Mar 31, 2011

Shock Doctrine Politicians = America Going Nowhere

An Austere GOP Hearts the Ruining of America

by Jude Cowell

If you're anything like me, you're having some difficulty keeping current your Shock Doctrine Politicians scorecard, so you may benefit from a list with their names, birth data, and a few of their astrological details. And of course, the shock in 'Shock Doctrine' implicates the planet of disruption, upheaval, lightening, and chaos: Uranus.

The doctrine is doctrinaire Saturn now in an obsessive-compulsive (sound like any one-pointed GOPers you know?) aspect with revolutionary Uranus, an asepct known as a quindecile (165 degrees.) This is the 'disrupt governing systems, break rules through defiance of law and order, and feel driven to break old, outdated concepts through innovation' combo. (The Quindecile, Ricki Reeves.)

Excerpt from above linked article: Members of Congress are doing damage to the country with their pursuit of deficit reduction in the middle of the worst downturn in 70 years. This push for deficit reduction does harm to the economy and costs more jobs than 1,000 Bridges to Nowhere.

And USA Reality Check has the Twitter feed of Wisconsin's AFL-CIO, plus, economist Paul Krugman's recent article American Thought Police.

Then we have The 8 Worst Governors in America and the crazy-making, future-destroying way they're doing things with their self-imagined mandate. Making President Obama look bad has to be one of their basic motives so we may be lead to assume that if the GOP grabs the White House in 2012, the Republican (corporate) largesse will begin flowing like golden doubloons and the American people will soon have more jobs and paychecks than we can handle (puh! The Republicans are acting coldhearted toward our families and it's 'worth it' to them as long as Barack Obama "fails".)

Ah, George Orwell, the Prophet!

His birth during a Balsamic phase of the Moon (just prior to a New Moon and thus during the mystical darkness when things go bump in the night) supports what the GOP and its handmaiden the Tea Party are busy fulfilling before our very eyes: Orwell's vision of the world's social and political future of totalitarian control and austere, extreme deprivation for the masses with population decrease the expected and planned result.

But you know that some pigs are just more equal!


You may be interested in reading the online version of the Orwell Diaries especially if you're a gardener or simply curious. Or how about Keith Balmers' article Libya and the Unstoppable War Machine?

Mar 30, 2011

Mercury's Rx and Direct Stations Mar 30/Apr 23, 2011: degree symbols

Today at 4:48 pm edt in Washington DC, Mercury's current retrograde station occurs @ 24Ari21. I use '4:48 pm' because that's the moment my Solar Fire software gives for Mercury's first minute Rx (notwithstanding the March 11, 2011 earthquake in Japan which knocked Earth's axis off a smidgen.)

Then on April 23, 2011, Mercury performs his/her Direct Station @ 12Air53 (6:04 am edt in DC.) As you know, All Things Mercury are subject to re-view, re-consideration, re-doing, etc, during Mercury Rx periods and it is wise to begin no new projects or set in motion plans during this time. Trade, commerce, and transport are likely areas where Mercury Rx may hamper us now and we think of Japan's auto industry and parts manufacture which we already know are due more of a supply slowdown thanks to the nuclear meltdown.

US wars in the Middle East and the recent step-down of Mubarak in Egypt also threaten easy shipping in the Suez Canal but hopefully chaos won't lead to such dire results; food shortages and higher food prices are in the news now and we'll see if these situations spread between now and April 23rd, May 11th, or thereabouts.

Now I know that a reading of all the Sabian Symbols between 12 and 25 Aries is in order and would be instructive yet I trust you to handle this task yourself, if you will. Other sites and blogs are covering Mercury's trail of Rx-Direct degrees, and Lynda Hill's excellent Sabian Symbols site is always a good place to visit for more information on the Babylonian symbols.

For now, I want to paraphrase some highlights from the lesser-known degrees in Adriano Carelli's book The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac to add more depth to our mercurial re-considerations. This will be symbols which have a 'word picture' for not all of Carelli's degrees do.

April 23, 2011's Mercury Direct Station will occur at a critical-crisis degree so we expect more news (Mercury) of crisis conditions on top of the current crop (with a US gov shutdown in the making?) so let's begin there with Mercury's Direct Station degree and move toward today's Rx Station degree with a synopsis of each degree's meaning:

'12 Aries' = "An eagle on its nest." ("Sacred selfishness; strong fatherly or motherly instincts; keen sense of one's 'I', of personal initiative, and of the free individual property and leads to ...danger of clashing against the established order..or against the economics of the so-called modern democracies.) (IMF and World Bank? Austerity cuts to further bankroll the rich? jc)

An 'eagle' is, of course, a symbol of America (and the fallen Roman Empire); these days, Pluto is rising with Fixed Star, Altair (Alpha Aquila, the eagle; keywords: boldness and determination.

If you prefer to round-up, here's the symbol for:

'13Ari' = "A crucible in its oven." (Subjected to exceptional tests; if gold in the crucible, the furnace might purify and purge it of any dross; in less noble characters, the temperament will be harsher, warlike, even destructive...the tests will be frightening, but courage will not go unrewarded; fondness for gold.)

'15Ari' = "A warrior whose iron armor covers him from his toes to his chin, his head staying bare and unshielded." (Shutting windows but leaving the doors open; keep both eyes open and leave nothing to chance, have faith in yourself if you want others to rely upon you, and do not lean on others for anything; listen to others but follow no advice; first impressions of others may be erroneous.)

The middle of the period is April 11 with the Rx period's mid-degree of:

'18Ari' = "Wedding night in the king's palace. The queen, still in bride's attire, waits for the prince consort, seated on the marriage bed in a queenly yet modest attitude." (Keen intelligence, a sociable and hearty nature, (and) a talkative disposition; a personality worshiped by some, envied or slandered by many, feared or respected by all; love of peace (yet) compelled by karmic law to face some decisive fight for which destiny exacts the strictest control; rash acts may lead to trouble with fatal results owing to the plot of the envious.)

'19Ari' = "A gold digger at work in his mine, a satchel of nuggets slung from his belt. His face and attire betray a harsh, stunted life." (An eye only on gain; a soul utterly devoid of feelings; may be selfish, stingy, suspicious, misanthropic, and often unscrupulous.)

'20Ari' = "Ulysses in Polyphemus' cave." (Few moral principles, if any at all; an original mind, never at a loss; a daring temper with a pioneer's or adventurer's craving inquisitiveness; some renown and possibly a violent death.)

'23Ari' = "The medical pharmaceutical emblem of the snake and the chalice, the reptile's tail being wound round the stem and its head overhanging the bowl, its cleft tongue nearly skimming the contents." (A degree of fatality; an instrument of collective karma or the victim of his own; a healer or great invalid, aggressive and warlike; liable to fall under the influence of ill advisers; initiation is not ruled out.)

'24Ari' = "An almost naked woman." (Should a man want to be free, he must let the woman be free as well, who may become his wife tomorrow; to such hypocrisy we owe the institution of the demivierge, a typical infamy of the so-called modern civilization.)

'25Ari' = "A crisp-haired man riding a huge ram, which he holds by his horns." (An awakened ambition to rise very high and the power to do so; active, fierce, and independent but restless and selfish; the power tends to drift into intolerant tyranny; no sense of justice with not the least trace of chivalry toward foes or opponents.)

Well, perhaps these degrees add a bit of astro-info concerning our current Mercury Rx period and as you know, we must be patient until transit Mercury turns Direct and passes its Rx degree (its shadow) on May 11, 2011 when mercurial things begin to move forward once again without the glitches and snafus a Rx period so often engenders for both individuals and governments.

Mar 29, 2011

Aries New Moon Apr 3, 2011 w US natal Mars rising

The more I look at the chart factors in the horoscope of the April 3, 2011 New Moon at a critical/crisis degree, the more worrisome they appear. Sadly, the cure isn't to stop looking.

Well, as you know, the combination of Mars and Uranus is a permanent signature in the American natal chart and national psyche so we can't say we're not a warring bunch of varmints, can we? With Gemini the sign of multiplicity, America chooses and fights wars two or three at a time. Click to read more on these disturbing, protesting, incendiary energies which include America's natal Uranus and Mars in Gemini 'going angular' in the April 3 New Moon chart.

And transiting MIDAS conjoins US n Uranus as I type! Where there are wars there are war profiteers lurking behind the scenes for they seldom if ever put themselves in harm's way!

If I weren't under the weather this week, I'd go ahead and post the horoscope so you can view it. In lieu, here are the particulars for setting up the chart for yourself if you haven't already:

New Moon April 3, 2011 @ 10:32:16 am edt (says my Solar Fire software) Washington DC.

Now of course, one lunation chart can't 'do it all' but it can trigger other planetary and social factors. The recent entry into Aries - and crossing the World Point of Manifestation at Aries Point (00Ari00) - of quirky rebel and freedom- fighter Uranus is a major component of April's Mars/Uranus picture especially since the sign Aries - and now, transiting Uranus - are ruled by hotheaded, testosterone-driven Mars.

1927/28 and 2011

Yes, Uranus The Awakener is certainly busy this time around bringing strikes, protests, and stand-offs much as was the case when Uranus conjoined AP on March 31, 1927, November 4, 1927, and January 13, 1928. Combined with instigator Mars in 2011, powerfully explosive situations including the nuclear realm and more earthquakes are dire potentials.

Yet hopefully April won't bring more bad news concerning the nuclear meltdown in Japan, and I pray that the West's Libyan intrusion with its mildly named 'no-fly' zone will not take a wrong Martian-Uranian turn into chaos as well.

And I'm fairly certain you're with me on that.


Events of 1927 (ex: major earthquake in China), 1928 (major earthquake in Greece), and, for 2011, perhaps it's time for Japan to resort to the Chernobyl Solution.


