Jun 30, 2011

Jon Stewart on the US Debt Ceiling Crisis (video)

Wednesday June 29, 2011: Thank goodness! Someone without an election campaign to finance, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart, deals with the tiresomely political stalemate and one-upsmanship between Ds and Rs concerning the US economy and the August 2nd debt ceiling deadline.

Here in Athens, Georgia I suspect it's proving difficult for some of my aquaintances to take much of it very seriously since in Washington DC the issues are being treated as an opportunity to hold a 3-ring circus and score points against a Democratic White House. And did you hear that Treasure Secretary Timothy Geithner may be stepping down (or absconding) later in the year?

Actually, Secretary Geithner is denying it.

Personally I can't help but feel that if the GOP delights in making Capitol Hill look so completely idiotic and childish to the rest of the world because 'lawmakers' can't leave the golf course and come together long enough do their jobs and raise the debt ceiling without all the ideological crap piled in, then the Rs' campaign to 'make Obama fail' at the expense of all but the topmost tier of Americans is merely par for their cynical, zealous, corporate-worshipping course.

And if they don't shape up soon, may gophers and ferrets purloin every one of their balls.

Jun 29, 2011

US Solar Return 2011's YOD: Pluto/Chiron = Mercury

It's time for the second part of Horoscope: US Solar Return 2011 detailing the factors not yet mentioned. Click to view the chart which may be enlarged for better reading, if you wish; chart details are included in addition to those listed below.

Basic details: US Solar Return July 5, 2011 12:28:09 pm edt Washington DC ASC 2Lib41; MC 3Can03 with US natal Venus; Hour Saturn; Sun 13 Can19 in 10th house; Moon 8Vir59 in 12th H; chart-ruler Venus 1Can51 out-of-bounds at MC.

Planetary Patterns in Effect July 5, 2011 - July 4, 2012

As noted, and highlighted with dotted lines, there is a YOD pattern (Finger of God denoting a special task, crossroads, turning point, or crisis) with a Pluto/Chiron sextile at its base and pointing toward Mercury 5Leo35, just barely entered into 10th house of Public Status.

Communicating, trading Mercury as apex (focal) planet in a YOD configuration indicates those who appear to be out of tune with their environment, mental loose ends flapping about, and describes those who have difficulty expressing themselves directly.

Mercury's condition here is similar to Mercury retrograde phases. Productively acting upon thoughts isn't easy for there may be too much attention paid to redefining of concepts and a lack of cohesion within a myriad of ideas and plans devised or presented. Superfluous factors must be jettisoned (such as passing a debt ceiling raise without cluttering it with ideological issues? jc) which results in a meaningful simplicity; unnecessary tangent chasing should be avoided, and gathering information and facts must at some point cease so that things can move forward in the real world.

If properly handled, this energy may yield new avenues for communication, a greater educational impact on others, and/or a destined role as a master communicator or enlightened social activist or leader.

Knowing that inconjuncts are aspects of adjustment (that 'square peg in a round hole' feeling), we may wish to consider the Mercury/Pluto inconjunct (or, quincunx; 150 degrees) which denotes unconscious energies that work against smooth mental functioning; lack of discipline and a drive to keep control over all communications is indicated, and the mistrust created may include a sense of self-mistrust and lack of confidence (B. Lundsted.)

Mercury inconjunct Chiron is the aspect of the server with a strong sense of destiny; broad thinking is an asset, and the key to balancing this energy is using the discipline which is hopefully supplied by Saturn. (Clow.) A trine from Uranus to Mercury gives ideas wings.

Cardinal Grand Cross (aka, Grand Square) if ASC is included:

Technically a Grand Cross is formed when two or more planetary oppositions square one another but here, one point in the pattern has only the Ascendant (and Sun/NN midpoint) to complete the square. Ordinarily a GC indicates restriction and self-limitation with little capacity for moderation and self-discipline. Scattered energies may drain out so perhaps the US SR 2011 ASC shows where energy will drain away or be expressed.

A positive outcome for this pattern is increased social awareness though discord and antagonism may be in evidence, and a crucial karmic lesson may be involved which, if well-managed, brings improvement in the areas of the houses involved.

Perhaps the several midpoint pictures created by this pattern will provide further clues; any, all, or none may apply; in no particular order they are:

Uranus/ASC = Venus: taking the line of least resistance; softening the impact one's harsher, disruptive side; appreciating the inivduality of others.

(Note: we see financial instability and spending issues with Venus/Uranus; Venus/Pluto has a bankruptcy undertone, or of working with large amounts of money; as you know, the SAturn/Pluto square brings hardship, hard work, and brutality, while the Uranus/Pluto square relates to protests, revolts, and revolutions now affecting the world.)

Uranus/ASC = MC: fulfillment of aims even though unexpected changes occur; experience prevails over disruption (on Capitol Hill? that would be good - jc.)

Uranus/ASC = Pluto: unconventionality lowers others' opinions; extreme behavioral peculiarities; changes with morbid outcomes (austerity measures for those who can ill afford them? Thanks, Pluto, planet of the criminal underworld jc); a desire for success even under the most difficult circumstances; the use of force.

Venus/Pluto = Uranus: fanatic attachments; indifference to the destructive powers available for political uses; compromises involving extreme uses of power.

Venus/Pluto = ASC: a polite response to those with a punishing intent; wielding a great influence upon others (if America falls under the bankruptcy bus, is the whole world next? NWO freaks would love to 'build anew upon ruins' - jc)

Pluto/MC = Uranus: organizing talent; prudence and endurance; sudden attainment of aims with irresistable power; sudden occupational changes; sudden or drastic changes affect stature or reputation; coping with the unusual; publicity; using Astrology.

Pluto/MC = ASC: seeking practical ways of meeting with success; persuasion ability; intensity and power when addressing others; personal power; procuring an important position; a famous person.

Plus, Sun/NN = ASC: seeking contacts; establishing ties to helpful groups; rituals which occur at meetings.

Also of note is a Kite pattern which is a Grand Trine with a 'tail' and the tail here is the SR Moon in Virgo which is the focal planet of the serious-minded Mercury/Saturn midpoint:

Mercury/Saturn = Moon: intuition about released data; sensitive communications; inconstancy; retarded development; the opportunity to gain experience; absorbing mnay different impressions; a love of variety; emotional indecision due to a fear of losing; a taxing learning process.

A Solar Return Moon in Virgo shows that fore the next year we-the-people are involved primarily with the intricate details of our lives, hygiene and health matters, the running of our households, the performance of services, and possibly with volunteer work.

Virgo's Mutable quality gives a sense of preparation to the atmosphere and taking on extra duties at work is possible; this SR Moon is trined by Pluto (public relations; propaganda), trined by Jupiter (grand imaginings; fortunate associations), yet is squared by Mars in 9th house of Foreign Lands which conjoins tr MIDA$ and Pan, two bodies with financial implications (anger, quarrels - over money? - and a potential for violence or accidents.

The good news is that US natal Moon and Mars are trine which will lessen the difficulties of this SR Moon/Mars square and aid us in dealing with its blocking, frustrating, grumpy energies over the solar year.

SR Moon in 12th house (Karma; Self-Undoing; Hospitals; Politics; Behind-the-Scenes) adds to our preparatory sense and indicates deep levels of self-reflection; seclusion brings productivity and feelings of obscurity or inferiority may abound. Taking time over the next year to emotionally recharge is the best way to counter a 12th house SR Moon, along with judiciously meted out volunteerism which brings spiritual rewards through aiding the collective.

The house of the Sun in a Solar Return is naturally prominent and here our SR 2011 Sun is in 10th house of Public Standing so there's not much hidden from the world concerning our natal Sun's qualities of leadership and our government's objectives. Yes, our sorry trajectory of overreach is 'out there' for all the world to see so big changes to America's reputation are on the agenda, positively, negatively, or a little of both.

Aspects to SR Sun are important as well and include a sesqui-square (135 degr; interlaced squares; can be positive or negative energy) from nebulous Neptune its favorite sign @ 00Pis39 Rx in 5th H of Risk-taking, Gambling, and Creativity ('1Pis' = "A Public Market"), and a pesky, limiting, conflict-riddled square from the 1st house SR Saturn 10Lib52.

This solar condition echoes America's natal Sun/Saturn square and its restrictive energy will again be emphasized strongly on August 28, 2011, when the 3rd of 3 hits occur in our ongoing Saturn Return which marks the start of a new cycle of responsibility, accountability, authority, and lessons that need to be learned relating to our nation's Saturn exalted-in-Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice which have so currently become unbalanced by excessive greed and a lusting quest for global power.


Midpoint pictures from Ebertin, Munkasey, and Tyl; no midpoint pictures or aspects were harmed in the typing of this post; the title of Betty Lundsted's excellent book is Astrological Insights Into Personality. jc

Is Rick Perry the Prez Pick of the Bilderbergs?

My friend Alex D'Atria over at Political Astrology 2010 ~ 2012 is seeing Rick Perry as the presidential nomination choice of the social tinkering power elite known as the Bilderberg Group. One thing about: if he's the one they want, he's the one we'll get (remember that Barack Obama slipped away from his campaign plane in June 2008 to meet with the group in Chantilly, VA, with candidate Hillary Clinton in attendance as well. Was their choice for US president then declared?)

