Sep 30, 2008

The Cross of Gold: text link from DNC 1896

We may be tempted to think that today's current money crisis is somehow new or unprecedented in America or in the wider world.

Yet William Jennings Bryan, in his address to the Democratic National Convention of 1896, covered many issues which may resound to our current issues such as: "gold Republicans" vs "silver Democrats" and the coining and issuing of money by private individuals (such as the Fed.)

Siding with Thomas Jefferson on the coining and issuing of money being a function of government, Bryan stated that, "banks ought to go out of the governing business."

If the Bush-Cheney-Bernanke-Paulson scheme passes, banks will BE the governing business.

And you know what that adds up to: corporatism + state = fascism. Simple formula, a long time coming.

When he delivered his address, 'Cross of Gold' which denounced the gold standard, Bryan was a young Nebraska congressman who had been chosen as the Democratic party's presidential nominee. His speech mesmerized the convention and Bryan thereafter became a spokesman and devotee of silver. Not all Democrats agreed on the issue, but that's a post for another day.

Yet Bryan and his party members were defeated at least partially due to their silver promotion and the economic crisis of their day. Then, as now, it was the economy, stupid.

Between a major economic depression and the rise of Populism, William McKinley and the gold Republicans were able to carry the 1896 election; Republican control of the White House and both houses of Congress in 1897 serve in hindsight to mark the end of the *Gilded Age, even as the descendants of "the idle holders of idle wealth" whom Bryan railed against so eloquently in 1896 continue to play the trickle-down card upon the working masses to our present-day detriment.

Cross of Gold by William Jennings Bryan, 1896.

*Gilded Age is what is usually referred to on this blog as the Generation of Materialism, marked astrologically by the Great Conjunction Neptune and Pluto, 1892.

You may wish to read Senator Bernie Sanders' statement on the vicious class warfare being waged upon America's middle class (compliments of Pluto-Chiron plutocracy) which is included in a post of mine from January 13, 2008, Plutocrats: Middle Class Warfare going dandily, for the effects of their viciousness have become, with current market meltdowns, socializing of private debts, and naked power grabbing, impossible to hide or ignore.


W. J. Bryan details from: 'America Interpreted Vol II: since 1865' by R.Woods and W. Gatewood.

Hating Unfettered Capitalism

The isms of the Pluto-Chiron pair are all around us, capitalism and fascism being perhaps the most noticeable since the suddenly recognized financial crisis emerged from the depths of George
Bush's fertile brain and Wall Street's back pocket already well-lined.

Once again: Pluto-Chiron conjunction Dec 30, 1999 '12Sag': "A Flag Turns into an Eagle That Crows" with their parallel (similar to a strong conj and used as a timing device) coming mid-August 2004. It's instructive to think about what our governmental "representatives" were up to during those times to the extent that we may ferret out their dark corners of activity, planning, and organization.

As you know, '12Sag' is the USA's natal Ascendant in the Sibly chart - Pluto-Chiron, the plutocracy pair, came to call, or you could say 'became' America.

Then in December 2007 was the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto, another plutocratic pairing on a very active day for the Fed as 'it' announced a lowering of interest rates and successfully undermined the dollar further.

BBC News reported this morning that approximately 9,000 American homes are being lost to foreclosure every day while Bush catapults the fear-mongering propaganda on TV with threats
and promises thinly veiled as warnings that jobs will be lost and money will dry up if his plea for Midas' gold isn't answered NOW. (Moon-Jupiter-conjunct folk like the emotionally immature Bush don't like to wait for their needs to be met.)

One assumes the American jobs 'lost' - that is, sold to the highest overseas bidder - hithertofore are of no consequence to our government (who made outsourcing possible) except as part of Bush's you-ain't-seen-nothing-yet threat.

Plus, Washington's use of 'systemic risk power' for bank takeovers is no better than Putin's nationalization program with Russian energy companies.

And although America has been flying high for decades her sights must necessarily be lowered by this manufactured financial crisis and its aftermath, and by our overreach militarily.

Astrologically I think that December '08 to February '09 will be an important window of time due to America's Secondary Progressed Full Moon on the Virgo-Pisces axis (victim-savior.) If you prefer the US Sibly chart it's exact on Dec 24; with the Scorpio rising chart, it perfects in February 2009.

Other possible birth charts for our nation give various dates of exactitude for our Secondary Full Moon, but we all know that we're peering through an extended crisis window of time.

~If you haven't seen the Progressions for the Sec Full Moon, go to my other blog, Jude's Threshold, and look on its Pages list in the sidebar for the December chart. (Since I'm still out of town, I have none of my notes - I'm grousing from memory here.) You'll find a link to my other blog on this blog's Links may have to scroll down esp if you're using Firefox.

Part of lowering our sights is addressing homelessness and upholding the rights of the worthy and the unworthy poor. And as all three of my readers know, I'm nothing if not a pacifist - yet with four natal planets in Capricorn, a realist, too. That's why I was glad to find a certain article on TruthDig concerning the Catholic Worker and its founders Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin.

Here's a quote from Day's granddaughter, Martha Hennessey, which addresses American society and the state it's in. You'll spot some isms as well:

"Our society is more brutal than it was. The heartlessness was introduced by Reagan. Clinton put it into place. The ruthlessness is backed up by technology. Americans have retreated into collective narcissism. They are disconnected from themselves and others. If we face economic collapse, there are many factors that could see the wrong response. There are more elements of fascism in place than there were in the 1930s. We not only lack community, we lack information."

The Catholic Worker was founded in 1932 during the misery of the Great Depression and sold on NY streets for 1 cent per copy - its current price. With its "unwavering pacifism" and "hatred for unfettered capitalism" it was a bright light for the common man and woman in its time.

And thanks to the insatiable greed and corruption of current Washington and Wall Street fatcats, it may be one of the few honest and clear-eyed visions we can look to when it comes to transforming the heartless ruthlessness of our struggling American society - if 'real change' we 'can believe in' is what we truly want and can accept with humility.

Please read 'Fueling the Fire of Real Change' by Chris Hedges here:

Sep 29, 2008

Paulson's silver canoe

Black Monday? Global Investors vote "No" on Paulson's

By Mike Whitney

The bill is just Paulson's way of carving a silver canoe
for he and his brandy-drooling investor buddies so they
can paddle away to some island paradise while the rest
of us drown in a bottomless ocean of debt.


"Brandy-drooling"! How deftly said. And I was thinking
either a Paraguayan paradise or a Dubai high rise for
them - security guarded to keep out the rabble, of

Palin poll on PBS' NOW

Why not show your true feelings about Sarah Palin's candidacy for Vice President of the United States - do you think she's qualified?

vote here!

Sep 28, 2008

Thomas Jefferson on perpetual debt

US Taxpayers are Being Enrolled in an Economic Chain Gang

By Jeff Randall

"To preserve their [the people's] independence, we must not let our rulers load
us with perpetual debt. We must make our selection between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude" - Thomas Jefferson

Read article here...

A time for tyranny

George Washington has an important post for all Americans to be read without delay - your nation is at stake.

Sep 26, 2008

The New World War by John Pilger

This is my last post for a few days. Y'all keep an eye on the miscreants in Washington and on Wall Street while I'm celebrating a wedding, okay?

And a hearty thanks to all the well-wishers who've sent good cheer to the happy couple!

And for Stars Over Washington, I'm sorry this offering has to be negative, but John Pilger's article is worth noting in these harrowing times. After all, if neocon hawks couldn't foment unrest and chaos, they'd have no reason to exist and less gold to hoard:

The New World War - The Silence Is A Lie

By John Pilger

It is a war of the world. In Latin America, the Bush administration is fomenting incipient military coups in Venezuela, Bolivia, and possibly Paraguay, democracies whose governments have opposed Washington's historic rapacious intervention in its "backyard". Washington's "Plan Colombia" is the model for a mostly unreported assault on Mexico.


Sep 25, 2008

China's Shenzhou 7 spacecraft

Space Weather News for Sept 25, 2008


China's Shenzhou 7 spacecraft carrying a 3-man crew lifted off today from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center and is now in Earth orbit. During the upcoming three-day mission, Chinese astronauts, called taikonauts, will launch a small satellite and conduct their country's first space walk.

As they orbit Earth, Shenzhou 7 and the body of the rocket that launched it will be visible to the naked eye from many parts of the globe. Check the Satellite Tracker for viewing times.

(Note: Frequent checks are recommended; predictions may change as the orbit is adjusted and estimates of orbital elements improve.)

Sighting reports and updates will be posted on

What Bush didn't say

The way he said it was very familiar.

What Bush didn't say in his '9/11 revisited' speech on the economic crisis Wednesday night would fill several Wall Street ledgers.

All this suspend talk - the debate Friday night, the VP debate - reminds me of what some of we-astrologers were saying months ago about how McCain might not have the steam to make it to November.

And that lazy left eye of his is being remarked on here and there. Have you noticed it? Apparently it's been in evidence since April.

One of his melanoma surgeries was under it, I believe, but correct me if I'm wrong.

What if McCain spent some hours on Wednesday at a doctor's appointment? I'm just wondering aloud.

And when McCain finally moseys to Washington to "help" with the financial crisis (hasn't he done enough already?) after playing about with Katie Couric which was after he blew off his appearance on Letterman's show Wed night - the agreement on the Hill may be completed so he'll be a like a fourth wheel on a tricycle.

