Jun 30, 2009

Will financial collapse be probed? I knew it was You, Reagan

The Washington Independent is asking Who Will investigate the Causes of the Financial Crisis? and apparently Congress is mulling over setting up a congressional committee to investigate after all.

But the list of possible names for the panel has a few huge clunkers on the Republican side in particular, most notably former senator from Utah Jake Garn, the same financial deregulator who sponsored the Garn-St. Germain Act signed by Reagan in 1982.

This would be the act that allowed Savings & Loan Associations to run amok with speculations that led directly to the S&L collapse (from which a certain member of the Bush dynasty had to be rescued by Poppy and the American people.)

The S&L crisis was then used as justification to author the easily passed Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act which Paul Krugman cites (op-ed linked below) as putting responsibility for the current financial collapse squarely on the shoulders of President Ronald Reagan (where so much of it belongs, I agree.)

Who can forget former VP Cheney's defense of the Bush administration's and the GOP's drunken-sailor spending by saying that "Reagan proved deficits don't matter"? You'd have to go a long way to find a larger crock than that. Actually just go to Cheney's VP desk and the early Iraq war plans ("what we need is a new Pearl Harbor"), and Cheney's monkeying around with the US air defense system on the morning of 9/11/01...well, okay, you'd have a hard time choosing from the scam and crime lists of certain political cusses on 'both sides of the aisle,' as they love to say.

Yes, Paul Krugman's recent op-ed tells of Ronald Reagan's signing the Garn-St. Germain Act of 1982 which opened the door to the deregulation of the mortgage industry and cordially invited in the frauds of today.

Here is the horoscope with a few details on the Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981 in case you haven't seen it (Sun/Moon conjunct George W. Bush's natal Ascendant!) The post was written before I found info on the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act and before I realized the significance of its passage which leads directly to today's heist. (Thanks, Alex!)

And check out the text of President Reagan's jolly remarks at the Garn-St. Germain Act's signing ceremony in the White House Rose Garden on Oct 15, 1982 - 11:03 am, as you'll see here.

"All in all, I think we hit the jackpot," beamed Reagan, as noted by Paul Krugman in his op-ed linked above.

And I'm certain Reagan felt that way since the signing of the act occurred so near Mr. Reagan's Jupiter Return of Oct 11, 1982! The signing ceremony was held 4 days later on Oct 15, 1982 with Reagan's remarks (as noted in the text linked above) delivered at 11:03 am edt, White House, DC.

You have to love it when the actual time appears on a speech's text!

Now this was during a Saturn Hour, with an unaspected Jupiter conjunct 12th cusp (a karmic spot in a chart if there ever was one - we're paying heavy debts now and into the future thanks to these past sorry actions of Reagan & pals; plus, Reagan was born with Jupiter conjunct South Node, an unconscious point in any chart, see *Jup conj SN details below)...an-n-n-d moneybags Jupiter (the Guru) had returned in 1982 to the zodiacal position held at Reagan's Feb 6, 1911 birth!

Sometimes Astrology can be so amazing especially when Big Events are occurring and the archetypes are acting right under our studious noses.

And, of course, you know that in Mundane Astrology (Political Astrology; Astro-Politics), Jupiter represents the Republican Party, Saturn the Democrats - which actually makes the Dems more traditional and conservative, with the Rs as the radicals with big money burning holes in their pockets if it's taxpayer money, but lining deep pockets when its theirs to pilfer. And with the Democratic Party being the older of the two, Saturn fits them on that level, too.

So what does it mean that the signing-ceremony chart's Jupiter is unaspected?

(Chart is viewable at the end of this post.)

That Mr. Jupiter is acting as a law unto himself (and Reagan was acting on an unconscious level through his SN - unless Astrology had informed him - unconscious preoccupations are the hardest to transcend, as you know.)

So Jupiter isn't playing with the other actors (planets) in the scheme, a condition which emphasizes Jupiter's meaning by sign and house placement, and in this case, by the fact that this is Reagan's Jupiter in Scorpio, sign of Big Business and Wheeler-Dealing. Scorpio's natural house is the 8th of Credit, Debt, Insurance, Shared Resources, Transformation, the Occult, etc.

Jupiter in Scorpio indicates ruthless (Sco) striving for possessions and wealth (Jup), possible recklessness as bounds are over-stepped (Jup), and a tendency to delve into secret matters including the occult. Reagan's secret dealings with Iran come to mind as he orchestrated the delay of US hostages' release in Tehran and thus undermined the presidency of Jimmy Carter. Scorpio is also linked to betrayals, spying, and the Eagle of the US as it soars and surveys the world (from space, as it turns out. Naughty naughty Google Earth, too.)

Concerning the Reagans' known use of Astrology, perhaps the whole process of the finance-based bill's mark up, passage, and signing were timed with RR's Jupiter Return since this is usually an auspicious time of reward. By Reagan's "jackpot" comment mentioned above, he obviously was aware of what he was doing on a financial level, imo, and welcomed its promised abundance with which Politics had supplied him before (Jup conj SN.)

A Scorpionic Jupiter expands the will and one's sense of pride, while giving much subtlety to the personality. You've probably read through the years comments from those who knew him that they never really felt they "knew" him well - that even Mrs. Reagan couldn't enter all his self-absorbed ponderings. This self-absorption is part of Jupiter in Scorpio, often a moody and brooding sign.

At the North end of Reagan's natal Nodal Axis of Destiny is natal Moon 13Tau43, indicating that he was a hit with the American people for the most part (Moon conjunct US Inaugural Ascendant 13Tau+); or at least his reflection on the public image screen was pleasingly dazzling (including his film career.)

What we couldn't see as well was his ideologue Jupiter sitting on the tail of the dragon (SN) while making these important, far-reaching transformations to our financial system (Sco.)

Perhaps that's why the current financial collapse, a natural outcome of Reagan's signing of the Garn-St. Germain Act 1982, feels as if we're attempting to hang on to the tail of a dragon. The fire is burning the people - Moon - at the Northern end (NN = future direction), but the past (SN) has caught up and is knocking us over with the disastrous swish of a Jupiterian politician's tail!


*Jupiter conjunct SN: social and ethical objectives clash with prevailing social customs creating conflicts of interest; delays and difficulties are experienced in relation to, or encountered in, foreign lands (delaying the resolution of the US hostage crisis and its October Surprise, plus, Iran-Contra and arms planes being shot down with a survivor who pointed directly at the White House - a big oops for The Gipper!) (Jup/SN: The Astrologer's Handbook, Sakoian and Acker.)

More financial and political stars upcoming:

Soon to be of note financially, politically, in business, and law enforcement matters (Capricorn) is the July 7 Lunar Eclipse which will affect US natal Sun 13Can19 (the leader) so keep an eye on our president since Lunar Eclipses tend to reveal hidden things that must now be dealt with - and I rather doubt this indicates only a butt smoked behind a bush in the Rose Garden.

Also: if you click to enlarge the Garn-St. Germain chart just below, you'll see that in the 8th house is the Solar Eclipse which manifested before the act's signing, from its Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, the 2 New North. If you read Brady's Predictive Astrology, you find that this Series' flavor is that of the #16 card in the Tarot deck known as 'The Tower' - when we experience a sudden collapse of lifestyles, confusion reigns; transformation and rebuilding after the dust settles; this reshaping has far-reaching effects and will change peoples' directions in life through the sudden collapse of existing structures.

Well, that certainly describes what's been going on currently especially if you consider the Garn-St. Germain Act to be the grand-pappy of 2008/09's econo-collapse.

And worrisomely, the difficult Solar Eclipse of July 21/22, 2009 is related by its occurrence at '29Can' which may trigger the sensitized degree of the July 20, 1982 Eclipse at '28Can' (2 New North) - both opposing US natal Pluto (27Cap) and progressed Pluto (29Cap.)

The July 2009 Solar Eclipse indicates systems failures and old methods/ideas suddenly need to be replaced by new ones; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed. So the 1982 and 2009 Eclipses are linked by degree, not Series.

Well, I really wish, lone reader, that I could be more positive about this stuff, but the Lunar and Solar Eclipses of August 2008 brought bad financial news and events that I didn't want to discuss either, yet I would've been remiss not to do it anyway, mostly at Jude's Threshold (see sidebar of Pages.)

So there's little else to say now except, hang on tight - this too shall pass! jc

Oct 15, 1982, 11:03 am edt, White House; highlighted in red is a YOD pattern of 'adjustment, crisis, and/or a special task' pointing to Chiron Rx in Tauru$, sign of the architect and builder, and in 6th house of Work, Health, and Service.

Enlarge chart to see the planets in sextile that are pointing to Chiron; Reagan's natal placements are highlighted in blue around the chart; some US natal placements are noted as well; signing of the bill occurred with the Sun conjunct Reagan's natal Midheaven (Mc) 21Lib16; US natal Neptune in Virgo is at Midheaven at 11:03 am edt - deception, including self-deception.

The Mc/Ic axis of this chart is where the current stand-off (opposition) between Saturn and Uranus has fought for control and the old ways (Saturn) vs radical progress (Uranus) and is affecting career/public standing (Mc) and home/security/real estate matters (Ic) by way of the Garn-St. Germain Act.

