May 31, 2007

Jupiter and tonight's Full Moon

Space Weather News for May 31, 2007

BLUE MOON & JUPITER: According to folklore, tonight's Full Moon over North America is a "Blue Moon" because it is the second full Moon in a calendar month. If you go outside to look at the Blue Moon, you'll see it has a companion: Jupiter. All night long, the giant planet will be located right beside the Moon. You can see the bright pair with the naked eye, or for a real treat, scan them with a backyard telescope. The moons of Jupiter, lunar mountains and craters, and the Great Red Spot are surprisingly easy to see.

A REAL BLUE MOON! Blue Moons are supposed to be absurd, but on May 21st, the Moon over Hungary really did turn blue. Onlookers describe it as a "unique and unforgettable" experience.

Visit to view photos of the display and to learn what caused it.

Blue Moon? Au contraire, says NPR and Kelley Beatty, editor of Night Sky magazine, and executive editor of Sky and Telescope.

NPR has the scoop on why this isn't really a Blue Moon and what one really is--and how the mistake has been passed down since 1946.

Still it should be a lovely sight--jolly guru Jupiter hanging out with the Full Moon!

And here's my own Full Moon May 31: an ape riding a wolf post at Jude's Threshold which you may wish to check out.

May 30, 2007

Greg Stewart has a great post on Georgia's recent court case where a mother attempted to have the Harry Potter books banned from shelves--although she admits she's never read a sentence.

Check out Greg's God does not want you to read this book you naughty monkeys! Avert your naughty monkey eyes from the page!

I kid, but what gets me is that this Puritan attitude toward banning books that contain witchery or occult matters in no way addresses the fact that children have a natural interest in magical things--and banning anything naturally makes it more alluring!

Children can recognize the difference between make-believe and the real world--especially if their parents do, too.

evict the "Bush Democrats" in 2008

Our Country, Our Capitol Hill, Our Tax Money:

Evict all 59 of 'em who voted for Bush's war May 10--evict the "Bush Dems" in the 2008 primaries and find candidates to replace them--or be one yourself.

Here's a map of all 59 of the varmints (which includes my own, John Barrow, who went to Washington a D and soon voted as an R--to "keep his job") Democratic Primary 2008 so see if yours is sleeping with the warmongerers and profiteers.

May 29, 2007

phone marks replace earmarks!

SLOP from Washington--"bureaucratic slight of hand--backdoor pork barreling"--even Harry Reid is doing it!

They're replacing earmarks with phone marks--$$requests which don't have to be written down as earmarks did! So much for a cleaner, transparent Congress.

(This I overheard on PBS's MarketPlace just now--had to post it until I can find out more. They never learn on the Hill, do they? No, because they're all grunting at the same pig trough.)

Today in 1660: King Charles II restored

FACT OF THE DAY from The Scotsman:

King Charles II is restored to the English throne today in 1660. He had previously been crowned King of Scotland on 1 January 1651 and had attempted to reunite the kingdoms by attacking Cromwellian forces in England. This led to a resounding defeat at the Battle of Worcester where, according to legend, he hid in the 'Royal Oak' until the coast was clear. Upon restoration, Charles acknowledged his thanks to his Scottish soldiers by making The Royal Scots the first regular regiment of the modern British Army.

To read more about Scotland's past visit while pondering Great Britain's current separation anxieties as history repeats.

Looking at the natal chart of Charles II (June 8, 1630 NS) we see that his resoration to the throne occurred at his Saturn Return, age 30.

After his father, Charles I's beheading (Jan 30, 1649), Charles II spent nine years in exile and when the English people had had their craw full of Cromwell's "protectorate" (he died in 1658) they invited Charlie back to the throne.

(Apparently the political tradition of naming things the opposite of what they are or do is as olde as yon hills...the olde 'lipsticke on a pig' ploy.)

Charles II's rule is considered the most licentious of the British monarchy yet he presided over major events as well: two wars with the Dutch, the Plague, the Great Fire of London, and the passage of the Habeas Corpus Act, among others. A busy yet naughty boy who produced no legitimate heirs.

Charles died of Bright's disease in 1685, age 54, a hedonist monarch whose n Sun's symbol in Adriano Carelli's The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac applies quite well:

"9Gem": "An enthroned queen holding in one hand the Earth's gold surmounted by the cross; in the other, her scepter"...fond of riddles and chess, and a ruler born.

Sheehan: 5 acres in Crawford Texas, anyone?

Camp Casey is for sale--Cindy Sheehan is giving up leadership of the anti-war movement on behalf of a country she feels killed her son Casey and which is "beholden to and run by a war machine that even controls what we think."

Sheehan's conclusions on the so-called two-party system match my own--that the system is "corrupt" and "rapidly descending into, with nary a check or balance: a fascist corporate wasteland," as she writes on Dailykos with her Niobe (asteroid, keywords: the grieving mother) energy still intact whether she continues leading or not.

"It's Up to You Now": Sheehan Quits.

When I peeked at her chart this morning it was no surprise to see that her 10th house Uranus (6Leo05) and Pluto (28Leo48) are being visited by restrictive and controlling Saturn...and Uranus/Pluto are all about transformation and revolution, quite the opposite of Saturn's energy.

Uranus/Pluto = Saturn: self-will; egotism; exposure to extreme pressure from others; toppled from position; separation.

This gives a different perspective on her simply 'giving up' leadership of the anti-war movement yet we know that astrology may describe our actions or what's going on in the environment...or both. And tr Neptune--today at 23AQ--has been in its opposition dance with Saturn and has opposed Sheehan's Uranus/Pluto midpoint as well...

Uranus/Pluto = Neptune: unfulfilled wishes; fatigue; nervous disease; the knowledge of human nature.

Understandably she's all wumped out and needs a year or two of seclusion and rest plus 2008 is her Chiron Return year--and a triple one at that from Feb to Nov.

And perhaps the Sabian Symbol (MEJ version) of her natal Ascendant describes her best:

"26Lib": "An eagle and a large white dove turning one into the other."

She has spoken and yelled truth to power for our country and now it's someone else's turn. I hope they do as well.

May 28, 2007

Full Moon May 31

Since I spent a considerable chunk of time today writing Full Moon May 31: An Ape Riding a Wolf, will you understand if I point you in that direction?

The degree for Friday night's upcoming Full Moon ("11Sag" over the White House at 9:03 pm edt) puts one in mind of Paul Wolfowitz, I agree, but please check out Jude's Threshold for more info relating to current events and the New Millenium's totalitarian leanings...just follow the above link, if you will.

May 27, 2007

Chavez pulls plug on TV station at midnight

A Venezuelan TV Station to Shut at Midnight

Synchronistically when I was looking at the midnight chart for Caracas just now, rising was "1Sag": "A Grand army of the Republic campfire" degree. At midnight in Caracas tonight when Chavez determined that RCTV would shut down (for broadcasting against him, of course), "1Sag" is at MC, the WHY, or Aspiration Point of the endeavor.

"1Sag": REMINISCENCE...this Sabian Symbol speaks of the inner strength by which (man) may sustain himself at critical points in his affairs...he regrasps each special potentiality of his being.

pos: accomplishment through the cultivation and preservation of enduring ties with others;

neg/shdow side: superficial idleness and unhealthy veneration for the past.

Hugo hearts George?

No? The little sulphur-infused stage play at the UN was for real? Puh!

Perhaps Chavez is trying to cultivate and preserve ties to Bush, whose natal IC (Foundation) is being visited now by this same Saturn/ would be two devils taking one to know one, if you're askin'.

Midnight in Caracas: the harsh, cruel Saturn/Pluto midpoint will be at 23Lib+ and conjunct the Moon (and Spica (potential for brilliance), and Arcturus (a different approach)...Moon = the public; publicity; propaganda; changes...the Moon is often a trigger or a timer.

Saturn/Pluto = Moon: emotional coldness; renunciation; giving up giving; melancholy; the tragic destiny of a woman.

It was the legendary Sybil Leek who wrote that when the earth is in a warming cycle, the world shifts toward totalitarianism.

How correct she was.

U.S. military interventions 1890--1999

This chart for the US invasion of Hawaii, with tr Sun at MC conj US n Pluto (power; transformation; death) is the one I use for the start of the US military's fascination with invading and overthrowing something.

As you see, the invasion--the sugar-grab--occurred just after the third Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto of 1891-1892, defining the Generation of Materialism of the pillaging robber and energy barons who still hold the purse strings in their claws. (Once you gain by hook or crook you become the crook with the hook.)

These days, Neptune and Pluto are at the septile phase of their Cycle, a karmic stage where what has been sown must be reaped.

Now using the Invasion of Hawaii chart doesn't count battles with native peoples through the years although you'll find the battle of Wounded Knee (Chiron = wound; knee = Saturn) on this list: U.S. Military Interventions 1890-1999 which was sent to me by Alex D'Atria at Astrology Communications Media.