Guess the wheels are fallen off his wagon. And here I am in Georgia - my wagon's stuck without enough gasoline to leave the state and I am about to miss my son's wedding apparently.

And all I get from government are threats and more threats.

As Craig Ferguson said tonight, AWH! rich people are losing money!

McCain is on the case though. So they'll be okay.

Sep 24, 2008

William Greider on Goldman Sachs Socialism

Goldman Sachs Socialism

By William Greider

Wall Street put a gun to the head of the politicians and said, Give us the money--right now--or take the blame for whatever follows. The audacity of Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's bailout proposal is reflected in what it refuses to say: no explanations of how the bailout will work, no demands on the bankers in exchange for the public's money.

The Treasury's opaque,three-page summary of plan includes this chilling more...


By the by, at Jude's Threshold a while ago I posted on Bush's TV tout tonight on behalf of Paulson's bailout scheme and noted that when Bush finished speaking at 9:14 pm edt, the Speculator pair's midpoint was at Midheaven in Washington DC - for all the world to see.

And since 2009 is the Year of Jupiter-Neptune, I'd like to make the midpoint picture a smidge more visible in my gnat-like way...

Jupiter-Neptune = Mc: speculators, visionaries, spendthrifts, fortune-hunters, or squanderers; the potential for all kinds of indulgence; philanthropists; harm or damage through thoughtlessness. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Peep eye!

Solving the Wall Street 'crisis' by Rep Marcy Kaptur: video

Here's the C-Span broadcast of the righteous presentation by Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) on the floor of the House in which she gives the rules of Wall Street gentry's playbook and closes with her own proposal which has to sound better to the American tax payer than the shell game we've been witnessing this week on Capitol Hill.

If you never watch another YouTube video, this 5 min 35 sec video is the one to watch.

Wall Street thieves held accountable? Rep Kaptur (an appropriate name in this instance, I must say) says it all as it should be said!

Kaptur has just entered my 1% of politicians who care about doing the people's business!


A big Shout-Out of Thanks to bacalove who provided the video link in a comment! ;p

Update Sept 24, 8:50 pm edt: see a fresh post on Bush's TV tout on behalf of the Wall Street bailout tonight (9 pm edt) here.

US Constitution disintegrating

You know the US Constitution has a birth chart - Sept 17, 1787; 11:29 am LMT (NS); Philadelphia, PA) and had its Secondary Progressed Full Moon on July 10, 2003 - Sun 1Tau01, Moon 1Sco 01 in 10th/4th houses.

You could say America is on the downside of the Constitution's Full Moon - the light is fading. Or you could say that the Constitution culminated in July 2003. But whatever you say, you know it's seriously under attack and has been quite shredded the last few years, with more conflicts to come.

James Madison built it heartily but our current legal varmints have studied it long enough to know its weak points, yet they must depend on the people's lack of knowledge and attention. Most of us have readily complied, sad to say.

There are many things I could say about the degrees' Sabian Symbols and such, but my time is short with a family wedding on the menu.

But here are a few midpoint pictures that stand out - some being triggered by transits, some formed by Progressions, some by Sept,2008 Solar Arc Directions (their order may get jumbled a bit because I'm in a hurry which means that typos shall ensue):

Sec Saturn/Neptune = tr Pluto: feeling downtrodden; potential for great loss; fear; developmental inhibitions.

Sec Jupiter/Saturn = Sec Sun: inconstancy; taking destiny into one's own hands; major change according to plan.

Sec Sun/Saturn = Sec Mercury: sober thinking; grave decisions; inhibition of speech; tackling serious problems.

S.A. Mars 14AQ25 to natal Pluto 14:12: extreme force; control; brutality; excessive effort.

S.A. Pluto 25Vir38 to natal Sun 24:39: powerful forces create major change; identity change; sudden prominence.

In 2003's Progr'd Full Moon chart, Mars and Uranus are conjunct '27Can' in Sec 12th house, so they are opposite US natal Pluto:

Mars/Uranus = Pluto: force; a higher power; intervention of the big shock.

2008's transit of Neptune in the 23AQ degree area is monkeying around with natal Saturn 23:23: new approach to handling authority; structures disintegrate.

And all this (and more) is why I'm proud of the Veterans for Peace who put a banner across the front of the National Archives building in Washington, DC yesterday.

You may wish to view the video.

Capitol Hill and The Bold Ones

“I believe if the credit markets are not functioning, that jobs will be lost, that our credit rate will rise, more houses will be foreclosed upon, GDP will contract, that the economy will just not be able to recover in a normal, healthy way.”

That was Ben Bernanke, the Fed's chairman on Tuesday, in an attempt to strong-arm Congress into handing over the keys to Fort Knox, in a manner of speaking.

What pops out at me in all their dire warnings, his and Paulson's and anyone else's ammunition they pull out of their holsters is that such predictions may be taken another threats and promises.

He speaks of "normal and healthy"? Like that's how it was before this emergency was recognized? So this means that a return to the creed of greed that Wall Street has always operated under will tell us when things are hunkey dorey normal again?

Years ago I used to watch The Bold and the Beautiful, in hopes that one day I'd figure out who was bold and who was beautiful. Never did, no matter how many episodes I watched, so I gave up in despair.

The question haunts me to this day.

Now, the day is late, and if I've got to figure out who's normal and who's healthy on Wall Street, well, like David Letterman says, it just gives me a headache.

Yet one thing I do know after the Paulson-Bernanke tag team got done scaring the pants off our Washington puppets like cats arguing with tiny little's really the banking crowd who are the bold ones.

How will McCain vote on Wall Street's bailout?

McCain "won't be a problem"...sounds like George and Jeb's assurance in 2000: "It's in the bag."

And it was.

Sep 23, 2008

Paulson and Capitol Hill Theater 9.23.08

Have you watched or heard the performances on Capitol Hill today?

The financial wizards are playing their woeful parts, with congressional actors as the slow-downers but the results will tell whether this is a crime of theatrics or whether Congress holds onto what's left of its oversight responsibilities.

Without oversight, American tax payers (apparently the lenders of last resort) will have no confidence that a fair price is being paid. We were vulnerable to Wall Street fraud before and now we're supposed to trust them to solve their own pickle by using our money!

Well, at 9:30 am edt this morning on Capitol Hill, the rising degree was 00Sco44 bringing the natal Sun of the New World Order into the House.

(The great Conjunction of Uranus and Neptune marks the official NWO chart I use - all through 1993 they met...I use the third and final conj of Oct 24, 1993, 1:11 pm EDT, Wash DC, as the entity's natal chart.)

In the NWO's natal chart, Asc = 12Cap52, so right away we see that the current position of Jupiter 12Cap55, sits fortuitously upon NWO's natal Asc. In fact, the weekend of Sept 7, when moneybags Jupiter performed his Direct Station 12Cap32, he held round-the-clock meetings as the bailout charade began.

Today's Libra stellium of Mercury, Mars, and a 29 degr Venus (which had just arisen at 9:30 am) is nestled near NWO's natal Jupiter 26Lib25, which is, of course, near n Sun 1Sco19. In its natal chart, Midheaven is at 6Sco08.

With the NWO's Uran/Neptune conj rising in its natal chart at 18Cap33, we know that tr Jupiter will be triggering the conj mightily in mid-November...

Ura/Nep = Jupiter: relying on others; joy of hope or of expectations; a strange luck or good fortune; accepting gifts without thinking about it; gaining new courage to face life again; good luck coming out of nowhere; rejuvenation of the spirit.

How jolly for them.

At 9:30 am in Washington today, the Sun 00Lib53 conjs US natal Mc in the Sibly chart and transiting asteroid Hebe is there, too. Hebe = how one enables the egocentricity and emotional immaturity of others; co-dependency; serving. Hebe does have a 'Hebrew' connotation as well.

At 2:22 pm today, Mars leaves Venus' degree behind and reaches 23Lib+ (about to cross George Bush's natal Ic) and culminates at Mc over DC - so Mars' Sabian Symbol changes to: "A third wing on the left side of a butterfly." I believe the "third wing" relates to Paulson's overly expansive new powers. We're going to be sorry about this.

There's a lot more to say but my time grows short. However, I think it's important to re-type here the Symbol for the NWO's signature degree of the Ura/Nep conj, esp since Britain's finances are also intricately involved in this charade...using a mixture of Rudhyar's details with Marc Edmund Jones' negative/shadow side factor...

"18Cap"..."The Union Jack Flies from a British Warship"...

POLITICAL POWER...keynote: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order.

"Justice and compassion must balance social power, and especially the power of privileged groups. Where this symbol appears, the need for protection may be in evidence - or it may be a warning against using power for selfish advantage." (Rudhyar.)

neg: smug or strong-armed paternalism. (Jones.)

So what do you think?

Will Congress provide protection against this naked power grab on behalf of the American people?


Update Oct 7: No surprise - it didn't.

Here's the natal solar (sunrise) chart of Hank Paulson if you'd care to nab a view.

Sep 22, 2008

America in the Soupline

Plopped into the stew by the Bush-Cheney regime, my fellow Americans are trading - not futures on Wall Street (Wall Street took care of the common folks' futures) - but trading soup recipes with the scruffy bum on the corner who once was a neighbor or colleague. He really has a way with Ramen.