Now wouldn't a Perry-Bachmann ticket be yet another kick in the head to America's under-siege working class? And that's not counting the importance of who controls the White House in 2013 by which time Supreme Court Justices may retire and SCOTUS's already overly autocratic, monarchist traits will only be expanded by a Republican administration's appointments.

So if you'd like to read my astrological considerations concerning these two Republican specimens, try my Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann posts. Compare and contrast!

As for astro-peeks at the zealous, democracy-perverting Bilderberg Group of elitists (many of whom you know), simply scroll the sidebar a short way to SO'W's search field, type them in, and I promise you'll hit pay dirt.


'You Need to Know This' says Thom Hartmann, who just reported on his TV show that Goldman-Sachs has announced the layoff of 1,000 US workers so that the bailed-out-by-US-taxpayers firm can send the jobs to Singapore. So tell me: will you vote Corporate GOP in 2012?

Thom also correctly points out today that Michele Bachmann's 'John Quincy Adams was a Founding Father' misconception means that John Q. helped found this nation at the age of nine! Perhaps she meant to say, second president John Adams, his father. But apparently, John Q.'s Wikipedia page has been edited to reflect Bachmann's ridiculous revisionist history as was the page on Paul Revere! You know, Wikipedia, this is the sort of crud that causes me to use your links in my articles less and less.

And I agree with Mr. Hartmann when he says, Nationalize the Federal Reserve which is neither federal nor does it have reserves! jc

Obama presser 6.29.11: Saturn rising

June 29, 2011 White House 11:30 am edt: President Obama holds a news conference to discuss US actions in Libya and the US economy; expected to call for bipartisanship from congressional Republicans and Tea Partisans intent on causing a Democratic president's failure.

With 16 Virgo 09 rising, US natal Neptune 22:25 is first natal planet to rise and as you know, this brings up the president's natal Mars as well. This is the link between the US natal horoscope and President Obama's natal planets which has been previously described on this blog and elsewhere as the 'rock star' effect he enjoyed early on and as a Neptunian veil which prevents the public from seeing his actions and motivations (Mars) in a clear light and creates an aura of glamour (Neptune) to his personality.

With nebulous Neptune, planet of the masses, the media, secrets, compassion, falsehood, and fraud, rising we may not find much relief from the answers heard this morning though some may feel inspired. In Virgo, sign of Work, Employment, and Health, the unemployment rate may be discussed with a potential for fudging the numbers or the solution.

Next to rise from the US chart is Saturn 14Lib48 and at 11:30 am, transiting Saturn 10Lib40 is in 1st house (delays, restriction, contraction, potential for loss - a good description of what's threatened if the US defaults on financial responsibilities, August 2, 2011 being the proposed deadline for compromise on raising of the debt ceiling), the ongoing US Saturn Return (# 3 of 3 hits on August 28, 2011) shows its influence of accountability in the financial life of our nation.

Chart-ruler Mercury 25Can32 (in 11th house of Groups, Associations, Hopes, and Wishes) makes no applying aspects in the 11:30 am chart for the planet of Communications, Trade, and Commerce is entirely unaspected (even to chart angles.)

The unaspected condition makes Mercury's sign, degree, and house position especially important this morning, plus, there's another factor to consider about this Mercury position: a national Mercury Return occurred yesterday (June 28, 2011 @ 5:32 pm edt, ASC 28Sco08 which rises with Fixed Star Ras Alhague: the desire to heal a wound or to create balance. This is President Obama's natal Midheaven, The Goal.)

Now tr SN of the Moon (23Gem28, the Tail of the Dragon) is poised to swipe US natal Mars (22Gem) and here conjoined by tr Venus. Venus to US n Mars indicates people who are highly motivated toward attainment. But what does Washington wish to attain? is always my question.

Money planet (and significator of the GOP) Jupiter 4Tau42 is posited in the 8th house of Credit, Debt, and Shared Resources. Hopefully, its province of The Occult is not involved in these practical, financial considerations but who knows what goes on behind closed doors in our Masonic Capitol Building and White Lodge we popularly call, the White House?

Well, expansive Jupiter is trined by a 4th H Pluto 5Cap10 Rx (1A28) so international bankers may be seen to be at the base of US economic problems including Real Estate
(4th H), as Pluto continues his destructuring and breakdown of Capricornian institutions (law, government, and business.)

Concerning The Occult vibe, it may be interesting to consider here that the enlightened, insightful New World Order planets, Uranus and Neptune, have their powerful midpoint upon the Descendant of the 11:30 am chart (setting) which gives a midpoint picture of Uranus/Neptune = ASC: instability; heightened sensitivity; being sad or depressed with others; wrong ideas. This is the planetary pair whose Great Conjunction/s of 1993 emphasized the Sabian Symbol for '18Cap' = 'The Union Jack': smug or strong-armed paternalism. (Jones.)

Plus, at 17 Pisces, the Uranus/Neptune midpoint at is at a critical or crisis degree. So perhaps it would be instructive to paraphrase the Thesis and Antithesis implications of Uranus/Neptune from Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets:

Thesis: changes in social and political structure because of new ideals and futuristic dreams; strikes or revolutions focused on new ways of thinking; groups formed to exploit oil or chemical resources.

Antithesis: subversion using new methods of acquiring information; sudden upsurge in illegal drug availability; movements that diminish the power of authority or of police systems.

(With the current upsurge of strong-arm police tactics arresting US citizens exercising their right to free speech and catching police arrests or brutality on cell phone cameras from their front yards, it's difficult to believe that 'police systems' are diminished. Diminished by a lack of moral authority, however, is on display in America along with the subversive spying by the US government on all citizens. The more laws on the books, the more crooked the country. We-the-people have been couped. Plus, 2011's Uranus in Aries is given by Ebertin as: Utopians, relating to that Great Plan for America, Sir Francis Bacon's New Atlantis-world-democracy vision, now being expressed, at least in part, by NWO freaks, totalitarians, and sectarians.)

Other chart factors for today's news conference include:

US natal Sun/Saturn square is echoed in transits for Sun 7Can34 in 10th house of Public Status, is squared by tr Saturn in 1st house, as mentioned. Are Democrats (Saturn) blocking (square) the president's (Sun) initiatives on today's financial and war waging topics? It looks that way though I'll leave it to you to be aware of it or to search for related news links.

So with SN, a separative, Saturnian point, at Mc 14Gem10, we see the 1st house Saturnian issues underscored along with the above mentioned Mars to US n Venus, planet of relationships and evaluations. Mars in 9th H @ 6Gem04 nears the degree of the June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse 11Gem02 and will trigger its influence. This eclipse falls in the 13 South Saros Series and though I've covered it on this blog previously, I will paraphrase here its flavor from Brady's Predictive Astrology:

13S: expansive, yet sinister energy; frustration, inhibitions, loss, and separation. An element of constitutional crisis may be in evidence and this may describe the current presidential v congressional war powers issues being debate concerning the president's NATO alliance now bombing Libya in an attempt to dislodge dictator Gaddafi.

And what about the Moon (the public)? At 16Gem38 (Gemini: of two minds?) and at 11:30 am, about to cross Midheaven, this Moon conjoins Fixed Star Rigel (ree' gal; a lovely star in the right foot of Orion) whose keyphrase is: to bring knowledge, to teach, and Anthony Louis includes: ambition and luck. (Horary Astrology Plain and Simple.)

Well, the American people could use a boatload of luck just now under the yoke of a divisive, partisan, warmongering, gridlocked Congress. Must we be brought further down economically and socially by selfish politicians intent on recapturing the White House in 2012?

At this point it would seem so and yet I would prefer to think that things can move forward in a more balanced way (rich folk paying their fair share in taxes toward the nation's finances - they who have much being called upon to share - oh my!) if not now, then around the time of tr Mars' return to its position in America's natal horoscope on July 21, 2011 (a new 2-year cycle of activity, including war.)

But with Saturn rising in our Mars Return 2011 chart, Mars and SN conjoined in 9th H (foreign wars and violence), today's Sun position at MC (conj Fixed Star Mirzam, to have one's say, and Mars in semisquare (irritation) to Jupiter (again posited in 8th H of Shared Resources, in DC), what are the odds that our erstwhile denizens of Capitol Hill will cease kicking around the American people's needs like a political football while tarnishing our nation's reputation like its theirs alone to ruin - and all based on a Utopian dream?


Please check out Democracy Now!'s coverage of protests now shutting down Athens Greece occurring today at the barricades of the Greek parliament (about to vote) concerning the extreme, forced austerity measures as the world banking cartel enforces its take-over of the birthplace of democracy. These financial reptiles won't be satisfied until the whole world's citizens are on the streets to be assailed by strong-arm police forces spawned by their misguided vision of a chaotic, redesigned "Utopia."

Further reading: Debt Ceiling Deadline August 2: Jupiter/Neptune active with the planetary pair relating to inflation and speculative financial schemes.

Jun 28, 2011

Amazing Facts about Michele Bachmann

Must the Evangelical Right Shove Bachmann into the White House?

by Jude Cowell

Apparently that's their plan, if we let 'em. But today I have learned more amazing facts than is good for one person about ring wing candidate, Tea Party opportunist, and Christian Right promoter Michele Bachmann so I thought: why keep the craziness all to myself? Since I have a blog where I recently posted briefly concerning her natal horoscope while looking for that certain 'out-there' quality that some people think the Oral Roberts University law student possesses, why not share the linky love?