This post's timing is 'off' this evening with Memorial Day being tomorrow--and I certainly don't intend to disrespect our valiant troops who follow at times in the dark due to plutocratic leadership--but I want to give some notes on this chart which relate to more current times. The Balsamic phase of the Sun and Moon is so often when the sneakiest things are perpetrated...hidden at the dark of the Moon.

As I said, the US natal Pluto is being triggered by tr Sun--why I've used the midday chart. Here are the midpoint pictures for this pile-up at the Public Status/Career Point (MC = The Goal or Aspiration):

Sun/Pluto = MC: striving for power and control; upset and change to adopt new perspectives; power games with important consequences;

Sun/MC ("the Goal") = Pluto: violent attainment of one's aims; desire to take the lead by use of force; the realization of extraordinary and unusual plans; success; a tragic destiny;

Pluto/MC = Sun: the desire for power and authority.

The invasion occurred during the 2 South Solar Eclipse Series:

2S = great gains through involvement with unusual group endeavors. This Eclipse has also manifested in 1910, 1928, 1946, 1964, 1982, Dec 15, 2000 (4Cap14 conj the Pluto/Chiron midpoint in the invasion chart 1893.)

It's so very often instructive to look at the Initial Eclipse in a Series for more info and this one began:

Apr 17, 991 (OS), Sun/Moon 1Tau47 (opposite the NWO's n Sun, btw, 1993, when Uranus and Neptune had their Great Conjunction); Pluto/Chiron 4Cap26; Venus at Aries Point; NN 14Lib24, conj US n Saturn (authority; control)...(Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady.)

Now which little future politicians were born during this Series thus having it as their Pre-natal Eclipse Series (PE)? At least three that I know of--and all three seem intent on never really going away: Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan, and Hillary Clinton--fyi.


As you know, the harmful, destructive energy of the Mars/Saturn combo is one of the most difficult points in any chart. In the chart above, tr Mars/Saturn conjuncts US n Sun and opposes the Moon 14Cap04 (the Moon would have opposed US n Sun prior to noon that day, a culmination stage for national US ego issues--and perhaps a timing device for politicians who use Astrology--and let's not assume Reagan was the only one!):

Mars/Saturn = Sun: the inability to meet all demands or to master all situations; death of members of the male population; physical threat; sense of loss; eking it out;

Mars/Sat = Moon: feelings about losing something; death of members of the female population; depression; lack of courage; weakness of will.

With Fixed Star Schedir rising, keyword: The Queen, I assume that the Sun represents the invaders while the Moon represents the population under invasion--and Hawaii's Queen who was toppled that day by the US military.

The US sugar industry was so gratified!

Now it's 2007 and the chess game continues with stalemates abounding...we know that a 'first' event chart may be used to define all subsequent events of the sort because everything is connected: past, present, and's all about cycles and stages, isn't it?

In Astrology we constantly see it expressed that how a thing begins is how it ends.

Or if you prefer, the end is in the beginning--unless something truly extraordinary happens. Since this is basically the same concept as reap what you sow, it would take a miracle to turn the ship of America around from her disasterous course so long ago embarked upon and which we're now seeing played out in the Middle East.

Crusading and invading--but on both sides, not just the US's!

Yet if you read the list of US invasions given above, you may rightly wonder what it would take to rock the boat without capsizing her entirely.

My saddest feeling is that I long ago gave up the assumption (nurtured through my growing up in America) that the elite ruling class gives a hoot for sustaining America--because capsizing her is just what they signed on for and they have no intention of ever letting go.

That's why the most unpopular president in US history is still infesting our White House...and shoe-horning that cuss out the door would take a miracle.

Update 9 pm: just found this from Information Clearing House: Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq about "regime change" being US foreign policy for over 110 years.

That's what she said.

May 26, 2007

Rachel Carson May 27, 1907

Early this morning, marine biologist, teacher, and writer Rachel Carson (the reason we have an EPA) had her 100th Solar Return, which is when the Sun returns to its natal position. This may occur within a day of the actual birthdate, as you see.

For sixteen years Carson worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service so she could support her widowed mother and other family members. Her testimony on Capitol Hill led Pres. John F. Kennedy to form the EPA because of her consistent efforts to sound the alarm on DDT and other chemical pesticides--which she accurately termed bio-cides--and which continue to affect--to poison--our environment and our health today--from our children to our honey bees and beyond.

Rachel Carson's natal Sun Gem/Moon Sag personality blend gave her an excellent writing ability--she made science accessible and beautiful to the layman--and her love of travel (Sag Moon) was handy for a marine biologist's journeys.

Airy/Fiery Sun Gem/Moon Sag is an intellectual combo, with a deep curiosity and an ability to communicate flamboyantly. There may be an emotional immaturity residing within this eternal student and a healthy helping of the scholar.

Outspoken, with a love of ancient learning, this blend is friendly, yet impatient, enthusiastic and restless. It's a very romantic combination in spite of her being denigrated in her lifetime as a "frustrated spinster" by detractors who wanted to undermine her message, her warnings, and her science.

This blend's Images for Integration: The Pied Piper leads his merry band of youths to the amphitheater on the hill for an afternoon of music lessons, philosophical teachings and baseball...A young man goes abroad to attend university and becomes a foreign correspondent.

This Sun/Moon blend is shared natally with poet and philosopher Kathleen Raine, who said:

"As a child I became a confirmed believer in the ancient gods simply because as between the reality of fact and the reality of myth, I chose myth...myth is the truth of fact, not fact the truth of myth."

Appropriate quote for our current Saturn/Neptune opposition (their last exact opposition June 25, 2007), don't you think? 2007's science (Saturn; facts; realism) is being heartily challenged by nebulous, veiling Neptune's deceptions and illusions in order to obfuscate certain scoundrels' actions and culpabilities--same as in Carson's day with their campaign against her dire message which threatened their bottom line!

If you missed Living On Earth today you can listen to the broadcast or read Living On Earth: Rachel Carson on their website. This LOE feature tells of the FBI dossier on Carson--it's all redacted (blacked out)--with the exception of one word: RUSSIA ! Back in those days, the Cold War was raging (and being spun) so it was enough simply to be linked with the USSR--however tenuously or off-handedly--to undermine anyone's credibility. Ye olde propaganda campaign...or so they thought.

Thing is, the direness of her warnings and predictions were soon so patently obvious that it must've been difficult to sway all but the most partisan industry types and high-handed tycoons with their bucket-carriers, for she took on industry, government, and science all at once. A female David vs Goliath.

As I studied her day-of-death chart (April 14, 1964; age 56) from cancer, I couldn't help wondering if her work with chemicals had anything to do with triggering her illness. Know what I mean?

Carson's marvelous, pioneering books, Silent Spring (1962) and The Sea Around Us (1951) are always in print, still timely, plus Silent Spring is currently ranked 1,113 on Amazon!

Natal Pluto trine Chiron:

Pluto is the link between our solar system and the galactic realms while Chiron links the inner planets with the transpersonal (outer) planets and is the primary ruler of ecology. This potent trine along with her n Pluto in Gemini--and in Gem's house, the 3rd--gave her great categorizing and ordering ability, and her Saturn in Pisces (Pisces = the sea! fish!) in 12th house (also associated with the collective unconscious and the ocean) conj ASC is the signature of the scientist.

And the collective unconscious relates to Cetus, the Whale for good measure--the story (or some would say, archetypal myth) of Jonah who had to speak out the truth.

The link above to Silent Spring puts the commemorative edition practically in your grasp with its 130+ full-color illustrations from all over the globe...from phosphorescent shrimp to whales and giant squids!

Yes, all who know me know that I'm partial to the fishies, and you may view the proof at Dreamyfish Art if you wish. Must be that Saturn/Neptune influence of having n Sun Cap/Moon Pisces which inspires Saturn's botanical renderings within oceanic Neptune's illusive dreams...

May 24, 2007

karma of the 12th house

Okay so I've been meaning to blurb out a bit about one of the more interesting houses in a chart, the 'hidden' 12th house of the Unconscious, Self-Undoing; Karma, and more. 12th house is a Psychological house along with the 4th and 8th...deep, very deep.

Having a planet there natally myself, I've always found it to be a fascinating part of any chart...even if it does relate to politicians who so often have 12th house planets (natally Bush has a 12th house Sun--unconscious arrogance, among other things.)

One of the most useful astrology books I discovered early in my reading was Tracy Marks' Your Secret Self: Illuminating the Mysteries of the Twelth House. It's available on I know because I reviewed it there years ago. My advice is to procure one if you can--if you don't already have a copy.

But if you're wanting to get some 12th house info right now you'll want to read Robert Wilkinson's article the 12th house on his excellent Global Astrology blog Aquarius Papers.

Now that would be my best advice!