In lower right corner is written the midpoint picture formed between the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto (Nov 2, 1981), triggered at the act's signing Oct 15, 1982 by transiting Saturn 24Lib46 which gives...

Jupiter/Pluto = Saturn: adjusting the big picture to meet more with convention; difficulties; separations.

The Jupiter/Pluto cycle we're embroiled in now (Jup/Plu = plutocrats; people who tackle big projects; exploitation of the masses; wastefulness; squanderers and speculators; law and economics professors, etc - Ebertin) began in December 2007 when America's economic weaknesses began to show in the housing sector as the recession started, and the Fed announced an interest rate cut only a few minutes before Jupiter and Pluto met and conferred over drinks to discuss their very ambitious political and financial aims.

Jun 29, 2009

Lee Hamilton the GOP's go-to guy: the October Surprise resurfaces

If you've so far managed to miss reading Robert Parry's recent Who to Trust on a Truth Commission? report, please find a few minutes to remedy your condition forthwith.

Pour yourself a cup of tea or pop open a bottle of whatever you like to pop open - this account details the Bush Sr-Reagan law-breakings from the 1980s and into the 90s with Iran, October Surprises, and Lee Hamilton as the GOP's favorite go-to guy for 'investigating' political scandals without ruffling a single important feather or changing the global and Washington power structures which even now think that they can get away with absolutely anything.

And as long as so very few people pay close attention to such reports as Mr. Parry's, things will remain as opaquely duplicitous and as heinously corrupt in the US government as they were yesterday, the day before, and the decade before that.

Discussed in the article is the Russian report on how Bush, William Casey, Reagan campaign staffers, and other Republicans, made secret deals with Iranian radicals to unseat a US president (Carter) which includes the often-alleged secret meeting in Paris, Oct 1980. Poppy Bush was there - let's ask him.

This report, requested from the Soviet government by Hamilton himself, but received in Washington - alas! - too late, goes completely against the mild conclusions of the October Surprise Task Force chaired by Mr. Hamilton, with its whitewash function a marvel of political cronyism and crime syndicate cover-up and, in my memory, matched only by Hamilton's stellar, stone-faced performance on the Warren Commission which was set up to obfuscate the truth about the JFK assassination. Of course, you may remember that back then, pardner Arlen Specter was hot on the trail of truth, too.

(Perhaps this is where I suggest using a pack of bloodhounds next time, fellas.)

So is Hamilton the GOP go-to guy? Well, he's had a lot of experience whitewashing their dirty hands and faces, I must give him that for his professional resume.

So if President Obama's CIA Director Leon Panetta continues to cite Lee Hamilton as the go-to guy for looking into Bush-Cheney administration crimes, we'll *know that Panetta is one of the establishment - the establishment of crooks that hide in plain sight in Washington DC, sporting their Tom Sawyer paint brushes and ready to astound us all with their less-than-half-hearted strivings to discover and reveal The Truth.


*Yes, we already know that Panetta is one of the establishment but sometimes my generous streak shines through in spite of all my disgust with Politics, that "organized system of hatreds." (partial quote from Henry B. Adams - and he should know.)

What Wilson said after creating the Fed

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men."

Woodrow Wilson, after signing the Federal Reserve Bank into existence

"Unwittingly ruined"?

Now that's the part I must wonder about most when it comes to Mr. Wilson's role in the financial and political farce we Americans often call 'government.' If you wish, read Woodrow Wilson and the Invisible Empire for my notes on his natal chart and for another of his enlightening quotes about the US government.

Hindsight being perfect in the rear view mirror of life, I wish President Wilson could have remarked strongly upon the subject before he signed the Fed into law and then promptly run out of ink. But actually, since the presidency of Andrew Jackson the banking system has ruled our government, but it's taken slow increments to seal the totalitarian deal which was ratcheted up mightily in 2008.

And yes, the Founding Fathers were of the same mind - a select few rich men being top of the heap in perpetuity - so a plutocratic oligarchy of the rich we got and its becoming even more concentrated as they planned all along. This is one of the main reasons for the manufactured financial collapse of 2008 with massive public money 'bailouts' disguising the elite banking interests' unconscionable heist.

And the proof will be in the ultimate results of their whole crooked scheme.

Is right wing extremism in the US on the rise?

No, it doesn't require glue sniffing or kool-aid swigging to imagine the GOP's slowly forming strategy when McCain was so obviously past his prime in the 2008 presidential run and Republicans saw Barack Obama attracting millions of people with his orating abilities and winning personality.

Plus, the international banking houses signed on to the Obama brand to make matters less... Republican in Washington as the Democrats took a helm-manning turn so that the illusion of a two-party system in the US could be upheld in everyone's imaginations.

Is part of the GOP's hornet's nest strategy a revving up of right-wing extremist groups by playing on their gut reaction to having an African-American president in the previously all-white White House?

My mind wanders back to Nov 4, 2008 when Saturn's status quo based on tradition and Uranus' progressive attitudes and futuristic reforms were locked in a precise stand-off, known in Astrology as an opposition, as the antithetical planets fought one another across the Virgo/Pisces axis of the victim-savior archetypes.

Now most folks first assumed that change-lovin' Uranus won the election, but this reluctant astrologer suspected that Saturn was still very much in the game. And we've heard many times since Inauguration Day 2009 that Mr. Obama is more traditional than many people expected him to be...well, yuh! Critics of his economic plans say he's performing a superficial face-lift rather than instituting the deep reforms needed by a corrupt investment and banking system, the whole of which is rotten to the core.

Well, his Saturn in its own sign of staid Capricorn tells that tale niftily, I think, yet having expansive, optimistic, idealistic Jupiter nearby and within the first degree of Aquarius makes Obama quite a blend with an out-of-sign conjunction of the societal planets (Jupiter and Saturn) - he prefers to promote the best of past and future, if only obstacles would get out of his way.

Let's hope for his family's sake and for the health of our nation that his obstacles remain on the debating of policy and legislative sides without expressing upon a physical level. The July 21/22 Solar Eclipse is a doozy though, so we'll see how things proceed as 'systems and old methods fail; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed,' cautions Brady's Predictive Astrology. (The 11 South Eclipse at a crisis 29th degree (of Cancer) occurs on the 21st at 10:34 pm edt in Washington, DC.)

And no, President Obama is not the savior many Americans imagined him to be. Certainly no one person can clean up the Bush-Cheney mess in a few months or years, even assuming that Mr. Obama genuinely wishes to. (As you may know, I see the US presidential baton-passing as significant of a continuing one-world-government agenda that we-the-people are ordinarily not privy to. If you're a top o'the heap US president - you're one of them or you couldn't have made it to the top of the political mountain!)

But another interference from chaos-creating power elites in the course of our history would be debilitating and sad for us all at a time when we most need clarity and upright actions, not undermining tactics and psychosis.

Perhaps you may agree that what America does not need are emotionally manipulated, half-crazed hotheads whose anarchisms are instigated by those whose hold on political power has become too tenuous for their self-serving comfort.

You know, in America's 'Franklin' natal chart (see post below for a chart image), the Moon (the populace; the public; we-the-people) is at the 25th degree+ of Aquarius rather than the usual 'Sibly' chart's 26/27 AQ. You may be interested in the Sabian Symbol for '25AQ' in light of my understandably annoying remarks above on America's 'right wing' extremists controversy (symbol from Marc Edmund Jones)...

'25AQ': "A Butterfly with the Right Wing More Perfectly Formed"...UNIQUENESS...this degree's symbol speaks of man's capacity to overcome any handicap imposed on him....and of his underlying stamina or psychological integrity.

positive expression: a genius for turning deficiency into a real asset;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: unhappy and rebellious conceit.

Yes, well it would be conceit at the basis of prejudices of all kinds, wouldn't it? And September 2009 brings the world yet another brittle stand-off between the opposing forces of Saturn and Uranus as they bitterly battle on.


My post on America's Solar Return 2009 is published just below if you want to take a peek at America's 233rd birthday planets. jc

Jun 28, 2009

America's Solar Return 2009: happy 233rd!

With the US Solar Return 2009 marking America's 233rd birthday, I've been reading quite a bit of the history of those early times to get myself revved up for this US Solar Return 2009 post. One result of my delving? See this blog's sidebar for a new link to Revolutionary War Archives' info on the 'American Revolution: 1st shot fired.'

Now this post is a bit on the complex side since I often consult the so-called 'Sibly' natal chart (5:10 pm lmt) as the US birth chart, and the 'Franklin' chart (2:21 pm lmt, or 2:22 pm if you prefer; I often use it for 'secret service/agencies' issues with spying Scorpio rising) which is based on the time shown on the Independence Hall clock behind Ben Franklin on our 20-dollar bill. (Sychronistically perhaps, flip the chart to 2:21 or 2:22 am and you get Uranus 8Gem55 rising precisely, but that only muddies the "which natal chart for the US?" issue even more.)

The difference between the two natal charts - one a symbolic chart involving London and astrologer Ebenezer Sibly, the other a teasing clue from astrologer Ben Franklin (who was something of a prankster in life) with the aid of the designer/s of the 20-dollar bill - results in a Solar Return alteration for the moment the Sun returns to its natal degree and minute. (Sibly Sun 13Can19; Franklin Sun 13Can13.)

