Dec 30, 2010

A New Year and the natal chart of Barack Obama

In this, my last post to you until after the New Year, I pass the astro-baton to expert astrologer Donna Cunningham and her article on New Year's intentions (rather than resolutions), hot zones in horoscopes, transits to these important degree areas, and the natal chart of President Obama (displayed.)

Now Donna's New Year offering is but one of the many instructive articles to be found on her SkyWriter blog so check it out and stay a while, if you can!

Signing off and hoping to see you in the New Year!



For more reading you may wish to visit Julie Demboski's Astrology, Modern Astrology, Jude's Threshold, and/or Woolly Mammoth Chronicles.

Gerald Celente: predictions for 2011

Economist Gerald Celente has made financial predictions for 2011.

Not an easy read but worth the trouble if you think facing demons is better than ignoring them and allowing them to fester in darkness.

The most basic planetary transit affecting the US now is Pluto's ongoing opposition to America's natal planets in Cancer: Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and eventually our Mercury Rx which shows, among other things, a titanic power struggle between our nation and the secret power elite who have engineered the financial crisis (and other crises) for their own New World Order/fascist purposes.

This morning I watched C-SPAN's feature on the first presidential debate on TV (Sep 26, 1960) between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. The tape was shown and once again I was struck by JFK's opening statement in which he laid out what is now in its final stages: whether the world will move toward freedom or slavery.

I leave it to you to decide how we're doing as we look toward 2011.


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Heads-Up Update12.30.10 3:16 pm est: just received a link to some very interesting reading at Is Seeing Believing? which might interest anyone concerned about the future of America.

Dec 29, 2010

Pluto loves Drug Money Laundering on Wall Street

An article Wall Street is laundering drug money and getting away with it places emphasis on Wachovia, the bank this blogger deserted earlier this year and began doing business at a credit union bank.

Well! If that's the sort of thing Wachovia has been up to, what might WikiLeaks' threatened release of Bank of America's private documents hold in store?

The term 'money laundering' always reminds me of a certain Sabian Symbol for '22 Sagittarius' which opposes US natal Mars in Gemini. This makes '22Sag' an Illumination Point of unconscious material concerning our national Mars (energy; action; motivation; warmongering.) And transiting *Pluto, the dragon guarding all the treasure, danced upon and within orb of '22Sag' off and on during the Bush-Cheney years.

'22Sag' = "A Chinese Laundry" = SECLUSION...

positive expression: an unusual gift for maintaining poise and self-perspective in every unfamiliar or alien situation;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: unnecessary acceptance of self-inferiority.

In his book The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones goes on to explain this degree as "complete self-refinement through the unsuspected or even generally unaccepted activities of a community,...a richness of living comes from a concentration on goals with remote reward, and from an association in spirit with souls of very high achievement."

Now Dr. Jones was not writing the above while thinking about the selling out of America by the US Congress (or of the Chinese poppy trade), yet spiritual associations with 'souls of very high achievement' can on a level describe the Temple of Greed worshiped on Wall Street (with gold-lover Mithras' Taurean Bull on proud display) while implicating Templar Knights and other such secret society actors who have used their control of the global banking industry to financially collapse this and other nations.

Theirs is an overarching agenda long planned and is now, before our eyes, being implemented at a faster and faster pace as the mutually agreed upon years 2011 and 2012 draw near. Mutually agreed upon because the cycle in the Mayan Calendar which ends on December 21, 2012 has already put the Great Awakening vs Great Catastrophe scenario and potential in every one's minds (and unconsciouses) and made it suitable and amenable for any and all financial and political exploitation.

If the laundering of drug money by one of America's largest banking corporate 'communities' isn't 'unsuspected or even generally unaccepted activities' then I guess I can't imagine what is. Personally I do not find Wachovia or Wall Street's activities acceptable in general or otherwise. Do you?


*When tr Pluto opposed US natal Mars it was a time of using revenge to get back at someone, misguided efforts if mismanaged (it was), power struggles, and physical abuse. And of course, Pluto is intimately associated with drugs especially of the opiate and intravenous varieties. Together, Mars/Pluto = the raw force, big guns, and nuclear devices of the Pentagon and other agencies who use and export weapons, terror, and violence.

In other words, the Bush-Cheney regime of Pluto-to-Mars activities which are now being continued and expanded under the presidency of globalist Barack Obama across the poppy fields of occupied Afghanistan and beyond.

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Dec 28, 2010

There Be Storms on Saturn! Dec 28, 2010

Zeeks! With America's Saturn Return 14Lib48 well underway into 2011, the planet of accountability, responsibility, authority, stability, and restriction is experiencing a time of unstable weather. Sound familiar?

Space Weather News for Dec 28, 2010

BIG STORM ON SATURN: Got a telescope for Christmas? Point it at Saturn. A giant storm even brighter than Saturn's rings is raging through the planet's cloud tops. Amateur images and sky maps are featured on today's edition of SpaceWeather News.

GEOMAGNETIC STORM IN PROGRESS: At the time this alert is being written (mid-day UT on Dec 28), a polar geomagnetic storm is in progress (Kindex=5). Observers report electric currents in the ground and intensifying Northern Lights over Scandinavia. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras.

Dec 27, 2010

Astrology for a New Year's Resolution? Try Saturn!

First I admired her astrological pseudonym for its cool perfection: Auntie Moon. Then I read and appreciated her common sense style of writing and discussion of astrological principles and their practical applications in daily life.

This evening, as New Year's resolutions begin to form within many little pea brains across the land in an attempt to psyche ourselves up for action - or face the fact that change cannot be delayed any longer - Auntie Moon's C. J. Wright publishes her practical and timely article for the benefit of all.

Having grumped on this blog all year about America's current Saturn Return (3x, so the lessons will spread well into 2011) and fretted over whether or not lessons have been learned by the US government - and the American people, I can do no less than pass on a link to C. J.'s insightful article with info which could be part of a make-or-break tactic suitable for individual, group, or nation when wishing to feel more...resolute.

Now most people who know anything about Saturn and Saturnian principles such as restriction, constriction, delay (patience), accountability, responsibility, loss (long term gain), etc., find themselves dreading the Hoary One's difficult lessons and tasks as he stomps through the Zodiac and the houses (life departments) of our horoscopes, becomes active by progression, and/or shows up prominently or angularly in a return chart or two. What a drag!

But don't let that be you or you'll miss out on valuable stuff for Saturn doesn't 'do' shoddy! You know the one: anything worth doing is worth doing well? Saturn wrote that. Along with the tired old chestnut (fatigued yet true): Time and Patience are the Keys to Success. And that's the kind of lasting success that Saturn prefers.

So as we close in on New Year 2011, it occurs to me that Show Me Your Saturn and I'll Show You a New Year's Resolution You'll Have to Keep can give you solid grounding from which springs the stick-to-itiveness it takes for your inner Saturnian control to leap forth with shield in hand and keep your New Year's resolution intact...and the more realistic your goals, the better your chances for ultimate achievement!


Now under construction: Cosmic Lilith Art.

A Presidency in Review (video) : our Mars/Neptune link

A Presidency in Review: Who is Barack Obama?

Looking around for a general review of President Obama's Oval Office term with which to end 2010, I came upon John Pilger giving his assessment of President Barack Obama in July 2010. This may present the clearest picture yet of the man in the White House and the astrological synchronicity between our nation's *Neptune 22Vir25 (illusion, delusion, self-deception, fraud) connection to Mr. Obama's Mars 22Vir35, planet of motivation, action, and energy.

Neptune is also linked to the (collusive) media, the masses, large entities such as corporations, and Socialism.

Yes, the slogan-based 'Change-Hope' wool (Neptune) proved easy to pull (Mars) over the public's eyes and the mutual Obama-US Mars/Neptune link accounts for much of what some then considered Obama's dreamy rockstar appeal (remember the heady days of Campaign 2008? Obama Girl probably does.) Having his Neptune in sexy Scorpio added to the glamorous effect as well - still does - and helped sell the product: the candidate himself.

For a perfect description of our Mars/Neptune collusion with the Democrat who 'came from out of nowhere' onto the world political stage in 2004, check out what Mr. Pilger has to say about the Obama presidency especially toward the end of this video presentation. Mention is made (as it has been several times on this blog) of Hillary Clinton's and Mr. Obama's secret attendance at the Chantilly, Virginia Bilderberg meeting in June 2008 when it was young Barry who was annointed next 'leader' of the 'free world'!