UPDATE Saturday: Philip Brown is shining a light on the deep dark recesses of the karmic 12th house as well. Check out AstroFutureTrends: Astrology of the 12th house where you'll find Philip's analysis plus 12th house quotes from Dane Rudhyar, Howard Sasportas, and more. Great work, Philip!

war drums will go on and on

AP: House approves war-funding bill by a vote of 280-142 so here's this from the SO'W What's Wrong With This Picture (if anything) Department:

From US taxpayers it's:

$93 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan--until Sep 30 (that's 4 short months) vs a 70- cent-per-hour increase for working Americans who are struggling to keep food in their children's tummies and a roof over their heads. God help them if they should get a tummy ache from inferior food which the FDA--also tax-payer funded--lets through so their pals and relatives can make more moola bwo outsourcing ingredients to the cheapest bidder.

Esp since their local Emergency Room (assuming it hasn't been closed down) is overflowing.

FDR tests our progress.

soup lines across America?

Monica regrets...

Oh yeah--it's a SO'W Gold Star for Robert J. Elisberg's article
The Revenge of the Monicas: the Sequel on HuffPost...if you haven't read this one, you really must.

That's why it gets a Gold Star! And you won't have a single "mistake" to regret...

And here's more GoodlingGate Goodness:

Monica coordinated the response to the firings.

May 23, 2007

Kucinich at 11 am

US Theft of Iraq's Oil: On House Floor Wednesday Morning

WASHINGTON DC - WEDNESDAY, MAY 23, 2007 - At approximately 11:00 a.m. today, Congressman Dennis Kucinich will invoke a rarely used procedure to offer a privileged motion claiming one hour of time to speak on the floor of the House of Representatives about current legislative plans to privatize Iraq's oil. This will be the first time in Congress that there has been a full discussion of the covert efforts to accomplish privatization of Iraq's oil through the supplemental spending bill. As with all House sessions, this speech will be televised on C-Span.

a Goodling day

With Mercury and Venus out-of-bounds it seems that one of them represents Monica Goodling and her immunity from prosecution for testifying about purgegate.

Will she fall on her sword for Rove and Bush? The granting of prosecutorial immunity seems to indicate otherwise. But she's a woman protecting her chickens from hawks!

And naturally the Moon indicates a woman and is important in seeing how a day will proceed based on the Moon's applying aspects:

The Moon's only applying aspect (looking at 9:30 am edt) is her square to the Sun (3A34) and this square will be perfected at 5:02 pm. (The fault-finding Sun Gem-Moon Virgo combo is shared natally by Pres John F. Kennedy and Robert McNamara.)

Other factors at 5:02 pm edt:

IC "28Cap"..."A large aviary"...conjunct the powerful natal Pluto of the USA. This relates to the Pentagon and a certain association of generals (AVIARY.)

Oppressive Pluto/Chiron midpoint will have just crossed the IC, the Foundation of the chart.

Rising will be 23Lib49 with Fixed Stars Arcturus ("a different approach") and Spica ("potential for brilliance"), both Stars connected natally to the founding of America.

However, the current position of the transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint (the two planets in opposition on 9/11/01, and which always bring misery, cruelty, violence, and war when in hard aspect) is 23Lib44. The blending of their energies in midpoint isn't so jolly either.

Sat/Pluto = ASC: cumbersome and difficult circumstances; mourning and bereavement; sadness. Sat/Pluto is conjunct Bush's natal IC also which affects MC, the Career and Public Status Point:

Sat/Pluto = MC: hard, hard work to arise from difficulties; major separation as a last resort; flight; severity; one-sidedness; application of tenacity and endurance.

The YOD pointing at Venus indicates a special purpose or task for a lady, and she's at "17Can" = "The germ grows into knowledge and life"...but Venus is applying to a helpful trine with reformist Uranus, whose Symbol is:

"19Pis": "A master instructing his pupil"...ELUCIDATION...

pos: high executive ability through patient investigation and genuine psychological insight;

neg/shadow side: a desire to live by rule and a conceit of empty knowledge.

(update Thursday: Gonzo may be said to have "instructed" her about his recollections according to her testimony!)

If Uranus is instructing Monica Goodling's testimony today, I hope his name doesn't start with Karl Rove or George Bush or that's what we'll end up with--empty knowledge.

May 22, 2007

Litvinenko in news again

London seems to have setteled on Andrei Lugovoi as being Litvinenko's heinous poisoner but Russia says Lugovoi is not available for extradition as Ex-KGB Agent Accused in Litvinenko's Death.

Kovtun and Scaramella are not mentioned in the current accusation--nor is the mystery man who also attended the Nov 1 2006 meeting at the Millenium Hotel where the poison was delivered.

You know, the star Alphard in the constellation Hydra is associated with poisons and according to astrologer Bernadette Brady, Alphard is active in the charts of three European leaders who have left or are about to leave office by stepping down or by death: Blair, Chiraq, and Yeltsin.

Alphard is also connected to Bill Clinton's natal chart, btw. Perhaps I will post more on Alphard later.

Here are my previous posts on Litvinenko's poisoning and the subsequent, seemingly impotent investigation beginning with Nov 24, 2006:

Putin and the poisoned spy;

excerpt from Litvinenko's statement;

Neptune's rare and exotic mist;

testing Scaramella;

from Russia with love?;

radioactive red herrings?;

Alexander Litvinenko details with link to natal chart;

update 12.3.06;


Kovtun in Hamburg

update 12.15.06;

Scaramella arrested in Italy;

supposed poisoner caught on video (the so-called mystery man.)

The UK and Russia are supposedly on a different page concerning Andrei Lugovoi's extradition for this crime. Supposedly.

Recess appointment ploy endangered

Washington Whispers by Paul Bedard has the amusing tale of how Bush's Summer Hires Targeted by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who is said to be planning to call the Senate in session just long enough for appointees to fight for their confirmations in the chamber.

The Washington Swamp is extremely hot, steamy, and turgid in August--aka the month of unvetted recess appointments--and it may turn out to be a very interesting month indeed esp given Bush's usual inappropriate, incompetent buddy knightings...these Bush hacks apparently can't find decent jobs on their own so they must purchase them.

Hope the Dems don't cave to Bush on this one.

May 21, 2007

want your political theater pure?

Dems Cave to Bush on Iraq War and you didn't think this "pure political theater" would work out any other way, did you?

Here's a SO'W recap of posts related to the Capitol Hill Theater (matinee tickets still available if you don't mind sitting behind the eight ball):

Dems' empty rhetoric and slogans as Bush's bush burns?

Washington as Shining Example

Mercury Transit and RX for Midterm Elections

Leo Strauss and neoconservatism

Stars of Nov 8 2006

meet Pilosi, Levin, and Feingold

meet Obama, Harman, and Conyers

Jim Webb

Congress swears

Congress 1994--2006

and last but not least, it's the ever popular burning bush of Bush: 8 Leo where we find our self-styled and self-mis-directed war president barrelling on and sailing above in spite of all common sense, common good, or conscience toward his fellow man.

Heads-Up on a lighter note--Art Balances Politics: Jude's Threshold has now gone Live for all sorts of stuff including two spiffy SlideShow Collages of drawings from my Dreamyfish Art ,Secret Moon Art, and Cosmic Persona Designs Galleries.

And you'll find downloadable drawings at my Lulu Storefront with more images on the way as time permits. Plus, if you know of a drawing you'd like to find available for downloading, contact me if you wish and I will comply if possible!

judecowell @ gmail dot com

mouthy in Jamestown

This is old propaganda but since Earthlink mailboxes have been squirrelly of late I'm just now accessing this White House Newsletter:

Bush pontificates in Jamestown

Here's an excerpt from the elitist-in-chief as he milks the 400-year-old J-Town cow:

Sunday, May 13, 2007

President and Mrs. Bush visited Jamestown to celebrate the 400th Anniversary.

"America is proud to promote the expansion of democracy, and we must continue to stand with all those struggling to claim their freedom. The advance of freedom is the great story of our time, and new chapters are being written every day, from Georgia and Ukraine, to Kyrgyzstan and Lebanon, to Afghanistan and Iraq. From our own history, we know the path to democracy is long, and it's hard. There are many challenges, and there are setbacks along the way. Yet we can have confidence in the outcome, because we've seen freedom's power to transform societies before."

Now when I read the above, I read: America is proud to promote...the propaganda that is the expansion of democracy. Yes, we've seen how Bush transforms societies--before and after, haven't we?

This Week in Washington 5.21.07

Since this week in Washington is critical you'd expect that the crisis flavor would show in the chart representing the week, wouldn't you?

Well, it does.

And even though the head varmint-in-chief has cleared out and hightailed it on down to his "ranch" in Texas, there is much hoo ha a-gwyin' on back at political headquarters in his sorry wake.

And no UN boss for dinner can hide the fact that the ornery cuss has a mess on his paws when he returns to the White House--it may even follow his tracks down to Crawford.

Monday's sunrise:

Can the Sun be at any more critical degree? 29Tau59..straining to be at 00Gem00..not a good place in the zodiac due to Fixed Star, Alcyone, keywords: rash or harsh judgements and narrow-minded to the point of being blind to the obvious. They say this varmint has a tin ear, too--and the Sun is in the "something to cry about" neighborhood.