Note: on President Obama's justification speech on Libya last evening, it amazes me that he can rail against Gaddafi's "exploitation" of the Libyan people's wealth and his poor treatment of them when we-the-people have been treated in similar disenfranchised fashion ourselves with more to come.

Where is Mr. Obama's outrage, staged or otherwise, on our behalf? jc

Mar 28, 2011

Chris Hedges: The Collapse of Globalization; the Sacredness of Gaia

With Globalization, What's Not to Like?

by Jude Cowell

If you're familiar with the writings of Chris Hedges, you know that what he says must be well considered before flippantly ignoring it - except that the time has come to an end when we can afford to be apathetic about the future - environmental, social, and financial - of this little blue planet some call, Gaia.

Gaia has her own hypothesis, you know. The globalists know it. The black hearts have been ignoring her sacredness by abusing the planet we all share every night and day for several decades now and piling up their considerable fortunes with a bwa ha ha and a mean cackle. Why, old J. P. Morgan was there, he knows how it all went down.

Yes, I hear ya: t'was Morgan and the other Robber Barons of the 1880s/90s who really got the plundering of Earth's resources and treasures up and running in a large scale way (speculators in groups as signified by combos such as Jupiter/Neptune, Jupiter/Pluto, Sun/Pluto, Pluto/Chiron, etc...joining forces to get big jobs done in commanding ways.)

As a class, add to their riches the oil-gas-steel-railroad titans' ill-gained wealth from accustomed profits bwo the slave and opium trades in centuries past unto this day, and you've got people like W's Grandpa Prescott Bush, his cronies and cousins. Queen Elizabeth is allegedly a 'cousin' of George W, as you know. Actually, a cousinship is not surprising for it would be just like them to favor one another in behavior, if not by beakish nose or flinty gaze.

Mr. Hedges' article starts out by reminding me of my grousings here on SO'W concerning our present and direst need: to face and identify our demons (our, meaning we-the-people and anyone else who has grown weary of the lies, fraud, and corruption embedded within every social institution) in order to vanquish them. Though these days, I'd settle for neutralization of all the psychopaths running about, would you?

For now Politics wags us by the tail just as we were taught to expect like good little puppies and we murmur nary a peep in case the American tranquility might be disturbed. This is a hopeless plan for our side's sake considering the freedoms they've targeted to delete from our lives - in some cases, Life itself.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Awareness and Concentration are secret keys and Timing remains all important toward our success at prying the global crime syndicate's fingers out of every pie and its lousy fat patootie out of our world's catbird seat.

And if you feel insulted by my last remark, then you must be a globalist. #

The Collapse of Globalization

By Chris Hedges

Until we awake from our collective self-delusion, until we carry out sustained acts of civil disobedience against the corporate state and sever ourselves from the liberal institutions that serve the corporate juggernaut--especially the Democratic Party--we will continue to be rocketed toward a global catastrophe.


PS: loud cicadas will be rising soon here in Northeast Georgia and several other states as well (click link for a list) for the next while or so. Boy, will they be disappointed with what we've done with the place these last 17 years.

Mar 27, 2011

Obama speaks on Libya 3.28.11 w Mercury at loose ends

Horoscopes set for Monday night, March 28, 2011, on the occasion of President Obama addressing the nation about the US-NATO-Arab-Allies mission in Libya, don't look so much unpromising for the globalists' usual war propaganda purposes as they look...well, ignored by the general public. We have, after all, heard this sorry tune too many times before.

Under conditions which must certainly be obvious even to our bubble-wrapped White House and Capitol Hill denizens, the American people are wumped out and few there be who are interested in hearing about another overly expensive (aka, bottomless pit in the money department) war and possible occupation. Mission Accomplished so soon? We'll see if NATO operations fill the expansionists' bill for domination in the region and if one objective is to get the American people more acclimated to acting in accord with with NATO and eventually, the UN. (Less national sovereignty for us that way.)

Moon and South Node of the Moon

As you know, the Moon in a mundane chart represents the people or populace, the general public, and Democracy. Women, children, and family are particularly associated with the Moon whether in a radix (natal) horoscope or a mundane one (events, inaugurations, coronations, speeches, politicians, elections, etc - whatever has a beginning has an inception chart, even pitifully crooked politicians.)

The thing about this Monday evening at such an hour as the President might read his remarks on the topic (8 pm or 9 pm?), the Moon is in the 6 - 7 degree range of Aquarius which conjoins US natal South Node of the Moon, not the most auspicious marker for anything expecting publicity, or for a speech you want to be well-received by a fickle public.

Speak to Me Only with Thy Mercury

In warring Aries, Mercury (planet of young persons, orators, negotiators, planners, scribes, reporters, bloggers, traders, and jugglers, among a myriad of other things) makes no applying aspect to any planet in the chart/s at 8 pm or 9 pm edt in Washington DC, an indication that the speech may make little difference 'on the board'.

So though he's at loose ends planetarily, Mr. Speedy does apply to a lovely trine with the NN (and thus sextiles SN) so reporters will be listening (it's their jobs, plus, zealous ideologues must pay attention because they can't exist without Politics to promote their causes - perhaps if no one claps their hands, they'll all go pouf! and leave us be.) Hopefully, mercurial young people will be listening, too, or watching it later on YouTube for they tend most often to supply the Pentagon's war fodder, and their futures are intimately connected to the rhythm the White House plays when beating its drums of war.

So it seems in his speech that President Obama may be falling back on past (SN) emotional appeals (Moon) to our better natures (AQ) and of course we'll hear political talking points parroted on both sides in the news before Tuesday and for the rest of the week unless another topic knocks it off the ticker.

Well, the way things are going these days, that's pretty much a given, isn't it?

And since a disciplined GOP desperately craves the White House in 2012, we know that just after Mr. Obama completes his remarks the yapping will begin and spread into the week, revealing the gist or essence of the Libyan conflict's required government propaganda modulated to suit the public mood, and embroidered with all the subtle nuances big money can pay journalists and talking heads to spout as the week plows on and Japan's leaked radiation heads this way. Now there's a leak meant to be taken seriously yet it's more politically correct to downplay it.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama prepares an oration for our edification and Politico's headline is President Obama faces a hard Libya sell so perhaps we may consider his speech's Moon/SN contact as: "exit strategy" (what we-the-people want to have and hear about, thanks), bad timing (coffers now empty - US tax payers can't afford to act as the world's police force anymore, we're all tapped out, cheers), more 'terrorism' propaganda (6/7 AQ = Moon = US n SN = Neptune's position at Islam's Founding), or simply that the public (Moon) has negative escapist behavior it wishes to resort to (SN) and would rather not be bothered on a Monday night to listen to...ugh, crafty Politics.

With SN (aka, Tail of the Dragon) having a Saturnian flavor of separation or loss, the Moon nearby can give a Moon/Saturn vibe which includes: separation from females, depression or melancholy, emotional inhibitions, or more positively, ambition, direction, strategy. (Tyl.)

Now you'll easily think of other connotations for Moon/SN and other chart factors in the President's speech horoscope for the evening of March 28, 2011, I know, so your opinions and remarks are being awaited momentarily.

How about: Moon/SN = talk to the hand...?

Mar 26, 2011

Max Igan on Japan, Libya, & more (video)

Today in Northeast Georgia it's on the stormy side so a quick post of this video series by Max Igan is in order due to concern for my pc's motherboard and my healthy respect for Uranian lightening - especially now that we've seen what revolting Uranus to the Mars-ruled Aries Point can trigger on the World Stage:

Observations on Society

by Max Igan

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

A Morgue's Secrets Leak & Pluto/Chiron's Plutocracy

Glenn Greenwald says that classified secrets have been leaked describing the tiresomely devious 'take bodies from the morgue and spread 'em around to finger the Americans' ploy.

Not certain I buy it but I'll keep my mind slightly creaked open for now. Of course, the well-timed leak could be reverse propaganda, kind of like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker being advised to hire a thug to accost or otherwise assault him (even better - with firearms) in order to make the workers' side come off more negatively in Wisconsin. Walker may not have seriously considered using a thug to harm him as if his political opponents (supposedly his constituents but he only wants to 'govern' the rich, it seems) had done so, but we see an alleged glimpse into how their minds work.

It takes the GOP and their backers in the global crime syndicate to think up an outrageous plan such as that.

Of course, some Republican backers also back various Democrats. That qualifies as a clue to the fact that what we now experience is long-running class warfare of the haves v the have-nots. That many Americans in the last decades have fallen willingly into a fluffy (Jupiter-Neptune) dream that prosperity was to be theirs for the duration (if they worked hard or had a brilliant idea or creation suitable for marketing) and that their children would do better in the world than they'd done, is not surprising really.

Because many forces and certain disciplines and intellects have been focused like lasers on just such a dreamy influence succeeding in manipulating the American public (and others) ever since Psychology was invented.

Okay, enough babbling. Let me know what you think about such topics if you have a mo and feel impelled, and I shall attempt to reply or add a remark if I have a mo, too.


Pluto/Chiron = plutocracy; disenfranchisement; primal violence; racism; agism, socialism/communism/bolshvikism, refugeeism and other -isms -- well, you get the exploitative picture. (That's wounded/wounding Chiron with Pluto of the morgue-ish realm. Sounds even worse when it's put like that.)

Mar 25, 2011

Triangle Factory Fire: same Solar Eclipse Series as 9/11/01

Having to be out of town most of the day today there was no time to scribble on, scan, save, and publish a horoscope of NYC's awful March 25, 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, aka, the Triangle Factory Fire, or, the Haymarket Fire, in which a total of 146 people - women and a few men - perished, many of whom were young immigrants.