Yes, it's Souplines Across America, she wrote, and many scoffed. All three readers of this blog said, wahhhh? She's lost it now.

But in 2008 more is lost in this country than my few marbles, and the programs of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal are simultaneously the neocons' target yet are the sort of thing we'll be craving more of in a little while thanks to the wrong-headed policies and big plans of George Bush and his fellow bandits.

Why, this blog was dedicated from its start to those who infest Washington, varmints, bandits, and all!

Scandalously, the US Congress will soon pass its shredded authority and oversight duties over to the dustbin of history, perhaps by Friday, but at least your Aunt Granny Fanny has a cauldron of Fishbone Soup bubbling on the stove for your dinner.

Yes, FDR is trembling in his grave, and a new light-emitting species of comb jellies has been discovered near the Great Barrier Reef. Cheney must not have heard about them yet or he'd be having jellies for din din with his moose burger.

Remembering Reagan

Ronald Reagan wrote in his diary about his first days in office and how his budget was to meant "undo LBJ's Great Society"...just like our current crop of "all through your life you made choices" bunch that set about doing same in order to rent the social fabric of this nation and hoard more wealth and power for themselves.

And that's what Congress should say to the Paulson bailout charade brigade and to Wall Street wheeler-dealers: all through your life you made you're on your own, dog.

Homelessness Rising: Bush vs FDR is a rant from 2007 along these same lines...souplines.

Across America.

Still I hope and pray that Congress doesn't let the American people down. But what are the odds? Wall Street donations to their campaign coffers ('kickbacks') will be flowing like water along with the cheap liquidity the Fed is further undermining the US dollar with...washing it and the nation down the drain.

But crazily enough, everyone sees what they're up to. It's all over the web and elsewhere, too. But I suppose our only recourse is to make our "representatives" miserable if they dare set hooves in their constituents' vicinity as the beltway denizens flock to their districts like a gaggle of chickens on vacation.

Now normally chickens don't travel in gaggles, I know. But these particular chickens may need safety in numbers to keep their patooties out of your Aunt Granny Fanny's cauldron. Fishbone Soup doesn't stick to your ribs for long, but poultry might.

More Memories:

Reaganomics led the nation into serious economic trouble, big deficits, homelessness - and even 'true believers' were wavering over Reagan's trickle down/supply side crap as the 80s souplines formed in every city.

Poppy Bush called it 'voo doo economics' in order to get elected to the presidency (he resorted to telling the truth.)

That the American people have such short memories was the sad part in 2000 and'd think they could've thought of this downturn tendency when Bush knocked on their doors with his Ownership Society leaflets which preceeded the eviction notices by a couple of years - just long enough for the kids to get settled in school before finding themselves out on the curb.

Well, I'll hush for now. The microwave just beeped me that my Campbells is heated through.


If you wish, read my notes on the Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981 where you'll see that this Eclipse's degree is conjunct none other than George W. Bush's natal Ascendant, his nibs himself, making him a perfect conduit for the continuation of ruinous economic policies of the so-called free market.

Dubya was 35 years old when the Reaganomics Eclipse occurred but was probably too high to notice at the time. I'm imagining his daffy response though..."who turned out the lights?"

With Solar Eclipses occurring in an 18.6-year cycle, the 1981 Eclipse is from the same Series as the Mother of All Eclipses of Aug 11, 1999 which ushered in the New Millennium and was predicted by Nostradamus many moons's his famous 'King of Terror' Eclipse, in fact. Or 'King of Alarm' if you prefer.

Either name you label it, innocents are in the crosshairs with the devil taking the hindmost.

And the current Eclipse season (Solar Ecl August 1, 2008; 9Leo32) is in Leo like 1999's Eclipse; plus, this is the Pre-natal Ecl Series of John McCain - and of the NYSE.

A Page is dedicated to this momentous Eclipse so follow the link and you'll see the August 11,1999 Eclipse at the top of my Pages List in the sidebar at Jude's Threshold.

Is this Cheney's mushroom cloud?

Mushroom Cloud over Wall Street "All Hail Caesar!" The days of the republic are over.

By Mike Whitney

The bill gives Paulson the ability to nationalize unlimited amount of private debt and force you and your children to pay for it.


Enslavement of the masses has always been a dream of Bush and Cheney, but you knew that, right?

New Sunspot for Fall Equinox 2008

Space Weather News for Sept 22, 2008

NEW SUNSPOT: For the first time in months, a significant sunspot is emerging on the sun. It is a fast-growing active region with two dark cores, each larger than Earth. The magnetic polarity of the sunspot identifies it as a member of new Sunspot Cycle 24.

Because the year 2008 has brought so many blank suns, some observers have wondered if we are ever going to climb out of the ongoing deep solar minimum. Today's new sunspot is an encouraging sign that the 11-year solar cycle is indeed progressing, albeit slowly.

Visit for sunspot photos and updates.

SEPTEMBER EQUINOX: Seasons on Earth change much faster than they do on the sun. Today, autumn begins in the northern hemisphere and spring in the southern hemisphere when the sun crosses the celestial equator. The crossing, called the "equinox," takes place at 1544 UT (11:44 EDT) on Monday, Sept 22nd. Happy equinox!


Now that's Astronomically. Astrologically you may wish to view Autumn Equinox 2008 over Washington DC with chart image plus details to begin your 2008 Fall season!

more notes on the first debate of 9.26.08

Taurus is rising at 8:00 pm CDT on the campus of Ole Miss, Sept 26, Friday, when Barack Obama and John McCain hold the first of three presidential debates.

And there are three difficult aspects for the evening which I'd like to discuss with you here: a hidden square, and two obsessive-compulsive quindeciles (165 degr.)

Saturn (government; traditions) and Pluto (power; the secret hand; coping ability) are 104 degrees apart with Saturn 14Vir47 and Pluto direct at 28Sag35. In the 'opposite' direction, which may be taken as having an unconscious influence, this puts the angle between the two heavyweights at 256 degrees, sometimes called a hidden square, so it may behoove us to read the aspect as a square.

Saturn SQ Pluto: this is the 'sore loser' aspect who doesn't play if he can't win - he prefers his supremacy to be guaranteed; the generosity to admit that others may be more qualified is lacking, value judgments are unrealistic, and there's a deep emotional insecurity.

Social responsibilities are viewed as obstacles rather than as opportunities; acceptance comes through a willingness to serve; grasping power is not viewed well from superiors; impatience and resentment are present when efforts to reach the top are frustrated.

Advisors are needed to assess capabilities and to determine goals; desires are unrealistic in view of resources; status and security are life's priorities, and bitter resentment makes others feel threatened.(Pelletier, 'Planets in Aspect.')

Sun QD Uranus: driven by a need for constant excitement; living 'on the edge'; independence and individuality are prominent; may feel that 'the rules don't apply to me'; may have sense of mission in needing to be different; may take up a humanitarian cause on behalf of humankind.

Moon QD Neptune: escapism, addictions, fantasies are prominent; lost in one's own world; idealism leads to sacrifice of personal needs; emotional balance through spiritual insight; extremely creative. ('Quindecile' by Ricki Reeves.)

~note: because the Sept 26 debate's Moon is conjunct McCain's natal Sun, we see that Neptune is and has been in quindecile relationship to his Sun (vitality; sense of identity.)

Sun QD Neptune = strong intuition and insight; may live in a world of fantasy, illusion, and deception; sense of identity and self-confidence are weak; may see self as victim and/or martyr; feelings of powerlessness, addictions and indulgences may be prominent.

Now here are a few details on the debate's Sun Libra-Moon Virgo blend which is shared natally by comedian Lenny Bruce who said:

"The 'what should be' never did exist but people keep trying to live up to it. There is no 'what should be', there is only what is."

This Air-Earth blend is a productive, rational, efficient and innovative pairing; abstract thought mixes with practicality for a clear-headed, logical approach.

Sun Lib-Moon Vir is eminently civilized with a fine intellect and a pholosophical, judicial mind. An elegant composure adds to the refined simplicity, and results in a stylish peacemaker.

This is the blend of the social theoretician who is kind-hearted and helpful, articulate, modest, graceful, and socially concerned and purposeful. This combo is witty yet careful about where and in whom trust is placed; there is a matter-of-fact air concerning most things, and a tactful, diplomatic way of delivering criticisms.

Hypocrisy is not appreciated or engaged in; an independent mind analyzes until the practical principle underlying matters is found.
Reasoning abilities are profound, yet there are deep emotions which are kept carefully under control.

If there are negatives, it's a tendency to over-analyze things, and to intellectualize feelings; a 'holier-than-thou' attitude may be seen until maturity is achieved.

Image for Integration: "With minute precision, a sculptor chisels the finishing touches to his work of art for the 99th time, and then sweeps up before leaving for his art-therapy group." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzy Harvey.)

Well, don't know about you, lone reader, but this Sun-Moon picture sounds a lot like Barack Obama rather than the emotionally explosive John McCain.

So will Obama 'sweep up' in the debate? If so, he may sweep the floor with you-know-who!


You are cordially invited to read the rest of my notes on the Sept 26 presidential debate, and view its horoscope simply by clicking on the above link!

