusion relating to ego goals which can fail to materialize because they are unrealistic (a globally centralized won't work and will ruin pretty much everything), inspired by misguided notions (I'll say!), and/or are simply confused, confusing, or deceptive.

Since a clear self-image is next to impossible with veiling Neptune hung over one's Sun--which on its own shows where we're meant to 'shine'--my suspicion is that Mr. Warburg's true intent is not fully known by many if it is (then or now) known at all. Or perhaps this post spotlights Warburg's and his colleagues' integrity and ideals by casting them in a soft astrological glow--or...Neptune's connection with The Collective, the media, and the masses impelled me (born with my own Sun/Neptune aspect) to mention this now to you as I question the integrity of illuminized politicians and others who unduly influence US policies, usurp the will of the American people, threaten our Civil Rights, rob from our treasury, desert our economy, and breach our national sovereignty.

A midpoint picture of potentials may be of note involving the 'unseen forces'/'illusions and visions'/'mania'/'organized crime'/'political control of power' pair, Neptune and Pluto...this picture's energies relate to Warburg's statement on the implementation of a 'new order' and to other events on that particular day which are not addressed here; any, all, or none may apply:

Neptune/Pluto = Saturn 17Vir25 Rx: the gradual decline of powers; dark forebodings; grievous emotional suffering; torment; bringing a sense of reality and discipline to efforts undertaken to alter old habit patterns and begin anew.

Hmm. Seems that by his bold NWO assertion, Mr. Warburg may have been schooling the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on how things were going to be--way back in 1950.

(Pictures: Ebertin; Tyl; Munkasey.)

Oct 28, 2011

Inauguration 2009's Void-Of-Course Moon 29Sco45

Oct 28, 2011: Does Inauguration 2009 Moon Haunt Us?

by Jude Cowell

The following is a copy-paste from a previous post on my WordPress blog and was written back in those early, heady days of the Obama administration when the future seemed to stretch out in front of us like...like a VOC Moon sailing without interference toward a previously determined port.

As you know, the Moon in Mundane Astrology = the people, or, the populace...so in the US, it's We-The-People, and also relates to moods and popular trends.

Now my suspicion is that Alphee Lavoie's interpretation of a VOC Moon (see below) applies quite closely to the presidency of Barack Obama--except for the "nothing to worry about" part--for with transnational globalist banksters and gangsters in charge and calling the political tune, we have a lot of challenges to face, as has become extremely apparent.

(One of the transiting midpoint pictures in force for weeks and still in force as I type is: Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus: sudden recognition of a difficult situation. Another of its potentials: real v imaginary, according to Reinhold Ebertin.)

Now here's the post on Inauguration 2009's VOC Moon in Scorpio, sign of regeneration, but also of betrayal. See what you think at this later date as the Obama admininstration rolls along--no edits have been made so there may be typos:

Since the Moon 29Sco45 for Jan 20, 2009, noon EST, Capitol Building, Washington DC, applies to no major (Ptolemaic) aspect with another planet while the Moon remains in Scorpio, it is being considered as having no course, or is ‘void of course’.

Indications for a VOC Moon are: impediments; things will not come to a good end except with great toil and trouble; good time for festivities (Bonatus); matters go hardly unless Moon is in Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces; business seldom goes ‘handsomely forward’; nothing will come of the matter; no significant changes (Lilly.)

Yet in modern terms, Alphee Lavoie says that a VOC Moon means that a conclusion is already manifested, the outcome is already known, and/or there’s ‘nothing to worry about’!

One reason to hope for the best come Inauguration Day 2009 is that modern interpretations take into account whether the VOC Moon is applying closely with other planets from the sign she’s in – such as we see with Jan 20′s Moon sextiling the 10th house Sun/Mercury conjunction 00AQ+…which also happens to be Barack Obama’s natal Jupiter degree.

Well, we know that 29 degrees of any sign is a Critical/Crisis Degree and in the case of 2009′s Inaugural Moon in Scorpio, I’m relating the Moon’s condition (VOC) and degree (29) to the financial and medical crises the American people continue to suffer ungladly.

Plus, spying and surveillance relate to Scorpio, along with Big Finance, and for certain a whole lotta surveillance will be going on in the inaugural city, and a whole pack of till-raiding financial crooks are on the loose.

So…nothing to worry about? Dunno about that although some folk seem to feel (unrealistically) that having Obama, a Democrat, in the White House will solve everything. At least he isn’t a dratted Republican, right?

Will this Moon’s condition make the down-to-earth transit of restrictive Saturn to US natal Neptune (ideals; dreams) more of a shock…or will it bring solidity and realization (Saturn) to our ideals and dreams (Neptune)? (Saturn to US Neptune August-Sept 2009.)

But I suspect 2009′s Inaugural Moon is reaching forward into Sagittarius (which sextiles Aquarius) toward the change and hope of a new presidency’s promise to put the American people’s needs first in line over monied interests. Sextiles are aspects of opportunity, but willing efforts must be made in order to benefit from them.

Whether the ‘reaching forward’ results in eventual improvements for we-the-people is a question for the future to answer.

That there will be delays and difficulties in implementing plans is a given, but I pray the ineffectuality of a traditional VOC Moon doesn’t rule the day or the modern presidential term of Barack Obama which will be served, we hope, on behalf of we-the-people.


Oct 28, 2011: turns out that the majority of the reaching forward is being done by patriots--most of them of the younger generation--the demonstrators in the Occupy Wall Street Movement (aka, We Are the 99%) along with the other protests and sit-ins being done in solidarity across the country and the globe, and asking for the ('30 Scorpio') "Halloween Jester" phase of US politics to be put aside for good as we demand that the US government remembers from whence their only true power comes--not from shareholders, CEOs, or monarchists--but from the willing consent of We-The-People.

You may also wish to review the horoscope of the Solar Eclipse which forever marks the presidency of Barack Obama, what I've called the New President Eclipse of January 26, 2009 at 6AQ30--conjunct US natal South Node (SN) of the Moon, a separative, Saturn-ruled point where cosmic energy rushes or is drained out rather than new energy being infused into the proceedings.

But then, Mr. Obama has lofty connections and wealthy backers to neutralize or cushion problems indicated by the bend-or-break Saturn-Uranus opposition which was in effect on Election Day 2008 as well as in January 2009. Was it to be the status quo of Saturn or the progress of Uranus? I decided Mr. Obama's natal Saturn Rx in its own staid sign of Capricorn would lean him toward the status quo though his Aquarian Jupiter, also Rx, may idealize toward other directions.

Plus, the January 2009 Solar Eclipse degree (6AQ30) is the zodiacal position of transiting Neptune on the morning of 9/11/01 and qualifies as a Neptune Return since the religion of Islam was founded when Neptune was within that range of Aquarius.

Oct 26, 2011

Elizabeth Warren's Senate Campaign (video) + Altair the Eagle

Show your support for the senate campaign of Elizabeth Warren, one of the few warriors for the middle and working classes America has left!


One of the primary significators in Mundane Astrology for class warfare = Pluto/Chiron. The two last conjoined in December 1999 at '12Sag'..."A Flag That Turns Into An Eagle That Crows"...ADJUSTMENT...

positive expression: successful self-establishment through genuine self-expression;

negative (unconscious/shadow side): idle prejudices and unsubstantiated claims.

And of course, '12Sag' is the Ascendant in the *Sibly version of America's natal horoscope thus 'personalizing' for the US the Great Conjunction of the plutocracy pair, Pluto and Chiron.

Our National Bird, the Eagle

Considering that today is the 10th anniversary of the US 'Patriot' Act, I'd say that the flag has been crowing like an eagle for quite a few years now, wouldn't you?

For more reading try Washington DC a new Rome? Altair the Eagle says, Yes!, a post which contains a dual image of FDR's 1933 and 1937 Inaugurations when the switch was made from early March to January 20 for US presidential Oath-takings--when the Sun (the leader) links to Fixed Star Altair, The Eagle.


*Sibly version of US chart: July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA with Ic 00Ari53, where transiting anarchist Uranus in Aries now returns as our erstwhile Occupy Wall Streeters demonstrate in NY and across the country and the globe!

'12Sag' from The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.