Using the 5:10 pm Sibly chart results in a Solar Return on July 5, 2009 at 12:58:40 am (edt) when set for the White House; the 2:21 pm Franklin chart gives a Solar Return for July 4, 2009 a 10:09:41 pm (edt) which is also set for the White House as you see in the charts' images above.

Obviously the planetary signs/degrees remain basically the same in both Return charts (Moon's degrees showing the most difference because Luna moves most quickly) but the Angles (Asc/Desc; Mc/Ic) and other house cusps are different thereby placing planets in various houses between the SR charts. Chart-ruler changes as well from Aquarius' Saturn (co-ruler Uranus) to Aries' Mars, so their applying aspects are notated on the charts (click to enlarge.)

2009's SR based on the Franklin chart (natal Asc 8Sco27) has 11AQ34 rising so we always check which natal house is rising in a SR chart to see what issues (departments of life) are on the immediate menu as the Return period begins. In this case, it's the natal 3rd house of Communications, Lower Mind, Siblings, and Neighborhoods.

In the Franklin natal chart (see below) Pluto 27Cap33 Rx and South Node (SN) 6AQ36 are posited in 3rd house bringing up transformational issues, plutonian controls, and past (unconscious) behaviors (SN) we'd do well to move beyond since this qualifies as neuroses that no longer bring the results wanted in current circumstances.

First natal planet to rise in the SR 2009 is the 4th house Moon 25AQ28 (the people; the public; 4th house = domestic and security concerns; real estate; mining; inheritance.)

2009's SR based on the Sibly chart (natal Asc 12Sag13) has 18Ari09 rising which brings up natal 4th house (same concerns and issues as mentioned in last bit) but with natal Chiron 20Ari08 which indicates our 'inherited wound' in the pioneering and me-first departments...maybe that's one reason why America has always been gung-ho about such things. Chiron represents the unhealable wound and the blindspot, but ultimately its location may become the strongest point in any chart.

After Chiron, the next natal planet to rise is Uranus 8Gem55 in 6th house of the Sibly chart, but just below the Descendant (see below.) In the last couple of years transiting asteroid Midas has been triggering America's natal Uranus, planet of disruption, rebellion, and reform. This hook-up describes just one of the facets we're dealing with in the financial sector (although I often tend to yell at Midas as the greedy gold-hoarder he is - Midas now direct 8Gem28....or rather his archetypal representative is.)

A "natal echo" worth mentioning is that both SR charts show a Mercury/Pluto opposition, an aspect of busy minds always trying to consolidate and crystallize the abundant ideas within the frame of reference; there's deep curiosity about other people's secrets and their ways of thinking; corruption undermines existing circumstances; complex, incisive minds have to constantly regenerate thought patterns to facilitate proper interactions with others. (Alan Oken's Complete Astrology.)

Now on the Sibly SR chart, you see marked the US Secondary Mars Rx upon the Desc of this SR ruled by Mars in Taurus in 2nd house of Earning Ability, Self-Worth, and Values. Mars is the first SR planet to rise in the Sibly SR chart as Pres. Obama continues the perpetual wars begun by Bush-Cheney...the wars that are keeping the American people from affording their own health care reforms and other needs.

My intuition told me a few years ago that high unemployment rates in the US are meant to stimulate sign-ups and recruitments for wars and more wars - what do you think?

Tellingly, we see that the Franklin SR chart has '1Sag' at Mc, the Goal Point of the chart...'1Sag': "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire." That upheavals and concerns about 2/8 axis issues of Money, Credit, Corporate Profits, Insurance, Military Spending, Values, etc. will be on the US menu for the extent of the SR 2009 is obvious and we don't need a horoscope to tell us this, do we?

Noted on both charts is a transiting midpoint of interest esp since the two planets - one of the past, one of the future - were in opposition on Nov 4, 2008 and will be continuing to affect US natal Mars off and on by forming a Mutable T-Square pattern with natal Mars as apex...this indicates an over-taxing of the nervous system and disruptive to the thought processes; a Mutable apex Mars shows a restless scattering of energies, diffusion, disorganization, and inconsistencies which must be directed by good planning. Finish a job before starting the next or nothing may get done!

Here's the midpoint picture which the T-Square creates...

Saturn/Uranus = natal Mars 21Gem+: challenges leading to a fight; upheavals through calamity or rebellion; an act of violence; accident or injury; a forced release from tensions; deprivation of freedom.

Sun (the leader) is in the (Franklin) 5th house of Risk-Taking and Creativity, yet has just left the 6th house of Health, Work, and Service (and also of Servants, including military forces, police, etc.) The Sun in a Solar Return obviously highlights the issues and events of that house, and in the Sibly version of the SR, Sun is in 4th house conjunct Ic, indicating much activity at the start of the 2009 SR year...Independence Day will be a busy affair in more ways than one.

The sextile (60 degr) of opportunity from Saturn 16Vir53/54 has been aiding the Sun in its work, but Saturn is moving ahead in Virgo and its sextiling rays will soon pass beyond the US natal Sun. Health care reform may pass with it (Virgo = health; Saturn = laws), for as the president has said, the reform must happen this year - or it won't.

In both charts Solar Return Moon is in Sagittarius, sign of the seeker and the foreigner, so we may expect many changes (Mutable sign) in the areas of moving, relocating, long-distance travels, and re-education.

The Sibly SR emphasizes the education/travel facet of this Moon since Sag is the natural sign of the 9th house.

The Franklin chart has a 10th house SR Moon which emphasizes needs for recognition, opportunities for publicity, a greater need for emotional control as feelings are publicly on display; personal or family issues may come out into the open with this very public Moon; chances for career advancement tend to come from one's important associations, and errors tend to be more noticed with a 10th house SR Moon.

Well, I hope you can click to enlarge the charts for readability, for this post is wumping me out (and Merlin is on TV now!) I'm fairly tuckered and must complete my remarks asap, if you will be so accommodating. Midpoint pictures should be discussed at the least, so stay tuned during the upcoming week.

Here are dual images of the Sibly (upper on right) and Franklin (lower on left) natal charts for the USA so you may compare their differences and check them with the Solar Return 2009 chart/s which may be read separately as "natal chart for a year" yet ultimately should be read in tandem with the natal charts from which they are calculated.

Expert astrologer Ed Kohout wrote an article which includes a list of all the known US natal charts, their creators, and more here if you'd like the list of possibilities. And check out his site when you have time to peruse at will...once there, click Mundane for political stuff including America's Masonic roots and the Fixed Star Grand Cross underpinning the US natal chart.


Update: You'll find the midpoint pictures for both US Solar Return 2009 charts posted at Jude's Threshold where you'll see that one of the SR charts has only one picture and the other has several! jc

Jun 27, 2009

When Political Astrology posts go missing: Litvinenko

Because its Links List includes posts on the poisoning of Russian spy and defector Alexander Litvinenko (including some natal and mundane Astrology of the matter), I'm republishing SO'W's mysteriously invisible posts in an attempt to foil article-eating trolls and gremlins of any and all persuasions.

Pardon please, if many of the article links contained therein are no longer live for I've tried to rewrite these entries to reflect various sites discontinuing their articles' availability. As yet I've not been completely successful, but my astrological comments should still be available, even though these posts are otherwise invisible without such shouts-out as this.

And if you do want some Astrology concerning Litvinenko, be sure to check out Putin and the poisoned spy.

Is 2010 Ousting Time for the US Congress?

Well, it should be.

As I always complain: 99.9% of them are in it together with their fraternity of the ruling class taking precedence in every department over the American people and over our nation's sovereignty.

Actually, I'm not fully certain of the motives of the remaining .1%, now that I think about it. Are you?

It's time to retire the old saw about the American people being fed up with congress members - except for their own. Even if the subject's poll numbers are accurate, we must get over our "but our rep/senator is dandy - it's the other ones that are corrupt" beliefs which play into Washington's class warfare script perfectly and help keep we-the-people divided, conquered, and completely ineffectual where our own interests are concerned.

Is Larry Summers Obama's Cheney?

Did Germany's Angela Merkel manage to straighten out President Obama's faulty financial thinking during her visit to Washington?

A view from Germany seems to be that President Obama is making economic mistakes galore - is financial ideologue Larry Summers Obama's Cheney?

Jun 26, 2009

See 3d photo from space of Russian volcano erupting

With transiting Saturn now returned to '17 Virgo' I wasn't surprised that a rerun of Krakatoa was shown this week on PBS but now this amazing must-see photo has been taken from the ISS:

Space Weather News for June 26, 2009

VOLCANIC VISTAS: On June 12th, astronauts onboard the International Space Station watched in amazement as Russia's Sarychev Peak volcano erupted directly beneath their spacecraft. The rare photo they took is a must-see.

An enormous sulfur dioxide plume from the eruption is now circumnavigating the globe at northern latitudes, producing spectacular sunsets for international air travelers.

Today's edition of SpaceWeather News features 3D photos of the eruption from space, satellite movies of the sulfur dioxide plume, and a Mars-like view of the volcanic cloud over the Canadian Arctic. #

Krakatoa's 2nd eruption came on August 27, 1883, and 1/3 of the earth's inhabitants heard it! The tsunami it caused you don't want to know about as most of the Indonesian island disappeared under the waves.