*The astro-link between US natal Neptune and Mr. Obama's natal Mars qualifies as a Mars-to-natal-Neptune transit for the US on his birthdate, August 4, 1961. The transit marks a time when getting to the bottom of who did what, why, where, or when is impossible or elusive (JFK Inauguration Jan 20, 1961), and the motivations of others are diffcult to ascertain. Physical efforts are secretive, go undetected, or are misunderstood. Alternately, actions may be inspired yet caution is advised when one is around water, gas, chemicals, or drugs (including alcohol.)

Or when driving through Masonic Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on a November day.

Quotes about a 'New World Order' (FDR, Nixon, Bush, 9/11, etc)

An interesting link has been added in SO'W's sidebar with Quotes of Note concerning the establishment of a New World Order (aka, a new world economic order.) From the linked page I'm lifting the following excerpt and will hook you up near post's end with a link to the complete list of quotes.

The first one you've probably read or heard before. It's the second one that ties together some of my recent discoveries as I finish reading Jonathan Alter's The Defining Moment about FDR. So far I'm finding no mention of any particular NWO stuff by Mr. Alter, and no hint of FDR's notable Masonic membership (initiated October 11, 1911 NYC.) But the UN is present, of course.

Change in America?

Between FDR's March 4, 1933 Inauguration and his 2nd Inauguration on January 20, 1937, the character and leadership (Sun) of the office of the US presidency were morphed from Jupiter/Neptune's Piscean (March 1933's Sun 13Pis41 w Moon 16Gem41 @ 1:08 pm est, the time of Oath-taking as stated in Mr. Alter's book) into Saturn/Uranus' Aquarian (January 1937's Sun 00AQ15 w Moon 11Tau44 @ noon.)

FDR was often thought in his day to be a lightweight in the intellectual department, and his continual nodding while saying, "Yes, yes, yes" gave people the impression he was agreeing with them! He considered himself an 'actor', 'juggler', and 'magician' and had many rhetorical tricks and flourishes as a 'gifted orator' (see quote, paragraph 2!) Yes, FDR was famous for his 'fireside chats' meant to sway the American people to his way of thinking, and oftentimes the campaign worked:

In Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.'s The Coming of the New Deal (1958) he quotes Machiavelli at the front of the book saying, "There is nothing...more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things."

At the end of the book, he quotes Fabian Socialist H.G. Wells describing FDR as, "The most effective transmitting instrument possible for the coming of the new world order. He is continuously revolutionary in the new way without ever provoking a stark revolutionary crisis."

Really? Well, that's not too surprising since FDR was born with revolutionary *Uranus Rx rising in mid-Virgo!

Both his natal ASC and Uranus Rx are @ '18Vir' = "Two Girls Playing with a Ouija Board." Mr. Alter quotes some of FDR's contemporaries as trying to put a finger on a certain air about the man and 'feminine' is one of the possibilities. 'Ouija board' seems to refer in part to mysticism and use of the occult such as Freemasonry and other societies might engage in.

Well, to read more such notable quotes on the establishment of a New World Order or one-world-government (since knowledge is power) click here.Some of it may surprise you including who said or penned them and how widespread NWO touting and envisioning was even decades ago...some say all the way back to the founding of America though I retain serious and sentimental doubts that the totalitarianism and fascism of today's Zionists and Trotskyite neocons (and their competitive attempts to gain control of the global government's helm and grandly unite Capitalism with Socialism) were just what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

However, there is that pesky Saturn (government; authoritarianism; Capitalism) and Neptune (secret; invisible; Socialism) pair atop (The Goal) of America's natal horoscope in the Sibly version: Saturn/Neptune as a planetary pair of energies collectively signifies Communism and Socialism.


*Uranus rising = coping ability, and a magician, just as FDR professed!

Dec 26, 2010

Cenk Uygur's interview w Julian Assange (video)

On Dec 22, 2010 Huffington Post's Cenk Uygur interviewed WikiLeaks' Julian Assange:


Here's a morning view of Raleigh NC's Winter Wonderland 2010!

Photo taken December 26, 2010

Dec 23, 2010

On Bradley Manning's true condition and 2011

Seasonal Review and Deja-Vu of Common Good Topics: First They Come for Them, Then They Come for Us

by Jude Cowell

In case you've missed details of Bradley Manning's true condition while in prison these 7 months as the alleged WikiLeaks whistle blower, here's a link to hook you up concerning Manning's confinement, the details of which are being glossed over - no, misreported - no, lied about - in the press.

Now here's a wish for Christmas 2010: for the raptors of the US government (those factions that spy on us all and must rely heavily on secrecy to hide and avoid prosecution for their gangster behavior) to back off their fascist suppression, torture, and bombing of the world - for their deepest and ugliest motivations are showing.

Perhaps the much-touted New Millennial Great Awakening may turn out to be in favor of the peoples of the world as despots, world banksters, and their criminal pawns are held accountable for their death-dealing, antisocial actions as we approach the explosive and riot-instigating Uranus/Pluto square in action-oriented Cardinal signs.

Complicating things is that rebellious Uranus in Aries is ruled by warring Mars and Mars/Uranus is an explosive/gun-to-head combo of energies, totally unpredictable; yet inspired, creative, and original actions are potentials as well.

Pluto in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the authority, with Saturn/Pluto recalling the two planets in opposition on 9/11/01 across America's natal ASC/DESC axis (and at other times in history) when hardships come, and victimization by those whose primary goal in life is to gain and retain power and control runs roughshod over the masses.

"Cornering the market" isn't good enough for these shrivel-hearted creeps for they feel they must corner the last farthing tucked under our mattresses!

And that in part describes the most recent takeover of the US government, with the Saturn/Pluto pair as one of the culprits, and the onrushing Uranus/Pluto square a major signpost on the way to a select few power elite's long-planned totalitarian domination on a global scale. Riots welcomed as population control is no fallacy, but add genetically modified foods to the mix and implicate Science's eugenics while you're at it. The attempts of Hitler's regime were mere peanuts compared to these guys.

Has Science run amok?

Or has the Royal Branch of Inquiry simply progressed through the decades at humanity's great expense? 'Causing damage to others without their being aware of it' has been at play on every level of society and GM engineering of food and the degradation of water bears much of the blame along with the plastics and chemical industries' hormone inhibitors that interfere with DNA at cellular (hidden) levels.

Now in December 2010, a transiting midpoint picture remains intact (within orb) between Jupiter and Saturn (our societal planets which describe the business cycle, too) and powerful, secretive wealth-hoarder and manipulator Pluto so it's still operative and causing many difficulties:

Jupiter/Saturn = Pluto: restriction; separation; violent changes; attaining one's aims slowly but surely, no matter the cost; transforming the future into today's reality (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

So Deck the Halls But Which Ones?

Today's post is not Christmas fare, granted, but it is important to note that 2011 arrives soon with a Solar Eclipse right out of the gate (Jan 4, 2011 13Cap38 opposing US natal Sun, the leader) with 2011 beginning the next phase of the plutocrats' plans to be implemented upon us, as more individuals, the guilty and the innocent, will be 'detained' ad infinitum and left with little or no Hope.

Our young Bradley Manning comes instantly to mind especially since I do not know what really happened or what he actually did, if anything. How could I? But I do know the 'official line' on WikiLeaks and on several other 'realities' and governmental scripts we're constantly being sold by the men lurking behind the propaganda curtain.

Meanwhile our 'R v D' parties collude and conspire against us. Plus, 2011 contains a 'Constitutional Crisis' Solar Eclipse later in the year which will be considered more fully as time permits (assuming that new Net Neutrality laws will allow this blog to be accessed and that I can continue to write and publish in the 'cyber commons' as Bill Moyers calls it.)

So as 2010 ends, this Sun/Mercury/Mars/Jupiter Capricorn says, Deck with greenery and red berries whatever halls you may have, m'peops, and invite others to join in your merriment! (Above image, Nandina which grows in holiday fashion around my yard.)

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year in which more citizens' eyes than ever are trained upon the varmints, vermin, and brigands currently infesting our government - those whose ties and allegiances go 'higher' than to any oath of loyalty to the United States of America...and by US of A, I refer historically, intrinsically, and explicitly to We-The-People.

Remain true to ourselves!

