Oct 30, 2010

October Surprise a false flag? Nov midterms 2010

With corporate media's panties in a bunch over what may be only a false flag op staged by a US government frightened that establishment candidates may be kicked out of Washington on November 2, we may wish to consider an alternate news source concerning the bombs-that-weren't-then-were bombs on planes heading to America.

And of course, tightening airport security always follows these episodes no matter how fluffy they turn out to be. Is the message: don't kick out the bums who 'foil' terrorist plots (even if they're the bums who set them up to keep us fearful and subdued)?

This Packages From Yemen airplane/bomb story certainly took over the news from the midterm elections, didn't it? Now if a 'new' bin Laden tape appears, our Halloween bag of soft-centered, nutty political tricksters will be overflowing!

Oct 29, 2010

Edgar Allan Poe season for Halloween?

Another Halloween, another Edgar Allan Poe season, don't you think?

Especially since the current season of President Obama's term began on January 20, 2009 with we-the-people's national Moon @ 29Scorpio45, a 29th critical or crisis degree showing what sort of shape the Bush-Cheney monster had us in by Inauguration Day 2009. But that's not the only reason I mention this degree along with Poe's illustrious name...

It's because rounding up for Inaugural Moon 2009, we have '30Sco' = "A Halloween Jester" a figure which seems embedded in the news these days. Tricksters and Pans of a political persuasion are sashaying around Washington DC as if they owned the place, and our national airwaves, internets, and phones are full of people preaching at us while railing against their perceived, scoundrely opponents who - as anyone can plainly see - shouldn't be elected dog catcher.

By this sound reasoning, neither should they.

'30Sco' 'Keyword: SPONTANEOUSNESS.

positive expression: a gift for making the desires and ambitions of self not only of interest but of actual value to others;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: ineptness of self-expression and contempt for established values.'

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology , Marc Edmund Jones.)

Besides, you know that US Inaugural Moon 2009 was void-of-course, thus we-the-people have been rather at loose ends and things aren't turning out as someone planned.

I imagine the 'contempt' is the public's record-high level of contempt for Congress, don't you? And 'contempt for established values' may relate to many things on various levels but I suspect that tossing out congressional incumbents on November 2, 2010 may be part of the Capitol Hill soap opera that will soon unfold. Plus, animosity toward President Obama is very much on the contemptuous side for some Americans who appreciate the GOP's sit-on-our-hands strategy.

Those Sour Grapes of Wrath

The political ploy "Anything to Make the President Look Bad" has grown beyond tiresome when so many public issues need solving on our behalf. Civics classes need reinstating where they've been cut, too. But that would mean that the American people might quit being so polarized by political operatives and could possibly learn again to vote for their/our own best interests.

Of course, solutions to our problems secretly hide or simply remain unembodied when 98.9% of offered candidates stink until even the electorate's accustomed 'lesser of two evils' default strategy sputters at the ballot box as it must do this year.

Witches, frat boys, and Nazi sympathizers - our electorate cups truly runneth over like lethal, leaking storage ponds this 2010 midterm season.

And all the while, I'll be trying to avoid taking another of Pat Boone's robo-calls while trying not to become overly diverted on Nov 2 and beyond - whenever all the squawking and/or recounts start. Why, we don't even know if all US voting machines will 'work' properly or honestly on Nov 2 so the only up-side of this I can think of at the moment is that perhaps, at last, the US government will cease going abroad to brazenly and hypocritically boss around other nations on how to 'run' an election democratically.


Such bald headed bosh!


Now here's a wispy ghost of a post wafting your way from May 2010:

I knew it was You, Halliburton!

Oct 27, 2010

Solar Eclipses: 2010 = 1992

Being in the remiss I have rushed here to post a link from Oct 20, 2010 (in case you missed Amy Goodman's report and haven't had a chance or the heart to keep up w the massive mortgage fraud perpetrated in America by the very same big banks we-the-people gave all those mega-bucks to) on Democracy Now!

Sea-ruler and dissolver, watery toxic Neptune has been washing over and over US natal Moon (we-the-people), and US Secondary Progressed Moon recently conjoined Sec Neptune so a shipload of wobbly conditions arrived in the people's harbor (Moon); Neptune also signifies the masses.)

Fraud is one of Neptune's faces as well with men hiding behind masks all around us, in every institution like the tentacle of a sinister, globe-throttling octopus. This octopus has engineered and plotted until our national Boxcar of Abundance has careened off the rails by the machinations of a clawful of Bolsheviks (and other factions clambering for control of the micrpohone) as history repeats on several levels.

Fortunately for us, this script of treachery and gangsterism (Pluto/Chiron) may be described (translated) for a different understanding since Astrology brings in the element of Time and so gives a fuller picture especially when planetary archetypes are factored in. Shall we indulge?

My guess is that 2010's Solar Eclipses - operative about 18.6 years ago (and 18.6 years prior to that, etc, and due to their Saros Series repeating approximately every 19 years like Great Cosmic Clockwork) - is trying to tell us of similar societal themes, some of which really need closure on an honest footing - from the year 1992 - January 4, 1992, to be precise; Solar Eclipse 13Cap51 in the 12 North (12N) Series:

sudden opportunities come along to accept greater responsibilities, most likely due to another person's inability to carry on; events may be difficult but results are good for self-esteem and harmony. (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

This is the one I cheekily called the New President Eclipse since it occurred Jan 26, 2010, only 6 days into the Obama administration's taking over the helm and he obviously took on responsibilities: Dubya couldn't run a 3rd time and McCain was too old, Palin too inexperienced.

So if we cast our minds and Kindles back to 1992 for the issues and concerns of that era, we're seeing repeating themes turning up on our plates and in the news in 2010. The power elite agenda from 1992 is still on the boil and their To-Do List shortens. Or maybe that's a Done-Done List - or will be soon for they've convinced themselves they cannot fail with their oh-so-attractive goose-stepping style. Puh!

Anyway, prior to the 1993 Great Conjunction/s of Uranus/Neptune, the illuminated pair, 1992 saw a rigidly Fixed Saturn/Pluto square (Saturn AQ, Pluto Sco) which the world has similarly groaned beneath in 2010 (Saturn Lib, Pluto Cap); Queen Elizabeth called 1992 her "annus horribilis" for what one assumes relates to three out of four marriages of her children ending in divorce along with the Windsor Castle fire.

(You'll find that the video of George Bush Sr announcing the New World Order is re-embedded below because 1991 ushered in 1992. There's some discrepancy concerning the date so I'm not certain Bush gave the address on September 11, 1991 or not though much has been made of its foreshadowing of September 11, 2001. Whether it was on Sept 11, 1991 or around that time, the NWO shout-out to the future sounds chilling enough coming from those dead, wonky eyes and Republican neocon war profiteering mouth.)

As you know, when using Political Astrology's magnifying lens to look at squirmy Politics, I like to consider the presidencies of the years in question; of course some years are transition years and two presidents (1992) baton-pass during that 'peaceful transition of power' pap they feed us, and on some level, I suppose you could say it's correct as far as it goes. Of course, assassinations are special cases that skew the schedule (or do they? For NWO purposes, I think they're meant to put things back on track!)

How would you like to be put into the Oval Office by people so powerful and ruthless, they 'take you out' if you don't follow their script? Nor would I.

Yes, despite pompous presidential inaugurations in DC, throwing a fancy ceremony is no guarantee that anything substantive has changed or will change in US policy, foreign or domestic...as long as the one world government script is being followed there's only one outcome the win-at-any-costers will countenance. Trampling those who dare stand in their way is of no moment to this gaggle of globalist psychopaths.

So! Check out events of 1992 as a mate for 2010's proceedings if you dare. Bill Clinton's dance card was full then and outgoing prez Bush Sr was a player being a former CIA Director and NWO president. Of course, Poppy's televised upchuck at a 1992 state dinner in Japan is on every one's favorites list on YouTube circa 2010.

2010 Solar Eclipse #2

The second Solar Eclipse of 2010 is the one we're basking in now (to the extent that some can and their homes aren't being washed away by larger forces such as mortgage fraud, systemic robogate, or a tsunami) - the 12 South which manifested on July 11, 2010 @ 19Can24 conjunct Fixed Star Castor which can bring loss as well as murder, and yet it's a star of writers like
Danny Casolaro
who was born with his Mercury (writers, journalists, reporters, speakers, traders) conjoining Castor's degree. Here's a link to a video concerning the Casolaro murder about which Bush Sr and Bill Clinton should have been grilled.

(There's also a FaceBook page for Danny Casolaro but I can't figure out how to permalink you to it. My non-techie credentials remain intact!)

So the current July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse is in the 12 South Series: successful outcomes to long term worries; a worrying or draining issue will at first seem worse, then clear.

In late June-early July, I used the flavor of 12S to give me hope prior to BP's current capping of the Deepwater Horizon well, and sure enough, they managed it four days after 12S occurred. Plus, 12S will be the PE of the 2010 November midterms so perhaps the alleged rout of Capitol Hill Democrats won't be as massive as polls now seem to indicate.

Now I'll leave you with an ugly video which has been posted here before. Bush Sr's confidence about NWO-implementation is stark as we consider how well the march toward global fascism has so far succeeded since the attacks of 9/11/01 with Financial Collapse 2008 serving as an integral part of their one world government plan.