If you wish to set up the chart, I suggest using 4:00 pm or thereabouts for that seems to have been the time when they were about to knock off from their grueling work in horrid conditions and go home on a Saturday afternoon. And perhaps some of them must have understood that Saturday is the Sabbath, a Day of Rest from work.

But exits turned to dust in their hearts and it was hard to tell which way to escape due to smoke, heat, and fear.

Oh yes - and the doors were locked.

Did some of the ladies realize in a flash that this was retaliation? Was it? Asteroid Tisiphone (retaliation) was traversing the degree and sign of 4Ari20 and conjoined the Sun 4:06 (conj 8th cusp 2Ari47.)

(Update 6.6.11: tr Uranus now traverses 4-5 Aries of the Tropical Zodiac, off and on. Original post continues here...)

And there's a Finger of God pattern, a YOD. Well, actually two YODs indicating a crossroads, special task or purpose, and/or crisis that has formed at that moment in time. Yet both YODs point toward the Ascendant 8Vir47 and both involve speedy Mercury, planet of young people, communication, writers, reporters, journalists, bloggers, news, orators, speakers & speeches, ideas, plans, pacts, demands especially when paired with Mars (sextile 0S45), trade, commerce (a garment factory), the senses, hands & arms, and other mercurial energies and interests of the human race.

Mercury as Actor also plays a role on the World Stage as the Trickster at the Crossroads who makes his/her entrance during times when small actions can bring big consequences and our unconscious motivations may undermine or trip us up. The so-called Freudian Slip comes under this category as well. More about the horoscope later for I plan to publish it this weekend with 9/11/01 placements round the outside. Eclipses will be included.

Many of those lost in March 1911 had been demonstrators in 1909 and 1910 and had gained publicity for their efforts demanding better working conditions. And you probably know that FDR's to-be Secretary of Labor, Frances Perkins, was on the sidewalk that day and witnessed the event, so reminiscent of the World Trade Center destruction the morning of September 11, 2001...a perfect autumnal Tuesday morning, if I recall.

People jumped from windows to their deaths in both cases.

NYC 1911 & 2011: Differences and Similarities

A basic difference between the two events is that the Triangle Factory Fire gave greater force to the progressive movements of the early 1900s and educated by example the larger population that harsh working conditions had to be improved: shorter work hours, higher wages, a child labor law, better (less inhumane) working environments, and unions for collective bargaining, among other things, resulted.

A direct line may be drawn to Frances Perkins as Labor Secretary acting as FDR's "moral conscience" and inspirationally touching New Deal programs and legislation such as Social Security Insurance - you know - generational social contract programs that actually help those in need the way we're supposed to do if we posses a moral conscience as a people (we-the-people with our natal Moon in Aquarius, sign of Humanity & humanitarianism; plus, '15 AQ' = the Angel Point. Is this what Abraham Lincoln referred to when he appealed to the 'angels of our better nature'? Moon in Aquarius!

Well, in 2011, it's too bad for our nation for the Democratic Party doesn't 'do' moral conscience any more. But I suppose that became quite impossible when they sold out to abortion promoters (aka, population control? Some say Planned Parenthood is of the same ilk) - and won't even debate the issue due to political correctness and self-interested fears of the almighty ballot box, crookedly counted as it may be.

Recommended: see March 25's Democracy Now! for excellent historical coverage along with news on observances in the US on this, the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Factory Fire. Amy Goodman's interview with author of The Woman Behind the New Deal: The Life and Legacy of Frances Perkins, Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, and the Minimum Wage.

A basic similarity between the Triangle Factory Fire of March 25, 1911 and the attacks of 9/11 is a time link: they fall into the same Solar Eclipse Saros Series so we know that a similar general atmosphere was in force.

Actually, that's not precise: the Triangle Fire occurred during a 2 South Series Solar Eclipse which manifested on November 2, 1910 @ '9 Scorpio' and which has a 'joining groups' flavor; such group involvement seems to offer a great deal to new members and relates to humanitarian concerns, healing, or the arts.

This tallies with women and immigrants (often one and the same) joining unions or groups to fight for better working conditions (their participation in protests in 1909 and 1910, as stated above...'healing' and 'humanitarian'; perhaps 'the arts' may be seen as their sewing work though nothing feels creative or artsy under such cruel conditions.)

Now everyone knows that eclipses in any horoscope may act as 'wild cards' a little like the quirky, disruptive planet, Uranus. And like Uranus, eclipses may affect a chart early, on time, late, or never (usually two weeks before or after.) But if we use this tidbit of possibility to stretch our imaginations, we can say that it was also the next Solar Eclipse on April 28, 1911 which brought the situation to a head...the 3 North Series shared by the events of 9/11/01.

My guess is that no one who's ever seen a Tarot deck of cards has been able to miss the correlation between card #16 (The Tower: old, false values are destroyed, an image of people jumping from tower windows) and the Twin Towers on 9/11/01. (Note: I don't mean to forget the attack on the Pentagon or the deaths on the plane that went or was shot down in Pennsylvania when I only mention the WTC on 9/11. But the attacks in NYC fulfill 'The Tower' image only too perfectly and we're speaking of two events occurring in NYC.)

So what about the influence of 3N for 1911 and 2001? 'Over-excessive; main theme is news involving young people or news that transforms a situation and causes worry or obsession; large plans or activities are undertaken which can have positive outcomes if people don't get carried away.' (Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

(Problematic since we got 'carried away' - to Afghanistan, then Iraq, and now Libya.)

The bodies of the victims who threw themselves from the windows of the Triangle Factory building on March 25, 1911 (it was the 'Ash Building' I believe - weird) remained on the streets of New York for days so that their bodies could be identified and claimed, further adding to NYC's and the nation's collective trauma and melancholy.

(If there could have been a CNN in 1911, I'm certain they would've shown the horrible scene to the populace over and over times a bazillion. I believe the sharing of the transformational 13N Solar Eclipse Series pegs the two events as time links, as stated. Perhaps I'll publish the two horoscopes together within another post.)

Yet we may console ourselves as have others in decades past that some good came out of the carnage and suffering in 1911 with wage and hour improvements and a general feeling of good will toward others in society and hopes for a better future. That's not counting the era's billionaires, titans, and financiers of the Robber Baron class who were hanging on by their clawnails to the accustomed privilege of exploiting others at whim and by design.

Yes, America had a moral conscience once upon a time.

And 100 years after the Triangle Factory Fire, the longer we listen and follow along like puppies on the heels of the GOP (and their enabling Democrats) while parroting their every talking point in case one dollar of US tax money should feed a hungry child, the sooner the progressive social improvements of 100 years ago will fade like a labor mural on a state house wall when left too long in the revealing sun.


March 25, 2011: today more anti-union/anti-worker tricks and hoo-ha going on in Wisconsin.

And Thom Hartmann spoke of low income or out-of-work Americans now being sent to jail for non-payment of credit card debt: "It's official - Republicans have set our country back more than 100 years - to the 1800's - when the Robber Barons ruled and our politics were corrupted to the core."

Keith Olbermann: Qs for the President on Libya

Reading other people's mail is usually wrong but not in this case:

Libya, Obama, and the Five-Second Rule Special Comment
By Keith Olbermann

Mr. President. We are not clear why we are fighting, who exactly we are fighting with, who the 'rebels' are that we're fighting for, what a No-Fly Zone accomplishes with a dictator who has ground troops, how long we are to be there, to whom we are to "hand-off" and... # (Click for text or video.)

And perhaps it's true that al Qaeda is in Libya...was Qaddafi's threat against his people merely al-Qaeda-backed theater to lure the US fly into the ointment? If so, did the White House know al Qaeda is nesting there? If not, why not?

Consider the following:

Libya Rebels: Gaddafi Could be Right About al-Qaeda - Two documents suggest northeast Libya, centre of rebellion, is an al-Qaeda hotspot

By Alexander Cockburn

The war on Libya now being waged by the US, Britain and France must surely rank as one of the stupidest martial enterprises, smaller in scale to be sure, since Napoleon took it into his head to invade Russia in 1812.

Mar 24, 2011

Leuren Moret: Japan quake-nuke meltdown "no accident" (video)

Scientist Leuren Moret (a heroine of mine if I tended to maintain pedestals for human beings!) says the current earthquake-meltdown conditions in Japan were done deliberately. I've been waiting for this news, haven't you? Here's the scoop which I found bwo the excellent

(ExopoliticsTV) – Independent scientist Leuren Moret, whose 2004 landmark article in the Japan Times unmasked lies and distortions by government and company officials that led to the construction of nuclear power plants in seismically dangerous areas, has declared in an exclusive 65-minute video interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre that the “Japan earthquake and “accidents” at the Fukushima’s 6 nuclear power plant units starting March 11, 2011 are in fact deliberate acts of tectonic nuclear warfare, carried out against the populations ecology of Japan and the nations of the Northern Hemisphere, including the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. #

Radiation is being found in mainland US now and said by authorities to be 'safe' yet I doubt those with compromised immune systems, the elderly, and the young will be feeling 'safe' for very long after radiation builds up in their systems.

Now I realized years ago that these power elites seeking world government control are playing for keeps but their latest nuclear caper just seems to be permanently ruining the whole litterbox for all us cats, even the fat ones, don't you agree?

This may call for a kitty cat photo of our fatcat-in-residence, Grace!

Also online: Lim's Limericks where cats write political limericks and verse and I type them up for the blog because cats don't have typing fingers.

Mar 23, 2011

And Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem March 23, 2011

In these troubled years I think of the Scriptural admonition to, Pray for the peace of Israel. Now with Jerusalem's bombing on March 23, 2011, marking the worst Israel-Gaza clashes since the 2009 war and the "small wars" said to be broken out along the border, I know of little else to do from afar, do you?

