Oct 31, 2009

Horoscopes of the Ds' and Rs' Progressions 10.31.09

Here is a dual wheel of both parties' Secondary Progressions set for today, Oct 31, 2009, at noon edt in Washington, DC.

Please click image to enlarge because I may leave out a detail or two in this text and there are several notated which a need for brevity prevents me from mentioning; a few US natal planets are around the outside of the chart.

Important midpoint pictures have been written on the charts as equations and will be discussed below.

Both parties - and I sound as if I think there's much difference in them other than their styles of fulfilling ego needs to be Number One in Charge - have Sec Sun in Sagittarius, sign of The Seeker: Dems with Sec Sun 26Sag02 conj Sec MC (the Goal), and Rs with (Cadent) Sec Sun 16Sag54 conjunct Sec Venus 15Sag54, a conj of self-satisfaction which is able to morph into whatever the current situation or present company expects in order to be better appreciated.

A few asteroids have been included here which relate to mysticism and the supernatural because the planets indicate it: one indication is the Ds' Sec Venus/Chiron opposition - magickal satanist Aleister Crowley has this aspect natally.

Rs have Sec Sun nearing Sec Pan, associated with the ancient mystical sign of Capricorn (mer-goat), and the Goat of Mendes which is associated with the layout of Washington, DC and DC's Freemasonic Temple of the Scottish Rite. You may think mysticism doesn't apply to modern day politics - you would be incorrect. Two examples before our eyes: the White House is actually a White Lodge, and just look at the architectural style of the Capitol Building and the crypt under the rotunda!

So let's first discuss the Sec chart of the Numero Uno Democrats (Hour of Jupiter), now placed at the helm by the powers-behind-the-throne which are primarily represented by Saturn/Neptune (secret or invisible government), and by Pluto, a manipulator described by Reinhold Ebertin in his 'The Combination of Stellar Influences' as:

Principle: Force majeure or providence, invisible forces or powers.

(As you know, the 'Eye of Providence' (aka the Eye of Horus) is the capstone on the pyramid of power on US money and elsewhere.)

Sociological Correspondences for Pluto: persons who exercise a magical influence over the masses such as propagandists, actors, public speakers, and politicians.

Psychological Correspondences: the will or wish to exercise power; ruthless frankness; the urge to influence the masses; undertanding the masses; propagandistic objectives; ruthless coercion; inclination to incite; a fanatical zeal to state one's own doctrinal principles; to agitate.

In the Ds' Sec chart we see that Venus, planet of values, relationships, and smaller amounts of money equals two midpoints: Saturn/Neptune and Moon/Mercury so we have these pictures which may or may not apply. See what you think:

Sat/Nep = Venus: feebleness; lack of initiative; longing for attention; lacking popularity; appreciated more by senior people.

Moon/Mercury = Venus: a sense of beauty; art appreciation. (Nice, but not very political. I include it because it expands the Venusian influence and may involve appreciation of the ancient mysteries' symbolism and logos; Moon/Mercury together = perception; thinking influenced by feeling; an active mind; good judgment.)

Ds' Sun/Moon midpoint 18Cap45 in 11th house of Groups, Association, Hopes and Wishes is at the POLITICAL POWER degree (18Cap) of the NWO-flavored Uranus/Neptune conjs of 1993. This may indicate Ds' connections to UK leadership and goals - see the Sabian Symbol for '18Cap' - "The Union Jack..."

With Dems now acting as the ones in charge, Sun at MC makes sense, yet Fixed Star Acumen is there at MC, too: keywords: enduring attacks which weaken. We're certainly seeing that with the health care stand-off and other attacks from opponents upon the party's actions and principles - and the president.

If we round off Sec Mercury's position we also have '18Cap' conj the Sec 11th cusp as Mercury has recently been 'taken' into the more visible 10th house of Public Status and Career. Sec Sun/Moon phase is now at Crescent stage of crisis-handling (45 degr 25.)

ASC 21Pis13, ruled by Jupiter and co-ruled by Neptune, two planets whose combination indicates speculation and grandiose schemes; 1st house Sec Midas 29Pis51 conj Aries Point. Sec Neptune 1Sco25 conjs the UN's natal Sun which is also the natal Sun of the NWO (birthday Oct 24 in both cases. Is Sec Neptune veiling these links?)

Sec Mercury and Sec Pluto are out-of-bounds from the earthly plane so who knows what they're actually up to in private. They're working on their own from the other planetary energies of the chart and probably working together. (Mercury/Pluto = propaganda; wielding influence; sharp criticism; cunning; crafty subtlety.)

At MC is the mystical, supernatural Neptune/Pluto midpoint so we have:

Nep/Plu = MC: mystical peculiarities; profit through the occult or the spiritual; high and purified soul life.

Nep/Pluto = Sun: impressionability; sensitivity; creative enterprise; possible 'drain on the system' through over-indulgence; rationalization reigns over realism. (I emphasize 'drain on the system' since we know they do it regularly and because it relates to the Solar Eclipse season we're in: July 21, 2009's 'systems fail; new ideas and methods needed to deal with events' - Brady's 'Predictive Astrology.')

Nep/Pluto also relates to resources such as oil, gas, and anything underground, and to the Robber Baron class.

Also at MC are two fortunate, successful money-related midpoints:

Venus/Jupiter = MC: wonderment at feelings os success; gladness.

Ven/Jup = Sun: being popular, well-appreciated, and successful; life advancement; good will.

Mars/Jupiter = MC: love of enterprise; ability to make fortunate arrangements; the excitement of being 'on top'; opportunities for success.

Mars/Jup = Sun: organizational talent; leadership; success. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Authoritative Saturn 25Ari25 Rx is in 1st house which is better for ruling than the Rs' Sec Saturn in 12th house @ 12Gem01 Rx - both are emphasized by their Rx condition which indicates some weakness, or perhaps a Father Complex; Rs' Saturn is setting - conj Desc in the US natal chart (Sibly), another indication of the GOP's 2nd position in Washington. And as you see, the Rs' Sec Sun opposed Sec Saturn in the last 4 or 5 years which played into the 2nd term of Bush being more problematic for them than his 1st term due to Saturn's restrictive, tamping down qualities - and heralded their subsequent losses at the ballot box as their 'shine' (Sun) dimmed (Saturn.)

But back to the Ds:

The Dems' Sec Jupiter is happy in Scorpio (and in 8th h) where Jupiter fulfills his biggest large-scale enterprises. A Scorpionic Jupiter has occult interests, too, and 8th house is the house of The Occult. In Scorpio, Jupiter likes to acquire secret info about the affairs of others - well, who doesn't in Washington, right? I've said before here that if it weren't for blackmail as a tactic, the federal government would have to shut down.

Another thing about a Scorpionic Jupiter is a tendency to be uncompromising about principles and religious or philosophical beliefs which makes for powerful, bitter enemies. (Ronald Reagan has a Scorpionic Jupiter in his natal chart.)

The Harveys give the sometimes impractical, out-of-touch, crusading Sun Sag/Moon AQ blend's 'Image for Integration' as: 'On a tour of primitive lands, a university professor goes through a tribal initiation and becomes a blood brother of the chief.' More mysticism a-hoof?

Now what about the Rs' Sec Progressions?

ASC 1Can53 with tr Pluto at Desc; Hour of an out-of-bounds (OOBs) Mars; chart-ruler Moon 8Leo36, approaching the R Party's natal Mercury; the Moon seeks support, approval, recognition and applause in Leo; Sun/Venus conj in Cadent 6th house where they're not as strong as the GOP could want; mystical Pan near the Sun as noted above.

At MC (The Goal) sits nebulous, mystical, yet often deception, self-deluded Neptune, the hiding-in-plain-sight combo, and I suspect the majority of Americans who prefer the R Party think they're seeing spirituality and religion with this Neptune at the most visible point of the chart rather than the goat-footed mysticism it implies; 'deceptions or illusions about religion' are possible.

Ebertin gives Neptune/MC as: putting on an act; the supernatural; insecurity; uncertainty (how to shove themselves 'back on top'?); a devotion to far-reaching objectives that are hard to bring to realization; peculiar ideas; investigating the unconscious or the supernatural.

Sociological Correspondences of Neptune/MC: people with utopian ideas; crooks and swindlers; 'men of big talk, no action'; weaklings.

(Wonder if our rank and file conservatives see the oppressive midpoint of class warfare, racism, corporatism, fascism, gender bias, and other such heavy-handed delights: Pluto/Chiron = MC...?) 'Crooks an swindlers' indeed; are these 'far-reaching objectives' of the NWO agenda?

Plus, 'uptopian ideas' is highlighted above because I believe this relates to the founding of America spurred by the esoteric ideas of Sir Francis Bacon with Atlantis as the 'new world' - meant to be the old world's cash-cow and vehicle for world domination. And though it seems we got a little uppity along the way, Utopians are still pulling strings from behind the curtain, imo. This is undergirded by transiting Saturn/Uranus' current opposition as: 'old vs new.'

Now Ebertin gives the combo of Saturn/Pluto energies as: hard labor; cruelty. And we know it relates to violence and possibly to mass murder (such as during their opposition on 9/11/01 across the US natal ASC/DESC axis of the 'Sibly' chart.)

The Nodal axis of Destiny (including 'destiny of the masses') in the Rs' Sec chart has Saturn/Pluto conj NN...

Sat/Plu = NN: misery of the masses; common suffering shared with others.

This mdpt picture in the GOP's Sec chart does nothing to dispel my constant memory that it was 8 years of GOP rule under Bush-Cheney that broke and raided the US treasury and has led directly to the 2008 financial crisis (engineered on purpose as I believe it was), and to the suffering which war and loss entail. The 9/11 attacks are part of the 'bankrupt' timeline as its ripples fan out today.

So thanks, neocons of the Republican Party, she types with scorn a-dripping over the keyboard.