Merkel says No to Paulson Bailout Plan

Over in Europe they're being treated to an America campaign to follow suit on Paulson's bailout plan for saddling US taxpayers with Wall Street's debts but "bareknuckled criticism" has so far been Europe's response.

German Chancellor Andrea Merkel has accused the US government of failure to regulate and I know of no one here or abroad who could possibly disagree on these deregulating bandits and crooks.

Short end of the stick hardly describes what our Goldman Sachs "Secretary of the Treasury" has in mind for the American people with his 'hurry up and screw yourselves' legislation which Congress had better not pass so quickly, if at all.

If this sounds like the Bush-Cheney build-up to war with its 'hurry up' quality, it's not our ears gone bad. It's Terror Promotion at its finest as spearheaded by Hank Paulson.

Sep 21, 2008

110th Congress in final days

In a spate of nostalgia, I looked for my first post about the current 110th Congress for which so many held such grand hopes - that they would end the Iraq occupation above all.

Well, the first minimum wage increase in Ten Years was passed with Republicans kicking and screaming, gas mileage standards were raised (were they? you tell me), ethics reform to rein in sorry politicians was passed (although they may have papered the break room with it - but after all, you can't legislate morality - my mama coulda told 'em that), plus, hundreds of hearings were held at taxpayers' expense, of course.

Which means that much stalling, diverting, and talking was done by all, with questions left unanswered and challenges neutralized.

And the Iraq war? The House, thanks to the Democrats, went 'on record' and out on a short limb as disapproving of the Bush-Cheney war. Well, me too - and my opinion's free.

So now, because the 110th Congress is coming to a close in a while, I have sentimentally (with a salty tear in my eye) reached back into 2006's blog bowels to find my very first post about the victorious 110th, titled, Dawn of a New Day: Nov 8, 2006, a hopeful if semi-realized shout-out to the Bush enablers of Capitol Hill.

You'll find a few Sabian Symbols of the day but with no updates in the post. Even so, I cordially invite you to take a brief stroll down memory lane with me, if you wish, because the Temple on Capitol Hill awaits.

Limericking the Fed

Did you know that A Kitten Was Lost at the Fed?

So says Mr.A.Cat, our limericker-in-chief!

Low marks for Paulson's bail out plan

Everywhere I look today, Hank Paulson's power grab, er...I mean 'bail out plan' is getting low marks.

Even his performances this morning on Meet the Press, Face the Nation (how could he? oh but he did!), and This Week with George Stephanopoulos, haven't swayed the doubters or calmed the "bail out foreign investors?!!" crowd. Confidence is showing itself to be hard to come by as taxpayers are expected to rescue Wall Street gentry who made "bad choices."

Yep, that's what compassionate conservatives once loved to say to anyone down on their luck: all through life, you made choices. Now the biggest of bad choices are nestled on the secret ledgers locked in the hidden drawers of bank executives' desks.

Then there's columnist Paul Krugman who says no deal to the Fed's massive bail out of Wall Street culprits.

Little Did I Know

You know back on Aug 26, 2006, when I was looking at Paulson's natal chart and publishing it here, I wrote that given Mr. Paulson's genius, he could probably run the White House himself.

Seems now he's making a power play for the opportunity to run the country.

Experts in finance and government once told us ad nauseum that if government "got out of the way," life would be peachy and all boats would rise.

It should be quite a while before we listen to those crocks again.

~:~ a further note on Paulson's chart:

the current Solar Eclipse Series (10 South) which manifested on August 1 (9Leo32) conjuncts/triggers Hank Paulson's natal Pluto, planet of power, transformation, and coping ability. And 9Leo+ is also conj the natal Mercuries of George Bush and the Republican Party.

Keyphrases for 10 South:

breaking out of a very negative situation where no hope can be seen for more options; a worry will suddenly clear - the cosmos shows the solution which must be taken up without too much delay. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Annnnd...this is the Pre-natal Eclipse Series of candidate John McCain.

Sep 20, 2008

Pat Buchanan on the financial crisis

As he blames the credit habits of the baby boomer generation for the current economic crisis, Pat Buchanan names names on Capitol Hill, in the White House, and complains of the speculators of Wall Street and the Fed.

You know, the credit card was invented in the 1950s, when most of us boomers were tykes if we were yet born. While the fluffy credit economy was hyped and sold as we gahh-gahhed in front of our television sets (also invented by a previous generation), we grew up to comply with credit card living as our way of life after much media-based mind control had been used against our better natures.

In fact, those who shied away from using credit cards and ratings were given little leeway for establishing themselves, as I remember. Years ago my young family was denied gas service because we didn't have a credit rating - we owed no one, and that was considered a no-no!

We didn't condone it, we simply suffered from it and learned to play the game Mr. Buchanan now blames us for.

That the piper has to be paid eventually has been a well-worn mantra on the web for years, and it's good to see that the pre-baby-boomer Mr. Buchanan has caught on.

Not all us have ascribed to George Bush's "go shopping" mindlessness. Nor have we condoned much else that Washington DC has palmed off on the American people during the last decades of graft and greed.

I never voted for Mr. Buchanan, didn't vote for Reagan or for George H.W. Bush. To me, his son, (Bush43, for whom I also did not vote) is little more than a Rovian dirty trick sneaked into the backdoor of the White House, and my opinion of him has only lowered since 1999. That it could sink lower is an impossibility.

Gelding of America?

Still, I do find the above-linked article to be of some value or I wouldn't bother with its link here.

And perhaps it's too bad that Pat Buchanan didn't make his economic brilliance more well-known before the stallion$ left the horse trader's barn.

That Buchanan could single-handedly stop the worldwide economic meltdown, the precursor to a one-world-government, is another impossibility; that he is unaware of what's been going on behind closed doors for decades is completely impossible to believe.

Obama: Uranian change or Saturn's status quo?

With Barack Obama's natal Saturn (authority) in its sign of traditional Capricorn (politics, law, business) I've been wondering repeatedly whether Obama-as-president would bring us Uranian change or Saturnian status quo, despite campaign rhetoric.

And as both readers of this blog know, Saturn opposes Uranus on Nov 4, 2008...US Election Day, as the universe echoes the importance of this election and the world's future direction - As Above, So Below!

Of course, Saturn may operate as a slower agent for change - Uranian change is quicker and more revolutionary and startling (like the attacks of 9/11/01.) These last several years have been of the Saturnian variety of change once 9/11 was accomplished, and a long-time coming, too. We might ask Bush, Cheney, Rove, and the power elite about that.

So with Barack Obama's change slogan rattling in my brain, I turned to one of my favorite Political/Mundane Astrology writers, Jessica Murray, and found that she's on Obama's case with Stepping Outside the Bubble: The Election of 2008 where the Saturn-Uranus opposition, America's natal chart, campaign politics and propaganda, the 'lesser-of-two-evils' approach which we-the-people so often remark upon from the voting booth, Rovian tactics, the entrenched power elite, the Age of Aquarius vision, and other important issues are analyzed as only Ms. Murray can do.

Is Uranus stronger than Saturn for the US? Well, I agree with Jessica that government by-of-and-for the People IS Uranus incarnated. It is what makes We-The-People worthy of capitalization!

Perhaps 2008's grassroots organization of Americans will win the day for our beset nation whose power elite care not a fig for our hopes, wishes, livelihoods, or futures. Disregard what they say - it's what they do and have done that counts (see Wall Street bail-outs while family businesses and individuals sink. That this is a massive Take-Over is apparent and explains the queasy feeling most Americans are having...and should.)

Wall Street gentry (and the status quo government) may be seen as Saturn and the individual as Uranus, so the Saturn-Uranus opposition describes the current financial crisis as well...we vs them.

Massive grassroots organizing of the individual into a strong, power-wielding group (AQ) is the only way we'll come out of this important election time with measureable change for the better, and with government on our side again, if indeed it's possible at this late date.

And so I ask: which side are you on?

Sep 18, 2008

Lehman Brothers crisis - of 1984

The Meaning of the Collapse of Lehman Brothers, an article by Sam Marcy, explains the root cause of the Lehman Brothers crisis - of 1984.

Reaganites thought that the 'capitalist recovery' would save them if they could hang on until after the election in spite of Middle East adventurism, war in Central America, and other nefarious US dealings in the world.

Democrats were emphasizing the federal deficit and high interest rates - meanwhile 11 million Americans were unemployed with as many more partially unemployed.

Sound familiar yet?

Well, I hope you'll read Sam Marcy's article from April 26, 1984 which details David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission as it was warmly greeted by its previous opponent, Ronald Reagan, when they met in Washington DC just before this article was written.

Marcy refers to the Trilateralists as "this supernationalist body of imperialist politicians, bankers, and industrialists."

He goes on, "Never was interest in the state of the economy as high as it is now. Never before were all the lines between Wall Street and Washington so intimately tied together."

Well, they became more intimate, as we know.

And with the upcoming transit of restrictive Saturn to America's natal Neptune in 9th house of Philosophy (the 'grim reality' transit) it popped out on the page when I read Marcy's statement that, "Beneath the aura of optimism, there suddenly comes like a flood of light, the grim reality of the state of the capitalist system.