Saturn on August 27, 1883 was at '10 Gemini' along with Pluto (1:13) and Chiron (3:32); in Virgo were Sun (3Vir+), Uranus, and Mercury. Watery Neptune was Rx at '22 Taurus', an earth sign, and Mars 2Can+ was conjoined by the Moon.

So as far as '17 Virgo' goes, Mercury and Uranus would have been the last planetary culprits to trigger the "Volcano in Eruption" degree of the Sabian Symbols. This is certainly not conclusive for timing volcanic explosions by Astrology, I'm just noting the '17 Virgo' degree's volcanic symbolism along with Saturn's representation of Earth, soil, tectonic plates, rocks, and other geological factors.

"A Volcano in Eruption"...EXPLOSION...

positive: creative passion as a rejection of superficiality and a genius for ordering of self;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: petulance and tantrums. (Marc Edmund Jones,The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.)

Dane Rudhyar in his An Astrological Mandala gives the Keynote of this degree as:

The explosive energy of long-repressed contents of the subconscious.

Jun 25, 2009

Bernanke testifies 6.25.09 and Astrology takes note

With Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke testifying on Capitol Hill today, I've taken a meander down SO'W's Memory Lane for Bernanke posts and found 11 of them.

Here are two which will remind you, among other things, of the August 1, 2008 Solar Eclipse (10 South) which is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the New York Stock Exhange (into which the NYSE was born 1792) and thus is very telling for how things have proceeded within the US financial system since the current manufactured collapse:

NYSE and its Solar Eclipse Series 2008 was written before the financial collapse of summer 2008 and contains many details of a financial nature which Astrology describes quite well (I may not, but Astrology does.)

So if you're tempted to think that astrological cycles have nothing to do with financial cycles, perhaps it's time to change your mind!

Then there's Hylan, Bernanke, and the Fed which quotes past NY Mayor John Hylan concerning the "small group of banking houses" being the head of the "invisible government which like a giant octopus" has invaded local and federal governments of the US of A. Only in the New Millennium - more completely, as planned.

So check out these posts if you get a moment, and if you see Ben tell him this blogging gnat of an American said, hello there, we'd like our America back, please.

Jun 24, 2009

Astrology revisits Bush Sr at the 1988 RNC

In his acceptance address at the 1988 Republican National Convention, George H. W. Bush called for a lot and promised a lot.

On the evening of August 18, 1988 at the Superdome in New Orleans, LA, we were ostensibly brightened by his "thousand points of light" and enthused by his promise that though Congress would push him again and again - and again - he would say, "Read my lips: no new taxes."

(I remember the wild applause that little ditty elicited!) Click link for the text of Bush's address along with audio players available, if you'd rather hear him intone.

Other grand remarks were made in his 1988 address, other firm statements were proffered in order to assure the American people of his patriotism and his "respect for common sense" to which he added that "...I have no great love for the imaginings of social planners. I like what's been tested and found to be true."

Whaa-a-a? No love for social planners like the global power elite and their chaos-promoting financial crises and shock doctrines? How about their wars, genocides as population control, and resource plunderings that decimate whole communities and races?

Do your global domination plans not qualify as 'social planning'?

Seems Mr. Bush Sr was prevaricating especially considering that shortly after 1988 he was calling for a New World Order!

This video is but 33 seconds' long and you'll find longer versions on YouTube quite easily. But I figured 33 secs were quite long enough to make a point, or a thousand of them, if you prefer.

Bush states his determination toward success in the video...in his 1988 address he ambiguously stated, "I will keep America moving forward, always forward -- for a better America, for an endless enduring dream and a thousand points of light.

This is my mission. And I will complete it."

And now others carry forward the agend of the NWO.

Did you notice? America is a bank-owned state

Samah El-Shahat has written an informative series of columns on Why America is a Bank-owned State which quotes Nouriel Roubini concerning the Geithner (non-) stress tests.

As I blogged during the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama would not have been a presidential candidate at all if he hadn't gotten in with the power bankers and agreed to do their bidding. He won for promising to dance to their tune and because 'the electorate' liked his pitch the best...makes the medicine go down more easily with such obvious oration abilities.

But is he dancing fast enough? Perhaps, because already the American people, our economy, and our futures are trussed up like turkeys on a spit, so I'll look forward to El-Shahat's next article in the series.

And since no banking or government officials are honest with us, Obama's 'failure' may be pre-written in their script while he's secretly being richly rewarded for a job well done - assuming he doesn't end as their sacrificial lamb!

Jun 23, 2009

Mousavi a terrorist PM back in the day

Spy Talk is talking about Mousavi who is now being celebrated for instigating protests against Ahmadinejad's suspicious victory in Iran's June 12 election, but back in the day - the 80s - Mousavi was Iran's Prime Minister and had a hand in the terrorism that attacked the US embassy and killed US Marines in Beirut.

Seems President Reagan's Secretary of Defense, Caspar Weinberger, derailed plans to disrupt the terroist cells that were causing US deaths. Wonder why the GOP's anointed 'saint' Reagan would want to do that?

Perhaps President Obama's current reluctance to say much about the protests in Iran is based on a lot more intell and tangled circumstances than we know. And it's peculiar that it's GOPers who are shouting the loudest for a Dem president to step his foot in it. They were lurking behind the door as Reagan made deals with the regime.

So as the president said at the White House presser today, the Iranian people aren't concerned with what's being said on Capitol Hill. Indeed.

DC train crash 6.22.09: effects of July 22's Solar Eclipse?

The stars over Washington DC were disasterous yesterday as a Metrorail train plowed into a standing train around 5:00 pm, June 22, 2009. At least seven people were killed and several are hospitalized as investigators attempt to figure out why the old train slammed into the new one.

At 5:00 pm edt in DC, Scorpio was rising and a pattern of energies called a Hard Rectangle had formed between Moon, Sun, ASC, Venus, Mars, and Pluto.

Occurring just after the New Moon 1Can30, the Moon had thus joined the difficult T-Square between Sun/Pluto and apex Uranus, the disruptor, which adds a new midpoint picture for evening rush hour in DC yesterday...

Moon/Pluto = Uranus: nervous crisis through excesses; sudden upset; fantacism.

However, another part of the picture is the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction (Nep 26AQ19, Jup 26:56, both Rx) angular at Ic, the Foundation of the chart, the End of the Matter, the HOW? Point.

Jupiter/Neptune opposing Midheaven = harm or damage through thoughtlessness.

So with Jupiter (excess) conjunct Neptune (possible drug use including alcohol) we may never know for sure if daydreaming or perhaps substance abuse was at the base of the disaster. It will be interesting to see what turns up in the investigation, and once again, I send out condolences to the families and friends of the victims and a prayer for speedy recoveries to those in hospital.

Yes, the city of DC, my favorite former abode, should have listened to the warnings in 2006 about phasing out the old trains for no matter how finances played into the slack decision-making process then, the city of 2009 now faces a $340 million deficit over the next two years.

Makes me wonder who took the money through the years and it bodes ill for victims' lawsuits against the city and/or the Metrorail Transit System.

And yesterday's horrific crash may even be a case of an early manifestation of the upcoming July 22 Solar Eclipse with its "systems fail" flavor. If so, this 29th degree Eclipse may be a doozy, m'peops, as weaker systems will be the first to crash.

White House presser 6.23.09: a little Astrology

As reported on TV's Nightline, President Obama will hold a press conference in the Rose Garden Tuesday (6.23) at 12:30 pm edt with America's natal Neptune in Virgo rising, and the transiting Sun/Mercury midpoint at Midheaven, the Goal/Aspiration Point of the chart.

Sun/Mercury = Mc: standing by one's convictions and speaking up for oneself; an intellectual worker; a businessman.

This will also place Mr. Obama's natal Mars rising since it is conjunct US natal Neptune...

Mars/Neptune = ASC: instability; weakness; termination of associations or unions; sharing sorrows with others. (Iranian protesters? DC Metrorail crash victims and their families? jc)

The presser will be held during a Saturn Hour though Saturn 16Vir06 (Democratic Party) has risen and is in the behind-the-scenes 12th house.

ASC 23Vir54, so chart-ruler Mercury (pressers; announcements; speeches; reporters; communications; trade and commerce, etc) is in 9th house at 12Gem01, conjunct the Descendant in the US natal 'Sibly' chart (5:10 pm lmt, you know the date); Mercury makes only one applying aspect in the chart which clues us in to how the presser will proceed...a square to Saturn (4A05.)

This indicates some difficulty in communicating one's authority and control of matters, yet Mercury has natural abilities being positioned in one of its own signs, Gemini, the communicator's sign.

The dissociate T-Square is still within orb to Uranus 26Pisc36 which is setting (Desc 23Pisc54), so again we may consider the midpoint picture formed as the Sun/Pluto opposition points to apex Uranus, the reformer...

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: sudden changes; rebellion; reform; carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself; sudden adjustment to new circumstance; arrest. (all midpt pics: Tyl; Ebertin.)