Yes, it is true that Good Shall Triumph! Yet I would love to have some Peace on Earth for a time and for everyone and their families, wouldn't you?

Mar 22, 2011

After Citizens United, & Solar Eclipses 1993 = 2011

Perhaps you've seen the brilliant photo of the March 19, 2011 SuperMoon in Virgo rising above DC's Lincoln Memorial now posted on a new blog After Citizens United.

(Astro-Note: constellation Virgo and its stars have particular significance for the founding of America including the related archetype for nurturing asteroid Ceres ('security concerns') which in America's natal chart, conjoins our natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint @ '8Pis'...and Pluto/Chiron = Plutocracy and its attendant class warfare and disenfranchisement.)

Well, if you're interested in the January 2010 SCOTUS decision on Citizens United which upped the corporate anty on the power elite's campaign contributions for 2012 and beyond (US gov bought and sold = Plutocracy), I hope you'll check out After Citizens United which contains an image of the SCOTUS Ruling horoscope of January 21, 2010, and links to related topics.

My feeling is that these birty dastards have a huge jump on the citizens of the US so pass around all pertinent info you can find! Apathy is no longer an excuse so it's imperative that as many Americans as possible pay close attention to all class warfare matters which are seriously undermining our democracy, and that obviously includes Citizens United v FEC.

Included on the blog you'll also find an essay by Joan McCarter entitled "Money's Sustained Assault Against Democracy" so if you're fond of democracy in America (or wish we had some rather than exporting it across the globe bwo lies and guns), Ms. McCarter's article is highly recommended. And a tidbit of info from the Citizens United blog: SCOTUS will hold hearings on March 28, 2011 concerning Arizona's public financing system; other related suits are pending so we must keep up!

Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Libya

Now some are saying that President Obama didn't have the authority to act in Libya as we're doing under cover of a 'humanitarian mission' to protect civilians (there we go again: bombing = 'saving'. Yeah, right.) Presidential overreach and the military action in Libya are facets of the global elite's Undermine America Agenda in order to set up a one-world-government and we're watching the US government further extending its imperial self into the region of the Middle East. It remains to be seen whether our incursion into Libya can be handed off to foreign entities in a few days.

Of SuperMoons and Eclipses 1993 - 2011

The last SuperMoon occurred in March 1993 which is of time-link interest since the two Solar Eclipses (SE) of 1993 are repeating in 2011 with similar influences upon society.

May 21, 1993's SE @ '1 Gemini' is in the 13 South Series as will be the June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse @ '11 Gemini', a degree which falls between US natal Uranus 8:55 and US natal Desc '13Gem'...Uranus/ASC = Sun: friendships with leaders and important people; physical unrest; mobility; a restless colleague or partner; anxiety about putting one's best foot forward; hoping for success. Uran/ASC = Moon: getting excited through the influence of others; quick mood changes; emotionalism spills into view; needing support, sympathy, and approval (speaking of 'approval', Obama should've gotten that from Congress before he took us into Libya in what may be an extended piece of Hades - UN approval is not congressional approval - for a little while longer at least.)

From Brady's Predictive Astrology we find that the influences of 13S include: expansive energy under which lies a sinister flavor; striving for group endeavors, either positively or negatively; urge to expand brings frustrations, inhibitions, and loss or separation. And for Australia in 1975, 13S included a Constitutional Crisis (which may be brought to the White House circa 2011 due to Libya invasion or ___?___.)

The second Solar Eclipse of (November 13) 1993 @'22Sco' which repeats on November 25, 2011 @ '2Sag' is in the 14 North Series with vibes that include: draining of energy; an acute time of confusion in relationships, and unexpected happenings in financial matters; despair; a peculiar turn of events; too much confusion and delusion to make clear judgments (paraphrasing Brady, as above.)

In her book Eclipses, Celeste Teal titles the '11Gem' Jun 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse, "Something to Cry About" (though that's usually reserved for '00Gem' because it conjoins Fixed Star Alcyone, of the Seven Sisters.) She states that its nearness to US natal Uranus indicates surprising developments in government which may be dealing with a "lack of support"; falling in 8th house in DC, this eclipse heralds issues of taxation, mortality, burial concerns, sanitation, or contagion (radiation from Japan?).

Other possibilities for the June 1, 2011 SE are that trade agreements are strained in foreign relations, workers' strikes and protests continue, military controversies surface, and there may be an urgent health situation, hospital condition, or prison crisis to deal with. Plus, a particularly mysterious crime/s may be in the news (bio-weapons expert John P. Wheeler? Someone new?)

Teal's title for the 14N SE of Nov 25, 2011 is: "Blazing New Trails" - yet workers will still be discontent, there are concerns over secret enemies, and there's an "extension of power of nation in the world, although some complications to overcome." Is Libya only the US government's first 'no-fly-zone' justification?

Well, on that New World Order note I must leave you for my pesky old day job and a sincere hope that we'll reconnect another day while remembering what Herbert Hoover said on such topics: that old men make wars and young men fight them. How correct he was.

Now if only we could get the world's young men and women to turn their backs on war.

Mar 19, 2011

Vulcans to Libya, a SuperMoon, & Iraq War's Solar Return March 2011

NPR BREAKING NEWS: Allied Aircraft Flying Over Libya

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has confirmed that coalition planes are in the air above Libya. "Our air force will oppose any aggression by Col. Gadhafi against the population of Benghazi," he announced in Paris.

More at NPR.


Astro-Note: the Iraq War's Solar Return 2011 occurs March 20, 2011 at 4:55:59 am BAT -3:00 Baghdad, Iraq; ASC 1Pis17 w the Neptune 29AQ30/Chiron 2Pis37 duo rising; Hour Mars 19Pis44 in 1st house and out-of-bounds and precariously motivated in Pisces. Transiting Neptune at a critical 29th degree approaches Iraq War's natal 12th H Uranus 00Pis30 (planet of rebellion and radicalism), a time when there are unrealistic expectations about societal changes, social breakdowns, and ideals and spiritual goals that conflict with current financial and technological conditions: as before, precarious.

Tr Pluto 7Cap24 has now crossed the war's natal Midheaven (The Goal; The WHY? Point) and nears the Piscean Mars 9Cap11. Thus, a midpoint picture forms at the very top of the radix chart: Mars/MC = tr Pluto: extraordinary zeal and tremendous vigor; the desire to bring immense tasks to a successful conclusion. (Ebertin.)

That would be a long-desired goal yet there are many portents in the natal and Solar Return 2011 charts which I won't bore you with on this SuperMoon day. But when tr Saturn, now @ 15Lib01 Rx, reaches Iraq War's natal 7th H Moon 23Lib06 (the people),
a valley of depressed feelings and despairing emotions will be experienced as staged and engineered by a spidery global network of warhawks, Vulcans, arms dealers, and other profiteers.

The Vulcans Are Forging Their War Tools Again

Disturbingly, the Iraq War's Solar Return chart for March 20, 2011 - it's 8th anniversary so the 9th year now begins - shows tr Hidalgo (power; expecting obedience) and Lilith (an archetype associated with the Middle East, especially with Israel; also, spies, surveillance, & potential betrayal) are at SR Midheaven (MC 12Sag10 = US natal ASC) of the horoscope which signifies a tag team effort possessing superior forces to bring down the government of Libya....another "coalition" which has been approved by the UN Security Council for enforcement of control in Libya as our Western Imperial March across the region continues with oil and gas (SR Neptune and Chiron rising) the main issue to be dealt with.

Now which entity on the world political stage do you think the Iraq War's SR 2011 Hidalgo in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius represents?

SuperMoon in Virgo March 19, 2011

Today is March 19, 2011, day of a SuperMoon, a lunar phenomenon which tends to herald disaster or catastrophe. Starting another war, this time in Libya, is one form of disaster begun by men who sit far away from the melee lest their pretty minds be stained or unduly ruffled. Yet all Full Moons and today's SuperMoon in late Virgo indicate the culmination and fulfillment stage of seeds planted at the New Moon of March 4, 2011 @ '14Pis' = "A Lady in Fox Fur." (We note how often we hear Hillary Clinton's name in the news of late.)

Then on a more personal, inner level which addresses our deepest concerns, my friend Julie Demboski has published a column on the SuperMoon that is not to be missed. The Full Moon of March 19, 2011: Birthing Uranus in Aries contains Lunar food for Mercurial thought with Uranian insights for all who care to listen. Thanks, Julie!

Mar 18, 2011

SuperMoon or Full? March 19, 2011 lunation in Virgo

If you're contemplating upon the Full Moon of Saturday March 19, 2011 @28Vir48 and the fact that it qualifies as a 'SuperMoon', as the phenomenon was titled by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979, then you'll want to read the list (1954 - 2036) provided of natural disasters which have occurred within 3 days of a SuperMoon.

Now Astronomy does not concur on the subject of influence upon the Earth's weather systems even though simple New and Full Moons have been admitted to cause high and low tidal changes - well, even your Aunt Granny Fanny knows that. In Astrology, the Moon is said to rule the Unconscious, the physical body, and tells us about Mom's side of the family (along with our reigning needs.) And we know that the menstrual cycle of females is based on the lunar month because ideally, 'falling off the roof' (or, a 'visit from Aunt Flo') normally comes about every 28 - 31 days for a human being of the feminine persuasion...a Moon cycle.

But the idea that a Moon's perigee (closest approach to Earth) or apogee (farthest) could affect earthly weather conditions and thereby cause harmful storm systems, earthquakes, or volcanoes? Quelle Impossible! (That last was typed with a very bad French accent, as you can tell!)