This happened just last week when one of the most powerful investment and banking combines in this country - the 134-year-old Lehman Brothers, Kuhn-Loeb - was forced to sell out to an even larger financial octopus, the mammoth Shearson-American Express."

This sent a "quake through the entire structure of finance capital," says Marcy.

Now it's 24 years later - two Jupiter cycle$ - and the recovery of the 90s now reveals capitalism's instability in the New Millennium as we contemplate Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism which tells the tale even more starkly and from a later perspective, of course.

Now here's the Who Rules the World list which you may have seen before - this version is from Robert Hieronimus' book,
Founding Fathers, Secret Societies, and I shall post it in reverse order with the base first.

These are said to be represented by the 13-step pyramid with the all-seeing eye at apex on the back of a dollar bill:

13. Secret Societies (such as: Illuminati, Rosicrucians, and Freemasons)
12. Communism, Socialism, and all isms (the most visible aspect of the apparatus)
11. Income and Estate Taxes
10. Tax-free Foundations
9. SEATO, NATO and other front alliances
8. Common Market, Atlantic Union
7. United Nations
6. Federal Reserve System and other central banks
5. UN banking complex
4. Council on Foreign Relations
3. Business Advisory Council
2. Bilderbergers
1. Political Zionism
Apex: International Monetary Fund

The Fed flooded the world with money this morning beginning at 3:00 am Eastern Time (when markets open overseas) but last I heard, no one was much impressed.

Update 3.14.10: 2009 was the year of the Great Conjunction/s of Jupiter and Neptune, the inflationary duo, with their last hook-up in December 2009 cojunct US natal Moon. We've been had, folks. #

Excess liquidity is part of the reason we're in the mess we're in so now we're swimming in deeper waters as Republican candidate John McCain hopes the newly proposed "trust" will get him through the November election - similar to Republican optimism of 1984.

Sep 17, 2008

Shadow Government

America Needs a Shadow Government

By Timothy V.Gatto

During the past two terms of this Presidency we have learned in-depth about signing statements, the "Unitary Presidency", numerous Executive Orders that remain secret from the Congress, extraordinary "rendition", and torture to include inflicting injuries on another human being "to the point of, but not exceeding organ failure".

We know of places such as Abu Graib, and Guantanamo and watched as our Army dropped white Phosphorus on innocent civilians in a city called Fallujah. #

Astrologically, Saturn (government; control; authority) + Neptune (secret; shadow; mass deception) = shadow government, and we got it.

Barack Obama Press Conference Sep 16 on economy

Barack Obama Press Conference on the economy, Sept 16, 2008; Part II (Part I is just below.)

Obama speech on economy

Sep 16, 2008

John Adams critiques power

"Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God's service when it is violating all his laws." John Adams ~

Too true, Mr. President!

John Adams was born Oct 30, 1735 (Oct 19, Old Style; 2:57 am LMT) - this chart data is rated 'C' in the AstroDataBank files with his details supplied by Doris Chase Doane.

Unless Pres. Adams, the first US president to reside in the White House, was born after 8:59 pm LMT, his natal Moon is in Aries, with Sun in Scorpio.

Sun Sco-Moon Aries, a Water-Fire blend, gives the personality a moody temperament with volatility and impatience supplied by the Aries Moon. It has a great appetite for life, missionary zeal, pride and ambition. This combo desires to be great in some way - it's the 'rush in where angels fear to trend' blend.

An incisive, sharp-witted mind with foresight and tenacity, with this blend Adams was a problem-solver who thrived on challenges and was never afraid to mix it up with anyone who crossed his path.

Suspicious by nature and attracted to subterfuge, he was either a great friend or the worst of enemies to have. This blend gives its all to any cause that's believed in and finds compromise difficult.

Yet I write as if I know his Moon was in Aries, and I do not. A Taurus Moon is Earthy and adds quite a different caste to the picture:

Sun Sco-Moon Tau is a blend of quiet strength and determination, with much concern for others and devotion toward one's partner. It sees the world as a dance between sensual delights and life's pleasures vs corrupted innocence and the darkness of death.

This blend would make Adams quiet and gentle though passionate, and a 'rock' for his associates and friends to lean on.

Feast and famine, hard work and hard play, the opposites of the Tau-Sco polarity work well together if directed properly, so this would give him an intensely practical and sometimes withdrawn character.

Actually the Taurus Moon with Scorpio Sun sounds a good bit like him, now that I think about it - especially considering his well-known devotion to his family.

So I'll close with the Images for Integration for both combos and let you decide what you will!

Sun Sco-Moon Aries: "A crusader fights for (a) vision of truth...A dedicated scientist pioneers new frontiers of knowledge."

Sun Sco-Moon Tau: "A celebrated surgeon amasses a great fortune...A successful businessman probes the mysteries of life...Pluto takes Persephone into the Underworld." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzy Harvey.)

Obama knows: Pakistan Is the Problem

Moderated as he may now be, I never expected to be linking to a Christopher Hitchens article on Slate or anywhere else, but his Pakistan Is the Problem article contains important information for anyone voting for Barack Obama, the only candidate who understands the importance of Pakistan, its expansionism, and the protected re-organizing of al-Qaeda within its borders.

Obama gets it, I just hope the American voter gets it on this subject, too.

Sep 15, 2008

Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981 still ripples

Considering the strife on Wall Street today, I was wondering if you'd ever read this post on the Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981?

(Chart included.)

You know, it would be amusing if it weren't so tragic: McCain likes to think of himself as Ronald Reagan! When he's not riding horsies with Teddy Roosevelt, that is.

Biden on McCain's economics

Here's Biden on McCain's economic proposals - just think of George Bush's policies and what they've led to this very day and you may be able to guess much of the script of Biden's speech.

More reasons why a vote for John McCain is like a vote for Karl Rove - and how much more of that ughiness can we afford?

And Senator Biden didn't even mention McCain's culpability in the Keating Five scandal of 1987! (hint for the youngsters: McCain was one of the Five.)

Sad Monday,Lehman Bros, and the jitteries

Please note that the feed for The August Review has been added to SO'W's sidebar.

You may wish to read editor Patrick Wood's article on today's Lehman Bros Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing and what's up next, then check out his other attempts at warning people of what Wall Street, the Fed, world bankers and the Trilateral Commission have been up to for years now.

But today there are few people who can continue to ignore the 'jittery' results of their 'expertise.'

And NPR is now reporting (5:02 am edt) that Merill Lynch is being bought by Bank of America...with job cuts to follow. Natch.

All this and Hurricane Ike's devastation, too. Entire neighborhoods are without power and water.

It's a sad sad Monday in America.

Dick Cheney, hypocrite

Cheney Scales New Heights of Hypocrisy


If anyone doubted the vice president's disdain for those who elected him and kept him in power, this speech should have been an eye-opener.


Read my astro-analysis of what makes Dick tick if you wish.

Sep 14, 2008

Craig Ferguson video: if you don't vote you're a moron

Here's the monologue by TV's Craig Ferguson from his late night show last week where he rants on the 2008 candidates, media coverage of the campaign, pigs, badgers, and most of all, Voting.

All this and more is packed into about 8 minutes of video by a comedian I like to call our freshly-minted American.

So if you've never seen The Late Late Show, watch this video! And if you have seen Craig before you'll probably watch it anyway since you're here so why not?

Mr. Ferguson will be seen in concert by this born American, yours truly, in a just few days (he even mentioned my hometown on his show last week on two separate nights actually in the email segment - good advertisement for his performance which I do hope is a sell-out.)

So beforehand, may I say: Welcome to Athens, TV's Craig Ferguson, and break a leg! (I'll be the one chuckling in the section to your right, 4th row, and hoping for more of your political comedy, but anything you want to talk about is okay by me. Oh - and I promise you I always vote.)

Tina Fey knocks Palin ball out of park

Last evening when former head writer Tina Fey returned to Saturday Night Live, expectations for her impression of Sarah Palin were high, and Fey masterfully delivered alongside Amy Poehler's brilliant version of Hillary Clinton to open the show.

Tina Fey was born May 18, 1970 in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia with Mercury, planet of writers, conjunct Saturn (form; work) in Taurus.

Mercury/Saturn signifies the professional writer and both her Mercury and Saturn are conjunct Fixed Star Menkar, alpha star of Cetus...Fey is able to tap into images and archetypes from the collective unconscious bwo Cetus, the Whale.

This ability usually resonates familiarly with the public, plus, Fey's style of comedy is light enough to cause the stuffier folk among us little or no offense.

Graduating from Upper Darby High School in 1988, Fey grew up a fan of Monthy Python comedy, Marx Brothers' films, and of SNL where she began writing in 1997 after a stint with Second City.

As the first female head writer for SNL (1999), Tina Fey added so much to the show's writing that it was a joyous triumph to see her again on the SNL's season debut and doing a bang-up job of impersonating Sarah Palin.

That Fey favors Palin physically is obvious, but capturing Palin's mannerisms and accent was made to look easy as pie by the self-effacing star.

Now during the 24 hours of May 18, 1970, the Moon was primarily in Libra but if Fey was born between 6:49 pm (edt) and midnight, her natal Moon would be in Scorpio, an intense, rather moody Water sign.

And although her mother (Moon) worked for a brokerage firm (Scorpio = high finance), her chances for having a Libra Moon are high.