Because it isn't as if the MSM are covering much more than her gaffes and good-for-a-guffaw historical revisionism, is it? At least not yet though perhaps you've already noticed that the crazy train has arrived at the station right on time.

Some examples of what I'm finding:

Today's edition of Democracy Now! has Amy Goodman's informative interview with *Michelle Goldberg of The Daily Beast and Karl Bremer whose award-winning blog Ripple in Stillwater (the town where Rep. Bachmann currently lives) recounts her career exploits and dubious connection with a money laundering cocaine dealer who's about to go on trial for participation in a major Ponzi scheme, her falsehoods about profiting from farm subsidies, ethics violations, and more.

Then there's Mother Jones' Michele Bachmann: Greatest Hits, a list of her wackier statements and spouted misconceptions, a not-to-be-missed regaling of her unusual remarks worth reviewing before you decide to vote for Bachmann's brand of out-there, zealous, steam-rolling political and social reforms. (Be careful what you wish for!)

Quite a pile-up of amazing facts for someone who just announced her candidacy for president on Monday June 27, 2011...aka, yesterday!


*Yep! Ronald Reagan may be rolling over in his grave as the power of the Evangelical Right rears its double heads again in American Politics (after a period of hibernation.) On topic is Michelle Goldberg's latest book Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism which I haven't read (just heard of it for the first time today during her Democracy Now! interview) but to me it sounds like Pluto/Chiron's Zionism of violent zealotry focused on the setting up of a one-world-government seat of power in Jerusalem.

For further reading on such topics also try Political Astrology 2010 ~ 2012 by Alex D'Atria.

In Washington DC

Tomorrow, Wednesday June 29, 2011, President Obama will hold a suddenly announced news conference on his refusal to seek congressional approval for actions in Libya (which has been made out to be 'the story' by the MSM so perhaps it's been set up that way as cover for US interference in yet another Middle Eastern country), and on the performance of the US economy, or the lack thereof.

Blog Note: if all goes well here on Wednesday morning and there are no further thunderstorm interruptions, I'll be posting on the president's news conference through the lens of Astrology; plus, my recent column on the US Solar Return 2011 horoscope will be completed as a fresh post, or simply added to my original entry. For as you may imagine from current events, America's Solar Return 2011 is quite a doozy so please stay tuned if you can. jc

Bachmann Gacy Gaffe Goes Viral

Missing her aim at The Duke by over a hundred miles, newly minted Republican slash Tea Party candidate Michele Bachmann rushed from the starting gate only to compare her campaign 'spirit' to that of rapist and serial killer, John Wayne Gacy.

Yes, the GOP-esque crew of Gingrich, Cain, and Bachmann already seem to be having trouble keeping their political pushcarts on track for a win! But their antics and off-the-cuff remarks do make great distractions for the press, don't they pardner?

Well, here's a brief peek at Bachmann's natal chart placements if you're interested in a fathom.

Then perhaps a comparison with Gacy's natal chart? The murky, obsessed fellow was born on March 17, 1942 in Chicago Illinois with a Sun Pisces-Moon Pisces personality blend and definitely demonstrated to the world the downright lowest of the lower side of the sign of the Two Fishes.

You may even wish to snag a view of John Wayne's May 26, 1907 natal horoscope, as you wish, with his Air-Water Sun Gemini-Moon Scorpio blend.

And funny thing, on Monday, as Michele Bachmann fit her foot squarely in her mouth over the wrong 'spirit', transiting Mars conjoined movie icon John Wayne's natal Sun 4Gem19 which brought The Duke more public attention than he's received in quite a while!

Ain't Astrology grand?

Above image from my Dreamyfish Art collection of very fishy botanical drawings: Pisces.

Jun 27, 2011

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Breach: Neptune to US n Moon?

Waters of Neptune and Power of Pluto 6.27.11

by Jude Cowell

Can it be that our recent transit of Neptune to US natal Moon in Aquarius (we-the-people) is still operative? With tr Neptune dipping a mystical toe in the waters of Pisces (but Rx and preparing to lumber back into Aquarius for a while), it seems that dissolving Neptune is reflecting the massive water damage to properties from the Mississippi River and now the Missouri River. And of course, Earth's Moon rules the tides.

Should we fret? ABC News reports officials saying that the public 'is not in danger' even though the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station has been breached. Click to see a horrific looking photo of the flooded plant which has been shut down since April.

And you may have heard that wildfire is threatening the Los Alamos Nuclear Plant within One Mile, which is also being reported by Amy Goodman of the excellent Democracy Now! so it seems that watery Neptune is riling both Uranus (electricity shut off in nuclear plants, back up generators in service, plus storm systems) and Pluto, whose link to nuclear power is well-known bwo Pluto's discovery in 1930.

(If you're interested in Enron news, click to read or hear what Amy Goodman just reported about it.)

Or perhaps I should say that our three outer, transpersonal, generational planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, are showing their power to affect on the deepest levels The Collective in which we all must live, breached berms notwithstanding.

So where was Mars, the fire starter and instigator, in all of this when the Fort Calhoun Plant was breached by the Missouri River, a situation with the potential for being 'another Fukushima'? Testy Mars is in early Gemini (nearing US natal Uranus - danger) and about to trigger the June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse @11Gem02.

As you know, we're inside an eclipse window just now with a brand new Saros Series about to start with the July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse @9Can12 which falls precisely between US natal Sun and Jupiter.

When we look for resonance with this synchronicity to America's natal chart, we find that at the moment, a transiting midpoint picture brings these same planets together as the US approaches her 235th birthday: tr Sun/Jupiter = tr Mars: zeal and courage - two things the people of the Midwest and those who fight against the effects of such disasters need to possess in Jupiterian abundance.

Underneath that energy is another of sinister proportions with two midpoint pictures now formed and pointing to the ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition (though it's not as exact in orb as it's been, Saturn and Uranus are subject to transits and progressions.) Any, all, or none may apply and are from Ebertin:

Sun/Pluto = Saturn: restrictions; physical impediments; ruthless overcoming of obstacles and difficulties; separation by a Higher Power; imprisonment.

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself (valiant nuclear plant workers? jc); sudden adjustment to new circumstances; danger to life.

Difficult pictures, are they not?

Plus, for some months now, the transiting Pluto/Chiron midpoint has been hitting US natal South Node off and on (6AQ.) As you know, Pluto/Chiron is one of the primary signatures for oppression, disenfranchisement, racism and other -isms including corporatism...and primal violence. Both bodies relate closely to nuclear power, separately and together, and with SN representing past behavior, Neptune's massive amounts of water now activate nuclear mistakes from America's past.

Yes, the homelessness of Neptune to US natal Moon is continuing on a different level of expression than the foreclosure fiasco which is also ongoing.

Hmmm...wonder what the Nuclear Energy Institute is up to this morning? Makin' policy, I imagine. They seem to be up to date on the Fukushima Meltdown but are not so up-to-speed when it comes to what's going on with the current threats to nuclear plants in the US, as near as I can tell from their website.


Thanks to a reader who asked me to look at the Astrology of the Fort Calhoun Nebraska situation in a comment left after yesterday's post on US Solar Return 2011. No time right now to provide links to eclipse posts and other related topics (though they may show up after this entry is published bwo LinkedWithin thumbnails - look below) because I must motor and deal w lightening damage to some tech equipment here (Uranus!) and other storm-related issues.

More reading on such topics is available to you at the blog of Alexander Higgins, if you wish to check it out. jc

Jun 26, 2011

Horoscope: US Solar Return 2011

On July 4, 2011, America celebrates her 235th birthday, our much-touted Independence Day. At 12:28:09 pm EDT on July 5th, the Sun returns to natal position in our nation's Sibly chart (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA) during an Hour of Saturn, with Libra and Saturn rising. Return Sun (SR) is posited in 10th house making the next 12 months a watershed year for the United States.

For as you know, Solar Returns are in effect from birthday to birthday so the following Solar Return chart extends from July 5, 2011 to July 4, 2012. (The US SR 2012 chart is chock full of planetary patterns including a Mystic Rectangle, but that's a topic for a later post.)

I have relocated the Return chart to Washington DC (from Philadelphia) which does not change houses of the planets but does slightly change house cusps by one or two degrees: Washington DC is chosen because of the dire financial circumstances our nation has been plunged into and because the 2/8 and 3/9 cusps are at critical-crisis degrees (29 Lib/Ari and 29Sco/Tau, as you see) when set for DC.

At Midheaven 3Can03 (MC), the Goal/Aspiration/Public Status point, is US natal Venus and transit Venus 1Can51, indicating that our national Venus Return will soon occur. Venus, a money planet of evaluations and relationships, is out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and is the closest planet to an Angle in the SR 2011 chart (1A12) and thus leads the action although powerful Pluto is a close second at IC (2A58), the Foundation of the Matter. Pluto does prefer those lower, hidden places.

So this puts the ongoing oppositions of transit Pluto to US Venus and Jupiter (US n Jupiter is @ MC as well) uppermost in our considerations in this post, and points out difficulties on the political, social, and financial levels for our country and for Washington DC. The precise identity of subversive Pluto is, of course, debatable yet International Bankers, Societal Puppet masters, Spying Agencies - even 'The Pope' - are certainly implicated when one thinks of the secretive, sabotaging events and calamities occurring in and against America these days.