Mercury-Pluto! US Patriot Act 10th Anniversary 10.26.11

Today is the 10th anniversary of Bush's draconian US 'Patriot' Act which President Obama extended by remote control from France in late May 2011 as a previous post details--with US natal Pluto rising. Other astrological implications are included.

Yes, America's rising Pluto (planet of Invisible Helmets, sabotage, subversive power, and assassinations) at the Patriot Act's May 2011 extension puts our natal Mercury/Pluto opposition (July 4, 1776) into sharp relief with its surveillance, propaganda, and intell activities now ramped up by technological advances which aid the US government in data collecting as it ignores with impunity our right to privacy and fails to protect us from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Sneak and Peek!

For a symbolic representation of the US Mercury/Pluto opposition we have only to look at our paper currency (shown here) and the Pyramid of Power with the capstone and Eye of Surveillance (some say, Horus, or Providence) upon it, a direct reference to the infiltrating Illuminati agents who deeply influenced the founding of this nation and loaned the founders Illuminati symbols to place upon America's Great Seal.

(Note: Mercury = sight, Pluto = power!)

So no Happy Birthday Wishes to the Patriot Act from me today. For though I suppose its provisions help law enforcement track criminals, its eagle-eyed perusals of Aunt Granny Fanny's emails to dear Cousin Myrtle are way-y-y over the privacy line--and such an abundance of info collection wastes time, storage space, and mucho tax dollars.

Plus, it gives criminals, foreign and domestic, even more of our personal info to hack and steal. Thanks for that, Washington.

Well, I guess you can tell from the image above: Somebody's Watching You!

For further reading if you're interested:

All-seeing Eye: The History of Video Surveillance.

The History of the Illuminati in America (note the sour quote by Clinton Roosevelt, an ancestor of FDR.)

How well can spy satellites see details?

Oct 25, 2011

How not to be scammed by those you are protesting against (David Icke video) + Neptune

David Icke covers pretty much everything in this 32-minute video presentation including George Soros and MoveOn.org trying to co-opt the Occupy Wall Street movement for World Government purposes.

Mr. Icke explains how the current monetary system = enslavement and how necessary it is to wake up to how the global financial system is actually run and how it perpetuates itself with money created 'out of thin air', as most people now know if they didn't before. Once usury interests rates became widespread, it's been a downhill slide ever since for debts can seldom if ever be paid off or 'satisified'.

Then when one's employment is lost and a home mortgage amount is much higher than the plummeting value of the property--the Neptunian "underwater" condition so prevalent today--banks confiscate real property such as houses, even though the money they loaned the buyer was merely a mirage.

Astrology, Saturn, and Neptune

Astrologically, the mortgage miseries and life-destroying, fraudulent banking practices--scams!--were emphasized when transiting Saturn (loss, delays, restriction, control, authority) conjoined US natal Neptune @ 22Vir25 on August 27, 2009. Neptune is our solar system's gaseous planet and Astrology's signifier of dreams, visions, inspiration, and the American Dream (which apparently involves work since Virgo is the sign of Work, Service, and Health, all realms of much Neptunian confusion and deception in the US.)

Saturn to natal Neptune is the 'grim reality' transit when hopes are depressed, yet if through the years Saturnian principles have been honored in life, there is little grimness or loss but more of a 'dreams into reality' vibe to this transit. People signing subprime loan papers were often deceived for they actually qualified for better deals. But if they had been honestly treated, racketeering banks and bankers would have made less profit so...money talks. You know how it is. It's called exploitation and may be described in part by the combination of Pluto and Chiron as: Plutocracy (what the US government is.)

So although our presidents change, US policy, as directed by the global banking cartel, proceeds along the well-worn, long-planned path to Global Governance, the ultimate bugaboo of centralized power.

Now there's another recent, longer-lasting transit to the US natal horoscope, and with Neptune back in Aquarius, the orb became closer again. Once Neptune re-enters Pisces for the duration and lumbers beyond 5 degrees of US natal Moon (27AQ10 in the Sibly chart, as early in the Zodiac as 18AQ+ in other versions, which makes the Sibly--5:10 pm LMT--seem the more plausible US natal chart because dissolution continues), the mortgage crisis will begin to lift in earnest...barring some unforeseen emergency or interference from On High (such as a 'plan' from the World Council of Fatcats and Bossy McBosses.)

Delusional Neptune to natal Moon (we-the-people) brings in its oceanic wake fraud (to the people), loss and dissolution, lies (including from the media--Neptune rules the media), flooding, storms, and confusing, chaotic, hemorrhaging conditions. Refugeeism and homelessness become more probable during this transit with the Moon ruling Cancer, sign of The Home.

For comparison, the earliest US natal Moon I have in my files is the July 4, 1776 chart set for 2:21 am LMT (or 2:22 am, in numerological fashion.) The Moon is near Mc 15AQ29 (Mc = WHY? For, by, of the people!) @ 18AQ14 which would indicate that Neptune's passing from orb of we-the-people is nearly accomplished yet we know from events that the danger, disillusionment, losses, disappointment in our system and fraud by the fatcats running it--are not yet over.

Transiting Neptune to US natal Moon, if @ 18AQ14, occurred 3x during Bush's term:

1. March 3, 2006
2. August 17, 2006
3. January 4, 2007

Now financial and social conditions in the US were ripe in early 2006 for the crescendo of events to burst forth in August and September 2008, I agree. But given the current state of things on Wall Street and atop other ivory towers of global power, the dates for Neptune to 28AQ10 seem to be trending more in line with ongoing conditions in 2011...

1. March 13, 2010
2. August 25, 2010
3. January 4, 2011

Yes, the American people still dogpaddle against Neptune's overwhelming wake!

Why, even our Secondary Progressed Moon has been in Virgo where Luna conjoined natal and progressed Neptune as John Townley wrote in his October 2010 article America Is Neptuned Out.

As I type, US Sec Moon is at 8Lib18 in Sec 2nd house of Earning Ability, Values, and Self-Worth. So Sec Neptune 26Vir15 Rx has been left behind for about the next 30 years of the Lunar Cycle yet also in Sec 2nd H is Sec Mars 18Lib32 Rx ('19Lib' = "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding"!)

However, our Sec Moon is within their midst and completing a progressed midpoint picture...

Mars/Neptune = Moon: feeling off-course; indecision; feelings of inferiority; nervous weakness; increased apprehension over struggles with misleading activities; a fluctuating anger toward visions; crooks.

This picture spotlights the problematic Mars/Neptune square in America's natal horoscope and national psyche with both the confused, deceptive motivations and inspired actions that a Mars/Neptune square so often indicates. Plus, it attracts unsavory characters and below-board associations, you know.

Like Wall Street's racketeering banksters.

Click image to enlarge: American Majesty, a Bush-era paper collage by Jude Cowell.


For both of you David Icke critics, you'll be glad to hear that no reptile people, monsters, or UFOs were detected within this particular video presentation. Thankfully. jc

Midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.

Written during our wet-blankety Saturn to US natal Neptune times: American Dream Awakes. Of course, it's the Uranus to Aries Point (and US natal Ic in the Sibly chart) that's supplying much of the anarchy and revolt vibes now prevalent within the collective and which became exact the first time in Spring 2010. With the sign of Uranus always describing a generation's manner of behavior, we see Uranian progressives taking action against the status quo (Saturn) of The System in determined attempts to pry the oxygen tube--and resources--out of the beast's cold, grasping claws.

When the cycle of Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (contraction) is at its opposition stage of culmination-fulfillment, it's time for moneybags Jupiterians to give back some of the largess they've received the last ten years, often through little or no effort of their own. Willingness to cooperate with such an immutable universal principle determines whether motives are shown to be for purely selfish reasons and not for the Greater Good at all.

Another facet of Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries is that of what may be called 'quixotic Utopians', the chaos-creators of 'vision' who think they know better how other people should live and love. Meddlers! Your so-called Great Plan s*cks, btw.

Most people have noted that today's world is trending 'local'. As for NWO types, we don't need any of their jive turkey 'central/global government' rulership (dictatorship) over Earth's peoples made up of various cultures, languages, and environments.

And our thespian politicians?