However! Ebertin also gives Saturn/Pluto as 'adepts; magicians' which brings again mystical correspondences into the deal along with the occult talents of whoever is guiding these varmints and heisters in their strategies. He also gives the controlling Sat/Plu combo as 'silent activity' and 'martyrdom.'

Yes, sometimes the Rs are up, sometimes it's the Ds, but the real cuprits remain in control.

Sociological Correspondences of Sat/Pluto: deeply searching scientists; reactionaries; violent people.

Ah yes, reactionaries. Saturn/Pluto people tend toward purely egoistic aims and use force to get what they want. My belief is that this relates to the attacks of 9/11 and the neocons' and zionists' desire for 'a new Pearl Harbor' meant to take the US into endless war while bankrupting the American people. And as you know, the plan is working famously for them - many of us are ruined while they're wealthier than ever and can easily relocate from America to the next happenin' place, even if it's a space station above our heads.

And since we're speaking of mysticism: in Capricorn, sign of politics, business, and law, we see magician alchemist Hermes conjunct Chiron, his teacher! Why, Aleister Crowley must be sitting up in his grave at the thought.

So let's close with the 'Images for Integration' for the grandiose, opinionated and bossy Sec Sun Sag/Moon Leo combo of the Republican Party:

'At an emotionally moving ceremony, the shaman of the gypsies is given an honorary university degree in herbal folklore and ancient geography.'

Did you notice that the Images of both parties involve the word 'university' - and that both relate to mysticism bwo blood initiation and shamanism?


Natal Charts used to calculate the Progressions:

Democratic Party May 13, 1792 12:00 pm LMT, Philadelphia, PA; Republican Party July 6, 1854 5:00 pm LMT, Jackson, MI.

Oct 30, 2009

Truman quote on the CIA's cloaks, daggers + JFK

Like a puppy with a bone I always return to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. What am I reading tonight? Here's a tidbit from 1963, still of a haunting spirit which is, I suppose, quite appropriate for Saturday night's Halloween:

"For some time I have been disturbed by the way the CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the government....I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations."

Written by former President Harry Truman, in a letter to the Washington Post, one month after the JFK assassination, December 21, 1963

He said, "policy-making arm"!

Well, not enough had been written about the Nov 22, 1963 assassination of the too-popular-for-the-GOP Democratic president so I added my 1-cent's worth which you may check out if you wish. Turns out that US presidents who threaten to rein in and/or expose the hydra-headed world banking system don't get a chance to complete their lives.

Oct 29, 2009

Health reform promise of Barack Obama Aug 2008

Now I know that campaign promises are perilously easy to make and devilishly hard to keep once the Oval Office door shuts behind a new president but for some reason, this one mentioning C-SPAN sticks in my memory given the week's announcement on health insurance reform legislation - and in light of how excellent an idea I thought it was when he said it:

"I'm going to have all the negotiations around a big table. We'll have the negotiations televised on C-SPAN, so that people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents and who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies."

Barack Obama, August, 2008

Perhaps the table was too big on camera?

President Obama's natal 8th house (Shared Resources and Finances, Transformation and Death Matters) is being traversed of late by value-loving Venus indicating more intensity in relationships and in contacts with others. Saturn has been traversing his 8th house for a while now indicating disagreements with others over values and resources, and a need to take more responsibility for 8th house issues, so his honoring just after midnight of the 18 fallen Americans arriving from Afghanistan fits well the requirements of Saturn through 8th house.

His willingness to pay respect in this manner for the value of life pleases Old Man Saturn.

And concerning the above campaign promise matter my intuition is that his statement as noted above could well have been only a candidate's attempt to protect his position in some way, on some issue.

Well, Mr. Obama is a politician after all which was visibly displayed again on his recent trip to NYC to ask for mega-buck campaign donations from the very banking titans who now pay themselves bonuses with our tax money gifted them by Congress.

As I've groused here for years: they're all in it together - against we-the-people.

Oct 28, 2009

another sex-mad SC politician?

Not again! But this time it's a lower level politician caught messing around in a cemetery of all 'romantic' places.

Guess this may provide the weapons-of-distraction media a sexy version of a political October Surprise in time for Happy Halloween 2009. Yippy.

On Lieberman and his public option threat

My Gather friend, Prima Donna, has posted an excellent article on Joe Lieberman and the public option which is replete with links for those who wish to read more on the issues of health reform legislation and on Joe's turncoat ways.

Joe says he'll filibuster with the GOP to force a retraction of the public option - and, I suppose, to collapse the entire reform bill!

ThinkProgress gave permission for use for her article which includes a graph you may be interested in seeing so I thought I'd pass along Prima Donna's work to you.

Lierberman's stance on the public option reminds me of Jon Stewart's funny a few years ago (perhaps when Lieberman was taped in Congress whispering into George Bush's ear): "I knew it was You, Lieberman." Well, I hope it isn't 'him' this time because Americans need a public option which, if fraud isn't baked right in to the bill, will save money not spend more of it.

Last evening I was watching C-SPAN's House of Representatives live coverage and was amazed at Republicans on the floor complaining about Dems' recent closed door meetings and how proud they are of what comes out of them concerning health insurance reform. Since both parties tend to do this when in power, the Republicans on display last evening certainly have very very short memories - and think we do.

Or are they just posturing and pretending in order to drive us all mad?

Update 10.28.09 8:30 pm edt: Robert Scheer has written an article on Leiberman twisting the knife.

Oct 27, 2009

US Lunar Return tonight Oct 26, 2009

An article has been posted concerning tonight's US Moon Return which occurs in Washington, DC at 10:05:47 pm edt, if you're interested.

Saturn at critical or crisis degree (29Vir49) and Mercury at critical degree (29Lib26) both form applying aspects with US natal Moon (Sibly) so you may wish to check out the coming month of our daily rounds which is what a Moon or Lunar Return describes.

Thing is, the lunar contact with Saturn - an inconjunct - is sobering for the next month yet conducive to mature attitudes, so perhaps we should all put on our grown-up beanies for a while and smile on through! This aspect is actually a Saturn transit to US Moon and has been within orb for days now - check it out by clicking the above link.

Tonight's *Sun Scorpio/Moon AQ blend has two 'Images for Integration' which refer to the conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) when they're working well together:

A hovering hawk surveys the world, at one with nature...An exotic moth emerges from its chrysalis, in perfect form, a specimen of the sublimity of nature's intelligence.

'Hovering hawks' remind me of US drones killing people - sorry, but they do.

So even if we-the-people get meaningful, cost-effective health insurance reform out of Washington, we still won't be 'at one with nature' imho, because we're so completely in the wrong on certain issues such as the sociopathic propaganda that war = peace.

Yet this is only a wee Moon Return of a month's duration so let's take it for what it is - fluctuating - and be as content as we can be, even if we've only a faint notion of happiness.


*'Images for Integration' from 'Sun Sign-Moon Sign' by Chas & Suzi Harvey.

The Astrology chart of Amelia Earhart

As a child I read a biography of aviatrix extraordinaire Amelia Earhart and was fascinated with her but was left with a longing to know what happened on her ill-fated flight. Was she a spy? What island did she and her co-pilot land - or more probably crash - on?

Well, everyone wants to solve the mysteries of Amelia Earhart, right?

At the time I knew nothing about Astrology or what it can divulge so I'm delighted to recommend ace astrologer Julie Demboski's excellent article concerning Amelia. You'll find Earhart's natal chart and more on display along with Julie's thought provoking elucidations.

Well done, Julie!

And thank you for providing a link to a recent feature of my Dreamyfish Art botanical fish portraits in the international diving magazine X-RAY where you may download the entire mag for free or snag only my artist interview and fish portraits by downloading Section V in issue #32 (upper right corner)!

Update: just found the Amelia Earhart site with a recent article that her final resting place may have been found - the uninhabited island of Kiribati.

New World Order? Hush your mouth!

Since I never watch or hear Don Imus (not a fan), I don't know who the guy next to him is, but it's plain that they're trying to stop Bo Dietl from talking about the New World Order agenda which includes (it is said) voiding the US Constitution.

Yet I wish Mr. Dietl had skipped the subject of climate change here because it riles people up all by itself. Still it's almost amusing to witness Mr. Imus so obviously anxious to interfere with NWO talk by interupting his frequent guest, Mr. Dietl, and by tossing silly remarks to make 'fun' of a very serious subject.

As if mainstream media aren't in the pocket of the social engineers, the chaos-creators - those power elites who want us to think it's all malarkey only meant to be ridiculed by shills like Don Imus.

Oct 26, 2009

ABA Convention protests and the Saturn/Pluto Square

"We're not here to cause trouble - we're here because we are in trouble." So begins this video of the weekend's protests at the American Bankers Association in Chicago, Illinois, the ABA. Or as we have every right to think of them based on their actions: the American Bankrobbers Association.

1,000 protesters were involved and they are expecting over 5,000 people to arrive in Chicago by Tuesday, Oct 27, to join in protesting Wall Street bankers taking our tax money and using it to give themselves massive bonuses and lobby Washington against meaningful financial reform.

Last evening I was studying the *astrology chart of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, signed by George Bush on July 30, 2002 @ 10:28 am edt in Washington, with the Sun 7Leo15 conjunct Bush's natal Ascendant, and Mars 10Leo52 conjunct his natal Mercury/Pluto conj in 1st house of Self.

Mercury/Pluto = tr Mars: indefatigable; an ability to master great tasks; sharp criticism; a desire to attack others; a blackmailer; grasping a situation quickly, rightly or wrongly, and taking confident and persuasive action; attacking an issue without reservation. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

(Midpoint pictures may operate in an any-all-or-none fashion - here Bush's natal midpoint is being triggered by transiting Mars. You be the decider if it applies to the issue at hand.)

As I said, I was studying the signing chart last evening and am copying/pasting the post I began then. You can see the mood I was in after feeling an inconvenient compulsion to read about the smokescreen legislation of Sarbanes-Oxley and George Bush. And this, after celebrating a radiant 4-year-old's birthday. What a come-down.