Horoscope shown: US Solar Return July 5, 2011 Washington DC; please click to enlarge the chart and read my many notations, some of which may not be to mentioned within this text. US natal planets are penned around the outside of the chart; Inaugural Moon 2009 29Sco45 is notated at the 3rd cusp.

ASC 2Lib41 with Saturn rising indicates delays, restrictions, inhibitions, and a potential for further losses at this, a Saturn Hour. The third of our three
Saturn Returns occurs on August 28, 2011, and SR 2011 Saturn rules 4th house with Pluto and US n Pluto 27Cap33 Rx posited there so mining incidents may occur during the year along with Real Estate (4th H) problems, destructurization, and plutonian transformations continuing.

Chart-ruler Venus makes 3 applying aspects to other planets which describes how things will proceed for the coming year, In order, they are:

1. square Uranus (2A43): both planets are angular so have outlets for expression - Uranus conj Descendant of Partnerships may show disruption or break-ups in relationships, or new unusual partnerships, or sudden events caused by Open Enemies; Ebertin gives 'Uranus in Aries' as Utopians which indicates the one-world-government promoters; the Venus/Uranus square also denotes relationship break-ups, fickleness, erratic financial goings-on, impracticality, and a refusal to compromise with others in a traditional fashion.

2. trine Chiron (3A18): sacrificing relationships, devotion upon an altar, or enslavement (Clow.)

3. opposing Pluto: ah, the biggie! This aspect affects America's Public Status on the World Stage since it is spotlighted upon the MC/IC axis where its energies will play out over the next year for it's been running in the background but now takes center stage; excessive demands are made on partners; compromises are hard to make or to find; confidences will be revealed; legal affairs, joint ventures, and overspending are not favored.

As a pair, Venus/Pluto has bankruptcy implications and this seems to me to be what manipulative Pluto is attempting to engineer against America. (Hope I'm wrong!) Pluto squares the rising Saturn (Democrats) in 1st house so we'll have to wait and see. But with both planets angular, it may not be long before we find out Pluto's deepest imperatives. Plus, the Saturn/Uranus midpoint continues to be near Pluto, god of the Underworld, and will again perfect soon: it's the same 'brutality, harm through force majeure, desire to overcome difficulties, rebellion against one's lot in life' midpoint picture the world has been under since the world-shaking Cardinal Cross of 2010.

More Finances: 8th House Jupiter in Money-Loving Taurus

Jupiter 5Tau40 is in 8th H of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, and Insurance (plus other 8th H connotations such as Corporations) but with 29Ari15 on the 8th H cusp. Asteroid Eros (piercing) conjoins the 8th cusp, too, at 29Ari04. Jupiter's powerful trine to Pluto (0A20) is nearly exact so perhaps help will come with finances though in whose favor remains to be seen (typed the Common Good/Populist leaning astrologer.)

Moneybags Jupiter, significator of the Republican Party, is being squared by Mercury 5Leo35 (in 10th H), planet of bloggers, reporters, thinkers, planners, orators, trade, commerce, transport, and communications in general. Of course, young people and those who serve are also provinces of Mercury.

This Mercury is interesting because it is apex (focal) planet of a YOD pattern (Finger of God; special task, crisis, crossroads) and Mercury is in its element since it sits at the crossroads of all travelers. Which way to go? Well, this Mercury conjoins tr asteroid Minerva (to be accomplished) and as I never fail to point out when mentioning her, The Owl of Minerva is the title of the Hegel Society's journal.

One of our problems is that the US is being assailed by acolytes of the Hegelian Dialectic, the Hegel Society. This is the Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis crowd of political philosophers whose 'dialectic' sets up the US Saturn Return #3 (August 28, 2011) as the synthesis stage of development for our accountability-responsibility issues and Saturnian lessons which any Saturn Return brings. As we know from recent events, our August 2011 Return times a very important moment in US history.

So there's speedy little messenger Mercury in the house of Public Status at the apex of the situation. And its foundation? The sextile between Pluto 6Cap01 Rx and Chiron 5Pis09 Rx (the position of President Obama's natal Chiron in Pisces, the Knight in Shining Armor placement for Chiron, embarked on a Quest for the Holy Grail (R. Nolle, Chiron.) A 5th H Chiron describes lovers of pomp and circumstance and who direct human psychology toward doing their bidding. (Note: Joseph Goebbels and Barry Goldwater were both born with 5th H Chirons.)

The YOD's Pluto sextile Chiron "creates a very pragmatic dynamic in the chart" (Clow) and shows "a vortex of transmutative power in the location house of Chiron and then shoots the energy to Pluto" which then locates the power in Pluto's house (4th = Homeland; Domestic Scene; Real Estate, etc.) Seems that Pluto, planet of the Global Crime Syndicate, has America in the crosshairs. And with the angular Uranus, planet of Technology and Computers, more cyber-hacking and Internet thievery of account and other info/intell seems safe to predict.

And it's good to remember that Hitler rose to power under a Uranus/Pluto square so let's be wary of new bosses or 'czars' who love to dictate against the will of the American people (yes, we already have them, I know. Look at dissolved governments in various states being taken over by the anti-democratic forces of Corporate Rule.)

Well, there are more factors to consider and I'd hoped to complete this post before the next thunderstorm which now rapidly approaches (please pardon annoying typos!) This post will be edited with more info soon (including more on apex Mercury, other planetary patterns, we-the-people's Moon in Virgo, Sun aspects, and prominent midpoint pictures) or a new column will be published on the topic of our US Solar Return 2011, then linked to this post as my schedule - and Thor's thunderbolts - permit.

UPDATE June 30, 2011: this US SR 2011 column is now completed and you may wish to read the rest here. jc


For some mighty mystical reading, I recommend Kal Dani's Oracle with its amazing amount of information concerning 'The Eclipse Prince William' - 'The Shadow King' - and his occulted numbers. The info-rich site includes Numerology, Eclipses, Kate (born on the day of a Lunar Eclipse (he, the Solar Eclipse, she the Lunar), the X-Men connection, Biblical prophecy, the Queen's late night visitor, Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, the Assyrian fish god, and much much more. It's astounding! jc

Jun 25, 2011

Rick Perry prez bid awash w controversy (video); his Natal Chart

Yes, Stars Over Washington has been late boarding the Rick Perry presidential campaign train 2012 so here's a video concerning the Texas governor, along with an astro-peek at his natal horoscope.

Apparently all manner of controversy haunts this wolf in sheep's clothing like a cheap one-world-government suit! Among other considerations, a certain Mr. Rove lurks in his background. In this video:

Alex talks about Rick Perry’s long time mentor, Karl Rove and how Rove convinced Perry to flip his image and save his political career. Perry exposes his own dishonesty when he breaks his own pledge to remain outside the Presidential race. A President Perry would further America’s dark journey toward her own destruction. Invited to the Bilderberg conference in Istanbul in 2007, Rick Perry is a servant of the globalist’s plan for a one world government and their population reduction scheme.

You may also be interested in Paul Watson's assessment Perry Supporter Claims Alex Jones Works for Obama which is rich with links and revelations concerning Governor Perry and others.

Plus, you'll find biographical details on his Wikipedia page including a bit about his friendship with former rocker and ace racial slurrist, Ted Nugent. Funny thing is, in the 1960s I attended a Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes concert in Atlanta and got the once-over from him backstage. Of course, I was under-aged so was thankfully spared his...attentions. And I remember that his hair was as long as mine! But he could definitely play guitar, no question about it, and that was what I was there for.

Now how about a little Astrology concerning Gov. Perry, a western varmint said (as are the majority of US politicians including Mr. Obama) to be firmly in the pocket of the social tinkering, one-world-government Bilderberg Group?

Richard Perry born March 4, 1950 Paint Creek, Texas, birth hour unknown so 'noon' CST is used; Sun in Pisces; Moon remains in Virgo for the 24-hour period. No house positions will be mentioned without a known birth time.

Little Rick Perry was born into a fortunate Solar Eclipse Series, the *5 New South, which denotes peak experiences, joy, good news, and a potential for falling in love. This must help abate some of the conflict, depression, restriction, and oppression seen within his natal planetary placements which are:

Sun 13Pis36 (see Moon, below; opposed by Saturn: early childhood restrictions from authoritative parent; resents The System; thinks people, law, and authority are against him personally; early oppression becomes a tremendous ability for accomplishment and follow-through as an adult if this Saturnian energy is well-managed; inconj Pluto: father's values or inherited values conflict with those of his generation - Dad wanted a return to 'the good old days' which strained his son's seeking of selfhood; drives himself very hard, then can become bitterly resentful of duties; driven to prove himself; good at focusing on a particular objective; makes sacrifices to reach goals; creates conflict when dealing with others; 'use or misuse of power' issues.)

(Note: Perry's Sun position conjoins US presidential Suns when Inaugurations were held in early March - uh-oh! The change came during FDR's terms - between 1933 and 1937 with the switch on January 20, 1937. Would a Perry presidency represent a return to 'the good old days'? Ugh! People running about in chaos without laws or government is what these Utopian rationalists envision for us all! The Age of Reason? Puh! French Revolutionists enshrined Reason as their goddess in the 1790s and we know how that turned out for the populace.)