It's time for all masks to come off and true allegiances to be declared. For even in Washington DC, the day grows very late for their lying oaths and cruel code words of betrayal.

Oct 24, 2011

US Progressions Oct 2011: Pluto inconjunct ASC

Spotlighting Our US Progressed Pluto/ASC Inconjunct

by Jude Cowell

Just some notes on the formed-by-secondary-progression inconjunct (150 degrees, aka, 'quincunx', an aspect of adjustment having potential health consequences) now formed in America's Secondary Progressions (SP.)

US Pluto 29Cap10 quincunxed US Sec ASC 28Leo10 for the first time (within a one-degree orb according to my Solar Fire software and using the 'Sibly' natal chart for the US: 5:10 pm LMT July 4, 1776 Philadelphia, PA; some variety in dates/times may be noted if using a different natal horoscope) on August 23, 2009 at 1:53 am edt, Philadelphia (natal location.)

Mars 28Gem25 was rising in DC at that moment (8.23.09) along with US natal Venus 3Can+. 'Twas an Hour of Venus @ 25Can56 conjoining US n Mercury Rx. A Sun/Mars sextile points to an 8th house NN in a YOD configuration which reveals our Pluto/ASC topic as a crisis-timer and supports the Node's critical 29th degree importance. 8th H involvement points to Big Business, Corporate Resources, Debt, Credit, and Transformations.

Also transiting at that time and place, we see that tr NN at 29Cap54 (in 8th H) is in process of conjoining US Sec Pluto and has recently met our natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx. Pluto/NN links are associated with 'meeting the powerful', 'karmic or fated encounters', and/or 'the common destiny of a large mass of people' (Ebertin.)

Now on one level, our nation's Sec Pluto/ASC inconjunct is notable for its critical-crisis 29th degree which is also the position of US Sec 6th cusp 29Cap+. This (Sec 6th H) implicates police, firefighting, and military services, plus, other martian occupations (transport, etc) and the health matters connected to them. US soldiers returning home come first to mind along with their medical conditions which may overwhelm the US health care system.

Oct 24, 2011: Today US Sec ASC is @ 29Leo55 (the orb will be out of range of the inconj with Pluto soon) which allows a Royal Fixed Star of Persia--Regulus--to rise by progression. Regulus' Keywords: success if revenge is avoided (Brady.) If revenge is not avoided, all the success gained may be taken away or negated in some manner. It's safe to say that, no matter who or what you believe is a root cause of the attacks of 9/11/01, America did not 'avoid revenge' and now has lost more than the American people are being honestly told, with more to lose.

And of course, Pluto often wears his Cape of Invisibility when lurking about the Halls of Power (I speak primarily of Washington DC halls) and favors pulling strings of control from his lair full of the world's riches that he's been laying aside for a brimstoned day. The criminal global syndicate is Pluto's favorite Underground playing field, unlevel and dangerous as the 99% of us find it to be.

Washington DC, Capitol Hill, and a Supernal Super-ness

Sec Pluto's Sabian Symbol if we round up to '30Cap' = "Directors of a Large Firm Meet in Secret Conference" and I suppose you've heard by now that on October 19, 2011, the Gang of Six met in secret conference with the Gang of Twelve, aka, the 'Super' Congress, or 'Super Committee' whose report on draconian deficit reductions is due by November 23, 2011 just in time for the Solar Eclipse of November 25, 2011 @ 2Sag37--a 'wild card' of the Universe as are all eclipses--and obviously affected by the Sag lunation which will bring an influx of energy (it's an eclipse near the North Node, the Jupiterian, joining end of The Cosmic Dragon.)

Guess they had to coordinate plans. Or something.

Speaking of the Cosmic Dragon (the Moon's Nodal Axis), our nation's Sec Pluto is near Sec South Node (Saturnian, separative) end of the Axis, with the NN @ 26Can47 Rx--conjunct US natal Mercury Rx. This emphasizes our nation's natal Mercury/Pluto opposition of surveillance, propaganda, persuasive oration, and nuclear dealings.

US natal Mercury '25Cancer' = "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power"--why, yes, I believe 'he' was in 1776. And still is.

But what of Pluto inconj ASC? Thought you'd never ask!

With ASC the WHAT? Point of any chart, let's consider US Sec ASC to be what as a nation the US has evolved into. The inconjunct from Pluto in Capricorn is the only planet aspecting our Sec ASC right now, just so ya know.

Pluto inconj ASC indicates conditions where others (plutonians, bankers, popes, priests, monarchists, shareholders, and mad men?) have some sort of hold over the US (ASC) and with the ASC in Leo ruled by the Sun, our leadership potential and 'shiny' traditional role in the world is being seriously circumvented, as you've noticed by recent events.

Employment conditions are an integral part of this picture and I have typed aloud previously that Republican-leaning corporate and other CEOs are purposefully not hiring in the US in order to help the GOP undermine the presidency of Barack Obama. This tallies with recent mentions in the news of such behavior along with the implications being floated (in the 2012 campaign already) that putting Republicans back in the White House will open the floodgates to jobs galore for US workers.

Bosh! So what explains US employment conditions during the power-elite-powered Bush-Cheney regime--why not then?

Anyway, whether you believe that fairytale or not, Pluto inconj ASC speaks of continuing threats to pensions and retirement funds, and of ideas which may be sound but lose legitimacy and attractiveness due to being forced upon others. And when our weaknesses are exposed, we smolder in bitterness (Pluto)--and perhaps allow more plutonian-style revenge to be perpetrated in our name (ASC.)

The US government's lock-out of WikiLeaks from donation processing (PayPal, Visa, MC, etc) springs to mind. Julian Assange said in London today that the organization must now focus on raising money or shut down by the end of 2011--they're looking for donations, if you're interested in supporting this independent if controversial news source.

Now here's a facet of our national Pluto/ASC inconj that I must personally admit to as a dissenting American--Pluto inconj ASC gives a tendency to hold strong opinions, and to unkind or stark expressions against those in authority who are unqualified--possibly through a lack of moral character--and who must have acquired their power in a dishonest way.

Hmm. This condition reminds me of the cagey GOP's 2011-2012 drive to disenfranchise US voters who may tend to vote Democratic--to the point of criminalizing voter registration in the United States of America--the bullies!


See caging (voter suppression), and Rolling Stone's The GOP War on Voting. Republicans, who'd rather crash Obama than improve the US economy--can only 'win' elections when most of the American people stay home from their voting booths.

Please don't stay home. Vote with your feet by showing up--even if all we're presented with is seems the lesser of two evils.

Events of August 23, 2009 and 2011

See Wikipedia's August 23 page and scroll down to 2011 where you'll see that it was a day of the Mineral, VA earthquake (from fracking?), and the day that Libyan dictator, Muomar Qaddafi, was overthrown, the ending drama of which we've recently seen with his death.

As for August 23, 2009, you may wish to try CNN's popular stories for that date when wildfires surrounded Athens, Greece--a city still in the news for its seemingly inevitable debt default. Two years later the question seems to be: will Greece's default be orderly or chaotic? And will its consequences spread like wildfire around the globe?


Astro-Note: for this reluctant astrologer, both 'SP' and 'Sec' = Secondary Progressions using the year-for-a-day method. Since I use Minor and Tertiary Progressions, too, I often use 'Sec' to distinguish between the three methods: Minors = mental-causal plane, Terts = intuitional-spiritual-emotional plane, and Secs = physical-evolutionary plane. Their interplay relates to the mind-body connection and the 1:13:27 ratio of consciousness. Strength and importance are lent to progressed configurations when a corresponding transit or transits are also involved in timely fashion such as with tr NN conj US Sec Pluto, as mentioned above. jc

Oct 23, 2011

Jupiter-Neptune! Subliminal messages in campaign ads? (video)

It isn't just the over-promising and fib-telling we must be on guard against when listening to candidates of Campaign 2012, it's subliminal messages affecting us on the subconscious plane that may actually sway us the most!

And on the topic of TV campaign ads in the US, am I the only one grown weary with the squeaky clean "And I'm a Mormon" ads now showing in the southeastern market several times an hour (it seems) which manipulate the viewer on a subtle 'we're just like you' level?

