Nov 30, 2008

Obama announces appts under Venus-Moon-Jupiter

Barack Obama's cabinet appointments are to be announced tomorrow, Monday, Dec 1, 10:40 am ET, by his nibs himself (I've long called George that, but now the title switches over to Obama.)

With Bill Clinton in a 'your wish in my command' mode toward the Obama White House in order to assure that his wife, Hillary, will be appointed Secretary of State, the president-elect's announcements should begin the week of Dec 1, 2008 with something of a bang...with the previously mentioned triple conjunction of Venus, Moon, and Jupiter - precise at 10:43 am ET Monday - occurring during the president-elect's announcement of additions to his cabinet.

With the ambitious Capricorn Moon joining Venus and Jupiter, Luna may be the significator of Hillary Clinton especially since Capricorn is also the sign of government (and business - we're fixin' to get the business from the Dem side now. Scripts are in process of being written...)

Still, the beauty of Venus-Moon-Jupiter together should bring happy feelings to the day, if not the entire week ahead, at least for those who are not dealing with over-riding, distressing issues.

Is there a possible downside to this celestial menage-a-trois? Of course! Mary Poppins is only a children's story, you know, and Pollyanna moved away years ago.

The Capricorn Moon is at sliver stage which is a symbol of the Middle East. Perhaps an announcement of import will come from that quarter, or a meeting will take place (triple conjunction.) One thinks hopefully of Indian and Pakistani cooperation.

So with Obama's scheduled announcement tomorrow, it makes ya wonder if there's an astrologer on staff or if fortune smiles upon his new administration without even a tweak of celestial advice!


Monday Dec 1: ABC News interrupted my regularly scheduled program for BHO's new cabinet announcements at 10:41 am ET by my watch. Barack Obama began speaking at 10:43 am!

Nov 28, 2008

Deepak Chopra blames US for Mumbai: video and text

India's Leaders Need to Look Closer to Home: The Assault on Mumbai

By Tariq Ali

Why should it be such a surprise if the perpetrators are themselves Indian Muslims? Its hardly a secret that there has been much anger within the poorest sections of the Muslim community against the systematic discrimination and acts of violence carried out against them.


US is Funding Terrorism: Deepak Chopra Blames Washington For Mumbai Terrorist Attacks~~Video and Text~~

Chopra: What we have seen in Mumbai has been brewing for a long time, and the war on terrorism and the attack on Iraq compounded the situation. What we call "collateral damage" and going after the wrong people actually turns moderates into extremists, and that inflammation then gets organized and appears as this disaster in Bombay.


But to step back just an inch from the views expressed by Tariq Ali and Deepak Chopra by use of Astrology, stirring pots and encouraging chaos is what we see all over the globe.

Falling for the script of the one-world-government types is a bad idea for all sides replete with "collateral damage," a vicious and cold-hearted term if there ever was one, and all sides are using it as part of their cynical strategy.

To me it seems like an 'oops! you got in my way, too bad for you' way of plowing through. And Machiavelli would be chuckling proudly over Mumbai and other terroisms although they deny him as their muse.

Hegel and Hitler would light their third cigars if they weren't long gone; Albert Pike manages to simper in his mausoleum while texting Jacques Demolay the news.

Last I heard, Sir Francis Bacon hasn't agreed to be dead yet.

L'oppression du jour just keeps coming, however, for there's Old Leo Strauss and Mr. Lenin partying on down with Stalin and the Kremlin boys, while every one's favorite assassin is drinking tea in an opium den somewhere (but still able to function, if needed. For a price.)

Vatican Sidesteps as Merde Hits Fan

Yes, it's a joyous season down in the bowels of the Underworld with vast amounts of misery being brung - no matter which faction you frequent, nor which obsession you cravenly indulge...because there's something in Hades-Super-Psycho-Land for everybody.

Access is totally open, too. First, finagle your passport by simply listening to your lower, reptilian mind as you give in to the devouring spirit's promptings to harm your fellow man. Then, pretend that reaping what you sow doesn't apply to you.


~Tonight's Primal Violence and Beastly Nature...brought to you by...Pluto-Chiron, the isms pair of perps~

Obama's 2008 Thanksgiving message: video

President-elect Barack Obama's Thanksgiving message to America, Nov 26, 2008.

Nov 27, 2008

Bunker mentality of the US consumer

The Obama "Dream Team": Rubin-clones And Other Fakers

By Mike Whitney

Does Paulson think he can "turn off" the public's pessimism like a lightswitch? Does Bernanke think he can get people to spend themselves further into debt by lowering interest rates? It can't be done. And the Obama camp is going to run into the same brick wall. The nation's confidence has been shaken and people are developing a bunker mentality.


Like most astrologers, it's of interest to me that with America's natal Neptune (planet of dreams, illusions, ideals, ideas, veils, confusions, and deceptions; 22Vir25) conjunct president-elect Barack Obama's natal Mars, the 'rock star' archetype isn't the only Neptunian factor now being triggered within the collective unconscious!

Now Neptune doesn't have to be a negative influence, but only with the highest of motives will actions result in long lasting, uplifting outcomes for the common good - also a Neptunian concept.

To make matters murkier and more difficult to navigate Neptune's waters, the US was founded with a problematic Mars-Neptune square (90 degrs) in her natal chart which holds its orb through the 24-hour period of that date.

Distributively speaking this gives the US Mars in Gemini squaring Obama's natal Mars in Virgo - good for spurring action but blind spots may cause problems. Both Gemini and Virgo are, however, ruled by Mercury; Gemini has a short attention span, Virgo is more determined and dedicated.

Since BHO's 'Dream Team' will be reporting back to him, my hope is that a President Obama doesn't engage in anything along the lines of the Chavez Model of control and intimidation, and happily I've noticed no intimations of such oppresive methods (as of yet.)

Our placing his pedestal too high will be more like it.

And so adjustments must be made and sights lowered especially as transiting Saturn's restriction nears a stomp upon our US Neptune; simultaneously, Saturn will bring focus and organization, or will inhibit Obama's natal Mars.

Action blocks Ideals:

With Mars SQ Neptune, turmoil follows assertion, and there is fluctuation between intense desire for action vs complete apathy. Obviously it is difficult to make direct progress with these tendencies swimming in our national psyche's unconscious pool, and we are easily scammed if we're not careful.

America's three natal planets in self-protective Cancer (Venus, Jupiter, and Sun) appreciate the energy of Mars SQ Neptune because Cancer the Crab doesn't mind scuttling sideways when necessary to circuitously reach its goal.

Guilt, dissatisfaction, restlessness, and misdirected energy and objectives accompany this square, and early repression of desires has made a permanent mark - our Puritan ethic unrecognized and unexamined festers into toxic morasses of mixed motives and free-floating anxieties.

Besides, you know what author H.L. Mencken said:

Puritanism - the haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be happy.

Then this reluctant astrologer must be short of puritan DNA...for I'd much prefer it if everyone in the whole wide world were happy!

Nov 26, 2008

Mumbai under siege Nov 26 2008

Wikipedia has information on the Hindi and the Urdu dialects of the khari boli register.

Hindi is the sanskritised version, Urdu is the persianised dialect. I mention this because one of the gunmen involved in Nov 26's siege on Mumbai, India, is said to have spoken in one of these dialects.

Through emails to various media outlets, a group calling themselves the Deccan Mujahideen has taken 'credit' for the attacks and murders - how proud they must be for sneaking up on the unsuspecting and unarmed.

I shall suppose that 'Deccan' here relates to the number '10' as it would in the west.

Interesting that English and Hindi share official language status in India's federal government. Both Urdu and Hindi have Indo-Aryan roots. Now this doesn't tar and feather all the gunmen with the same brush, of course, but it's the only identification of a language I've read as of yet.

My heart goes out to the city and people of Mumbai who have stood as innocents in the crosshairs of the politically and criminally insane...and while Pluto stood poised at 29Sag59, crisis degree mode and straining for controlling Capricorn, sign of government, business, and law.

A final note: Mumbai's business district and American and British citizens were their targets. Point taken.

Venus and Jupiter hook-up: the video!

Zeeks! Check out this time-lapse video of Venus and Jupiter in the house of Capricorn! Recorded Nov 25, 2008.

Don't forget their show in the wee hours of Nov 30/Dec 1 as the Moon joins Lady Venus and Guru Jupiter with both planets considered benefic in Astrology.

The world could use a dose of happiness about now!

Capitol Hill vs The People

You may be interested in Romantic Poet's article Democrats planned the financial collapse which covers everything from George Soros and the Cloward-Piven strategy to Rahm Emanuel's 2006 book, The Plan with Nancy Pelosi's Samoan connections basted like a crispy turkey in between.

Her post will make you think!

Yet as both readers of this blog know, I give no hall passes to Dems or Republicans because they're waging us vs them class warfare, the playing field is definitely tilted, and they will *all do what it takes to keep control, power, and obscene amounts of wealth in their own claws.

Why, it's all simply Capitol Hill Theater, Dahlink!


*In the interest of fairness, my usual 1 or 2% exception rule always applies in case a couple of honest Capitol Hillers are not in on the one-world-government agenda and would prefer America to remain America. (I'm being generous, I know, but there it is. You see? Cynicism and generosity can exist side by side. And you thought they couldn't!)

Nov 25, 2008

Bailout more but not the poor

Yes, I noticed! Such things hath Bush wrought...