Dec 22, 2010

US natal Chiron in Aries and the 112th Congress 2011

Today I'm off on a spree to purchase a telescope for a certain 5-year-old family member so this is a simple heads-up concerning a just-published post update. My astro-notes on the 112th Congress which convenes at noon on January 5, 2011 has been edited with info on America's natal 4th house Chiron in Aries if you'd care for a look.

What brought on such a US Chiron update? The fact that the 112th Congress convenes on Jan 5th with US natal Chiron rising! Perhaps this will 'bring up' important issues based on our natal house an sign position of Chiron unless Congress changes its announced gaveling-in time of 12:00 pm.

Dec 21, 2010

Video: the Anti-War Protest @ the White House (12.16.10)

Since the mainstream media didn't cover the protests of December 16, it took a while to locate a video of last Thursday's snowy anti-war protests at the White House with war veterans, journalist Chris Hedges, and Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg speaking, participating, and being arrested.

When the people are not listened to by their government, this is, as Chris Hedges points out, what's left (as my Baby Boomer generation well knows.) Here's yesterday's Truthdig column about the nature of war and the protests of Dec 16, 2010 written by Chris Hedges. It does me good to see our younger generations get involved though many more protests and marches will be necessary if people can put down their iPhones long enough to take action and save our country!

So what do I want Santa to bring me this Christmas?

An America who folds her many tents, apologizes from the heart of the American people, and removes her sons and daughters from foreign lands.

You see, my and your America is being used by the power elite as a tool - a military hammer - to forge their Vulcan vision of global domination, aka, the NWO. That's why there's no money for our domestic needs, in spite of what Washington says about their secretive military budget.

Just vs Unjust

The lies leading up to the Bush-Cheney neocon wars and the false flag op (9/11/01) that allegedly justified their illegal invasions are part of the false reality narrative promoted by our remote-controlled government and the media which has created conditions under which no soldier of any nation should be expected to serve and die. We've been here before and it's past time to stop US imperialistic wars - again.

So Happy Holidays, White House. You're a real disappointment.


Note: SO'W's Julian Assange poll has only 10 days left in which to vote and as of today, 101 people have responded! Please vote if you haven't (sidebar, upper right.) Thanks! jc

Dec 20, 2010

Heathrow Airport turns off heat on stranded passengers!

London's Heathrow Airport has turned a viciously cold shoulder to travellers stranded there as victims of the huge snow storm that has shut down and cancelled air flights, plus taxi, and bus services! No escape for you, my little blue-nosed pretties...

Sleeping on an airport floor is something I've never done and plan to never do but a floor turned cold from a massive snow storm and lack of heating has to be a hundred times worse than your average crick in the neck. Airport PR tells a rosier story, however, than what stranded passengers report themselves. Click to view a snowy photo from the airport tarmac and get the scoop.

This situation gives a new level of meaning to tomorrow's Lunar Eclipse @ 29Gem21 with Gemini being the sign of air travel and flight, and 29 degrees indicating crises or critical conditions.

My thoughts and prayers for safety and warmth go out to all my friends in the UK!

Dec 19, 2010

The secret background of Julian Assange?

Someone seems to have ferreted out and leaked details on the secret background of WikiLeaks' leaker-in-chief, former hacker, Julian Assange.

I have no idea if the account is true or if any of it has merit so take it as you find it.

Many Faces and Races run the NWO (video)

Here in three parts: Alex Jones and Bob Chapman discuss A Scientific Eugenics Elite That Believe They're God!


And you know what 'believing you're God' is, right? Lucifer's delusion.

Reminds me of the days when the media would occasionally mention the close friendship between George H. W. Bush and Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey...which then reminds me of Bush Sr proclaiming the soon-establishment of the New World Order, the topic of the videos above, and of this little charmer...

My promise to you: if you watch this video of a wonky-eyed, smug, determined Bush it will supply 100% of your daily minimum requirement of creep factor.

As you know, Uranus-Neptune, the illumination pair, began the modern NWO clock in 1993, at '18Cap' = POLITICAL POWER (Rudhyar)...."The Union Jack Flies from a British Warship"...from Marc Edmund Jones we find its:

positive expression: the self's ever-widening spread of interest in its insatiable desire to leave some permanent imprint of itself;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: smug or strong-armed paternalism.

"Smug or strong-armed paternalism" covers many people and things such as the NWO types, Hitler (whose second book was entitled, The New World Order), the Roman, British, and American Empires, CIA assassinations and overthrows of duly elected foreign presidents, and the current beefing up of a police state in the US.

As Bush Sr announced, "If we're successful - and we will be..."

Now in his excellent book Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey describes the Uranus-Neptune duo in the realms of Politics and Business as:

Thesis: Changes in social and political structures due to new ideals and dreams of the future; revolution or strikes which are focused on new ways of thinking; groups which form to exploit oil or chemical resources.

Antithesis: Sudden upsurges in the availability of illegal drugs; subversion using a new method of acquiring information; movements which diminish the power or authority of the nation's leadership or police systems.

'Nuff said?

SpaceWeather News: Lunar Eclipse Dec 21, 2010

Space Weather News for Dec 19, 2010

LUNAR ECLIPSE: For the first time in many years, northern winter is beginning with a total lunar eclipse. On Dec 21, 2010, the date of the northern winter solstice, the full Moon will pass through Earth's shadow, turning the lunar orb a delightful shade of coppery-red. Sky watchers in North America are favored with an overhead view as the eclipse unfolds on Tuesday morning between 02:41 am and 03:53 am EST.

Visit SpaceWeather News for full coverage of the event including live webcasts, observing tips, and a look at the surprising connection between lunar eclipses and Earth's climate.

SOMETHING NEW: is proud to announce SpaceWeather TEXT, an innovative alert service that turns your cell phone into a real-time space weather monitoring system. Subscribers receive text messages announcing X-class solar flares, geomagnetic storms, and CME impacts as they are happening.

Learn more at SpaceWeather TEXT.


Scroll down this blog's sidebar for Astrology-with-chart of the Dec 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse @29Gem21.

Dec 18, 2010

A Lunar Eclipse @ Winter Solstice 2010: 1st since 1703!

As you know, there's a crisis-degreed Lunar Eclipse on December 21, 2010 @ 29Gem21 occurring a few hours from Winter Solstice 2010 (Sun 00Cap00) and it will be the first Lunar Eclipse at Winter Solstice since the year 1703!

On December 23, 1703, a Lunar Eclipse occurred @ World Point 00Can49 conjunct North Node, along with a Great Conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in Aries. Now history repeats similarly but with differences and there's an astrological similarity between Dec 21, 2010's Lunar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse of Dec 23, 1703, apart from their occurrences at Winter Solstice: both fall into the same Solar Eclipse Series, the 12 South - the Series we're in now!

Synchronicity lives! (You may wish to click above for historical events of 1703: does pamphleteer Daniel Defoe = leaker Julian Assange?)

To recap: 12S manifested on Dec 23, 1703 @ 15Sag56 and on July 11, 2010 @ 19Can24 conjoining Fixed Star, Castor (crippling of limbs, murder, mental illness, fame or loss, to write or create; A. Louis; B. Brady.)

Traditionally, DeVore's Encyclopedia gives '20 Cancer' as a degree of hindrance and limitation and is President Obama's current Progressed ASC degree when his progressed chart is set for Washington DC. (His progressions still show the fretsome midpoint picture: Saturn/NN = Neptune: emotional suffering through fraud, lies, deception, separation (Ebertin.)

Is that separation from his political-financial base? Private sources tell me that Mr. Obama in his extreme arrogance is reviled in DC and across the nation by former financial supporters whose wallets will remain decidedly closed to him for the 2012 campaign! And btw, they despise Michelle, too. Apparently, it's primarily the media talking her up. Plus, Inauguration 2009 Moon's void-of-course condition indicates a 'falling away' from his administration and policies, as previously noted.

So! A Lunar Eclipse at Winter's Solstice has come again as in 1703 and both fall into the 12S Series with its 'draining, long term worries at first seem worse, then clear with successful outcomes" (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Hope 12S's improvement vibe applies to my previous remarks concerning the Dec 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse adversely affecting financial markets!

Of course, being in message-bringing Gemini at a 29th crisis degree (and with a new Solar Eclipse occurring on Jan 4, 2011 in the 13N Series), one thinks of the WikiLeaks embroilment as the whistle blower organization continues exposing the US government's frilly if torn underpants - and, what could bring both realms of crisis together at the Dec 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse?