Moon 17Vir48 (a Full Moon personality: conflict between ego and emotions; relationships are all-important but may be filled with conflict; needs to learn the art of compromise; unwillingness to let go of the past creates handicaps; see Saturn, below.)

Mercury 24AQ56 (see Jupiter, below; trine Uranus: intuitive flashes; genius in certain areas but indifferent if uninterested; attracted to Science, Technology, the Occult, and Astrology; not bound by tradition; conclusions are arrived at independent of popular views; dramatic expression of thoughts - good for public speaking; ideas may be ahead of their time; plus, Mercury is oriental, rising just before the Sun, which is a dot all Is, cross all Ts indicator of perfectionism.)

Venus 5AQ45 (trine Mars = can appeal to others emotionally; sex appeal; fun-loving; sextile NN: gives knowledge of how to use charm to gain approval and popularity; favors marriage, business affairs, and public relations.)

Mars 18Lib21 Rx (conj SN - see NN, below; conjoins US Sec Mars Rx which underscores US militarism; sesquisquare Jupiter: somewhat dynamic energy which must be well-paced to be effective and not burn out; demands immediate rewards for efforts yet may feel frustrated; with experience, meets challenges forcefully but with a sense of irritation.)

Jupiter 21AQ15 (conj Mercury: big ideas, expansive plans, plus Jupiter is in futuristic Aquarius; trine Neptune: lover of mysticism; fond of grand ceremony such as those found in Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, or__?__; may lose self in religious ecstasy and be deceived by such; may be parasitical or self-indulgent; possesses a boundless imagination.)

Saturn 16Vir15 Rx (Moon-Saturn contacts are emotionally depressive - see Sun, above; materialistic; somber; common sense; in Virgo, Saturn denotes scientific interests and hard, concentrated, detail-oriented work.)

Uranus 00Can57 Rx (a World Point of Fame and Recognition; behaves tribally like a self-protective, business and home oriented Cancerian; see Mercury, above; semi square Pluto: an aspect of irritation showing he'd be first to react if his own liberties were threatened; good for work as a public official and may be giving him a resonance with the ongoing, transiting Uranus/Pluto square now spurring revolution across the globe.)

Neptune 16Lib50 Rx (wide conj w Mars: strong psychic magnetism, unrealistic expectations tie into pie-in-sky Mercury-Jupiter conj; generational sextile to Pluto: holds revisionary attitudes on philosophy, religion, education, and relationships; occult interests - see Mercury, above.)

Pluto 16Leo24 Rx (opposes Jupiter: indoctrinates others w his philosophy; must reform others spiritually; great desire for wealth and power; autocratic; lack of humility, or hidden or misused wealth may cause downfall.)

NN 7Ari31 Rx (SN conj Mars: militaristic values; decisions disregard others; actions out of harmony w societal standards; see Venus, above.)

Chiron 21Sag06 (in the sign of The Seeker and about to be spotlighted by transiting NN; besides the squares to Moon/Saturn, Chiron sextiles Jupiter: seeks opportunities and forums for self-expression through Jupiter's broadcasting and proselytizing functions in order to advance his theories of transformation; seeks through willpower, daring, and strength to express a 'mass yearning for integrity' and for 'certainty based on inspiration' - R. Nolle.)

Gov. Perry's squares to Chiron from Moon and Saturn indicate childhood wounds from both parents but if well-managed, this energy may be transformed in adulthood into much directed ambition and strategic ability.

As for his Water-Earth (mud!) Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo personality blend, we know there's a practical streak in him with Water-Earth yet he can get bogged down by inertia, possessiveness, and limited viewpoints.

Sun Pisc-Moon Vir gives Mr. Perry a wide-ranging intellect, wit, and a perceptive talent for analysis and for dealing with details (see Mercury oriental, above.) Problems are considered from all angles, yet there may be an overly critical attitude toward others; escaping into fantasies or addictions cannot be ruled out; feelings may become confused with rational thought as heart and mind either complement one another, or clash (Sun-Moon opposition.)

Mystical Pisces gives, of course, talent or interest in the Arts such as music, poetry, and drama and this obviously aids him with his public speaking. Lofty visions there may be, but Virgo keeps his feet on the ground most of the time for managing the implementation of those visions (my fear: another Utopian!)

Intellectual rapport is needed within partnerships but living with him isn't always easy; he tends to escape behind a newspaper, book, or laptop whenever conflict arises (and it does with Sun opposing Moon.) Yet he has a winning sense of humor which can see him through many a scrape or misunderstanding.

Images for Integration of Sun (conscious) and Moon (unconscious):

"Small events bring enormous consequences...Faith and Reason shake hands...A mosaic picture of the universe, each piece perfect in itself" (like a Mandelbrot set! and great for Astrology studies. jc)

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Evolutionary Progress: Life Passages

As for his Secondary Moon Phase, his Sec Full Moon occurred on or about (depending on a correct birth time, dates may vary slightly) August 22, 2008 @ 11Sco15; his Disseminating Phase (putting out the info, propaganda, teaching) begins on or about November 3, 2011; this indicates to me that Mr. Perry expanded on the world stage as far as he could in 2008 which does not bode well for an expansive presidential run in 2012 since his 'light' is dimming rather than brightening - as is America's and that of the Republican Party for the same reason.

So there just for you is a small astro-peek into the personality of Gov. Rick Perry. You may not have enjoyed it, but perhaps you now know more about this proposed 2012 presidential candidate than you did before! Si?


The Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo blend is shared natally by Senator Ted Kennedy, Peter Fonda, Alexander Graham Bell, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Glenn Miller, Gloria Vanderbilt, philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, psychologist Roberto Assagioli, and Luther Burbank, who informed us that,

"It is well for people who think to change their minds occasionally in order to keep them clean."


*Solar Eclipse info: Brady's Predictive Astrology; 5 New South last manifested in November 2003 @ 9 Gemini; its next occurrence: December 2021 @ 12 Sagittarius. jc

Jun 24, 2011

Kucinich: US actions in Libya "surreal" 6.24.11 (video)

Here's the video I mentioned earlier today of Rep. Dennis Kucinich speaking on the House floor this morning and calling the US misadventure in Libya "surreal," among other things.

Well, you know Mr. Kucinich is correct, don't you? And he doesn't mind calling a situation 'Orwellian' that really is Orwellian.

Wonder what happened to Mr. Kucinich's plan in 2008 to investigate those mysteriously executed and very lucrative "put options" which suggested insider trading involved in the attacks of 9/11?

House votes No to US military action in Libya 6.24.11

Have congress members found their backbones or are they worried about their fund-raising for the next election? Well, on C-SPAN I watched much of this morning's 'debate' on the House floor over action in Libya so this news nugget is of little surprise.

I hope the US drops this ill-timed, unaffordable, and immoral mission and that you too caught Dennis Kucinich's impassioned speeches this morning - his remarks are definitely worth finding if you can, and I shall search for a video of him for posting here asap:

NPR BREAKING NEWS: House Rejects Measure To Continue U.S Role In Libya

The House has voted down a measure giving President Obama the authority to continue the U.S. military action against Libya. More at NPR.

More on this and other topics is being broadcast as I type by the excellent Thom Hartmann. And the transiting South Node (SN) is nearing US natal Mars (military; god of war) closer and closer as you read these words - and we have a US Mars Return coming soon...

Jun 23, 2011

Thomas Jefferson and the karmic Solar Eclipse July 1, 2011

If you've had a chance to read my column on the karmic Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011 @ 9Can12, then I don't have to tell you that the eclipse manifests snugly between America's natal Sun and Jupiter - actually precisely upon our national Sun/Jupiter midpoint.

The importance of the July 1st Solar Eclipse 'hit' to or triggering of the expansive point of Sun/Jupiter relates closely to financial and spending matters, material loss, and to issues of striving for more power and control, recognition, and/or to conflicts caused by arrogance, pretentiousness, or lawlessness.

Perhaps a crook or two will be outed by the light of the July 1, 2011 eclipse, the first to launch in a new Saros Series. Often an eclipse 'acts' early and you probably heard that a fugitive mob boss from Boston was arrested just today in California after 16 years of giving the FBI the slip.

Historical Horoscopes Alive!

There is another triggering of historical importance because the July 1st eclipse conjoins *Thomas Jefferson's natal Neptune/Chiron conjunction @ 9Can26 and 9Can37 respectively, in 6th house of Military and Police Service, Health, Daily Lives, and Work (Employment.)

Now the eclipse (Sun/Moon) forms a midpoint picture with Mr. Jefferson's nebulous, spiritually oriented Neptune (made more **sacred by Chiron's ministrations):

Sun/Moon = Neptune: illusions and deceptions; becoming easily upset; inner discontent; realizing the importance of thinking through plans and ideas; dreaming of options for redirecting plans; delusions about what can be done and how hard people will work to accomplish it; misunderstandings in relationship.

Solar Eclipses are of course oppositions of the Sun (consciousness) and Moon (unconscious) and in general denote relationship and/or awareness issues.

To the extent that our third president Thomas Jefferson may be taken as an archetypal symbol of America and the US government, I surmise that the midpoint picture formed synchronistically by the July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse is instructive concerning the pertinent issues of our day.

And perhaps the Sun/Moon midpoint itself should be considered more specifically in the realms of Politics and Business. From Michael Munkasey's book Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, we find potentials that are up-to-the-minute on several levels including to raise or not to raise the US debt ceiling and war making decisions of President Obama:

Thesis: the international reputation of the country; how the will of the people is is applied (or not! jc) to taking the country into new or important directions; reading the attitude of the people when creating internal policy.