Astronomers refer to the SuperMoon phenomenon as a perigee-syzygy being the cusses that they are (kidding!) As for weather effects, Saturday's SuperMoon is in Virgo which is an Earth sign; Moon rules the ocean bwo Cancer, the Crab: will part of Japan sink like Atlantis allegedly did after abuse, misuse, and/or overuse of power, as the myth goes?)

Well, personally I lean toward Mr. Nolle's argument: that extreme Supermoons tend to bring dangerous weather events somewhere in the world within 3 days after exactitude, as if we need an extra catastrophe right now. Hopefully the world will avoid turbulent weather though I have no real inclination to sleuth into which locations are most geo-stressed at the moment.

(Plus, transit Uranus to Aries Point and at zero declination - with its quirky, wild card, out-of-the-blue energies being affected by instigator Mars - has been gracious plenty for me to ponder in recent weeks.)

Besides, my friend Theodore White has just published info on recent and upcoming upheavals within our Moon-ruled atmosphere for I know he's been busy creating an overview of certain astro-weather conditions and global outcomes which we're all now dealing with on one level or another. The recent Cardinal Grand Cross is addressed as well, plus, Theo has included an article on facing current challenges authored by the excellent Lynn Hayes, and something by yours truly.

And in case you missed it, here's a link to a previous post Pegasus and the Virgo Full Moon of 3.19.11 with an image of the SuperMoon horoscope.

All in all, Saturday's Full Moon of Super proportions promises to be a gorgeously bright and glorious sight at which to marvel if no clouds block our views. Astrological exactitude occurs @ 2:10 pm edt, Washington DC, but by evening it should still be beautiful as it rises.

And whether visible to our physical eyes or not, we'll all know that on March 19, 2011, the mysterious Moon is glowing and sailing beyond us as Luna performs another monthly round as our heavenly lantern to light humanity's path.


Also by Richard Nolle: Chiron: The New Planet in Your Horoscope, The Key to Your Quest (published 1983, just six years after the discovery of Chiron.)

Wishing a Joyous and Safe Purim for those who celebrate!


Drawing: Full Moon at Green Arch Observatory from one of my art blogs, Secret Moon Art.

UN okays No-Fly Zone for Libya, UN horoscope activated 3.18.11

Here is Resolution 1973 (2011) in a form meant for public consumption (not the official version, it says) which was voted on Thursday after a closed door meeting. Click for more details on the 'No Fly' resolution.

You may wish to view the United Nations' natal horoscope here. Progressing this chart to 3.17.11 gives a SP Sun 7Cap13 with transiting Pluto 7Cap23 coming to call with power ascendancy and control issues on tap.

The UN's SP Mc/Ic axis is at critical-crisis degrees (17Pis/Vir) with the Virgo Ic stimulated by the last Great Conjunction of revolutionary combo Uranus and Pluto @ sensitized '17Vir' (mid-1960s); SP Sun conjoins Sec Venus at crisis degree 29Sag01; SP Mercury 15Sag16 ('16Sag' = "Sea Gulls Watching a Ship" with Libya being the ship of opportunity) opposes SP Uranus 14Gem33 Rx, an aspect that tends to assume that its opinions and ideas are the only ones that are valid - the 'know it all' aspect of tactlessness which tends to cause resentment in others. SP Sun, Mercury, and Venus are in Sec 6th house of Military/Police Service, Work, and Health.

Obviously, the bombing and other actions that are about to take place in Libya are alleged to be for the purposes of 'rescuing' civilians and stopping Qaddafi from killing more of his own people but will cause the cold hearted Orwellian-labeled 'collateral damage' simultaneously.

UN's SP ASC 7Can51 brings up the US natal trio of Venus, Jupiter, and Sun in Cancer even though the US role is being semi-veiled for now for typically political and strategic reasons though protecting sea lanes is understandably part of our nation's motivation.

UN's SP Moon 9Sco37 is ruled by warring Mars (sub-ruled on a higher octave by saboteur Pluto) and it's an Hour of Mars in the UN's Secondary Progressed chart (UN was 'born' during a Mars Hour, natal chart data is listed below; UN n Mars conjoins Saturn in Cancer, a 'destructive energy' combination, says Ebertin.)

UN's SP Mars is Rx by progression at a critical-crisis degree: 29Can11; '30Can' = "A Daughter of the American Revolution."

Tr Uranus 00Ari20 (AP) has brought the world much strife and disaster of late and this operation will be part of that strife though I certainly hope it ultimately will do the beleaguered people of Libya much good - yet we know that the world still groans under the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto yoke: harm through force majeure.

At the time of the UN Security Council vote on Thursday, asteroid Circe (keywords: where we seek rescue) conjoined the New Moon of March 4, 2011 @ '14Pis' = "A Woman in Fox Fur" and March 19, 2011 brings its book end Full Moon as previously noted. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seems to be fulfilling this role for the US.

Apparently there may begin a new war for this weekend, if not before, a sad portent for the celebration of Purim which begins at sundown on March 19, 2011.

United Nations natal data: October 24, 1945 4:45 pm est Capitol Hill Washington DC from public record; natal ASC 20Ari06 conjoins US natal Chiron, the Sacred Warrior archetype; '21Ari' = "A Pugilist Entering the Ring"; natal Mc (The Goal) 11Cap11 where transiting Pluto now approaches.


SP = Secondary Progressions based on the day-for-a-year principle of the Sun's daily motion.

Mar 17, 2011

Messenger Orbits Mercury tonight as Mercury opposes Saturn 3.17.11

And a Happy St. Patrick's Day 2011 to you and to NASA whose space probe Messenger is to go into elliptical orbit around speedy Mercury tonight and for one Earth year after.

Here's a Timeline of the 6-year+ project to investigate Mercury.

NASA's Messenger page has lots of info (apt for anything to do with Astrology's mental planet, Mercury!) and says that Orbital Insertion begins tonight at 8:45 pm EDT when in the Tropical Zodiac, Mercury will be @ 14Ari20.

Mercury opposes Saturn Rx 15Lib10 w US natal Saturn 14Lib48, therefore Mercury opposes US n Saturn as well. This is a period of time when ideas, activities, and information are prone to diametric opposition to structures, tradition, and organization as other voices with dissenting opinions critique our authority and experience. Normally under this transit, travel is delayed or curtailed, good news is not forthcoming, other people don't tend to say what we want to hear, and conflicting information is all around us.

(This sounds a lot like the House speakers rising this morning to speak for or against public funding of NPR. No ideas in Congress for jobs creation, just attacks on the only nearly-balanced news outlet the American people have left, and the only one still maintaining an office in Afghanistan. Plus, defunding NPR will mean loss of jobs, so Thanks, Republicans. As usual, you're misdirecting your zealous energies. A majority of Americans are polling a resounding, No! to defunding NPR, so get over it. The procedural vote in the House is expected this afternoon. Even if you think NPR is 'left-wing', in America we desperately need a left to counterbalance the abundance of 'right-wing' info we're being inundated with 24/7, otherwise the US butterfly tilts crazily into Fascism as it hits the ground.)

NASA's Mercury Messenger Mission was launched on August 3, 2004 from Cape Canaveral FL and tonight begins the mission's big pay-off. You may wish to check out a 2008 post published just before a flyby. In the post you'll find I used *Adriano Carelli's degree for Mercury's position then (14Lib) where Saturn Rx soon returns 2011 - and, again, it's America's natal Saturn position. But you may be surprised to read at post's end of another entity's 14 Libra Saturn as stated by Mr. Carelli, so I'll let you click and sleuth it for yourself in your best mercurial fashion!

Tonight at 8:45 pm edt with Sun 27Pis05 and Moon 2Vir26, the muddy Water-Earth Sun-Moon blend's Images for Integration may be revealing concerning NASA's Mercury Messenger Mission, its cutting-edge photography of the planet, and other conditions going on now as well:

"A mosaic picture of the universe, each piece perfect in itself...Small events bring enormous consequences...Faith and reason shake hands." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Yes, faith (Jupiter) and reason (Mercury) should shake hands much more often in this polarized, at-odds world and I hope NASA's Mercury Messenger Mission proceeds successfully tonight, and that the partisan GOP attack on NPR is beaten back once again.


*Source: 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, Adriano Carelli.

Mar 16, 2011

After watching these last years as The Soulless of Wall Street and Washington tag-teamed to run the American people into the alms house, I find today that in Japan as in the US (and most every other location on the globe, centering in London), it was cold hearted greed and lax oversight that preceded the meltdown of nuclear reactors (built on fault lines); plus a 9.0 earthquake (3.11.11 Fri 2:47 pm local time), tsunami, and volcano to brew a doomsday catastrophe.

Christian Science Monitor's coverage is recommended: Japan Earthquake-Nuclear Meltdown Timeline.

As is that of: Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! and Thom Hartmann's The Big Picture.

As notes of the recent Cardinal Grand Cross echo across my monitor screen, I bemoan again the lingering effects of the Saturn, Uranus, Pluto trio which remain in contact with one another, just not in a planetary configuration such as a T-Square. Their T-Square relationship: Saturn/Uranus = Pluto has dissolved somewhat with Saturn now further into Libra to about 18 Libra when a retrograde station occurred and the Old Man returned to lower degrees of the sign of the Balanced Scales of Justice, Valuations, Beauty, Diplomacy, Relationships, and The Other.

Perhaps the Trio's Midpoint Picture Says It All

*Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: harm through force majeure.

Being opposite Mars-ruled Aries, Libra is one of the military signs. Yet it's primarily been disruptive Uranus crossing the Aries Point on March 11, 2011 (and its declination, with March 11 being the day of the 9.0 earthquake "off the coast of the northeastern city of Sendai") which has commandeered the astrological limelight in the series of disasters now befalling the world and Japan in particular. (Originally ranked @ 8.9, the Friday earthquake rating has been upped to 9.0, last I heard.)