WikiLeaks' promised revelations concerning the shady dealings of Bank of America!

112th Congress Jan 5, 2011 @ noon w secret plans of the GOP

The GOP has a secret plan brewing to push states to declare bankruptcy and to smash unions and we will begin to see a ramping up of such unAmerican tactics implemented come January 5, 2011 when the 112th Congress convenes, teabaggers and all.

Check out some astro-info on Mitch McConnell now published by Alex Da-Atria writing from budget-strapped California and displaying my own version of a natal horoscope for Mitch McConnell. (I might have marked the chart less messily if I'd known it would be published elsewhere! Or not. Artists are a little messy, what can I say?)

112th Congress Natal Horoscope

A quick peek at the 112th Congress horoscope for January 5, 2011 @ 12 noon est, Capitol Building, shows 21Ari19 rising with *US natal Chiron and 11Cap54 at Midheaven. A 10th house Moon (we-the-people, but also publicity) @ 00AQ27 precisely conjoins US Inaugural Sun (the leader) with Moon ruling 4th house of Domestic Scene.

At IC, the Foundation and HOW? Point of any chart, is '12 Cancer' = "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message" - a Sabian Symbol often noted for its reference to Christ or to the Dalai Lama. But in Washington DC? It relates more closely, imho, to our nation's biggest debt-holder, China, who undoubtedly sends the US Congress messages all the time on how they're doing and what to do next.

This chart and congressional session puts all US natal Cancer planets at the Foundation with our natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx at top where the whole world can 'see' and fear it. (I first typed 'despise' but changed it to 'fear'.)

Snugged around Mc is Sun 15Cap00 and tr Pluto 5Cap30 so we have a midpoint picture which affects and reveals the Goals and Aspirations (Mc) of the 112th Congress; this chart (unless they convene at a different hour than the 'noon' I've seen stated so far) is in effect for the entire session of the 112th...its natal chart.

Sun/Pluto = Mc: striving for power; consciousness of purpose or objective (to see Obama fail? jc); vocational crisis; changes to adopt new perspectives; power games with important consequences.

Also at Mc are three other midpoints...

Venus/Neptune = Mc: lost in illusions; Mars/NN = Mc: teamwork; and Moon/Mercury = Mc: independent thinking; making professional decisions. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Chart-ruler Mars 22Cap01 in 10th house, makes only one applying aspect: the testosterone-laden one's conjunction with the Sun (7A01) which occurs on Feb 4, 2011 @ 15AQ31. '16AQ' = "A Big Businessman at His Desk": ACCOMPLISHMENT...

positive expression: effective self-realization through achievement of consequence;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: ambitious superficiality.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Well, many more factors are of interest in 112th's natal horoscope including opposing transits to the US planetary line-up in Cancer, but Georgia is under a storm watch so I must shut down for now and talk to ya later for I have a deep and healthy respect for Uranian lightening!

Image: '12Can' = "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message" from my Secret Moon Art collection of pencil-on-paper drawings.


And check out my latest blogging effort at Woolly Mammoth Chronicles if you wish, and please take a moment to vote in SO'W's poll concerning the prosecution of Julian Assange (sidebar, upper right.) jc

*US natal Chiron 20Ari08 in 4th house of the US Sibly chart: Chiron in the sign of the Pioneer and Explorer, Aries, indicates that a search for identity is paramount for the US. This tallies well with America's fight for independence from Great Britain and shows the life and death conditions at our nation's founding. Chiron in Aries is 'the trailblazer' with courage, restlessness, and idealism highlighted (Clow.)

In more recent years, Chiron has traversed Aries off and on (due to retrogression) in 1918/19 and 1926/27, and 1968/69 and 1976/77 which gave the US Chiron Returns to figure out who she is...that the American people often have trouble understanding just who our nation is (democracy? republic? oligrachy? Roman Empire revisited?) has become a major problem for many who are deeply concerned about our nation's current trajectory which has been a long time forming (often behind closed doors and in secret chambers.)

You'll find more such topics detailed in my article American Empire: When Jupiter Bowed to the Sun published recently in the Fall 2010 issue of Julie Demboski's Eclipse e-zine which covers November 2010 through January 2011.

Our nation's next Chiron Return will occur 3 times in the years 2024/25.

A 4th house Chiron echoes a similar Arien theme since 4th house concerns 'roots' and heritage and who we really are - our psychological roots. A 4th house Chiron indicates a need for deep connections with our true identity in order to heal. There is a wounding of The Tree of Life (4th h) with this position which points to Ecology and the wounding of our environment. One might say that the 'settling' of America involved much damage to our natural environment and the wounding continues as corporations have put profits above protections for so long that we are forced onto the verge of terracide.

This is a nervous, brooding, and intense house placement for the Wounded Healer and adds to the world's view of America as a land of selfish, resource-wasting belly button gazers; the idea that climate change problems and emissions reductions must be led by America's example may also be attributed in part to our national Chiron in natal 4th house - in Aries, the me-first sign.

Dec 17, 2010

The latest newsletter from Visual Astrology is a stunner.

It contains Bernadette Brady's analysis of Julian Assange's natal chart in relation to fixed star parans (her specialty) which explains Mr. Assange's and WikiLeaks' tendencies to speak in 'a confronting manner, struggle with new or unusual ideas, take a contra argument, be verbally aggressive and a lover of mental challenges,' and to have 'a military mind' while being 'playful with truth and facts' with 'a different way of seeing the world' (different from the false reality the public is constantly force-fed by a complicit media.

Mr. Assange was born with several fixed stars in paran to his chart but difficult Capulus stands out with the tightest orb to natal Saturn 1Gem41: Capulus is a nebula in the Sword of Perseus, the Prince!

Brady's Book of Fixed Stars gives Capulus' keywords as 'male intense passion; rage' which can bring strong feelings and turbulence into the life (Rigor); Robson adds "blindness" to its influence which may be a tradition in archery since nebulae were allegedly used by the Roman army as tests for good eyesight.

Capulus is the male counterpart to difficult Algol (intense female passion; rage) and indicates focused and clear action; hastiness and rash anger should be guarded against for such actions will have far-reaching and possibly negative effects. A picture of ruthlessness appears when the action-oriented energy of Capulus is involved and destruction may be the result.

Linked to Assange's Saturn in Gemini, we see Capulus busily at work that involves mercurial communications with a decidedly Saturnian sense of restriction, delay, and something karmic afoot...Saturn's insistence on realism and truth has come to US governmental communications in a way that vexes the raptors of Washington, a town of secrets best not revealed if one wants to stay in office and keep a grasp on the globalist reins of power.

You know, America's fear-as-national-policy has gotten mighty old around here! In fact, it now sports graying whiskers just like old man Saturn, the senex, who is also our favorite stand-in at this particular season: as Santa Claus who brings rewards - but only for upright behavior!

During this time of our US Saturn Return (Dec 2010 into 2011), we might wistfully pine for our government to own up to its past actions which have not been upright. But even with the golden and karmic opportunity posed by WikiLeaks revelations, we instead get only messenger-shooting from a plutocracy insisting on endless war and US imperialism!

The rest of the newsletter concerns a timely consideration of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 (in the Reagan era), the Mayan Calendar and the collective fear vs hope issues surrounding the year 2012, and the Star of Bethlehem, so I hope that if you haven't, you'll check out the Visual Astrology newsletter for December 2010!

For further reading and video-viewing on such societal topics as WikiLeaks, illegal wars, and the Orwellian-labeled 'War on Terror' you may wish to visit Democracy Now!.

Dec 16, 2010

Is government shut down Dec 18th a bad thing?

Perhaps Capitol Hill Democrats shouldn't be too hasty. Maybe full throated instead of reserved Republican bluff-calling is in order as many people have mentioned before now. But really! This evening's Reid-McConnell fireworks on the House floor should be savored not decried! (Link to text below.)

Shut Down Time has rolled around again and politically its 1994-esque vibe lingers over The Swamp like a wayward wisp from a Georgetown condo bong. The natives are in high gear for their performances in Capitol Hill's Political Theater in that Masonic Temple of deliberation and legislation we call the Capitol Building.