Interesting that the primary midpoint picture by transit that is still in effect is the one between the speculator pair, Jupiter and Neptune, triggered by tr Uranus in Aries (Utopians, radicals, and/or protesters) which gives a 'reality v imagination' vibe to most proceedings. Jupiter relates to broadcasting and ideology, Neptune to the masses, the silver screen, public relations and propaganda, and disruptive Uranus, now at US natal IC (Homeland; Domestic Scene) again, relates to sudden events, activism, unrest, independence, freedom, and originality.

The sign of Uranus describes behavior so with Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries there's no telling what to expect for there never is with technology-inspiring Uranus. And Mars will be Mars.

Anyway, if you watch the video above, do let me know what you think--on a conscious level!

Oct 22, 2011

Horoscope: Lunar Eclipse Dec 10, 2011 @18Gem11

Lunar Eclipse @ 18Gem11 December 10, 2011 9:36:19 am est White House; Hour Mars 13Vir16 in 8th house and apex of a T-Square between the Sun/Moon opposition (the eclipse) which occurs across the Will Axis (5/11) in DC.

The T-SQ forms a midpoint picture; all, any, or none may apply:

Sun/Moon = Mars: the realization of joint objectives; an urge to bring plans to fruition; the drive for fulfillment; a need to impose one's will; pushing others for quicker progress (US soldiers' withdrawal from Iraq? Mars = the military and/or police; also mercenaries but I do believe they intend to stay and continue lucrative war-profiteering--and on another level, Mars = protesters); anger; focusing on strength.

(All midpt pics: Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl.)

The Sun/Moon combo in Politics and Business (Munkasey) indicates the people's will and how it's applied to taking the country in new directions (we-the-people--our choice!!); a government's international reputation; national will forcefully imposed on the people (we know--they try so hard not to listen to us); pessimistic people or lawmakers (or both? Well, the madness started on Capitol Hill in cahoots with Wall Street racketeers.)

With Mars in Virgo under stress of the Lunar Eclipse T-SQ, we may see deaths of males, soldiers, policemen, firefighters, etc. Will tr Mars move on to trigger the Uranus/Pluto conjunction/s of the mid-1960s as 'he' nears 16/17 Virgo? Fanaticism, violence, and injury could be results, if so.

And there in the 12th H of Politics, Behind-the-Scenes deals, and Karma, lurks powerful manipulator Pluto 6Cap34 at the Neptune/Mc midpoint which gives the chart these potentials: concealing plans from others while scheming about future directions (politicians would sneak and do that? p-shaw!); angry encounters with holy people. Also: Mars/Neptune = Mercury: acquiring mystical or occult knowledge; being adaptable when presenting powerful visions or dreams to others. (No thanks, we-the-people have visions of our own that do not include your bossy selves.)

Gemini Ruled by Talkative Mercury

The eclipse ruler is Mercury which is retrograde (review, redress, reneg, reconsider, redo, etc) in Sagittarius, the questing sign ruled by Jupiter (also Rx, in earth/money sign Taurus, The Bull, and at a degree of violence '00-1 Tau' which is 'Hitler's Trigger degree', his natal Sun.) Jupiter in 3rd house of Communications, Short Journeys, and Neighborhoods denotes an abundance of same yet delays (Rx) may be expected especially on the level of funding; mercurial realms are affected such as transport, mobility, commerce and trade, journalism, speeches and writings, changes, plans, the younger generations (including OWS demonstrators), etc.

Critical degrees occupy the ASC/DESC (20Cap/Can) so the chart-ruler is status quo lawmaker Saturn 26Lib38 in 9th H of Higher Education, Religion, Philosophy, Foreign Lands and Travel, our Justice System (even though it's been bought up by Corporations and Foreign Entities), etc--all the Jupiterian and Saturnian departments. US natal Saturn 14Lib48 conjoins 9th cusp and is apex planet in a midpoint picture though not a very pleasant one:

Mars/MC = n Saturn: excessive zeal causes disadvantages; separations; failures; damage; indecisiveness; lack of concentration; restrained ambitions; pursuit of rewards; making a definitive and recognized mark upon the world (of the beast? that mark?)

So really, the basic consideration, if we wish to see how things will proceed in relation to this Lunar Eclipse (set for Washington DC), is to track any applying aspects made by the ruler of the horoscope which, as noted, is serious, purposeful Saturn (ASC in Saturn's Capricorn; may also operate as significator of the Democratic Party) so we have:

1. Saturn trine Neptune (1A46): spiritual development may increase, organized charities prosper, collection and settlements of financial debts may occur (EU?); benefits may come through senior persons or entities; emphasis is on maritime activities, science, and cinematography. Scientific discoveries may be announced or furthered in some way.

2. Saturn opposite Jupiter (4A08): this is the culmination/fulfillment stage of the Jupiter/Saturn cycle (which started on May 28, 2000 @ '23Tau' = neg: a greediness which betrays the soul with trifles;), our two societal planets that represent expansion (Jup) and restriction (Sat), the yin-yang/positive-negative dualism that makes up our world. Their cycle relates directly to financial cycles and markets though the two are now out-of-sign, or dissociate in their opposition, thus tying in two polarities and their sign rulers which makes issues more complex--Ari/Lib (Mars-Venus/Saturn) and Tau/Sco (Venus again with Mars-Pluto/Jupiter.)

Jupiter rules 2nd house (Pisces) of Money, Self-Worth, and Earning Ability, along with nebulous, confused co-ruler Neptune 28AQ24 in 1st house and first planet in the chart to rise. Also in 2nd H is radical Uranus at Aries Point again (and conjunct US natal IC in the Sibly chart; Uranus = Jupiter/Neptune: real v imagined; coming down to earth with a bump; sudden recognition of a difficult situation.)

With Sag on 11th cusp of Hopes, Wishes, Groups, and Associations, Jupiter Rx rules there as well denoting that group associations may be affected in a Rx way (delay, interruption, review, breakdown, etc.)

3. The final applying aspect Saturn makes is a trine (120 degr) with Chiron 1Pis05 (compassion v manipulation; this Saturn always gets what he wants but is not well-liked--Clow); wounding/wounded Chiron remains within orb of America's Pre-Natal Eclipse (PE) degree of 00Pis33 (12 South Series = 'opportunities to accept greater responsibilities arrive due to another's being unable to carry on; events may be difficult but outcomes are good'--paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The last repetition of the 12S Saros Series occurred on July 11, 2010 @ '19Cancer' near the Twins of Gemini, Castor and Pollux--a creative pair of characters but a bit schizoid.

Now as you know, lunar eclipses tend to work on more unconscious levels than solar ones and often uncover or reveal secrets and lunar-based matters long hidden. The typical eclipse 'wild card' effect may be noted with sudden realizations occurring, here related to both mercurial and martian issues.

One major thing about the December 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse is that America's natal Mars '22Gem' is 'eclipsed' by the Moon which lends support to the 'death of soldiers' or 'withdrawal--transport?--of the military', (and hopefully, no protesters will be killed though already a veteran at a rally has suffered a grievous head injury by police), so we'll see if White House promises of 'withdrawal' from Iraq come true by the end of 2011 since the involvement of US n Mars echoes the T-Square and its midpoint picture mentioned above.

11.1.11: Update: the 'eclipse' of US natal Mars on Dec 10, 2011 may also indicate secret shenanigans from the Pentagon and White House over where US troops will then be re-deployed after they 'leave' the region. Numbers will be fudged, destinations shrouded--for the West's US Imperial Bootprint is not likely to be removed from any area within the vicinity of Jerusalem, the prize.

Original post continues...

And with the Moon ruling 7th h of Partnerships (and oppositions such as Full Moons always emphasize relationships on some level--and/or stalemates, and presumably, awareness), some fluctuation and change may be seen in the 7th H area which may well include Legal Affairs and/or Open Enemies.

Please click the image to read a few more of my notes penned on the horoscope including the second T-Square formed through the auspices of this eclipse...

Moon/NN = Mars: vigorous unions or associations; energetic teamwork; soliciting advice; business acquaintances join together to further mutual interests; estrangements; public activism.

The involvement of the 'public contact' Moon/NN pair adds a potential for blockages to occur at port entries or exits (food? oil? troops?), relates to possible agricultural failures, and hints at women's opinions expressed on trade, commerce, or martian topics.