The SOX bill was supposedly going to improve the financial system and take significant steps to penalize fraud, but with deceptive, veiling - fraudulent - Neptune 9AQ39 Rx in 5th house of Gambling and Risk-Taking - and opposing the Sun-Mars conjunction affecting Bush's natal chart, it's easy to see what a baseless belief that was. 'Smokescreen' is a Neptunian word par excellence and the fraud was baked into the bill itself.

From my post of last evening:

Hold on to your Green Stamps, Myrtle, Bush is signin' somethin' again...or he did, on July 30, 2002 at 10:28 am edt at the usual scene of the crime, the White House.

A kitten's yarnball of complexity, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was eagerly put into play by erstwhile politicians, and yet according to Ron Paul, was unnecessary and costly to US businesses. Plus, Fedheader Alan Greenspan praised it which is enough to cause a gut reaction against it for me, and we can't say that SOX has put on the breaks of fraud's jalopy in US financial markets, can we?

Here you may read Bush's pie-in-the-sky signing statement and one must wonder if the bill was one of those under the table you-follow-the-law-cos-I-won't affairs Bush was so fond of and famous for. He liked to pick and choose which points his chain-yankers agreed with in the bills he signed, you remember.

Financial wheeler-dealer Dick Cheney wasn't on hand for the signing, oddly enough. Perhaps he had big-time insider trading to do and couldn't break away from the game.


That's as far as I got with last night's post until today when I find the video of the weekend protesters doing the right thing on behalf of their fellow American taxpayers across our bankrupted-by-the-power-elite land.

My heart is with them in Chicago yet my body must remain in Georgia! Collectively, Saturn is squaring Pluto, and Bush's boots are kicked back on the front porch of new-world-orderism while giving the occasional speech for mega-bucks. His recent speeches given in Canada have been attracting protesters, too. Good.

When Saturn squares Pluto there is a defensive stance against social responsibility which can be seen in the above video as bankers refuse to listen much less come clean. Under this aspect such responsibility is seen as an obstacle rather than an opportunity.

Extremes are resorted to in order to get out of being held accountable, such as tossing out protesters and writing/backing sorry legislations - which, if they have any teeth at all will only be loop holed by the wealthy - so this square between two planets concerned with control and change is undergirding a lot of what's going on in the collective, including the protests.

Saturn/Pluto squares are times when superiors will not tolerate underlings' attempts to grasp control, and we see the impatience and resentment of a we're-fed-up protest by the people. Status and security are prime motivators for those in control and yes, they are feeling threatened by the opposition to their fulfilment of every wish to dominate others and to gather all resources within their Midas caves of greed.

So perhaps the poster child of the Saturn/Pluto square and its anti-societal effects can here be named: Wall Street wheeler-dealer Dick Cheney, who was born with the aspect in his natal chart. And the aspect kind of summarizes his freakish VP governing style, doesn't it?


Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, July 30 @ 10:28 am edt, DC: ASC 28Vir24 (Saturn there in recent days); MC (The Goal) 28Gem11 (Sabian Symbol for '28Vir' - "A Bald-headed Man Who Has Seized Power"; The Goal? '28Gem' - "A Man Declared Bankrupt" - that'd be us and corporations avoiding social responsibilities like pensions, etc.)

Sun as noted above, Moon in 7th house @17Ari14, trining chart-tuler Mercury (signings, contracts, bills) @ 17Leo33 in 11th house. Mercury's only applying aspect is its trine to the Moon which opposes Bush's natal Chiron, Moon, Jupiter conjunction.

And moneybags Jupiter? Just barely into 10th house of Public Status - significantly positioned @ 29Can32, the degree of the Solar Eclipse cycle we're now in since the July 21, 2009 Eclipse - 'systems fail; new ideas and methods needed.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The bankers (Jupiter) are part of the crew who want our financial system to fail. But you've noticed that by now, right?

12th house of backdoor deals contains values-oriented Venus 21Vir46 conjunct tr asteroid Cupido linked to corporatism; Venus is conjunct Fixed Star Denebola, keywords: to go against society; against the mainstream.

SOX signing data from the official White House website.

Jupiter and the Moon Oct 26, 2009 + a new sunspot

Space Weather News for Oct 25, 2009

BIG SUNSPOT: The sun is showing signs of life. Sunspot 1029 emerged over the weekend, and it is crackling with B- and C-class solar flares. The active region's magnetic polarity identifies it as a member of new Solar Cycle 24. If its growth continues apace, sunspot 1029 could soon become the biggest sunspot of 2009.

Check SpaceWeather for animations and updates.

MONDAY NIGHT SKY SHOW: When the sun sets on Monday, Oct 26, go outside and look south. Jupiter and the Moon are converging for a beautiful conjunction. The bright pair can been seen even through thinly-clouded skies and city lights. Don't miss it!

CONNECT YOUR PHONE TO THE SKY: Would you like a call when Earth-orbiting satellites detect strong solar flares and solar wind gusts? Sign up for Spaceweather PHONE to turn your telephone into a bona fide solar activity alert system.


Ah yes, the "sun is showing signs of life" - in time for 2012?

Oct 25, 2009

When Rothschilds ruled the world

Oh wait - they still do.

And according to some the Rothschild family are actually Asiatic Mongols, not Jews. Hmm. This is a change of perspective for Israeli politics.

Oct 24, 2009

Ronald Reagan bio timeline and Iran-Contra

Look what turned up today as I investigate the highest ranking (Grand Master) Freemason to helm the US Presidency, Gerald Ford - a Ronald Reagan bio timeline with notable quotes, mostly concerning Reagan's Iran-Contra scandal.

You'll find a few details on the Reagans' use of astrologer Joan Quigley, too, but my favorite tidbit has to be a handy reminder of Reagan's testimony before the Tower Commission (referred to as the 'Tower Board meeting' which may be how his handlers termed it to him) concerning the Iran-Contra affair when Reagan thoughtlessly read his stage directions aloud:

"If the question comes up at the Tower Board meeting, you might want to say that you were surprised."

And some people question why I refer on this blog to the mimes and scripts of the US Congress and the rest of Washington politics as Capitol Hill Theater.


Update 4:15 pm edt: having read a few websites and blogs about President Gerald Ford, 33rd degree Mason, I can recommend one to you concerning Ford's membership in the Royal Order of Jesters, a secret society said to be within the Shriners.

This link contains a photo of Gerald Ford in his Paladin fez hat with its tassle, Crescent Moon of the East, and star. It's quite a vision especially to any American voters who may still be under the impression that it's we-the-people who elect our presidents. Cover your kids' eyes though for you'll find mention of the Jesters' favorite "fun" sexual practice - it promotes 'brotherhood' y'see.

Hmmm..."Jesters"...now where have I found that reference recently?

Why, in the Sabian Symbol for the 2009 Inaugural Moon with the Inaugural chart good for 4 years of a presidential term, that's where. Yes, that's the 2009 Inaugural Moon which represents the people in a national chart.

Well, perhaps you've previously run across one of my posts during Campaign 2008 from October on Barack Obama's huge rally under the Masonic Arch in St. Louis, Missouri when an estimated 100,000 people turned out, wasn't it? Remember the aerial photos?

(And secret societies adore it when the general public pays homage to things they don't really understand are being presented by society members.)

So am I implying that President Obama is a member of, or is closely affiliated with, Freemasonry and perhaps with other secret societies as well?

Of course I am. This is Stars Over Washington, y'all.

Here once again are the symbolic details for '30Sco' as given in The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones (who may have been a Freemason, too, for all I know):

2009 Inaugural Moon 29Sco45...'30Sco' = "The Halloween Jester"...SPONTANEOUSNESS.

Positive expression: a gift for making the desires and ambitions of self not only of interest but of actual value to others;

Negative/unconscious/shadow side: ineptness of self-expression and contempt for established values. #

My boldface. Actually theirs are pretty bold faces, too, even with silly tassledy hats on.

Oct 23, 2009

George W. Bush smirks his regrets...

Eight years of a George Bush presidency saw hundreds of thousands of Americans repeatedly protesting in the streets, but funny how it made no difference in his decisions. Apparently the fix was in with the ones who select presidents, profit from war, build and export armaments, and plot to dominate the world 'on the ground' and from space...Bush stayed in office, and the majority of us cringed several times per day.

During the Bush administration, the attacks of 9/11/01 were used, at the least, to paper over the Bush-Cheney-SCOTUS affair which shoved the two oil men through the back door of the White House, and personally I see no reason to pardon SCOTUS for the travesty - EVER.

But in Canada these days, where Bush is on a rather extensive speaking tour, it's a different story and Bush is including a 'self-reflective' schtick meant to deflect inconvenient questions posed by audience members. And yet grumpy protesters keep showing up outside each venue, burning effigies and making it clear where they stand on George Bush's heinous ways and his sorry, sociopathic self.

Now I don't know what version of the Bible Bush clings to for his justifications, but as I groused before he invaded Iraq: the God in my Bible couldn't possibly rubberstamp his and his backers' decision to bomb the Holy Land back to the Stone Age and kill millions - millions of people who also happen to be God's children, oil or no oil.

And that is the best I can say for George W. Bush who now 'regrets' not sending troops into New Orleans earlier for Hurricane Katrina.

Troops? He thinks they only needed troops? What a jacka*s.

Oct 22, 2009

The Declaration of Independence as Corporate Document

Today I am pleased as can be to present a summation by my astro-friend Alex D'Atria on what the Declaration of Independence actually is and the relationship between America and Britain long before we Americans (and perhaps a few Brits, too) had been propagandized for decades on this noble experiment, we-the-people's America.

Experiment, yes. Noble? You decide.

The Declaration of Independence was the commemorative document making America a provisional government; it announced, declared that the Continental Congress had the authority and control to conduct trade and commerce for its own interests; the British Crown shareholders could no longer have a 'cut' in American business ventures without agreeing to new terms of business with the American principles.

The British Empire-Crown operated their business ventures with three types of agreements; the charter colony, the proprietary colony, and the royal colony.