There are a few other midpoint pics of interest, one of which affects 2009's US Inaugural Sun (the president) and Mercury 00AQ+ - it's the plutocracy; the desire for power; desire to exploit the masses; pursuit of fanatical aims; qualities of leadership; wastefulness team of Jupiter and Pluto:

Jupiter/Pluto = Sun: using extraordinary physical or mental powers; the creation of magical effects; use of strong personality power; keeping things within one's own grasp; doing well with all resources.

Jup/Plu = Mercury: promotion of a cause; influence and persuasion; the gift of oration; a propaganda campaign (seemingly the role of any US presidency.)

Jup/Plu = transiting North Node (public contacts): working with others for success; joint aspirations; political activity; relationship to the masses; far-reaching associations.

Pluto/Mc = Uranus: sudden attainment of aims with irresistible power; publicity; sudden changes or shifts of position; prudence; endurance; organizing ability; nervousness; impatience (the American people have become impatient and nervous. jc)

And there is another T-Square in the chart for 6.23.09 at 12:30 pm edt...

Uranus/ASC = Mc: a restless character changing his/her objectives in life; making changes; cooperation in the technological and/or industrial sphere; major change potential in job status.

Well, I don't know what the US Chamber of Commerce (and what are characterized as other Obama opponents) would say about this chart or post, but I for one wish they'd butt out of the White House's efforts to improve the lot of the average American. Share a little of the wealth, greedy plutocrats! We don't crave your fancy cakes, but nutritious bread for our children would be only fair and humane.

Yet I say this assuming, of course, that reforms are being honestly pursued in good faith, for the players of Capitol Hill Theater seldom get around to legislating practical changes and laws that result in real improvements for we-the-people while America's plutocrats always fare ever so well.


As always, midpoint pictures may operate in an any, all, or none manner.

And speaking of America as plutocracy:

"Of all forms of tyranny the least attractive and the most vulgar is the tyranny of mere wealth, the tyranny of plutocracy." - John Pierpont Morgan

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

So plutocracy is vulgar and defiant - a badly intentioned combination. No wonder we've landed in such deep hot water. It's knowing which shadowy figures to hold accountable that's our puzzlement - just as the power elite bandits intended. jc

Jun 22, 2009

Astrology of Neda, Iran's 'Joan of Arc'

Update Tuesday 6.23.09: Raw Story has some biographical details on the life of Neda Agha-Soltan along with a photo of her lovely, kind face.

Original post begins here:

By now you've heard that a young Iranian woman, Neda, was shot in the heart and killed by a government militia sharpshooter during Saturday's protests in Tehran, a heinous act meant to control the masses by example, one supposes.

A camera phone nearby caught the results of the Iranian government's crackdown and Neda is being called Iran's Joan of Arc with the footage of her death shown round the world bwo Twitter and Facebook.

If you read the above-linked Der Spiegel report you see that the *piercing of Neda's heart occurred local time at 7:05 pm with '14Sag' rising - "The Pyramids and the Sphinx" (Lynda Hill's Cautions for '14Sag': aloofness through perceived superiority; anonymity of the masses); at Midheaven, the Goal Point of any chart is '30Vir' - "Having an Urgent Task to Complete, A Man Doesn't Look to Any Distractions' (actual degree is a 29th degree of crisis; this may refer on one level to the sharpshooter's concentration.)

Also at 29Vir+ is Cupido, which I often complain of for being connected to corporations, The Family, syndicates including crime syndicates, and, in this case, with Cupid, who shoots his arrows into hearts (see Eros mentioned below.)

The How? Point (Ic) then has '30Pisces' - "The Great Stone Face (Being the Projection of the Ideal)", which Dane Rudhyar's Keyword gives as ARCHETYPALIZATION ('Joan of Arc' and 'symbol of the opposition' as Neda has quickly become); Jones says the degree "is self-integrity in its irresistible impact on the course of events."

DESC, the WHERE TO? Point, has '14Gem' upon it, Sabian Symbol "Two People, Living Far Apart, in Telepathic Communication" which relates, I believe, to Twitter and Facebook communications out of Iran to the wider world.

Occurring during a Sun Hour, the Sun, shining brightly bwo the camera phone's flash, is at a crisis degree as well: 29Gem24...'30Gem' - "A Parade of Bathing Beauties Before Large Beach Crowds" which seems to be insignificant other than the reference to large crowds, and the fact that the Sun in a mundane chart signifies the leadership.

But checking with Lynda Hill's book, 360 Degrees of Wisdom, we find that the Cautions Lynda gives for '30Gem' are: using superficialities to win support; giving importance to the issues of appearance; lusting after the unattainable; feeling like merchandise; making superficial judgments, any of which may apply to this cowardly deed - on any or all sides.

In the 6th house of Health is Mercury, planet of young people and communicators like Neda; Mercury is conjunct Midas in the chart of Neda's assassination at '8Gem' - "An Industrial Strike" which Marc Edmund Jones gives as: PROTEST; and by way of explanation, he states that...

"There is here the dignity of a personality which may be exalted but never exploited."

And so, my condolences go out to Neda's family and friends along with a wish that her death be not exploited, yet not be in vain on behalf of the Iranian People who deserve better and fairer treatment from their authoritarian government.

*piercing relates, on one level, to asteroid Eros 15Pis28, opposing authoritative Saturn 15Vir55, and conjunct Fixed Star Achernar, keywords: crisis; end of the river. I have noticed that Eros' (life force) as a piercing of some kind - such as a bullet - is often active in charts of violence; asteroid Pallas, the daughter, is in 8th house of death 8Leo29, and Leo's bodily province is the heart and spine; Neda's father is said to be one of the men in the sad video.

Note on my use of Sabian Symbols for this post: our Western versions, known as the Sabian Symbols - are said to be intuited from ancient Babylonian symbols so I thought it was appropriate to use them here esp since old Persia is modern Iran. Hope this doesn't grump up or ruffle the feathers of any of my online astrological critics, but if it does, I guess that's the way it goes. jc

Jun 21, 2009

Astrology above, frisky below: June 22 - 28, 2009

Start your week out ahead of the pack with Julie Demboski's clear-eyed assessment of what she creatively terms A Weird and Frisky Week.

Julie says that we have no word for this kind of weird ~ which I find very amusing ~ plus, check out the inter-species lovefest photo which she friskily provides to illustrate her weekly analysis for June 22 - 28, 2009!

Jun 20, 2009

Financial Reform and the July 7, 2009 Lunar Eclipse 15Cap

If you want a Capitol Hill flavored view of the July 7 Lunar Eclipse, read my post below.

But if you'd prefer a more balanced view to go along with the politics - or in spite of them (possibly the wiser choice!) - check out Julie Demboski's take and advice on the July 7 Lunar Eclipse with the four major asteroids as archetypes that Julie blends so seamlessly into her analysis!

Original post begins here:

On June 11, 2009 Paul Weinstein, Jr called for regulation of Wall Street by the Fed and the FDIC, two entities he says will be "independent super-agencies" that, among other tasks, will regulate hedge funds, insurers, and derivatives markets.

Will this great financial reform be accomplished with the aid of the Lunar Eclipse of July 7, 2009?

Comparing the July 7 Eclipse chart with America's natal chart (Sibly version), we see that the Lunar Eclipse, a Full Moon at 15Cap24, conjuncts the Sibly 2nd cusp of Earning Ability and Values, leaving the Sun 15Can24 to sit directly upon the (Sibly) 8th cusp of Shared Resources, Insurance, Debtors, Creditors, and other high-stakes wheeler-dealers and those under contract to pay them. The 2/8 axis is the Money/Values Axis, as you know.

(If I drift off-topic before I'm done composing this, it's because C-SPAN is on the TV behind me re-running Tuesday's Democratic Leadership Council tribute to Al From - and I'm getting cavities just listening to it. No disrespect intended, and they have a right to uplift whomever they want, for service to the party, of course. And you thought Barack Obama walked on water!)

The Lunar Eclipse occurs so soon after July 4 that we might expect it to be pertinent to US affairs on several levels, but my question is: will it affect the economy of our nation and the implementation of the Obama administration's financial reform initiatives?

Let's keep peeking under the univeral hood, shall we?

The speculator pair Jupiter and Neptune are dancing now upon the US natal Moon '27AQ' (the people; the public) yet I won't bark again about the midpoint picture formed since I've howled so many times here and elsewhere because its influence takes up all of 2009 and goes into 2010. Plus, these two wildly imagining planets of liquidity and grand plans are in another Air sign in the *NYSE natal chart: Libra.

Well, I've yet to give you the details for July 7's Lunar Eclipse chart:

ASC 12Can04; MC 21Pis05 (note that the ASC/DESC and MC/IC axes are nearly the same as the NYSE's angular cusps as listed below); Sun and Moon you know, Mercury 7Can24 which makes Mercury the oriental planet (rising last before the Sun) - the 'dot the Is, cross the Ts' influence of one who deals with minute details; Venus 2Gem14 in 11th house; Mars 26Tau39 in 11th h and conj Fixed Star Algol of intense passion and rage; Jupiter you know; Saturn 17Vir04 conjunct NYSE's natal Mars 18Vir43, a transit of actions restricted, a need for better organizaiton becomes evident, and trying to circumvent rules and regulations ends badly.