At a cued moment, an event of some rarity was staged with the emperor of Japan making his first-ever TV appearance performing as the emperor of Japan, perhaps a clue to the dramatic opportunism exhibited by a world crime syndicate terrorizing global populations.

Excruciatingly, the worst disenfranchisement most human beings can imagine is what now befalls the good people of Japan and those who will suffer in future from radioactive fallout. The scientists (nuclear), industrialists (GE), politicians and traders (global), and media (scoundrels) have talked it 'down' all the while though some level of admission cannot be avoided in a Sorrow which is being manipulated as if it's a public relations conflagration meant to keep hidden the identities of the many culprits for as long as possible.

The human toll is unacceptable to me. Their corner-cutting construction and maintenance, and other cost-cutting measures that may come to light are irrelevant at the moment with such large numbers of people now fighting for their and their loved ones' very survival.

Somehow the perilous March 2011 nuclear meltdown, earthquake, tsunami, and volcano in Japan makes TV's Survivor seem like a bunch of fluff'n'nonsense.


So is it a coincidence that the TV program 'V' is peaking in its dramatic arc as Earthlings are shown being overpowered and out-technologized by the 'Vs' whose fancy lighting system makes other more earthly mood lifters completely unnecessary? And I can definitely see how Anna's 'Bliss' could seem blasphemous to those who love the Lord.

To me, 'V' attempts to pass on a message that the world is changing radically and will never be the same now. Much has been written of potentials for 2011 and 2012 - maybe to 'set the mood' as the entertainment industry is so perfect at doing. Another current TV offering of the same ilk is The Event but my personal fave of the genre is Fringe, and I suspect you like it, too. Don't ask me how I know - Fringe's parallel universe theme just seems to fit our weird, unpredictable world these days especially for one who reads a blog such as this.


Three Links from me to you: Mountain Astrologer Magazine, Julie Demboski's Astrology, and Woolly Mammoth Chronicles.


*The Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin.

The Iron Wall (video link) -- of Zionist colonization

The Iron Wall (Video link)

"Zionist colonization must either stop, or else proceed regardless of the native population. Which means that it can proceed and develop only under the protection of a power that is independent of the native population - behind The Iron Wall, which the native population cannot breach."

Vladimir Jabotinsky 1923

Click to read details and view a 57-minute video on this important topic; naturally, the tense duo of Saturn (tectonic plates; soil; earth; constriction) and Uranus (splitting; breaking; loosening) are implicated and are associated in Mundane Astrology with the Middle East particularly Israel and Palestine. The duo's last Great Conjunction/s occurred three times through 1988 - under Ronald Reagan's watch though his deputies may have been minding the national store while the Gipper snoozed; Saturn and Uranus conjoined forces in the near-final three degrees of Sagittarius 27-28-29 rather near Galactic Center. 29 degrees of any sign, as you know, is often in critical or crisis mode and the planet prepares to move into new territory, the next sign.

We felt the Saturn/Uranus opposition in the November 2009 presidential election and again in 2010 across the Virgo-Pisces axis. Nowadays, with Capitol Hill's traditionalism v radicalism, plus riots, protests, strikes, rebellions, overthrows, stepdowns, bombings, disenfranchisement, earthquakes, volcanoes, and nuclear catastrophes, we groan under their brittle 165-degree quindecile relationship indicating 'disruption of governing systems' and 'defiance of law and order.'

Guess that also applies in the spiritual realm to natural law and order.


For more details on the compulsive-obsessive aspect The Quindecile, allow Ricki Reeves to explain.

Is Japan targeted by HAARP? (video)

Well, it was only a matter of time before I had to mention HAARP by name in relation to the nuclear devastation in Japan. My last post covered much of my thoughts, my heart is broken, and there's too much more to say rather than less. Yet we must each watch our energy levels if we have them. Si?

My cordial thanks go to Crystal Pomeroy of one of online's premiere publications Daykeeper Journal for sending along a handy YouTube link. Crystal Pallas Pomeroy is one of three daughters of expert astrologer, author, and lecturer Maya Del Mar ~~ one of Astrology's past lights still shining ~~ and writes a regular column Crystal's Moon Meditations for our growth and renewal.

Thanks, Crystal!

(As you see, the HAARP video is published here in English since I don't speak Spanish. Wish I did. YouTube has it how you want to hear it though. jc)

Mar 15, 2011

Japan's Ripped Apart Water Molecules, Mysterious Bird Deaths, & Neptune to Pisces

A Nuclear Proposal and a Water Molecule Explodes in Japan

by Jude Cowell

Seems to me that nuclear radiation leaks in the global nuclear arsenal and aging power plant systems could have been leaking long 'ere this and could be part of the poisoning of wildlife in various regions: mysteriously dead birds falling from the sky en masse; fish kills washing up on global shores. Reactors are now 40 - 50 years old with what is now known as sub-standard containment provisions.

What say you to this idea, Anonymous commenter?

As you know, the world is in meltdown: the Japan Meltdown is ongoing with leaked radiation now wafting across the Pacific Ocean toward the West Coast of the US. Astrologically, transiting Neptune (planet of poisons, gases, oils, water, oceans, the masses, media, propaganda, lies, fraud, deception, disillusion, illusion, entertainment, art-music-acting, disappointment, and loss - let's see...does that uncover most everything about Neptunian veils and masks except the positive side: spirituality and The Divine Source?)

Cuing Mr. Hades, god of the Underworld and Primal Power

Pluto's plutonium is one of the distressing factors in the deteriorating situation; the 60 people left behind are sacrificing their lives in order to fight the meltdowns at at least three power plants where there is nuclear waste on top of the reactors, says *Thom Hartmann. I can hardly type of it anymore right now (feeling a little ill here at the thought of Science's hubris - they can meddle with natural laws but they can't equally repair what they irreparably ruin.

In this case, General Electric designed the plants with the nuclear waste just sitting on top in pools. If the refuse burns (and it has; there's no remedy for nuclear waste disposal given its long 'shelf life' and anyone who says they want more of it brought into the world is a psychopathic control freak to the nth dimension. They mean no good toward society, may be practicing massive population control, and should be deterred on behalf of the world's common good.)

Another sad factor here is highly combustible uranium, namesake of planet Uranus (Ouronos.) And as astrologers understand the myth, Ouronos the Sky God, represents creative genius and in the realm of nuclear and atomic energy, it's genius gone wild.

With our Frankensteinian, Uranian 'mad scientists' at work for decades (which implicates energies of the zodiacal sign Aquarius where Neptune now lingers at AQ's last degree, the crisis-critical degree of 29AQ), we see dire effects manifested of a Neptune gone wild and wafting its harmful way across the sea, aided by lab tech Uranus.

If nuclear meltdown and radiation poisoning, results of ripping water molecules apart, are the key event/s of the long-dreaded year 2011 (leading into the even more dreaded-for-mysterious-occurrences-2012), it's a hard lesson which the Mutual Reception between Uranus and Neptune has been teaching. My prayers go out for all mankind as we reap what the nuclear industry has sown (with our willing compliance through diversionary tactics), and it seems in Japan to point - for much if not all of the catastrophe's culpability - directly toward General Electric (along with Japan's national power company) in whichever of the corporation's guises apply. For like the Atomic Split which also broke a natural law, there's a no-turning-back-now tone to the whole sorry affair.

Then, with Weather as Weapon issues of 'natural' disaster proportions lurking around the edges of a concerned public consciousness (awareness = our "Great Awakening"?), we must respond kindly to the dire needs of the Japanese people who seem to be unfortunately ensnared within Science's seemingly limitless nuclear laboratory. (Please see sidebar, right, for a How to Help Japan link. And yes, I've seen TV ads for a new film, Limitless, a Pluto-inspired movie on all levels.)

For good info on the disturbing topic of weather manipulation and more, a must-see is the writing of independent scientist working on radiation issues, Leuren Moret who connects the dots across the globe in a scientific yet humane manner. The people of the world have a need to know so please pass along any Leuren Moren links you have without delay.

So is there perhaps a good reason why radiation carnage is happening once again in Japan where the doom-filled first atomic bombs were unleashed upon an innocent Japanese population by US President Harry Truman? It wasn't simply a way to 'end' WWII, as touted, oh no. It was a declaration of the over-arching power of America over the entire globe, even then. Imperial America has only grown in stature through the decades since, yet now the nation's mojo has been hijacked by global usurpers of the crime syndicate strain of lowlife amoeba, (aka, financial usury-rate-gougers/plutocrats. Yes, Pluto expressing himself through Saturnian Capricorn has become excessively busy, has he not? And now Mr. Hades lurks so near a ruthless Fixed Star, Facies @ 8Cap18, a star connected with earthquakes, as is cave-tunneling Pluto.)

Well, on March 11, 2011, a Fist of God planetary pattern formed between the Moon - adrift among the raging energies of nasty Fixed Stars Capulus and Algol - @ 28Tau43 (noon JST 3.11.11) - square crisis-degreed Neptune 29AQ12; the Moon/Neptune SQ points toward manager-scientist-governmental-official Saturn 15Lib39 Rx, which implicates American involvement (General Electric? It's surely a multi-national corporation by now but one supposes it considers itself American still. In the normal scheme of things, corporations are meant to have built-in expiry dates - society needs to re-establish that helpful rule.)

A midpoint picture is formed by the Fist of God trio as well:

Moon/Neptune = Saturn: caution about neglecting important societal concerns (nuclear waste, an aging collection of reactors ill-designed and maintained); being strongly influenced by the prevailing yet temporary circumstances (temporary? hurrah! if only); a sense of suffering under the yoke; pessimism or despair; feeling frustrated or paralyzed; the suffering of the soul; hard work to restructure ambition. (Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl.)