Left Out of the Bailout: The Poor

By Mark Kukis

"Recent data show poverty is already rising quite substantially," says Robert Greenstein, the executive director of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. "There is a strong potential for more hardship and destitution than we have seen in this country in a number of decades."


You know it's odd how mainsteam media goes on about Bush being 'checked out' and like he's almost out the door, or that he 'doesn't care.' Dubya's second term is set to expire in 50+ days, it's true.

Stick a fork in 'im!

So now a large part of America has joined New Orleanians on the rooftop and are needing help, answers, and a lift from the same government who played a large part in getting our nation into the several quagmires we're in.

Bailout efforts seem misdirected (unless Paulson's 'new plans on Tuesday' should eventually hit some sort of appropriate mark - hope so.)

Rewards seem to be granted to the very gangsters on the take who implemented the over-arching plan and perpetrated the very acts from which we suffer. Jobs and the loss thereof are held over our heads like blackmailers' threats - put the bailout money in a suitcase or all employees will be fired, the doors closed for good.

To reject a one-world-government theory of what the power elite are up to and why is to admit that financial and business 'experts' of our day don't know jack merde and can't look ahead long enough to see the eventual results of their faulty practices - as if they were totally unaware they were using fuzzy math and promoting its use by underlings in order to reach economic collapse so that putting in place eventual restructuring goals seems the only way to go.

Yet Barack Obama says not to bet against America...we've gotten out of messes before and will do so again. Many of Obama's uplifting statements sound awfully good about now - but desperate is the name of the game, fear and loss the method - and is the true goal being honestly divulged? Is he in on the game as well?

So before Bush checks out of the fancy Nest-Feathering Hotel, let me say what I haven't said here in quite a while - that no one wanted George Bush to be good for America any more than I did.

Didn't vote for him either time, but I was willing to be dazzled by the love of America he (kind of) professed, and was prepared to be impressed by his protecting, upholding, and defending the Constitution as he took an Oath to do in front of the world.

What oaths he may have taken in private that superseded the public Oath, I don't know, but crossing his fingers behind his back could not have been enough to justify wimping out on his Presidential Oath as he has.

Doing what he thinks is right is another way of saying he listens very little to others - unless they're his masters. He cannot cross them but he certainly has crossed we-the-people numerous times.

Now 2008 is ending and we're to be left by this man with more problems than we can shake a stick at while he moseys into the sunset to enjoy his retirement. Barack Obama is willing to let him do it, too. Are we watching a baton-passing marathon on more levels than we know?

Do you think Bush will spare one thought for the millions of hard working folks who've lost their retirements in a multitude of ways during his over-long tenure?

Because I do not. No more than for the victims on the rooftops of New Orleans, the ones his pretty mind so easily and purposefully ignored. George Bush has drowned America with the weight of lofty plans and left us all to tread water as best we can - or hitch a ride from a passing helicopter, if we dare make the arrangements.

Well, kickin' back on the porch isn't an option when your house has floated away.

And I haven't mentioned the dead and maimed in the Bush-Cheney wars.

Yet even now I'd like to be wrong about the man. It's difficult to credit him with all the misery and loss he, his cronies, and handlers have caused.

After all, if one person on this earth could feel all the pain in the world at any given moment - truly feel every bit - it would crush him or her out of existence.

But a complete list of George Bush casualties will take a very long time to fully gather or appreciate (unless the historical record is manipulated. That's a boatload of manipulating, isn't it? Yet they can hardly leave it as-is.)

And so after the New Year we will be saying good bye to George W. Bush as White House denizen, a man whose 2001 Inauguration chart looked menacing enough with Chiron, Moon, and Pluto in Sagittarius and in the 8th house of Transformation of the sort where things will never be the same.

There we see Pluto-Chiron's oppression, corporatism, and primal violence crushing the Moon, the luminary which represents 'the people' in a national chart.

So, all turkeys aside, please pardon me if sometimes I think back to those SCOTUS-installed days and wonder: did we-the-people ever really stand a chance?

ISS toolbag spotted in orbit: video link

Space Weather News for Nov 25:

ISS TOOLBAG: A backpack-sized tool bag inadvertently dropped from the International Space Station last week is orbiting Earth and has been sighted from the ground. The tool bag is surprisingly bright, about 6th or 7th magnitude, which makes it an easy target for binoculars or a small telescope.

Today's edition of SpaceWeather News offers observing tips, sighting reports and a movie of the bag in orbit.

AURORA WATCH: High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras tonight and tomorrow. Earth is entering a solar wind stream and this could trigger geomagnetic storms around the Arctic Circle.

Nov 24, 2008

US Fed influence shrinking

US Federal Reserve influence shrinking says an article in Der Spiegel from June, 2008.

If you missed this heads-up on an IMF investigation into US balance sheets and Ben Bernanke's tenure as Fedhead, it's a must-read.

Will the investigation amount to anything worthwhile? Ah, that's the question especially since the results are to be made known...after Mr. Bush leaves office for parts unknown.

Yes, I have mentioned this IMF report before but wasn't sure where I'd placed the article's link. Well, I found it just now at Lim's Limericks amongst the fur and the fluff.

So, let's see if I have this right: it's wolves investigating foxes guarding henhouses...with US taxpayers playing the chickens!

That just about sums it up, ya think?

Bill Clinton's third term proceeding

Here's a SO'W-recommended link to audio of Matthew Rothschild's commentary, Welcome to Bill Clinton's Third Term concerning Barack Obama's new econo-team, if you'd like to have a listen.

(How many branches does the Rothschild tree have?)

My guess is that certain political strategists are depending on the American people to think: Clinton-90s-prosperity.

But didn't that horse leave the barn round the time Robert Rubin 'banished' the term corporate welfare from the dictionary?

The crazy thing is, if Barack Obama serves a full term and prospects look up or begin decidedly to look up (which speaking astrologically is dubious for some time to come), then he'll be hailed a mastermind for channeling Bill & friends.

Otherwise? Not so much.


You may wish to scroll down for more of today's economic grumpiness from this, your reluctant astrologer.

Plus, Jude Cowell Art has been updated today with a drawing entitled, Scorpio Girl, along with econo-grumps and ideas for your consideration.

Moody Monday with Moon in Scorpio 11.24.08

If you're wondering how things are going with the planets and asteroids today, check out Julie Demboski and her excellent Monday Poll Round-Up!

Monday may be used as a symbolic representation for the week especially for things that begin on Mondays such as business, Wall Street, etc, so see what the astrological atmosphere is for today with Julie's wide and informed perspective.

Well, the Moon has entered intense Scorpio, sign of Big Business (and Sex), but there's a lot of Sagittarian energy in the air so it seems the Seeker rules the day, but the mood (Moon) is more hubba hubba and ooh la la!

And if that's your mood, why not visit my Chiffonery Art images at Cosmic Persona Designs and take an Art Break away from all this economic madness and the heistiness of George W. Bush'n'friends?

(Please note that Cosmic Persona Designs is meant for ages 17+. Thanks, jc)

Obama's Rubinomics folly

After reading Citigroup is dead and its round-up of authors on the subject, I know more about Robert E. Rubin (Clinton administration economic guru) than I wish I had to know.

And it seems Barack Obama, who named his economic team today and said that he had sought leaders with 'fresh thinking,' may be on the same old Rubinomics track, a financial formula that fueled the prosperity of the 1990s, but is not sufficient now with its misdirected focus on financial deregulation which has, turns out, helped fuel bankruptcies and bailouts in 2008 and beyond.

All of Obama's economic gurus are Rubin associates and acolytes. And all are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, some are members of the Trilateral Commission, and a few are in the Bilderberg Group.

I bring this up once more because if they didn't know how derivatives and other squirrelly financial practices were going to play out for the US economy and the American people, then I must be a monkey's aunt.

Now you know that Robert Rubin, former secretary of the Treasury, is an influential executive and director of...wait for it...Citigroup. Rubin's m.o. is to be around when he wants to be, then conveniently disappear when feathers hit the fan.

And watching this morning's TV performance by Bush and Paulson on the steps of the Treasury building you could, with a mere smidge of imagination, see the feathers floating down around their tone deaf ears as the lame duck quacked about 'safeguarding' Citigroup - with taxpayer money. More corporate welfare!

Which reminds me of a quote from Justice Earl Warren:

Many people consider the things which government does for them to be social progress, but they consider the things government does for others as socialism.

Now you may tar and feather me with the that's you brush for mumbling 'corporate welfare', yet I think the truth within the quote refers more closely to Paulson's massive aid to Wall Street over Main Street. Helping we-the-people is 'socialism' say the Republicans...if it is in 2008, it's because it's social, not because the commies are coming.

(Considering the room at Skull & Bones headquarters with all its Nazi memorabilia, I'd say the commies are already among us and in control.)

So President-elect Obama announced his plan for a huge stimulus package to shock the country's financial system into life, but one must wonder if he's about to lay one huge egg.

Hope not. It's difficult to see how Obama's ideas and plans could be worse than Dubya's, but we'll see. The markets are up now, last I checked, since BHO's economic announcements at noon.

And now one more quote from Barry Goldwater...a cautionary comment for us all:

A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away.

Don't look now, little pigeons, but that's just what they're up to.

Nov 23, 2008

Candace Gingrich's letter to Newt

Now this letter from Candace to her political dinosaur of a brother Newt is priceless. Ordinarily I don't read other people's mail but she did publish it so I suspect it's okay to peruse.