Oct 26, 2010

Got Obama Disappointment? US Neptune = Obama's Mars

Writing in The Independent, Johann Hari presents The Real Reason Obama Has Let Us All Down (which translates into a Saturn vs Neptune face-off.)

Now I agree with the basic ideas Mr. Hari poses yet it seems to me that GOP undermining from Day One has something to do with how the Obama presidency has not been as effectual as most of us wanted it to be by now. The legendary American impatience is involved as well, yet the article certainly gives a run down of the areas and ways in which we have been disappointed by Barack Obama.

And if you've ever read this blog before (or study Astrology yourself) you may remember that I fretted quite a bit over the fact that America's natal Neptune 22Vir25 and Barack Obama's natal Mars are closely conjoined which, I thought - uh-oh! - would veil the public's eyes from seeing President Obama's actions and motives (Mars) for what they really were and are. The lack of clarity, fuzzy dreaminess, and adoration exhibited by 'rockstar Obama' voters in the early days of his term are so perfectly described by our shared Mars/Neptune conjunction that it isn't funny.

The whole situation isn't funny at all, of course, for those of us who wish America to continue in decent fashion. But the rose-colored sunglasses of glamorous Neptune have made it difficult to face the facts - even now, with a clear-eyed assessment of our disappointments (Neptune) with Obama's failures and deceptions (Neptune) laid out in an article such as Mr. Hari's. Yes, facts and accountability are the provinces of realistic Saturn and not part of Neptune's cloudy, watery realms at all.

But feeling let down is. Plus, US natal Neptune is in Virgo, the sign of work, health, and service!

Ex: If you and a friend were born with one's Mars conjoining the other's Neptune, it can be 99% guaranteed that 'clear-eyed' would not describe your relations and dealings unless the one with Neptune was spiritually honest and on the up'n'up - fraudless and genuine, you might say. And the person with Mars (planet of action, energy, and motivation) could easily get away with all manner of things - basically whatever he or she desired - a confusion which also falls into the 99% range of probability. Others might see the Mars person's true motives, but the Neptunian in the equation probably never would (and would prefer not to.)

Perhaps the walk-on-water Apollo sun god that many of us expected or dreamed of for all our problem-solving needs has had other things to do of a more...material nature. Such as taking care of the wealthy bankers and other power eliters who installed him in the White House. To imagine that it was simply we-the-people who put Mr. Obama in the Oval Office is yet another Neptunian delusion we need to break free from.

So when/if the GOP takes over the House and/or Senate next week, you won't be too surprised for it's another chapter in the globalists' America-down-the-drain script. Then once again, we-the-people will know (or should know) we're being royally had.

Oct 25, 2010

Koch memo leak: 'change balance of power' parrots 1.4.11 Solar Eclipse

Sometimes a news event or phrase in the news perfectly parrots an astrological indicator such as this:

(KurtNimmo) – One faction of globalist tools outing another faction of globalist tools. That’s how we play politics in America today.

Think Progress — which should be called Think Soros because it is funded by George Soros — has released a private correspondence sent out by Charles Koch of Koch Industries. The memo has the itinerary of a *private meeting to be held at an exclusive hotel in Aspen attached.

Soros globalists leak neocon RINO document.

In the memo, Koch says his group of neocons and RINOs plan to “change the balance of power in Congress this November.” In other words, give power back to a Republican-dominated set of globalists and statists who hope to come out the winners in the perpetual game of musical chairs as the corrupt Mafioso government continues its slow motion Titanic routine to the bottom.

Koch plans to “activate citizens,” that is to say convince them to vote for Republicans and trademark Tea Party operatives who buy into the neocon philosophy.

The hand of the neocons weighs heavily on this invitation only, media excluded event. Charles Krauthammer will dispense his wisdom — something you can get for nothing on Fox News any day of the week — and so will stand-up comic Glenn Beck and broker-dealer Peter Schiff.

Read more here. #

And here's a direct link to the PDF of the invitation to the Koch meeting of neocons plotting their take-over (and plotting revenge, no doubt, against their Dem globalist opponents - yet another battle of ideologues which will not result in improvements for the American people, imho. Yet sometimes you just want to be wrong.)


Astrology Describes 'The Balance of Power'

What perked up my antennae in the above memo is its parroting of Celeste Teal's title for the January 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse at the crisis or critical degree of 13Cap38: "The Balance of Power" which, as previously noted, opposes US natal Sun in Cancer (the leader or leadership.)

Now you see my emphasis added above to the Koch-neocon group's goal to "change the balance of power in Congress this November" and there are many Americans who may consider this to be a fabulous idea - after all, we've voted to do it before when the ruling party acts too big for its britches or is inadequate, or more corrupt than usual. (I shall remind you that GOP politicians were once deemed 'more corrupt than usual' by the American people not so very long ago. Wonder how Capitol Hill's purported 'ethics seminars' worked out? Ah, for the days of Jack Abramoff, 'The Godfather' Tom DeLay, Newt Gingrich, and the boys. Puh! The Family indeed...bwo Sicily. Interestingly, asteroid Cupido in Astrology signifies The Family, The Syndicate, and/or Corporations.)

According to Teal's book Eclipses, the critical degree of the January 4, 2011 Eclipse indicates a potential for a 'central event having wide-ranging impact' - could this be the November 2010 midterms and a Republican take-over of the House? (Get ready for SS cuts and/or privatization if you, dear voter, fall for GOP and Tea Party rhetoric. Don't know about you, but I paid 100% of those 'benefits' into the SS system for over 30 years and I'd like them all back please.)

Earning power, expenditures, trade, and labor restrictions are also highlighted by the January 2011 eclipse.

The January 4th eclipse also shows a 'turbulent spirit against those in high places' thanks in part to its nearness to Fixed Star, Manubrium (flaring heat.) Opposition to America's natal Sun gives President Obama 'potentially powerful opposition to overcome' which portends congressional battles, gridlocks, filibusters, and attempts at repealing Dem legislation. Obstacles to further legislation is on the GOP agenda as well, so if an unusually bilious amount of contentiousness on Capitol Hill is what you want - rather than dealing with the American public's immediate and dire concerns - vote GOP on November 2, 2010. That will show Mr. Obama we don't know how to vote for our own best interests! Won't he be sorry! (Here's where a font for sarcasm would come in handy.)

Of course, my more basic opinion is that the plutocratic and elite ruling class (Pluto/Chiron, Sun/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto, etc) of royals and Luciferians has been waging class warfare upon we-the-people for decades with the only real difference being which power players call the shots in their mad drive to be the crowing roosters at the top as they shill for a One World Government (NWO.)

Economics Professor Richard Wolff says US incomes haven't risen since the 1970s! Click for his website and podcasts on topics such as the current workers' strikes in France - and why he thinks US workers don't.

As for neocon 'statists', 'Statism' is also under Pluto/Chiron's purview as are other -isms such as Socialism, Communism, Marxism, corporatism, fascism, totalitarianism, etc. Whatever disenfranchises and oppresses, there's overlord Pluto/Chiron. The US natal Pluto/Chiron in Pisces conjoins our nation's natal Ceres (security and food issues and thus they oppress us with fear-as-tactic (loss of security), and with health-weakening by food additives, mercury poisoning, chemicals in plastics, and such. Monsanto's hold over seeds is a case in point, too. Famines or the threat of them make great tools to get your way!)

Now as you know, 'absolute power corrupts absolutely' and that certainly must include our raunchy sell-out-America band of Rs and Ds - and anyone else who thinks to take charge of this huge enterprise of a cash cow and international police force that we sentimentally like to call the United States of America...for at least a little while longer.


*If I read it correctly in the PDF of the Koch memo (dated Sept 24, 2010), I believe the secret meeting in Aspen has already taken place and the next meeting of neocon plotters occurs Jan 30 - 31, 2011 in Palm Springs, CA at lovely
Rancho Mirage
- after the GOP's House and/or Senate take-over has been accomplished. So will the goose-steppers of Karl Rove's ilk be victorious on Nov 2? If the puppet-masters behind the scenes say so. Chilling. jc

Sarah Palin's rectified natal chart and Sun AQ-Moon AQ

With today's extended thunderstorms across Georgia, my Internet service is chancy so I've not been studying this morning to complete info for a post as much as I'm moseying around the web and catching up with my preferred Political/Mundane Astrology sites and blogs.

Belatedly, I'm reading Michael O'Reilly's piece about a rectified natal chart for Sarah Palin which seems plausible to me. Palin was born February 11, 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho and Michael has done lots of work rectifying her birth time to '4:55 pm PST' which gives Palin a showy 22Leo18 Ascendant. One reason I believe this ASC degree sounds plausible is that '22Leo' is known historically as the "Own Worst Enemy" degree, is often considered to be unfortunate, and relates to not being free to act in one's own behalf. (Horary Plain & Simple , Anthony Louis.)

Another association with '22Leo' is 'putting one's worst foot forward' and in my client files I have two people with this ASC degree and both were born with foot problems which led to corrective surgeries. Plus, both people sometimes tend to 'blurt out' their opinions before pausing to think first.

Now I don't know if Mrs. Palin has ever had physical foot issues other than putting hers in her mouth when speaking, but deeper preparation and a study of US history prior to political debates would have given her a better footing in the 2008 presidential campaign. And of course, Palin's colorful way of phrasing sentences during her well-attended speeches may be part of this '22Leo' ASC picture. Lack of preparation made her her own worst enemy if she really expected to win the Vice Presidency (and wait just behind an elderly man occupying the presidency.)