There are several entities whose natal planet/s are stimulated by conjunction or opposition with the Dec 10 Lunar Eclipse @ 18Gem11. I'll list in alphabetical order as many as I know with the affected planets and perhaps you're aware of others...

Australia (Pluto Rx)
Canada (Venus)
Cuba (Mercury, Uranus Rx)
France (Mc/Ic--Oct 30, 1946 2:40 pm LMT Paris)
UK (Mercury in Sag--Jan 1, 1801 12 am London)
Iran (Neptune Rx, source: Maggie Hyde in American Astrology Magazine)
Iraq (Moon, Venus, Saturn Rx--busy! source: Nicholas Campion)
North Korea (Jupiter in Sag)
Russia (Sun, Mercury, Dec 8, 1991 7:45 pm Moscow--Campion)
NYC (Neptune Rx, Jan 1, 1898 12:00 am est NYC, source: M. Hyde))
Roswell, NM (Uranus rising, Pluto descending, source: Dodson's Horoscopes of US States & Cities)
NASA (Saturn in Sag, Oct 1, 1958 8:00 am est Hampton, VA, source: NASA employee to astrodatabank)
UN (Uranus Rx--a sudden military action?)
The Vatican (Sun, Mercury, June 7, 1929 11:00 am Rome--Maggie Hyde; plus, Moon 13Gem49 is squared by the Dec 2011 Lunar Eclipse)

Well, as you can see there are more factors that could be mentioned but since this blog's comments have been sparser than usual for the last two or three weeks, I'm inclined to think that everyone has gone home--so maybe I will, too. Because for our December holidays, I don't much care for the horoscope of this military, trade, commerce, communication, union, financial cycle chart full of zeal, frustration, and delays.

Plus, Mars gets awfully testy in fussy Virgo, sign of Work (employment or lack thereof), Service (military and police), and Health. Is repeal of legislation on instigator Mars's list of things to do? Probably. If President Obama signed it into law it will be, compliments of Washington obstructionists holding zealously to their over-arching ideas and higher oaths.

Here Mars (males, ages 25--35, give or take a year or two) also describes Occupiers fighting against a corrupt system of laws made specially for the benefit of corporations to the exclusion and disenfranchisement of the 99%.

Well, here I am closing this post yet I haven't even mentioned the ruler of the 4th H (Real Estate) and 9th H, Venus 17Cap27 rising at the *POLITICAL POWER degree of '18Cap'..."The Union Jack Flies from a British Warship"...negative expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism.

Yes, we can see where jackassian paternalism has gotten the world so far.

A new approach is to use the Moon/NN link and do things like the women of Yemen because democracy is a participation sport so it needs all of us to show up en masse!


*The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.

Oct 20, 2011

The Fed, B of A, JP Morgan put US taxpayers on EU's hook

Are US Taxpayers EU Banks' Sugar Daddies?

by Jude Cowell

Don't spew your cereal but it has been revealed that our tricky old Federal Reserve Bank has put US taxpayers on the hook--in a word, responsible--for the financial fall out if European banks fail!

In the brew are two of our usual criminal suspects who got no regulatory approval for this scheme--Bank of America and J. P. Morgan. Meanwhile, the Fed and the FDIC are said to be tussling (my word) over whether the sneaky plan is "sound"!

Considering how much payback transnational bankers such as the House of Rothschild expect from America and her own debts, I can assure them that there is no 'soundness' involved but there is an abundant of injustice, fraud, and corruption.

And perhaps there is an agenda peeking out: to collapse the global economy for their own purposes of 'rebuilding anew upon ruins' (aka, a NWO, or 'one-world-government'.) The plutonians believe that we must be forced to see that nation-states simply cannot 'handle' the massive size of the world's problems--financial, environmental, social, and political--so, they think, we'll eventually plead for a new system of an illuminized design.

Through the decades they've set up a 'global economy' so it can be knocked down on their timetable--making a worldwide take-over possible. My hope is that the usual 'criminals are stupid' factor will gum up their 'Great Plan' before they do much more damage! Of course, normal people standing up to global banking corruption is an absolute must more than ever.

In Astrology, there is a descriptive midpoint picture to watch for in transits concerning this global take-over topic is:

*Saturn/Pluto = Uranus: brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack, regardless of potential losses. (Tyl.)

Well, click above to read The Daily Bail for there's no telling what anyone's total exposure is since Wall Street successfully lobbied during the passage of the watered-down Dodd-Frank bill so that there is no central exchange to keep track of net derivative exposure.

This massive scheme explains Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's recent hopping around Europe pleading with EU leaders to agree to bailout their own banks! Wonder why they have to be pleaded with? Germany's recalcitrance? The rich don't want to help out poorer nations?

Or...does the scheme also explain why EU leaders can't--or refuse to--come to a financial agreement? Let US taxpayers do it!

News flash for the EU: in America, we can barely pay our teachers, firefighters, and policemen. But of course, in America, banks are people, too.


Yes! I heard this morning that Libya's president-on-the-run Qaddafi was killed at dawn Thursday but have no time in today's schedule for more blogging. So I point you to today's excellent coverage on this and other important topics at Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman.

*Of course, the US directly 'met' the cruel desires of the Saturn/Pluto pair when the two planets opposed one another on the morning of the 9/11/01 attacks, an event and a planetary signature that mark forever the illegal presidency of George W. Bush (may he be arrested in Canada soon for his torturing interests. Bill Clinton will be there, too--two birds with one stone?)

Oct 19, 2011

Oops! 1912 cartoon warned against creating the Fed

Here's a blast from the past, a 1912 cartoon warning against the banker-supported Aldrich Plan which opened the gate for the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, a central bank such as President Andrew Jackson was so determined to root out of the American system for he recognized them for the illuminized government take-over artists they were.

As you know, the Bankers' Panic of 1907 was used as the justification (cover) for setting up a central bank the likes of which have orchestrated financial booms, bubbles, busts, and crashes ever since. Click the link to view a 1907 photo of Wall Street at Federal Hall--it favors current Occupy Wall Street gatherings.

Pluto/Chiron = plutocrats, their agents, and other oppressors

In America then as now, when you set your eye on inhabiting the Oval Office, you must play ball with the big boys of the Pluto/Chiron persuasion. In fact, in the January 20, 2009 Inauguration Horsocope, the transiting midpoint of Pluto and Chiron sits precsely upon the MC, the Goal/Aspiration point of the chart.

Later on, after you accept Pluto/Chiron's abundant gifts for doing their bidding, you may suffer a measure of remorse for accepting their backing for the piper's tune becomes shriller than promised, the dance more frantic, and the required task more distasteful than initially expected.

Here's what Freemason Woodrow Wilson said after he'd allowed America to be snookered into creating a royalist, plutonian, oligarchic Federal Reserve Bank, a private enterprise that runs the US government yet is not a federal institution at all.

Related links:

Stop IMF Bailouts (includes a petition for on-hook US taxpayers)
Prison Planet
Democracy Now!
Thom Hartmann

Plus, here's an article which lists banking industry contributions to 2012 candidates which shows Mitt Romney in the lead amongst big bankers: The Big Wall Street Banks Are Already Trying to Buy the 2012 Election.

Then I'd say global bankers have achieved their take-over goal quite handily like an octopus squeezing the life out of its prey while our complicit presidents look on.


In spite of all anyone can do, a new political limerick has been published so if you wish a quick peek Mitt Romney 2012 awaits you! jc

Oct 18, 2011

When Is the Moon Out of Bounds?

Perhaps the calendar of when Earth's Moon is out of bounds of the earthly plane (a condition which some assert has astrological significance) is more of a schedule than a calendar. Or even a formula. Either way, I shall herein attempt to decipher old notes penned soon after I began my Astrology apprenticeship (a novice condition which I expect never to move beyond) in 1996, and let me tell ya: my handwriting isn't always perfectly legible when I'm in a hurry.

In fact, the folder I scribbled the notes on is rather dusty but I'll give it my best try just for you.