(Who would name a tiny, defenseless infant 'Newt' anyway? Zeeks!)

Through the years, every time I heard Newt Gingrich spout that he was "from Georgia" I cringed. Some of my ancestors arrived in early Georgia from Virginia prior to the Revolution, others just after, and a few of them were already here, thank you.

"From Georgia"? Puh-leease! This native Georgian doesn't claim him.

And ethically challenged Gingrich has never apologized for his 'Contract With America' which has turned out to be more of a Contract On America, as many people have remarked.

If you think the last 20+ years have been about the Gingrich promise of 'transparency' in government you undoubtedly need a stronger pair of spectacles, Sparkie!

One of Candace's points is that the world has passed her brother by and that even geezers are on to his brand of political tactics. Well, if America has a dreg of good fortune left to her at all, it shall be so.

Therefore, I heartily thank Candace Gingrich for sharing her sentiments for all to read! Wonder if Newt has read it yet?

Security high for Inauguration 2009

Not sure if this qualifies as a code magenta or puce, but Inauguration Security Enlists Snipers as four million people are expected in D.C. for the Jan 20, 2009 Inauguration of Barack Obama.

Even this blogging gnat in faraway Georgia knows an entire family driving up to Washington for the event and fortunately for them, a family member lives nearby so accomodations are no problem (good thing!)

And what a crush it would be if a sharpshooter had to pop someone, wouldn't it?

Think I'll soon be taking another gander at the Inauguration 2009 chart with closer attention to safety concerns now that the Oath's festivities are drawing near and snipers are mapping out their best locations.

Here's the 2009 Inauguration chart with midpoint pictures in English (and a few are troubling but midpoint pics are all-none-or-some possibilities, not certainties), and other comments - but remember I wrote it months ago when it was difficult to believe that Bush and Cheney would ever be pried from the White House!


Blogger Concerns:

Here's a heads-up to the 3 or 4 readers of this blog who kindly leave me comments: I love comments! But Blogger's comments moderation set-up doesn't tell me which posts comments are left for as I okay them, so if I don't reply to you it's probably because I'm having to search for your remarks after I publish them.

Comments on recent posts are easy to discover. But if you comment on an older post, I may never figure it out.

So if you think of it when commenting, it would expedite matters if you mention the post's title or subject in your remarks to ID its location! It's just crazy, I know, but there it is. My duh, no doubt.

Thanks a bunch, Jude

Nov 22, 2008

Craig Ferguson interviews Dick Cheney: video

Is it possible you missed last night's interview between TV's Craig Ferguson and Dick Cheney? ;p

Then here it is in its haggis-faced, raunchy splendor. Enjoy!

Nov 21, 2008

Sentinel all-sky camera spots new meteors!

NASA Begins Hunt for New Meteor Showers details how NASA astronomer and meteor expert, Bill Cooke, working at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, received an email sent him by his Sentinel camera showing an amazing meteor shower over Huntsville pre-dawn on Sept 9, 2008.

The whole spetacular show, including over two dozen fantastic fireballs, was recorded by the Sentinel, an all-sky camera located on the grounds of the Marshall SF Center. Good thing the Sentinel "never gets sleepy" because dim meteors had previously been sighted around Sept 9 originating from the constellation Perseus, but with showiness lacking, the shower had not been observed with eagerness - had been rather dissed, in fact.

Click the link for audios, videos, and full length movies of the fireballs which were brighter than Jupiter or Venus, a sparkly pair of planets you may have noticed after sunset this month, but be sure to watch out for them Nov 30 and Dec 1, as the Moon joins them in a harmonic trio.

Since the outburst in September, a second camera has been set up 100 miles away at the Walker County Science Center in north Georgia so that the meteors' trajectories may be backtracked to find the as-yet unknown parent comet...kind of an astronomical paternity test!

"With two cameras, we can gather the data we need to calculate orbits," says Cooke.

Then on Oct 1, 2008, a meteor exploded over Huntsville creating a fireball effect so you may wish to check out the movie showing the fireball over Hunstville and over Georgia.

Results of this research are expected to help NASA concerning the many meteor flashes which impact the Moon quite often so this will be important information for the time when NASA returns a man to the Moon.

Because no one wants a fireball landing on his noggin!

Politicians, Propaganda, and 'Network'

This YouTube video of a rant from the 1976 film Network may seem old as the hills to whippersnappers of today's world, but its script has been lurking in my unconscious for years. Maybe it's part of the reason why I avoid the ridiculously named 'reality' shows now and why George Orwell is my main George.

You know the Digital TV gorge we'll cross on February 17, 2009 (in the US - it's already been done elswhere unless I'm mistaken), will make mind control and propaganda even more worrisome to those of us who mind very much if others manipulate our minds, subliminally or otherwise.

Wikipedia has details, cast, and plot of Paddy Chayefky's Network and do check out Jim Kirwan's article (with above video included) on the film, some of which has been helpfully transcribed for you, plus Kirwan's remarks on the prescience of the 1976 film the dialogue for which Big Brother must have been musing on while plopped upon Paddy Chayefky's shoulder.

Well, any article that combines Orwell with The Rise of the House of Rothschild is okay by me, especially since there've been ten trillion dollars' worth of wealth lost, and even Barack Obama may be hoping his new-president scripts are as well written as Chayefky wrote Network.

Nov 20, 2008

Not a Normal Recession

This Is Not A Normal Recession: Moving on to Plan B

By Mike Whitney

The global economy is being sucked into a black hole and most Americans have no idea why. The whole problem can be narrowed down to two words: "structured finance."


Woo! "Black hole"..."structured" finance...if he keeps it up, Mr. Whitney will become an astrologer by default before he knows it!

Congress' closed door meeting 3.13.08

Mysterious and rare closed door session of the US Congress; March 13, 2008; Capitol Building, Washington, DC; chart set for 7:30 pm est, time that a sweep for wires and electronic devices of the members began for the evening meeting.

This is the closed door session which you've heard about when C-Span went dark so that a presentation could be given to Congress ostensibly concerning the surveillance bill, but which has also been leaked to have concerned the US economic meltdown set to occur "by September 2008," prepared, secret safe locations for members of Congress and their families when members' heads are demanded by an uprising of the betrayed populace, martial law in the streets, and other such New World Order issues.

As you see marked in red there is a Mystic Rectangle (practical mysticism ) formed with the planets Mars 3Can19, Saturn 3Vir42 Rx (karmic with the same degrees - esp since Saturn is a karmic planet), Pluto 1Cap03 (conj asteroid, Morya), Mercury 28AQ44 (conj US n Moon, the populace), and Venus 1Pis19.

North Node 27AQ28 is also conj US n Moon which negatively has an estrangement from the community flavor (Ebertin.)

A Case of Presto Change-o?

The Mystic Rectangle pattern overhead hints that some incantations and/or rituals may have been involved in this meeting. My guess is that The Brethren were in attendance, with Illumination all around. There was perhaps a prayer uttered, but what entity were they praying to?

Now you notice that Pluto and Venus, who as a pair may represent bankruptcy, are in karmic degrees as well (both 1 degree - of Cap/Pis) and are sextile one another.

Any sextile becomes a YOD pattern (Finger of God...karmic, fated; special task; crisis) when another planet inconjuncts the sextiled planets, so if we imagine the apex point of a YOD with the Venus/Pluto sextile as its base, we get 1Leo+ - and instantly I think of Barack Obama's natal Mercury. Was this secret meeting also to inform whom the secret hand had chosen to be America's next president? Was President-elect Obama in attendance?

Pluto is conj 9/11's Mars, the meeting's Mars is conj 9/11's North Node (NN = meetings, encounters, associations); 9/11's Moon 28Gem05 is also at a bankruptcy degree; 28 and 29 Taurus are considered so as well, and you'll see this marked outside the 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, Insurance, the Occult, etc...because it is the meeting's Cupido degree.

Cupido has many associations, among them: The Family (personal but also crime syndicates, secret societies) and corporations.

Meanwhile, warring activist Mars 3Can19 is conjunct US natal Venu$.

Mars to Venus is a time when alliances, partnerships, joint ventures, and legal matters are on the menu; willingness to cooperate and participate is enhanced, and interactions are enthusiastic.

Occurring during a Saturn Hour (control; authority) we see that America's natal Saturn 14Lib48, and Neptune 22Vir25 are snugged around the Ascendant with its implications of secret (Neptune) government (Saturn) on the rise - and/or up for discussion since this was a meeting.

And Saturn-Neptune = ASC has a feeling of being confined; and a sense of being out of the group. That's what happened that evening to Ohio Democrat Dennis Kucinich (and others, I assume) who refused to take part because he said that you give up your conscience if you participate in these rare secret sessions, as he had done early in his career.

I'd say the majority who did succumb to this gaggle checked more than their Blackberries at the door - they checked any conscience they had left. Without the transparency of open sessions in Congress, democracy is left out in the cold. And this is what our "representatives" did while being threatened with their own safety issues because of our predicted reactions to the economic meltdown.

So far, we've been too meek to do anything, but I agree with those who say, don't give them what they want: armed rebellion. They're ready for that, plus, detention centers ('REX84') are prepared for 'insurgents' and are now sprinkled across America. So we must be crazy like foxes instead!