She seems more of a balanced, cool Libra Moon lady to me, but I will give both Sun-Moon combinations along with her late Taurus Sun even though her successful career and fame would indicate a Moon upper in the natal chart, thus an earlier birth.

Sun Tau-Moon Libra is an Earth-Air combo which gives a productive, rational personality that can be both innovative and efficient. This is an up-in-the-air and down-to-earth blend that brings together abstract thought with practical considerations of how to get on in the world.

Earth-Air is the practical idealist combo that plans a course of action, then acts (JFK had this blend although he had Sun in Air, Moon in Earth.)

With Sun in Earth, Moon in Air there is a conscious impulse to come to grips with reality through logic, but to make one's efforts as humane and far-reaching as possible.

What may receive short shrift is the emotional side of life, yet Earth-Air usually gets along with most people on a practical social level. Rational rapport is sought within relationships, and this blend is very supportive and adaptable.

Sun Tau-Moon Libra: charming and rational lover of harmony; attractive personality; sensual, sentimental, and devoted with a need for companionship with lots of affection and kindness; a pleasantly persuasive social theorist (a bit of a utopian) and an idealistic artist; a champion of justice who enjoys life to the hilt.

Genuinely interested in people, this blend has a lively social conscience and may be an environmentalist who is attracted to progressive ideas; accepts that everyone is an individualist and believes in a society where everyone is respected; waste not, want not; compromise is integral, for conflict is anathema to this combo; has diplomatic skills that can overcome antagonism in any setting; gentle wit and impeccable artistic sensibilities.

If there are weaknesses here it is an over-reliance on popularity and social acceptance, and an over-emphasis on rational solutions for every kind of problem.

Noel Tyl points out that in this blend both signs are ruled by Venus, so romantic and social dimensions are emphasized, and flattery and social appreciation may easily pull one off-course and off-purpose.

Images for Integration: 'A loaf of fresh bread in an art exhibition...A computer produces beautiful painting...Cream tea for two.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzy Harvey.)

(This is the natal blend of Bertrand Russell and Rudolph Valentino.)

For Sun Tau-Moon Scorpio (an opposition which I don't believe is Tina Fey's personality blend), I shall simply let Noel Tyl give details - see if you think this sounds like Ms. Fey...

a very strong streak of stubbornness; headstrong self-willed energies of Taurus are forced into the world to dramatize how significant, deep, and important the ego is; materialism shows off personal worth; over-analysis of the status quo impedes progress.

(This is the natal blend of Harry Truman.)

Images for Integration: The mating season...Persephone and Pluto...'The Phantom of the Opera'...Dennis Potter's 'The Singing Detective.'

Well, you may decide which blend describes the brilliant writer and comedienne Elizabeth Samatina Fey however you like, but personally I'll have to vote for an Airy Libra Moon!


This afternoon I'll be posting Wedding Day Astrology; Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond over at jude's threshold if you're interested...look in the sidebar on the Pages list.

Sep 13, 2008

Does Palin remind you of Anita Bryant?

Anita Who?

Okay, so my naughty streak is about thiswide, but really, how could I resist posting this video of something I actually REMEMBER happening all shocking as it was at the time?

She deserved her just desserts that day!

And thanks to whoever made the connection between Bryant and Palin. I'm not sure that there are many connections between them politically or idealistically (yet there must be a few - notice I'm avoiding the word, religiously), but seeing this video reminded me of where and when I had similar feelings before as I have now listening to Sarah Palin!

Must be that dratted deja-vu all over again.

Sep 12 video: Obama on Tax Relief

Did you catch what Barack Obama said on Sept 12 about tax relief for the middle class? He'd better hurry while we still have shreds of one!

Of course all presidential candidates say glowing things while campaigning, but John McCain's idea to tax health care benefits/premiums is aglow with out-of-touch craziness.

Still, if McCain intends to include paying taxes on his and his colleagues' state-of-the-art health insurance benefits, his proffered plan might be worth some big dough to the US Treasury (aka neocon war coffers.)

Full Harvest Moon of Sep 15, 2008

Having just updated the Page concerning the Full Harvest Moon of Sep 15 by adding details on Pluto as apex planet in a *Mutable T-square (created by the Full Moon), plus, Adriano Carelli's symbol info for the Moon (23Pisces), I thought you might want a peek.

Carelli's book, The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, contains ancient references often of a political nature, although not every degree has a word symbol.

Follow the link for the Moon's symbol (23Pis), but perhaps I should give Carelli's symbol for the Sun, '23Virgo'...

"A man on a sailing ship in the middle of the ocean."

"There is an irrepressible need of evasion in time and space. A nature ablaze with enthusiasm and fantasy, which will chafe if fenced in its birthplace and the mentality prevailing there.

By itself this influence will not supply the energy needed to prevail on such mentality and reform it; hence the need of escape. Disregarding the other astrological factors, it can be safely said that...success depends on real journey and migration. Any evasion into daydreaming will result in failure, since thirst for new experience is the only real thing life can offer but may lead (one) dangerously astray.

Passion for the sea is a natural consequence."

Carelli goes on to note that '23Vir' is the degree of Thomas Campanella's natal Sun. He continues:

"While a prisoner of the Spanish Inquisition in 1602, Campanella (1568-1639) wrote a book entitled The City of the Sun, wherein he advocates ideal social and political conditions on a utopian background. It is interesting to note that Campanella based his description of the legendary city on an imaginary skipper's tale."

The City of the Sun tells of a wanderer who comes to 'Taprobane' "under the equator."

This 17th century, 32-page book has this as a subtitle:

"A Poetical Dialogue between a Grandmaster of the Knights Hospitallers and a Genoese Sea Captain, his guest." ~

Interesting. Utopians, following such idealists as Thomas More and Francis Bacon, have bedeviled society for centuries as their intellectualisms fueled political activists toward revolution and encouraged tinkerings with society's natural inclinations toward peace.

Will September 15's Full Moon bring enlightenment concerning their well-practiced string-pulling or some sort of culmination of their plans? World domination is on their list and is nearer the top than ever before.

Now to close, September 15's Full Moon T-square pattern with Pluto creates a *midpoint picture:

Sun/Moon = Pluto: biased attitudes or changed circumstances lead to critical phases of development in life or to separation from others in order to start anew; potential new perspectives in relationships. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Sun Myung Moon crowned in US Senate

Oh yeah. They did it. Morons crowning morons.

American Schizophrenia?

" ... the United States, for generations, has sustained two parallel but opposed states of mind about military atrocities and human rights: one of US benevolence, generally held by the public, and the other of ends-justify-the-means brutality sponsored by counter insurgency specialists. Normally the specialists carry out their actions in remote locations with little notice in the national press.

That allows the public to sustain its faith in a just America, while hard-nosed security and economic interests are still protected in secret."

Robert Parry, investigative reporter and author

Quote snagged from the Information Clearing House Newsletter.

End of August/early Sep 2009 brings the Saturn conjunction to US natal Neptune, planet of ideals and illusions (the 'facing grim reality' transit) which may bring revelations of atrocities which the American people will be shocked to discover as leaden Saturn brings accountability to stomp on our delusional dreams. Just a thought, and not a very nice one.

Sep 12, 2008

NYSE, Eclipses, and Danny Casolaro

Have you ever read the tale of the founding of the NYSE as told by astrologer Ed Kohout?

Under the buttonwood tree on the morning of May 17, 1792, the stock exchange began with Pluto at 23AQ31...where dissolving Neptune is drifting now.

Neptune to Pluto is a period of time when power (Pluto) is dissolved and undermined (Neptune) but not necessarily by anarchy - it can be done by treachery or poison. The current ruler or system of power and control is removed or perhaps, in today's lexicon, outsourced or...downsized and given Neptune's link to webs and nets, I'd say computer hacking and other tech shenanigans may be involved along with Neptune's deceptive and fraudulent qualities.

Yes, progeny of the super-powerful PROMIS tracking software could be part of what's going on with Wall Street's ups and downs these days; plus, a Solar Eclipse in the same 11 South Series as the Eclipse of *July 11, 1991 (at '19Can' - a degree that keeps turning up in several of the charts I study relating to violence) will occur again on July 22, 2009, this time at '29Can' which is considered a critical or crisis degree.

The 11 South Series is concerned with:

the need to make sudden reforms; old methods and ideas fail and new systems are required to deal with the events that come up; as a result, new ways of handling issues are needed and any blocks may be tragically or violently removed. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

*It was during the 11 South Eclipse Series that the murder of writer and journalist Danny Casolaro took place - he was in the final stages of readying a book for publication outing what he and others called the Octopus, a worldwide organization of thugs for which PROMIS software has proven very useful over the years.

In its original form, the software had been stolen from the Inslaw Corporation, modified (with a 'backdoor' for surveillance), expanded, and sold for big bucks to many countries including Canada and Israel - and, some say, to Osama bin Laden (who was never intended to be "caught" by Bush-Cheney, btw.)

The weekend that Casolaro was murdered, there was a New Moon (a lady - Moon - meets a man - Sun...?) at 17Leo00. Casolaro had had meetings at his motel in Martinsburg, WV, and was last seen walking back to the motel from a convenience store where he'd gone to get a cup of coffee around the time of the New Moon on the dark night of Aug 9, 1991.