It's almost 3:00 am edt right 3:00 am in DC, the Moon will be at critical degree 29Can+ and forming a YOD (Finger of God) pattern with Sun and Pluto ("29Can" is the "Daughter of the American Revolution" degree, btw.)

Apex Pluto in YOD formation has a need to psychologically accept a direction in momentous situations that he'd rather not, thanks. This Pluto represents someone who's in a high-level authority position but something from past behaviors and attitudes must be changed before a new direction can be undertaken.

Apex Pluto in a YOD pattern has karmic, long-time-coming implications with objectivity lacking and a total engrossment in an extreme perspective that is out-of-focus with surroundings.

The midpoint picture for this YOD is:

Sun/Moon = Pluto: critical time of development; separation to start anew; biased attitude; changed circunstances; a soul torn by inner conflict.

Then we see a Mutable T-square between Mercury/Jupiter = Uranus: curiosity; quickness in repartee or on the uptake; ability to give good answers when challenged; successful propaganda activity; a resourceful orator; effective advertising; sudden inspiration.

And apex Uranus in a Mutable T-square? Oh that's where it gets good and descriptive:

This (Uranus)is the radical thinker who defies tradition and is so erratic he's considered a social crank whose subversive ideas threaten society. His ideas may be too lofty to be practically utilized, and his idiosyncracies indicate a high-strung temperament which may operate willfully as a social catalyst.

The urge to break down and shatter what impedes his aspirations and ideals drives him to instigate sudden reforms that disrupt the status quo.

This is the social misfit who is willfully out-of-tune with the established order of his environment. The pressure being exerted upon him causes explosive--or even violent--outbursts for he is a law-unto-himself who defensively detaches his will from all outer pressures.

Hence his mosey down to Crawford!

There's more in the chart, of course, but the sandman is calling my name. Perhaps I can add to this post during the week...stay tuned, pardners...a bumpy ride pretty well describes this week in Washington.

(Apex info from: Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney; midpoint pics from the usual: Ebertin and Tyl.)

May 20, 2007

it's Cicada Time again: Brood XIII

Midwest Braces for Swarms of Cicadas as Brood XIII is about to emerge from its 17-year snooze to provide high-protein meals for birds, squirrels, and pets, esp dogs.

Yum...but I'd like mine chocolate-covered please.

Just goes to show that insect infestations aren't only found in Washington DC--and that no amount of chocolate can provide cover for political varmints and the sins they're in.

At least the red-eyed, shrimp-sized cicadas don't bite or sting--and they'll be done with their work in about 30 days...more than can be said for 99% of our Capitol Hill infestation.

Heads-Up: be sure to check out this excellent post at Intrepid Liberal Journal on gate crashers and who they really are.

May 19, 2007

May 19: Venus and the Crescent Moon

Space Weather News for May 19, 2007


When the sun sets tonight (Saturday, May 19th) go outside and look west. Venus and the crescent Moon will pop out of the twilight barely 1-degree apart. It's a spectacular pairing of the two brightest objects in the night sky.

The display will be visible from brightly lit cities and even through thin
clouds. Visit for a sky map and photos. #

A Crescent Moon always puts me in mind of the Middle East--and of New Orleans.

And since there's just been a New Moon, we're creeping toward the Full Moon of May 31, 9:03 pm edt at the White House, with Moon 10Sag12 (too close to Fixed Star, Antares, for my liking; keywords: obsessed with success), and Sun 10Gem12.

This Full Moon will occur somewhat near the US natal ASC/DESC (Relationship) axis in the Sibly chart.

But for tonight:

Venus and the Crescent Moon "13Cancer"...DETERMINATION...

"One hand slightly flexed with a very prominent thumb" (a la Bill Clinton?)

Amusing how many politiicians have taken up the thumb-at-audience device in recent years--since Bill showed them how--for playing the determination card.

pos: exceptional steadiness and and a high sense of self-responsibility in every issue of moment;

neg/shadow side: unnecessary aggressiveness and a self-defeating shortsightedness.

Hillary was campaigning in New Orleans this weekend--does she affect Bill's determined thumb ploy when playing sincere? Perhaps so, but I've yet to observe it. Ah-h-h, but the campaign is young!

Crescent = crisis, Venus = jealousy (in her shadow side.)

So with Venus' triggering of the King of Alarm Eclipse degree (Aug 11, 1999) on Sep 11, 2001, I'm more wary of vengeful Venus than I used to be...especially when she's been about you?

May 18, 2007

Carlyle Group

Did you ever read this article from Dec 11, 2001: Carlyle's Way from Red Herring?

had Lincoln survived

It's time for the annual University of Maryland Medical School Conference where they re-examine the deaths of historical figures to see if the diagnoses of the times were correct.

This year it's President Abraham Lincoln's head wound and his demise 10 days later that falls under their microscopes as the Conference Ponders Lincoln's Survival and apparently, if modern technology had been available in 1865, the consensus is that Lincoln would have probably survived his wound.

Yet brain injuries are unpredictable so his communication abilities are in doubt and a lengthy recuperation would have been in store.

His secretary of war, Edwin Stanton, who made several decisions the day after the assassination, would have taken the oath of office rather than Andrew Johnson if Lincoln had survived, and the course of US history could've or would've been changed, according to US presidential historian, Steven Lee Carson, who surmises that the US "would have been a better and more just nation, especially on race matters, in a far quicker fashion."

Me? I'm not so sure, given that all effects are a result of many causes, so who knows if things would've been better or "more just" any sooner? Plus, I believe we're in process of heading backward on these issues, circa 2007 (as in, the undermined (In-)Justice Dept.)

Still, it's all very interesting to surmise--medically and politically.

Because in 1865, the who's-in-charge question concerning presidential incapacitation was answered on a case-by-case basis until JFK's assassination thanks to the addition of the transfer-of-power 25th Amendment...and we know who benefited from that.

So let us consider Lincoln's Minor Progressions for today, May 18 (noon) and see if Abe has a message for the nation (click to enlarge esp if you're a fan of the chicken-scratch)...I'll be using the WHAT/WHERE, HOW/WHY method with Sabian Symbols for the angles of the chart, with negative interpretations for them--because I think they're more instructive in these difficult times:

"17Sag" ASC = WHAT? "An Easter sunrise service"...REBIRTH...

neg/shadow side: overconcern with superficial form and ceremony;

"17Gem" DESC = WHERE (Or 'leads to WHERE?') "The head of a youth dissolved into the head of mentality (or 'into that of a mature thinker')...DEVELOPMENT...

neg/shadow side: a defeat of accomplishment by a senseless clinging to the illusions of youth;

"5Ari" IC = HOW? ""A triangle with wings"...ZEAL...

neg/shadow side: blissful obliviousness to all normal or everyday considerations;

"5Lib" MC = WHY? "A man teaching the true inner knowledge"...AFFINITY...

neg/shadow side: fatuous pride in the self's acumen and subtle or underhanded attempts to dominate everyone.

You'll notice the Sun/Mercury conjunction rising and in fated degree while trining the Moon (the other trine or triangle being the karmic Saturn's trine with North Saturn is in fated Nodal degree) and NN is at "18Cap" which is the New World Order degree (as I think of it..the Great Conjunction degree of Uranus/Neptune Oct 24, 1993--their conj #3 of 3.)

Not that globalists weren't busy planning prior to 1993, but this is the "Union Jack" degree which I have used to pinpoint the NWO bwo Sabian Symbols (yes, it's allowed)...


neg/shadow side: smug or strong-armed paternalism.

And karmic Saturn-with-wings?

"19Tau"..."A new continent arises out of the ocean"...traditionally refers to America herself, but in the NWO context, may refer to the draconian North American Union they're slipping by us--US + Canada + Mexico-- meant to hold paws and cross hooves with the EU which they've already shoved through.

Here's the rest for "19Tau"...ORIGINALITY...

neg/shadow side: a genius for futile turmoil and persistent upset.

Fearmongering? Red-herring issues? Diversions of the political kind? Or how about prez campaigners "debating" anything BUT what we really need to talk and know about?

The Sabian Symbol for Lincoln's Minor Sun/Mercury conj...

"A child and a dog with borrowed eyeglasses"...EXAMINATION...

neg/shadow side: distorted vision and self-defeating prejudice.

It occurs to me that the opposite or Illumination Point of this degree, "21Gem" would be instructive as well:

"21 Gem"..."A labor demonstration"...REPRESENTATION...

neg/shadow side: futile ill-will and bluster (perhaps the 'Immigration bill'?)

Yes, "21Gem" points to George Bush's natal Uranus/NN conjunction, which is the 'reformist political groups and associations' combo.

Now you had to know I'd be bringing his sorry tush into it somewhere, didn't you? It's so easy with a cuss like him...