Moon 18Gem12 (the people) in 9th house is out-of-bounds (as is instigator Mars performing unusual feats) so I suspect the OOBS Moon refers to the secrecy of the meeting which left out the American people from knowledge of what "their Congress" was up to.

'18Gem' is the rare Venus Transit degree of June, 2004 which occurred during the G8 Summit on Sea Island, GA. This is the "Two Chinese Men Speaking Chinese in a Western Crowd" degree, and in Astrology, a Venus Transit is a time when unusual associations are formed between those we would not expect.

There are two interesting midpoint pictures in this chart...

Sun/ASC = Pluto: the power play through personal persuasion (object of the meeting?); fated events (they want us to think that all this NWO stuff is fated.)

Moon/Pluto = Sun 23Pis49: special far-reaching plans; tight team effort in relationship; easily excitable people.

A Pisces Sun may indicate veiled leadership.

Outside the above chart in green you see America's natal planets from her 'Sibly' chart (5:10 pm LMT, July 4, 1776, Philadelphia, PA.)

Asteroid Minerva (keywords: the desire to be accomplished ) is at the conjunction degree of Pluto and Chiron, the plutocracy pair that hooked up on Dec 30, 1999. Corporatism, fascism, totalitarianism, racism...all the isms love Pluto-Chiron and vice versa.

The secret meeting's Minerva may point to The Owl of Minerva, the journal of the Hegel Society. And you see marked the USA's natal ASC from the Sibly chart 12Sag13. Yes, we hear the eagle loudly crowing now.

In a forward-looking mode, the midpoint of Saturn-Neptune @28Sco18 conjoins the US Inaugural Moon of Jan 20, 2009.

This links the meeting's issues with the upcoming Presidential Inauguration and with we-the-people...will March 2008 surreptiously meet January 2009 in the Oval Office?

Perhaps secret manuscripts and scrolls are hidden but waiting to be read by the initiate come January! My research indicates that US presidents are 'sworn in' on the sly (usually before) being publicly sworn in for all to see.

The meeting's 8th cusp is an important point in the chart especially if you believe that this rare session had something to do with September 2008's financial charade of a 'Bailout Bill' so I've marked 1892's 2 North Solar Eclipse, the Eclipse Series of the Robber Barons, whose key phrase is: ending of a union (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The Sun-Moon midpoint on the evening of March 13, 2008 (6Tau00) is conj this Eclipse degree and the chart's 8th cusp. This area of the zodiac also coincides with Dick Cheney's natal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, the societal planets.

So considering how things are going in the US (and the world) it's easy to see which union is being dissolved by these Robber Baron descendants, their backers, minions, and enablers. They're saving themselves at America's and our big surprise, si?

Plus, although I neglected to make note of it on the chart, guru and moneybags Jupiter is at the NWO degree of '18Cap' from 1993 (Uranus conj Neptune)...key phrase for the Sabian Symbol: POLITICAL POWER.

You can see transiting Nemesis (the unbeatable foe; karmic retribution) 27Cap46 conj US natal Pluto 27:33 in 4th house, the Foundation of the chart and the secret meeting. Pluto must have taken off his invisible helmet so he could rally the congressional troops onto the NWO train - or they would be left behind with the unwashed masses.

The upshot of all the innuendos, rumors, articles, books, blog posts, and intuitions about this secret meeting which the members in attendance were prohibited from divulging details about (House Rule 17 = 'sworn to secrecy') is that the new economic order is being put in place as I type and the North American Union will be the conduit for their consolidation of power and control.

('NAU' is America blended into Canada and Mexico, in case you haven't been keeping up! Snoop around Patrick Wood's The August Review for details.)

One World One Heart?

To this, Putin propagandistically says, nyet! At the 43rd Munich Conference on Security Policy on Feb 10, 2007, Putin remarked in a speech:

What is a uni-polar world? No matter how we beautify this term, it means one single center of power, one single center of force, and one single master.

Funny Vladi! Guess you've applied for the master's post. But I was unaware that 'the term' had been beautified in the least...from where I sit, it hasn't nor can it be.

Well, there is much more chart info to discuss here but I must do so later on...stay tuned, if you will, as the quindecile between Saturn and Uranus (now opposite, then in a compulsive-obsessive aspect of 165 degrees) continues its 'disruption of governing systems' to the detriment of America's sovereignty and the bankrupting of the populace's peace of mind and purse.

Thomas Frank on unionizing and the Obama presidency

It's time to give voters the liberalism they want, says Thomas Frank.

We voted for it. Didn't we? Will it matter?

Since I've been trying to find more details about the issue of union organizing, its pros and cons, Franks' article fills the bill on that score, but it also contains his views on Barack Obama's victory, governing from the center, and what the governed want from government.

Now I know what you're thinking: McCain didn't try, he was only a fake candidate - the same role that Al Gore and John Kerry played.

Gore meekly accepted the SCOTUS decision after wimpily protesting the recount/chad situation in 2000.

Then John Kerry pulled a lofty "I'm above their attacks" air for Swift Boaters using the Michael Dukakis model and let Rove stomp all over his military record, one of the few things Kerry had going for him.

2008 comes along, and McCain picks Sara Palin as VP stunning mate and she played the role of Flash In The Pan Mama while getting herself some national name recognition for later use. Oh - and she'll soon have a book she wants you to buy.

Why, it's almost as if gnats like me are correct when we say the American people don't elect the president, he's selected from a private stash by a secret cabal from the shadows.

And it's almost as if America's two most elevated natal planets on each side of our national *Midheaven describes a secret government for all the world to of the signatures of Saturn-Neptune IS secret (Neptune) government (Saturn.)

Perhaps the great majority of us are the only ones who can't see it even as it hides in plain sight, m'peops.

But we now know from blowback that others in the **wider world feel its wrath and have had enough.

And we now know that all the power elitists do, they cover themselves by acting in our name: America.


* Using 'Sibly' version or the Dane Rudhyar chart for July 4, 1776.
** 'wider world' = the Midheaven, the most visible point in any chart, the noon point.

Nov 19, 2008

Melamine adds widespread in China

Adding melamine to milk is standard practice and the government of China is attempting to hide its widespread use by pointing to particular companies' culpability.

No matter who you are, if you'd poison small babies, I'm guessing there's not much you wouldn't do. And to engage in this type of practice to increase profits makes you even more of a vulture.

Here in America, we don't know (and our FDA probably will never divulge) how many products we use every day which are contaminated with this chemical. Makes your kidneys ache just to think about it.

Even 'health' products such as vitamins and 'natural' formulas may contain melamine.

Oh Irony. You abound.

Saudi Arabia buys $3.5bn in gold

Here's a heads-up from Nov 13, 2008 saying that Saudi Arabia has purchased $3.5bn worth of gold in two weeks so I assume it means since the beginning of November... say...near the time of the election of Barack Obama?

Wonder what's up?

Nov 18, 2008

mysteriously mum on Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama is a disturbing look at Emanuel's control of Obama, his entry back into the White House, his father's Zionist terroist links, and other such subjects about an Israeli national which the mainstream media - and most of the 'alternate media' - remain mysteriously mum about.

My feeling is that the American people should better know the man who will be calling the shots as the 'gatekeeper' for Barack Obama and filtering the information Obama receives as president, figurehead title as it may be.


And note to Donna - with Asc the WHAT Point, Mc the WHY Point...the Desc is the WHERE or WHERE TO Point, and Ic is the HOW Point of a chart. Thanks for asking!

On that question-answering level, Astrology charts remind me of journalism, or what once passed for newspaper article writing many moons ago when I was in school. Funny to think of it now, but I was the cartoonist for the paper. Har. True Confession.

Sirius Star in news and 2nd tanker seized

The oil tanker, Sirius Star, has been hijacked in the Gulf of Aden by Somali pirates, as you know. Here's my post on it with some notes on Fixed Star, Sirius:

Sirius Star hijacking pushes up price of oil; did you know that a second oil tanker has been seized by pirates as reported a few minutes ago by NPR?

Apparently pirating is a very busy and lucrative business, and al Jazeera reports that 63 ships have been captured so far this year!

Lack of a government and of jobs for the people of Somalia is proving to be troublesome for the world and disproves Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati theory that no government is needed, thanks.

And the current financial collapse may belong at Weishaupt's door...his natal Jupiter is at 3AQ+ so the US Inauguration 2009 is basically a Jupiter Return - for Adam Weishaupt and thus, for the Illuminati Society.

Is this significant?

Look at what's going on in the world and how many people at the top are now brazenly using terms like, 'new financial (Jupiter) world order.'

This gives even more import to the date, Jan 20, 2009, and I plan to look at the Inauguration chart again asap.

You'll find an image of the US Inauguration 2009 chart published in my Pages column at Jude's Threshold, if you haven't seen its horoscope, with the oppressive Pluto-Chiron midpoint at Midheaven, the Goal Point of any chart, along with America's natal Pluto.

Pardon my French, but merde.

G20 was part of new order script

The G-20 Washout

By Mike Whitney

The financial crisis is being used by Wall Street big-wigs to restructure the economy and create a permanent class of working poor.


Yes, that's what many of us have been saying. And Congress is in on the game so they're no help.

Is there no one who cares for the common good?

Recommended: The August Review.

Nov 17, 2008

Sen. Inhofe on TARP: critics were right

Conservative senator, Jim Inhofe, has sent a letter to his colleagues on the Hill concerning plans to call for a lame duck congressional debate on the $350 billion remaining from Paulson's blank check.