British charters are partially analogous to corporations who have shareholders - owners who get dividends on their investment; in a way you could say the Declaration of Independence document was the first prospectus of The American Enterprise, a financial document defining the rights of individuals - owners severing their former 'contracts' consisting of the Proprietary Colony financial deals with the 'Crown.'

The pivotal event (pre-American revolution for the individuals who held Proprietary colonial agreements) happened when the British Crown converted the Proprietary colonial terms of business to the Royal Colony terms of business; the British Empire reversed itself and reclaimed the resources and assets formerly granted under Proprietary colony terms.

The British empire granted land and the resources therein to the party-principles holding the proprietary agreements similar to venture capitalists giving seed money and development phase money to a new enterprise. Then later when the enterprise had developed into a thriving business, the venture capitalists-British Empire took the developed business back pulling the rug out from under the business owners, so to speak.

The Treaty of Paris 1783 was the official formal closing of the American Revolutionary War. The Treaty was the official recognition by the British empire that the American colonies were a sovereign nation.

The Jamestown Virginia settlement 1607 was a charter colony; the charter, analogous to corporation, put up the capital for the new world settlers for transportation, supplies, seed money, living expenses, etc; the British and global capitalists were collective shareholders in the start-up Jamestown settlement venture.

Alex D'Atria

For further reading:

British colonization of the Americas

Treaty of Paris

Proprietary colony

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Thirteen Colonies


Checking the date (without knowing the precise hour) for the signing of the Treaty of Paris we see that the Moon reached 00Sag00 at 10:58 am LMT (Paris, FR, Sep 3, 1783) which gives "The Halloween Jester" as the Moon's Sabian Symbol; at 11:00 am Moon 00Sag01 gives "1Sag": "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire."

Sun at 11:00 am is @ 10Vir45, with ASC 11Sco36, Mc 25Leo10; Hour of the Sun; Crescent phase 79degr16; Chiron 20Tau10 Rx; NN 18Pis42; Venus 24Lib27; Uranus 11Can02; Neptune 8Lib54.

There are a few interesting midpoint pictures which do not depend on an exact time, so here they are, and as usual with midpoint pictures it's an any~all-or none-may-apply affair, yet they may give us some flavorings of the day:

First, two T-Squares form these pictures - you'll notice the Saturn/Uranus opposition and the Mars/Neptune opposition:

Mars/Neptune = Uranus: changing energy levels; crisis.

Saturn/Uranus = Neptune: falsehood or malice caused by weakness; resolving oneself to the inevitable; abandonment of resistance; weakening strength; separation.

Saturn/Pluto = Jupiter: religious and social fanaticism; trouble with authority; adoption of the austere; trying to save what's left; self-sacrifice.

Venus/NN = Saturn: a renewed awakening to reality.

The following mdpt pictures depend on the hour because the fast-moving Moon and the transiting Midheaven are involved, but see what you think (and if you can find the precise time of the Treaty's signing, please let me know - with Freemasonry's Sacred Geometry available to them, you know they elected a particular and auspicious moment for the signing of such a document):

Moon/Mars = Pluto: one-sidedness; fanaticism; powerful opinionation; a demanding nature (that's string-puller Pluto @ 8AQ07 Rx...'9AQ' = "A Flag Turned into an Eagle.")

Dane Rudhyar gives the Keynote for '9AQ' as: 'The dynamic incorporation of new social values in individuals who exemplify the spiritual potential and greatest significance of these values.' He continues: 'The image has become a Power' (America - jc); 'the seer must become the doer; the impersonal is dynamized and brought into focus. We have here the ACTING OUT of the vision.' (An Astrological Mandala.)

And Sir Francis Bacon's 'vision' was (a globe-dominating, new-world-ordering) America.

Another lunar midpoint picture from 1783: in complete synchronicity with 2009's three conjunctions of the speculative, grandly designing pair, Jupiter and Neptune, meeting all through 2009 with the US natal Moon of we-the-people...

Jupiter/Neptune = Moon: becoming involved in speculation; wastefulness; instability; little sense of reality; losing oneself in plans; going with the wind; an emotional swoon.

At 11 am LMT, Mercury, planet of negotiations, contracts, signing documents and those who sign them, was @ 23Vir33 which sextiles US natal Mercury "25Can"...1783 Mercury @ "24Vir" = "Mary and Her White Lamb." Mercury made no applying aspects that day and thus is strenthened by its sign and degree, but had separated from SN 18Vir42 and was beyond a trine with Jupiter 22Cap59 Rx.

Transiting Jupiter approaches US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx, a time when success and resources increase. Jupiter-to-Pluto actually occurred 3x in 1783: Mar 23, July 20, and Nov 14...1783 was an important year for American expansionism with natal Pluto in n 2nd house of Money and Values (US Sibly chart.)

Plus, on June 1, 1783, tr Uranus conjoined US n Jupiter, a 'breakthrough' transit of independence and a period when we headed down a new path as our horizons expanded; lifestyle choices and political, religious, and economic affiliations were prime interests...keyword: growth.

There was a generational transit in effect, too: tr Neptune trine US n Uranus, planet of revolution: another 'breakthrough' transit when our blend of idealism and inspiration created fortunate circumstances for our fledgling nation.

Mars, planet of war, @ 14Ari34, was a participant in the T-Square as previously mentioned. Mars opposes US natal Saturn, a period when the authority of others is resented (!), and caution is needed to keep from provoking resentment in others; rules and regulations must be followed.

Jupiter opposed US natal Mercury 3x in 1783: March 4, Aug 17, and Oct 20, so the Treaty is in the midst of this drawn-out transit, a time when the true value of ideas or information may be misjudged and the sheer volume of info is confusing; impractical ideas, grandiose schemes, and a lack of attention to detail are probable.

Another factor that I personally find of much interest is that the signing of the Treaty of Paris occurred during a Mercury-to-US-natal-Neptune transit which indicates that the true meaning or accuracy of information is difficult to grasp and 'getting to the bottom of things' only results in more questions.

Ideas and information are understood in a mystical or spiritual sense.

Authoritative Saturn 5Cap59 Rx has an intriguing Sabian Symbol..."6Cap": "A Dark Archway with Ten Logs at the Bottom"...'archway' can relate to Freemason lodges of the Grand Arch, etc, and '10 logs' refers on some level to the 10 articles of the Treaty!

Now I have no idea if MP David Hartley, who signed on behalf of King George III, was a Freemason, Rosicrucian, or Illuminatist, but the US signers, Ben Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay were Freemasons and perhaps more...John Jay was SCOTUS' Chief Justice from 1789 - 1795.

To close, here is a list of SCOTUSers who were Freemasons. Enjoy!

Oct 21, 2009

Bernie Madoff in prison: how's that goin'?

Financial heister extraordinaire Bernard Madoff was given a 150 year prison sentence so one might expect to be a little curious as to how that's goin' these days, early days though they be.

After all, we can't depend on Dave Letterman for all our Madoff news, can we? Honestly, I think Dave is more interested in the "lovely Ruth Madoff" don't you?

Well, inmate Madoff is dining on pizza in prison but you'd probably rather read for yourself who's baking the pie...

And if you wish to read a few brief astrology details about the clipped-wing'ed Mr. Madoff (born April 29, 1938), they are available to you with one click.

TARP Thievery marches on

No, the title of this post isn't news to you since AIG is again set to give out millions in bonuses, and American taxpayers seem to have no advocate in Washington at all as the financial travesties continue.

TARP management must be one of those political 'name programs the opposite of what they do' tactics. Tiresome. And I must be elsewhere today so won't have to read about the varmints after this post is posted...but I'll know that somewhere, the TARP Thievery continues.

Oct 19, 2009

Fixing the World made fun

Fixing the World the Yes-Men way as these anti-corporate activists continue to rake the ruling class over the coals of ridicule while outing corporate greed and fraud - wish they'd rake faster! Well, now they have a movie.

Oct 18, 2009

Sun Libra-Moon Scorpio images: Oct 18, 2009

Having missed my chance entirely to post something on the New Moon in Libra earlier, I've decided to splash up the Sun Lib-Moon Scorpio blend that has taken effect after the New Moon (25Libra-Libra) because one of the two Images for Integration always intrigues me...see what you think about the current atmosphere and the word images given below.

Air-Water blends tend to be on the misty, ethereal side. This mind + emotion combo produces energies with a wonderful sense of humor; it's a very creative blend on the romantic and poetic side, too. With Sun in Air and Moon in Water there are mystical tendencies in the wings though negatively this blend may give a certain 'feeling vs thinking' or 'attached vs detached' confusion.

Impracticality and/or procrastination may result when the Lib-Sco energies are not synthesized consciously for best effect through directed use.

Sun Lib-Moon Sco: 'An army general becomes patron of a new museum of art...A wolf and an elegant Burmese cat become inseparable friends.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

As far as the collective unconscious goes, we've got army generals coming out our several ears, but a "wolf and a Burmese cat"? Notice early on Monday (Oct 19) and into Tuesday if you hear words along those lines in the media or in conversation!

And if President Obama is the elegant Burmese cat (his natal Sun and Mercury are in Leo - and he's 'the ruler' = Leo; plus, he wears elegance well, doesn't he?)...then who oh who might be the wolf?

Here's one of my catlike Blue Tiger Art icons to rouse your elegant yet wild animal instincts for Monday morning and into Tuesday, Oct 20!


Stars Over Washington turned 4 years old on Oct 16, 2009 and will be found at a new address before the week is over, which is:

www.starsoverwashington.com for your records.

Its old Blogspot address should continue to work as well but I thought I'd let all 10 readers of this blog know what's up this week for SO'W. jc

Oct 17, 2009

Freemasonry in America and Dan Brown's interview

Freemasonry Watch has the story of the abduction and murder of Captain William Morgan, if you're interested.

The Morgan murder seemed to be officially admitted by a current-day Freemason last evening on NBC's presentation about Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, with the Tom Hanks film being touted as well.