The Lunar Eclipse's Uranus 26Pis36 is in 10th house indicating career disruptions or reforms, plus Uranus in now within orb of its transiting square with transformative Pluto 1Cap38 in 6th house of the Lunar Ecl chart.

Saturn in Virgo is actually at Thales Point in the chart for its aid to the opposition of the Sun and Moon - Saturn trines Moon and sextiles Sun.

And when the chart is set for Washington, DC, Sun, Moon, Saturn, and MC (17Pis48) form a Mystic Rectangle, although the 4th point as a chart angle should really hold a planet in order for it to be properly called a Mystic Rectangle (a pattern of practical mysticism.) Well, '17Pisces' is a critical degree, however, and Washington is a mystical place with its buildings based on Masonic principles: the Pentagon's 5-pointed star, White House as White Lodge, Capitol Building as Masonic Temple, and more.

Well, is that enough for now? Perhaps this post can be updated as the Eclipse nears or inspiration occurs. Until then!

*New York Stock Exchange: May 17, 1792; timing varies, but I use 7:52 am LMT, 'under the Buttonwood Tree', NYC - ASC 13Can51; MC 23Pis21; Sun 27Tau12; Moon 18Ari39 approaching Saturn 26Ari22; Jupiter 22Lib57 in process of conjoining Neptune 27Lib42. So when Jupiter and Neptune conjunct about every 13 years, this astrologer naturally thinks of the NYSE.

Obama: new remarks on Iran's crackdown on protesters

US President Obama bears witness, June 20, 2009.

Yes, I've been glad he hasn't stepped into Iran's fray, believing that it would (and still can be) used against America as 'meddling' (as we've done so many times before.)

But it's getting late and speaking out cannot be postponed after today's violence.

My prayers remain with the Iranian People who only want justice and a free society just as everyone else wants for their families.

What sort of stupid, dumb animals would we be if we didn't?

1999's King of Alarm Eclipse + the Life of Nostradamus

Having just completed writing and publishing a draft I saved on April 17 concerning the life of Nostradamus and his predicted and difficult Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999, I'm publishing this shout-out today because the now-completed post will remain in the queue for its draft date of April 17, 2009 unless it's pulled to the front of today's posts.

So now it is such as it is.

JibJab's 'He's Barack Obama!' video

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

JibJab has created what may turn out to be 2009's top Halloween costume, too! How do you look in tights? ;p

Jun 19, 2009

"Khamenei has never seen a crisis like this"

For information on the demonstrations going on in the streets of Iran since the presidential election of June 12 and insight into the politics behind them, check out Der Speigel's interview with Afshin Molavi, Iran expert who was born in Tehran, raised in the West, and is author of 2002's Persian Pilgrimages: Journeys Across Iran.

Mr. Molavi has worked at the World Bank in the past and is now at the New America Foundation. Hmm...anyway, he does understand his home country and has insights into its political and religious rulers, if you're interested.

Today Iran's Supreme Leader, Khamenei, sent his people a warning to stop expressing their displeasure at being victims of massive election fraud, or else. And with websites shut down and foreign journalists tossed out on their ears, a crackdown in the streets is apparently on the Persian menu; plus, some say, arrests have been and will be made by the Revolutionary Guard even after protests end.

My prayer is that the wonderful Iranian people will be safe from brutality, yet I don't know the answer to their election recount demands. But I do know that several million ballots could not possibly have been counted by hand and the winner known a mere hour after the polls closed!

Jun 18, 2009

Venus Occultation June 5, 2012: '16 Gemini'

A SO'W draft from June 8, 2009 has just been completed and published which doesn't move it up in the queue, so here's a link to Next Venus Occultation June 5, 2012 if you're curious about the year 2012.

The Secret History of the American Empire: video

The Secret History of the American Empire: The Truth About Global Corruption

Video - John Perkins, author of Confessions of An Economic Hit Man.

Perkins zeroes in on hot spots around the world such as Venezuela, Tibet, Iraq, Israel, Vietnam and others and exposes the network of events in each of these countries that have contributed to the creation of the American Empire and international corruption in "The Secret History of the American Empire: Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and the Truth About Global Corruption."

Jun 17, 2009

John Stockwell speaks about the CIA: video

Here is John Stockwell, former CIA station chief (Angola 1976) working for then-Director of the CIA and NWO-promoter, George H. W. Bush, as he speaks on CIA killings and the US 'military industrial complex' - the boogieman we've all learned to loathe as it exploits US taxpayers' coffers while ruining America's karma and future as a decent nation by ending and maiming the lives of millions of people.

(Video is 6 mins 26 seconds.)

Astrology of 'more power to the Fed' 6.17.09

Well, I'm not certain I've ever considered Senator Christopher Dodd to be a master of understatement until today, but he and Barney Frank must necessarily promote the president's new financial reforms which intend to give much more power to the Fed along with other reform initiatives - the unveiling of the reforms occurred at the White House this afternoon.

This is an updating of the existing structure along with some additions, NPR reports. 'Micro-managing' charges are being leveled as I type. Well, lack of managing benefited mainly the wealthy and corrupt, so what else can we do?

And yes, I have blogged before on the major transits now affecting the natal chart of the Federal Reserve Bank (Dec 23, 1913)...powerful Pluto conjoining natal Sun (identity) while simultaneously opposing natal Pluto 00Can05 Rx, so the Fed's chart of 1913 contains a natal Sun/Pluto opposition, and a Mercury/Saturn opposition, too. Both aspects are good for alienating others with control issues and extreme defensiveness.

So here again are a few details on the important Pluto transits since they relate to more power being sought or bestowed, along with tr Saturn's effects (if you compare what I'm about to type with what I've typed before there may be a few differences since I tend to compose at-keyboard)...

Pluto to natal Sun is a time when the urge to attain more power, influence, and recognition is paramount; if already aggressive and dominating, more aggression and domination will be evident; circumstances will force or motivate toward new starts and transformations.

There is a need to gain more control but no guarantee that success will result; the past will influence the present especially if responsibilities were avoided or disregarded previously; accepting help from others is difficult for self-reliance is a driving force - thus, isolation increases; pride, fear, and self-recriminations become part of the environment while egos take a beating; eventually strength may increase along with independence and determination. (Will more power give more independence? I suspect so, don't you?)

Pluto opposite natal Pluto: one great power is locked in a no-compromise struggle with another power. (This is the transit I've said indicates to me the strong possibility that challenges have come from afar in the financial collapse of 2008/09. Hello?)

Now since control is an integral part of having power, I'll mention that transiting Saturn, planet of authority and restriction, has been squaring (blocking) the Fed's natal Mercury/Saturn opposition, therefore...

Saturn SQ Mercury: mobility is limited including those involving computers and technologies; correspondences contain bad news; meetings are contentious, and assignments are difficult to complete or there's not enough time in the day; business and commercial enterprises suffer from frustrating delays and complications; complaints from others must be dealt with; if determination and patience are increased, much may be accomplished.

Saturn SQ Saturn: present circumstances afford little flexibility; people and situations impose restrictions, fears, rules, and formalities that make success elusive; old karmic debts come due (by 'karmic' I mean: past behaviors and actions that have sewn what is now being reaped. Both Saturn and Pluto are karmic planets.)

Well, there are the power and control transits affecting the Fed's current circumstances and psyche, and so I must ask: will giving this private entity
more power and control over our society, finances, and government be a stroll down the wrong primrose path for America?

For when we look at what the Fed has done with what they've already had, it makes you wonder if they've learned anything at all - or worse: is their massive power-grab 2009 a major part of the Big Picture from the start?

China's richest man now held in undisclosed location

China's Communist Party is now said to be cracking down on the rich and it seems that the condition of being very rich in China is subject to abrupt termination.

Just wondering: does this show lessons learned from Russia?

More notes on the New Moon 1Can30: June 22, 2009

Astrologer Julie Demboski's fresh column Spooning by the Moon in June is a must-read to get you ready for June 22's New Moon 1Can30 with asteroids included, so you'll want to check out Julie's notes and advice before you even think of spooning!

Jun 16, 2009

US warhawks' new-found concern for the Iranian People

The "Bomb Iran" Contingent's New-found Concern for The Iranian People

By Glenn Greenwald

Much of the same faction now claiming such concern for the welfare of The Iranian People are the same people who have long been advocating a military attack on Iran and the dropping of large numbers of bombs on their country -- actions which would result in the slaughter of those very same Iranian People. #

Yes, "such concern" and crocodile tears belong in the same bucket. Of cr*p.

The hypocrisy of Washington politicians knows no bounds! Sometimes I have to wonder who writes the scripts - like this morning when I heard President Obama calling out North Korea's threat toward other countries and I thought, 'How soon they forget' that Bush-Cheney did much more than simply threaten other countries. Now Mr. Obama is on track to continue the bombing, and we-the-people know not where - but it's supposedly being done in our name.

And so the demonization of Iran's government rolls on, revved up this week by the Iranian people's understandable disbelief in their election outcome. But that is their business, is it not?

You know, I'd love it if all my grousings these last few years (on this blog since 2005, and in Slate's The Fray for years prior) about New World Order chaos plans (including financial collapse) with a power elite's shock doctrine agenda (so well-described by Naomi Klein) - if it all turned out to be merely a conspiracy theorist's nightmare amounting to nada. That would be be tres cool, you know?