Unhappy with the Bailout czar's change of objectives and the possible squandering of the money so far, Inhofe may be on to something - a heist of massive proportions which he and his Hill colleagues authorized. (As if they didn't know!)

Inhofe was one of the unprevailing No votes, however, so perhaps his idea that the remaining funds not be added to the deficit will fly with his cohorts-in-crime. What a pleasant change that would be.

Or perhaps this is only their usual Political Theater, Dahlink...matinee at 2 pm.

Inhofe mentions in his letter that on Friday, Nov 14, Hank Paulson stated during a CNBC interview that, "the financial markets have stabilized."

One may assume this means that, extreme volatility aside, markets are no longer in danger of complete collapse, thanks to his handing banking and Wall Street pals the dough. Sounds more like a bribe to me, but what do blogging gnats know?

Well, some blogging gnats know enough to have a peek at astrology charts, especially when senators provide exact times and dates:

Friday, November 14, 2008, 2:00 pm, using Capitol Building...Hank Paulson's natal South Node is conjunct transiting Midheaven which indicates career issues involving separation and neurotic or past behaviors...both in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, planet of gurus and Republicans.

He's at the pinnacle of the world, blank check and all, so what about Paulson could be a problem?, I asked myself.

Could it be his natal Venus-Jupiter opposition? Solar Fire software gives this for Venus opposite Jupiter:

You are a social climber who grapples with extravagance, wastefulness, and a child-like expectancy that someone will come to your rescue. The lesson is moderation.

That the president and Congress listened to Paulson's plea and did come to his, Goldman Sachs, and Wall Street's rescue is known but if Congress is serious about taking back some of the excessive bailout money now benefiting his banking friends, Paulson may become highly miffed considering his natal Mars-Venus square (easily irritated with others), and his Mars-Chiron square (short fuse.)

Plus, transiting Uranus, which is rising in the Nov 14 2:00 pm chart (thus bringing the Saturn-Uranus opposition with it) is in a square aspect to natal Uranus, a time when disruptive circumstances occur and generations clash as one blames the other.

Saturn-Uranus = Mc: breaking away from the old; recognition of one's thrust for individuality or loss of self to the grip of controls.


My suspicion is that Paulson's statement was meant to soothe financial markets but also to attempt to avoid controls which Congress might wish to place upon him as he spreads wealth (to his banking friends or to whomever he's gifting with taxpayer money. One thing we know - it isn't us.)

Jupiter, Mr. Moneybags:

November 14's Jupiter 19Cap06 in 11th house, opposes Paulson's natal Mars-Saturn conjunction in Cancer...

Mars-Saturn = Jupiter: complete concentration on a particular goal; ability to destroy or eliminate something thoroughly; weighing all matters and making a pronouncement.

Well, he did. "Financial markets have stabilized," he pronounced.

Whether Paulson has thoroughly destroyed or eliminated anything, I leave up to you to decide, lone reader, as Congress' lame duck session practices its quackery all the week long.

Nov 16, 2008

Video of Your Weekly Address from the President-Elect 11.15.08

A big shout-out to my friend, Donna D., who gave me a heads-up today that the president-elect's video was available on YouTube now...guess I was too early and eager yesterday to embed it.

Our soon-to-be new president will be videoing his Weekly Addresses to the nation from the White House once he's installed in the Oval Office. Now that's a groovy idea!

Dec 1 2008: Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon

Space Weather News for Nov 16, 2008

EVENING PLANETS: When the sun goes down tonight, step outside and look southwest. The two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter, are shining through the twilight side by side. You'll want to keep an eye on these two because they are drawing noticeably closer together every night.

Venus and Jupiter are converging on a patch of sky in Sagittarius where they will have a spectacular double-conjunction with the Moon at the end of the month. Don't wait until then, though.

Visit for sky maps and start watching now.

LEONID METEOR WATCH: The Leonid meteor shower peaks this year on Nov 17 and 18. Bright moonlight will probably spoil the show, but not necessarily. Researchers who study Comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle, the source of the Leonids, say Earth is going to pass through one or two of the comet's dusty filaments. Peak rates of 20 to 100 meteors per hour are possible during the early hours of Nov 17 (especially 0000-0200 UT) and again during the waning hours of Nov 18 (around 2130 UT). These times favor sky watchers in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Smaller numbers of Leonids could appear between the anticipated peak times. Meteor enthusiasts everywhere should monitor the sky on Nov 17 and 18; the hours before local dawn are usually best.


Venus, Jupiter, and Luna - sounds beautiful, doesn't it?

Setting the chart for the White House, Dec 1, 2008, 3:44:28 am est, Venus and Jupiter are tropically positioned at 22Cap14:48; Moon 19Cap09: Sun 9Sag32 conj Antares (Alpha Scorpius: the need to avoid obsession.'Brady's Book of Fixed Stars.')

Actually the partiling of Venus and Jupiter (exactitude) begins at 3:39 am est and completes at 3:58 am est...19 minutes' worth of loveliness. By the time the Moon reaches 22Cap15, Jupiter will be at 22:18 and Venus 22:33 (10:02 am est.)

And the three snugged up together gives three midpoint pictures...

Moon-Venus = Jupiter: affection and optimism.

Moon-Jupiter = Venus: harmony; happiness; an artisitc sense.

Venus-Jupiter = Moon: charm; cordiality; a good natured disposition.

So when Venus and Jupiter are conjunct we think of such things as beauty, kindness, benevolence, generosity, good humor, and popularity.

This is a good combination for such things as travel, benefits to charitable foundations, and public relations, although being too easy-going can result in people taking advantage. Insincerity and crudeness are frowned upon by positive-thinking Venus-Jupiter.

And whether you prefer to round up or down for Sabian Symbol degrees (both are 'correct' since it's an evolutionary condition - from one state into another), here are both degrees from Dane Rudhyar's An Astrological Mandala:

'22Cap': "By Accepting Defeat Gracefully, a General Reveals Nobility of Character."

INNER STRENGTH...the spiritual life is always paradoxical. The great sinner can become the most renowned saint, and a medieval Pope a criminal.

keynote: The realization that one may grow through defeat as well as, and perhaps more than, through success.

'23Cap': "A Soldier Receiving Two Awards for Bravery in War."

RECOMPENSE...i.e. a compensation for a well-done performance - a balancing of accounts.

keynote: The reward offered by society for the fulfillment of individual responsibility.

But December 1 is week after next - this week, with Congress returning to Capitol Hill for a lame duck session, the auto industry has its paws out for more money, so perhaps Dec 1's benevolent hook-up of Venus and Jupiter will aid them if they can be patient a little while.

But if history teaches, Congress' lame duck sessions tend to fall apart into nothingness so we'll see if anything constructive gets done with the favors of generous Venus, Jupiter, and the Capricorn Moon lining up as I type.

Nov 15, 2008

Inauguration 2009 midpoint pictures

US Inauguration 2009, Washington, DC, 12:00 pm est.

These midpoint pictures are all transits and represent general atmosphere, tone, or background flavors for the inauguration of our new president. If you can manage to read my scratches, you'll see that they are mainly positive.

You will, however, notice my least favorite planetary pairing, Pluto-Chiron (plutocracy; corporatism and other -isms; primal violence; oppression) at Midheaven, the Goal/Aspiration Point of the chart - aka the WHY? Point.

The Pluto-Chiron = Mc picture is perhaps softened by happy, successful Mars/Jupiter there as well - for the day if not for the 4-year term.

Of course, on another level it may indicate that behind-the-curtain plutocrats (our secret government) are successful through and happy with the election of Senator Obama...which is admittedly my suspicion because he couldn't have been elected/selected without their approval.

Even so, I'll be hoping and praying for America, my only nag in the race! And for Barack Obama as leader - for even with all his talents, he'll be needing all the prayers he can get.


You may view the full image of Inauguration 2009's horoscope here if you desire.

Nov 14, 2008

G20 Summit and the 2004 Venus Transit

There's a post of mine from June 2, 2007 with certain remarks on G8 Summits, especially including some notes on the June 2004 Summit held down the road from here on Sea Island, GA during 2004's rare Venus Transit.

In previous decades the beautiful Georgia Islands were one of the favored hang-outs of upper-crusters and Robber Barons, you know.

But if you should find yourself unfamiliar with Venus Transits, the post includes a few details on their astrological significance as well as its Sabian Symbol in 2004...

'18Gemini'..."Two Chinese Men Speaking Chinese in a Western Crowd."

Marc Edmund Jones gives the positive expression of this degree as:

The effective mobilization of self and others for life's more specialized objectives.

neg/unconscious/shadow side: a thorough dissipation of self hood through alien relationships.

Now the reason I mention all this is because my intuition about the 2004 Summit was then (and remains) that some sneaky doings were planned while Venus and the Sun tangoed together.

And the current economic meltdown could very well be part of these plans along with mid-August 2004's *parallel of Pluto and Chiron, the plutocratic pair whose links to -isms are well known in the world of Astrology...including fascism, racism, and corporatism which seem more and more to loom four years on.

So polish your spectacles and grab your dissipated piggy bank, Polly, because Venus, Castor, and Pollux tonight may be a post meant for you!