So I hope you'll check out Michael O'Reilly's excellent analysis if you haven't for it includes an image of Sarah Palin's proposed natal horoscope along with astro details on The Palin-Beck Phenomenon. Glenn Beck was born on Feb 10, 1964 so obviously both political operatives share the ultra-conservative Sun-Mars-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. A separate feature concerning Glenn Beck's natal chart is available at the excellent Neptune Cafe as well.

Info on their not-so-secret billionaire backer, David Koch, is there, too.

So: Feb 10 and 11, 1964? Palin and Beck missed being Time Twins by just one day!


If Sarah Palin's natal ASC is on or near 22Leo18, her natal Moon position is 4AQ21 in 6th house (6th house Moon = a reigning need to serve) which gives her an Air-Air Sun AQ-Moon AQ personality blend with detached friendliness, independence, loyalty, and a law-unto-oneself vibe. Highly observant and gregarious, this combo indicates one with an eccentric lifestyle who is well-meaning and open to the unusual. She's an original, one-of-a-kind person who hates being pigeon-holed (a tendency of the media.)

A maverick, perhaps? Yes, definitely, but she considers herself to be eminently reasonable yet her eccentricities that can rock the boat. She doesn't like being considered difficult or selfish (while espousing the opposite values) yet she demands total acceptance of her ideas! Turning everything in life into something that can be dealt with only on a rational basis gives an unfeeling demeanor (Aquarius is known for its emotional detachment - don't interfere with her sense of personal freedom. Perhaps the Alaska governorship did just that and she chaffed under the yoke!)

Palin's zaniness is seen here with Sun AQ-Moon AQ, and she makes a wonderful friend since she finds everyone interesting or valuable. She is committed to her ideals and has a sense of hope and belief in human potential yet tends to over-identify with causes; her AQ-AQ bluntness of speech supports the above potential that she has a 22Leo18 Ascendant.

Images for Integration: The Jolly Green Giant...A friend to all the world looks in the mirror and takes time out to befriend herself...The living, breathing entity we call society. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

The Harvey's book gives three quotes from people (one a US president) who share the Sun AQ-Moon AQ blend in their natal charts; all may apply to the personality of Sarah Palin...from hunting to religion to politics. See what you think:

"Man-Watching: A field guide to human behavior." Title of a book by Desmond Morris

"A religion can no more afford to degrade its Devil than to degrade its God." Havelock Ellis

"Our differences are politics. Our agreements, principles." William McKinley.

Oct 22, 2010

Impeach Justice Roberts over Citizens United?

Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) is talking big about the potential of impeaching Chief Justice John Roberts whose only-an-umpire status touted (aka, lied about) at his confirmation hearing has been seriously undercut by 2010's democracy-numbing Citizens United decision which has allowed the flooding of the November 2010 midterms with obscene amounts of money from unnamed, foreign sources and corporations (who fancy themselves to be 'people too'. The American people have SCOTUS to thank for that outrageous, illogical decision as well.)

In an unusual move, it was Justice Robert's idea to consider the case!

So if a Roberts impeachment is attempted (or accomplished, but I'm not holding my breath), it may deepen the level of astrological meaning of January 20, 2009's Inaugural Mercury retrograde! The 2009 Inauguration chart had its Mercury Return on February 10, 2010 so the Citizens United decision handed down in January was in play during the period that transiting Mercury was in process of returning to its Inaugural degree 00AQ41 (Sun 00AQ47)...'1AQ" = "An Old Adobe Mission", a Vatican reference in the Sabian Symbols which links to esoteric subjects such as America as the New Atlantis for the 'New Age'.

The Obama presidency's Mercury Return chart of 2.10.10 shows Mars Rx 5Leo14 opposing Mercury, an opposition which falls precisely across the Nodal axis in the US natal horoscope. Activist Mars can be brash and spunky in Leo and he was apparently feeling his oats with a judicial activist (and pretend 'umpire') like Roberts leading the fight against the American people's right to choose who wins our elections (always assuming there's such a thing as an accurate voting machine somewhere in this nation.)

And on 2.10.10, Mars was apex (focal) planet in a YOD (special task; crisis; turning point; crossroads - I'm thinking of Karl Rove) pattern with the powerful, overstepping, internationally inclined big bankers-plutocrats-leading-the-masses duo of Jupiter sextile Pluto at its base...

Jupiter/Pluto = Mars: a desire to achieve great things; organizing talent; applying controls to suit one's aims; a controlling and ruthless purpose in life. (Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl.) Et tu, Justice Roberts?

Interestingly, John Roberts (Jan 27, 1955, Buffalo, NY; birth time unknown) entered Earth's time flux with Chiron @ 00AQ00 and his Mercury/NN midpoint 00AQ17. Chiron can represent the blind spot, and Mercury/NN = 'well-coordinated joint efforts; the arrangement of social or business contacts'. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Of course, you'll remember that it was Justice John Roberts who mucked up the Presidential Oath of Office (Mercury) which was re-taken (Rx) later just to be certain no one could say that Barack Obama was not duly sworn in.

Now wouldn't a John Roberts impeachment be ironic? And yet it could indicate yet another signpost on the road to completely undermining the US Justice System.

Vote GOP Nov 2 - if you wish to privatize SS

Update Oct 23, 2010:

GOP Plan Dramatically Reduces Social Security Benefits, Actuary Finds

By Sahil Kapur

A high-profile Republican budget plan would slash Social Security benefits in the long-run -- perhaps even by up to half of what they are now, the program's actuary concluded in a new study.

Original post begins here:

Seniors beware! The Republican Party's money-grabbing drive to privatize the Social Security system (thereby handing the funds we worked hard for to Wall Street bankers who need it the least) will be part of the GOP's upcoming political agenda if Rs are victorious in the November 2010 midterms.

You remember George Bush's big nation-straddling campaign while president to 'privatize' SS, right? It flopped thanks to large scale public opposition. How we vote on November 2 is our next opportunity to show our total opposition again.

Well, yesterday Bush mouthed off on the contentious subject as his biggest failure! Delusional, deceptive, or both - it's all the same NWO crap to me. He categorizes it as a 'failure' because his globalist bosses think so (he was 'tasked' to implement it!) yet the millions of deaths, maimings, and thwarted lives their illegal wars have caused apparently don't fit the criteria as 'biggest failure' of his miserable presidency!!

No, it's no delight for me to vote Democrat either (Dems certainly did their part to undermine meaningful financial reform since they take Wall Street money, too) but I do hope this issue helps millions of GOP-leaning voters to wake up and smell the thievery before they (and their younger family members which seniors will have to move in with if their SS benefits are squandered on Wall Street profiteers) find themselves victims of a Wall street scam/crash on an entirely new level never before seen.

Imho, America's biggest failure of a president: "war president" George W. Bush, son of another of our biggest duds.

'Deathbed globalist' outs plan to crash America

Part 1 of 6: Chaplain Lindsey Williams reveals the plan to crash the US dollar, our economy, and thus, America. This info was presented Oct 21, 2010 on Alex Jones TV.

Please view the rest of this informative presentation (total run time appr 1 hour 18 mins) here.

Okay, let's review: we're all operating under the rays of the illuminated planetary pair of Uranus and Neptune which had three Great Conjunctions in 1993: 1. Feb 2 @ 19Cap34; 2. Aug 20 @ 18Cap48; 3. Oct 24 @ 18Cap33. (Click for an enlightening Sabian Symbol concerning POLITICAL POWER. Their cycle is appr 127 years.) As you know, Capricorn, sign of the mountain goat, is also the sign of politics, government, law, and business and is ruled by the authoritarian planet, Saturn.

With globalist Bill Clinton as then-president, Oct 24, 1993 is the conjunction I tend to use as a natal chart of the New World Order in our modern times even though I know their plans for a One World Government began centuries ago.

One fairly recent time link is the natal chart of Adam Weishaupt's Bavarian
Illuminati Society which records indicate was established on May 1, 1776 (the post links to the Illuminati natal chart.) There exists plenty of evidence that America's founding has long been an integral part of the picture as a 'New World' meant to replace Europe's Old Order with our nation as the 'New Atlantis' (and you note the closeness of the dates, May 1, 1776 and July 4, 1776.)

Googling 'Francis Bacon' and 'Batholomew Gosnold' or even 'Albert Pike' will turn up such info, if you're interested in what is planned for us and our families.

So perhaps you remember that the legendary Atlantis sank under tremendously chaotic conditions which were due, some say, to abuse or misuse of power, and these are some of the keywords in Astrology for the asteroid Atlantis. Other keywords are: where we feel doomed (which is how globalists intend us to feel about the NWO.) Every time another cell phone tower is built, I think of a sinking Atlantis.

Yet those towers are minor compared to the super-powerful radiation beams of HAARP, a secret military program that may be ramping up the destruction levels of storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes (as if they need ramping up, but that's population control, for ya.) And some folk believe melting ice caps (stimulated by HAARP?) are efforts to locate the ancient scrolls of Atlantis!

Now my personal belief is that our real treasure should be laid up in heaven - that only the spirit is eternal, and that this incarnation of Earth is temporary...these beliefs keep me going when posting on such weighty topics as the corruption and perfidies of man. But that doesn't mean that I - or you - should lay down and let their NWO tanks roll over us while thanking them for 'rescuing' us from the chaos which they have engineered and which is intended to make the establishment of a New World Economic Order of totalitarianism look 'good'!