Antithesis: a loss of face in international politics (leaving Afghanistan? debt ceiling/default? jc); smears on the national reputation; pessimism flowing through the population or lawmakers (or both. jc)

You remember that the recent transiting Neptune/Chiron conjunction has mirrored disasters involving water such as regional flooding and levee breaches, BP's Deepwater Horizon Blow-Out of April 2010 which effectively sabotaged our Gulf Coast and its people, and which may have been an inspirational factor in this May 2011's World Will End prophecy with Chiron now in mystical, spiritual Pisces. And of course, 'water' is a stand-in for The Spirit in the Aquarian archetype of The Water Bearer, the sign in which the exact conjunction/s of Neptune and Chiron occurred last year.

Now what of such a close Neptune/Chiron conjunction in Watery Cancer in Jefferson's natal chart and psyche? Since it is about to be 'eclipsed' and highlighted on July 1, 2011, let's first take it apart including its apparent placement in Jefferson's 6th house (see below for his *birth data and the time I am using to set up his natal chart.)

Watery Neptune in Watery Cancer indicates a generation of folk with strong psychic ties to home, family, security, and the Earth (ecological interests.) Jefferson's love of home and family is well-known as are his regular rides across his lands with his daughter after his wife died and before, so naturally, his love of Monticello comes easily to mind.

Neptune in Moon-ruled Cancer denotes an emotionally sensitive and religious nature yet there is a still-ongoing debate as to Mr. Jefferson's religiosity (the Jefferson Bible; was he a Deist? an astrologer? etc) but these deep issues are beyond the scope of this column. However, his philosophical interests and talents are never in question.

Notable is the resonance between Neptune as the higher octave of Jupiter (the priest, guru, hierophant, philosopher) through their rulership of mystical Pisces, sign of Jefferson's natal Mercury. Thinking upon such inspired topics came easily to his highly idealistic nature; plus, Neptune in Cancer can also give mediumship or channeling abilities either from a higher or a lower plane.

His natal Neptune/Pluto trine indicates a response to the more positive side of the invisible realms but in modern times, we're stuck with a Neptune-Pluto septile (51 degrees 26 minutes), which is a fated, karmic 7th harmonic aspect.

Assuming that Neptune is posited in his natal 6th house, the placement emphasizes one whose work and service are done in a spiritual manner and/or for collective purposes. Yet with Neptune in detriment in 6th H, these issues will bring difficulties yet they had to be addressed for the sake of Jefferson's evolutionary progress (and America's, as it turned out.)

Many sacrifices are demanded by Neptune in 6th H, and we think of his desire to be home with his family instead of in Philadelphia attending and plying his penmanship of the Declaration of Independence at the Continental Congresses of 1775 and 1776. (The First Continental Congress was held in 1774 but Mr. Jefferson did not attend until 1775.)

Yet Jefferson's Sun in Aries Was Ambitious to Get On in the World

The red-haired young man arrived (unwigged yet Whiggish) in Philadelphia on June 20, 1775 with Neptune in Virgo (spiritual, devoted, and/or inspired work) snugged between Mars 18Vir55 and Saturn 2Lib18...hardworking Mars/Saturn = inspired Neptune: self-torment about identity (his fame and repute were yet to be established and his wordsmith genius known except by a few - he was a whippersnapper!); confusion; feeling threatened; pretenses or cover-ups about the state of preparedness.

But the whippersnapper did all right by us, didn't he? Perhaps that's because the difficult placement and conjunction of Neptune/Chiron were greatly eased by a natal trine to Pluto at Eagle Point, near Midheaven (Career, Aspirations, Public Status.) Plus, without difficult natal placements, one seldom bothers to stir oneself to make a sustained effort, does one?

Chiron in Cancer describes a "crisis over cultural roots and/or a crisis of personal protection" (Clow.) Cultural roots of the American experiment and personal protection reminds me of how America's Founders would have been strung up if their secret deliberations on independence from Britain had become known abroad.

In Cancer, Chiron tends to be tied to the past (a conflict for such a visionary futurist as Mr. Jefferson: home life v career ambitions), and reveals insecurity issues which are underscored by TJ's natal Moon out-of-bounds in Sagittarius which, when Moon is the only OOBs planet, points to one whose childhood connection with the mother was faulty or non-existent; a wounding (Chiron) from the mother (Cancer) is indicated as well, and TJ grew to have contempt for his mother and showed little, if any, regret at her passing. Jefferson had chaffed under her parentage after his father's death.

With Chiron in Cancer, a tough battle ensues to break Saturnian control (of his personal father/controlling mother and of colony-oppressing Great Britain!) and thus utilize the brilliance of Uranian genius, a task which he certainly managed to do. For his natal Uranus in Capricorn had a willing container in which to pour by way of Saturn's rulership of Capricorn, sign of Government. The inconjunct between natal Saturn and Uranus, though indicating crises and turning points, was better to have than no contact at all since the inconjunct (aka, quincunx) gave the creative ideas of Uranus a form (Saturn) in which to become practically realized on the earthly plane.

However, extreme consciousness of aims and objectives were necessary for the success of his Saturn/Uranus endeavors and he was nothing if not self-reflective while answering the call of service to the collective.

Another interesting factor to note in the 1743 horoscope of Thomas Jefferson is that the position of **Fixed Star SIRIUS, so intricately linked to America's natal horoscope and founding, closely conjoins his natal Neptune/Chiron conjunction by degree and thereby increases the conjunction's sacred nature.

In Astrology, the key phrases for SIRIUS (Alpha Canis Major; aka, the Dog Star, the Shining One, or, the Scorcher and relates to the annual flooding of the Nile River, and to gaining much more than was expected - Brady's Book of Fixed Stars) are: the mundane becoming sacred and the fire of immortality.

Few would disagree that Jefferson's work devoted to the founding of this country by penning the Declaration of Independence and through his service as Secretary of State, Ambassador to France, Vice President, then President (1801 - 1809), has garnered him an immortal name as well as high recognition in his day. Of course, founding the excellent University of Virginia in 1819 has increased his renown as well.

So! Will the July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse @ 9Can12 relate to Mr. Jefferson, his era and its politics, or to the very founding of our nation? Independence Day 2011 soon follows, after all. Will UVA be in the news? Or will another dance-off protest occur at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC with strong-arming police arresting peaceful American citizens? (I suspect the freedom-loving Mr. Jefferson would be very ill-pleased and disapproving of such arrests, don't you?)

These and other related concerns may turn up soon on the US menu and in The Press whose freedom he eloquently championed and my hope is that if they do, you will give a small, perhaps fond, thought to the Sage of Monticello!


For further reading you may wish to follow a link to the Monticello website or perhaps check out Thomas Jefferson's Wiki page. Also of timely interest may be The Cultural Contradictions of the American Media which contains his famous quote concerning the continuance of a free press in America:

"The basis of our government being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it up to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without government, I should not hesitate to prefer the latter."

*Thomas Jefferson April 13, 1743 Shadwell, Virginia; birth time most often used: 1:53 am LMT though a day time birth may be a possibility; at 1:53 am: ASC 00AQ52, Sun 22Ari54, Moon 10Sag47; Neptune/Chiron conjunction in 6th house; 9th house Pluto at Eagle Point (15 Scorpio) conjoins MC; NN 18Tau57 conjoins IC 22Tau02...he'd rather have been contemplating and studying at home (Monticello), thanks.

Midpoint pictures: Tyl, Ebertin, Munkasey.

Jun 22, 2011

Obama on Troop Withdrawals: Sun/Pluto = Uranus (6.22.11)

Astrology of a Presidential Speech June 22, 2011

by Jude Cowell

At 8:00 pm edt tonight, President Obama addresses the nation concerning the beginning of his promised withdrawal of US troops from foreign sands and occupied lands. In remembrance of Colin Powell's unheeded admonition of 2003, "we broke it" but we can't fix it, and now our nation is broken, too. Part of someone's plan all along? I believe so though naturally you are welcome to disagree with this tiny little blogging gnat with a common good viewpoint.

Looking at the horoscope for June 22, 2011 8:00 pm edt in Washington DC, the North Node (NN = encounters; meetings; contacts; future direction) @ 23Sag23 is rising and points us toward the Lunar Eclipse @ 24Sag23 of June 15, 2011.

In the Lunar Eclipse post, I mention financial disclosures and other potential revelations from this Jupiter-ruled eclipse so it's interesting to note that Fed Head Ben Bernanke is to make a statement around 2:00 pm edt today (ASC 10Lib55 w Saturn 10Lib31 rising: "11Lib" = "A Professor Peering Over His Glasses"; Mercury 12Can28 at MC 12Can27 with US natal Sun at MC, too...see below for Mercury to US n Sun implications.)

NN conjunct Ascendant indicates one with an ability to shape the personality to fit social trends (see Neptune/MC = ASC, below); the conjunction favors popularity yet may also lead to superficiality with actions based on the lowest common denominator of popularly accepted behavior rather than on fundamental convictions (Sakoian, The Astrologer's Handbook.)