Now you may feel that the Moon's schedule is a smidgen on the circuitous side though really it isn't so much...well, see what you think (Mercury) and how it makes you feel (Moon); Mercury/Moon = mind/body connection. And please pardon that I neglected to make note of author, researcher, article, and/or book by or in which most of the following information was discovered by yours truly, a reluctant astrologer at your service, if there ever was one. It was years ago and I'd give credit if I knew where it belonged!

But first, some general on-topic considerations:

Luna's Basic Tenor in Astrology

Astrological Moon = feelings, emotions, intuition, the spiritual plane; physical body, sensitivities, presentiments, psychism, Mother and the nurturing function, home and domestic scene, environmentalism, the past, the unconscious mind, The People, the public, the populace, publicity, daily rounds, mood of the people, or, popular mood relating also to fads and trends--you can probably think of a few more...

Wafting Out of Bounds and Totawwy Awone...

To describe a parameter, when the Moon is the only celestial body OOBs in a horoscope, there is faultiness within the nurturing function through an incomplete or disappointing relationship with the mother--feelings of insecurity and inferiority are key themes; loss of the mother (ex: orphaning) is an extreme potential. When other planets in a horoscope are OOBs of the earthly plane as well it can make such emotional difficulties and lacks somewhat easier to manage for there's less of a sense of isolation, of being emotionally 'alone against the world.'

Blah blah blah, so...When Is the Moon Out of Bounds?

For a few days every 2 weeks during a period of ten years, Earth's Moon is OOBs. In collective life we may notice a deep sense of insecurity in the air during out of bounds stints which will then show up in natal horoscopes and psyches of those born during a particular OOBs period.

In Mundane Astrology, I've noted a correlation between Moon OOBs and the public being kept 'out of the loop' in some way on some topic or issue/s, or simply being apathetic, disengaged from events, or otherwise 'out there'--even locked out or 'kept in the dark'. Current topics or events may not get the publicity they deserve, or are ignored by the public--and/or much whining may ensue!

For after all, everyone knows that when the people's cat is away, the politicians will play, steal, take bribes, and stir up trouble as some of them so often will.

And then? Then for nine years the Moon is not OOBs which is precisely where we float now.

Ten Years = 2001 -- 2011

Earth's Moon completed the most recent OOBs period of approximately ten years in mid-February 2011 and had begun her wandering far afield in or about September 2001. Yes! That September 2001.

This may describe a paradigm shift of the public mood, emotion, and sentiment which occurs gradually, don't you feel? The multi-nation Arab Spring Movement comes to mind as well as the Occupy Wall Street Movement, aka, We Are The 99%-ers, all of which are providing the world with amazing expressions of generational conflicts (Uranus square Pluto = progress v power) by more balanced individuals among us--or by those demanding more balance within societal institutions--who don't feel emotionally threatened by shysters, banksters, fraudsters--in a phrase, by the criminal network surrounding the globe like a NYPD police net meant to capture human sardines who dissent against societal ills--and believe me, they are ills.

The "fed up" quality of the current social movements and campaigns of 2011 have an OOBs-back-in-bounds tinge to them with the sustainability of the Moon's nurturing-feeding function as the motive for demanding improvements between haves v have-nots. Food shortages and starvation have become critical issues for more and more people across the globe as children go to bed hungry with their lives, health, and futures blighted and stunted by risk-taking chaos-creators usually known as the 'power elite'.

Morally deformed as the majority of plutocrats are. (Many are inbred, you know.)

And prisoners being released back into society today, the 'one for one thousand' swap between Palestine and Israel?

Welcome back into the fold for all! For you're back in bounds.

Uranus Square Pluto: Cycles of Revolution

It's very refreshing for this Flower Power genner who attended a Beatles concert beneath the rays of the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto Conjunction of the mid-1960s (plus, a Mystic Rectangle of planets like a magic wand!) to observe the steadied emotional natures of most of the Occupy Wall Street (and other streets, cities, and nations now occupied!) participants who are Reflections (Moon) upon humanity's Screen (Neptune) of Awareness (Uranus) spotlighting a better way of envisioning The Future of Mankind than that of a quixotic, totalitarianism brand of neoliberalism (where Corporatism is all), a vicious plan long-desired by a bunch of self-exalted psychopaths of a Rand-esque persuasion who gravitate to Uranian-Neptunian illuminism and purport to use 'reason', a thinly veiled excuse for selfish, hard-hearted cruelty toward all of mankind.

Is this the old survival of the fittest/eugenics crowd of powerful white men intent upon using any means of seizing power and retaining control over the 99%? As you know, Rule by the Few mimics monarchy, hence the Occupy Movement's mention of feudalism being forced upon the 99%. Talk about gray around the muzzle! This is a mighty ancient paradigm the plutocrats are pushing while trying to disguise it as a "new" order. Puh!

It's an old and decrepit system full of shriveled minds and missing hearts.

Yes, throughout human history we have experienced men and women imbued with this devouring spirit--through many cycles, in fact. And we don't have to dog paddle ourselves haplessly into the waters of a deep, murky plutonian cave to find out where the monster lies.

How long can the tolerant tolerate the intolerant?

People of the Earth are down to a stalemate between those who prefer Life and harmony v those who prefer Death and destruction. It's up to each of us to choose an ultimate direction within the old Piscean paradox: up or down. Plus, there is the question inherent within Gemini's eternal dilemma: light v dark.

As Luna sails within bounds of the earthly plane and connects off and on with the other planetary energies in any chart in a more engaged way, her monthly cycle by sign and aspect relates directly to the collective's personal, earthly, and cosmic environments, and to our feelings about society's present conditions which affect us personally and those we love.

So! Now we've now begun a period of nine years with no OOBs Moon which stretches from February 2011 to some time in 2021.

After that? You tell me.


Speaking of our silvery Moon, did you know there's something called The Moon Society? It's not my cuppa tea but you may wish a sip...


Oct 17, 2011

Why "Tinkering w the corporate state" won't work (OWS)

Even so-called liberals are quaking from the increase in Occupy Wall Street protests here and abroad and Chris Hedges asserts that, "Tinkering with the corporate state will not work."

Allow Mr. Hedges to paint the picture for you more clearly than I ever could as the 'Too Big To Fail' 99% movement of dissent sweeps across the globe, disgruntling Pluto/Chiron types as they hunker down in their oligarchic ivory towers and state-of-the-art bunkers, poor things.

Yes, their disenfranchising and oppresssion of the 99% of us are being called to account at last and in the biggest way possible: peacefully and righteously.

A Movement Too Big To Fail by Chris Hedges.

The tyranny of plutocracy must end as transiting Pluto plows slowly through Saturn-ruled Capricorn, transforming structures, institutions, and governments as it approaches America's natal Pluto (27Cap33 Rx) for our first-ever Pluto Return/s 3x in year 2022.

You know the applicable equation--it's easy and historically accurate:

Corporatism + Statism = Fascism.

The world didn't approve of fascism and fascists before and we certainly Do Not Like Them Now.

Also see: Plutocracy, the true face of America. Why, if if weren't for the Bill of Rights all we'd have for a "freedom document" in the US is a plutocracy-protecting Constitution.

But that's a blog fuss for a another day.

Thom Hartmann on Bill Maher's Real Time 10.14.11 (video)

Progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann appeared on the October 14, 2011 episode of Bill Maher's Real Time program in his Overtime segment.

Here's the video for you:

Oct 15, 2011

Halloween 2011: an astro-peek at Edgar Allan Poe

Whenever Halloween Rolls Around

by Jude Cowell

Well, it's almost Halloween 2011 and time for remembering the original inventor of the Detective Novel, Mr. Edgar Alan Poe. You'll find a previous post does just this as the Astrology of Edgar Allan Poe's life and death is discussed with his natal horoscope shown.

(Blog Note: the 'Poe Toaster' link in the above post is no longer live so here's an alternate item from Wikipedia which states that no mysterious Poe Toaster turned up at his gravesite in 2010 or in 2011 which apparently heralds the end of a 60-year tradition of honoring the esteemed author and critic in the middle of the night.

October 9, 2011 marked the 162nd anniversary of Poe's birth in 1849. Intriguingly, his violent death under mysterious circumstances includes a potentiality that the practice of Politics was intimately involved!