May 17, 2007

SO'W's mysteriously invisible posts

Dec 2006's posts turned unviewable a while back so here are links to most of them:

Winter Solstice 2006

Blair's Plane Misses Turn in Miami

the 110th Congress

Jim Webb and Dubya Have Speaks

Alexander Litvinenko Dec 4 1962

Scaramella Arrested in Italy

Kovtun in Hamburg


Gates of the Pentagon

Dec 4 Full Moon

Best Political Joke of 2006

Bruce Reed on Michael Chertoff

what's onnn the menyooo? breakfast at the White House

Iraq sues over oil-for-food kickbacks

Investigation continues...if there are more mysteriously missing posts, I'll route them out asap.

imperialism's militarism

Evil Empire

Is Imperial Liquidation Possible for America?

By Chalmers Johnson

The United States, today, suffers from a plethora of public ills. Most of them can be traced to the militarism and imperialism that have led to the near-collapse of our Constitutional system of checks and balances. Unfortunately, none of the remedies proposed so far by American politicians or analysts addresses the root causes of the problem.

Read Johnson's article here:

Honey from the Honeybees

Passing this along from John and Susan Townley:

A New Moon Blessing (of honey!)

For many years after Peter Schiffer (of Schiffer Books) took over the famous “Planets In” series, of which my book Planets In Love is one, he used to send all his authors a jar of Pennsylvania wildflower honey every Christmas, from a friend’s family farm down the road. It was the best in the world, and we always looked forward to it. One year, probably for budgeting reasons, it didn’t arrive, so we located the farm and its owners, Gary Stockin and his family, and we’ve been ordering their wonderful honey several times a year ever since.

Our last shipment of eight one-pound jars arrived last month, and while ordering it on the phone we had a fascinating conversation about the current mysterious bee disappearances, which have hit bee farmers hard all over. Half of all the bees in the country flew off from their hives one day and never returned, including many of the Stockin family’s.

Perhaps it was that conversation, but for some reason Gary had the name Townley stuck in his mind and this month accidently shipped us another whole crate of honey which we hadn’t ordered, which arrived exactly on this fertile spring new Moon. We called him up to arrange for a return, but he’d have none of it. “You’ve got some neighbors or children who like honey, don’t you?” he asked. Just keep it and pass it along as a gift from his household, he insisted.

Well, when a mitzvah like that is literally placed on your doorstep, you don’t ask twice regarding Who truly sent it or in what mysterious way. We’re passing it along, with our blessings and thanks.

And, we’re also passing along to you where to get some of this magical honey, from this wonderful family in Lancaster County, PA. Go see them at:

Stockin's Apiaries

4 Reservoir Rd.
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 687-7816


(don't count on that e-mail, but the site, address, and phone work fine!)

It’s better honey (and a better deal, BTW) than anything you’ll find in the supermarket, and it makes the greatest gift ever! Invest in a few jars and help rebuild the bee population, which pollinates all the vegetables we eat, and upon which we all depend for our very lives. If you want to do something concrete to help save the world, start with a little honey in your tea, and then pass it along!

Fair winds, starry skies,

John and Susan

John and Susan Townley’s AstroCocktail

May 15, 2007

Wolfie spits'n'spats

Why does this man seem full of lick-spittle again? Wasn't his performance in Fahrenheit 911 gross enough? The Guardian has the details of his latest spitting of the four-letter variety.

Jerry Falwell 1933--2007

UPDATE May 17: the headlines scream that Wolfowitz may resign this afternoon (another good riddance) so Saturn in Leo ploughs on removing those who must go now go now. Will Gonzo join the throng?

Saturn's current passage through Leo (leadership) has taken another leader, Jerry Falwell, as Saturn brings blockages, restrictions, and loss.

Born Aug 11, 1933, Falwell's n Sun 18Leo32 has again been triggered by tr Saturn 18Leo45 now moving direct.

Having natally an opposition between Sun (vitality; the heart) and Saturn 12AQ36 (protective structures; skeletal system; skin) conj IC (endings), it may describe a clear picture of heart problems unless I miss my guess--and I'm not one to keep up with the man's personal details (since I don't believe that Christians can possibly covet the halls of earthly power and remain true to Scripture.)

Between his n Sun and MC 13Leo05--and with Sun as final dispositor of the chart (AstroDataBank gives his natal chart an A rating) there is a midpoint picture worth noting because tr Saturn visited there in August 2006...Neptune/Pluto relates to religion and supernatural concerns...

Neptune/Pluto = tr Saturn: gradual decline of powers and faculties; pessimism; dark forebodings.

Then tr Saturn moved on to n Sun itself, a period of restriction and loss which isn't as difficult if you're a whippersnapper, but at age 74--and with possible heart problems--is a difficult transit to come out of in one piece with all your faculties intact.

Transit Chiron has recently been conjuncting his n Saturn at IC as well, as did undermining Neptune which tends to disintegrate structures when conjuncting Saturn. With his n Sun/Saturn opposition, this means Neptune also opposed n Sun...another indication of eroded (Nep) vitality (Sun.)

All I've heard before checking his chart is the announcement of his passing, so it will be interesting to see if his heart was involved, and if he'd had any surgeries in the last year or so--also indicated.

With n Mars/Chiron midpoint at n MC, this sacred warrior has gone down for the count and my best wishes go out to his family in this time of loss and sadness.

Here are some Previous Posts concerning Saturn in Leo, loss of leaders, restrictions, and such:

Fidel Castro who hasn't been seen in public in quite a while now;

Tony Blair has now announced he's out the door at the end of June-- good riddance;

Congress' Saturn Return and the last of this Saturn Return, hit #3, occurs July 13, 2007;

US Congress Solar Return 2006 is still in effect;

Bob Ney who's in the slammer for his dirty dealing (Saturn to n Pluto)--Saturn demands accountability when we take his lessons of responsibility lightly;

Cheney's Health plus Fixed Grand Cross the rigid my-way-or-the-highway stalemate we're still seeing in Washington;

midterm elections 2006--this post has Saturnian Scythe info and a link to John Townley's site with more on Saturn's harvesting sickle...

Wonder who'll be next?

McNulty is history, calls for Gonzales are still echoing through the chambers of Washington--how genuinely I know not, but he does have a bunch of Leo planets as does George Bush--so stay tuned for more on Saturn's stomp through Leo which completes in early Sep, 2007.

Makes you wonder if Bush will finish his term.

South Node in Scorpio

The Nodal Axis tells us of destiny and life's path and even though I'm a Saturnian astrologer, not a Uranian (no past-lifin' around here--it's heredity and genetics, baby) the Nodal axis is very important for many reasons including in mundane work.

So this is a Shout-Out post for Raging Universe where you'll find a rockin' article on having South Node in Scorpio or in 8th house, the natural house of Scorpio.

Now some astrologers think that equating Scorpio placements to 8th house placements isn't applicable...that signs and houses are not the same things (some meaning this reluctant astrologer typing this sentence, for instance.)

But fuggedabowdit...just go to Raging Universeand read jm's SN in Scorpio article--there's an amazing amount of knowledge packed into one post waiting for you there and she's promising a post on NN in Taurus to go with it!

May 14, 2007

New Moon: Wednesday 5.16.07

As a new beginning, Wednesday's New Moon should be interesting esp since it occurs in the middle of Whistleblowers Week--or 'Whistleblower' singular, if you prefer--and with tr Mars 00Ari56 conj Aries Point (AP) it's the start of a new 2-year cycle for Mars-ruled activities...kind of a 'springtime' for Mars aka the god of war and explosions...but may also describe positive activities as well--motivation (another Mars word) is important.

AP = a world manifestation point when big events tend to happpen which affect many people...and testy Mars rules pioneering, me-first Aries.

Setting the New Moon chart for Washington, New Moon 25Tau33 at 3:27 pm edt with Mars and Pluto both angular...not the most comforting chart, is it?

Let's consider "25Tau" and "26Tau" for our Symbols...this is a part of the zodiac where two nasty Fixed Stars are located, both very active in the world now--and in the Middle East--Algol and Capulus. One is destructive and vengeful female energy, the other intense male energy...but first, the degrees' Symbols for the New Moon:

"25Tau": "A large well-kept public park (in CA? DC or NYC?)...RECREATION:

pos: a high devotion to the practical welfare of all people collectively;

neg: complete surrender of personality to mass judgments and transient superficialities.

"26Tau": "A Spaniard serenading his senorita"...CONSTANCY:

pos: the continual reassurance by which the will of man coaxes the depths of his soul into his experience;

neg: futile attempts to control life by empty blandishment.

(from Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

Fixed Stars:

Algol: ruthless female passion; in China, known as piled up corpses; in Arabia, the wife of the devil, or the Head of the Demon.

Algol's companion star, Capulus: intense male passion; focused, decisive, ruthless; relates to the "if it can be touched, weighed, or seen" mentality; blindness; penetrating action; keyphrase: to lose one's head.

The current Solar Eclipse degree from March 19 (9 New North: 28 Pis) is setting in the New Moon chart (i.e. conj DESC), and the previous Solar Eclipse degree from Sept 22, 2006 (8 South: 29 Vir) is rising:

9 New North: great physical effort, violence, or accidents are possible--be mindful of safety issues (our current Eclipse phase.)