(It's safe to say we may all feel the horror which takes 'the starch' out of anyone yet the good people of Japan feel it most keenly and are most directly in harm's way. My intuition, such as it is, says that these conditions may culminate around May 20, 2012 with the arrival of a Solar Eclipse @ 00Gem conjoining Fixed Star Alcyone, keywords: something to cry about. More eclipse stuff later...)

Plus, resonating with tr Saturn, apex planet of the Moon/Neptune square, is the ongoing three-fer process of another US Saturn Return (@ 14Lib48, and a 28-year-cycle) which in 2011 adds to our governmental, legal, and commercial culpability for the nuclear events at hand. (The helm of America was coup'd decades ago by world class meddlers.)

And Saturn's current and apt Sabian Symbol? '16Lib' = "A Boat Landing Washed Away."

Feelin' d'Guinea Pig Blues Deep Down, Y'all

There's a Fixed Star in the belly of constellation Cetus, The Whale (Menkar, victim of the Unconscious) which echoes the story of Jonah who was swallowed by a great Whale (aka, the Great Collective Unconscious of Humanity, or Humanity's Ark; Leviathan) for three days until he got with God's common good program and warned the people as he was meant to do. And I can't seem to shake an impression that the recent conjunction of Pluto in Capricorn (ruled by harsh Saturn) with tr North Node (NN, of the Moon) timed a 'mass destiny of a large number of people' vibe of shared fate which we now experience through the channel of the horrid Japan Meltdown, a catastrophe affecting the entire planet and our global environment. Pluto/NN also describes, powerful connections or encounters.

In response to all these plutonian considerations, here's a Wiki on the Anti-Nuclear cause if you wish to investigate alternate actions to sitting like a lump typing at a pc keyboard - oh, wait! That's me.

Remember Chernobyl 1986 for its fallout still haunts us and adversely affects the DNA of each individual and the very matrix, the mitochondrial DNA, of Mother Earth herself.

Image: Celestial Path and Beyond, imported from Secret Moon Art.


Recommended: Barbara Hand Clow's book on Chiron and its chapter on Chiron and the Bomb. If this research, pioneered by Bruce Cathe, is correct, there is a specific reason Why Japan Again? in 2011 and it concerns the fact that, to quote,

"--atomic war is a virtual impossibility on this planet because of the unbreakable laws of mathematics and geometry."

Now specifically that's bomb talk and in Japan now it's a slightly different tale of unfortunate disruption yet the catalytic actions are similar in their super-nature as natural laws go unheeded for the alleged sake of progress and new technologies. Besides, knowledge is power. And power is Pluto.

Check out the potential parameters of nuclear reactions occurring 'successfully', if you have the book (yes, there's a Kindle version for $9.99) which may indicate that Japan in March 2011 remains one of the particular spots on Earth where nuclear reaction can indeed take place. This need for timing in a precise location may show that human - shall we call it - "agency" - is more consciously at fault in Japan's catastrophe (earthquake at nuclear plants' locations causing tsunami conditions and death) than is clearly being seen with invisible Pluto, planet of fear and coping, pulling his usual strings of manipulation and control and sending ruinous particulates into our global atmosphere and water for soil, fowl, and fish to snarf up and pass on to us.

*Click the Thom Hartmann Show's link (aired March 15, 2011, above) to read or view his report on the Bush-appointed John Roberts Court and its increase of SCOTUS decisions which have sided with Big Corporations (asteroid Cupido in a mundane chart = Corporatism; The Family; The Syndicate) against US citizens' best interests; the numbers are wa-a-y up since Roberts took over The Big Gavel.

Today Thom also plugged Senator Al Franklin's introduction of a bill for protecting Net Neutrality. We-the-people and the peoples of the world need this bill to pass, m'peops! Now I signed the petition. Will you?


In addition, my apology for not mentioning in this column Japan Meltdown's effect on global financial markets which was not my focus today even though world markets are currently wobbling or plummeting over such 'fears'. Supply-Demand routes will be interrupted as well yet we may assume from experience that wealthy Pluto will find himself in the best win-win situation from it all than any of the rest of us pawns and dupes.

And on another topic (or is it?), a re-airing of the excellent Orwell Rolls in His Grave will be shown on LINK TV beginning March 24, 2011, just so ya know. If the page still says there are 'no air dates' scheduled, ignore. Because they announced March 24 a little while ago. jc

Mar 14, 2011

A Fixed T-Square situation: Rep. Paul Ryan & President Obama

Today SO'W spotlights a new blog concerning Republican wunderkind Paul Ryan for those who wish to better understand the man behind the budget-slashing mask - and who don't mind using the lens of Astrology to do so.

You'll find that synastry information is included concerning the rigid and difficult Fixed T-Square between President Obama and Rep. Paul Ryan as posted by astrologer Mark Andrew Holmes in collaboration with Alex D'Atria of GOP Astrology.

Meltdown in Japan & New Nuclear Power Plants Coming to Georgia (USA)

You know how you return home from a weekend trip and there are zillions of things to catch up with? Well, that's my situation this morning as I read the latest info I can find on the horrendous earthquakes and ongoing nuclear catastrophe in Japan, a nation of good people for whom I pray in this, their time of great trial.

Then my terra-mail is opened and I am starkly reminded of Japan's nuclear disaster bwo the recent addition to our Georgia Power electric bills: $3.79 per month for their rammed-through legislation allowing a Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery in order to build not one but two nuclear plants in my home state. This is a pay-it-forward tax since the money has been forcibly added to Georgians' power bills as of January 2011 for future construction.

(Anti-nuke protests are now going on over the globe!)

And of course, it doesn't matter if the public (whose taxpayers' will be saddled with massive costs if there's a catastrophe) wants the worrisome nuke plants or not, or if we consider them safe to live near. Georgia's well known water supply shortages seem not to matter either - millions of gallons of cool water for future meltdowns notwithstanding. Smart planning? I think not. Especially since Georgia tends toward debilitating droughts in recent years which are difficult enough to deal with without potential radiation poisoning to worry about.

Of course, dead people aren't thirsty people, are they?

So what if our nation's antiquated power grid failed during one of Georgia's extremely hot summers? Electricity and water are needed to cool down reactors! And I'm not even considering here the threat of hacking by terrorists.

Water Water No Where

Guess we Georgians could spurn water and just drink Atlanta-based Coca-Cola (not me!) all the time "going forward" - but oops! Brewing Coke takes lots of water, too. Gotta work on that pesky getting-thirsty habit, it seems, for if it comes down to drinking water or having nuclear energy, Georgia Power's thumb on the scale has decided 'what's best' for this native Georgian. It all makes me wonder just who could possibly have thought that hot, dry Georgia was a good location for two new nuclear plants.

Uranus, Earthquakes, and Sudden Disasters: Uranus to Aries Point

For years, astrologers have been expecting big events (as well as one can 'expect' with quirky Uranus, planet of The Unexpected) as The Awakener has again crossed the Aries Point of World Manifestation in 2010 and 2011. And I'm sure we've all been hoping that Uranus to AP wouldn't come to this. Hard lessons from Japan's current nightmare and the folly of placing nuclear reactors on or near fault lines reminds me that I've never considered nuclear plants to be "safe" neighbors.

So if I thought that writing a Dear John letter to the powerful power company would help this deplorable situation, I'd write and send it along - and ask pointedly for my money back for this devilish project. Something along the lines of: nuclear power is only "safe" and "clean" until the first accident occurs, you numbskulls.

Or perhaps I should delete 'you numbskulls' for a better outcome...?

Oh well. Never mind that the state of Georgia experiences infrequent earthquakes, too (name a location that doesn't, right?) At least we're the state with the mysterious Georgia Guidestones which tout (severe) population control, among other things, and apparently was commissioned in 1979 by a stranger with the pseudonym "R.C. Christian", a Rosicrucian reference, as some (such as myself) believe.

It seems that the 'purpose' of the Guidestones (unveiled publicly on March 22, 1986, Elberton, GA) relates to our Founding Deist Thomas Paine and the religious theories he expounded in his pamphlet The Age of Reason. I say this because a carving on the Guidestones states,

"Let These Be Guidestones to An Age of Reason." Voila! The Utopians are coming for us!

Well, after hearing this weekend of the earthquakes and subsequent nuclear meltdowns in Japan, both reason and common sense tell me that building more nuclear plants when you're incapable of dealing with the refuse of the ones you have - and building them on or near fault lines - is self-destructive madness and as such, is not reasonable in the least.


For similar topics, you may wish to check out an intriguing reciprocal transit in 2006 which occurred within the natal horoscope of Thomas Paine. As you know, 2006 was the year that US natal Mars turned retrograde by progression. Paine's reciprocal transit is: Sun to Chiron and Chiron to Sun - simultaneously! Read chart details, or skip the text and view a dual chart image here, if you wish, for his Sun/Chiron synchronicity in May 2006 is quite amazing to see!

Another previous post which unfortunately relates to today's topic of nuclear plants is the Chernobyl meltdown of 1986 (chart details are included.)

And here is a post containing the Horoscope of Chernobyl with a few notes on the Atom Split chart and its Secondary Progressions.

You may remember that in August 2010, 500 wildfires were approaching the Chernobyl site yet I heard nothing of the outcome of that additional health threat. (Yes, all nuclear catastrophes - and bombings - sound precisely like the Scriptures' abomination of desolation prophecy to me. The Atomic Split irreparably broke a natural law, and sad to say, America was in the forefront of unleashing such horror upon the Japan.)

Well, if you're fatigued with state propaganda on such important topics, check out Democracy Now!'s coverage of the ongoing nuclear catastrophe to gain a clearer idea of what's really going on in Japan.