Plus, as you've heard and Professor Robert Reich laments, there's been another untimely and unfortunate death recently--that of the long term insurance provision in President Obama's health insurance legislation.

So considering the season, let's all give a hollow cheer for an apt Sabian Symbol, the one for Inauguration 2009's Moon (we-the-people in Mundane Astrology for the US) which on January 20, 2009 noon est Capitol Building clocked in at a crisis-critical 29th degree: 29Scor45. (Moon in Scorpio, the Halloween season's favorite sign of mystery and betrayal--but thankfully of regeneration!)

Rounding up Inaugural Moon 2009's degree, we have '30Sco' = "A Halloween Jester", and I think, m'peops, it's become quite clear that--Boo!--we've been tricked not treated once again.

12 Laws Used to Stifle Occupy Wall Street

Oct 15, 2011: Rania Khalek has published a round-up of the 12 Most Absurd Laws Used to Stifle the Occupy Wall Street Movement including what other city police departments (and their illuminized bosses) are up to.

Yes, The Establishment is workin' mighty hard to squelch any expressions of the demands of We-The-People--for justice and equality--ironically, two things you'd think the US government would be in favor of since its neocon Vulcans are so fond of fighting illegal wars based on exporting such stellar conditions to foreign lands!

Now 'exporting democracy' is one of their ruses, to be sure, yet the irony of the US government's untenable position on the matter of Wall Street Greed and Corruption--and on many other matters--shows how stupid and gullible officials think we are.

Yet if the Obama administration had taken office in 2009 and proceeded to prosecute the guilty for their financial crimes, it probably wouldn't be faced with the slogans and chants of Occupy Wall Street in 2011, investors wouldn't be leaving the market in droves, confidence in Mr. Obama and our capitalist system would be higher, and the US economy would be better off.

Yes, it's true what they chant on the streets:

This is what democracy looks like!

Especially when 'democratic' leaders aren't doing an honest job and are abandoning the America people to the (lack of) mercy of corporate bankers and internationalists with their not-so-secret agenda to fulfill.

For further reading, try this list of members and participants in the Bilderberg Group of world bosses including Bill Clinton, Rick Perry, and others whose names and reputations we all know...or think we know.

You'll also find my assessment of candidate Rick Perry's natal horoscope here if you're mildly curious. Alex Jones video presentations are included though viewing them is not required. jc

10.15.11 Occupy Wall Street Call to Action! Times Square NYC 5:00 pm edt

OWS Oct 15, 2011: "A Youth Holding a Lighted Candle"

by Jude Cowell

Call To Action! October 15, 2011: Occupy Wall Street and a Global Day of Action for the 99%! Congregate in Times Square NYC @ 5:00 pm edt.

Occupy protests of solidarity are now sweeping across the face of Planet Earth--Hurrah!!!

New York City 10.15.11 @ 5:00 pm edt sees the ongoing Jupiter/Neptune midpoint (the speculators, wastrels, and grand schemers pair) still being triggered by political activist Uranus in action-oriented, Mars-ruled Aries which gives an apt picture of events for those with Astrology principles in mind.

This is the 'imagination v reality/sudden recognition of a difficult situation' picture as Mayor Bloomberg grapples, and the mainstream media continues their mock-puzzled commentary on what is truly a grass roots movement by 99% of The People who are fed up with global elite criminality and corruption.

Still Rx in Taurus, Jupiter (Mr. Moneybags) and Venus in Scorpio have moved beyond their opposition of yesterday with its extravagant/wasteful/social climber vibes and 'moderation is needed' caution.

Perhaps of more concern is today's applying opposition between Jupiter and changeable Mercury, planet of youth, communication, oration, trade, commerce--and of course, youth make up most of the numbers of Occupy demonstrators though not exclusively. Mercury opposing Jupiter can make mountains out of molehills (but perhaps that's for corporate-shilling reports to do), and signifies those focused with fanatical zeal upon their goals (which the media says they don't have!)

Mercury oppo Jupiter also indicates a need for balance and moderation in one's plans and speech--and there's Jupiter in Taurus parallel fixed star Ras Alhague: 'a desire to create balance or healing'. The applying trine between Jupiter and wealthy dragon Pluto 5Cap06 continues as well with the Jupiter/Pluto pair potentially signifying: plutocrats, those who exploit others, squanderers, speculators, law and economics professors--and leaders of uprisings!

October 15, 2011 begins with Moon in late Taurus, Sun in Libra, and ends with Moon in Gemini (6:51) with Luna crossing into Gemini at 10:14 am edt conjunct fixed star Alcyone (beware: Alcyone = 'something to cry about'...tear gas? More pepper spray?)

Occupy Wall Street's Call to Action starts during an Hour of the Sun with the sensitive Sun/Neptune midpoint at Midheaven (The Goal; Aspirations; Public Status) so we have a picture of impressionability, mental and emotional stress (graduating with excessive student loans and no job prospects can do that to ya as well as losing your home and/or job with a family to feed), and a negative outlook. Of course, it's possible the negativity is on the side of our now-naked emperor banking class all duded up in their imaginary threads of integrity and superiority.

Either way, the presence of Sun/Neptune shows tendencies toward exploitation, deception, chaotic conditions, and/or scandals though inspiration may be present, too.

At 5:00 pm edt, 21Pis24 rises, making the speculator pair, Jupiter and Neptune, the chart-ruler and co-ruler. Jupiter's applying aspects are its trine with Pluto (1A56) and an opposition to Mercury (3A13) as mentioned above; Neptune makes only one applying aspect, a trine with the Sun in Libra, an extremely creative indicator showing that events should work out quite well today.

UPDATE 7:30 pm: turns out I was overly optimistic with that last statement: the NYPD is surrounding the protesters this evening with huge nets to round them up like sardines so the trine of the Moon--the people--with Neptune emphasizes Neptunian nets as NYC attempts to dissolve (Neptune) the protests. :(

Now back to our Jupiter/Neptune...

(You'll remember that 2009, President Obama's first year in office, saw a three-fer of Jupiter and Neptune conjunctions which all fell upon US natal Moon ('27AQ' = We-The-People) and I blogged its 'reality v imagination/becoming involved in speculation/instability and wastefulness' connections until my typing finger fell off because that and other cosmic factors detailed an undermining of whatever Mr. Obama purported to do to improve the economy and the lot of the American people.

Of course, I use Jupiter in mundane charts as the representative for the Republican Party and everyone has seen how GOP obstructionism has gummed up the works--not that I fully embrace the president's "the GOP won't let me" excuse for the sorry lack of helpful actions coming out of Washington DC. As I've blogged for years here and elsewhere, the ruling class has set itself against The People, and yes, this is Pluto/Chiron-inspired class warfare of oppression, exploitation, and disenfranchisement perpetrated by an ivory-towered Oligarchy.)

Mundane Moon = We-The-People

Another factor of note is that President Obama's natal Moon 3Gem21 returns to natal degree at less than one minute before 5:00 pm edt today when the rally begins! ('4Gem' = "Holly and Mistletoe Bring Christmas Spirit to a Home".)

In keeping with the critical events of this day--and with Mr. Obama's Lunar Return for I suspect he's feeling pressured from all sides, both youthful Mercury and powerful Pluto--the Moon in Gemini (sign of youth as noted) is apex in a YOD pattern involving today's Mercury/Pluto sextile thus creating a midpoint picture of emotional communication power, adaptability in thinking and speaking, and/or an obsessive need for more power and control (surveillance? agent provocateurs in the crowd?)

As you know, a YOD (Finger of God pattern) indicates crisis, a crossroads or turning point (as Occupy Wall Street becomes global?), and/or a special task. Adjustments must be made with two quincunxes (150 degr; aka, inconjuncts) involved.

And Mercury/Pluto, the propaganda/surveillance pair which oppose one another in America's natal horoscope, denotes potentials in Politics and Business for:

high security and intell activities (I'll wager all demonstrators are being thoroughly 'checked out' by The Establishment); political talk that offers abrupt changes (for the better would be good); communications satellites (spies in the sky) and contacts with intell agencies; toxic gases (and pepper sprays); business or transportation secrets; breakdowns in road networks (traffic jams?); self-destructive impulses in business (crony capitalism, for one.) (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Munkasey.)