Since I'm just now looking at the Morgan murder I have no opinion of it, but that state of unawareness could change at any moment...

If you watched the interview with Dan Brown last night were you surprised at the statue of George Washington modeled as Zeus that once sat in the Capitol Building?

I heard of the statue years ago and thought of it during the 2008 campaign - especially during the DNC in Denver - when classic columns flanked Barack Obama, Republicans cried fowl since they thought they had dibs on Greek symbols for politicians, and mentions (by me admittedly) of Obama-as-
(the Sun god and god of medicine) ran rampant through cyberland.

It is well known that George Washington and several other founding fathers were Freemasons and perhaps members of other secret organizations, too. Actually, Stars Over Washington was founded in large part on my desire to uncover these links so I recommend that you follow the trail to Washington DC's true heritage without delay.

And I suspect that Dan Brown's book and the film itself will be very inspiring in our search for the true origins - and long-planned secretive mission - of America.

Astro-peek at a Boy in a Balloon - real or hoax?

Balloons, one level of Jupiter-Neptune floating up from the collective unconscious!

Expert astrologer Julie Demboski has taken a look at the charts of the boy-in-balloon controversy and gives her opinion on whether it was a hoax or not. (Scroll a bit to 'Oct 16' for the balloon story.)

Being involved of late with much artwork I'd had no time to have an astro-peek at the situation and was grateful to find Julie's insights into this odd matter.

Next time someone wants to lose their child in a helium balloon and call attention to it, may I suggest a real balloon, not a homemade one? Some lovely rainbow stripes would have been nice on camera. Can you tell on which side of the real vs hoax debate I stand?

Oct 16, 2009

Of oil pipelines and Jupiter/Neptune conjunctions

Bill Sardi is asking if a long-hoped-for oil pipeline in Afghanistan is what's really going on with US war escalation there.

On Feb 12, 1998, UNOCAL's vp of international relations, John J. Marcesa, testified to Congress on a proposed pipeline through Central Asia, on the lack of human and women's rights under the Taliban regime, and how the oil and gas reserves in the region might shape US foreign policy.

Even the elusive Osama bin Laden was mentioned by inference, not by name, so the question begs: was the 1998 testimony a ploy to put this information into the congressional record to support future warmongering?

1998 was the year that corruption charges were brought against Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan, and oddly enough, Pakistan's The Crescent Group was (is?) in a multi-national consortium with UNOCAL along with Russia's Gazprom, plus, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and the government of Turkmenistan.

Also in 1998: President Bill Clinton presented a balanced budget - first one since 1969; impeachment attempts against Clinton began; US gov vs Bill Gates/MS for monopolizing; the central bank in Japan was raided and financial scandals mounted; President Boris Yeltsin dismissed all 29 of his ministers in a major power play; India and Pakistan both detonated nuclear weapons.

Oh, something else for 1998 that I almost forgot: US and UK naval forces threatened to bomb Iraq if Saddam Hussein didn't comply with weapons inspectors.

Astrologically in 1998, Neptune finally left staid Capricorn and entered boundary-breaking Aquarius where progressive, quirky Uranus already played with computers and such - and the information revolution was on.

I know of no Great Conjunctions of outer planets (plus Jupiter or Saturn, the societal planets) for 1998, but on Jan 9, 1997 at 27Cap09, a Great Conjunction between the inflationary, speculative pairing of Jupiter/Neptune took place upon US natal Pluto, and we're still suffering under its effects as global wheeler-dealers continue their plans for imperialist expansion and resource-plundering as mentioned in the above-linked article with 1998's congressional testimony part of the set-up and the attacks of 9/11 the major triggering event, as it turned out. (Americans won't go to war without a 'noble cause' as our politicians figured out several decades ago. Remember Pearl Harbor.)

The January 1997 conj was the last meeting of Jupiter and Neptune until 2009's three conjunctions, the final one being on Dec 21, 2009 @ 24AQ18 - again atop US natal Moon (the people): losing oneself in speculations; little sense of reality; the desire to dream; instability; wastefulness.

But then there's the one from 1997 - still influencing globalists' plans, imo:

Jupiter/Neptune = n Pluto: plans unreasonable beyond measure; far-reaching speculations; self-projection out of hand; major adjustment of life circumstances; a great loss.

America. She is a great loss, isn't she?


(No midpoint pictures were harmed in the typing of this post and were taken from Ebertin and Tyl.)

Noam Chomsky: "If the Nuremberg laws were applied..."

Three quotes from Noam Chomsky:

"If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would have been hanged."

Surely no rational or realistic person will discount the possibility that [during wartime] the United States might suddenly resort to nuclear weapons. Those who retain the instinct for survival, not to speak of minimal concern for their fellow man, will seek ways to act before rather than after the event." (At War with Asia,1970, p. 52)

"Our crimes, for which we are responsible: as taxpayers, for failing to provide massive reparations, for granting refuge and immunity to the perpetrators, and for allowing the terrible facts to be sunk deep in the memory hole. All of this is of great significance, as it has been in the past."


Here's a SO'W post linking to one of Mr. Chomsky's articles from Oct 2008 on how captialism is anti-democratic, and how when the Bretton Woods Treaty was set up after the war, neoliberals - the same ilk of folk who brought us the 2008 financial collapse - hated it.

Oct 15, 2009

Bilderbergers built the EU: Alex Jones video

Alex Jones with guest Paul Joseph Watson speaking on the Nazis in the early 1940s who envisioned a new European economic empire to be shoved through by consent not by conquest. These top Nazis, the Bilderbergers, are now admitting that they founded the European Union.

The Bilderberg Group is the shadowy crew that then-Senator Obama slipped away during the 2008 campaign to meet with in Chantilly, Virginia.

No details of their meeting have been released that I know of but you may remember that Mr. Obama later was rewarded with the presidency of the United States.

A Matrix of Propaganda

Not wanting to surreptitiously sneak a controversy-discussing website into SO'W's sidebar links list, I hereby announce the addition of Propaganda Matrix to the offerings here.

Mainstream propaganda we got plenty of without even trying so something a little different might fill in the gaps of knowledge that governments work so hard and spend so much taxpayer money to muddy - all to their advantage.

So if you're thinking of having an H1N1 swine flu inoculation, Propaganda Matrix is an alternate resource for balancing the WHO-network media-Big Pharma-government view that's bringing windfall profits to Big Pharma during what is, for most people, a recession.

And recruitment is up for our military as I expected when the financial crisis was hitting...Uncle Sam needs you and you need a job. Now they're officially admitting that it's due to a lack of jobs in the economy.

Thus US plans for perpetual war proceed purposefully...assuring perpetual debt into infinity.

Oct 14, 2009

Gold hits record high; Engineer to speak about 9/11 demolitions on Oct 21, 2009

On Wednesday, Oct 21, 2009, engineer and former NASA executive Dwain Deets will give a multi-media presentation on behalf of 900+ architects and engineers concerning evidence of explosive demolition at all three World Trade Center buildings on Sept 11, 2001.

As gold hits a record high today, Oct 14, 2009, I continue to wonder where the gold stored in a cellar vault at the WTC now resides...I read that it was moved just before Sept 11, but have not found verification of it yet.

How did 'they' know to move it?

Read more: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Oct 13, 2009

Senate Finance votes on Health Reform Bill w/ US Pluto rising

It's 10 am edt so the Senate Finance Committee is about to begin voting on the Health Insurance Reform Bill such as it is.

10:00 am edt in DC - ASC 22Sco11:

One thing to always look at when you get out the Astrology charts is which natal planet rises and at 10:00 am edt on Capitol Hill, US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx (n 2nd house) is the first natal planet to rise in the voting chart. With US n Pluto unaspected (1776), he's working on his own as usual and, I imagine, pulling strings through the health and insurance industries who wrote the bill.

10:00 am is an Hour of Venus (valuable things) with Venus 28Vir16 conjunct Saturn 28:10 in 10th house. Mercury 5Lib06 is also in 10th house along with US natal Neptune 22Vir25, so will the American people will be disappointed - or deceived - in some way by this vote or by the bill itself? Do politicians make deals in the dark?

Mc 3Vir10 puts US Secondary Progressed Moon at Mc and Sec Sun at Ic.

Chart-ruler Mars (Sco ASC) makes a lovely sextile of opportunity with Venus (whose Hour it is) (0A08) but then Mars and Pluto tangle (inconjunct 2A29) which is where more adjustments will be made at Pluto's insistence. Pluto is associated with Health through regenerative powers, death, and surgeries. So with US n Pluto in 2nd house of Money, the regeneration of the US health care system may be more on the financial than the health care improvement side. Perhaps this will be part of our disappointment with these overhaul efforts.

If you prefer Pluto as Chart-ruler, the mystery fellow will first square (block) Venus (2A37) then square Saturn (2A46) after his inconjunct (quincunx) with Mars. In the 10 am chart, Pluto is in 2nd house (and in 1st house of the US natal chart - US n 2nd cusp 15Cap54.) US n Mars is conj today's 8th cusp at 10 am.

And today's Mars/Pluto midpoint conjs US natal Saturn: the desire to overcome obstacles forcibly at all costs.

The Robber Barons' midpoint, Neptune/Pluto, and the oppressive plutocratic Pluto/Chiron duo are still grouped upon transiting North Node 26Cap26 in 2nd house, so we have:

Nep/Plu = NN: group study projects; peculiar experiences shared with others; psychic or metaphysical talents.

And the speculator pair, Jupiter and Neptune - still with health-related Chiron between them - have just crossed the IC at 10 am into 3rd house. Pluto semi-squares Jupiter, but trines the Mc, so Pluto wants the vote to proceed. Dividing up increased profits can wait until later (and DNA can be sequenced and medical files shared, stolen, sold, deleted, or amended by culprits.)