She Still Is

And I've always said that 'America is my only nag in the race' especially when it comes to Capitol Hill legislation and election campaigns that tout our illusory 'two-party system' which is designed to divide and conquer, with little if any difference between Rs and Ds.

Class warfare, etc...them vs us, and you have your noggin planted firmly in the sand if you can't see who's winning big-time. Did I hear you whisper, 'middle class'? You know it's getting smaller by the day, m'peops. Our losses are someone's gains.

As for Iran's contested presidential election or one of our own, it's sadly become the same the world over, for it isn't who casts the votes that determines the winner. It's who counts them.

Scotland founded in 1005 and Jupiter Meets Uranus

Of late it seems that mentions of Scotland keep popping up on my blogs by way of TV's Craig Ferguson, articles from the New Scientist, and from my reading of Anne Whitaker's new book Jupiter Meets Uranus which I've just reviewed on Amazon if you'd like to check out this excellent book about the 14-year Jupiter-Uranus cycle and its scientific, political, financial, and many other implications for society.

Anne covers personal charts with Jupiter-Uranus effects as well in her research begun around the time of their conjunction of February 1997 at 5AQ55 - and you know who was US president then - the just-re-elected Bill Clinton.

He was a real New World Order promoter, our Bill, and futuristic about the New Millennium. His natal Mercury in Leo opposes the Jupiter-Uranus conj of 1997 so we have a midpoint picture we may wish to consider...

Jup/Uran = n Mercury: planning on success; a series of fortunate breaks; confidence; ready-wittedness; a person with an abundance of ideas; the gathering of ample knowledge; a fortunate turn in one's occupation (re-election!)

Ready-witted Bill's natal chart and details are included in Anne's book as well, and much more - including the US' first landing on the Moon, the first landing at Cape Canaveral, Florida - linked through the centuries by the Jupiter-Uranus cycle (I know-w-w!, as Mr. Ferguson might say amusedly.)

From historical record we know that March 25, 1005 is the date that King Malcolm the Second was crowned at Scone thus founding Scotland, so full of talent and genius which it has so often shared with the world!

You'll find an image of Scotland's natal chart along with Anne Whitaker's astute analysis of the national psyche of her home country as she writes appealingly from 'the Twelfth House'!

David Letterman's natal chart - and Sarah Palin

David Letterman has now apologized for his tasteless joke about Gov. Sarah Palin's daughter - perhaps a day late after some are calling for his resignation from his CBS Late Show. Naturally Letterman's 'joke' has given him a case of Don-Imus-itis for its link to jokes about the sexual activities of young ladies.

Old men, young ladies - unlevel playing field and what amounts to sexual harrassment, so back off, fellas. You show yourselves to have lower standards than the ladies you disparage.

One hopes no one ever makes unkind remarks on national TV about his son, Harry!

Yet political opportunism coming into play is sadly expectable, but one wishes Governor Palin could resist the temptation. Still, as many public figures are fond of saying, any publicity is good publicity.

So with no known birth time for Mr. Letterman, I don't wish to publish his chart here but I did take a look to see if there were transits causing him difficulties (although he brought this on himself - wonder who wrote the joke? The 'any publicity' works for him too, esp with Conan O'Brien now opposite him. Letterman's viewership numbers are trending up, I heard.)

David Letterman April 12, 1947, Indianapolis, IN (CST); Sun definitely in Aries, Moon in Capricorn for the 24-hour day of birth (ranging from 6Cap50 to 18:40.)

Well, the Sun has been recently highlighting his natal Uranus 18Gem41, a transit which emphasizes uniqueness and individuality - one may possibly 'stick out like a sore thumb' in fact, as a separation or singling out of some kind may occur, for good or bad. Showing stubborn pride (Sun = ego) is also a potential...perhaps a reason why he didn't apologize for the small-minded joke immediately.

Natal Mercury 25Pis24 is being affected by transiting Uranus off and on - a time when freedom to express one's thoughts is sought, and original, perhaps quirky, ideas come easily. Mercury is the planet of ideas and communications so with Uranus' electrical energy in the vicinity, there's no telling what might occur in relation to one's thinking processes - and in Letterman's case, one's joke writing and delivery.

Surfing on your behalf, dear reader, I found that Vega Attractions has an image of Mr. Letterman's Solar Chart (sunrise) if you'd care to snag yourself a peek. You'll see Letterman's natal Mars at Aries Point, a World Point of Prominence and Fame, as the whole world sees Dave's intrinsic Mars capacity for grumpiness and contentiousness!

But I still prefer Dave's show to Conan's - plus, it leads in to my favorite late night comedian of all time: Craig Ferguson and his "It's a great day for America, everybody"!

Jun 15, 2009

New! an Invisibility Cloak for spies?

New Scientist has an article on a scientific breakthrough which may aid spies who hide microphones...a light twisting 'invisibility cloak' or 'magic carpet' which naturally causes this reluctant astrologer to think of Pluto-the-Spy's Helmet of Invisibility.

And it causes me to think of America's natal Mercury at '25 Cancer' and its Sabian Symbol: "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power"...and also of the Symbol for the Sun's degree of Exaltation...'19Ari'..."The Magic Carpet."

Well, that's what I'm thinking about right now. How about you?

Jun 14, 2009

Tehran Live site link

Tehran Live.org's photos and reports.

The BBC has been told to leave Iran, NBC headquarters has had equipment confiscated, Ahmadinejad is denying violence.

Jun 13, 2009

On auditing the Fed

Fed Would Be Shut Down If It Were Audited, Expert Says

By CNBC.com

With $45 billion in capital and $2.1 trillion in assets, the central bank would not withstand the scrutiny afforded other institutions. #

But wouldn't that be the fox auditing the henhouse's books? And how would they know which set is the real one? It's a big mess when thieves can no longer do business with thieves, isn't it?

Ahmadinejad 'wins': transits to Iran's natal chart

It's been pointed out that for Mr. Ahmadinejad to have won in Iran by such a wide margin, voters in Mr. Mousavi's heartland would have had to switch sides, apparently in honor of the gloriousness of Mr. Ahmadinejad's ruling style.

Actually, the ruler of Iran isn't the president, is it? They're just in cahoots.

And as I pointed out to our own win-at-all-costs duo, Bush and Cheney, in 2000 (and again in 2004), cheating isn't winning. It's stealing.

So...do thieves make good leaders since they have no mandate from the people? Nah. Look at the condition of the world since these jokers have held sway.

Taking a peek at Iran's natal chart of *April 1, 1979, 3:00 pm IRDT, Tehran, we see that Saturn 15Vir31 has been playing with natal North Node (NN), a combination indicating public contact (NN) with authority figures and control/restrictions (Saturn); rebellious Uranus 26Pisc29 has been in natal 8th house for some time and is now affecting Iran's natal Mercury/Mars conjunction (Mars 25Pisc37, Mercury 27:16.)

Thus Uranus to natal Mars indicates danger in the environment, rash actions which bring unexpected responses, and combativeness; physical actions are highly charged and unpredictable; new directions are desired.

Uranus to natal Mercury shows an urge to seek freedom for development of new ideas and opinions; minds are more open to new, original ideas; senses are keener but nerves more frazzled; restlessness keeps people on the move and travels are subject to disruption or mishaps.

With transiting Uranus now between natal Mars and Mercury we have a midpoint picture to consider...

Mercury/Mars = Uranus: tremendous excitability; thinking and planning on the run; losing self-control; rash actions; acting with lightening speed; frenzy; making a hasty decision during emotional upset; an exciting surprise; danger of a catastrophe.

With Iran's natal Saturn at 8Vir18 (1st house, Placidus, 2nd cusp = 10Vir19; ASC = 17Leo17; Mc = 10Tau33 with Secondary Progressed Sun now 10Tau39), we know that authority and control are being reaffirmed now with this presidential election. That the world is watching is confirmed by Sec Sun at natal Midheaven, the most public point in any chart.

Transiting Mars 8Tau50 (with Venus in tow 6Tau17) is conjunct natal Chiron 7Tau35, indicating a 'sacred warrior' or a 'sacred war' being waged on the world stage.

This Mars to Chiron transit suggests their active nuclear program but doesn't discount a connection with 2009's unclearly-decided presidential election in Iran, a country whose people I think very highly of, and I sincerely hope this election stand-off is settled on their behalf with a minimum of problems for the people.


*Iran's natal data from Celeste Teal's Eclipses and from historical record; Iran's natal 12th house Jupiter 29Can04 will be affected directly by the Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009 at '29Can' in the 11 South Series which Brady's Predictive Astrology gives as: the need for sudden reforms; old ideas or methods fail and new systems are required to deal with events brought by the eclipse; any blocks could be violently or tragically removed.

Are the massive protests in Tehran this weekend an early triggering of this tragic eclipse's influence?

An eclipse in this Series last occurred on July 11, 1991 '19Can' a violent degree, and of course any 29th degree is considered a critical or crisis degree.

With natal Mercury at '19Can', the 1991 eclipse heralded the murder of writer Danny Casolaro who was in process of working on a book about 'the octopus'...the world crime syndicate now embedded in every institution - politics, law, education, business, religion - which points to New World Order plans now so neatly in place. Bush Sr was US president, and ownership of PROMIS software and its progeny (to track you and your monetary transactions) was in dispute, as Casolaro's book would have revealed.