*parallels operate as strong conjunctions and are used as timing devices...Chiron conjuncted Pluto on Dec 30, 1999 at '12Sag'..."A Flag That Turns into an Eagle That Crows"..conj US natal Ascendant (Sibly.) Their parallel followed over two days - smack in the middle of August, 2004.

A few words from Chomsky and Zinn

"If those in charge of our society - politicians, corporate executives, and owners of press and television - can dominate our ideas, they will be secure in their power. They will not need soldiers patrolling the streets. We will control ourselves."

Howard Zinn, historian and author


"The point of public relations slogans like "Support our troops" is that they don't mean anything...That's the whole point of good propaganda. You want to create a slogan that nobody's going to be against, and everybody's going to be for. Nobody knows what it means, because it doesn't mean anything. Its crucial value is that it diverts your attention from a question that does mean something: Do you support our policy? That's the one you're not allowed to talk about."

Noam Chomsky

Nov 13, 2008

Biden's new Chief of Staff chosen

Ron Klain has been chosen as VP-elect Joe Biden's Chief of Staff. You may remember Klain from his Al Gore days.

Nov 12, 2008

Is Obama ensnared within an imperial presidency?

Obama and the Imperial Presidency

By Jack Balkin

The Bush administration has worked hard to increase presidential power. Will Barack Obama give it up?


Yes, we've all been wondering about that.

If Obama as commander-in-chief stops Bush's tactic of using boatloads of sneaky signing statements as end-runs-around-Congress and reverses many of Bush's draconian policies, perhaps the question will become: can Obama use whatever presidential power he has more wisely and on behalf of we-the-people as it was originally intended?


Update Nov 13: there's new art for viewing if you'd like to take an Art Break and you may wish to join Sara's Green Party!

Full Moon of the Mystic Rectangle 11.13.08

Full Moon 21Tau15, Nov 13, 2008; 1:17:18 am est, White House, Washington, DC; Moon in 9th house, Sun 21Sco15 in 3rd house...and it's a chart full of challenges and gifts of the skills to meet them!

Now of course, the Moon is exalted in Taurus and very fat and happy - here we see Luna preening at her Taurean fullness as she reflects the Sun in Scorpio.

With Virgo ascending, the Taurean 9th cusp indicates a down-to-earth view of religion and philosophy; views are fixed (Taurus) and not likely to easily change.

Also there's insistence on the just handling of finances and relationships with a Taurean 9th cusp. One must be careful though with Taurus' shadow side: intolerance and greed.

Moon in 9th house has an emotional attachment to 9th house matters of religion, philosophy, and higher education. Social values come from childhood teachings with a 9th house Moon, with the 9th house's natural ruler, Jupiter, exalted in Cancer, the Moon's natural sign.

However, this emotional bias and identification with traditional values can limit the scope or depth of spiritual understanding, or there can be inspired intuition with this Moon placement - and with a celestial Mystic Rectangle overhead we may hope the latter is the case.

Sun in 3rd house likes words well said and Sun here spotlights communications. Since a Full Moon is the culmination of things begun at the last New Moon ('6Sco': "A Gold Rush"), and since the economic crisis is in the airwaves and on every one's menu, perhaps we'll be hearing something soothing for a change in the next two weeks concerning finances.

This Full Moon is part of a pattern, a Mystic Rectangle, a configuration consisting of two oppositions (the other being Saturn oppo Uranus) with planets sextiling one another on each end. In this chart you see the Mystic Rectangle highlighted in blue.

Not much has been written about this lovely-named pattern, but Bil Tierney says it indicates practical mysticism and points out that the sextiles and trines (Moon sextile Uranus; Sun sextile Saturn, so naturally Moon trines Saturn, Sun trines Uranus) gives opportunity for the awareness-revealing oppositions (Sun/Moon; Saturn/Uranus) to be utilized creatively. (Tierney, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis.)

So the challenges that oppositions normally bring are more effectively encountered than would be otherwise expected with the sextiles and trines easing the conflict and discord into satisfying resolutions.

Yippee! Who doesn't like satisfying resolutions?

Well, right. Some people do prefer things stirred up in order to justify their gripes and make way for what they see as improvements. Them, we can do without.

And with a Mystic Rectangle, the cosmos gives us chances for more balance in relationships (oppositions always relate to relationships, and sextiles and trines are considered helpful in Astrology) and makes possible an objective evaluation through intuition and insight.

Occurring during a Sun Hour, this Full Moon shows Venus still out-of-bounds (OOBs) and thus not part of the system of energies here. At a World Point, 00Cap45, we see her just beyond her hook-up with Pluto, a conjunction which has a bankruptcy influence, as well as other flavors I won't repeat from a previous post.

Actually, it looks to me as if Lady Venus is sashaying Pluto back into Capricorn for more breakdowns and restructurings!

Highlighted in pink is a T-Square with Sun/Moon pointing to Neptune 21AQ30 in 6th house of Work; Health; Service. This makes nebulous, spiritual Neptune the apex planet of a T-Square.

An apex planet directs the energy of the opposition and can indicate the general tone of the entire chart - especially since the opposition in question is the Full Moon. Here's the midpoint picture using Tyl and Ebertin...

Sun/Moon = Neptune: misunderstandings in relationships; inner discontent; deceptions and illusions; self-torment; one who is easily upset; the undermining of associations.

This apex Neptune tells the tale for which the Mystic Rectangle is needed!

And what about the Saturn/Uranus opposition? Any help there?

Well, Saturn is being quincunxed (inconjuncted - 150 degrees) by Neptune - and vice versa. Inconjuncts are often involved when there are health problems, and Neptune in 6th house indicates conditions which are difficult to detect or are incorrectly diagnosed. (Planets in Aspect, Rob Pelletier.)

Saturn inconj Neptune: stay away from those with infectious conditions! (Easy to say and usually hard to do.) There is a compelling spiritual motivation to bring social order to chaos, but programs with unclear goals should be avoided (such as 'Bailout Bills'?)

When Saturn and Neptune are inconjunct, it's typical that those who serve are abused in some way - self-protection becomes extremely important. This morning NPR reported that an American aid worker and his driver have been killed in Afghanistan. And thus it goes.

Plus, there is a tendency for those who would serve to take on too much or to feel responsible for what should be the tasks of others - Senator Barack Obama comes to mind and scapegoating by some will be a real temptation or possibility with his presidency. (His awareness of these tendencies will help.)

The good news is that beneficent Jupiter, who often acts as a guardian angel, is applying in trine to Saturn (0A53) and sextiling Uranus (separating, but 00S00 - they are both 18:50!) so an olden term in Astrology for Jupiter here is: Thales planet, or Thales Point.

In (American) Political or Mundane Astrology we use Jupiter to signify the Republican Party, with Saturn for the Democrats. In this lovely trine, we see the peaceful transfer of power now occurring in Washington between the parties and administrations.

Uncomfortably for this reluctant astrologer, Jupiter is still on the '18Cap' degree, which is the New World Order degree in my book due to its activation at the Great Conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in the early 90s when Bush Sr called for the NWO.

The current financial crisis, engineered as it may be, is the opportunity they've been working toward, and you've heard the words, "a new economic world order' in the news lately, haven't you?

Actually, I'd say it's more a culmination of their plans which are in process of being realized by the opportunity they created with the economic meltdown. How excited the shadowy 'they' must be!

Back to the Full Moon chart:

At the Ic, or Foundation Point, I have marked its 11Sag33 because it is the position of Dec 30, 1999's conjunction of the plutocratic corporatism pair, Pluto and Chiron. The midpoint of Sun and Pluto is there as well, so because it's about polarities, we have...

Sun/Pluto = Mc: power games with important consequences; striving for power; consciousness of objectives and goals; vocational crises; violence with emotional consequences.

The Sun/Pluto pair, says Ebertin = 'craving for rulership and disadvantages through the former; the power of attainment; pioneers; martyrs; rulers; leadership; danger; arrogance; fanatical aspirations; creative power.'

Orating Mercury in deep-thinking Scorpio is in Nodal Degree (same degree as the Nodal axis - here, 13) which represents a fated or karmic condition. And their midpoint is one degree from Pluto which is close enough for us to consider the midpoint picture formed...

Mercury/NN = Pluto: the thrust of intellect; lording it over others; the desire to be intellectually superior.

Plus, there are two other planetary pictures in this chart...

Mercury/Mars = Sun: putting one's foot down; making a point strongly; standing up for one's position; enjoying a good argument; a man of quick decisions; manly and brave thinking and acting; a positive or firm demeanor; determination; the ability to succeed.

NN/ASC = Mars: team spirit; an intense working together with colleagues; an association or organization fighting to uphold its common ideas and principles; working for the common good; the do-er. (This may partially describe the do-er that the Saturn/Neptune inconjunct will take advantage of...or maybe not.)

Whew! That's a lot at the Base of this Full Moon chart but all we have to do is listen to, watch, or read the news - no Astrology necessary.

And with Saturn rising, the Saturn/Uranus opposition is on the menu from the get-go. This pair of planets is associated with the Middle East, and with Israel and Palestine in particular.

And of course our November 4 elections was the day the opposition perfected, with a few more votes to be counted (Dec 2 is a senate run-off here in Georgia - Chambliss vs Martin. My local radio station just announced that John McCain will be coming to GA to stump for Chambliss - McCain's first stumping (other than last night's TV appearance where he touted Palin's future endeavors) since he lost the presidency. Goody for us, but will it be enough to help the Bush-loving Chambliss?)