I'm looking at a horoscope of December 18, 2010 midnight when the governing money runs out. Looks magical with US Secondary Progressed (Sec) Neptune (the actor or pretender) rising along with tranisitng Juno (abuse; legalities) at '27Vir' = "Elderly Ladies Drink Afternoon Tea in a Luxurious Home." Well, I'm sure they do but one thinks of teabaggers rising in protest or...something.

Mars 8Cap32 conjoins what can only be called a 'nasty' Fixed Star, Facies (ruthlessness; the victim and our hotheaded planetary troublemaker is still out of bounds, and it's an Hour of the Sun; Sun 27Sag10 at IC, of course (midnight), is near Mercury 29Sag12 Rx; Mercury conjoins another difficult Fixed Star Acumen (enduring attacks which weaken) and Sun, as you know, represents the leader in a mundane chart.

You may be interested to know that in 1994, the Republican Party's natal Moon 27Sco50 (I know! conjunct Obama's natal MC) was induced to expand on a large scale the party's reigning need (Moon) for control and big money (Sco) because tr Jupiter and tr Pluto paid natal Moon visits during the year:

Tr Jupiter to n Moon: desires become grand; emotional levels rise; lavish spending and extravagant gestures gain the admiration of others; popularity; higher social status may be attained.

Tr Pluto to n Moon: environments shift; emotions intensify; turmoil but with potential fulfillment; powerful motivations lead to success; emotional manipulations used against others.

Another double transit to the Republican natal chart took place in 1994 providing them with advantages then that they don't have now involving the Illuminati planets (or illumination planets, if you prefer), Uranus and Neptune, then traversing and shaking up Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business:

Tr Uranus to n Jupiter (in n 2nd house of Money and Values): horizons broaden; circumstances bring chances to choose brand new paths; a new or unusual type of training is taken up; freedom and independence are demanded in political and religious endeavors; great potential for intellectual and economic growth.

Tr Neptune to n Jupiter: intellectual, spiritual, and economic growth are focused upon; illusion is combined with exaggeration and extravagance; idealism turns into fanaticism; the legal system and stock markets are affected or clouded in some way; get-rich-quick-schemes should be avoided; more is promised than can be delivered.

Transparency in government is one casualty of the GOP's 1994 'Contract with America'.

At midnight on Dec 18, 2010, the Moon 00Gem44 is in 9th house (chart set for Capitol Bldg) conjoins a difficult Fixed Star of sorrow, Alcyone (something to cry about) in 9th house as the American people (Moon) do without while partisans indulge their dueling ideologies (9th h) and vie for the chance to boss the other party around and strut like kings and queens of the Hill.

Ever since Barack Obama took the Oval Office he's had not just the worst conditions to deal with (and yes, I too blame the Washington political class for creating the conditions of collapse and for enabling others to profit obscenely off our sweat and interest rates), but he's had opponents under his feet at every step, intent on ruining whatever chances the American people have had these last almost-three years for getting back on ours...Rush Limbaugh announced the script from the start, as have other GOPers who'd rather see the US totally fail and our children starve in the streets than see President Barack Obama succeed.

Or, at least that's their globalist script and they're sticking to it.

Well, I'll hush for now. It's late, it's a busy December, and my blogging time just ended (plus, Craig comes on in a mo!) If you like, we might discuss what astrological advantages the Republican Party enjoys now based on the natal and progressed charts of Washington's Party of Oilcan Harrys.

But getting the Pearl Purehearts to complain loudly and often enough is a real challenge for the retaining of our nation.

Read more here...

Shrinking the US economy IS the point! (video)

The president's deficit commission and the actions of the Fed, Wall Street, corporate America and others are focused on shrinking the US economy and hurting labor so that power elite fatcats can continue skimming trillions a little while longer even though they know the jig is up.

Today Timothy Geithner sang and danced on Capitol Hill trying to boost the idea that the TARP (black hole) did what it was supposed to do. Perhaps it did but was any of it paid out on behalf of the American people?

Now here we have Professor Michael Hudson (University of Missouri) offering his assessment of what's going on and why as the Fed's 'quantitative easing' sends more US billions abroad to purchase foreign stocks and assets. With so many connections between the White House and Wall Street (Goldman Sachs) it seems a no-brainer to me that the president had to know what he knew when he knew it - about the true financial condition of the US and what his bosses expected from him as he played the role of president 'going forward'.

Puts me in mind of the Inauguration 2009 horoscope that glorious January day full of Hope for Change (suckas! the ruse works every 4 years!) with moneybags Jupiter '3AQ' in 10th house next to the president (Sun '1AQ'.)

Dane Rudhyar gives '3AQ' as DESOCIALIZATION. Don't know about you, but as an American, I'm feeling quite desocialized by my own sorry, traitorous government right about now as our social fabric - what used to be a contract between the generations - is 'under scrutiny' and in line for being ripped apart by Catfood Commissions, party politics, secret deals, and in-cahoots presidents.

Yes, the world's financial party has been sent elsewhere (watch the above 10-minute video) like a rave though most Americans refuse to admit such things if they can see them at all. However, it will be impossible to ignore such new perspectives much longer.

And Inauguration 2009's Midheaven, the goal/aspiration point of the Obama administration? Besides having US natal Pluto upon it, there's a disturbing midpoint picture: Pluto/Chiron = Mc.

Assange, Manning, California austerity, and bad Republicans

Breaking News Dec 16, 2010 11:10 am est: Looks like Julian Assange is about to be 'freed' on bail (with conditions) in London, according to Amy Goodman's broadcast on Democracy Now! The possibility is ongoing as I type. 11:19 am: looks like he's a fairly free bird with an ankle bracelet!

Meanwhile, in California, Alex D'Atria has taken a look at new Governor Jerry Brown's austerity budget including an article round-up on California's condition, and American Patriot ponders the enduring legacy of George W. Bush and the threat to our nation posed by the Republican Party.

Two articles follow, one by Salon's Glenn Greenwald, concerning leaker Bradley Manning and the draconian conditions under which he has been kept for seven months, plus, John Pilger writes on a deeper meaning to the WikiLeaks phenomenon:

The Inhumane Conditions of Bradley Manning's Detention

By Glenn Greenwald

Bradley Manning, the 22-year-old U.S. Army Private accused of leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, has been detained at the U.S. Marine brig in Quantico, Virginia for five months -- and for two months before that in a military jail in Kuwait -- under conditions that constitute cruel and inhumane treatment and, by the standards of many nations, even torture.

John Pilger: Global Support for WikiLeaks is "Rebellion" Against U.S. Militarism, Secrecy

Democracy Now!

Pilger's latest film, The War You Don't See, includes interviews with Assange. Pilger says that WikiLeaks is revolutionizing journalism and galvanizing public opinion to stand up to global elites.


Well, I'm all for standing up to global elites and I think we now know (if there was ever any doubt) whose side they're on (hint: it isn't yours or mine.)

As to the Obama-GOP tax cut extension, it makes the rich richer and the poor poorer and I hope at least a few Washington politicians have the grace to be ashamed.

Dec 15, 2010

If Ron Paul runs for president in 2012 (video)

Here's a video of 2008 candidate Ron Paul where he expresses precisely and succinctly what an out-of-control US government has done and why the Republican Party cannot fairly exclude him for his conservative views: of all the Ron Paul videos, this may be my favorite and shows why Dr. Paul's candidacy should be viable in 2012 if we want America to continue to exist as a nation.

Not that he'll be the next war profiteering GOP neocon warhawk candidate, of course!

Even then-super-popular Barack Obama had to play ball with the global elite bankers and be bankrolled by them in order to get himself installed in the Oval Office with the Fed's collapse-and-bailout deals made before and during the 2008 campaign. :-(

Why Michael Moore posted bail for Julian Assange

Allow film maker Michael Moore to explain why he has put up $20,000 as part of the bail for WikiLeaks' Julian Assange.

And journalist John Pilger says that global support for WikiLeaks is a "rebellion" against US militarism and secrecy.


Dec 14, 2010

Sex, Lies, Iran, Israel, and WikiLeaks (video)

This eleven-minute video contains comparisons between some of the WikiLeaks cables and the propaganda they tout that Arabs want the US to attack Iran. Really?

This Just In: Assange granted bail but there may be long strings attached...

Dec 13, 2010

Lame Duck Congress: Sun Sag-Moon Pis 12.13.10

There's an interesting astro-atmosphere on Capitol Hill today, Monday December 13, 2010 with Sun in Sagittarius, sign of The Seeker, and Moon in Pisces, sign of The Mystic.