But Casolaro's assassination silenced all that (his papers/notes/research at the crime scene 'disappeared' of course) - and the weekend of his mysterious demise in a Martinsburg, WVA motel saw a New Moon...at 17Leo00. I mention his case because we can't rule out such goings-on for the July 22, 2009 Solar Eclipse season - whether we want to or not. #

Senate Banking Committee members bailed out their own holdings!

Those Capitol Hill toffs, what cards they are!

As if no one would ever notice that members of the Senate Banking Committee that oversees TARP funds actually hold stocks in the government-assisted companies they bailed out - while bailing out their own investments. Skunks!

Here's an article from The Hill which highlights the Democrats on the Senate Banking Committee who have stocks in the corporate-welfared industry, whilst playing down the names of Republicans on the panel who also hold stocks or have quickly sold them, written with such qualifiers as:

"Few Republicans on the Committee have significant holdings in companies that have received federal bailout money." Tres subtle, but not subtle enough.

The article then lists senators like David Vitter (R-La), Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX - "small amounts" including holdings in Zions Bancorporation of Salt Lake City), Mel Martinez (R-FL - he sold 3 dozen investments - wonder who bought them?), and Bob Corker (R-TN), and details companies/banks in which they're shareholders, and a few approximate valuations of some of their holdings...an incomplete list, one assumes.

Click the link to read the Democrats' names which include the big fishes, Christopher Dodd and Chuck Schumer. Quelle surprise, eh?

It's a veritable Who's Who of Washington back-washers washing their own backs...with champagne, paid for by the American taxpayers they've so grievously scammed and let down.

And it's as good an example as any of what I've been calling 'bailout betrayal.'

Remember August 2008?

As Capitol Hill Theater Productions go, their Rescue-the-Republic mime was very badly acted as disingenuously, they all rushed back to Washington - McCain suspended his (sham of a) presidential campaign - to 'save the US financial system' - guffaw!

Or at least it would be amusing if it were a comedy.

Jun 12, 2009

Obama's US war escalation: assassins-r-us?

New US Commander in Afghanistan Assembles Team of Assassins

By Bill Van Auken

In its escalation of the US war in Afghanistan, and its increasing extension across the border into Pakistan, the Obama administration has chosen as its senior commander an officer who is among those most deeply implicated in the criminal operations carried out under Bush and Cheney. #

This Just in from SO'W's Sad To Say Department:

Despite Obama's lilting campaign promises, the prospect of America ending her imperialistic 'perpetual war' never stood a chance, m'peops. The war baton was passed on January 20, 2009, as I've groused previously. Label any US president as you wish - play their diversionary 'Ds vs Rs' game if you like, it makes no never mind in the high-stakes end-game they intend to win no matter who gets hurt.

Their escape hatches and bunkers are all in place and stocked in case of revolt or other disaster. (But the joke's on them, because if one day they're all that's left, they'll have only one another's sorriness to deal with hardy-har-har.)

Still, old Machiavelli would be so proud of our swampers on the Potomac.

Besides, it's more than a little late for America to fulfill her much-touted "Manifest Destiny" by becoming The Dove of Peace she's so often pretended to be, doncha think?

In fact, I don't believe the neo-con/neo-liberal warhawks of Washington DC would even know how to begin to allow peace to break out if the people of the world had their shared wish granted - to live in harmony!

Now what to do? Who needs replacing? 99% of them?

And when will The People's grievances be redressed in the halls of Capitol Hill as the Founders intended?

June 12--14, 2009: Weekend Planetary Forecast + a Pisces Moon

What does this weekend have in store? What energies As Above, So Below may be expected to lead or to rain on our parades?

Fortunately for us, Julie Demboski has her most fetching astrologer's cap in place and has published an enlightening Weekend Forecast as only Julie can explain: lucidly for astrologers and non-astrologers alike.

And some of us (moi!) may have a Lunar Return over the weekend affecting our daily lives, so I'm happy to find that Julie has done all the tough work to make this weekend's energies more understandable - I was beginning to wonder what was up given the way Friday is turning out so far, for I'm hearing thunder-boomers overhead now!

Now a small Moonligher from Western Australia has floated in to say Hi! to all the Pisces Moons among us...and the sign of the two fishes, Pisces, naturally relates to the big wide oceans...

Moonlighter, a drawing by Jude Cowell 2009+ imported from the Dreamyfish Art collection of botanical fish portraits.

Jun 11, 2009

US Senate finally no-nos tobacco

Senator Ted Kennedy thinks a miracle has finally occurred.

And what will President Obama do when he takes five now?

Gorbachev on a Second American Revolution

Although Mikhail Gorbachev speaks certain truths in this article, his touting still sounds like propaganda for the New World Economic Order to me - and just in time for the Solar Eclipse (29Can) in the 11 South Series of July 22, 2009 when 'systems and methods fail and new ideas are needed to deal with events brought by the Eclipse.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Read his words - he's all about it.

And you know that tomorrow, June 12, is America's TV Digital Divide switch-over but it remains to be seen whether cable and satellite service will remain what it is today. Hopefully the transition will be smooth but we'll have to see about that!


Mikhail Gorbachev, born March 2, 1931; 8:30 pm USZ3, but his birth hour is unverified/conflicting; Privolnoye, Stavropo, USSR; Sun in Pisces, Moon at 8:30 pm in mid-degrees of Leo...

Sun Pis-Moon Leo: 'Cinderella sits by the fire mending her ballgown and daydreams about her romantic evening of dance, glamour, and high drama.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

This Sun-Moon blend is shared natally by an interesting cast of characters:

Ralph Nader, Clare Booth Luce, Grover Cleveland, Lawrence Welk, Jimmy Swaggart, John Updike, and Antonio Vivaldi.

Jon Stewart vs Joe Scarborough: video

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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Daily Show
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Political HumorNewt Gingrich Unedited Interview

Jon Stewart seems very...animated...in his current beef with Morning Joe's Joe Scarborough!

Opinion on the Denver Airport-2012-NWO video

After considering posting the following as a Comment under the Denver Airport-2012-NWO video (just below) I knew few would read it tucked there so I'm posting it here for better viewing/reading. It's from a long-time friend who thinks the video is a crock of nonsense - and I sincerely hope he's 100% correct!

"I hope you didn’t buy any of the stuff in that video. Christ, what a hodge podge of nonsense. I looked up the airport on Google Earth it is NOT shaped like a swastika….some of the ‘arms’ are pointed the wrong way. They kept talking about secret tunnels and then showing still photos of what were small, very crude tunnels with rr-type tracks…likely a 19th century mine.

And those other tunnels, the giant concrete ones…I have no idea where they were, but I somehow doubt they are under the Denver airport, if only because the perpetrators threw in those other tunnel pix, and not to mention that part about the buildings being “put underground because they had been built wrong and THEN had been put in the ground! Hello?

I don’t know anything about the murals…they seemed kind of “heavy” for an airport…but I really haven’t researched it.

And that “new world order” poster with the pix of George Bush (1 and 2) and a bunch of other people, including Queen Liz II and Pocahontas? I mean POCAHONTAS?

I think somebody had too much time on their hands, and very little intelligence." -TB

In July I will be meeting with a friend who frequently flies in and out of the Denver Airport and plan to ask her about the murals. If you're familiar with them, leave a comment and spill some info, if you please! -JC

Jun 10, 2009

US financial crisis? I knew it was You, Reagan

Paul Krugman's opd-ed of May 31, 2009 tells of Ronald Reagan's signing the Garn-St. Germain Act of 1982 which opened the door wide to the deregulation of the mortgage industry and the crisis, frauds, and heists of today.

Here's the horoscope and a few details on the Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981 in case you haven't seen it. The post was written before I found info on the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act and before I realized the significance of it as it leads directly today's heist. (Thanks, Alex!)

And check out the text of President Reagan's jolly remarks at the Garn-St. Germain Act's signing ceremony in the White House Rose Garden on Oct 15, 1982 - 11:03 am, as you'll see here.

"All in all, I think we hit the jackpot," said Reagan as noted by Paul Krugman in his op-ed linked above.

Spoken like a true ideologue with heister tendencies.

Artists to freshen Berlin Wall murals

As an artist myself, I think it's cool that the murals on the remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall will be freshened up!

But let's not build another one.

Jun 9, 2009

Mysteries of the Denver Airport, 2012, and the Australia Antigen: video

The mysteries of the Denver Airport is a video that concerns the first-built airport buildings which are now underground and in the shape of a nazi swastika, the futuristic murals on the walls of the Denver International Airport, 2012, the Australia Antigen, and conspiracies of New World Order whose aim is one-world governance - after the undesirables are weeded out.

This video is about 11 minutes of...well, I don't know how to describe it so check it out if you dare. You know, people make fun of this stuff to keep from dealing with it. And now that it's 2009 and America is on the verge of troops in the streets with the Constitution and Bill of Rights in tatters, it may be a little late to get concerned. Or is it?


Thanks go to hazelgreen1977 for giving me a heads-up on this video at my WordPress blog.