As President Obama Orates

Tonight at 8:00 pm edt, another chart factor is prominent as noted in the title of this post: a dynamic T-Square pattern between the Sun/Pluto opposition pointing toward an apex Uranus (behaving radically in Mars-ruled Aries, and posited in 6th house of Military and Police Service; Moon 25Pis50 approaches disruptive Uranus 4Ari27 in 3rd H of Communications; emotional suffering is denoted by Moon in Pisces and the families of our soldiers can attest to that - it's a 10-year war with no end in sight. Psychotic!

A power-filled midpoint picture is formed by the T-Square participants:

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself (or for America? jc); sudden obsession with gaining more power and control; surprising suspicion of basic power; new individual perspectives; rebellion.

Joining this picture as apex planet is America's natal Saturn 14Lib48, so we have:

Sun/Pluto = n Saturn: ruthless overcoming of obstacles; separation by a Higher Power; physical impediments; imprisonment.

(Mdpt pics are from Ebertin, Munkasey, and/or Tyl; as always any, all, or none may apply.)

Is God's Fist Shaking?

Another planetary pattern is a Fist of God formed when two or more planets are squared (90 degrees = blockages; obstacles) and both are sesquisquare (135 degr, an irritant yet dynamic) a third planet/s. Here the 'Fist' is being shaken at MC (The Goal: Aspirations; Public Status) which @ 14Lib58, has US natal Saturn upon it - and America is in the midst of a Saturn Return (when chickens of accountability tend to come home to roost every 28 years or so; as we've seen, the Vietnam War lessons of Saturn have not been learned by lying, war-profiteering Vulcans.) The third and final conjunction to our national Saturn occurs on August 28, 2011.

The Fist of God configuraton also creates midpoint pictures and involves the confused, misdirected, or deceptive motivations and actions of a Mars/Neptune square (a natal echo of the US horoscope 1776):

Mars/Neptune = MC: hopelessness; failures; a state of weakness (ya think? jc); discontent feelings of inferiority (we're not accustomed to those, are we? our government has driven us to it - jc); a lack of energy; success in pushing or prodding ideas upon others; one's own world prevails (ah, the unrealistic White House and Pentagon bubbles of world-government Utopian ideology! jc); integrating messages from dreams in order to overcome anger or fear.

Mars/Neptune = n Saturn: persevering in spite of fear; being taken advantage of; a sense of futility; blockage of anger toward those who avoid reality.

Planet of Communications and Oration, Mercury 12Can59 is in 7th H and now transits US natal Sun (leadership) indicating a couple of days when ego and personal goals are highlighted and there's a strong identification with ideas which then provide a more aggressive, dramatic forum in which to express them. Ideas of others may be appropriated and presented as one's own to create something unique. (Personally, I don't care who gets the credit: Bring Our Troops Home Now and stop exporting terror across the globe. You Utopian idiots have bitten off even more than you can chew.)

Rising: the WHAT? Point of Any Horoscope

ASC 23SAg59 has the Neptune/MC midpoint upon it along with the transiting NN and this forms two midpoint pictures which relate directly with the president's speech and performance this evening:

Neptune/MC = NN: sharing of bad intentions with others; unpleasant associations; bad company; finding others who share the vision; people listen to your dreams of the future.

Neptune/MC = ASC: acting and pretending; pursuit of wrong objectives; uncertainty; insecurity; enhanced need to discuss dreams and visions; settings which allow dreams of the future; strong mental focus on plans for a future direction.

Now with expansive Jupiter as chart-ruler, applying aspects of the Great Benefic tell how things will proceed from tonight's presentation delivered during a disseminating phase (putting out the info and propaganda) of the Moon (publicity.)

In order, Jupiter's applying aspects are:

1. sextile Chiron: seeking opportunities for self-expression and having a forum for advancing an approach to transformation; 'bully pulpit' broadcasting is a perfect vehicle and Jupiter is in bullish Taurus @ '4Tau' = "A Rainbow's Pot of Gold."

2. sextile Sun 00Can59: puts best foot forward in communications with optimism and confidence (the 'acting and pretending' mentioned above? jc); this Jupiter is well-armed with information, aka, 'an ideas person'; imposing one's priorities leads to success.

3. trine Pluto 6Cap21 Rx: personal influence or control expand - or the impression of having such is successfully conjured; greater understanding of how to gain control is possible; motivation is for social change and others are stimulated toward supporting these efforts; access is given to privileged information.

Altogether, the broadcast (Jupiter's realm) of President Obama's remarks should be successful on some level yet the American people (and people of other nations who prefer harmony and life to war and destruction) may not be much persuaded with relational Venus conjoining South Node, a separative and Saturnian point, so that others (us) are busy or indisposed. And Venus, here ruling Jupiter, relates to money and evaluations - even some congress members now admit we can no longer afford to wage three wars, one of the biggest duhs ever seen in modern times.

(Confession: since the wars' beginnings, I've been completely indisposed to the entire one-world-domination misadventure of the US government overseas and unhappily predicted in The Fray at Slate Magazine years go that Bush-Cheney would lead the US into bankruptcy. Sometimes you just want to be wrong. However, most replies from fellow Fraysters included, 'America is too rich to ever go bankrupt' My thought is that it's taking a combination of outside and inside forces to affect it so the global power elite may fulfill their Great Plan for America to 'build anew upon ruins'.)

So with tonight's presidential speech beginning with wealthy Pluto in 1st house, we may expect unseen, unforeseen, and tremendously powerful forces to influence issues no matter what President Obama says he 'wants' or intends to do. These forces now oppose the Sun (5A07) which will soon reach its 1776 position in America's natal chart (or charts, set for July 4, 1776 with Sun 13Cancer+.)

Then 'Independence Day 2011' will arrive on July 4th with another post soon published here displaying America's Solar Return 2011 Horoscope in which the Sun/Pluto opposition will be angular across the 4/10 security/public status axis and a more exact 'power struggle' opposition of tr Pluto v. America's natal Jupiter 5Can56 will tell the tale of what's being perpetrated by shadowy international figures determined to dismantle (after looting) our nation.

Jun 21, 2011

Huntsman announces 6.21.11 w Sun Gemini-Moon Pisces

June 21, 2011: Summer begins and former ambassador to China and governor of Utah Jon Huntsman will announce his candidacy for the presidency of the United States at the scene of Liberty State Park, New Jersey.

Click for more info including videos.

Mr. Huntsman has begun speaking (10:06 am, there he is on my TV), with the Sun lingering on the 29th degree of Gemini (an eager and/or critical announcement?) and Moon in Pisces; Mercury, planet of announcements, is at '11 Cancer' today, Sabian Symbol: "A Clown Making Grimaces." (Jones.) He said the 'I'm a candidate' words at 10:07 am edt (for Astrology buffs who wish to set up the horoscope and follow his candidacy.)

Sun Gem-Moon Pis is an Air-Water combo (misty, ethereal) which indicates sentimentality, versatility, and adaptability. It's a talkative blend of a chameleon who can be submissive but cunning, vacillating, and poetic with much literary ability.

The blend's weaknesses include a lack of boundaries, a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none approach, and a tendency to withdraw when feeling misunderstood.

"Images for Integration: A weather vane on a church spire sparkles in the sunshine as the wind twirls it around, turning it into a mysterious sky gem...Peter Pan marries Tinkerbell and they live happily ever after in Never Never Land." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Uh-oh! Well, 'Never Never Land' may turn out to be a description of where Mr. Huntsman lives while dreaming of gaining the US presidency! ('Clap your hands if you believe'?) Yet he did manage the state of Utah rather well while governor, he asserts. His will be a 'high road' campaign, says he.

The Sun Gemini-Moon Pisces combo is shared natally by a journalist of the past, Arnold Bennett, so let's close with a quote he is known for which may put a cherry on top of today's ice cream sundae of presidential-bid announcements:

"Journalists say a thing that they know isn't true, in the hope that if they keep on saying it long enough it will be true."

And so do politicians.

Jun 19, 2011

Max Igan asks, Why Don't You Change? (video)

For Juneteenth 2011 in commemoration of Emancipation Day, here is a video series from Max Igan asking, Why don't you change? After all, you'd feel emancipated from your old ways if you would!

May be passed on to all the dodgy politicians you know...

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

Please check YouTube for this series of videos.

Jun 18, 2011

Living On Earth features Mayan Calendar Prophecy Dec 2012

June 18, 2011: Today's Living On Earth addresses several important topics which include:

Congress blocking FDA approval for transgenic fish (if only US lawmakers would stand firm against all 'Frankenfood', right?), the life and legacy of creative (Neptune) scientist (Saturn) George Washington Carver, space weather and a brand new cycle of sunspot activity, climate change creating more intense weather, and the science of wildfires.

Then it's new FDA regulations on sunscreen products, Henry David Thoreau's lessons for living a 'deliberate life', and more.

Also featured on today's LOE is an interview concerning the Mayan Calendar and (alleged) prophecy about the world 'ending' on either December 21, 2012 or December 23, 2012. Will Earth and Planet X collide for Winter Solstice 2012? Or will Earth simply putter to a stop? (My basic view is that only God will end this incarnation of planet Earth. However, difficult days and Earth Shifts are ahead. You may disagree as you wish!)

LOE: "The Mayan Long Count Calendar is nearing the end of its 5,125 year cycle. New age prophecies, based on the ancient calendar, warn the world will end when the cycle concludes in December 2012."