Luna remains in watery Pisces past midnight so let's consider the traits of the current Sun Sag-Moon Pis blend of energies whether the congressional test vote for the Bush tax cut extension occurs today or not.

First we know that a Fire-Water blend is a steamy concoction capable of cleansing, sterilizing, or scalding. It is ardent, even volatile, with a temperament that can fluctuate wildly; impartiality is not its strong suit and fanaticism may be prominent: theatrics may ensue.

Sun Sag-Moon Pis is fervent, restless, and humanitarian, and indicates a rich imagination, deep convictions, and moralism. It is the blend of the irrational logician who can also be helpful, sympathetic, and generous.

About this blend, Noel Tyl says that, "the higher mind gains tremendous support from intuition' and, "The mind is above it all and quite pleased with itself." (Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology.)

Yes, this is the thinker and dreamer combo describing a sentimental philosopher who wants to understand and broaden horizons yet who may find intellectual principles too cold to bed down with. There's a tendency to be lavish with mundane expenditures for this blend contains within it a mischievous subpersonality of the wastrel.

(Congress has certainly proved to be that - especially if there's a warring misadventure to fund at tax payers' expense so that the power elite can make mega-bucks profiting obscenely off our investments! Perhaps you disagree? The tax cut extension bill on the Hill today will raise taxes only for the poorest Americans which to me seems a craven act of banditry considering that the wealthiest 2% whine to continue their tax windfall with no thought of the deficit when it comes to their pocket lining! One group needs decent food and shelter for their families, the other needs less greed in their hearts, and if 'trickle-down' were going to create jobs, it would have done so these last 10 years.)

Since Sun Sag-Moon Pis sees clearly the folly of other people's ways, giving advice is a favorite past time and usually includes telling one's personal story - it may babble on too long. Does this describe a filibuster? Sen. Bernie Sanders has ended his but we'll see if Friday's performance is picked up by another senator with filibuster on his mind for the Sun-Moon blend on a Monday (or on the first day of the week they gavel into session) colors the entire week of business on Capitol Hill.

All in all, Congress' lame duck session today may need more concentrated efforts, focus, and an awareness of its own tendency toward gullibility. The blend has only one 'Image for Integration: A jolly, shabbily dressed vicar tells raucous jokes to down-and-out children and high society at the Church garden party.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Well! That sounds much like President Obama signing the bill this morning to improve the food program for kids in school! 'No American child should go to school hungry' - total agreement here. Yet one may marvel at the success of forces in recent decades which seek to undermine and destroy the US public school system - wish someone would stop feeding that destructive monster its breakfast! Our failing test results tell the tale of America's lack of preparedness for competition in the power elite's 'new world' of 'free trade'.

Now today's Sun Sag-Moon Pis combo is shared natally by Frank Sinatra, Paul Klee, Bruno Huber, and the three folks whose quotes I leave with you:

"I love mankind - it's people I can't stand." Charles Schultz

"The salvation of mankind lies only in making everything the concern of all." Alexander Solzhenitsyn

"Back in the thirties we were told we must collectivize the nation because the people were so poor. Now we are told we must collectivize the nation because the people are so rich." William F. Buckley

Read more W.F. Buckley quotes.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Dec 11, 2010

'WikiLeaks and the Fall of America' (Max Igan video) and our US Saturn Return

Is WikiLeaks' Julian Assange a CIA plant, a whistle blower with a conscience, or __other__?

What do you think the WikiLeaks embroilment and subsequent calls for Assange's assassination are really all about?

Max Igan the promised (threatened) release of internal docs from Bank (Robbers) of America is one very good reason why Assange has been pursued and remanded to a Victorian-era jail in London...detained on a dubious complaint without bail (bail hearing next week, I believe.) It's a he-said/she-said situation of mutual interest that the shes didn't want him to be prosecuted for. Trumped up, say ye? Or was his surrender an excuse for Mr. Assange to receive rescue?

After all, the Midheaven degree (The Goal) at his surrender to police last week in London has this Sabian Symbol upon it: "A Drowning Man Rescued"...hmmm....?

Crazy? Yes, but who will be next if we allow this gagging of free speech to stand? By degrees they harangue and seduce us. By degrees.

From the video image above of Blind Justice lifting high the (Libran) Scales of Justice to Igan's refrain of 'accountability' for global criminals, this audio/video presentation helps demonstrate the current cosmic atmosphere in the US: we're in the midst of a national Saturn Return which began in earnest this month and stretches well into 2011.

Yes, Saturn's return to its 1776 degree (14Lib48; with Saturn exalted in Libra) may time America's often-predicted 'fall from grace' (which a 10th house Saturn portends if one doesn't own up to Saturnian requirements for taking responsibility, acting in a mature and steady way, and accepting accountability for past actions when the piper presents his bill - have we?) so our nation's Saturn Return 2010/11 is a very important transit which cannot be ignored, no matter how cravenly the US government conspires to cover up further WikiLeaks revelations with the biggest 'State Secrets' shovel they can muster.

Yet you should be advised that Mr. Assange's possible status as a corporate and/or government and/or Vatican shill is under quite a bit of consideration behind the scenes of this blog, and perhaps I may get back to you on that before the worm turns or the jig wheezes out. Plus, we'll want to see if the Vatican comes in for more scrutiny as the weeks go by...or if it, like Israel and Zionism, are given a virtually free pass by WikiLeaks.

Meanwhile, I do hope you'll benefit from watching the above Maxwell Igan video for they always display rather psychedelic, cosmic visuals along with useful informational fare so if possible, take 14 minutes or so of your time to view Igan's presentation while pondering the WikiLeaks Saga - which the media is apparently using as quite a hypnotizing diversion, as Igan points out.

And you, dear reader, may remember that that's one of my mottoes: when politicians say, Look Here! always glance in the opposite direction where you might be able to discover what they want so desperately hope to keep hidden from your gaze!


SO'W sends admiring kudos to Senator Bernie Sanders for his recent 8-hour-plus filibuster against the tax-relief-for-the-rich legislation which also takes a swipe at Social Security! Where in Congress are the American middle class' other champions? Lining up to protest the president's devils' agreement, I hope.

Blog Notice: if you dare, check out the latest political poem now posted @ Lim's Limericks: Assange the Limerick. If you don't find it in very poor taste, then we must have similarly odd senses of humor! jc

Dec 10, 2010

12.10.10: Mercury Rx station and Julian Assange's Sun/Uranus square

Earthwalk Astrology's Robert Blaschke has written an insightful article on the current Mercury retrograde cycle which begins today @ 5Cap56 (*opposite US natal Jupiter), Mercury's important Inferior Conjunction Cycle (with the Sun), America's natal horoscope, Julian Assange's natal horoscope (using noon July 3, 1971, yet Assange's birth time has recently surfaced as 2:05, 2:06, or 2:08 pm giving him a Scorpio Ascendant), and the chart of WikiLeaks' release of diplomatic cables (Nov 28, 2010.) The article has much to recommend itself.

Mr. Blaschke points out that the Continental Congress created the Department of Foreign Affairs on January 10, 1781 with Mercury, planet of documents, @ '28Sag', the degree of Mercury's Inferior Conjunction with the Sun during the evening of Dec 19, 2010. The last time such a Sun/Mercury conjunction occurred @ '28Sag' was on Dec 21, 1931, the day that TIME Magazine placed the ugly snoot of Adolf Hitler on its cover and featured articles on the rise of Nazism in Europe.

On this blog, I have mentioned in Comments underneath posts concerning the natal chart of Julian Assange that his Sun/Uranus square is prominent; this aspect of blockage and frustration between ego (Sun) and behavior (Uranus) denotes one who is willful, self-dramatizing, and eccentric and is prone to unwise behavior. There is pride and a dislike for routine; plus, a desire for freedom (Uranus) at all costs may cause good advice to be ignored.

Unprincipled behavior cannot be ruled out where a Sun/Uranus square exists; this is the aspect of an 'upstart' and 'troublemaker' whose arrogance won't allow him to follow the rules (above the rules?), and he is at odds with anyone who challenges him. Politics and government service are areas of interest and a strong desire for power may be noted. There is, of course, great leadership ability: ardent followers need apply and must submit to his form of tyranny. This trait in particular may be part of the 'Cyber Nazism' label for WikiLeaks which Mr. Blaschke cites in his article.