As you see, this New Moon in Leo was a month after the Solar Eclipse of July 11, and Casolaro had his notes for the book with him plus other information which he had gone to Martinsburg to receive. As you would expect, none of his notes were found after his mysterious death (he supposedly slit his own wrists while lounging in a tub of water.)

The July 11 Eclipse degree, '19Can' is conjunct Fixed Star Castor, to write or create - and is conjunct Danny Casolaro's natal Mercury, the writer; the messenger; the reporter.

The weekend of his death, transiting Sigma, the scribe, was conjunct activist Mars 15Vir54, and tr South Node 18Can47 was triggering the July Eclipse degree.

If you use the Googly Web you can find info on this strange case but I want to give you the midpoint pictures for the New Moon of Aug 9, 1991...Danny Casolaro was trying to warn the world about what was up and I believe we've been seeing the world crime syndicate having its way these last several years in countries all over the globe, so the least I can do is give you the planetary pictures. The first one concerns Pluto, the saboteur or assassin...

Mars/NN = Pluto 17Sc36: others must 'get on the train' or get left behind; a violent or forced separation in a partnership; joint achievements.

Saturn/MC 6Cap28 = NN: people in mourning; a major stroke of fate may affect all development.

Neptune/Mc = Uranus 10Cap28 Rx (Uranus out-of-bounds): self-righteousness; intense impatience; a desire to bring ideas to realization at all costs; confusion; sudden inner experiences. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

~All, none, or some combination of factors may apply.~

One more thing - the wound, Chiron, was in early Leo in July, 1991. Chiron in Leo is **easily overwhelmed by Uranus, which is the only OOBs planet in the chart and in process of approaching its Great Conjunction with Neptune at '18Cap' which is the NWO degree...smug and strong-armed paternalism...'SUPERVISION' in the Marc Edmund Jones version of the Sabian Symbols, but in the Dane Rudhyar version?

POLITICAL POWER - which is quite well-consolidated now.


** Chiron in Leo info from Barbara Hand Clow's book on Chiron.

Palin to break Washington's 'old boy network'

On The View just now, John McCain, when pressed by Barbara Walters, says that Sarah Palin will "break the old boy network in Washington."

But honestly, if McCain isn't an 'old boy,' show me someone who is.

Actually, forget it. He's old enough for anyone.

Besides, if the old boy network was broken, the place would fall apart without all that brethren stuff knitting it together from Founding Father days.

Did you know that the Sibly version of the US natal chart has Hermes rising..'12Sag' = "A Flag Turns into an Eagle That Crows."

Hermes is one of the Mercurial trickster elements in Mythology and Astrology, and partakes of Mercury's Messenger to the gods duties - actually Hermes is Mercury. The ancient works of Hermes Trismegistus are the basis of astrological teachings even today - and certainly during the founding of America as well-known by our Masonic Founders.

Lynda Hill gives The Caution for '12Sag' as:

"Assuming one is right only because of might or power or because one can say it the loudest; propaganda; lording it over others; seeing other 'nations' as being lesser; loud voices; bullying."

"Might makes right" seems to be all our leaders live by these days, with massive amounts of hubris complimentary. And Pluto's discovery in 1930, which ushered in atomic research and its resulting destruction of life, only made things worse because it made hubris and bullying easier.

Yes, America is 'exceptional' says the old boys' network...but hasn't our exceptionalism has gone astray?


Visit Lynda at her Sabian Symbols site.

Sep 11, 2008

Black Tuesday Oct 29, 1929: the chart

'Black Tuesday' Oct 29, 1929 marks the massive stock market crash and this is the horoscope for Sun-to-Midheaven on that day.

Appropriately enough, the Sabian Symbol for the Sun/Midheaven degree, '6 Scorpio' is: "A Gold Rush."

We can be certain - just as in 2007/08, that the folks with 'real money' did not and are not losing their shirts, and to my way of thinking, are behind the shell games they play with other people's lives and fortunes.

That other forces are in league with - and opposing - them complicates the picture but suffice it to say, it's not you, me, the baker, or candlestick maker who are at fault. It's the 'experts.'

Some interesting midpoint pictures are repeating now in 2008 and I've marked them on the chart (click to enlarge):

Chiron and North Node (the public; the path or destiny) are conjunct then as of late (but in AQ) and the midpoint of Jupiter/Uranus is upon them.

Who are the Jupiter/Uranus crowd? Fortune-hunters; adventurers; inventors; organizers (Ebertin.)

Another interesting correlation between the meltdown of 1929 and today is that moneybags Jupiter (15Gem26 and Rx here) has two midpoints of power and wealth upon him - Pluto/NN and Pluto/Chiron.

Pluto/NN represents large masses of people and their common destiny; large business concerns; mass meetings; and exercising influence upon the public. I would add, powerful connections and associations.

Transit Jupiter will 'catch up' with Pluto/NN in Dec 2008, so we have then as now...

Pluto/NN = Jupiter: the desire to obtain position and power by force through the help of other people; the attainment of great gains through others; forcing oneself into a power position; self-promotion; attaining success through others (November elections esp the presidential election?)

And you know the Pluto/Chiron midpoint signifies plutocracy, oppression; corporatism; fascism, racism, primal violence, etc.

Time grows short and I must mosey...hope to complete this post later on...

Sep 10, 2008

Cindy Sheehan on America and 9/11

Reflections on 9-11

By Cindy Sheehan

Our famous "freedoms" that the terrorists "hated" have been eroded due to the PATRIOT ACT, the Military Commissions Act, and the violent response to protest from our robo-clad police state.

Sept 2008 transits to US natal chart

With the 7th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11/01 being tomorrow, here's America's natal chart (Sibly version, July 4, 1776, Philadelphia; 5:10 pm LMT) and I've added a few transits triggering our nation's natal Saturn, Mercury, Sun, and Pluto this month.

Around the outside of the chart you see highlighted in yellow transit Mars in natal 10th house of Public Status, and transit Jupiter in natal 7th house of Partnerships, Legal Affairs, and Open Enemies.

Here's the list - the Sept 8 transit is past but I'm including it because it's part of our September atmosphere:

Sept 8 Mars square Sun: willpower and physical actions are frustrated; feelings are touchy as others encroach on one's territory, yet the desire for personal accomplishment is strong; tensions between male colleagues or co-workers; hastiness can delay success; patience is needed.

Sept 11 Mars conjunct Saturn: constant obstacles in the path slow things down even as we're required to hurry - blockages may be self-created; positively we become more focused, organized, and efficient; someone with maturity and experience is given more credence; careful plans are made; imposed rules may be difficult to accept or live by.

~Because 9/11's Mercury is conjunct US natal Saturn in Libra, this transit of Mars-to-natal-Saturn also conjuncts 9/11's Mercury rising, so we have Mercury/ASC = Mars: negotiations, discussions; emphasizing one's own ideas; realizing one's plans; deciding on the best course of action with advisers; quarrels; and...

Sept 11 - Mars to 9/11's Mercury: thoughts turn easily into actions; energized thinking; life's pace quickens, communications increase and may become chaotic; verbal combat within the environment; meetings, discussions; sales and commercial transactions pick up; people drive too fast!~

Back to the US chart:

Sept 19 Mars opposite Chiron: the sacred warrior archetype in the collective is spiritualized, activated; we may hear injustices mentioned and America's warrior energy is stimulated. (Campaign-wise this more than likely relates to John McCain and/or to the US military, and possibly to missionary churches.)

Also natal Chiron is conjunct natal Sun/Pluto midpoint so we have...

Sun/Pluto = Mars: a desire to perform record achievements; overtaxing one's powers; ruthlessness; fanaticism; enormous drive; carving new perspectives (all midpoint pics: Tyl; Ebertin.)

Sept 25 Mars square Mercury: tempers flare; arguments with males; new work methods result in frustration or delay; wrong directions given; bad weather interrupts.

Sept 30 Mars square Pluto: revenge and jealousy may be motivations behind actions; power struggles; past obstacles and mistakes must be overcome before progress can be made; anger present but if transformed positively much can be accomplished.

Sept 30 Jupiter opposite Sun: this one I've blurbed about before but with Jupiter's cycle being 12 years, this is thankfully the last pass for a while...

material assets are depleted by circumstances; generosity benefits the wrong people or is wasted in worthless endeavors; those who want to help are rendered powerless; those with grandiose ideas or promises of success are not able to deliver; victories, if there are any, compromise principles; only a conservative and constructive way of working around issues will succeed.

Mars square Pluto (the power principle - including nuclear weapons -but Pluto also signifies publishers and the massively wealthy), plus, the last pass of Jupiter-opposite natal-Sun makes Sept 30 stand out, IMHO.

So! has the Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac bailout/seizure/take-over been conservative enough or is it a case of worthless endeavor, grandiose ideas, and generosity benefiting the wrong people as Jupiter-opposite-Sun describes?

What do you think?

Sara Palin VP acceptance speech: video


Here are highlights from Gov Sara Palin's VP acceptance speech at the 2008 RNC. YouTube's videos of this speech seem to be in four parts so I'm posting this highlighted version.

Joe Biden, John McCain, and Barack Obama videos are posted just below...

Joe Biden 2008 accceptance speech: video


Here's video of Senator Joe Biden accepting the Democratic VP nomination, Aug 27, 2008.