To me it seems that much of what we witness or are told of in the news - wars and rumors of wars - is simply Satan fighting Lucifer and vice versa. That Americans have been co-opted into serving the forced establishment of a 'new world order' grieves me for the sake of our nation. That the ruling elite think their totalitarian agenda is going well and its full implementation is near (2012 seems to be their target year) under girds their satanic designs for a worldly government in Jerusalem to 'rule' over a weakened, corrupted planet whose fate was sealed on the Cross of Calgary centuries ago. Satan's jig is up - please don't be fooled, for false prophets will come. Manipulations of light and sound will occur in order to deceive.

Therefore, setting our sights much higher than global Zionism or neocon warmongering seems to me to be a higher road well worth taking. And refusing to fight on behalf of the NWO would be a very good place to start.

Speaking of War

What if politicians threw a war and no one showed up to fight?

Well, whistleblower champion WikiLeaks is to make a major announcement at 10 am European time, Saturday October 23, 2010, concerning the Iraq War.

And as for those who intrigue to gain control of us all by formation of a world government, I must paraphrase the age old question: What profits a man if he gains the world but loses his soul?


Update Oct 22, 2010: turns out (funny story) that the conversion of dates between the Mayan Calendar and our modern calendar may be off making 'Dec 21, 2012' not the Mayan-predicted end-of-the-world after all. Now that makes a lot more sense to me especially since, to paraphrase Scripture: No man knows when the end of the world will come. The point being that God is in charge of the Great Cosmic Clock no matter what academia and the ruling class tell us! And that includes the man-induced potential for nuclear holocaust destroying the planet.

Oct 21, 2010

By the Light of the Full Moon 29Ari33 Oct 22, 2010

Check out EarthSky for astronomical info on the Full Moon (Hunter's Moon) of Friday, October 22, 2010. Astrologically, the Full Moon clocks in at 29Ari33 with Sun 29Lib33, both crisis degrees, and eager to reach Taurus/Scorpio.

In Washington DC, the luminaries oppose one another (relationships; awareness) across the 5/11 axis of the will, and perfect at 9:36:28 pm edt, says my Solar Fire software. The Hour is Mercury 3Sco35: Venus is Rx @ 9Sco00. Sun, Mercury, and Venus are in 5th house of Creative Pursuits, Gambling, and Risk-Taking.

The Full Moon's rising degree 29Gem00 (in DC) brings up the topic of the upcoming December 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse 29Gem21 - another 29th degree indicating crisis or critical conditions. Also rising? Hades, a pseudonym for Pluto - and Pluto 3Cap11 is across the axis in setting position (Desc) with North Node 4Cap55. Pluto, NN, and the Moon will meet precisely @ 3Cap36 on November 9, 2010 at 3:13 pm edt, Washington DC. The trio has a definite public relations/publicity vibe along with mass detiny indications.

The December 21 Lunar Eclipse has been blogged upon already so you may find the post linked in the sidebar under "SO'W's Top 10 Posts." Warning: markets and finances may be adversely affected though we're still operating under the rays of the last Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010: things at first seem worse, then clear with successful outcomes. Yet soon the New Year arrives and awaiting is the Solar Eclipse of January 4, 2011, also at crisis degree and opposing US natal Sun (the leader); domestic and foreign conditions are of critical concern for the president.

Chart-ruler Mercury makes two applying aspects: sextile NN (1A20) and conjunction Venus (5A26), both indicative of easy, and perhaps pleasant, communications and meetings. In fact, the Mercury/NN sextile forms the base of a YOD pattern that points toward President Obama's natal Moon in Gemini...

Tr Mercury/NN = n Moon: sharing emotional thoughts with others; details meant for the general public; sensitivity about how others use the information presented; using associates to research or pass on information; locating people to gather info or intell. (Tyl; Munkasey.)

Also, there's a Mystic Rectangle pattern formed, if you don't mind using the ASC (which conjoins the Dec 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse) and NN, between: Moon, Pluto, NN, ASC, Sun, and Mercury. This is a pattern of practical mysticism; no planets are out-of-bounds so all energies are busily working on the earthly plane.

At Midheaven (The Goal; Aspirations) is President Obama's natal Chiron 6 Pisces and US natal Ceres and Pluto/Chrion midpoint (2-degree orb); the current Solar Eclipse's degree 19Can24 conjoins the Hunter Full Moon's 2nd cusp of Money, Self-Worth, and Earning Ability. SN, a Saturnian point of separation, rises in 1st house, not a fortunate placement and indicating some sort of separation or dependency on past behavior.

Old Man Saturn himself 10Lib26 conjoins the 5th cusp 10Lib24; testosterone-driven Mars 26Sco17 (6th house) is disturbingly conjoined with transiting asteroids Eros (the piercing) and Icarus (associated with assassinations, on one level.) Saturn rules the 8th house of High Finance; monetary retrictions continue.

America's Saturn Return (14Lib48) occurs soon when our nation's authority and maturity will be tested and accountability will not be avoided. One thinks of the latest news today about the banking-foreclosure crisis (robo-gate?) and the potential, massive burden on US taxpayers thanks to the criminals on Wall Street and on Capitol Hill, plus Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, agencies that have already helped funnel the American into indebtedness for years to come.

(I finally got around to finishing Matt Taibbi's Rolling Stone article from the August 19, 2010 issue, How Wall Street Won so don't even ask me any time soon my true feelings about Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Blanche Lincoln, Tim Geithner, or the rest of the predators and pawns infesting our nation and representing themselves as offering us "financial reform legislation." Puh!)

But enough of Washington politics, its corruption, fraud, manipulation, and downright sorriness!

For there's a Full Moon to admire Friday evening so happily I pass you on to an insightful analysis of the Hunter Full Moon of October 22, 2010 authored by Julie Demboski, in a post titled 'The Precipice' with its 'factor of revelation'!

Oct 20, 2010

It's Orionid Meteor season! Oct 21 and 22, 2010

With the stars of the constellation Orion at the top of my natal chart and with Autumn being my favorite season, anything that involves Orion always claims my attention. In fact, many of my Cosmic and Moon Art illustrations have Orion tucked somewhere in the sky if you look closely!

Space Weather News for Oct. 20, 2010

SUNDIVING COMET: A newly-discovered comet is plunging toward the sun for a close encounter it probably will not survive. The comet is too deep in the sun's glare for human eyes to pick out, but it is showing up nicely in coronagraph images from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.

Visit SpaceWeather.com for the latest movies.

ORIONID METEOR SHOWER: Earth is passing through a stream of debris from Halley's Comet, and this is causing the annual Orionid meteor shower. Bright moonlight is reducing the number of visible meteors; nevertheless, sky watchers are reporting some bright Orionids.

The best time to look is during the hours before local dawn on Thursday, Oct 21st, and again on Friday, Oct 22nd. Check SpaceWeather News for a sky map and more information.

Video Witch-Off: O'Donnell vs Elvira

Update Oct 21, 2010: On ABC, Christine O'Donnell said she regrets airing her not-a-witch ad which was meant to kill opponent's use of her past craft-dabblings against her. Instead, SNL lampooned it (amusingly, I might add - loved it!) but she seems to have made no mention of David Letterman's nightly spoofing ('the witch running in Delaware') or of Elvira's mimcry below...

Original post begins here:

Well, I didn't actually want to post the TV ad of witchery denial from Delaware candidate Christine O'Donnell (who may be you but she isn't me) yet here it is so you can compare her message with Elvira's macabre message below...

Since Halloween 2010 is sneaking up on us, this does make for sort of a holiday-themed post, doesn't it?

Covens alive! Even with its totally black background, O'Donnell's message shoots for sweetness and light yet I wonder if she's cognizant of the fact that some people are aware that pearls are a symbol of satanism. Wonder if they're real?

Oct 19, 2010

Gerald Celente on gold prices (video); Eclipses 2010 - 2011

This just in bwo dProgram.net:

Posted: 19 Oct 2010 04:06 AM PDT

Gerald Celente Celente’s summary of gold prices during the non-economic recovery, and where gold's going.

(Trends&ForecastsBlog) Gerald Celente believes that the stock market will crash before the end of 2010, gold will soar. When gold was at $275 per ounce in 2002, Celente said the price had bottomed and in 2004 forecast the beginning of the “Gold Bull Run.” Since that time, with pinpoint accuracy, he said when, why – and how high – gold would go. Gerald Celente sees huge opportunities in green healthy food, technology for the poor, and in rejuvenating the cities with quality architecture, Gerald Celente as always recommends gold Canadian dollar and the Swiss franc as hedges against the inflation.


Why, with his excellent timing skills and insights, I'd almost think Mr. Celente is a financial astrologer, or uses one such as Ray Merriman who authored The Gold Book.

Especially since the Lunar Eclipse of December 21, 2010 points toward market difficulties, perhaps a double dip recession, or a crash.

Then on January 4, 2011, there's a Solar Eclipse 13Cap39 which falls across the zodiac from America's natal Sun, the leader. In her book Eclipses Celeste Teal titles this eclipse 'The Balance of Power' which can relate to domestic and foreign difficulties for President Obama with more focus on business affairs (Cap.) If the expected take over of the House by Republicans and their shadow personalities, the Tea Partisans, occurs in November, the 'balance of power' will certainly be high on America's menu with more political gridlock, not less, on Capitol Hill.

For those who wish America to fail, this will provide a great boost.