(Counterpunch! It's an hour later and they're now announcing that Obama campaign field operatives are on the way to GA to help with Jim Martin's grassroots organizing - yes! and thanks. Chambliss needs to go.)

Now Back to Saturn/Uranus:

So we may say that their opposition is the 'Full Moon' of the Saturn/Uranus cycle which began with their conj in 1988. (I'll not repeat previous blurbs about this cycle.) This means that issues from 1988 resurface for resolution (Mystic Rectangle!) - or for brewing tensions to fully express.

The chart's Kite patterns are marked with penned dashes and I hope you can see them both. Kites are actually modified Grand Trines with a planet/s at a fourth point opposite one of the trine's planets and simultaneously sextiling the other two planets.

You see the kite tails I've drawn - one on Saturn, one on the Moon, which operate here as stimuli for the trines' creative outpouring of special skills and talents.

So a Kite adds more chances for successful use of Grand Trine energies which are gifts from the cosmos. This is an Earth Grand Trine which emphasizes the calming, comforting, and attracting power of a Grand Trine pattern...very magnetic.

Earth Grand Trines accumulate and skillfully manage assets and resources with common sense, and having a Taurean Moon as a driving force may bring solid results.

But for whom? we may rightfully ask.

This chart seems to indicate that working for the common good may now bring positive results for the people as this Full Moon shows us the way. And Moon in a national chart = The People.

In conclusion: my hope is that with all this good will from On High, the world can find a better path now which is being kindly lightened by the rays of a lovely Taurean Full Moon.


My excellent friend, astrologer Monica Starr, has posted an article about tonight's Full Moon in Taurus relating it to the natal chart of the New York Stock Exhange. (Nov 12 or Nov 13 - depends on your time zone since the Moon is full at 1:17 am est - I set the above chart for DC, Eastern time zone.)

Monica is well-versed in Astrology AND financials so you'll want to see what she has to say about this Full Moon occurring in one of the money signs - Taurus, a sign that is nothing if not on the bullish side.

Nov 11, 2008

What's Chimerica?

What...or Chimerica?

Booing Biden

Joe Biden was booed at an Eagles game on Sunday in the City of Brotherly Love.

Well, although I've published a few doubts about Biden myself I have yet to boo him. But the Obama-Biden administration is young yet - still in the gestation stage actually but will soon birth and be running around the White House playing with our lives.

Hope this works out because the world could use a break and some decent leadership of which there is a dearth upon the planet.

And perhaps I see things too simplistically (ya think?!?) in that the Obama-Biden administration has two paths - to attempt to best the global crime syndicate - or to be card-carrying members.

Which do you think they'll be?

Nov 10, 2008

Obama-Bush meet at White House 11.10.08

Walking the colonnade this afternoon at the White House are our present and future presidents.

The limo carrying the Obamas was reported as passing through the White House gates at 1:46 pm est. Rising at that minute was 5Pis01 bringing Barack Obama's natal Chiron Rx with it. This video records their stroll at about 1:52 pm est.

At a serious Hour of Saturn, we may wonder what Saturn, planet of authority and control, was up to. Saturn was in an obsessive-compulsive aspect of 165 degrees with the ASC...

may hold position of authority; needs to be seen as authoritative, dependable, and respectable; fear of sharing with others (too much to hide? -jc); can demonstrate to others how to set and reach goals. (Quindecile, Ricki Reeves.)

Venus is out-of-bounds and will conjunct Pluto around 2:00 am est, Nov 12. When two titans meet I look for 'meetings' overhead so the Venus/Pluto conj must be the descriptor for this presidential tour and transition talk...Pluto = Bush, Venus = Obama (still technically 'outside' the White House...or White Lodge, if you prefer...Venus OOBs.)

Venus' degree '28Sag' has this Sabian Symbol: " An Old Bridge Over a Beautiful Stream."

Hope it goes somewhere for America's sake!

Missing White House email case to continue

Today it was ruled that the lawsuit over 'missing' White House emails will continue. Good.

Seems the Solar Eclipse of Sept 11, 2007 will keep on giving...

bringing to the surface long-term worries about issues involving paperwork and communications; news has sense of fatedness about it; responsibilities with paperwork come home to roost.(Brady's 'Predictive Astrology'.)

Cock-a-doodle doo!

Bailout Bill full of Black Holes

Sometimes I wish I knew more about using Black Holes, Quasars, Pulsars, and other fascinating astronomical oddities in my Astrology work but where would I find the time? There are bells and whistles in my Solar Fire software now that I never use and doubt I ever will get around to it.

That's why when it comes to Oct 3, 2008's outrageous Bailout Bill, I turn to Alex Miller-Mignone at the excellent Daykeeper Journal for information about Black Holes and the red finances of the Bush administration.

Nov 9, 2008

Bushies rush to enact last minute policies

But in this WaPo article, we learn that President-elect Obama will be reversing approximately 200 Bush administration policies and executive orders - especially the ones which were imposed for "overtly political" reasons.

And President Obama may be able legally to perform some of these reversals without waiting for Congress by executive order.

What's one of the best things about Barack Obama? He taught constitutional law for ten years.

Yeee-hah! Rejoicing in America!

Update Nov 9, 7:25 pm est: a large thanks to my friend, Alex, who has sent me a heads-up on Bush's Kiss Goodbye: deregulating radiation levels in our drinking water! Dubya thinks more of his nuclear energy friends than he does of Americans and their health. But that's really no big surprise, is it?

70th anniversary of Kristallnacht today

Today, November 9, marks the 70th anniversary, (a word which seems celebratory for an event which was a low point in humanity's history), of Kristallnacht, when Hitler's pogrom against the Jews was carried out.

Here are two links to recent posts on the subject which include a few astro-details of that dark night and a link to a Der Spiegel article concerning a resolution which stalled in Germany...

Kristallnacht artifacts found and Germany's Kristallnacht resolution fails to pass...hmmm...wonder who benefits politically from the resolution's non-passage at this particular juncture?

Nov 9, 1938 - Nov 9, 2008...and what have we learned?

Nov 7, 2008

Grumpy Old Men of the GOP

Senator Lindsey Graham, friend of John McCain, explains November 4's 'Grumpy Old Men' of the GOP and why they lost the White House, which is fine as far as it goes, it just doesn't go far enough.

Ex: Graham says the Republican Party is tainted by corruption. Actually, corruption doesn't so much 'taint' as spread out and infect to the core.

Their party is closer to being a cesspool and Graham's labeling their corruption so delicately as a 'taint' doesn't change anyone's assessment of the GOP. Sorry. You people infest Washington DC, my favorite city, and I cannot forgive you your perfidy and rotteness. You stink and so do your enablers.

Another reason for their loss, he says: overspending. America is bankrupt under these pocket-lining monkeys and it's mere 'overspending'? That you can cut back on. We've nothing left to cut - the Greedy Old Party heisted it all while certain Dems drove the get-away car.

And last but not least in Graham's oh-so-reflective confession: they "sometimes" came across as a "bunch of grumpy old men."

Sometimes? The GOP chose to run the white-haired dude with the sour face and the lamentable they love to say to the down-and-outers among us: all through your life you made choices. You partisans chose the grumpy old man. Did you not know his age? Puh!

Why, it's almost as if the Republicans wanted a Democrat to struggle in the White House after they'd made hay with America's resources, reputation, and freedoms. And it isn't as if the GOP didn't know they were in serious trouble for Election Day 2008 and they had known it for years.

Well, apparently it will be baton-passing time on January 20.

And even though I have serious misgivings about a Barack Obama presidency, it's not personal (at this point) against him (he's quite fabu and talented) - it's that the larger political/economic agenda steamrolls along with The People paying the price, no matter who fulfills the figurehead position required of the Oval Office.

And as both readers of this blog know - he won't have to be grumpy to make me mad as a wet hen.

GM, Chrysler, Bailouts and Uncle Tom

Why the GM - Cerberus - Chrysler Bailout is Bad for Taxpayers

By Robert Farago

Cerberus Capital, a highly secretive NYC-based vulture investment fund, wants the US government and taxpayers to bailout its failed investment in Chrysler and its failing investment in GMAC.

Its partner in this raid on the US Treasury is General Motors, a woefully insolvent automobile manufacturer whose CEO is paid $40k each day. Here's why a bailout for GM and/or Chrysler is a bad idea.


Can Obama Stop the Bush Administration's Final Economic Heist?

By Naomi Klein

Terrible looting of public capital has a habit of taking place during periods of dramatic political transition, and Bush has one underway.

(Stop it? It's a done deal and he voted for it, and has surrounded himself with old NAFTA-esque Clintonites - perhaps it's part of the deal for Hillary's crying uncle.)


The Election: It Had to Be this Way

By Timothy V. Gatto

Barack Obama will be the catalyst for a new movement, away from false hope and false promises, not because he will deliver to the people of this country anything worthwhile, but because he won't.

This will be the final nail in the coffin of our corporatist society.


(Will it? An Astrology note: Obama's Inauguration chart (Jan 20, 2009, noon est Capitol Building) has the midpoint of the plutocratic corporatism pair, Pluto-Chiron, at Midheaven which is the Aspiration/Goal Point of the chart and thus of his Inauguration and new presidency. Wish it weren't but there it is...and it's closer to MC than ever before. Guess it's been no surprise after Obama selected - or had selected for him - Zionist Joe Biden as VP. Now he's chosen a chief-of-staff with similar dubious credits to his name.)