8 South: separation and loss; sad endings; physical injury possible. (Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady; available at

The New Moon of May 16 has the most links and connections natally to the chart of Dick Cheney:

NM Mars: opposes n Neptune (efforts come to nothing or are off-the-mark; may undermine health); trine n Pluto (recuperative power; intense energy in environment) and n Chiron; conj SN--will there be a separation from a relationship?

NM Jupiter: square n Moon; conj n Mars; and sesquisquare n Pluto...this last may be a health indicator;

NM Saturn: opposes n Mercury; trine n Mars; square n Uranus (clash between old methods vs new--authority seen as 'in the past');

NM Neptune: conj n Mercury (murky thinking; deceitful information); square n Neptune (society throws obstacle in the path which cause disappointment and dissatisfaction);
square n MC (his Aspiration Point--his true goals still obscured and may be dissolved; Career Status may be undermined);

NM Pluto: square n Moon (determination to achieve goals is blocked or tested; physical health may be affected); semi-sq n Sun: health irritations; square n Neptune (conservatism and political power at odds with spiritual ideals); inconj n Chiron. Contacts between Pluto and Chiron bring up Pluto/Chiron issues...plutocracy, oppression, class warfare...inconjunt = adjustment, crisis.

NM Jupiter conj n Mars: may be too confident, but can have a supporting influence, including healthwise. Expansive Jupiter has been playing about with Cheney's n Mars bwo Jup's ongoing RX phase and will continue to support or overexpand his actions and activities. His recent trip to Iraq was under this transit which causes an attraction to luxurious travel and indulgences, and has a risk-taking flavor.

With tr Pluto squaring his n Moon/Neptune opposition we see this picture:

Moon/Neptune = Pluto: high sensitivity; emotional shock, upheaval, or change.

Since I will be keeping my squintiest eye upon the planets this week, I hope you'll check back as Whistleblowers Week grinds on in Washington.

May 13, 2007

The Neocons' Perfect Storm blows in

Geoffrey Wheatcroft has an interesting article in The Guardian detailing the demise of the Neocon's grand scheme now collapsing all around their sorry ears-- and unfortunately around everyone else's as well.

You can read it bwo of the excellent Information Clearing House:

This Perfect Storm Will Finally Detroy the Neocon Project includes some analysis of Tony Blair's poodle tenure.

Two questions:

If Blair has been Bush's poodle, what was the Queen?

Millions of people dead and maimed and it was just a project?

Then you may wish to read about Gordon Brown's reverence for Robert Kennedy and his attempt to latch onto the K-Myth (seems typical these days that it would be a myth, doesn't it?) in an article by John Pilger --who was there at RFK's assassination and has a more, shall we say...realistic view of the man.

The Kennedy Myth Rises Again details how it was when McCarthy-admirer and counsel RFK was running for prez and was just as cynical and ruthless as the next politician.

And one more thing: 6 new verses of limericking now available at Lim's Limericks if you're curious about Mr.A.Cat's views on some of our current crop of prez candidates...such as they are...myths not included.

May 12, 2007

DC's Whistleblowers Week + Hookergate too

Not sure what I'd do without my friend, Alex D'Atria at Astrology Communications Media who has given me some great links concerning the May 13-19 Whistleblowers Week in Washington aka "WWW."

It's to be the largest gaggle of nonprofit whistleblower organizations, groups, and individuals ever assembled on Capitol Hill in US history...attracted to Washington by the dirty-dealing administration of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

The Week's schedule includes testimony, discussion panels, workshops, a film night, and a book signing and is meant to highlight our country's need for Congress to pass stronger protection for whistleblowers everywhere.

The Congressional Tribunal takes place Tuesday, May 15, from 9 am to noon (I'll post on this time frame Sunday afternoon if all goes as planned.)

Dailykos has Deep Harm's column Scandals set to explode next week on Capitol Hill and you may wish to visit the Make It Safe Campaign as has a full schedule of events.

DC Hookergate:

Then there's the 'DC Madam' Palfrey's customer list which many have tried to suppress and keep hidden but customer Dick Cheney's name just keeps being bandied about from when he lived part-time in McLean, VA, and was prez and CEO of Halliburton...and was quite the frisky fellow, they say.

Read about it (in spite of all Bush and Cheney can do to stop ya) at Wayne Madsen Report where you'll find mention not only of Palfrey's employee Brandy Britton's supposed suicide (how many women have ever used hanging as a method for suicide?) but also the murder of Asst US Atty Jonathan Luna, Dec 4, 2003, in a Pennsylvania creek. Not the Wassa-whatchamacallit, I assume. That would make George Washington squirm in his grave with Masonic fervor.

This scandal's tentacles reach deep, m'peops, and threatens to engulf this administration bwo the firing of US Atty for Maryland Thomas DiBragio who was considered "too aggressive"--and he was working on the Palfrey case, quelle surprise.

Seems the DiBragio firing and Luna's murder eliminated the threat that the ritzy GOP "stalwarts" who frequented the DC/Baltimore prostitution ring would be safe from exposure prior to the 2004 presidential election.

So for 2004 we got the same old pig with the bright red lipstick which now is wearing very thin...but at least it matches his hoof-nail polish...Madam Palfrey says that's very important, y'know.

Well, I do hope Whistleblowers Week amounts to something positive for America--but it will have to be after the puss of this administration is expelled from the scar that festers on Capitol Hill's a*s.

Bush's Progr'd Chart 5.12.07

Playing US President is a busy undertaking--it's hard werk, yall--and we might expect that George Bush's Secondary Progressed chart (physical plane) would be very active at the moment.

It is.

If you click to enlarge the chart you may see the Sun Vir/Moon Cap blend which gives these Images for Intergration:

A student passes entrance examination to a prestigious technical college...A headline: 'Small-town boy makes good...Fine bone china (my italics-jc)

(The first word picture sadly reminds me of the posthumous degrees that VA Tech is awarding this weekend.)

There are three midpoints rising in GB's Sec chart:

Jupiter/Pluto = ASC: organizing talent; desire for power; far-sightedness; prudence.

(The Jup/Pluto combo is a significator of plutocracy as is Pluto/Chiron.)

Mercury/Neptune = ASC: potential overreaction to others; exploitation or being exploited.

Ven/Pluto = ASC: an attractive personality wielding a great influence over others; an unusual love affair.

At MC (the Aspiration or WHY Point of the chart--the most visible point) we see Uranus/NN--the unusual political groups combo with the reformists' swagger...

Ura/NN = MC: the desire to bring plans to fruition jointly with others; seeking stimulating ideas from others (see Sec Moon degree's Symbol below); teamwork paying off; professional recognition.

Transit Saturn, now direct, is tromping on Bush's Sec Mars/Uranus midpoint...

Mars/Ura = tr Saturn:

A clash between controls and the freest spirit; controls cannot be tolerated; potential battles and separations; lack of adaptability; violent destruction; a heavy injury; surgery.

As you know, midpoint pictures give us a look at any or all ways in which things may manifest...or 'none of the above' yet I think we're seeing some of these manifestations now, don't you? And the Sec Progressions represent internal changes while tr Saturn (above) would bring external events and conditions...and in tr Saturn's case: accountability, restriction, and denial.

Nep/NN = Pluto: difficulty blending one's personal perspectives with others's views; exercising a bad influence upon associations (last Tuesday's meeting with 'concerned about re-election' Rs?); breakdown of relationships (some of the rats are leaving the sinking White House ship in droves while the gettin's good-jc)

Nep/MC = Pluto: adventurous enterprises; criminal offenses; pursuit of peculiar objectives; supernatural experiences or the supernatural as a professional focus (see Sec Moon degree's Symbol below); strange happenings on the job or in the home (the White House? like 11 pm meetings with the Brethren? -jc)

Mercury/ASC = Sun: desire to discuss vital matters which affect many people.

And let us not leave out Sec Mars for our very Martian dice-roller and Holy Land-bomber...

Jup/Nep = Mars: speculation; unreliability; irresponsible actions; relying on others and being let down; strong idealism with the need for practical focus.

Moon/Saturn = Mars: sense of real problems (it's hit him at last-jc); soul-conflicts; desire to overcome difficulties; feeling inferior; difficulty getting off the ground except by carefully planned strategies.

Venus/Nep = Mars: easy self-delusion; misdirected energy; sex drive has difficulty being fulfilled (they have Viagra for that--jc)

And old man Saturn is also being affected by two midppoints, NN/ASC (personal relationships) and ASC/MC (ID awareness; higher self + lower self.)

NN/ASC = Saturn: conservatism; feelings of suppression or oppression in the presence of other people; seclusion; mourning or bereavement (he's certainly brought a lot of it to the rest of the world-jc.)

ASC/MC = Saturn: conservatism is comfortable; austerity is important as a part of maturity and reliability (puh!-jc); feeling inferior (he is-jc); depression; mourning or bereavement.