The Solar Eclipse @ '13Cap' is in critical or crisis degree, adding to the 'crash' potential, plus the eclipse degree conjoins Fixed Star Manubrium, keyphrase: flaring heat with Sun-Mars vibes. This star indicates possibilities such as: overconfidence, courage, heroism, legal or domestic problems, blindness, fires, or explosions. In Horary Astrology Plain & Simple, Anthony Louis adds that Manubrium is 'good for sports and politics'.

However, I read the Solar Eclipse as falling even closer to the degree of Fixed Star Ascella 13Cap38 (a one-minute orb) which provides a Jupiter-Mercury influence: gains, good judgment, happiness, and influential friends. Perhaps this seeming disagreement between Manubrium and Ascella for the eclipse simply describes the mixture of good-bad which we always experience in life - or the rich getting richer while the rest of us do without.

And Mr. Celente sees 'huge opportunities' along with a possible crash by the end of the year - opportunities for those able to take them with left-over dregs for the underclass. Yes, the lamb-fleecing continues in Wall Street casinos!

Well, venerable Astrology brings its timing ability to the table along with descriptions of life's simultaneous and complex levels of existence. Yet it's the critical or crisis nature of both the Dec 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse 29Gem21 and the Solar Eclipse of Jan 4, 2011 13Cap39 which may tell the financial tale by the end of the year and into what promises to be a difficult period for the world: 2011.

For 2011, after all, is the gatekeeper ushering us in to 2012.

Oct 18, 2010

Will Foreclosure Fraud bring a 2nd TARP? (video); Neptunian vibes continue

This rather racy yet imaginative video and post came in this morning from dProgram.net in which you may be interested. It concerns the mortgage document/foreclosure fraud that's been perpetrated upon American home buyers, the lawyering boom it entails, and the further undermining of the US economy so that a World Government will seem a necessary 'savior' for our power-elite-engineered woes:

(IMVA) – This is actually a very funny video about a new and dangerous development in the world of finance and economics. The first three paragraphs below just set the stage for what state prosecutors and investigators in every state house in America are burning the midnight oil about. And are they ever going to have a field day with what they are investigating. Life also just got a lot better for lawyers around the country. And like vultures they will swoop in for the kill and will pull the mountain down on big banks and mortgage companies.

Read the rest of The Banking Industry's Stalingrad.

Does any of this make you wonder when the fraudulent Neptune to US natal Moon (we-the-people) transit will finally be over? My guess is that the oft-used 5-degree orb of influence must be gotten past by lumbering giant, Neptune. The question is: what degree is America's natal Moon actually in? Depends on which version of the US horoscope you use.

For July 4, 1776, this could indicate a Moon as early as 18AQ+ yet Neptune has already passed its 5-degree orb to that degree (23/24 AQ) as late as January 2010.

The latest rounded-off degree for our Aquarian Moon - and thus hinting at the longest time left in the fraudulent transit's affects - is 28 Aquarius. 28 AQ plus 5 degrees = 3 Pisces. Neptune reaches 3 Pisces in May 2012 though the Gaseous One meanders back to 00Pis and performs a major Direct Station @ 00Pis21 on about November 22, 2012. Transit Neptune reaches 3 Pisces again at the end of February 2013 and makes sneaky forays to that degree on and off through 2013 when the foreclosure crisis may be finally resolved.

Our sense of Neptunian rootlessness and the possibility of homelessness continues through 2013...so, one more time, I'm inspired to add one of my Neptunian drawings from one of my art blogs, Secret Moon Art, with the ocean representing the collective unconscious...

Neptune Ascends by Jude Cowell

Oct 17, 2010

Lord Monckton: no need for World Government (video)

Here is the first video installment of Lord Monckton speaking on October 14, 2010 concerning the global warming hoax which is a ruse meant to lead we-the-world-sheep into accepting the establishment of a One World Government which will include total control of the global banking system. The full series of this exclusive interview may be viewed here.

If you are American (dissenting or otherwise) - please note his remarks on the US Constitution and elected government which will turn extinct if global bankers have their way.

And guess who he thinks is a prime movers/shakers of the World Government agenda?

In the US, it's the banking industry! Surprised much?

Lord Monckton points to the world government agenda's long term existence as evidenced by the setting up of the Federal Reserve Bank, an idea big bankers and their pals hatched during secretive meetings held on
Jekyll Island, GA in 1910
(under cover of a 'duck-hunting expedition'!) and deemed to be triggered by the bankers' Panic of 1907.

Top financier J.P. Morgan took the lead within the 1910 - 1913 script of fear, and the subsequent solutions are eerily similar to Financial Collapse 2008 and its resulting legislation meant to 'improve' the way things are done in America's corrupt financial industry. (Yet US consumers' lack of confidence in our banks and in Wall Street markets has not been addressed, as you know, since no bandits, robbers, or vandals will be serving prison time, it seems.)

Curiously enough, during the Panic of 1907, President Teddy Roosevelt was said to be on...wait for it...a duck-hunting trip in Louisiana at the time. Yes! Ducks were being hunted all around though American consumers seem to have fit that bill even better. So perhaps we should consider the Sabian Symbol relating to the topic to see if it applies; it's in the Big Money sign of Scorpio, well known for its secrets and betrayals...

'22 Scorpio' = "Hunters Starting Out for Ducks"...ENTERPRISE...

positive expression: a complete lack of personal frustration and a constant refinement of special and practical skills in the approach to daily problems;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: a callous exploitation of all life.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)
Ah, yes, that most American of all enterprises taken to its nth degree: callous exploitation...in mortgage selling, foreclosure processing, sub prime vulturing, other banking practices, and in Wall Street trading, a rigged casino if there ever were one.

And now, to knit the ends of this post together into a wintry neck scarf of paraphrased synchronicity, here's one of J. P. Morgan's most famous quotes:

"Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do."

Touche, Mr. Morgan. Touche.

Oct 16, 2010

CIA, KKK, and an astro-peek at the CIA natal chart

Here are some disturbing excerpts from an email alert just received with the full story's link provided at end:

Posted: 15 Oct 2010 05:33 PM PDT

(GlobalResearch) – By assigning covert action roles to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), it is as if the White House and Congress had legitimized the Ku Klux Klan to operate globally. That’s because the CIA today resembles nothing so much as the “Invisible Empire” of the KKK that once spread terror across the South and Midwest. Fiery crosses aside, this is what the CIA is doing globally.


Allowing it to operate in secret literally gives the CIA the mythical Ring of Gyges. In Plato’s Republic, the owner of the ring had the power to become invisible at will. As Wikipedia puts it, Plato “discusses whether a typical person would be moral if he did not have to fear the consequences of his actions.” The ancient Greeks made the argument, Wikipedia says, that “No man would keep his hands off what was not his own when he could safely take what he liked out of the market, go into houses and lie with any one at his pleasure, kill or release from prison whom he would, and in all respects be like a god among men.” The CIA, like Hitler’s Gestapo and Stalin’s NKVD before it, has provided modern man the answer to this question. Its actions illuminate why all criminal entities, from rapists and bank robbers, to Ponzi scheme swindlers and murderers, cloak themselves in secrecy.

There are innumerable examples of how American presidents have authorized criminal acts without public discussion that the preponderant majority of Americans would find reprehensible. Example: it was President Lyndon Johnson who ordered the CIA to meddle in Chile’s election to help Eduardo Frei become president. If they had known, U.S. taxpayers might have objected to such a use of their hard-earned money to influence the outcome of another country’s elections. But the public is rarely let in on such illegal foreign policy decisions.


As I write, today, October 11th, 2010, Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Perez Esquivel of Argentina called on President Obama to revise U.S. (imperialist) policies toward Latin America. He questioned why the U.S. continues to plant its military bases across the region.

That’s an excellent question. If the U.S. is a peace-loving nation, why does it need 800 bases the world over in addition to 1,000 on its own soil? Americans might recoil in disgust if they knew of the CIA’s numerous assassinations of the elected officials of other nations. Is it any wonder Americans so often ask the question, “Why do they hate us?” As historian Arnold Toynbee wrote in 1961, “America is today the leader of a world-wide anti-revolutionary movement in the defence of vested interests. She now stands for what Rome stood for. Rome consistently supported the rich against the poor in all foreign communities that fell under her sway; and, since the poor, so far, have always and everywhere been more numerous than the rich, Rome’s policy made for inequality, for injustice, and for the least happiness of the greatest number.”


CIA spies have conducted their criminal operations masquerading as officials of U.S. aid programs, business executives, or journalists. Example: The San Diego-based Copley News Service’s staff of foreign correspondents allegedly was created to provide cover to CIA spies, compromising legitimate American journalists trying to do their jobs. While the murders committed by the KKK likely ran into the many thousands, the CIA has killed on a far grander scale and managed to keep its role largely secret.


...historian (Arnold) Toynbee noted: “America is today the leader of a world-wide anti-revolutionary movement in the defence of vested interests. She now stands for what Rome stood for.” ##

Now there's yet another apt comparison between the in-peril American Empire and the fallen Roman Empire (which is alive and thriving inside the Vatican's Jesuit Illuminati network.)

You'll find more CIA info within the article, so if you wish to read the rest - here's a link to Sherwood Ross' The CIA, the KKK and the USA.