Sun 20Lib22 in 11th house with a Leo Moon = A political idealist is crowned leader by adoring followers...The managing director throws a birthday party...The Importance od Being Earnest. ('Images for Integration' from Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Two asteroids linked to health issues are Aesculapia 00Lib17 conj US natal Mc 00Lib53; Hygeia 14Leo45 ('15Leo' is the degree of the heart) is traversing 9th house between Moon 19Leo29 and Mars 28Can27 with Mars triggering the July 21/22, 2009 Solar Eclipse of 'systems break down; new ideas and methods needed' flavor (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.

Well, Jupiter is on his Direct Station degree (17AQ10) today having just changed directions at 12:34 am this morning so perhaps it will take Republicans (Rs = Jupiter) to pass this mess that bodes ill or good - or, as with most legislation out of Washington, a garbled mixture of both with unintended or intended consequences - for the American people's health care imperatives and for the financial concerns of a nation so grievously bankrupted by its politicians and bankers.

Without a public option, the legislation is a toothless tiger for ultimate improvement of conditions for the common good, but somehow those in charge who stand to profit should do quite all right.

Oct 10, 2009

Listen to 'Heaven' ~video~Brett Dennen

Just so the video is nearby when I want to hear Brett Dennen's Heaven, here it is for you with a photo slideshow. Mr. Dennen and his band were transcendent on The Late Show Friday evening with David Letterman spotlighting them.

Heavenly Voice

The singer sights emotional waters yet they are navigated successfully by an oar of a higher perspective than one usually encounters during daily or nightly rounds - with or without music.

So what a lovely surprise to discover Mr. Dennen's unique voice which fits the song Heaven like a harmonized round of He's Got the Whole World in His Hand.

He does, you know. The tension between Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (limitation) holds the planets in their courses every nano-second. This phenomenon is aka, Thy rod (Saturn) and Thy staff (Jupiter) they comfort me. In His Hands. The perfect balance to support life on our planet as we know it.

So please watch the video where you can listen to Mr. Dennen who has something honest to say about a core issue for us all. Give the tune a sampling (4 mins.) And if you know what I mean because you've heard Heaven before...then am I preaching to the choir?

Oct 9, 2009

Obama's Potential Peaciness to be rewarded 10/9/09

President Obama has such potential to act peacefully in the world that he is to be awarded a big giant Prize for potential in Oslo on December 10, 2009.

By Dec 10, asteroid Cupido (The Family; Corporatism; Brethren; Art) will be @ 5Sag45 which 'pre-conjuncts' the Ascendant of today's announcement (ASC = the announcement itself) of how humbled he is as he speaks from the Rose Garden (Venus' flower, the rose; the US was 'born' during a Venus Hour - 3Can06 - in America's 'Sibly' natal chart - 5:10 pm LMT.) Getting by with a little help from his wealth-heeled friends? Don't 'they' all?

At 11:16 am edt, White House, the president began his remarks, ending at 11:22 am. No planets changed houses during the 6 minutes; the Hour remained Jupiter's @ 17AQ11 Rx...the first moment Jupiter 'turns' direct according to my SolarFire software is on Oct 13 @ 12:34:18 am edt (we've discussed this before so let's move along.)

At 11:16 am edt in the Rose Garden, ASC 4Sag17; Mc 19Vir29; Obama's natal Moon at DESC 4Gem17 with transiting Terpsichore 4Gem34 (the orchestrator.)

Moon quindecile Uranus = the trendsetter (Reeves, The Quindecile.)

Transiting Toro (the power of boundless strength; capacity to use and control power - George and Bloch; strong will and potential power struggles - Dobbyns) is at Midheaven (Mc = The Goal; the Aspiration.)

And you know that tr Mars 26Can23 is still within orb of the July 21/22, 2009 Solar Eclipse that's helping to break down systems and uncover new ideas and methods (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

North Node (NN), a point of destined encounters is conjunct tr Pluto/Chiron midpoint (plutocrats; resource plunderers); Neptune/Pluto is within orb of the Nodal axis, still, and signifies Robber Barons, oil and energy titans, resource miners -- the Generation of Materialism ushered in by the Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto is the 1890s...at 7/8/9 Gemini, where Pan ('panic'; a trickster element related to the most ancient archetype of the zodiac, Capricorn's mergoat - those little gold-hoarding satanists) now romps along with MIDAS himself, today at 8Gem39 Rx.

In today's charts this would be their spawn, of course, since the originals like Morgan, Carnegie, Gould, Astor, and their ilk, are resting in wait of their celestial rewards.

There's an interesting picture concerning Mars 26Can23 in 8th house because Mars approaches opposition to the Nep/Pluto midpoint...

Nep/Pluto = Mars: used a tool for other people's interests; succumbing to external powers; being used a medium. (The Nep/Pluto midpoint of combined energies can have a metaphysical flavor to it, an air of mysticism, and this is occurring under the ongoing Mystic Rectangle pattern between Venus, Saturn, NN, Mars, and Uranus - this pattern's keywords: practical mysticism.)

(Some folks might say it's pretty darn mystical how Barack Obama has received this honor for what others wish he would do. What are the chances the self-serving Pentagon would stand for peace breaking out worldwide?)

Mercury is passing Saturn (27Vir42) now after being conjunct a while ('sober thinking; serious meetings'), but this morning both are apex planets in a T-Square formation formed by the applying opposition of Moon 23Gem53/57 to Pluto 00Cap52, a World Point suitable for world class awards and recognition. Moon/Pluto = publicity and PR; fanatical zeal; striving for objectives; expressive emotionalism.

Moon/Pluto = Mercury: far-reaching plans; the pursuit of comprehensive ideas with great zeal; the gift of wielding a powerful influence upon the larger public through speeches or writings (today Sun and Moon are in Disseminating phase, a time to get out the info and persuasive propaganda, if you have any.)

Moon/Pluto = Saturn: constraint; the pressure to regroup forces and plan anew. (Ebertin; Tyl.)

Today's Mercury (the writer, messenger, announcer, or orator) at a crisis 29th degree (29Vir18) conjoins Mr. Obama's Secondary Progressed Sun 29Vir09 (angular when set for Wash DC - his Sec Ic 1Lib37; and US natal Mc 00Lib53 in Sibly chart.)

His Sec Moon is now at 00Pis05 conj Sec Chiron 3Pis04, making his perceptual shields wide open and he's...seducible. Or, impressionable, if you prefer.

00Pis33 is the degree of America's Pre-Natal Eclipse, the 12 South Series whose keywords are: 'successful outcomes to long-term worries; things at first seem worse, then clear.' This is important because of whose Sec Moon is triggering the US' PE - the president's.

Well, you know that there are more factors of intrigue in today's 'Back Out of Copenhagen, Triumph in Oslo' charts, including Mr. Obama's natal Mars at his TV performance's end at 11:22 am...Mc 21Vir07, a degree that brings along US natal Neptune, the 'rock star' connection the masses have with Barack Obama, especially in America where a veil has been heavily thrown over Pres. Obama's actions (of a Virgoan nature. He's busy at work, but doing what exactly?)

Yes, a persistent Art muse now calls my name and both Zazzle and Cafe Press Art Shops are whispering for new content, so I must say farewell to Astrology in spite of this invigorating if propagandistic revelation of Mr. Obama's Potential Peaciness.

And as George Stephanopoulos talking-headed afterwards, " - he had to strike the humble note"...and on sending more US troops to Afghanistan, Steph prophecied that with the receipt of a PEACE Prize, the president might send more "to prove he isn't bowing to public opinion."

A 'democratically elected' president of the US of A bowing to public opinion? Pshaw! It's not as if America struts around touting her avowed aims for World Peace (at the end of a gun, but you are required to ignore the soldier behind the curtain.)

Besides, everyone now realizes that the US has learned how to demon-cratically select NWO shills whose main job is to catapult the propaganda, as George the Smaller so elegantly disclosed out loud.

Then one supposes the awards committee isn't wasting its own cred by bestowing honor upon one who will bomb to bring peace and bring more war to the world.

Oh wait. That's become how the 'peace' game is played.

My bad.


As Gandhi, said to be one of President Obama's role models, famously informed us,

"There is no path to peace. Peace is the path."

My italics, the president's much-touted mission.

Oct 8, 2009

Astronomy Night @ the White House: video

Here are President Obama's remarks on Astronomy Night at the White House October 7, 2009.

Ah, but for want of one letter L...Astronomy Astrology and then the truth would tell...

Video runs under 10 minutes.

Oct 7, 2009

A&E's 'Astrology: Secret in the Stars' video

This classic A&E program hosted and narrated by Leonard Nimoy has esteemed world class astrologer Rob Hand included, and is a 10 min 3 sec video of Part 1 of 5.

Part 1 touches on the 5,000 year cycle of the Mayans which ends Dec 21, 2012 - the Winter Solstice that only a few people await with confidence.

Sometimes I wonder if our modern 'new world order' types, who prefer rewards of an earthly kind, are using that already fear-infused date to bump up propaganda for their own agenda thereby causing whatever they have in store economically and governmentally to be more readily accepted than it otherwise would - by 2012.

Are massive world wide 'false flag ops' possibilities, too, in case the Mayans are wrong?

What do you think? You don't have to accept the legitimacy of Astrology to have an opinion, but it does help.


Here's a previous post with an image of the Winter Solstice 2012 chart showing its Saturn/Pluto = Jupiter in 'Finger of God' YOD formation.

Oct 6, 2009

Edgar Allan Poe finally gets decent funeral service!

Kudos to Baltimore!

Between my long time love of the writings of Edgar Allan Poe and 2009 being the 200th anniversary of his birth, I happily report that Edgar Poe is finally receiving the decent funeral service he deserved in 1849 rather than the travesty and gossip he got.

And with tomorrow, Oct 7, being the 160th anniversary of Poe's death, I've been a busy little Poe bee this week writing on the Astrology of his natal and death charts with links provided therein for Those Who Wish to Know More.

I've even gone so far as to publish an Ode to Readers of Poe, such as it be.