If that's the case, then perhaps you'll want to read, listen, or download the rest of Predicting the End of the World for a more reasoned voice on the topic than is usually shared online. Even the mainstream media promotes the Mayan Calendar obsession which is certainly a good reason to stay cool about it given its high propaganda value to our current fearmongers.

Some say that rumors of a 2012 doomsday are being spread so that people can make money which sounds plausible to me considering opportunistic human nature!

Yet a transcript of PBS's April 2008 broadcast Cracking the Maya Code is available...is it becoming more timely by the minute?

Ancient Maya: Ace Mathematicians Who Studied the Celestial Sphere

Yes, they had the good sense to keep tabs on eclipses and other planetary activities. Then if you care for a little Astrology on the matter, try a previous post on Winter Solstice 2012 which shows the horoscope (set for the White House) and gives a few pertinent details including the 2012 Solstice's YOD pattern of crisis, crossroads, and/or a special task which points to planet Jupiter.

In the chart, you'll see that Jupiter Rx makes a transit to US natal Uranus 8Gem55, a time when freedom and independence issues come to the fore with results that are unpredictable especially in relation to finances, investment, fund-raising, travel, group activities, technology, and...Astrology.

Image: Indian Pipes, a copyrighted botanical (Saturn) pencil drawing (Mercury) in a visionary (Neptune) landscape by yours truly, Jude Cowell.

Jun 17, 2011

Shout-Out! The Equal Party (of-by-for The People)

Today my online time is brief (gotta motor!) but I have managed a bit of reading and was surprised to find an interesting blog concerning The Equal Party suggesting ideas for how We The People can return control of the US government to the of-by-for crowd, United States citizens.

Of course, this presumes that we had any control to lose. With every US election fixed, manipulated, rigged, or plum stolen, it's difficult to be certain especially when you consider the so-called 'Manifest Destiny' issue and America being founded by and as a New Atlantis corporation. Perhaps that's where the early 'of-by-for' came in and America was never, as we now suspect, meant for We The People at all.

The Equal Party site's Reminders from Mullins: the Rape of Justice and the World Order contains a quote from Eustace Mullins' The World Order which you may think useful for understanding what's going on socially and in Politics, that 'organized system of hatreds', as Henry B. Adams aptly described it..."No matter its professions", that's what its practice basically is.

A quick search for Mullin's The World Order on Amazon yielded no results but I did locate another of his books A Study of the Federal Reserve and Its Secrets (2010) and here is an excerpt:

"If Congress actually had retained its sovereignty and refused to let Woodrow Wilson and Carter Glass hand over the sovereign right of coinage and the issue of our money to private bankers in 1913, the American people today would not stand on the brink of slavery. The Federal Reserve System has been the death of our Constitution, and the end of our liberties. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors, chosen by and working for the powerful international bankers, have inflicted catastrophe after catastrophe upon our people." - Eustace Clarence Mullins

Amen to that!

So who was Carter Glass (Jan 4, 1858 - May 28, 1946)? He was a busy political bee on Capitol Hill including acting as President Wilson's Secretary of the Treasury, and was instrumental in the passage of the Glass-Owen Act of 1913 which created the Federal Reserve System. And in 1933, lent his name and efforts to the Glass-Steagall Act which separated commercial from investment banking, and set up the FDIC.

Click his name to read a Wiki page where Carter Glass's firm belief in the disenfranchisement of African-American voters (!!) splays out for all to see.

And what is the astrological signature of disenfranchisement? The main one I use (though other planetary combos such as big banker Jupiter/Pluto certainly play in to the power elite's oppressive activities) is the duo of Pluto/Chiron with Chiron adding The Wounding factor to the anti-social mix.

The Great Conjunction of Pluto and Chiron (@ '12Sag') on December 31, 1999 began a new, refreshed cycle of disenfranchisement and heralded the increased oppression which the world has experienced in the New Millennium in tandem with the King of Alarm (or Terror, including financial) Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999, the eclipse that Nostradamus warned about centuries ago and which spotlights the Oxen Point, the Lion Point, the Eagle Point, and the Angel Point from Biblical prophecy at mid-degrees of the Fixed Signs.

And on that heavy note, real-world appointments in the city are calling my name...but here's one of the varmints now in a portrait taken in December 1912 of Woodrow Wilson:

For further reading on US presidents and their initiations and secret affiliations try this. Wilson's mentor, the Utopian Colonel House, has a very interesting entry there, among others.

Jun 16, 2011

Robert Reich: What's Wrong with the Economy? (video)

Besides his clear explanation of What's Wrong with the Economy? given here in 2 minutes 15 seconds or so, I confess that this lifelong draw-er had no idea that Professor Reich could draw this well!

Michele Bachmann: Sun in Aries but is Moon in Aquarius?

So do you think Michelle Bachmann is nutty or not?

Here's her Wiki bio page with particulars, if you care to know more about this Republican representative from Minnesota who took national office in the House on January 3, 2007.

Let's take a quick peek at her natal planets to see if any weird vibes are involved before she wins the presidency of the United States (just kidding!) Yet she was born with contacts to America's natal horoscope, contacts which have in the past been good for presidential candidates' victories: the degree area 23 - 29 Leo/Aquarius which 'connects' to America's July 4, 1776 Moon (we-the-people.)

Now Bachmann's natal Moon, especially if in Aquarius, opposes her Jupiter Rx--Pluto Rx conjunction in showy Leo which then points to relationship issues and emotions as recurring themes in her life.

If their orb is close enough, the trio create an interesting midpoint picture which seems apt...

Jupiter/Pluto = Moon: an ability to influence the masses or the public through an appeal to the emotions; a desire to bring about social change or improvements; a good psychologist.

Born in Waterloo, Iowa on April 6, 1956, Michele Bachmann has Sun in Aries, Moon in Aquarius (unless born between 10:38 pm and midnight, that is.) Chances are - and her detached manner indicates - that her personality blend is a Fire-Air Sun Aries-Moon Aquarius rather than having the dreamier, sensitive Pisces Moon.

Actually, the Images for Integration for each combo may give us clues so we may as well check them now:

Sun Ari-Moon AQ: "A gallant crusader turns his sword into a computer chip and broadcasts New Age philosophy...A militant feminist joins a non-sectarian commune."

Sun Ari-Moon Pisces: "A world champion boxer and an artist in Greenwich Village meet, fall in love, marry and struggle happily ever after."

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign , Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Well, she does seem 'militant' and the first with its 'New Age' reference (a shout-out to the New World Order, one-world-government crowd of chaos-creators) sounds more correct to me yet you may disagree and prefer the more romantic Pisces Moon. But odds are, Bachmann's natal Moon is in airy, mental Aquarius unless she was born late at night - and public figures are more often born earlier.

A weakness of the Sun Ari-Moon AQ blend is a selfish altruism which sacrifices others for a social vision which is one thing I would call the NWO-Bilderberg-Illuminati agenda that dissolves US sovereignty, our educational system, the financial sector, our social safety net, and anything else you can name that holds the citizens of the United States together, however loosely.

Note that the 'sacrifice' is visited upon others as with GOP 'austerity cuts' against those of us who can least afford them...a sly form of population control with the rich ruling class grabbing even more of the loot than they've already purloined.

Strengths of the Ari-AQ blend include: idealism, the 'gift of gab', enthusiasm, a wide-ranging intellect (one apparently more curious than Sarah Palin's), and natural charisma.

Well, I do hope this isn't a Meet Your Next President post! She's recently toned down some of her wilder rhetoric but a 'mild mask' will be hard for her to sustain for long.

Tremendous Drive Within a T-Square, or: Rants and Raves

Rep. Bachmann was born under the difficult rays of a T-Square that was in force for the 24 hours of April 6, 1956, and it includes a 'nutty', erratic, or 'out-there' quality inherently found within a Mars/Uranus opposition.

Her Mars is in Capricorn (focused, efficient use of energy), sign of Government, Law, and Business; Uranus is in Moon-ruled Cancer (which would support an Aquarian Moon.) Mars and Uranus both conjoin and oppose US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx giving an explosive yet exciting, radical, zealous tone for her within the US power structure:

Self-willed Mars/Uranus = veiling Neptune 29Lib Rx: cunning and deceit; a low and mean way of acting; a person with bad intentions; a fit of rage or fury; raving madness.

Note: as a dissenting American, I remain unimpressed with Rs and Ds though Dems often give more lip service to populist, common good causes. I only typed out what Reinhold Ebertin wrote about the above midpoint combination. As stated in SO'W's sidebar, America is my only nag in the race even as politicians on both sides of the alleged aisle work together to dismantle and collapse our nation in order to complete the installation of a totalitarian regime focused demonically on world domination, a hopeless cause.

That said, let's close for now with the Pre-Natal Eclipse of Rep. Bachmann, the 12 North Series into which she was born. A Solar Eclipse manifested in this Series in January 2010 and I confess I'm not familiar enough with her congressional career to tell if its flavor affected her public life in 2010. So from Brady's Predictive Astrology, I shall simply paraphrase its meaning and let you be the decider:

12N: 'opportunities to accept greater responsibilities arrive suddenly; new commitments are likely due to another person's being unable to carry on; events may be difficult but the eventual outcome brings good self-esteem and harmony.'

My guess is that this relates to her association with the Tea Party, or to a space opening up on a congressional committee. Got any ideas? For your political and/or astrological comments on-topic are very much appreciated!