Acceptance speeches of John McCain and Barack Obama are just below...

John McCain RNC 2008 speech: video


Here's John McCain's RNC 2008 speech'll find that of Barack Obama DNC 2008 just below. Compare and contrast...

Barack Obama's DNC speech 2008: video


Here's the video of Senator Barack Obama's acceptance speech at the 2008 DNC.

The war politics of John McCain

Someday, the news media may get around to re-examining the assumption that killing foreigners in their own country is the best patriotic credential imaginable. A front-page New York Times story the other day referred to Sen. John McCain as "the most popular national political figure in the country."

McCain built his career in politics while news accounts routinely described him as a "war hero," with frequent references to the captivity and torture that he withstood for years after a North Vietnamese missile brought him down from a plane he was piloting over Hanoi. Media outlets rarely put a fine point on the fact that McCain had been dropping bombs on civilians.

Norman Solomon - Source: Beyond Hero Worship Aug 27, 2004

Sep 9, 2008

Sep 8, 2008

1898 speech echoes 2008 campaign issues

One-hundred-ten years ago, on Dec 5, 1898 William Jennings Bryan delivered a message which reverberates into the 2008 presidential campaign - its issues, jingoisms, and propaganda-touting.

As you know, orators of the past were expected to speak for quite some time - a speech resembling today's 'sound bites' would have been considered a complete flop and a huge disappointment to entertainment-starved audiences everywhere.

The speech I've dug up for you, 'Imperialism', touches upon many topics of current value, not the least of which is a Republican house of representatives who complied with President McKinley's request for the authority to increase our standing army to 100,000.

Bryan called a large standing army, "not only a pecuniary burden to the people," but much more: "it is ever a menace to a Republican form of government."

Today we should recognize these things by well-worn experience, and yet the GOP still has its way in the realm of war profiteering and expansionist policies a la 2008.

Bryan paraphrases Abe Lincoln in his speech, "In 1859 Lincoln said that the Republican party believed in the man and the dollar, but that in case of a conflict it believed in the man before the dollar."

My, some things have changed, haven't they? Unless you're one of the elect few, that is - the cream of the one-world-government crop.

1898 (the decade when the Robber Baron class got its claws into every pie) and Bryan almost wholly could have been speaking of the 2008 presidential campaign when he said:

"Against us are arrayed a comparatively small but politically and powerful number who really profit by Republican policies; but with them are associated a large number who, because of their attachment to their party name, are giving their support to doctrines antagonistic to the former teachings of their own party."

Bryan goes on to discuss, among other things: the gold standard, the greenback, imperialism in the Philippines and Cuba, the paralyzing influence of imperialism, and then gives the four principle arguments advanced by those who enter upon a defense of imperialism.

He then identifies to whom each argument is addressed ('addresst'):

1. the nation's pride
2. the nation's pocketbook
3. the church member
4. the partisan

If any of this sounds familiar, it's because they're using the same tactics in the 21st century! If it works, why change, right?

So is America caught in a loop of self-destruction she can't break out of? Is she too dizzy to see she's being duped yet again?

Now I know that a vote in November may bring little improvement if you vote for the Dems. But if you vote for the Republicans you can be certain of encouraging the cynical imperialists who have been misdirecting our nation for a over a century.

What's it to be?

Change? Hope? Or simply the audacity and hubris of nation-rotting, Republic-destroying imperialism?


Thanks go to a great resource, American Rhetoric!

Jupiter turns Direct for Fannie and Freddie bail-out

Stooping to conquer and letting go the money flow, the Great Benefic Jupiter turned Direct early this morning - in Washington DC, at 12:17 am edt.

As you've heard, the Fed and the Bush administration announced Sunday the much-talked-about seizure of mortgage titans Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the freezing of their portfolios. There'll be no more lobbying allowed for this lobbying king and queen.

And as you know, the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune occurs all through 2009 which is as good a description as any of the financial risk-taking and meltdown which the next president will be dealing with beginning with his first year in office.

Read more about the Speculation pair, Jupiter-Neptune if wish, dates included.

Now for the Sabian Symbol for Jupiter's Direct Station degree, '13Capricorn' from Lynda Hill:

"A Fire Worshipper Meditates On The Ultimate Realities Of Existence."

Lynda says this Symbol is about being very focused, with a great passion for getting to the core or to the truth; and about new beginnings. It concerns turning inward and closely examining the situation - plus, danger and staring into the flames.

~ Sounds like accounting examinations, doesn't it? And what is said could have happened if this nationalizing bail-out had not occurred.

Plus, Fannie and Freddie's books apparently have irregularities. Umm-hmm...some of that fuzzy math, is it? ~

Lynda gives interesting Cautions for this degree - here are two of them:

overestimation of personal power and abilities and not seeing the forest for the trees.

Now for Adriano Carelli's Symbol for '13Cap'...but I warn you - it may not be altogether comforting:

"A Tartarian archer drawing an incendiary arrow"...

A thirst for absolute power; a tireless and sleepless activity; a tendency to burn one's bridges behind oneself.

An heroic courage, which is never an end in itself, as all energies are subordinate to the aim in sight. Such a character is ready to go to any lengths in order to secure his aim.

He will draw the line at no extremities, never withdraw before personal danger, even impassively watch bloodshed; refraining, however, from flinging himself into useless risks...he has a keen sense of honor, but is driven and burned by an even keener thirst for superhuman honors....the native seems born to destroy rather than to build.

If a diplomat, he will serve his own thirst for power rather than his own country; if a chief, he will love the people as the rider loves his horse.

The full measure of success will crown such an ambition provided the native knows where to stop."

Carelli notes that this is Pluto's degree in Napoleon's chart.

Well,'13Cap' is opposite US natal Sun so we may begin to feel and experience some monetary relief as Jupiter widens the orb of this restrictive transit.

Today world and US markets reacted positively to the Fannie-Freddie bail-out, so we'll see how things transpire as rich man/banker Jupiter continues forward upon his merry way through the rest of Capricorn, a sign which is an entire labyrinth unto itself!

Joe and Jill Biden marry June 17, 1977

Wedding Day Astrology: Joe and Jill Biden has been published if you'd care to take a look.

Congress eyes FBI's Ivins case

It's Monday, Congress is back on Capitol Hill for 3 weeks and has sent a letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller asking him nicely to show up in front of the House Judiciary Committee (probably on Sept 16 & 17) to answer a few outstanding questions about the case against Dr. Bruce Ivins.

The New York Times has this:

Seeking Details, Lawmakers Cite Anthrax Doubts in which we are reminded that the post-9/11 anthrax letters contained none of Bruce Ivins' DNA, which must surely be an inconvenient fact for Mueller who will be asked about how investigators eliminated the 100+ people who also had access to the culpable flasks of anthrax.

Bruce Ivins, as you know, committed suicide (we're told) the night of July 29, 2008, so Congress' questions to Mueller may be the only chance the American people have for any closure whatsoever concerning the terroristic anthrax letters of 2001 since the death of Dr. Ivins negates the possibility of a trial.

You remember that the FBI pursued the wrong man for years in this case, Dr. Steven J. Hatfield, who in June settled a lawsuit against the FBI for $4.6 million. Guess we taxpayers pay the piper, but good for Dr. Hatfield whose career was ruined by FBI scrutiny and innuendo.

Looking back at July 29, Saturn (law, authority, accountability) was in a quindecile aspect with nebulous, often obfuscating Neptune.

A quindecile aspect (165 degrees) gives a compulsive-obsessive flavor to the planets involved and you may wish to keep the FBI-Ivins case in mind as Congress applies itself to the case - or as the law-makers simply produce another matinee of political theater on Capitol Hill that goes nowhere and results in exactly nada.

Sep 7, 2008

Obama win will give largest Dem majority in years

Watching the Sunday political shows this morning and on This Week with George Stephanopolous George Will says that if Obama wins the White House it will be the largest Democratic majority since 1937.

So how angry against the Republicans ARE the American people? Angry enough?

Not that Dems with the upper hand are to be trusted either - 'absolute power corrupts absolutely' and all that.

And David Brooks observed that if McCain wins, he'll have trouble finding enough Republicans to put on staff because the Rs are so rode-hard-put-up-wet (my phrase - I'm paraphrasing here) from 8 years of Bush. McSame will have to resort to Dems.


Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg, in their current Visual Astrology Newsletter discuss US elections being based on the 8 year cycle of Venus, who radiates her favor upon certain planets in any given election as the Morning Star or Evening Star.

They state that Obama's nemesis - his downfall - is hubris, while McCain's nemesis is sympathy. If I understand their meaning, it is that an Obama presidency would be in danger of kingly arrogance while McCain, the soldier, would be in danger of being viewed as a sympathetic figure rather than as a strong leader.

This reminds me of the feeling I had watching the RNC's constant tributes to McCain's POW status, including his own mentions of it - so if you vote for McCain, are you voting in sympathy with his still-carried wounds from 5 years of torture?

Do you believe McCain's sudden embrace of the 'CHANGE' slogan means anything different from Bush's policies? Were Bush policies and doctrine put in place only to be abandoned by the next president - and a Republican one at that?

And: is it possible for any US president to govern without falling into the hubris brigade?

Your reasons for voting Republican are your own - my answers to the last 3 questions are: no, no, and no.