Also you may wish to take note of the article's information concerning America's Secondary Progressed Sun/Uranus square (Pisces-Gemini) for it heralds an unpredictable 2-year period of upheaval and rebellion in the US - and resonates with Julian Assange's natal Sun/Uranus square, with WikiLeaks acting as a "thorn in the side of the US government and US corporations between now and the fall of 2012." (Blaschke.)

How well the chaos-creators deserve a thorn! For it's 'unprincipled behavior' on the part of the US government and corporations, too.

So when we progress the US 'Sibly' chart (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA) to this moment (12.10.10), we find Sec Sun 6Pis08 in Sec 7th house of Partners and Open Enemies, Sec Uranus 7Gem00 (where transiting asteroids MIDAS and Pan have been hanging about lately) in Sec 10th house of Public Status, and Sec ASC 29Leo13, which is, as Mr. Blaschke mentions, an anaretic degree. Our nation is about to move into a VIRGO Ascendant (Oct 2011) with Mercury ruling after a 38-year stint with Sec ASC in showy Leo (a phase which began in Feb 1973; Nixon's second, ill-fated inauguration Jan 20, 1973.)

Plus, US Sec Mercury is Rx (unfortunately for US media and journalism) @ 21AQ53 in Sec 6th house where it is conjoined by Mr. Assange's natal Mars 21AQ33 in his role as activist - or, 'hacktivist'.

A telling link previously mentioned in comments here, is that Assange's natal Mercury 24Can13 conjoins US natal Mercury Rx @ '25Can' = "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power", w/ US Pluto 27Cap33 Rx opposing; Mercury/Pluto = secrets, surveillance, spying, propaganda, persuasion of the masses, and control of state secrets and other info.

Let's close with a perfectly descriptive astro-tidbit concerning US Sec ASC's Sabian Symbol which relates in a very timely fashion by event to WikiLeaks' Nov 28th release of US diplomatic cables, aka, CableGate:

US Sec ASC '30Leo' = "An Unsealed Letter"!


*Transit Mercury opposing natal (US) Jupiter is a time of scheduling conflicts in the realms of politics, religion, educational and cultural events; external forces may cancel these activities or make it almost impossible to carry them out (and it's a Mercury Rx station!) Jupiter's growth and expansion tendencies can lead to get-rich-quick schemes with an overpromising of opportunities, and disagreements with authorities are all around us...or are they inside us?

Dec 9, 2010

Jon Stewart on catching Julian Assange (video)

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Julian Assange: To Catch a Somewhat Pasty Predator
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire Blog</a>The Daily Show on Facebook

The apprehension of Julian Assange and our anxious wondering what The State will do with or to him once they decide to make a move is on many people's minds these days and aren't we the lucky ones to have a different perspective on the situation from The Daily Show's Jon Stewart to explain things as the feather-ruffled authorities "catch a somewhat pasty predator"!

Personally it all reminds me of the famous equation that leads to what so tightly throttles the life and joy from the globe today:

Corporatism + Statism = Fascism.

The Daily Show: Rs v Ds = dueling tax cuts (video)

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire Blog</a>The Daily Show on Facebook

In case either of you missed this handy explanation of the tax cuts duel taking place on Capitol Hill, things will be much clearer to you after watching this video!

Did WikiLeaks make 'secret deal' with Israel?

WikiLeaks' ongoing Cablegate revelations have proved to be smooth sailing for the Israeli government and there may have been a secret deal cut between Julian Assange and Israel resulting in 'gaps' in the released documents between July and September 2006: the 33-day war against Lebanon.

Plus, minutes of a 'war council' meeting at the American embassy, Beirut, on July 24, 2006 have been mysteriously overlooked as well and it's difficult to imagine that no diplomats groused, gossiped, or commented during those months.

Documents concerning Israeli aggression against Gaza also seem to be MIA from recent cable leaks and it seems to me at this point that Julian Assange, who is said by those who've worked with him to be obsessed with American hypocrisy, has made a devil's deal to overlook the hypocrisy of certain others. Hmm.

Perhaps a deal was considered necessary in order to keep WikiLeaks up, running, and on the front pages but it suggests muddy motivations and lends credence to reports that Assange may actually be a government shill for the US-Israeli alliance on its path to world domination.

If any of this is true, Assange's current lodgings in a London jail might prove to be more cushy than dire as has been portrayed in the media!


In other WikiLeaks news, you've probably heard that one of Mr. Assange's accusers in the sex scandal 'case' has left Sweden and apparently stopped cooperating with prosecutors.

Dec 8, 2010

Julian Assange and France born with Jupiter/Neptune = Saturn

Update 7:40 pm est: the birth time of Julian Assange has been discovered! Click for his natal Sun Cancer-Moon Scorpio details.

Original post begins here:

Well, our chilly, damp weather has my allergies feeling 'under the weather' today, yet it seems of interest to me that the creation of France (national chart: Sep 21, 1792 NS 3:30 pm LMT NS Paris, FR) and the horoscope of the Second French Revolution (Aug 10, 1792 NS 4:51:13 am LMT Paris, FR) both occurred under the rays of a Great Conjunction of Jupiter/Neptune (speculators; wastrels; visionaries; religious figures) with Saturn 00Tau-3Tau opposing.

(As you know, '00-1Tau' may be called Hitler's trigger degree for he exhibited extreme violence when this degree of his natal Sun was transited-activated-triggered; aka, a degree of violence.)

The natal horoscope of Julian Assange (WikiLeaks) contains the same opposing planetary signature though in different signs: Jup/Nep = Saturn: consequences issuing from false hopes; plans that come to nothing; disappointments; losses; combining real with unreal in activities; breakdown of idealism; pessimism; self-delusion; curtailed occult practices. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply.)

Paraphrasing Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets (by Michael Munkasey) in the realms of Politics and Business, the combination of Jupiter/Neptune energies gives:

Thesis: expansion and growth policies; ideals mirrored in a religious context; churches that espouse a moral philosophy for all; expansion and elaboration of ideals/dreams; foolish or unfounded legal situations.

Antithesis: scandals over growth, values, or belief systems; hypocrisy grows as a form of internal policy; a legal system where ethics and morals are based on favors and payoffs; a degraded justice system.

Here I'm using Julian Assange's natal horoscope w/ date supplied by Interpol: July 3, 1971 Townsville, AU; speculative birth time: 4:57 pm AEST -10:00; Hour Venus; no OOBS; 1st quarter = crisis in action; ASC 00Cap23 = Moon/Mars; MC 20Vir58 = Sun/Neptune = Fixed Star Denebola: 'out of the mainstream'; 'to go against society'); Sun 10Can43, Moon 8Sco42; Mercury 24Can13 conjoins his n Psyche and US natal Mercury Rx, opposite US n Pluto 27Cap33 Rx. Mercury/Pluto = propaganda; the power of persuasion; secrets; harsh words; depth of understanding.

Assange's natal Jupiter 27Sco18 Rx (conjunct President Obama's natal MC!) and n Neptune 00Sag43 Rx ('1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire") are opposite his n Saturn 1Gem41 ('2Gem' = "Santa Claus Furtively Filling Stockings"; plus, '3Gem' = "The Garden of the Tuileries in Paris" thus linking his n Saturn to the French Republic and French Revolution...I sassily presume that 'Assange' is a French surname, oui?)

Tellingly, Dane Rudhyar gives the Keynote of '3Gem' as: "The formalization of collective ideals through the application of reason and order to newly discovered aspects of nature."

Well! The Enlightenment lives on! And there are zillions more things that could be typed here on such topics especially after studying Julian Assange's natal and progressed charts but it's time to take an antihistamine for my stuffy dose and chillax awhile. You know?

So I shall close with my main point which I discovered in E. Alan Meece's book Horoscope for the New Millennium concerning Jup/Nep opposite Saturn in France's 'Proclamation of the Republic' chart (data listed above, Aug 10, 1792) showing the violent Marseillaise Trio of Jupiter, Neptune, and Mars in late Libra), and the emergence of:

Jupiter/Neptune (religion) opposite Saturn (nation-state) = religion of the nation-state, with the revolutionary activities of Robespierre and colleagues 'replacing' religion with Reason, a signature of the Illuminati and others, as the nation-state took precedence over, and total control of, the individual. This horoscope describes 'seeds of future terrorism' and may be used for events and people involved in the terrorism and mock-terrorism of our day, false flags and all.