Ralph Nader Calls Obama "Uncle Tom"?

By Fox News - Video And Transcript

Fox News distorts Nader's comments to paint him as a racist.


A racist? Are they kiddin' me?

Guess some people will fall for anything especially if they really really want to. As they say, deception always begins with self-deception!

Astrology of Obama's 1st presser 11.7.08

President-elect Barack Obama's first presser (press conference) since his election was held in Chicago today and has some interesting midpoint pictures if you'd care to view my worksheet.

This is a first - to publish my notes as-are but with no chart image. The truth is: I was about to motor into the city to keep appointments and had no time to type out all the pictures for you.

A few other astrological details for the day are included such as Mars' Sabian Symbol '24Sco': "Crowds Coming Down the Mountain to Listen to One Man." Sounds like an Obama event to me!

Yet as usual with midpoint pics, it's the all-some-or-none effect and hopefully you can click-to-enlarge and read my scribbles concerning the atmosphere and indications of Obama's first presser.

Slideshow of Election Night photos

Have you viewed the Flickr Slideshow of Election Night photos of the Obamas and Bidens?

An Obama administration

A Look Under the Hood at the (Potential) Obama Administration

By Joshua Frank

Barack Obama's administration will prove unlikely to alter the fundamental political machinery that has led us into war and economic turmoil.

Here is a brief summary of Obama's potential choices for a few key roles in his administration.


This article by Joshua Frank is not favorable to some of Obama's picks - in particular Rahm Emanuel. You may not agree with Mr. Franks' ideas but because I have misgivings about Emanuel and some of the other names being floated I wanted to publish the article's link. Senator Obama seems to be surrounding himself with Zionists which should perhaps be a good thing - but when it comes to having fewer wars - it isn't. jc

Nov 6, 2008

Taurid Meteor Shower 2008

Space Weather News for Nov 6, 2008

TAURID METEOR SHOWER: The annual Taurid meteor shower is underway and it could be a good show.

2008 is a "swarm year" for the Taurids. Between Nov 5th and 12th, Earth is due to pass through an unusually dense swarm of gritty debris from parent comet 2P/Encke.

When a similar encounter happened in 2005, sky watchers observed a slow drizzle of midnight fireballs for nearly two weeks. Whether 2008 will be as good as 2005, however, remains to be seen. In 2005, the swarm encounter was more central; Earth passed through the middle of the cloud. In 2008, forecasters believe we are closer to the outskirts. How much this will affect the shower, no one knows.

The best time to look is during the hours around midnight when the constellation Taurus is high in the sky.

Visit for sky maps and photos of the ongoing shower.


And last year at Taurid Meteor time came the exploding comet Holmes - good times!

America? Fix it!

Now That the Election Is Over, The Fight for Economic Justice Begins!

By Medea Benjamin and Arun Gupta

Just like the 1930s, this unprecedented crisis has given us the opportunity to fix America and create a productive, sustainable economy for all. Let's get to work!

Nov 5, 2008

Bill Maher with Craig Ferguson video

Here's part 2 of the interview that TV's Craig Ferguson did with Bill Maher on the night of Nov 3, 2008.

This 9 minute video begins with a clip from Maher's documentary Religulous which is worth a view if you haven't seen it - the film has been well-received and I look forward to seeing it.

And if you're interested in part 1 (the rest of Craig's interview with Bill Maher) it looks as if you'll have to direct yourself to YouTube and perform a search for these two bright lightbulbs of comedy.

YouTube has older interviews they've done together on The Late Late Show as well.

Makin' fun of politics and politicians - I LOVE it!


More Maher?

Here's another video I posted at the end of August with Joe Biden guesting on Maher's Real Time.

Gordon Brown on an Obama presidency

Britain's Gordon Brown has made a statement concerning the presidency of Barack Obama if you're interested.

You'll have to scroll down a bit if you don't want to read it all but you're capable and I have faith in you.

Keep eyes on Bush and Cheney

Bush's Last 100 Days the Ones to Watch

By Jesse Jackson

Bush and Vice President Cheney represent a failed conservative era -- and they know it. As the administration moves into its last 100 days, thereseems to be a flurry of activity: regulations to forestall Obama's new era of accountability; a flood of contracts to reward friends and lock in commitments; a Wall Street bailout that is pumping money out the door.

Nov 4, 2008

Obama declared winner with natal Sun rising!

Here's just a quick posting of tonight's chart for 11:00 pm est, the time I heard ABC News announce that Barack Obama had won the presidential election of the United States of America. I'm using Obama's natal chart for 7:24 pm because this (possible) natal ASC for him (18AQ03) has recently had tr North Node pointing to it.

It's 12:04 am, Nov 5, and Obama is speaking in Chicago - the Obama daughters will be getting that puppy as promised.

Can you read this double chart? Pink highlights the announcement this evening, Hour of Mercury.

With Obama's natal Sun rising as you see, worryingly I must note that asteroid Nemesis is setting with the North Node 13AQ+, South Node Sun/SN = ASC. (Hmm. No comment.)

Transiting Saturn will soon conjunct his natal Mars in Virgo, Mercury 00Sco48 has crossed the announcement's IC and entering the Communications 3rd house, and an out-of-bounds Venus is achieving beyond the normal parameters of most people's lives - Barack Obama will be the 44th president of the US.

May he be kept safe from harm and be given cooperation from Washington's corridors of power as the American people are expecting and have a right to expect.

Obama is saying that America's strength comes from the 'enduring power of our ideals...' and I pray that our higher natures don't simply peek out for a day or two with this exciting new promise, but that it will be honored as an ongoing standard by the people to show the political establishment that they've been acting out-of- bounds of society and that such behavior will no longer will be tolerated or accepted as the moral or ethical standard of our nation.


Here's a link to the text of Obama's speech with this landslide's mandate in hand.

Is Obama really a socialist?

"McCain called me a socialist for wanting to roll back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans so we can finally give tax relief to the middle class." Senator and candidate, Barack Obama


Yes, 'socialism' is always the boogeyman word the GOP pulls out and dusts off when their elite base squalls at the threat of social involvement waiting in the wings. As if they'd feel the pinch!

But there's a huge number of Americans who could do with some New Deal initiatives thanks to the monied class' thievery...will the common Joe and Jill vote against themselves today while giving Rovian politics a thumbs-up?

That the unemployed haven't had it up to Here with upper class banditry is difficult for me to believe, but of course, the electoral college may be what's used most effectively against the people's best interests and druthers.

So it's Nov 4th at last, and it seems Virginia is having serious problems today. Come on, Virginia! Contingency plans would have been a great idea, and as an artist of the drawing persuasion, you can't beat a good pencil and paper especially when all else fails.

Only a landslide will do, so I'm off to vote now - meet ya later! jude

Nov 3, 2008

John Cusack on paying off the debt

No Currency Left to Buy the Big Lies

By John Cusack

No more money left to pay off the debt, the wreckage in the wake. The orgy of excess has drained every bottle, smashed the furniture and left the cupboards bare. All that's left is derivative debts -- bets between liars and lies. Trillions of dollars. It turned capitalism into a Ponzi scheme for trading worthless paper.



John Cusack was born in Evanston, Illinois on June 28, 1966 in the midst of the Great Conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in mid-Virgo. In fact, Mr. Cusack first drew breath a mere two days prior to the third of three conjunctions...*June 30, 1966, 16Vir06.

Which makes him intensely electric and deeply catalytic like...rock'n'roll. And since the Moon remained in Scorpio for the full 24 hours of his birth date, we may wish to consider the personality blend of actor, social activist, and Huffington Post blogger, John Cusack.

Sun Cancer-Moon Scorpio: perceptive; self-protective; secretive; investigative mind; romantic; sensual; compelling; resourceful; emotionally brooding; possessive; resourceful; tenacious and daring; sharply incisive vs sentimental.

Deeply fascinated by what makes others tick, this Water-Water blend has not an unkind cell in 'its' body. Preoccupied with hidden realities and the truth behind the facade, this blend is of use in an acting career and in blogging on politics.

Analytical powers are concentrated and uplifted by a reverential but determined attitude to get to the truth.

In relationships security and intrigue are desired - not easy to find in one relationship. Yet emotional strength and commitment to loved ones add charm; there's a shrewd business sense and courage in times of crisis; moodiness and defensiveness may cause problems occasionally (but wait 2 or 3 days and all should be well when the Moon changes signs.)

Images for Integration: When preparing his genealogical tree, a young man discovers the lost grave of his great-great-grandmother...Under a full Moon an exorcist performs a life-giving ritual: the possession fades away and a child's life is saved. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzy Harvey.)


Uranus conj Pluto:

*1. Oct 9, 1965 17Vir10;
2. April 4, 1966 16Vir28;
3. June 30, 1966 16Vir06.

While the recent financial charades and heists were being announced and perpetrated, transit Saturn triggered this Conjunction, our current cycle of Uranus-Pluto, energies which together love to overturn the status quo and create brand spankin' new perspectives...then restrictive Saturn came along...

Uranus-Pluto = Saturn: tendency toward autocratic leadership (ya think?); egotism; 'my way is the best way'; pressure from others; toppled from position. (Tyl.)

So if you can't find Washington, Wall Street, world banks, Bush, Paulson, and the rest of the bandits lurking within that midpoint picture, I don't know what to do for ya.