Mar 10, 2011

President's Presser 11:15 am est Friday 3.11.11 w SN Rising

President Obama will hold a press conference tomorrow, March 11, 2011, at 11:15 am est, it is announced.

Rising gas prices is said to be his topic during the presser yet rising at 11:15 am est in Washington DC tomorrow, we find the transiting South Node of the Moon (SN), a separative, Saturnian point of unconscious behavior and bad timing. SN rising indicates strong individualism, a non-conforming attitude with a very serious demeanor, and a lack of popularity. It's possible that the presser will be watched by few of the public (though w YouTube that's no serious problem for we can catch up later if we like.)

That Mr. Obama's Secondary Progressed (Sec) Sun now at 00Lib32 (at US natal Mc) is conjoined by transiting asteroid Nemesis (an unbeatable foe; divine retribution) tomorrow morning describes in part what's going on in our nation now stimulated by rebellious Uranus about to cross US natal Ic again (00Ari53 in our Sibly natal chart) and opposing Nemesis.

His Sec Ascendant @ 20Can05 (conjunct his n 6th cusp) brings up Fixed Star Castor which adds to the foe/enemy vibe for him since Castor's key phrases are a pos/neg mixture: to write or create, but also sudden fame or loss and murder. (Yet as you know, Astrology works in AC-DC fashion: energy flows in either or both directions alternately or simultaneously.)

Mr. Obama's Sec Moon 21Pis20 has an interesting Sabian Symbol...'22Pis' = "A Man Bringing Down the New Law from Sinai" (which frets someone like me who isn't favoring Zionism these days.)

Tomorrow at 11:15 am est, Moon 5Gem31 is in the karmic 12th house of Politics and Self-Undoing; earlier in the morning, Mr. Obama will experience a Lunar Return with his n Moon @ 3Gem21 in n 4th H; tr Moon conjoins tr Pan (namesake of panic and Pan-American) and the chart's Part of Treachery is close by them. Wealthy gold-horder Midas 8Gem12 is in 12th H as well and now conjoined with US n Uranus which we've seen in Wisconsin when Gov. Scott Walker thought he was sucking up to David Koch (Midas) on the phone; US n Uranus is disruptively rebellious and describes behavior - in Gemini there is duplicity in the works.

In DC, March 11, 2011's 11:15 am est presser horoscope (lots of 11s!), the president's Sec Moon falls in 10th H with tr Sun 20Pis45 spotlighting it. Also in 10th H is tr Uranus (so soon to hit the Aries Point 00Ari00 again in the afternoon which triggers US natal Ic as mentioned above and stirs up we-the-people in Madison WI and elsewhere) is for the moment at crisis degree 29Pis59 and straining toward the AP.

Rising Friday at 11:15 am est in DC (Hour: Jupiter '11Ari' = "The President of the Country"!) is 26Gem26 making Mercury the chart-ruler. So how will things proceed?

Mercury's two applying aspects give hints: square Pluto (3A40) with Pluto 7Cap18 in 7th house of Partners, Legal Matters, and Open Enemies. This square indicates penetrating insights and speech which may arouse bitterness in others and bring harsh criticism. (Can we expect anything better from the GOP toward a Democratic president?) And of course, any contacts between Mercury and Pluto may always have propaganda and surveillance connotations (US n Mercury opposite Pluto across the Can/Cap axis.)

The other applying aspect of chart-ruler Mercury is a conjunction w Jupiter (6A37) indicating that things may turn our all right after all (in 6 seconds, minutes, hours, days, months?) Mercury/Jupiter contacts often bring success with communications and plans yet can describe an inflated treasury straining budgets (we all resemble that remark), and legal decisions which affect commerce or transportation (oil pipelines? oil tankers and the Suez Canal?) Yet Sun/Jupiter = Uranus: a sudden turn; sudden success or good fortune; speculating; gambling.

Speedy Mercury, planet of pressers, reporters, bloggers, statements, remarks, announcements, questions, trade and commerce is @ 3Ari37 (10th H); Mercury in Aries is decisive, competitive, and is fond of debate. Good thing, since no matter what the President announces concerning rising gas prices (or anything else), we can be certain his plans and ideas will be debated and criticized by opponents who've remained in perpetual campaign mode since January 20, 2009.

With Neptune (gas, oil, liquids, oceans, deceptions, illusions, fraud) also at a crisis degree (29AQ13 in 9th H of Foreign Lands where most of the world's oil is located) and Venus @ 11AQ20, their midpoint is near the President's *natal ASC (18AQ03) so we have a midpoint picture...

Presser's Venus/Neptune = BHO's n ASC: appreciation of how reality can be altered; a union with peculiar people.

Some potentials for the combination of Venus/Neptune energies are:

appeals to the ideals of the people (listen for that), an inflated treasury (we know); using inflation as a means to manipulate growth (Rs, Ds, and the Fed are guilty of it); wealth derived from gas, oil, chemicals ; exaggerating or misstating internal resources (like strategic petroleum reserves?); scandals about deceptive practices within the treasury or internal resources (oil, gas?); subversives who want to gain access to finances; monetary fraud; spies in the financial branches. (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey.)

To Venus/Neptune Reinhold Ebertin adds, uncertainty.

On the presser's 8th cusp of High Finance, Debt, Credit, and Transformation is the NWO degree (Uranus conjunct Neptune all through 1993) of '18Capricorn' = "The Union Jack" = SUPERVISION...

negative expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism (Jones) - which is precisely what we're dealing with (oil and gas industry titans, Wall Street bankers, rich patrons of Republican union busters, bank rollers of Washington politicians on all sides) who, by their mega-wealth, are calling the political shots in America even louder than they ever did before.

So thanks for making the situation worse, SCOTUS. Some of you should be 'recalled' for the Citizens United decision.


*Chart used for President Barack Obama: August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii.

Will Newt announce prez bid from Independence Hall?

In an attempt to create gravitas for the political aspirations the high talker may or may not have, Newt Gingrich is leaning toward announcing his presidential bid from Independence Hall, Philadelphia, in late May.

Perhaps Mr. Gingrich is subtly trying to link himself to Founder Benjamin Franklin whose portrait on the older 100 dollar bill shows Independence Hall clock at 2:22 (a sly clue from trickster Franklin as to the real birth time of America?.)

Whether his enigmatic smile toward Independence Hall clock indicates 2:22 am or pm, I do not know.

But if America's birth is timed by the Declaration of Independence's first copy coming off the press at such an early hour as that (as I've read it did, with Thomas Jefferson overseeing its printing with Mr. Dunlap), we may have a Scorpio Rising nation. I have stated in the past that this chart 'works' for spying agency issues and events and for Big Business (Scorpio, 8th house) concerns.

Here I shall post an image of the Scorpio Rising chart as a speculative natal horoscope for the United States of America (2:22 pm) so you can see the Scorpio Ascendant which makes Mars (square Neptune) the chart-ruler; this matches our surveillance and warring tendencies with sub-ruler Pluto adding zeal, spying obsessions, great wealth, and a secret, distant (Pluto is out-of-bounds) and ultimate 'boss' or cabal leading our national brew. (My guess is England since Pluto is in Capricorn, sign of the Old Country and sign of the UK's natal Sun, Jan 1, 1801.)

Several factors change with this natal chart, of course: house positions and rulers, cusps, Osiris at Midheaven, and more. If you're familiar with the most-often used Sibly version, the differences are easy to spot. Transiting Midas 8Gem+ currently sits upon our natal Uranus in any version of the US natal chart; this chart shows Midas conjoining the 8th cusp of High Finance and Debt.

Naturally, the degree of the Moon (we-the-people) changes. At 25AQ29 we have a different Sabian Symbol than in the Sibly version (5:10 pm LMT) with its 27AQ10 Moon.

'26AQ' = "A Garage Man Testing a Car's Battery with a Hydrometer"...MENTAL EFFICIENCY.

Keynote: Skill in applying knowledge of natural laws to the solution of everyday problems resulting from life in our technological society. (An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.)

Natal Sun remains at '14Cancer' = "A Very Old Man Facing a Vast Dark Space to the Northeast"...PERMANENCE IN TRUTH.

Keynote: Fulfillment in transcending and changeless wisdom. (DR.)

(My suspicion is that the Sun's Sabian Symbol refers in part to the US Constitution being based on that of the Iroquois Nation of tribes which were spread across the northeast.)

So you may wish to click the chart image to enlarge for a few more notes; you'll see that I neglected to add our pesky Sun/Saturn square (lower left, the fatal flaw in our Libran Judicial System); interestingly, you'll see (upper right) that a new midpoint picture is formed with the Sun (the leader; leadership) which is different from other versions of the US natal chart and, imho, ably describes the way the leadership of this nation goes about doing things.


An Additional Astro-Note: as you may know, the '9Sco' ASC in the US horoscope pictured above conjoins the natal Neptune of President Barack Obama (August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii) with Neptune/ASC indicating potentials for: compassion and understanding, acting ability, a lack of resistance, acting as a willing tool for others' selfish purposes (Wall Street? the Bilderberg Group? the Health Insurance Industry? All of the them?), illusions and deceptions, cheating or seducing others, insincerity, disappointment and disillusion, an inability to retain one's place in the world, and/or abuse or betrayal of confidence (Ebertin.) I leave it to you to decide if any of the potentials apply to the relationship between President Obama and the place we're accustomed to calling America.

Blog Note: starting Friday it's another weekend spree for me, this time in the Atlanta area (where Gingrich will set up his campaign headquarters if needed); I will be blogging here again by Monday! And you know my heart remains in Madison, Wisconsin. Recall the Republicans! Wishing a good weekend to all, jc