Sabian Symbols (Dr. Marc Edmund Jones) for Sec Sun and Moon are:

Sun "13Vir": "A strong hand supplanting political hysteria (again: last Tuesday at the White House meeting with worried Rs?-jc)...keyword: POWER...

pos: consistent effectiveness in dramatizing personal potentials (it's all about the drama, photo-ops, and propaganda, isn't it? -jc);

neg/shadow side/unconscious: loss of all opportunity by timid action (seems odd considering his public brashness--pass the kool-aid?-jc)

"13Vir" is about providing an overall ordering for each moment of history if it is to count for much in the lives of others...since there is always a counsel of confusion to take over when events are allowed to drift or
when the immediate leadership proves deficient (oh yeah! my italics-jc)

Bush's Sec Moon has been at 00Cap00 lately, which is one of the four World Points (00Aries/Libr; 00Can/Cap)...where the most public events may manifest; and the Symbol for it (using the rounding-up method) is:

Moon "1Cap": "An Indian chief claiming power from the assembled tribe"...keyword: INFLEXIBILITY...

pos: an ever-effective authority following from a single eye of vision and a consistent dignity of character;

neg/shadow side/unconscious: idle pompousness and a senseless raising of minor issues (he tried that diversion with his peanut-funding whine-jc)

This degree concerns a determination to maintain every advantage gained by birth or through experience and to grasp every oppportunity for genuine self-expression (my italics-jc)

The opposite degree, the Illumination Point, an unconscious point which if integrated can move things along in a more positive fashion, is:

"1Can": "A furled and an unfurled flag displayed from a vessel"...keyword: ADAPTABILITY...

pos: a gift for highly profitable adjustment in every developing relationship with others;

neg: vacillation if not complete instability.

(I include the Illumination Point due to the Moon's connection to the Unconscious and because he needs to adapt and adjust--to learn how to 'play' fairly with others-jc)

So it seems that the Skull'n'Bones Society--and other secret associations (Ura/NN)-- are very busy now being called upon by Bush for extraordinary power from "the assembled tribe."

And with Bush's Sec Pluto/Chiron midpoint (16Vir34) now having risen in his Sec Chart, I believe we've ALL been feeling it--the plutocratic oppression and class warfare which is in process of being waged upon the world and which are touted ad nauseum by George Bush in his role as US President.

Since his Sec Chart is now at a Jupiter Hour we might look at Sec Jupiter's degree as well:

Sec Jupiter "27Libra": "An airplane hovering overhead"...keyword: REFLECTION...

pos: high effectiveness in self-adjustment or real skill in meeting the crises of life;

neg: complete inability to get down into immediate realities.

My fret is that his seldom-used self-reflection is coupled with self-pity now as Bush retreats into the bowels of my White House...will the Bubble World of George Bush continue to hover over America as he continues to run from the reality of the mess he's made?

May 10, 2007

the Mars Declination Cycle

Although little is documented on a personal level concerning the Mars Declination Cycle, it certainly proves useful for mundane Mars-related events.

You won't want to miss Kathryn's article on this important Cycle at Collaborate with Fate where you'll find information on this Declination Cycle which relates to all Mars-ruled things and events such as: war, the military and law enforcement, violence, industrial workers, banditry, fires/firemen, surgeons, manufacturing, accidents, explosions, sports such as boxing, and so on.

The Declination Cycle of a planet refers to its crossing of the celestial equator such as from South Declination to North Declination when it switches Polarity.

A chart is then set up for that time in a place of your choice, and the chart is used for transits and aspects relating to house positions, angularity to Mars, and the upcoming influences for any and all Mars-ruled things (but not to other planets in the Mars Declination Chart--only Mars.)

Kathryn gives dates, times, and examples so be sure to check out her excellent work.

She has also posted on the Saturn/Neptune Cycle which is now affecting Tony Blair (who has Sat/Nep conj natally--the tr Sat/Nep opposition is exact on June 27, the day he is scheduled to step down!), and on the Solar Cycle as well.

The Mars Cycle we're now in began June 20, 2005 at 3:22 GMT and is coming to a close in a few days with the next Cycle beginning May 20, 2007 4:37 GMT.

Today on Capitol Hill 5.10.07

Today on Capitol Hill promises much drama with Alberto Gonzales again attempting to defend the administration's stacking of the deck at the Injustice Dept and a vote on the war funding stalemate.

Sparse time this morning to do (in?)justice to the day's chart factors but I do want to mention a few things.

We see 12Can17 rising at 9:30 am edt...Bush and the nation's natal Sun rising.

Saturn (Ds; authority; control; accountability) is now direct 18Leo32, and is therefore continuing to plague AG's Mars/Pluto midpoint:

Mars/Pluto = Saturn: forcibly overcoming obstacles and difficulties; leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of a particular task; hard hard work with extraordinary discipline needed and usually paying off.

For Bush it's his n Venus/Pluto being affected by Saturn:

Venus/Pluto = Saturn: immorality; a sense of tragedy (similar to what I felt when he first hijacked the Oval Office? 'Oval Office' is connected with the planet Venus which is out-of-bounds today.)

The day has an interesting quindecile (165 degrees, an aspect of compulsion-obsession) between Venus and Jupiter--and which relates specifically to the war funding bill:

Venus QD Jupiter: excessively driven with a need for relationships/money; idealism; codependency; morals and ethics based on those of one's partners/s and on material gain; excess and indulgence; belief systems become the major motivator (The Quindecile, Ricki Reeves.)

If you're visitng this blog, you may click to enlarge the day's chart set for 9:30 am when the curtain rises and you'll see my chicken scratch notes to add to your delight. Otherwise, here are the midpoints of the day beginning with the most obvious feature of the chart, the ongoing and explosive Mars/Uranus conjunction now widening yet snugged at MC, the WHY Point of the 9:30 am chart:

Mars/Uranus = MC: an inflexible character; violent or drastic measures; putting a gun to someone's head; injury; accident; extraordinary achievements. (btw: this midpoint pic was active when Cheney shot Whittington in the face.)

Mars/ASC = SUN: quarrel; mishap; excitability; intense teamwork; love of fighting; having to adjust things forcefully; operating in an inhospitable milieu.

Mercury/Pluto = NN: being recognized for communication skills; desire to be spokesperson for the community.

NN/MC = Uranus: sudden emotional reactions; acting impulsively or rashly; behaving restlessly with others; sudden and deeply moving experiences; zaniness; solving problems innovatively with others.

Here are the midpt pics from the FIXED T-squares--all with the inflexible, unyielding Sun as apex planet:

Moon/Saturn = Sun: feelings of enforced controls; sobering times; separation.

Saturn/Neptune = Sun: painstaking attention to hard work and feeling alone in the effort; sensitivity; illness from emotional suffering or setbacks. (The Saturn/Neptune combo usually bring grief, weakness, and torment in their wake.)

The T-square pattern also includes one between Saturn/Chiron which I believe is a picture of 'wounded authority' still pointing to the stubborn Taurean Sun...a Sun (leader) who is powerfully determined to succeed but attracts enduring power struggles in his relationships due to his unyieldingness. And so the stand-off continues! (Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney.)

And now here is the Image for the idealistic and steadfast Sun-Moon blend for today:

Sun Tau-Moon AQ: A country squire holds the summer fete in his garden: all monies raised are divided between three charities in the village--the Friendly Farmer's Trust, the Local Artists' Guild, and the Quakers' Orphanage.

Hmm. Seems Bush can't grasp last November's message from The People--or the fact that the billions he so determined to spend (and continue to profit from) belong to us and we want his obscenely expensive war machine turned around and brought back home to stem the hemorraghing of America.

To close, here's a quote from two people who share natally the Sun Tau-Moon AQ blend:

"When you're down and out, something always turns up--and it's usually the noses of your friends." - Orson Welles

And: "May the Force be with you." - George Lucas

May 9, 2007

what Plutarch said

"The abuse of buying and selling votes crept in and money began to play an important part in determining elections. Later on, this process of corruption spread to the law courts. And then to the army, and finally the Republic was subjected to the rule of emperors."

Plutarch (46 A.D.-127 A.D.) Historian of the Roman Republic

May 8, 2007

Asteroid Apollo flies by

Discovered by Wilhelm Reinmuth on April 24, 1932, asteroid Apollo is associated mythologically with the Greek sun god, Apollo and was the first of the Earth-crosser/Venus-crosser/Mars-crossers to be found.

At its sighting Apollo was Tropically at "1Scorpio", conj the New World Order's natal Sun degree...I'm only giving the negative version of the Sabian Symbols because I want to...

"1Sco": "A sight-seeing bus"> neg: a genius for avoiding any and every actual expenditure of self.

Apollo's Sidereal degree at discovery may be instructive for our current climate:

"5Sco": "A massive, rocky shore"> neg: blind stubborness or unreasoning conservatism.