Maybe now that annoying bird scratching at my window pane will fly away to Baltimore in time for a brilliant author's belated and respectful funeral...and only 160 years late. Yet 'twas not Poe who was late to his own funeral...only the rest of the world!

It's official: ditching of the US dolllar - buy gold

Update 7:53 pm edt: did I type the post below too soon? Public Radio's MarketPlace is poo-pooing the dollar's demise - or providing counterbalancing propaganda to keep us from freaking out!

Original post begins here:

China, France, the Arab States and others are ditching the US dollar as reserve currency and one would think that the US and UK must be very worried.

Cries of denial from the White House which once rang hollow will now sound nutty to me so I went searching for a news article on the situation as it stands so far. The only one I've found is from BBC News in the UK, which will be forced to join in with the euro after all if the dollar fails.

BBC News reports that today's top price of gold in London and New York - over $1,039 per oz at 7:22 pm edt - is due to concerns over the falling dollar.

Wonder if Afghanistan is all that President Obama has held secret meetings about of late? If it is, what in the world is he thinking?

Astrologically, the recent 'grim reality' transit of clearheaded, restrictive Saturn to US natal Neptune (idealistic planet of dreams) in hard-working Virgo (in 9th house of Foreign Lands) keeps on giving - health care reform morphs into health insurance reform - and it's not been feelin' so well.

Now more cold water is tossed in the faces of working people's dreams for America, their families and futures.

But not to fret - our plutocratic oligarchs are feelin' fine.

Please see my previous post for Ron Paul's views on such subjects as gold and the Fed...video provided.

Ron Paul speaks on returning to a Gold Standard

Here are some of Ron Paul's ideas about returning the US to a gold standard and repealing legal tender laws which force us to use worthless paper money.

In his conversation with Fox News, Dr. Paul mentions a bit of siver-gold history, a debate still raging after all these years, for as you may remember, presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan framed the gold-silver issues well and famously in his Cross of Gold speech at the 1896 DNC convention. (Some Astrology involved, but post also contains a link to Bryan's Cross of Gold text which you can read with your own eyes. Plus, he made a recording of his speech later on because it was so popular with the American people.)

So for a little history on the gold standard vs worthless money debate (and Congress' delegating the creation and issuance of our money to privateers like the Federal Reserve Bank against the US Constitution, as Paul notes), Bryan's speech is a great place to start.


And I just thought of two more players who should be noted. Here's what President Woodrow Wilson said after he created the Fed with a flourish of his pen; plus, the post contains a link to Andrew Jackson info, the president who fought against central banks and their throttle hold on the US government.

Bill 'NAFTA' Clinton speaks on Jobs! video 10.5.09

Is this a joke? No, it's only Bill Clinton, the president who ushered in NAFTA and US jobs out the door, speaking Oct 5 on...wait for it.....jobs!

To be fair, Bill Clinton isn't solely to blame for outsourcing US jobs, closing manufacturing plants, and so forth. Corporate America's 'go cheap and sell out America' agenda had been underway for some time prior to Clinton's first term in the White House. But not only did President Clinton not stop the hemorrhaging, he sped up the flow with NAFTA - and, following Washington politics' usual 'call things the opposite of that they are and fool the fools' ploy - they called it and continue to call it - 'free' trade!

And I still say the US government has our armed forces waiting in the wings for chronically out-of- work Americans to sign up for perpetual war service. Now wouldn't that be a version of a 'jobless recovery' to die for?

WellPoint sues Maine, Evan and Susan Bayh richer

Susan Bayh, who is on the board of Wellpoint and is also the wife of public option naysayer, Senator Evan Bayh (D), can explain what's going on at the company that has made her a very rich woman.

WellPoint sued an ENTIRE STATE to increase profits.

Netting $2.5 billion in profits last year wasn't enough for WellPoint, the nation's largest insurance company.

Now, WellPoint's affiliate, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, is suing the state of Maine for refusing to guarantee it a profit margin in the midst of a painful recession.

As if Mainers didn't have enough to worry about just struggling to put food on the table, WellPoint is intent on forcing them to cough up 18.5% higher premiums on their insurance policies.

While WellPoint lobbies against granting Americans the right to affordable coverage, it's claiming that it has the right to a guaranteed profit margin, paid for by struggling working families. Mainers are outraged, and they're fighting back.


Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Films team

Read more: sickforprofit.com.

If Insurance Companies Win - You Lose

This heads-up from Alex at Modern Astrology.


Make ya mad yet?


Oct 5, 2009

Astrology of Edgar Allan Poe's life and death Oct 7, 1849

Having just published an article on the Astrology of the life and death of Edgar Allan Poe, I'm giving you here a heads-up in time for Halloween 2009.

My 'Poe post' was begun in August and saved as a draft which keeps it in line of my August posts, thus this alert for you.

Pictured you will see Poe's death chart for October 7, 1849 making Oct 7, 2009 the 160th anniversary of his sad death in a Baltimore hospital after being found delirious on the streets - perhaps from falling off the wagon in a big way, and/or perhaps from political 'couping' - read and see what you think.

Through the years much controversy has attended the poet's demise (and life), and perhaps you've heard of the mysterious Poe Toaster who faithfully visits Poe's gravesite each year.

Well, all this Poe posting may get you in the mood for Halloween, may it not? And the article contains quite a few links to info about Edgar Allan Poe's life and death, so check it out when you have a few moments to...chill.

NWO, Spirit, and Jupiter's Direct Station 10.13.09

A blog that is new to me and has distinct possibilities as a resource on Spirit and the NWO is authored by Jim - no surname, just Jim.

Check out his 2 or 3 articles, particularly the one on Ken Wilbur and the NWO where it is stated that Bill Clinton and All Gore are frontmen for the New World Order. Now that's the sort of thing stated on this blog for years so it's nice to see it written elsewhere in an essay that adds to the debate. In fact, I prefer to point at all US presidents of the last several decades as NWO frontmen, or shills...each operates as a "propaganda catapulter" as George Bush called himself, in a moment of glaring presidential truth before cameras and microphones.

Plus, we have Jupiter's Direct Station coming on Oct 13, 2009 @ 17AQ10 = '18AQ': "A Man Unmasked." You will note that the 10N 'Unmasking Eclipse' manifested on that degree Feb 7, 2008; paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology the flavor of the 10 North Series is: 'frustrating events come along having to do with paperwork (missing White House emails, leaked memos?), news, or young people; emphasis on communications; one feels tired and drained.' The actual degree of the Solar Eclipse of 2.7.08 was 17AQ45.

Perhaps Bush-Cheney-Rove administration issues may resurface for further consideration (if indeed they ever leave us at all) but will it be 'Jupiter the Judge' or Jupiter's protection for the culprits? Plus, financial pursuits can be forwarded once Jupiter moves ahead in the zodiac - yet on the other hand, 17AQ is said to be the 'end of progress' degree, isn't it?

Jupiter's Direct Station occurs at 12:34:18 am edt in Washington, DC, with Jupiter just into 7th house (from the 8th house of Debt, Insurance, Credit, Shared Resources, Legacies, Transformation, etc - 8th cusp 19AQ20); Mars 28Can15 is rising, ASC 28Can45 with South Node, a separative point and Saturnian Tail of the Dragon (SN 26Can26.)

Mars conj SN indicates a loner who makes his own decisions without listening to others (which would surprise me if this Mars/SN signifies a US president who isn't as powerful as they pretend to be due to other forces pulling strings - but he is a loner outstanding in his field, and Mr. Obama may not listen to his generals - moneybags Jupiter is also 'the general' or 'the guru.')

Mars/SN may also indicate one who questions the militaristic values and actions of his society (isn't there a March on Washington scheduled for Oct 12?), and can describe one whose actions and desires are out of harmony with societal standards. He (Mars) may act at the wrong time and place (SN) in an angry, frustrated manner. (Sakoian and Acker's The Astrologer's Handbook.)

SN conjunc ASC = strong individualism, lack of popularity, inhibited actions. Well, this does sound like the president concerning sending more troops to Afghanistan - as if America can afford it! Mars/SN has a 'violence and war' component, too.

The ASC 28Can45 brings up the July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse (11S) @ 29Can27 as well, and the 11S Ecl is being triggered by transiting Mars. Look for some systems to fail, with new ideas and methods needed to deal with events (Brady, as cited above.) Mars may operate on a physical level as instigator of the Eclipse's influence (so do be cautious, m'peops.)

In the chart, Mars rules 10th house of Career and Public Status (Mc 14Ari34) and 5th h of Risk-Taking and Creative Projects (5th cusp 20Sco54.)

So from the looks of the Jupiter Direct Station chart set for Washington, the 11S Eclipse's influence will be of immediate (ASC) consideration on the president's desk (and already is, but now with Jupiter direct. Will war monies be appropriated?)

Sun 19Lib59 (4th house) and Moon 13Leo54 (1st h and conjunct President Obama's natal Sun) make for a theatrical, high-minded, diplomatic Sun Lib/Moon Leo blend whose Images for Integration are:

'A performance of The Importance of Being Earnest...The managing director throws a birthday party...A political idealist is crowned leader by his adoring followers.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

The only birthday I can think of just now is of the White House itself (Oct 13, 1792; natal Moon 24/25Vir, a degree area where the transiting Venus, Saturn, Mercury trio has been visiting of late; Virgo, sign of Health, Work, and Service.)

You can tell from the first image that the Sun Lib/Moon Leo combo of energies is shared natally by the play's author, Oscar Wilde, who instructively said, "It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious."

Yet in Washington, DC, dividing people - Ds vs Rs, liberals vs conservatives, lower vs upper classes - is the only way politicians can conquer and stay at the top of the pyramid of power, for if we-the-people fully realized the power in numbers that we hold, the NWO train could be stopped in its tracks and Congress could return to serving the needs of the American people.


Update 10.5.09 - this just in - as if we didn't know: the Treasury and the Fed lied (under Bush) to the American people last Fall about the health of banks! Call Myrtle in from the barn, she'll want to hear about this...