An apex Moon in a YOD pattern indicates emotional trauma and vulnerability spilling over from the past yet if this energy is well-managed (as I expect of Occupiers it will be) it can provide a great ability for making destined changes, a reorganization of the emotional nature, and a strengthened inner foundation which attends to the interests of The Weaker as it clarifies and directly expresses personal needs. (Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney.)

The YOD's apex Moon reminds me of the 'human microphone' and the Assemblies the Occupiers use to communicate and to make group decisions.

Today's Sabian Symbol for youthful Mercury ('4Sco') is "A Youth Holding a Lighted Candle" = THE POWER OF SYMBOLS (Rudhyar.)

Jupiter Rx in Taurus (Shadow Side: Intolerance and Greed)

Another factor today involving growth-oriented Jupiter is an obsessive-compulsive quindecile (165 degrees) between The Jolly One (well, he's usually jolly but these days he's a bit under siege, as he deserves) which shows those who are driven toward fame, recognition, and/or success; also evident is opinionation, judgmentalism, and egocentricity. This expansive Sun/Jup aspect has an "I am the greatest" connotation with a king/queen complex in tow. (The Quindecile, Ricki Reeves.)

'The greatest'? 'King/Queen'?

One thinks easily of politicians and other egotists accustomed to being in charge. What they're decidely not accustomed to is having We-The-People continuously raining on their one-world-government, New World Order, totalitarian parade.

So I say, Rain On, Occupy Wall Streeters...Rain On!


Weekend coverage of the Call to Action rallies is provided by the excellent real journalists at Democracy Now!

Midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply.

UPDATE 9 am: brief notes on today's Sun-Moon blends are now available on my Jude's Threshold blog, if you're interested. jc

Oct 14, 2011

Oct 14, 2011: Sun in Libra parallels Rigel!

When I noticed today that the Sun 20Lib+ is in *parallel to Fixed Star Rigel, I wanted to give a shout-out to lovely Rigel, The Educator star in ancient Astrology and one that is linked to an angle in this blogger's natal horoscope.

Hence I'm rather fond of regal Rigel! ((Ree' gul) And since the star is the left foot of Orion, I suspect you've spied it twinkling in the heavens, especially now in Autumn with constellation Orion The Hunter showing prominently in our night skies.

Rigel (Beta Orion) which is tropically positioned in mid-Gemini, has a magnitude of 0.3 and a declination of 08S12'21" (Brady's Book of Fixed Stars) and can be used on all four points of charts in all latitudes except the extremes of the poles.

Star lore concepts include being 'under Osiris's protection' for its symbolism of the Pharaoh's pinioned birds (under Orion's feet) representing the subjects of the Pharaoh. The myth goes that gentle Osiris brought education and civilization to all the lands he ruled, and the 'pinioned birds' were not a negative symbol but a positive one of people receiving the wisdom and protection of civilization.

Now some star lore experts such as Robson have identified Rigel with ambition and that is often the case when Rigel is linked to angles or planets in a horoscope. But for me it's the educating side of Rigel--effort made for the gain of others rather than for personal gain--that describes the vibes of Rigel.

Why, the very laws of planetary motion were figured out by the great Johannes Kepler of lasting fame who was born with Rigel culminating (at MC) as wise Jupiter set!

*parallels are used in Astrology for timing purposes and are similar to strong conjunctions. Osiris and Orion issue from the same archetype; the three stars in the Belt of Orion are thought by some to be the direction from which the Christ will return "bringing His reward with Him" and are said to correspond to the Pyramids at Giza on Earth...As Above, So Below.


Well, our wimpy Congress skedaddles from the Capitol Hill scene of their many crimes this afternoon (if you can find one of 'em on The Hill as late as 3 pm, I'll be a monkey's aunt) for another week-long break while millions of Americans--their constituents--remain unemployed and struggling for basic necessities. And this break comes after the toil of selling out US jobs once again by passing a triple "free" trade pact with South Korea, Panama, and Columbia.

Isn't it odd what legislation our theatrical Congress can manage to 'come together' on to pass in a 'bipartisan' fashion?

Guess we can always check in with Occupy Wall Street demonstrators to see a model of what democracy actually looks like since its image has become tainted and Swiss-cheesy on our Masonic Capitol Hill.

Oct 13, 2011

South Korea visits US = 'A Sleigh Without Snow' 10.13.11

After the US Congress sold out US workers once again this week by passing "free" trade deals with South Korea, Panama, and Columbia, today's visit from President Lee of South Korea has transiting Mars 15Leo conjoined with tr Cupido (The Family; The Syndicate; Corporations) which is, one supposes, an apt picture of the global elite's drive to merge America into a 'one-world-government' which is a long range plan that "free" trade agreements are designed to facilitate.

Taking a quick glance at some of today's events in Washington by way of horoscopes set for the White House and for the Capitol Building later today when President Lee delivers an address to a Joint Session of Congress, we see Presidents Obama and Lee holding a presser at 12:20 pm edt (Hour of the Moon) with 20Sag33 rising which makes money planet Jupiter (still retrograde in money sign Taurus) the chart-ruler. When chart-rulers are Rx you know something is amiss or at least, there will be delay in the areas that planet rules, and money, largess, and expansion are part of Jupiter's realm.

Big laugh just now as I type: *Amy Goodman just reported on Democracy Now! that NYC Mayor Bloomberg informed the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators that they'll need to clear out of Liberty Square on Friday (tomorrow) so it could be "cleaned." The Occupiers are sending out a request for cleaning supplies--they'll clean it themselves. HA! Love it!!! Back to the "free" trade shenanigans in DC...

Now whenever dignitaries meet in Washington DC or elsewhere, a peek at which planets are conjoining synchronistically for the event is in order.

Today, tr Saturn (authority; managers; leaders; lawmakers; lawyers, etc) is just moved beyond conjunction with the Sun 19Libra59 at 12:20 pm edt, and the Moon (the people; the public; publicity; a woman) meets with Jupiter Rx at 7Tau+...Sabian Symbol '8Tau' = "A Sleigh Without Snow"...SUSTAINMENT...

positive expression: a complete and effective alignment of self with whatever greater possibilities may remain unrealized in a given milieu;

negative (unconscious/shadow side): a cheerful tolerance of today's frustrations in the vague hope of a better tomorrow.

Well, I don't know precisely what President Lee expects from Washington (a lot, I'll wager) with his shady "free" trade agreement but that 'vague hope' is known by a majority of American workers to be a pile o'merde when it comes to 'jobs creation' in the US...outsourcing of jobs is much more likely.

One more note (since if I don't publish this soon the events will be over)--VP Biden, our erstwhile, proud-to-be-a-Zionist fellow, will host a luncheon for the Lees at 1:15 pm edt today with 2Cap56 rising along with the tr Venus/Neptune midpoint (appreciating how reality can be altered; indulging another's fantasy for personal gratification; union with persons of a peculiar disposition.)

Also at 1:15 pm edt, tr Pluto @ 5Cap05 rises, and asteroid Atlantis ('America'; where we feel doomed; abuse or misuse of power) is at MC.

Of interest in relation to the US government is a midpoint at Midheaven (The Goal; Aspirations; Public Status) with these potentials for expression:

Mars/Pluto = MC: ambition; self-confidence; facing overwhelming force without power; danger through intervention of a Higher Power (US?); learning how to gain and use power or extreme measures for increasing status in the world (Washington DC, the teacher); fulfillment of certain ambitions by attaining recognition and influence.

Well, as long as the global elite's one-world-government project grinds on with America scurrying to take the lead, I suppose it's still quite trendy and smart to suck up to Washington politicians.


*Amy Goodman is also reporting on the Canadian warrant to arrest George W. Bush for war crimes when he attempts to address an economic forum in British Columbia next week--an "economic" forum!!! Who's crazy here? Is it me? ;p

For more info, you may wish to check out current news coverage and issues at the Thom Hartmann website with texts and broadcast videos available, and a Forum to join.

Midpoint pictures: Reinhold Ebertin; Michael Munkasey. Sabian Symbol info: Msrc Edmund Jones.

Timings mentioned in this post are taken from the White House LIVE site of streaming videos.