Astrologically there are three possible manifestations of this asteroid in our charts--and thus in our psyches--interpreted by the excellent Lee Lehman:

1. a personification of the Sun in the chart (self-protective, side-scuttling Cancer for US and George Bush);

2. a personification of Greek society's archetypal traits of the ideal man;

3. the giver or healer of disease.

Apollo's key phrase: against the odds.

It will be interesting to see how the next several days play out--a new cure or a new epedemic? Or other archetypal manifestations of Apollo's visit to Earth of the closer kind? Was Queen Elizabeth's visit to the US a few days early? Well, it has been years since she was last here!

And if you see any ideal men running about, I'd like to know about it, Barak Obama notwithstanding.

Space Weather News for May 7, 2007

ASTEROID FLYBY: This week, a famous asteroid is flying past Earth: 1862 Apollo.

Discovered in 1932, Apollo was the first asteroid recognized to cross Earth's orbit. Its discovery, and the subsequent discovery of many others like Apollo, helped
scientists understand that the threat of asteroid impacts didn't end with the
dinosaurs; it's a modern problem, too. There's no danger of a collision
this time. Apollo will be about 10.7 million kilometers away at closest approach
on May 8th. Southern hemisphere astronomers with big backyard telescopes may be
able to photograph the 1.7 km-wide asteroid and its tiny 75 meter-wide moon gliding
through the constellations Microscopium and Grus.


Just back from France, Mr.A.Cat has had me publish his latest limerick at Lim's Limericks concerning the UMP Party's Nicolas Sarkozy and his presidential victory Sunday.

At Lim's you'll find a link to an article on the ongoing riots, car burnings, window smashings, and arrests bedeviling the French nation. It's not certain that Sarkozy's expressed admiration for George Bush will be doing him a world o'good as he attempts to manifest his reformist tendencies upon France with her sluggish economy and large immigrant populations.

And where has Sarkozy been during the riots? Resting on a yacht in the Mediterranean. Sluggish economy indeed. Wonder whose name is on the yacht's title?

He's partying on down, I imagine, while Paris burns. The similaries between Bush, Sarkozy, and Nero I shall barely mention...esp with the incendiary Mars/Uranus snugged around NN...hyperexcitability; an excited demonstration shown to others; the execution of extraordinary and unusual enterprises.

Of course, Sunday's election occurred under this influence as well...and how do they count their votes so quickly in France when we can barely count ours at all?

May 7, 2007

The 'New' Masons

Did you miss NPR's report over the weekend on the current state of Freemasonry?

New Masons Drawn by Brotherhood, Not by Myths asserts that the brotherhood teaches moral lessons bwo allegory and secret rituals.

It's the secret rituals part that opens the door to cult accusations...even by the Roman Catholic Church. Guess the vatican likes to keep the market cornered on the secret ritual stuff.

Then you've got the the craft moniker--use of that term stirs the pot with the general public since it sounds wiccan or something (stirs the pot--I so foony...must be my n Jupiter/Saturn trine!)

Yet the US had 50,000 lodges and 4 million members in the 40s and 50s--now approximately 1.8 million, and the membership's average age continues to lower as their WWII-era brothers are passing on at a rapid rate.

See: Why 'Stars Over Washington'? in which I defend the naming of this blog along with some info concerning the founding of America and our nation's early connections to Freemasonry, if you wish.

EU/US merger: NWO creeps closer

Click chart to enlarge and read my scribbles...chart info here: New World Order--the NWO is on the way by hook or crook, m'peops. If it were all that wonderful they'd be crowing about it instead of hiding it:

EU/US Merger: New Global Order By Stealth

By Steve Watson

In a sweeping move that has garnered surprisingly little attention this week the United States and the European Union have signed up to a new transatlantic economic partnership that will see regulatory standards "harmonized" and will lay the basis for a merging of the US and EU into one single market, a huge step on the path to a new globalized world order. EU/US merger

May 6, 2007

Are You a Tech Omnivore?

Are you a technology Omnivore, Connector, Productivity Enhancer, or Lackluster Veteran?

Not sure which category I fit into but lackluster probably has something to do with it. And the Pew Internet and American Life Project can help me figure it out.

There's a quiz you may take if you're into fretting about it or you may read how the Survey Shatters Technology Assumptions which may or may not get your tech fires glowing again.

Funny that I just finished reading Robert Blaschke's Earthwalk Astrology Newletter concerning the semiseptile phase of Uranus/Neptune and its Information Age connections that began with the Uran/Nep Conjunctions of 1993 (Feb 2, Aug 20, and Oct 24) as the tech revolution for the masses took hold of our brain waves.

The semiseptile is an aspect of the 14th Harmonic issuing from the H7 = spiritual awareness. And Robert Blaschke asserts that the Information Age is proving to be an empty disappointment for most people--"illusions weaved with modern technology" or, in astrologese--Neptune + Uranus.

Then I find the above article on how we Americans fall into which category of 'user' based on the Pew survey...the whole thing sounds addictive when you put it that way, doesn't it? How many spouses have complained of such in recent years?

Sounds like Neptune is up to its usual tricks--negative escapism vs true spirituality!

Note: Earthwalk Astrology's latest Newsletter also has info on Jeanne Palfrey's natal chart--Mr.Blaschke spoke with the DC Madam by phone and she gave him her details! The federal charges may be dismissed or reduced--her Sec Moon was trining natal Jupiter at the time of her indictment, March 1.

Deborah Jeane Palfrey
Mar 18, 1956
North Charleroi, PA
16:55:00 GMT

Here's her natal Sun Pisces/Moon Gemini personality blend's Image for Integration:

A child grips his magic red balloon as it lifts him into the sky and over the sea onto an island of eternal beauty...A schoolboy dreams of heroic deeds during a class on the romantic poets. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzy Harvey.)

A Look at Poverty in America 2007

Wonder if presidential candidate John Edwards would be proud of the excellent article written by my Gather friend, Genine Hopkins?

A Look at Poverty: From the Inside makes excellent points about the experience of being on the ladder's lower rungs in America.

You don't have to join Gather dot com to read articles or view images....only to comment.

Hope to see you there!

Hindenburg Disaster 1937 and 2007

This evening the Navy Lakehurst Historical Society is holding a private memorial service in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Hidenburg Disaster.

The luxuriously appointed Hindenburg erupted in flames on May 6, 1937, 7:25 pm edt, as it landed at the Lakehurst Naval Air Field with 1000+ passengers onboard. Having made several trips in 1936, this was its first voyage of 1937.

The swastika-emblazoned zeppelin was the pride of the Third Reich and had been named for Paul von Hidenburg (1847-1934), who was president of Germany from 1925-1943. The German government purchased the ship as the Zeppelin Company struggled during the Depression, so the tale goes.

Due to a US embargo on helium, the Hidenburg was filled with bags of flammable hydrogen and through the years its demise has been primarily thought to have been static electricity from earlier storms in the day igniting leaking gas...if not sabotage, Pluto's domain. (1937 Pluto was opposite US n Pluto, and tr Jupiter was conj US n Pluto...not enough to go on without further investigation.)

Asteroid, Midas, was conj the Sun in greedy, sometimes intolerant Taurus...possibly related to the US embargo mentioned above.

But the garlic which had been added to aid with odor detection in case of a leak, did not indicate such a leak according to the ship's captain.

The Concorde of its day, the Hidenburg has been called the "Titanic of the Sky" and was thought (in similar fashion to the doomed ocean liner) to have been "infallible."

The most prominent theory for the fire which I can feret out is from a NASA scientists' research indicating that static electricity (Uranus) had ignited (Mars, in 1st house and Rx) the fabric covering (Saturn) which had a new (Uranus) protective coating (Saturn.)

You see Mercury (air travel; communications) is Rx also. The ship had been used to deliver Third Reich propaganda and was filled with mail from various countries to be delivered inside the U.S.

Here you see the charts for the disaster--which took appr 34 seconds to engulf the ship and crash it in flames--plus, the chart for this evening's service.

In 1937, there were asteroids of note: determined Sisyphus at MC opposite Arachne (webs, membranes, networks) and wax-wing-melted Icarus, an asteroid often active in air disasters.

The fabric covering was fitted over a metal frame, and the most recent research seems to show the possibility that German scientists' methods and design were at fault, infallible as they preferred to be considered. Some of the fabric remains and has aided in the protective coating part of the theory's research.

It is my estimation that tonight's chart with Saturn at MC--describes the scientists of 1937's determination (Sisyphus) for authority (Saturn) and was at least in part the WHY (MC) of the disaster, couple with Arachne's and Icarus' influences at the Foundation Point--the IC (endings; the drain; the HOW Point.)

There's a site with slideshow and video of the disaster at which includes footage filmed onboard--the film survived inside the camera but its owner did not.

My heart goes out this evening to the survivors and descendants of this horrible air disaster (as are we all in the larger sense) while also remembering that arrogant infallibility gets mankind in a heap of trouble for pride comes before a fall.

Tiresome platitude? Perhaps, but we hear it so often for one good reason: because it's so very true.