For more reading see this on the 13-step pyramid of power, Lehman Brothers, the IMF, and related subjects.

And if you haven't, please answer the 'Obama/NWO shill' poll at the bottom of this page. Thanks! Jude

Oct 4, 2009

Iran-Contra videos + Solar Eclipse of constitutional crisis 2011

This link to 8 videos shows participants and players of the time (1988) speaking on the Iran-Contra Affair - including Ronald Reagan himself. Not having had time to watch all 8 videos yet, I wanted to publish the videos' link here for you and for my own easy-locating convenience.

If you're too young to have been around for, or aware of, the Reagan administration's Iran-Contra Scandal, it is highly recommended that you play catch-up before America's shadow government bombs nuclear facilities in Iran - especially if you care whether the US Constitution is followed and honored in Washington DC.

For even if such acts of war were ever warranted anywhere in the world, how could bombing facilities containing nuclear material EVER be a sane idea?

(See previous post on Zionism for hints on who might be just insane enough.)

Well, there is one Saros Series of Solar Eclipses that has a 'constitutional crisis' flavor - the 13 South Series, which will manifest in timely fashion on June 1, 2011 @ '11Gemini' conjunct US natal *Descendant, the Angle of Partnerships, Legal Affairs including pacts and agreements, and Open Enemies.

With our Constitution under serious attack for years now, will its 'pact' with the American people be irrevocably broken as timed by the 13 South Eclipse? This would indicate much danger to our system of government - already a factor - during the second half of 2011 in particular.

That this bodes ill for America and for the Obama administration, I have few doubts, especially with 2009's worrisome void-of-course Inaugural Moon at crisis degree, an indication that little about Barack Obama's presidency will turn out as expected, if it turns out at all. Whether that means only the peoples' expectations being unsatisfied or the administration's plans going awry remains to be seen...perhaps both on various levels if special interest lobbyists and Mr. Obama's opponents have anything to do with it.

Of course, another reading of a VOC Moon is that things proceed without interference, as did the attacks of 9/11 and the VOC Moon at '28Gemini,' a degree of bankruptcy. I'd say that VOC Moon has yielded much fruit for the wealthiest classes, wouldn't you?

So after watching SNL's opening skit last evening with 'Barack Obama' checking off a list of promised 'to-dos' that he hasn't accomplished in his 9 months in the Oval Office, I could feel that 29Sco45 Inaugural Moon hanging over America - in place of the Aries Harvest Moon. An Inaugural chart is good for as long as the presidential term it describes lasts.

Now you may remember that Michael Tsarion makes several points about the true nature of the US Constitution and the Founders' intentions at TarotScopes in case you missed it (I gave you his article's link back in May, lone reader; it's worth reviewing if only to cause thinking to occur, even without complete agreement with Mr. Tsarion's alternate views.)

Yet I, an Independent, must speak up for a Democratic president just as I did when Bill Clinton first took office: even if he (they) actually want to do positive things on behalf of the American people and the working class, there are those in Washington DC who will do anything to interfere however they can.

Does it seem to you that as far as the Obama adminstration is concerned, this is precisely what is happening once again to the people's business as the issues of the common good fall by the partisan, Zionist, NWO, world domination wayside?


*Descendant in the US 'Sibly' natal chart is 12Gem13; 13S Solar Eclipse info from Brady's Predictive Astrology.

Four DC landmarks spotlighted in 'The Lost Symbol'

Since the original focus of Stars Over Washington has been our Founding Fathers as Freemasons, the White Lodge we call the 'White House', and the Masonic Temple that is the Capitol Building, it seemed incumbent upon me as this blog's author to find a web site featuring the four Washington DC landmarks that form the setting of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, a book which isn't garnering the best of praise in many Amazon book reviews.

One review made a basic point about The Lost Symbol that I found particularly salient: that The DaVinci Code was an impossible act to follow. Now this was a novel that I appreciated quite well, but found the film more than a little disappointing - it seemed to 'peter out' near the end and amount to very little, imo. Aka, a let-down.

(A let-down similar to congressional sausage-making on Capitol Hill, but that's another plot line of more dire proportions for the American people.)

So are you up for intrigue set in DC from the pen of author Brown?

How about a real world tour of the four landmarks featured in the novel? Well, the above linked site has historical details, hours of operation, and addresses of the four which include The Library of Congress, the Washington Monument (a monument to phallic symbols everywhere), the US Capitol Building, and the Smithsonian, with its 19 museums, 9 research centers, and zoo.

There's even a link provided to DC's Metro for train schedules, the best way to visit DC landmarks...whether you've read the book, or seen the movie or not.

Zionism explained + Joe Biden video

Demystifying Zionism isn't easy but this article has much information on the Zionist global movement for total control.

Then there's US VP Joe Biden's fully embraced stance on the Zionist issue...

Oct 3, 2009

Julie Demboski on Weekend Planetary Trends: 10/3/09

Better Posted Late Than Never!

Expert astrologer Julie Demboski's current Weekend Forecast is where she clearly explains the impulsive spark you may be feeling just now.

And those who appreciate Julie's excellent work with asteroids may receive an extra boost of understanding from their archetypal realm which is one of her many specialties, so check out her analysis before it's too late.

Or, you may choose to drop by after the fact...say Monday...so that Ms. Demboski can help you figure out what just happened!

The Fed hawks + Michael Moore's Sun Virgo-Moon Taurus

Well, everyone is linking to an article by Tim Duy on the Fed's hawkishness vs the doves' embracing of 'green shoots' so I will, too. Duy's Fed Watch is an excellent resource for financial info.

Speaking of financial crashes, yesterday I actually attended a movie theater (unusual due to its overly loud volume - do they think we're deaf?) to see Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story, which I thought was excellent, and left the theater revved up for action while wiping tears from these American eyes.

Take some Puffs with you if you go because watching bank foreclosures on 'real people' is difficult to bear unless you're a bank officer or CEO - the ones who should be required to see the film before they're allowed to put another child out on the street.

And here are three chilling words from the film that come as close to the GOP's oft-touted "death panels" as one might ever imagine: dead peasant insurance.

Plus, if you missed it, dear peasants, here's the Sept 25, 2009 interview between Naomi Klein and Michael Moore on his film about the history of capitalism, the system's inherent evils, and how the (manufactured) financial collapse is impacting American families as it ultimately leads America to the 'new world economic order' that's been in the making for decades (or some say, since America's founding. Yet our founding plutocrats foresaw these problems and warned against them - modern-day plutocrats don't have to be evil, they choose to be that way. Money isn't the root of all evil but the love of it is. And as the film accurately points out: Jesus wasn't a capitalist.)

So what can we make of this Michael Moore and his AA-rated (accurate) birth chart?

Born in Bakersfield, California on Sept 11, 1949 @ 2:15 am pst, MM has 6Leo21 rising (with US natal North Node, a point of public contact with a Jupiterian flavor.) A lucky duck!

At Midheaven ('Mc' = Career and Public Status) is 26Ari46 with a 10th house Moon 1Tau53, and NN 16Ari49 in 9th house. Moon/NN = Mc: cultivation of soul unions; ego-involvement intensified in relationship (Tyl; Ebertin.) Naturally, Moon/NN relates to public outreach, publicity, and fame - and being Angular his fame is worldwide.

Chart-ruler Sun 18Vir20 (in 2nd house with responsible Saturn 10Vir42) makes only one applying aspect: a trine with hierophant, priestly Jupiter 22Cap25 Rx in the humble 6th house, which plays in to his stated childhood desire to be a Catholic priest.

Powerful Pluto 17Leo10 is in 1st house of Self, and what interests me in his natal chart considering his documentary film career is a sextile (60 degr) between 1st house Pluto and Mercury 14Lib53 (3rd h), the planet - and house - of Communication.

Mercury conjuncts Neptune 13Lib56 which gives much creativity and writing ability; Venus is in 3rd house as well, conj Ic 26Lib46, all indicators of a communicator for the masses (Neptune) concerning practical subjects (3rd house.)

Checking Alan Epstein's wonderful Understanding Aspects series for The Sextile (out of print), this fortunate aspect between Mercury and Pluto indicates a propagandist with a penetrating analytical mind, one who delves into facts and forms his own independent conclusions - great traits and inspiration for an 'independent filmmaker' to have.

Some folks with this aspect tend to control the scope or direction of investigations or are involved with people who do. Moore has been criticized for doing just that, and he has certainly interacted with people who are reluctant to share all the facts, especially the negative ones. I'd say he's made a career of it, wouldn't you?

And it's not as if a tendency to 'control the scope or direction' isn't useful to a film 'director' - you'd have a garbled mishmash of a movie if you had no control or editing talent!

The Mercury/Pluto sextile is a fighter for the free exchange of ideas and is unshakable in his opinions - sometimes to the point of refusing to consider alternative ideas. Ignoring or hiding info that could lead to doubt ('controlling the scope') is possible - which I thought was a problem with Fahrenheit 911 when he didn't address possible Israeli involvement in the attacks (or if he did, I missed it entirely.)

This aspect is very useful for investigators, researchers, scientists, and psychologists, and those who seek to probe the past; expressing ideas with certainty and a desire to challenge misleading information is helpful in the field of journalism.

Wrapping crime scene tape around NY's AIG building and demanding our money back isn't all Moore is up to in his new film. I recommend seeing it for its overview of the capitalist system, the Greenspan/Clinton/Rubin/Bush/Paulson/Bernanke/Geithner heistings, and for a closer look at what central bankers - such as Bank Robbers of America and CitiGroup - are doing to our over-scammed, bankrupted-by-experts nation.

Now here are the practical Earth-Earth Sun Virgo-Moon Taurus blend's Images for Integration:

'A nun finishes washing up in the refectory, and then takes the keys to the Bentley and drives off to see the new art exhibition...A sculpture of still life.' (Sun Sign-Moon, by Chas and Suzi Harvey.)

I shall leave the Images as they may pertain to Mr. Moore to your very vivid imagination...