And here are the official FAQs and answers about the CIA directly from the horse's severed head as we might be forgiven for saying. Note that the CIA works for the president according to "applicable law"!! Given all the heads of state the agency has installed, deposed, and/or assassinated through the decades and the people 'renditioned' into torture chambers, the US must have many laws allowing such actions which its citizens know nothing about (Patriot Act notwithstanding.)

Plus, you may note within the article a mention of Barack Obama as being a former CIA operative. Hmmm...his parents, too?


The US Central Intelligence Agency's Wiki bio gives its original founding as: President Harry Truman's signing of the National Security Act on July 26, 1947 aboard what was the first presidential aircraft, the Sacred Cow. Does this make the CIA and our armed forces America's Sacred Cows? Their out-of-bounds secret budgets would seem to indicate so as they 'run the show' and set the tenor for our terror-exporting imperial plutocracy.

Now I don't know just where Truman's Sacred Cow was parked during the signing ceremony so I'm using 'Washington DC' as a location for a speculative horoscope of the birth of the CIA since I assume that Langley, VA was set up as its headquarters at some later point in time and that the signing did not occur there.

Chart shown: July 26, 1947 12:00 pm edt, with the Pentagon's natal ASC at Mc, the Why? Point of any chart; Hour Venus 22Can10; Sun 2Leo49; Moon 22Sco34; NN 00Gem40 conjoins difficult Fixed Star Alcyone (exile; suffering; something to cry about); CIA's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series = 3 North @ 28Tau42 = 'traumatic transformations; worrying news that transforms a situation; obsession with large plans but don't get carried away' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.) How very interesting that 3N is the same PE as the attacks of 9/11.

Click chart to enlarge and hopefully you can read my scribbles; the formation of the CIA occurred under the cruel auspices of a Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, and both are planets of control and were opposing one another upon the US natal ASC/DESC axis on 9/11/01. Highlighted in blue upon the chart you see Michael Munkasey's analysis of the Saturn/Pluto combo: use of secret police (and military agencies); upsets in existing checks and balances.

That sums up The Agency rather well, I think. As listed top right, US natal Neptune 22Vir25 (veils and deceptions) had three midpoints upon it on July 26, 1947: Saturn/Chiron ('letting go the rule of the father' - make that 'founding fathers'), Moon/Venus ('minority groups and how a country helps preserve their heritage and culture' - or not), and the oppressive, disenfranchising duo of plutocracy, Pluto/Chiron.

The explosive pair of revolution, Uranus and Pluto, are both out-of-bounds and working on their own outside the realm of the other planetary functions. South Node = '1Sag': "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" in the Sabian Symbols; the Mars/Uranus midpoint 21Gem03 conjoins US natal Mars (god of war); US natal Saturn 14Lib48 is rising at noon and secretive, deceptive, fraudulent Neptune 8Lib23 has just arisen as well.

This gives a Saturn/Neptune vibe to the noon ASC so here we see the 'secret' or 'invisible' (Neptune) government (Saturn)' indication mentioned in the article linked above.

CIA's Jupiter/Pluto midpoint (which is not dependent on an exact birth time) sits atop the US natal chart (Sibly; Mc 00Lib43)...Jupiter/Pluto = 'growth of security or spy agencies; self-destructive forces which stem from official corruption; greater powers for religious leaders; extreme depletion of resources; criminal elements with great social influence; destruction of legal documents; pacts with foreigners on the use of force or weapons' (Munkasey) - all of which seem to me to apply to the CIA's operations.

1947 Jupiter/Pluto = US n MC: ambition and industriousness; advancement and promotion; great luck; the desire to succeed as manager; rising above petty ideas and inclinations; respect from others for great accomplishments in society. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

There is also a 'hidden square' (256 degrees) between Uranus and Neptune, the Illumination/Illuminati planets which relates to the all-seeing eye that has turned out to be all about complete surveillance of the American people and everyone else, too. (I think I feel a surveillance satellite passing over my head as I type.)

So here's what I wrote about the 'hidden square' in the US natal chart in a post concerning the use of a Scorpio Ascendant for America as a 'spy agency' or 'spying activities' natal chart. Yes, the Uranus/Neptune 'hidden square' applies to America's 1776 horoscope no matter which ASC (birth time) is used for July 4, 1776.

And as you know, among other things, the sign of Scorpio is about spying, secrets, manipulation, and betrayal, with strong-arming, clandestine, cloaks of invisibility, extreme force, and weaponry Mars/Pluto vibes. So let's close with the difficult Mars/Pluto and Mars/Saturn midpoints at Mc (The Goal) of (this version of) the CIA's natal chart...for even if noon was not the actual hour of Truman's signing of the bill, these midpoints did cross the Midheaven that day all the same...

Mars/Saturn = Mc: the power of resistance; endurance; the necessity to overcome many difficulties; silent pride; mourning and bereavement.

Mars/Pluto = Mc: dealing with might on either side of any issue; major job maneuver; confidence and ambition; danger through the intervention of a higher power; operations ('ops'); unusual capabilities for advancement in life; learning how to gain control of and use powerful or extreme measures for increasing your standing or stature; principles that propel you to success; fulfilling certain ambitions by attaining influence.

(Midpoint pictures: Tyl; Munkasey; Ebertin.)

Oct 15, 2010

Midas to US n Uranus with gold prices ballooning

This economic news from Thursday with gold on the rise; transiting asteroid Midas continues to affect by conjunction US natal Uranus 8Gem55, America's totem planet; 2010's Great Conjunction/s of Jupiter (money) and quirky Uranus may have something to do with it since their June 2010 conjunction occurred at Aries Point upon US natal Ic in the Sibly chart:

Posted: 14 Oct 2010 08:59 PM PDT

Hints of mutiny within Fed as attempt to crash dollar becomes clear

(Steve Watson) – The US dollar plunged once again today as the currency continues to be battered by increasingly substantial rumours that the Federal Reserve will announce, within the next three weeks, plans to buy $1 trillion of government debt in the form of “monetary easing”.

The dollar hit a fresh 10-month low Thursday morning, falling for a third day running against a basket of six major currencies.

The greenback is trading at a near 15-year low against the yen as the selling pressure picks up momentum.

Continue reading...

And if you missed NPR's Planet Money feature today We Bought Gold read or listen to the audio concerning their new gold-buying project with its details on why the price of gold is ballooning.

Plus, some historical perspective may be gained from the famous Cross of Gold speech delivered at the 1896 Democratic Convention. And in a flurry of historical synchronicity, the Great Conjunction/s of Neptune and Pluto (1891 - 1892), the Robber Baron duo, occurred at 8Gem38, 8Gem19, and 7Gem4...where tr Midas (and tr Pan of panic fame) now languish.

Rich vs Poor = class warfare, y'all!

Oct 14, 2010

Chandra Levy trial goes forward in spite of 'pen pal' tricks

Update Oct 17, 2010: The Hill reports that former Rep Gary Condit expects to be called to testify during the Levy murder trial which begins tomorrow, October 18, 2010.

And here's today's latest from Huffington Post.

Original post begins here:

This week it has come to light that the prosecution in the Chandra Levy murder trial had sent false pen pal letters from a fictitious 'Maria Lopez' to the suspect while he was in prison for unrelated crimes. But Mr. Lopez did not respond to his fake 'pen pal' so his hoped-for 'confession' concerning the murder of Chandra Levy in 2001 did not result as investigators had hoped.

If the trick resulted in admissible evidence, I might have been for it too, I guess. My fret is that police investigators so often seem to look only at suspect number one without considering elsewhere. Cases of DNA exoneration have made that disturbingly obvious and I believe all states should allow such testing and be more open to the fact that police investigators make mistakes wherever and whenever it may apply - especially in capital murder cases.

Well, last week I published a post on the Levy murder trial which is scheduled to open Monday October 18, 2010, last I heard, and which contains an Astrology link to Christopher Warnock's interesting and insightful analysis of the case.

So if you like to keep up with mysterious crimes that have political angles to them and are intricately linked to the District of Columbia and Washington politicians, this could be one for you.

Personally I simply hope with all my heart that the Levy family finally receives closure for themselves and for their lovely daughter Chandra after all these years. Of course, justice would have to be served for that to occur - prosecutorial trickery notwithstanding.

Taft touts US Chamber of Commerce under YOD influences

Last evening I searched for a definite founding date for the US Chamber of Commerce so I could set up its horoscope and April 12, 1912 popped out as the date when a group of 700 delegates from a variety of commerce and trade organizations met and created a "unified body of business interests that would later become the US Chamber of Commerce", as the entity's Wiki bio states.

The Chamber is also billed as being America's largest not-for-profit lobbying organization though I confess to having no idea where the 'not-for-profit' part fits in. Recently the COO of the US Chamber of Commerce, David Chavern, stated that, "We are not crazy or outside the mainstream" which makes me wonder how working behind the scenes in secretive ways cannot be considered 'outside the mainstream'.

So with my astrologer's cap in place, the date that really stood out because of its horoscope was December 7, 1911 when President Taft announced in his annual message to Congress a central organization in touch with associations and chambers throughout the country and able to keep purely American interests in closer touch with different phases of commercial affairs. If it sounds like Taft was put up to it, I think he was...read on.

As you know, in 1909 William H. Taft succeeded Teddy Roosevelt as president and some interesting possibilities exist between Taft's use of 'investment capital to keep the open door partially open to China' (America Interpreted Vol II: Since 1865, Woods and Gatewood) and the formation of the US Chamber of Commerce's mission to contribute to the "wholesome development of commerce, domestic and foreign." We might be tempted to wonder at the implications even then between business dealings of the US by way of the Chamber with China, America's biggest debt holder now. But that would have to be a post for another day.