To me it seems worthy to consider the concept of the nation-state within our current global climate where nations and states both are under attack by plutonic forces seeking to dissolve them (and create chaos meant to lead us to a one-world-government), and the concept's relationship to WikiLeaks document dumps as they relate to invasions and occupations of sovereign nations and the plundering of their treasures by 'civilized' nations acting as arms of the global crime syndicate which now holds Julian Assange within its overbearing grasp.

For the US, the current legal dilemma for Mr. Assange falls under the astrological auspices of America's Saturn Return (2010-2011) and I believe that only America's natal Saturn being exalted in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice - if correctly and honestly expressed - can protect one man's right to breathe freely after he has uncovered a speck too much of the global crime syndicate's inner workings across the globe - and with more revelations promised.

And the US Espionage Act being used against him in the US? He'll probably argue he's a reporter with a right to Constitutional protection! He turned himself in to London police on Dec 7, 2010 9:30 am UT with Pluto 4Cap27, Mercury the Reporter 5Cap10, and Moon 5:35 rising (Moon = publicity); Mercury's Rx Station occurs at its 'surrender' degree on Friday 12.10.10. This particular global reporter is stuck in a London Victorian-era jail where Oscar Wilde sat once upon a time...convicted for his alleged sexual acts.

And so, my interested concern over legal fairness in Mr. Assange's case (and his shaky physical safety which is not being addressed here but could be in small part with: Jup/Nep = ideals/flight/enterprises restricted (Saturn) by government (Saturn) is that Jupiter/Neptune's negative connotations listed above include 'foolish or unfounded legal situations' and (sad to say), a 'degraded justice system'.

Yet thanks to Assange and WikiLeaks supporters known as hacktivists, Operation Payback is underway and who knows? Perhaps some honest legal minds and hearts will eventually prevail and beneficially affect the Australian whistle blower's ultimate fate.

For as Rep. Ron Paul says, “In a free society, we are supposed to know the truth. In a society where truth becomes treason, we are in big trouble.”

Amen. And as Jude Cowell says, "The US government has made a fancy show of embracing 'whistle blowers' when it comes to passing legislation to protect them, yet now the whistle blows against the US government causing another of the ruling oligarchy's masks of hypocrisy to melt away..."

They'll want to be more careful of that.


The speculative birth time for Julian Assange has been provided by reader 'Aries Dobbs' - thanks! For more info, you may wish to see this post and its comments. jc

Dec 7, 2010

Will Bernie Sanders filibuster GOP tax cuts? (video)

Wouldn't it be wonderful if America could shake the dust of George Bush off her sandals once and for all? But alas, Dubya's shadow continues embroiling our nation with wars, torture, and grief, yet the latest example of Bush's lingering influence is the devil's deal President Obama has struck with the GOP ('Greedy' Old Party, as everyone knows) to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% in spite of all common sense.

Guess now that Mr. Obama is outfoxed once again by ideologue Republicans (who don't worry one bit about 'the deficit' when it's them and their buds getting money they'll sock away, not spend), we may now look forward to 2011 as the year the wealthy class, so favored by the White House, set about creating millions of new jobs which the tax cut extension will - the GOP has implied - make so very very possible going forward!

Well, here's the DailyKos petition you may wish to sign protesting this unconscionable move which will add $700 billion to the national debt and lead to what can only be described as dubious improvement for the US economy. For as many people have pointed out, the wealthy class in America had years of lower tax rates under Bush-Cheney during which they could have created US jobs but I think we all know that they did just the opposite which in part has lead to the financial condition our nation is in today.

As DailyKos points out, the same people who are shoving the 'need' for a tax cut extension for the well-to-do are the same varmints who will oppose raising the debt ceiling to pay for it so that their decades-long 'undo entitlements' agenda will unravel the social fabric more than they already have as it proceeds against Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

And thus, the class warfare of Pluto/Chiron grinds on with the plutocratic duo's midpoint tellingly at MC (Goal Point) of the Inauguration 2009 horoscope. Who's side is Mr. Obama on?, we might ask.

You may wish to view the Inauguration 2009 chart with a few details, or here:

Manipulative saboteur Pluto, the dragon guarding the world's treasures, is in 8th house of Shared Resources, Big Money, Debt, Credit, and Transformation and has received returns to its degree 1Cap57 since that day along with November 9, 2010's hook-up of transiting North Node (NN) to Pluto (Lisbon summit, etc); rich man Jupiter rules 8th house and is placed in 10th house near the president (Sun.)

Recently, Pluto conjoined negotiating scribe Mercury upon Inauguration's 2009 9th cusp; transiting Pluto's move into Inaugural 9th house (from 8th house) represents a major change for the Obama administration - and Pluto's ongoing opposition to our nation's Cancerian planets (Venus, Jupiter, and Sun) continues and will crescendo with Pluto's opposition to US natal Mercury Rx which will occur along Pluto's fated path to our national Pluto Return/s of 2022 on Feb 20, July 11, and Dec 28.

US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx is at MC as well, and as you see, Inaugural 2009 Mars is placed @ 18Cap29 in 9th house of Foreign Lands (where much of our 'bailout' tax dollars were sent.) '18Cap' is one of the New World Order degrees due to the Great Conjunction/s of the illuminated pair, Uranus and Neptune, all through 1993: '18Cap' = POLITICAL POWER...negative/shadow side expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism.

The degree of the NWO's natal Sun 1Sco19 (Oct 24, 2993) is important as well and is in the same degree as the United Nations' Sun 1Sco07 (Oct 24, 1945); consider one of the UN's midpoint pictures - Uranus/Neptune = Pluto: catastrophes, great losses, calamities, the necessity to give in.
That the newly minted tax cut extension is a welfare program brought to GOP fatcats compliments of the US government doesn't tally well with the upper crust's typical view of themselves, so mum's the word.

These are the fatcats, their relatives, and supporters who turned out in force to vote on Nov 2, 2010 so that this sort of legislation could happen for the benefit of the 2% with scr*wing the 98% the GOP's long-planned goal. We might be forgiven for saying that the Dems are in league with this goal, for on Capitol Hill, it isn't politicians' words and mild protests that count, it's how things actually turn out and the ultimate consequences for we-the-people. Now we see how the tax cut extension will turn out: as a win-win for the wealthy while the deficit is enlarged for no good reason.

This forced showdown on tax cuts has the added bonus for the GOP of further undermining the authority and presidency of Barack Obama which demonstrates that sabotage is alive and well in Washington DC, along with its handmaiden, blackmail.

Tsk tsk!

So if you, dear reader, are not one of the fatcats, remember that you were advised to turn out for the Democrats - and for yourself - on Nov 2. And yes, the Democratic Party is disappointing as well, but they do occasionally make efforts on behalf of the 98%.

So my question for both of you is: will the GOP use this opportunity, this tax gift, to create jobs for America's middle class in 2011 and thus win their thankful votes and praise in 2012? Or will the collapse and restructuring of American society continue unabated?

Dec 6, 2010

Webster Tarpley on WikiLeaks' Hidden Agenda (video)

This just in from and it makes me wonder: is WikiLeaks funded by George Soros?

Posted: 06 Dec 2010 12:04 AM PST

Alex talks with Webster Tarpley, historian and researcher. Tarpley covers the latest in the explosive story surrounding Wikileaks. Wikileaks has recently released an encrypted file containing information regarding BP and Guantanamo and Julian Assange states it will become public should they be shut down. #

And Alex Jones reads the latest news, Sunday Dec 5, 2010. Parts 1 - 5:


Here's the Wiki bio of the controversial cult that Julian Assange is said to have been brought up in, thus his showing up on the world scene with dyed blonde hair.

Dec 5, 2010

Ron Paul: "What we need is more WikiLeaks" (of the Fed)

Perhaps you heard that the astute Rep. Ron Paul has weighed in on the value of WikiLeaks especially if its whistleblowing results in leaks of memos and other secret communiques from within the world banking syndicate.

I'd be all for those revelations, wouldn't you? Pass 'em around! Maybe some of Paul Wolfowitz's love letters are nestled in the packet for those of a more romantic nature than I.

Here's the video:

And if you may, please answer the WikiLeaks poll, upper right, thanks!