December 7, 1911

Considering the current debates over the Chamber's acceptance of foreign funding being used to finance certain 2010 November midterm campaigns in the US, one could now wonder about its original 'purely American' reference in 1911. Taft's touting that its creation would "restore confidence" (in the wake of the bankers' Panic of 1907) and "excite enthusiasm" mark the endeavor as a decidedly Jupiterian event.

So! The chart for December 7, 1911 Capitol Hill, Washington DC (using 8:00 pm est - can't find mention of the hour of Taft's address to Congress) has not one, not two, but three interlaced YOD patterns of planetary energies indicating crisis, critical conditions, special tasks, and/or turning points.

Here are the midpoint pictures formed by the three YODs along with each planet's sign and degree; a mixture of Ebertin, Tyl, and Munkasey midpoints are used:

1. Ambitious Moon/Saturn = Sun 14Sag50: sobering times; feelings of enforced controls; separation.

Moon 12Can05 spotlights US natal Sun (the leader); Saturn 14Tau38 Rx. (US Inaugural Ascendant wasn't at '13/14 Taurus' until 1937.)

2. The lucky breaks combo of Jupiter/Uranus = Pluto 28Gem14 Rx (a degree of Bankruptcy): devices with the potential to transform the world; extreme efforts produce novel changes; reworking ideas to ensure they will be received correctly.

Jupiter 29Sco28 (conjunct US Inaugural Moon, we-the-people, on Jan 20, 2009); Uranus 27Cap00 (a Uranus-to-US natal Pluto transit describing a time when social conditions are on the boil and disruptive, and abrupt changes to life are encountered or produced; there are enforced and disturbing conditions which make psychological adjustments necessary; areas controlled or manipulated in the past are lost as transitions take place. (The Instant Horoscope Predictor, Skalka.)

3. Powerful Pluto/NN 00Tau02 (now known as a degree of violence and which has the plutocratic and oppressive Pluto/Chiron upon it in 1911; NN = future direction) = Jupiter: success through using people to their highest potential as manager of their affairs and activities.

Apex Planets in YOD configurations:

Sun indicates those who are pressured to make adjustments in how power and authority are expressed with the quincunxes to the Sun showing elements of ego-deflation (Taft?); major new conditions bring dramatic changes in character and cannot be avoided (karmic brought about by past actions and behavior); objectives on the horizon require full attention and inner strength; an alchemical power may make a reorganization of the central core possible; if mismanaged, this YOD with apex Sun indicates 'abuse of power with fateful repercussions'.

Jupiter indicates a broadened social vision yet expectations may fall short of their promised potential until the YOD's energies are fully activated at which time a formerly held belief or ideology is dropped as a new world view inspires; Jupiter's broadcasting function of new social concepts takes place in an effort to stimulate mass consciousness; if the energy is mismanaged, a strong impact on the masses occurs but with fateful consequences brought on by self-aggrandizement. (The Sibly and some other versions of America's natal chart with Sagittarius ASCs are ruled by monied, ideological Jupiter.)

Pluto is a karmic planet and even more so as apex in a YOD pattern for YODs are karmic on their own; objectivity is lacking and obssessions run deep for this 'ivory tower' planet; psychological changes are forced or enforced; past conditions must 'die' so they can be regenerated; open defiance that undermines existing authority at any cost is noted as a new level of power is adopted which gives Pluto organizational control over the super-structures of society; a new order of things is ushered in which revolutionizes world concepts. (Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney; my bold and italics.)

The Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of Taft's Dec 1911 message to Congress is the 3 South: 'traumatic transformations; sudden endings of associations' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.) 3S last manifested on Dec 14, 2001 around the time the US military had bin Laden (allegedly) on the run but let him slip away.

Well, there are more chart factors and patterns (a Mystic Rectangle, an Air Grand Trine, and a Grand Cross!) to be considered but that's all the blogging time I have for today so hopefully a partial picture of the shadowy US Chamber of Commerce emerges from the dross posted herein. (Set up the chart yourself for more insights! Obviously, these chart factors were at work on many levels of existence, not just for Taft and the Chamber.)

Now I shall leave you with a link to the Chamber's official website, if you're interested. You can hook-up with them through Twitter or Facebook, too, though those may be webs you may not wish to tangle yourself in. I don't blame you.

Oct 13, 2010

The rapidity of our decline

Here are good examples of how the much-touted 'globalism' is treating America:

Collapsing Empire Watch

By Glenn Greenwald

It's easy to say and easy to document, but quite difficult to really internalize, that the United States is in the process of imperial collapse. Every now and then, however, one encounters certain facts which compellingly and viscerally highlight how real that is.


As you may agree, the term 'globalism' is just a fancy word for the New World Order, a movement that really ramped up under the presidency of Bill Clinton after being handed off from Bush Sr. 'It' saw the light at the end of the tunnel with the approach of the New Millennium, and America's collapse, similar to that of Japan's economic crash and Russia's total collapse of the 1990s, is an integral part of the process toward world government.

I refer, of course, to the three Great Conjunctions of the Illumination (Illuminati) planets, Uranus and Neptune (now in mutual reception and supporting one another with Uranus in Pisces and Neptune still in Aquarius a while longer, though Uranus had entered Aries this year, soon will do so again, and won't return to Pisces for approximately 84 years.)

The year of Uranus/Neptune is 1993, the telling degree is '18 Capricorn' with its Sabian Symbol "The Union Jack" (Flies from a British Warship) = SUPERVISION in the Jones version of the symbols; in Dane Rudhyar's An Astrological Mandala, it's POLITICAL POWER. Jones' negative expression of this degree (to which I always add: 'unconscious/shadow side') is smug or strong-armed paternalism which, I believe, is what the imperialistic model of the US, the UK, and the Roman Empire (now the Vatican) are all about.

Be any of this as it may, do read Glenn Greenwald's article and click on the links therein for the stats of our decline cannot be ignored.

Oct 12, 2010

Harry Truman on the secret power brokers

And now a quote from President Harry Truman on secret power brokers in a statement which today we might call a 'conspiracy theory':

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the US, in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

(From ‘The New Freedom: A Call for the Emancipation of the Generous Energies of a People.’)

Wonder who he refers to? Power and horoscope-wise, it sounds like it's America's natal Pluto in Capricorn to me, with transiting Pluto now opposing US natal Venus, Jupiter, and soon, the Sun. There are other secretive factors in the US horoscope, of course, but for one little planet who can manipulate it all, Pluto fills Truman's bill.

And yet he's the one who dropped destructive Pluto's atom bombs on the Japanese people! Which was an act that the secret power brokers of Truman's day had to encourage, imho. It was, I believe, at their instigation.

Big Brother only a mouse-click away

As this disturbing article makes very clear, Big Brother is only a ping or a mouse-click away from where you sit.

Now Stars Over Washington, if it were read in Washington DC, would be fairly unpopular amongst governmental fear mongers, I'm quite certain, for this blogger is disdainfully distrusting of their 'New World Order' agenda. What the NSA can tell about me personally online is more than I'd like to reveal to strangers, I'm sure, though I've never been much of a 'joiner'...no odd memberships entered into around here and none sought.

However, I am a *Daughter of the American Revolution with Cherokee ancestry and I don't take kindly to the totalitarian direction this nation is being taken.

As I've typed many times before, America is my only nag in the race.

But my America does not include those who would usurp our government and dissolve US sovereignty. In my book, this makes those who would do these things traitors - not US citizens like me who care about America's future over that of the global syndicate and its agenda for world domination which now bedevils us. We are not the traitors!

So oversee my measly mouse-clicks, Big Brother. You won't find much more than a dissenting American woman past her prime who likes to offer all sorts of info on her blog about your doings...and the more secretively you go about your devilish plans, the better I like to reveal them.

Now tell me again: who honestly thought that a President Obama would be any different on these privacy-surveillance issues?


*Sabian Symbol '30 Cancer' (degree of the July 22, 2009 Solar Eclipse and linked to my natal Mars) = "A Daughter of the American Revolution" - INHERITANCE.

Positive expression: an infectious pride in leadership through which a group is able to act as a unit;

Negative/unconscious/shadow side: the ultimate betrayal of selfhood by a false assumption of superiority.

This symbol speaks of 'a willingness to maintain (established tradition) through a sharp rejection of any modifying influence of unsympathetic times or events.'

That'd be usurpers falsely assuming 'superiority'. That'd be me, for one, expressing 'sharp rejection'. Now how about you?

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

Oct 11, 2010

Senate returns Oct 12, 2010: Sun Lib-Moon Sag

The US Senate returns to their Masonic Temple (Capitol Building) tomorrow, October 12, 2010 with the Sun in Libra, Moon in Sagittarius, a personality blend which may give us clues concerning the atmosphere of the day.

Libra's mental airiness with Sagittarius' fiery questing and seeking functions give Tuesday a 'live wire' quality that crackles all the way down to Georgia from whence I type. Boredom will not be the order of the day!

Sun Lib-Moon Sag is a blend indicating idealism, foresight, and intelligence with a missionary zeal (uh oh!), persuasive powers, and philanthropic interests. Its adventurous nature and generous spirit combine in an ambitious yet easy-going combination of energies.

One's latest obsession inspires one to 'hold forth' before the next available audience yet this is nothing new on Capitol Hill, is it? ;p This blend gives the Senate a 'doing its own thing' vibe which is also nothing new for this exalted body which was established to see all sides of any issue and to be deliberative about it.

There is a humanitarian 'concerned for all' tone as well but that remains to be demonstrated to the American people as this session goes forward (I never forget that the current condition of this nation has been overseen by the US Senate made up of people who were on duty, therefore, they allowed or enabled these messes to happen.)

Sun Lib-Moon Sag is the 'formulator and mouthpiece for the grand vision that takes society by storm' combo and if you've read this blog once or twice you know how little I value the globalist agenda for world domination...in a word, nada. Storms, we've certainly had with more to come.

Exploring new paths is one of the orders of the day, however, so we'll see where the proffered paths lead. This is a 'team player' combo possessing an optimistic and dedicated commitment to the group agenda. (That's what worries me - unless or until Congress gets serious about protecting America's sovereignty and the well being of we-the-people.)

Good humor is in evidence here along with an ability to see the larger vision yet there is a caution: a tendency to overstretch and over-estimate ones capacities, a huge part of the reason the US is in the lamentable condition she's in, as you may agree. This blend can give a blindness to its own deeper motives and too proud and aloof a bearing. Yes, the US Senate is precisely aloof and, some think, overly proud - and considering the state of our nation in 2010, I agree with them wholeheartedly, for overstretched are we.

"America is too rich to ever go bankrupt" is a sentiment I read often online after 9/11/01 yet it has been proven to be a fallacy (high-frequency trading on Wall Street notwithstanding) with 9/11's Moon (the people) at '28 Gemini' = BANKRUPTCY. (A Moon's sign and condition in a horoscope describes a reigning need.)

The Sun Lib-Moon Sag blend is shared natally by Nobel Peace Prize winner Sir Joseph Chamberlain (1925), Sean Lennon, Christopher Reeve, Dory Previn, and two folks whom I shall quote as follows because their words may just apply to the US Senate:

"I explained to him that I had simple tastes and didn't want anything ostentatious, no matter what it cost me." Art Buchwald

"I see people out there enjoying themselves and I want to join them. I like the camaraderie of the House." Betty Boothroyd, former Speaker of the House of Commons.


For Further Reading try Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Oct 10, 2010

James K. Galbraith's progressive response to economic crisis (video)

Economist Dr. James K. Galbraith spoke at the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers’ 9th convention last month, where he brought delegates a message not often heard from economists – that there is a progressive response to the economic crisis.

Galbraith – the son of famed Canadian economist John Kenneth Galbraith – regaled delegates with his analysis of the roots of the economic recession that has destroyed jobs, families and communities. He said the crisis wasn’t an economic crisis but a fraud perpetrated on innocent victims.

Click to view the video of Dr. Galbraith's September 2010 analysis. #

In September 2009 I posted on Dr. Galbraith's views and included one of his quotes concerning the US financial system and the predatory class along with some basic astro-notes detailing his Sun-Moon blend which Dr. Galbraith then generously weighed in on by leaving a Comment confirming my astro-suspicions about him.

Now my question is: may the US have Dr. Galbraith as Treasury Secretary please? He was born in Boston after all! For what a difference such a progressive point of view could make when the US and global financial systems need it most.

Oops! How un-globalist of me: it should be 'global financial system'... not 'systems'.

My bad. The globalists' agenda. Though yes, I'd "like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony" a la Coca-Cola, too. But not under a goose-stepping totalitarian regime.

Oct 9, 2010

Chandra Levy case: murder trial begins Oct 18, 2010

In February 2009, the astrological details of Chandra Levy's natal chart (birth time is known) along with the data of when she was last seen alive, plus the date/time of her last email were listed on this blog. (Click for charts' data.)

But don't take my word for it: the post also contains a link to the excellent Christopher Warnock's extensive analysis of the charts.

Now it's nine years later and October 18, 2010 is the scheduled date for the Levy murder trial to begin which means that this sad case will be back in the news and again upon the hearts of every parent. The murder's political link bwo Gary Condit and the crime scene in DC's Rock Creek Park (near where I once lived on Mt Pleasant Street) is well known so the trial may have implications for Washington politics.

Certainly Chandra is not the only mysteriously murdered victim in the District's history but she is among the saddest. Quite naturally, the name of Clinton associate Vince Foster comes easily to mind. Murder trumps resignation every time.

That the current Venus Station Rx @ 13Sco13 which perfected Friday Oct 8, 2010 describes the re-evaluation (re-trograde of Venus' evaluating function) of the murder case of Mr. Condit's former paramour (Venus, the lovely Chandra) is less well known but is subject to interpretation 'going forward', as politicians are so fond of saying.

You know sometimes I wish I were officially involved with and aiding the collective bwo Forensic Astrology! Especially after reading that DC area police now admit that initially their investigation of the Chandra Levy murder was botched which may qualify as something of a vast understatement.

Oct 8, 2010

IMF meets as Venus Stations Rx Oct 8, 2010

The International Monetary Fund meets this weekend in Washington DC as planet Venus turns retrograde today, October 8, 2010 at 13Scorpio 13, a station retrograde.

As you see, the mystical number 13, important in Sacred Geometry (as Freemasonry tells us), is being emphasized here as the planet of evaluations and relationships is strengthened while seemingly standing still in the heavens. Erin Sullivan in her book Retrograde Planets says, "We might see Venus as the elegantiae arbiter, the arbiter of taste."

Sounds about right for the elitist bankers and titans meeting this weekend to ostensibly fulfill a basic function their organization was created to perform: to oversee the global financial system. Yet given the crooked way things are being run these days, one might wonder what they're really discussing. Will the proof be of a pudding consistency as the effects of their decisions lift all boats - or will they merely keep the globalists' yachts afloat while continuing to drown the rest of us? Show the world your brilliance, IMF! Surprise us with your practical concern for the common good before 'no one will be able to buy or sell'!

One thing they may need this weekend is their best intuitive functions working full steam, for the Sabian Symbol for '13Sco' is: "An Inventor Performs a Laboratory Experiment."

Keynote: The driving urge toward achievement, which is at the root of civilization.

ABILITY TO RELATE SEEMINGLY UNRELATED FACTS..."Intuition is as necessary to success as intellectual analysis." (An Astrological Mandala, Rudhyar.)

Well, this group of gents and dames are in possession of all the facts, I'd wager if I were a wagerer, so let's see what magic they can do to aid the financial conditions of their fellow man and woman. Yeah, right. (See what happens when I try to type something positive about people I don't respect because I suspect them of having darker motives?)

If we round up for Venus' degree to '14Sco' we get: "Telephone Linemen at Work Installing New Connections." Hmm. I'd like to see their guest list for this conference, wouldn't you?

Keynote: The need to establish tne channels of communication. THE WILL TO ASSOCIATE or COMPREHENSION. (DR.)

(Don't know about you, but whenever a planetary station is afoot, I tend to consider the station degree rounded up but especially the lower degree since it will soon be re-visited and may be the more salient symbol at the time of the station for the planet is in process of reaching the higher degree but doesn't quite reach it until it moves forward again - for Venus 2010, that's about November 18, then she moves out of her shadow - beyond 13Sco13 - in time for the crisis-degreed December 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse which may affect world markets.)

On December 27, 1945 when the IMF was formally organized, a noon chart shows the Sun (leadership) at 5Cap36 where transiting Pluto, planet of secret power and manipulation, has been hanging about. Pluto to Sun transits indicate a time when self-awareness and the attainment of power and recognition are uppermost and more aggression may be shown or may be needed in order to accomplish goals. Some sort of ID transformation or a new start is indicated as well and I think it's interesting that progressing the IMF's noon chart gives the entity a Secondary New Moon on January 12, 2012 - the very beginning of a new 30-year cycle of activity; the IMF entered its Balsamic phase (the dark of the Moon when sneaky things may lurk about) in May 2008, the world's Financial Collapse year.

The IMF's North Node (NN) lies at 29Gem56 and will encounter (NN) the full energy of the December 21 Lunar Eclipse 29Gem21; therefore, natal Venus 27Sag01 conjunct its SN will also feel the critical affects of the lunation.

In the natal horoscope (noon est, Washington DC, as stated), a correct hour is not needed for two midpoint pictures which are stamped upon the character of the IMF and involve the powerful and very wealthy Pluto, god of the Underworld. The first involves the Illuminati pair of energies, Uranus and Neptune:

Uranus/Neptune = Pluto (Rx @ 11Leo23): inspirations for ideas that can change the world; participation and support of the extreme destruction that's caused by disagreements; catastrophes; great losses.

Sun/Pluto = Jupiter (direct @ 24Libra17): successful striving for power; the urge to expand and acquire wealth; establishing one's position in the world; an idealistic desire to be number One; debasing of one's personal standards; creating a more complete set of standards and ethics. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Ethics! Now we're talkin'! But you know me: ethics that promote the best interests of all mankind, not just those of the select few, are the ones I respect most. And events and outcomes both near and future will tell us what the IMF has in store as they pull strings to adjust the global economy during this beautiful, Venus-infused weekend in Washington, DC.


For more details on the sacred number 13 (and 11 and 33, all associated with the founding of America and our nation's Great Seal, among other mystical things) check with Robert Howard.


Note to Whom It May Concern: Funneling money from foreign interests into American elections is a federal crime.